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Opening night at Alfie’s has closed, and many locals will never see these actors in the same way again. Review page 10.

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Destined for the garden page 5 PHOTO:

Honours for two locals Yeverley McCarthy awarded a QSM and Fiona Campbell made a member of the NZ Order of Merit Viv Milsom

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Lake Hawea’s Yeverley McCarthy (pictured top right) can now celebrate receiving a Queen’s Service Medal as well as her 60th birthday when her family gather this weekend. Yeverley received her QSM for services to the community. “My family and friends will help me celebrate on Saturday,” she said, after playing her usual Tuesday golf at the Wanaka golf club, where she has been both ladies’ captain and president. Yeverley has spent her lifegetting involved in community activities. “I probably like leading, but with anything in the community there’s always a team of people to assist. Nothing is done in isolation,” she said.

Since coming to live and farm in Hawea with her husband, Bill in 1978, Yeverley has been involved in a variety of organisations and charities, starting when her sons were pre-schoolers. “When my two sons were at playgroup, I became the president. I’ve also been involved with the Hawea Picnic Racing Club since 1978. It’s a great community event and fundraiser.” Yeverley loves the stimulation of a new challenge and chaired the building committees of both the Holy Family Catholic School, which opened in 2006 and the Holy Family Catholic church which opened last year. She also chaired the school’s board of trustees from 2006 until this year. In 2008 she organised the

first Aspiring Art Award. “It’s gone from strength to strength, and is now the biggest art award in the South Island,” she said. Yeverley also runs Serendipity, a secondhand shop which supports families in need in the Wanaka area. “I’ve loved it all,” she said. “I would get bored without the challenges.” Fiona Campbell (pictured bottom right) was made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to art philanthropy. A former graphic designer and glass caster, she set up the Wanaka-based Real Art Charitable Trust in 2006. With nearly $2million worth of New Zealand art and a purpose-built truck, the trust has been showing its artworks

to schools and communities throughout the country. “We wanted to expose young people, especially in smaller communities, to creativity and quality artworks,” Fiona said. Fiona and her family came to live in Wanaka six years ago. “I set up the trust when we were still living in Wellington. Now we are half-way through the project. We’ll keep the truck on the road for another five years. After that I don’t know what will happen.” The trust also offers financial support to various artists and galleries. In 2009 Fiona was the supreme winner of the NBR Sponsorship of the Arts award, and two years ago was appointed to the board of Te Papa Museum in Wellington.

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inbrief Road conditions online Reports on current road conditions are being put on the QLDC website every morning before 7am so people can check them before leaving home. The reports cover all state highways and council roads in the district. QLDC transport manager Denis Mander said reports are also being posted on Twitter and people can have all council tweets sent to their phones via text message. “It’s very useful on days when the conditions are changeable. Information gets updated often,” he said. Mr Mander also said it was important for motorists to carry chains and know how to fit them. “Chains are no good to you if they’re left sitting in the garage and by the same token, they won’t do what they’re supposed to if you can’t fit them to your vehicle.”

Film Festival auction This year the mountain film festival will run an auction to raise money for the Halberg Trust - a charity dedicated to enhancing the lives of physically disabled young people by helping them participate in sport. Funds raised will go towards training workshops for disabled people from the Otago region to help them take part in outdoor activities, such as snow sports and camping. So far festival organisers have a Treble Cone season pass to auction and they are looking for donations of other items. Please contact Mark Seddon if you have something which can be added to the auction. The festival runs from July 6-11 in Wanaka.

High tea for the Jubilee Montessori children, teachers and parents celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee with a special British high tea last week. PHOTO: nikki heath

Waterfront developments Viv Milsom A new bar and nightclub, and three new restaurants are being developed along the Wanaka waterfront, and a new business is also planned for the former Ardmore Street café site on the corner of Ardmore and Dungarvon Streets. A new generation Speight’s Ale House and an Italian restaurant, Francesca’s Italian Kitchen will be opening in November on the ground floor of the new building under construction alongside Bullock Creek. “Both restaurants will focus on family dining and the outdoor areas around the building will be up-graded,” project manager, Iain Weir said. “There’s also been good interest

image: 3 bald men

in the upper floor and most of the space should be leased by the time the building is finished.” Further along the waterfront

work is well under way transforming the former HQ bar into a new bar, restaurant and nightclub complex. Water Bar

Wanaka will be opening in late June in time for the ski season. “It’ll be a gastro pub offering good quality food during the day and early evening, and there’ll be a huge range of beers from mainstream to craft beers on tap. Then after 10pm the back part of the bar will become a nightclub. We’ve got some of the country’s top DJs booked to perform on Friday and Saturday nights,” new manager Ricky Quirk said. A new concept is also being developed for the Ardmore St café which is now closed down. Building owner, Peter Bowmar said he hopes the new business will open in the spring.

Battling bowel cancer PHOTO: supplied

Wanaka resident Christy Rolfe (pictured right) has moved to Wellington for three months to campaign for a free national bowel cancer screening programme. Christy says many other countries have them. “It looks like we’ll get one here in 2020 but by then another 96,000 people will have died,” she said. Christy’s mother died from bowel cancer and two of her sisters have had it. “I have regular screening and I’ve had some things removed. My last screening was clear so I’ve got at least five years to worry the world,” she said.


