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Why can’t you be more like your brother?

I’m never going to find another job

Adam’s dad left when he


was quite young, but he still has nightmares about his drunken rages...

You’re such a waste of space!

ADAM’S STORY BEGINS Adam is 32. He grew up in Barry, South Wales with his mum and older brother. Adam’s dad left when he was quite young, but he still has nightmares about his drunken rages. His brother was killed in a car accident when he was 17. His mum has struggled to cope and is frequently in and out of psychiatric hospitals. Adam is dyslexic and left school at 16 with few GCSEs. He became his mum’s full time carer, but without support their relationship became strained and difficult and they no longer speak.

After marrying, and then splitting from his partner, Adam slept on friends’ sofas and floors whilst he tried to find a place of his own. He became depressed, and his ‘social drinking’ spiralled out of control. He was made redundant from his job at a factory as they made huge cut-backs and he struggled to find work elsewhere. With nothing to fill his days, he drank more, and became more depressed.

The number one reason for people becoming homeless is the





a partnership, marriage or family relationship.






NOWHERE TO TURN Eventually after moving from friend to friend - he had outstayed his welcome everywhere and, not knowing where to turn, and being too embarrassed to ask for help, he found himself sleeping rough. It was a terrifying experience - made more terrifying due to the fact that Adam had always heard voices in his head, and these voices were getting louder and more difficult to ignore.

He drank to keep warm, he drank to drown out the voices, and he drank to block out the loneliness he felt. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and Adam’s physical and mental health deteriorated. He drank more. He was never sure what day of the week it was, and was sometimes unsure where, and even who he was. His only friend was Rosie, his beloved dog whom he had rescued after coming across an illegal dog fight.

Our Rough Sleepers Intervention Team (r.s.i.t.) in Cardiff saw over people last year.




The voices in his head made him afraid


This is where some text will go I am just made up and not interesting

of the other residents and too fearful to speak to anyone...

the first night One dull rainy morning, after weeks of being too suspicious and fearful to accept their offers of help, Adam took a bacon roll and a cup of coffee from a volunteer on The Wallich Breakfast Run and opened up to him about his situation. The volunteer persuaded him to come to The Wallich Nightshelter that evening to have a shower, some dinner and a bed for the night. Adam’s first night in the Nightshelter was scary for him.

He enjoyed the shower and the food, but the voices in his head made him afraid of the other residents and too fearful to speak to anyone. Luckily Rosie was allowed to stay with him in the Hostel and she provided some comfort.

Many people would rather sleep rough than take a hostel place and leave their beloved pet behind. The Wallich recognises this and

allows dogs in

all our hostels and accommodation.


That must have been really difficult for you Adam...


This is where some text will go I am just made up and not interesting

FOCUS ON THE FUTURE His support worker Julie noticed his isolation, and over the next few weeks managed to get him to tell her about his life. She didn’t dwell on the past, but got Adam to focus on what his future could look like.

I really miss her

Adam was supported to register with a doctor and was given some medication to help him psychologically. He began to open up to Julie and feel more positive and hopeful.


At their meetings over the next few weeks, Adam told Julie about his desire to cut down on his drinking, find a flat for him and Rosie, and learn to be a chef. He also told her how he longed to be reunited with his mother, who he hadn’t seen for 2 years.

over 250 people accessed our Nightshelter last year.

25% of our clients have a

mental health issue...





A NEW DIRECTION After a month in the Nightshelter, a room came up at The Wallich’s Shoreline project, which provides people with a safe, stable home either in shared houses or self contained flats. Shoreline offers people the opportunity to address their drinking if they wish to, in their own time, and gives access to twenty four hour support and assistance from staff.

Over the past year we have housed

850 people

Adam’s new project worker Eric helped him set goals and helped him make plans for the future. He supported him to attend counselling and get support for his mental health issues. With ERIC’S help, and with a new, more positive outlook, Adam’s life began to move in a new direction.


access private rented accommodation last year via our Bond Boards.








This is where some text will go I am just made up and not interesting

Adam and Rosie moved into their new home, full of hope for the future.

THE WAY FORWARD He cut down on his drinking and started The Wallich’s ‘Way Forward’ learning and development scheme.

Adam found a private landlord who would accept him and Rosie, and The Wallich acted as guarantors.

He was then encouraged to sign up for a cookery course at a local college to pursue his dream of becoming a chef.

The Wallich would see Adam through their Tenancy Support Scheme, to check on his progress and to support him with any issues he may be facing.

