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The Wakulla News Thursday, May 28, 2009

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2009 Graduation Section

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wakulla High Class of 2009 showed great maturity

Wakulla High School Principal Mike Crouch By KEITH BLACKMAR

The telephones rang on a regular basis, students passed through the office doors regularly and class voting activities were conducted by Wakulla County Supervisor of Elections Buddy Wells in the two lobbies. It was just another typical day at Wakulla High School during the final weeks of school. WHS Principal Mike Crouch sat in his office long enough to conduct an interview and show a visitor around to see school activities that were underway. In less than a month, Crouch would be sending the Class of 2009 on its way into the real world. In the meantime, students took part in a Medical Academy program where Assistant Principal Randy Barnes played a dead man and students were asked to determine what killed the administrator. A doorway away, students played basketball and volleyball under the watchful eye of Windy Taff Jones, who displayed her athletic ability a few years earlier as one of the top Lady War Eagle athletes. Now she has her own children and observes school from the teaching side. Tucked away a short distance from the Medical Academy presen-

tation in the auditorium, the guidance staff was busy helping students get ready for the end of the year. Guidance Counselors Sharon Simmons, Bonnie Salib and Krista Millender get to know all of the students at WHS although which counselor students have direct contact with is determined by the student’s last name. Crouch is getting ready to send his third graduating class home for good since being named principal. The 2009 class was gifted academically and is a mature group, he said when asked to look back over the past eight months. The senior class, said Crouch, was a group that started WHS on a

track to becoming an outstanding performing school by mastering state required tests as sophomores. This group of seniors were sophomores when Crouch became principal. “Our kids did very well,” said Crouch of testing. “It was great.” Looking at their maturity level, he said the group had an excellent time in Orlando during the senior trip. A larger group of 83 students traveled to Orange County for the recreational activities. “It went off with any hitches,” said the principal. “They were good ambassadors of our county.” The three day trip included stops at Universal Studios and Walt Disney World and a Friday

Grad Night at Hollywood Studios. “We had good leadership from them,” said Crouch. “They were a social group, very mature and a good academic class.” The seniors have more opportunities to take Advanced Placement classes and many took advantage of the opportunity to “ready themselves for college and get a head-start for college.” Lauren Gentry continued a tradition of being part of the exclusive National Merit Scholarship program. WHS has had at least one senior in the program for the past several years. Crouch negotiated a Senior Cookout Day with seniors where the students had fun with music, activities and food outside during the regular school day in exchange for not interrupting the graduation ceremony with Silly String, beach balls or blow up dolls.

Clemson, Alaska Pacific and more schools in the fall. “I think this is one of the top groups,” she said. “They are very articulate and focused on getting their education. They know what it takes and they are not afraid of putting the work into it.” With the uncertainty of the economy, many students go into the military to have the security of a job and the opportunity to get their schooling paid for by the federal government. The 251 seniors will be led by Amanda McCullers and Lauren Gentry at the top of the Honor Court.

Crouch said the district decided to improve the graduation ceremony and not take away from the accomplishments of seniors with unnecessary distractions. “We don’t want to have a cheapening or lessening of the importance of the ceremony,” said Crouch. “They can play all night after the ceremony.” “I want them to enjoy their senior year,” added Crouch. “I want it to be special. I like their maturity and they are pretty close to one another. They are making the most of their final month together. They’ve been achievers.” Guidance Counselor Simmons said WHS seniors will attend FSU, Florida, University of Central Florida, TCC, Chipola, Auburn,



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Good Going Graduates!


May the music we have shared add a special dimension to your lives. Congratulations & Best Wishes from

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Tiffany Huba Susan Hudson Lauren Pigott Rebecca Stewart

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

2009 Graduation Section

Message from Superintendent David Miller Note: This was Wakulla County School Superintendent David Miller’s message to the 2009 WHS Senior Class. Congratulations to the fine young men and women in the Wakulla High School Class of 2009. I am so proud of your accomplishments in a wide array of areas: academics, athletics, community service, and numerous contributions to your school. You have made your mark here in a positive way and I applaud you for that. You will be remembered as a class with wit and wisdom, full of fun but with the ability to know when to buckle down. Your class had the most Advanced Placement courses offered and AP students enrolled in the history of WHS. Your Academic Team excelled, ranking high in competition, and your athletic teams won many titles. Your cultural talents in art, drama, and music were notable. So it is with pride and best wishes that I have the honor of awarding you your diplomas. Keep the accomplishments flourishing in your lives after high school and know that all of Wakulla County is proud of you.

