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excitement and Fun Month indeed on Family adn marriage.

MEET THANDO Our Cover story and our New Afro Pop Sentation.


Glamour, Beaty, photos Awards and More.



started from nothing in a shack



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in his own humble words

Isaiah 54:14 In righteousness you shall be established; you shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear; and from terror, for it shall not come near you. Have you ever asked yourself why some Christians are constantly beset with overwhelming challenges, sicknesses and defeat if God’s promise, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17), is true? Well, this promise comes with a condition—“In righteousness you shall be established”. When you are established in righteousness, you will be far from oppression and terror, and not a single weapon formed against you will prosper! This condition is not hard to meet. For a start, you already have righteousness! When you received Jesus as your Savior, you received the gift of righteousness which enables you to reign in life. (Romans 5:17) This righteousness does not come from you but the Lord. (Isaiah 54:17) And when you are established in His righteousness, no weapon formed against you will prosper. But what does being established in righteousness mean? To be established in something is to have that something as your very foundation for security. So God wants you to know, be sure of and grow in the revelation that you are righteous by the blood of Jesus, by His perfect sacrifice at the cross. When you feel as if you are in a storm, tossed #VOICE


BE ESTABLISHED IN GOD’S RIGHTEOUSNESS here and there, and you begin to experience worry and fear, remind yourself of who you are in Christ. You are the righteousness of God in Christ and you have His righteousness! As you do this, you will begin to notice the worry and fear slide off you, for when you are established in righteousness, “you shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear; and from terror, for it shall not come near you”! That is why God wants you to be established in righteousness. He wants you to be free from fear, and far from oppression and terror. So when the pressure is on, hold fast to the belief that you are the righteousness of God in Christ. That is where no weapon formed against you can prosper. As you keep believing and confessing your righteousness in Christ, revelation will break forth and you will experience the release of God’s miraculous provision, divine protection and blessings into your life!

Tshepiso Matlala


Chief Justice Mogoeng Thomas Mogoeng

Justice Mogoeng Thomas Reetsang Mogoeng was born on 14 January 1961 in Goo-Mokgatha (Koffiekraal) village, north east of Zeerust, North West Province.

I Strongly Believe Politics Without God it is Just a Gamble. Let Us Bring God Back.

He obtained a B Juris (Bachelor of Law) degree from the University of Zululand in 1983, a LLB (Bachelor of Laws) from the University of Natal (now University of KwaZulu-Natal) in 1985, and a LLM (Master of Laws) from the University of South Africa (UNISA). He specialised in Labour Law, Law of Property, Insurance Law, Law of Evidence, and Law of Criminal Procedure. Justice Mogoeng started his professional career as a Supreme Court (now High Court) prosecutor in Mafikeng, North West Province. He worked as a prosecutor from March 1986 to February 1990. He then resigned and went to do a pupilage at the Johannesburg Bar. ...Read More on Page 14







„As Thando Mtyhobile I believe now I can spread my wings and conquer the world as I have played my part as far as charity begins at home.”


hando Mtyhobile hails from a village called Kwa Nothenga Xesi location in the Eastern Cape part of South Africa

and has spent most of his life in Cape Town. He started singing at an early age as a young boy back in 1992 and in 1999 along with his friends. Thando formed Isicathamiya group called, Peace Lovers Brothers since then he never looked back. The Peace lovers Brothers performed in many different places in the Western Cape spreading Love and peace with their Lady Smith Black Mambazo influenced music. 2004 Thando Mtyhobile was approached by an NGO called Kuyasa to help form music and dance traditional group because of his role as the leader of Isicathamiya group. He was the music and dance director of the Kuyasa kids and together with 19 kids aged between 7 and 17 in 2005 they toured the United States of America singing and dancing African dance. They went to 7 states in the US which are: LA, Miami, Taxes, San Diego, Orlando, Atlanta and Sacramento. The overseas tour was about fundraising and raising awareness about issues surrounding illness of HIV/AIDS. 2005 Thando Mtyhobile released his debut album titled “Thando’s Introduction” in it he worked with producer Mario Cronje and producer Helmut Meijer.


he album was recorded at the University of Stellenbosch and it was distribu-



ted by Bowline distributors. Thando’s


debut album had its fair air play in radio stations Mono T – Kalawa Jazz me

wanted people to see that it is no longer about


Character – Kalawa Jazz me

where you recorded but it is about the quality

 Mhlobo wenene fm

Bheki Nqoko – Kuwe Records

of the production.

 SA fm (Album of the week 2005)

I have worked with over the years I took a break

 Radio 2000

from the mic, I worked with them either as a I believe I have achieved that because my new

 Bush radio UCR fm

promoter, manager or road manager.

 Radio Zibonele

Thando Mtyhobile performed at the following minated for the “Best IsiXhosa album” on this

 Radio KC


year 2018 SATMA awards.

 United States of America

Album recorded at: Trending Sounds – Khayelit-

album titled “Kwa Nothenga” has now been no-

In 2006 Thando Mtyhobile started his own  Moyo Restaurant in Stellenbosch

sha Cape Town

record label called Sisonke Music Productions  Stellenmbosch Wine Festival

Mixed and Mastered at: Helmut Meijer Music –

meaning (We are together) which he later chan-  Nederburg Auction 2002

Stellenbosch Cape Town

ged to (Sisonke Music Entertainment). In his re-  Oude Libertas Amphitheater

Album sleeve designed by: MK designs a divi-

cord label same year 2006 he released an album  Baseline - Johannesburg to name but a few.

sion of Full cords Productions – Cape Town

called (Shadow Proves the Sunshine) and in that

Published and owned by: Sisonke Music Enter-

album he worked with: Papi Diretse who recor-

tainment – Cape Town

ded “Thandiswa Mazwai” on the album titled

I believe now I can spread my wings and conqu-

“Ibokhwe” was recorded at Down Town studios

er the world as I have played my part as far as

in Johannesburg. That album only managed

charity begins at home.

to sell 150 copies and 100 of those bought in

2018 will not go down without any surprises

America. 2008 through his dedication and hard

from Thando Mtyhobile, after working with a

work Thando Mtyhoile was awarded (Best artist

lot of Cape Town artists and DJ’s over the years

of the year in Stellenbosch) at a gala dinner held

he has now shifted his focus to the Eastern

by the Stellenbosch municipality. He was up

Cape. A duet of young producers/DJ’s known

against his former seniors and former mentors

as “Ruff Sound and a vocalist/producer known

at the time (Abaqondisi Brothers) who toured

as Soul B” are now signed by Sisonke Music En-

the world with their music.

tertainment a company started by Thando Mtyhobile back in 2006. The boys from Motherwell

In 2008 after not releasing an album for 2 years

Port Elizabeth will soon release their first single

Thando Mtyhobile went in studio once again,

titled “African controller” end of August 2018

he started recording with the likes of Veli “So-

and will soon be followed by a music video in

ulstar” Mtimkhulu now known as “Soulstar”

September 2018.

and was signed by Black Coffee’s record label. During that time he came across Pastor Larry

Still at Sisonke Music Entertainment develop-

Matlala who also played his part in helping him.

ments a member of the well-known due pro-

Around 2010 / 2011 Thando Mtyhobile started shifting his focus from only doing music to finding other ways which he can learn and make a


ducers/DJ’s Trademark who is known as “Stro-

he break I took from 2013 to be exact uk”will be launching his Solo career and has whereby I was no longer performing entrusted Sisonke Music Entertainment to be opened a whole lot of new opportu- the one in charge of releasing and publishing his

living from within the music industry and that’s nities for me as I have learned a lot about the music. when he started to get involved in things like behind the seen business in the music industry. event management, artist management, music In 2017 I went back in studio for the first time You can get his music online: Thando Mtyhobipromoter and artist brand management. It did since 2008 almost 10 years later only this time le – Kwa Nothenga to listen to his new album not take long for Thando Mtyhobile to navigate I was well prepared with all the information and which is nominated at the SATMA awards 2018 his way to the top and making good contacts contacts that I needed. I wanted to record the for “Best IsiXhosa album” that would later see him working with artists entire album in Cape Town and do everything like:

related to it in Cape Town because to me it was FACEBOOK PAGE: Thando Mtyhobile SA

Trademark – Hit makers of the song Shumaya

no longer just about the music but also about TWITTER: MtyhobileT

Zola 7

showcasing other talents that Cape Town can INTAGRAM: Thandosa

Lesego – Viva Tau

offer. I wanted to show the world and mostly BOOKINGS:

Tsedi of Maliaka

Cape Town artists that you don’t need to leave

Dj Slyso – Mhlobo Wenene fm

Cape Town and go to Jo burg only to come back

Khustar Nomkala – Afro pop singer Cape Town

with the same or even less production quality, I




RUNNING HER EMPIRE IN A SHACK Thaini Masakane is making her dream come true.


have worked in the beauty

I got from the industry and put

I’m a proud, passionate young

let this brand speak for itself. I

industry for almost 5 years

it into my business and bring it

woman who was born in

want to end up giving lessons of

now. And I got to be exposed

to life.

