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This issue of the walk looks better than ever. The new team of writers, editors, stylists, photographers, and layout staff has seamlessly assumed their roles. The team has been artful in creating new, exciting content. All of the new staff members have been able to contribute to the growing web site, and our readership has increased by over 200%. Dzine2Show has mirrored this momentum. We have kicked off the year with the very successful Fashion’s Night Out and participated in local events like Philly’s Swap-A-Rama and Philadelphia Fashion Week. We also planned our first-ever male model competition. Versus, we have been pretty busy. We are always looking for more students, more ideas, more events, and more fashion! We are itching to discover what is next for Dzine. If you are looking to break molds and facilitate change, come join us in Dzine2Show/ The WALK. We won’t fool ourselves into thinking we are the wisest and men (and women), but we sure don’t think think we’re the stupidest! - Caroline Stern, President of Dzine2Show

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Jocelyn Teece Editor-in-Chief

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Questions? Comments? We want your feedback! Email us at

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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR You’ve seen that little girl; the one with the shiny red rain boots, neatly tied ribbons in her hair and a two-piece pinafore fit for a Parisian runway. I was not her. As a child, I was particularly badly dressed, a product of a bohemian mother who insisted I pick out my own outfits everyday. A typical kindergarten get-up involved floral printed leggings, crushed velvet tank tops, frilly socks, cargo pants (the ones with the legs that zipped off if you wanted to turn them into shorts) and plastic stick-on earrings. I wish I could say things have changed, that I’ve found my chic inner fashion muse, that after years of childhood humiliation I finally know exactly what I want to wear in the morning. Alas, after all these years, it’s still a process of extreme experimentation. In this issue of The WALK, we’ve realized that campus fashion is as unique as it is diverse, a product of a style that exists in a world where students are growing and experimenting in a quest to find themselves. Our talented student designers and stylists have created looks that are tailored to the life of the Ivy League. Embrace your inner super nerd and channel Janelle Monáe in bowties and suspenders (please–you’ve been taking notes on your iPad since the first week of school). Learn how to incorporate the latest styles into your every day uniform in our Fall Trends shoot. In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve showcased ghoulish and extreme make up. We’ve embraced experimentation and clichés–if fashion is about roleplaying, then we certainly take the cake. We hope you enjoy our Fall issue. Hopefully it will serve as a reminder not to fear branching out fashion-wise in your journey of self-exploration. Don’t fear the occasional fashion faux pas–anything is better then being boring. As Diane von Furstenberg once said, “Style is something each of us already has – all we need to do is find it.” Thanks DVF. I’m personally still searching.


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Behind the scenes at The WALK photoshoots.

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ON THE COVER 16 Love at First Bite: Dare to try Halloween makeup 24 The Walk Around the World: Exclusive scenes from the global fashion scene 28 Heartthrobs of Penn: Your PSYC 001 crush opens up 32 Fall Trend Report: Everything you need right here in Philadelphia 39 Geek Chic: Suspenders never looked so good

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t’s official. The fashion world has taken the Internet by storm. As the functionality of the Internet continues to expand, fashionistas have seized the opportunity to express their unique style online. Both classic and up-and-coming brands have been using fashion on the Internet to attract potential customers in expressive and creative ways. Designers’ websites have begun to feature inventive applications that allow stylish consumers to connect with their favorite brands in a new setting. From Burberry to Norma Kamali, the biggest names in the industry have adapted to the technologically savvy ways of virtual style. The newest accessory to go along with Burberry’s ubiquitous staple piece, the trench coat, is the Art of the Trench website. The Art of the Trench allows Burberry trench coat wearers to create a “living document” of the coat. By allowing users to upload pictures of themselves wearing their Burberry trench—with their own styling, in their own habitat—Burberry has created a reflection of global style, focused through the

Top: Burberry’s Art of the Trench is the newest addition to the brand’s website. Above left, above right: Sites like allow fashionistas to display their looks online. Right: Normal Kamali’s Try Before You Buy includes convenient features for online shoppers.

lens of just one iconic piece of clothing. Hermès also has a similar feature for their classic scarves. The “J’aime mon carre” website, which translated from French means “I love my scarf,” features stylish girls all over the world doing just that: loving their Hermès scarves. The website features different parts of the globe notoriously recognized for being on the brink of new styles, and shows how the fashionistas in each region tie their Hermes scarves. Similarly, Normal Kamali has an interesting feature on her website called “Try Before you Buy,” which includes online style consultants and personal shoppers—a feature also shared with many other designer sites—and the ability to order and try a piece for two days before being charged for it. All of these designers, and many more, are taking their shoppers’ preferences to heart. Web-savvy designers know just how important creativity is in establishing a connection with consumers, and have applied this concept to their websites. Now, shopping online or getting ideas from designers’ sites has become streamlined and chic. If you’re unsure of your own style, just browse one of these websites, and inspiration will surely come to you. And for all of the budding stylists and fashionistas out there, getting ideas from others can always amp up your own style. Style blogs are another form of expressing fashion on the Internet. The next generation of style blogs, found on sites like and link customers with merchandise in a creative, less-commercial environment. Not only do these sites allow for the creativity that helps the fashion industry thrive, but they also provide inspiration and ideas for other people to create looks of their own. These sites allow fashionistas to sign up

and create favorite looks and outfits out of merchandise from all over the web. Other members of the website can comment and rate the look, establishing a virtual community. The creator of the look can tag each piece to inform browsers where their clothes come from. This is great for fashion designers and companies, as their clothes are getting both free publicity and styling. More and more frequently, online shopping sights are including links to their “look books,” which consist of a compilation of different looks that are posted to with their clothes featured. Online technology has given fashion the ability to express itself in a multitude of new and interactive ways. Whether creating unique looks on style blogs or browsing other preexisting looks on designers’ sites, the common theme here is utilizing the internet to embrace the creativity in fashion and applying this creativity to connect with fashion consumers. W

08 THE WALK / FALL 2010

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Art in the age

It is easy to end up wearing the same thing that everyone else at Penn is wearing, especially since Urban Outfitters and American Apparel are so accessible. So why not make it a point to hit up all of Old City’s unique stores and shopping hotspots? The last time I treaded those historic Philly streets, I stumbled upon a store hidden by its simplicity. The store’s unassuming sign and display make it easy to pass by, but once found, this store is hard to forget. My romance with Art in the Age was love at first sight. I had no idea where to begin… should I get the fisherman sweaters by SNS Herning or a necklace with a leather-bound book attached to it? Then, I spotted it. My absolute favorite thing in the store, the CB I Hate Perfume scents: with names like “Burning Leaves” and “In the Library,” how can I not fall in love with them? The fact that they actually smell like burning leaves and the library just guarantees that they will be my next purchase. Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction harkens back to a time when careful craftsmanship and originality were standard. The open gallery, rich brick walls, and dark wooden floors add to the classic old-meets-new Americana atmosphere. Whether you are looking for art, leather-bound books, or clothes, the store has it all— and from local artisans and unique brands. The only things that the store is missing are cookies, a bar, and live music. But even this is integrated during Old City’s First Fridays and Art in the Age’s midday concerts. As the canvas tree with Polaroids of various musicians depicts, the store looks to attract artists who are touring through Philly to come and perform. And as we all know, no month would be complete without the free drinks and delicious treats that First Friday provides.


Art in the Age evokes a classic old-meetsnew Americana atmosphere

Shimmer and spice

LOCATION: 1508 Lombard St.


