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Jocelyn Teece Editor-in-Chief

Shayna Monahemi Creative Director Melissa Gad Editorial Director Caroline Stern Editor-at-Large


Michelle Flesh, Marsha Low Female Style Directors Carolina Ernst Male Style Director Carlyn Mehaffey-Coy, Elonia McHenry, Leah Pellegrini, Erica Sachse, Alee Schwartz,Tyrone Thomas, Quinn Werner Stylists Lennie Zhu Accessories Stylist Natasha Scott Bookings Editor


Caitlin Drummond Fashion Editor Melissa Schall Beauty Editor Caroline Kassie Features Editor Sabrina Shyn Copy Editor


Chloe Heckman Beauty Director Romelie Coriolan Beauty Stylist


Denis O’Flynn O’Brien, Aurora Wardlaw Photography Directors Alex Remnick Photographer Jennifer Cahalane, Amanda Jackson Behind-the-scenes Photographers


Emily Sherbany Art Director Jacqueline Lem Assistant Art Director Emma Baiada, Brooke Callahan, Kayla Fuchs, Preeya Goradia, Alex Luzi, Sarah Schults, Tina Xie Layout Team


Aida Abdikulova, Emma Baiada, Sharon Friedlander, Melissa Gad, Janey Goldberg, Kate Hoblitzell, Mae Hochhauser, Brooke Huestis, Whitney Mash, Jennifer Mindrum, Nikki Pepperman, Anita Saggurti, Melissa Schall, Sarah Shults, Jayhun Song, Ashley Welch, Lennie Zhu


Editor-in-Chief Jocelyn Teece Website Director Jamie Shim Editorial Director Maja Warrum Senior Fashion Editor Janey Goldberg Senior Health Editor Nikki Pepperman Senior Features Editor Sharon Friedlander Senior Shopping Editor Kelly Wyche Junior Editors Elonia McHenry Junior Features Editor Alex Luzi Blog Director Emma Baiada Blog Managers Rachel Harrison-Gorden, Sara Lim, Ibie Longjohn, Erica Sasche, Lennie Zhu


President Caroline Stern Public Relations Director Marketing Committee Director Lisa Zheng Director of Fashion Shows Blaine Beshah The WALK Editor-In-Chief Jocelyn Teece Director of Finance and Corporate Sponsorship Lisa Cohen Vice President of External Affairs Marlowe Williams Vice President of Internal Affairs Thema Emanuel

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Behind the scenes at our Winter 2011 photo shoots. Behind-the-scenes photography by Jennifer Callahan, Amanda Jackson, and Anya Bado


Californians don’t “do” winter. For us, fall merges seamlessly into spring, with no puffy duffle coats in between. Thus, when I first came to Penn, the cold weather posed a serious problem. I gazed out of my Quad window in starry wonder as snow fell, yet students walked to class unfazed in elegant pea coats and leather boots, a mélange of fabrics draped effortlessly around their warm necks. No matter how many of my UC Berkeley sweatshirts I layered on top of each other, I couldn’t master the look. It took months of numb fingers and ruined black flats for me to come to grips with the necessity of wearing durable knee-high boots and the magic of cashmere gloves (fingerless, of course - anything else would inhibit bbming). In our first issue of 2011, The WALK’s staff of talented student stylists will show you in a few short features what it took me many cold Philadelphia winters to learn. Our “Animal Instincts” shoot proves that fur and neutral prints can instantly update an everyday outfit. We tip our hats to Karl Lagerfeld’s F/W Chanel collection for making synthetic fur chic. Our “High Tech Winter Accessories Guide” combines practicality with innovative design (the iCap, anyone?). Finally, in our “Penn Men” shoot, your class presidents play homage to the romance of the 1960s and one of our favorite TV shows, which even in its fourth season remains an aesthetic feast for the fashionably inclined. Adam Behrens, Jibran Kahn, Jonathan Youshaei, and Spencer Penn show how to pull off the dapper suits and combed-back coif of Don Draper. We suspect you already possess his suave attitude and tactful business techniques, but can you dress the part? It’s time to say goodbye to UGG boots and sweatpants (this is Penn, not Penn State) and embrace wearable winter looks that will have you strutting down Locust Walk like it’s Madison Avenue. So make yourself a Manhattan and cozy up with our Winter Issue!






















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IT'S A HAT TRICK: WINTER ACCESSORIES Complement chunky knits with soft eye makeup

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best of beauty in philadelphia Because it's junior year and you still haven't let anyone in Philly touch your hair

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STUDENT DESIGNER INTERVIEWS Blaine Beshah and Joanna Ehrenreich

BEST DRESSED OF PENN Our very own well-dressed ladies and gentlemen

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FURRY NEUTRALS New neutrals in furry pieces that warm up any winter wardrobe

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Spring is wearing: high-wasted pants, Zara, $39.90; turtleneck, Alexander Wang, Knit Wit, $525; fur vest, stylist’s own; necklace, stylist’s own; knitted headband, stylist’s own. Photographed by Alex Remnick.


A closer look at our four class presidents



penn men


The people who make The WALK possible





winning walks

causes with style



under the knife real student life



cute meets functional

high tech winter accessories

best of beauty

in philly plus philadelphia boutique guide

LIVES OF PENN it's MEN a mad


mad world


MELISSA GAD Class of 2011 POSITION: Editorial Director BEST PART OF BEING ON THE WALK: I love that it showcases the talent and style of so many Penn students with a variety of creative gifts, from photography to styling and writing to modeling. The magazine is truly a team effort that relies on all of these talents channeling their individual visions towards a single end point: the issue. I love that it appears so professional and dynamic, always exceeding the typical expectations of a student publication. FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Julie Haus, Alexander McQueen, Catherine Malandrino, Norma Kamali, Christian Siriano

DENIS O’FLYNN O’BRIEN Class of 2011 POSITION: Photography Director BEST PART OF BEING ON THE WALK: Holding the printed magazine in my hands for the first time. FAVORITE DESIGNER: My favorite designer is a car designer. Ian Callum is the Design Director at Jaguar and has radically changed the brand design.

EMILY SHERBANY Class of 2013 POSITION: Art Director BEST PART OF BEING ON THE WALK: Since I do layout, I see the whole magazine come together. I love seeing how talented and creative everyone on staff is, from our stylists, photographers, and writers to my wonderful layout team. FAVORITE DESIGNER: Not sure if this counts as a “designer,” but my absolute favorite store and brand is Free People. I also love Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Prada, and BCBG.

AURORA WARDLAW Class of 2011 POSITION: Photography Director BEST PART OF BEING ON THE WALK: Collaborating with talented, fun people while doing what I love most, photography. FAVORITE DESIGNER: Marc Jacobs

06 THE WALK / FALL 2010

SHAYNA MONAHEMI Class of 2012 POSITION: Creative Director BEST PART OF BEING ON THE WALK: The WALK’s Twitter. Follow it: @TheWALKMagazine!! FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, Burberry Prorsum, Fenton Fallon

CONTRIBUTORS NATASHA SCOTT Class of 2011 POSITION: Bookings Editor BEST PART OF BEING ON THE WALK: Coordinating EVERYONE for each photo shoot and seeing it come together successfully (despite all the madness going on behind-the-scenes!) FAVORITE DESIGNER: Tracy Reese, D&G, Roberto Cavalli, Zac Posen

NICOLE PEPPERMAN Class of 2012 POSITION: Public Relations Director, Online Editor of Health and Fitness BEST PART OF BEING ON THE WALK: I love that it is a venue to write and take pictures. It encompasses my favorite hobbies and allows mw to collaborate with new individuals. FAVORITE DESIGNER: Michael Kors, Vera Wang, BCBG, and Nike


MICHELLE FLESH Class of 2011 POSITION: Style Director BEST PART OF BEING ON THE WALK: I love the creativity that goes into each photo shoot! Although chaotic, the photo shoots are always fun and an excellent way to display art! FAVORITE DESIGNER: Balenciaga, Prozena Schouler, YSL, and Topshop!!