The Wakulla News – Page 3G

Kimberly Franklin President

Lauren Gentry Vice President

Shelby Cash Secretary

Kelsey Harrell Historian

Superintendent David B. Miller

Thank you for the assistance Dear Readers, A BIG thank you to Hunter Tucker of WHS for her assistance in making the graduation tabloid a reality. Thanks to Principal Mike Crouch and the many teachers who have helped me provide school news throughout the year. I must also thank Melisa Taylor, Nancy Floyd Richardson and Sharon Simmons for their assistance in making this publication possible. They all went out of their way to provide photographs and information for us. Thank you to seniors Shelby Cash and Kimberly Franklin for help in identfying many of their classmates. Thanks to our own Lynda Kinsey and Tammie Barfield for shooting pictures of the Honor Court and Awards Day and covering the event. The members of The Wakulla News staff hope that you enjoy the 2009 graduating senior section. Good luck to the Class of 2009. Keith Blackmar, Editor, The Wakulla News

Rebecca Stewart Treasurer

850-926-7111 Main Branch MEMBER FDIC

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2009 Graduation Section

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memories of Orlando and the WHS senior class trip By TIFFANY BORDWELL WHS Class of 2009

Wow! Words couldn’t really express how many memories the 2009 Wakulla High School seniors could pack into three days. It was the ultimate ending to a great year, which flew by extremely fast. On a Thursday in late April, bright and early in the morning, the seniors going on the trip reported to the cafeteria to get bags checked and take attendance. We hit the road on two charter buses to Orlando. The fun started right away when we arrived at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We all jumped off the bus and heard the teachers yell in the distance, “Have a blast, and be safe!” We got to experience the thrills of The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman in 3D, The Mummy, and Dueling Dragons. After a day in the park, City Walk provided the opportunity for fantastic food and music. The next day we all got a wake up call from Mrs. Franklin, and boy did she sound excited, but truth be told, we were already tired! At 7 a.m. on Friday, we got up and got ready to go to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. There we had another day of nonstop fun until we arrived back at the buses at 4:15

p.m. But until that time we rode the rides such as, Pirates of the Caribbean 3D, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and of course, it’s a small world. After our day at Walt Disney World, we went back to the hotel to get ready for GRADNITE 09. We got on the bus in our casual attire and hit the road to Hollywood Studios. We got there at 8 p.m. and the party began. Strobe lights, fog horns, black lights, music, and food filled the park, while kids all the way from New York to Texas attended. Our entertainment was Katy Perry and Metro Station, and they sure made everyone dance! By the end of the night there was a fireworks show, and everyone was worn out from the constant walking. Though my feet still hurt, the experience will last a lifetime. I just want to take the time to thank all the people involved who helped make this happen. I would like to thank Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Franklin, Mr. Smith, Mrs. and Mrs. Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Tomaini for all they did and for watching over us because I know it was hard at times. The trip was awesome, and I’m sure the senior class next year will have just as much fun as we did…although the Class of 2009 is a crazy one!

Anna Solomon, Lauren Pigott, Rebecca Smith, Shelby Cash and Maggie Ogden pose with Pluto at The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

Ponder Enterprises, Inc. Wishes Best of Luck to CHARLES CLAYTON And to all the 2009 Graduates

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wakulla News – Page 5G

2009 Graduation Section

War Eagle Seniors Begin A New Journey

Kenny Abshire

Nathan Adams

Rachel Aderhold

Joshua Allen

Leland Alyea

Dylan Andrews

Samantha Ballard

Garrett Barco

Brittany Bentley

Taylor Biener

Jacob Blume

Christopher Bohannon

Wilton Booth

Tiffany Bordwell

Mary Lee Brandt

Kyle Britt

Jordyn Brooks

Brian Brown

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2009 Graduation Section

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wakulla High School Class of 2009

Jaterrica Brown

Bridget Burke

Zachary Butler

N’qwesha Calloway

Rachel Capps

Jack Carpenter

John Carter

Shelby Cash

Amanda Cesaroni

Liliann Chadwell

Anna Chandler

Caitlyn Chrisco

James Churchard

Charles Clayton

Everett Clayton

Joshua Colman

Hunter Cowie

Jessika Craig

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wakulla News – Page 7G

2009 Graduation Section

War Eagle Seniors Begin A New Journey

Steven Craze

Bradley Crisp

Kyle Daniels

Toni Daugherty

Laurie Debary

Danica Dedmon

Brittney Dekle

Kristina Dendekker

Julian Egler

Courtney Fleder

Tyler Ferguson

Robert Fetter

Rebecca Folsom

Carl Forbes

Regan Franckhauser

Kimberly Franklin

Kristen Franklin

Victoria Freeman

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2009 Graduation Section

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wakulla High School Class of 2009

Pamela Gay

Lauren Gentry

John Gibbs

Tiffany Gilmore

Brian Glavey

Joshua Golden

Sunni Greenwood

Alexander Grimes

James Griner

CeeJay Grix

Kendrick Hall

Andrew Hancock

Christina Hanna

Lauren Hanner

Susan Hansen

Amanda Harper

John Harper

Tiffany Harper

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wakulla News – Page 9G

2009 Graduation Section

War Eagle Seniors Begin A New Journey

Kelsey Harrell

Mariah Harrison

Amber Hart

Steven Hart

Courtney Hartsfield

William Harvey

Warren Hess

Ashelyn Hester

Samuel Hicks

Brooke Hill

Christopher Holt

Scott Homan

Cynthia Howell

Tiffany Huba

John Hudson

Susan Hudson

Bobbie Hughes

Ashley Hurst

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2009 Graduation Section

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wakulla High School Class of 2009

