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• No resemblance to anyone dead/ alive/ or masquerading any ‘in-between’ state intended- so don’t go cribbin’ about how some character could be written with u in mind… no offence meant to anyone… but I mean I don’t think anyone cares enough about ppl to actually sit down and write-up a character/ article for. • In case u do find anything demeaning/ insulting/ incomprehensible do contact the respective authors as all articles are written by them and express their personal views/ ideas… (it’s a free ‘desh’ after all)

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Horizon 2k5 A Paradigm Shift In Managing Business Using Theory Of Constraints (Toc)

Author ---

‘Pg. No

-Professor S. K. Mukhopadhyay,

The Wall

-Neil D’Souza

Requiem for a Dream

-veDang Haldankar


-Sabah Kadri


-Ajay Abraham


-Satish Easwar

E.C. … No more

-Gunjan Parulkar


-Manas Karekar

Chronicles Of An Ex-Raitian

-prasanna sambasivan

Alive or human???


Welcome To My Jungle

-Vinod Vasudevan

Ragging (D)Is Allowed

-Venkatesh Srivatsav

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FOREWORD The vision of our founder president, Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil, has been to provide high quality education in various fields to the people of this country. Keeping this in mind, a number of institutions have been established in various faculties in the whole of Maharashtra. The focus of the D. Y. Patil Group has been on the fields of education, healthcare and sports; because our founder president has always believed that it is through these three important sectors one can bring about a positive social transformation of our society. The strength of the institution, apart from excellent facilities, has been the students and the faculty. The former have been the soul of the institution and have excelled themselves in various fields from business to sports and even music, after completing education in these institutes. In conclusion, we would like to complement the editors of the magazine THE WALL for publishing the magazine in the true RAIT spirit.

Vijay Patil President Dr. D. Y. Patil Educational Academy

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Ajinkya Patil President Ramrao Adik Education Society

The Dr. D. Y Patil Hospital and Research Centre was launched with a vision to provide excellent health care at an affordable cost within the city limits and has seen the light of the day in a record time of under two years. It takes a large heart and a dedicated effort from a team of committed people to this noble cause to finally achieve success. The dream to see an affordable hospital that would benefit the economically deprived has finally become a reality. Extremely accessible from the airport, the Nerul railway station and the Mumbai Pune Expressway this Hospital comes as a boon to the people of Navi Mumbai and Pune for whom affordable and world class health care is now within reach. This 750 bed, state-of-the-art hospital with a committed and focused team of doctors and nurses is the dream of Dr. D. Y. Patil who desires to make the best in health care within the means of the economically deprived. The facilities at the hospital are at par with the best. This hospital comes as a new lease of life for the economically deprived for whom complicated surgeries would have been a distant dream. It has relieved the family of ailing breadwinners of periods of anxiety by bringing the best there is in health care within their means. A case in point would be that of a person for whom a cardiac surgery would be beyond the realms of possibility. But here, at the Dr. D. Y Patil Hospital and Research Centre this will be made possible. Living every moment of our commitment to saving lives. A simple cut, a complicated surgery all in the line of duty. It is a promise of attending to each and every one who comes to this hospital with that ray of hope. This hospital has provided free treatment to more than 20,000 patients in the in the first fifty days itself, after its inauguration on April 4, 2004 and the numbers only keep increasing each day, testimony to the faith that the people have instated in us. State-of-the-art. It probably sums up everything that the hospital has to offer. The latest that technology has brought into the field of health care and the best there is to give in terms of comfort and convenience. Right from the Hospital Management Systems to the Operation Theaters and the Wards, no stone has been left unturned in ensuring that there is no compromise in terms of the facilities and the treatment being offered here. We hope it will fulfill the great dream of our founder.

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EDITORIAL This is the fourth issue of the wall; the first, in the past couple of years. It is surprising though, as they have been anything but uneventful. From 75% attendance, cancelled rock shows to Saturdays working, pre-poned vivas, disciplinary committee, official picnics and Saturdays off again! With a new vision, armed for the future (combating the present); we head for brave new waters, and in true RAIT spirit, challenges are just another excuse to prove the substance we are made of; again and again. So be proud to be alive, proud to have a heart of gold, proud to be an Indian. But most of all, be proud to be an RAITian. Because, its not just the kill but the thrill of the chase that keeps us going. ‘The Wall’ has always reflected the essence of RAIT; right from the time the first edition was out in print. It epitomizes the freedom of expression, the spirit of independence and above all, the thoughts of every RAITian. The editorial team would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts, our young and dynamic directors, Mr. Vijay Patil, Mr. Ajinkya Patil and our esteemed principal Dr.S.K.Mukhopadhyay without whose encouragement and support the magazine would have still been a distant dream. We would also like to thank all those who have supported and guided us as a team and individually over the last few months. Guys, you know who you are and thanks a bunch!

-Masons of the wall

Ajay Abraham Sabah Kadri Vedang Haldankar and

Special Thanks to: Puneet Mittal Cover Design: Ajay Abraham Caricatures: Sabah Kadri, Asfa Ansaari

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S.U.C - 2006 General Secretary:

Sushant Narsale (9820781843)

Cultural Secretary:

Ajay Abraham (9820658144)


Nirmal Panda (9870035169)

Chief Horizon Co-ordinator:

Ashwin Iyer (9819033771)

Chief Finance Co-ordinator:

Vrundan Jadhav (9820530924)

Sports Secretaries:

Ashwin Iyer& Ganesh Hegde

Alumni Gen Secretary:

Rohan Akerkar

Placement Secretaries:

Navneeth S & Ophira Moses

University Representatives:

Praveen Bhosle& Dhaval B

Library Representative:

Aditi Rustagi

Academic Representatives:

Garry S& Jaikishan D

Ladies’ Representative:

Asfa Ansari

Various Societies: IEEE Chairman: CSI Chairman: ISA Chairman:

Parashar Soman Zaim Khan Hemal Gala

Mindspri Chairman: Kalaarag Head: ISTE Head:

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SOCIETIES MINDSPRI A new non-tech society was set up with a goal to provide a platform for students aspiring to a management career and also an opportunity to develop their personalities. With a phenomenal membership in its first year itself, “Mindspri” has succeeded in its goal to provide training for GRE/ CAT/ GMAT/ TOEFL through group discussions, literary events, seminars et cetera. “BRAINWAVES ’04” and “BRAINWAVES ’05” was well-received. Participants from different colleges all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai showed up in overwhelming numbers. With new events being introduced every year and receiving equivalent support, this society, exclusive to rait will soon make news all over.

ISA Instrumentation Systems and Automations (ISA), RAIT chapter was started four years ago for the Instrumentation Engineers. The festival organized by this society is called NIYANTRAN. The events held at Niyantran have been: Tech Script (the famous technical paper presentation) Scrap Garage (robots are made out of scrap that we discard) Robo Blitz (the popular robotics event that’s a favourite everywhere) InQuizItive (quizzes ranging from music to math to technology) Khoj- the Hunt (Treasure hunt that not only makes you rack your brains to track the clues but all crack a circuit) Mind Your Level (designing practically possible control systems)

CSI The Computer Society Of India- RAIT chapter is a platform for students to explore the technical domain. With the enormous response received by Techknow-2004 and Techknow-2005, CSI-RAIT has big plans for the future and the next technical festival is just around the corner

ISTE Last year, a new organization lay foot in RAIT. Indian Society For Technical Institute was formed in RAIT. Although a new organization, ISTE received a record membership and is hoped to rock the scene in the years to come.

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IEEE The IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is a non-profit, technical professional association of more than 360,000 individual members in approximately 175 countries. At the technical festival last year, there was participation from about 2000 students in the various events. Robotics being the most alluring event the number of entries were as follows:level1: 230, level2: 65, level3: 15. The Technical Paper Presentation saw about 85 papers submitted from all over. The Creative Paper Presentation, for the first in RAIT had a phenomenal response. The Technical Quiz brought forth technical soundness at its best. The Hardware and Software Competitions received equally grand response. The I.V.s have been held frequently and out of the many successful ones, is the one to the Tarapur Power Plant on 11th July 2004, Hutch Telecom on 2nd & 8th July GMRT and Narayan Gaon at Pune on 8th April

PLACEMENTS Three Cheers to the Principal Dr.S.K.Mukhopadhyay, Mrs. Sundervalli and the members of the Placement Committees over the past years for an overwhelming number of placed students in the early months of final year. Hats off to all the hard work put in that reflects in the ever-increasing “placy� count. Continue the great work, guys!!!

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HORIZON 2K5 HORIZON 2K5- the rocking and sizzling episode from the pages of RAIT that ruled on 4th, 5th and 6th March 2005 set Navi Mumbai ablaze as it astonished all, yet again. RAIT has always believed in achieving unconquerable heights and last year has been no exception. Last year has seen the dawn of a new trend-the two Pronites. They set feet tapping, mesmerizing the audience. At Horizon-2k4, the second evening had dazzled with the vibrant VJ Ramona (MTV) opening for an electrifying and dynamic performance by Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy. No onlooker took his seat again after the first song. The spectators danced away to every note as Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy set the stage on fire. Previous years have seen KK, Shaan, Taufiq Qureshi, Karl Peters and Shailendra Singh leaving one craving for more. This year Euphoria left a mark behind for the second time (last seen in Horizon 2k3). RAIT has always offered the best, what with performances by Parikrama, Moksha, Pentagram, Zero, Brahma and more. And what can complement the magnificence of Horizon more than the internationally acclaimed Roger Drego sound? The ambience at the Fashion Show, on the second eve was draped with glamour. It was complemented by the perfect accessory- Footloose. Out of the numerous colleges that participated, MGM walked away with a slice of victory. Celebrity judges spiced the evening further. An aura of melody enveloped RAIT on the third eve, last year as folk fusion band- Indian Ocean took center stage. Horizon 2k5 saw Bali Brahmbat and Kailash Kher on the third eve. The days awoke to the ingenuity of “Literary events� and dramatic display of histrionics at Kalaraag. Rappelling and Informals attracted adventurous public galore. Cricket lovers had found their dream come true with the showcase of the Indo-Pak match on the second day last year. Rock lovers found their paradise with the explosive UNCHAINED-a lookout for the next rock phenomenon that has always received all-India participation. Musicals lured the classical-seekers as one after another, the participants demonstrated their vocal gifts. The grooving jive workshop, along with the Radio Horizon, Creative Arts and computer events garnished the success of the event. Horizon 2K5 proved to be a world in itself with no room ephemeral moments. No stones were left unturned, no canvas left unpainted, as all went

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back after 72 non-stop hours with immortal memories, awaiting the arrival of HORIZON 2K6. The Titan rocks, guys! The mighty genius born in 1990 to shake the engineering scene continues to rule. Welcome to the realm of HORIZON -the rocking extravaganza leaves you asking for more. Life can never the same after you attend Horizon. The 72 hours of fun and frolic that has enthralled the public of strength of more than 20,000 promises you a time you will remember for a long time to come. So be there!


ð ð ð ð ð ð ð

ð ð

ð ð ð ð ð ð

72 hours of non-stop entertainment. First Pronite- The rocking band at it once again - Euphoria Fashion Show, with participation from colleges all over Bombay. Unchained- the rock competition, participation from all over India. Footloose- Setting the evening stage on fire. Musicals o Hindi solo, Hindi Duet, Folk music, Antakshari, Qawwali Literary Events- for the brains working overtime o Sports and General knowledge quizzes o Connexions o Ad Mad show o Dumb Charades o Pasha of pulp o Press Conference o Hollywood Bollywood Quiz Kalaraag- the theatre, showcases the histrionics hidden within. Computer events- Do you have it in you? o On the spot programming contest and Relay programming o Impromptu technical speech o Quiz and Online stock market o Quake Death match Radio Horizon- In-house channel playing requests and dedications. Rapelling- challenging the adventurous you. Treasure Hunt Creative Arts War of the DJs Informals o Musical Housie o Horizon Dares you o Mock fashion show o Blind Date o Tug of War/ PC

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Introduction: Theory of Constraints (TOC) deals with change only for the better and how best to bring about this change. There are certain management tools and techniques, as well as principles to identify hurdles and remove them in order to achieve the goals. TOC also recognizes the output of any system comprising multiple processes, where the output of one such process depends on the output of one or more previous processes and is limited by the least productive process. TOC sermonizes that the goal is making money at present, and for the future. Here, ”future” is as important as ”present”. The beaten path to achieve the goal is as follows: u u u

Increasing Throughput Reduction in Inventory Reduction In Operating Expense

Ï Throughput means money coming into a business, which is selling price minus the raw- material cost. Throughput is a quantitative measure of the entity that any organization will be interested to maximize. Therefore, one can consider throughput as the rate at which a system generates money through sales. Here, one should distinguish sales from production. Ï

Inventory depicts money in a business.