Class of 2012 POSITION: Men’s Style Director BEST PART OF BEING ON THE WALK: Dressing Penn’s finest boys FAVORITE DESIGNER: Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Rag&Bone

MARSHA LOW Class of 2013 POSITION: Style Director BEST PART OF BEING ON THE WALK: The fact that it is entirely student run and that we can all contribute and incorporate our favorite styles in photo shoots, translating them into real ideas. FAVORITE DESIGNER: Yohji Yammamoto, Junya Watanabe, Rei Kawakubo, Miuccia Prada, Alber Lebaz, Stella Mccartney, Phoebe Philo, Gareth Pugh, Martin Margiela, Raf Simons, Jil Sander... Too many


Brilliantly Affordable Beauty

HAIR | SKIN | NAILS | All services provided by supervised students. | Chestnut Street at 40th |



Class presidents Class presidents in their wear own their suits. own Onsuits. Sarah: On Dress, Sarah:Hyden Dress, Hyden Yoo, $154 Yoo,at$154 Vagabond; at Vagabond; Cape, cape, $65 at$65 Sazz at Vintage. Sazz Vintage. On Rebecca: On Rebecca: Top, $16 Top,at$16 Vagabond at Vagabond Vintage; Vintage; Skirt, price skirt, price upon request upon request at Vagabond at Vagabond Vintage. Vintage.



BEAUTy BY romelie coriolan and chloe heckman THEWALKMAGAZINE.COM 11


Presidents in their own suits




Adam Behrens, Jibran Kahn, Jonathon Youshaei, and Spencer Penn. And if you don’t know them, you should, because they are representing you as your class presidents. With such important roles, we at The WALK were pleased to learn that they have their own personal styles (and clean up quite nicely, we might add). With inspiration from Mad Men and help from models Rebecca Medders and Sarah Flieshman, these boys gave Don Draper and the boys of Sterling Cooper a run for their money. We spoke to them about their modeling aspirations, fashion advice for Penn women, and David Fertig’s chest hair. Thanks to the horrors of the dreaded college application process, most Penn students have pondered what might be on page 217 of their autobiography. Until this year’s application cycle when the optional question was removed, this famous essay prompt asked students to speculate about where their life might lead. Surprisingly, none of the current class board presidents—Adam Behrens, Jibran Kahn, Jonathon Youshaei, and Spencer Penn—wrote accounts of a life as an international supermodel, gracing the covers of Vogue and boldly bringing back into style the ill-fated Hammer pants. However, before Spencer writes of receiving a call from the President asking him to join his cabinet, he—and his colleagues—can write on page 57 about having a spread in a fashion magazine. Jibran was familiar with the show Mad Men, but Spencer had only heard of the popular drama series. After his time at the shoot, he joked that the show is all about “suits, scotch, cigars, billiards, [and] women,” all of which appeared on the set. Ok, maybe not scotch – but

12 THE WALK / FALL 2010


OUR CLASS BOARD PRESIDENTS THRIVE ON CAMPUS WITH A DUALITY OF PROFESSIONALISM AND FUN. there certainly were a lot of suits. The guys arrived on set looking serious and jaunty in tweed and pin stripes. It wasn’t a surprise that Jonathan managed to look sharp on set; he’s got some help in his personal style. “I actually Skype [my mom] every night so she can pick out my clothes for the following morning, and then she sings me a lullaby before I go off to bed,” he told us. Although this mother-son bond would be precious if true (who doesn’t secretly love a boy who loves his mom?), Jonathon’s joking is consistent with the dynamic on set. Even the restriction of a Windsor knot couldn’t repress the light-hearted, mischievous nature of Penn’s own Mad Men. Despite the austere effect of the vintage-style photos, in between takes the mood shifted towards Curb Your Enthusiasm, the show Jonathon said would best describe his life. Penn’s class board presidents thrive on campus with this same duality of professionalism and fun. When asked what they believe their purpose is as class president, each indicates a genuine commitment to what he is doing, and confidence in the power of Penn students to affect change. Jibran speaks of his role as “representing the voice of 2012…both internally…and externally.” Spencer takes pride in knowing that the successes of class board “are immediately tangible.” Jonathon hopes to facilitate the creation of “memories and experiences that our classmates hold onto past graduation.” And Adam relishes in his role, which allows him to “connect people--be it students to other students, faculty, or administration.” But in their positions, just like on set, these guys know how to have a bit of fun. “Applied for  the  school, now in love with  the  people/ Get ready world cuz 2013 is writing its sequel/ The rest just the pews, but our  school  is  the  steeple/ Now  in other words, Penn has no equal.” Before you get upset wondering how you haven’t heard Kanye’s secret track on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, rest easy that this hard-hitting verse comes from the pen of Jonathon Youshaei and not the Louis Vuitton Don. The sophomore class president offered a special performance of the rap at this year’s welcome back picnic with Amy Gutmann. “Be on the look out for our mixtape,” Jonathon said. “It’s dropping soon.”  He is not the only president who knows how to get creative; during campaigning, Spencer made a mashed up video of the Class of 2013 convocation address by Gutmann, altering footage so that it appeared she was talking about him (note from Spencer: “my last name is Penn, fyi”). These Mad Men aren’t ignorant to fashion either. While they were styled for the spread, each president has a defined sense of style that carries over into his daily routine. In fact, most of the clothing Spencer wore during the shoot was actually his own. Aside from suits, his uniform of choice is a “fitted button-down shirt, slim-cut jeans, a western-style rectangular belt buckle and leather high-top boots.” Jibran takes more of a laid back approach to fashion, rocking “whatever keeps [him] warm,” from sweaters to coats. Jonathon is more adventurous when it comes to his style, claiming

he is a big fan of “clipping David Fertig’s chest hair and creating a sweater out of that. It’s a really sustainable and energy-friendly way of keeping warm.” Adam also takes a bold approach, and sincerely hopes that the leopard print will finally make its way into the male trends this winter. Until then, he’ll stick with his “stock of Banana Republic and J.Crew sweaters.” It’s safe to assume that if you aspire to look like any one of your favorite presidents, just hit up your local J.Crew for sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters. The boys even offered up their own well-intentioned fashion advice for their female classmates. The consensus was that girls should ditch the leggings, huge sunglasses, shorts and Uggs together, and overdone makeup. Admittedly, though, they know little about the sacred art of female fashion, at least compared to their broad experience with men’s styles. For these Mad Men, fashion is all about the show. Between class board meetings, fraternity involvement, entrepreneurship endeavors, other extracurriculars, and academics (this is still Penn…) they take advantage of Penn’s first-rate social scene. On a typical Thursday night, you can find each of them out on the town, whether it’s out to dinner, Smokes, Recess, Van Pelt (or, in Jibran’s case, all of the above). They always know how to have a good time, even if for eldest president Adam that good time consists of sappy romantic comedies and Ben & Jerry’s (awwww). Though all four men are in agreement that academics are of the utmost importance (they’re hardly slackers—representing Wharton, the Huntsman Program for International Business, and Economics/History majors in the College), they love the fact that Penn is recognized as the “party ivy.” “I don’t think there’s a question about that title,” said Jibran. Having grown up in Big Ten country, Adam joked, “I’ve always found it funny that people think of Penn as the ‘party ivy.’ I guess we take what we can get?” Emphasizing the balance at Penn, Jonathon concurred, “Just knowing that we have so many social options to go along with great academics, extracurriculars, and athletics really speaks to how fortunate we are to be here.” And now, Spencer, Jonathon, Jibran, and Adam can add model for The WALK to their list of activities. Jonathon is thrilled that time spent watching “all those episodes of America’s Next Top Model” has finally paid off, while Jibran knows that his modeling career can “only go up from here.” Spencer candidly admitted that being featured in a fashion magazine has always been one of his lifetime goals: “I’m just glad to be checking it off the list.” Shocked that he actually has become a model, Adam asks the quintessential Penn question: “Can I put this on my résumé?” While these Mad Men have a lot on their plate (with evergrowing CVs to match), they know that upon graduation from Penn, they will be served well by all of these experiences: academic, social, extracurricular, and, of course, fashion. Demonstrating the optimistic confidence of great leaders, models, they truly follow the Mad Men mantra: “I have a life. And it only goes in one direction—forward.” W


