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By Sean Hager For many there is great security knowing they are loved by family. This peace is their greatest blessing. At times we may take our family for granted and only reach out to each other for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, weddings or funerals. And while it is true we haven’t the power or privilege to decide which family name we are given, we all surely inherit the innate ability to choose how far we will go in life. For some, their

It's true that the best teacher is experience, but Mark Twain said “the best experience is someone else's.” At times it may be difficult to address the struggles which come our way on our life's journeys, but knowing family is just a call away adds a sense of comfort much like having a safety net under us. Unfortunately too often we forget to tell those who love us how much we love them. Sometimes we can be so determined to prove

surname can be a launch pad for their successes. You may be named after your father and known as "Junior.” Some families pass on a name for generations. My Uncle Bill is William the fourth, my Grandfather, the third and my Great Grandfather was William, jr. Tracing your family roots can instill tremendous strength and pride. With this pride comes a sense of strength and confidence to stretch our wings and soar to new heights. Howbeit, prudence suggests that when we must embark on our own life's journey, we should carry with us the foundation of our family. Remember, we launch from our parent's shoulders, not ground level, so we have an advantage IF we've listened and learned from the voice of experience.

our independence we can end up far from those who laid the very foundation of our security. It is hard to imagine having a still mind without making peace with those who care for us so deeply. Perhaps it would be more prudent to be patient with those who have been patient with us and have been there in support during our life's journey. Not everyone has a family who laughs together, works together, and plays together. So if you’re lucky enough to have a close family, cherish it. If not, reach out to family members today (and I mean today). No matter your age, re-establish family bonds and you'll live a happier life. For family can truly be your greatest blessing.

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The best, the biggest, and the brightest 5k race is coming to Jennings, LA this October called "Color PHor A Cure". The only question is “Are you ready for the craziest, colorful, 5k of your life?” WWW.COLORPHORACURE.COM


Color PHor A Cure was founded by Josh & Lindsey Belt of Jennings, Louisiana. In January of 2013, Joel Belt (Josh & Lindsey's 2 year old son) was diagnosed with severe primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH). After 42 days in 3 different hospitals, Joel was sent home with very intensive medication with the hope to improve his quality of life. Since there is no cause found for why Joel has PPH, it also means there is no cure. He currently has only two options at the moment: medicine for life or a double lung transplant. Today, Joel is currently being seen by some of the greatest PH doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital. He is currently on a 24/7 IV medication that is being infused directly into his heart as well as taking half a dozen other oral medications. Unfortunately, at this time no PH medication given to children is FDA approved. Barring a miracle, this will be a life long journey for Joel and the Belt family. This is where you can help! Joel needs your help in raising funds to find a cure in his lifetime.


Color PHor A Cure 5k is a unique experience focused less on speed and more on crazy color fun with friends and family. Whether you are a casual morning walker or an Olympic athlete, the 3 miles of Color PHor A Cure course will be the most memorable and colorful run of your life. You'll end up looking like a kindergarten art class gone wrong! Racers will start at the Jennings Elementary Football Field and run a 5k through assigned color stations dispersed through the course, ending back at the Jennings Elementary Football Field. You can walk, jog, run, crawl, skip, or dance the 5k. The race isn't timed so just come ready to have fun and get covered in color. Just be warned you will be coated head to toe in color when you are finished.




100% of all the proceeds from the race will go to help raise awareness and research funds for Pulmonary Hypertension Association's Pediatric PH Research & Mentoring Fund. A rare and often misdiagnosed disease, Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) causes high blood pressure in the lungs. Early diagnosis and treatment can improve a patient's quality of life, but there is currently NO CURE for Pulmonary Hypertension. You can learn more about PH at

THE WHEN & WHERE: October 12, 2013 Jennings Elementary Football Field 620 Florence Street • Jennings, LA 70546 THE COST:

$30 before September 1 $40 after September 1 $50 day of Race Free for Kids under 7 $20 for PH warriors and their caregivers

Doctor Joel at the


7:30 a.m. - Late Registrations 8:45 a.m.-Opening Ceremonies 9:00 a.m. - Race Starts Color Countdown Finale

Joel’s brothe rs being silly

“One in a Million” Joel Belt Update: By Scott Blanchard The last few weeks have been trying for 3 year old Joel Belt as he has gone through extensive testing to become a double lung transplant recipient. Father Josh Belt still holds firm that a Miracle will take place, whether it be total healing, a successful transplant, or even a third option not seen at the present time. Joel has become a small town celebrity that he knows little about. The streets of Jeff Davis Parish are filled with Color Phor Cure flyers and purple and gold “Prayers for Joel” bracelets that are being worn around the parish, all because little Joel has developed a rare “One in a Million” disease called Pulmonary Hypertension. PH causes high blood pressure in the arteries in the lungs. This makes it harder for the blood to flow through the lungs to pick up oxygen which often causes heart failure. So far there has been no cure found. The Biggest and Brightest Race on October 12th is not only for Joel, but for kids around the country that are trying to survive this disease until a cure can be found. Your participation, sponsorship, and donation could help find that cure. “The research doctors that we have talked to believe a cure is probably within the next five years, but as of now no medicines are FDA approved for children. There are some for adults! Color Phor Cure 5K is so