Philadelphia, PA (Rittenhouse Square)

STORE HOURS: WednesdaySaturday 12-7 pm & Sunday 12-5 pm

Shimmer and Spice is a unique store that offers a wide selection of clothing, accessories, and makeup

My expectations were high as I trudged through the rain to check out Shimmer and Spice…and rightly so. Walking into the store, I felt like I was entering a fashionista’s eclectic downtown loft. Upon entering the store, my eyes were immediately drawn to a row of bracelets. They looked almost identical to the popular Sydney Evan bracelets, my obsession of the moment. Like the Sydney Evan bracelets, they were made of round beads and each displayed a different charm. Not quite sure of the store’s price range, I walked over to check the damage. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the price tag read $24—especially compared to the price of their look-alikes, which starts at $400. Shimmer and Spice offers a well-priced selection of wearable, stylish pieces that will complete any outfit. As storeowner Kristyn Rudnet eloquently describes, the store is “the paint to your canvas.” At Shimmer and Spice you will find “not the little black dress, but all the adornments you dress it up with.” Makeup is also offered, but not your typical mass makeup brands. Rudnet is a talented makeup artist and custom designs makeup to match her customer’s coloring, blending colors to make the perfect lipstick, eye shadow and bronzer. This unique store is well worth the short trip from Penn’s campus and those who have visited the store agree. It was recently listed as one of the top five Best Women’s Boutiques in the 2010 Philly Hot List. Shimmer and Spice truly has “everything nice.” THEWALKMAGAZINE.COM 09

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hough her line is just over two years old, Canadian stylist-turned-designer Erin Kleinberg has already made a name for herself in the fashion world. With a design aesthetic that exudes comfort and luxury, Kleinberg has quickly gained momentum across the globe. Her signature embellished tees and tanks are perfect for day and night and provide a fun twist to a wardrobe staple. Her designs have spawned a legion of celebrity fans including Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen and Blake Lively and 90210’s Shenae Grimes. Her seasonal lookbooks have featured downtown darlings Theodora Richards and Annabelle Dexter-Jones and Chanel muse Irina Lazareanu. She has been written about in Women’s Wear Daily and Elle. So just how did the self-taught Kleinberg, whose operations are based out of Toronto, redefine casual chic and make it big? Kleinberg attended the Media Information and Technoculture program at the University of Western Ontario, but left after three years to pursue a career in fashion. She began with aspirations to become a stylist, interning for an editor at FASHION magazine in Toronto and for a personal shopper at Holt Renfrew, a high-


end Canadian department store equivalent to Saks Fifth Avenue. At the age of 18, Kleinberg directed a fashion show fundraiser at UWO in which she showcased a series of one-of-akind kimonos that she had created from her grandmother’s collection of vintage scarves. The reception was so positive that she began to sell her designs. By chance, she bumped into Mischa Barton at an H&M store in Toronto shortly after. Recognizing the power of celebrity endorsements, she offered to send her some tops. When Barton was photographed wearing a scarf shirt a couple weeks later, Holt Renfrew and some local boutiques picked up the capsule collection. Kleinberg was then given the opportunity to work for W stylist Alexandra White in New York. When she returned to Toronto in 2007, she had difficulty securing another job. But when one door closes, another opens and Kleinberg decided to try her hand at designing again. With the same ambition that propelled her to approach Barton, Kleinberg cold called Barneys New York. The department store chain, which is known to curate new designers, recognized her talent and decided to take a

BY CAROLINE KASSIE chance on Kleinberg. Her namesake line was launched in the spring of 2008. From there, Kleinberg was able to successfully permeate the American market, and Barneys has remained a strong supporter of her clothes. Since the debut collection of tees, the line has expanded and evolved into a brand. It now includes dresses, sweaters and shorts in addition to the tanks and t-shirts. One thing that hasn’t changed however is the importance Kleinberg places on using eco-friendly fabrics. “It makes me feel good about the products that I put out in the market,” she says, “[it can] teach people that you can be environmentally aware and stylish at the same time.” As if we didn’t love her enough already. While the line continues to grow on an international level, Kleinberg is sure to keep us intrigued. And we’ll be sure to watch. Erin Kleinberg can be purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys New York (select locations), Nordstrom (select locations), and at the Old City boutique Third Street Habbit on 3rd Street between Arch and Race. View current and past collections at W

MEET ERIN FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING? I really love my 15-year-old completely sheer by now heather grey Minnesota Twins tee - says it right across the chest. And of course the Marant raised shoulder leather jacket I just treated myself to. FAVORITE ITEM IN YOUR FALL 2010 COLLECTION? For sure the last look in the lookbook. The navy epaulette jacket with the sweats - such a signature look for me. And the fabric is sweatshirt material, so it’s sooo comfy. FAVORITE COLOR? Heather grey, neutral tones like beige and nude. FAVORITE SEASON FOR FASHION? I love wearing fall [clothes] and for sure love designing spring [clothes].

10 THE WALK / FALL 2010

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magine walking miles for a single pail of water. Imagine illness spreading throughout your school because of a lack of water for students to wash their hands with. Unfortunately, such hardships are the realities that billions of people across the world, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, face daily. Brittany Young, appalled by the sanitation and water conditions in Africa, has sought to change this. Two years after visiting South Africa during the summer of 2005, Young founded A Spring of Hope with the goal of creating a sustainable future in rural communities there. Today, the non-profit organization raises money to fund the construction of water wells at schools in these areas to improve living conditions. In addition to providing clean drinking water, A Spring of Hope also seeks to teach members of communities how to garden in order to provide necessary food and income to students and faculty. Furthermore, A Spring of Hope introduces students to philanthropic professional careers. Last spring, A Spring of Hope took hold on our campus. Penn’s chapter marked the third

college chapter of the organization. Eager to start spreading the word about the cause, members of this organization frequently set up tables on Locust Walk and began selling T-shirts. Their inaugural project, “Toilet Queue,” involved a toilet being placed in front of College Hall, and students lining up in an attempt to set a record for the longest line for a single toilet. This was the organization’s method of raising awareness about the world’s water crisis. This summer, A Spring of Hope entered a competition entitled Chase Community Giving Summer 2010. While their 17,066 Facebook votes did not put A Spring of Hope in first place, the organization did receive a $100,000 grant. The team was also recently awarded a $30,000 grant as part of Chase’s judge-based grant program. Young exclaims, “I cannot express how grateful I am.” In this year alone, the organization plans on completing five new wells, each of which will cost $8,000. The money will also contribute to improving the schools by adding different elements, including gardening programs.

This semester, the organization continues to grow as the Penn community rallies to support the cause. Because A Spring of Hope does not just “raise awareness,” many students have been drawn to the professional opportunities presented by this group. For example, Young says, “Those interested in taking on ASOH ‘corporate matters’ such as marketing our bottle business, working with other nonprofits, developing a marketing program, can do so.” Currently, the members of A Spring of Hope at our university are fostering partnerships with local water groups, pushing to get their water bottles in local stores, and informing the student body about water shortages. During the summer of 2005, Brittany Young’s visit to Africa compelled her to create this organization. Five years later, she has made it practically effortless for everybody to get directly involved in bettering the lives of thousands of African students. As Brittany Young urges, join A Spring of Hope and help to “plant the seeds for thousands of students’ futures.” W

The top, middle image is from our most recent trip to South Africa this past July. We are in the flourishing garden of Beretta Primary, the location of our first well. Left to right: Lynette Sithole (principal), my mother Joanne Young, Moses (vice principal), Ian Kotliar (Rutgers ‘13), myself, Eric Hsu (Rutgers ‘13), and Manuela Mejia (Duke ‘14) Our stainless steel, food grade bottles come in 6 different colors and are available on our website. We have a standard variety and filtered variety with built-in coconut carbon shell filter. Proceeds go to our water projects in South Africa. If you catch us on Locust Walk or any other Penn event, you can nab our snazzy bottles for much less than the prices online! The first image is from our toilet queue in the spring. 40 people lined up for 5 minutes in front of a toilet to symbolize the lack of proper sanitation in the developing world. Water shoots out of the ground during our July drilling at Andover Primary. It took 4 hours and 110 meters. Nice rainbow too!

