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Sisters and friends by faith, Brenda Hill and Tracy Clark, shared a common goal to become publishers. who could provide individuals possessing special talents, gifts and treasures a ray of hope. “Our goal is to ‘Make Known the Unknown’ in ALL media,” they said. “With the support of our spouses, Gene R. Hill, Sr. and Reginald Clark, we are blessed to co-own TEAM PUBLICATIONS LLC”.

“The Biblical Boss”

“Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” -Proverbs 11:14

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“Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” -Proverbs 15:22

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By Paige Francis

Katherine Vidrine

Being the boss of a thriving business is beyond difficult. Being a leader in any way is a major task in itself. Therefore, it is important, while holding the weight of a business on your shoulders, for bosses to be aware of some Biblical principles that can take them far in their profession. For one, it is so imperative to seek advice and counsel from intelligent people in every major decision you have to make. Most people who rise to the top and achieve success have done so by displaying their business savvy, strong work ethic and uncompromising leadership skills; so you may be wondering why these effective front-runners would have to seek counsel. The reason seeking the help

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and advice of other professionals is so important is because no matter the accomplishments someone achieves, there is always a person with a different perspective that can shed light onto a difficult situation. There is always another professional who has made the mistakes and took the wrong path that will be more than willing to teach you from their experience. There is always an up and coming professional who may have new, groundbreaking ideas that your business could utilize. Regardless of who is giving the advice, you have to seek it. Achievements, promotions and prosperity do not make someone void of errors. Therefore, it goes without saying that no matter

your status or experience, asking for help in making major business decisions could be the thing you need to save you from making a judgment you might later regret. I know that we all would love to have every answer to every question. We would love to be able to make the best decisions at the drop of a hat. Though we all may seek this affirmation of being perfect, within ourselves, it seldom is the case. Years of experience in any business will teach you that your staff, your subordinates and you associates may often be your life line in times of need. So keep your heart open to God’s way, your ears open to His word and mind open to what others have to say. In the end, you may be pleasantly surprised in the results of making the decisions your counselors suggested.


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TEAM PUBLICATIONS LLC distributes a combination of 20,000 copies of The Voice of Southwest Louisiana each month on racks as well as through home delivery as a free standing insert to certain zip codes in the American Press the first Friday of each month. Putting God first, they were able to implement their vision of “positive print” and a shared vision of hyper-local journalism in a publication filled with articles, topics and issues affecting local residents, written by local writers and read by locals throughout SWLA.


Brenda and Tracy are proud to be Incubator Clients of the Southwest Louisiana Entrepreneurial Economic Development Center (SEED) and the SWLA Alliance. You may contact them for your publishing needs Monday – Friday from 8am-5pm.

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Do Something

by Paige Francis

“You can’t be everything to everybody, but you can be something to somebody.” These are the motivational words of Mrs. Leigh Anne Tuohy, the inspiration for the blockbuster, “The Blindside”. Mrs. Tuohy has motivated millions with her “don’t take no for an answer” personality, coupled with an unquenchable love for humanity. Trying to describe Leigh Anne Tuohy is like trying to describe a rare gem. You can use a million adjectives, but it does not give justice to the incomparable value and strength possessed by something so rare, so refreshing, and so refined. Mrs. Tuohy brings a whole new meaning to the word inspirational. Accordingly, in response to the needs of others, every part of Mrs. Tuohy’s being urges her to, “DO SOMETHING!” As a result, she refuses to sit around while the world wastes away in loveless monotony. She has made it her mission in life to inspire men and women to be productive, to love one another and to be an inspiration to others. She is not the cliché motivational speaker who will give you action advice on improving your life. No, Leigh Anne’s message goes much deeper. The motivation of her message is LOVE. Show love, give love and be love. Whether it is by opening the door for a stranger, smiling at a passerby, helping an older lady load her groceries, you must simply do something that expresses your selflessness. PAGE 4

When asking Mrs. Tuohy where to start, she explains by saying, “Start Small” She continues by explaining, “It is the little acts of love for someone else that makes all the difference. Do not go out and try to conquer the world with love. Start with your neighbor. Your mission, your calling, your purpose is next door.” I continue by asking, “What about the women who are not as outgoing as you. What advice would you give them on how to step out and do something for others?” She answers with, “People have to find what fits their personality. You have to utilize your God given gifts. Also, you have to find a friend that does have a strong personality. Together, then, you two can do anything. We all need friendships that give us balance. We have to have people to slow us down or move us forward.” It’s so simple, yet so foreign. Find a way to love, regardless of your personal disposition. That simple message spoken by someone so sincere, honest and intriguing will spark a fire and create a movement in your life. All in all, Mrs. Tuohy is a world changer, to say the least. The whole world may not know her name, but the rippling effect of her movement will be felt the world over. Love is the very fiber of her being but strength and grit are her armor. She is a pitpull hidden inside of a pleasant princess, and she will never cease to disappoint anyone who is graced by her presence and changed by her purpose.

Come out on Thursday

October 17, 2013

Mrs. Leigh Anne Tuohy keynote speaker at the Lake Charles Civic Center. For more information check out the Women’s Commission website.

If there is ever a place where women in a community can unite, to enhance the lives of other women, it will be Lake Charles, La. That is just what the Women’s Commission of Southwest Louisiana strives to do. No matter you race, denomination, political views or ethnicity, the Women’s Commission makes every effort to create a comforting environment for all women. Founded by a mayor’s commission 24 years ago, the Women’s Commission was but a small group of individuals with an idea. As the idea grew into actions, more women joined, more sponsors got involved and the Women’s Commission branched out from its founding unit, to create an entity in itself. Unique in its own right, the commission is the largest one in the southern states. It is the only one in Louisiana that executes events as large as the Fall Conference. Each year, the Commission provides scholarships and donations, to deserving women. Along with financial assistance, they pride themselves on developing the

largest conference of its kind in the south. The Fall Conference is a place of refuge for the women in the community. Accordingly, there is no hiding the fact that most women rarely ever take a break and treat themselves to something nice. With the responsibilities of family, chores and careers, there is literally not enough hours in a day for moms to take care of everything on the to do list. Because the Women’s Commission cares about issues, as such, they make the Fall Conference relaxing, entertaining and eventful. There, women in the community are given a chance to let their hair down, leave the responsibilities at home and come enjoy the company of their sisterhood. This year the Women’s Commission is proud to feature Leigh Anne Tuohy as the Key Note Speaker. It is sure to be beyond inspirational. It will be life changing for all those in attendance. Accordingly, it is events, such as these, that add to the value, appeal and strength of the Lake Area community.

The citizens of Southwest Louisiana can be proud of many things. From the casinos, beaches, downtown area and all of the exciting events throughout the year, the Lake Area has a plethora of opportunities for tourists and citizens alike. As members of this thriving community, we all know that tourist attractions and big events do not comprise the totality of our community. It is the people within it that make Southwest Louisiana the place that it is.

We are taking the opportunity this month to celebrate a few women who are extremely influential and some business women who are the face of the Lake Area’s best businesses. We like to refer to these women as the Lake Area’s Leading Ladies, due to the overwhelming impact they have on our community. These ladies impressively represent the Lake Area with pride, poise and promise.


Janie Fruge Janie Fruge, Chief Executive Officer of West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital, is committed to and passionate about quality healthcare. She has taken much pride in her chance to lead West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital into this momentous healthcare reform. With her expertise and experience in the medical field, Janie answers a few questions concerning the effects that The Affordable Healthcare Act will have on the Hospital, within the next few years.

Jennie Finch

by Paige Francis

Jennie Lynn Finch, a Sulphur resident is a softball legend, who followed her passion all the way to success. This California native had baseball in her blood from birth. At five years old, she was signed up for her first T-ball team, and a fire sparked inside her. From that point forward, she was desperate to succeed in the sport. Her competitive nature and natural athletic ability caused her to become the star player on every softball team she joined. After many All Star


Mrs. Fruge, how are you gearing up for the explosive expansion planned for Calcasieu Parish in 2014 and beyond? Through its many expansion projects over the past few years, in addition to significant investments in infrastructure and equipment, West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital feels very well positioned to handle the anticipated demand that these new projects will bring. While we feel that many of the individuals that will come to this area will utilize mostly outpatient services, as they will likely be young and healthy, we have created a Fast Track system in our Emergency Department in order to increase throughput and lessen wait times. To further prepare for these potential patients, we are actively recruiting additional family medicine physicians and specialists to this area. The needs are anticipated to be significant, which is why we’ve coordinated a new approach to family medical care with our 14 family medicine physicians. In what we call a Virtual Family Medical Home, patients can visit any one of our family medicine physicians

games, big championships and multiple performance awards, Jennie took her softball career to the University of Arizona. There she adjusted her game and continued to rise to the top. In 2004, her team won the gold for Softball in the Olympic Games, bringing her success to a peak. She has since solidified her reputation as one of the world’s most talented Softball players. Now she spends her time coaching and investing energy in community outreach. Her and her husband are voices for the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team and decided to bring the team to Southwest Louisiana, in 2012. Because of their efforts, awareness has been raised for these Freedom Fighters and our community has been inspired. In the summer of 2014, they plan on bringing the WWAST back to the Lake Area. All in all, Jennie’s passion is an example to all to chase your dreams and when you have been given much, then you must do all you can to give back to the ones who are deserve to be blessed.

as part of a program that allows for the quality of care provided to be improved, while reducing cost. One of the first to recognize the benefits of this specialized program is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, the first to work with us on realizing the benefits of this program. Mrs. Fruge, many physicians today say that the medical field has changed drastically and that it is being run by insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies? What are your thoughts? At West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital, our facility is led by a physician team that monitors the quality of care and the services provided by our facility. This team has been responsible for helping us receive numerous honors over the past year, including two Grade A awards from the Leapfrog Group for hospital safety, and one recognition from Blue Cross and Blue Shield naming West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital as a Blue Distinction Center for Knee and Hip Replacement. The Blue Distinction honor recognized our hospital for our expertise and efficiency in delivering specialty care.