Ï Operating Expense is the amount it takes to get inventory turned into throughput. The opportunities to make money through reduction in inventory and Operating Expense are limited to some extent and restricted by zero. On the other hand, the opportunities to gain money by increasing throughput are unlimited. Thus, any resource that prevents an organization from increasing throughput is a constraint. Technically, it is anything that prevents from achieving higher performance relative to the goal. A certain element might not limit throughput, but might cause the Operating Expense to increase

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inordinately, and therefore, is a constraint (e.g., environment legislation). As such, there are three types of constraints: u u u

Policy Market Resource

TOC throws challenges to define a goal and asks through a logical thinking process to re-examine all actions and measurements, based on how well or how poorly they serve. This is done through a set of tools and techniques including: u Five Focusing Steps u Evaporating clouds u Effect-Cause-Effect Trees, viz., Currently Reality Tree, Future Reality Tree, Transition Tree, Negative Branching, etc. What makes TOC work? In the former years of industrial development, the quality of goods as well as the responsiveness to the clientele and the market force was thought to be lose commodities, and for that matter, elements contributing to production, supply and services were not distinctly used to make an impact. Inventory in all forms, viz., raw material, work-in-progress and finished goods suffered the maximum. Production of goods was the only motto. The impression was clear. Whatever was produced was sold and the net profit margin became the front-runner. Although the profit-earning capability of an industry and the business would have to be in driving seat, the means around market and business as a whole were not so complex. These intricacies took an enormous turn during the last two decades, when the competition became fierce and globalization started to dictate the market. Professionals opened their eyes. There was only one buzzword—improve, and make it a continuous process. Over time, profit has to “grow and survive”. Hence, continuous improvement had to make its presence felt. In this process of development, the traditional approach of pushing the products. Now, for obvious reasons, the market subordinates everything that matters—selling products. Therefore, the necessity for better quality and associated technology providing the quality is in all-round demand. Pricing the products with a lesser price tag resulting in more sales, less return on investment per unit of product building the relative understanding, as well as responsiveness meeting the earliest due dates with shorter lead time and with better human relation framework, have become the major issues for building and sustaining the competitive edge in industry and business. Thus, the need became obvious, to shift the conventional objective as

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production maximization to sales maximization, with a small tag on it, meaning only saleable products. Dr. W. Edward Deming’s theory that ‘it is the process that gives quality; not the product,” opened a new chapter all over in the fields of manufacturing, supply and services; and provided food for thought, rendering the use of Process Control (PC). The message is quite clear. “Quality –control should be used to check the process, and not the product.” Industries found a novel direction, providing a breakthrough lingering for long time and for which there is no substitute. In the real sense, the focus and the attitude towards quality have gone through a dramatic shift. Adapting the approach allows to treat the defects not as a problem for which someone is responsible; defects should be viewed as an eye-opener, as they can help in locating the shortcomings in the process. In the business, inventory plays a major role, as do Operating Costs. The inventory turns over defined as actual sales over average inventory in the same period drive a business and industry to cash flows, which are the live lines to any enterprise. It is the only variable that decides the survival of any organization interested in making profits. In some cases, even negative inventory turns are not uncommon. Evidently, it provides the clues for acquiring fast bucks and continues in the business for which inventory costs are delayed paid. This means, turning inventory so rapidly that the finished goods are paid for before paying for the raw material. In recent years, even six or seven inventory have been considered inadequate. A two-digit inventory turns even up to 60-70 are not difficult proposition, though one can aspire to have 100 inventory turns. Conclusions: From the thinking process as depicted in the earlier text, it is clear that industries without reference to any particular type have to gear up for a change in the mindset identifying the Constraints. It is evident that the constraints are not negative force rather those are than helping to identifying the live line of any industry. Though one of the objectives is profit, which typifies business sustenance, the process to fortify cash flow and responsiveness being the major players can never be ignored. Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it. -Irving Berlin 1888-1989, Russian Composer I would rather be first in a little Iberian village than second in Rome. -Julius Caesar 101-44 BC, Roman Emperor

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-Neil D’Souza B. E. Comps

“The Wall” a metaphor for stoicism and frailties within ourselves or around us. Pink Floyd’s “The Wall ” was one such album which encompasses the feelings that go into one man’s choice to build a mental Wall between himself and the rest of the world so that he can live in a constant, alienated equilibrium, free from life’s physical and emotional troubles. Every incident that causes Pink pain is yet another brick in his ever-growing Wall: a fatherless childhood, a domineering mother, a country whose king signs his father’s death certificate with a rubber stamp, the superficiality of stardom, an estranged marriage, even the very drugs he turns to in order to find release. The Wall signified even greater resilience when enacted rite in front of the very so infamous Berlin Wall which stood between East and West Germany after 2nd world war dividing them into two different bodied but sharing still one heart. One side stood the Berlin Wall and then there was a 600 feet long and 60 feet high Wall built by Pink. Watching the concert on TV gives one a vicarious feeling of witnessing one of the greatest Rock concerts in history. Pinks Wall was one of Psychological disarray, while the other stood there as a political symbol of equivocation and beleaguering the same feeling of alienation for the Rest of the world, hiding his weakness and vulnerabilities. As his Wall comes closer and closer to completion, each brick further closing him off from the rest of the world, Pink spirals into a void of insanity until the final brick is set. However, the minute the Wall is complete, Pink begins to realize the effects of total mental isolation all-toolate, helplessly watching as his fragmented psyche coalesces into the very dictatorial persona that antagonized the world, scarred his nation, killed his father and thereby defiled his own life from birth. Culminating in a mental trial as theatrically rich as the greatest stage shows, the story ends with a message that is as enigmatic and circular as the rest of Pink’s life. Whether it is ultimately viewed as a cynical story about the futility of life or a hopeful journey of metaphorical death and rebirth, The Wall is certainly a musical milestone worthy of the title “art.” Fans who came to The Wall weren’t to witness just another rock concert; instead they found themselves part of a multimedia show so grandiose it would come

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crashing down on itself as a finale. Roger’s visions of alienation and oppression were packed with metaphor. His story led fans down a nightmarish journey into the heart of darkness. In all its misanthropic loathing and cinematic excess, his point would become abundantly clear. In one man’s soul this live concert experience was akin to a battleground, a mass of humanity swirled into a dervish frenzy by the primitive pulse of Rock’n’Roll. In his reaction to the war-zone and the dehumanization that occurs at such events, The Wall expressed his concern that the messages and emotions painted in Pink Floyd’s music were getting lost in the event’s grand scale. A spectacle he himself helped create as the group’s popularity grew well beyond the hushed reverence fans used to give them in the old days. Characters came to life in the form of a robust inflatable mother, a 30 foot high teacher puppet, an insidious scorpion wife and various animated characters

Playing the protagonist, Roger led the listener, and now the viewer, down a partly autobiographical and partly fictional story of Pink - the tortured rock star. Characters came to life in the form of a robust inflatable mother, a 30-foot high teacher puppet, an insidious scorpion wife and various animated characters like the brutal judge. Encasing and framing all this was the Wall itself - all 420 white polystyrene bricks of it.

Roger and his crew managed to turn over 100 tons of equipment into rock theatre far surpassing even their own past achievements. The Wall shattered all fans expectations. They watched as the group disappeared slowly behind bricks until by the second half the Wall stood like a monument before them. The bricks themselves represented the psychological barriers erected to shield the human organism from the ebb and flow of daily existence. like the brutal judge.

Fortunately the vast structure itself became a film screen for Floyds surreal and bizarre animation of passionate flowers, a predatory eagle, glistening and hungry worms, children minced into sausage meat, a landscape of bloody crosses and ghostly soldiers, marching hammers in formation, and a perverse judge. Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 saw a 30-foot tall teacher puppet dancing from the rafters while Roger played an extended version of the song. By Goodbye Cruel World, the band had blocked off all contact with the audience as one final brick Walled them in. This barrier left viewers cold and confused, perhaps a bit psychologically numb waiting for human contact. In the second half, The Wall stood completed, vast, cold and impenetrable. “Hey you” was sung behind the Wall as a plea for contact as the worms of moral decay have begun to eat into the nerve fibers of Pink’s sanity. The Wall opened up

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during “Nobody Home” to reveal a complete hotel room for Roger’s acting and reflection. For Run Like Hell, a dark pig with searchlight eyes loomed over the audience with crossed hammers painted on its side. These symbols were splashed across banners, flags, armbands, and on the shirts worn by the band. During Waiting For The Worms animated hammers goose-stepped across The Wall in perfect formation. It visualized the atmosphere of a Nazi rally in a twisted sense of the absurd. The only things missing were the skinheads and the military police. By The Trial, it was Roger on stage alone contemplating his fate against the animated court. There the brutal judge dredged up the characters in Pink’s life before him and demanded The Wall be torn down, exposing all of Pink’s frailty and fears in full view. Images form the actual Berlin Wall flashed on The Wall in rapid sequence as the first few bricks tumbled down onstage. The rumble grew louder until the entire edifice came crashing down in systematic chaos. The timing couldn’t have been better, a year after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and rite in the middle of NO MANS LAND. The Falling of Pinks Wall epitomized the aspirations of millions who stood behind the Wall. The two Walls which were erected by two contrasting ideologies, two very different minds yet it served the same purpose. It shielded both from the external world; still the falling transcended different emotions. For the Germans it was a new beginning but for Pink it was the Beginning of his end. The Wall today still incarcerates us in its ephemeral virtual bricks enervating us with its fetters as we drool over our superficial differences. We all hide behind our Wall, some social and some personal. It was always there and will continue to stand, but someday it has to fall just like Pink’s, leaving us vulnerable and naked. After that day we have to run “Run Like Hell”. ………. ***** Women claim that computers should be referred to in the masculine gender because: 1. In order to get their attention, you have to turn them on. 2. They have a lot of data, but are still clueless. 3. They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they are the problem. 4. As soon as you commit to one, you realize that, if you had waited a little longer you could have had a better model.

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Men concluded that computers should be referred to in the feminine gender because: 1. No one but the Creator understands their internal logic. 2. The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else. 3. Even your smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory for retrieval. 4. As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.

51 REASONS WHY WE SAY I…PROUD TO BE AN RAITAN -Hiral Gala alumni comps

(the opinions reflected in the article belong purely to the writer) -

‘RAIT ATTITUDE’ not all know what it is all about but it sure does

exist… it makes others notice you, look at you, look up to you. -

‘Great Campus’…



it sure gives other colleges a complex.

For All’…

be it those nerds, studs or snobs.




maaf, scene, sawaal, need I say more? - ‘Ragging’… our claim to name & fame. - ‘Attendance’…where else would we be able to afford this flexibility and liberty -







cheers for them…3 * hip hip hurray - ‘Barve Sir’… this is what we mean by a god prof. in rait - ‘Library’…the place where we write journals in style (ac ki thandi hawa mein) - ‘Anna Ka Canteen’… another haven for journal writing.

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…our ultimate saviour at all times - ‘Umpteen Extra Curricular activities’…the only reason why we have survived engineering pressures. - ‘AAKARSHAN’… singers are born here. - ‘Pre-HORIZON Hungama’…. the only days when we put our heart and soul in work. - ‘HORIZON Hungama’… this is why rait is the best. - ‘Kalaraag’… for all the wannabe theatre artists. - ‘Mindspri’…for all those who swear by non-technical. - ‘Stamina’…this is for the sport buffs. - ‘IEEE fest’…it’s time to go technical…for non-techies…lectures maaf. - ‘CSI fest’… again time to go technical…for non-techies…lectures maaf - ‘The Wall’ … for all the budding writers. - ‘Rock Shows’…for all the die hard rock fans. - ‘RAIT RULZ’…need I say more? - ‘PAPER BALLS’… how can we forget??? it’s the raitian way of bestowing honour. - ‘Rose Day, Traditional Day, Chocolate Day, Friendship Day’… these have made our lives wonderful and colourful. - ‘Disc & DJ’… these make our nights wonderful. -

‘Anna Ka Nimbu Paani’

for all the chances to ‘Night Out‘ that we get here. - for being a ‘Second Home’…just count the number of nights we spend in the college. - for the sprawling greenery that gets us excellent ‘Snaps’. - for the ‘Space’ we get…you can sit just about anywhere…on the steps, in the greens. - ‘Students and the committees’ that strive hard to make our events huge successes. - ‘Freedom’ of the kind we can imagine…only as an raitian - ‘Dudes and Babes (engg., medical, dental…) what a pleasant sight it is! - ‘The Mobile Culture’…the cell phone rings just don’t stop. - ‘Number of Computers’ in the labs…. ever tried counting them? (that they work or not, that we use them or not is immaterial) - ‘Submissions’…the way we do them we ought to be proud. - the ease with which we write our ‘Term Tests’ - ‘Fundas’… we develop them almost overnight (just before the vivas) - ‘Good Results’ we land up with… it is still an enigma -

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all have their share of ‘Fame’ here… we students(at all times except exams), lab assistants(remember submission time), professors(during viva time). ;-) - we retain our ‘Identity’ here…rait embraces all. - ‘The Buzz Around’ that keeps us pepped up all the time… - ‘Interaction’ that exists between the ‘BE’s, ‘TE’s, ‘SE’s, ‘FE’s - ‘Good Placements’…BE’s would understand the importance - ‘Alumni’…help maangta hai…they are there…always ! - ‘Aura of Belonging’ rait holds….once an raitian…always an raitian - for all the ‘wonderful People’ we know and have known here - ‘Perfect Melange of feelings’… nervousness (when we join as freshers), ecstasy & enjoyment (when we belong here), nostalgia (when we are to end our engg. life here) - ‘RAIT’ is the ‘Best’ -


There are at least 10 types of capacitors. Theory tells you how a circuit works, not why it does not work. Not everything works according to the specs in the databook. Anything practical you learn will be obsolete before you use it, except the complex math, which you will never use. Engineering is like having an 8 a.m. class and a late afternoon lab every day for the rest of your life. Overtime pay? What overtime pay? Managers, not engineers, rule the world. Always try to fix the hardware with software. If you like junk food, caffeine and all-nighters, go into software. Dilbert is not a comic strip, it’s a documentary.