Joel & Mom s at the Movie

important to raise awareness for one, but two to give children like Joel a chance to live a normal life. Being on the edge of a cure, these funds raised by the race could be the final break through these doctors need to find a cure.” Josh explained. The Color Phor A Cure team is expecting over 1,000 participants and have already scheduled appearances on local news channels from Lake Charles to Lafayette to promote the event. If you are wondering how you can help, Joel needs your prayers first and foremost. Secondly the race needs participants, so if any part of a color run sounds intriguing please do not hesitate to sign up. The Color Phor Cure Team is still in need of corporate sponsors as well.

do anything. When it gets tough at the end of a workout and I want to start walking I look at my wrist and realize this is much more than another lap around the track. This is a matter of a young boy’s life.

So I ask... what inspires you?

For more information on how you can play apart in saving children’s lives, check out the article in this issue of the voice, and visit

Who would have thought that someone so small could inspire someone so big? This is what this little boy and this big race has done for me personally. As a former offensive lineman most of my life has been lived weighing on the heavier side of 300 pounds. Last week I began my journey with the Color Phor Cure race by training to run the entire 5K without stopping. I also received a word from God that I would help raise $2,000 for the cause. If you are that donor look me up on Facebook, Haha! For some people this run isn’t far, but for someone weighing in the range I do, it will be nothing short of a miracle. What I have realized in this first week of training is that there are just not enough things in our life that inspire us, only distract. If a three hundred twenty five pound football coach can run 3.1 miles without stopping, anyone can

Mom & Joel afte a good repor r t!



By Paige Francis It is no secret that “We the People” were born with a need for personal rights. We have a desire to make our own decisions, live our own lives, and create our own destinies. This is who we are as a people, and our nation’s founders understood and related to that notion; thereby, creating a law that could allow us to enjoy life, protect our liberty and pursue our happiness. With that law, Democracy was formed, a balance of power between the government, state and people fashioned by The Constitution and, later, The Bill of Rights. They established clear boundaries for the government, so precisely written that there were no stones left unturned. These documents were inspired and processed, revised and rewritten until just right. They are the foundation of The United States of America. They are the cry of our souls penned and pronounced for government and people to abide in and protect. Over the past few decades, many of our rights and liberties documented in The Bill of Rights have been threatened. To clarify, because of things like, “hate rallies”, and “school shootings, the “Right to Free Speech” and “The Right to Bear Arms” have been in question in the Supreme Court. These are just a few examples of government questioning

the right to revise our Rights. It is true that tragedy has struck our nation in the form of violence, hate language, and misuse of the judicial system, but it is not the national government’s obligation to try and control these situations. In doing so, laws that are created with good intentions can eventually be misused and abused, causing more issues than are already present. The people must not become lethargic in dealing with these issues. We must not just hand them over to the national government and hope for the best. We must open our eyes to see that whether we are of any political party, of any age, of any race, of any religion, we have to stay educated. We have to look at the nations before and around us, and see what made them rise, what made them fall, and what can make us grow and stand tall. There is a great veil of confusion covering the eyes of the people concerning these matters. Because of the need for the people to be educated in these issues, Mr. Hunter Lundy, a well known Lake Charles based attorney has made it his mission to “inform and educate” the people. Nominated for the Louisiana Super Lawyers list, as well as the Best Lawyers in America five separate times, Lundy’s reputation reaches across the nation. In order to inform the people, he has created The Unity Summit. The Unity Summit is just



PRINT SHOP Color ¢each Copies 8x11 only 1-1000

442 S. POST OAK • SULPHUR • 553-2089 PAGE


that. A summit to unite all people and all parties interested in understanding and protecting their inalienable rights as American citizens. From the Heart of Southwest Louisiana to the Heart of America, this insightful lawman is creating a place for us to gather together and be educated. On September 9-11, 2013 in Branson, Missouri, some of the country’s most profound people’s rights advocates will assemble in an effort to inform and educate those who have an ear to hear. Some of the speakers that will be in attendance are Burton LeBlanc, President of the American Association of Justice; Amanda Collins, Fox News featured assault survivor and 2nd Amendment Advocate; LT. Col (Ret.) Nathan Sassaman of the US Army; and Dr. Sam Kaunley, a renowned pastor in the Branson area. Politicians and pastors, advocates and advisors have united in a joint effort to enlighten people on the issues at hand. This Summit will discuss the 1st, 2nd and 7th Amendment. If you are interested in attending, you can register at You do not want to miss this exciting and intriguing discussion of our “Right of Free Expression and Worship”, “Right to Own and Bear Arms” and “Right to Trial by Jury”.

Mike’s Mic

A Story of A True Cajun Ambassador, written by a True Cajun By Helena Charbonneau Our Cajun culture is famous worldwide for some amazing things. The deep heritage and hospitality led by the food and then followed up by the music, the “unofficial” Festival Capital of America.