Left: On Spencer: Jacket, his own. On Jibran: Jacket, $65. On Adam: Jacket, $70. On Jonathon: Jacket, $60. Ties, $8 and $22. All from Sazz Vintage. Right: On Rebecca: Lace top, South Moon Under, Olive and Oak, $64.75; tweed skirt, Sazz Vintage.

On Rebecca: Dress, BB Dakota, $84 at South Moon Under. On Sarah, Dress, Popomomo, price upon request at Vagabond. Presidents in their own suits.

On Rebecca: Jacket, Velvet, $198 at South Moon Under; Dress, BB Dakota, $84 at South Moon Under. Presidents in their own suits.



Like the look of Mad Men? Want to channel your inner Bettie Page or Marilyn Monroe? Here are some of our best-kept secrets for getting your retro fashion fix on the web, whether you’re looking for truly authentic period pieces or brand new ones. Take a page from Dita Von Teese’s play book (well except for that whole Marilyn Manson thing) and embrace your inner pin up starlet.


Bettie Page Clothing

This line truly channels its namesake’s impeccable sense of style and class. Their focus is dresses and popular designs are often reworked season after season, offered in warm and cold weather versions, different fabrics, and colors. Though the line has kept a relatively low profile, offered online and in a few specialty boutique, including one in New York. You might be familiar with the line from its popular sailor dress worn by Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl a few seasons ago. Dirty Doll Lingerie


Listen up curvy girls: this New York based lingerie line is one to watch. Designed by two women who “could not find lingerie that was supportive and beautiful” they channeled their frustration by creating a small, but extremely well constructed line of burlesque-inspired bras and panties great for everyone, but especially those who are bustier. Using a palette of sophisticated neutrals and luxe satin and lace, long line corsalette bras and high-waist panties are featured. Katy Perry is a fan of the brand and it has been featured in Vogue Japan, InTouch, Bust, Inked, and Daily Candy.


This website is a great source for new pieces by hard-to-find indie designers who produce great quality retro-style pieces in small batches. Their carefully curated collection represents a variety of style periods, but pin-up and Mad Men era looks are definitely most prominent. Offerings include some of the cutest secretary-chic dresses for your internship or interview needs. Try it out now for some unique holiday party looks complete with luxe fabrics, festive jewel tones, and all of the accessories you need. The site also has a limited vintage tab, where they offer one-of-a-kind pieces. These sell almost immediately, so check back often. Stop Staring!

16 THE WALK / FALL 2010


This fabulous LA based brand designed by Alicia Estrada is sold is select stores, including several in New York City, but is also conveniently available right online. The truly classy pin up and rockabilly dresses offer a modern take on 40s and 50s styles and have been featured in Vogue, Lucky, Allure, Seventeen, and People to name just a few. Our classy dresses and rockabilly clothes have been worn by a countless number of celebrity A-listers including Paris Hilton, Eva Mendes, Kim Kardashian, Zooey Deschanel, and Ashley Greene. Models for the collection include lookalikes of real life pin ups like the iconic Bettie Page.


This shop’s designs use authentic vintage patterns directly or draws inspiration from them to create truly glamorous retro pieces. You will find dresses here as well as beautifully tailored vintage suits with a feminine flair. A tremendous range of high quality fabrics in a broad spectrum of weights and colors are on offer for buyers of the bespoke pieces. Still can’t find an Etsy store with the right item? Etsy has a great system called Alchemy where you can create a listing (a la Craigslist but much less sketchy) detailing the item you seek, time constraints for the project, and budget. Etsy artists can then respond to your listing and you can select the right person for the job.


Offering pitch perfect models of the best of Joan Holloway’s closet as well as other reproductions, this Etsy shop can add a pinch of 1960s secretary to your wardrobe. Best of all, pieces are made to your measurements, and for the same cost or less than an off the rack piece. Expect impeccable construction, the best fit you’ve ever had, and a quick turnaround time. The designer also has a website offering standard sizes if you’re in a hurry.

Heart My Closet


If you haven’t browsed this network of artisans and collectors, you’re missing out. This indie site offers online “stores,” offering a wide range of products including clothing and accessories all either vintage or handmade. Store owners have all of the control over their merchandise and costs with the advantage of being part of a larger, searchable network of vendors. Amongst the handmade stores, you will find reproduction clothing, hairpieces, bags, and more that have all of the charm of a vintage piece with all of the longevity and modern edge of a new one. Here are a few of the star stores, but there are many, many more fabulous finds to be had. Pop in a few search terms to find a store offering exactly what you’re looking for, from a custom crinoline to an authentic, decades-old wiggle dress. See By Cindy



It’s a Mad, Mad World We may be two hours south and fifty years ahead of the Manhattan playground of the men and women of Sterling Cooper, but that doesn’t mean Philly doesn’t have some of the retro charm you drool over each week. Read on for picks to create your own Mad world…because we all want to get sloshed Don Draper style.


The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co.

The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. bills itself as “a drinking establishment.” If you want to get sloppy-drunk and take shots in preparation for Feb Club, this is not the place, but if you want to have the most unique, delicious drink of your life in a sophisticated environment, run here. The skilled bartenders will quiz you on your likes and dislikes using bar lingo like strong, sour, sweet, and stiff, and whip up a custom cocktail with your choice of alcohol. Guys, this is an impressive place to take a date, maybe for some postmovie conversation after an indie flick at the Ritz. Major points. If you can’t take our word for it, GQ named the bar one of the top twenty five in the US right now and Bon Appétit honored it as one of the top ten new bars in the country. Note The Franklin Mortgage and Investment that staying true to the period that inspired it, Co. will give you the most unique, deli- Franklin does not serve up vodka (not available cious drink of your life in a sophisticated here until the 1960s and also relatively neutral in environment. flavor). Beer and wine are also out, but don’t let that scare you; the oddball menu categories of Required Reading, I Asked for Water She Gave Me Gasoline, and Booze in a Glass include drinks to satisfy everyone in your party.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Truly a tribute to the art of the cock-

tail, this is the farthest away from the Blarney Stone that you can get without traveling back in time or leaving the country. And, especially by senior year, that is exactly what you need. EXTRA CREDIT PICK: If you loved The Franklin and are craving more, try out Ranstead Room, the modern speakeasy connected to El Rey, Stephen Starr’s newest Mexican restaurant. Sasha Petraske, famed mixologist and owner of NYC hot spot Milk and Honey is the brain behind the limited but fantastic handcrafted cocktail menu. A strictly enforced 46-person capacity maintains the quiet and exclusive vibe. Your best bet when ordering? Always go for the “Bartender’s Choice.”

18 THE WALK / FALL 2010

The dining room at XIX at the Bellevue is chic art deco in grey and cream.