Christy found she got conflicting advice whenever she had a screening so three years ago she and some other people set up Beat Bowel Cancer which is now a national group which meets regularly with the Ministry of Health. June 4-10 is Bowel Cancer Awareness Week and the group is launching an awareness presentation which will be available free to corporate and community groups. Christy and some other group members went on television programme Backbenchers on Wednesday night to promote their cause. “Beat Bowel Cancer focuses on raising awareness of bowel

cancer and its symptoms and encourages people to be screened,” Christy said. The government is now funding a pilot screening programme in West Auckland, partly due to pressure from Christy’s group. Wanaka Rotary will have a bowel cancer information table at New World tomorrow (Friday June 8). Christy said Otago and Southland have the highest rates of bowel cancer in New Zealand and she would like to see more people visiting the Beat Bowel Cancer website and having regular screenings.

Thursday 7 June to Wednesday 13 June 2012

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On the buses

PHOTO: caroline harker

Caroline Harker T w o W a n a k a entrepreneurs could make many people very happy this winter when they trial an evening bus service around Wanaka and out to Albert Town. Alan Baxter and Hamish Fraser have two buses which will leave town at 10 minutes past 6pm, 8pm and 10pm every evening from June 21. One bus will go out past Oakridge and then do a trip to Albert Town and back. The second will cover Mt Aspiring Road, Hunter Crescent and beyond. Both will have numerous stops along the way. Alex and Hamish, who own taxi and transport

company Yello, have spent several years observing the demand and feel sure the winter service will be popular. They say it will appeal to people who don’t have cars, who want to go to the supermarket, to the movies, out for a drink or a meal, or just into town and home again. The service is not designed for people having a big night out in the bars. “We know those clientele well,” said Alan. “We wouldn’t want to put them in a bus with 20 other people. Taxis work better for them.” The men said many people who come to Wanaka for the winter do not have vehicles and their bus service

will make it much easier to live out of the centre of town. They are also considering trialling commuter bus services from Hawea and Albert Town into Wanaka. “We really want feedback from the public,” Alex said. The company has already responded to public demand by offering much cheaper taxis than were previously available in Wanaka. They offer set fees for up to six people in one cab. “A lot more locals are using us,” Alex said. “We’ve been run off our feet.”

Golf Club land lease Viv Milsom Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) is allowing late submissions on the proposed sub-leasing of Wanaka Golf Club land to Wanaka Fun Park (WFP) to set up a mini golf business on the corner of Ballantyne Road and Stratford Terrace. At present this site is part of the total parcel of recreation reserve land leased by the golf club from QLDC. “Late submissions will be accepted up to Monday 11 June,” said QLDC property consultant, Joanne Conroy. “So far out of ten submissions received, six have opposed the proposal.” The Wanaka Residents’ Association is among those in opposition. “Our main

concern is we think allowing a commercial activity on reserve land is creating an undesirable precedent, and is not in keeping with the

development. The amount of income after this will depend on the success of the venture. The new business will also bring people closer

So far out of ten submissions received, six have opposed the proposal. intentions of the Reserves Act. It’s also not in the best interests of the community,” said association spokesperson, Sally Battson. Wanaka Golf Club manager, Kim Badger said if the club sub-leased the land back to the council it would generate “a small amount of income, $6,660 in the first year and this will go into course

to the club and may generate interest in golf and attract new golfers to the club. We may also be able to work together to generate business for both the club and the mini-golf putting course.” QLDC is also looking at using part of the Ballantyne Road and Stratford Terrace corner site for public car-parking. PHOTO: viv milsom

Cardrona crash

Don’t waste green waste

Five Wanaka people were in a Subaru Legacy which rolled 20m down a bank when the driver lost control of the vehicle in gravel on the Cardrona Valley Rd about midday on Saturday. Two people were flown to Dunedin hospital. The 26 year old driver and two other passengers received minor injuries.

The green waste depot opened again on Friday and was “frantic” over the long weekend according to the new manager Arne Gawn of Wanaka Greenwaste Ltd. “We’re managing the site for the landlord Robert Duncan,” he said. “The public seems very pleased to have it open again.” The depot is open from 11.30am until 3.30pm from Monday to Friday and from 10am until 4pm during the weekends.

Memorial official now


The new dog trial memorial was officially opened last week while the national dog trials were being held in Wanaka. The 2.7m high statue at the foot of Mt Iron commemorates the world’s first recorded dog trails, which where held in 1867 at Dog Match Flat on Cardrona Valley Rd. The memorial project was organized by Wanaka Collie Dog Club member Vicki MacRae and the land the statue has been erected on is owned by Lynden Cleugh.

Thursday 7 June to Wednesday 13 June 2012



BeautydeaLs meow by Katy Perry

From onLy


Meow! by Katy Perry is a companion piece to the singer’s first fragrance, Purr, and was created while Perry was on the California Dreams world tour promoting her platinumselling second record, ‘Teenage Dream.’