Leslie Harless

by Paige Francis

Leslie Harless, Vice President and Marketing Director of First Federal Bank of Louisiana, is a wise woman whose wisdom gives birth to inspiration in our community. Leslie is a dedicated member of the Lake Area who believes that giving back to the community is extremely import-

There have been drastic changes to healthcare and there will continue to be; however, the healthcare field in general will not be run by pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies. The vast majority of patients are covered by Medicare and unfortunately there are many constraints placed on providers that must be met for them to receive reimbursement for the services they provide. With regard to how insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are involved, both are vital in the provision of care. Many providers are excited about recent legislation that limits the amount of money that can be kept by insurance companies, allowing for some of those funds to shift back to the provider. Over the years, pharmaceutical companies have made many positive contributions to the healthcare industry, as they are continually looking for ways to provide patients with the best available drugs for the treatment of their condition(s). With safety as our number one priority, we charge our physician led team to review pharmaceuticals and review decisions as to what drugs are allowed in our formulary (drugs that may be dispensed in the hospital).

ant. She carries those ideas into her professional life. As a leader at First Federal Bank, she explains the ideas on the community involvement of the bank by saying, “The bank focuses on ways they can become more involved month after month. After all, …. We are local!” Leslie makes sure that First Federal stays actively involved in community affairs. Along with her professional involvement in the community, Leslie has words of wisdom for the members of the younger generation, looking to bring positive change to the area. She explains, “Change is a product of vision. With a clear vision, comes clear goals and great planning.” She goes on to say, “My advice is to, first, discover your talents, then find a way to invest those talents.” It is clear that Leslie has a vision, wisdom and the talent to inspire the Lake Area.

Faye Blackwell by Paige Francis

Faye Brown- Blackwell is the owner and General Manager of KZWA-104.9 FM. KZWA-104.9 is one of Southwest Louisiana’s finest radio broadcast stations, which airs not only in the Lake Area, but also in Southeast Texas. The station focuses on staying plugged into the community, and Faye credits the success of the station on the fact that the affairs of the community are always number one. Accordingly, Faye’s early experience

Kerry Andersen

by Paige Francis

Kerry Andersen is the Corporate Director of Media Relations & Public Affairs for Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc, the parent company of L’Auberge. She explains herself as being “Type A all the way!”, and she has no complaints about that. Being driven, organized, and passionate and a great time manager, Kerry is the poster woman for influential women. If you meet her you know that she means business and she can take care of her share of work with little effort. She might just handle your end as well, if you cannot keep up. She will “get it done”. Accordingly, she

as a school teacher taught her many lessons that she utilizes in her work as the General Manager for KZWA. She explains that, because planning was engraved into every facet of teaching, she transferred the art to the running of the station. Her focus on planning, logging as it’s called in the broadcast business, has been a major asset in her industry. Along with her ability to plan and prepare for success, Faye has maintained her success by giving respect to all of her associates and business partners. She is adamant about valuing each person’s individuality, which has created an enjoyable work environment for all those associated with her station. Faye encourages all young people to utilize their time doing something they love. She believes in the younger generation and hopes for the youth to get involved with the community early. Faye’s influence is widespread and her hope in the future generation is immediate. If we could all believe as she does, we could be successful in all of our undertakings. explains her business philosophy by saying, “I adhere to three simple principles and ask the same of those who work for and with me: a passion for what you do, attention to detail and a sense of urgency at all times.” She considers challenges to be opportunities and is desperate to learn anything and everything. She credits her success to her curiosity and her willingness to gain a deeper understanding of every aspect of her industry. Accordingly, for young women who aspire to be successful, she says, “Opportunity is all around you, but no one is going to deliver it to you; you have to reach out and grab it. Secondly, I cannot stress the value of networking. Make meaningful connections with others. This will open you up to new opportunities for growth that you would have never expected.” Living by a philosophy of passion and excellence, Kerry sets the standard for aspiring professionals. She knows what she is doing and has done it very well. It is in the best interest of ambitious women to take note of this professional powerhouse and take head to her wise guidance.

Barrett Consulting, APC 1180 McNeese St., Ste. A3 • 337-855-0032 Lake Charles •

Barrett Consulting, APC is a Certified Public Accounting firm that offers all phases of accounting and tax services, as well as business consulting, litigation support and business planning. We service businesses and individuals and strive for perfection through quality products and satisfied customers. Barrett Consulting recently relocated from Moss Bluff to 1180 East McNeese Street. Barrett Consulting was created in early 2008 by Tina Demarest Barrett, CPA. Our team members include Donna Arabie, CPA; Michelle Guillotte, accountant; Vick Awan, accountant; Lynda Bickford, bookkeeper; Marie LeDoux, bookkeeper; Sherry Wills, bookkeeper; and Rebekah LeJeune, administrative assistant. “I started my own business because I felt passionate about my ability to serve clients and help them grow their businesses. I desired professional relationships that went beyond

financial success,” says Barrett. “Our business focuses on partnering with our clients in growing their business and solving their problems in the most efficient and effective manner. Our client’s success translates to our success.” Barrett Consulting offers personal service that sets them apart from their competitors, and they take pride in their concern for clients. “I want every client to feel special, because they are,” Barrett said. “Our clients trust that we have their best interest at heart and that lightens their load during otherwise difficult times.” Barrett believes that what makes a businessperson successful is how they respond to challenges. “In life, we all get challenged. In business, we face many challenges. It’s a person’s ability to be self-driven and adaptive as well as their ability to recognize opportunities that arise from challenges that contributes to success.” Barrett Consulting’s motto is “Together, we succeed” and it’s a philosophy they take seriously!

Each Office Independently Owned & Operated Licensed By LA Real Estate Commission

Relocating to Lake Charles? Selling your house? Trying to find some good commercial space? Whatever your needs, Derenda Grubb is there to help. In the real estate business since 1998, she hit the ground running when she was awarded both the SWLA Rookie of the Year Award and the CENTURY 21Bessette Realty, Inc. Rookie of the Year Award in 1998, where she started her career, and Southwest Louisiana REALTOR® of the Year in 2008. Since then, she’s become one of the most accomplished Realtors® in the state. In 2011, she was recognized for her years of excellence by being installed as the president of Louisiana Realtors® 2011. As president, Grubb and the Realtors® Association worked across the state all that year to educate state legislators and the public on the benefits of a legislative amendment, which became known as Amendment #1 on the Nov. 19, 2011

ballot. ey garnished all legislative backing and over 80 percent of Louisiana voters to keep Louisiana’s real estate, land, and commercial property transfer tax-free. Now and in the future, there will be no double taxation in Louisiana on property. “Every citizen should understand they are using the service of a Realtor® whether they ever call one or not,” she said. “We are there, protecting their property rights and watching out for them and their tax dollars every day.” In September 2011, Grubb moved her license to CENTURY 21 Mike D Bono & Co. She is currently revamping her website and preparing for all the exciting changes. Whether you are buying or selling, call Derenda Grubb, relocation specialist, today! As always, all of her actions are taken to improve service for her clients. Derenda Grubb Office: (337) 478-1578 Cell: (337) 842-2696


3518 Ryan St. Lake Charles (337) 477-1804 2712 Hodges Street Lake Charles, La • 337-439-7693

Owner Donna Mier has been an independent business woman for 31 years. Since 1982, Donna has been explaining how 85% of women wear the wrong size bra. The staff at Donna’s has many years of experience and are the most knowledgeable fitters in the area. They specialize in hard to fit sizes A-N cups. Donna and her staff can solve most any bra fitting problems including straps that fall, backbands that ride up, and chaffing or rash under the breast. All of these are indications of an improper fit or support. Donna’s not only fits women in supportive everyday bras but also fits

Need to find a gi for a loved one, friend or business acquaintance? One visit to e Perfect Gi is all it takes.

nursing bras, mastectomy bras and bras for women who have had breast augmentation, breast reduction or lumpectomy. Donna’s Lingerie and Swimwear carries one of the largest selection and variety of swimwear ranging from Jr., Misses & Women sizes. Donna is a Board-Certified Fitter. Having recently received her accreditation approval, Donna files with Medicare and insurance. She is also pleased to offer the latest trends in postmastectomy products as well as wigs, turbans, and hats for chemotherapy patients. Donna retains a large customer base by listening to her customers and working diligently to meet their needs.

When Carol Henry opened e Perfect Gi in February of 2000, it was with customer service in mind. “I bought the business because I love being around people and helping them,” she said. She enjoys finding the perfect gi for all occasions and offers personal, friendly service combined with affordable prices. You’ll find fashionable apparel at moderate prices as well as jewelry, purses and scarves that will help you complete your look. Looking for a gi? ey stock pewter, candles, Fleur de Lis items, cookbooks,

cheese ball dips, mixes and a whole lot more! And, customers receive free giwrapping on all purchases. Shoppers experience a fun, friendly and comfortable atmosphere every time they enter the store. “ I want my customers to feel important,” Carol says. “I believe in treating the customer the way I would want to be treated.” As a member of the Women’s Commission of Southwest Louisiana and the local BBB and Chamber of Commerce, Carol understands the importance of female business owners. “I know the significant role that women fulfill in today’s business world and I believe in giving back to the community.”

Elite Janitorial Services

Prompt • Reliable • Cost-Effective

Sheron Faulk is the owner of Ship to Shore, a unique maritime store centered in the heart of Lake Charles, La. Sincere, honest, inviting and genuine, Faulk is all too deserving of the success she has achieved. Twenty six years ago, Faulk, then a single mother of two, was desperate to make a living for her family. With a small lump sum of money, she invested in a large volume of maritime safety equipment and began selling her purchases to commercial businesses. Seven years after her initial investment, she had accumulated enough resources to expand her business and begin retailing maritime equipment and accessories. With her very sensible, simple and wise approach to business, she was able to quickly succeed in all of her endeavors. She is the type of woman that takes pride in all that she does and does it with excellence. She nurtures her customers and breathes life into her business. She will be the first PAGE 8

one to greet you at the door, with a smile on her face; yet, after hours, she is behind the scenes putting the work in to keep the Ship sailing. Accordingly, Faulk, principled and resilient, credits her success to “Doing the right thing and being financially responsible.” It is that honorable approach to life that has pushed her forward in spite of all obstacles. It is her integrity, stability and strength that has given her a peace of mind knowing that she has made it. Petite, principled and pristinely professional, Faulk has all too deservedly reached her goals and achieved the highest form of success – satisfaction. 4313 Lake St. • Lake Charles 337-474-0730

Elite Janitorial Services is #1 in the lake area for commercial cleaning! We are setting the benchmark in the lake area for quality and value. With our extensive cleaning experience coupled with a strong customer service orientation and our belief in a carefully structured management approach, our customers are ensured of having the confidence of a partnership that will meet their cleaning needs now and in the future.

If you are in the market for commercial cleaning services, contact Melissa at Elite Janitorial Services for a free estimate. Check them out today!

(337) 884-2518

“The key to the successful partnerships with our customers is our dedicated staff of cleaning technicians and managers” said Melissa Hamilton, Owner/CEO. Elite Janitorial Services employees are assigned to specific locations providing their customers with consistent, quality service ensuring “professional” results. “I am very proud to say we have a very low employee turnover rate which I feel is why our customers have contracted with our company for years”. PAGE 9

Gaston Financial Consulting What does Gaston Financial Consulting offer? Cheri R. Gaston

The consulting process is intended to help you focus on your financial status in order to create a visionary reality. Whether you want a complete financial plan or just to purchase known needed products or services, it’s all about your choices and helping you!

