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TUESDAY, April 17, 2018 / Vol. 4 Issue 16 / 75 cents

Major projects green lighted

Flowering trees line the driveway of a home on Banner Mountain. The flowers were gone a few days later after a strong wind blew through. (Photo by Kay Weaver)

Shirley to give water system to CWS After months of debate the Shirley City Council has taken steps to turn its water system over to Community Water System. Councilors’ questions from the March meeting did not get the hoped-for answers. One of those questions was a request for a royalty on revenues derived from the water supply coming through CWS’s existing pipe connecting service from Shirley Waterworks to Highway 110. The second inquiry was a request for CWS to reduce their cost for new service hook-ups inside the city of Shirley. Mayor Lisa Hackett explained that collecting any type of royalty was not feasible and, if CWS was to lower the cost for any new hook-ups in Shirley, it would have to lower the cost to its entire customer base. She stated that she would love nothing more than for the

city to retain ownership of its water system, but with the cost of the needed repairs and upgrades to the system it was not financially feasible. CWS attorney Michael Moyers went over a memorandum passed out to all council members. In it, the seven steps necessary for the city to accomplish the transfer of its water facilities to CWS were enumerated. He stated that the Shirley would have to get the process started by adopting an initial Resolution finding that it would be for the best interest of the town that the sale and transfer of the water system to CWS be consummated; and the sale and transfer has a public purpose. Another step is a public hearing. Resolution 201805 authorizing the city of Shirley to begin the steps necessary for to transfer the Shirley Water Department to Commu-

nity Water Systems. The vote was unanimous. Councilwoman Margaret Earnhart, who held out hope at the last meeting that the city could somehow hold on to its water system, was not at the meeting. The mayor also announced that longtime Water Department manager Larry Dollar had set his last day for June 1, 2018. Also at the meeting, the mayor gave an update on the progress of road repairs. She stated that the county would take care of the work on Tarkington Road, transferring the gravel on Brown Road, repairing the sink hole on Banner Mountain and repairing River Road. The work on the area by Stitchinn-Printin causing the flooding will be taken care of by the city for a cost of $3,500. The council’s next meeting is scheduled for May 14, 2018. (Notes provided by the City of Shirley)

Empty Bowls supper Teachers and friends have make delicious soups and desserts. Clinton High School art students have made beautiful pottery. For a donation of $5 or more, you’ll receive yummy food, a drink, and take home a piece of handmade pottery of your choice. It’s come and go, or stay and listen to some of the talented music students. 100 percent of your donations go to Van Buren County food banks. The sixth annual Empty Bowls Supper is set for 5-7 p.m. April 20 at the Clinton High School F.A.C. Room.

This week the Voice presents the conclusion of Thu Welborn’s book, “My Life,” on Page 10.

Hotel groundbreaking set Fairfield Bay is asking residents to pick up litter to get the town spruced up as conferences and a major groundbreaking draw near. Five large conferences are scheduled through June and a

groundbreaking is set for the 63-room Cobblestone Hotel & Suites at 2:30 p.m. April 26. Gov. Asa Hutchinson is expected to attend. The City Council also heard that Building 2 in the mall

is being repaired and re-sided as well as the old Public Safety Building near Jacks. 
The city incurred $2,500 in expenses to remove a burned-out mobile home in the mobile home court. The city

will see if the owner had any home insurance, which may reimburse the city. 
The Police Department reported that all thefts that occurred in February and March have been solved. As a re-

sult a dozen of their "most wanted" are currently in jail. The Volunteer Fire Department responded to 27 calls in March including four brush fires, one vehicle crash and seven assists at the helicopter pad to fly out EMS patients. 
 The volunteer EMS

The Clinton Water Department’s 10-year plans appears to finally be getting off the ground three years after it was presented to the City Council. The council agreed to move funds from the Water Department’s CDs to pay for the projects. One of those is to install bigger sewer lines in Simlock Acres, which has been experiencing backed-up sewage in yards. The cost for the project is $670,000. Before agreeing to move any funds, Councilwoman Gayla Bradley expressed concern that since the Water Commission was seated, the City Council no longer sees the department’s financial information. “I need to see some numbers,” she said. Water Department Manager Richard Hink told her the information is at his office and is available to everyone. Councilman Jeff Pistole said it was ridiculous for the department to have over $1.8 million in the bank and for sewage to be flowing over folks’ property. “It’s the Water Department’s money,” he said. Another pricey project for the department is closing down the Poleyard pump station. The cost for that is $500,000. The project is awaiting a final OK from the Health Department. A third project is to relocate a water line on Highway 65B in downtown Clinton at a cost of $150,000. “We have been on a 10-year plan for 40 years,” Hink said. “This is the first time it’s been addressed.” Engineer Oren Noble added: “You want to be in a position where you address your infrastructure before it addresses you. Your infrastructure is addressing you.”

staff has responded to 64 "911" calls in March with a total of 168 year to date. They are responding to more serious injuries and illnesses than in past years. (Thomas Welch provided the information for this article)

The Voice of Van Buren County

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April 17, 2018

There were proclamations and hot dogs at CASA's annual flag-raising ceremony to observe national Child Abuse Prevention month, though no flag was available for the event Thursday. County Judge Roger Hooper reads the proclamation for Van Buren County and afterward the crew from Farm Bureau serves up the food. There are more than 5,000 children in foster care in Arkansas. Call (501) 358-4764 for information on how you can help. Photo by Melanie Fosko

Cemetery cleanup Ron’s chicken soup Time to start mowing the Culpepper Cemetery again. Flowers that will interfere with the mowing and weed-eating must be removed or cleanup crews will remove them. There is no paid caretaker so everyone is responsible for

their own plots. Dirt will be available to fill in any graves. The cemetery needs to be in nice condition for Decoration Day, Sunday, May 27. Any help will be appreciated. The clean up day for Culpepper Cemetery is Saturday, April 28.

Calendar Van Buren County Judge Roger Hooper continues his Annual Road Show in Damascus at the Community Building at 6 p.m. Monday, April 23. Hooper will be presenting a slide show on the current and future road improvements and some of the economic happenings. Sheriff Randy Gurley will also be presenting a slide show on the activities of the sheriff’s office. Light refreshments will be served. Everyone is invited. The next stops are at the Morganton Fire Station at 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 24, and Monday, April 30, at the Fairfield Bay DPS Building at 6 p.m. A prescription drug take back is set for Friday, April 27, 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the parking lot of Cash Savers. Woodmenlife will be providing hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks to participants. The Tour for Life pet adoption event will be in Clinton from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday, April 20, at Archey Fork Park. There will be food, music and animals. SNYP and

the Van Buren County Mutt-i-grees is sponsoring the event with the North Shore Animal League. Cobblestone Hotel & Suites groundbreaking is set for 2:30 p.m. April 26 at the Fairfield Bay Conference Center. the 63-room, four-story hotel is scheduled to open this fall. Gov. Asa Hutchinson is expected to attend the groundbreaking and the Clinton Community Band will provide music. Boati Gras at the Fairfield Bay Marina is set for 2 p.m.April 28. The event is known for its decorative boats parade beginning at 3 p.m. and includes live music, Cajun fare, awards, and a party on the dock. The Bee Branch Fire Department is hosting SpringFest beginning at 10 a.m. April 28. There will be James Ray’s BBQ, a bounce house, mechanical bull, silent auction and dessert auction. There will be all kinds of vendors and Southern Grass Band is playing live from 12-2.

First Saturday of Each Month

JunK TrunK 7AM to 5PM


in the

CAR TRUNK SALE Community Wide Yard Sale at Howard's Antiques & Flea Market (Highway 65 South, next to Tractor Supply) First Saturday of Each Month, May thru October From 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(Rain Date, 2nd Saturday) Sell garage items and misc. items out of the back of your car, the bed of your truck or trailer!


Just let me sleep In our last article we began a discussion on one of the most debilitating medical problems in America today, fatigue. More accurately, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). A significant portion of people suffer from constant exhaustion, both physically and mentally. That’s to be expected, if your body is give out, your brain will be too. People suffering from CFS have trouble getting motivated, they just

don’t feel like doing anything. They often force themselves to, but they are just not themselves. They are forgetful, moody and lack initiative. What can be done about this? Well, first of all, you need to see your doctor to rule out any other medical problem that might be causing this. The most common are: diabetes, heart disease, sleeping disorders and thyroid problems. In this article we will discuss


Music Scene

the deeper stages of sleep. The one thing I see that most people do wrong is this, a varied sleep pattern. On the weekends they will stay up late and sleep late. You’re killing yourself. Get in a habit of going to sleep at the same time every night, and getting up at the same time every day. Get 6-8 hours of sleep. You body and brain will thank you. Now there may be other things that are interfering with your sleep, such as sleep apnea. You may have to have a sleep test to get this diagnosed. In our next article, we will talk about some other things that may be making you tired. If you need to talk to me more in depth about this, please call me at the number below. Ron Henson, 745-7004 opt.2.