He also made contact with his mother and through The Wallich’s mediation scheme, their relationship got back on track again. Within a year, Adam was ready to move on and get a flat of his own. Through the Wallich’s Bond Board scheme,

Adam and Rosie moved into their new home, full of hope for the future.

we supported


last year to live safer, happier and more independent lives.


Chief Executive’s Statement Adam’s story is fictional but it is based upon the experiences of many of the people that we support. In the past year alone we have given a hot meal, advice and support to over 1600 people, like Adam, sleeping rough on the streets of our towns and cities. However, at The Wallich we know that getting someone out of the cycle of homelessness is about much more than putting a roof over someone’s head, or giving them a hot meal. We strive for a truly holistic service and believe that individuals have the answers to their own destiny. It is up to us to help them access the answers. Most people who use our services have complex needs, and a quick fix approach is often not feasible. A person’s journey can often be long, and we pride ourselves on our dedication, commitment and results. We are not a great supporter of rules and sanctions and this approach we believe is one of the reasons why The Wallich’s clients achieve such positive outcomes.


Over the past year we have housed 850 people in our accommodation, and provided support to 4500 people. Despite the economic downturn, we have seen the expansion of our services in Wrexham and the further development of our Shoreline project in Cardiff. We also achieved the Silver Corporate Health Standard and retained our Investors in People award. None of this would have been possible without the dedication and commitment of those who work on the front line, and behind the scenes, to ensure we provide the best possible level of support to vulnerable people. It is them in particular that I would like to thank. As we move forward into 2011, with likely cuts to our funding streams, we will respond creatively and with vigour, not being afraid to challenge the ways in which we deliver services but, as always, putting the needs of the people we support first.

Antonia Watson Chief Executive

Chairman’s chairman’s Statement statement I am both very honoured and proud to Chair our Board of Trustees and help steer the organisation through what has been a difficult year for all of us in the homelessness sector. The financial crisis has meant an increased need for our services, at a time when everyone is tightening their belts. We are not immune to the economic downturn, but our focus is always on using our resources effectively and creatively to help the people most affected by the problems it has caused, and our dedication and commitment to this support is unwavering. We must share the credit for our success with our local authorities and our wide network of supporters. It is the strength of our relationships with them that gives us optimism in the unstable financial future.

The Wallich has acquired a growing and deserved reputation as a unique provider of hope and empowerment to homeless people in Wales. We believe strongly in the vision that everyone deserves to have a home, to be accepted regardless of their past, and to be able to have the opportunity to obtain the things that lead to respect and self-respect. I know that this path is not always easy and as trustees we are always in awe of the strength, dedication and passion of not only The Wallich’s staff and volunteers across Wales, but also of the people we have supported to turn their lives around. It is because of them that our vision continues to become a reality.

Rod Dubrow-Marshall Chairman


50 things our 50 projects A Credit Union scheme has been set up helping Bridgend Bond Board clients to save their money.

d gen Brid pers Our h Slee ion t g Rou erven been d Int has ten m Tea to ex hanks t e abl rvice astic nt se d its our fa rs an to untee fering l f o o sa v ow day is n ort 7 . p k sup wee


Th Sol e Brid u has tions gend a S ven needl ervice e d ins ing m IV kit tal a led chine use and in .


has a Project ly Our Vest th hed mon to establis ps o e worksh nts in-hous d to clie re ve li of be de ide range from a w encies. local ag

Bridgend ‘Streets Ahead’ learning and development scheme Opened!

A new partnership between Bridgend Floating Support and the fire service has resulted in specific training that enables staff to complete a thorough fire risk assessment of each client’s accommodation.

have achieved 2009 - 2010 Our Newport Rough Sleepers Intervention Team worked alongside a client to prevent an imminent eviction taking place due to a mix up with benefits. Result? - Eviction stopped and benefits backdated.

Our Ty Brynhyfryd hostel has successfully housed all clients who have accessed the service.

The Blaenau Gwent Tenancy Support Service now offers holistic therapies to clients.

newport & monmouth

The Monmouthshire Youth Solutions Service and Newport Rough Sleepers Intervention Team jointly moved to new premises; this proved beneficial for all concerned as when the team grew - so did its experienced knowledge base.

Our Blaenau Gwent and Merthyr Tydfil Bond Boards are now working with Credit Unions to empower tenants and give them more choice in relation to their future housing options.

gwent/ Blaenau tydfil merthyr

t en Gw n au ntio 2 n e e la d4 rv r B Inte ente ar. u O ye rev sis Cri ice p last v s Ser ction evi


The Riverside Project residents are completing a high number of AQA workbooks, with most completing between 3 and 11.

