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Matariki New public holiday.


THUR 18.02.21 - WED 24.02.21



Second Coast to Coast titles for Dougal and Simone Joanna Perry


ānaka multisport legends Dougal Allan

W and Simone Maier are once again the

2021 Kathmandu Coast to Coast Longest Day Champions after each claiming their second title since 2019 last weekend. In the men’s category, 35-year-old Allan caught Christchurch’s Sam Manson with 30km to go in the 243km multisport race to win in 11h 9m 52s, 9 minutes and 6 seconds ahead of Manson. “It was a lot harder today to be honest [than his first win in 2019], and it feels easily as good to win today only because it took me 10 hours to take the lead and when you can’t see the athlete in front of you for 10 hours it’s too hard to believe that it’s possible. I think I’m probably more satisfied today from a mental standpoint,” said Allan. Manson took off at the 40km mark with five other riders and maintained his lead through the mountain run into the kayak leg down the Waimakariri River, where Allan started gaining on him. Allan said it was a “mixed feeling” when he overtook Manson - “I was excited to be taking the lead, but I love Sam Manson like a brother. We’ve raced together and against each other - he’s going to win this race one day.” Swannanoa’s Ryan Kiesanowski braved a broken toe to claim the final podium place in 11h 31m 55s. In the women’s race, 41-year-old Maier had something to prove after being forced to withdraw from the race last year due to the cold. It took the best of 200 of the 243km course for her to shake four-time champion Elina Ussher PHOTO: Raymond Sagapolutele (Nelson) and add her name to the women’s Sixteen Year 8 students from Mount Aspiring College are picking up cameras to work alongside two internationally renowned photographers as part of a trophy for the second time. special project for this year’s Festival of Colour arts festival. Continued on page 3

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New Zealand's biggest tenancy reform in 35 years Pat Deavoll


Landlords who chose to rent their holiday homes out to seasonal worker may want to think again after New Zealand went through the biggest reform of its tenancy laws in 35 years last week. Landlords will no longer have the right to oust tenants on a certain date- instead tenants now have the right to stay on in the rental property if they want to- and the landlord can do nothing about this. The new legislation came into effect last Thursday and will make it harder for landlords to evict tenants without reason, amongst a raft of other measures which favour the tenants. The government has been slammed as the “most anti-landlord in history” despite rising house prices. It would be good to know what you think kind readers- let us know on our Facebook page. The rules will include: Eviction Landlords will no longer be able to evict tenants with 90 days' notice - they will need "specific grounds" to get rid of renters - and the notice periods will change too. To evict problematic tenants, landlords must provide evidence of three separate anti-social events in a 90 days period, or prove their tenant has been more than five days late on rent five times in 90 days. Modification Another section of the reform focuses on making houses more like homes for tenants. Tenants will be allowed to request fibre internet and landlords must agree - if it comes at no additional cost to them.

New Zealand is going through the biggest reform of its tenancy laws in 35 years.

Tenants will also be able to request to make minor changes to the property such as hanging curtains or installing a baby gate - and landlords are not allowed to decline if the change is small. Rent prices Rental bidding wars will be outlawed and all properties must be marketed with a price tag. However, renters are still allowed to offer to pay more for a property they want - landlords just can't instigate it. Privacy The laws around privacy in the Tenancy Tribunal are changing too - tenants will be able to apply for name suppression following a hearing to avoid themselves being blacklisted. Still to come From August 11, more changes will come into effect. Any tenant experiencing family violence will be able to leave their tenancy with just two days' notice if they have evidence of the abuse. The tenant who is leaving will not be charged, and the remaining tenants will have their rent reduced proportionately for two weeks. So, what do Wānaka rental agencies think of this? Colleen Topping of Home&Co said some of the laws were good.


All those itinerant workers working in the hospitality industry- well, they need somewhere to live.

“ I think it's important to state that- however, there are some that I see as being negative to both tenants and homeowners. “I think particularly in Wānaka is the law that says that when a fixed term tenancy ends, it is up to the tenant to decide if they want to leave or not. “I think the detriment comes in that fewer people are going to be willing to rent out their houses – we have already seen this in Wānaka. “Last winter the same law was in place temporarily and this put people off letting their house. “I’m mainly talking about seasonal rentalspeople who rent out for the winter to ski field workers, Topping said “With the law change many owners are asking us can I get my house back and the short answer is no, not if it is a holiday home. “I see this as reducing the number of rentals and there are going to be seasonal workers who are going to struggle to find accommodation.”

PHOTOS: Supplied

Margo Goodsall, co-director of Manage My House said: “Landlords will no longer be able to evict tenants with 90 days' notice - they will need "specific grounds" to get rid of renters – I don’t think this fair. I have never evicted a tenant for no reason, she said. “ Landlords want tenants in their property. My question is for the private landlords out there: what if they didn’t do the correct checks and got undesirable tenants in, it would be hard to remove them.” “Tenants will be allowed to request fibre internet and landlords must agree - yes this is fair, I’ve always encouraged tenants to get this anyway.” “Rental bidding wars will be outlawed and all properties must be marketed with a price tag and this is fabulous. I’ve never encouraged this; I think it’s good that rentals are advertised with a price.”

Full steam ahead for Challenge Wānaka

PHOTO: Triathlon Magazine

A Unique Group Experience At Wonderland Wonderland is only 45 minutes from Wanaka and 1.5 hours from Queenstown Airport. We are a one stop shop with onsite accommodation, food & beverage and a range of activities from scenic flights, jet boating, hiking and fishing. As organisers you have a single contact point for all your requirements. We have accommodation to suit all budgets from economy to superior. • Funky a Frame Chalets to suit groups, couples, families and your budget. • On the doorstep of the Mt Aspiring National Park

• A haven for native birds • Only 45 minutes from Wanaka • Stunning scenic drive • Self-contained lodge with hi speed Wi-Fi available for groups

• Surrounded by towering mountains • Ten minutes from the Blue Pools and lush native forest

For Enquiry and Bookings

Call 03 443 8372 or visit www.wonderlandlodge.nz PAGE 2

It was touch and go for awhile as to whether the event would run but with the drop down to Level 1, it's all go for the weekend. But bad luck for those Auckland competitors who will be bringing their Level 2 status with them.

Pat Deavoll


The Integrity Homes Challenge Wānaka triathlon is full steam ahead with the announcement of “the rest of New Zealand” dropping to Covid Alert Level 1 at midnight last night. But it's bad luck for Auckland competitors who bring their Level 2 status with them and are unable to compete in an event with more than 100 people. “We are all go for the Intermediate, Adaptive and Secondary Schools on Thursday, Puzzling World Junior racing on Friday and Integrity Homes Challenge Half and Aqua Bike on Saturday,” said event organiser Sophie Luther. “We do however need to highlight that

THURSDAY 18.02.21 - WEDNESDAY 24.02.21

Government guidelines dictate that people travelling from Auckland Level 2 to our event bring their Level 2 status with them and therefore cannot attend an event with more than 100 people. “Our event will have over 800 athletes on Saturday 20th Feb, so we urge people to abide by these guidelines for everyone’s safety. We realise this will be disappointing for some athletes but we are committed to keeping New Zealand safe and following Government Guidelines.”. Bill Roxburgh, Race Director commented, “I am pleased for the staff who have put so much work in and the competitors who have trained so hard. The weather is going to be great and our new location is incredible - the news this afternoon comes as a huge relief to many people.”



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Second Coast to Coast titles Wānaka survey finds for Dougal and Simone opposition to Tarras Pat Deavoll


A survey of over 1,200 people in and around Wānaka has found that 74 per cent are opposed to a new international airport planned at Tarras, with environmental impacts being their top concern. The survey, by community organisation Wānaka Stakeholders Group Inc. also found that people were very concerned about the impacts on quality of life and road safety, with nearly all respondents seeking far greater consultation and involvement in airport decisions in the region. The survey included responses from 366 PHOTOS: Coast to Coast businesspeople in the district, residents from all Allan said it was a “mixed feeling” when he overtook Manson. key settlements in the Upper Clutha, plus Tarras and the surrounding area, and was representative of all adult age groups. WSG issued a detailed update to its 3,500+ members last Thursday, including confirmation that the group's primary focus was the failure by QLDC to consult – properly and lawfully – about the future of Wānaka Airport and Project Pure. WSG Chair, Michael Ross, said that the results of the survey were "clear and emphatic." "The time has long since passed when the Upper Clutha community will sit back and allow airport companies to determine the future of our local infrastructure and environment, aided and actively supported by councils that place commercial interests above community interests, play down community concerns and even Maier and Ussher linked arms to safely cross the Otira River at the start of the run. blatantly ignore them." Continued from page 1 Maier, who turned 41 at the weekend, said the He called for "bold leadership" from Maier and Ussher linked arms to safely cross win was the “best birthday present ever.” the Central Government "to ensure that the Otira River at the start of the run and were “I was pretty focused on this result. I started seconds apart as they headed into the paddle. to coach myself again and did everything I did in “It was pretty unreal hanging out on the run 2019 when I won the title before.” together and then on the paddle together and Maier completed the challenge in 12h 31m then she got a bit of a head start at the final 49s and Ussher in 12h 49m 25s. Tauranga’s Ali bike. I knew I would catch her on the bike, but Wilson recovered from an injured foot and a hole also you never know what’s going to happen,” in her kayak to finish in third place with a time of said Maier. 12h 54m 03s.

PHOTO: Tarras.org

74 per cent of people in and around Wānaka are opposed to a new international airport planned at Tarras.

sound decisions are made around airport development, national infrastructure and controls on inbound tourism." WSG is awaiting the judge’s decisions from a five-day judicial review held in the High Court in Queenstown late last year. Christchurch International Airport Ltd responded to the Sun: “What we can say is we are not surprised that those members of the group who responded are concerned about the environmental impact of a new airport - and we certainly hear and acknowledge that along with the other potential impacts on people’s minds. “Our proposal is to design a greenfields airport with a lower carbon future in mind, while still enabling the connectivity this region deserves. We think this option deserves careful consideration. “We already have a focus on, and experience in, operating sustainably and are the first airport in the world to reach global recognition for reducing our carbon footprint.”