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By Torrie Caston Extension Agent FCS/4-H

Jeff Stansbery

Alternative bands rock the stage On Saturday, April 7, seven rock bands from as far away as the Little Rock area to as far north as Mountain Home took to the stage at the Ozark Heritage Arts Center in Leslie. Billed as the Leslie, Arkansas, Music Festival, this music event hit the ground running with a group called Stays in Vegas, then Exist to Survive, Never-TheLess, Alive on Tuesday, The Islanders, Serenity Theory and Elements.

sleep. Most people underestimate the need for sleep. It’s often the one thing that is sacrificed to get everything else in their day. Here’s you a question, there are three people, one cannot eat (but can drink), another cannot drink (but can eat), and a third who cannot sleep. Of these three, who will die first? The answer: The person who can’t sleep. I could talk all day about the benefits of sleep, both in the physical realm and the psychological. But it is not just sleep, you must get “restful sleep.” There is a difference. If you awaken several times a night (more than twice), you are not getting enough rejuvenating sleep. You must get the proper amounts of sleep in

All the bands performed their own unique styles of alternative rock and rap. The music began at 4:30 p.m. and kept going strong until around 11 p.m. There was a good variety of eclectic music. Most encompassed the heavier rock genres and the Islanders did their own style of rap, closing their set with a crowd-pleasSee Music Scene on page 5

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The Voice of Van Buren County

April 17, 2018

Kay Weaver Senior Centers

It is so nice to see the beautiful green grass and some pretty flowers and trees. Spring is really here. Pool winners in Clinton this week were Ferrell Weaver and Mike Snowden. Gerri Bridges and Mr. Cossey shared their flowers with us. A big crowd showed up for fish on Thursday at Clinton. It was very good. Some new clients have joined the program, biut we need more. Make it a good habit. We enjoyed the fish dinner at the Shirley center on Wednesday. There was a good crowd. The cooks worked hard to serve a good meal. Fairfield Bay has its fish dinner Friday, April 27. Let’s go eat. It’s not too late to sign up flr the trip to Johnny Cash’s boyhood home on April 28, 2018. Sounds like a fun trip. If you have suggestions for trips, let your center director know. Worry works like a charm - 90 percent of the stuff I worry about never happens!

in the Chili Cookoff with volunteer firefighter Roy Webb taking top honors. About 80 folks helped The Pie Auction to raise nearly $2,000 for the family who lost their home in a fire. I saw Louis Jackson getting his sugar cane field ready for planting next month. He was pulling a wagon loaded with rocks gathered from that field that seems to spontaneously produce more every year. Johnny Fitsjurl called to say he added lemongrass, roselle and pablano peppers to his garden this year, and noted wildflowers golden ragwort and spring beauty were blooming. Neighbor Terry has seen five hummingbirds at her feeders. I heard my first longwinded whippoorwill early last week. The dogwoods have started to bloom. But don’t be fooled we can still get a frost. Be prepared to protect plants. The annual Lyrids meteor shower peaks in the hours before dawn on Sunday. Expect 15-20 per hour although in 1982 there were as many as 250 per hour. If you have info about the greater Crabtree and 16 West community call Jeff Burgess, 745-1249.

noon, Jo Carol Hamilton went to Morrilton to watch a play at the Historic Rialto Theater. Jo’s granddaughter Linda Wendt and Linda's children Dezmond and Emily had a part in the play. Jo was real impressed with her granddaughter's talent as an actress. It is time for Old Man Winter to gather up the geese and ducks and take them up north so we can have a spring. The Extension Homemakers Clubs met for the spring council meeting on Wednesday. It was hosted by the Davis Special Club, which did a wonderful job. The new quilt that we will be selling tickets on was there for everyone to see; once again a beautiful quilt.

Patsy Ward Formosa

Thelma Murray Jeff Burgess Crabtree

The Alread Earth Day Cleanup happens on area roads and at The Fun Park on Friday and Saturday. Everyone is invited to participate. Then Sunday, The Fun Park Cleanup starts at 8 a.m. followed by The Annual Earth Day Potluck at noon. It’s about community. The recent Neal Family Fundraiser saw nine contestants


It is mowing time for the cemeteries around Shirley. If you have nice flowers that you want to take home and put out later it is time to take them out of the cemetery. The Settlement cemetery has a Dumpster by the gate near the church for people to put their old flowers. The graves need to be cleaned off real good each year so briers and brush won't get started growing. Sunday after-

Donna and Richard Sherrod spent the weekend in Manila, Arkansas. Their daughter was moving into her new home, so they helped. They had their family Easter get-together and a good meal. Richard had a check-up in Little Rock on Monday. They checked his thyroid and it turned out good. That is good news! Margie Pounds and I went to Hot Springs on Saturday. We drove through sleet and snow all the way, with a little rain mixed in. We attend-

ed the wedding of her grandson, Caleb Hennington and Nicole Beckwith. It was a nice ceremony and the bride and groom were a gorgeous couple. Caleb was the last of Margie’s grandchildren to get married. The wedding was at Garvin Woodland Gardens. That is a beautiful place, but the weather didn’t cooperate! It was awfully cold for April, I’m sure it wasn’t the weather the happy couple had planned on having! Ruth and BE Webb made a trip to Conway to get his hearing aids repaired and he also had blood work done. I hope his results are good. Marva and RG Ward went to Greenwood and spent the weekend with Frankie, Erica and the boys. On Saturday, Marva, Erica and Rylan went shopping all day and they found some bargains. Frankie and Erica took them to Ed Walkers drive-in for supper. She said they enjoyed that. On Sunday they got to watch Rylan practice trapshooting and also got to watch Landon doing his batting practice. Sounds like a very nice weekend, they came home on Monday after staying with the boys that day. Donna and Richard Sherrod went to Little Rock on Monday for a dental appointment. Donna attended the EH meeting at the Formosa Community Center on Tuesday and then on Wednesday, she attended the Van Buren County EH spring council. I didn’t get to attend either one, but I will catch up later. My niece, Susan

Page 3

Dees, and I spent the day in Little Rock on Friday. My brother, Bobby, had surgery. Hopefully he is on the way to improving and getting to come home. Ruby Webb called to let me know that Ruth Webb fell on Friday night and broke her hip. She is in Conway Regional and will have surgery today (Saturday). Ruby and Thelma will be staying with BE as long as they are needed. Ronnie will be coming back from Houston very soon. Prayers and get well wishes go out to everyone who is in need of them. Have a good week and God Bless.

Amanda Berger Highway 110

David Lowrance and our youngest son Hunter celebrated their birthdays on April 10. Happy Birthday you two! Oyler Road has become an interesting place here lately. Monday evening a neighbor was driving at high speeds and wrecked his vehicle into a power pole and broke it. It had to be replaced. Those in the vehicle were arrested. The next day law enforcement were called back out because someone punched another person and kicked the person in the face. Annie Holley’s house is looking great. It is getting a complete facelift on

the inside and outside. What a blessing that is for the family. Tom Fletcher has been moved up here to the Clinton Hospital. Please continue to pray for him. 
 Please send some positive news my way. I would love to be able to write something positive! 
 If you have any news you would like to share e-mail me at: paigeberger2013@ or call me at 745-4639.

James & Joyce Burns Scotland

This is Saturday April 14 and this is the night of the Chili, Soup and Salad supper at the cafeteria. I hope all of you got the chance to come and talk to the candidates and decide how you are going to vote. Nell O'Neal fell at home and got several bruises and a couple of broken bones. She is now home recuperating. Joy Jones is doing better from her fall but it will be a while before she is really up and about. James Burns got his test report back and it was good. Red Ingram and Doris Ingram are home recovering. Mary Scroggins has been in the hospital and I heard she was to come home this week. Jerry Bennett and B.J. Duncan have both had their surgeries and are home recovering. Too many Scotland folks with health problems. We pray for speedy recoveries for all! Joyce Burns and Jim Bailey both got their reports back and they are positive. Now they have to wait to see what the treatment will be. I feel grateful that the tests were done and now they can get on with the healing. I thank all of you for your healing prayers. Don't forget to plan on the trail ride at Scotland on the third Saturday in May. Check on the Scotland Community Page for all the details. If you have Scotland News please call 592-3935 and James Burns will see that it gets in the news.


VBC Judge Roger Hooper continues his Annual Road Show Damascus at the Community Building on Monday, April 23rd, at 6:00 p.m. the Morganton Fire Station on Tuesday, April 24th, at 6:00 p.m. the Fairfield Bay DPS Building on Monday, April 30th, at 6:00 p.m. At each stop……… Judge Hooper will be presenting a slide show on the current and future road improvements and the economic happenings of our county. Sheriff Randy Gurley will also be presenting a slide show on the activities of the Sheriff's Departments. Light refreshments will be served. Everyone is invited.

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The Voice of Van Buren County

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Obituaries 10 a.m. Friday, April 20, 2018 at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas.

Lonzo Bramlett

Lonzo Wayne Bramlett, 68, of Clinton was born May 31, 1949 to the late Lonzo and Irene (Main) Bramlett and passed from this life April 10, 2018 in Clinton. He is preceded in death by his parents; two brothers, Larry Ronald Bramlett and Roger Dale Bramlett. Left to cherish his memory are one son, John Paul Bramlett and family of Oklahoma; two sisters, Sheila Bramlett Weaver (Michael) of Clinton, Arkansas, Deborah Bramlett Johnson (James) of Batesville, Arkansas; a special aunt, Betty Ramey of Clinton; other relatives and many friends. Visitation was Thursday, April 12, 2018 with services following at 2 p.m. at Plant Baptist Church. Interment was at Plant Cemetery.

Jerry Etheridge

Gerald ''Jerry'' Joseph Etheridge, 83, of Fairfield Bay, Arkansas was born August 28, 1934 to the late Joseph and Jane (Dudek) Etheridge in Spring Valley, Illinois and passed from this life April 12, 2018 at his home.

He is preceded in death by his parents; one brother, Donald Etheridge; one sister, Judith Etheridge Schultz; and one grandson, Cy Etheridge.
Left to cherish his memory are his wife, Patricia Etheridge; one son, Gregory Etheridge of Thornfield, Missouri; one daughter, Laura Reece (Thomas) of Coeur D' Alene, Idaho; three grandchildren; other relatives and many friends.
A memorial service will be held in his honor at

James Watts

James Kirk Watts, age 43 of Marshall, Arkansas went to be with Lord on Monday, April 9, 2018. He was born in Mountain Home, Arkansas on May 22, 1974 to James and Maria Watts.
 Kirk was a member of East Lawn Freewill Baptist Church where he played the guitar and sang. Kirk worked for the Arkansas State Highway Department for 13 years. He loved to make his co-workers laugh. Kirk enjoyed spending time with his family. His daughter Zoe was his greatest blessing. He loved to be a part of everything she did, including dancing in recital with her and practicing basketball.
Survivors include his wife of 13 years, Christina and their daughter Zoe; father, James D. Watts of Marshall; two brothers, Eddie Smith and wife Julie of Vilonia and Tony Smith of Mountain View; three sisters, Peggy Smith and husband James of Genoa, Lisa Swofford and Ang-

ie Jones, both of Clinton; and many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends who dearly loved Kirk and will miss him greatly.
Kirk is preceded in death by his mother, Maria Watts; and grandparents, Rex Watts, Dee Watts, Hansa Westenback and Anna May.
Funeral services were 11 a.m. Saturday, April 14, 2018 at Roller-Coffman Funeral Home in Marshall. Burial was in Red Hill Cemetery.