Botshabelo and grew up in

doing nails, make up, massage,

to so many Spa retreat and

I am Thaini Masakane, 28 years

Hoopstad in Freestate. I have

waxing etc to those that will be

wellness places and that got

of age, I was raised by my mom’s

a precious 1 year old son,

interested within the community

me interested to establish this

sister the late Mabasi Taeli who

his name is Thlolo. I trained

The response I got blew my

business in my own township.

owned poultry business and she

in Motheo TVET College

mind. I am still in awe and

There aren’t a lot of massage

was also selling sweets, baked

Bloemfontein, that’s where

shocked at the same time.

parlors in my home town,

cakes and peanuts, so I can say

I got to obtain Cosmetology

I am really humbled by the

Botshabelo, and that motivated

I’ve always been exposed to

qualification in 2013.

positive support I got from

me start this business.

business. I learned to stand on

My ultimate dream is to see my

my community to even people

my two feet when I was 19 yrs

business grow into an Empire

outside Free State. I’ve been

My love for this service is my

old selling Tupperware. I didn’t

that will be able to create jobs

getting calls from people I only

biggest inspiration.

let being an orphan destroy

for the jobless, to give young

got know through TV or media

my dream. So I’ve always been

people hope that you can make

Blue Mbombo just to name a

business minded and with the

it in life only if you set your

few, I’m really humbled and

help from my sister Dikeledi

mind to it. I want this business

honored I did not expect this at

time. It is now time to

Taeli mentoring me it was quite

to be a global brand, I wish and

all but I am really grateful.

gather all the experience

easy to run business.

aspire to get to rural areas and

I was also tired of working for someone else, for such a long #VOICE



“The main thing that really inspired me to do this is because I love what I do and I enjoy it. I felt like I have offered my service working for someone for a long time. It is now time to gather all the experience I got from the industry and put it into my business and bring it to life.”

Now I have to work on making my ultimate dream a reality, it will not be easy but I will make it with all the support I get. I’m now going to focus on growing this business gradually, going to more training, equipping myself even more in order to be able to render unique services

Victory Body & Nail Studio is my page @thainimasakane




key to greatness, as

proclaims the Name of the Lord

“Dear friends, do not believe

All these, are man-made

many visionaries would

is from the Lord. The message

every spirit but test the spirits

schemes, for there is nowhere

say, is to know where

cannot be emphasised enough.

to see whether they are from

in the Bible where people are

you are going. Knowing where

Paul says to the church in

God, because many false

expected to pay to be prayed

one is destined to be gives

Corinth, “Follow my example,

prophets have gone out into

for or release answers for

them an understanding of the

as I follow the example of

the world. This is how you can

prayers. In fact, the Bible in

basics required for the journey.

Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1). If

recognize the Spirit of God:

Matthew 10:8 says, “Heal the

Even more important than your

the one you are following, is

Every spirit that acknowledges

sick, cleanse the lepers, raise

destiny, is the one who guides

not applying the example of

that Jesus Christ has come in

the dead, cast out demons.

you during the journey. Is it

Jesus Christ, then do not follow

the flesh is from God, but every

Freely you have received,

not wisdom to know where

them. Everything about min-

spirit that does not acknowl-

freely give.”

these leaders are headed to,

istry and church is scripted in

edge Jesus is not from God.

before you can confidently

the Bible. No amount of inno-

This is the spirit of the anti-

Whom are you following?

follow them? Otherwise, it

vation can create room for the

christ, which you have heard

Know them and test them, so

could easily be a story of the

improvement of the message

is coming and even now is

says the scriptures. The other

blind leading the blind. Jesus

of God. The Bible says, “All

already in the world. You, dear

way to know if those whom

gave the church a clear warning

Scripture is God-breathed and

children, are from God and

one is following, are walking in

about following those who use

is useful for teaching, rebuk-

have overcome them because

the steps of Jesus, is through

His name. He said, “Not every-

ing, correcting and training

the one who is in you is greater

discernment from the Holy

one who says to me, “Lord,

in righteousness, so that the

than the one who is in the

Spirit. You cannot discern by

Lord; will enter the Kingdom of

servant of God or that you, a

world. They are from the world

the spirit the false prophets or

heaven, but only the one who

man of God, may be thoroughly

and therefore speak from the

teachers if you do not walk by

does the will of My Father who

equipped for every good

viewpoint of the world, and the

faith in Jesus Christ. The Holy

is in heaven“ (Matthew 7:21).

work” (2 Timothy 3:16-17). It

world listens to them. We are

Spirit is our helper and when-

To follow requires wisdom from

is, therefore, easy to recog-

from God, and whoever knows

ever we happen to find our-

the follower. The Bible tells

nise if the one who is being fol-

God listens to us; but whoever

selves in the midst of these

us in Proverbs 4:7 that, “The

lowed, is following the example

is not from God does not listen

false prophets and teachers, He

beginning of wisdom is this:

of Jesus or not. The Bible says,

to us. This is how we recognize

will give us the discernment we

Get wisdom though it costs you

search the scriptures.

the Spirit or spirit of truth and

need before we are deceived.

all you have, get understand-

It is wrong for any person

the spirit of falsehood” (1 John

Knowledge is power and a lack

ing.” Without understanding,

to call themselves a man or


of it leads to ignorance and

one cannot claim that they are

woman of God, when the

following, when they do not

source of their message is not

even know where the leader

our God. However, the respon-

they are following is headed

sibility of testing if the Spirit of

to. One cannot follow every

the one followed, is from God is



wicked men and women who

people in His name. “And

man and woman who claims to

left solely to the follower. The

preach another gospel. Any

Jesus answered and said to

be a son or daughter of God.

Word of God has cautioned us

message that does not discour-

them: “Take heed that no one

The Bible says, “My people are

not to follow blindly but to test

age from sin, and warn you

deceives you. Many will come

destroyed from lack of knowl-

those that we follow. Do you

against hell, is another Gospel.

in My name, saying, ‘I am the

edge…” (Hosea 4:6). There we

know where the one you are

A minister that is not teaching

Christ,’ and will deceive many.

have it, without knowledge

following is taking you? Do you

you to walk nor prepare you

Then many false prophets will

people become destroyed. The

know if they are following the

for the return of Christ Jesus, is

rise up and deceive many”

knowledge about whom one is

example of Jesus? Maybe these

working for the antichrist.