No government assistance for failing industry Pat Deavoll


Leaving South Island tourism businesses to fend for themselves while the borders are shut has been compared to slaughtering every cow in the country, Queenstown Lakes Mayor Jim Boult told The Am Show last Friday. Boult is “gutted” the Government doesn't appear to be planning any special assistance for the region, as businesses go into hibernation and threaten to close completely, unable to hold out until the threat of COVID-19 is over. "Queenstown businesses did not cause our borders to close, and yet we're being asked to pay the price," he told The AM Show, begging the Government for a new wage subsidy package and loans so tourism operators can survive until the borders reopen. "If we were talking about the inability to export milk powder for two years, would we slaughter all the cows then wait until new ones come along to start the business again? That's what's effectively being asked here." The Millennium Hotel has closed its doors, Canyon Explorers has gone into hibernation, and no tourists means the Queenstown economy is fast heading downhill, said The AM Show commentator Duncan Garner “The only other thing heading down faster is


PHOTO: NewsHub

Duncan Garner: No tourists means the Queenstown economy is fast heading downhill.

the cash reserves held by businesses. “And suddenly Queenstown is facing another year of no foreign tourists. How long can they cling on and when does the pain become obvious? “The answer is now. So what's the answer? Adapt, gut it out, it is what it is, said Tourism Minister Stuart Nash. But what Nash really means is jump on the spot, do some business-acrobats and you'll come up with some kind of pivot, said Garner. Nash said he would ban hiring vans that are not self-contained to tourists as he urges a focus on attracting high-spending visitors. The minister told a tourism summit on Tuesday that the industry should sell itself as a destination for the wealthy when borders reopen. Nash told Morning Report there was built up demand from wealthy travellers, while backpackers and freedom campers would not be the target market.

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THURSDAY 18.02.21 - WEDNESDAY 24.02.21


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Drones are out for Aurora line inspection Pat Deavoll


The technology is becoming the mainstay of the infrastructure inspections following a small successful trial in 2018 of the technology, which will employ the services of contractors Preformed Line Products. They will produce high-resolution video, photograph and infra-red information from 10 metres above the lines that are then assessed by highly trained and experienced analysts and engineers. Drones were first used in a trial by Aurora in 2018, and are flown in line of sight, on weekdays (and some weekends when weather is better) and during daylight hours. The drone survey provides information on the physical state of the assets such as corrosion and damage including cross-arms cracking or conductor binder wire strands breaking. The information gathered from the drone survey will be used in conjunction with information gathered from traditional inspections to enable Aurora to better manage and plan work required on the network. “Using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones can provide a safer, higher quality, and more economical service compared to conventional inspections, particularly in hard to access terrain. It is also less intrusive to the owners of the land being overflown and easier on livestock in the case of farmland when compared to the use of helicopters,” said Aurora’s General Manager Asset Management Glenn Coates. Letters have been sent to residents who have a line or pole located on their property which is to be the subject of the drone inspections. The

PHOTO: Aurora Energy

The drone survey provides information on the physical state of the assets such as corrosion and damage including cross-arms cracking or conductor binder wire strands breaking.

camera will remain pointed down at all times and residents can be assured the aim is not to look at buildings. Quieter than a helicopter, drones cause less disruption and noise for those living and working nearby and can be operated from the ground, at a safe distance from live lines. Inspections began in January involving Roxburgh, Ettrick and Omakau. This month, inspections will take place in Lauder, Clyde, Queenstown, Arrowtown and Roaring Meg areas. In Dunedin, inspections will occur in the North East Valley, Peninsula, and Green Island areas. From March, inspections will take place in Arrowtown, Dalefield and Wānaka. The programme is subject to change with bad weather.

l l a b k c i k l league socia

What’s kickball? Think baseball or rounders but instead of a bat you kick a dodgeball that’s rolled towards you. No previous experience needed.

who Nine players per team Mixed women and men Varied abilities and ages, 16+ encouraged



Outside at Wanaka Rec Centre (or inside if it’s wet)


$225 per team All gear provided

Mondays 6.00-9.00pm 22 February-29 March


wrc@qldc.govt.nz 03 443 9334

tr y




hi ng






PHOTO: Northlake, Wānaka

Albert Town resident Emma Allwood came across a boy who had hurt his ankle on the new pump track in Northlake.

Lost ambulance raises questions Joanna Perry


An incident last month has locals in Northlake concerned after it took half an hour for an ambulance to arrive on the scene because they could not locate the road on their navigation system. Albert Town resident Emma Allwood came across a boy who had hurt his ankle on the new pump track in Northlake and called the emergency services at 7:52pm on Saturday, January 30. “The emergency services did not recognise any street address I gave them from Glenavo to Obelisk street,” she said. “It took half an hour for the ambulance to arrive even though I heard their sirens after 15 minutes.” Allwood called 111 again at 8:13pm and resorted to providing directions from Aubrey Road before the ambulance arrived at 8:20pm. She said the St John’s and emergency service staff who dealt with the incident we amazing, but she was concerned that the incident could have been much more serious - if the boy’s condition was worse or the person who found him had not known the area, as there are a number of holiday homes - and had since reached out to Waitaki MP Jacqui Dean as well as Andrew Little and the Ministry of Health. On reaching out to the community online, it was revealed that a number of people had experienced similar issues with emergency services locating newer streets in Hawea, Queensberry, Northlake and even Wānaka, including Northlake Drive and Sir Tim Wallis Drive. Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) spokesperson Jack Barlow explained that when QLDC created a new address or addressing road, the date was sent to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), which maintained the authoritative address and addressing road datasets for all 67 councils around the country. Trent Gulliver, Manager Addressing at LINZ, confirmed that when updates were sent from QLDC (usually fortnightly) they were updated onto the system within five working days.

THURSDAY 18.02.21 - WEDNESDAY 24.02.21

“Datasets available from the LINZ Data Service are freely available and there are many users of the data for many different reasons. While we have no direct contact with commercial entities such as Google, Apple or other GPS/navigational product companies, we recommend they use LINZ official data and update the data regularly.” Olive Taylor, St John Ambulance Communications, said that the 111 call was triaged as serious but not life threatening and the response time was in line with St John’s agreement with the Ministry of Health. Asked why the roads had not been recognised by the system, Taylor said: “St John Ambulance does not access its address data directly from a large open source company like Google Maps. Our mapping data is managed by a third-party vendor and manually updated into our CAD (Computer Assisted Dispatch) system. “This system provides address information but also integrates with our complex dispatch systems, as well as those of other emergency services such as New Zealand Police and Fire and Emergency New Zealand. “The system also incorporates other applications like GPS tracking data, AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locator), PCL (Probable Caller Location) and many other systems. This amounts to millions of pieces of data that are being updated and in order for it to be a seamless process it requires vigorous testing to ensure accuracy before being entered into the live system. “We endeavour to keep up-to-date nationally with address changes and new roads, and most district councils are very good at advising us of new subdivisions. In some instances, however, we are only made aware of changes when we have received a 111 call, and in those situations our 111 call handlers and dispatchers are highly trained to work back to a street in the location we do have listed, then obtain directions from that location.” Allwood was yet to hear back from the offices of Jacqui Dean, Andrew Little or the Ministry of Health on the matter.



Gets Ready!

Sun News

Pat Deavoll


Emergency Management Otago is encouraging residents across the region to sign up to Gets Ready, a two-way communication tool which helps people better prepare for emergencies and be more informed, co-ordinated and resilient when they occur. Gets Ready is a well-established system that was set up in the Selwyn District after the 201011 Canterbury earthquakes. It has already been trialled in Central Otago and Queenstown’s Kelvin Heights Peninsula for the past year and is now being rolled out across Otago as part of Emergency Management Otago’s commitment to improving across the '4 Rs' - reduction, readiness, response and recovery. Project co-ordinator Craig Gibson said that ‘Otago Gets Ready’ aimed to increase community resilience, strengthen neighbourhood networks and build partnerships between emergency services and local communities. "Emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime, and Gets Ready is a proven two-way tool which will both help get information to people and provide them with an opportunity to help," he said. Gets Ready will better connect people in their neighbourhoods and help them look after each other by sharing resources, supporting those who are more vulnerable, and linking with Civil

PHOTO: supplied

Gets Ready, a two-way communication tool which helps people better prepare for emergencies and be more informed, co-ordinated and resilient when they occur.

Defence to build a clear understanding of what a community needs during emergencies and what resources and skills Emergency Management Otago can draw on in any particular area. "Rather than mass alerts, the Gets Ready email and text alert system will help us target and send localised information to residents about situations that directly affect them, from smallscale events (boil water notices or fire bans) to major emergencies like earthquakes, floods, fires, severe weather events, and tsunamis/seiches," said Gibson. "The targeting tool is particularly powerful - we can now pinpoint suburbs and streets, right down to the side of a street or a household." Gets Ready not only keeps residents informed of what’s happening through email and text alerts but also invites them to offer their assistance and be part of a co-ordinated community emergency response. "Many people like to help out during an

INBRIEF New Zealand’s first COVID-19 vaccine to arrive earlier than expected New Zealand’s first batch of Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is set to arrive in New Zealand next week subject to transportation plans and quality temperature control, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced today. “We have been working behind the scenes to secure the timely arrival of vaccines for our border workers and their families and it’s great they will arrive well within our scheduled timeframes,” Jacinda Ardern said. “Government representatives have been in conversations with Pfizer on a constant basis for the last few weeks. We appreciate the effort the company has gone to to deliver the first instalment earlier than originally anticipated. “Last year we indicated the vaccine would arrive in quarter two, and earlier this year we updated that to quarter one. It’s pleasing to be receiving doses this early in quarter one. Wānaka Skate Park reopens The official opening of the new and improved skate park on Ardmore Street was held yesterday. Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC) funded the repair of the 18-year-old skate park bowl as well as a new ‘stage three’ extension to the park, which will increase its footprint by 424m2. Updates have been underway since November and include the addition of a pool style bowl, vert wall, wave with gap feature as well as the existing bowl getting a fix up. Meeting of the Wānaka Community Board There is a meeting of the Wānaka Community Board today in the Armstrong Room, Lake Wānaka Centre, Wānaka at 10.00am. The public is welcome to attend all publiclynotified QLDC Council, Community Board, and Committee meetings. All Council


meetings follow rules known as Standing Orders which allow for you to speak during a section of the meeting called public forum. Public forum happens at the start of every meeting and is part of the formal agenda. Anyone who wishes to speak in the public forum is required to register with the governance team at least 24 hours before the meeting starts. You can do this either by telephoning 03 441 0499 (Queenstown); 03 443 0024 (Wānaka) or by filling out a registration form. Base jumper has lucky escape A local Wānaka woman was rescued by a Wānaka Search and Rescue team on Monday morning after falling down a cliff west of Treble Cone while base jumping. The woman, believed to be in her 50s, had been base jumping with a male companion in the Matukituki Valley when she "bounced twenty metres or more down the cliff " about 6.45am. Her male companion rang the police about 8am and an Alpine Rescue helicopter with two Wānaka SAR volunteers was dispatched to where the woman was lying on a ledge, too injured to move, he said. The woman was lifted by a strop to a helicopter and transported to a waiting ambulance where she was assessed but not transported. Career best for Hudson Alpine ski racer Piera Hudson has finished in 12th place in the Individual Parallel Giant Slalom at the FIS Ski World Championships in Italy. This is a career-best result for Hudson, who has trained in Wānaka for many years. "I couldn’t be happier starting my World Champs off with a 12th place in the GS Parallel finals,” Piera said. The race took place yesterday (Wednesday February 17).