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Requiem for a Dream -veDang Haldankar B. E. Comps This account is a staggered interpretation of an acquaintance’s experience with drugs at an early stage in his lives. As of now he is among us, but barely. He knows he cannot be a productive member of the society, but then it was his choice. I do not mean to preach through this article. Just thought a little awareness would work. The words are solely mine and so is the responsibility. Dreams have a weird way of turning out. For better or for worse. So does life. But we can lead our lives, as we want to, not the dreams. That’s what separates reality from dreams, free will. In the real world when the world turns its back on you, it’s easy for you to turn your back on the world, or in some cases confine yourself in the agony and finally fade out as a living corpse. When the power to control the world overcomes your docile existence you know you’re in a trance. This is a requiem for my dream. Got into a university of my choice, in the top ten of the list n all. First day goes by in a flash with every senior wanting a piece of me. Am explained the rules that govern my life now. Yeah, right, like I give a f***. Who the f*** do those bastards think they are, dictating terms? I nod in silence. Days went by. So have the memories now. Was an odd day of some week. That’s when I met Q. Sat next to him during some goddamn lecture and hit it off instantly. He got ‘round pretty well, knew people in high places with low dealings. Money was never an issue. Amazingly. We frequented quite a few nightclubs during those first few weeks. Then one day while chilling at his place, catching some tasteless porno flick, he took out a Rs. 10 note and sucked in the colourless substance which had been placed aside neatly on the rather unkempt little coffee table; nasally. Didn’t think of it much then, but I knew what it was. Vices weren’t my thing. Couldn’t digest liquor, fags sucked, and even my nails tasted bad. He offered it to me. Never once did the word “NO” stare at my face. Rolled the shopping list mom had stashed in my hand before leaving and took a whiff. TING! That’s how fast it gets you. I wasn’t me anymore. The substance reached my brain faster then a thought, any thought, specifically the afterthought, drowning it in the murky depths of my reasoning skills which had gone for a vacation as instantly. Total High! Staring up at a 15-feet high tsunami, apparent erasure from existence, your life doesn’t flash by like it does when you’re shot. In that moment you get this intense rush; adrenaline right up your head, and feel euphoric, ecstatic…orgasmic. You’re not awaiting death but at the same time you don’t ever want this moment to

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pass. This is how I’d describe a high. The world doesn’t seem such a bad place after all. Friends, relatives, foes, acquaintances, and even the little bastard who reminds you of your most embarrassed moment when you least need to be seem to be worthwhile. And your enemies, nemeses, professors; those castrating bastards and bitches from hell, well murder is always an option. That’s how your mind justifies decision. The TING follows another TING and the night changes to day. Darkness to light. But once you’ve stepped in there’s no light. You can run, but you cannot hide… for long. I remember Sania in the library flashing me one of her trademark everyday smiles. I thought so much of it then. Got to know her, courtesy calls, carrying her stuff, walking her to the stop, the usual. Never let her know how I felt bout her for a long time and when I finally did, I couldn’t gather all the shattered pieces on the floor. Shattered pieces of that part of the brain that defines love, affection, infatuation. The heart is too overrated an organ, a mound of muscle pumping blood but not love. I don’t think I need to say this, but rejection sucks royal cock. Life’s just not worth living anymore. Another reason to get stoned. TING. There goes gravity, head reels, weightlessness and she returns love, in the trance that is. No more heartache, failure just an easy way out. Way too easy. Cleared my mid-terms, thanks to a whiff or two, fell in with a great crowd and partied 24X7, high. My academics never suffered on account of my addiction. Ironically my addiction complemented it… with a little “speed”.

Rolled the shopping list mom had stashed in my hand before leaving and

I remember stealing my first hundred from mom. took a whiff. TING! Felt it was wrong but did it anyways. I remember That’s how fast it my first stick-up using a kitchen knife at K-Mart. Felt it was wrong but did it anyways. The gets you. proprietor got smart and Q used the blade on him. Blood streamed on my shirt leaving it perpetually dyed red. F***!!!!!!!!!! F***!!!!!!! F***!!!!!!! My vision was skewed; there was a pool of deep red ink on the floor as the artery drained itself on me. At that particular moment I had bled more. The only difference being I had no mortal wounds. We ran out of the backdoor into an alley where I puked my guts out on my partner’s sneakers. When you’re young and reckless, you want the world to go by like a blur. You crave for sheer pace in life. The tenacity of this desire takes you places. Places you didn’t know existed without and within. Places you didn’t imagine existed, in your head. The doping scene was pretty rad then, didn’t seem all that bad to me either. People were experimenting different modes of intake. There was the traditional snorting that was an opposite rendition of breathing but far from being that

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natural. Tablets were available, conventional, yet an unethical way of intake. Unethical; well everyone in this world has the right to judge that, no matter how immoral. But no one has the right to judge morals. Paradox. Smoking, vapour inhalation or just direct consumption has been done for ages now. Intravenous injections have a more warming, wholesome effect when administered directly. Its like a full-bodied high and it looks cool too, know what I mean. But what really hit the spot were the LSD strips. Placing these strips on the tongue actually took you places, far off but at the same time real close. I was in and I was alive. For the first time in my life I could fly…… The mind exudes even physics. Space has no I was in and I was alive. For relation with time. Time has no relation with life. It doesn’t even the first time in my life I stream then. could fly... The mind exudes even physics. Space has no

An anti-narcotics team had geared up in the campus, for a surprise relation with time. Time has inspection. Everybody and anybody no relation with life. who had doped prior to this onslaught peed in their pants. What followed was a contemporary version of an exodus. Ran home, much to the surprise of my mom. I was shocked to see her shocked to see me. I hadn’t seen myself in quite some time. My body was going through some serious changes. I had doubled, tripled, even quadrupled my dosage in the last three months and it was showing. All I said was, “ Whatssssssssssssup mom. Why the sssullen look.” My speech had become slurred with all the nitrazepam I was swallowing. I was weak, my body wasted. I wanted out. Real bad. Mom got into a trauma. Questioned me on my state. I dismissed it as an after effect of exams. She didn’t realize the severity of the situation. I wish she had. I wish she had slapped me the day she found I’d stolen money. I returned to college within three days. Q was in police custody now. They had found LSD on him while trying to jump the fence. He was going into rehab now. He was tested HIV +ve. I was in my room staring out the window. That’s when the throbbing started. When in a trance the world revolves around you and you are transported to the highest place in the world. I was in a trance, but it was nothing like those weedinduced ones. This was a different trance; calm, yet horrible. All of a sudden it was day, my eyes failed to adjust to the white light that reflected of the walls. There was a continuous beeping sound in the background. I was moving, floating to be precise but in a straight line. Someone was holding my hand. I could hear a heavy base voice, but it wasn’t making sense. I still couldn’t adjust to the light reflecting off the white walls. WHITE WALLS!!! HOLY S**T!!! There were

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about half a dozen masked demigods following the entourage through this seemingly unending corridor. The person who was holding my hand was my mother. She must’ve been paler than I was, or so I thought. The doctors peered over me. A deep disgusting nausea engulfed me. I couldn’t contain it. I had to let go. That is when a dark red substance oozed out of my mouth and the beeps sped faster. That is the last I remember. I was in a coma. When I finally opened my eyes, it was a week later. I heard the beeps again and a rush of footsteps. I wouldn’t be discharged anytime soon. I had a neural condition that was complicating my recuperation. The damage was done. It is supposedly a lifelong condition. I have a 30% higher risk of contracting diseases, heart ailments. Excessive intake of drugs has hampered the nervous processes. I do not react predictably to certain medicine. I no longer have complete control of my movements. I am a weaker man now. Though these ailments don’t seem that severe, the psychological damage is irreparable. This is what it is to actually get wasted. We are born into this world with the right to choose. We make choices every moment of everyday of our lives. These choices reflect in us as we move on and That is when a dark red decide our path. Even if we fall flat on our face we have to stand. Life is a road; there substance oozed out of are no shortcuts, no easy ways out. The my mouth and the beeps obstructions we face are of our own doing, sped faster. That is the but it shouldn’t be any other way. That’s what makes the journey entertaining. This is last I remember. what we were meant to be. Nobody has the right to make a path for anybody else. We tread the path we make until we slam into the wall of ultimate truth…. Death; cold, evanescent. With so much exposure to narcotics nowadays it is imperative that we have some background info about drugs. Heroin: Description: Heroin is processed from morphine. Side effects: Damages the nervous system, can cause short/long term harm to cardiovascular and respiratory system. A very few come out of overdose alive. Many others die or suffer permanent brain damage. Ganja (Cannabis): Description: Made from the parts of Cannabis plant. Side effects: Health risks are same as those for tobacco smoking.

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Opium: Description: After an opium poppy flowers, a see pod develops, which when scratched produces a thick white liquid called raw opium. Side effects: Drowsiness, dry mouth, dizziness, blurred vision, constipation, vomiting/nausea, sensitivity to light, rapid heartbeat, breathing trouble, fever, rash. Cocaine (Crack): Description: Crystalline white powder extracted from leaves of coca plant. It is highly diluted or cut with other substances to increase quantity. Highly addictive. Side effects: Psychologically devastating side effects. It leads to psychosis and permanent dementia and heart attacks. Also a risk of hepatitis C from infected blood on a shared rolled banknote. Charas (Hashish): Description: Concentrated form of marijuana made by taking resin from thee leaves and flowers of marijuana plant and pressing them into cakes or slabs. Side effects: Enhanced cancer risk, decrease in testosterone levels and lower sperm counts for men, increase in testosterone levels for women and increased risk of infertility, diminished or extinguished sexual pleasure and physical dependence. Nitrazepam: Description: Sedative used to treat insomnia. Belongs to a group of drugs called Benzodiazepines, a class of antidepressants, anti-panic agents and muscle relaxants. Side effects: Difficulty in concentrating, slurred or unusual speech, delusions, double vision, ear, altered sense of taste, lack of inhibition, muscle cramps or spasms, incontinence, seizure, sores in mouth, warmth, weakness, uncontrolled movements, yellow eyes and skin. n “Life is a Waterfall. One in the river and one again after the fall” – SOAD

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-Richa Joshi B. E., Tronix

I know after reading this article some of you are gonna laugh your hearts off but I’m sure that there might be quiet a few, if not many, who can understand my plight. Ok, all I’m gonna do is share with you guys what I go through 6 days in a week (it would’ve been 5, some months back L ) just to reach RAIT from home & back. I keep shuttling between one ‘gaon’ 2 another & the only difference (BIG difference) is that one is a Suburban ‘gaon’ & the other is a Navi Mumbai ‘gaon’. I’ve to reach college at 10am, guess that’s when it starts, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen college at that hour. Oh! C’mon, I gotta get some concession for staying far off. Now getting up early is not ‘me’ but since the time I’ve shifted to my ‘gaon’ I’ve to make sure that I reach college in decent time (remember, for me it’s somewhat after 10). Right, so hurry is the key for me, I’m late and almost running to reach Kandivali station. Once there, my real Olympics start. Ok it’s like this- Ladies first class & mind you I’m talking about ladies, “Gents ka scene to, ab main kya bolu”. You gotta see it to believe it, but don’t worry you’ll get the picture from the ladies scenario itself. This is what happened to me on the first few days, standing at Kandivali station. I see this Churchgate bound train coming, least expecting what I was going to see. Females hanging in dozens from the door (no choice), two of them get out and around ten more waiting to get in. I stood there with open jaws. No ways could I’ve gotten on that train, so I kept leaving trains one after the other “aaram se chadenge” and guess what? Yes, I ended up with a half day for myself in college. So now after I’ve learnt a lesson, I make sure I’m in the first train that arrives once I’ve reached the station. How I do it, nah, that one I’m not letting out but I tell you, once I’m in, I’m so thankful that sometimes I feel like punching the ladies who can do nothing but crib (and they are yelling, mind you) for some stupidly apparent reason. And Oh! I forgot, ‘muft me body massage karana hai toh’ this is “The Place” to be in. “Kya jhakas massage milta hai baap”, everybody should try this out once. Somehow, jam-packed western trains remind me of a solid’s molecular structure where atoms are located so close to each other that they can hardly move. Getting off the train could be easier than getting in, all you need is a lot of crowd behind you and if you are one of the “pichhe ka” crowd, just push with all your might, but do make sure that you land on the platform. Off at Bandra station, I’ve Central railway at my aid, which is definitely a pleasure to be in, you finally get to rest you’re a*s. Now this train is so empty that it reminds me of a gas’s

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molecular structure (Ok, sorry for bugging you guys with that). And what do I say about the crowd, it’s so awesome with all those “bais”, hopping in and out between Govandi and Sanpada stations, they carry an odour with them that’s enough to pollute the whole environment (I wonder if hell would stink like that too). By the way this was ladies second class (since I’m traveling in it these days for some particular reason), as far as first class is concerned it definitely enjoys better crowd but no vigilance at all (not that I don’t travel in first class I told you only sometime back I’ve been forced to use 2nd), “tapori” kids, beggars come in and go as they please. This makes it worse to get in especially when there is hardly any crowd. I’ll tell you one of my experiences, I got into ladies first class and it was empty, I was about to sit when I noticed, Shit (literal sense) on the floor and it was impossible for me to breathe, so I had to escape to the general first class. Listen, I don’t intend to scare you or something but this is true, there is no compartment maintenance in Central railways. But otherwise first class is the best option. And the best part of the whole journey is the Vashi creek, that stretch of water relieves you of all the stress. I look at the horizon and simply get the kick and so it’s annoying to see some commuters throwing waste into the water, “par koi Mumbai ki junta ko kya bol sakta hai”. After traveling almost half of Mumbai city, and in such a condition, I still manage to reach college in one piece, trying my best to look as fresh as I can… guess that’s the way life goes (I mean my life). Well that’s all about it. But hang on, remember all of you who laughed on my condition are gonna have a very bad day ahead, and those who sympathize with me, umm… ok you are gonna rock today.