Amanda Jinks

Christopher Johnson

John Johnson

Kassie Jones

Tiffany Jones

Derek Kelly

Scott Kelly

Ja’koi Kennedy

Ryan Kennedy

Chet Kilgore

Benjamen Land

Ashley Lawhon

Zachary Lejeune

Michelle Lescoe

Robert Leynes

Patrick Lima

Donna Longfellow

John Longver

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wakulla News – Page 11G

2009 Graduation Section

WHS Honor Court offers some parting messages By KEITH BLACKMAR

The Wakulla High School Class of 2009 received their day in the sun on Monday, May 18 at the WHS Awards Day Ceremony and at the Honor Court Banquet at Wakulla Springs State Park on Tuesday, May 19. The Honor Court is made up of the top 12 academic scholars in the graduating class. The 2009 group includes: Valedictorian Amanda McCullers, Salutatorian Lauren Gentry, Susan Hudson, Rance McBratney, Joshua Lee Golden, Julian Egler, Travis Thompson, Kimberly Franklin, Scott Kelly, Hannah Lovestrand, Holly Thomas and Bridget Anne Burke. The students shared their accomplishments and plans at the banquet. Each student picked out a teacher from WHS who they enjoyed working with and wanted to honor. • Amanda McCullers of Crawfordville is the daughter of Arthur Wayne and Deborah Mathers McCullers. She picked Mike Smith as her favorite teacher.

McCullers was a big part of the soccer team as captain for two years, the MVP in 2009 and the assists leader in 2008. She was the WHS representative at a Washington, D.C. youth tour, yearbook editor and Valedictorian. “I plan to attend the University of Florida and receive a degree in Psychiatry, eventually returning to college to receive a degree in social work,” she said. Her parting shot was: “Regardless of grades, relationships or positions lost or gained in high school, the most important thing to learn is life continues and the ‘life’ part of that is discovering just how it does.” • Lauren Gentry of Crawfordville is the daughter of Jeff Gentry and Angela Gentry. The Salutatorian is a National Merit Scholar, District Sunshine State Scholar in math and science, three years of Best of Show in the WHS art contest and senior class vice president. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Environmental Club and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She was also a Girls State alternate and

2008 SEEK environmental program representative. Her plans include Auburn University where she hopes to pursue a degree in Marketing and Psychology. Her quote: To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. Her favorite teacher was Teresa Murphy. • Susan Hudson of Crawfordville is the daughter of Jimmy and Laura Hudson. Her favorite teacher was Angie Williams. She won seven awards during the last two years in the WHS art show including three first place awards. She has been a National Honor Society member for two years and had the highest grade point average in physical science as a freshman, highest GPA as a sophomore in Spanish II and highest GPA in Chemistry Honors as a junior. “I will be attending Florida State University in the fall with an undecided major,” she said. Her quote: Shoot for the moon–even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. • Rance McBratney of Crawfordville is the son of Donna Norris

Photo by Mary Katherine Westmark

Congratulations Salutatorian Lauren Michelle Gentry! Straight A’s since first grade, Salutatorian of your class and off to Auburn to begin the next great chapter in your life. We hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known.

We love you! Jeff (Dad) and Julie Gentry and Granny and Grandpa Gentry

Congratulations Summer The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.

We Love You! The girls at…

319 Melissa, April & Crissy

What! This isn’t 4-Wheel Drive????

and Robert McBratney. Rance was a member of the varsity baseball and varsity basketball teams and had an outstanding senior season pitching for Coach Mike Gauger. “I plan to attend the University of Central Florida where I will be on a Pre-Med track,” he said. “Then continue on to medical school to acquire a degree in medicine.” His parting shot: “Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance.” His favorite teacher was Mike Smith. • Joshua Lee Golden of Crawfordville is the son of David and Deborah Golden. His favorite teacher was Melisa Taylor. Golden maintained an “A” average throughout his high school career and became a drummer for Fisher Creek, a local Christian rock band. His future plans include getting an AA degree from TCC and transferring to FSU to get a BA in Business. “After that, just life,” he said. “Just want to say thanks to all my teachers, peers, friends and family for making my high school experience such a memorable one. Love you guys!”

• Julian Egler of Crawfordville is the son of Thomas and Terri Egler. His favorite teacher was Nancy Floyd Richardson. Julian was the commanding officer of the NJROTC and vice president of the National Honor Society. He was a delegate to Boys State and a Leadership Academy cadet in 2008. In 2009, he was a delegate of the Model United Nations team and NJROTC scholarship recipient. As a junior, he was a guitarist for the WHS Jazz Band which received a superior in each festival it attended. His plans include FSU and NROTC with a major in Aeronautical Engineering before getting commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Navy. “I am very attractive. I am super amazing. I can play guitar like a beast and I love everyone,” he said. • Travis Thompson of Crawfordville is the son of Karen and Wendel Thompson. His favorite teacher, now administrator, is Sunny Chancy. Continued on Page 12G


Jarrod Jarrod Morgan Morgan

Best Best of of Luck! Luck!