(Matthew 24:4-5, 11). “Little

following is important.

questions are ringing in some-

In some instances, people are

children, it is the last hour; and

Therefore, seek understand-

one’s mind. Here is what the

required to pay to see these

as you have heard that the

ing before one concludes that,

Bible advises us to do in order

ministers or to be proph-

antichrist is coming, even now

whoever they are following is

to be certain that we are fol-

esied or required to make

many antichrists have come,

the right leader in the Kingdom

lowing the one who is follow-

an exchange with money to

by which we know that it is the

of God. Not everyone who

ing Him:

receive answered prayers.

last hour” (1 John 2:18).

e careful, the devil has

Jesus warned us of a time of

disguised himself as

false prophets and teachers

Jesus, through these

who shall come and deceive






Mogoeng Thomas reetsang mogoeng is the current chief justice of South Africa. He holds an important role in the landscape of South African politics, and is bringing Godly values back into government.


ogoeng Thomas reetsang mogoeng is the current chief justice of South Africa. He holds an impor-

tant role in the landscape of South African politics, and is bringing Godly values back into government. He is a man who is fiercely committed to our country’s constitution, upholding the law, and is sold out for Jesus! He has been in office for 7 years, and has garnered a significant admiration and respect from South Africans. During the course of a presidential campaign, it is common to hear evangelicals, especially younger ones, joke, “I’m just not that interested in politics,” or, “politics just aren’t my thing.” These dismissive remarks are often delivered with an appearance of goodness implying that political engagement is inherently defiled, occupying a field unfit for those serious about the gospel. For those busy with television ads, robo-calls, campaign mail and the overall negative tone of politics, this might be a tempting position to adopt. However, it is not a position bible-believing, gospel-loving Christian’s can or should accept as matching with scripture. The message of the gospel is that by grace through faith sinners can be reconciled with are four reasons Christians should care about standing of the kingdom of god and contrary God (Ephesians 2:7-8). This message trans- politics:

to examples in scripture.

forms individuals and enables them to lead 1. The Christian worldview speaks to all The Christian worldview provides a compregodly lives. Mandated by scripture (Matthew areas of life.

hensive understanding of reality. It speaks

28:19-20), Christians are charged to share A frequently raised objection against Chri- to all areas of life, including political engathe good news and disciple others in faith.

stian engagement with politics is that any- gement. In fact, the bible speaks about civil

The gospel is a holistic message with im- thing besides explicit preaching and teaching government and provides examples of faithful plications for all areas of life, including how of the bible is a distraction from the mission of engagement. Christians engage the political process. Here the church. However, this is a limited under- In the Old Testament, joseph and Daniel #VOICE



served in civil government, exerting influence to further the flourishing of their nations. In the New Testament, Jesus engaged in holistic ministry, caring for the spiritual and physical needs of people. Feeding the hungry and healing diseases were an outworking and extension of the reconciliatory message of the gospel. Paul also advocates this approach: “as we have opportunity, let us do well to everyone” (Galatians 6:10). And: “for we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which god prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10). Engaging in “good works” should include participating in the political process because of the

Believers are citizens of the “city cating for laws and policies that sic rights and freedoms? Caring

legitimate and significant role

of God,” but on this side of eter- contribute to human flourishing.

for the hungry, thirsty, naked, sick

of government. The decisions

nity, we also belong to the “city of

and lonely is important to Jesus

made by government have a

man” and therefore must be good 3. We need to love our neighbor. and should be to his followers as

substantial impact on people and

citizens of both cities. There are When questioned by religious au- well. Jesus said, “As you did it to

the way we interact with them. A

biblical examples of how mem- thorities on the law, Jesus expla- one of the least of these you do it

Christian worldview should inc-

bership in the earthly city can be ined that loving God with heart, to me” (Matthew 25:40).

lude a political theology that re-

leveraged for furthering the reach soul and mind was the greatest

cognizes every area of life must

of the heavenly. Paul’s appeal to commandment (Matthew 22:37). Fulfilling the biblical mandate to

be included in the “good works”

his roman citizenship (acts 16:37, He added that second in priority love neighbor and care for the “le-

of believers, especially politics,

22:25) is a model of this.

an area with significant real-life implications for people.

was: “you shall love your neighbor ast of these” should be a priority as yourself” (Matthew 22:39).

In an American context, engaging

for every believer. Again, a holistic approach is essential. Loving

these dual cities takes on added Followers of Christ are called to neighbor



2. Politics are unavoidable.

significance because of the words love and serve their neighbors at a homeless shelter, as well as

As “sojourners and exiles” (1 pe-

prefacing the constitution: “we the (Matthew 28:19-20). When asked influencing laws that encourage

ter 2:11), it can be tempting for

people.” In the United States, ulti- about the qualifications of “ne- human flourishing. Good govern-

Christians to adopt a mindset

mate national sovereignty is en- ighbor,” Jesus told the parable of ment and laws are not negligible

that earthly governing systems

trusted to the people. James ma- the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25- factors in the prosperity and free-

are inconsequential to the task of

dison explained that the “consent 37), indicating that irrespective of dom of a society.

furthering the gospel. But ask a

of the people” is the “pure original race, background, social status

pastor in an underground church

fountain of all legitimate authority.” or occupation, neighborly love is

or a missionary attempting to ac-

This reality makes politics unavo- owed.

cess a closed country if politics

idable for American citizens who

are inconsequential. Religious

control their political future.

liberty, passports and visas are

Because politics have real-world one of the most important areas

not unnecessary luxuries but are

implications for Christian evange- in which Christians demonstrate

often vital for pastors and mis-

lism, missions and preaching the love to neighbor. In fact, how can

sionaries seeking to preach and

gospel, Christians ought to enga- Christians claim to care about

teach the gospel.

ge the political process by levera- others and not engage the arena

In a very real sense, politics is

ging their rightful authority, advo- that most profoundly shapes ba-












very now and again one will stumble upon music that speaks directly to their soul. It is not easy for musicians to be able to perfect the art of capturing their audience almost immediately… but, new music trio Encore have been able to do just that, capture the hearts of many south africans with their music.

The trio which consists of keabetwe Kototsi, Kabelo Thomane and Peter Letsaolo are re-inventing soulful african ballads with their harmonies which are perfectly in sync coupled by their impeccable writing, blending the perfect music recipe. Keabetwe , Kabelo and Peter who hail from different parts of south africa respectively polokwane in Limpopo, Kagiso in Johannesburg, and Rustenburg in North West were brought together by music. They crossed paths while studying music at the South African state theatre in Tshwane, Johannesburg in 2009 and their connection was so pure that even they were not able to shake the feeling off.




helped them perform on big stages, setting their career on the correct path for success. Just like their enchanting music which they deliver in Setswana and Sesotho they caught the ears of business man and music extraordinaire, Modise Kgomo who owns on point records. Modise could not ignore what he heard when they performed at the home of Tshwane mayor, Kgosientso Ramokgopa during a golf day reception in february 2016. Upon going with his gut feeling he signed them on the spot as he describes “being taken by their originality, genuineness, easy going approach to music and singing in their mother tongue.” He then took them under his wing and helped them unleash more of the lurking music that burned inside them, allowing them to give birth to their debut self-titled album, Encore.

It was then only natural for their ability to create the “perfect love songs” took over and in no time they had jam sessions which were never really part of what they had in mind but the music notes were too strong to ignore.

Encore, the album was produced by some of the biggest names in SA’s music history including Mdu Mtshali, Mondli Ngcobo, Theo Kgonsinkwe and Godfrey “Guffy” Pilane. Armed with their melodic voices that are able to turn any hearts into love instantly and their Setswana and Sesotho lyrics, this winning formula has birthed one of the top acts to take over africa.

And as the saying goes, the rest became history as encore was born and they managed to navigate their way to the ears and hearts of South Africans.

They feature the legendary Tshepo Tshola and Theo Kgonsinkwe of Mafikizolo fame who help them keep their fire alive but still allow them to shine.