Everyone from Louisiana is an “unofficial” ambassador for the culture we love so much. You represent this state either in your friendly smile, or cooking some jambalaya for visiting Yankees who live north of interstate ten. One such ambassador is Mike Soileau. The first thing you must know about Mike is that he is a little OCD about LSU. He has the perfect man cave and his office basically bleeds purple and gold. Serious passion is defined by bragging about a zip lock baggie full of grass from the LSU football field. Mike is also passionate about his culture (his Cajun heritage traced to the settlements in Ville Platte and Grand Prairie). Mike feels Cajuns don't know a stranger, only a friend they haven't met yet. Not many are shy, they are first with a smile and handshake. It was just a part of growing up in the South. Mike has many cherished memories of growing up down South. Some favorites are sitting in the studio while his father introduced French music on the radio. What could be better than doing something you love and call it work? His love for the music

was inherited from his father (Dave, who also received an award from the Cajun Music Association). Then when Mike was 17 his father became ill and Mike had to step up to the mic. It turned out to be a step he has never regretted. Mike is able to attend concerts state-wide as he continues to take the music out to the festivals. His passion is the music and the people of Cajun country. He has really learned to know these musicians and the stories behind the music old and new. He refuses to name a favorite. “They are all my favorite!” When you think of the name “Louisiana" what comes to mind? Is it the vision of a moss draped cypress tree on the murky bayou? Or do you see a platter of red steaming crawfish? Can you hear the bow pulled across the fiddle? Either way you can smile because you get to call it home. Should you be inspired to tap your fingers or toes you can listen in any time @1470am,, @radiopup(free mobile app)



114 W. Clarence St. Lake Charles, LA 70601

Silvia Stelly

Back to School:

Preparing Now

De Regreso a La Escuela:

Preparándose Ahora

La Educación es una entidad vital para ayudar a construir nuestras comunidades. Es por esto que en La Familia Centro de Recursos (LFRC) estamos comprometidos a trabajar con las familias y referirlas a los recursos dentro de nuestra comunidad. Desde asistir con registrarse en la escuela hasta interpretar en conferencias escolares, nosotros estamos aquí para ayudar. Hay muchas cosas que los padres podrían estar haciendo en este momento para preparar a su hijo(a) para un año escolar exitoso. Estudios han demostrado que los niños experimentan significamente pérdida del aprendizaje durante los tres meses de vacaciones de verano. Para combatir esta pérdida y prepararlos para el nuevo año escolar, las familias PAGE 8

deberían repasar los conceptos del último año con sus niños. Las familias también necesitan actualizar el registro de inmunizaciones de sus niños y asegurarse que los estudiantes estén bien equipados con los materiale escolares y uniformes. La lista de materiales escolares están clasificados por escuela y grados y pueden ser encontrados en Walmart, Target ó contactando a la escuela del niño(a). Sesionesinformativas sobre el regreso a la escuela para familias nuevas en el área serán dadas en La Familia Centro de Recursos en Agosto. Para más información, por favor llamar al 337-3122906 o visitar nuestra página de Facebook.

Education is a vital entity in helping to build our communities. This is why at La Familia Resource Center (LFRC) we are committed to working with families and referring them to resources within our community. From assisting with school registration to interpreting at school conferences, we are here to help. There are many things parents can begin doing even now to prepare their child for a successful school year. Studies have shown that children can experience significant learning loss over the three month long summer vacation. In order to combat this loss and to prepare for the new school year, families should begin reviewing last

year’s concepts with their children. Families also need to update their child’s immunization records and to ensure that students are well-equipped with supplies and uniforms. School supply lists are sorted by school and grade and can be found at Walmart, Target, or by contacting the child’s school. Informational back to school sessions for families new to the area will be held at LFRC in August. For more information, please call 337-312-2906 or visit our Facebook page.

with Andrew Nocum

By Ken Adams Too many area teens grow up these days without a father. The family dynamic not only in Southwest Louisiana but in all of the United State is broken. Mothers are trying to play both parental roles with little support or no support at all. Over sixty percent of our area school age children live in a one parent home according to recent

studies. Growing up without a father is nothing new for young people. Youth Pastor Andrew Nocum is a new breed of youth mentors that are spending every last waking moment pouring into other people, so they don't have to experience the isolationism he faced as a high school teen. Although his vision to build up area students and give them the father figure a young person needs is one like many

youth leaders, his origin is quite different. Andrew, originally from Jersey City, New Jersey spends at least some part of everyday Investing in someone else's life. Sunday’s service time aside, Monday starts with small group bible study and ends with a college age bible discussion night. Every other Tuesday is a Leadership Development meeting followed by Wednesday's Youth group night labeled Fuel. Thursday he meets with leadership from the Fuel group on a small one on one basis and follows that up on Friday and Saturday with individual counseling sessions or meeting a need of fellow church members, such as mowing, helping someone move, or helping raise funds for the next youth event. "We are told to be the hands and feet of Christ, and you can’t do that without serving and loving people. I teach the youth that same message, you have to treat other people with love. The golden rule is to treat others how you would be treated but God's rule is to treat others more than yourself. Christ went way beyond the golden rule." When asked why he believed this area is struggling with missing fathers and premature pregnancy, two major issues that kids struggle with today, Andrew offered this gem, “The bottom line is the lack of relational parents in today’s youth. If they are missing a parent they search for