XIX at the Bellevue

XIX at the Bellevue should be your spot for happy hour after a long day of drinking and misogyny at the advertising firm or, uh…energy shots and studying at Van Pelt. They serve up two versions of Betty Draper’s cocktail of choice, a gimlet, in modern fresh blueberry and mint varieties as well as a Pearcar, a stellar reinvention of the classic Sidecar with Grey Goose Poire expertly included. Guys might enjoy their XIX Old-Fashioned, a stiff no-nonsense drink Rodger Sterling would approve of. Best of all their fabulous updates of classic cocktails are slashed from $12 to $6 between five and seven on weekdays, so you don’t have to choose just one. Plan to clear the rest of your evening; you won’t be home in time for Glee.

WHY WE LOVE IT: The design of the dining room is chic art deco in grey and cream. A to die for draping pearl chandelier is the centerpiece, and the bar itself is pure old boy’s club (think the dim light and sophisticated mahogany of NY’s Grand Central Oyster Bar featured on the show). This is a happy hour where you won’t sacrifice any class for affordability. Can you say the same for most of your regular watering holes? Yep, neither can we.



Amuse at Le Meridien Hotel

Amuse at Le Meridien Hotel might not seem like a natural pick for locals at lunchtime, but their “three martini lunch” suitable for the men of Sterling Cooper Draper Price throws them to the top of our list. For $30, you get the classic bistro pairing of French onion soup and streak frites, and not one, not two, but THREE martinis, a deal even without an expense account to charge to. And these aren’t boring, cheap martinis; you select from a menu of six options (feel free to mix and match) including dirty, French, and Cosmopolitan varieties (Joan and Samantha do have a lot in common after all). If you simply cannot finish all three, you will receive vouchers for the remaining ones to use on your next visit. A polite offer from Amuse, but just ask yourself: What Would Draper Do?

WHY WE LOVE IT: Three Martinis. In the afternoon. Do we really have to say anymore? No. What we need to do is make reservations during a lull in finals. Stat.

Amuse at Le Meridien Hotel provides a “three martini lunch.”


Society Hill Dance Academy


North Bowl

North Bowl provides a modern update on the undeniably charming retro pastime. Far more than your run of the mill alley, this hip NoLibs space offers the perfect blend of nightlife and games that you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of sooner. The upper level of the warehouse style digs offers foosball, pool, and video games, alleys for private parNorth Bowl offers the perfect blend ties, and a swank bar. Downstairs of nightlife and games. you’ll find the bowling alleys, an explosion of neon, and a larger bar. This is a strictly adult space open from happy hour time until late night. The cocktails are pure whimsy, equal parts classic and modern including offerings like the NoCowSki, a Big Lebowski-inspired White Russian made with, you guessed it, soy milk. Allow plenty of time to get your lane on weekends; a devoted fan base means waiting lists form during peak hours. If you can swing it, weekdays offer great specials, especially Wednesdays when bowling, shoes, and select beers are only $2 each. Expect an awesome and diverse soundtrack; the live DJ has been known to switch effortlessly from Sinatra to Kanye, no easy feat.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Amusing yourself

during your wait is too easy. Besides the bars and people watching (those hipsters wear the darndest things), the downstairs boasts a too-cute retro photo booth and vending machines with unconventional offerings ranging from Wooly Willy magnetic hair toys to vintage candies. Plan to spend some money on these nostalgic novelties; they’re just too hard to resist. Even the socks they sell if you’ve forgotten yours (or decided to spontaneously go bowling) are fun.

The Sterling Cooper Directory

It seems like all of the men and women in those years knew how to dance. Get a crash course at Society Hill Dance Academy, housed in a gorgeous old row home converted into a studio. Types of dance run the gamut, but as part of your retro education, try out some ballroom. Payment is by the lesson, so you can try out swing, tango, rumba, and waltz to see which you like the best.

The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. 112 North 18th Street

WHY WE LOVE IT: Their Friday night social dance parties, which often

Broad Street, 19th Floor

include a beginner’s lesson and then a few no-pressure hours of dancing, food, and music create a no-pressure party atmosphere.

EXTRA CREDIT PICK: Craving some more dancing? We have a fabulous

studio right in our own backyard, Take the Lead. Competitive dancers themselves, the owners and instructors are well versed in all types of ballroom and Latin dance. Group are private lessons are offered at very reasonable rates, but, like Society Hill, their bi-weekly dance parties are a great wait to go. Their BYO policy, refreshments, and occasional live band all add to the relaxed festivity.

Ranstead Room 2013 Ranstead Street XIX at The Bellevue 200 South Amuse at Le Meridien Hotel 1421 Arch Street

North Bowl 909 North 2nd Street Society Hill Dance Academy 401 South 2nd Street

Take the Lead 4701 Pine Street

Get a crash course in dance at Society Hill Dance Academy.


BEAUTY On Lina: Jacket, stylist’s swn, hat, D&Y, Smak Parlour, $28; pink hat, model’s own. Opposite: On Risha: White scarf, stylist’s own; blue scarf, Madison 88, Anthropologie, $48; earrings, Forever21, $6; chain earring on hat, Urban Outfitters, $18; hat, Jeanne Simmons Accessories, Smak Parlour, $24.


it’s a hat trick



On Lina: Hat, Topshop, $40; scarf, model’s own; coat, model’s own; shirt, Divided, H&M, $24; necklace, JCrew.

On Risha: Beaded headband, Marshmallow World, Anthropologie, $32; earrings, Bebe, $25; scarf, Forever21, $12.99; faux fur shawl, vintage, model’s own; dress: Topshop, $90; necklace, Urban Outfitters, $34.


From left: Anna Sui, Chanel, Zimmermann Bottega Veneta, courtesy of

how to: 1 THE


winter beauty tips


his winter, a dramatic maroon lip is your best accessory. This powerful pout looks elegant paired with everything from a cream turtleneck to a black party dress. This look is very bold, so keep the rest of your makeup simple and light – let your lips be the focal point. A few coats of mascara and a nude blush will complete the look for everyday wear. Your best bet for attaining a perfect maroon lip is by using a stain. Stains are incredibly practical because they are so long-lasting, but application can be a little tricky.

GET THE LOOK Tarte stain in Blushing Bride, $30 Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain in Foxtrot, $19



Revlon Matte Lipstick, $7.99

Maybelline Dream Mouse Bronzer, $7.49

24 THE WALK / FALL 2010

HELPFUL HINTS FOR FLAWLESS LIPS: 1. Start with lips that are clean and dry. Be very careful with your application with stains, because they are hard to remove or correct a mistake (this is especially true when working with such a dark color such as maroon). Take your time, and make sure you stay inside the lines of your lips. 2. Stains come with a variety of different applicators. A pen-like type is the easiest to apply, much like coloring your lips with a marker. However, a stick allows for more control over the intensity of the color. Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to spread the color evenly!

4. Apply moisture. Stains are very drying because of their intense amount of pigment, so make sure you add lip balm over the stain to keep your lips from flaking or chapping. This will also help the color last longer and remain even all through the day or night.

Benefit Benetint in Rose, $28

hrough the years, the runway has been a showcase for some very out-there and wild makeup trends. Elaborately painted faces have constantly dominated the circuit. However, a new era in runway makeup introduces the idea of an effortless beauty – the Matte Muse. Not only does this makeup trend reintroduce natural beauty to the stage, it also highlights a look that with a little advice is perfectly attainable and wearable. The first step to the natural, matte look is hydration. Use a moisturizer to even out skin tone and eliminate dry patches. For a flawless look, try using a whipped or mousse foundation with a dust of mineral powder in place of a traditional


3. Wait for the stain to dry and absorb completely. It is better to start with a thin layer – you can always add more if you want a more intense color.