Although the three are all individual and have their own tastes in music, this has helped them create a master piece in their hit single, Ke Fela Pelo which has

“we took a risk singing in Setswana but after seeing the positive reaction we have gained confidence and have no doubt that we are on the right path,” said

Kabelo. Keabetswe explained that their songs always strike a chord with music lovers, “we never thought we would see people cry over our music, but we have seen it. People lose it and even ask us to perform ke fela pelo for up to four times.” Ke fela pelo which exceeded all of their expectations is still pushing hard and carrying them deeper into the hearts of their fans and those who are yet to discover the group. It has been selected as one of the songs on the upcoming sabc 1’s uzalo (telenovela) compilation album which will consists of some of the best songs in the country. Their latest single, i got you, is a grand follow up to their spectacular entry into the commercial music scene, which clearly shows that there is more from where it came from and that their music pot will never run dry. They have graced stages including being the opening acts for multi-award winning music power house, Mafikizolo on their tour, the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz festival , the capital arts festival, and the African Jazz night festivals and corporate gigs just among others. Their chart topping music has already found a home as it is played on high rotation on some of mzansi’s top radio stations including Metro fm, Kaya fm, SA fm and Gagasi fm and they are slowly becoming media darlings as everybody loves, love. For more information and bookings contact: Modise kgomo: 0832603677 / 0836420145 / Faith : 0782535921 #VOICE



Epistles To The 21st Century Church




randon Bailey along with his wife Marilyn Bailey are the founders of Teleios Church based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He provides apostolic oversight to many who relate and connect with him in his apostolic capacity. He is also the African Coordinator for Kingdom Impact International Network, an international apostolic body based in Vancouver, Canada. He is the founder of the Teleios Quarterly Schools of Ministry and acts as the primary resource developer in these schools which cover various ecclesiastical content. The content from these schools have gone to nations such as India, Pakistan and South Sudan. He is an international conference speaker and author. His deep passion is to bring the body of Christ to a place of maturity. The 21st century church is perhaps in one of her most sensitive periods. Daily we are bombarded



with new theological arguments on various subjects in the church. On any given day there are new arguments on eschatology, giving and generosity, fivefold ministry etc. Outside of the theological and doctrinal arguments of the church we also dealing on a daily basis with the emergence of so called false prophets, false apostles and the believers are in panic mode because the veil between true and false is so thin. It is on the premise of this that this book “Epistles to the 21st century church” is written. Catch Brandon Bailey Every Month For our 21st Century Leadershio and Ministry Advices for you Endulgance and Growth. Feel free to drop him any question you need clearity on... @TheVoiceMag


Breaking Addiction 2 Biblical Ways to Break the Cycle of Addiction

So many Christians are in bondage to addictive behaviours, they

How do you submit to God and

want to be free, but don’t know how. One such young woman

resist the devil?

came forward for ministry at a healing conference in Kentucky. Her addiction was cigarettes and it had control over her. But she wanted

• Ask God for forgiveness.

deliverance and freedom.

“If we confess our sins, He is

I laid hands on her and renounced the spirit of addiction in her, and

faithful and just to forgive us

declared that from now on when she would try to smoke a cigarette

our sins and cleanse us from all

she would start to vomit. And she put it to the test. As soon as the

unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9).

service was over she ran outside and took a puff of a cigarette and her body immediately started to vomit on the church steps. Her

• Read the Bible and cleanse yourself spiritually so “that He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the

You may be like this woman with an addiction to some type of sinful behaviour and need deliverance and renewal of your mind. So, here is a plan of action from the Scriptures to help you overcome any and all addictive behaviours. So many Christians are in bondage to addictive behaviours, they want to be free, but don’t know how. One such young woman came forward for ministry at a healing conference in Kentucky. Her addiction was cigarettes and it had control over her. But she wanted deliverance and freedom.

word” (Eph. 5:26). • Listen to faith-building messages. “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Rom. 10:17). • Fast and pray for deliverance. “He said to them, ‘this kind cannot come out except by prayer and fasting’” (Mark 9:29). • Pray in the Spirit to encourage body now rejected what it once craved. But along with physical

yourself. “But you, beloved, build

deliverance, her soul, mind and emotions needed to be healed and

yourselves up in your most holy

renewed to remain free from the addiction.

faith. Pray in the Holy Spirit”

You may be likeW this woman with an addiction to some type of sinful behaviour and need deliverance and renewal of your mind. So, here is a plan of action from the Scriptures to help you overcome any and all addictive behaviours.

(Jude 1:20).

1. Before you can overcome an addiction you first have to admit that

and every high thing that exalts

you have a problem and that it is a sin. James 5:16 instructs us to

itself against the knowledge of

• Take control of your thoughts by “casting down imaginations

“confess your faults to one another and pray

God, bringing every thought into

for one another, that you may be healed. The

captivity to the obedience of

effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man

Christ” (2 Cor. 10:5).

accomplishes much.” 2. Make a quality decision that you will do whatever is necessary to be free from this ungodly behaviour. There is a plan to freedom in James 4:7: “Therefore submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” #VOICE




Ms Amanda Ndiki is an internationally certified life coach, social entrepreneur and an Author. She is an empowering transformational coach who is a facilitator of conversations, programmes and a breakthrough motivator. She is passionate about human development and is a specialist in Emotional Intelligence, Personal Branding and Personal Mastery. She is also an Inspirational Public Speaker, Event MC and Mind Performance Expert. As the founder of CY Events & Lifestyle a company that focuses on Coaching, Events and Self-Publishing. She has pioneered ground-breaking intervention programmes on NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programmes, which deals with Mind Mastery, Emotional Intelligence and Personal Branding. Through her life- changing workshops and seminars, she has been able to help thousands of people to find their purpose in life and overcome traumatic experiences. Amanda’s drive for social entrepreneurship led her to open a Foundation called Rise Up Africa, which deals with the youth using a holistical approach model of a total young person. The foundation focuses on three pillars: (a) Social & Ethics (b) Entrepreneurship & Education (c) Health & Wellness. She has been a sought #VOICE after speaker on Transformation, So-


cial Issues, Student Development as well as Youth and Gender Related matters. Amanda thrives on challenging herself and standing up for just causes; she is an activist in the areas of Gender –Based Violence, An ambassador for Celibacy & Abstinence, her passion lies in empowering the youth about the benefits of abstinence and how the lifestyle can eliminate some of the social ills, e.g. teenage pregnancy and use of substance abuse. The power of waiting helps the process of self-discovery to have clarity. Amanda is also an Evangelist at International Ministry for Christ Church under the leadership of Bishop Ndala in Vosloorus. Delighted Clients Anglo Coal SABC Nedbank Department of Education North West University Tshwane University of Technology Email Cell Tel Website

: : 073 374 6873 : 010 035 2758 :


Spice up Your Marriage &






TIPS TO SPIRITUALLY SPICE UP YOUR MARRIAGE RESTORE THE PASSION IN YOUR MARRIAGE WITH THESE BIBLICAL TIPS. With the release of the movie, 50 Shades of Grey it seems that everyone is whispering about sex. As Christian married couples, we don’t need to watch a movie to get the spice we’re looking for in our marriage, but it’s time we start talking out loud to our spouses-and even a therapist, if necessary-about keeping the passion alive. I caught up with Dr. Dimpho Motsei, PhD, an ordained minister, licensed counselor and certified sex therapist, who provides marriage and sex therapy to about 25 couples a week. Dr. Dr. Dimpho says: “When it comes to 50 Shades, I remind people that sexual fantasy is powerful. Kept within a healthy marriage it can be rich and enhancing. Moved outside of marriage it can be intoxicating but often does great damage to the core of our security, playfulness and true erotic intimacy,” he explains. “This is true with pornography, erotic fantasy novels, sexually focused movies or anything that glorifies sexual partialism or the sexual buzz. “Erotic sex cannot heal someone’s brokenness, depravity,

depression or loneliness, and we need to be very cautious in filling our mind with stories and images that play with this fantasy (Philippians 4:8). There are far more valuable ways to spend a couple hours enriching sexuality in marriage,” he noted. Here are Dr. Dimpho’s 5 tips to spiritually spice up your sex life. 1) FLASHBACK TO THE PAST Dr. Dimpho points out that in Revelation 2, Christ (the Groom) commends the Church (His bride) for staying committed but says that she has fallen out of love over time and lost her passion. Christ provides the recipe for regaining that passion by telling His bride to remember how it was when that passion was strong. According to Dr. Dimpho, this is a great pattern for married couples to follow, as well. Couples should reminisce and remember the really good times to regain “that loving feeling.” “What did you do early in your sexual relationship? Were you more adventurous, spontaneous, playful? Maybe you