We Love You and are very Proud of You! Love, Mom, Dad, Joey, Jessi & Justin

Page 12G – The Wakulla News

2009 Honor Court

Continued from Page 11G He is vice president of Interact and placed third in the regional Optimist Club Speech Contest. He placed first in the Model United Nations contests for two years. “I’m going to the University of Florida to pursue a medical degree,” he said. “I turned this in three days late, halfway filled out, it’s either senioritis or...,” he said. • Kimberly Franklin of Crawfordville is the daughter of Keith and Georgia Franklin. Her favorite teacher was Lori Sandgren. Franklin was junior and senior class president and captain of the varsity cheerleading squad. She was on the Homecoming Court in 2008 and Prom Court in 2009. She had the highest GPA for cheerleaders for three years and lifted weights on the weightlifting team. Her painting/artwork received a third place at the North Florida Fair and she has been on the Model U.N. team for three years. She was a member of the National Honor Society and treasurer of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. “I plan to go to Florida State University and triple major in Pre-Law, Political Science and Business,” she said. “Then I want to go to law school and hopefully become a lawyer.” Her parting shot: “Trust in God, shoot for the stars and follow your dreams.” • Scott Kelly of Crawfordville is the son of Steve and Renee Kelly. His favorite teacher is cross country Coach Paul Hoover. Kelly had the highest GPA in American History Honors and was an usher for the 2007-2008 graduation. He was on the varsity cross country team for four years and was captain of the 2008-2009 squad. “I plan to attend Tallahassee Community College for two years then move on to either FSU or the University of Florida to pursue a career in Physical Therapy, or become famous playing drums,” he said. His parting shot: Friends and music equal life. • Hannah Lovestrand of Crawfordville is the daughter of Erik and Terri Lovestrand. Her favorite teacher was Mike Smith. She played varsity softball for four years and was first team All-District. She also played three years of volleyball with two years of varsity play. Lovestrand played one season of varsity soccer and varsity golf. “I plan to play softball at Chipola College, get a degree in Biology and go to Medschool and become an anesthesiologist.” • Holly Thomas of Crawfordville is the daughter of Ralph and Cynthia Thomas. She listed Susan Solburg as her favorite teacher. She was president of Dramatis

2009 Graduation Section

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Principal Mike Crouch and Superintendent David Miller with the 2009 WHS Honor Court. Valedictorian Amanda McCullers, Salutatorian Lauren Gentry, Susan Hudson, Rance McBratney, Joshua Lee Golden, Julian Egler, Travis Thompson, Kimberly Franklin, Scott Kelly, Hannah Lovestrand, Holly Thomas and Bridget Anne Burke. Personae and received excellent and superior ratings in three years of state drama competitions. She received a first place in the National 5 Freedoms video contest and held a job during her senior and junior years working at the Seineyard and Hollister Clothing Company. Her GPA was the highest in English 3 Honors, Drama I and Television Production. “I plan to attend the University of Central Florida’s Honors College in the Fall 2009 to major in theatre with a minor in math education. I also plan to take film classes,” she said. “I’ve worked hard and I’m so excited to move on,” she said. “It has been a great four years.” • Bridget Anne Burke of St. Marks is the daughter of Shelle Cooper Guastella and Salvador Guastella. Her favorite teacher is Krista Millender. She played soccer for three years and won the spirit award, coaches choice award and indomitable spirit award. She was a band section leader and field captain. She was an officer in Dramatis Personae and Lauren, was a character in three dramatic plays. We are so proud of you and the many accomplishments you have achieved She also received a superior rating for drama at districts and went to the state throughout your school career. Your achievements in earning Salutatorian, competition. National Merit Scholar and admittance to Auburn are great and well “I plan to attend the University of Florida deserved! War Eagle! and receive a degree in Zoology and eventuWe love you! ally Marine Biology,” she said. “I hope to Mom, Lissa, Ninny, Diddy, Uncle Buddy, Aunt Linda, become a leading scientist on whales and work in the arctic studying whales.” Rachel, Bryan, Samantha, Landon and Maddie “Live life everyday, be yourself and be happy.”