PHOTO: supplied

Volunteers welcome Te Kakano’s planting programme continues this Saturday (June 9) with a planting morning at Roys Bay West. The trust had a great turn out on the last planting day. Volunteer Jessica Eyers (pictured) took her son Finn along for the ride. This Saturday the trust has 200 native plants to get into the ground. “We’d be chuffed if you could swing by

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and help us out for a couple of hours,” is the message from the trust. “Tools,

We’d be chuffed if you could swing by and help us out for a couple of hours. warm refreshments and happy company provided - the more the merrier.” The planting morning starts at 11am. (Meet

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at the lower Waterfall Creek car park by the lakeside, or just follow the signs if you are

Thursday 7 June to Wednesday 13 June 2012 image: supplied

late.) Morning tea is being donated by the Hammer and Nail Café, and the plants are sponsored by the Otago Community Trust.


Fortune doesn’t favour Wanaka

PHOTO: supplied

Destined for the garden photo: viv milsom

Viv Milsom Gardening wasn’t the first career choice for Maryed Urquhart, but it turned out to be her destiny. Maryed grew up in Dunedin and was brought up with gardens. So it was a toss-up for her to become either an apprentice at the Dunedin Botanical Gardens or do Karitane nursing. Nursing won and she ended up at Lake Hawea Station, helping Fiona Rowley with her young family. Maryed soon met local farmer Willy Urquhart, married him and they set up home and had their first children in an “ancient mud-dried brick cottage, with no power and no running water”. Six children later (five boys and one daughter), people would come to see Maryed’s garden at their Lake Hawea farm and she would give them “bits of this and that”. Then she wanted some stone work done and needed money to pay for it. “I made friends and influenced people, but I did not make money,” she said. “That was my downfall.”

A gardening friend suggestedshegrow‘onlines’ - little pots which she grew on. She started off using baked bean cans and “it just mushroomed from there,” she said. Maryed grew plants that were hardy and tough and could survive in the Central Otago climate, like silver birches and oaks.

to adopt a patient for a week from Seacliff Hospital through our church, but Bertie just became part of the family, and he was helpful in the garden,” she said. When son Jamie came home from overseas, he also helped Maryed in her nursery. “He shared my

At Lake Hawea Maryed used to swim nearly every day and had a resident goose called Priscilla. She was interested in all plants but also developed a special interest in alpine plants. For many years, a visit to ‘Maryed’s Garden’ to buy plants became something of a ritual for people in Wanaka, Hawea and beyond. Besides caring for her large family, cooking for as many as ten people on the farm, and tending her garden, Maryed also managed to adopt Bertie, who came for a week and stayed for 32 years. “Originally we were asked

love of plants and it wasn’t long before he knew more than me,” she said. “Then in 1980 he established The Nook nursery.” Meanwhile Maryed and her husband retired from the farm to Lake Hawea, where she established another garden and kept selling plants at the market in Alexandra. She grew rhododendrons and camellias, as well as her beloved alpine plants. “I was interested in everything, except housework,” she said with a twinkle in her

now almost 89 year-old eyes. She also belonged to gardening groups where the members worked in each other’s gardens. At Lake Hawea Maryed used to swim “nearly every day” and had a resident goose called Priscilla. “She was a duckling, or so I thought when she started following me around, but she grew into a goose. We sort of got lumbered with her.” Ten years later, when her husband died, Maryed moved to Dunedin, where she established yet another garden. “I was in Dunedin for seven years, but then my youngest, and only daughter, Kirsty got cancer and died.” Sadly Maryed has also lost two of her five sons: one in a car accident and another more recently from cancer. After Kirsty’s death, Maryed moved back to Hawea and she now lives at The Nook in a modern, sun-drenched cottage, surrounded by her family and beloved plants. “These days I just point my stick and pay the money,” she said. “It’s wonderful. I’m extremely lucky.”

Thursday 7 June to Wednesday 13 June 2012

The Fortune Theatre is touring Carl Nixon’s play Two Fish ‘n a Scoop but it is not coming to Wanaka, apparently because the company could not find a venue here. However the company is giving away two tickets to the Cromwell show on June 19 to Wanaka Sun readers (see below). The play is also going to Queenstown (June 20) and Alexandra (June 18). Set in a Chinese-owned fish-n-chip shop, Two Fish ‘N a Scoop follows a blossoming romance between new employee Jason (Chris Parker) and the owner’s daughter, Rhea (Hweiling Ow). Their love is threatened by cultural and racial divides as well as pressure

from family and friends. Throughout the play we meet all the customers in the chip shop, Rhea’s father and mother and Jason’s thuggish friend Tug. All sixteen characters are played by Chris and Hweiling. Two Fish ‘N a Scoop began as a short story. “After it was published and read out on Radio New Zealand National, the idea grew that it would work as a piece of theatre,” says writer Carl Nixon. While Two Fish ‘N a Scoop contains comic moments, at its heart the play examines some of the darker aspects of Kiwi culture. “The themes of race, cultural integration and tolerance are perennial and important,” Carl said. “I believe that theatre should be dealing with important social issues.” Both actors Chris Parker and Hweiling Ow are new to the Fortune Theatre and are looking forward to their two week tour of Otago and Southland. Chris is a recent graduate of Toi Whakaari Drama School in Wellington and Hweiling is an Auckland based actress, most recently seen as Angkasa in Shortland Street. The play is directed by Patrick Davies who has appeared in over 20 productions at the Fortune theatre. He has directed a number of productions there including Dave Armstrong’s The Tutor and is performing in the soon to be released local feature film I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse.

ticketgiveaway The Wanaka Sun has two tickets to the Cromwell performance (June 19) of Two Fish ‘n a Scoop to give away. To go into the draw email admin@ saying why you think you deserve the tickets and who you want to take.Entries close on June 12 and the winner will be published in the Wanaka Sun no June 14.