Focus on the Intimacy it’s important to never forget what sex is really all about. “If it’s not about connecting deeply with each other, giving yourself fully to your spouse, fully exposing yourself in the moment (heart, mind, passion and body) and sharing the discovery of what truly excites you deep inside, you’ve lost the true passion,” Dr. Dimpho explains. “The greatest sex comes when we protect each other and the marriage bed until it becomes a safe place to fully expose our eroticism with each other.”

took more time or gave more to each other,” he said. “Identify as many factors as you can and try adding them back in.” 2) BE PLAYFUL Many married couples lose the sense of play over time. Sex shouldn’t be a chore, in other words, it should be fun. So, have fun! Dr. Dimpho suggests not being so concerned about arriving at “the destination;” rather, married couples should take their time and enjoy “the journey.” 3) REST UP While you wouldn’t necessarily think napping together would spice up the bedroom, being well rested is actually an aphrodisiac for many. “Many sexual fantasies include phrases like, ‘we were on vacation and relaxed,’ ‘we slept in late and stayed in bed,’ ‘the kids were at grandmas giving us time to relax and take a nap,’” Dr. Dimpho explains. “Try structuring the day so sex doesn’t get the last ounces of energy for the day. Instead, approach it with the energy of a well-rested body and mind.”

4) TALK ABOUT IT While communication is key to a good marriage, it’s also key to a healthy sex life. “Sex itself is a powerful type of communication, but we need to occasionally add words and talk about it if we really want to make it better,” Dr. Dimpho shares. “Most couples who come to see us have never really talked about how they make love. What do they do and what do they like? All couples develop a well-scripted sexual dance of ‘you do this’, followed by ‘my doing that’. This is a rich part of making love, but is it really working for you?” Dr. Dimpho suggests fixing a cappuccino or a savory cup of tea and sitting down at the kitchen table to talk through “the dance.” “How do you know when your partner is in the mood? What do you do first? What comes next? How do you know when it’s time to move to the next step? This is very uncomfortable for most couples but if you can stay curious and playful, it can be a rich exercise,” he assures. “If you aren’t quite ready to dive into the deep end, buy a good sex manual and take turns reading it out loud to each other, pausing often to comment and discuss.”




r. Mabel Baloyi is a sought – after empowerment and inspirational catalyst, strategic thinker, transitional and transformational leader. She is a change agent, a voice of hope and she carries the message of healing to the nations. She is a servant leader at Life Community Bible Church and has since been planted by the Lord in that area for the past 23 years. Dr Baloyi’s message empowers different types of audiences, transforms individuals thereby, bringing a fresh sense of purpose and hope to the audience. She combines her leadership expertise with biblical and spiritual insights to deliver the message that touches the heart, ministers inner healing, challenge the mindset and is life transforming. She is a transformational and Inspirational catalyst helping others to Reign in Their Purpose, become Game Changers and live their lives to the fullest. Dr Baloyi is a frequent guest on Radio Pulpit and Link FM, a former Kasie FM frequent guest and has previously featured on Soweto and Dumisa TV. Mabel is an author of the 9 Ps of marriage, Ignite and Queen Power. She has formerly contributed weekly newspaper articles to media 24‘s local newspaper, City Vision “Women’s Voices”, Local publication called Bread of Life Magazine and former freelance writer for an online women magazine Dr. Mabel Baloyi is a Skills Development Specialist, Management and Leadership Consultant, a certified Life and Executive Coach. She has a wealth of knowledge in Education, Training and Development. Her skills and expertise are a culmination of both theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the past 23 years. She offered her professional Education and Training services to various organizations including but not limited to Department of Education, Department of Public Transport , Sector Education and Training Authorities ( SETA’s), Leadership driven organizations such as Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance, Entrepreneurship driven organizations such as


Dr. Mabel Baloyi Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development, Automotive Industry, Multinational Consumer Goods such as Unilever, Training institutions such as ITOCA, Cavan Consulting, Center of Business Academy ( CBA), Olwazini Consulting Services and Botlhale Management Consultants. She formerly provided strategic advice to Ed-Faith Group. Mabel is the CEO of NLDC Coaching, Founder and President of Network of Women in Leadership and Managing Member of Majestic RubyStone events and productions. Dr. Baloyi is the recipient of four awards: 1. Sisonke Productions for the most inspirational articles on the Local Newspaper. 2. WIMA Awards for Women in Ministry and Leadership. 3. Matthew Goniwe School of Leadership and Governance for excellent programme delivery and performance. 4. Kathorus Christian Tabernacle for Excellence in Feminine Leadership. Dr Mabel Baloyi is sought by individuals and organizations for the following services: Skills Development, Coaching, Human Resources (HR) Services, OD and Change Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership Training, Assistance with Accreditation, Keynote Speaker, Seminars and Workshops, Training and Break -Out Session Trainer. Dr Baloyi has knowledge of:

1. South African Qualifications Authority 2. National Skills Development Strategy ( NSDS) 3. Skills Development Act. 4. Quality Council for Trades and Industry ( QCTO) 5. Facilitation, Assessments, Skills Development Facilitation, Moderation and Development of Training Programmes. 6. Management of Learnerships from inception to learner certification 7. Accreditation Processes 8. Training Programme Development for accreditation and non-accreditation purposes. 9. OD ETDP ( Occupationally-Directed Education Training and Development Practices) 10. OBET ( Outcomes Based Education and Training) 11. Conducting training needs analysis. 12. Compilation of Work Place Skills Plans ( WSP) 13. Compilation of ATR ( Annual Training Report) 14. OD and Change Management 15. Facilitating the strategic planning and review sessions. 16. Business Processes 17. Human Resources To communicate with her better visit http://www. or email




Ps, Author, Relationship & Marriage Coach

Bus sin con niscias sitatec atatur, con et quia Ximo doluptae sed que nimi, autenda eostore


Marriage is created by God as a permanent institution. And God the creator says, let no man separate what He has joined together. (See Mark 10:9). The first thought which comes to mind when one thinks about marriage should be, it is permanent and therefore the approach should be finding a partner and stick for life. Most marriages end prematurely today, because either the process was rushed or one married for wrong reasons. These are some of the reasons one should never get married for; as a solution to get out of poverty, she looks beautiful or he looks handsome or they are rich. Apart from falling in love, there are other important aspects about who they really are, their character which is critical to understand and be comfortable about, “Before you say I do”. The biggest step to take “Before you say I do”, is to “talk now” about potential issues that might affect your relationship tomorrow. Marriage proposal excites, however, you cannot decide hastily. It is a life-time commitment; a one-way ticket. You think you know your partner until you discuss their characteristics and expectations. Being comfortable about the partner’s take on money, spirituality, sex before marriage, debts, health, previous marriage and children, children and

priorities, is key. As much as love is the reason you intend marrying them, your experience of how they deal with anger, temper and their ability to forgive should be at the top of your deciding factors. The truth is, you will have differences and might wrong them! Will they be able to forgive you easily? No love can exist without forgiveness. They say love is blind, however marriage needs you to sober up and apply your mind. You either talk now and spot out their flaws “Before you say I do” or get surprised later to discover you married a stranger. No one is perfect, however what you do not know because you did not ask, could be the same thing that destroys your marriage. Most marital challenges can be avoided by choosing a right, loving and compatible spouse. All it takes, is this sensitive talk “Before you say I do”. If he or she is reckless with finances or abuses alcohol and is not willing to repent now, what makes you think marriage will change them to meet your ideal spouse expectation? If she or he cannot respect you now, they will grow in their disrespect in marriage. The reality is, as people grow in age, knowledge, exposure as well as the impact of life’s circumstances, events, and other influences, causes them to change. You might