Congratulations Lauren

Thursday, May 28, 2009

2009 Graduation Section

The Wakulla News – Page 13G

Seniors get the money By TAMMIE BARFIELD

The May 18 Awards Assembly sent many of Wakulla High School’s seniors into the world better prepared by awarding thousands of dollars in scholarships. Walter Dodson, President and CEO of Wakulla Bank, served as the emcee and presenter for the following awards: Guy Harold Hudson Scholarship, Courtney Hartsfield; G. F. McKenzie Scholarship, William Stelling, John Carter, and Ashley Quintero; McKenzie Vocational Scholarship, John Carter; McKenzie Scholarship, Ashley Quintero; Frank Veasman Scholarship, Amber Medart Elementary School Principal Bobby Pearce, above, presents Anna SoloWomble. mon with the Pearce-Alexander Memorial Scholarship which is given each year in The Wakulla Bank Scholarship memory of his late sister, Frances, and the late Jill Alexander. Top right, Wakulla went to Christina Hanna and the Superintendent of Schools David Miller presented a scholarship to Brian Glavey Wakulla Bank STAR award was through the Unites States Army ROTC. The scholarship is valued at more than presented to Ashleyn Hester. $45,000. Wakulla High students gathered in the auditoirum for the annual The Judge A. L. and Hazel Porter Awards Day ceremony on Monday, May 18. The event is a sign that the 2008-2009 Scholarship, Donna Longfellow; school year is drawing to a close. It will officially end on Friday, May 29. Wakulla Cattleman’s Association scholarship, Jessica Craig; Wildwood Men’s Golf Association Scholarship, Warren Hess; Elected Officials Scholarship, Derek Kelly; Henry Vause Vocational Premium Scholarship, Zach LeJeune, James Tyler Griner, John Hudson, and John A. Carter. • Dale Fetter was the recipient of the Bonner Vocational Scholarship; the Brann Vocational Scholarship, James Churchard; the Townsend Vocational ScholThe transition from Wakulla High arship, John Gibbs. Amber Hart School to TCC was trouble free. and Joshua Soderlund were the All of my classes were taught by recipients of the Wakulla Men’s Association Scholarships; Scott professor’s that knew my name. The Homan received the Frank Snyder warm caring environment at TCC Memorial Scholarship. Warren Hess received the Waldemar Disallowed me to fully grasp the college tler Golf Scholarship. experience and know what to expect • The Kieser Memorial Scholarship, Dylan Parker; Caitlin when I transferred to FSU. Martin, Anita Townsend Nursing Scholarship; Patience Bates, the Dod Walker Scholarship; and Garrett Barco, Paul Dubay Memorial Heather Edwards, TCC Class of 2007 Scholarship. JoAnn Daniels presented the the college experience Optimist Scholarship to Kelsey Williams and Sunni Greenwood. Superintendent David Miller presented the Roger Stokley Scholarship and congratulated Cheyenne Parfit as the recipient. Tallahassee Community College | 444 Appleyard Drive | | 201-8555 Continued on Page 14G


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Page 14G – The Wakulla News

2009 Graduation Section

WHS senior scholarships Continued from Page 13G • Bobby Pearce presented the Jill Alexander/Frances Pearce Memorial Scholarship to Anna Solomon telling her “life is fleeting, live it to the fullest.” Fran Gilbert presented the Frederick and Frances Gilbert Scholarship award to Kassie Jones. The Wakulla County Realtors Association Scholarship was awarded to Kristina DenDekker. James Tyler Griner was the recipient of Masonic Lodge Scholarship. Clay Watts received the Leon/ Wakulla Retired Educators Scholarship. The Rotary Club/Interact Scholarship was presented to Kyle Patterson, Travis Thompson, and Amanda McCullers. Michelle Snow presented the Wakulla County Professional and Business Women’s Association Scholarships to Danica Deadmon, Lauren Gentry, James Tyler Griner, J’Ana Price, and Kimberly Franklin. Samuel Hicks was the recipient of the St. Marks Powder science and engineering scholarship. The Wakulla County Recreation Board Scholarship went to Kyle Daniels. • The Arthur L. Andrews Memorial Scholarship was presented to J’Ana Price and Courtney Felder. Rebecca Folsom was the recipient of the Noah Posey NJROTC Scholarship. Commander Almon presented the NJROTC award sponsored by FAMU to three recipients: John Aaron Gibbs, Jay Egler, and Rebecca Stewart who will use them to become commissioned officers in the United States Navy or the U. S. Marine Corps. Brian Glavey was awarded the Superintendent’s Army ROTC Scholarship. Petty Officer Angel Alvarado presented Ian Kowalczyk and Jennifer Peacock with the Montgomery GI Bill/Tuition Assistance Scholarship. Holly Thomas was awarded the Wakulla Fine Arts Scholarship. • Marissa Williams received the Olive McFall Damon Scholarship for visual arts. The Brian Parsons Memorial Scholarship went to Samuel Hicks. Former state representative Curtis Richardson presented

the Wakulla Democratic Executive Committee Scholarship to Brandi Hebert. Mary Zarate was awarded the Florida A & M University ROTC Scholarship, which was presented by Lt. Col. Jeffrey Williams. • The Faulkner State College Scholar Athletes Scholarship was presented to four recipients: Cody Sapp, golf; Hannah Lovestrand, softball; Carl “Mookie” Forbes, wrestling; and Will Harvey, tennis. The awards were presented by Buddy Tomaini. Kathy Hallowell presented t he Crawfordville Women’s Club Scholarship to Kim Franklin. Mike Crouch presented the Voice of Democracy Scholarships to three recipients: Gage Martin, Victoria Hamel, and Savannah Achens. The Tallahassee Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America Scholarship was awarded to Jay Egler and Rebecca Stewart. TCC Scholarships were awarded to: TCC Board of Trustees Scholarship, Domenico Singleton, Scott Kelly, and Joshua Golden; TCC Ambassador Winner Scholarship, Lauren Pigott, Tyler Unger, Clay Watts, and Kara McLaughlin. Wanda Lewis Chandler presented additional TCC scholarships: TCC College Reach Out Program was awarded to Liliann Chadwell, Chr istina Hanna, Bridgett-Anne Burke, Andrew Hancock, and Trista Seres. The TCC Model UN Scholarship was awarded to Paul Murphy. Amanda Council was the recipient of the Talquin Electric Youth Tour Scholarship. • P r i n c i p a l C ro u c h t h e n presented the National Merit Scholarship award. He stated the National Merit Scholarship is the highest award received for academic achievement. He announced this year’s winner, senior Lauren Gentry. He then announced the National Merit Program Contenders, who are juniors this year but candidates for the National Merit Scholarship next year, as follows: William Shane Matthews and Victoria Marie Hamel. Julian Egler was presented the FSU 21st Scholarship by Beth O’Donnell. She announced