Calvin Harris

Calvin Coolidge Harris was born Aug. 10, 1925 in Clinton, Arkansas, to Henry E. and Betty Jean Dowdy Harris. He passed away April 3, 2018, in Grants Pass, Oregon. Calvin’s parents died when he was a young man and he moved to Ventura, California, to live near a sister. Calvin worked for the same company in Ventura for 45 years before retiring and moving to Grants Pass. He is preceded in death by his parents, his wife, a son and daughter, four sisters and three brothers. He is survived by two daughters, Kathy and Marilyn of Grants Pass, several grandchildren and great-grandchildren; two sisters, Jo Hillyer of Clinton and Marilyn Laskey of Yakima, Washington; and two brothers, William T. Harris of Redding, California, and Jimmy Paul Harris of Atoka, Oklahoma. Calvin was a happy and content person who loved his family and friends. He will be missed. Services pending.

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April 17, 2018

Senior Center Menus Clinton/Damascus

April 17 - Oven Fried Chicken, AuGratin Potatoes, Spinach, Pineapple Pie, Roll April 18 - Beef Tips and Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Zesty Squash, Hot Rolls, Berries April 19 - Sweet and Sour Chicken w/ Rice, Chinese mixed Vegetables, Egg Roll, Mandarine Oranges, Fortune Cookie April 23 - Fajitas, Mexican Rice, Mexicali Corn, Orange April 24 - Meatloaf, Okra and Tomatoes, Scalloped Potatoes, Peaches, Bread April 25 - Spring Chicken Salad on Lettuce, Vegetable Collage, Crackers, Vanilla Ice Cream April 26 - Hamburger, Potato Salad, Triple Orange Salad April 30 - Chicken and Dumplings, Carrots, Green Beans, 5 Cup Salad

Fairfield Bay

April 17 - Sweet & Sour Chicken, Chinese Mixed Vegetables, Egg Roll, Mandarin Oranges, Fortune Cookie April 18 - Beef Tips w/Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Zesty Squash, Hot Roll April 19 - Oven Fried Chicken, Potatoes, Spinach, Pineapple Pie

April 20 - Ham & Turkey w/Cheese Sandwich, Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad, Apricots, Poke Cake April 24 - Herb Chicken, Salad, California Blend Vegetables, Roll, Peaches April 25 - Spaghetti & Meat Sauce, Italian Green Beans, Garlic Bread, Hot Apples w/Cinnamon Brown Sugar April 26 - White Beans/Ham, Mixed Greens, Vinaigrette Tomatoes, Cornbread, Peach Cobbler April 27 - Fried Fish, Pinto Beans, Coleslaw, Hush Puppies, Fruit Cocktail


April 17 - Hamburger on Bun, Lettuce/Tomato/Onion, Potato Salad, Triple Orange Salad April 18 - White Beans/Ham, Mixed Greens, Vinaigrette Tomatoes, Cornbread, Cobbler April 19 - Fried Catfish, Coleslaw, Baked Beans, 2 Hush Puppies, Fruit Cocktail April 23 - Chopped Steak/Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Peas & Carrots, Bread, Fruit April 24 - Cheesy Salsa Chicken, Corn Salad, Broccoli, Lemon Dream Cake April 25 - Fajitas, Mexican Rice, Mexi-

cali Corn, Orange April 26 - BBQ on Bun, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Applesauce April 30 - Breaded Chicken Strips, Macaroni and Cheese, Peas & Carrots, Cookie


April 17 - Beef Tips/Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Zesty Squash, Roll, Berries April 18 - Oven Fried Chicken, AuGratin Potatoes, Spinach, Pineapple Pie April 19 - Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Broccoli-Cauliflower, Fruit Cocktail, Poke Cake April 23 - Pepper Steak/Rice, Green Beans, Roasted Carrots, Autumn Delight April 24 - Pinto Beans/Ham, Sliced Tomatoes, Cooked Cabbage, Cornbread, Angel Food Cake/ Strawberries April 25 - Breaded Pork Cutlet/Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, Squash Medley, Banana Pudding April 26 - Breaded Chicken Strips, Macaroni and Cheese, Beets, Tropical Fruit April 30 - Fajitas, Mexican Rice, Mexicali Corn, Orange Clinton, Scotland and Shirley centers serve lunch Monday-Thursday; Fairfield Bay serves Tuesday-Friday; Damascus has lunch on Tuesday and Thursday.

The Voice of Van Buren County

April 17, 2018

Skeeter's Mailbag Letter from an old friend Hey Skeeter, Lefty here! It has been a long time since I wrote you, so thought I would let you know how well I am doing. I have been living with Mary Jean for almost three years now. My life has changed so much since she brought me home from the Animal Shelter. I was there five months and two weeks. No one wanted me because of my problems. But Mary Jean didn't care about my problems; she brought me home anyway. My crooked neck has almost straightened up completely. And I no long stumble and fall. But my teeth will never get any better. But that is OK because

Mary Jean takes care of me. My days start out when Mary Jean gets up. I sleep at the foot of the bed with my head on her feet. If she turns over or moves her feet, I get up and move until I can rest my head on her feet again! I still play with her computer and printer. And when I think she has been on the computer too long, I turn it off for her. I learned something new last week. I learned how to hit the cordless phone with my head and hang up on people. I love bird and squirrel watching from the back of the couch. I don’t stay outside much when it is cold. But I love it in the summer when Mary Jean sits on the porch and watch-

es me play. She will throw pine cones for me to catch. I am getting good at catching them in midair. Every afternoon we take a nap. I get up ready to play. Mary Jean throws my toys down the hall for me to run and chase. She wears me out. I think that is why she plays with me every afternoon because I curl up and take another nap and she gets to do what she wants to. I heard about hunting for Easter Eggs. Well, we hunt kitty-cat toys. I hide them, and Mary Jean hunts for them. I hide the kitty-cat toys behind things, under the beds, in the closets, and in her shoes. I think it's hilarious when she starts to put on her shoes because I have hidden kitty-cat toys in them. She has to take her shoe off and take the toy out. She says "Lefty, what did you do that for?" I want to tell everyone to adopt a dog or cat; you will not be sorry. You will have a friend for life. Pets bring so much happiness to lonely people. So don't be lonely, adopt a pet! Your friend, Lefty Hall Looking for a home - This orange tabby is called Mufasa. He is about a year old, very affectionate and sweet natured and waiting for a good home. Visit him and other adoptable animals at SNYP Arkansas animal shelter in Clinton. Call 745-SNYP for more information.

Crossword Solution

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Cosmetology Program

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Music Scene from page 2 er, "Bubba Gump." As is often the case in multi-talented groups, there tends to be a sleeper. One of my unexpected favorites of the day, was the group Exist to Survive. This group from Mountain Home re-enforced the confidence and power of the individual over mental oppression and depression often thrust upon us by outside sources. In this group, Michael Lee was at the helm, as lead singer and rhythm guitar. Wyatt Conner played lead guitar. Wes Dorethy was at bass and Jacob Sunnerville played drums. Not only were the songs dynamically performed, but the lyrical content was powerful as well. This music Festival was the brainchild of Serenity Theory's lead singer and guitarist, Luke Shoemaker from the Little Rock area. He was instrumental in organizing the show and bringing these great bands together. It was quite successful with a great turnout. The guy who ran the sound board, doing sound checks and moving bands in and out flawlessly was Chris Ragland, drummer and singer with the bands Alive on Tuesday and Elements. The headliner bands, Serenity Theory and Elements closed out the night in great fashion. With the success of this concert,

Page 5 Shoemaker said he would like to return in November, making the Leslie, Arkansas Music Festival a regular music event in our area. Now that would be a crowd-pleaser.

Music Calendar

The Prince Street Bagpipe Band will perform at 2 p.m. Sunday, April 22, 2018, in the sanctuary of the Presbyterian Kirk of the Hills. The band formed 10 years ago with the mission to further the art of Great Highland Bagpipes in the Central Arkansas area. Admission is free; donations appreciated. April 28 Lucky Rooster will be at the Choctaw VFW Club, 3629 State Highway 95 East, from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., $5 cover. L'Attitude Bistro - Live Music, 7 p.m. Fridays Fairfield Bay Conference Center - second Tuesdays of the month, 6 p.m. (mostly an acoustic setting - folk, country, rock, blues, etc.), individual singers and musicians perform. Backyard Antiques, Choctaw, Open Mic - every third Saturday- starts around 11 a.m. Mostly an acoustic setting that welcomes local musicians and singers. Senior Center in Clinton - Live Music - playing dance music every second and fourth Thursday at 7 p.m. Admission is $3 a person.


* First Baptist Church Sugar Loaf,

Sudoku Solution

557 Highway 337, Higden, hosts a Fifth Friday gospel singing at 6 p.m. every fifth Friday. This is a non-denominational singing; everyone is welcome and may participate in "specials" after the congregational songs. Potluck follows. * Botkinburg Foursquare Church, Highway 65 North, holds a 4th Sunday Singing from 6-8 p.m. Everyone is welcome. Finger food available afterward. * Botkinburg Baptist Church, Highway 65 North, starts its singing every 4th Friday night at 6 p.m. * Faith Church of Dennard, Highway 65 North, has a 3rd Sunday night singing at 6 p.m. and potluck is afterward. * Burnt Ridge Community Church, Clinton, has its singing the 3rd Friday of the month. Singing starts at 6 p.m., finger food afterward. * Shady Grove Baptist Church, Shirley, holds singings the 1st Friday of the month, starting at 7 p.m. (potluck at 6 p.m.) * Plant Baptist Church, Highway 110, Clinton, has a singing at 7 p.m. every 2nd Friday. Finger food served at 6 p.m. For inclusion in the Voice's Music Calendar, send your events to Tell us when, where, who and what type of music. Event must be free or minimal cost and item must be submitted by 4 p.m. Thursday for the next week's paper.

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The Voice of Van Buren County

Clinton softball

April 17, 2018

The Clinton High School Girls Softball game took on Pottsville on Monday, April 9. The team played hard by lost 16-1.