COVERGIRL Outlast Lipstain Collection in Sassy Mauve, $7.89


This winter, make subtlety pop with a dramatic maroon lip.

A new era in runway makeup introduces the idea of an effortless beauty – the Matte Muse.


liquid foundation. For blush, try a color with a simple pink or peach undertone. Cream blushes are perfect for mimicking skin’s natural texture, and they often dry matte. You can even use a little bit of bronzer in place of blush for a natural glow. Last, seal in the look by applying a translucent powder to fix foundation and reduce shine. Find shades that harmonize with your natural colors. If your complexion is light, use colors with pink and peach undertones. If it’s medium, look for creams and beiges. If it’s dark, apply shades with copper and brown undertones. When it comes to eyes, stick with neutral, complementary colors. A great way to achieve this is to use concealer under the eyes and on the lid Almay Intense I-Color Mascara in Chocolate Quartz, $7.50

Diorskin Nude Crème Gel Compact Foundation, $48

in place of an overall shadow. Lightly apply brown eyeliner rather than black, or forgo eyeliner entirely and use an eye shadow to trace along the upper lid. To complement your natural hair color, choose brown or clear mascara instead of inky black. For the lips, a good rule is to try to find a shade in between your inner and outer lip color. Look for sheer, matte pinky-beige or coral lipsticks, or accentuate your natural color by applying a clear gloss or a slight lip stain. The key to a nude face is simplicity. Remember that and success will surely follow!


Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge For Lips And Cheeks, $22

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Translucent, $34

bareMinerals Liner Shadow in Coffee Bean, $13

Lorac Double Feature Highlighter and Concealer, $24


UNDER THE A Penn student relates her breast reduction story.





ou remember that line from Superbad – Seth tells Evan that getting a breast reduction was like “slapping God in the face for giving you a gorgeous gift.” I remember sitting in the theater, feeling my teenage self instantly crossing my arms across my chest. I didn’t always have this problem. My boobs didn’t start growing until ninth grade – but once they arrived, they came in with a bang. By senior year of high school, I was a D-cup. During freshman year of college, they grew again. Call it the Freshman 15, call it the side effects of the pill, but seemingly overnight I had gone from having Limited Too bras tailored to fit my tiny frame to being somewhere in the neighborhood of a triple-D. They were so big that Victoria’s Secret didn’t even carry my size. On my 5’4”, 115-pound frame, my boobs made no sense. My wardrobe generally consisted of oversize tees and sweatshirts designed to make me look shapeless. I couldn’t buy strapless or halter-style tops. Going braless? Impossible. My friends called me a “master of camouflage,” because people who didn’t know me had no idea that I had boobs at all. I had other friends with big boobs, but while they seemed proud and would flaunt them, I couldn’t bring myself to do so. And I constantly feared that boys only approached me because of my size. When I reached the point of toeing the line between a triple D and an F cup, I knew I had to take action. I thought maybe if I lost weight, the size of my boobs would go down as well. 15 pounds later, my legs were toned and my stomach was a little flatter, but my boobs remained the same size. When I complained, my mom’s answer was always “people pay thousands of dollars to have a body like yours.” But I just kept thinking, that’s great for them – it isn’t right for me. It took almost two years to convince my parents to let me meet with plastic surgeons. I guess I should have been nervous, but I was

more excited – if this worked out, I would finally be rid of the problem that had plagued me for years. It wasn’t all cosmetic, either – I had shoulder and back pain, and got rashes under my boobs when I would sweat. I met with two surgeons, one I liked a lot and one I hated. The one I chose asked a few routine questions before asking me to remove my shirt and taking some photos. To my immense relief, he said that with the proportion of breast size to waist size, there would probably be no problem with getting insurance to cover at least some of the procedure (later I would learn that the insurance company had deemed my surgery “a medical necessity”). I won’t lie – recovery wasn’t fun or easy. The first week or so it was incredibly difficult to stand up or move at all. I had to sleep on my back on an elevated pillow, which gave me neck aches. I had to have drainage tubes for a week, which I regularly emptied of the blood and pus that filled them. Once the bandages came off, I had to wear a sports bra 24 hours a day for six weeks. I had to accept that fact that there’s a chance I won’t be able to breastfeed if I want to later in life. So was it worth it? Looking back on the pain and annoyances and knowing there will always be scars on my body? The answer is yes. I would do it again in a second. I’ve never felt better about myself. But I also realize plastic surgery isn’t the answer for everyone. Months later, I’m still applying scar gel twice a day and occasionally sleeping with a sports bra on, but I have no regrets. I’m on the line between a C and D-cup and couldn’t be happier with my results. The surgery – which took four hours and involved removing almost three pounds total of tissue – was everything I wanted it to be and more. I know surgery shouldn’t be anyone’s default option, but it truly made me feel better about myself – and when it comes down to it, that’s really all that matters.


Nikki Pepperman is here to answer your health questions. She is a junior in the School of Nursing, and she is minoring in Communication. She is pursuing a career in Health Communication. Send your questions to health@ Check the web for updated responses. Dear Nurse Nikki, I am an engineer at Penn and have class almost seven hours each day. During class, I can get very intense in my studies, and the best release for me seems to be running. I used to order a huge hamburger for energy, but now I feel even better if I just go for a jog. Why do I feel so “high” after I run? And why don’t I feel any pain until much later? -5K Marathon Burger Dear 5K Marathon Burger, Exercising is a great way to release your pent-up stress! Researchers now believe in a phenomenon called the “Runner’s High.” Studies have shown that doing any form of physical exercise for at least thirty minutes and at a moderate pace stimulates the release of endorphins from your brain. Whether you’re running, skipping, or jumping, any act that works your muscles triggers a set of reactions in your body. First, cell membranes open up to an influx of chemicals, which increases your heart rate. Blood vessels pump oxygen to fuel your body’s increased demands, your respiration rate increases, and then you start to sweat (and sometimes pant!). This triggers a class of endorphins called catecholamines to be released. Our favorite – epinephrine – is known as “the happy chemical.” This explains why runners such as yourself are happy after they race (even after running 26 miles!). Immediately following intense exercise, many athletes describe their state as euphoric due to the endorphin release. Your central nervous system kicks in: on the periphery, skin and hair send messages to your brain that actually block receptors to pain. Simply put, this means even though your brain may be receiving signals of pain, your body doesn’t feel it. Despite the sore calf muscles you may experience over the next few days that follow, hours after your run you will still feel elated and pain-free.





With the harsh winter weather in full swing, we at The WALK think you deserve a break to pamper yourself in style. We’ve been washed, blowdried, and waxed at salons all over Philly to present you with a guide to some of the best places to go for the post-Bio blowout or pre-rush pedicure you deserve. So go ahead – treat yourself and clear your head. The books will still be there when you get back.

BEST INEXPENSIVE BLOWOUT: Jean Madeline Aveda Institute BY MAE HOCHHAUSER AND JAYHUN SONG For those of you who count bad hair as a reason not to head downtown on a Thursday night, a blowout at the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute will definitely help you get out the door. The Institute, on 40th and Chestnut, boasts a cozy, modern atmosphere, low prices, and customer service. A blowout, priced at an unbeatable $13, is the perfect solution when your hand is just too tired to maneuver that heavy blow dryer. Online appointments are convenient and enhance the ease of the whole process. A stylist-in-training washed my hair with Aveda shampoo and conditioner, while a professional teacher strolled around the salon observing, offering help, and asking me to rate my satisfaction. Free beverages are an added bonus. The ambience of the salon, with huge glass windows and funky décor, makes you feel as if you are on Fifth Avenue with Frederic Fekkai instead of Chestnut Street with a newbie.