that missing structure of a relationship with others. Today kids are training for divorce, they date and break up, date and break up. They aren’t courting to find a wife, to learn to respect and develop into “becoming one” so to speak. So when kids that date get in arguments or other adolescent drama what happens? They go and find someone else and continue the cycle. The lack of a father figure contributes to this issue because they don’t see the correct way to treat the opposite sex. This is one of many areas of our culture today that manufactures broken relationships.” Andrew is one of many people that spend their lives in service of others whether it’s helping youth, elderly, or single moms and widows. If you have someone you think you would like to nominate for "In the Spirit of Things" column please message us on our Facebook page at voiceswla. For more information on Andrew's story please visit and click on "stories." PAGE


In The Habit of… BY BRUCE HAMILTON From No Bad Days

Our Success is determined by the habits we form. How many times have you said,” Things aren’t going well. Things aren’t working out. Nothing seems to go right. What can I do?” I would answer that question with a simple question,

“What are you in the habit of?” We are a product of what we do every day. If our lives are not working out the way we want then we must first look at what we are doing and not doing. “First you form your habits



then your habits form you!” We are all in the habit of doing things. What we must do is to look at each of our habits and determine if these habits are: 1- Adding to our lives. 2- Subtracting from our lives. David Bach who wrote “The Automatic Millionaire” says the way to financial success is to build your savings automatically by having it automatically taken from your check and put into your savings account. We must set our auto pilot to the things that will make us successful. If you look at a person who intends on running in the Boston Marathon you will quickly see that this individual has certain things that he or she does every day. Come rain, snow, or sun

they are up and training. They know that in order to run in the Marathon they must do certain things… automatically! They set their auto pilot and day by day they get closer to success. Check your Auto Pilot! We all have some good habits and we all have some bad habits. The key is to identify the good habits and continue those, then identify the bad habits and stop those. Some people don’t even know that they have habits that are keeping them back. Habits that are stopping them from being as successful as they could be. They are on auto pilot and they don’t even know it. We do stuff today because that is what we did yesterday and that is why we are going to do the same

thing tomorrow! It is time to break the habit! It is time for a self-examination! It is called zero based budgeting. Start from zero and ask yourself, “If I were to start over today what would I do?” What habits would I keep? What habits would I stop? What habits could I add?

Sometimes we have to change our habits!

Keep in mind that small changes can have huge results. For years I had been a fan of Dr. Pepper. When I woke up in the morning I had a Dr. Pepper. I had another again at 10 am, then at lunch and so on. One day I decided to start losing weight and a friend of mind told me the thing that would help me the most was to give up drinking Dr. Pepper. Could something so simple really work? Within weeks I was losing weight and the only thing I did was stop drinking Dr. Pepper. Remember Small changes can produce huge results!

McNeese State

Diontae Spencer Rises to the Challenge of Life & College Football By Duane Bergeron As the McNeese State Cowboys football team commences their 2013 season, one player is expected to have a substantial impact on offense. He is senior wide receiver Diontae Spencer. He has been chosen as a preseason first team all-Southland Conference selection. In addition to wide receiver, he is also expected to return punts for McNeese.

today. And no one knows this better than head coach Matt Viator. He spoke about Spencer as the team was going through the rigors of August camp. "We recruited Diontae out of New Iberia," Viator said. "He played wide receiver and quarterback at Westgate High School.. He is a talented athlete. Diontae has done well in the classroom and ran track as well."

Last year, Spencer was ranked second on the team Spencer had challenges, with 31 receptions and 413 more than most it seemed, to receiving yards. With two become the outstanding touchdowns, he also averaged 13.3 yards per catch and 37.5 player he is receiving yards per game. Spencer rushed the ball 11 times for 162 yards and one score. Spencer had been a 3.7 GPA student at Westgate and maintains a strong faith in God even after unspeakable tragedy. "While at McNeese, his father was murdered in a shooting incident," Viator said. "That was almost two years ago. I think that would take its toll on anyone. However, Diontae didn't quit. He vowed to continue to work and

honor his father while playing for the Cowboys. He has a great relationship with his mother. She's a wonderful person. I think the experience of the team supporting Diontae during that tragic time helped him to pull through." The loss of his father has inspired Spencer to be at his best. "Diontae has been tremendous," Viator commented. "He's worked very hard on his strength, skill and speed. He works diligently every day. One thing I have admired about him is regardless of the circumstances he's always smiling. No matter

what he has a smile on his face all the time. Diontae loves life. He's one of those kids that lights up a room. Those types of athletes are such a joy to coach." Viator added that Spencer has dedicated himself to becoming a student of the game. By learning the playbook, reading defenses, understanding passing lanes and other football techniques, he is honoring the memory of his father by striving to achieve his full potential with the Cowboys. That is all any father could ever want for their son.