The team played Perryville on Thursday, April 12. It was windy and dusty but it was a good game. Clinton was on the losing end, 13-12. The team is coached by Joe Hudson. Photos by Robert R. Gaut


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The Voice of Van Buren County

April 17, 2018

Art contest winners

Ninth-grader Anthony Leach won first place at county; eighth-grader Abi Shepard won first at county and placed third at state; ninth-grader Hannah Farley won first at state; seventh-grader Katrina Martinez won first at county. There were 25 Bird pictures sent to state from South Side and 10 of them were winners. The contest was put on by the Iris Garden Club of Clinton.

South Side Elementary students received ribbons and certificatrs with their bird pictures. First-grader Laitin Charles won first at county and third at state; third-grader Willow Hall won first at county; fifth-grader Destiny Raider won first at county; sixth-grader Jewel Walley won first at county; fourth-grader Sarah Parish won first at county and third place at state. (Photos by Wendy Gross)

South Side students were big winners with Smokey Bear and Woodsy owl art contest. Third-grader Haddi Hulse won first place from county and at state; first-grader Raegan Scrimshire won first at county; fifth-grader Kenley Holland won first at county and at state; fourth-grader Madison Moore won first at county.

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School Menus Clinton Elementary

April 17 - Breakfast: Breakfast burrito, pears. Lunch: Baked turkey, creamed potatoes, green beans, roll, strawberries. April 18 - Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, mixed fruit. Lunch: Soft taco, pinto beans, cinnamon roll, applesauce. April 19 - Breakfast: Pancakes, sausage, applesauce. Lunch: Ham & cheese Hot Pocket, fresh veggies/Ranch, green peas, pears. April 20 - Breakfast: Funnel cake, strawberries. Lunch: Sloppy Joe, coleslaw, baked beans, peaches. April 23 - Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, apple slices. Lunch: Corn dog, baked beans, coleslaw, mixed fruit. April 24 - Breakfast: Egg, cheese, ham wrap, pears. Lunch: Chicken wrap, fresh veggies/ Ranch, strawberries. April 25 - Breakfast: Pancakes, bacon, strawberries. Lunch: Mexican pie, pinto beans, muffin square, apple slices. April 26 - Breakfast: Sausage/biscuit, mixed fruit. Lunch: Baked ham, creamed potatoes, green beans, roll, peaches. April 27 - Breakfast: Cereal, cinnamon toast, peaches. Lunch: Pizza stick, salad, corn, pears. April 30 - Breakfast: Funnel cake, peaches. Lunch: Cheese Roll-up, salad, black-eyed peas, mixed fruit. May 1 - Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, mixed fruit. Lunch: Pulled pork, creamed potatoes, green beans, roll, applesauce. May 2 - Breakfast: Pancakes, sausage, blueberries. Lunch: Nacho salad, pinto beans, cinnanon roll, peaches.

Clinton Junior & Senior High Undefeated - The Avengers 8 and Under baseball team is undefeated with a record of 6-0 so far this season. (Photo by Nina Swan)

Providing excellent healthcare services through compassionate, personalized care.

Medic One Care Partner Program Basics: For an annual service charge, an individual or entire household can receive discounted ambulance service rates Covers medically necessary emergency and non-emergency treatment and transportation

April 17 - Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, peaches. Lunch:

Mexican pie or chicken crispito, pinto beans, cinnamon bread, juice, applesauce. April 18 - Breakfast: Pancakes, sausage, blueberries. Lunch: Chicken spaghetti, breadstick or pizza, salad, corn, fruit cup/fruit. April 19 - Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, fruit. Lunch: Steak fingers or breaded pork patty, creamed potatoes/gravy, peas, rolls, fruit. April 20 - Breakfast: Cereal, doughnut, fruit. Lunch: Manwich or turkey, ham & cheese Hot Pocket, slaw, fries, fruit. April 23 - Breakfast: Cereal, PB&J Uncrustable, fruit. Lunch: Chicken noodles/bread or corn dogs, salad, green beans, fruit/juice. April 24 - Breakfast: Pancakes, sausage, hot cinnamon apples. Lunch: Pizza quesadilla or chicken parmesan, salad, corn, fruit cup/fruit. April 25 - Breakfast: Cereal, funnel cake blueberries. Lunch: Chicken fajita flat bread or nacho salad, cinnamon muffin, juice/fruit. April 26 - Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, peaches. Lunch: Pork roast or chicken, creamed potatoes, steamed broccoli, rolls, apple cobbler. April 27 - Breakfast: Cereal, Graham crackers, orange wedges. Lunch: Hamburger or turkey, ham & cheese on sub bun, fries, peaches. April 30 - Breakfast: Cereal, French toast sticks, fruit. Lunch: Ham & cheese on sub bun, Canadian cheese soup, chips, juice/ fruit. May 1 - Breakfast: Breakfast pizza, peaches. Lunch: Pizza, salad, corn, fruit. May 2 - Breakfast: Cereal, muffin, fruit. Lunch: Salisbury steak, creamed potatoes/gravy, green beans, rolls, dessert, fruit.

Chambers' Cabinets has moved to 1428 Highway 330, Shirley, AR.

Annual cost of program: $25 per individual $40 per household (Household includes any relatives living in the same home up to a maximum of 6 members) - for households with more than 6 members, a $10 charge per member will be added -

Depending on distance and level of medical attention required, ambulance service can be very costly. Your family deserves the peace of mind that comes with the Medic One Care Partner Program.

To sign up for a membership today call (870) 972-8484. For more information please call (870) 972-8484.

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The Voice of Van Buren County

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April 17, 2018

Religion The Young Christian Homemaker by Amanda Berger

The definition of homemaking Homemaking is the creation and management of a home, especially as a pleasant place in which to live. That is the definition of what Google says homemaking is. Some think that homemaking is just about staying home, keeping it constantly clean, or even as some may think being lazy. 

As a homemaker I should strive to make our home a place of peace and refuge for my family. When my husband comes home from a long hard night at work, I don’t want him coming home to a war zone. We have already been there before. Three years into our marriage it had become a war zone.

We both were not saved, and I hated being stuck at home not getting to experience life. I thought my life was just slipping by and all I was doing was changing diapers and I was constantly in a cycle of never-ending cleaning. My home was not a pleasant place to live. We even got to a point in our marriage where we were considering divorce. So what changed for us? We were invited to attend church. A few months later I gave birth to our youngest son. Labor started on its own, early. The morning of April 10, 2013 my husband took me to the hospital to give

birth to our youngest blessing. That evening an EF2 tornado tore through our area. The Foursquare Botkinburg Baptist Church took a direct hit, and on the back side it was headed directly toward our home. I watched on the news sitting in my hospital bed as family and friends were texting me about it. If my labor had not started early, I and my oldest son, who was 2 at the time, would have been home by ourselves when it hit. The only person that was home was my dad who lives next door. The tornado directly hit my cousin’s house just up the road from us. She was home.

She made it out OK, thank God! In that hospital bed I fully surrendered myself to God, because I saw Him in all of the devastation.
 So fast forward five years. My husband and I are still married. Happier than ever actually. Our home is a peaceful place full of laughter and messes. It is still a struggle sometimes because my flesh wants to take over. If you want a peaceful home, my answer is to first surrender yourself and your circumstances to Jesus. Strive everyday to spend time in prayer with God. Pray for your husband, your marriage,

your kids and over your home. When you start doing that it seems the rest will fall into place. Don’t give up. You can have a peaceful home that will glorify God. Being a homemaker is not for the faint of heart. It takes humbling one’s self and constantly reminding yourself that you love God and you want to serve Him the best you can in all you do. Always remember that the Enemy is always on a mission to tear apart families. Don’t fight against your husband. Take the fight against the Enemy in prayer. You already have victory in Jesus. Claim it!

South Side Baptist Church history In 1910, in the rural community of Sulphur Springs, Van Buren County, Arkansas church services were held in the local school building with the intention of organizing a Southern Baptist Church. The preacher was a young man from Damascus name Ervin Cossey. That year 28 people joined together in worship. Among the family names remembered were the Flemings, Rowes, Jennings, Hutto, Johnson, Edwards, Latimer and Barnett. In October of 1929, the school building and 2 acres were purchased from the Sulphur Springs School district for $1,600. During the ’30s the average attendance was 56-70. The “big” meetings were held in a brush arbor outside of the building. In 1946, the name was changed from Sulphur Springs to South Side. By 1959 the average attendance was 78, but declined steadily until the early 1970s. In 1974, the old school building was torn down and a new one was built of concrete blocks. Through 1972-

1974 the average attendance doubled. The church added on four classrooms that could also be used as a fellowship hall. In 1975 the church continued to grow and voted to build a new sanctuary and convert the old sanctuary into a classroom. Two additional acres were purchased across the street for future use. By 1980 the church had grown to over 190 in attendance.

In 1981 a brick fellowship hall was built on the additional two acres across the road. In 2007, construction began on a new sanctuary, but on May 2, 2008 it was destroyed by a tornado. The parsonage and the fellowship hall were destroyed as well. In 2008, construction began on the current building and it was dedicated on July 19, 2009.