-Krishna Verma alumni Comps

Welcome to college my dear Yeh hain fun ke char year… Where after your arrival Har din hain festival And you want to enjoy those pal Kyunki like today there’s no kal… Where books remain close for the year And you say “ mere concepts hain very clear” Where people karte hain lectures bunk

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And say “hum nahi honge flunk” Where mobile hain aaj ki style Aur karti hain girls tumpe smile But if u have no car Kaheti hain ki u you are bekar Where students aur teachers ka hota nahi match Kyunki mind karta nahi studies catch Where new technology is incomplete Coz every comp here always starts with Alt+Ctrl+Delete Where results come after a mile walk from university Jinki hain nahi koi certainity But coz these days don’t come bar bar So don’t let tension take you too far Ho studies ,fun ya pyar Bus enjoy karo mere yaar.

FORMULA 1 -Durvesh “Alien” Kulkarni B.E. Instru

Whining of the 18,000 rpm engine and cars trying to outpace each other, yea, welcome to Race Day. Formula One is the world of split second decisions, implausible strategies, extreme torment, cutting-edge technology and of-course raw speed. The $70,000 million business is getting popular day by day. 7 World Championships and loving it, F1 supremo, Michael Schumacher, continues to defy world records, with his amazing driving style, vivid passion for winning and metronomic consistency. Those who are new to the sport, things weren’t the same for Ferrari. Before 1999, it was the supremacy of Mclaren-Honda, Mclaren-Mercedes, WilliamsBMW and Benetton. Then came the adroit combination of Jean Todt (Technical director of Ferrari) & Michael Schumacher, which is unbeatable till date. After making debut in Formula One in 1991 and putting in a strong performance for Team Jordan, he was picked by Benetton in 1994, where he bagged his first two championships. In 1999, Ferrari recruited him in place of the current Formula 3 driver Eddie Irvine. And from then saga continues.

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But mind you, ruthless competition offered by other teams and drivers have made the job very hard for the 36 year old German. Juvenile talents, those changed the face of modern Formula One, are really appreciable. Belligerent Columbian, Juan Pablo Montoya, has amazed his fans by aggressive driving and taunting remarks. Monotonous Finn, Kimi Raikkonen, has tales of his own. The fellow haunted by howling hard luck is still trying to prove himself. Rising star, Takuma Sato doesn’t know what he should do to stop his engine blowups. Ferrari’s second driver (literally), Rubens Barichello, is filled with rattling potential but still is in the shadows of his teammate (Guess who?). Even after being received stepmother treatment from Ferrari, inaudibly continues his job. When two brothers are in the same business and one better than the other, life is like Ralf Schumacher, plus the entire world knows it all! The 28 year old Williams driver is still figuring out what lacks between him and his bro. 2003 season was superb for him winning 2 races consecutively. But with a slow start in 2004 and not a positive one in 2005 either, following a massive accident at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was out for majority of races. David Coulthard has just lost it in last couple of years. The passive Scottish, who is among the 100 wealthiest people in Scotland, just doesn’t know where the throttle is. Spaniard, Fernando Alonso, (Renault) has pulled up his socks and desperate to prove. But sometimes just overdoes it. Remember the senseless crash in Monte Carlo 2004! But with an amazing start in 2005 most likely for the championship. Odds are different for his team mate, Jian Carlo Fisichella. That’s much of drivers; let’s talk about teams. Most prominent is Ferrari based in Maranello, Italy, and started by Enzo Ferrari in 1929. . Their ability to adjust quickly to any kind of situation, perfect politics play (2003’s tyre controversy) and flexibility provided by their world class racers is the reason for their monopolised success. They dominated to such an extent in 2002 that the FIA had to change some rules to add up some spice to the sport. England has been the hub of moto-racing and houses many teams like Mclaren Mercedes, commonly known as the Silver Arrow, in Woking, WilliamsBMW in Wantage, Benetton in Enstone, BAR in Barckley and Jordan in Silverstone. Tyres are the most essential factors in racing after all being the only interface between ground and the machine. The only two tyre companies, Michelin and Bridgestone, are trying to out match each other in every aspect. The French

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based Michelin has an advantage during the start of the race while the Japanese giant Bridgestone work better in amid the race. Monte Carlo, Monaco, is a race fan’s paradise but a driver’s nightmare. This circuit is so tight that gears are changed almost every second. In contradiction, is Spa Francorchamps, in Belgium, where the cars are full throttle at-least for 25-30 seconds. 2005 season is been the most sensational one as teams like Renault and Mclaren coming one step closer to contend sturdily with Ferrari. With Renault leading the championship by a considerable margin followed by Mclaren things aren’t looking good for Ferrari. Also, there are lots of driver changes. Montoya going to Mclaren due to his unfair pay compared to his team mate, Ralf Schumacher. The Aussie, Mark Webber, announced his move to Williams from Jaguar. Mark turned down the offer from Renault and Toyota, saying, “I want a good team than good money”. Now must be cursing himself for not choosing Renault. Ralf Schumacher’s moving from Williams to Toyota, following disputes with Williams. David Coulthard, getting a punt from Mclaren, is moving to Red Bull Racing (Jaguar). Let’s get down with some interesting facts:

1. Traction Control: One of the clearest areas of the much spoken of ‘cross over’ between Formula One and road cars is traction control. And although built to perform slightly different purposes - in ordinary cars ensuring stability under everyday use, in Formula One delivering the maximum amount of power to the road at all times the fundamental principles remain very similar. Formula One cars are massively powerful. Even with the grip of modern racing tyres and the assistance of aerodynamic downforce, they are still capable of ‘breaking traction’ or developing wheelspin up to very high speeds, especially under the loads imposed by cornering. This is inefficient, slows the car down and can damage tyres. The tyres of a Formula One car, like any car, can only offer a certain amount of grip. This can be the longitudinal grip used for braking and accelerating in a straight line, or the lateral grip required for cornering - or a combination of the two. Judging the exact ‘mixture’ of acceleration and cornering grip that can be extracted from the tyre is one of the hardest tasks faced by a racing driver too much will result in a ‘power slide’, too little will see the car putting in a slow time. Formula One traction control works by a comparison of wheel and

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track speeds, the information gathered by electronic sensors. If the wheel is traveling quicker than the road it is passing over then the engine will be progressively throttled back to prevent wheelspin Not that traction control gets rid of the need for driver skill. The highly ‘aggressive’ systems on a Formula One car will allow a car to operate very close to the edges of the tyre’s capability.

2. Lift and Downforce: When a vehicle moves through atmosphere it encounters a resistance of air (drag). Thus, the air gushes in all directions of the nose of the vehicle. The air going sideways hardly affects the vehicle. But the air going downwards tries to lift the vehicle; this force is called “lift”. Similarly, the air going above tries to generate a force downwards, this force is called “downforce”. In a Formula One car the down force generated is so unprecedented that the car can even travel upside down in a tunnel. Thus, the ground clearance of an F1 car is as low as possible to avoid any ‘lift’.

3. Steering Wheel: Except the throttle and brake pedals, few Formula One cars have any controls other than those on the face of the wheel. Buttons tend to be used for ‘on/off’ functions, such as engaging the pit-lane speed limiter system, while rotary controls govern functions with multiple settings, such as the traction control programme, fuel mixture and even the car’s front-to-rear brake bias. The steering wheel is also used to house instrumentation, normally via a multifunction LCD display screen and - more visibly - the ultra-bright ‘change up’ lights that tell the driver the perfect time for the optimum gearshift. One of the most technically complicated parts of the whole Formula One car is the snap-on connector that joins the wheel to the steering column. This has to be tough enough to take the steering forces, but it also provides the electrical connections between the controls and the car itself. The FIA technical regulations state that the driver must be able to get out of the car within five seconds, removing nothing except the steering wheel - so rapid release is vitally important.

4. Logistics:

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For Formula One racing teams one of the biggest battles of a race weekend or testing session will be over before a car even turns a wheel: the vast logistical effort required to get all of the team’s equipment to the circuit. Indeed each team competing in the FIA Formula One World Championship now travels something like 200,000 kilometers a year. As the number of races outside Europe continues to expand (events in Bahrain and China are scheduled form 2004), so the logistical effort required to transport the teams and their equipment will expand alongside it. Already the amount of transport required for a season of Formula One has been described, only halfjokingly, as being similar to that needed for a medium-sized military campaign.

5. Engine: The engine and transmission of a modern Formula One car are some of the most highly stressed pieces of machinery on the planet, and the competition to have the most power on the grid is still intense. The development of racing engines has always held to the dictum of the great automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche that “the perfect race car crosses the finish line in first place and then falls to pieces.” Designing such engines is always a balancing act between the power that can be extracted and the need for enough durability to get to the chequered flag. Basically engine in an F1 car is like a use and throw item. After each race a new engine is introduced in the car. I would like to conclude this piece with something, that i think epitomises the spirit of the world of formula 1 racing .... “...there are only 2 sports, rest all are games; one is Moto racing and the other Bull fighting.”

Amazing Anagrams To be or not to be: that is the question, whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Becomes: In one of the Bard’s best-thought-of tragedies, our insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten. “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” — Neil A. Armstrong becomes: A thin man ran; makes a large stride; left planet, pins flag on moon! On to Mars!

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FootSteps -Sabah Kadri B. E. Comps Everything was blank; black and plain; without any patterns. She closed her eyes and tried to open them again. Perhaps, they would accustom themselves to the dark abyss she now experienced and then, show her the path. But her lids were heavy and her legs reluctant. What on Earth was she experiencing!!! It was a matter of time and a mountain of patience that the influence of sense overpowered the void and her eyes opened through slits. Some more time and she finally saw her body as it lay within the dense bushes she had passed only 15minutes ago. And yet it seemed like eons!!! Alert






do had


look, not told

What had happened??? Why was she here??? And How?? She had known all along; it had seemed too good to be true. But this???

A tear rolled down her numb cheek. She remembered being happy, exuberant, smiling, laughing, dancing, but above all, experiencing a feeling of completeness. All this, as they rose a toast to her promising future at a campsite about 5km away. Was it all going to end??? Would she die, her body intertwined in a bush because no one found her??? She would not let that happen. NEVER. She was a fighter, a survivor. She had come down to the countryside for a camp 2 days ago, to feel close to nature and its plenitude of miracles. There was also another reason. After years of struggle and non-stop hard work, her determined stance had earned her a place of prestige in the technical circle at work. But then she had felt an uncanny dejection within. She had lost herself along the way. Somewhere, peace had vanished and an unease had seeped in. Life’s goals had gone astray and all her dreams had been forgotten in carving out an identity for herself. She wanted to find herself; look inside the lady of poise she projected herself to be.