The Sir Julian Hodge Hostel was chosen by the Welsh Assembly Government as a venue to run the Take Home Naloxone training programme. So far we have trained 13 clients.

At o Hou ur Com s one e Team munit pro y was staff je m Nal traine embe ct oxo r d to to n e d e c t Wal lients rainin liver g l clie ich an within d to n Th age ts fr oth e om ncie ext er s. ern al


ity mun reach Com ut Our eam O gained T of se has Hou rvice ember g n i Se ew m g in ce a n ff, br erien sta le exp , and m b a a e e u val the t ng th to reasi pacity inc ’s ca more m t tea ppor . su ents i to l c

151 clients signed up to our ‘The Way Forward’ learning and development programme, completing 476 work books between them.


Vale Croes Ffin held our inaugural festive mince pies and presents day.

Our Rough Sleepers Intervention Team in Cardiff saw over 800 people last year.The time spent with the people we see is used, not only to issue basic provision, but to ensure that they are informed of the bed availability of all the local hostels.

Ffin eir es Cro f th iff oud o ip. d r r r Ca t p t y nt ver lien e clie are irst c the y wer o f e t ch h whi d, t nks Tha e fun Big Pit sely en it far wel to vis ed imm y e l o . l b j l a en by a was

Cardiff Shoreline is continuing to successfully support some of the most chaotic clients by opening two more houses.

The Cardiff Nightshelter has welcomed over 250 people through its doors, with 210 of these people moving on positively to other accommodation.

IKON Creative was born! Offering a graphic and web design service and high quality printing to save money and bring a profit into the charity.

Swansea Bond Board is working in partnership with the Swansea Credit Union LASA and has launched a saving scheme to empower tenants and give them more choice in relation to their future housing options.

One of our Cross Border Women’s Project clients progressed from being a regular heroin user with no child contact, to leaving our project having been clean for a year. She is now in a local authority flat, and has full child access.

In t pro he D je inas me ct tw Fec att mber o st han on aine s hav aff co e ha d NV e an mple s alm Qs, t d are a fu ed a ost f r an in th ther irst em NV f Q. at idd our T o l h e t a bet we al of t mak of e es 8N at n7p V Q e eam s o of ple in 11!

a nse Swa was ur t o c t in proje ically c s i lien A c reline ll phy pilept e e o ded Sh nw ular n u a d y g p ver ad re We ex rk an h . wo sits and zures t net i v r i se por egula sness t sup s r his t him omele mean s go m a h s has ment i e o h T ov he has fr se. mpr 2 nur atic i h and es in m r lt dra is hea seizu 2 h . to only nths mo had

This year many residents at our St Leonard’s project have taken up the learning opportunities we offer. Eight residents were proud to be awarded with certificates of achievement at the Guild Hall.

Swansea Ikon Lettings now manages 50 properties and has assisted over 100 clients with moving home.

The Gorwelion Project has run a programme of client activities ranging from kite surfing with a world famous kite surfing champion to a sponsored canal walk and visits to Tenby and the Botanic Gardens.

Swansea/ neath port talbot

Swansea Alternatives to Bed & Breakfast Accommodation (ABBA) supported over 150 people to maintain a tenancy.

The Neath Port Talbot Tenancy Support project supported a client who was moved out of his home and into B&B accommodation due to harassment. Staff worked together with the housing officer to support and move him to his new address. They ensured that he maintained his safety and confidentiality, whilst providing advice and guidance during a difficult period in his life. This client in now settled and happy at his property.

sea Our Swan eepers Rough Sl tion Interven orted Team supp ople pe over 350 e during th year.

Pr Dr o ug Sw j to ec In an ‘m b t te se in e is rv a df de no en cl ul liv w tio ie ne er ha n n s in p ts s p . ’t g y o


Our 16-25 year old Clos Sant in Paul residents are the process of ts’ setting up a Residen ted Association with elec ten writ a members, and will constitution, which the meet and consider h needs of people bot in in the project and ity. mun the wider com It is planned that the Residents’ Association the Chair will represent project at the local ts’ iden res community g association, ensurin e our young people hav a voice and an arena to air their concerns.


Over the pa st 12 mont hs the Carmarthen shire Conf Resolution lict Service ha s helped ov 50 young er people retu rn to or remain in their fami ly unit.

innings Denbighshire Beg ny positive has built up ma y with statutor relationships isations gan or y tar lun and vo rds that have and local landlo our clients. directly helped

Denbighshire Specialist Adult Team has developed an excellent working relationship with Social Services adult team and is providing quality support to clients.