What’s important to you? What are you trying to accomplish?

On Medicare now? (or soon will be?) October 15 through December 7 is Medicare season and we will have plans that will help to save them hundreds and thousands of dollars.

About to retire? (or have you already?)

We’ll go over all the insurance and investments that you currently have to see if there are any adjustments that can be made to help you get more value for your dollar.We’ll review your investment profile, determine your risk tolerance, protect and prepare for your future as well as those who mean the most to you!

Life Insurance • Long-Term Care Insurance Health • Medicare Supplements • Disability Investments • Retirement Planning Financial & Estate Planning 401k Rollovers • IRAs • ROTHs

Member SIPC


“Helping People Plan Today for a Better Tomorrow”


3416 Creole Street Lake Charles, La.


Katherine Vidrine, owner of Steamboat Bill’s, is an energetic woman looking to make things happen. Moving from Chicago, Il 28 years ago, Vidrine brought with her the street smarts, grit, determination and strength of a nation, rolled into a pint sized woman with the energy of a Viking. Her journey began in Leesville, La with the idea of becoming a shrimp peddler, in order to make due. Unknowingly, she had found her niche and was on the road to success. With a generous heart and kind spirit, Vidrine would sell and give her shrimp supply to her loyal customers, on a daily basis. Though some would deem this bad business sense, she was never without profit at the day’s end. Vidrine often expresses, “God will guide you in giving, and supply you with what you need later.” As trials and obstacles plagued her continuously, she maintained her perky attitude and optimistic spirit. “Only you can stop yourself”, she says. From Leesville to Lake

Nina P’s Café Nina P’s Café is a family owned and operated business. We have been serving Southwest Louisiana since 2000. Paulina Siebarth and her daughter Fallon Witherwax are always there to great you with a smile and warm welcome to make you feel like family. We strive to serve only the freshest ingredients. We have our produce and meats delivered daily to offer you only the best quality. We get here early and stay late to make sure everything we have is homemade and made to perfection. From our gumbos, soups, gravy’s and salad dressings to our ground meat for our burgers everything is prepared fresh daily by real southern mommas who know what real home cookin’ is! Our unique atmosphere will make you feel like you’ve just stepped into the French Quarter! We like to think of

Charles, the journey was difficult in every sense of the word, but with those difficulties sprang an unquenchable thirst to overcome. It is now 28 years later, and Steamboat Bill’s has a reputation that spans the nation. When asking her how she planned her success, she states, “I never planned anything. I walked through every door God opened, I did what was right, and I nurtured the things He blessed me with.” Fathomed by her answer, I respond “Well are there any open doors in your future?” She, then, states, “I cannot say, but I feel like I have made it 100 times over.” With such optimism and gratefulness in life, Vidrine is truly an inspiration. Humble, gracious, kind and encouraging, she is unquestionably one of the Lake Area’s finest.

1004 N. Lakeshore Dr. Lake Charles, La 70601 • 337-494-1070

1600 West McNeese


ourselves as a little taste of New Orleans right here in Lake Charles. From our New Orleans style poboys, Paulina’s famous Gumbo, our amazing Beignets and chocolate croissants, to our Live Jazz music during our brunch, we are just what you need to have a little get away without the trouble of leaving our fantastic city! By popular demand we have extended our hours to better serve our amazing customers. When you walk through the doors we will make you feel like family. When you leave, we know you’ll be back! From Mommas kitchen to your mouth, we’ll keep you coming back for more! We Love Southwest Louisiana! Thank you for years of patronage. It’s our promise that we will strive to do all we can to ensure you keep coming back for years to come!

We also have live music Wednesday and Thursday night from 6-9 p.m. NEW EXTENDED HOURS Monday-Friday 11am-9pm. Saturday Jazz Brunch with live music11am-5pm. PAGE 10

Cell: 337-302-7994

Nikki Bourque Pruitt Licensed by the Louisiana Real Estate Commision

Tiffany Bourque Ashley was born and raised in Lake Charles. She attended McNeese State University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and had the honor of being selected the 2004 Homecoming Queen. While at McNeese State University, she was inducted into several honors fraternities in addition to serving as President of the Pre-law and Politics Society and the Public Relations Student Society of America. Throughout her college years, Tiffany worked alongside her family at Ms. Pat’s Pub & Deli and Nina-P’s Café.

of the Louisiana State Bar Association Mock Trial Competition. Tiffany served as Vice President of the LSU Trial Advocacy Board and was inducted into the Wex Malone Inns of Court in her third year at LSU Law School. Tiffany also studied international law at Universite Jean Moulin in Lyon, France.

Tiffany is a partner in Standard Title , a full service title company, located in the heart of downtown Lake Charles. Tiffany also maintains a law practice focusing on real estate law, business law, sucAfter attending McNeese, Tiffa- cessions, donations and general ny attended law school at Loui- litigation. siana State University where she earned her Juris Doctor degree Tiffany married her husband, and a Bachelor of Civil Law de- Brandon Ashley, in 2010 and they gree. While attending LSU Law are very proud parents of their School, Tiffany also received the daughter, Elle, who is one year C.A.L.I. award for the highest old and their dog, Binky, who is grade in Comparative Interna- two years old. Born and raised tional Law. Tiffany was selected in Lake Charles, Tiffany experito be a member of several tri- enced first-hand the importance al and moot court competition of family, friends and community teams and represented LSU Law and she and Brandon are proud School in competitions across the to call Lake Charles home to their United States. In her last year at family. LSU Law School, her team was recognized as State Champions

830 Moss Street • Lake Charles, LA 337-564-6977

One of the top producers in Southwest Louisiana! Nikki Pruitt has served Southwest Louisiana in the Real estate market for over three years now and she views it as the career path she was meant to follow and her passion. Nikki is an honor Graduate from McNeese State University and has a degree in Marketing. She spent her college years working alongside her mother and sisters at Nina P’s Café and gained experience and relationships that have followed her through her career. Nikki entered the real estate market when times were very tough and even Realtors with years of experience were leaving the market. She knew that Real Estate was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life and made a commitment to work hard and stick it out when times are good and bad. She became known for her analytical approach to the market, creative marketing, and outgoing personality with both buyers and sellers. Nikki quickly became one of Southwest Louisiana’s top producers even in a tough market and is now one of the top 20 Keller Williams agents in the entire region and Keller William Lake Charles’s Top Producer. Innovative marketing and creative design got Nikki Recognized by TLC’s Nationally Televised program “ My First home.” She was so thankful and appreciative to have the camera’s come to Lake Charles, Louisiana and film a wonderful program portraying all wonderful and positive aspects of our beautiful city. Nikki shares her life and experiences with her husband and three little boys. She is proud to be a working mom and involves her family in every aspect of her career. Clients even joke that she is always available, but at times may show up with a little boy on her hip! Nikki is born and raised right here in Southwest Louisiana and this is where she plans to stay for the rest of her life. She is passionate about her family, her friends, her community, and puts her entire heart and soul into every buyer and seller she works with.

825 Ryan St. • Lake Charles Cell 337-302-7994 • Office 337 433-1171 PAGE 11

Owner of Special Touch Therapeutic Massage and successful promoter in the Limu Co., Joy Clement Derise has come a long way over the past 19 years. After obtaining her license to massage, Derise began Special Touch. The first location was in a small room in the back of a nail salon. It was a quaint start, but it was perfect for her at the time. Accordingly, in the 90’s, the stigma for Massage parlors was not reputable, thereby, making it difficult for Derise. Despite those odds, she developed strong relationships with her clients and delivered excellent service. She nurtured the clients she had, and the word began to spread. “Our clients have always been like family”, she states. Because of that friendliness, Special Touch grew quickly. Only a few years after the first expansions, Derise had the reputation,

2525 20th St • Lake Charles Ms Mona, as she is known by many, fell prey to budget cuts and found herself unemployed. Never one to sit and mope over circumstances beyond her control, she used much prayer and re-invented herself. With the help of her biggest fan, her loving and caring husband Eric, she set out to chart new horizons. “Lisa is one of the most gorgeous tomboys that you’ve ever laid eyes on,” Eric said. Mona Lisa took exercise classes, became an NETA Certified Fitness Instructor and Zydeco Fitness was born! “It’s a new concept to a total fitness workout, enhancing the mind, body & soul, moving to the sounds of various artists of spicy Zydeco music from SWLA & SE Texas with my own choreography,” said Mona Lisa. “I saw a need to combine fitness with our Cajun culture of spicy foods & music. What

started out as a hobby is now a fitness ministry where I am helping others make new friends, get fit and live a healthy lifestyle.” Classes are held at Ward 3 Recreation at 3200 Power Centre Dr. and the Enos Derbonne Sports Complex at 7903 Lake St. in Lake Charles, where a strong support group of individuals are reaching their ultimate fitness goals. Debbie Broussard says” I’ve been coming for three years and have lost inches and lowered my cholesterol”. Paula Gallien says, “I love Zydeco music and this is all part of our culture.” Debra Moore has been with Ms. Mona since the beginning and had just come from her doctor’s visit saying, “My blood pressure & weight were both good”. Because of all the enthusiasm and excitement, the first ever Zydeco Fitness DVD was produced featuring, Ms. Mona Lisa. -Written by Eric Doshier

Cindy Shackelford is the owner of New Moon Golf, Inc., a cutting-edge golf store and driving range located on Gerstner Memorial near E. Mcneese. As a woman in an industry dominated by men, Shackelford has conquered all stigmas and solidified her place in the world of the hard hitters and business experts. When opening New Moon 12 years ago, she was consumed with uncertainties. Determined to prove herself, Shackelford pushed past all of her own reservations and embarked on her drive through the rough. For months on end, her time was spent studying the ins and outs of the golf world and the industry’s retailing options. She was unwilling to be lacking in any area of the business, especially in the information she could provide to her customers. This persistence paid off, and now Shackelford can hang with the best, discussing pro gear, driving stance, length and lie. Opening this business has proven to be a stiff shot to the hole. Her knowledge of the game is not the

only thing that has given her success. Shackelford ‘s outgoing, friendly and kind personality makes for an inviting atmosphere and draws her customers in. “I have never met a stranger” she expresses. Accordingly, her love for people and her love for golf are what make her and her business so unique. Shackelford takes pride in the professionalism of her crew and herself as well. With a reputation for excellence, she made it a necessity for her customers to be able to find refuge in her shop and at her range. She offers PGA professional training, lighted ranges and covered bays. Golfers need not go any further to find what they need to perfect their game. All in all, she is a business woman that deserves the respect of the lot. She has overcome stigmas, pushed past all obstacles and solidified her store as a haven for the golfing guru. Shackelford is the quintessential hard hitting woman that you cannot help but love. She is a business woman who the Lake Area can be proud of.