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After a party celebrating her successes, she had taken the time she needed, with no one but herself. So, accompanied by a flashlight, she had strolled away from human life; away from camp; away from the chaos… As she had strode along the dirt-path, for the first time in a decade, she could feel the existence of tranquility. It was everywhere; in the rhythmic stir of the leaves, in the harmony that was suspended in the air, in the continuous hum of the night, in the proof of reality… Right then, something had disturbed the train of emotions, something behind the trees did not seem to fit the canvas. Alert yourself… look, think, act… do not panic… she had told herself… Words came easy, but panic didn’t. She was not among those who lost their sobriety in danger. She continued to be clear-headed. Until… It was a wild animal. Not small enough to be taken lightly but dangerous enough to tell her to run. The sudden bedlam had been enough to make her drop the flashlight that could have guided her or perhaps, scared the animal away. She turned and started running. As fast as her legs could!!! Maybe she should have given more attention to fitness and sports!!! She turned just in time to make out an outline of a creature and in that millisecond, she couldn’t remember its name but calculate the speed at which it was chasing her and soon would catch up… she had very little time… All thoughts came flashing down at once. Her childhood and the urge to find out how everything around her functioned… her school friends; how long had it been since she had seen them!!! her constant fights with her parents, the day she walked out of the house promising herself never to return again; how she wished she could tell them how much she had missed them all these years… her foray into biotechnology, her first published paper, the applause she had received as she walked onto the stage to collect the ‘most promising researcher of the year’ award… her first love, her only love and how she had ruined it because of her thirst to reach the top; had it even been worth it??? She tried to collect herself. There was nothing ahead but the same deserted dirt road she had come by. Campsite was far away. Following her instincts, she took a left and jumped into the chasm, hoping it would save her life.

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She felt her leg twist; did she hear her bone crack? She didn’t know. It had suddenly got silent… and she had passed out… Now, after coming back to consciousness, and her senses loading, she felt pain go through her body. She could not move. Something had happened. She had broken some bones and half her body had gone numb. The animal had probably given up. Now all she had to do was wait… for life or death… Life is funny, isn’t it? All our lives we want something, and when we get it, we discover it wasn’t what we really wanted in the first place. But then, maybe it isn’t life. It is we, the people that live them… I know it sounds too philosophical but that is how we humans are. In reality, we don’t know what we want or need. All we know is that there is something out there that will make us content and someday, we’ll find it. In the process, we set socalled ‘goals’ and strive one-at-a-time to achieve them, hoping it will give us the satisfaction that will please destiny. When the veracity hits us, it gets too difficult to digest and the best way to flee it is rejection…

Life’s goals had gone astray and all her dreams had been forgotten in carving out an identity for herself... she felt an uncanny dejection within...

With all thoughts clouding her consciousness again, she closed her eyes, as if the darkness would answer some questions… After another decade she opened her eyes, a pain now neutralized by numbness. There was light. Maybe it was heaven. And there was a figure in it too, having the form of a human. ‘Miss? Can you hear me? Give me your hand.’ They had finally found her… It had taken 32 years but life had changed in the past few hours. But isn’t that why we call it life???

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POWERSLAVE -Ajay Abraham B.E. Instru

What follows is an exaggerated report of the strange feelings of alienation and frustration that enveloped the author as a first year student amidst the ever changing world of utter incomprehension and helplessness. Ideas expressed are purely artistic renditions. Reader discretion advised. . A tribute to all the pain, angst and senseless torture that perfectly sane minds are put through year after b!*@dy year. All in the name of science! Out from the shady ways of the PCM yesterdays, A new vision, a new mind, towards new horizons; Into the arms of destiny with a hundred new stories to tell, Welcome to this irony we fondly call ‘hell’; So what are you doing here? Away from all your logic, from all your senses, from all conscious decisions into the realm of a myriad illusion, WHY THE F*#K ARE ‘YOU’ here???!! You made that lonely pick, that slick moment you thought you were right, inside that shady old building in front of a 21" TV. YOU made a choice; one that will haunt you for the rest of your life!! So take-heed, take cover; run away if you can, grab your wallet, get insurance; fight for freedom before the air chokes you up!! Go get a life before you are doomed to the dungeon called SCIENCE, unto the altar of slavery for time… BEWARE, ‘cause no powerslave ever escapes unscathed. What you need to do is stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself this one single question. Just why did u bother? Why did u even try? Was it the fame, was it the name, was it a silly game or simply just a fu@*in’ [A]-grade in a bl*@dy old piece of parchment?? I had one copy too; the last I ever saw of it was in the hole of a stinky westernshit-closet. Now, do you even care enough? It is a crime, a phelony and an unforgiving error that will prick you for the rest of your sad-sad existence!! *** Just as all your dear ‘back-stabbin’ friends feast their egos under the blazing sun of a whimsical achievement about just how lucky they are to be ‘into-somethingelse’; you sit there, tail-between-your-skinny-a*s whining away at why you made this choice; about why you sacrificed your already-sorry life to the fires of technology.

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You rack all those already messed-up insides of your mind and come up with nothing’. But you realise that you would be called a geek the rest of your life on this planet. You turn around and wonder if you really deserve to live… and then you realise you really don’t. So, go hide behind your momma’s skirt, shut yourself in the darkest room, get a blade and slit that vein. (Ha! Really wish sometimes if were just so easy.) Or simply understand, accept and live with it. You have made a bold decision (and deserve credit for it too) and now you watch with open jaws as the ugly binary digital world unfolds right as you are sucked even deeper into the blackhole of no return and even before you realise the question that will whack your insides will be not whether to BE or not but rather “will I ever BE or not”? Ladies and gentlemen now after all this bullshit ‘that’ is the question that needs an answer. I just hope everyone has their answer before its just too late. It is an insult to assume that you know what you are doing. Seriously, do you even know what that will be? Oh no! Thought requires some logic and dead, as you may seem; you are still six-feet under, caustically over rated, under nourished and basically a s*#t-head; freak-bag, who wears clean underwear and shits in the pant every single time you see a crowd. And then you dare tell the world you are an engineer. *** It all starts with the first day you lay your foot on the polished marble looking in awe at the vastness and impose of the structure and mumble in your heads about the wonderful choice you have made. But slowly all the pride, all the awe vanishes. Slowly, but surely and reality cuts-in deeper; slicing into every tissue and artery that you can have and you turn around and want to flee, run away, free yourself from this enduring pain. But no, the quicksand of the forces keeps you where you are; rooted firmly at your groin, with a tormented mind never to taste solace again. Caught in a trap, manipulated, ragged, flushed, screwed, chopped liver; life slowly begins to become a menace and the blister of reality starts accumulating pus. Every pimple on your body raptures in pain and you feel the fluids oozing out of the pores of your rotting flesh. Maggot infested, scavenged, strewn all over the place, the insides of your cranium screams for mercy but the masters of your destiny just pull tighter, blow harder and mince your logic into formless masses of meat. The exams are declared, the tryst announced and you realize that it’s hardly a fortnight away. Submissions undone, assignments unread, you know it’s not your fault, but there is nothing that you can do about it.

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So go run, scream, wonder & find; but nothing can prepare you for the onslaught. *** After the butchering of your senses you just start to think you could after-all be human again and no! D-day arrives and every conception of estimation and expectations are shattered; broken, jolted, rocked to extinction and you lay there raped and defiled feeling nothing but angst and self-pity. Victimized by an unfair world you say. You fight-on harder than ever before; you want to win and you have to! It’s your need, your greatest desire, the motto of your survival tactic; it is your only hope. You open your eye and look around and all that you can see are the powdered remains of the creatures you thought were your friends; sacrificed mercilessly to the fancies of a failing system. Bodies strewn all over the place and the earth stagnated with the blood of all that was just before ‘innocent young lives’. You want to break-down, you want to sit and cry; leave all this forever and run away, far-far-away into a darkness that will never let you go to endure this torture again; all when you know that you just can’t. Battle over, laces hung the once scions battered out of recognition and beat into boneless pulp lie unconscious on fermenting cattle-gut. Breathing slowly; skipping a heart-beat with every forced breath. You have no more time to waste, no more tear-drops, just no more hope as every passing instant seeps precious blood out of the pale, blue corpse. It cuts your life into pieces; with just one lone resort. You realize your peril, the ‘cause of your root’, the pain in you’re a*s that has to; by any and all means exterminated, finished, ‘khallas’. You push yourself even harder, never looking behind, forging ahead into dangerous grounds, into uncharted territory all in the bleak hope of final bliss. *** The final battle waged, the fourth war fought; the stalwarts of motto-death move on to the realms of a new world; the unknown. Into a world full of hungry, merciless scavengers; circling above, ‘vulturing’ for the chance to cut you down, bleed you, kill and spit and beat you on your face to brood over your defeat with a cursed smirk on their dehydrated, mummified faces. Flashy grades, superheated statements, illogically accredited; they have the pseudo-advantage, the razor edge that hangs by the mechanical, rusting necks that proclaim their unchallenged dominion in this world of worthless euphoria. All on a high, never looking down these products of an over-hyped system with an air of supremacy are on the watch to crush even the sleekest resistance. All they want is total control.

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*** Onto new battlegrounds, into new waters you wade unconcerned, challenged yet unchallenged, with only your goal on your mind. Fishing for the choicest prey you wait to strike-down their bloated egos. Fat-a*s, rubber-tyred, beer-bellied, diabetic to amputation these have-alls believe that fate is their-made. But surprise is their poison… Stepping into the battle, it’s not long enough and your very instinct that got you so far exceeds all expectations and the victor emerges from the final face-off. Now after all this, such an irony. It is you! Once the powerslave is now the master puppeteer; manipulating to rule. Forever…

From A Friend To A Friend -Shivani Sahi alumni IT A friend is like the shadow of a tree, As a tree cannot do without a shadow, I cannot do without thee. A friend is like the moonlight on a dark night Just like the moonlight cheers the night, You cheer me all right. A friend is like the trees in the jungle Just like a jungle can never be a jungle without trees, I am not myself without thee. A friend is like the sky where the clouds can roam afree When you’re there, I am as free as can be. A friend is like the wings of a bird Without their support, how would a bird fly? Without your friendship, life would be absolutely dry. A friend is just your care, And I hope our friendship will never tear.

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Too Good Apna Bollywood (real movie scenes)

-Siddhesh Alumni

In a movie, Mithun Da is having brain tumor, which, according to the doctors can’t be cured, and his death is imminent. In one of the fights, our great Mithun Da is shot in the head. To everybody’s surprise, the bullet passes thru his head taking away the tumor along with it and he is cured. Long Live Mithun Da and his “Assembly Line” Productions!!! In one of the movies, Mithun Da is confronted with 2 gangsters. Mithun Da has a Gun but unfortunately only one bullet. Guess, what he does... He holds a knife in his hand and shoots the bullet towards the knife. The knife cuts the bullet in 2 pieces and kills both the gangsters. Then, Mithun Da says the following dialogue… “APun ka naam hai Hiraa, Apun ne sabko Chiraaaaa”. In one of the other movies, Mithun Da is chased by a gangster. Apne Mithun Da ke paas gun hai par goli nahi hai. Guess, what he does......... He waits for the gangster to shoot. As soon as the gangster shoots, Mithun Da opens the bullet compartment of his gun and catches the bullet. Then, he closes the bullet compartment and fires his gun. Bang... And the gangster dies.... What about this: Can’t recollect the movie name but the scene is somewhat like this:Our Mithun Da is put in a jail and he is wearing a cap.... then in the cell he sees here and there and suddenly puts his finger in a wall (uses his finger as drill machine) makes a hole. Then takes pen out of his pocket puts the pen in the hole. Then he takes off his Cap and hangs it on the Pen.... style hai bhai .......... ‘Scene’ This. In the movie “Watan Ke Rakhwale” apna Mithun Da is in jail and desperately wants to get out of that hell. What he does is simply unimaginable. He crawls like a Spiderman over a wall...a jail wall, that must be about 50-60 ft high and jumps over...truly amazing.

…Howzzzat ?? !!