Simple pleasures Open day goes off Caroline Harker Annabel Langbein finished filming season two of her free range cooking series last week. Subtitled Simple Pleasures, the series will be on air later this year with a cook book coming out at the same time. “I think this series is much better than the first one,” Annabel said. “I feel much more relaxed in front of the camera now. We spent more time filming outside and we had a lot of fun.” Another change in this series is all the interiors were shot in Annabel’s Wanaka cabin, rather than on a set in Auckland. Annabel employed a lot of locals on the series including Brona Parsons (food manager), Amanda Henderson (kitchen hand), Anna Mckay (stylist) and Camilla Stoddart (photographer). Wanaka locations used include a musterers’ hut up in the Minarets where she cooked a cowboy hash, and Mt Maude vineyard where she cooked a pickers’ lunch on the back of a truck. Filming locations in the series outside Central Otago include Nelson and the Abel Tasman National Park.


Caroline Harker

PHOTO: supplied

Cowboy Hash Prep time Cook time Serves 4-6

10 mins 15 mins

The Lake Hawea Fire Brigade Open Day attracted over 200 peopleonSunday,oneofwhom expressed a keen interest in signing on, according to fire chief Doug Brensell. “It’s a lady and she’s very keen to have a go,” Doug said. “I’ve got no problem with that. Women are as good as the boys. As long as they do their job.” The brigade recently lost woman fire fighter Teresa Cotter who has moved to Ranfurly. “Teresa was fantastic,” Doug said. The brigade was very happy with how the day went. Helping them out was Queenstown fire safety officer Stu Ide. “He’s

a legend,” said Doug. “He brought a bus which we used as a mobile picture theatre. We showed an eight minute DVD about a rural house fire call-out.” It was the film’s New Zealand premier. “In little old Hawea,” Doug said. The film shows how quickly a house fire can spread and how long it takes a volunteer fire brigade get out to a call. The open day also provided entertainment for the children and a continuous barbecue. Still smiling after a busy day were (from left) fire crew Brent Arthur, Kevin Capell, Owen Ford, Doug Brensell, (recruit) Luke Morrison, Jason Bopp and Stu Ide.

Isabella Noble-Kirkbride, 6, at the Lake Hawea fire brigade open day.

PHOTO: nikki heath

800g potatoes, scrubbed and cut into 2cm chunks 4 tbsp olive oil 1 large red onion, halved and cut into 1cm wedges 200g chorizo sausage, peeled, halved and cut into chunks 2 tsp thyme leaves salt and ground black pepper 2 tbsp parsley or coriander leaves 1 tsp finely chopped red chilli (optional) Bring potatoes to a boil in a pot of salted water, boil 5 minutes, then drain thoroughly. While they cook, heat 2 tbsp of the oil in a large frypan and cook onions over medium heat until softened (about 5 minutes). Add chorizo and cook another 5 minutes stirring now and then. Lift out of pan and put to one side. Add remaining 2 tbsp oil, thyme and well-drained potatoes and cook over a medium-high heat, turning now and then, until slightly crispy (about another 10 minutes). Add the onion and chorizo mixture and cook another minute or two. To serve, sprinkle with parsley or coriander leaves and chilli, if using.

Kahuyouth PHOTO: supplied

Matariki and MAC mentoring We are as busy as ever once again down here in the Crib, and this month we are bringing to Wanaka two entirely different yet equally exciting events. First up, we’ve got our annual Matariki celebrations on Saturday June 16, and this time they’re going to be bigger and better than ever. We’ve got loads of workshops, a puppet show, performances, and a much


larger hangi to feed more of you hungry people; and this year we’re going to have a firework display to end the evening too. It all kicks off at 3pm at the Dinosaur Park and runs until 7pm. Just bring yourselves, a warm coat and a koha (donation) for the food. Secondly, we’re excitedly kicking off our new mentoring scheme, aimed at Year 10 students,

in association with Mount Aspiring College and the Presbyterian Church. This scheme is aimed at ALL Year 10s, for any reason, and will see local young people being paired with members of the community for them to pass on skills, help push them onto the next level or just for some sage life advice. All in all it’s going to be a great start to the winter season for

Thursday 7 June to Wednesday 13 June 2012

Kahu Youth! For more information about Matariki, if you would like to be a community mentor or just want more information, contact us on 03 443 5880, email or find us on Facebook under Kahu Youth Upper Clutha. - Richard Elvey

McRae’s luck


Scouts give thanks The Wanaka Scout Group had a trip to the Routeburn Track at the weekend, courtesy of the Graeme and Olive West Trust. “We received a generous grant

Viv Milsom History repeated last week, when Wanaka national dog trialist, Don McRae (pictured) missed out by 0.2 points on getting into the final seven in the straight huntaway event. Twenty years ago, when the national dog trials were last held in Wanaka, his father Ian McRae with his dog Horse missed out by 0.1 on getting into the

final seven in the zigzag huntaway event. “Like me, he came 8th,” Don said. Don and his wife Vicki hosted the national dog trials last week at Alpha Burn Station in Glendhu Bay. “With 300 competitors and around 545 dogs, we had the highest number of entries at a New Zealand championship, and with the fine weather the sheep went well and the points were very

of $15,000 from the trust and used some of it to buy cookers,” said scout leader Matt Dyer. “That means we can now do lightweight tramping.”