Susan Hudson and Benjamin Mathers as the winners of the FSU Freshman Scholarships. • The Bright Future Florida Academic Scholar (FAS) program provides four years paid 100 percent to any university based on GPA. The winners were: Julian Egler, Lauren Gentry, Susan Hudson, Rance McBratney, Kyle Patterson, Holly Thomas, and Travis Thompson. The Bright Future Florida Medallion Scholars Awards, which provides 100 percent paid to community college first, then any university: Brittany Bentley, Jordyn Brooks, Jaterrica Brown, Bridget-Ann Burke, Rachel Capps, Shelby Cash, Liliann Chadwell, Anna Chandler, Steven Craze, Courtney Felder, Rebecca Folsom, Kimberly Franklin, John Gibbs, Joshua Golden, Christina Hanna, Susan Hansen, William Harvey, Warren Hess, Samuel Hicks, Brooke Hill, Tiffany Huba, Kassie Jones, Scott Kelly, Benjamen Land, Michelle Macdonald, Benjamin Mathers, Amanda McCullers, Shannon Miller, Mary Kate Murphy, Paul Murphy, Sydney Nutting, Cory Pearce, Eric Posey, J’ana Price, Erica Pyles, Trista Seres, Domenico Singleton, Joshua Smith, Richard Smith, Rebecca Stewart, Dyan Talbott, and Alexander Torres. The Bright Future Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Awards (GSV), provides 75 percent paid for four years. The winners were: Dylan Andrews, Regan Franckhauser, Jared Lowe, Lauren Pigott, and Johnathan Spooner. The Headstart Scholarships included: Seniors – Jaterrica Brown, Courtney Felder, Regan Franckhauser, K assie Jones, Amanda McCullers, Domenico Singleton, Joshua Allen, Ashley Quintero, Erica Powell and Jennifer Price; Juniors – Caleb Fisher, Laura McCann, Virginia Moore and Jamie Trindell; Sophomores – Kelsey Alyea, Jessica Bryan, Christina Mathis, Katherine Martinez, Kieifi Myrick, Jessie Parker and Patience Paul; Freshmen – Montana Burns, Allie Cain, Kristen Chatham, Jamie Faircloth, Maliyah Farmer, Shalia Godbolt, Sheldon Johnson, Josh Miller and Richard Walker.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

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Expires June 30, 2009

ul ations Congrato f C l as s


FREE Ice Cream Hand Dipped or Soft Serve good thru June 30, 2009 to Wakulla County 2009 graduates with copy of diploma


1349 Coastal Hwy. 98

Bayside Deli & Game Room

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wakulla News – Page 15G

2009 Graduation Section

War Eagle Seniors Begin A New Journey

Hannah Lovestrand

Jared Lowe

Michelle Macdonald

Philip Magee

Develin Manning

Caitlin Martin

Benjamin Mathers

Courtnie Maxwell

Rance McBratney

Kevin McCormack

Amanda McCullers

Zachary McFalls

James McIntyre

Shane McKenzie

Tavarus McKinney

Kara McLaughlin

Randall Meeks

David Melton

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Page 16G – The Wakulla News

2009 Graduation Section

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wakulla High School Class of 2009

Brett Metcalf

Ashley J. Miller

Ashley Miller

Shannon Miller

Allania Mills

Ant’tony Mills

Bobby Morales

Jarrod Morgan

Marykate Murphy

Paul Murphy

Lauren Nichols

Kayla Norup

Samantha Nunnery

Sydney Nutting

Maggie Ogden

Torie Olah

Sarah Osterndorf

Josh Ostojich

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Sopchoppy Hardware 962-3180

Coastwise Realty, Inc. 926-8038

Judge Jill Walker 926-0943

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wakulla News – Page 17G

2009 Graduation Section

War Eagle Seniors Begin A New Journey

Cheyenne Parfitt

Dylan Parker

Ryan Parker

Tyler Patrick

Kyle Patterson

Jennifer Peacock

Chelsea Peltier

Rebecca Pendris

Cortnie Petry

Cory Pearce

Lauren Pigott

John Pittman

Ca-Len Porter

Eric Posey

J Ana Price

Ashley Quintero

Erica Pyles

Amy Raker

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Page 18G – The Wakulla News

2009 Graduation Section

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wakulla High School Class of 2009

Kallie Redding

Brock Reed

Matthew Reich

Brittany Rhodes

Michael Richardson

Donna Riley

Benaias Rivera

Laketria Roberts

Sylvia Robertson

Porter Robinson

Christopher Roskowski

Melissa Rossow

Logan Runyan

Nathaniel Sanford

Cody Sapp

Daphne Sapp

Tyler Scheffler

Trista Seres

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Alan Brock, County Commissioner

