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Yoga for Food

Colleen Dolce’s Radiant Yoga By Pat Forrest


hunder Bay yoga teacher Colleen Dolce is one lucky lady—and she knows it. “I love my work and I love my life,” she says. “I know how fortunate I am and I’m grateful for all the gifts that have come my way.” That gratitude extends back to when she was a stayat-home mother who had both the time and resources to expose her four children to a great variety of recreational and learning experiences, from piano and cross country skiing lessons to camping outings and soccer games. “I was luckier than many in that I was able to be at home for my kids and that I was able to provide them with access to just about anything they were interested in,” she says. Dolce says the desire to give other children at least some of the opportunities that hers had was her motivation to begin a drive about five years ago to assist the Underground Gym. Founded by Peter Panetta in 1999, the Underground Gym provides free access to a wide range of activities for young people in need and is dedicated to promoting and teaching fitness, healthy lifestyles, self-confidence, and self-respect. Dolce saw the program as not only a way to give back to the community and to children, but also as a good fit with her philosophy. “My goal is to empower my students—no matter what their age—to realize their full potential. My intention is to create a safe and sacred space for people to explore and delve deep into their true self. That’s a lot like what Peter is doing for the children,” she says.

In support of Panetta’s program, Dolce waives her fee to classes at St. Paul’s Anglican Church several times a year and instead asks students to either donate money or “kid-friendly” food. The next Yoga for Food sessions are scheduled for October 5 and November 2, both from 10–11:30 am at St. Paul’s Anglican Church (808 Ridgeway Street). Dolce’s husband, John, will provide musical accompaniment on the guitar. Classes are open to everyone, even those with no yoga experience. Visit radiantyogawithcolleen.com for more information.

Feminism on Facebook By Shannon King


ith October being Women’s History Month in Canada, there is a heightened awareness of the colossal strides made by Canadian women during the last nine decades, from gaining the vote to enjoying some of the highest standards of living and human rights laws in the world. Although some might feel that this makes feminism an old-fashioned and misguided idea, many others believe there are still reasons to identify as a feminist and revisit what feminism means. To that end, a local Thunder Bay woman has taken steps to ensure there is a place for open dialogue. Judy Roche is an entrepreneur, a former roller derby co-ordinator, and a proud parent of two sons who she wants to see become “exceptional men.” It was this desire that was her impetus for creating the Facebook page Thunder Bay Needs Feminism. Roche established the group after noticing that a local forum for people to share experiences and ideas was lacking. “Thunder Bay has unique needs due to the different cultural groups we have living in the district,” she says. “There are some very progressive-thinking people in our city, but there are still many who are stuck in unhappy and old-fashioned gender roles.” The image of feminism Roche wants to bring to our community is one that will “communicate a message of fairness and equality for men and women, young and old, no matter what their cultural background is.” To Roche, feminism encompasses many social issues such as body image, media, sexuality, and self-expression rooted in freedom from gendered thinking. She stresses that while it is a hate-free page, she will not censor criticism or anything anyone feels they need to share. The Thunder Bay Needs Feminism page includes open discussion and humour while tackling tough, sensitive issues. During this month of women’s history, consider the question: why do you need feminism? Visit facebook.com/ThunderBayNeedsFeminism to take part in the conversation. The Walleye


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