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CoverStory 130. Best DJ

137. Best punk band

1. DJ Big D

1. The Bay Street Bastards*

Film and Theatre

2. Rival Town

144. Best film (2016-2017)

3. The Bottom Rockers

1. Autumn Spring by Jessica Graham

150. Best actress (2016-2017) 1. Nancy Freeborn*

138. Best electronic act 1. Jean-Paul De Roover* 2. BLVCK SHEEP 3. Ocean City Defender

139. Best blues act Chad Kirvan

1. Arley Hughes

2. Paper Wasps by Brendan Petersen

2. Miss Temperance

131. Best solo artist

145. Best film director (2016-2017)

1. Jean-Paul De Roover 2. Arley Hughes 3. Emily Kohne

1. Damien Gilbert*

132. Best rock band

3. Jessica Graham

2. Michelle Derosier

1. Honest Heart Collective*

146. Best film festival

2. Soapboxer

1. Bay Street Film Festival/ Vox Popular Gala*

3. Phoebe the Feeb

133. Best folk act 1. The Bay Street Bastards*

2. North of Superior Film Festival 3. Terror in the Bay

2. The Angies

147. Best local theatre production (2016-2017)

3. The Roosters

140. Best choral group

1. We Will Rock You (Magnus Theatre)

1. TBSO Chorus 2. Lakehead University Vocal Ensemble 2. Gentlemen of Harmony

141. Best country band 2. Arley Hughes 3. Greenbank

134. Best metal band 1. A New Machine 2. The Vilification 3. Femur

135. Best rap artist 1. Wax Philosophic* 2. Webster Death 3. Solomon

136. Best jazz act 1. Mood Indigo*

1. Scott van Teeffelen & the Backroads Band 2. Shitty Dates

Matthew Goertz

3. Lakehead Choral Group

3. Back Forty

142. Best cover band 1. Plan B (The Band)* 2. Morning Light 3. The Angies

143. Best music instructor (new category)

2. Hairspray Jr. (Paramount Live) 3. Greased (Paramount Live/ Badanai Theatre)

148. Best theatre director (2016-2017) 1. Olivia McInnis 2. Thomas McDonald

Nancy Freeborn hones her acting skills by people-watching. “I love acting because I have a tendency to focus on people’s mannerisms,” says Freeborn, who hasn’t studied drama formally but who has been acting since she was a kid. “I enjoy being able to act out the behaviours I notice in others and see if I can use them to create a realistic and convincing character.” Recently, those characters included a street vendor who delivered critically acclaimed monologues in One for Norma, written by Cathi Winslow, at the Superior Theatre Festival. Freeborn, who also sings lead vocals for The Angies, an all-female Rolling Stones tribute band, and performs in local musical theatre around town, says her favourite role so far was in Chain Gang by Andrew Paulsen. “Actors had to very quickly and seamlessly transition between talking to customers on their headsets, talking to each other using their ‘mute buttons,’ and talking to their boss offset,” she says. “It was an extremely challenging piece but very rewarding once we perfected it.” Next up: More plays, of course! 2. Olivia McInnis 3. Jess Falcioni

151. Best local actor (2016-2017) 1. Derek Roy

2. Denise Krawczuk

149. Best theatre troupe

3. Eric Morettin

1. Paramount Live

3. Neil Paterson

2. Magnus Theatre*

3. Robin Ranger

3. Cambrian Players

The Walleye

By Bonnie Schiedel

3. Marcia Arpin

1. Theresa Thibert

2. Martin Blanchet Jazz Quintet


Lana Pribic

3. Chi pi kaaki too yang: Coming Together to Talk by Michelle Desrosiers


2. Spencer Hari

Profile for The Walleye Magazine

January 2018  

Since starting at The Walleye, many times I’ve had readers commend the magazine on how we have our fingers on the pulse of all things arts a...

January 2018  

Since starting at The Walleye, many times I’ve had readers commend the magazine on how we have our fingers on the pulse of all things arts a...