4200 Gerstner Memorial Hwy 14 Lake Charles • 387-480-0700

Lasting Look Tina Blanchard, owner of The Lasting Look, is a southern sweetie with a heart of gold. In 1994 , Blanchard opened her permanent cosmetic spa, and began providing many Lake Area residents with quality cosmetic enhancement. Blanchard’s love for art and her servant’s heart, made the best combination in her profession. Because of her desperation to serve and her unequivocal artistic ability, she quickly realized that being a cosmetologist, specializing in permanent procedures, was her calling. Along with her artistic ability and selflessness, Blanchard credits her strong Christian values and God’s guidance to the success she has reached. Her goals are to deliver the best service, set the best atmosphere and the best example for her clients. She has done nothing less. When you meet her, there is no question that she genuinely cares about who you and what you need. She is personable and friendly, making it easy to put your trust in her. That trustworthy character is truly what has added such worth to the work she performs, on top of the exceptional quality she delivers.

When asking Blanchard what has been her motivation over the years, she states, “I want to serve.” She goes on to say, “I want to help people. Breast cancer survivors, accident victims, women who never put themselves first- these are the people I love to service. After their procedures, when they look in the mirror, they are not the only ones smiling. I am as well. It is beyond satisfying to know that I changed someone’s life by making them content with their own appearance.” With those words, you can understand why the Lake Area has supported this amazing woman. There is a deep, sincere love that Blanchard possesses, which makes her not only an exceptional cosmetologist, but also an inspirational business woman. 4346 Lake St. • Lake Charles 337-477-8411

clientele and resources to expand once more. When asking Derise how she maintains a thriving massage parlor, she explains, “My entire staff and I take continuing education classes all year long. We are dedicated to implementing new techniques, and keeping our clientele happy with our service.” She also gives credit to her wonderful staff members for caring about her business as much as she does. All in all, Derise put the work, time and care into building the business that now takes care of her. “It’s like a dream.” Derise explains, and that dream has blessed her more than she could have ever expected.

SWLA Women’s Business Network: They Can Do It! The Southwest Louisiana Women’s Business Network (WBN), a program of the Chamber SWLA, premiered in April 2010 with more than 120 regional business women in attendance and it hasn’t slowed down since! WBN recognizes the efforts and accomplishments of women in business throughout SW Louisiana. They offer networking and professional development opportunities through workshops and lectures on topics such as marketing and mentoring. While there are other regional organizations devoted to the needs, challenges and joys of being a woman in today’s society, WBN is the only organization focused primarily on a woman’s role in the workforce and establishing business connections.

Call Amanda White at 337-433-3632 for information on the November awards nominations and luncheon or for general information on WBN. 4310 Ryan Street (Inside the SEED Center) Lake Charles 337-433-3632

1737 W Sale Rd Lake Charles, La 70605

The SWLA Women’s Business Network will host its 4th annual Women’s Business Leaders Awards Luncheon on November 19, 2013 at L’Auberge Casino Resort from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. Successful businesswomen from SWLA will be honored based on nominations from fellow business leaders.

Experience the Difference at... Full Service Hair & Make-Up

an J'nae, Courtney L., Br Back Row L-R: Liz ,

ey R. n, Amy, Kim, Courtn An h ig Le t on Fr • w: Tasha, Hope di, Ron • Middle Ro

"And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith." Matthew 21:22

109 W. LaGrange, Lake Charles, La • (337) 477-6868 • PAGE 13

Ten Minutes with Mo Isom Mo Isom recently visited Lake Charles to speak to over one thousand area high school students at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ “Night of Champions” to kick off the new school year. Our Editor Scott Blanchard was able to steal ten minutes of Ms. Isom’s time for a heartfelt, candid interview with the amazingly talented former LSU goalie, and public speaker who once tried out for the LSU Tigers football team as a kicker. You can find more on Mo’s powerful testimony at www.

ing career has only been the past year and a half. I find great pleasure in both just in very different ways. My athletic career was such a blessing, and we had an unbelievable season, but I love where I am now, and my growth through athletics has prepared me for what I am doing now.”

What do you feel is the guiding factor to do public speaking the way you do now?- Negatives and positives “The Guiding factor has just been God’s relentless grace, and his relentless pursuit of my heart. There were seasons of life where I was completely oblivious, and then another season of life where I was aware but the world was more appealing. And then he finally led me into a season of life where he was my only option. Everything was stripped away and in that period of brokenness is where we usually find him.”

What one piece of advice would you give to a person going through personal tragedy as you did with your father’s suicide?

by Scott Blanchard

started training there was a need for kickers, a year and a half later we had eight kickers starting out so the numbers weren’t in my favor. We had an awesome starter that was going to do incredible things. Was the skill level there? Absolutely, but I don’t believe in glass ceilings, but when you’re trying to break into gender barriers there

“My boyfriend now is incredible and supportive. He prepares me, and he knows that what I am doing now is to advance God’s kingdom. Sometimes spending quality time is just sitting with me when I have to get things done. He also keeps me accountable. He isn’t going to allow me to speak one way and behind the scenes live differently, he keeps us both accountable in that way and he does a great job with that.”

Lake Charles is gearing up for the Women’s Commission Conference in October and Leigh Anne Tuohy is the speaker this year. Is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes your main speaking engagements or if asked, would you possibly inevitably was going to have to be a speak to the Women’s Commission perfect storm of circumstances hap- in the future? pen and that just didn’t work out in “FCA has a great balance of speakmy favor.” ing engagements, and it’s a majority of speaking engagements but not my Do you feel trying out for the exclusive speaking platform. If Lake Tigers football team lifted you into Charles would want me to come a national celebrity type that allows back, possibly to the Women’s Commission Conference I would love that you to now do what you do now? opportunity.” “The publicity that came with the tryout was never my intention. God called me to a pursuit of that goal, and I had a vision for that. Looking back on it I never actually saw the vision of suiting up and kicking in Tiger stadium. But he called me to the journey. Knowing what the outcome would be would I have had the courage to still pursue it? The answer is probably not. It was a lot of work! But It build in me tremendous character and it built my heart and will power in ways I had never known before.”

“My advice for anyone going through tragedy is to continually seek Christ through it. We are promised in scripture that we will face adversity, but we are also promised that he has What lasting impression would you overcome the world. The peace that passes all understanding, no matter hope to be remembered for? what you’re going through, remem“It is my heart to see young women ber what is constant, and continue to powerfully rise up. It is my heart to pursue that.” see character of women and men restored. I hope people look back and Have you ever experienced a “glass see that my life was lived by the Good ceiling” of sorts that women someBook, and my character was steady.” times describe with their careers. In your speaking career or at LSU, How would you compare your possibly with the football team athletic career and successes to tryout? your new speaking career? ”I haven’t faced any limitations in “It’s hard to compare my athletic ca- my speaking career yet, but I am all reer to my speaking career because about breaking through glass ceilings. my athletic career has been the vast When it comes to the football try- What aspects of your “signifimajority of my life where my speak- out, it was a timing in it all. When I cant other” do you feel are most PAGE 14

important in maintaining a strong and healthy relationship while you pursue your new career?

Scott Blanchard and daughter Adison with Mo Isom

Rebekah Osborn, co-owner of 505 Imports, is a woman on a mission. This Baton Rouge native grew up with a desire to be an entrepreneur, and with that desire she has created one of the finest import furniture shops in the United States. Once she graduated from college, Rebekah climbed the corporate latter quickly, working in a prestigious position. After many promotions, she realized her passion for her position was not there. She decided, then, to develop a business plan and see what she could make of it. Being so acclimated to the wide variety of shopping options in Baton Rouge, Osborn was well aware that Lake Charles was lacking in fine shopping varieties. In February 2005, Osborn and her mother settled on the idea to bring fine, handcrafted import furniture to the Lake Area. Driven and resolute to make it happen, Osborn did not give up even after being rejected from five separate lenders. Finally, one saw the drive in this determined woman and took a chance with her. Three months later 505 Imports was born. Now 8 years in, Rebekah

has created three thriving companies, one of which manufactures, produces, and supplies the furniture to 505 brand stores, as well as many other stores across the U.S. When asking Osborn, “Have you made it?” she replies, “I’m not there yet”. She’s unwavering in her ambition to accomplish all that she is capable of. Her business sense is impeccable and work ethic unstoppable. With all that said, she gives herself little credit in the success she has achieved. “My staff is my asset and my mother is my anchor.” Osborn expresses. So humble and gentle, yet so strong and passionate, she truly is an example for any woman with a dream to create something better for herself. She is the epitome of a working woman. With an infant on her hip, her mother by her side, the finest purse hanging perfectly on her shoulder, a supporting husband holding the door wide open, and not one hair out of place, she looks out determined to create a legacy. 505 Imports • 1776 W Prien Lake Rd. Lake Charles, La 70601 • 337-480-6505

Gis & Grinds opened for L-R: Kelli, Payton and JoAnn business in May 2013 and is locally owned and operated by 3 generations of the original Wagon Wheel Barbecue (Brooks Gregg family). When you are craving caffeine, this is the place to go as they offer a complete line of delicious coffees and teas to suit your taste buds.

Grinds features Tyler candles along with a large selection of flavored and international coffee beans that they grind on site to your specifications. And coming soon, you will be able to enjoy their “Lite Lunch” from 11am – 2 pm. So whether you’re craving a morning cup of coffee, a lite lunch, or aernoon delight, Gis and Grinds is there for you!

Choose from espresso, lattes’, frappes, cappuccino, hot or cold teas and the list goes on and on. It’s all prepared when ordered by the knowledgeable, helpful staff. Whether you’re ordering coffee and pastry or selecting a gi for yourself or someone else, the service you’ll receive while you’re in the shop is amazing! e gis? ey’re trendy, unique, and selected with all ages in mind. Gis and

Ask about their pastry trays for meetings, bereavement trays, and gi baskets. GIFTS & GRINDS IS LOCATED IN THE COUNTRY CLUB PLAZA ON THE CORNER OF NELSON RD. AND W. MCNEESE.

4447 Nelson Rd

Next door to Pizza Hut

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An oasis away from the hustle and bustle of your day.