Buddy Wells, Wakulla County Supervisor of Elections 926-7575

Brent Thurmond, Clerk of Court

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wakulla News – Page 19G

2009 Graduation Section

War Eagle Seniors Begin A New Journey

Joshua Sheffield

Domenico Singleton

William Skeens

Kaila Slater

Leeantonio Smalls

Corey Smith

Joshua Smith

Katie Smith

Rebecca Smith

Richard Smith

Joshua Soderlund

Anna Solomon

Johnathon Spooner

Lauren St.Hillier

William Stelling

Rebecca Stewart

Ashlee Stoddard

Kelsey Strickland

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The Wakulla News 926-7102

Page 20G – The Wakulla News

2009 Graduation Section

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wakulla High School Class of 2009

Clifford Stull

Dyan Talbott

Alex Taylor

Holly Thomas

Erica Thompson

Michael Thompson

Traneicia Thompson

Travis Thompson

Alexander Torres

Kaitlin Tucker

Martha Tucker

Tyler Unger

Dylan Vinson

Vanessa Walker

Vincent Walker

Skylar Warren

Clayton Watts

Nathan West

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wakulla News – Page 21G

2009 Graduation Section

War Eagle Seniors Begin A New Journey

Kristi White

Amber Womble

Kelsey Williams

Brandy Woodward

Marissa Williams

Brandan Willis

Mary Zarate

The Wakulla News and our Sponsors Salute the Graduating War Eagles

Randan Willis

Summer Zondervan

Michael Wise

Jordan Zuhl

Page 22G – The Wakulla News

2009 Graduation Section

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vocational Completer awards are given

Kimberly Franklin has served as president of the Wakulla High School Class of 2009. Lauren Gentry was the vice president and Shelby Cash was secretary. The treasurer was Rebecca Stewart and Kelsey Harrell was the historian.

The Class of 2009 The Vocational Program Completer Nominees for 2008-2009 Senior Articulation are awards given to students who complete three technical classes while also maintaining their regular classes. The awards were announced on WHS Awards Day on Monday, May 18. The recipients were announced as follows: Kenneth Abshire, Nathaniel Adams, Rachel Aderhold, Joshua Allen, Dylan Andres, Garrett Barco, Taylor Biener, Jacob Blume, Tiffany Bordwell, Jordyn Brooks, Jatterrica Brown, Zachary Butler, John Carter, Shelby Cash, Liliann Chadwell, Anna Chandler, James Churchard, Charles Clayton, Hunter Cowie, Steven Craze, Laurie Debary, Danica Dedmon, Brittany Dekle, Courtney Felder, Tyler Ferguson, Rebecca Folsom, Regan Franckhauser, Kimberly Franklin, Kristen Franklin, Victoria Freeman, John A. Gibbs, tiffany Gilmore, Brian Glavey, Joshua Golden, Sunni Greenwood, Alexander Grimes, James T. Griner, Ceejay Grix, Andrew Hancock, Christina Hanna, Lauren Hanner, Susan Hansen, Amanda Harper, John Harper, Tiffany Harper, Kelsey Harrell, Amber Hart, Courtney Hartsfield, Warren Hess, Ashelyn Hester, Samuel Hicks, Brooke Hill, Scott Homan, Tiffany Huba, John Hudson, Susan Hudson, Ashley Hurst, Amanda Jinks, Christopher Johnson, Kassie Jones, Ryan Ken-

Left, Holly Thomas and Chelli MacDonald hug at Dramatis Personae banquet. Above, Hannah Lovestrand with Kimberly Franklin. Right, Shelby Cash enjoys a special treat on her birthday on the Orlando trip. nedy, Chet Kilgore, Benjamen Land, Ashley Lawhon, Zachary Lejeune, Michelle Lescoe, Patrick Lima, Donna Longfellow, Hannah Lovestrand, Jarrod Lowe, Nicholas Lytle, Michelle Macdonald, Caitlin Martin, Benjamin Mathers, Rance McBratney, Amanda McCullers, James McIntyre, Kara McLaughlin, Brett Metcalf, Ashley A. Miller, Shannon Miller, Taylor Miller, Allania Mills, Bobby Morales, Mary Kate Murphy, Paul Murphy, Lauren Nichols, Kayla Norup, Samantha Nunnery, Sydney Nutting, Maggie Ogden, David Paul Patton, Dylan Parker, Ryan Parker, Tyler Patrick, Jennifer Peacock, Chelsea Peltier, Rebecca Pendris, Lauren Pigott, Ca-len Porter, Eric Posey, J’ana Price, Erica Pyles, Ashley

Congratulations Brian, we are very proud of you.

Julian Egler on your successful school career and Naval ROTC scholarship!

Son, Brother, Musician, Leader!