have met her or him as a size 32 or financially sound, however this picture might change in a few years, after life happens. The key fact is both of you will change over time and your marriage success will hinge on your ability to adapt to these changes on your spouse and yourself over time. As you change, one thing which remains the same is the author of marriage, God. The bible teaches us that God is love. (See 1 John 4:8). God is the Glue of marriage, He holds it together through good and bad seasons. Over and above everything, you need God in your hearts to keep the marriage working especially during impossible seasons. Your discussion on spirituality and God must be thorough, you cannot leave it to chance. Maybe you ask, what if he or she is not Christian but I love them? The truth is, if you cannot agree today, what guarantee do you have that they might convert to Christianity? Only a God fearing man or woman will treat you like a princess or prince and love you God’s way. If they love you that much, then receiving Christ as their Lord and Saviour should be easy for them. Remember, you are not trying them out, but you intend to marry them till eternity. Marriage is new to you and no amount of preparation

by yourself will make you an expert prepared for marriage. Pre-marital counseling is the final step that will prepare you and also ascertain that your choice is right. Your Pastor will cover essential topics which include importance of God as the centre of marriage, marriage roles, family, etc. to help you better prepare for this lifetime commitment. One thing you will learn in marriage, is that marriage is the real test, and live preparation. Children will be born in your marriage and need both daddy and mommy for their upbringing. It is definitely not for quitters. When you say I do, you entering into a permanent covenant with your partner and you enter an unknown territory with no experience. You do not wish for your partner to turnout into a stranger halfway into marriage. Marriage is like a seed sowed, and depends on the ground it is sowed in, as well as the amount of care given daily. Good nurturing with care will make your marriage fruitful, multiply and remain standing until eternity. Your decision “Before you say I do” must be based on love and shared understanding of each other not on material things. Your marriage too, will build its own wealth. May God as the centre of your marriage Bless you, as you prepare to enter this #VOICE Holy Matrimony.



RE-DISTRIBUTION OF LAND WHAT IS THE ROLE OF THE CHURCH IN THE REDISTRIBUTION PROCESS OF THE LAND? IS THE CHURCH EVEN AWARE WHAT’S GOING ON? PRESIDENT CYRIL RAMAPHOSA ON TUESDAY NIGHT ANNOUNCED THAT THE ANC PLANS TO GO AHEAD WITH EXPROPRIATION WITHOUT COMPENSATION. Ramaphosa explained that the “ANC reaffirms its position that the Constitution provides for radical transformation both of society and the economy”, and that a proper reading of the Constitution “enables the state to effect expropriation of land with just and equitable compensation and also expropriation without compensation and in the public interest”. The public hearings, according to his statement, have now drawn attention to the need to make this explicit in the Constitution. “The ANC will, through the parliamentary process, finalize a proposed amendment to the Constitution that outlines more clearly the conditions under which expropriation of land without compensation can be affected,” he said. This echoes the EFF tabled, but ANC amended motion, and the ANC’s 54th Congress report that saw expropriation without compensation emerge as one of the key mechanisms to give effect to land reform. The statement, according to news reports, sent the rand plummeting, ignited Twitter and made sure that journalists, analysts and commentators are aware that this is going to be a mara#VOICEthon year of speculation and surprises.


The explicit mention that the ANC now supports a constitutional amendment as part of the parliamentary process raises some points to consider. A constitution is not a holy document, but it contains a set of ideals that provides a guiding function when legislation is drawn up and interpreted, and how decisions need to be made. The Bill of Rights, specifically, is important in this respect. A bill of rights, when written, is meant to be a lasting document. It is for this purpose that the language of a bill of rights is not so detailed and technical as the language

of legislation. Being less technical and open ended, the expansive language allows for interpretative possibilities that corresponds to changing circumstances. Legislation promulgated in terms of the Constitution, provides the details. If the ANC is already of the opinion that the current Section 25 allows for zero compensation, then the details as to under which circumstances, and what land, should be done in legislation. As a framework provision, Section 25 merely sets out parameters on the general requirements that the State must adhere to when it wants to...


amongst other things, expropriate land. The expropriation itself is not done in terms of the Constitution, but in terms of legislation promulgated in line with the Constitution. What is being underplayed is that expropriation, with or without compensation, is not land reform in itself. Expropriation without compensation is a mechanism of acquiring land, and as such is a step in a longer process of settling people on land. Other parts of the process are identifying suitable land for redistribution, identifying beneficiaries, determining mechanisms that will indicate who will get what piece of land for what purpose, and then of course, the details of post settlement support. Many who are opposed to the constitutional amendment are therefore not opposing land reform itself, but are questioning expropriation without compensation as a mechanism of acquiring land for land reform. These details got lost in the land hearings which were re-

duced to the binary question: Should the Constitution be amended or not? But details don’t make good 5-word slogans for populism and support. What does the road ahead look like? If we accept that the ANC can garner enough support for expropriation without compensation on its terms in Parliament, amendment legislation must be drawn up to amend the Constitution. The normal legislative-making process will then take place, which includes public participation that is not a mere box ticking exercise, but participation that is informed and inclusive. That legislation needs to be voted on in Parliament and a two-thirds majority have to vote in favour of it. Some people argue that since it affects foundational values of the Constitution, a 75% majority is needed. But let’s assume that this long process is concluded (and this won’t be before the 2019 elections – making laws is not making sausages), then what? Legislation might need to be promulgated to

give effect to the amendment. Even if that is not necessary, all that still does not guarantee that the government will keep to its constitutional commitments as contained in the then newly worded Section 25.




J.Ross Recording Artist Music Producer Musical Director & Actor



orn in Pimville Soweto, Jamela John Ross Vuma is the son of legendary music producer, Tom Vuma. He is a multi- talented artist who plays a variety of instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, drums and flute. He has been making music from the age of 7 when he used to visit recording studios with his dad Tom Vuma. At age 15 his Mom Khosi Vuma took him to audition for Somizi Mhlongo for a group called Children of the Rainbow. He got his first gig overseas with the group which represented South Africa and also coproduced the children of the rainbow album with Somizi Mhlongo. This was the beginning of a very fruitful career in producing music.

Jamela has produced music with iconic South African artists like the late Brenda Fassie, Lebo Mathosa, Senyaka, Arthur Mafokate and Chicco Twala. In 1998, Vuma formed the kwaito group ‘Jojavu’ and together with Universal Music they released an album featuring the popular song ‘Kanti Ku Nje’. In 2001, Jamela split from the group and went solely into producing where he produced hit songs and albums for Cream, Speedy, Chomee and Gang of Instrumentals to name a few. Jamela (Jross) released his solo debut kwaito album ‘Nyaka Nyaka’ with EMI in 2003, which saw him crossing the borders once again, he shot his music video Babawami in Las Vegas. And he’s hit singles Babawami and Nyaka Nyaka received high rotation across the country. Then in 2005 he signed with 999music Arthur Mafokate’s record label. He released 2 albums ‘Amadragon’ in 2007 and ‘Anaconda’ in 2009 as Sgonondo who was a masked kwaito sensation and produced for all the 999music artists for 2 about 9 years. In 2010 he formed a Rnb and soul band called ‘Jamela Rockaz’ after which he released his 4th yet 1st R&B solo album ‘All the way’ in 2012. This album escalated to the top of the Kaya FM & Metro FM charts with his hit singles ‘Something Simple’ and ‘This Day’. In 2013 Vuma collaborated with Black Brain Pictures, a TV and film production company, composing soundtracks for their television shows and movies. It is during this time that he began his journey towards an acting career, featuring in Mzansi Magic’s movie, Plastic Money as Chipembe (2014) and SABC 1’s tv comedy ‘ Ses top la’ as Intelligent 2015, 2016 and 2017.