The Wrexham, Denbighshire and Flintshire Conflict Resolution Service has more than doubled its referral numbers in the past 12 months.

supporting As well as sustain to le op pe tenancies n ow r ei th ire arthensh our Carm pport Tenancy Su ghlights Service hi s issues se es dr ad and rassment such as ha ploitation and the ex ts able adul of vulner to identify and looks r ou r fo solutions lead safe clients to lives. and secure

/ Wrexham shire / Denbigh ire Flintsh

The St John’s Hostel in Lettings conjunction with IKON clients in has re-housed over 26 the past their own tenancies in 12 months.

Through the suppor t of the Carmarthensh ire Substance Misuse Service one client has managed to change her outlook on life completely. Securit y of accommodation , and taking part in the learning and development opportunities we offer, has given her the confidence to access further training and to set the goal of starting her own business.

Wrexham Temporary Accommodation Support Service has continued to build upon good relationships with referrers, which has increased the reputation of The Wallich in North Wales.

s son t Per c ung proje o Y ire pport o new g tsh in u w Flin ting S yed t creas h a o plo ers, in rk wit l F m e o k w or has t w ity to le. c p jec pro ir capa re peo mo the

h wyt e yst ic ber Serv 00 A The tions ver 1 o e u Sol orted o wer h t p sup ople w s or a g s in pe ele om hom of bec s. s e k l s e ri hom

The Bardsey Move On project successfully supported a client to obtain his own tenancy, address his drinking, get accepted on a University course, and be re-united with his family from whom he had been estranged for over 10 years.


Cilm eri s sup uccess proje por ct ful t ly ed to off addre a clien end ss t his and in get g issu on es, ac a cou colleg cepted Fra rse a e dra i nk But ded by ma tle gra a nt.

powys/ aberystwyth

The gardening project at the Newtown Temporary Accommodation Project has been especially successful this year with more residents getting involved than any previous year. This has resulted in residents growing their own veg and using this to cook healthier meals, learning new skills in the garden and the kitchen and recycling waste to make compost for the future.

In addition to the clients the Symud Ymlaen project has successfully supported to move on to live independently, the project also helps many others through its continually developing surgeries held in Welshpool, LlandrindodWells, Ystradgynlais, and Brecon.

residential Our Bardsey d over £100 ise ra t ec oj pr rrison’s through a Mo ed a and organiz collection, ach on Borth be beach clean ents sid cal re lo by d te suppor ep tance of Ke with the assis Wales Tidy.

For a full list of the services we offer, and to find out more about the 50 projects we run across Wales, please visit our website:


value Where The Wallich’s money comes from

How we invest the money in our services

2.7% 1.4%




0.2% 0.5%

Welsh Assembly Government Grants Rent and Service Charges Grants and Donations Other



Direct Service Provision Management, Administration & Governance Fundraising Costs Costs of Hire Income

INVESTMENT The charts opposite give an overview of the income and expenditure of The Wallich for the year ended 31st March 2010. For the first time, we have prepared consolidated accounts to include the activities of our trading subsidiaries under the The Ikon Group Ltd. Although still in its embryonic stage, we are anticipating significant growth in these activities in the coming year. As a result of new projects opening in Flintshire and Denbighshire and extensions to our projects in Carmarthenshire, Swansea and Blaenau Gwent, the income for the year rose by just over 10% to ÂŁ8.4m. Once again, and in preparation for perhaps leaner times to come, we have taken the opportunity to continue upgrading our properties for the benefit of the residents. Maintenance and improvements to our properties increased by over 40% and expenditure on new furniture and fittings increased by over 45%.

Whatever happens to our main sources of funding, we are determined to continue to offer quality accommodation and services to those who have need of them. Copies of the 2010 accounts can be obtained from: The Company Secretary The Wallich Centre Cathedral Road Cardiff CF11 9JF

George Kitcher FCA Head of Finance


appreciation Our Honorary President: The Most Reverend Dr Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales. All of the schools, local businesses, churches and individuals who generously support our work with homeless people - without your help much of the work we do would not be possible. All our volunteers for their tireless hard work throughout the year and an extra special thank you to all of our clients, past and present, who have allowed us to use their stories in this report.

Thank You

This booklet was designed and printed by The Wallich’s in-house graphic design and printing service Ikon Creative. Ikon Creative is one of the ways that we not only save money, but make money, for our charity and the benefit of the people we support. Our creative and talented team of design and print specialists can make your publicity material stand out from the crowd, whilst at the same time giving something back to the community you live in. Ikon Creative...printing for people

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Adam's Story  

The Wallich Annual Report 2009/2010

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