The Women of

Taylor Finchum, Financial Advisor

Edward Jones Vickie Wicks, Financial Advisor Vickie is married to Michael Wicks of Lake Charles, and they have one son Michael Donovan Wicks who attends McNeese State University. She started in the financial services industry in 1991 as an investment representative for a local bank (formerly Premier Bank). She opened her Edward Jones Branch in June of 1995. In 1998 she became a limited partner with Edward Jones and in 2001 the Regional Leader for SWLA and SE Texas financial advisors. Growth has transformed Edward jones from a regional firm of only 304 offices in 1980 to a national and global presence. Currently her region

has 68 financial advisors, and they plan to continue growing their financial advisors as the population grows in these areas. In 2006 Wicks was named General Partner. She is currently on the Cabinet for the SWLA United Way, serving as Chairman 2007-2008 and also a member of the Better Business Bureau. She has been a Rotarian for 17 years with the Greater Lake Charles Rotary Club and served as its president in 2001. Vickie is a McNeese State University graduate with a BA in Liberal Arts and holds the AAMS designation. She is a member of Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Church. Vickie has been quoted in the book, “The Girls’ Guide to Power to Success,” written by Susan

Alicia Thibodeaux, Senior Branch Office Administrator

Alicia has been with our office and Edward Jones for 15 years. She is married to Gregory Thibodeaux, and they have two children, Gabriel and Amelia. She has a BS degree from LSU in Social Work and is originally from Crowley, LA. Se has served on the Allocation & Review Committee for the SWLA United Way. She has been a key to customer service with her knowledge and expertise in the financial services industry and is a limited owner.

4315 Lake Street #1 • Lake Charles, LA • 477-2356

Paula Winzer, Financial Advisior

Our Edward Jones branch team helps you “Make Sense of Investing.” We believe it’s important to invest our time to understand your financial goals before you invest your money. Key to this is getting to know you one-on-one to help determine the most appropriate financial strategies

for you and your family. Edward Jones is one of the only firms to serve individual investors exclusively. Paula Winzer, Financial Advisor, began her career with Edward Jones in 1986 as a Branch Office Administrator in Silsbee, TX. Subsequently to getting her securities and insurance licenses in 2006, she traveled for the firm to branches around the U.S. as a Transitional Advisor. In September, 2011, she assumed the advisor


position for the branch at 4999 S. Common St. in Lake Charles, LA, one of more than 11,000 branches located in all 50 states and Canada. She has been recognized for numerous achievements through the years. Paula became a Limited Partner in 2006, an opportunity available to the firm’s associates because Edward Jones is a partnership and not a publicly traded company. A native of Crowley, LA, Paula graduated rom LSU with a B.S. degree (business minor) and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the academic honors society. Her children are son Eric Wayne Winzer who recently married Kristin King and daughter Lori Nicole Winzer all of whom reside in Lumberton, TX. In prior years with Edward Jones, Paula was active in the local Woman’s Club and served two terms as president, was on the board of the Performing and Visual Arts Council, and was a board member of the local Chamber of Commerce. Since coming to the Lake Charles community, she is now a member of the Newcomers Club and the Krewe de la Louisiane.

Taylor Finchum, born and raised in Sulphur, Louisiana is a second generation Edward Jones Advisor in the area. Finchum is a graduate of Louisiana State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a minor in Business and Northwestern University where she received her Masters of Communication. After living and working in Chicago, New Orleans and Lafayette

1906 Maplewood Drive • Sulphur, LA • 625-9167 Wilson Solovic. She is on page 15 which mentions her positive attitude philosophy and her business success in Lake Charles, LA. She can Be heard on LA 92.9 every afternoon for the market update. The Edward Jones philosophy is that service to the individual is of utmost importance. This is my passion, serving others. We provide quality, longterm investment opportunities that include a broad mix of municipal, government and corporate bonds; mutual funds; common stocks; and tax advantaged securities Our firm was founded in 1922 by Edward D. Jones, Sr.

Theresa Schmidt, Branch Office Administrator

Theresa has been with our office for 1 ½ years. She is married to Mark and they have two children, Meagan and Chelsea and three grandchildren. Originally from Oklahoma she brings over 30 years of financial experience to our office. She gives back to our community with her involvement in the March of Dimes and Cancer Society Walks each year. She is key to our customer service with her knowledge of the financial industry. I’m very proud of these ladies, and they are my partners in business. They have achieved a great deal within the Edward Jones community as well both becoming limited partners with our firm. Edward Jones is owned by its employees and is not a publicly traded company.

Sheila Gaskin, Senior Branch Office Administrator

Sheila Gaskin, is the other partner of the branch team who has been with the firm for the past 18 ½ years. Her experience and expertise are key to providing excellent client service. She was born in Arlington, VA, has resided in Lake Charles for many years and is an MSU graduate in business. Sheila is a Limited partner and her current Leadership Roles are BOA Educational Specialist and BOA Mentor. She received the 2002 BOA of the Year Award. Sheila has one daughter, Lauren Gaskin, who is a sophomore at St. Louis High School. The Edward Jones philosophy is strongly practiced in the branch: service to the individual through developing deep relationships are of utmost importance. All aspects of our business are aligned to help us better understand and meet our clients’ unique goals and needs.

4999 Common Street • Lake Charles, LA • 474-6087

she realized how much she missed the lifestyle in Southwest Louisiana and all it has to offer. Taylor’s community involvement is through her work on the Contraband Days Louisiana Pirate Festival Advisory Board and as a member of the Sulphur Rotary Club. She is working with local civic and business leaders to unite young professionals to become more active in the Sulphur community. She is grateful to be a part of the Sulphur community and looks forward to becoming more involved in the continued growth of the region.


1700 E. Prien Lake Road Lake Charles, LA 475-2747

Trina Duhon, Financial Advisor

As an Edward Jones financial advisor, I believe it’s important to invest my time to understand what you’re working toward before you invest your money. Working closely with you and your CPA, attorney and other professionals, I can help determine the most appropriate financial strategy for you and your family. I can also help with your retirement savings strategy so you have more options when you retire, regardless of what you decide to do. I attended the University of Southern Mississippi and graduated in 1994 with a Bachelors of Science in Business. Originally from Gulfport, MS, I have lived in Lake Charles since 2007. I began my career with Edward Jones in 2011 but have worked in

Brooke Pleasant, Financial Advisor

Brooke Pleasant is married to Beau Pleasant. They are both natives of Sulphur and have four children, Cameron, Jackson, Arden and Anderson. Their children attend T.S. Cooley Elementary, Episcopal Day School and St. Luke Simpson Preschool. Brooke earned her BS in psychology and minor in sociology from Louisiana State University. She continued her education at McNeese State University where she researched economic cycles and financial markets and earned her MBA in 2011. Brooke’s experience in outside sales and business development is what led her to her career with Edward Jones in July 2012. Her office is located in downtown Lake Charles.

Kayla Stark, Financial Advisor

Kayla Stark joined Edward Jones in January of 2011. She was chosen to participate in the Edward Jones apprentice program for recent college graduates. During the program, Kayla was able to shadow other financial advisors and their business. After completing the program, she began her securities training and became a licensed registered representative. Kayla has served as a Financial Advisor for Edward Jones in Lake Charles, since October 2011. She graduated from the Louisiana State University E.J. Ourso College of Business with a BS degree in Finance in December 2010. Prior to coming to work for Edward Jones, Kayla worked as an intern in the finance department directly under the Vice President of Finance for a large home health company, Amedisys. She is also an alumni of the LSU chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, a collegiate business fraternity. Kayla is from Orange, TX where she met her husband Dusty Stark. They recently got married in May of this year.

Donna Greaney, Branch Office Administrator

Donna is new to Edward Jones. She has been with Trina Duhon’s office for 11 months. Originally from Michigan, she is a U.S. Army veteran of 15 years. She has one son James and is engaged to William Francis. Bill and Donna reside in Westlake. At Edward Jones, we’re focused on you. The firm has thousands of people and advanced technology supporting our office so that we can help you reach your long-term financial goals.

the banking and investments business since 1998. I have worked for Chase Bank in Houston, TX and Sulphur, LA, First Federal Bank in Lake Charles, Bank of America in Houston, TX and Dallas, TX and Fidelity Investments in Dallas,TX. My husband, Patrick C. Duhon, and I have four children. I have been active in business and civic affairs in Lake Charles for many years. I am also a member of Zion Tabernacle Baptist Church.

Tracie David, Branch Office Administrator

Tracie David has been with Edward Jones since 2010. She is married to Greg David of Lake Charles and they have three boys, Dylan, Derek and Devin. They are members of St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church and Tracie is a volunteer coordinator with Ainsley’s Angels of Southwest Louisiana. Tracie brings over 12 years of banking and financial services experience to our office, which enables her to provide our clients with excellent customer service.

921 Ryan St. • Lake Charles, LA • 493-1085

Linda Ellis, Branch Office Administrator

Linda has been with Edward Jones for over 12 years. She was born and raised in Lake Charles and is married to Jim Ellis from DeQuincy. They have two children, Tina and Jamie and four grandchildren, three boys and one girl. Linda graduated from McNeese State University and received a BS degree in Business Administration and a minor in Accounting. She also became a limited partner with Edward Jones in 2011.

4443 Nelson Road #5 • Lake Charles, LA • 477-7985

It’s About Serving Others! PAGE 17

West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital Launches Innovative, New Program To Aid Breast Cancer Patients West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital is pleased to announce that it is the first hospital in the area to launch a specialized program focused on the treatment of breast cancer patients – the Breast Health Navigator Program. The concept is practiced in many areas throughout the country and has proven beneficial to those receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital’s program was developed in mid2012 and has quickly gained the support of many physicians in the community because of its specialized focus.

West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital Breast Health Navigator Program has many goals. “A diagnosis of any kind is life-changing,” says Jones. “One of our main goals is to be available to the patient regardless of the time of day or concern. We’re here to provide patient education and one-on-one support, and to help eliminate barriers to care.” In their role, breast health navigators ensure that all patients with suspicious findings receive timely resolution to those findings. “Nothing can be more frightening than knowing an abnormality was found during your exam, and waitAccording to Angie Jones, RN, CB- ing to find out if the abnormality PN-I, breast health navigator, the could indeed be cancerous,” says

Rhonda Ryker, BSRT (R)(M), CBPN-I, breast health navigator. “We work to streamline appointments and paperwork so that if something comes back positive, the issue is resolved promptly and the patient isn’t left waiting or wondering where to go or who to turn to next.”

Since its inception at West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital, more than 80 patients have used the program. Each patient is provided with information on programs and resources developed to assist breast cancer patients—programs like the Ethel Precht Hope Program and reBreast health navigators, usually sources like the American Cancer registered nurses or other clini- Society and the hospital’s monthly cal health professionals, educate “Pink Crusade” breast cancer suppatients, act as the single point of port group meetings. “Our procontact for the patient, and provide gram is unique in that we make support and links to community ourselves available 24/7 for each of resources. They help establish/fa- these ladies so that they will have cilitate doctor and consult appoint- the support and courage they need ments, and keep patients’ physi- to fight,” says Ryker. cians updated on their progress.

care closER to home Fast. Comprehensive. Personal.