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The Voice of Van Buren County

April 17, 2018

by Thu Welborn

Clinton resident Thu (pronounced To) Welborn lived through some harsh conditions in her early years in Vietnam before finding happiness with an American GI. This is Thu’s story. While Kenneth worked during the week for the electric company, I decided to take English classes at the Adult Education center in Clinton. While I was learning new skills in understanding, speaking and writing English, I met a few people who wanted me to help them in improving their skills in math so they could pass their tests to earn their General Education Diplomas. As I was getting help in learning a new language, I was helping those who spoke English learn other new educational skills. One of the people I helped who became a close friend of mine was Chrystal Weaver. She was very glad that I could help her earn her G.E.D. and that she could also help me in speaking English as my friend. To get my citizenship, I would have to pass a test about the laws and the government of the United States and its Constitution. In the evenings after work, Kenneth helped me understand, read and study the citizenship handbook. Soon, the day arrived when it was time for me to take the test. Kenneth and I went to the courthouse in Little Rock where the test would be held. We would have to be there for almost half a day because many people were also going to be taking the test. In a large room in the courthouse, I sat on a long wooden bench with the other people taking the citizenship test. One at a time, the naturalization judge would ask each person his or her name and where he or she was from before he would begin asking each person questions from the test. When it was my turn, the judge called my name. I stood up and told him my name and that I was from Vietnam. Then the judge asked me, "Where does the president of the United States live?" “In his house,” I replied. The judge and the other test-takers began to laugh at my innocent answer. I just smiled with a red face. Then, the judge gave me another citizenship study book and told me, “Go home and study a little more. Then, in a

month, come back and take the test again.” So, Kenneth and I returned home, and I studied much harder this time. When I returned to take the test a month later, I was the only person taking the citizenship test. This time, when the judge asked me where the president lived, I told him, “in the White House in Washington, D.C.” Then, the judge, who was very happy gave me a big hug and said, "Congratulations! You have passed the test! Now, you can take the pledge to become a citizen of the United States of America.” My husband came into the room to join us for the citizenship ceremony. After I took the pledge, the judge handed me the document of my U.S. citizenship and then he gave me a big hug. Next, Kenneth gave me an even bigger hug. Then the judge told us, “Have a good day, and a good life.” After that, my husband and I celebrated my American citizenship by going out to eat and celebrate at a Chinese restaurant in Little Rock, before returning to our home. Now that I had become a U.S. citizen, Kenneth felt better about leaving me at home while he would be away working for the National Guard. For the next 15 years, my husband's earnings from the National Guard and from the electric company paid for the building of our new home. While Kenneth worked at his jobs, I continued my studies learning English, but this time with the help of the Van Buren County Literacy Council. I studied hard and later on in 1994, I was awarded the State of Arkansas Literacy Council’s award for Student of the Year. Kenneth and I attended a ceremony in Little Rock where I was given a plaque as the award. My husband told me, “I am very proud of you, Baby, and I am so happy.” To begin the building of our new home, my husband and I worked together as a team. In the evenings after my husband came home from his job with the electric company, I helped him dig a large area of ground behind our little house to prepare for the foundation of our new home. After several months of shoveling and hauling dirt in our wheelbarrow, we were ready for the foundation to be completed. Kenneth hired

Page 9

My Life

a local construction company to pour a concrete foundation and then solid concrete walls for the main part of our new house. After the foundation and walls were completed and dried, the construction crew started on the cement ceiling of the first story of our home. My husband and I had decided we wanted a home that would also serve as a storm cellar, so we designed our house to be built mostly out of concrete. Also, we designed our home to be built partially underground in the side of the hill on our lot below our little house we had first lived in on our property in town. After the first floor of our new home was completed, we built a wooden frame for the second story where we would have a large guest bedroom, bathroom, living area and storage room. Downstairs, our completed home would have a large sunroom and a guest bathroom that would be outside of but joined to the concrete structure. Surrounded by concrete walls and ceiling would be our downstairs living room, kitchen, bedroom, a full master bathroom, a smaller bathroom, and a laundry room complete with a new washer and dryer. Finally, in 2002, our new home was completely finished. After all the years of long hours of hard work, my husband retired from the National Guard and from the electric company. Also, that year, at the age of 89, my husband's father passed away. Kenneth's mother had passed away nine years before this so now my husband and I only had his brother Jack as our immediate family. With our new home completed, and no work commitments to attend to, Kenneth and I decided we wouId fulfill our long-time dream to travel and see many new places together.

For our first travels, my husband took me to see all the various places throughout Arkansas where he had worked for 32 years as a lineman for the electric company. We visited many rural locations in the Ozark Mountains. In a few of the wooded areas we drove to, Kenneth showed me where he had accidentally fallen off the power poles he had been working on. One time when the hook that he had clipped to the brace line around the power pole came loose, he fell to the ground and cracked his knee! Another time when the

Thu and Kenneth enjoy Christmas in Arkansas in 1969. hook came loose, Kenneth had to grab ahold of the wooden pole and slide all the way to the ground. When he came home from work that day, I used tweezers to pull many splinters out of his chest. Even though it was very painful, my husband never complained as I worked carefully to take all those splinters out, one by one. After we had visited many places in Arkansas, Kenneth and I decided we would visit other states and even a couple of islands. First, my husband and I went to Ohio to visit a Vietnamese woman who was the sister of my first husband. Danh had come to see Kenneth and me when she had left Vietnam after the war. When we visited her in Ohio, Danh was working as a librarian in a large city. After Ohio, Kenneth and I returned to our new home in Arkansas. A month later, my husband and I went to visit Galveston Island in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Texas. We rented a motel room next to the Gulf where we watched the sunrise over the waves every morning. We invited Kenneth's Aunt Millie who lived in San Antonio to visit us while we were staying in Galveston. The three of us enjoyed visiting the aquarium on the island, eating fresh seafood, and walking the sandy shores while the cool ocean breezes soothed our souls. Next we went to San Antonio where we stayed overnight at Millie's home before we returned to the Gulf to the town of Rockport where

Kenneth's aunt had a beach house. After staying there a few days, my husband and I returned to our home. We liked the beaches and the Gulf waters so much, that a week after we had gotten back home, Kenneth and I decided we would visit the Pacific Ocean and so we got ready to head west to the coast. Since Kenneth had a nephew who lived in Denver, Colorado, we went to visit him for Christmas before going on to California. While we were in Denver, my husband and I visited the Rocky Mountains with Kenneth's nephew and his family. I was so excited to see mountains so tall and covered in snow. Also, as we passed the Colorado River, which was full of rushing waters, I told my husband, “Oh, Honey! This is so pretty! I never saw anything like this in Vietnam!" "Yeah, Baby," Kenneth told me, "in this country we have a lot of beautiful places. If we have enough time, we will go see many places where we’ve never been.” My husband always called me “Baby,” and I always called him “Honey” during our 45 wonderful years of a loving marriage. When my husband told me that we were going to see many more new places, I felt so very happy to be married to a man who liked to do the same things I did. Kenneth and I continued our journey west. After Christmas, my husband and I drove from Denver and the Rocky Mountains through the

high mesa country of western Colorado. We traveled through the sandstone deserts of Utah, and then the wide empty areas of Nevada. In southwestern Nevada, Kenneth showed me a very high cement dam that crossed the Colorado River, where the power of the rushing waters helped to supply electricity to many people throughout the southwestern states and California. “The Hoover Dam,” Kenneth explained, “is built to produce a lot of high voltage power.” I was so proud that my husband shared his knowledge of the type of work he had been familiar with as part of our trip. From the Hoover Dam, we drove through the desert of southern California where we saw many different types of cacti, even ones that grew into spiny barrels and some into short twisted trees with long spines at the end of their branches. After crossing this strange new land, we went through the pass in the southern Sierra Mountains and then down into the wide central valley surrounded by rolling hills covered in green grass. We passed many orange groves and fields of crops before driving into the large city of San Diego. When we got to the city, we first went to visit Kenneth's niece who took us to see all the creatures at the San Diego Zoo. My husband and I saw many animals such as monkeys, tigers and elephants that we had seen in See My Life on page 10

The Voice of Van Buren County

Page 10 My Life from page 9 Vietnam. We also saw many we hadn't seen there. The next day, Kenneth and I drove though San Diego to the beach. There we rented a motel room on a cliff above the ocean. We stayed there for a few days, which we spent walking along the beach and watching the sunset over the sparkling waters of the Pacific Ocean. Kenneth and I enjoyed seeing the beautiful sun that was not only setting where we were on the West Coast of the United States, but was also rising in Vietnam where we had met and married as husband and wife. After enjoying our time together along the ocean, we returned home to rest after our long and exciting travels. A few months later, we returned to the West Coast, but this time we were on our way to Northern California. First, we visited Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming where we saw geysers of streaming water shooting high up into the air. This was the first time Kenneth and I ever saw such a thing! Next, we continued on our trip, crossing the wide deserts of Utah where we saw race cars zooming across the white salt flats. After that, we drove through the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California before making our way to the beautiful city of San Francisco. We stayed there a few days, visiting the harbor where we enjoyed freshbaked sourdough bread and freshcaught seafood. I had never tasted anything like that fresh warm bread. It was so good! While we were at Fisherman's Wharf, Kenneth and I saw the Golden Gate Bridge that we would soon cross on our way to visit the Redwood forests north of the city. When my husband and I drove into the forest, I was so amazed! This was the first time Kenneth and I had ever seen such beautiful, big and tall trees in our lives. We were so thankful to be able to share the beauty and wonders of nature in so many nice places. After leaving the West Coast and the Redwoods, we returned home to Arkansas to a wonderful surprise. Kenneth's Aunt Millie had bought my husband and me a very special gift. She would be taking us to visit the Bahamas to celebrate Kenneth's retirement. We drove to Florida and then took a cruise ship to the Bahamas where we stayed a couple of days before returning

home. After returning to Arkansas, Kenneth and I enjoyed making short trips to see the scenery and various places near our home in the Ozark Mountains. Occasionally we would visit Kenneth's family who lived in Oklahoma and Texas. But other than that, we enjoyed our time together at home. Through all of our travels, I learned much about American culture and its language. At home during his retirement, Kenneth helped me with learning English by buying me a small electronic language learning device that helped me learn new words, their pronunciations, spellings, and meanings. My husband made a wooden holder for the device that also held pens and pencils to help me as I wrote the words and learned how to put them into sentences. Sometimes, while I was working inside our house, Kenneth would be working on projects in his shop in the garage next to our home. My husband liked to make useful objects out of wood such as the holder he had made for my language device. He built a cat house for the many strays we took in as our pets, and he made a large 4-shelved holder for nuts and bolts that turned on a metal spindle he kept in his shop. My husband also took care of our yard and our van that we had driven on our many travels. In April of 2008, my husband and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary by going out to lunch, then taking a country drive close to home. Later that summer I noticed that Kenneth seemed to get tired easier than he normally had. Also he started losing his appetite, which was very unusual for my husband. He lost weight and often felt weak and run down. I told my husband, "I am worried about you, Honey. I want you to go see a doctor." So, he did. After examining my husband and checking his lab test results, the doctor told Kenneth he had cancer of the prostate gland. My husband told the doctor he didn't want to go through any radiation or chemotherapy treatments. So, my husband and I decided to stay home as much as possible, and I would take care of him. We would enjoy our time together as much as we could. Kenneth and I spent part of each day reading the Bible together. Every day, my husband would read the Bible to me, and then we would pray together. Three years passed until October of 2011