Excert from the upcoming book Real LionsGod's approach to "Authentic Male Leaders" in the family and in the church.

Overcoming Past Hurt Carrying the weight of your past is a sure fire way to make sure you don't get to the place God has designed for you to go. We have to learn that God will not give you more than you can bear at the time. But that does not mean we are not suppose to be able to bear more as we grow in Christ. If we actually implement "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength," then "all" would cover anything God gives us to bear. The key to overcoming past hurt is forgiveness. Forgiveness is not saying "I am sorry." Forgiveness is what you seek after an authentic meaningful apology. Forgiveness is the begin-



ning of reconciliation after an offense, and not the end of an apology. Reconciliation is action, once you ask forgiveness you must make things right by restitution or rebuilding trust. This is where we have failed. We know we need to apologize when we do something wrong or cause pain, but we have stopped short of actually asking forgiveness and mending the hurt relationship with action. Sometimes we can be hurt by someone that is unable to ask for forgiveness. Maybe that person is too prideful to seek forgiveness and reconciliation, maybe they are unaware of the offense, which happens more than you can imagine. Possibly

the person has passed away and left the relationship or situation unsettled. In any of these situations as a maturing Christian we must grant forgiveness even when the offender hasn't asked for it. Sometimes this is the hardest part to do. No matter, God calls us to forgive, not because someone has asked us for forgiveness, but because he forgave us. When you learn to forgive because you have been forgiven by Christ then you will open up new avenues for God to move through you to help others. Sometimes as men, we have the hardest time reaching out and asking for forgiveness. Is it fear of rejection? Is it fear of showing weakness? Chances are our alpha male syndrome is raring its prideful heart. Pride is

one of the greatest lies Satan uses against men. To be physically dominant is in our design, but it is not in the design to act arrogant, boastful, and above all others. It is to protect the weak and build up those around you and you can only accomplish this with a servant's heart. We men must humble ourselves to reach out for forgiveness as well as granting forgiveness and when we get to this place in our walk with Christ, we have strengthened our family, our friends and the community around us. For more information on Real Lions: Authentic Male Leaders you can "like" the Facebook page reallionsleadership.

What’s Your Style? By Brenda Hager

How do you interact with others? Are you extroverted and thrive when you’re the center of attention or are you satisfied with being an observer of others? Are you a high risk or low risk taker? Take the following informal quiz to find out more about your style of interacting with the world and those around you. Circle one letter for each set of statements that best describes you most of the time, in most situations, and with most people. Make a choice for each set of statements.


4. P A

5. I


6. P


7. A 1. E

Easy to get to know personally in business or unfamiliar social environments I More difficult to get to know personally in business or unfamiliar social environments


8. E 2. I


3. P

Focus conversations on issues and tasks at hand; stays on subject Conversation reflects personal life experiences; may stray from ‘business at hand’ Infrequent contributor to group conversations


Frequent contributor to group conversations Tend to adhere to the letter of the law Tend to interpret the spirit of the law Make most decisions based on goals, facts or evidence Make most decisions based on feelings, experiences or relationships Infrequently use gestures and voice intonation to emphasize points Frequently use gestures and voice intonation to emphasize points More likely to make emphatic statements like, “This is so!” and “I feel…” More likely to make qualified statements like, “According to my sources…” Greater natural tendency toward animated facial expressions or observable body responses during speaking and listening More limited facial expressions or observable body responses during speaking and listening

9. I

Tend to keep important personal feelings private; tends to share only when necessary


Tend to bemore willing to show or share personal feelings more freely

10. I

Show less enthusiasm than the average person Show more enthusiasm than the average person


11. A More likely to introduce self to others at social gatherings P More likely to wait for others to introduce themselves at social gatherings 12. E Flexible about how your time is used by others I Disciplined about how your time is used by others 13. I Go with your own agenda E Go with the flow 14. A More naturally assertive behavior P More naturally reserved behavior 15. A Tend to express your own views more readily P Tend to reserve the expression of own opinions

16. A Tend to naturally decide more quickly or spontaneously P Tend to naturally decide more slowly or deliberately 17. I Prefer to work independently or dictate the relationship conditions E Prefer to work with others or be included in relationships 18. P Naturally approach risk or change more slowly or cautiously A Naturally approach risk or change more quickly or spontaneously TOTAL NUMBER CIRCLED: I_____ E_____ P_____ A_____ (make sure they add up to 18)

Keep this information and see next month’s issue for interpretation of your scores! (This is not meant as a diagnostic tool)

Jeff Peterson & Associates Vocational & Career Specialists Vocational Evaluations Career Counseling Life Care Planning 667 Post Oak Road, Sulphur, LA 337-625-2526 PAGE