In an emergency, every second counts. At West Calcasieu Cameron Hospital, we combine experience with technology to provide efficient, round-the-clock services for accurate patient diagnoses and treatment. Regardless of the day or hour, our ER team is ready at a moment’s notice. From shortness of breath and chest pain to broken bones and accidents, we live ER—24/7, 365.

701 Cypress Street, Sulphur


There’s Nothing Like a Mother’s Love

By Sean Hager

Dedicated to my Mom, Trena

Like most of you, I started out as an infant. I wasn’t hatched, didn’t morph from a worm, and certainly didn’t evolve from an ape. Even before the stars were placed in the sky, God knew me. He knew my parents, which country to which I would pledge allegiance, my siblings and when I’d fall in love for the first time. He certainly planned things well in advance. But back to Motherhood... It’s been said that there is no love like that of a mother. That is so true. As an infant, there was absolutely nothing I could do for myself. That meant that my mother had to do EVERYTHING for me just to keep me alive. Sure my Dad was always there, but he couldn’t birth me and he certainly couldn’t nurse me. There’s a bond that takes place between a mother and her baby that lasts a lifetime. No matter where I travel, my mother is near because she travels in my heart. No matter my age, my mother is always concerned for my wellbeing. To know the definition of unconditional love, just look into the eyes of a mother when you ask her about her kids. The eyes are the portal to the soul and if you look deeply enough, you’ll see her children right in the center of her heart.  There are many types of love as defined in the Bible. I’d go into detail, but some things will stick with you if you look them up for yourself. (One of the many lessons I’ve learned from my Mother.) I believe the deepest love next to Agape love is a mother’s love.  A mother’s love is manifested every time her child wins or loses.

When her child sheds a tear, she sheds two. She’ll stay up all night when her baby is ill knowing she’s got to be at work early in the morning. A mother cheers her child to victory on the playing field and is the one they run to for comfort when they lose. No one comforts like a mother. I write from experience. Somehow a mothers graduate to sainthood when their children hit those teenage years. They encourage and correct. They support and forbid. No matter how resistant her child becomes, she becomes stronger and steadfast and often discovers deep intense prayer. Moms are truly special. They’d give their life for their children. They sacrifice much and ask very little in return. Too often we take them for granted. Too often we forget they have feelings too. Far too often we forget to say, “I love you, Mom.” And then when they’re gone, we’ve lost our most precious relationship.  So here’s a few tips if your mom is still around. Don’t let the sun go down before calling your mom to tell her you love her. Be sure her birthday is in your calendar on your smart phone. Make it a point to bank as many hugs as you can before you no longer can. And if you miss your mother because she’s now dancing at the foot of God’s throne, wrap your fingers around your wrist and feel your heartbeat. Remember part of her runs through your veins. Your mom is always there to comfort you.  Thanks Mom. I love you.

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Women: The Experiment

or cause other derangements of the nervous system.

A History Lesson on Educating America

By Ken Adams

for women began with the foundation of our country. Abigail Adams wrote to her husband John Adams during the creation of the Constitution that the new society must have a place for “learned women.” This was not merely a request, but she demanded that the independence of a new world based on the As Southerners we have been informed of the issues and struggles that came with educating freed slaves after the “slave holding south” lost the American Civil War. The creation of black schools to educate their own and the former slaves issue with whites controlling their schooling. At that point in History blacks were focused on educating their culture to become literate. What widely goes unspoken of is the “civil rights movement” that women faced to become educated. Barbara Miller Solomon opened her book “In the Company of Educated Women” with these words, which still ring true today. “During a long project the passage of time seems to go unnoticed until the end is in sight. Only then does one relive the stages that have been part of it.” The journey to establish education

principles of freedom covered a women’s right to be educated. “If you complain of neglect of Education in sons, what shall I say

with regard to daughters, whoever day experience the want of it. With regard to the Education of my own children, I find myself soon out of my depth, and destitute and deficient in every part of Education”Abigail Adams. Mrs. Adams cry was to ex-

plain her feelings of deficiency in educating her own children, which in that time women were expected to do. Solomon goes on to explain that women only acquired knowledge specifically related to their particular duties. “Limitations on female education reflected the traditional view of women’s place and abilities; it was assumed that women had smaller brains and weaker minds than women. At first there seemed no reason for any woman to acquire a formal liberal education.” It wasn’t until the mid-eighteenth century that Puritan Enlightenment philosopher John Locke studies expressed otherwise. Locke’s psychology found no distinction in the mind by sex, and his psychology


slowly undermined the assumption of the immutability of female inferiority. (ICEW, Solomon) Parents seemed more interested in their daughter’s ability to marry over her formal education. Social restraints constantly reminded women of their place in the home as caretaker and mother. Nothing could have further from the goals of the patriot male generation than the promotion of women’s rights and learned women. The likes of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson intended their daughters to be notable as housewives, upholding the tradition of piety, modesty, frugality, and fertility. No matter, education of females began a growing debate that would last over a century. The sixty years between 1790 and 1850 witnessed a remarkable growth in female schooling, despite resistance from male leaders. What once was viewed as fantasy for most women became real life experimentation. Ironically, the first American female to make public speeches was Maria Stewart, a free black woman who was an abolitionist who called for black people to educate themselves. Soon after women made it their obligation to make moral reform a national movement. Finally entering the realm of public policy, women lead prayer meetings, public hearings, and proposed laws that would close brothels, when men wanted to abandon the cause. (Solomon) As women began the push towards higher education attacks came on a women’s ability to handle such knowledge. “The most famous attack came from Dr. Edward Clarke’s Sex in Education (1873). This retired Harvard Medical School pro-

fessor was alarmed by the increasing presence of women in high schools and colleges, and knew that women were demanding entrance to the university’s medical school. After studying the cases of seven Vassar students, Clarke concluded that if women used up their “limited energy” on studying, they would endanger their “female apparatus.” Although it was possible to study and learn, Clarke explained that she could not do this and remain fertile for child bearing

What’s Your Style?

It was not a matter of what was not what was right or wrong for the individual but what was good for society that mattered. Women needed to save their energies to fulfill their biological function as child bearers. Clarke’s book captured the attention of the educated public. His attack only reinforced the determination of educators to make the college woman a healthy specimen,

Part 2

By Brenda Hager

If your highest scores are P and E, then you are a RELATOR: You are Find your scores from last an excellent planner and organizer month’s issue: and thoroughly enjoy planning events, reunions, and parties. You TOTAL NUMBER CIRCLED: probably have the test and scores I_____ E_____ from last month’s issue neatly tucked away in a planner. You love P_____ A_____ people and want everyone to be (make sure they add up to 18) your friend and because you are

conspicuous for her vigor in mind and body. (Solomon) This brief history is a far cry from educational norms today, and Barbara Solomon goes on to explain the expanded journey for women in education to being the educators themselves. With the U.S. News reports that Louisiana college enrollments are more than half female to their minority male counterparts. Louisiana State University reports 51.2% female enrollment for the 2013 fall semester to 48.8% males. A Forbes study shows that 47% of the American workforce is made up of women, with 37% of those holding management positions. The percentage of women leaders in top 500 companies is growing at a consistent pace as well. Not all females who receive a college education use it as a career, but the country has certainly grown due to female education, so the experiment was a success.

busy socializing, you tend to lose track of time and find yourself running late. You will enjoy working in a social service or mental health field or at a daycare. If your highest scores are E and A, then you are the INITIATOR: You are the center of attention and wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re a touchy-feely person and you get along with anyone. You have the test and scores from last month’s issue – buried somewhere on your desk! You loathe working with details because you’re the visionary and are more interested in leading the way. You will like working in sales, marketing, as an evangelist, or a politician. If your highest scores are A and I, then you are a DRIVER: You are

in charge! You make decisions and you like to have options. You probably didn’t bother taking this test in last month’s issue; you had more important things to do with your time. You are very time conscious and like to see results. Your career will likely be in upper management, the medical field, or maybe a pilot. If your highest scores are I and P, then you are an ANALYZER: You are good with numbers, you want just the facts, and you are logical. Since you’re good with facts and figures, you might struggle a little with those people skills. No worries though, you’ll be raking in the bucks working in the computer or scientific field. You might also consider working as a banker, accountant, in ethics, or payroll. PAGE 21

United Christian Fellowship Church Come Worship With Us! Service Times Sunday: 11am & Wednesday: 7pm

2900 E. Opelousas St. ~ Lake Charles, LA

(337) 433-1517

I have been involved in the printing and promotional business for the last twelve years. Nine of those years, I worked for the late Mr. Tommy Joyce at Tommy’s Printing & Promotional Items in Sulphur where I learned a lot about printing and promotional products and people. After the death of Mr. Tommy the business was closed. As I was letting our clients know that the business was being closed many encouraged me to continue on as they really did not want to look for another printer. Mrs. Debbie from the Town of Vinton was one of my biggest supporters and convinced me to keep the shop open. With the grace of GOD and very little money I was able to purchase and open Elaine’s Print Shop. It amazed me how fast things began to happen. I love my job. We can print color copies 8 ½” X 11 up to 13” X 19”, posters, banners, booklets, post cards, business cards and forms. At Elaine’s

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At the Lake Charles Civic Center • 900 Lakeshore Dr. • Lake Charles, LA Print Shop we carry every type of promotional items you will ever need to help promote your business; letterhead & envelopes, invitations, safety awards, things for job fairs or business fairs, t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, tote bags, hats, golf balls & tee’s. It is amazing what we can print for you and I would love to opportunity to earn your business!