PHOTO: supplied

Pictured on the tramp are (from left) Ashleigh Cram, Caitlin Roberts, Rory Irwin, Ryan Summerell, Ben Roberts, Jack Jury and Christopher Wood.

high. I was very pleased with Tag, my huntaway, but we missed the cut by 0.2,” Don said. The two other local trialists who qualified for the national competition but did not make it through to the finals were Don’s son Duncan who had “one good and one notso-good run” with his huntaway Roo, and PL Anderson who competed with his heading dog Chap. photo: viv milsom

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Lake Hawea

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crimescene Police chase Wanaka Police tailed a wanted man from Lake Häwea to Lake Paringa on the West Coast on June 1. The man was arrested for failing to appear after abandoning his vehicle and trying to escape into bush. He is to face charges of driving at a dangerous speed, possession of cannabis, possession of cannabis oil and possession of ammunition. He will appear in the Greymouth District Court where he comes from. Police would like to thank “the member of the public at Häwea who assisted with our enquiries”.

Assaults, biting and drunkenness On June 1 police arrested a 17 year old local man for an unprovoked assault on another local male, aged 20. Two days later the police arrested a 24 year old visitor from Ireland who bit the doorman when he was ejected from the Mint Bar for being intoxicated. A grossly intoxicated local woman, 20, was “dealt with” by police after she climbed into the back garden of a property on McFarland Terrace.

Doodling at the diner

Lollies stolen

Caroline Harker

Constable Ingrid Glendining is dealing with the theft of some lollies from Video Ezy at the weekend. She warns people that if your conscience is troubling you perhaps you should contact her, before she visits your home address.

Wanaka artist/house painter Hayley May Flintoff (pictured) and artist/hat maker/shoe painter Sarah Aslin have painted a mural on a

wall of doors outside the Federal Diner. It started when Sarah was doodling at the diner and left a picture on the fridge there. Next time she went in she

was asked if she would like to paint a mural. Hayley joined her in the project, with Hayley painting the mountains and Sarah doing the graphics. “It’s been a great way to

support local artists,” Sarah said. “They’ve been feeding and ‘caffeinating’ us and we’ve had a donation bucket here the whole time.” The project took the artists two weeks to complete. PHOTO:

Petrol theft A container of petrol was stolen from a contractor’s vehicle in Lake Hawea last week.

If you have information on any crimes call 0800CRIMESTOPPER (0800555111).


Classi fieds

sold text 02 20 786 77 8

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Page 10

review PHOTO:

Opening night at Alfie’s Sue Wards ‘Opening Night at Alfies’ warmed up Wanaka audiences during the frosty evenings last week with a fastpaced and entertaining performance for a good cause. Writer and director Gilly Pugh’s comedic roots were obvious throughout the whodunnit, which followed the intrigue, romance and dodgy doings on the opening night of Alfie Calamari’s new nightclub. Rob Caig anchored the show as a thoroughly believable Alfie, supported by a cast which included everyone from veteran actors to first-

timers. Locals were transformed: teenager Ruby Urquhart became Alfie’s stunning but loathsome trophy girlfriend, Bart Nicol a menacing bouncer, Natalia Schwarz a devious nightclub owner, John Schwarz a dangerously jovial Russian Count; and Mount Aspiring College’s school secretary Mandy Sherson showed her dark side. Callum McLeod, Simon Brebner and Marcel Moore appeared as you’ve never seen them before, putting La Cage aux Follies to shame and making the audience howl with laughter. Conspiracies and crises were interspersed

with cabaret acts, including a stand-out rendition of ‘Fever’ by Jenn Shelton (Ivanna Trout) and Dominic Stayne (John Dory). Some audience members wanted more of the same, suggesting ‘Alfie’s’ also has potential as a musical. With its laughout-loud moments, razzle-dazzle and an impressive dancing corpse, ‘Alfie’s’ went off like a bucket of prawns in the sun. Proceeds from the show will help Wanaka teenagers Gabriel Schwarz (who played the slimy Fin McGill) and Finn Moore on their way to the football Milk Cup in Northern Ireland.