emergency and we can tap into their valuable skills and resources if they choose to register them in Gets Ready. They can also register to any needs and vulnerabilities they have. "All of this valuable intelligence is vital for effective response planning. For example, we will be able to identify first aid-trained people in an area and ask them to check on an elderly neighbour with mobility or health issues and let us know what help is needed. Or link someone up to another community member who speaks their language and can help translate instructions. Or we may call people listed as having 4WD vehicles to help transport people or resources," said Mr Gibson. Gets Ready also provides a channel for residents to pass on-the-ground intelligence back to the Emergency Operations Centre via their Community Response Groups. This helps Civil

Defence co-ordinate a targeted response and get information and help to where it’s most needed, quickly and effectively The Otago Emergency Management team will be out around the region in the coming months promoting Gets Ready to residents in different ways, from online channels to in-person events such as community association and emergency response group meetings, festivals, and via council, social agency, business and school networks. Gibson is aiming to register 20,000 Otago residents by the end of 2021 and hopes that once people sign up, they’ll encourage others to do so as well. The Gets Ready system does not supersede the National Emergency Alerts which are pushed through cell towers, or individual Council alerts, rather it supplements them by providing more detailed, localised information through additional channels.

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Investing in the physical and mental health and well-being of your employees pays dividends in the long-term.

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For more information or to book an appointment contact our friendly reception team

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Our first Matariki public holiday Pat Deavoll


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced the date of the first Matariki public holiday. Ardern said the date - Friday, 24 June 2022 – was advised by the government's Matariki Advisory Group. The timing of the holiday will change from year to year but is expected to always fall on a Monday or Friday, Ardern said. The rising of Matariki, or the star cluster known as Pleiades, usually occurs near the end of June and the beginning of July, marking the start of the Māori New Year. "Matariki will be a distinctly New Zealand

holiday; a time for reflection and celebration, and our first public holiday that recognises Te Ao Māori," Ardern said. "This will be a day to acknowledge our nation's unique, shared identity, and the importance of tikanga Māori. It's going to be something very special, and something uniquely New Zealand. "It will also break up the lag between public holidays that currently exists between Queen's Birthday in early June and Labour Day in late October." QLDC Mayor Jim Boult said:“On balance this is a positive. It will add a cost to business that we don’t need but, on the other hand, long weekends bring many to the district when we need them.”

Rob Roy Track reopens

With the popular track officially reopened, it is a good time to remind walkers to stay safe and follow the outdoor safety code.

Pat Deavoll


One of Mount Aspiring National Park’s most popular day walks – the Rob Roy Track, has officially reopened, the Department of Conservation (DOC) announced last thursday.. The track, located in the West Matukituki Valley, had been closed since July 2019 after a significant slip undercut the track, making it unsafe to access. Prolonged rain in December 2019 and February 2020 caused further damage. DOC community ranger Nicole Sutton said it is fantastic to have the track now reopened to the public. “DOC staff and contractors have been working hard over the last month to reroute about 450 metres of damaged track,” Sutton said. “The new alignment goes through native bush and importantly, stays outside the identified rockfall and landslide zones.”

The rising of Matariki, or the star cluster known as Pleiades, usually occurs near the end of June and the beginning of July.

PHOTO: Stuff

Joint effort to rescue capsized kayakers


The track’s remote location has made the repairs challenging and staff have been ensuring the rest of the track is up to standard in preparation for the reopening, Sutton said.. “The view of Rob Roy Glacier at the end of the track is simply spectacular and well worth the three-hour return walk to get there. It’s pictureperfect and inspires many people to visit the park.” With the popular track officially reopened, it is a good time to remind walkers to stay safe and follow the outdoor safety code, on this track and any others in the region, Sutton said. “We know people have been really keen to get back out on this track but remember – plan PHOTO: Coastguard Wānaka Lakes ahead, keep an eye on the weather forecast and When the wind picked up, a metre swell on the lake tipped the couple from their kayak south of Mou Waho. always tell someone where you are going and vessel and the boatie returned to the marina with Joanna Perry when you expect to be back. the kayak, where, upon arrival at 6:40pm, both newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz “This summer is a great time to explore our kayakers were handed over to ambulance staff. backyard and we want everyone to have safe and Coastguard Wānaka Lakes were put to task The female was experiencing hyperthermia after enjoyable experiences.” with an unusual rescue mission last weekend being in the water for an hour, but recovered and when two kayakers capsized on the lake on the couple were released back to their car in West Wānaka that evening. Saturday evening. Walmisley said most Coastguard call-outs President Jonathan Walmisley said the couple, were for incidents with power boats or jet skis, both Hāwea residents in their 30s, had kayaked FUNERALS and it was not usual for them to rescue people out to Mou Waho in fair weather at lunchtime Running Out Of Room - Part 2 Last fortnight in the water. on Saturday. On their return the weather we told you of the Wellington City Council “Fortunately, they had communications that deteriorated and, when the wind picked up, a plan to ‘lease” graves for a certain period and metre swell on the lake tipped them from their worked and life jackets that worked,” he said. then exhume you to be either relocated or cremated. What do you think about the idea? “They were in the water for an hour and the kayak south of Mou Waho. The council asked for feedback from the Despite several attempts to get back in the woman was hyperthermic. It’s fortunate that we public and 40% somewhat agreed, but 50% kayak, it filled with water and they were unable to. found her and that they are both well, and we strongly disagreed! Has Council thought this Fortunately, the kayakers were wearing life hope they keep kayaking.” through fully, as it would probably cost the Walmisley added that he was pleased with the jackets and carrying a cellphone in a dry bag, public more because a disinterment now rescue effort and his team. “We were at the site in which they used to contact the Police who requires an application to the Public Health 40 minutes, and back at the marina in 1 hour 20 activated the Coastguard at 5:20pm. Department and the Council will charge minutes. That’s pretty damn good.” The couple were located at 6pm by a rescue around $2-3000 for the disinterment. Is this a Wānaka Police Prevention Sergeant Darren helicopter dispatched from Queenstown, which blueprint for the future, or rubbing against the grain? – Heather and Graham Stephen hovered above them until the Coastguard Cranfield said it was fortunate that the kayakers and a local recreational boat - in the area and were well prepared, had checked the forecast Office hours: 8:30am – 5pm centralotagofunerals@hotmail.co.nz responding to a Coastguard channel 66 call for and made plans with the local farmer, and the 16 Ennis Street, Alexandra 9320 incident was “a good reminder that conditions assistance - arrived on the scene. 0800 263 863 or 03 448 8642 The couple were taken onboard the Coastguard can change, so always be prepared for the worst.”

Central Otago

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Penny’s Home Care Professional Trustworthy Friendly Reliable Personal care, Dementia care, 24 hour care, Palliative care, Medication assistance, Transport to appointments. w w w.p e nny sho m e c a re . c o . n z


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Sun Wānaka A&P Show

Kiwi celebs descend on Wānaka A&P Show

PHOTO: Lake Wānaka Tourism

The Show’s traditional agricultural draw cards also return this year in the form of equestrian and livestock events.

Pat Deavoll


New Zealand celebrities and entertainers are set to captivate the crowds at the Wānaka A&P Show on March 12-13, 2021. Nashville-based Kiwi country singer Jackie Bristow will perform her collection of acclaimed hits, as will Barry Saunders, former frontman of the band The Warratahs. Up-and-coming Dunedin group Loose & Colourful will perform on the main stage for the first time, while celebrity Lynda Hallinan shares her tips and tricks for a great garden in the Life & Style space. The Wānaka Show is also proud to welcome special guest Hilary Barry to this year’s event, while The Crowd Goes Wild presenter James McOnie will MC the K9 Natural Jack Russell race. Wānaka Show event manager Jane Stalker said securing some well-known Kiwis such as Jackie Bristow and Hilary Barry was a big win for the 84th annual Show. “We are delighted to be supported by some prominent New Zealanders and a mix of amazing musical acts,” she said. “We try to ensure there are always a range of entertainment and attractions on the programme to suit people of all ages and interests, and there certainly is something for everyone this year.” Children will be entertained by some top Kiwi talent; Wānaka Show favourite Craig

Smith (author of The Wonky Donkey) will perform on stage twice a day on both days, and Taranaki drag queens Erika and Coco Flash of Rainbow Storytime will be sharing their books about acceptance, anti-bullying, inclusion and confidence. Complementing the must-see stage shows is a freestyle biking display by professional rider Levi Goodall, classic carnival rides, home industry exhibits and more than 500 trade stalls, as well as a new wearable arts showcase – The Runway – held at the Life & Style space. The Show’s traditional agricultural drawcards also return this year in the form of equestrian and livestock events, woodchopping and shearing competitions. “With such a high-quality entertainment and activity line-up, we are very confident that all of our attendees will find the Show excellent value for money,” said Stalker. “We are looking forward to a fantastic couple of days of family fun and getting together as a community.” Held at the Wānaka Showgrounds, the Wānaka A&P Show is one of the South Island’s largest lifestyle events, combining two days of fun and entertainment with all the features of a traditional Kiwi agricultural and pastoral show. As part of Cheers Wānaka, the new community give-back programme run by the Wānaka A&P Show, the most affordable way to gain entry is to buy a ‘Fan of the Show’ twoday adult pass which can be bought online for $27.50 up until March 1.

PHOTO: Wanaka Sun

The Wānaka A&P Show donates approximately $65,000 in cash annually to Upper Clutha organisations.

Cheers Wānaka! Giving back programme Pat Deavoll


Upper Clutha locals have supported the annual Show since its inception and, as a way of saying thanks, the Upper Clutha A&P Society has contributed to various groups and organisations for more than 80 years. Some of the first donations on record include a third of proceeds going to the Women’s Division in 1936, a $10 gift to the Air Raid Stress Fund in 1940 and a $50 donation to the Red Cross Wounded and Sick Fund in 1941. In 2021, the Show takes this one step further

with the Cheers Wānaka initiative, whereby $1 from every adult ticket sold at the gate goes straight to a local non-profit. That’s a lot of love back into the community! The Wānaka A&P Show donates approximately $65,000 in cash annually to Upper Clutha organisations and groups. Proceeds will go directly to the Cheers Wānaka fund which will be distributed amongst local groups who apply to become a recipient. From small sports teams to registered charities, the Wānaka Show hopes to give up to 10 groups a much-needed boost. To apply for funding please complete the application form on the show’s website.