Above: Be sure to browse Saturn Club’s wall of fantastic products to pamper yourself at home! Below: The drool-worthy make-up counters at Blue Mercury look all the better with the new chairs next to each one so that an eomployee can show you what you really need, but thought you didn’t. Top right: Even getting your hair washed at Richard Nicholas looks inviting!

If you think you need to go to Rittenhouse when your (insert body part of choice) is not as smooth as you’d like, you’d be wrong. Simply leave Huntsman for a lunch break and head over to the oh-so-convenient Saturn Club, located right next to campus favorites New Deck and White Dog. While it seems like its specialty is hair, the humble salon has expert esthetician Mila on retainer for all of your waxing needs. Their prices are beyond reasonable ($12 dollars for an eyebrow wax), but that isn’t reflected in the high quality of service you’ll receive. The back room used for waxing is no-frills for sure, but the environment is clean and the waxing is precise and as near painless as you can hope for. Look Ma, no red marks! A far cry from the typical nail salon experience, Eastern European Mila is always smiley, pleasant and genuinely seems to enjoy her job and customers. She does manis, pedis, and facials too.


The Rittenhouse hair salon scene can be a little intimidating. With so many places concentrated in such a small area, it’s overwhelming to pick a salon, let alone a stylist. This hidden gem on 17th and Sansom is exactly what you’ve been looking for. The windows are dark, the employees are tattooed, and their hair is most likely pink or blue. However, Richard Nicholas is home to one of the best stylists in Philadelphia, Erin Porsia. Don’t let her funky fashion sense and ever-changing hairstyles scare you; Erin styles hair that looks like it’s right out of the paparazzi shots of People mag. My hair had so much volume after my last cut that I felt like I was right out of the Mary Tyler Moore show. Although the price is a little steep at $60, it’s worth it for Erin. She does color too, for those gray hairs you might have after midterms…


If you are on a quest for the best pedicure on campus, look no further than Adolf Biecker Salon on 34th and Walnut. This luxurious and intimate salon is located just steps away from the button, and has no rival in the area. Put up your feet and let Adolf Biecker soothe any tension away. What else is great about this pedicure? You get to keep your nail polish! A sample nail polish bottle is provided with every pedicure, which is perfect for those pesky touchups. While it may be a pit pricey for the average college student at $37, the overall service and atmosphere is well worth the splurge. A pedicure at Adolf Biecker Studio is the perfect remedy for any stress filled week!

26 THE WALK / FALL 2010





On Sarah: Jersey dress, Knit Wit; cage heels, stylist’s own; aviator vest, Zara, $69; leather jacket, stylist’s own.

On Jill: Wedge heels, stylist’s own; coat, South Moon Under, 2XPOSE, $298; long scarf, Zara, $29.90; purple scarf, model’s own.



28 THE WALK / FALL 2010

Burberry F/W RTW 2010

Jill Stuart F/W RTW 2010

RUNWAY OUR WAY On Jill: Bowtie, American Apparel, $10; denim button-up blouse, Polo Ralph Lauren; leather “Berlin” skirt, Knit Wit, Sachin + Babi, $470; wedge heels, stylist’s own.

On Jill: Long scarf, Zara, $29.90; army vest, Salvation Army, $20; blouse, South Moon Under, Patterson J. Kincaid, $98; wedge heels, stylist’s own.

proenza schouler


Proenza Schouler F/W RTW 2010

Rag and Bone F/W RTW 2010

On Sarah: Camel blouse, Zara, $29.90; navy pants, Zara, $59.90; blue heels, stylist’s own.

michael kors Michael Kors F/W RTW 2010



BLAINE BESHAH senior in the College, Blaine Beshah is another one of Penn’s incredibly talented fashion designers. Many of Beshah’s items have been featured in Dzine2Show fashion shows. She is currently a communications major and hopes to work in retail in the future. Beshah began designing as a child and enjoyed taking courses that expanded her interest in fashion. She said that her mother used to sew her own clothing while Beshah hand sewed outfits for her Barbie dolls. As Beshah grew as a designer, she picked up techniques in high school courses that further enhanced her sewing. Ever since she was a child, she’s loved the idea of expressing oneself through fashion. As a mature designer, Beshah has found inspiration in everything that surrounds her, as well as the works of other fashion designers. Beshah mainly designs for herself but overall, she sees a universal girl with an edge rocking her clothing. Her designs are mainly geared toward a college-age girl. This year, Beshah is challenging herself to create menswear for the first time. However, if she were to describe her current collections, the words flirty, feminine, and colorful would be the first on the list. Last year, during spring break, Beshah returned to campus early and decided to take advantage of the time. She, along with a few friends, got together in what she called “sewing circles” and created collections. Beshah finds sewing circles to be a great way to get feedback and bounce ideas off of other designers. They’re also quite fun, she claims. In the future, Beshah said she would love to work in the retail industry but is not quite sure yet for what corporation. She sees fashion design as a hobby but always wants it to be close to her profession. In the meantime, Beshah continues to make clothes for herself, contributing to W the already stylish community we have here at Penn. 1. Who is your most influential designer? I really like Alexander Wang, especially his T line. I love the simplicity of it, it’s casual but versatile. 2. What current trends do you like? I’m a huge fan of lace, draping, and loose, flowy tops. 3. What is something that most people don’t know about you? Originally, when I was thinking about school, I wanted to go to Parsons or FIDM.

Ehrenreich enjoys designing clothes for the type of girl who appreciates something different and unique.

JOANNA EHRENREICH oanna Ehrenreich is one of Penn’s many talented fashion designers. Ehrenreich is a junior in the College and is majoring in international relations, with a minor in French. She’s from a town two hours outside of New York City and in her free time, Ehrenreich designs clothing for herself, her twin, and her friends. In elementary school, Ehrenreich attended an after-school quilting class that spurred her interest in fashion. Soon after, her parents bought her her first sewing machine. Ehrenreich taught herself how to sew clothing and has been doing it ever since. She enjoys the challenges of the creative process and loves to wear her own clothing. Vintage clothing, her mother’s wardrobe, and the curves of the human body have inspired Ehrenreich’s designs. She loves to create clothing that flatters women’s bodies. She designs for the type of girl who appreciates something different, something incredibly unique. She herself is not an admirer of the fashion industry, claiming that it is often overpriced. Ehrenreich feels that there is often a void in the industry when it comes to affordable clothing, which she enjoys filling with her fun and classy designs. As for the future, Ehrenreich, like many of us Penn students, is unsure of what tomorrow will bring. Still, she is confident that she will always enjoy designing for herself and her friends. In the meantime, Ehrenreich has released a clothing line that can be found at TopStitch Boutique in Old City, Philadelphia. She considers designing for TopStitch Boutique a part-time job during school but continues to design through the summer. Many of her designs can also be W purchased at

1. How would you describe your designs? They vary but I often include high-waists and open backs. They are often 50s and 60s inspired casual wear that include structured jackets. It’s kind of tomboyish. 2. What is something that most people don’t know about you? For a significant part of my childhood, I wanted to be a masseuse. That didn’t make my mom too happy. 3. If you could describe your designs in three words, what would they be? Simple, shape-conscious, and classy. Beshah’s flirty, feminine, and colorful designs are mainly geared toward a college-age girl.