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CO-INCIDENCES… -Satish Easwar Alumni IT

The sky was dark as the cumulonimbi scurried across the sky. It seemed they would pass the city by, propelled as they were by the strong wind. Suddenly, the storm broke. Drops of water detached themselves from their bearers and fell. Down, down…until they met resistance. The perfectly formed globules brought out a flurry of umbrellas on the streets below. People without protection searched for cover in shops, stops, and buildings. There were a few specimens of humanity who were apparently unaffected by the torrent that was now gaining in intensity: insensible drunks, emaciated beggars too weak to move…and on a street bustling with humanity; one man standing in a recess near a building entrance. The everincreasing fall seemingly caused him no discomfort at all; all it prompted was an additional tightening of his raincoat. Schmidt was running late. He should have left his office a good half hour ago. And now the rain…a cab was now necessitated due to his lack of foresight. Once he finished this dratted account, he would leave. Anna was waiting…Schmidt forced himself to stop drifting and to come back to the present. Ah yes, this expense should be… The rain continued to fall. It had settled into a rhythm now and god had decided (or so it seemed) that he was going to empty his tanks. The solitary ‘awaiter’ concentrated in identifying his man. He readied himself for what was to come. ******** Pillai was concentrating on his work. Or at least was trying to. If he could not find the discrepancy he suspected was in the shipments, he would have to stay here all night. And he did not relish the prospect of sleeping in his chair all night with his head on the table. Something fabricated was definitely in front of him. The question was: where? This dratted rain was obstructing his sight. A figure came out of the building. Mentally, he started to tally the given description. Hair: brown, eyes: probably wearing lenses, sallow face, slightly stooped, looks very thin. They all seemed to check out except the face, which he could not see as the man had bent down. He straightened up and our loner read the nametag: Thomas Jones. Nope, not his man. His man’s name was…was…ah yes. It was something starting with an s. ********

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Stevens was flurried. His legendary sense of cool was looking certain to be proved a myth. As the ‘gm’ of the company, he was under the most pressure to deliver. Not to mention the other “pressure” he was under. Should never have gotten involved in the first place. Where would they be waiting? When? For their ‘pound of flesh’… The time was nearing six. When was the guy going to leave? Other appointments had to be met too… ******** He had finished! Once he had found the pattern of discrepancies of the accounts, he had his man. Though they were distributed in various departments, only one person had access to all of them. Finally, he could file his reports of the past six months’ work at the committee set up to investigate the problems that had surfaced in the company. ‘And so the great shall fall…’ Schmidt mused as he waited for the lift in the hallway of his sixth floor office. Tomorrow was going to be a big day… ******** Waiting for the lift on the third floor, Pillai knew he had to get his discoveries to the police. Now. According to his calculations, one shipment was being diverted even now. And this was the work of dangerous people. They must know of his research by now. Where was the lift? According to the display it was now at the sixth floor. Another late worker probably. Pillai glanced nervously around. Dammit! The sound of the lift made him jump. It had stopped again on the fifth floor. The fire escape…then he remembered that it would only open in case of an emergency. The noise of the lift meant that it was moving down again. C’mon…c’mon… ******** When he had entered the lift on the fifth floor, he had thought that the occupant was waiting for him. He had hesitated to enter in his paranoia. An irritated glance from the man did not help. He took a deep breath and stepped in. Once the doors were closed, either man made no move. Still, ‘they’ could be positioned on any other floor. The next entrant on the third floor looked nervous too. At least someone else had the fear of death in him. Stevens couldn’t wait to get to the relative safety of his car… ********

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Peering through the glass doors, he saw his man come out of the lift. No wait…any one of the other two could be him too. Dammit! Now he would have to ask questions. And people remembered being asked unnecessary questions. The three possibles crossed… the lobby and came to the door. Even as the first one came out, he moved forward. Holding his hand out in greeting. “Mr. S…” Schmidt was taken aback by the sudden appearance of the man. He couldn’t make out too much of the man’s face, obscured as it was by the hood of the raincoat. Could it be…no…it was the person behind him who was wanted. He hailed a cab. “Station please”. Stevens was irritated now, his nervousness had reached fever pitch when he had seen this man come out of the recesses near the building and head toward them. But then he had been looking for the man in front. He made his way around them giving an irritated glance, and then virtually ran to his car. Once inside, he knew there was only one place to go… Pillai was surprised when this man had called out his full name. The tongue twister that it was to unaccustomed Europeans, ‘Sarvapalli’ had come out horribly. Luckily, he had recognized it in spite of the distortion caused to it. The man behind him impatiently moved past them and ran to the car parked near the opposite sidewalk. “You are Mr. Sarvapalli Pillai?” “yes.” That man was in a real hurry. Having screamed out of his parking spot, he seemed to be hightailing it for the airport. At least that’s what it seemed like; from the turn that he had taken. The long wait had paid off! He had his man… “I have an important message for you Mr. Pillai.” “yes?” “Not here. Please, it’s a matter of life and death.” “this alley fine?” “why not?” Once inside, Pillai turned. “What is it? I have other places to go.” “Nothing much. It’s just that you have come far too close for comfort for some associates of mine. They think its time you have a more open mind…” He produced a small gun from his pocket. Fitted with a large silencer. “as in with a hole in your head.” The finger tightened round the trigger.

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“You’re kidding, right? I mean…this kind of thing only happens in the movies…” “ever read treasure island?” “What? O my god…” “Dead men tell no tales, Mr. Pillai.” He focused the gun at around chest level. “good bye.” “i wouldn’t.“ The man in the raincoat stiffened. But then that is the instinct of men when a gun is shoved into the small of their back. “huh?” “Let the gun drop. You really don’t have too much of a chance, y’know.” “and why would i believe…” At this, policemen appeared seemingly out of nowhere. All with guns. Pointed at a man in a raincoat with a gun balanced on suddenly nerveless fingers. “b’cos my friend, you are surrounded.” He knew he was finished. The little sneak must have called the police from the office. He let the gun fall and raised his hand in surrender. But not before pressing the little dart into his thigh. “We’ve been keeping a watch on you for a while now, sir. We knew you were investigating the shipment hijacking and knew that these guys were gunning for you.” The would-be assassin collapsed. “Suicide dart. It’s a trademark. Of their gang.” “I believe you’ll want these, inspector.” “thank you sir.” The policeman took the packet proffered to him by pillai. Stevens lay back on his beach towel. In Rio de Janeiro. A new identity, a new life awaited him…maybe he would become a bartender in one of the wharfs around here. He fell into a reverie of the future… Schmidt took a call on his cell phone at the station. It was a rival company with a much higher offer and a much higher post. He took it. Pillai gave his testimony at the police station and went home. He collapsed onto his bed. Tomorrow would be another day. Another case. He wondered what he would get next… ************************

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A company sent out ads in the leading papers for a senior post in it six months later. Their last appointee had died of a heart attack at his table. He would be taken back to his native Germany to be buried. A brutal murder took place one night six months later on a wharf at Rio de Janeiro. The victim was never identified and his papers were found to be false too. Another illegal immigrant, the press was told, probably from the world of crime. It received a mention in an article to illustrate burgeoning of crime in South America. A story in the papers six months later was about the breakdown of a case on hijacking of drug shipments due to the disappearance of the star witness. He had apparently tracked the perpetrators in six months of painstaking research. The case was thrown out of court and entered the archives of the police as ‘insufficient evidence’. Do co-incidences really exist? The end


-Aditi Bhalerao S. E. Comps

…Zzz…buzz…well don’t misunderstand it for a honeybee…instead it’s the word in demand these days…to get a fair idea, go through it!! If in manufacturing is necessary to meet the demand of the masses…similarly to ‘sell’ oneself is absolutely essential in today’s ever competitive world. “To be looked at” and “to get noticed” are two different things; as different as humpty and dumpty-, which tend to be the same but in reality are two sides of the same coin! Representing one’s view firmly and leadership does not account for what 1 say, “to sell oneself”. In fact, creating one’s identity individually is what matters. Your face value should be ‘100’ on 0-10 scale. Even the ‘lintas-man’ Alyque Padamsee once said about his beard that: - it is his striking feature that makes people recognize him from over 2km… it is this effect that I am talking about. That does not mean that the appearance is what counts! In fact, if you look around, all the shabby-looking people are on the top of the world today. Then be it Shahrukh khan or Alyque Padamsee or even nelson Mandela. The bottom line is that in this world, you need to get ‘happening’ and ‘lightening’. Nehru once said that “participation is important, not the winning”. Well, but today’s mantra is

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“participation is important for getting noticed… and ultimately to get the ‘happening’ tag”. Well, for RAITians, there are more than many opportunities to do this. So at the end, I would like to say- “buzz around”… coz you never know who is watching you…

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E.C. … No more

-Gunjan Parulkar Alumni

R.A.I.T. With its vibrant atmosphere, filled with a plethora of activities, will remain in the hearts of all of us final year students for the rest of our life. The time has come for us to bid adieu to the good ol’ days and move on, albeit with a tinge of nostalgia and the fond memories of times spent in the college, especially in our very own E.C. -the engineering canteen. Visiting the engineering canteen is an almost sacrosanct ritual that is performed with more regularity than attending classes. Our canteen has undergone a radical change from the year when we first joined college to now- when we are final year students with only days before we graduate out of college. The canteen then owned the look of a dark, shady place. This was followed by fixing of more tube lights, as a result of which, the place looked brighter. More tables were laid down in order to accommodate more people. Providing nonvegetarian food was stopped thus compelling each of us to turn vegetarian, though the practice has been resumed again. A large fish tank was installed for reasons unknown. The only change we did not pay any heed to, was the restriction on writing journals in the canteen. Although some of the modifications were unwelcome, all of us still flock to the canteen at least once in a day. To us, the EC meant a lot more than just a canteen. It meant fun, frolic, gossip and TP — basically, running riot. Sadly enough, we can no more call it our EC because it is not located in the engineering college anymore. It has been shifted to the medical college in place of the BRC (blue rock café). I wonder whether Anna will anymore provide a place for bikers to keep their helmets securely…

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-Manas Karekar T. E. Comps

The Journey September 13, 1961, California, Dave John Mustaine was born to a banker. Dave’s father was a cruel man who once pulled him through the driveway by pulling his ear with a plier. At age 4, when his parents divorced, Dave along with his mother and three sisters would travel from place to place to get away from his father who followed them everywhere they went. Dave got relief from all this by turning to music. His sister introduced him to music like Cat Stevens and Elton John, where the seeds for Megadeth’s melodic style were planted. Dave got his first guitar as a gift from his sister, which ended with a bang on Dave’s head by his other sister Debbie, who apparently didn’t like something about his efforts with the guitar. In Feb 1975 Dave moved in with his older sister Susan. Dave once brought home an album which Susan’s husband, a local cop, didn’t welcome into the house. Dave got clobbered and the album was thrown outta the house. The album was Sad Wing’s Of Destiny by Judas Priest. In 1976, 15 year old Dave moved into his own apartment and dove headfirst into the world of drugs and music. He sold drugs for money and records. This is when Dave came across albums by NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) bands like Iron Maiden and Motorhead. During 1978, Dave dropped outta school and bought himself his first electric guitar. A fascinated Dave was drawn more and more to the awesome power of the guitar, which instantly made him ‘cool’ with the people around him. People offered him free substances, free alcohol and wanted to be with him. He loved it. As days passed Dave went on playing faster and heavier than his idols. He formed a Speed Metal band called Panic. Mustaine caught a glimpse of salvation through the small time gigs with Panic. By 1981, Mustaine got bored of Panic. His addiction to drugs and alcohol ever-increasing, Dave spotted an advertisement in the newspaper, a band looking for a lead guitarist. The band was Metallica. Dave went to audition, plugged in to his amp and started warming up, energy emanating from everywhere, sounds which would rip through any sound-proofing. He asked James “Are we gonna audition?”

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“No, you got the job!” replied an awestruck James. Metallica started playin music which combined punk and speed metal, which came to be known as thrash metal. Their original bassie Ron McGoveney left Metallica after he got too frustrated by Mustaine’s wild antics in his inebriated state. Mustaine once poured a bottle of beer down McGoveney’s bass guitar. An unsuspecting Ron picked up the bass and turned it on, resulting in an explosion, which propelled Ron to quit Metallica. Soon after this, Metallica moved to San Francisco where Cliff Burton joined as their bassist. Metallica soon was a rage in the underground metal scene in San Francisco. Dave Mustaine was one of the main attractions for the crowds- what with him in his ferocious and energetic bad-boy form on-stage (and off). He was the lead guitarist and didn’t sing a word, yet he spoke more than the vocalist. Metallica had a huge fan following even before they released an album! Dave’s growing dangerous form was getting too much for the rest of the band to take and one morning Dave woke up to find them surrounding him, he looked up and they went “Wake up Dave, you’re outta the band.” Devastated Dave left for Los Angeles, where he stumbled upon the soon-tobe bassist David Ellefson. Dave Mustaine was desperate to form a band. He wanted to get back at Metallica. Dave and David started auditioning vocalists but none could match the sheer intensity of Dave Mustaine, so Mustaine decided to do it himself. Sitting in a bus, writing lyrics on the back of a handbill, he turned it around to read a notice about nuclear weapons. He stumbled across the word – Megadeath – meaning a million deaths. He thought it was perfect. Thus Megadeath minus ‘a’ gave birth to Megadeth. Kerry King joins as guitarist and Lee Rash as drummer. Kerry King returns to slayer after helping Megadeth on tour. Lee Rash too leaves Megadeth. Jazz drummer Gar Samuelson along with his Jazz guitarist Chris Poland join Megadeth, completing the first ever proper line-up of Megadeth, set for world domination. During this time, Metallica released Kill ‘Em All which contained Dave’s work on it. Furious Dave released Megadeth’s first album “Killing is my business... And Business Is Good” in 1985. It was successful for a thrash

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metal album but Dave was still unhappy- his sole aim to better Metallica wasn’t achieved. Blaming his record company- Combat Records for bad sales he moved on to bigger Capitol Records and released “Peace Sells But Who’s Buying?” A brilliant album by any standard. Lars Ulrich admits to have been a big time fan of the album, proud of what Mustaine had achievedof course secretly! Chris Poland and Gar Samuelson are fired after the last show of the “Wake Up Dead” tour. In spring 1990, guitarist Marty Friedman and drummer Nick Menza joined Megadeth in studio for “ Rust in Peace”. Their best work to date, as many would agree.