By: Hannah Floyd Can you remember those sweet stories your mother or grandmother used to tell you? They could endlessly recount memories of fun and excitement, family adventures and life lessons. Quite intriguing are the details of all the things they have experienced and are so willing to share. After listening to these tales, you cannot help but to be inspired to create memories immersed in rich culture for yourself, your children and your grandchildren. If creating memories full of cultural experiences for yourself, your family and your friends is what you are interested in doing, then you need not search any further. The City of Lake Charles has made it its mission to focus on the amazing local culture of the city itself, and also to glorify the nation’s past. From the big events of Contraband Days to the fun local celebrations downtown, Lake Charles is never lacking in enriching entertainment and interesting events. Along with the grand gatherings, there are also great galleries of art and history. The Department of Arts &

Cultural Affairs has set up exhibits featured at the Historic City Hall. The exhibits now displayed are of a local artist, The Lincoln Exhibit and The Elvis Exhibit. Between the weekday hours of 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Saturday between 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, citizens and tourists can visit the Historic City Hall to explore the large collection of historic artifacts displayed. The exhibit of Elvis’s life showcases behind the scene photos that have not been seen by the general public. It ends on September 7, 2013. The Lincoln Exhibit is a tour from the political beginning of “Honest Abe” to the tragic end of this renowned president. The Lincoln Exhibit will end on October 12, 2013. You cannot miss these amazing exhibits. These are pieces of history that are not to be simply brushed by, but to be enjoyed, memorialize and appreciated. For more information on the events held in The City of Lake Charles, you can check out their Facebook page. Simply search for “Lake Charles, Louisiana.” If you are interested in becoming a


painting is, arguably, the finest. It includes an exceptional likeness of the beloved Willie.

J.C. Buttre, publisher. “The Lincoln Family.” New York, 1867. After a painting by Francis B. Carpenter. Mezzotint engraving of the innumerable Lincoln family composite images that were produced, Buttre’s engraving after Carpenter’s PAGE


John Chester Buttre. “Abraham Lincoln.” New York, 1860. Mezzotint engraving In a creative use of Mathew Brady’s famous pose,

local artist, whose work will be featured in the Historic City Hall, email artsandculture for an application. Remember to make it a priority to take advantage of the engaging events that surround you in your community. Enriched cultural experiences and knowledge of the past and present will always be what makes Louisiana special.

this printmaker adapted a popular 1859 print of John C. Fremont (a fellow Republican and 1856 nominee for president). Using Fremont’s body and Lincoln’s head, Buttre presented Lincoln as a refined and dignified statesman.

J.L. Magee, publisher. “Satan Tempting Booth to the Murder.” Philadelphia, 1865. Lithograph The assassin, John Wilkes Booth, instantly emerged as a villain of satanic proportions — shown as a coward receiving instructions and inspiration from the devil himself.

Snopes provides Internet with its own version of Myth Busters By James Dean “I want the truth!” “You can’t handle the truth!” The famous movie line from Jack Nicholson’s character Colonial Jessup from A Few Good Men seems to fit the search for hunting down what is true and what is not on Facebook. One of my favorite memes below shows how trusting everything you see on the internet isn’t always a wise act. Our famous 16th President lets you know what he thinks about the internet. But how do you actually decide what is true and what isn’t you ask? That’s the best part, you don’t have to. Barbara and David Mikkelson has already found the answers for you, and they have been doing it for nearly twenty years. “We started the website in 1995 mainly for fun. We found something we enjoyed doing together as a couple which was researching urban legends.” Barbara explained. With over fifteen years’ experience as professional researchers and writers, the Mikkelson’s have created in what has come to be regarded as an online touchstone of rumor

research according to their website. Their efforts have been to keep their website as accurately up to date as possible and that effort has not gone unquestioned. They have even been the focus of rumors themselves. As the political battle of misinformation about presidents and candidates fly, the Michelson’s have been accused of being in cohouse with one party or the other. The native born Canadian Barbara isn’t even able to vote, and David continues to stay apolitical, registered as an independent. “We aren’t for sale to any outside party, and we have never accepted money from a sponsor, investor, partner, or any other outside group or organization in exchange for running or researching a story. We are only interested in allowing citizens to have the facts. What they do with them is up to the individual.” So next time you read that Obama isn’t an American, or that he puts his left hand over his heart, or doesn’t say the pledge of allegiance, you know where to find the answers at If you are wondering if Sylvester Stallone really accepted Jesus as his savior, or if

dialing *112 really calls the highway patrol, check out the facts first before hitting the like button or making a comment on Facebook. Most of the time it’s all a farce, some silliness to see how far people will pass things along without checking to see if the information is

correct. Here is a freebee, Facebook will never charge for you to have a profile, they make way too much money on advertisers to jeopardize their mass monopoly on your social media profile page. Until next time, happy myth busting everybody.



Organically Grown Health - Do You Have It? Good health is the result of many denatured in any other way, such as through factors: one is wholesome nutrition found in organic foods. Organic food is more than foods grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic foods are real foods, not phony, artificial, processed foods. Organic foods possess essential factors that build health. Organic food is greater than the sum of its parts. Like the “watch” metaphor used by Dr. Royal Lee (see above), organic food is an alive, functioning, integrated whole, possessing the essential “goodness” the Creator intended for building and supporting health. Organically Grown Health is the result of eating organic foods and whole food supplements while doing our best to remove chemicals from our environment.