A hundred years on and as popular as ever Pat Deavoll


One of the longest-running agricultural shows in the country, the Wānaka A&P Show kicks off in less than a month with its 84th edition- a toast to the rural community and an extravaganza of competitive events, trade shows and entertainment. The show attracts tens of thousands of people -one year saw 80,000 people through the gatesboth locals and visitors alike. But the show was born out of humble beginnings, organised by local farmers, way back in 1882. Back then it was firmly farm and farmerfocused, promoting agricultural advances and the use of science to meet these ends The Upper Clutha A&P Show was begun in 1895. Event Manager Jane Stalker said things have changed in the 20 years she has been organising the show. “I think the whole spectrum has changed- people want better service when they pay money,” she said. “The show has changed as Wānaka has changed- every year there is growth. In every dimension, it has grown.


Trusted Healthcare for Life PHOTO: ODT

Event manager Jane Stalker: People expect it to be better and more and more professional.

“People expect it to be better and more and more professional. “ Today the Wānaka Show is the second largest in the South Island, second only to the Christchurch Show. About 40,000 people a year come through the gates, to savour the 500 stalls, equestrian events, dog trials, shearing competitions and much much more. And of course, there is the famous Jack Russell race – a drawcard for many to bring their dogs along. Over a hundred years on and the Wānaka Show appeals to more people than ever. Here's hoping that this year's event won't have to negotiate Covid and will be as successful as the last, that the sun shines and the punter come in their droves.

Wanaka Medical has stood at the heart of our community for 40 years, looking after generations of families with leading treatments and evidence-based care. We understand that every body, and every life, is different. Wanaka Medical, Trusted Healthcare for Life. e: office@wanakamedical.co.nz

THURSDAY 18.02.21 - WEDNESDAY 24.02.21

t: (03) 443 0710

a: 23 Cardrona Valley Road, Wanaka



Sun Environment

Mataketake Hut pays tribute to conservationist

Everyone is a conservationist: Kārearea Project success Joanna Perry


Three fully-fledged native NZ falcon chicks are ready to leave their nest site in Albert Town at the end of the first major success story for the Kārearea Conservation Project, led by the Cardrona Foundation. The foundation is run through Cardrona Alpine Resort to protect New Zealand’s only native falcon species, starting with increasing scientific understanding of kārearea (sometimes known as sparrowhawks) in an alpine environment. It has scientific oversight by ornithologists Parker Conservation. “We are attempting to better understand kārearea numbers, behaviours and survival rates as very little is known,” said Graham Parker of Parker Conservation. “Nest sites are located in spring, and then monitored with wildlife cameras and regular checks as the breeding cycle progresses. Chicks are then captured and banded so we can track individual birds.” In 2020, the Kārearea Conservation Project took on responsibility for monitoring a notorious breeding pair of kārearea at the confluence of the Cardrona and Clutha rivers in Albert Town. “This nest was right next to a trail and car parking area popular with local dog walkers and cyclists, and this presented quite the challenge,” said project lead Ewan Mackie. “Kārearea are incredibly aggressive at defending their nest sites and this pair were known to be dive bombing people and dogs in the area.” The team worked with the Department of Conservation and Queenstown Lakes District

Council to cordon off the area, and as a result, three fully-fledged chicks are now flying around the area and will be ready to leave the nest site in the PHOTO: Parker Conservation. coming weeks. Engaging local children is Mackie said the a key part of the project. support from locals Eve Buckland (13) helped had been fantastic, with the banding of this and the team planned kārearea chick. to continue working in partnership with farmers and community. “Everyone is a conservationist in this story,” he said. “We spoke with a number of people who were glad to see the birds given the space they need and were happy to walk around the area. We’ve also had great engagement from Wānaka’s youth, with a couple of school students helping with the banding process for these chicks.” “Farmers have also shown great support over the last two years, granting access to land and reporting sightings.” Two other nesting sites were monitored this breeding season, but failed to raise their chicks due to attacks by predators. The adult birds will now separate for a while and spend the winter alone in the wider area, before coming back together to mate again next year. To take the project into the future, the team’s current focus is on securing further funding. “We are actively seeking financial support as we currently have a funding shortfall and the future of the project is at risk,” said Mackie. Any interested donors can contact ewan. mackie@cardrona-treblecone.com.

The Council Word Wānaka Community Board meeting coming up The next Wānaka Community Board meeting will be held on Thursday 18 February at the Lake Wānaka Centre. The meeting will start at 10.00am and everyone’s free to attend. Anyone who wishes to speak in the public forum is required to register before the meeting starts. This can be done either by telephoning 03 441 0499 (Queenstown) or 03 443 0024 (Wānaka), or by filling out a registration form online. You will be asked to provide your full name and the subject of your presentation.

Kids’ Origami Origami for Kids is on at the Wānaka Library from 4.00pm to 5.00pm on 3 March. Come along and try your hand at the traditional Japanese art of folding paper in to a variety of decorative forms. It’s a whole lot of fun!

The Wānaka Dog Walk The Wānaka Dog Walk is coming to the Upper Clutha this year and will take place on Sunday 28 February at Eely Point. We’ll be meeting in the Eely Point Reserve opposite Eely Point Road at 10.00am, then heading off on one big dog walk once everyone has had enough time to chat, mingle and mark territory. The walk is free for all to attend and we’ve got giveaways for the best dressed dog and a dog registration bingo too! #TakeTheLead

www.qldc.govt.nz PAGE 8


Outdoor games on the lakefront We’re hosting outdoor games every Thursday between 12.00pm and 2.00pm by Dinosaur Park on the lakefront. We’ve got everything from badminton and lawn tennis to kubb, jenga and giant pick up sticks, frisbees and balls. It’s the perfect chance for you to challenge a friend or a workmate to a game, and all are welcome!

Stage Three of Wānaka LDP Work on Stage Three of the Wānaka Lakefront Development Plan began on Monday 1 February 2021. It will see the implementation of a number of features between Bullock Creek and Wānaka Marina, such as native planting and a shared pathway for pedestrians and cyclists. From 26 February 2021, Lakeside Road will be closed to southbound traffic between the Marina and Ardmore Street, with a detour in place via Lismore Street and Hedditch Street. Access will be maintained for northbound traffic. More on this at www.qldc.govt.nz

Food grading bylaw review We’re undertaking a review of the QLDC Food Grading Bylaw 2016 and proposing a number of changes be made, including both revoking the Food Grading Bylaw 2016 and adopting an amended fee structure. For more information on this and to share your feedback, head to letstalk.qldc.govt.nz

PHOTO: Rob Brown

Backcountry Trust manager Rob Brown said the new hut was likely to become a popular one with Wānaka trampers.

Joanna Perry


A new hut built on the Mataketake Range near Haast honours the late Dr Andrew (Andy) Dennis, a well-known conservationist, tramper and writer who left a bequest for the hut to be constructed. Dennis, who died in 2016, was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit for his contributions to the community, conservation campaigns to protect West Coast forests from logging, and work to establish the Te Wāhipounamu South Westland World Heritage Area - where the hut has been built. The hut build was led by Backcountry Trust manager Rob Brown on behalf of the Andy Dennis Estate, and the Backcountry Trust will own the hut and work with DOC on its maintenance. Brown said the hut was likely to be popular with Wānaka trampers due to its proximity to the town. The eight-bunk hut was opened on Saturday, February 13 with a gathering of Dennis’ friends and family, DOC staff, and representatives of Te Rūnanga o Makaawhio. Brown, who was a close friend of Dennis, said the idea of building the hut was to link in with the reopening of two historic tracks to the

Mataketake tops that had become overgrown. The building of the hut would provide a circuit with the historic Haast-Paringa Cattle Track to give a more complete mountains-to-sea experience in South Westland. “The range is gentle country, with rolling easy tops, dotted with tarns and lakes and is the sort of tramping tops that many people will have the skills to enjoy,” he said. Mike Slater, DOC Deputy Director General, said: “Andy was a very hospitable and likeable character, and would approve of having a hut in a spot like the Mataketake’s to help people enjoy the majesty of South Westland – it is a fitting tribute. “He knew the West Coast very well, and his knowledge and academic background was a great help when we started to write the West Coast Conservation Management Strategy, which contains descriptions of West Coast places and the conservation values they hold, and continues to be a great resource.” The hut contains a selection of Dennis’ books, including his South Westland World Heritage Highway Guide and three handbooks for Abel Tasman. Access to the hut is via a new track which has been cut by a combination of volunteers, DOC staff and Jobs for Nature workers.

MAC Year 8’s focusing hard Pat Deavoll


Sixteen Year 8 students from Mount Aspiring College are picking up cameras to work alongside two internationally renowned photographers as part of a special project for this year’s Festival of Colour arts festival. Raymond Sagapolutele and Tarras local, Camilla Rutherford, are leading the students on the project, Through the Eye of the Lens. The project is a collaboration with Track Zero, an organisation which uses the arts to raise awareness of the urgency needed for climate change action, and students will learn photography skills and how to use the medium of photography to connect science with art. Festival Director Philip Tremewan said that right from the very first festival in 2005, the festival has been committed to a strong schools programme. “We love seeing students' enjoyment as they work with artists, musicians, theatremakers and dancers. “Raymond and Camilla are experienced photographers and students will learn a lot from them about the craft. Plus they will get a great chance to share their understandings and insights into climate change – very much the issue of our time and with a huge impact on their lives.” The students took part in initial sessions with

THURSDAY 18.02.21 - WEDNESDAY 24.02.21

Victoria University Professor of Earth Sciences Dr Tim Naish who spoke with students and parents about the dangers of our warming climate and rising sea levels. Students also met with the photographers and were taught how to use their new digital cameras gifted to them by Track Zero. Camilla Rutherford said she hoped the students will gain a feeling of empowerment to be able to tell stories through the art of photography. Raymond Sagapolutele said the project and the workshops were a chance to let younger photographers develop and hone their voices through the camera. “As their mentors, we get to help by providing a framework around photography as a narrative. The perspective they will provide will be one that is filtered through their ability to see the world without the hang-ups of adults - they have an honest way of seeing the world that hasn't been diluted with some of the baggage older photographers (like myself) can pull into their storytelling.” Last week the students worked together with the photographers to take photos in the local natural environment. One photograph from each of the students and two from each of the professionals will be mounted for an outdoor display in Wānaka during the Festival of Colour (12-18 April). The exhibition will also be available online.