Sitting in a bus, writing lyrics on the back of a hand-bill, he turned it around... he stumbled across the word – Megadeath- a million deaths... thus Megadeath minus ‘a’ gave birth to

1992 saw the release of “Countdown To Extinction” which debuted at no.2 on the charts. But Metallica soon released “The Black Album” which debuted at no.1, robbing Dave Mustaine off of any sense of achievement and triumph. He didn’t care for the life he was living, he had money, fame, fans, everything, but he felt he had nothing, simply because he hadn’t bettered Metallica.


Once, after a show, Dave swallowed a couple of Valium pills and he was rushed to an emergency room. He actually “died” for some time. He was resuscitated but he left substances after that. His tally for going in and out of Drug Rehabilitation was 15. But this was it. 1994 saw the release of “Youthanasia”, which was a brilliant album. 1997 saw the release of “Cryptic Writings”. “Trust” from this album, topped the charts. Midway during this tour Jimmy DeGrasso joined the band as the drummer. Hoping to recreate the success of “Cryptic Writings” , Dave made an album which marked a more melodic departure from the trademark Megadeth speed and heaviness. Risk, was released in August 1999 and went on to Gold status but faced a backlash from hardcore Megadeth fans. In May 2000 Marty Friedman left the band due to musical differences (read: Wanted more melody in music). Al Pitrelli was a worthy replacement. Soon

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Megadeth released the album “The World Needs A Hero” in May 2001. The album marked the return of Megadeth to their traditional heaviness and the metal orientation. Megadeth disbanded after injury to Mustaine’s arm forcing him to abandon playing guitar, for some time. Megadeth has regrouped and have released a new album containg some of their old works. Their new album titled – “The System Has Failed” consists of work by Dave Mustaine on guitars, Vinnie Colaiuta a Jazz drummer, on drums, Jimmy Sloas on bass and additional lead guitars by Chris Poland. As for Mustaine’s war with Metallica, it has been won, methinks.


6 Day Weeks Rock Show Bunking Lectures Bunking Practicals Proxys Ragging Industrial Visits Tech Fests on Working Days Sitting on The Floor EC Booze/ Fags

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Saturdays off Indian Ocean Disciplinary Committee/ Letter Writing Grading Profs. Using the Elevator Library Official Picnic Tutorials Sitting on Benches BRC/ RRC Coffee Machine


-prasanna sambasivan alumni tronix

here are a few experiences i had in rait. i may have missed out on many. but i guess i have highlighted the most important events in my life (???) at rait. (reproduced in its entireity from the original blog for your pleasure) first year engineering:-





no matter how much you scored in hsc, or how good in maths you were, applied mathematics 1 paper is always f*$%*$$! and no matter how well you did in maths 1, you always flunked. 50% of your class almost always gets 1 kt or more. if you are wondering about the rest of the 50%, 50% of them got a drop, and the rest, aah! well, they left RAIT for a better college. as a rule, applied chemistry and applied physics assignments must be over 25 pages long! if they are shorter, don’t be happy, you have had it in your term work. it is not blasphemy to score more in your mechanics-2 (old portion) term work than in theory ( example is me. theory-17/100, term work - 23/25) coming for “cp” practical, waking at 7am, taking the 7.20 train in the morning is not considered an excuse by the lab-assistant for reaching the 8am practical at 8.05am anna’s nimbu-paani rocked. all good looking girls, if any, were already going around. it takes one week to stamp a railway concession form. it was suicide to enter the canteen alone. i attended my last ever maths lecture. a flimsy file and 60 sheets of below quality paper costed rs.40. there was no electricity in college every Friday, but there would be practicals scheduled for that day.

second year engineering:-

half of your friends from “fe” never made it here, and the ones who made it definitely did after a dozen changes in rules as a consequence of a ‘morcha’. engineering materials & components was a f****** subject and a certain guy scored 80/100 in it. half the profs in “se” were, expectedly, as incompetent as the first year profs. (definitely quite some exceptions to this) exams can get postponed a day before they start.

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the concept of ‘student sympathy’ was unknown in rait and it still is. it took me and guga just two days to design the horizon 2002 website, and took the college two weeks to tell us they had no webspace. most of the ‘nikammas’ of the electronics branch were in D div. anna’s nimbupaani still rocked. desperate attempts at spoken english by our profs had to be thoroughly honoured. i had pending kts of all the 4 semesters till then, when I gave my 4th semester exams. it still took one week to renew a railway concession. there still was no electricity in college every Friday, but still there were practicals scheduled. we finally passed the maths 1 paper after 4 attempts.

third year engineering:-


the “fe” batch sucked, and quite a few people were cutting grass on raits cricket ground because some “fe” complained about ragging. electromagnetic waves and fields was the most pathetic subject anyone could ever study. the only solcace was to study magnetic and optical communication later, which i later realized, was “worse”. the donuts in blue rock café (may its soul rest in peace) went from bad to pathetic. we had to, weirdly enough, register for the 6th semester, and had to produce our first year fee receipt for that. it “still” took one week for a railway concession. the same flimsy file was now smaller in size and the sheets were still the same, but now costed Rs.50. there was a museum in college for no apparent reason. we got used to not having electricity in college on Fridays and started taking the day off. we wanted to get out of rait as soon as we could. i came to know who my mathematics prof. in 2nd year was.

final year engineering:-

rait became strict about attendance (lol lol lol lol lol lol) we never went for the project on project days( actually, we almost never did) i was finally giving only 1 semester papers, which meant i had no pending kts. the concept of “rich westernites” evolved. it still took one week, yeah , you are right, for a railway concession. we finally began to realize that we would part ways at the end of the year, after enduring so much together.

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there was a new breed of rait profs who would act tough with us. guga got hit by some ‘ghaatis’ on the last day of horizon. we did not have a rock show during horizon for some odd excuse by the management. almost everyone cried on “be farewell”. it dawned upon us, that no matter how pathetic rait was, we would all miss each other, for the sheer time we spent together. every moment i spent there would be cherished. it was common realization that people were “engineers” despite the education system, not due to the system.

RETROSPECT I stand at the post, A pole isolated… It guards the paths. Of mysteries which just evaporated… I stand at a junction… Of mingled tracks… The bogies told a story… The stories just snapped… I stand on a footpath… Which stood by the road… It just spoke of the faithfulness. It spoke of the hope… I stand on a seashore… With sands at its feet…. With secrets and mysteries… Deserted was its fleet… I stand in front of the mirror. So clear and so pure… Of happiness and unhappiness And joy, which was not secure….

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-Shruti Non-RAITian

INDIA’S MOON MISSION -Saurabh patil B.E. instru. Introduction: India’s mission to its closest celestial neighbour, Moon, will be an indigenous venture both in terms of space technology and the craft that would carry out the mission. India will send a spacecraft to the moon by 2008, Ex-Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee said in his Independence Day address to the nation Aug. 15. The announcement has put an end to suspense over the fate of the roughly $100 million project of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) that was waiting for a formal sanction for over eight months. The mission — named Chandrayaan-1 — plans placing an 1150 lb. (525 kilogram) satellite in a polar orbit 62 miles (100 kilometers) above the moon. The spacecraft will be launched by a modified version of India’s indigenous Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). The lunar orbiter will be designed to operate for two years. Why Moon? The discovery of presence on the moon’s surface of an abundance of helium 3, regarded as one of the cleanest fuels but found in sparse quantities on the earth, has also aroused interest in such missions. With technology being developed to harness the gas to generate power, the moon holds enormous potential for earthlings. Scientifically too, the moon holds many unanswered mysteries. With no atmosphere and not much geological churning going on, the moon’s surface rocks are said to be 4.6 billion years old or around the age of the solar system. For researchers, it is akin to looking at the pristine state of the early universe through the lunar lens Chandrayaan-1: Chardrayaan-1 is the first Indian Mission to the Moon devoted to high-resolution remote sensing of the lunar surface. The mission is proposed to be a lunar polar orbiter at an altitude of about 100 km and is planned to be launched by 20072008 using indigenous spacecraft and launch vehicle of ISRO.

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Unconverted Image The satellite, weighing over 1,000 kg at launch, will map the entire surface of the Moon and also carry instruments to study its composition. A single highresolution camera, using a unique arrangement of light detectors, will provide the stereoscopic capability necessary for three-dimensional mapping of the Moon. Most of the Moon will be mapped at a resolution of five metres. But towards the Polar Regions, where light will be less, the resolution would be 15 to 20 metres. The satellite will also carry an X-ray and gamma ray spectrometer, as well as an imaging camera, which can distinguish visible and infrared light in up to 32 frequency bands. Both instruments will be used to study the Moon’s composition and provide insights into its origins. An updated version of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) will place the lunar spacecraft in an elliptical Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO). This is the temporary orbit occupied by communication satellites before moving to their final orbital positions. The satellite will then fire its own onboard rocket engine to acquire the velocity needed to break free of the Earth’s gravitational pull and head for the Moon. The satellite will weigh 525 kg when it enters into orbit around the Moon. Initially, the spacecraft will circle the Moon several hundred kilometres above its surface. During this phase, the spacecraft’s orbit will be closely monitored. The deviation from its orbit path will serve to accurately map the Moon’s gravitational anomalies. The satellite will then be brought down to a height of just 100 km. “We already have the spacecraft needed. Now all we need to do is optimize its performance’’ Dr. Kasturirangan, Chairman of the Space Commission, while delivering a talk on ‘’The Space Programme-a vision for the future’’ in New Delhi Mission Objectives: The initial missions would include a series of spacecraft, equipped with several sophisticated cameras and measuring instruments, circling the moon for several years and conduct a series of experiments Among India’s future objectives pertaining to the Lunar Missions are: The Mission-I emphasizes on a stereoscopic high resolution imaging and an X ray and Gamma imaging of the moons crust, through a Polar orbiter.

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The Mission-II envisages sending a Lunar lander for carrying out magnetic and seismic studies of the moon’s surface as well as conducting a chemical study of its south Pole for searching traces of water and, possibly, life on the Moon. The Mission-III aims to study a core sample brought from the South Pole by the earlier missions, besides conducting studies of the backside of the moon Specific areas of study: 1. High resolution mineralogical and chemical imaging of permanently shadowed north and south Polar Regions 2. Search for surface or sub-surface water-ice on the moon, especially at lunar pole 3. Identification of chemical end members of lunar high land rocks 4. Chemical composition of lunar crust by remote sensing of central upland of large lunar craters 5. Observation of X-ray spectrum greater than 10 keV to provide new insights in understanding the moon’s origin and evolution Proposed Scientific Payloads: (Payloads are the operating equipments or sensors carried by a spaceship) The scientific payloads selected so far are: 1. Terrain Mapping stereo Camera (TMC), to prepare a high-resolution atlas of moon. 2. A Hyper Spectral Imager (HySI), for mineralogical mapping. 3. A Lunar Laser Ranging Instrument (LLRI), for determining accurate altitude of the spacecraft above the lunar surface for topographical mapping. 4. A collimated Low Energy (0.5-10 keV) X-ray spectrometer (LEX) for measuring the fluorescent X-rays emerging from the lunar surface for elemental mapping of Si, Al, Mg, Ca, Fe. 5. A Solar X-ray Monitor (SXM) in 2-10 keV energy range, for solar X-ray flux monitoring.

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6. A High Energy (10-200keV) X-ray/g-ray spectrometer (HEX), for measuring 210Pb, 222Rn degassing, U, Th etc. Brief technical specification of the payloads: 1. Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC) Ground resolution 5 m Swath 40 km Spectral Band Panchromatic 2. Hyper Spectral Imager (HySI) Ground resolution 80 m Swath 40 km Spectral range 400-900Âľm No of spectral bands 32 Spectral resolution 15 nm 3. Lunar Laser Ranging Instrument (LLRI) Pulse repetition rate 1 Hz Telescope 15 cm dia, reflective Pulse-width 10 ns Vertical resolution 10 m 4. X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers This payload consists of three parts: (a) Low Energy X-ray detector (LEX) to map the abundance of light elements like Mg, Al, Si, Ca, Ti and Fe. (b) High Energy X-ray/ gamma-ray detector (HEX) to map the distribution of high atomic number elements over the lunar surface such as 210Pb, 222Rn, U, Th. (c) Solar X-ray Monitor (SXM) to continuously measure the flux of solar X-rays. Looking towards the future: In the next six months the ISRO team will work out details of launching such a mission, including its cost-effectiveness and the areas in which Indian scientists can significantly add to the mountain of knowledge that has already been collected about the moon The Chandrayaan-1 is expected to be the forerunner of more ambitious planetary missions in the coming decades, including landing robots on the Moon and visits to other planets in the solar system. -The Indian Moon mission will be unique in many respects.