Elaine’s Print Shop 442 S. Post Oak Sulphur, LA 337-533-2089

REGISTRATION: 7:30 • CEREMONY: 8:00 A.M. • WALK: 8:30 For more info visit or call (337) 905-0327 Admission: Adults $15 Children and Students $10

They Mean Business Business First Bank is a big part

of the expansion and success of Savoy Technical Services. In the professional inspection services industry, when you need something, you need it now - not two weeks from now. We get quick decisions from the expert banking team at Business First. Their responsiveness and pro-active approach has helped Savoy grow from three employees to 90+ employees. With Business First, success

Licensed & Insured

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Savoy Technical Services Clay L. Savoy,Vice President of Operations David E. Savoy, President

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B usiness First

337.660.5979 PAGE 23

Wellness By Katie Snow

your heart and set your willpower for the goal. First, you need to examine your circle of influence. What movies and television shows are you watching? Who are you hangWhat if I told you there are three ing out with? Who are small changes that you could make you following on soin your life that would produce tre- cial networks? What mendous health results? Let me are you reading? If explain. We have seen some folks you are trying to get come into our wellness office want- healthy, hanging out ing a quick fix. with someone or reading “Just get me over this or watching material that engages in excruciating back pain.” unhealthful practices or a negative “Help me with my low self-image, will only pull you in that energy crisis.” direction. “I can’t take this GI reflux Second, you need to be mindany longer.” ful of your thoughts. We are what True wellness requires a healthy we think about all day long. If you mindset to live a lifestyle of well- are meditating on negative things ness, not a mindset of “I’ll fix it such as “I am overweight and ugly when it’s broke.” A mindset of well- and old!” or “I just want to eat fast ness requires you to find purpose in food!” If this is you, you will like-

ly find yourself feeling or being in those positions. Most people do not realize that focusing on what they do not have only causes them to attract never having it. Instead, meditate on things that are good, positive and of a good report. The best way to develop a healthy mindset is to write some positive things down on a note card and tape it to your bathroom mirror and recite it every morning as you get ready for the day. Write down affirmations like ‘I am beautiful! I am strong! I desire healthy food! I am youthful!” Soon, you will notice your self-image develop into one of confidence and security. Third, you need to think about your words. Words are a product of your thoughts. Every time you open your mouth, you are speaking life or death over your circumstances. When we find fault with and voice our complaints about our lives, we are actually creating an environment to receive more of what we are

complaining about. You want true health? Start speaking things like, “I desire foods that are healthy! My body is strong! I desire to exercise and be a good steward of my body!” Words are very powerful! If you need a radical health improvement, you need a radical change in your lifestyle. Start with your circle of influence, your thoughts, and your words. These will strengthen your willpower and get you on the road to success. In today’s myriad of nutritional choices and advice, it is imperative that you have a holistic practitioner as a part of your health care team to give you healthy lifestyle advice and direction. About Katie Snow: Katie Snow, Pharm.D., ACN received her doctorate in pharmacy from ULM and has over 200 hours in post graduate nutrition classes. She has helped her husband run their wellness office in Lake Charles since 2008. For more information, please go to their website: www.

Grandma’s Everywhere

by Lindsey Scott

Some of the world’s greatest advice comes from the wisdom of our Mother’s Mother. The rest of the world’s greatest advice comes from our Father’s Mother. Without the wisdom of Grandmas everywhere the decision making of our generation would be less than stellar. As I go through a few things my Grandmas use to say, think about some of the greatest advice you received from your Grandma.

“Don’t borrow money from friends or relatives.”

“Constantly look for ways to better yourself.”

Sometimes this piece of advice came with a handout I must admit, but how many relationships have been tarnished or damaged by breaking this “Grandma’s Rule.”

Never settle. Don’t get complacent with where you are in life. God always is looking for growth in your life, so never stop looking for ways that make you a better person.

“Save for the things you want.”

“Loose weight while you are young.”

Not all of Grandma’s wisdom is financial advice but these two seemed to fit. In this culture, we borrow on cards, banks, and just about anything that will finance to get anything and everything we want. In the era Grandma grew up in, borrowing money was considered a sin.

Coming from a lady that was overweight in her later years, she knew the struggles with losing weight, especially with our Southern culture and our great Cajun food. If you still have a metabolism with some gas in the tank, you might want to attempt to shed those pounds now while your young. It only gets harder.

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Scarecrow Festival Orange, Texas

From Tuesday, October 15 through Saturday, November 9, 2013, celebrate the autumn season and stroll the gardens of Shangri La during the 5th Annual Scarecrow Festival. Visitors of all ages will be amazed by the vast array of unique scarecrows designed and crafted by members of the community, including businesses, organizations, families and individuals.

October 15 through November 9, 2013 2111 Park Ave., Orange, Texas • 409.670.9113 • A program of the Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation. © 2013 All Rights Reserved.


“Starting your day early leads to more things accomplished.”

You hardly ever spend your day trying to catch up if you start your day early. Grandma always began before the sun came up. She had her routine of Bible time with a quiet breakfast, and then began her tasks for the day.

“If you plan on doing something, make sure to do it right the first time.”

So much time is wasted going back over things that could have been done correctly, because people get in a rush and do things only part of the way. You spend more time going back and trying to correct your mistakes than the time you saved in not doing it the right way the first go around.

“Don’t assume anything, it makes an A** out of you and me!”

One of the funniest things Grandma said. Always be clear with those you communicate with. It saves people’s feelings and aggravation when communication is clear. You could write a book on great things Grandma said. Someone actually did. If you are interested in hearing what other Grandmas might say you can actually ask a question at Its free and has the potential to be a lot of fun. Lastly, don’t forget to tell your Grandma you love her. And when you need a piece of wisdom, now you know where you can find it.


“Matters of the Heart”

Upside Down Brings Right Side Up

It seems we do everything to keep the cup of life right side up and filled to the brim. Sometimes it is filled with good things, sometimes bad. Mostly it’s a swirl of good and bad with a combination ratio, and that ratio is always changing. It has been three years since Joann’s life was turned upside down. Her

brassiere was continuously stuck to her breast, due to leakage. She thought it was just perspiration due to her workout until the same incident occurred without her workout. She performed her breast exam and found a lump. She called her doctor; a mammogram and ultra sound were scheduled. She remembered talking with the technician jovially, but then the conversation grew quiet. Then the technician said, “I’ll let the doctor tell you this.” In three weeks, the cancerous leaf on her breast grew several centimeters. She was sent to another doctor who discovered it was phyllodes tumor, an uncommon cancer found in pre and post-menopausal women. It did not come in stages associated with cancer, it came in only two: aggres-

sive and nonaggressive. Joann had the nonaggressive type. All was removed with surgery. Still Joann was not wholly healed because physical healing demands changes. Joann was well aware of changes to be made. This was the spiritual cancer that resided in her soul. She decided to go on the spiritual journey God had chosen for her. Spiritual cancer is not easily removed. It took six months to acknowledge needed changes, accept them, and surrender them to God. She made several trips to the hospital due to pain stemming from disobedience. Now Joann’s cup has been refilled with faith and gratitude. Her outlook has changed. She enjoys a leaf making its way to freedom. She has unweighted herself from pride and

by Dawn K. Guillory

judgment. Lastly, she has attained self-acceptance. She has said, “I am who I am, and I was who I was.” In three years, she has been molded, learned to pray, and be thankful. She has also obtained her G.E.D., and has been currently working towards becoming a personal chef. Her advice to others, male & female, has been, “Do your self -exams, and take care of yourself.” Her spiritual advice has been, “When God brings you to a journey ask Him how to accept it. Be diligent. Be humble, and watch how you treat others.” Joann teaches us that God replenishes our life cups and places them how He desires. When we accept that, the swirl of good and bad becomes nonexistent because it is all in God’s hands.

Louisiana Seafood at its Best!

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“Spiritual Partners” By Holly Blanchard

In the busy culture that we live in, women today take on so much responsibility. Not only do we account for the majority of the child raising and keeping our homes clean, most of us have part time or full time careers. We also spend time and energy on meeting our own personal goals and ambitions and support our husbands within theirs as well. What we tend to leave out of our busy lives is female companionships, or better yet, we need spiritual partnerships with other women. Spiritual partners accept a sacred commitment with one another to assist each other’s spiritual growth and transformation. Spiritual partners recognize their equality and they are able to distinguish between personality and spirit. It is important to have different sounding boards to life’s issues than just your husband, although having your husband as a spiritual partner is just as important. When sharing life experiences and stories with a girlfriend, most of the time you don’t even have to explain it, because they are either living it now, or have already gone through it. We as women can empathize all the emotions. A young mother of a 2 month old explained her highly successful day by just cleaning the house and having supper ready for the first time since her baby was born. I could so relate to her because I had been through that. Not many husbands could understand that. “Once individuals link together they become something different. Relationships change us, reveal us, and evoke more from us. Only when we join with others do our gifts become visible, even to ourselves.” (Margaret Wheatley, Myron Kellner-Rodgers) Not only is it a necessity to have girlfriends that are going through life in the same time you are, but it is also great to have female mentors. My mother and I have a great relationship and she has been such a wonderful influence and mentor in my life, but she lives in another state, so having someone who is near and willing to pour life into me has been a great inspiration. Tracy McCann has been that voice. She is encouraging and speaks wisdom into my life because she has lived

through it, raising multiple children, and my most favorite character trait of hers is that she is genuine. She has been open in her struggles and that has always been encouraging to me. I have learned that letting go of the façade that we are perfect and have it all together allows us to be more open and form a stronger bond with other women because then there is truth in the relationship, being who we really are. Her experience has taught me life lessons that I didn’t necessarily have to face. God puts people in our lives that have experience in what we are going through. I am honored and blessed by her guidance, wisdom, and friendship. Her life choices, encouragement, and guidance has enriched my life in so many ways.

Because I have been guided by such great women, I feel lead to pour into other younger girls or women that may not be married yet, or have children. Once I am filled with truth, I can’t help but share it with others. It is like finding a cure to a deadly disease, once you have something so powerful, you feel compelled to share it with those in need. To form meaningful relationships with other women you must not believe the lie that we have to be perfect. Being humble and honest helps build meaningful relationships. Sometimes sharing our struggles and sin can be painful on our part, because it is admitting that we aren’t perfect and really do mess up, but in James 5:16, there is a powerful truth in confessing our sins one to another, “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.”(James

5:16) Did you catch that last word? It’s for our healing. What a beautiful gift and blessing. How often have we missed this part of healing because we quickly go to prayer without confession? Being genuine and confessing our sins is where healing comes and bonds are created within the friendships of other women. Also, there is heavenly power in the gathering of women. “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”(Matthew 20) Such a greater force for the Kingdom we become building these relationships. Depth. Equal. Available. Vulnerable. Truth. These words describe the most rewarding relationships we can enter into, spiritual friendships that have at heart our mutual desire to experience Jesus Christ as Savior, Teacher, Lord, and Friend. (Spiritual Friendship, Mindy Caliguire)


La Familia Resource Center presents A Fashion Extravaganza: A New York State Of Mind, Fashion Show & Silent Auction Fundraiser Friday, Oct. 4 at L’Auberge Casino & Resort Experience a New York style fashion show with clothing provided by Dillard’s, Frankie & Co. and Men’s Wearhouse, hairstyles by Signatures Salon and make-up by Mac. Reserved and VIP tickets available online at www.lfrc.eventbrite. com or by calling the agency. Reserved ticket holders will receive hors d’ oeuvres with cash bar, swag bag and reserved seating; VIP ticket holders will receive access to the VIP Lounge, with hors d’ oeuvres butler served with carving station, two complimentary drinks, includes your choice of beer, wine, soda or water along with a cash bar,

Antonia Coello Novello

swag bag and VIP seating. Silent auction items will include dinner packages, trips to Houston, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, along with items from local companies, boutiques and artist. Southwest Louisiana. LFRC would like to give a special La Familia Resource Center thank you to the sponsors. Plat(LFRC) is a bilingual, multi-ser- inum Sponsor: Paramount Auto vice, 501(C)3 non-profit organiza- Group (Nissan of Lake Charles, 171 tion developed to meet the needs Nissan, Nissan of Silsbee and Mazof multi-cultural families and indi- da of Lake Charles); Gold Sponsor: viduals of all nations by providing KVHP Fox 29 and L’Auberge Casiinformation, resource referrals, ac- no & Resort; Silver Sponsor: First cess to services and programs with- Federal Bank; Bronze Sponsor: CSE in the Lake Charles community to Federal Credit Union and Sasol; help them adapt to their new life in Friend Sponsor: American Press

Foundation, Arabie Environmental Solutions, Axiall Corporation, Christus St. Patrick Hospital, Citgo Petroleum, Delta Downs Racetrack Casino Hotel, Phillips 66 and Women & Children’s Hospital. If you would like more information on tickets, event sponsorship, silent auction donation, about La Familia Resource Center or the programs offered please call 337-312-2906.