n 2014 he started a record label with 4 other stakeholders called ‘Black Soul Ink’ and rebranded Jamela to JRoss. JRoss released 3 Rnb and soul singles called ‘Lovehate’, ‘Number 1’ and ‘Ivili liya jika’ To date JRoss started his own records label JROSSBEATS, with his wife Megan who is also a wellknown Choreographer. He has done a complete 360 in his personal life, and has turned all his focus and attention on God and living a Christian life with family. He is the praise and worship leader at Midrand Impact Christian Centre and has released his first gospel CD called ‘Living in Christ vol 1’ with Gallo records where he talks about how God has transformed and healed his life. The CD is already receiving massive airplay in the UK and the USA. JRoss has produced soundtracks for Mzansi Magic’s hit series ‘Lockdown’ season 1 & 2 and ‘Change Down’. He is the voice on the Lockdown opening title sequence song Sengonile that’s available on iTunes. The song got people talking on social media and created so much hype. He also produced the famous Mama ka Bafana song that’s gone viral all over South Africa In November 2017 Jross co-produced the song for Africa featuring Akon, 2face, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Jah Prayzah and other African artists. The ‘Living in Christ’ vol.1


launch was held on the 2nd of December 2017 and was an out-door event. The guest speakers were Kabelo Mabalane and Lorcia Cooper. The MC was Bantu Soul and one of the guest performers was Danno Peterson and other gospel acts. Spar and AFM Impact Christian Centre Midrand sponsored

the launch.Currently Jross has shot and edited his first gospel music video for the song ‘Beautiful’ from his album. His music video has been released on his YouTube channel called ‘JOHNROSS_TV’ and One Gospel. His YouTube channel is dedicated to his life as a worshipper and his testimonies about his past, present and future. J

ACHIEVEMENTS: • SAFTA Golden Horn nomination- Best supporting actor in a TV comedy Ses top la 2015. • Metro FM Music Award nominee- Best Rnb album ‘All the way’ 2013. • SAMA nominee – Best kwaito album Sgonondo ‘Amadragon’ 2008. • SAMA nominee- Song of the year Sgonondo ‘Amadragon’ 2008. • SAMA nominee – Best male artist Sgonondo ‘Amadragon’ 2008. SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook. John Ross Twitter. @jross_sa @jross_za Instagram. @jross_za - YouTube: JOHNROSS_TV For Bookings contact Megan Erasmus -079 775 5133 #VOICE


This controversial subject has evoked many passionate opinions among Christians. Why? Is God’s Word silent or in anyway unclear about alcohol?



Everyone has this question ringing int heir heads, “Is occasional social drinking OK for Christians?” As the author, J. Lawrence notes, “One’s attitudes toward alcohol are seldom objective, even if one tries to be tolerant. One can be sure that a refined, cultured gentleman from Limpopo is not likely to be an abstainer. And a wife of an alcoholic is not likely to be convinced that any policy of moderation is wise.” Still, for thousands of years, Christians writing on the subject have generally attempted to be

moderate. A few deny that the Bible has anything positive to say about alcohol. But generally speaking, Christians have, like John, made the case for abstinence or very little drinking while acknowledging that biblical injunctions are against drunkenness, not necessarily fermented beverages as a whole. But as John says, the debate is still contentious. And from the lips of early church bishops to today’s local pastors and televangelists, the differing viewpoints are available in abundance online.

Social and Occational



It is fair to say that both total abstinence and moderate use were acceptable to Jesus. Following the parable of the children at play (Matthew 11:16-19, NRSV), Jesus added these words: “For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon’; the Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ “ Clearly, Jesus intended the parable to show what he thought of debates about eating and drinking. They were petty and distracting. They drew attention from

the real issues facing the nation. The apostle Paul warns repeatedly against drunkenness. A candidate for the office of deacon must not be addicted to much wine (1 Timothy 3:8). He admonished members of the church at Corinth not to keep fellowship with a member who is a drunkard (1 Corinthians 5:11). But Paul was prepared to accept as brothers and sisters those who drink and those who do not drink. He also spoke favorably of using wine for medicinal purposes (1 Timothy 5:23).





r Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi (born 9 may 1985) is a South African Politician. He is the youngest member of the economic freedom fighters in parliament and is the party’s national spokesperson.

EARLY LIFE Dr. Ndlozi grew up in Gauteng in the Vaal area of Evaton. He was brought into political consciousness in 1992 when his uncle was jailed by the apartheid police force for his involvement in the underground activities of the liberation movement. His own political participation in mainstream politics came later in the form of participation in youth movements. He joined the South African Student’s Congress (SASCO), the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) and the Young Communist League (ycl). Ndlozi served in the Palestinian and Cuban international Solidarity Movements. In 2013, he was involved in the “No Obama campaign” that was initiated by some Youth Political Congresses in the country. He sits on the portfolio committees of telecommunications as well as communications to do oversight work.

I am looking forward to making sure that strict accountability is revived on the executive, that parliament returns to the people – that the people follow parliament’s developments and that as mps we represent the citizens and their interests well.




On the 18th of august 2017, he was confirmed to have completed his doctorate at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. This was well received by the commander in chief (cic) of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema, who said on his Twitter, “ladies and gentlemen, fighters and fellow South Africans I am presenting to you, Dr. Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, PhD”. Congratulatory remarks came from even the people who are from the different political formations.

POLITICAL CAREER In joining the fifth parliament as a new MPs, he said: “I am looking forward to making sure that strict accountability is revived on the executive, that parliament returns to the people – that the people follow parliament’s


developments and that as mps we represent the citizens and their interests well. I hope in the next five years, to expose that the ruling party has no ideological

Julius Malema, and deputy President, Floyd Shivambu, he is also a former member of the ANCYL.

framework to take South Africa beyond the political freedoms it won and that instead, under pressure from opposition, it will start to undermine these freedoms. Above all, i want to show that an agenda, based only on seven cardinal pillars of the eff, can take South Africa to economic freedom and sustainable development.”

Shivambu, along with the rest of the economic freedom fighters parliamentary members, were forcefully thrown out of parliamentary for disrespecting president Jacob zuma during his state of the nation address in 2015 and 2016. They have subsequently, at other sittings of the house, been removed from the national assembly by the parliamentary protection services. The EFF’s recent removal from the national assembly relates to the South African constitutional court finding that president Jacob Zuma had failed to respect and uphold the constitution of the Republic of South Africa. In


e became actively engaged in politics, as an activist during his years as a student at Wits. Like Economic Freedom FightersCommander-In-Chief,

Ndlozi, Julius Malema and floyd

the sitting of the national assembly, at which president Jacob zuma had come to answer questions from members of parliament, from which the eff were ejected; the premise of the disrup-

tion by the eff had been the ineligibility of president Jacob zuma to address the national assembly: as the EFF believed the judgment by the constitutional court of south Africa had illustrated the flouting of the oath of office which give the president his authority of office and therefore; standing in the national assembly.

EDUCATION He obtained his PhD in political science from wits in 2017. #VOICE



The negative effects of social media How everyone can be addicted


to social networking

In the August Edition of the Voice Mag! I wrote about how social media has brought people together and enhanced businesses in the world. But, just like any other new development, social media has also its own downsides. And, we need to look into them before they get into us.

The glaring negative effects of social media It is true that social media has made life easier for humanity. The immediacy of social networking is so tempting that many people get hooked to the devices to the excessively. And because of such preoccupation, they are at risk of getting themselves isolated from the real world. False sense of connectivity. Have you witnessed a group of friends getting together



in one place but are barely speaking to one another? Instead, everyone is busy attending to his own mobile device? Or, have you yourself experienced being together with your family but not together? Isn’t it quite absurd? Actually, this is a common scenario that you can find everywhere you go. It’s what we call a plugged-in life. The little device in our pockets has taken a powerful control over us. It dramatically changed who we are and what we do. To the point that we feel inutile without our mobile phones. Let’s face the sad truth. Social media is subtly making us into sociable robots. It changes the way we relate to ourselves and our capacity for self-reflection. We want to be with each other, but also elsewhere at the same time. We want to customize our lives. In the process, we lose the essence of conversation. In the past decade, many of us have preferred sending text messages, emails, and posting on social media instead of engaging in actual conversations. Why? Because through these means of connection, they want to present themselves as they want to be. Through the online connection, we get to edit and delete what we do not want others to see of us. Human relationships are messy and can sometimes be demanding. So, we clean it up with technology. By doing this, we face the risk of sacrificing conversation for mere connection. And this might lead us to stop caring for one another altogether. Building casual relationships through social media diminish our ability to foster meaningful relationships in the real world.