If you want to help incite change, e-mail brittany@ about your desire to participate. You can also get involved by purchasing filtered water bottles and 100% cotton T-shirts or by donating at


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While we’ve all been trekking downtown, West Philly has been opening hip restaurants and shops that are definitely worth a look. As the temperature drops, save yourself the trip and have some fun…right in your own backyard.


Downtown beer and wine mecca Tria has set up shop on the west side of the bridge with “funky little cousin” Biba. Conveniently located right under The Left Bank and just a few blocks from DRL, it feels worlds away from campus. Biba offers a carefully tailored menu centered on wine and cheese (both sorted into flavor profiles), with lots of other tasty bites and a few stellar beers. Aimed at a slightly lower price point than its Rittenhouse sibling, Biba’s under-$10 wine list is perfect for the student set.

WHY WE LOVE IT: A sexier, more sophisticated Happy Hour alternative to Mad4 with all the convenience of campus. Flutes of bubbly rose cava and chocolates with candied orange offer to sweeten the deal. Post midterm celebration anyone?



The next time you have a craving for Asian fare, skip the call of delivery from Campusfood and walk to nearby Vietnam. Though they don’t deliver, Vietnam offers generous portions of Vietnamese and Thai food that trump any on-campus offering, including substantial vegetarian options, all in a surprisingly swank environment. Don’t let the surroundings fool you; dark wood, colorful lanterns, and friendly service inside will make you want to linger.

WHY WE LOVE IT: The festive $14 lovers cocktail for two puts a Long Island Iced Tea to shame. It’ll be the only drink you buy all night (and make the walk home a lot of fun). Pair with the healthy but delicious tofu summer rolls appetizer and enjoy.



Praised by Daily Candy right out of the gate, this is surely West Philly’s answer to DiBruno Brothers. Farm to table foodies will love their locavoretailored offerings, namely an impressive selection of cheeses and meats, seasonal produce, baked goods (honey cupcakes!), and famed Bassett’s Ice Cream. Imported hard to find products are also on offer, and this market will beckon you to stay awhile at its café. It’s like having a farmer’s market seven-days-a-week.

WHY WE LOVE IT: They’ll make you an über impressive cheese plate for your next apartment get together. Pair it with honey from their summer beekeeping project made from hives right on their roof. Can’t get more local than that.

Top: Biba provides a carefully tailored menu that includes an under-$10 wine list. Left: Vietnam Café offers Vietnamese and Thai food that trumps any oncampus offering. Above: Milk and Honey Market boasts an impressive selection of cheeses, meats, baked goods and more.

12 THE WALK / FALL 2010

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If Starbucks and Saxby’s have you yawning and you’re looking for a new coffee shop to call home, consider Satellite. Sure to wake up your mind with their colorful, alternative décor and freshly brewed coffee (save 50 cents if you BYO mug), this shop specializes in vegetarian and vegan delights even a meat eater can love. In good weather you can enjoy treats like their popular vegan brownie in their garden. Going a step beyond the now-standard free WiFi, this café also has a communal Mac for 15 minutes of free Internet access. With a focus on community, Satellite even has a cute board to buy a drink or meal for a friend to surprise her on her next visit. Be sure to get there early for bagels; they often sell out.


For those who know that the chase is half the fun, spend some time treasure hunting at vintage clothing and record shop Younglove’s and get your hands on stuff that no one else on campus will have. Open for less than a year, they feature discount bins with clothing for just $1 and $5, random trinkets from your childhood, and a back room with exhibitions by local artists. For a complete shopping trip, you can hit up Vix Emporium, a great spot for accessories and unique gifts, just down the block.

WHY WE LOVE IT: The only thing better than getting a compliment on a wardrobe piece is when you got it for only a few dollars…and it’s one of a kind.

WHY WE LOVE IT: The Bike Shop Special (named for the bike shop above) packs cream cheese (vegan if you want), olive spread, roasted peppers, and spinach onto your choice of a bagel or wrap for only a few dollars. They’ll accommodate any dietary restriction (gluten free wraps, coconut milk for drinks, or vegan cream cheese). Plus, they’re open late (until 10 p.m.).


Every second Saturday of the month, head to the fabulous 50th and Baltimore intersection, home to Younglove’s, Satellite, Dock Street, and Vix, for their Second Saturday Craft Fair. Vendors will be out and about selling their wares, and there are free workshops ranging from DIY earrings to terrarium design. After shopping, hit up the Clark Park Farmer’s Market or stop for pizza and beer at Dock Street, and you have all the makings of a great afternoon.

Head to the fabulous 50th and Baltimore intersection... and you have all the makings of a great afternoon.

Left: Satellite Café provides coffee and snacks in a colorful setting. Above: For one-of-akind wardrobe pieces, check out Younglove’s selection of cheap vintage clothing.


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The primary key to dressing down: layers. A nice LBD, for example, becomes more casual when you add a scarf and a chunky cardigan. You can also accessorize with fun tights, whether textured, colored, or crocheted.




Gray scarf, Deena & Ozzy, Urban Outfitters; Dress, vintage; giraffe cardigan, Peoples Market

Another fundamental of dressing down is mixing textures. Tone down sparkly sequins with soft and muted layers, like a thick cable knit sweater or a pullover sweatshirt. The remaining pop of sparkle makes for a fun daytime outfit but doesn’t scream “downtown.”




Cable knit sweater, vintage; gray pullover sweatshirt with cutouts, Forever 21; sequin mini, H&M; brogues, Church’s

14 THE WALK / FALL 2010

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10/26/2010 1:42:41 AM

FASHION\THEWALK Who says sequins and silk are just for going out? With some basic styling and a bit of creative resourcefulness, you can wear your downtown outfits to lunch, class or just around campus. Here’s how to transform your favorite nighttime staples to daytime wear.



Silk chiffon top, Lover; patent boots, Doc Marten; denim shorts, Levis

#3: THE FLOWY TOP A delicate silk top translates to daytime when partnered with more boyish basics. Faded jean shorts and a tough pair of boots, for example, are easy ways to make a nice shirt more relaxed. A loose scarf is also a fun touch.



Aviator vest, Topshop; denim shirt, vintage; Lace bandage skirt, H&M

To dress down a form-fitting miniskirt, substitute your typical going-out top with looser pieces. Try a casual denim shirt and an aviator vest, or even your favorite vintage t-shirt.


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10/26/2010 1:42:53 AM


This fall these ghouls are what all the boys are searching for. Play up your winter skin with ruby lips and dark, smokey BYCHLOEHECKMAN

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10/26/2010 1:43:08 AM

thewalkwithfixedtabs.indd 17

10/26/2010 2:08:45 AM

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10/26/2010 2:09:10 AM

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10/26/2010 2:09:14 AM


From left: Carolina Herrera, Derek Lam, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Thandie Newton (top), Kiera Knightley (bottom)





hile classic black and grey smoky eyes have been around for years, the runways of Fall 2010 experimented with more unconventional colors. Even if you usually steer clear of vibrant shades like purple, blue or green, this fall is the time to try one out. If you have green or hazel eyes, try a purple smoky eye. If your eyes are brown or blue, green tones with really make them pop. Keep your palette lighter during the day and layer deeper colors for evening. When trying out this look, it’s worth investing in highquality shadows that blend well and won’t cake all over your eyes and cheeks. Some companies also offer kits that make smoky eye application easier than ever – we like Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow for a cheap find and Dior 5-Color designer All-In-

One Artistry Palette for a pricier option. When doing a strong eye, keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum. Swipe on a lightly tinted lip balm or a clear gloss to keep the attention on your gorgeous peepers. Style your hair in any number of ways, from flowing waves to a braid, a ponytail to a twisted updo. And don’t forget to add a few coats of mascara – we like Gio Giorgio g Armani Eyes to Kill.