when Kenneth started having very sharp pains and had to go stay in the hospital. My brother-in-law Jack, Kenneth's Aunt Millie and I took turns staying with my husband while he was bed-ridden in the hospital. On October 21, while I watched my husband sleeping peacefully in the hospital bed, my Honey passed away. With tears in my eyes, I kissed my dear husband on his forehead. Then, I went home alone, determined to take care of myself and continue my life as best as I could. However, my brother-in-law and his wife helped me occasionally when I needed them. Kenneth's sister Shirley who lived in Oklahoma called me every day to check on me. To not feel so alone, I started going to the local Senior Center where I made many new friends and went on trips the center sponsored. I also traveled on tours with a close friend named Denise to many places across the United States and even Canada. We visited Alaska, Vermont, Canada, California, Niagara Falls, Washington, D.C., and New York City. A special trip I took with Kenneth's Aunt Millie was in 2013 to Vietnam. It had been 47 years since I had seen the country where I was born. When I returned to Vietnam, I was shocked to see how much it had changed! It was unbeIievabIe! There were people from all over the world in noisy crowded cities that were so dirty and smoggy that everybody was wearing protective masks over their faces. The only place that seemed familiar was the little village where I had been born and lived as a young child. When I returned to the place where my childhood home had been, all that was left was the old concrete foundation. While i was in Vietnam, I thought about looking for my long lost brother so I asked someone in the village if they knew him. The man told me, “Your brother died two years ago.” While we were visiting the village, the Vietnamese who lived there had rarely seen an American woman before, so they were fascinated when they saw Millie. The villagers asked me in Vietnamese, “Ba cr’giring hoa?” They were asking me, “Are you related to her?” “Vang,” I answered which means “yes” in English. Later, Millie and I returned to the U.S. and I went home to my one tom cat named Striper. He was so glad to see me because he knew

April 17, 2018

Thu with her award as student of the year from the Arkansas Literacy Council in 1994.

Thu at home with her cat Striper I would feed him as if he were the king of the neighborhood cats. Shortly after my return home, I met a Vietnamese family who owned the nail salon in Clinton. We soon became close friends. This family had some relatives living in Vietnam who wanted to move to the U.S. to work for the family that owned the nail salon, but they had not been able to find a place to rent in the Clinton area. Since I owned a vacant trailer next to my home, I told the family that their relatives could live next door to me. So, a few weeks later, the family's relatives who were a man, his wife and their two sons, became my new neighbors. I helped my Vietnamese neighbors learn to speak

some EngIish, how to use American money and how to shop at the local stores. The family lived next door to me for two years before they moved to Oklahoma where they opened their own nail salon. A year later, the owners of the nail salon in Clinton moved to Florida to open a salon there. They sold their business in Clinton to a Vietnamese woman from Texas. This woman also needed a place to live so she moved into my trailer as my new neighbor. I have been helping her also learn English, and how to use American money, as well as how to write business checks to pay her bills. Through all my life, through both hard times and good times, I have been helped by many peo-

ple. In turn, I have enjoyed helping others, and I continue to help them as I can. I am so very thankful to God for the wonderful husband I had for 45 years and for his family. I also thank God for my life and for my good health so that I am able to help others. I thank God for all the people who have helped me in so many ways, and for those who have helped me in learning how to understand, speak and read English. I enjoy reading the Bible because it makes me feel close to my husband who is in Heaven. Reading the Bible also makes me feel close to God, the creator of all life. (Reprinted with permission from Thu Welborn)

April 17, 2018

The Voice of Van Buren County

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Sudoku Sudoku: The objective is to fill a 9x9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3x3 boxes (also called blocks or regions) contains the digits from 1 to 9. A cell is the smallest block in the game. A row, column and region consists of 9 cells and the whole game consists of 81 cells. (Solution is on Page 5)


By EuGene Smith

Here at The Voice of Van Buren County, we love puzzles and games, contests and prizes. And we want you to play along with us. Solve our Word Find puzzle and enter for a chance to win a prize. Puzzle entry may not be a photocopy, originals from newspaper only. Let us know “Where In the County Is This?” and you become eligible for our drawing for a oneyear subscription to The Voice. There will be one winner for each contest every month. To enter, mail your puzzles to The Voice / P.O. Box 1396 / Clinton, AR 72031 or drop them by our downtown office, 328 Main St., Clinton. You can also call us at 745-8040 to tell us where the week’s picture was taken. Deadline to enter is 2 p.m. Friday, May 4, 2018. Drawing will be at 4 p.m. Friday, May. 4.

Where In the County Is This?

Where In the County Is This? Where can you see this stack of rocks in Van Buren County? Tell us for your chance to win a one-year subscription to The Voice. See rules at left.

Quote of the week You just don't luck into things as much as you'd like to think you do. You build step by step, whether it's friendships or opportunities. - Barbara Bush

Van Buren County Trivia During the Great Depression little money circulated in Van Buren County and folks began to trade more: eggs and chickens for sugar and flour, for example. (Solution is on Page 5)

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April 17 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pam Adams April 17 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tommy Fox April 17 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Billy Ledford April 17 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dale Lynch April 18 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alex Clark April 18 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sonja Cullum April 18 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Billy DeLay April 18 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jessica Isom April 18 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jim Preston April 18 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . O.C. Valentine April 19 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Patti Bokony April 19 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carol Ivy April 19 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carrie Davis April 19 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jackie Hossman April 19 . . . . . . . . . . . . Renae Jorgensen April 19 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Barbara Smith April 19 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diane White April 19 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dillion Whydell April 19 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sue Widener April 19 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Billy Williams April 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rick Dauthit April 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lulu Myers

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April 17, 2018

April 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . James Roach April 20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stormy Whitlow April 21 . . . . . . . . . . . . Howard Anderson April 21 . . . . . . . . . . Sammie McJunkins April 21 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Darrell Moore April 21 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Anthony Powers April 21 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Linda Wilkins April 22 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Becky Baker April 22 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Roscoe French April 22 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cindy Hillyer April 22 . . . . . . . . . . . . Elizabeth Howard April 22 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Andy Lasiter April 22 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Doyle Scroggins April 22 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Judy Van Pelt April 23 . . . . . . . . . . . Lois (Hooten) Allen April 23 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Darci Brawner April 23 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Margaret Griffith April 23 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carol Ivy April 23 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Juanita McClain April 23 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Julia Pistole April 23 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eddy Watts

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April 17, 2018

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Fishing Report of water, and can be caught with a variety of baits. No report on bream.

Lake Maumelle

The high waters of the late winter/early spring and recent cold have kept a lot of anglers off rivers. Guide Greg Seaton said he had a marvelous day last week on the Little Red River.

Central Arkansas

Little Red River

(updated 4-112018) Greg Seaton of (501-6909166) said, “Sometimes a fishing report can be like shouting hallelujah. (Tuesday) my fishing trip was such a day. The weather was good, the water was clear and low and the fish were biting. It felt like spring had finally arrived and the good ol’ days of fishing the Little Red had returned. The fish seemed like they had awakened after a long winter’s nap.” Greg said his fisherman caught many nice rainbows  in the 14- to 15-inch class and one 19-inch fat rainbow. If the Little Red can miss the possibility of storms on Friday, maybe this will continue through the weekend, he said. The lake is back to normal and generation is for power demand only. With the milder temperatures, generation should be at a minimum. You should still check the

proposed generation for the best hours to fish because the peak demand can change daily. Tuesday’s fish were taking size 14 Fox Squirrel Nymphs, size 20 midge pupa and a size 10 Olive Greg’s Folly. With the better weather and water conditions, this would be a good time to start planning that fishing trip.

Greers Ferry Lake

As of Wednesday, the Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 462.04 feet msl (normal conservation pool: 462.04 feet msl Oct. 1-April 30; 463.04 feet msl May 1-June 1; 462.54 feet msl June 1-Sept. 30). (updated 4-112018) Tommy Cauley of Fishfinder Guide Service (501-9401318) said the water level at Greers Ferry Lake was at 462.00 feet msl as of Tuesday. It is .04 feet below normal pool of 462.04 feet at the moment. The catching is getting better and better with the more steady weather and longer days. The crappie are

on some inside bushes and outside edges and some in and around brush piles out deeper. Try using jigs and jigs tipped with minnows dabbed around different places until you get bit and then concentrate around every piece of cover. Some fish are still hanging around the pole timber and can be caught reeling a beetle spin real slow. The river walleye are on the move and the lake walleye are eating better every day; try dragging minnows on a jighead or drop-shot on flats 10-20 feet deep on chunk rock flats. No report on catfish. The hybrid and white bass bite is good throughout the day, and now some night catching is happening in the rivers and creeks. In the main lake, concentrate around the shad for the best catching. Try spoons, inline spinners, grubs and live bait. The bass  fishing is good overall, with some days better than others. Of course, they are scattered everywhere, from on beds out to 40 feet

(updated 4-112018) Hatchet Jack’s (501-758-4958) said crappie continue to be excellent, with anglers reported the crappie in 2-10 feet depth. Red and white jigs are the go-to, along with minnows. Largemouth bass are fair using black-and-blue jigs or black buzzbaits. No reports on any other species

North Arkansas

Norfork Lake

As of Wednesday, the Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 559.52 feet msl (normal conservation pool: September-April 552.00 feet msl; April-September, 554.00 feet msl). (updated 4-42018) Tom Reynolds of STR Outfitters said, “Thank God March is finally over. I have never seen a March like this in terms of weather and fishing. A normal March brings warm days with south winds and some rain. This March was nothing like that, when we did get a warm day with south winds it was followed by cold north winds, rain and cloudy days.” The lake level was 547 feet msl at the beginning of the March and it ended with a lake level of 558 feet and the usual rainy season has not begun yet. “I can only hope we

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4755 Hwy 65s, Clinton, AR, 72031 (501) 745-2296 (501) 253-8985

can get some stable weather and that the [Army Corps of Engineers] can run some of this water off before June.” With this being said there are some bright spots, Tom added. The crappie have move shallow in 2 to 3 feet of stained water. The night bite for stripers is strong and the stripers are feeding on big baits. The stripers are still in deep water 15-40 feet of water but they are very shallow in the water column; the fish that are blowing up on Tom’s big baits are less than 10 feet feet deep. Tom says he is running his planer boards with only 5 feet from the board to the bait and stripers are blowing the baits out of the water. Fish are being caught in the Cranfield, Bennett's and Big Creek areas. Fish the points and sharp turns along bluff walls halfway up the creeks. Start looking for topwater action early and late afternoons off the points and bays halfway up the creeks and beyond. You will start seeing stripers feeding around Cranfield Island, Cow Point, Bennett's, Brushy Creek and Big Creek just east of Hand Cove Resort. Once the water starts to reach the 60-degree mark Norfork Lake will turn on fire. Tom says that everything will bite better with warmer weather. The best place to find fish is Bennett's Bayou and the Twin Coves area. Up past Cranfield there is a

lot of bait in the area, much more than Big Creek, which could bode well for Big Creek since the predators may be more interested in whatever you present. But, as always, as they say, “Find the bait and you will find the fish.”

