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thank you for your valuable priceless talks and smiles we’ve shared together. We are so grateful for the sleepless nights and tiresome days you’ve had, just to ensure that we get new dorms, water, modern washrooms, and even new plans you have for our school. We may lack words to express our joy and happiness, but in our hearts we are really praying for you.”

Heart of Service

On the last day of the project, Eddie and Dwanna were feeling emotional. In the past ten days, they’d learned how to lay block, danced with the Maasai, and gained a slew of “adopted” daughters. The experience had been transformative, and there was a good chance that fancy vacations would be replaced by mission trips from here on out. Dwanna says, “Those trips—they’re wonderful, they’re beautiful to see history, and you meet beautiful people. But you kind of come home, and you go, ‘That was great. We spent a lot of money, but it wasn’t spiritually fulfilling.’ Because even when [you say] ‘I’m going to talk to as many people about Jesus,’ it’s not the same. It’s not the same. Serving with your whole heart—it’s been so rewarding. I mean, I’ve been full from day one.” But it’s more than future vacation plans that have changed. Life has changed. “Everything I came in knowing, a lot of it I’ve had to get rid of because in no way was I fulfilling what God has called all of us to be. And this is why it is life-changing for me,” says Eddie. “I think God desires us to be more loving. More kind. To be His hands and feet. To mingle and to just hear other people’s experience, how they come to Christ. To have that experience is far more joyful. The experience and the joy of being a Christian is so different than having a one-track mind of all the cliches of Christianity and Adventism. When you are here, doing what God has called you to do, it will change your life forever.”


TRANSFORMATIONS: 1 Eddie, in the red and black shuka, preaches to a Maasai congregation. 2 First-time volunteers Kristy Richardson and Renee Harry work together on the dormitory. 3 Kajiado students welcome volunteers to their school. 4 Everyone gathers to witness the miracle of water on campus. 5 The dormitories boast new beds, bedding, and tile floors; students celebrate the opening of their new home.

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The Volunteer Spring 2019  

The Volunteer is the official publication of Maranatha Volunteers International.

The Volunteer Spring 2019  

The Volunteer is the official publication of Maranatha Volunteers International.