Above: Giorgio Armani ee Eyes to Kill in “Black Steel”


he color du jour for fall lips is bold and bright fuchsia. Celebrities such as Chloë Sevigny, Keira Knightley and Gwyneth Paltrow have all been seen sporting eye-catching pouts. Neutral shades may have dominated the fall runways, but that doesn’t mean your makeup has to be drab as well. Adding a vivid color to your lips is a great accent to any look for either day or night.

HOW TO WEAR THE COLOR OF THE MOMENT: 1) Keep it simple. Make sure to keep th the rest of your make-up clean and subttle; this will enhance the pop of color from the intensely pigmented lipstick. The look is most successful when paired with a polished and sophisticated face. Eyes can be darkly lined with neutral shadows, but not overdone. Keep cheeks bronzed or very subtly blushed with a nudish-pink shade. Remember: the lips are the focal point, so nothing should be brighter than your pout! 2) Prep your pout. Due to the intense

pigmentation, it is crucial that you exfoliate and moisturize your lips prior to applying the lipstick. A silky layer of lip balm will ensure that no pigment clings to flaky skin, allowing the lipstick to spread easily. You might find it easier to apply the color with a lip brush instead of straight from the tube, which will help you control how much color you are using. If you like to line your lips, make sure to do so before you apply the pigment – liner isn’t necessary, but definitely do so if your lipstick is prone to bleeding. 3) Choose your intensity. If the fulltint fuchsia is too much for you, try a lighter shade of hot pink – but make sure the color still stands out! Apply a coat of clear or light pink gloss over the lipstick to soften the look. If you’re ready to turn up the volume, layer a red gloss over your already pink lips for a dramatic effect. You could also make the color pop by adding a touch of bright pink high-pigment powder.

$$$ Shiseido ‘Perfect Rouge’ Lipstick in Fuchsia RS320 ($25) $$ MAC lipstick in “Show Orchid” ($14.50) $ Cover Girl Continuous Color Lipstick, Parisian Pink 545 ($4.89) Pigment Powder - MAC Pro’s Pigment in Magenta Madness or Red Electric ($19.50)

WINTERIZE YOUR MOISTURIZER BY SABRINA SHYN Above: Dior 5-Color All-InOne Artistry Palette Right: MAC “Show Orchid”

“Oh the weather outside is frightful. And the fire is so not delightful. And since we’ve lots-of places to go, Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!”


intertime is brutal for the skin, especially your face. The combination of cold air outside and turned-up heat inside causes your skin to dry out. Here, we tested some products that’ll keep your skin moisturized all throughout the fall and winter seasons.

20 THE WALK / FALL 2010

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Dear Nurse Nikki, I love to work out: biking, swimming, and power-walking. I eat a ton of carbs to fuel my workouts and eat a lot of chicken. My period is 21 days late and it is usually right on time – every 28 days. What’s going on? -21 Dazed (late) and Confuzed

Nikki Pepperman is a Junior in the School of Nursing. She is simultaneously a Communication minor, pursuing a career in Health Communication. Send your health questions to health@thewalkmagazine. com. Check the web for updated responses.

CLINIQUE MOISTURE SURGE EXTENDED THIRST RELIEF: This oil-free moisturizer is made for all skin types. It’s a lightweight pink gel that absorbs very quickly. The texture doesn’t clog pores and isn’t at all greasy. It’s refreshing and relieves dryness. However, it’s almost too light – not the best option if you have extra-dry skin. --MACY’S, OR WWW.CLINIQUE.COM, $34. SKINCEUTICALS EMMOLLIENCE: This moisturizer is formulated precisely for dry skin in cold weather. It’s packed with nutrients and exotic natural ingredients that work to keep your skin moist. Brazilian sea algae nourish the skin while natural extracts and oils like grape seed, rose hip and macadamia give moisture. The texture is very rich but light, absorbing quickly and without greasy residue. --BLUE MERCURY, INC OR WWW.SKINCEUTICALS.COM, $57

Dear 21 Dazed Late and Confused, With a busy college schedule it is important to fit time to work out and release stress. However, many people underestimate the effect of physical stress on the body. Although staying in good shape and exercising is healthy for the body, everything is best in moderation. Coupling forty-five minutes of cardio with nutritious meals is necessary to nourish the muscle groups. The American Heart Association recommends three to five days of moderate cardiovascular workouts – ranging between thirty to sixty minutes. Doing cardio seven days a week could be increasing stress on the sympathetic nervous system, which reacts with a “Fight or Flight” mechanism. Your body fights the stress or begins to show symptoms of a weakened immune system. Both reactions are regulated by hormone release. The lack of menstruation in female athletes is called amenorrhea. It is caused by increased athleticism, decreased caloric intake and osteoporosis. Female athletes burn more calories than they eat. Therefore, estrogen levels are too low to stimulate menstruation. If you feel excessive fatigue, sore muscles or coldlike symptoms, listen to your body. Take a day off from intense exercise. Since you are expending so many calories, be sure to include more protein and fat in your diet as well. That stated, if your period skips more than two cycles – see a doctor. Skipping three cycles could inhibit pregnancy later on in life.

Dear Nurse Nikki, I recently ran in the Rena Rowan Breast Cancer Awareness Run. It made me start thinking about breast cancer and preventative measures. What are some basic facts, as a twenty-year-old woman, I should be concerned about? -bRest and Relaxation Dear bRest and Relaxation, You wrote in at the right time! October is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. The sororities on campus coordinated an effort to raise efficacy and awareness about the disease. There are approximately 193,000 new diagnoses of breast cancer this year and awareness is the first step to prevention. The American Cancer Society cites that mortality rates have actually decreased since 1990. So what can you do? Know your risk and un-modifiable factors. Race, gender, age and family history alter risks of breast cancer. Begin performing breast self exams so that signs are detected earlier. When performing a self-breast exam, look for fluid-filled lumps (cysts), edema (swelling) or pain, all visible signs a woman can detect herself. Women between the ages of twenty and thirty should set up an appointment to receive a clinical breast exam every three years. Women over fifty should make appointments for mammograms once a year. If breast cancer runs in your family history or you have any concerns – it is always best to consult a registered healthcare professional. For more info:

AVEENO ULTRA-CALMING DAILY MOISTURIZER SPF 15: This product does a lot more than just moisturize. It contains feverfew, which soothes skin and reduces redness. It also has SPF 15 with UVA/ UVB sunscreen, so it’s a two-in-one product. It’s good for sensitive skins as it’s oil free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (so it won’t clog your pores!). It’s also the only moisturizer on this list that has a pump, making it so easy to use. The texture is light, and it moisturizes all day long. However, because of the SPF, it can get a little greasy after a couple of hours. --CVS, $17

Above: Clinique Moisture Surge, Skinceuticals Emmollience. Right: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Moisturizer


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Who would have imagined haute Midtown Village as home to fried chicken joints, wig shops, and XXX theaters just a few short years ago? Now thanks to seven (!) businesses on one block, Chef Marcie Turney and partner Valerie Safran have revitalized 13th Street, an area that is without question a Penn favorite. I sat down with them at their newest restaurant, Barbuzzo, to hear how they started and what’s next in store for this power duo.