Sun Environment


Fight fashion waste with the Six Items challenge

GREBE DIARY 11 Fedruary 14, 2021

PHOTO: Wastebusters

You can wear unlimited accessories in the Six Items challenge, as shown here by Wastebusters staff. PHOTO: John Darby

There have been some really late starters and what is happening at Wānaka may be able to confirm what I think is happening at Hāwea.

Even the experts can be wrong from time to time. I refer to my comment regarding nest three with its three eggs expressing doubt that it would come to anything, given that the bird appeared to be off the nest much of the time and I had rarely seen a second bird at the nest. Yet this last week it went through all the motions that it was about to hatch eggs, and sure enough, towards the end of the week, two of the three eggs hatched. The adult and chicks disappeared into the beyond on Saturday. There have been some really late starters and what is happening at Wānaka may be able to confirm what I think is happening at Hāwea. Of the four nests left to hatch at Wānaka, three of them have just two eggs and the remaining one three eggs. Nest two with two eggs was calculated to hatch 13-14 February and when I glassed the nest this morning, there was no sign of a chick. I had doubted that this nest would hatch anything, largely because of the absence of a second bird in attendance and that there were only two eggs. Two eggs nests are rare and I had suggested that a reduced clutch size might signal a first-time breeder. I am now pretty confident it is a bird breeding for the second time this season and this whole issue has been intriguing me so much that I went back late Sunday evening, having checked the nest earlier in the day. I glassed the nest, no sign of a chick, so I went down onto the marina and sat about a metre behind the nest for about ten minutes, and it was then I that I heard the all familiar peeping of a chick! It may not be out of the egg as yet, but there is at least one fertile egg. What this suggests is that one adult takes on the problems of caring for the first brood mostly on its own, while the second adult, almost certainly the female, prepares the old nest for a second brood and incubates the eggs also on its own. When the eggs are just about to hatch, the

male may return to the nest and assist the female to rear the young. One of two things will happen to the existing brood of chicks. They will either help their parents rear the new brood or be driven away by the adults. Much of my chatter above and my interest in two egg clutches and the frequent infertile egg has been triggered by the behaviour of the Hāwea birds. The evidence is building up that two egg nests are birds that are attempting to breed for the second time in a season. The almost complete absence of a second bird at nest 2 can be explained by the behaviour of the birds at Hāwea where the birds were very much a family unit with two adults and three chicks up until January 27 when the chicks were one week old. On the January 29 there were two adults at the nest and an observer thought there might be an egg on the nest. No chicks were seen. From there on, a single adult with all three chicks was seen in different parts of the lake. On Feb 14, there appeared to be a family reunion with both adults at the nest, with all three chicks. Additionally there was much activity around the nest with bits being added to it and the chicks receiving the occasional rebuke from one of the adults as they too climbed onto the nesting platform. I have to confess that I had as many reservations about the birds in Hawea hatching a second clutch as I did for the birds on nest two in Wānaka. Now I am happy to bet a dollar that the Hawea birds will hatch a chick between the February 18-20. This coming Monday I talk to a community group on the work we are doing and on Tuesday I meet with QLDC staff and the contractors for the boardwalk. I think it is brilliant that the boardwalk is happening, happier still that we are going to create a wetland ecosystem along the shoreline. – By John Darby

Pat Deavoll


This March, Wastebusters is once again turning the spotlight on fashion waste by encouraging people to have a go at the Six Items challenge. Participants limit their wardrobe for a month, with the goal of rethinking their relationship with clothing and fashion. It’s the second year that Wastebusters have run Six Items, to raise awareness about the waste, exploitation and environmental impacts of its production and disposal. Wastebusters event organiser Abbey Lewis said that the first Six Items challenge had been embraced by people from all around Central Otago. “The feedback from our participants was that they learnt a lot by giving the Six Items challenge a go. It’s a chance to take a break from buying new clothes, and make the most of what you already have in your wardrobe. Lewis said this year Wastebusters was introducing a couple of more accessible options into the Six Items challenge. “We heard from some of our participants last year that the Six Item limit could be a bit too restrictive, especially for mothers of small children and anyone who had a formal event during the month. By expanding the options, more people can participate. The Straight Six: limits your wardrobe to just six items for the month (don’t panic, it doesn’t count underwear, footwear, active wear, accessories or a jacket) The Wildcard Six: Add one wildcard choice each week to your six items (plus underwear, footwear, active wear, accessories and jacket) The Flexi-Six: Choose the number of items to suit your lifestyle - it could be 8, 10 or 12 (plus underwear, footwear, active wear, accessories and jacket) Lewis said that fear of failure shouldn’t put people off, because any level of participation was worthwhile. “There’s a growing global movement to rethink fashion’s impact on workers and the environment.”

By participating in Six Items, you’ll be part of the change by • saying no to fast fashion, and yes to quality clothing, repair, longevity, your own personal style and fair working conditions. • inspiring others and changing attitudes. It's the perfect opportunity to spread the word about the downside of fast fashion. • having more time - you won’t have to think about what to wear. • getting the satisfaction of taking up a challenge, with insights into what fashion means to you and how to make it work for you. Textile waste is a growing problem around the world, which contributes to climate change because of the release of methane from landfills. A 2020 report by The Formary found that the majority of New Zealand textile waste (including upholstery) ends up in landfill - an estimated 220,000 tonnes every year. Globally, we continue to make vastly more clothes than we could ever wear (an estimated 150 billion items per year for a population of 7.8 billion). The production of these items creates more climate emissions than aviation and shipping combined. Lewis said a huge amount of resources were extracted to produce clothes that were often only used for a short time before being sent to landfill. “It’s a terrible waste, not to mention the toxic chemicals, dyes and microplastics that harm the environment and the exploitative labour practices affecting workers.” As well as running the Six Items challenge, Wastebusters is working to make the flow of fashion circular, through reuse, repair and upcycling. Participants sign up for the Six Items challenge at Wastebusters website. Wastebusters will provide them with information and support throughout the Challenge, including information about the clothes swap launch event hosted by Sustainable Queenstown and wrap celebration in Wānaka. They can also join the Six Items conversation on social media by tagging Wastebusters.

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The Locals Joanna Perry


Performing at the Pacific Crystal Palace at this year’s Festival of Colour is The Locals, two Wānaka girls returning from Wellington to perform their original music. Rosie Spearing has already brought her Wellington band Corduroy to play here, but now she comes with her new solo project Alba Rose. She will be accompanied by fellow Queenstown Lakes locals Rory Johns (keys) and Rafe Swan (drums), as well as Elijah Mulheron (bass). Spearing promises a 30 minute performance of soul-driven, lyrics-based original songs. She will be followed by Lily Rose Shaw, playing saxophone and singing contemporary jazz with a modern, R’n’B flavour with her band Cory Champion (drums), Phoebe Johnson (bass) and Hector McLachlan (keys). Both performers began their music careers while studying at Mount Aspiring College and have a number of local people to thank

for inspiring them. Spearing started singing lessons and participated in school musicals, jazz festivals and other performances from year 12; Shaw started saxophone lessons when she was a year 7. Now both making music in Wellington, where they attended university, they are excited to return to their hometown to perform at a festival they grew up with and dreamed of playing at. “It’s very exciting,” said Shaw. “It will be really nice to come back and play where I grew up. The people are like family and I remember going to the Crystal Palace when I was little.” Spearing echoed her sentiments: “It’s the most excited I’ve ever been for a show. It’s going to be wicked.” Performing for the first time in Wānaka as Alba Rose was both nerve-wracking and comforting. “You’re putting yourself fully out there in front of people you know, and you want it to run smoothly,” she said. Catch Alba Rose and Lily Rose Shaw at 6pm on Saturday, April 17.

Workforce Accommodation Network to inspire others Joanna Perry


A new network to help seasonal workers find accommodation in Wānaka will be the topic of the next Startup Queenstown Lakes Idea Lab later this month. Carmen Blackler, founder of the Workforce Accommodation Network (WAN), said the idea came out of a project for her Master’s degree which focused on using emerging technology to resolve social issues or disrupt industry. “Having holidayed in Wānaka for years before moving to live here, I observed that seasonal workers, such as ski instructors, often found it difficult to find affordable accommodation,” she said. “But they contribute to our economy. They look after locals and tourists for the time they choose to be in our town.” Her network, which matches workers to appropriate accommodation providers via their registered employer, was due to launch this winter and was aimed particularly at ski industry workers who find it hard to secure accommodation for the NZ winter when they are still overseas finishing up the European season. But when Covid-19 hit, it became clear that the idea could be used to help a number of industries - including construction, orchards and even schools - secure workers by removing

the barrier of finding accommodation. Blackler launched the network in December 2020 to try and attract fruit pickers PHOTO: Supplied to Wānaka. Carmen Blackler, founder “It helps break the of the Workforce cycle,” she said. “If Accommodation Network (WAN), said the idea workers can’t find came out of a project accommodation, they for her Master’s degree don’t stay, businesses which focused on using don’t survive, and emerging technology to resolve social issues or what we know and love disrupt industry. about our towns suffer.” Having received support from Startup Queenstown Lakes when developing the network, Blackler was now pleased to be speaking about her journey at the Idea Lab on February 25. She said the free events encouraged people to look at things differently and consider what it might take to get the idea “in the back of their mind” started. “It’s about bringing the local community together,” added business coach Jinene Clark. “About hearing someone’s journey, which might spark an idea in someone else’s head to think they can do this too.” “You don’t have to be in a big city to start a successful business.”

PHOTO: Supplied

The roses of Wānaka: Lily Rose Shaw and Alba Rose will both return to their hometown to perform at this year’s Festival of Colour.

Rating Revaluations Deferred until Spring 2021 Pat Deavoll


Property owners in the Queenstown Lakes District normally receive a triennial Notice of Rating Valuation with the latest valuation having been due in 2020. This rating revaluation is completed by Quotable Value (QV) on behalf of Queenstown Lakes District Council (QLDC), providing an updated rating value for the property which is used by the Council in setting rates for the next three years. QLDC General Manager Finance, Legal & Regulatory Stewart Burns said that due to COVID-19, QLDC has been in discussions with QV and the Valuer General about their proposed 2020 valuations with the outcome being that the Council has applied for a deferral of the General Revaluation until 2021. “The Council does not believe that QV is likely or reasonably able to complete a credible revaluation based on an effective date of 1 October 2020 given the unique circumstances of the global pandemic and its effects on the district and national property markets.” “The Valuer General has therefore approved this requested deferral until 2021, and this is most likely to take place in late October or early

PHOTO: Supplied

Due to COVID-19, QLDC has been in discussions with QV and the Valuer General about their proposed 2020 valuations with the outcome being that the Council has applied for a deferral of the General Revaluation until 2021.