Family Day

Visit Orange, TX, October 19, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. Calling all mad hatters, pirates and scrooges! Visit the Stark Museum of Art and The W.H. Stark House in Orange, Texas, dressed as your favorite storybook character. Create handbound books, printed illustrations, decorative book boxes and puppets. See live book carving demonstrations. Go on a scavenger hunt in the Museum to win a prize. Enjoy storytelling, light refreshments and view the special exhibitions Tales and Travels. In addition, attendees of all ages are invited to a first-floor tour of The W.H. Stark House. Admission to Family Day is free of charge. Stark Museum of Art | 712 Green | The W.H. Stark House | 610 Main |


Hispanic Heritage Month Observation of Hispanic heritage began in 1968 as a week-long celebration under President Lynden B. Johnson and was later extended to a month-long period from September 15th until October 15th by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. It was enacted into law on August 17th, 1988. September 15th is a significant date for Hispanics because it celebrates the anniversary of Independence for the Latin American countries of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. In addition, Mexico and Chile celebrate their independence on September 16th and 18th, respectively. Since its inception, Americans observe National Hispanic Heritage Month each year by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Astronaut Ellen Ochoa

June 25, 1954) is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United Today we highlight a few first Hispanic Women known States, serving since August 2009. Sotomayor is the Court’s 111th jusfor their accomplishments tice, its first Hispanic justice, and its in our world: third female justice. Sotomayor was born in the Bronx, New York City Antonia Coello Novello was born in Fajardo, Puerto Rico and and is of Puerto Rican descent. served as a surgeon General under President George H.W. Bush from 1190 to 1993. She focused on pub- Mes de la Herencia Hispana licizing the dangers of smoking and La observación de la herencia teenage drinking, expanding AIDS hispana comenzó en 1968, una semeducation, and improving health ana de celebración debajo de la adcare for women, minorities, and chil- ministración de Presidente Lynden B. Johnson y luego fue extendido dren. para un mes el 15th de septiembre Astronaut Ellen Ochoa was hasta 15th de octubre en 1988 por born on May 10, 1958, in Los Ange- el Presidente Ronald Reagan. Fue les, California. Selected by NASA in promulgada como una ley el 17th 1990, Ochoa became the world’s first de agosto 1988. El 15th de septiembre es un dato importante para los Hispanic female astronaut in 1991. hispanos porque celebra el aniversario de independencia de los países Rita Moreno is a Puerto Rican singer, dancer and actress. She is the en América Latina de Costa Rica, El only Hispanic and one of the few Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, y performers to have won an Emmy Nicaragua. Además, México y Chile (1977), a Grammy (1972), an Oscar celebran sus independencias el 16 (1962), and a Tony (1975), and was de septiembre y 18 de septiembre, the second Puerto Rican to win an respectivamente. Desde su comienzo, la gente estadounidense obserAcademy Award. ven el Mes de Herencia Hispana Sonia Maria Sotomayor (born Nacional cado año celebrando las historias, culturas, y contribuciones de ciudadanos estadounidense cuya antepasados provienen de España, México, el Caribe, América Central y del Sur.

Rita Moreno

Sonia Maria Sotomayor

Antonia Coello Novello nacida en Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Fue la primera mujer hispana que sirvió como cirujano general de Estados Unidos (1990-1993) debajo de la administración del Presidente George H.W.Bush. Ella se centró en la información acerca de los peligros del consumo de tabaco y alcohol entre los adolescentes, ampliar educación sobre la sida y mejorar la atención de salud de las mujeres, las minorías y los niños. Astronauta Ellen Ochoa nació mayo, 10, 1958 en Los Angeles, California. Fue seleccionada por la NASA en 1990. Ochoa se convirtió en la primera mujer hispana astronauta en 1991. Rita Moreno es una cantante, bailarina y actriz puertorriqueña. Ella es la única hispana y una de los pocos artistas que ha ganado un emmy (1977), un grammy (1972), un oscar (1962) y un tony (1975) y fue la segunda puertorriqueña que gano un premio academia.

Sonia Maria Sotomayor (nacida 25 de junio, 1954) Es un juez de la corte suprema de los Estados Unidos, sirviendo desde agosto, 2009. Sotomayor es el tribunal de justicia 111, la primera hispana justicia y la tercera mujer justicia. Sotomayor nació en el Bronx, Nueva York y es de ascenHoy destacamos algunas prime- dencia puertorriqueña.

ras mujeres hispanas conocidas por sus logros en el mundo:

©2013 Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation. All Rights Reserved.


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Central School Arts & Humanities Center will be hosting

2nd Annual Lake Charles Film Festival on October 5th

by Sean Vincent

Ladies and gentlemen, butter your popcorn and silence your communicators for on October 5 Central School Arts & Humanities Center will be hosting the 2nd Annual Lake Charles Film Festival. This year’s festival has a great deal of entertainment in store for the citizens of our fair city provided by local, national, and international filmmakers alike. And if you are an aspiring filmmaker, these festivals offer a unique opportunity to mingle with fellow enthusiasts - Not to mention the fact that there will be a number of workshops taught by industry professionals. This year there are a number of cinematic treats in store for all those that PAGE 30

attend including the much anticipated premier of Ken Henderson’s Man in a Chair. And what better way to start off the month of October with a creepy thriller? This eerie picture features the wildly talented performances of Gary Shannon and Julie Ann Fay. This film is guaranteed to have you on the edge of YOUR chair. And if that’s not enough ACTION for you, the Lake Charles Film Festival will be honoring Actor and Independent Filmmaker Jackson Bostwick. Come celebrate with some of the filmmakers early the night before at Dharma (329 Broad St.) where there will be a slew a fellow filmmakers hanging out listening to live music and screening movies.

about the Lord who lovingly comes into our lives and touches us with His touch. Just like my hands lovingly passed over each fabric so His hand lovingly touches our lives. Just like my eyes were captured by the beauty of each fabric; in His eyes each of us is unique, beautiful and special. God has a purpose and destiny for each of our lives. Just like I wanted to bring some of those fabrics home and make something unique and beautiful; His desire is to take each of us and make something unique and beautiful from our lives. The fabric does not fulfill its purpose when it stays on the bolt. It

must have a skilled seamstress to shape it into its final form. A good seamstress sees a fabric and envisions the end result even before they take the first cut. That is our God. He knows and He sees what we can be long before we believe that we can be everything that God has said we could be. We will be a ‘garment’ unto praise and glory and fit for a king. We have hope and we can all begin to sing, Glory, Glory, Glory, I’ve been touched and it must have been the hand of the Lord.


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Fabrics. I strolled down an empty aisle where there were bolts upon bolts of different materials on a table. I began to run my hand over each bolt and look at the beautiful Thoughts from touching each one. There “Touched by the Hand fabrics; were many textures and rainbow of the Lord” ~ Part I colors exploded through the bolts of fabrics. I thought about how I Recently at church my pas- would love to make this or that with tor pulled out a song from the ar- them. As these thoughts ran across chives. The words go something my mind, tears sprang to my eyes as like this: Glory, Glory, Glory, I’ve thoughts of how much God loves been touched and it must have each of us in our uniqueness overbeen the hand of the Lord. My whelmed me. Alone in the aisle “I mind wandered from the song to was touched and it must have been an experience I had just the day the hand of the Lord.” That day and the next I thought before while shopping at Hancock

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Practical Wisdom for the Mom on the Go

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Please take the necessary time to carefully examine this proof. Once you give your approval, any errors found or changes made by you are Approved Changes your responsibility. A MAXIMUM of 3 proofs will 1. What you call your child isWith what they free of charge. We reserve the right to Teach be atissued every turn will become. Make Changes and Resubmit4.Proof bill at our discretion for any subsequent proofs, your child’s If you want your child to be “awesome”, then Do not underestimate except for those caused by errors on thedesire part of to Jambalaya News. signs, numbers on the learn. TheThecolor of street tell him/her that they are “Awesome!”

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homes, the difference between fast and slow; Do not call yourSIGNATURE child “bad” or any other nega- these are all things you can easily DATE explain to tive name. Whether or not is a joke or not, they your child throughout your day. Look for oppor715 Kirby St., Lake Charles, LA 70601 • will associate themselves(337) with what you refer tunities teach them. These little lessons be436-7800 • Fax: (337)to990-0262 to them as. Therefore, every chance you get, come a bonding experience between the two call your child what you want them to become. of you. After a while, you will notice the change in their attitude toward learning as well. 2. Think of your child as an investment. The more you invest in them, the more you will 5. Consistency is Key get out. Give your time, energy, love and accep- Be consistent in everything you do with your tance and you will receive it back 10 fold. child. From spending quality time together to punishing undesirable behavior, you must be 3. Praise more than you punish consistent. Consistency gives children security Take the opportunity to genuinely praise your and confidence. It creates boundaries for them. child for good behavior EVERY DAY! The bigger They know what to expect and what is acceptdeal you make of it, the more excited they will able. Being consistent may be time consuming, become. They will, in turn, be thrilled to be- but it is worth every second. have well.

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The Voice of SWLA - October Issue  

The Voice of Southwest Louisiana honors Influential Women from across the state and the nation who are positively affecting the citizens of...

The Voice of SWLA - October Issue  

The Voice of Southwest Louisiana honors Influential Women from across the state and the nation who are positively affecting the citizens of...