elissa: So first I wanted to talk to you about how you began doing business in Philadelphia and on 13th Street. What was that like? Valerie: I was a Spanish teacher, moved into the city, and met Marcie. She was the chef at Valanni, at 12th and Spruce. I was waitressing part-time… and didn’t like my job (Marcie laughs). She had opened three restaurants for other people and I said to her, “Would you be interested in opening up a home accessories store?” We couldn’t afford anything except for 13th Street. If you have a restaurant that’s good (laughs) people will come, whether you’re in the greatest location…or not. So she kept her job as a chef, I worked in the store, and from the moment we opened, it just kind of took off. Melissa: What was on the block at that time? What did it look like? Valerie: Most storefronts were for lease. They told us that Capogiro had signed a lease, and they told Capogiro that we had signed a lease, but neither of us actually had (Marcie laughs). Capogiro opened in December of 2002. Marcie: There was the dirty theater, which is still there. But it had a marquis up of a guy with tape down his butt crack and the movie was Dawson’s Crack. I was like, “What are we doing?” Valerie: Next to Open House were a fried chicken place and a wig shop…that was it. Marcie: That’s what Bindi and Grocery were. Valerie: So for Lolita, at the time El Vez wasn’t there…taquerías down on Washington, not even that many back then. We would eat at Rick Bayless’ restaurant in Chicago and we were like, “We don’t have anything like this in Philadelphia.” Like local produce, and traditional salsas and flavors. It was her idea about Bring Your Own Tequila, and then I was in the shower one day and I was

Chef Marcie Turney and partner Valerie Safran relax in their newest restaurant, Barbuzzo.

like, “We’ve got to get berries from Glens Farm and use Thai basil, and different things.” We just come up with things that we crave. For Bindi, we love Indian food. For Grocery, she wanted soup and salad. The best thing about a neighborhood is you’ve got to have those elements: shopping, dining. All of a sudden, we’re like, “We need this in our neighborhood.” Melissa: What do you love most about the current culinary scene of Philadelphia? Marcie: We’re up there with New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and ethnic restaurants are big… Zahav, Bindi: successful, high quality ethnic restaurants. Valerie: I feel like Philadelphia is a foodie town. People love to know what’s happening with restaurants, with chefs, with anything new; they’re into it. People welcome interesting places and, at the same time, still want some value. Center City is definitely a little cocoon. The recession has hit people in horrible ways, but in Center City people still love to eat out. We love to eat out. Marcie: People from New York love to come to Lolita. That one couple would have a trip every couple of weeks (laughs). I mean that’s…awesome. Melissa: So, which chefs and restaurants and restaurateurs do you admire and look to inspiration for? It seems like a community is really built around this new food scene. Marcie: I mean Jose, definitely, because we love packaging. Valerie: And he’s done it quickly. I mean, he’s built a lot of strong businesses in a short amount of time, but they’re still quality places. Marcie: I feel like he’s the big guy and we’re the little guy because we still have control over everything that we do. We have a hard time letting go. Valerie: We opened September 1 and we’ve been

here every single day. We need to feel that connection with the staff. It would be hard to open something and not be there. Melissa: Is that why you’ve decided to stay on the block? Marcie: It’s hard enough doing it on one street, let alone across town. Chefs do have restaurants in other cities but… Valerie: We rarely use our car. You live in the city, you walk. If you want a coffee, it’s within a half block of where you are. I could never live in the suburbs where I have to get in the car to buy a quart of milk (Marcie laughs). That would make me crazy. Melissa: What is your sense of the Midtown Village community that’s formed here? What does that mean to you? Valerie: We had our fall festival and 25,000 people came. I think the good thing about this neighborhood is owners are in their shops, in their restaurants; they’re here, they’re totally involved, they are all smaller businesses. Melissa: How do you think you two compliment each other in running your businesses? What different strengths do you think you bring? Valerie: I can say to Marcie, “let’s have Thali Tuesday at Bindi.” I don’t know how to make any of the food, but I can visualize what we’re going to do for the promotion, and get the design done. She’s the one who knows how to creatively do that. Marcie: Val has a lot of ideas. Some of them, I have to say, “I don’t know,” (laughs) because it’s always me doing the stuff. Valerie: We both work very hard. I am very business and organized and money and at this time, and there’s no waiting. She’s more easygoing; she’ll stay and hang out with the staff, and I’m like, “I’ve got to go to bed. I’ve got to get up at 7 a.m.” So

22 THE WALK / FALL 2010

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Left and below: The interior of Barbuzzo is warm and welcoming. Below: The presentation of food at Barbuzzo is impeccable.

we’re different. Melissa: So Barbuzzo, the newest addition. How do you think it’s unique compared to your other businesses? What’s special about it? Marcie: We weren’t sure what we were going to do, and once we gutted everything we were like, “This space is beautiful.” You know, the brick walls, the original wood floors, and the high ceiling. We sent people waiting at Lolita to bars, and we were like, “Why don’t we open a restaurant with a bar and send them here?” I started with Mediterranean, I love Mediterranean food, and I knew I wanted to come back to it. I started with Mediterranean at Audrey Claire, which is very simple. It’s like night and day. Valerie: For vacation, we go to Italy, we go to Spain. We don’t necessarily go to India. It’s just a natural thing. Marcie: We took two trips last year to Italy and Barcelona. We flew into Naples, drove down the coast to Puglia and stayed in farmhouses. We fell in love with what everything looked like. We stayed in an olive mill and the door was huge. It was light blue, and that’s where we came up with that (a large fixture in the restaurant). I knew it was going to be rustic Mediterranean food. Valerie: We’re working until 11 or 12 at night (we serve food here until midnight), and there are not many options where it’s not a burger and fries, which are good, but something in the price range that’s different. It’s not just crappy fried stuff. That tastes great, I guess, if you’re drunk (both laugh), but to have something else besides that. Melissa: So is Barbuzzo bringing in a different clientele because it’s not BYO? Valerie: For sure. Some people only want BYOs, and you’ve got two choices on this block (Marcie laughs). Other people don’t want to deal with that, business travelers or people who want to have a martini and not worry. Marcie: We’ve had all the restaurant people, chefs; they’re all coming in, checking it out. There’s a good word about it on the street.

Melissa: What are the dishes that people should come in and order? Marcie: Our egg pizza… Valerie: I always send out the sheep’s milk ricotta. Anyone will like it. We just had it last night. We’re sitting there eating it saying, “This is so good.” It’s so simple but it’s just good; you can eat it everyday. Some people don’t want Indian two or three times a week, but here, you can come and eat often. Melissa: What do you think your next step is in expanding your business? Do you see taking a break, or building something, maybe even beyond 13th street? Marcie: We want to buy a building somewhere close and live above. We work very hard, so we want to have a dream house with a roof garden (Valerie laughs) and a restaurant below. We want to write a cookbook, kind of a cook/business book. Valerie: Ultimately, there would be a restaurant because that’s going to pay the mortgage (Marcie laughs), but Open House and Verde, even the market, every month they’re busier. I need to invest some time in the things we have. A cookbook will make us happy in that we’re creating something because we get bored pretty quickly. Melissa: And the cookbook gives you the opportunity to reach outside Philadelphia… Valerie: And I feel like this particular business, people know they don’t just have this restaurant, they have six businesses and let’s go to each one. Marcie: We’ve been blogging and doing all of that stuff that we’ve never done before. Melissa: I noticed Food Network came in to Lolita for the Mexican Tiramisu… Valerie: We’ve had more publicity then we’ve ever had. In November we’re going to be in Elle Décor; that would have never happened on its own. We were so small that we never thought of the bigger picture. So that’s how I’m trying to think: the bigger picture.



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I’m a junior at Penn studying abroad in Paris as an exchange student. At Penn, I study Romance Languages, specializing in French, Spanish and Italian (don’t ask me what I’m going to do with it when I graduate—I have no clue!) I also love fashion, as cliché as that sounds, and worked at Calvin Klein in New York this summer as an intern. Here in Paris, I was inspired by the Satorialist ( to try to capture the beauty and style of this amazing city, one picture at a time. I’ll do my best to include as many different looks as I can, not just the ones that are my personal taste.