PHOTO: caroline harker

Venus observed Caroline Harker Brian Gilbert and his wife Marjon (pictured) set up a contraption on the lakefront for people to watch the Transit of Venus through yesterday afternoon (June 6). Quite a crowd made the most of the Gilberts’ generosity and peered at the image of Venus crossing the sun inside the contraption. A former software consultant, Brian used a set of x8 binoculars, a cardboard box and a step ladder to make his Venus viewing device. “He’s very keen on astrological phenomena,” Marjon said. “He’s always on the internet working out

Thursday 7 June to Wednesday 13 June 2012

what’s going to happen next. We wanted to see the transit because it won’t happen again for 125 years. Historically it’s very important. Captain Cook first came to New Zealand especially to observe it.” Another Gilbert, photographer Gilbert van Reenan took this photograph (facing page) of the Venus crossing the sun at 10.34 yesterday morning from his Mt Barker home, just minutes before the sun disappeared behind the clouds. Both Gilberts said they felt very lucky to have caught the transit considering the cloudy weather on the day.


bookreview Today we start a monthly column where Wanaka librarians review books they are enjoying.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a rip-snorting ride of a read set in a grim future rife with overcrowding, poverty, and disaster. As living a fulfilling life on Earth has become untenable for the majority, instead they live vicariously through avatars in an online reality called OASIS - a sprawling virtual Utopia where anyone can be anything they want. The death of the creator of OASIS, James Halliday, changes the dynamic, when he leaves his massive fortune for whoever can solve the clues he has left within his virtual worlds. This creates a new subculture of hunters and the protagonist of the book, Wade Watts, a boy from a trailer stack (no room any more for trailer parks) is one of these, pitting his wits against corporate companies who can throw unlimited resources into their searches. As Halliday grew up in and was passionate about the eighties, the treasure hunters focus their search on his favourite movies, songs and computer games from that decade and the book is redolent with references to eighties pop culture.

If you have any geeky bones in your body you will love this book and if you don’t you will probably love it anyway. Wanaka Library has lots of copies. - D eidre W ither

PHOTO: gilbert van reenan

Thursday 7 June to Wednesday 13 June 2012

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Pig of a day T ony H iggins Entrants for the Queens Birthday Weekend Lake Hawea Hotel Pig Hunting Competition came from all over Southland and Otago. There were 64 entrants in the Open Individual and Teams and 11 in the Under 15 yr olds/ Juniors. The top money prize of $500 (sponsored by the Lake Hawea Hotel) awarded to the boar judged the average weight over the competition, went to Chris Bell from Dunedin with a weight of 112.2lbs. The heaviest boar prize went to local hunter Matt Kee with a boar weighing 137.5lbs. Second prize went to Kevin Stringers team

with a boar weighing 136.4lbs and Mike Biemond’s team came third with an equal weighted boar of 136.4lbs. The best trophy tusk prize was awarded to local hunter Darren Slee. In the Junior Competition local Zac Shields (pictured) weighed in the heaviest boar for the whole weekend with an excellent boar weighing 139.7lbs. The average weight boar went to Charlie Sharratt with a 58.3 lb boar. Lochlan Woods weighed in the only billy goat at 82.5lbs. Olly Higgins weighed in the only possum at 6.5 lbs. The heaviest hare was hotly contested and Hamish Shea

beat the field with a 9.2lb hare. The major Junior spot prize of a wild deer meat hunt sponsored by Glen Dene Station, went to local boy George Gilchrist. Wanaka Alpine Helicopters sponsored an amazing open spot prize of a local helicopter return trip for three hunters. Wanaka Marine and Sports put together a huge range of sporting goods prizes. Mitre 10 provided excellent home and outdoor prizes. And with product prize goods from Wanaka 4Square , Mediterranean Market and Butchery, Aspiring Vets, Wanaka Vets, not many entrants went home emptyhanded.

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sunviews editorial


BOARD The simple purchase of a commercial vacuum packer has saved me a small fortune in cat food. I recently did a mole check and was horrified to discover that they had escaped and undermined my pergola.don`t risk it,check them now Wanaka winos, did you miss the first event? Make sure to like us on facebook or watch this space to keep up to date with whats goin on! I didnt know you needed a p***s to run the upper clutha a & p show get with the times 1 wood pigeon 2 tui a tomtit and plenty of bellbirds and fantail visiting hawea flat....woop woop we love birds

The issue of what ‘reserve’ land can be used for has come up again and again in the last few weeks. Can reserve land be turned into car parks, sold or leased to commercial businesses or carved off and sold to neighbours who have inadvertently encroached on it over the years? Nobody seems to be sure in this town. There are many different types of reserves: recreational, historic, scenic, nature, scientific, government purpose and local purpose. No doubt they all have different rules and regulations which are specific to each category. Meanwhile we have all kinds of people trying to get their hands on them: developers, police, private landowners, businesses, maybe even DOC. Whatever the classification any reserve fits into, it seems we should hang on to those we still have. As the population grows it becomes increasingly important to have public outdoor space for everyone to enjoy.

No way should `accidential` occupation mean u get 2 make a donation 2 become owner of reserve land! Father, what do you got against the natives? I say leave the bars open later, gives us more time to drink and pass out. What trouble can we do when we are laying on the ground spewing Religion is an obsession. Protecting our native plants is a passion. Why can we not drive along the lake front to park under the trees at waterfall creek any more? Who put those boulders there and why?

The views expressed in the text board and in the Letters to the Editor are those of the author alone and not necessarily those of the Wanaka Sun.