November with an effective date of 1 September 2021. QV is confident that it will be able to assess values for all property types under this revised time frame,” said Burns. A Rating Valuation is the estimated property price at the effective date of valuation. Rating values are independently audited by the Office of the Valuer General, and are not intended for the purposes of insurance or current market valuation. This General Revaluation will be effective for rates from 1 July 2022.

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THURSDAY 18.02.21 - WEDNESDAY 24.02.21



Sun Sport


Great day of bowling for the Wānaka Club Wānaka Bowling Club men’s championship triples thriller What a game this was. A truly excellent final with a ‘nail biting’ finish. Those who came to watch on Thursday 11 February were certainly treated to a game where each end was in doubt until the final bowl had been delivered. The teams were: • Don Cameron(s), Ken Allison, Fin McRae • Richie Muir(s), Simon Nyhof, Tom Malcolm Richie Muir’s team started well and by the 5th end were ahead by 8-1 Team Cameron started to make some progress and a ‘5’ on the 9th end brought the teams together at 9-9. Team Cameron kept adding to their score and by the 15th end led 17-11 and were looking dominant. With only 3 ends to play Richie Muir’s team lifted their game with a ‘2’, then a ‘3’ to close the gap to one point 17-16 with one end to play. To lose their significant lead so quickly appeared to

PHOTO: Peter Wilson

From left: Richie Muir(s), Simon Nyhof, Tom Malcolm.

have affected Team Cameron’s play enough to give Team Muir the opportunity which they took to score the shot that tied the game up at 17-17 and require an extra end to be played that Team Muir won to become this year’s champion.

Men’s Junior Pairs Championship Conditions for this match were almost perfect for this years final played on Friday morning 12 February. The teams were: • Bob Steel, who had been the winning skip for the past two years (with Alan Coupe), was joined this year by Frank Ruddiman • Pat Traynor(s) and Jim Feehly were a new combination Pat and Jim settled quickly and led by 4-0 after 2 ends, but Bob and Frank responded with two ‘3’s to tie the game up 6-6 after 5 ends. The next 7 ends were all won by Pat and Jim who were simply more accurate than their opponents. This gave them a very significant lead 19-6. Although Bob and Frank won 3 further ends it was just too big a gap to close and the game

From left: Pat Traynor(s), Jim Feehly.

PHOTO: Peter Wilson

was conceded after 17 ends 21-11 to Pat and Jim. This was a most impressive effort by Pat and Jim who complimented each other extremely well and just quietly got on with the job. Jim led consistently well throughout the match and it was pleasing to see how much his overall skill has developed. His play set a platform for Pat on almost every end and Pat played some stunning shots when needed. A very good team effort and a well deserved first club title for both players.

Campbell Wright invited to Biathlon World Cups Joanna Perry


Snow Sports NZ Cross Country Skier of the Year 2016 - 2019, 18-year-old Wānaka-based Campbell Wright, has been offered a wild card invite to two Biathlon World Cup events this year. The invitation is the result of the ex-MAC student’s outstanding performance at International Biathlon Union (IBU) Cups in Europe’s winter season, despite being among the youngest to compete. Wright placed 5th of 150 competitors at the IBU Cup in Arber, Germany, qualifying for the Open European Championships. Biathlon combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, with contestants skiing through a crosscountry trail divided into shooting rounds. Wright was previously selected to the NZ team for the Lausanne 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games for both cross country skiing and biathlon - the only athlete from any nation to compete in both sports. Choosing to delay his tertiary studies to compete in Biathlon and X-Country skiing in Europe, the former MAC student is currently based in Livigno, Northern Italy. He will train under Luca Bormilini - his coach for the last eight years, formerly at the Snow Farm ski school - and compete in a number of world championships in Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany and Austria before the Biathlon World Cup in Czech Republic and Norway in March. “The Biathlon invitation to attend the later World Cup events is very significant,” said Pisa

PHOTO: Ross Mackay

Feasey’s best World Cup result so far in his 13 year FIS ski racing career was followed by a DNF on Monday.

Top results for Feasey and Hudson Joanna Perry


PHOTO: International Biathlon Union

Ex-MAC student Campbell Wright skied and shot his way to 5th place in the 15km IBU Cup in Arber, Germany last month.

Alpine Charitable Trust [owners of Snow Farm] Trustee John Burridge, adding that the invitation was “equivalent to playing rugby for our National sevens team - it is huge.” “The attendance at the FIS X-Country World Championships is a long shot attempt at qualifying for the Beijing Olympics.” “The Pisa Alpine Charitable Trust… are very proud of Campbell’s efforts,” he added.

Queenstown alpine ski racer Willis Feasey finished in 28th place in the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships Super G last Thursday, followed by a 12th place finish for Wānaka’s Piera Hudson in the Individual Parallel Giant Slalom on Tuesday. For both athletes, this was a career highlight and their best result at world championship level. Super G consists of one run where the athlete puts it all on the line. Feasey explained that the course was “turny, dark and bumpy” with a technical and steep top section and a high speed jump into an aggressive turn. The Covid-19 pandemic meant that the usual test events held on a slope before a race of this calibre weren't held. “It’s a pretty interesting course because no one has really skied on it before,” said Feasey. “People were pretty unsure coming into it and either hadn’t skied on it or had only done a couple of training runs.It was pretty unknown for everyone.” Hudson qualified through to the 1/8 finals

in her first time racing Individual Parallel Giant Slalom. She placed 7th in her heat, an achievement in itself with only 16 women (8 from each heat) qualifying. Hudson raced headto-head with Tina Robnik (SLO) in the 1/8 finals but was +0.62 seconds behind her and did not advance to the quarter finals. “I couldn’t be happier [with my result], it was exactly how I wanted to start my world champs,” she said. Feasey’s success last week was followed by a DNF for the alpine combined event on Monday, which combines the times of one run of Super G and one run of Slalom. Feasey did not finish his second run. He said: “Super G went really well. I was incredibly happy with how I skied and my result. The Slalom leg didn’t go so well, it was solid skiing at the start in some incredibly icy snow. I released one turn a little early causing me to lose grip and slide out of the course.” Up next for the Kiwi team at the Alpine World Championships is the women’s Giant Slalom tonight with Alice Robinson and Piera Hudson in the start gate.

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THURSDAY 18.02.21 - WEDNESDAY 24.02.21



Sun News



N o t i c e b o a rd | P a p a P ā n u i Meeting Schedule for March 2021


Subject to change.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ACT 1991 Details of the resource consent application and submission forms are available in the offices at Queenstown Lakes District Council, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown; 74 Shotover Street, Queenstown and 47 Ardmore Street, Wānaka during normal office hours (8.00am to 5.00pm). You can also download these from our website www.qldc.govt.nz/ services/resource-consents/notified-resource-consents#public-rc or via our edocs website using the RM number as the reference www.edocs.qldc.govt.nz/Account/Login 1. R E Anderson (RM180517) What is proposed: Application to undertake a five lot subdivision, to establish five residential building platforms (RBP), earthworks, access and landscaping. Consent is also sought to amalgamate proposed Lot 1 with Section 8. The location in respect of which this application relates is situated at: ADDRESS FOR SERVICE FOR APPLICANT:

Audit, Finance & Risk Committee – Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown. Thursday 11 March 2021 at 10.00am. Queenstown Lakes District Council – Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown. Thursday 18 March 2021 at 1.00pm. Hearing of submissions on the Food Grading Bylaw 2016 and fees review – Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown. Friday 19 March 2021 at 10.00am.

Meeting dates, times and venues are subject to change. All of the above meetings are open to the public. Some meetings may have items of business that will be discussed with the public excluded, as set out by the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.

C/- Carey Vivian carey@vivianespie.co.nz Vivian & Espie Ltd PO Box 2514 Queenstown 9349


The Council planner processing this application on behalf of the Council is Erin Stagg, who may be contacted by phone at 03 450 0331or email at erin.stagg@qldc.govt.nz. 2. Kim and Gareth Parry (RM201061) What is proposed: To undertake a two lot subdivision, where both lots will be below the minimum allotment size for the zone. The lot sizes would be as follows:

Creative Communities Scheme Funding Round Now Open Funding is now available for community–based arts groups for performances, events and workshops that will provide a variety of opportunities for participation in those activities. Funding round is now open and will close at 5.00pm, Friday 26 February 2021. Applications are available from the Council website at: www.qldc.govt.nz/community-funding




2071m2 gross 1850m2 net



For any enquiries please contact Jan Maxwell, Relationship Manager Arts and Events, on the phone at 03 441 0469 or 027 233 7934 or via email at jan.maxwell@qldc.govt.nz

Challenge Wānaka 2021, Glendhu Bay, Lake Wānaka

The location in respect of which this application relates is situated at:

Public Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Queenstown Lakes District Navigation and Safety Bylaw 2018 that Bylaws 9, 31, 43 and 51 have been uplifted to allow not only the running of this event but also reserves an area as shown on the maps below.

14 Mount Linton Avenue, Wānaka ADDRESS FOR SERVICE FOR APPLICANT: C/- Jo Fyfe jo@jea.co.nz John Edmonds and Associated PO Box 95, Queenstown 9300

Date: 18 February 2021 Time: 0645 to 0900 Location: Glendhu Bay, Lake Wānaka, Bay to Bay as per attached map.

The Council planner processing this application on behalf of the Council is Erin Stagg, who may be contacted by phone at 03 450 0331 or email erin.stagg@qldc.govt.nz Submissions will be received until 18 March 2021, and must be served on the Consent Authority, Queenstown Lakes District Council, Private Bag 50072, Queenstown 9348 or email rcsubmission@qldc.govt.nz. These must be dated, signed by you, and include the following information:

3. 4. 5. 6.

Traffic & Parking Subcommittee – Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown. Thursday 4 March 2021 at 10.00am.

Planning & Strategy Committee – Council Chambers, 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown. Thursday 25 March 2021 at 10.00am.

1340 Cardrona Valley Road (Branch Creek Station), Cardrona.

1. 2.

Last amended: 11 February 2021

Public Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 46 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 that meetings of the Council will be held as follows, during the month of March 2021.