I just love red. Everything about it is just so vibrant, so alive. And although I am the proud owner of many red accessories and lipsticks, at some times the color can just be a little…à la Moulin Rouge, and not the Nicole Kidman way. This woman, though, has got it down; the neutral top and bottom perfectly compliment the red bag and shoes but let them shine. Her pants are also great, a little relaxed and cuffed at the bottom, which is definitely the look this season. (I just wish I had gotten all of her second foot! C’est la vie.)

RAINY DAY IN PARIS How is it they look so stylish even when it’s pouring rain and freezing? No sweatpants here, but a classic trench seems to be a staple for both genders of any age. Don’t you love this man’s layered look and sophisticated air? The woman with her son, though, is my favorite. Growing up, my mom would haul us to school in our family minivan wearing $5 sweatpants while I ate McDonald’s breakfast in the front seat. On the other end of this spectrum, this woman’s classic style for such a basic, daily task personifies Parisian elegance.

LA FAMILLE I’ll just start off and say it: I am honestly obsessed with French children. I don’t know what we Americans are doing wrong, but why aren’t our kids also adorable and well-behaved?! Here in Paris, the children are equally as fashionable as their adult counterparts and, embarrassingly, I’ve been out-styled by French three-year-olds. Also unlike in America, where we are pretty laissez-faire about what our kids wear (if Junior wants to wear his Batman outfit to kindergarten, who are we to stifle his creativity?) in Paris, the children are perfect little counterparts to their parents. If la maman is super-sophisticated, so is l’enfant. If la maman has boho-chic down pat, so does le bébé. As for this little Parisienne, the blue glasses are a real statement, and I’m loving all the bright colors! Her mother was also wearing a similar look, but somehow managed to carry her other baby on a pouch on her chest while wearing YSL stilettos…fierce. The same is true of couples; here they tend to look more alike than elsewhere, say Lacoste preppy-chic or trendy hipsters. Parisian style is definitely a family affair.

LES AMIS Have you ever walked down the street, and been able to pick out the friends just by what they’re wearing? Or had major envy of your friend’s newest purchase? (And then “borrowed” it later!) Although we all may have different styles, something always seems to unite friends stylistically, just like the families mentioned earlier. Perhaps it is a certain air or body language. With these two girls I spotted from a distance, and loved the rapport they had going on with their two outfits. It’s a certain je ne sais quoi that links them together visually and makes a great statement.

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AROUND THE WORLD I studied Italian for four semesters so I could spend this fall abroad in Rome. Finally, those lectures at Williams Hall have paid off. Now I am studying my favorite subject of all…Italian fashion. Italy is synonymous with luxurious fashion houses such as Valentino, Prada and Gucci (oh my!). Yet, there is something that surrounds me, in the streets, piazzas and cafes that is priceless—personal style. So welcome to Rome, The Real Runway, dedicated to capturing a sophisticated sense of self-expression.


POPS OF COLOR Bold colors are blooming at the end of the summer season. An unexpected pop of pink and blue create a fierce force. A group of Donnes wear denim differently, but they all demonstrate how jeans can be creative, chic, and comfortable.

WOMEN OF ALL AGES Here on the fashionable streets of Rome, age ain’t nothing but a number. The little girls, teenage beauties and grandmothers don’t dress for the men; each dresses to cater to her own individuality. Confidence is the key ingredient to good taste. Dressing age-appropriate is expected here without sacrificing personal creativity or courage. In Rome, conservative is not confined to older women, and flashing flesh is, simply put, a fashion don’t. I take these photos as these women are on their way to do something, but that something remains a mystery. And that’s the beauty of Italian fashion: these women don’t dress for a purpose, but rather for a sense of pride in their 20s, 30s…and even 60s and up. So I tried to seize each stylish moment for you all to show that years only give us more time for these divas to dress up.

DENIM All these women demonstrate how jeans can be creative, chic and comfortable.

NEUTRAL BEAUTY Caramel, Chocolate, Cappuccino with cream… no this is not a Starbucks menu! Instead, it is the primary palette here in Roma. Mocha and latte are the perfect starting point for an outfit. Neutral pieces, from a poncho sweater to suede ankle boots, are becoming as beloved as black. Have no fear of neutrals. These are classic investments that work with everything. If you have doubts, then go with navy. Navy with neutrals is a two-tone match made in sartorial heaven. Looks in browns, grays, beiges and blues are populating the streets. Bohemia lovers still can dress up these classy clean lines with accessories like a favorite long necklace, a scarf or even both.

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For the next 10 months, I’ll be living in the most avant-guard corner of Europe: Berlin, Germany. Here, the bars are candlelit, the clubs are hidden, and the people don’t read fashion magazines – though they could definitely write for them. Like the graffiti, Style is individualized. Fashion is a creative process and people find inspiration in everything from Karl Lagerfeld to the history beaten streets. And me? I’m inspired by it all.

VINTAGE This European beauty is wearing a patterened skirt she made herself, a shirt from the Cambridge Urban bargain basement, a vintage belt that belonged to her mother, sunglasses from flea market in Budapest, a backpack from flea market in Berlin, her Cambridge house key as a neckless, escoté shoes, and a men’s cardigan from H&M. Her outfits always tell her history, which makes her style inevitably unique.

GREEN WITH ENVY What do Kermit the Frog, The Wicked Witch of the West, and Oscar the Grouch all have in common? Other than being character staples of my adolescence, these three all knew how to rock the color green. Well, I’ll say they were ahead of their time. Today, in London anyway, green is cropping up frequently in girls’ ensembles. Whether featured prominently, as a blouse or pair of pants, or thrown in for a pop of color as an accessory, the color green is everywhere I look. The color’s versatility is striking. It’ll crop up in the form of a punk military jacket as often as it will romantically as a maxi skirt. These two pictured girls keep the use of green simple, functional and chic. But try not to be jealous of their style. I’ll leave readers with this advice: why not get some green out of your attitude and into your wardrobe.

SUNDAYS Once sunday comes around in Berlin, people flock to my corner of Prenzlauer Berg for the Mauerpark Flea Market, where rows and rows of vendors sell everything from delicious Mediterranean delicacies to one of a kind antiques. One lady picked up some flowers from florist who sits, every day, on the bridge. She’s wearing a vintage hat from the Mauerpark Flea, a vintage blouse, skirt and denim jacket bought in California, shoes from Spring in Cambridge, MA, and a new bag from H&M.

MAN STYLE This modern man is wearing trip cotton and linen trousers by Incotex, Merino wool jacket by Munro Tailoring, light green and cream checkered shirt by Eton, shoes are by Van Lier, and the a tie by Altea.



I’m Hannah Bender, 20 years old and studying abroad this semester in none other than the great city of bangers and mash, loos and queues, and guards who you can’t make laugh (trust me, I’ve tried). London fashion is the most unique in the world, in my opinion. Yes, I know, there’s New York, Paris, and Rome. But, I don’t believe any city has such edgy and risk-taking fashion as does London. You walk down the streets of this city and you are constantly surprised and intrigued by what people are wearing. No one is the same, and everyone is confident. That’s why I love London—fashion is alive and on fire. The girls here don’t wear what’s “in”. They don’t think in terms of last season or out of style. They simply think “is this for me?” I think we could all do with a bit of that attitude.

WHEN IT RAINS Have you ever heard the expression, “when it rains, it pours?” Well, that’s not the case in London. Here, it rains constantly. Whether it’s pouring out, misting slightly, or spraying you in an upward direction as a bus passes, London is always just a little wet. The weather in this city should pose a problem for fashionistas. How does a girl look good in the rain? I know that I personally hate it, as rain leaves me to deal with frizzy dog hair, makeup streaming down my face, and raindrop stained clothing. But being in London has led me to believe that I’m behind the curve somehow. The girls here still manage to look fabulous! True Londoners know how to throw together a great ensemble despite this difficult weather environment. Here are some of my favorite looks. Feel free to save them for a rainy day.