White River

(updated 4-112018) Cotter Trout Dock  (870-435-6525) says no fair-weather fishers here: This past weekend brought snow and cold temperatures, and also delivered the heartiest of fishers to the White River. Water and weather conditions combined to create extraordinarily difficult fishing scenarios, but we witnessed some great catches by skilled guides, persistent Arkansans and tough visitors. Use heavy weights/sinkers on your line to float your baits near the bottom in this deep water and cast near the banks where the  trout  don't have to fight the current. Sculpins remain the best tempter for the  browns, and we've seen some  rainbow action with redworms and spinners, 1/4-ounce or 3/8-ounce. Try yellow-bodied Rooster Tails with gold blades; green body (looks black). Yellow spotted Panther Martin will attract their attention. Stop in to hash over the new trout regulations for the Bull Shoals tailwaters; stay legal and keep anglin'.

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April 17, 2018


Photo by EuGene Smith

Thanks to all of you who called and correctly identified last week's featured church as South Side Baptist Church and for emailing me the Church's history. If you can identify this Church call 745-8040. (Remember to give me a contact for the history of your Church. We want to print the history of every Church in Van Buren County. With your help, we will!) Antioch General Baptist Church 1608 Highway 9, Fox (870)363-4509 Archey Valley Community Church Highway 254, Chimes Bee Branch Baptist 11509 Hwy 65 South, Bee Branch 654-2630 Bethel Community Church 17904 Highway 95 W, Cleveland Botkinburg Baptist Church 9297 Highway 65 N, Botkinburg 745-3530 Botkinburg Community Foursquare Church 7054 Highway 65 N, Botkinburg 745-2311 Burnt Ridge Community Church 5846 Burnt Ridge Road, Clinton 745-6737 Calvary Missionary Baptist Church ABA 144 Nickie Ave., Clinton 745-3245 Choctaw Baptist Church 208 Highway 330 E, Clinton 745-7370 Choctaw Christian Center 4157 Highway 65 S, Choctaw 745-8264 Choctaw Church of Christ 233 Highway 330 E, Choctaw 745-8264 Christian Fellowship Church 674 Highway 658, Clinton Church of Christ 20452 Highway 16 W, Alread 745-5498 Church of the Nazarene 1664 Highway 65 S, Clinton Clinton Church of Christ 184 Third Street, Clinton 745-4252 Clinton Seventh-day Adventist Church 125 Skyhill Drive, Clinton 745-4532 Clinton United Methodist Church 636 Joe Bowling Road, Clinton 745-5181 Colony Church of Christ Hwy 92 E, Bee Branch Corinth Baptist Church 5158 Holley Mountain Road, Clinton Cornerstone Evangelical Church 3351 Highway 330 S, Fairfield Bay 884-6657 Crabtree Foursquare Church 11301 Highway 16 W, Crabtree 745-2894 Culpepper Community Church 6055 Highway 336 W, Culpepper Culpepper Mountain Church of Christ 118 South Essie Road, Culpepper Damascus United Methodist Church 17194 Highway 65 S, Damascus Eagle Heights Baptist Church Independent Fundamental VBC Fairgrounds, Clinton 757-0013

Eglantine Church of Christ 3796 Highway 330 S, Shirley 884-6880 Fairbanks Community Church 4753 Arkansas 356 E, Bee Branch Fairfield Bay Baptist Church 481 Dave Creek Parkway, Fairfield Bay 884-3371 Fairfield Bay United Methodist Church 765 Dave Creek Parkway, Fairfield Bay 884-3373 Faith Christian 10839 Edgemont Road, Edgemont 723-8109 Faith Church Highway 65 N & Harper Mountain Lane, Dennard, AR 72629 Faith Lutheran Church 310 Snead Drive, Fairfield Bay 884-3375 First Assembly of God Church 2466 Highway 65 N, Clinton 745-2285 First Baptist Church of Clinton 211 First Baptist Road, Clinton 745-6113 First Baptist Church of Damascus 43 Oak Tree Road, Damascus 335-7440 First Baptist Church of Sugarloaf 557 Arkansas 337, Higden 654-2354 First General Baptist Church 664 Highway 16 E, Clinton 745-4043 First Pentecostal Church of Clinton Highway 65 S at 1128 Lyn Road, Choctaw Formosa Baptist Church 630 Highway 9 W, Clinton 745-7709 Formosa Church of Christ 6603 Highway 9 West Clinton AR. 745-4446 Friendship Baptist Church 1321 Third St., Clinton 745-7177 Full Gospel Tabernacle 128 Catland Lane, Shirley 723-4500 Grace Church 3793 Highway 65 S, Clinton 472-7462 Half Moon Baptist Church 1031 Half Moon Road, Clinton 745-2273 Harmony Mountain Church of Christ Quattlebaum and Harmony Mtn Roads 745-2059 Hope Community Church 905 Damascus Road, Quitman Immanuel Baptist Church 498 Highway 16 E, Clinton 745-8528 Kaley Hill Missionary Baptist 6505 Highway 356, Bee Branch Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses 3624 Highway 65 S, Clinton 745-8781

Kingdoms Gate Ministries 10973 Hwy 16E PO Box 335 Shirley, AR. 72153 Kirk of the Hills Presbyterian Church 250 Dave Creek Parkway, Fairfield Bay 884-3304 Landmark Missionary Baptist Church ABA 229 Third St., Clinton Lexington Baptist Church 9525 Highway 110, Shirley 723-4787 Liberty Missionary Baptist Church 2712 Highway 254 W, Chimes Community Low Gap Community Chapel 4320 Low Gap Road, Alread Lute Mountain Community Church Victory Lane near Highway 16, Shirley 723-8299 Main Line Full Gospel 114 Mariposa Loop, Bee Branch 253-1005 Maranatha Assembly of God 11929 Highway 16 E, Shirley 723-8181 Mount Zion Church of Christ 1202 Highway 16 W, Clinton 745-2572 Mount Zion General Baptist 2333 Mount Zion Road, Bee Branch 362-3807 New Beginning Church 12200 Highway 254 E, Dennard New Hope Baptist Church 4198 Highway 65 N, Clinton 757-2332 New Liberty Church of Christ 4815 Highway 95, Cleveland 669-2575 New Life Apostolic Church of Clinton 198 Richard Road, Clinton 745-6411 Peace Lutheran Church of Edgemont 10849 Edgemont Road, Edgemont 723-4726 Pee Dee Baptist Church 2744 Highway 16 E, Clinton 745-4115 Pine Grove General Baptist Church 102 Silvertree Road, Shirley Pine Mountain General Baptist Church Gravesville Cutoff Road, South of Bee Branch Plant Baptist Church 4897 Highway 110, Clinton 745-6887 Pleasant Grove Friendship Church 22210 Highway 16 W, Alread 745-8450 Pleasant Valley Baptist Church 5092 Banner Mtn Road, Shirley 723-4737

Pleasant Valley General Baptist No. 1 5153 Highway 92 W, Bee Branch Point Remove Baptist Church 10954 Highway 336 W, Formosa Rabbit Ridge Church of Christ 215 Rabbit Ridge Road, Bee Branch 745-4634 Red River of Life Church of God 10839 Edgemont Road, Edgemont 723-8109 Rupert Baptist Church 21434 Highway 16 W, Clinton 745-8593 Salem Primitive Baptist Church Gravesville Cutoff Road, Bee Branch Sand Springs Missionary Baptist Church Highway 124 E, Damascus 335-8003 Sardis Freewill Baptist 4141 Highway 124, Gravesville 335-8027 Scotland Baptist Church 278 Postal Lane, Scotland 592-3787 Scotland Church of Christ 297 Scotland-Formosa Road, Scotland Scotland Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Church 1476 Scotland-Formosa Road, Scotland 592-3311 Settlement Baptist Church 10277 Highway 16 E, Shirley 723-8171 Shady Grove Baptist Church 5448 Shady Grove Road, Shirley 723-4273 Shady Grove Chapel 4790 Highway 254 E, Dennard Shirley Church of Christ 10509 Highway 16 E, Shirley 723-8101 Shirley Community Church/First United Methodist 784 Matthew Clark Memorial Drive, Shirley 723-4387 South Side Baptist Highway 65 N, Damascus 335-7423 St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church 250 Woodlawn Drive, Fairfield Bay 884-3349 St. Jude Catholic Church 3178 Hwy 65 S, Clinton 745-5716 Tabernacle of Praise 159 Boston Fern Road, Shirley 723-8280 The Gathering Ministry Outreach 80746 Highway 16 W, Rupert 745-3883 The Zoo Church 12174 Highway 65 N, Dennard 514-8535 The Power House (non-denominational) 159 Mt. Zion Road, Bee Branch, AR 253-2385 Trace Ridge Bible Church Highway 254 W at Morris Road, Chimes Walnut Grove Church 6940 Highway 95 W, Clinton 745-3445 Zion Hill Missionary Baptist ABA 29129 Highway 16 W, Jerusalem 745-4467

Last Week's Featured Church

South Side Baptist Church Hwy 65 North, Damascus (501) 335-7423

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VAN BUREN COUNTY PROUD 794 Highway 65B Clinton, Arkansas

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April 17, 2018

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Classifieds • Legal




Readers, use these Personal Spots to say Happy Birthday, Wish someone Good Luck, Contact old friends, make new friends. Shout out that you are alive and well in Van Buren County. All kinds of things.



The cost is $5.00 for 25 words.


Horse drawn wagon or wagon parts in good condition. Call Tom 501-745-4378

RESEARCH Reflect A Moment He said, "You have believed and you will not be disappointed."