Your name, email address (preferred), postal address and telephone number. Details of the application in respect of which you are making the submission including location and the Resource Consent number. Whether you support or oppose the application. Your submission, with reasons. The decision you wish the consent authority to make. Whether you wish to be heard in support of your submission.

Date: 18, 19 and 20 February 2021 Times: 0600 to 1500 for three days. Location: Glendhu Bay adjacent to Rotary Park, Lake Wānaka. Special Conditions: The boat launching ramp at Rotary Park and the water ski access lane at the western end of the Glendhu Bay Motor Camp will be closed for public use for all three days of the Challenge. In the interests of public safety the directions of race officials and Harbourmaster’s staff must be followed. Only those persons directly involved in The Challenge are exempt from the provisions of the bylaws. Dated: 5 February 2021 Authorised by Harbourmaster M A Black

Any person may make a submission on the application, but a person who is a trade competitor of the applicant may do so only if that person is directly affected by an effect of the activity to which the application relates that: a) adversely affects the environment; and b) does not relate to trade competition or the effects of trade competition. You may make a submission by sending a written or electronic submission to Queenstown Lakes District Council (details below). The submission should be in the format of Form 13. Copies of this form are available on the website www.qldc.govt.nz/services/resource-consents/application-forms-and-fees#other_forms. Address for Service for Consent Authority: Queenstown Lakes District Council Private Bag 50072, Queenstown 9348 10 Gorge Road, Queenstown 9300

Email rcsubmission@qldc.govt.nz Phone 03 441 0499 Website www.qldc.govt.nz

Dated: 18 February 2021 Signed by QUEENSTOWN LAKES DISTRICT COUNCIL Queenstown Lakes District Council

Private Bag 50072 | 47 Ardmore Street Wānaka Phone 03 443 0024 | www.qldc.govt.nz


THURSDAY 18.02.21 - WEDNESDAY 24.02.21


Sun Views



Oh no! Level 2 again! Pat Deavoll


Oh no! Not again. Here we are back in Level Two lockdown and who knows for how long. It could be that by the time the Wanaka Sun is delivered to your doorstep it could all be over and it is business as usual. But maybe not – this might go on for a while. The last time we were in Level 2 was in August last year and that seems a lifetime ago. So how did this eventuate? From 11.59 pm Sunday, 14 February, Auckland moved to alert level 3 and the rest of us to level 2 for three days until midnight Wednesday 17 February. The move was announced by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern after three members of a family living in South Auckland tested positive for Covid-19. The source of the cases remains under investigation These are the country's first cases of community transmission since late January. There was a mad rush to the supermarkets in Auckland on Sunday night after the announcement and shelves were cleared. Ardern said on the TV1 Covid report the alert change came out of an “abundance of caution” and would be reviewed every 24 hours. "Three days should give us enough time to gather further information, undertake large scale testing and establish if there has been wider community transmission," she said. The precautionary approach had served

New Zealand well to date, Ardern said. "Cabinet's plan is based on the best science and what we know works from previous cases here and responses overseas, "she said in the report. So what does Level 2 mean for us in Wānaka? In case you have forgotten, businesses and schools remain open, but with social distancing. People are encouraged to practice good hygiene, keep track of where they have been and stay home if they are unwell. People are asked to maintain a distance of 2m from others in public spaces and retail stores. In other places like workplaces, cafes, restaurants and gyms, people must stay 1m apart. Hospitality businesses must keep groups of customers separated, seated, and served by a single person with a maximum of 100 people at a time. Masks are mandatory on public transport and encouraged where physical distancing is not possible. Gatherings, including weddings and funerals, are limited to 100 people. So there you go, it's quite a palaver. It seems Covid is hard to shift, regardless of all our efforts. So we wait with bated breath, obviously lulled into a false sense of security by the past few months of calm. I heard that one of those victims of Covid worked in a laundry distribution facility that sent laundered sheet all around the country. Pretty scary! What will Wednesday night bring? By now you will know where to from here and hopefully, it’s back to normal.

Sponsored by

Correction Last week the Wānaka Sun published a story on the Miss Pin Up of the Year beauty pageant claiming that Vanessa Hoggard was a finalist in the competition. This was incorrect- Bozenka Raich is actually the finalist and the Sun apologised to both women for the inaccuracy. Bozenka will be competing in the final in Auckland in May.

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SAVE PHOTO: Supplied

There was a noticeable increase in motorcycle traffic, travelling across the country due to the Burt Munro Festival in Invercargill.

Chirnside K Kim Sergeant, NZPD Kia ora Wānaka. We greet you with the unfortunate news that we are back to Level 2 lockdown. This does mean some undesirable restrictions for us all, but it is important that we all follow the rules. Police will be out and about assisting with the message. On Tuesday there was a theft from New World, which followed by a second visit on Wednesday by the same person. We expect they will have a date with us in the coming days. There was a noticeable increase in motorcycle traffic, travelling across the country due to the Burt Munro Festival in Invercargill. We were pleased to see that there were no accidents involving those motorcycles and welcomed the extra visitors to the town. On Wednesday a car worthy of retirement was stopped in Wānaka. The vehicle has been decorated with bright pink and blue official stickers ordering it off the road, and some contraband was seized from the driver.


On Friday a vehicle crashed off State Highway 6 near The Neck, travelling some 20m down a bank. It was fortunately spotted by a passing helicopter, as it was not visible from the road. Thankfully the sole occupant removed themselves and hiked out. A lucky escape! Saturday evening saw Police conducting a breath testing checkpoint in Cardrona. Sadly, not everyone was adhering to the rules, with one person driving while disqualified, and another over the alcohol limit. Both will be off to court in the coming weeks. On Saturday night Police attended an incident at Lala Land where a person had climbed on to the roof, quote “looking for a view”. Unfortunately, these were the actions of someone under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. The weekend was busy dealing with several unfortunate scenarios involving mental health. It reminds us to be compassionate with others and to not let friends slip through the cracks when times are tough for them. If you or anyone needs support, the Mental Health Crisis Team can be reached on 0800 46 78 46.


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Phone: 03 443 8000, Top of Helwick Street, Wānaka OPEN: MON-SAT 8AM TO 6PM • SUN 10AM TO 6PM

THURSDAY 18.02.21 - WEDNESDAY 24.02.21


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Under New Management • Bluegum • Oldman Pine • Macrocapa

PHONE - ALANA 0275645644 Email - dixonkerry56@gmail.com

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All your local water blasting needs: House soft washing, patios, decks and fences Surface cleaning for; driveways, pathways, tiles & stone Moss and Lichen treatment from rooftops to tennis courts Exterior Window cleaning

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021 531 977


WANTED TO BUY ANTIQUE TOOL COLLECTOR Wanting to Buy- Joiners & Builders Tools- Metal Brace, Planes, Hand Drills, Drill Press, Scribes, Spoke Shaves, Chisels, Squares, Calipers, Tack Hammers, Screwdrivers, Saws, Wood vice, G & Sash Clamps, Pulleys Blow Torch, Plumb Bobs, Anvil, Old Style Safe, Oil Cans & Bottles. Pay up to $100 for small miniature tools, Violin Planes, Ivory Rulers, Jewellers Tools etc. Also old garden tools. Buy single item, collection, workshop lots. Phone Murray- 021 441 400 GOLD JEWELLERY Coins, Nuggets Wanted- pay up to $3000 per oz Gold, $600 Sovereigns, Gold Rings- 9ct-18ct Chains, Pocket Watches, Brooches, Damaged Jewellery, War/Lodge Medals, Pound Notes, Ph 021 051 7307

• DOGWASH • AUTO & JETWASHES • VACUUMS • LAUNDROMAT Cnr Deering & McCormick Streets, Three Parks

EVERY LETTERBOX EVERY THURSDAY Is your Wānaka Sun delivered every Thursday?

GIB STOPPING Need a GIB stopper?

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If not, email your address to admin@thewanakasun.co.nz or phone us on 03 443 5252 THURSDAY 18.02.21 - WEDNESDAY 24.02.21



Cut rags (100% cotton) and drop cloths, only $7 for a big bag. Now in the yard container at Wastebusters. Open 9-5 seven days. Business Networking International. The Wānaka chapter of BNI meets weekly at 7am Tuesday morning. Great networking opportunity to grow your business. Contact Randal Dobbs for information 021 973 043 The Salvation Army Family Store is able to collect your donations, this service is available one day a week please phone the store on 443 5068 to make a booking.

Thanks to everyone who comes to Wastebusters to donate goods, shop and recycle. Your support helps us work for zero waste and a resourceful community.

SERVICES Wānaka Pharmacy is your local pharmacy. We’re the big pharmacy at the top of Helwick Street - open from 8am until 6pm and 10 to 6 on Sundays. Ph 443 8000. The Salvation Army Family Store is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9.30am to 4pm and most statutory holidays. We look forward to seeing you in our wonderful store.

WANTED The Salvation Army Family Store requires a volunteer to assist our van driver Danny on a Thursday with pick-ups and deliveries. If this sounds like you, please pop into the store for some more information. Lifting of furniture will be required. The Salvation Army Family Store requires good quality household goods, if you can help this would be appreciated. Your donations can be dropped at 48 Helwick street or phone for a pick up 443 5068.

STORAGE Clean, dry, safe storage available now. Ezystor Self Storage, 12 Gordon Road, Wānaka, Ph: 021 242 1630.


Free delivery to Wānaka, Cromwell and surrounds, PO boxes in Makarora, Cromwell, Haast, Wānaka, Albert Town and Hāwea. Also distributed to businesses in the Wānaka business district Average circulation: 15,000 weekly. Phone: 03 443 5252 • Fax: 03 443 5250 Editor: Pat Deavoll • 0274 487 741 editor@thewanakasun.co.nz Journalist: Joanna Perry • 021 736 740 newsdesk@thewanakasun.co.nz Advertising: adrep@thewanakasun.co.nz Admin: Benn Ashford • 021 956 740 admin@thewanakasun.co.nz Mail: PO Box 697, Wānaka Deadlines: Display Advertising 4pm Friday prior to publication. marketing@thewanakasun.co.nz 03 443 5252 Classified Advertising 5pm Monday prior admin@thewanakasun.co.nz Subscriptions: $175 within NZ (including GST) per year. Overseas rates on request. Remittances to PO Box 697, Wānaka, NZ.



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New Business Consultant


NEW ENTRANT CLASSROOM TEACHER FULL TIME, FIXED TERM Start Date: 29/03/2021, End Date: 17/12/2021 (Roll growth)

Local primary schools are visiting Wānaka Recreation Centre for their school swimming and water safety programme.