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Ahhh, Fashion Week, when the stylish of the stylish travel all over Europe and New York to decide what’s going to be next season’s todie for look. Of course, the idea is to not just see the clothes and photograph them, but to be seen and photographed. The scene outside of the tents where the shows were taking place was an interesting mélange of journalists, bloggers, style mavens, celebrities, tourists and socialites. It’s a red carpet of sorts, where the most well-dressed wins. This season, I visited the Viktor&Rolf, Chloé, and Valentino shows to photograph the amazing ensembles to be seen there. So, without further adieu, The WALK reports from Paris Fashion Week 2010. (1) The man, the myth, the camera: The Satorialist! I was so excited to run into him busily photographing and chatting outside all of the shows. (2) When this woman walked in, all the French photographers were beyond delighted. I have no idea what her name is, but I love her red lips, and her dress was incredible. By Valentino, it was covered entirely in little beads and was exquisite to look at. (3) Alexa Chung. (4) Seen on editors everywhere, the other big hit of the season, the Chloé Sally Bag. I was totally obsessed at first sight, but at $1,800, it’s quite an investment. Oh well—a girl can dream! (2)

(1) (3)



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Tyler Ernst 2012 Hometown: Franklinville, NJ Best date spot at Penn: Roof of College Hall Signature Scent: Acqua di Gio What presents do you want from your Secret Admirers? Food! If I were an animal, I would be… a tiger Favorite Band: Slipknot (don’t judge) Dream Boy: Flavor of the day People would be surprised to know that I… am 19 It’s 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Where are you? Fluid Mechanics ics It’s 1 a.m. on Saturday. Where are you? Huntsman

Joseph Holder 2012 Hometown: South Orange, New Jersey aka the Dirty Jerz Best date spot at Penn: If you’re taking her to a date spot at Penn, you’re not pimpin. But go to Rx for a nice brunch. ch. Signature Scent: Jake and Polo Blue What presents do you want from your Secret Admirers? Beats by Dre headphones If I were an animal, I would be… a mix of a hippo, bear cub, and kangaroo…don’t ask Dream Job: Homemaker married to a rich wife or a doctor Boxers or Briefs? Boxer briefs or commando People would be surprised to know that I… speak German It’s 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Where are you? In the training room nursing my injuries. Go Penn football!

28 THE WALK / FALL 2010

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RYAN SHMEIZER Wharton 2012 Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa Signature Scent: Paco Rabanne 1 Million What presents do you want from your Secret Admirers? The kind that come in small expensive boxes Dream Job: Retired after graduation Favorite Band: Infant Sorrow Favorite Dinner Spot on Campus: Distrito It’s 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Where are you? Third Reich Class. Dorky I know. Quote to live by: “Do less, way less”

Clayton Gardner Management & Technology, 2012 Hometown: Chicago, IL Signature Scent: Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme Nickname: Clay What presents do you want from your Secret Admirers? A scavenger hunt with presents leading to the secret admirer! Dream Job: Hollywood Actor and Tech Entrepeneur Favorite Dinner Spot on Campus: Hummus People ople would be surprised to know tha that I… am a commercial and TV actor

Keith Black 2013 Hometown: Los Angeles Best date spot at Penn: White Dog Signature Scent: Right Guard Extreme Sport What presents do you want from your Secret Admirers? Money If I were an animal, I would be… a koala Dream Job: NBA Baller Favorite Band: Tenacious D People would be surprised to know that I… watch the Discovery Channel annel

Jason Gorskie 2011 Hometown: Marlboro, NJ Signature Scent: Versace Blue Jeans What presents do you want from your Secret Admirers? Letters If I were an animal, I would be… a panther Favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers Dream Girl: Dark hair, long legs, skinny, athletic, flexible, bubble butt, plays videogames Boxers or Briefs? Briefs Favorite Dinner Spot on Campus: Beijing Favorite te soccer team: Liverpool.

Nick Trasolini PreMed Baseball Player, 2011 Hometown: Syracuse, NY Best date spot at Penn: Philadephia Zoo Signature Scent: Curve If I were an animal, I would be… a rabbit Dream Job: Yankees Team Doctor Dream Girl: Carrie Underwood Favorite Dinner Spot on Campus: BBP It’s 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Where are you? Towne It’s 1 a.m. on Saturday. Where are you? Smokes THEWALKMAGAZINE.COM 29

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C Cory Moelis M McDonald’s Fan, 2011 Hometown: Los Angeles Ho Best date spot at Penn: Hillel – leave Shabbat at the door Be Signature Scent: All-natural Sig W What presents do you want from your Secret Admirers? Fortune cookies Fa Favorite Band: Bruce Springsteen Dr Dream Girl: Taylor Swift Pe People would be surprised to know that… this was the hardest question It’ It’s 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Where are you? McDonald’s It’ It’s 1 a.m. on Saturday. Where are you? McDonald’s

Nick Marini Get him while he’s young! 2014 Hometown: Philadelphia Best date spot at Penn: Naked Chocolate Signature Scent: Old Spice Swagger What presents do you want from your Secret Admirers? Notes and candy I guess Favorite Band: Chiddy Bang Dream Girl: Olivia Munn Favorite Dinner Spot on Campus: Commons People would be surprised to k know that I… am a model, professionally

max dewez Englishman, 2011 Hometown: London Best date spot at Penn: Midnight to 2AM, Ken Kweder, Tuesday night It’s 1 a.m. on Saturday. Where are you? Smokes. Always get my request in. American Girl and the girls love it. Blew his cover. Quote: “Sorry for partying” Sports: Questionable Fun Fact: Skis in New Mexico.

Antoine Senior (exchange for one year) Hometown: Cologne, Germany Signature Scent: Antidote by Viktor&Rolf What presents do you want from your Secret Admirers? Good CDs or films Dream Job: Musician Favorite Band: The Libertines Dream Girl: I don’t even have a type. But I am pretty sure that my dream girl is French. Favorite Dinner Spot on Campus: On campus? I would rather go downtown. To have sushi for instance. It’s 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Where are you? In my room playing guitar or on my way to Huntsman Hall. It s 1 a.m. on Saturday. Where are you? Smokes It’s

George Brighten Englishman, 2014 Hometown: London, UK Best date spot at Penn: Speakman 311 (my crib) Signature Scent: CK in2u What presents do you want from your Secret Admirers? Sugar, spice, and everything nice If I were an animal, I would be… Russell Brand Favorite Band: Bloc Party Dream Girl: Scarlett Johansonn People would be surprised to know that I… am not related to the Queen

30 THE WALK / FALL 2010

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Brilliantly Affordable Beauty

HAIR | SKIN | NAILS | All services provided by supervised students. | Chestnut Street at 40th |

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On Anne-marie, velvet cropped turtleneck, Alexander Wang, Knit Wit, $575; Navy skirt, Whit, Knit Wit, $295; Black hat, Wrath Arcane, Matthew Izzo, price upon request; White knee-high socks, American Apparel, $8; T-strap shoes, stylist own.

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On Caitlin, white one shoulder tuxedo shirt, stylists own; Navy pants, Jpark, Sugar Cube, $170; Leather cuff with silver embellishment, Matthew Izzo, $36; Leather cuff with gold embellishment, Matthew Izzo, $36; Owl ring, Smak Parlour, price upon request; All other jewelry, stylist own

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10/26/2010 2:07:23 AM


Styled by Marsha Low, Michelle Flesh, Carolina Earnst, and Tyrone Thomas. Makeup by Chloe Heckman. Accessories by Lennie Zhu. Photography by Gabriella Esensten.

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10/26/2010 1:26:57 AM

This fall, take a leaf out of the book of Seth Cohen or Michael Cera and embrace your inner nerd. It’s the time of year where your back-to-school wardrobe just might be pervaded by a pinch of argyle or a pair of oversized specs. Whether you’re walking to class or sneaking off into the stacks, we’ve got you covered on how to get your geek on. Bright colors and feminine textures keep the look fresh – just maybe stay away from the pocket protectors. Oh, and be sure to let us know if you find a boy who’ll climb on a coffee cart to declare his love for you.