May God bless you and keep you safe and happy. Love, Mom, Dad, and Shannon

Quintero, Kallie Redding, Matthew Reich, Brittany Rhodes, Michael Richardson, Porter Robinson, Melissa Rossow, Daphne Sapp, Trista Seres, Joshua Sheffield, Domenico Singleton, Joshua Smith, Richard Ryan Smith, Joshua Soderlund, Anna Solomon, Johnathan Spooner, Lauren St. Hillier, William Stelling, Rebecca Stewart, Ashlee’ Stoddard, Kelsey Strickland, Dyan Talbott, Michael Thompson, Traneicia Thompson, Travis Thompson, Alex Torres, Kaitlin Tucker, Martha Tucker, Tyler Unger, Dylan Vinson, Steven Warren, Kelsey Williams, Marissa Williams, Randan Willis, Michael Wise, Amber Womble and Summer Zondervan.

We love you! Mom and Allen

Courtney Hartsfield

We are Proud of you! Mom and Terry

Congratulatins to the Graduating Seniors of 2009 Panhandle Area Educational Consortium Member School Districts Calhoun Tommy McClellan Superintendent Franklin Nina Marks Superintendent FSU Schools, Inc. Dr. Lynn Wicker Director Gadsden Reginald James Superintendent Gulf Tim Wilder Superintendent


2008-2009 Senior Class Officers

Hamilton (Risk Management Member)

Martha Butler Superintendent Holmes Gary Galloway Superintendent Jackson Lee Miller Superintendent Jefferson Bill Brumfield Superintendent Liberty Dr. Sue Summers Superintendent

Madison Lou Miller Superintendent Taylor Paul Dyal Superintendent Wakulla David Miller Superintendent Walton Carlene Anderson Superintendent Washington Dr. Sandra Cook Superintendent

Safety and Positive Thinking Lead to Success Patrick McDaniel Interim Executive Director

Tony Ganstine Facilities and Safety Specialist

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Wakulla News – Page 23G

2009 Graduation Section

Athletics are a big part of the high school experience Go War Eagles! By KEITH BLACKMAR

Senior Carl ‘Mookie’ Forbes, with Buddy Tomaini, participated in three varsity sports and signed a scholarship to wrestle at a Kansas college.

Congradulations! Michael

We Love You! Mom, Dad, Matthew, Rachel and Alex

Michael Emory Richardson We are So Proud of You! Love,

Mom, Dad, Art, Kate, Tommy, Amanda, Danielle, Landon, Aunt Liz & Stephanie

A big part of the high school experience is the sports program and Wakulla High School has had a great deal of success on the fields and courts during the 2008-2009 school year. The senior class is always a big part of the sports success whether the students sign sports scholarships or not. Despite having a young team, the football squad played in the first round of the state playoffs and the volleyball team won a district championship. The War Eagle golf team went to the state championship where Coach Mike Smith and his players found themselves as the only public school competing against private schools. The War Eagle soccer team surprised everyone by making the state playoffs and the Lady War Eagle basketball team also played in the state playoffs. The wrestling and weightlifting team both had athletes place in the tough competition and the wrestlers came home with Scotty Varner as a state champion. The War Eagle tennis team won the district title and the first team doubles squad went to the state championships where they won

a match. The softball team went to the Elite Eight round of the playoffs and missed the Final Four by one game. The track team sent an athlete to the state championships and he placed in the finals. “Our seniors have provided good leadership this year,” said Crouch. “We have some nice academic scholarships, the Brain Bowl team did well and we have some athletic scholarships.” Some of the senior athletes whose names have graced the sports pages of The Wakulla News during the past eight months include: Jordan Zuhl, Josh Colman, Brad Crisp, Mookie Forbes, Leland Alyea, Kelsey Harrell, Ryan Smith, Rachel Capps, Bridget Burke, Jaterrica Brown, Will Harvey, Jared Lowe, Hannah Lovestrand, Rance McBratney, Tavarus McKinney, Wilton Booth, Ant Mills, Sydney Nutting, Logan Runyan, Cody Sapp, Lee Smalls, Vince Walker, Michael Wise, Kendrick Hall, Zach Klees, Warren Hess, Garrett Barco, Matt Reich and Sam Hicks. The WHS sports program will continue, but will miss many of the seniors who were a big part of the program.

Congratulations Class Of 2009

From Your Hometown Newspaper The

Wakulla News

Page 24G – The Wakulla News

2009 Graduation Section

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dressing up to dance at Prom Clockwise from the top, Wakulla High School students dance at the 2009 Prom at the University Center at Florida State University. Top right, Michael Wise and Tiffany Bordwell get all dressed up. Bottom right, Clay Watts and Mary Kate Murphy get prepared for the big event at Azalea Park. Bottom left, Brooklyn Tindall and Will Harvey pose for the camera. Top left, Amanda McCullers and Bridget Anne Burke are ready for the final Prom of their high school careers.

CONGRATULATIONS SHELBY! You had a great time in high school and we know you’ll continue that success in college and beyond. We are all so proud of you and we know you are more than ready to take your place in the world. You will have our love and support always, Mom, Dad, Tanner, G-mom and Pop

Holly, We Love You and we are very proud of you. Keep reaching for the stars! Mom and Dad

Wakulla Graduation Section 2009  
Wakulla Graduation Section 2009  

Wakulla County Graduation special section produced by The Wakulla News.