Are you a dynamic teacher after a new and exciting challenge who wants to be part of a positive and empowering learning culture? Do you have proven skills in building strong relationships, working in collaborative teams and in creating a child-centred approach to teaching and learning?

From 22 February until Friday 19 March there’ll be very limited public access to the learners’ pool between 9.00am-2.00pm every weekday except Thursdays and Fridays when half the pool will be free.

We are looking for an innovative and future focused teacher who has high expectations of self, is motivated, passionate and has a sense of fun and wonderment. In turn, we offer a committed team who holds the learner at the heart of decision making and a fun, vibrant workplace with support and opportunities for your professional growth.

Other pool users may wish to schedule their visits to the learners’ pool around these times.

This position is in the junior school, with a team who embrace a play based learning pedagogy, are passionate about using our local environment for learning and who encourage our students to be courageous l earners. A sound understanding of the New Zealand Curriculum and the ability to create an inclusive and culturally responsive environment are essential, as are strengths in literacy and numeracy and the ability to work with diverse learners.

Many thanks for your co-operation while our local children learn these essential life skills.

Four lanes in the lap pool will remain free for public swimming between 9.00am– 2.00pm weekdays during this period.

For more info please contact (03) 443 9334 | wrc@qldc.govt.nz

Applications close 5 March. Please send your covering letter and CV, and direct enquiries to: Jodie Howard, Principal 3 Grace Wright Drive jodie.howard@takekarara.school.nz 039747575

Graham & Olive West Charitable Trust Applications are now open for Upper Clutha not for profit and charitable organisations to apply for grants. Applications are available from the Wanaka office of QLDC and the Wanaka Library.


Te Kura O Take Kārara is seeking an experienced and highly capable Learning Support Assistant (Teacher Aide) to work in a range of contexts. Experience and Skills include: • Recent experience working with children • An understanding of different learning methods • Ability to cater for students’ varying needs • Excellent relationship building and communication skills • Patience, resilience, adaptability and empathy • Experience supporting children with personal care would be an advantage The position is part time and hours are to be confirmed. Hours per week are during school term time only and will be fixed-term for the 2021 school year (from now until approximately the 17 December 2021). It is likely that the position will continue into 2022. The successful applicant will be required to complete a Police Clearance Check prior to commencement. Applications close 26 February. Please send your CV and covering letter to: jodie.howard@takekarara.school.nz .

Applications close on 31st March 2021 For further information please contact: Janice Hughes - (03) 443 0911 Alistair King - (03) 443 0086

SITUATION VACANT PRIVATE REGISTERED NURSE Casual sleepover position 1-2 nights per week Looking for a registered nurse to join an established nursing team who provide 24/7 medical care for a client in their own home with brain and spinal injuries. Applications to nurses@alpinegroup.co.nz

Contact wanakamarket@gmail.com to apply. THE WĀNAKA SUN

This is your chance to help move the dial for New Zealanders towards financial freedom, faster. About NZHL We help New Zealanders achieve financial freedom faster, and those aren’t just aspirational words, that’s actually what we do. In fact, our clients are currently saving more than $35 million dollars in interest costs per year, which is pretty awesome. For us it’s all about partnering to provide a tested loan structure, tools that get results and of course personalised service. We do all of this in a very passionately Kiwi way, with more than 75 locally owned businesses right across New Zealand and we are excited by the opportunities that this region presents. We’ve been helping Kiwi’s for almost 25 years, but we think it is just the beginning for NZHL in the Southern Lakes and are seeking passionate people who want to make financial freedom, faster, a reality for more local homeowners. About the Role NZHL-Southern Lakes is after a self-starter to write business and help more people in our region into financial freedom. We need someone who has good existing networks, makes connections, builds relationships, and pursues opportunities. You will be leading the Wānaka office, so this a great opportunity to own the local market and have a long-term career within NZHL. This is a flexible and autonomous financial services role (home loans and insurance) that will reward you for what you put in.

Career opportunities like this do not happen often & the importance of having flexibility in your working day cannot be overstated in a region like this. Ski, mountain bike or fish in the morning & do business in the afternoon. A competitive salary plus commission remuneration package is on offer for the right person. About you  You will be a sharp hunter with an extensive network of current and future  homeowners/insurance leads in the local region, though you will have no restrictions on where you can write business.  You have a determination to succeed, a passion for helping people and a willingness to learn and adapt to a fast-changing technological and regulatory environment. Key attributes: • Relevant experience in the Financial industry or Level 5 Core Strand & RPL • Proven networking skills and the ability to build rapport and trust • Track record in identifying, understanding and exceeding client needs through building effective relationships • A proactive listener with good verbal and written communication skills • Knowledge and experience of sales techniques and procedures • Thrives on the opportunity to control your own earnings potential

If you like the sound of creating your own future and helping others do the same, send your resume and cover letter to carrie.tyrer@nzhl.co.nz


An excellent local opportunity FEE FREE WANAKA PROGRAMMES Offered though Te Wananga o Aotearoa Info sessions happening now

Certificate in Money Management


Busy Asian supermarket is looking full time shop assistant. Must proficiently speak, write and read mandarin, and knowledge of Asian tea and Asian ingredients. Its an advantage to know Adobe system with design experience to help with online advertising, customer service and sales on social media. Must be willing to work evenings and weekends.

Well established financial services organisation Genuine opportunity to progress your mortgage/finance career to the next level 100% Kiwi owned business

20 week programme, Tuesday evenings, Level 3 Learn more about money - money habits and attitudes, budgeting, debt management, simplifying the jargon, shares, investments, valuations, wills, power of attorney, property investment, etc. Great info for surviving in Wanaka.



JUST NEWS thewanakasun.co.nz

Smart Steps to Business Certificate

20 week programme, Wednesday evenings, Level 3 Got a business idea and don’t know where to start? Enrol for the skills and confidence to turn your ideas into reality. Learn how to pitch your concept and market your business, undertake financial analysis, and plan to be your own boss. NZ/Australian/Islands residency or citizenship is required. For further information please contact local tutor: Mylrea Bell Tel 443 1738, Cell 027 443 9942 email: myl@xtra.co.nz www.twoa.ac.nz



LIKE NEWS, SHARE STORIES facebook.com/wanakasun THURSDAY 18.02.21 - WEDNESDAY 24.02.21


Sun Sport


Football preseason is in full swing The Wānaka AFC senior club preseason is underway and in full swing with two weeks already under its belt. Preseason kick off is on February 2 with Tuesday and Thursday sessions. Each session will have a turn out averaging around 40 to 45 players. This year the senior club is focused on having two competitive teams and a social team. Their competitive teams are the 1st team (WAFC Premiers) which will play in the Dunedin Southern Premier League (SPL) and their 2nd team ( Premier Reserves ) which will play Division One in the Central Otago League (COL) . The plan this year is to have both the 1st and 2nd teams work and train a lot closer together and have more continuity and cohesion between the two squads with the aim to create two very competitive and interchangeable teams. Last year the 1st team finish 4th in the SPL and the 2nd team 3rd in the COL. This was a great effort for both teams but especially for the Premier team in only in their 2nd year playing Otago’s top league. The goal this year is to aim higher but most importantly to play good and attractive football. This Sunday (February 20) sees the first of a

series of preseason games planned for February and the beginning of March. At the Wānaka Recreation Centre (WRC) at 1pm Wānaka Premier Reserves will take on University AFC 3rd team from Dunedin and at 3pm the WAFC Premiers with take on Cromwell A. The following Saturday (February 27) the WAFC senior club heads to Dunedin to play two preseason games against the new amalgamated club South City Royales 1st and 2nd teams. Then on Saturday (March 6) the WAFC Senior club will play two return matches at home here in Wānaka at the WRC against the South City Royals. Saturday March 13 will see COL kick off and the Premier Reserves first game (draw not out yet) and the Premiers last preseason game against Winton FC at home in Wānaka at the WRC (time TBA). Both head coaches Ian Bell ( Premiers ) and Leon Roode ( Premier Reserves ) are looking forward to the preseason games and the first real hit out and the first real chance to look at players especially new players to the club and a chance to gather valuable data to help to make the final decision on selections for their teams. – By Wānaka AFC

Adam Harms (L) and Alex Wright (R) challenging for the ball at training for the WAFC Senior club.


Winning in the long run

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“Winning in the Long Run” tackles the issue of giving your child or athlete the best opportunity to reach their potential.

Pat Deavoll


The Sport Central Coaches Club returns for 2021. The first session is not only for coaches but athletes, parents, and administrators. “Winning in the Long Run” tackles the issue of giving your child or athlete the best opportunity to reach their potential. Grant Milne, Sport Otago Coach Lead gives his expert advice on how ambitious Year 8 to Year 13 athletes in teams or individual sports can manage their development, and win in the long run. They will be joined by a local junior athlete who has achieved at a national level while maintaining a balance between family and school life, training and playing with their mates. We will ask a few questions and get a young person’s perspective on sport, training and competition, how they manage their time, and what is most fun. This session is free, but RSVPs are essential to tiny@sportotago.co.nz Mt Aspiring College has kindly made a classroom available from 7 pm on Monday 22 February. Come to the main reception area for directions.


The Upper Clutha and Alexandra softball teams after their game on Tuesday night.

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The call is out for softballers Pat Deavoll


Wānaka is looking for more people to play softball Upper Clutha Softball president Paula Haig said interest had been growing since she formed the club in 2018 and she was keen to increase opportunities for people to play softball in the region. “We are looking at membership and funding to buy equipment. “I would like to focus on getting this involved

in the schools, and getting a summer sport up and running for the kids in Wanaka.” The aim would be to incorporate the schools in the area and play against other schools in the wider district. “Cromwell and Alexandra already have their own league which as adults we are invited to play in.” Team sports in Wānaka during the winter were “fantastic” with sports like netball, rugby and soccer available, but there were fewer team sports in summer. “We’ve got cricket, which is another great

THURSDAY 18.02.21 - WEDNESDAY 24.02.21

team sport.” But Wānaka had not had softball, or T-ball for younger players as far as she was aware, Haig said. The aim in 2018 was to develop an adult team which would be able to play against the Alexandra adult league and now that aim has come to fruition. On Tuesday night Upper Clutha played Alexandra and won 20-8. It was a bit of a hiding for the young team but that’s one way to learn,” said Haig People interested in playing can make contact on: ucsoftball2018@gmail.com


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Wanaka Sun | February 17 - 23 2021 | Edition 1014  

Wanaka Sun | February 17 - 23 2021 | Edition 1014