(Opposite Page) On Mimi: Blazer, Sara Berman, $722 at Joan Shepp; Sweater, Inhabit, $298 at Joan Shepp; Shorts, Elizabeth and James, $225 at Joan Shepp; Socks, $8 at American Apparel; Shoes, Chloe, $895 at Joan Shepp. On Nick: Shirt, BDG, $40 at Urban Oufitters; Pants, Levis, $54 at Urban Outfitters; Glasses, Warby Parker. (This page) On Andrea: Dress, BB Dakota, $88 at South Moon Under; Sweater, stylist owned; Shoes, stylist owned; Necklace, Rings, Bracelet, and Lunchbox, stylist owned; On Yardley: Dress, Free People, $98 at South Moon Under; Sweater, stylist owned; Shoes, stylist owned; Pearls, stylist owned; Earrings, Smack Parlor, price upon request.

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10/26/2010 1:27:22 AM

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10/26/2010 1:27:24 AM

monkeying around

(Opposite Page) On Yardley: Shirt, Splendid, $39.50 at South Moon Under; Sweater, Play by Comme de Garcons, $360 at Joan Shepp; Skirt, $38 at Urban Outfitters; Necklaces, stylist owned; Socks, stylist owned; Shoes, Repetto, stylisted owned. On Rob: Pants, Leo Romero, $79.50 at South Moon Under; Shirt, All Son Brand, $48 at Urban Outfitters; Suspenders, stylist owned. On Mimi: Black Dress (worn as top), L’Agence, $360 at Knitwit; Pink Skirt, Patterson J. Kincaid, $108 at South Moon Under. (This Page) On Mimi: Top, stylist owned; Sweater, BDG, $58 at Urban Outfitters; Skirt, $38 at Urban Outfitters; Hat, Paul Smith, $125 at Knitwit; Necklace, JC de Caselbajac, stylist owned. On Janee: Sweater, $76 from Brooklyn Industries; Skirt, Schumacher, $302 from Knitwit.

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10/26/2010 1:27:28 AM



On Clay: Shirt, Lark & Wolf, $58 from Urban Outfitters; Pants, Leo Romero, $79.50 from South Moon Under; Shoes, stylist owned; Belt, stylist owned; Glasses, Warby Parker.

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in the


On Mimi: Sweater, Ivan Grundahl, $326 from Joan Shepp; Pants, Current Elliot, $162 from Knitwit; Bow, stylist owned; Necklace, stylist owned; Ring, Smack Parlor, price upon request. On Nick: Shirt, Alternative Apparel, $18 from South Moon Under; Sweatshirt, BDG, $39 from Urban Outfitters; Pants, Levis, $54 from Urban Outfitters. On Janee: Sweater, Whit, $325 from Knitwit; Necklace, stylist owned.

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10/26/2010 1:27:35 AM



Wait, being a nerd is cool now? Fine by us! It’s no secret that here at Penn, most of us are already geeks anyway, so to be in style this fall is easy. Take a page from some of our favorite celebs and models and dial up the dorkiness!



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10/26/2010 1:27:38 AM



SMART GEEK: From left, clockwise: Sweater: H&M $49.95. Sweater: H&M $34.95. Blazer: Top Shop $125. Pants: Banana Republic $110. Boots: Top Shop $85. Skirt: Glasses: Top Shop $32. Glasses, Urban Outfitters $14. PLAYFUL GEEK: From left, clockwise: Tshirt: $32.95. Dress: $28. Cardigan: Urban Outfitters $58. Glasses: American Apparel $35. Watches: Timex. Shoes: Converse $43.99. GIRLY GEEK: From left, clockwise: Hat: Victorian Trading Co $39.95. Shirt: J Crew $59.95. Blazer: Top Shop $125. Clip: $18. Glasses: Allynscura, Vintage. Skirt: Topshop, $250. Boots: Steve Madden $99.99. Bag: Top Shop $65 GUY GEEK: From left: Ties: Urban Outfitters $18. Blazer: Urban Outfitters $88. Tie: Urban Outfitters $19 Shirt: Express $49.95. Glasses: Ray Ban. Shoes: Urban Outfitters $35.

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10/26/2010 1:28:37 AM




It’s that time of year again, when the trees shed their leaves, the birds fly south, and Penn’s fashionistas showcase their cold-weather styles on Locust Walk. Coats and jackets made a fresh and sophisticated statement this season, with everything from princess-like capes to neon parkas appearing on the runways. Not sure where to begin on your hunt for the perfect coat? We’ve laid out everything you need to know so you can button up against the chilly Pennsylvania air in outerwear guaranteed to make heads turn.

The Pea Coat The Pea Coat is an everlasting style of outerwear, a classic combination of chic and practicality. This season, try browsing the racks for a doublebreasted option with heavy tailoring and crest buttons. Another way to rock the pea coat trend is to invest in a great camel piece. This chic color is the hue for fall and will instantly add sophistication to your outerwear.

Left: DKNY F/W RTW 2010 Burberry Prorsum F/W RTW 2010 Balmain F/W RTW 2010

The Cape

The Fur Coat

Chanel F/W RTW 2010

Ditch your grandmother’s mink for a more exotic and glamorous take on this classic coat. Let your inner animal out with bold jungle prints and cropped styles. More into the PETA red paint scene? No worries; there are lots of exciting choices for you in the faux fur world. In fact, Chanel’s Fall 2010 show displayed only fake fur on the runway. As Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld said after his Paris show, “Fake is not chic but fake fur is.”

Left: 3.1 Phillip Lim F/W RTW 2010 Right: Alexander Wang F/W RTW 2010

Feel like a grown-up Little Red Riding Hood in this season’s cape coat.This quirky, fairytale-like coat is all the rage with designers like Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen and Phillip Lim. Try investing in options with flirty ruffles, fur detailing and bold colors. With so many choices out there, make sure to choose a cut that flatters your individual body type.

46 THE WALK / FALL 2010

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the shearling jacket From Grease fanatics to Italian women on Vespas, the shearling jacket is a stylish and go-to fall coat. Shake things up this season with 1920’s aviationinspired options, like the shearling bomber jacket. With this take on leather, you will be the chicest thing around (next to Amelia Earhart that is.)

Burberry Prorsum F/W RTW 2010

Burberry Prorsum F/W RTW 2010

The Ski Parka Keep the boring black North Face parka at home and reach for a ski jacket with personality. You are sure to stand out among the throngs of people on Locust Walk (and on the slopes) with a bright ski parka in a bold hue. Think 80’s skiwear with its iconic neon and retro look.

The Blazer Quilted down coat, Marc by Marc Jacobs

We’ve all heard that a structured jacket is useful to have in your wardrobe for the cooler months ahead. It’s great to wear with jeans during the day or paired with a dress at night. However, why not spice up your classic blazer with embellishments and accents from fall’s military trend? Photo coursey of carolinesmode. com/stockholmstreetsyle.

One more tip to help you on your quest: make sure whatever jacket you choose is not only stylish but also does what it is meant to do. Namely, a jacket should keep you warm! That adorable pea coat might look nice on the hanger, but if you’re not willing to wear it for more than five minutes you should probably keep looking. THEWALKMAGAZINE.COM 47

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10/26/2010 1:29:28 AM

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For more information visit or call 1.800.289.6229. Available only at Macy’s.

Travie McCoy

10/26/2010 1:29:41 AM

The WALK - Fall 2010  

The WALK is the University of Pennsylvania's only fashion magazine. It is completely student-run.

The WALK - Fall 2010  

The WALK is the University of Pennsylvania's only fashion magazine. It is completely student-run.