Organically Grown Health depends on food that MotherNature intended humans to eat. For humans, organic, healthy foods are derived from plant and animal sources, not from a synthetic chemical laboratory nor minerals directly from the soil. Plants, and ONLY plants, can take inor-



ganic minerals from the soil, along with water and sunshine, and make them come alive with the vitamins, enzymes, and energy necessary for animal and human health. One would not find an animal in nature chewing rocks or shells for minerals because they are inorganic and not suitable food for animals. Similarly, inorganic chemicals, additives, pesticides and synthetic “vitamins” are unnatural and have negative effects upon human health and vitality. Processed foods, food additives & medications are NOT Organic and take essential nutrients from your body. Synthetic “foods,” that is, “foods” that are pasteurized, chemically-altered or the use of food additives or preservatives, are not whole and are NOT fit as human food. So-called “vitamins” created in a laboratory are incomplete, in-

organic and when ingested are known to leach out essential nutrients from body stores. When these essential nutrients (vitamins, enzymes and cofactors) are processed out of food and taken out of the body over time, deficiencies can become the cause of the breakdown of the body and disease begins.

Toxins in the environment create the need for more nutrients. When the body is burdened with synthetic toxic chemicals from the environment, it requires additional nutritional resources to relieve itself of the burden. Summary of Organically Grown Health principles Incomplete foods and environmental toxins lead to deficiency, disintegration and disease. Good health is restored

and maintained when the nutritional essentials are provided in the form of organic foods and whole food supplements, in the amounts and duration necessary to replenish depleted body tissues. • Real, whole organic food is the source of integration, health and life–-and provides nutritional essentials. • Synthetic “foods” lack these essentials and are thus the source of DIS- integration, DISease and death. Need proof? Just look at the partial list of chronic conditions related to nutritional deficiencies on the side-bar of this page! How many of these do you suffer? How many do your family and friends suffer? The truth is staggering. Many millions of Americans are suffering from the lack of the nutritional essentials for health.

DO YOU KNOW THE SIGNS OF A TOXIC BODY? By: Deanna Shuff Jimney, Owner and LMT Health and Renewal comes from within, Inner Bliss partners with the M’Lis Company helping clients find and make use of this great power. It is difficult for people use to having symptoms eradicated with medications, to understand a process that removes toxins rather than covers symptoms, and one that may make them feel worse for a while in the process. Most people’s experiences with conventional medicine do not prepare them to understand the healing crisis during Detoxification.


When the human body has accumulated more toxins than it can handle, the body in its amazing natural healing processes attempts a healing response. It must force the toxins out or the health of the body will deteriorate. The only way toxins are eliminated is through the natural processes of detoxification, which occurs through the skin by perspiration, through the colon by evacuation, through the kidneys by urination, and through the lungs by respiration. Toxins are eliminated out of body openings (the eyes, ears, nose, rectum, urinary tract, vagina and skin). When you have a common cold, you observe mucus, pus, and fluids coming from the body. This fluid, mucus, and pus contains toxic poisons, bacteria, and dead or damaged cells and tissues. The removal of toxins is not an illness or disease, it is a biological cleansing process done naturally by the body. If toxins are suppressed and stored and not allowed to eliminate because of chemical stuffing of symptoms, the body then begins to store the

SIGNS OF A TOXIC BODY! • Mental confusion, absentmindedness, poor concentration, indecision* • Mood swings, anxiety, depression, irritability* • Overweight / underweight* • Fatigue / lack of energy* • Insomnia, restless sleep or difficulty relaxing / stress* • Headaches* • Cravings or addictions* • Digestive problems (gas, ulcers, heartburn, IBS)* • Allergies, hay fever, asthma* • Irregularity (constipation, diarrhea)* • Painful inflammation (joints, muscles, sinuses, intestines)* • Yeast infection* • Strong desire for sugar, beer, breads* • High risk of coronary artery disease (high cholesterol or triglycerides) • Diabetes or Hypoglycemia • High blood pressure • Skin disorders (acne, psoriasis, etc.) • Male or female problems (PMS, prostate, hot flashes, impotence, infertility, lack of desire) • Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, excessive appetite) • Low resistance to illness and infection • Life threatening or degenerative illness • Weakness, shakiness, poor muscle tone, muscle soreness or spasm • High alcohol consumption • High caffeine consumption • Smoking *Indicates Candida may be present

toxins. The toxins go deep into the cells and tissues and begin to cause degenerative damage. Suppressing cleansing reactions leads to lethargy, sickness, and eventually to life threatening degenerative diseases. A person finally passes the point where the body no longer has the ability to cleanse and heal itself.