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- Deepa Ravichandran D.Y.Patil Dental College

This particular species has the unfailing ability to divide its mind into and only two tasks: - sports and women. They have a radar sense that is finely tuned to the frequencies emitted by anything that walks by in a skirt. Pale skin, dark hair & long legs are an added bonus but not an absolute necessity. Whether the said female has any brains is not of great importance. If it’s a question of her figure versus her brains, the figure wins every time. Which brings me to another question. Why are guys obsessed with a female’s figure? And its not like they admire healthy women who eat right. For some unfathomable reason, the sight of an anorexic female, who looks like she’s going to drop dead any minute, sets their hormones into overdrive. Such females are what they perceive as drop dead gorgeous. (Yeah right). In this day and age, nothing has changed much. Men still chase women, who continue to be repelled by them. (Maybe its got to do with them reeking of testosterone). But there’s now a new twist to the tale. Earlier the most sought after were the typical “Thy Fair Maiden”. They have now been replaced by “Thy Rich Maiden”. One guy actually told me, “Her brains are of no use to me, her pass book is. Plus her actually using them would be a real nuisance.” Some wannabe studs, not only own a diamond earring but actually display it on one of their ears. (Now that’s another funda I can never understand. Why only on one ear, why not both?) this when coupled with what are popularly known as “loose-fits”, makes them look like ruffians. (Loose-fits are jeans that look like they’ll fall off any minute and the back pockets are hanging some where around their knees.) A pony-tail would complete the “look”. Some Romeo, Don Juan, Casanova __ just might own a bike. In that case they spend a life-time imagining a scenario where a sexy babe would be thumbing a hitch-hike on the highway and then they could ride off into the sunset “happily ever after” …VROOM… VROOM. With the unfortunate increase in brained bimbos, the men have to seriously consider other avenues… Mars anyone???

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Sabah Kadri B.E. Comps

Dancing away to the rhythmic sea I hop to the blissful greens Tears dissolving in the shadows And eyes absorbing the scenes I lie beneath the mirthful sun Staring at the shimmering sky It smiles and greets my love I can hear the heavens sigh As the springs flow by tomorrow And the autumn of yesterday uncurls Today beholds the summer When the dreamy buds unfurl I am on an inexplicable high That’s darting through my blood Angels hover around the meadows In me, an exuberance floods A star crosses my path And life hugs me tight The frames captured stay immortal As i dream into the night…

If God were an Engineer... -...a bunch of engineers are sitting around at a party, discussing the nature of the God, and who designed women... - The mechanical engineer states that God must also be a mechanical engineer because “if you look at all the pulleys and levers that drive the body, how the tendons and muscles and bones all work together, well, it’s just amazing.” - The chemical engineer says that no, God has to be a chemical engineer because “if you look at all the chemical processes that drive the body, how the

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hormones and the brain and the glands and everything else all interact, well, it’s just astounding.” - The electrical engineer says that no, God has to be an electrical engineer too ... - The civil engineer speaks up last of all and says, no, God is definitely a civil engineer, because “only a civil engineer would run a sewer through a playground. “

An old Engineering Joke An engineering student was walking across campus when another engineer rides up on a shiny new motorcycle. “Where did you get such a rockin’ bike?” asked the first. The second engineer replied, “Well, I was walking along yesterday minding my own business when a beautiful woman rode up on this bike. She threw the bike to the ground, took off all her clothes and said “Take what you want.” The second engineer nodded approvingly “Good choice, the clothes probably wouldn’t have fit.”

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Alive or human???

-Mohsin T. E. Tronix

This is an article addressed to all the people who live in this behemoth and gargantuan city. In fact it is directed to all those people who are supposedly well off and can afford the so-called two square meals a day. I have recently come to live in Mumbai as I am suffering due to the tardiness of the Indian educational system, one in which I am instigating to have lesser faith than in the spurious salesmen that come knocking at our doors. Lets leave that behind for now, my real point in putting pen to paper here is the harrowing experience that I had over here. I had been to Khar that fateful day. It was pouring cats and dogs outside. I scurried over to the railway station. I was awaiting my slow local for c. S. T. I inhaled in the pleasant air and I know I breathed in myriad number of hazardous pollutants that are the very icon of Mumbai. I was also sipping a glass of pepsicide…er…I guess you know what I mean. I happened to abruptly glance over my shoulder and saw this young naïve child scampering towards me. Too startled to act, I observed that he was completely drenched due to the fury of nature. He was quivering from head to toe. I heard a stuttering sound emanate from his wildly shivering body. He uttered the words, “please give me some tea.” As if some instinct drove me, I went to the railway canteen near me and asked for some tea. There was no tea. I immediately asked the young boy what he wanted. He gazed at some “vada pavs” lustfully. I paid for a few and he grabbed them and with a grateful glance faded away somewhere. I came out of this incommodious situation somewhat scathed. I always wonder how people can live in such ruthless and callous conditions of a slum. Countless numbers of people go without a morsel everyday and we are thinking of buying latest jets worth Rs. 3000 crore or something? Incredulous and ironical, isn’t it? We are buying this latest gadgetry to defend out country from our foes. However, when a major percent of the people we are trying to protect are starved and numerous others die due to malnutrition, this sounds daft. Aren’t these people human, don’t they warrant something better? They are all our species and yet we treat them worse than dogs. We fail in endowing the homeless with a roof over their heads and yet we encourage a pack of overzealous and according to me, nincompoop politicians, to squabble over where to build a mosque or a temple. Its not that I am not interested in religion but I believe that we have an even more important religion, which is to support the needy. Candidly speaking, we are so engrossed in our daily lives that we do not have time for anything else. We are not human anymore,

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our lives are defined by a routine and that is to work for the stipulated 8 hours, then to return home to our loved ones, enjoy an evening snack, maybe go to the nearest McDonalds and go to work next day again. We have become stone hearted, that is. We do not care if a person sitting on a pavement is famished or has a home; we are not concerned whether he has a roof over his head, where he goes during the rains? We never care and why should we? We have our own lives to look after. This means only one thing, we are all cowards, afraid to advance beyond the realms of our lives. We are only to blame when a child dies on the streets, hungry and diseased. When we are to face god, we cannot boast of building temples and mosques, but we are to be ashamed of the fact that during our vast lifetimes we have not done anything to help anybody. We can always lend a hand in many ways, financially, even if we are not on good grounds, we can always assist in some way or the other. We have to keep the spirit of humanity alive and who better to do it, than us; we children, we are the future cohorts. Therefore, the next time we see a ravenous child, then enjoy a pan pizza, and do not feel guilty about it, i can surely declare that we are not human anymore.

People Really Said These Things In Court Q: What was the first thing your husband said to you when he woke that morning? A: He said, “Where am I, Cathy?� Q: And why did that upset you? A: My name is Susan. Q: Do you know if your daughter has ever been involved in the voodoo occult? A: We both do. Q: Voodoo? A: We do. Q: You do? A: Yes, voodoo. Q: Doctor, how many autopsies have you performed on dead people? A: All my autopsies are performed on dead people. Q: Do you recall the time that you examined the body? A: The autopsy started around 8:30 p.m. Q: And Mr. Dennington was dead at the time? A: No, he was sitting on the table wondering why I was doing an autopsy.

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Welcome To My Jungle -Vinod Vasudevan Scum of the College B.E extc

This song by Guns N’ Roses rang thru my ears the first time I entered RAIT. I’m tempted to write a few of it’s lineWelcome to the Jungle, We’ve got fun n’ games, We’ve got everything you want, Honey we know all the names, We are the people that can find Whatever you may need If you got the money, honey We got your disease!!!! Sat to write this down on the night after Horizon2K3 still intoxicated (!!!!) by the sheer brilliance of this magnificent event. As I put pen to paper I realize that RAIT is THE place to be if you are a geek, a partyholic, a go-getter and most essentially a guy/gal who takes it day by day. As an ex-F.E (I have reasons to believe that I won’t be one by the time this gets published) I would like to enlighten those poor souls with hope and a twinkle in their eyes(read as F.E‘s) with my experiences of the past year. RAITians consist of the following species(strictly based on personal observation): 1) The Bookies: The kind of people who read Martin Chekovsky’s “Study of Economic infiltration of Bangladesh on the GDP of Uganda” for their pastime. They have an amazing tendency to remain rooted to their benches come what may. (usually Ex-Atomic Energy / Swami/SIES students) 2) The Hippies: Consist of the so-called hip group that everybody wants to be a part of. College attendance usually depends on the schedule of Mikanos/Fire N Ice. Their motto-What with all that sparkling marble on the floor who wants to sit on benches?? Proposals, disposals, crushes, mushes are an everyday routine and Anna (not the Russian but our own ‘canteenwallah’ earns almost all his moolah from them). 3) Studs/Bimbettes: You’ll probably identify them with their gelled/spiked hair, baggy pants or Capri’s starting from their knees. The sort of people who start their assignments 2 days after the deadline. Come to the exam half an hour late, borrow a pen and vomit whatever they could ‘rattafy’ on the way to college.

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Lots of them here! Boring to hear, interesting to watch…what more can I say? (Found to specially inhabit the northern suburbs of Mulund.) 4) The Punks: No guesses for them being my favorites. Rock runs thru their blood. They would vote any day to make Smells like teen spirit or Sweet Child of Mine as the College Anthem. But who would blame them for going gaga over Nirvana, GN‘R, Floyd cos I gotta admit it, the stuff they wrote really touches you somewhere. 5) The Snooties: Unfortunately they are even here following the policy A friend in need…is no friend of mine! There is not even an iota of a chance that you wont like RAIT, but hey we do live in strange times (Remember the best rapper is white, the best golfer is black and for the first time in history Germans don’t want war!!) On a more serious note we’ve got one of the best campuses in Bombay and besides being one of the REAL colleges in Bombay (if you know what I mean) it presents opportunities to excel in fields of varying dimensions. You just gotta go get it.


Life moves on and people change Faces erode but impressions remain I have roamed above 2 friends I have lost, Success I am searching but at their cost, As I sit down & the mind wanders through the past, The gone by friends, their memories, a shadow they cast, The spent days and the joys are hard to come, But then I reassure myself that my life has just begun. And then loneliness, my only companion now, Points at my life that was fun But life must go on & what has to be done must be done, As these thoughts swept my mind into turmoil, Rains fell & so did my tears, on to the soil. I guess the good days, completeness are not after all there to last, & my definition of life is a ship in stormy seas, sailing at half mast.

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RAGGING (D)IS ALLOWED -Venkatesh Srivatsav Dejected S.E. “...the very thought of first day in college gave me butterflies in my stomach. It was a mixed feeling of excitement combined with nervousness...” As it was a first day everything had to be perfect. Getting dressed up was a problem as an average Joe look was imperative to escape the hawk eye of the seniors, but the same wouldn’t help me to get noticed by the dames in the class. Once I entered the class things were going smoothly. There were some in the class who were narrating the heroics, how they dodged the senior successfully in the morning. Some pundits were giving discourses on how to avoid being ragged. The ground rules were to move in a group ,avoid going to unknown places at all cost and to keep the hormones in check, as there is nothing worse than getting caught eyeing a senior girl. As the old adage goes “The mind is not in its place when you need it the most”, that is why I guess, I decided to go to the canteen in the break. I didn’t know whether it was daredevilry or stupidity as all the thought process now was being controlled by my hungry stomach. Stupid as I was I didn’t have a better idea to find the place than to ask for directions from a senior. The senior very dutifully showed offered to escort me to the place. On the way he very courteously enquired about me and how I was finding this college. Helping fellowmen they say is a virtue of highest order and this guy was acting as if he was all the goodness personified. While going we were joined by many of his friends. By the time I smelt rat, it was too late. On the way, two cheerful guys form my class waved out to me. They too were invited for the auspices by the seniors. I was cursing myself,and the other two were also doing the same. There we were in the canteen surrounded by 10 guys all who were waiting to avenge the things that happened to them in their first year. To start with we were told we would not be ragged but only be given CCPD i.e. Crash Course Personality Development. Firstly we were taught all the pre requisites to be in the college such as the anthem the salute and the dress code. The sight of a six footed fresher being ragged by five foot senior defied all logic. Some of our childhood memories were revived as we sang Twinkle Twinkle little star in chorus. I picked up new skills one among them was how to flush my smile. The most challenging part was to make the flushing sound. Then came the aerobics part. I was named sine theta and the other guy was named cos theta and we were told to make tan theta. The finshing act was to ask a beautiful girl out on a date, which I would have done myself eventually. To sum up everything I really enjoyed myself. Moreover it really wasn’t a bad deal to do all these things in exchange for the database about the lecturers, which

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I got from the seniors. So the day ended in a positive note as I had made many new friends and also with a conviction in my mind that I would give a similar welcome to my juniors in R.A.I.T. And now finally its my turn... ;-)

FAMOUS FIRSTS IN THE 21ST CENTURY Colin Powell 2000 — 1st black secretary of state. Condoleezza Rice 2001 — 1st woman to serve as US national security adviser. Halle Berry 2002 — 1st black woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress. Vonetta Flowers 2002 — 1st black female USathlete to win a gold medal in a Winter Olympics. She wins in the women’s bobsleigh event on February 19th. Steve Fossett 2002 — 1st balloonist to fly solo around the world when he landed in Australia on 4th July 2002. Tom Ridge 2003 — 1st US Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Gene Robinson 2003 — 1st openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church in US. Condoleezza Rice 2005 — 1st black woman to serve as US secretary of state.

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** That’s all folks…** T.C !!

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The Wall 2005-06  

The Wall is the annual magazine of RAIT

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