021 986 786

Obstacle course Three elderly gentlemen would like to invite everyone to compete in a hundred metre hurdle race around McLellan Place in Albert Town.Track clearly marked. No entry fee, but insurance cover is compulsory. For further information and entry forms ring the council. Harvey Wellman McLellan Place Albert Town Former councilor and community board member Harvey Wellman rang the Wanaka Sun to say the footpath was unusable and residents had no idea how long it would be like that. “ There are three elderly gentlemen who have to use a walker living in our street,” he said. “The council has sent someone to replace the pipes and now we can’t use the footpath at all. We have to walk on the street.” QLDC community services officer Richard Wallace said staff were replacing stormwater drains. “The work is weather dependent and this has caused delays,” he said. “We hope to have the job completed as soon as possible.”

Springs trust grateful The Wanaka Community Springs Trust would like to clarify a statement it made which was printed in the Wanaka Sun on Thursday May 24 in the article “Spring water for all.” What we meant to say is that we are hoping the springs project will be gifted with a large greenstone boulder which would be placed in the waterfall, and give great aroha to the spring water as it flows into the lake. The custodians of this beautiful stone are currently going through their decision making process and we are most grateful they are considering blessing our community and the project with this beautiful stone. Richard Windelov Chairperson Community Springs Trust Wanaka



Issue 560 Thursday June 7, 2012


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sport results bridge results: Queens Birthday Open: North/South:- Jenny Barratt, Ena Leckie 56.59% 1. Jacqueline Roberts, Mo Schofield 56.48% 2. Linda Hodge, Madeleine Reveley 56.29% 3. East/West:- Freda Ryder, Kate Summers 59.28% 1. Lynne Fegan, Maggie Stratford 58.68% 2. Fran Holmes, Barbara Waterworth 57.49% 3. Thursday Open Graded 31 May: Mo Schofield, Deirdre Lynch 61.11% 1. Sherril Harries, Nan Ottrey 56.94% 2. Sandy Bryan, Marg Grieve 52.78% 3 Wanaka Golf Club Results Tuesday Ladies - 29th May - GNZ Medal Division 1 Division 2 1 Mel Ewing, 69 1 Celia Bowmar, 70 ocb 2 Sherrill Harries, 70 2 May Moffat, 70 3 Janet Cochrane, 72 ocb 3 Annette Menlove, 72 ocb Anne McKenzie, 72 Rena Cowie, 72 Division 3 Division 4 1 Jeanette Gillies, 65 1 Margaret Anderson, 74 2 Karleen Jopson, 70 2 Carolyn Wallace, 77 ocb 3 Colette Kelly, 3 3 Mary Scurr, 77 Wednesday Men 30th May – Stableford Division 1 Division 2 1 Joseph Cotter, 46 1 Stefan Billing, 42 2 Vittorio Guglietta, 41 2 Philip McNeil, 41 3 Bill Hunter, 40 3 Graeme Begg, 40 Thursday 9 Hole Ladies - 31st May – Jingles By Lot Norma Thorburn, Margaret Begg Stephanie Still Nearest the Pin Hole No. 15 - sponsored by Galloway & Still Building Ltd – Stephanie Still Saturday Ladies – 2nd June - Stableford & Nett Medal : Avril Templeton 68, Anne Moffat 72, May Moffat 74 Putting : Jude Wilson 29 Putts Twos: Anne Moffat Nearest the Pin :

Ritual No 6 - Avril Templeton C & S No 15 – Anne Moffat Saturday Men – 2nd June – Anderson’s Electrical Medal and Putting (Blue Tees) Division 1 (Up to 9.7)1st Ryan Shuttleworth Nett 67, 2nd Stuart Jenkins (Timaru) Nett 68 , 3rd Michael Thompson Nett 69 Division 2 (Up to 15.2)1st Mark Anderson Nett 68, 2nd Hugh Fraser Nett 69, Stephen Brocklebank (St Clair) Nett 69 Division 3 (Up to 21.8)1st Wallace Shuttleworth Nett 68, 2nd Brendan Anderson Nett 70, 3rd Tom Greenwood Nett 71 Division 4 (Up to 36.4 White tees)1st Peter Dawson Nett 68, 2nd Des Johnston Nett 69,3rd William Blatch (Riversdale) Nett 69 Twos: Chris Waugh (15), Acton Smith (15), Peter Hart (13), Mark Anderson (13),Michael Thompson (6) & Ryan Shuttleworth (6). Best Nett Of The Day - Wallace Shuttlewort. Best Gross Of the Day - Ryan Shuttleworth Tarras Golf Results Women’s Stableford Round-Maire McElrea 39, Kate Norman 38, Jan Allen 35, Jan Gibson 35, Annabel Spiers 34. Longest Putt-Maire McElrea Squash Results for Central Otago Interclub competition: Premiers - Wanaka (14) Cromwell-2 (2); Division 1 - Alexandra-2 (14) Wanaka (4); Division 2 - Omakau (14) Wanaka (0) Wanaka Bowls Results: Edgewater Trophy 1 Michael Barnett, Ethel Templeton, AliceTurnbull; 2 Don Urquhart, Murray Roberts, Ralph