30 THE WALK / FALL 2010




Why look to designer runways when there are so many fashion forward Penn students strutting down Locust Walk? Check out other people we’ve SEEN at


SEEN: Tate Obayashi, exchange student

SEEN: Cliff Mak, graduate student


6 SEEN: Valerie Chiang, 2014 (right)



SEEN: Lilly ShinniJohnson, 2013


SEEN: Raya Jalabi, 2011

SEEN: Danielle Schwartz, 2014


SEEN: Sara Sodine, 2014


SEEN: Nick Yu, 2013



SEEN: April Lin, 2012

SEEN: Carolina Ernst, 2012


Tate’s outfit approaches an avant-garde fashion sense, and that is just where its beauty is found! Her use of layers works well, and her necklace is a bold and appealing accessory. This look is the definition of class. Cliff appears to be wearing a suit, but we can see upon closer inspection that he is wearing light wash jeans under that blazer. A mix of yellows and beiges is a refreshing substitute for black. Lilly’s military jacket contrasts well with her warm, patterned knits and sheer, colored tights. The way she mixes color, material, and texture in her look is a mark of a true fashion pro. Her whimsical red lip adds a new dimension.


We spotted Sara by her stunning leopard coat. She has on some raw combat boots and a sexy lace shirt. Her look is the perfect example of femininity with a tough edge.


Nick mixes patterns, texture and color in all the right ways. Blue and white looks super fresh accented with hints of red on the Penn logo and big Nike sneakers. Nick shows school spirit in the best way: with style.

6 7

Valerie is rocking an entirely fur sweater. She mixes silhouettes and textures by pairing it with patterned tights and a simple dress underneath. In case you were wondering what a hipster looked like, this is it. We especially love those funky John Lennon shades and that pair of crazy headphones!

8 9 10

This outfit is proof to all skeptics that black and brown work well together. Danielle’s leather jacket is the perfect everyday piece. Her infinity scarf adds a look of chic effortlessness to her outfit. April sports a basic yet bold outfit by combining classic whites, blacks, and grays with eye-popping punches of red. Her red scarf and red bag brighten up her basic henley and black cardigan. Carolina sports the perfect library outfit—comfy yet cute. Her striped shirt adds dimension to the classic black jacket, and her knee-high socks add a flirty flair to the shortand-tights combination. Her glasses are the perfect mix of studious and trendy.


d2s versus fashio

THE contestants

Tyler Ernst ’12

THE winners

Grant Mellon ’12


Sage Rahm ’13

Clayton Gardner ’12 Anton Schneider

Ryan Shmeizer Robert Franco ’14 Jonathan Sassover ’11

David Dobkin ’11

Nick Marini ’14

Michael McClung ’12

#1 grant mellon #2 ryan shmeizer

on walk-off winners The Dzine2Show VERSUS fall fashion event showcased Penn’s top student designers. For the less fashion inclined, it also featured some of Penn’s best looking men. They faced off on the runway for the grand prize of a full page spread in The WALK Magazine. But while few may compete, only some can win. Styled by Carolina Ernst. Clothing from J.Crew.





On Spring: Ribbed tights, Stylist’s own; patent leather skirt, Alexander Wang, Knit Wit, $695; sheer blouse, Equipment, Knit Wit, $188; fur vest, 525 America, Bloomingdales; necklace, stylist’s own; knitted headband, stylist’s own; heeled suede booties, stylist’s own.

On Janee: Dress, H&M; fur necklace, stylist’s own; cardigan, stylist’s own.

On Georgina: Pants, Something Else, Reward, $125; necklace, stylist’s own; nude shirt, Marco de Vincenzo, stylist’s own; sweater, Joie, stylist’s own.

On Georgina (left): Strapless dress, Ever, Knit Wit, $325; jacket, Topshop; knit leggings, stylist’s own; suede pumps, stylist’s own. On Janee (right): Cowl-neck sweater, Gestuz, stylist’s own; sequin skirt, Haute Hippie, Knit Wit, $375; long fur vest, Zara, stylist’s own; black tights, stylist’s own; suede lace-up booties, Zara, stylist’s own.

Spring is wearing: high-wasted pants, Zara, $39.90; turtleneck, Alexander Wang, Knit Wit, $525; fur vest, stylist’s own; necklace, stylist’s own; knitted headband, stylist’s own.


GET THE LOOK Embrace your bold side this winter by staying warm in chic fur outerwear. Combining neutral tones and statement accessories will create the perfect balance to your outfit.


3. 2. 4. 9. 10.









Looking for high-quality fur pieces? Try Jacques Ferber (, conveniently located right in Center City.

1. Gray fur vest, Bloomingdale’s, 525 America. 2. Olive blazer, Elizabeth and James, $765, 3. Cream strapless dress, Ever, $325, Knit Wit. 4. Wool hat, Aubin & Wills, $65, 5. Sheer blouse, Patterson J. Kincaid, $98, South Moon Under. 6. Ikat print pants, Something Else, $125, Reward. 7. Swarovski crystal skull necklace, Alexander McQueen, $945, 8. Green leather skirt, Alexander Wang, $695, Knit Wit. 9. Fur necklace, stylist’s own. 10. Sequin skirt, Haute Hippie, $375, Knit Wit. 11. Black earmuffs, Karl Donoghue, $145, 12. Brown fur vest, stylist’s own. 13. Gray blouse, Equipment, $188, Knit Wit. 14. Wedge boots, Michael Kors, $275,

42 THE WALK / FALL 2010





ew York Fashion Week 2010. Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha, a runway regular for Christian Lacroix and Marc Jacobs, is busy running to fittings, press meetings, casting calls, and Fashion Week events. Each day she sports a pair of chunky combat boots from Nine West with a blue target on the shin and an Omron GOSmart Pocket Pedometer inside. No, the bombshell is not trying out a new workout; she is counting her steps to raise money for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC), a non-profit organization initiated by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). For every step the model takes, the CFDA donates money to a breast cancer charity. Nine West launched their Runway Relief program at NYFW, featuring the limited edition Relief Boots, and since then has brought us 1,564,238 steps closer to a cure. Philanthropy is not only coming out of fashion companies; it is serving as the inspiration for brand new ones: Consider Falling Whistles, an LA-based organization was started by Sean Carasso after he traveled to the Congo and witnessed the devastating war taking place. He saw kidnapped children standing at the frontlines of a firing squad with only a whistle for defense. Upon returning to the states, he took action and launched the Falling Whistles campaign with a simple message–make their weapon your voice and be a whistle blower for peace in Congo. The sophisticated and edgy whistles come in Original Silver, Brushed Silver, Gunmetal, and Limited Edition Gold, with prices from $34-$104,

and have been picked up by Teen Vogue, the blogosphere, and celebrities such as Beyoncé and Jessica Biel. All proceeds go to rehabilitating the child soldiers and advocating for peace. Become a stylish whistle blower at But you don’t have to be a major designer or a model to make a difference. Samantha Kelman, a recent graduate of the Ross School of Business at University of Michigan, started her own company called Save Our Women at the ripe age of 16. She sought to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a foundation dedicated to finding the cure for breast cancer. Initially inspired by the 3-Day Walk hosted by the Komen Foundation, which she participates in to honor her grandmother, a cancer victim, she says she started “printing t-shirts to raise money for fundraising my next walk.” The shirts were plain tees printed with the words ‘Save Our Women’, a phrase she chose because “the name was catchy and made a statement.” Sam comments, “after I fundraised for the walk, I thought I was done, but then people in school started asking for the shirts and I realized there was a demand for them. So I expanded the product line with nicer quality shirts with a real logo.” Now Samantha runs the company, selling a variety of fashionable yet comfy clothes. All the Save Our Women apparel and events can be found at www. No matter your cause, fashion will be there to help you show it loud W and proud!