2002 24 ft. Towlite slant load. Four ft. tack area withsaddle racks and harness hooks. Comes with a divider gate for hauling cattle and a ramp for loading your 4 wheelers. Excellent condition. $10,800.00. 501-745-4378

FURNITURE from A to Z.

Nice Clothing in great condition. Hand-made Table and 4 chairs, Toddler beds with linens and pillows. China Cabinets, Queen Anne bed (full size) with chest of drawers. Queen-Size Headboard with railings. Much more. If you are interested in viewing, call: (501)581-2236.



Competitive Full Time Monthly Salary Including Free One Bedroom Apartment with Ut ilities Paid in Clinton, Arkansas Please forward resume to FAX: 501-362-0662 or Email to: tlakedev@ or Mail to: Timberlake P.O. Box 1135 Heber Springs, AR 72543

DUPLEXES FOR RENT Nice 1000 sqft 2-bedroom Duplexes with appliances. No Pets. No Smoking. $600-$650/month plus deposit. Call: 501-745-5858 or 501-412-7682


Equal Opportunity Employer

$100 REWARD for return of missing cat, lives on Meadow Cliff Circle, Fairfield Bay. If you find this cat please call 884-6143. Gray cat, very friendly, wearing a flea collar. Missing since March 22, 2018. We invite you! We welcome you! The friends and families of problem drinkers share their experience, strength and hope,

Daily Living Care and End of Life Doula. Specializing in the care of patients with (but not limited to) Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Stroke, Heart problems, Surgeries, and/ or Physical Disability. 12 years experience in giving personalized care. Local area. (501) 253-3069 or (337) 274-0684.

Tuesdays, 6:30pm, Clinton Methodist Church. Free and open to the public.



Bruce's Roadside Mobile Mechanic Service. Business or Residential, I come to you.

FOR RENT PROPERTY SITE MANAGER Seeking Rural Development Property Site-Manager, with experience, to live on-site at a 31 unit apartment complex in Marshall, AR. Basic math. organizational and computer /internet skills also required. Competitive monthly salary. year-end bonus and free 2 bedroom apartment with utilities provided. Please fax your resume to: 501362-0662 or Email: tlakedev@ or mail to: Timberlake, P.O. Box 1135, Heber Springs, AR 72543. Please do not call property to inquire. Equal Opportunity Employer

Large or small jobs. (501)253-3069.


Friday, May 11, 2018. In front of CashSavers, starting at 9:00 am.

Chambers' Cabinets has moved to 1428 Highway 330 Shirley, AR.

Shop Booth 75 at Howard's Antiques

for crocheted items, knickknacks, dishes and jewelry.

Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets, Entertainment Centers, Book Cases, Laminate Tops FREE ESTIMATES Shop: (501)884-6115 Tom: (501)253-5142

FOR RENT 3BR/1BA home in Clinton Kitchen Appliances. Washer/dryer hook-up available.

$450/month plus deposit Call (501)327-8023


Older 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath Home completely remodeled.

For 2 Rural Development Properties in Clinton and Marshall, AR (total 69 units). Duties will include but not limited to: Janitorial of buildings common area, Light maintenance (experience required), Painting/cleaning of units upon vacancy and common areas as needed, various ot her tasks as assigned by Manager.


New central heat & air. Large lot in Clinton city limits. No bank qualifying, simple Owner Finance. Down as low as $2,500 based on your employment, rental and payment history. Monthly $670 or less with higher down. 1231 Highway 16 East. (901) 488-4005


SPRING YARD SALE!!! SATURDAY, APRIL 21st 7 AM to 3 PM at Tester Veterinarian Clinic 60 Highway 65 B Clinton, AR PROCEEDS SUPPORT YOUR CLINTON ANIMAL SHELTON To donate items for sale call Martha 501-339-1510 (no clothing please) Donate Items by 4-17

Apartments and mobile homes in Bee Branch area. $400-$650/month. Deposit required. Call for availability (501) 581-8640 After 2:00 pm


Office Space

FOR RENT 3000 sq.ft. in Shopping Center on Hwy 65 next to City Park


2BR/1BA Home


$400/month plus $400 deposit

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF VAN BUREN COUNTY ARKANSAS FIRST DIVISION CASE # 71CV-18-59 WILLIAM FOWLER PLAINTIFF VS. RALPH A. GRASSI AND FRANCES M. BROWN AND CERTAIN LANDS LYING IN VAN BUREN COUNTY, ARKANSAS And any person, entity, or organization, Claiming any right, title, or interest in and to: Lot One Hundred Seventy-Two (172), Block Seven (7), Chelsea Glade, As Shown in Plat Book 2, Page 15, Fairfield Bay, Van Buren County, Arkansas DEFENDANTS NOTICE OF QUIET TITLE ACTION

(Pets allowed with additional deposit) call (501)745-4926

Notice is hereby given that a Petition has been filed in the office of the Circuit Clerk of Van Buren County, Arkansas, to quiet and confirm title in and to the following described property in Van Buren County, Arkansas:

For Sale


3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath • Completely remodeled • New hard wood floors • New appliances • New roof • Jacuzza Tub • Shop • 2 car garage with garage door opener 1/3 acre completely fenced

$105,000.00 Call: (501)253-8208

The property described herein was conveyed to R P Sales, LLC via Limited Warranty Deed issued under the provisions of Act 626 of 1983, as amended, after the property remained unredeemed following expiration of the time required by law. Before the Limited Warranty Deed was issued, the last person, firm, or corporation to pay taxes on the above described real property was Frances M. Brown and Ralph A. Grassi. All persons, firms, corporations, or improvement districts that can set up any right to the real property conveyed and forfeited is hereby notified to appear herein, before the Circuit Court of Van Buren County, to assert his/her/its title or interest in said property and to show why the title to the real property should not be confirmed, quieted, and vested in the Plaintiff herein, in fee simple. WITNESS my hand and seal of this Court this 29th day of March, 2018. /s/ Debbie Gray VAN BUREN CIRCUIT CLERK BY: /s/ Rhonda Jan Gage D.C. /s/ M. Edward Morgan . M. EDWARD MORGAN, Bar. No. 82113 MORGAN LAW FIRM, P.A. Attorney for Plaintiff 148 Court Street Clinton, AR 72031 (501) 745-4044

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF VAN BUREN COUNTY, ARKANSAS FOURTH DIVISION NO. 71PR-18-37 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF HAZEL SULLIVAN, deceased NOTICE OF PROBATE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS LAST KNOWN ADDRESS OF DECEDENT: 1077 BLAIR ROAD SHIRLEY, AR 72153 DATE OF DEATH: FEBRUARY 28, 2018 Shaun Dunn and Emily Dunn were appointed Co-Executors of the estate of the above-named decedent on March 28, 2018. A contest of the probate can be affected only by filing a petition within the time provided by law. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six (6) months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. Provided, that claims for injury or death caused by the negligence of the decedent shall be filed within six (6) months from the date of the first publication of the notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in such estate. THIS NOTICE first published this 17th day of April, 2018. Shaun Dunn and Emily Dunn, Co-Executors By: /s/ Kent Tester . KENT TESTER, ID No. 89123 Tester Law Firm, P.A. 230 Hwy. 65 North, Suite 7 Clinton, AR 72031 501-745-7077 Fax 501-745-6161

CITY OF CLINTON ORDINANCE NO. 2018-03 AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING THE LEVY OF AN ADDITIONAL TWENTY DOLLAR ($20.00) FINE TO HELP DEFRAY THE EXPENSE OF INCARCERATING CITY PRISONERS IN THE VAN BUREN COUNTY DETENTION CENTER; PURSUANT TO ACT 209 OF 2009; TO DECLARE AN EMERGENCY AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES WHEREAS: The Arkansas General Assembly passed Act 209 of 2009, which authorizes the City, by Ordinance, to levy an additional twenty dollar ($20.00) fine to help defray the expenses of incarcerating City of Clinton prisoners in the Van Buren County Detention Center. This additional fine would replace the existing five-dollar fine currently levied; and WHEREAS: It is in the best interests and welfare of the citizens of the City of Clinton, Arkansas that an additional fine of twenty dollars ($20.00) be levied and collected from each defendant who pleads guilty or nolo contendere to, is found guilty of or forfeits bond for any misdemeanor or violation in the District Court of Van Buren County, Arkansas and the individual departments thereof. NOW, THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Clinton, Arkansas: Section 1. Under Authority of Act 209 of 2009, there is hereby levied and shall be collected an additional fine in the amount of twenty dollars ($20.00) from each defendant upon each conviction, each plea of guilty or nolo contendere or each bond forfeiture in all cases in the first class of accounting records as described in A.C.A. § 16-17-707. The additional fine shall apply to each charge, count, violation or offense that a defendant pleads guilty or nolo contendere to, if found guilty of, or forfeits bond for, including each misdemeanor or violation. Section 2. The additional fine levied in Section 1 hereinabove shall apply to all applicable cases brought before all District Courts and departments thereof that now exist and are in operation or may hereafter be created and placed into operation within Van Buren County. Section 3. All additional fines levied and collected under the provisions of this Ordinance shall be deposited into a special fund within the City treasury to be used exclusively to help defray the cost of incarcerating City prisoners or payments made to other entities for incarcerating City prisoners, or as otherwise specifically permitted under the provision of Act 209 of 2009. Section 4. All ordinances or parts of ordinances found to be in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. Section 5. EMERGENCY CLAUSE. Whereas the increasing cost of incarcerating or otherwise keeping City prisoners creates an economic hardship, and funds are immediately necessary to defray the costs of such prisoners, an Emergency is hereby declared to exist and this ordinance being necessary for the immediate protection of the public shall take effect immediately on its passage and approval. PASSED: April 12, 2018 . APPROVED: /s/ Richard W. McCormac . Richard W. McCormac Mayor ATTEST: /s/ Dena R. Malone . Dena R. Malone, CMC, CAMC Recorder/Treasurer

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The Voice of Van Buren County

Clinton baseball The Clinton High School Baseball team swept Dover in a doubleheader Tuesday, April 10. The score in the first game was 21-1, and in the second it was 16-1. Photos by Robert R. Gaut

April 17, 2018

The Voice of Van Buren County - April 17, 2018  
The Voice of Van Buren County - April 17, 2018