Templeton; 3 Bill Turnbull, Noeline Turner, Margaret Young. Tuesday Pairs 1 Coleen Landsborough, Bruce Hamilton, 2 Don Urquhart, Rob Mathewson. Wednesday Triples 1 Doris Studholme, Lorraine Pannett, Stan Kane; 2 Mary Gledhill, Bruce Hamilton, Alice Turnbull; 3 Colin Leckie, Annette Nichols, Reg Bryant. Thursday Pairs 1Noeline Turner, Marj Morrish, 2 Geoff Thomas, Dennis Schofield, 3 George Russell, Rob Mathewson. Friday Progressive Skips 1Gordon Jellyman, 2 John Barton, Michael Barnett. Thirds 1 Stuart Landsborough, 2 Graeme Fergusson, 3 Kay Chartres. Leads 1 Dennis Schofield, 2 June Bryant, 3 Robyn Chartres. Business House Competition Tuesday 1 4M’s T MacKay, B Morgan, C Nyenhuis, 2 MAC R Bruce, A Curtiess, B Osborne, 3 Placemakers M Gould, M Hyndman, T Oakes. Wednesday 1 Shot Bowls, 2 Haggis Trailfinders. Thursday1 A Russell, 2 W Sutton, 3 A Chalmers.


Upper Clutha netball results: Pool A Mac 48 v Broken Shed 14, Arrowtown 42 v Wanaka Roofing Mac B 20,Nulook Hawea 26 v Vic Arms 18, Mac Proactive 37 v Wanaka Roofing MacB 24, Broken Shed default to Arrowtown, Nulook Hawea 36 v Woodys Pioneer 33 It was an upset win for Nulook Hawea beating Woodys, as they have been unbeaten until now. The next round starts on Thursday 10 June.

Thursday 7 June to Wednesday 13 June 2012

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Squash tournament

Finn off to Worlds Viv Milsom

Josh Tell (left) plays Pete Eastwood in the C grade final.

Evan Erstich (left) plays Tim McVie in the open final. PHOTOs: supplied

Viv Milsom The Queen’s Birthday Wanaka Open Squash Tournament attracted top players from around the country. The men’s open grade was won by Tim McVie from Christchurch

with Evan Erstich from Taupo coming runnerup. The most successful local players were Ricky Stanger, who was runnerup in the men’s A grade, and Pete Eastwood who won the men’s C grade. The women’s open

grade was won by Samantha Cross from Dunedin with Andrea Naylor from Timaru coming runner-up. Wanaka’s Robyn Barnett was the most successful local woman, winning the Special Plate in the

open grade. Wanaka squash club vice-president, Paul Johnson said the threeday tournament “went really well. We used both Wanaka and Cromwell’s squash courts and all games ran on time.”

ll e w m r fo r e p s te le Ath over weekend

Wanaka athletes competed successfully in three different events in Australia, Rotorua and Christchurch over Queen’s Birthday week-end. In Queensland Ann Scanlan (pictured) came second in the Cairns Ironman half iron distance race in the 50-54 year age group, a result which means she has now qualified for the World Ironman championships in Las Vegas in

early September. Ann was followed by two other Wanaka athletes, Marjorie Cook and Wendy Davison. With race day temperatures of up to 30 degrees celsious and with 85 percent humidity, conditions were described as very tough for the Wanaka athletes. Back in New Zealand, Wanaka’s Braden Currie came second to Richard Ussher in the Australasian

Fifteen year-old Mt Aspiring College student, Finn Fairbairn is off to the World Youth Climbing Championships in Singapore at the end of August. He qualified for the championships in the first round of the National Cup, held in Wanaka a month ago, and this weekend will compete in the second round in Rotorua. An experienced competitive sports climber, Finn has already won the Oceania Under 12 and Under 14 championships. “That was in 2008 and 2010,” Finn said. “Last year

the fun had gone and I needed a rest, so I didn’t compete.” Finn started climbing in Christchurch when he was just seven years old. “Then when we moved to Wanaka I

sports climber,” he said, “but it’s his attitude that makes him a champion. He’s also got a wealth of knowledge which he’s happy to pass on.” Finn loves the

Finn loves the challenge of completing a hard climb. ‘It’s a natural high’. basically lived at Base Camp,” he said. These days he trains four days a week and also loves to “bike, tramp and kayak.” Finn’s coach is BaseCamp co-owner, Loz Ogle. “Finn’s a very good competitive

challenge of completing a hard climb. “It’s a natural high,” he said. But over the next three months he has another challenge too: he needs to raise $5,500 to compete in Singapore.

Multisport championships held in Rotorua. Currie’s time of 2hrs 45mins 58secs was just over five minutes behind Ushher’s winning time of 2hrs 40mins 43secs. Further south in Christchurch Oska Inkster- Bayne finished 6th overall in a time of 1hr 9mins in the Christchurch half marathon, and Alex Dodds finished 6th in the men’s 12-19 year age group.

On trial PHOTO: Jeno Hezinger

Under 18 rugby team carries on its winning way The Upper Clutha side carried on its winning way with a 42-12 win over a spirited Cromwell team last Saturday. Uncompromising defence and an ability to score tries from anywhere, gave the home side a big advantage. Player of the day, Alex Knight scored some great tries, and a bulldozer display from Number 8 Max, the tank, Collett, had Cromwell under constant pressure. The next game for the unbeaten Upper Clutha side is against Kaikorai Valley in Alexandra on Sat 9 June.

These Year 7 students trialed for the Upper Clutha Year 7 and 8 Rep netball team on Wednesday. PHOTO:

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