Save Our Women Original Deep V T-Shirt, $24.99,

Nine West limited edition Relief Boots

Falling Whistles whistles, $34-$104,







hy is it that so many people prefer their summer attire to their winter looks? Many think the winter season limits the “chic-ness” of their wardrobe. This mindset needs to change, as it will be chilly on Penn’s campus for the next few months. Embrace the snow with must-have winter accessories that are both trendy and cozy. Since the winter months drag on for what may seem far too long, why not have fun with your winter accessories? Our most vulnerable areas, such as our hands, necks, heads, and feet, need cover-up, so we have laid out the coolest and warmest accessories for the season.

HANDS This season, vintage-inspired gloves are all the rage, but when you are not living out your ‘Mad Men’-style fantasies, reach for a pair with a techy twist. More and more brands are releasing phone friendly hand wear, making it no longer necessary to expose your hands when texting. There are many options available, including choices for Blackberry and iPhone users. Try out these new high-tech styles when creating your winter looks!

WRISTS With all the layers necessary for this season, many forget about their jewelry. Don’t let the winter blues get you down — deck out in bold bracelets that are sure to make heads turn. If you’re in the mood to bring a little sparkle into a dreary frigid day, add a few bracelets over your gloves (like these options from Linda Levinson Designs available at Cusp).

USB Warm Gloves, Thanko, $27.75

Have you ever wanted to use your computer outside but your hands are just too cold? These fabulous furry gloves plug into your laptop’s USB drive to keep you warm as you surf the web. If faux fur isn’t your thing, they also come in a more conservative black without the furry bits.

Text Me Leather Electronic Gloves, Juicy Coutoure, $78

These cute knit gloves from Juicy Couture are perfect for the girl on the go. They feature an exposed thumb and forefinger for the warmest texting experience imaginable.

“Echo Touch” Tech-Savvy Gloves, Echo $30

These simply yet everlastingly chic gloves are perfect for the Smartphone user. They have padding on the thumb and pointer so the wearer never has to remove their hand wear when making a call.

44 THE WALK / FALL 2010

FASHION\thewalk iLogic Sound Hat, $13.88

The iLogic Sound Hat is a warm addition to your musical experience. Plug it into your iPod or any MP3 player, and you’ll be amazed at the sound quality from the speakers.

HEAD With all the rumors that we lose large amounts of heat through our head, the only solution is to cover it up. Forget about your hairdo and pick headwear that fits your style and suits your needs. Earmuffs and edgy hats abound this season with cool and practical solutions for the musically inclined and campus trendsetter.

Faux Fur Trapper Hat, Free People, $78

The trapper hat is a great addition to any winter look. Not only does it keep your head and ears unbelievably warm, but it is also a fashion staple for winter 2011.


Your décolletage is often at the mercy of the blustery winds around this time of year. Embrace winter scarves with this season’s trends in mind. There’s a winter scarf for every look including furs, leopard prints and vibrant colors.

Knit Turban Beanie, A. OK, $38

You will be the warmest and chicest girl around with this knit turban beanie from A. OK.

LEGS Add instant pizzazz to any outfit with patterned tights and exotic designs or thick woolen socks worn with boots. 12 Hour Heated Socks, Hammacher Schlemmer, $24.95

Patterned tights, Lanvin for H&M

Socks by Hammacher Schlemmer will keep your toes nice and toasty. They are perfect to wear under this season’s thigh-high boots!

Bright Pattern Snood, ASOS, $34.48

Show off your cold weather style with this vibrant woven snood. The Aztec-like pattern drapes perfectly over any warm coat or slouchy sweater.


There is no reason to sacrifice your footwear for the sake of warmth. Instead of heels or flats that may expose skin, opt for cute high-heeled booties or tall furry boots. Fur Boots, Chanel

Sock-detailed Leather Boots, Gucci, $1,135

Miss Marc “Intarsia” Scarf with Pockets, Marc by Marc Jacobs, $98

Don’t fret if your coat or winter look is lacking places to store your stuff. This cozy scarf from Marc by Marc Jacobs has two pockets for all of your things!

Faux Fur Stole, Topshop, $50

This faux fur neck warmer will add instant elegance to your outerwear. Not only is it on trend but also it will add much needed warmth to evening wear.



boyd's 1818 Chestnut st.


South Moon Under is the perfect place to find versatile pieces that will function during the school day and on a Saturday night. Faux fur, velvet, and cheetah from Free People and BB Dakota line the racks, giving South Moon Under a funky vibe. Stroll upstairs to find a selection of swimwear for your next vacation, or pick up one of the fabulous cocktail rings to accessorize your outfit. 1731 Chestnut St.

Walk in to Boyd’s, one of Philadelphia’s most famous stores and immediately head up the marble staircase to the third floor. You will want to try on every pair of heels - from Gucci to Giuseppe. Venture past the shoes, to find a variety of classic pieces from brands like M Missoni and Herve Leger. 1818 Chestnut St.

Bloom 1001 N. 2nd St.

South Moon Under 1731 Chestnut St.

Head to Knit Wit pick up the latest texting gloves from Autumn Cashmere or update your wardrobe with a pair of Current/Elliot cords, J Brand Houlihans, or designer jeans from their huge selection of pants. Find sequin blazers, Hanky Panky, and bulky sweaters too at this trendy boutique. 1718 Walnut St.

knit wit 1718 Walnut St.

46 THE WALK / FALL 2010

boyd's knit wit and South Moon Under joan shepp Joan Shepp carries statement pieces and basics from both high-end and contemporary collections. These include: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Elizabeth and James, Marni, and Sonia Rykiel. Make sure to check out the Majestic Tshirts, which are not only incredibly soft but well-known for their durability. If you are looking to splurge on the perfect bag, come here to find your dream Chloe or Marni purse. 1616 Walnut St.

Millésimé is one of Northern Liberties’ hidden gems. It features a large selection of home furnishing and accents that are sleek, innovative and functional. In addition to all of her eye-catching home furnishings, owner Jinous Kazemi offers the latest men and women’s clothing, shoe and accessories trends. 1001-13 N. 2nd St.

Millesime 1001 N. 2nd St.

Bloom Bloom is a brand new store. Most of the designers featured at Bloom are American or local designers. Although the store is small it has a lot to offer from beautiful jewelry, edgy clothing and bags to whimsical home accents by Jonathan Alder. 1001 N. 2nd St.

Best friends Abby and Katie started to envision Smak Parlour when they were only 16. Featured right now is a line of jewelry by a local designer made from everyday objects that have been worked into her creations, like Barbie shoe earrings and necklaces made from bottle caps and feathers. 219 Market St.

Smak Parlour 219 Market St.

Bloom and Millesime

Three Sirens is your go-to place for getting dressed up. Find everything for evening events or just a night out with friends; their flirty and feminine dresses and selection of bold jewelry are the perfect combination. 134 N. 3rd St.

Three Sirens and Sugarcube

Three Sirens 134 N. 3rd St. Smak Parlour

Carmelita Couture joan shepp 1616 Walnut St.

Carmelita Couture clothing has been available for a couple of years in LA and New York though it is created in Philly. Just last May, the designers opened their boutique to offer their funky, art-inspired and edgy outfits to the Philadelphia market. 17 N. 3rd St.

The perfect combination of contemporary and vintage items, Sugarcube offers items for every occasion from a wide price range. The store’s collection is described as classic sensibility. Unique items currently featured are Tracy Reese party dresses, handmade 1920sinspired Cha Cha hats made from animal fur and denim collection with exact replicas from the 1940s. 124 N. 3rd St.

Sugarcube 124 N. 3rd St.

Carmelita Couture 17 N .3rd St.


For more information visit or call 1.800.289.6229. Available only at Macy’s.

Travie McCoy

The WALK - Winter 2011  
The WALK - Winter 2011  

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