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Tracy K

Loose Cannon

Genre: blues

Genre: blues

Band members: Tracy K - vocals, harmonica, guitar Aaron Jardine - lead guitar Kelly Ashe - lead guitar Arden Bruyere - bass guitar Stu Green - drums Jamie Steinhoff (Blues Duo) - fingerstyle acoustic and slide dobro guitars

Band Members: Arley Hughes - vocals Samantha Chong - guitar Gary Hare - keyboards Mike McFarlane - drums Carol Pominville - bass guitar

How long have you been around? I’ve been making music since the 80s. Musical influences: Blues, roots, swing/jazz, psychedelia, British invasion, Led Zeppelin, Bonnie Raitt, and 60s radio. What is your favourite song to perform? With the band, “Keep On Lovin’ Me” and “Stormy Monday” and, in my blues duo, “Atlanta Moan,” “Canned Heat,” and “Lover Man.” What’s new? Some awesome originals with my Blue Thunder band for the next recording and more touring to far places with the duo and band. We are playing the Foundry on November 30. Words to live by: You’ve got the goods—now go for it. The last person you should be afraid of is yourself. Concentrate on enjoying the ride rather than obsessing on the goal—attention is an insatiable craving. Contact info:


The Walleye

How long have you been around? One year (as a band, variable for each member) Musical influences: Led Zeppelin, Sting, and Stevie Ray Vaughn What is your favourite song to perform? The three new songs we wrote for the blues competition: “It Wasn’t Me,” “Killing Time,” and “Anything.” What’s new? We are. Words to live by: Be positive. Contact info:

The Mark Potvin Blues Band, featuring The Potvin Horns Genre: blues (Texas blues, Chicago blues, and jump blues)

Band members: Mark Potvin - vocals and guitar Tom Sinkins - bass guitar Wayne Breiland - drums Max Potvin - cornet Ben Potvin - tenor trombone Sam Potvin - tenor saxophone How long have you been around? The Blues band has been around in some form for about 15 years. Musical influences: Muddy Waters, Big Joe Turner, Louis Jordan, and T-Bone Walker. What is your favourite song to perform? “Caldonia” What’s new? We’re always working on new horn charts and material to keep the band fresh. Words to live by: Go hard or go home, cause this is show business... so you gotta show your business!! Contact info: Mark-Potvin/88915683879

Monty and the Mule Mood Indigo Genre: blues, soul, folk rock.

Genre: jazz, blues, dance

Band members: Clay Breiland - vocals and guitar Gord Ellis - guitar Richard Tribe - keys Dave Campbell - drums Rory Bohler - bass

Band members: Dr. Mark R. Thibert - sax Glenn Jennings -piano Rory Slater - bass Jim Differ - drums

How long have you been around? Monty and the Mule has had several manifestations over the last three years. The current lineup may also be seen playing reggae under the name Rocksteady. Musical influences: From Albert Collins to Zeppelin... Muddy, Otis Redding, SRV, Stevie Wonder, Miles, Dylan, Marley, Burning Spear, Jonny Lang, Hank Snow, Hank Jr. & Sr., Coltrane, Pino Palidino, Dr. John, BB, Buddy, Cash, Aretha, Thelonious, Snarky Puppy, Skaggs, Levon Helm, etc. What’s new? Playing the Apollo on November 2 and Crocks on November 30. Words to live by: Satisfy your imagination. Contact info:

How long have you been around? 20 years Musical influences: Coltrane, Getz, Webster, Adderley, Parker, Desmond, Evans, Mulligan, Krall, Peterson, Baker, and Brown. What is your favourite song to perform? Pink Panther theme What’s new? We’re playing at the Valhalla weekly, Fridays and Saturdays, 6-10 pm. Words to live by: Carpe diem. Contact info: Indigo Jazz twitter: @moodindigojazz

November 2012  

Sounds of the City Part 2, Flipper Flanagan, Biindigaate Film Festival, Artisans Northwest, The Sheepdogs

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