• Increases energy • Helps clean out mucus, toxins, and other waste materials • Restores body’s natural tract • Liver, kidney, and blood purification • Mental clarity is achieved • Reduces dependencies on sugar products, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, etc. • Helps restore peristaltic action of the colon • May lose 2-8 lbs. of water and waste • Bad eating habits are broken • Begin to feel wellness return • Offers a “new beginning” to ward a healthier lifestyle It is very beneficial to combine Detoxification Program with Lymphatic Body Wraps and Massages to help push the toxins from the body. The three-day Detoxification is the foundation of every Inner Bliss Lifestyle Change Program including Weight Loss. To find out more about Inner Bliss & the Detoxification, Weight Loss and Wellness Programs visit LIKE us on Facebook at innerblisswellnesscenteroflakecharles 1411 W Prien Lake Rd, Lake Charles • 475-2547



Social Networking 101 for Grandma

By Stephanie Lewis and Grandma Sue

Facebook- Facebook has taken over for Myspace as the top form of social media people use today. Everyone wonders if they are really safe on Facebook. Facebook can be a fun and joyous way to keep up with friends and family by sharing pictures and posts daily, but there are security

WHAT A RELIEF! By Sean Vincent

We recently set out on a quest to find and absorb positive energy. When we entered through the door to the establishment known as “Dharma,” the first thing we noticed was how incredibly clean the atmosphere was. As we explored further, we discovered that this particular place of business not only offered a pleasing variety of libations, but they also had two large self serving containers of water perched on either side of the bar for those who wish to quench their thirst in a timely manner. As the evening progressed we were repeatedly relieved to

risks if you do not have your profile set up correctly. In your settings you can control who sees your profile, who can add you as a friend, who can send you a message, who can see posts you are tagged in, and if the website can share your location. The latest security risk is showing location of pics you take which could allow potential predators to know the location of yourself or your

see the energy this bar seemed to attract. The staff was very polite and obliging while their costumers were smiling and connecting on a peaceable and inviting level. As the

bands performed and presented their audience with an enormous assortment of euphonious arrangements, the people rejoiced and danced

children so be careful with what you allow your pictures to say. Remember you have control.

face in the good book. So many distractions these days’ kids have to take the time away from what’s important. If you want to be followed that Grandma Sue Response- The much, pick yourself up a only Facebook I want is my stalker! They are everywhere

barefoot along with the rhythmic vibrations. Each individual seemed to be respectful of his/her neighbor and they all seemed to demonstrate a very real under-

standing of fellowship. After our time spent in this establishment we have divined that there is, in fact, a terrific amount of positively charged

citizens in this fair city eagerly seeking to advance their relationships with friends and strangers alike. It brings us great relief to know that our city can provide its free spirited citizens with a comfortable shelter where they can readily gather and relax at the end of a long hard day of service. During our stay at this lounge we have come to the conclusion that it has a great deal more to offer than cocktails and entertainment. We believe the real appeal… Is the feel.

Think natural. Think together… Think Dharma. Located at: 329 Broad Street Lake Charles, LA 70601

now days, at the beach, at the job. Heck I can’t go to the grocery store without picking up Mr. Batkins. He follows me to the car asking when I’m gonna give in and go to bingo with him Tuesday nights! I didn’t need no Facebook for that! Blogs- What is in a blog? WordPress is an example of a blog but there are many to choose from. This basically allows you to control your own website, especially if you are an artist or writer. It is also used a lot as an online journal to share thoughts and poetry. You can control what you post, control the layout, the links etc. You can also run a private blog that requires a password. Blogs are also used to post video journals, also known as vloging (video+blog). It is a fun way to interact with followers. Are you ready to take control? Grandma Sue Response- Blogger sounds like my great nephew trying to say booger. Kind of what it reminds me of anyway. So a blogger just gets to sit and think of things to make people want to read the site every day. This could be a novel idea. Why I think that I will start my own blog. One time I saw a piece of toast that looked like President Washington. I know you all saw it right with the chicken bit that was a crispy battered rendition of President Lincoln. No I can't do food. It will have to be something I don't want to eat, like bushes!

Twitter- Hashtag, say what? What does that number sign mean anyway (#)? On Twitter you can send simple, short and abbreviated messages to anyone around the world in a few seconds, up to 141 characters. When you hashtag a word it becomes part of an even bigger conversation. You can simply search for a hashtag and see what the whole world has to say about that particular subject or event. Twitter like all other social media sites makes the world seem small, simple

to connect and share with others in social media including stores, and restaurant offers or coupons. It is mainly used to “follow” your favorite celebrity if they “tweet.” If you have something worthy to follow, it’s an easy way to tell a lot of people what is going on all at one time. Grandma Sue Response- So what's all the fuss about this tweet thing? Hash tag back slash question mark. All I know is I am trying to enjoy

my favorite show "shark week" that only comes on once a year and I am forced to read other peoples random comments popping up all over the TV screen. If I wanted to know what anybody else thought about what I was watching I would pick up my phone and call Aunt Pat! Of course she’ll ask me several times where her “stories” are sense they don’t play on TV no more.

The Voice of Southwest Louisiana  

The 2nd issue of SW Louisiana's newest publication. We are dedicated to providing the good news of SWLA to it's citizens through engaging, y...

The Voice of Southwest Louisiana  

The 2nd issue of SW Louisiana's newest publication. We are dedicated to providing the good news of SWLA to it's citizens through engaging, y...