Addiction to our devices compromises our work and our relationships with other people. Students can suffer academically, while young children are vulnerable to parents’ neglect. ADDICTION TO THE DEVICES.

This is the hard fact: company heads text or do email during corporate board meetings. Employees shop online during office hours or in the middle of presentations. Students go on Facebook amid class hours. Parents text, talk on their mobile devices or do email at mealtimes. And children complain about not having their parents’ full attention. But at the same time, too, these same children deny each other their full attention. Practically, everyone can be addicted to social networking. In fact, many already are! Addiction to social networking is a compulsive behaviour to use social media to the excess. According to studies, many

employees spend about 60% - 80% of their office time on the internet. Sadly, such a large chunk of time is spent on a non-work related activity. Instead, these employees constantly check and interact on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter throughout the day. Thus, making them less productive at work. In fact, some big businesses have lost billions of dollars annually due to the unproductivity issue with their employees. Addiction to our devices compromises our work and our relationships with other people. Students can suffer academically, while young children are vulnerable to parents’ neglect. Mobile phones, which seem to be the permanent fixture in our pockets, influence how we think and feel. They offer us pseudo-comfort in at least three ways:

● That we will always be heard ● That we can direct our attention wherever we want it to be ● That we don’t have to be alone I want to expand more on the “we don’t have to be alone” thing because it basically hits the core of our psyches. The moment a social media addict is alone, he becomes anxious. He panics. And to solve this, he reaches for a device to connect. He feels that by connecting with online friends is the solution to his “aloneness”. And this is where the danger lies: “connection” is wrongly equated with “conversation”. The bits of tweets and the little sips of online communication do not add up to real conversation. You cannot get empathy from someone you do not see at all. The message you get back from the other line can be edited or controlled. Turn Over...





yberbullying and cyberharassment

The different social media platforms are available to both friends and predators. And since these platforms are easy to access, children, preteen, and teenage users are prone to cyber-bullying. They are the most vulnerable to attacks and threats. They may be subjected to direct attacks from another child, or by proxy. Cyberbullying by proxy involves another person, usually an adult, to help cyberbully the victim. Parents or guardians should, therefore, keep a close watch on their children’s use of the internet and social media. The destruction of either of these attacks can leave profound emotional and mental scars on the victim. It’s not unfamiliar to hear about children committing suicide because of trauma. Cyberharassment, on the other hand, involves an adult victim. Since you don’t see who you are chatting or connecting with, you could be dealing with unscrupulous people. These people usually use the information you post on social media against you.


ake news

How many times have you been shocked to read about a celebrity who died in a freak accident? Only to find out that you are reading a fake news story. Yes, there are a lot of websites out there that are interested only in spreading hoaxes and disinformation. Just to drive traffic to their sites! By writing sensational stories, they draw curious readers, hoping to earn money from the advertisements displayed on them. Many of the fake news are cantered on politics, religion, celebrities, and health. In conclusion, social media is both a breakthrough in mass communication and a threat to human relationships. We should be prudent on how to use the different platforms to our advantage without prejudice to another.








imphiwe Mini was raised in Thulani Informal Settlement in Soweto. It was during his years at a local high school that he

realized and started exploring his love and passion for music. Upon completing his Matric, against pursuing studies in Bcom, he opted for Musical studies and obtained a national certificate at South West Gauteng College. Simphiwe is a firm believer in leading by example, thus one of his favourite everyday phrases is “walk the talk”. Having experienced the hardships of growing in a disadvantaged area, he aims to inspire and empower young people all around to break the boundaries of their limitations and pursue the careers of their choice. While in college, he performed around the country in Jazz venues alongside the likes of Zim Ngqawana, Oletta Adams, Lee Gibson and Khaya Mahlangu to name a few. In 2004 he was selected as vocalist in the Standard Bank National Arts Festival, there he rehearsed and performed with a 29piece big band.



In 2005 he joined the Oasis of Life Family Church Soweto as a


“Simphiwe has starred in numerous tv drama series and tele-novelas across different broadcasting houses, playing

“SIMPHIWE IS A WFIRM BELIEVER IN LEADING BY EXAMPLE, THUS ONE OF HIS FAVOURITE EVERYDAY PHRASES IS “WALK THE TALK” Choir master, band and musical director. There he worked alongside prominent gospel artists like Tshepiso Motaung, Nana Mhlongo, and Kgotso Makgalema. S.A Idols top 60 finalist – 2012 I Want To Sing Gospel Gauteng Top 30- 2014 Ingoma Awards Nominations Party Host Ingoma Awards Host 2013 Host of Divine Life, a Talk Show on GNF TV-

2013 Currently recording a gospel album and hosting gospel concerts. M.C Pick n Pay Stokvel Activations M.C KZN Dept of Social Dept Activations Motivational Speaker at various religious organisations, Schools & NGO’s. ON SCREEN & THEATRE Simphiwe has starred in numerous TV drama series and tele-novelas

across different broadcasting houses, playing support and lead characters. The roles include but are not limited to: Muvhango (SABC 2) – Advocate Njabulo Chabeli 2012 The Truth- Mzansi Magic Loksin Bioskop 10 Steps to Make Him Propose- Mzansi Magic Lokshin Bioskop Zabalaza (Mzansi Magic) - Detective Thabo 2013- 2014 Generations- Mondli

2015 Rhythm City – Mr Masondo 2014 Gold Diggers (eTV) – Stander 2016 Harvest (etv) - Zimba 2017 Rented Family (Sabc 1) - Muzi 2017 Abomama (Mzansi Magic) - Boris 2018 The Call- Musical Theatre Isambulo the Musical 2015- 2017 #VOICE



Mpho Mathabi - Mzansi queen of branding

“Business changes a person’s personality - I have learned that in order to make it out there, I need to be a gogetter” says Mpho #VOICE


Born and bred in Venda, Limpopo; Mpho Mathabi started out as an occupational therapist who went into the business of branding as a way to survive after losing her husband. Left with a 3 week old baby, Mpho needed something that would help her support her family but also give her a new and positive outlook on life and the world of branding and advertising seemed to be the answer. Alpha Production started in 2016 and two years later, Mpho is becoming a formidable force in the branding industry with clients spanning across South Africa including brands such as; BRICS, Mazda, Busamed Hospitals, Department of Housing, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Morangi Productions, Status and Nestle forming part of her branding portfolio. “Our business is not just about printing, signage and company branding. It is a solution provider - we look at a client, identify their gaps and find suitable branding solutions for them” says Mpho. However, all these successes have not happened without challenges. The branding industry is highly saturated, teaching Mpho to continue to look for new and innovative ways to do business. In her first year of business, Mpho has had a huge number of clients and her business continues to grow. She has had to up-scale on equipment and find ways to partner with other businesses to meet the production of largescale orders due to the lack of big technology and equipment in the industry.

Alpha Production is a branding company based in Modderfontein, East of Johannesburg. The business offers tailored branding solutions to its customers by providing them with printing, signage and graphic design services.


MPHO IS NOT JUST A BOSS LADY BUT SHE’S ALSO A HANDS ON LEADER WHO’S NOT SCARED GET DIRTY. Mpho says that, “Business changes a person’s personality - I have learned that in order to make it out there, I need to be a go-getter” says Mpho. Her advice to young women in the industry is not to overthink it. According to her, “There is never a good time or enough money to start a business - equip yourself with knowledge and surround yourself with like-minded people and you’re sure to succeed”. The next step for Alpha Production is to gain business in neighbouring

countries with South Africa as the head office. It goes without saying that the future of South Africa is definitely female and Mpho Mathabi is one to look out for as she takes the business of branding to new frontiers.











The pastor is the spiritual catalyst for the church. That makes the pastor a great big target for the enemy. Pray for the pastor’s spiritual health. Pray for protection. Pray for wisdom. Pray that the catalytic gifts of apostleship, prophecy, teaching, evangelism, and shepherding will grow strong in your pastor. The most affirming words that a pastor ever hears is “pastor, I’m praying for you every day.” Romans 15:30, 2 Corinthians 1:11

From constant ministry so renewal can take place. Pastors who go 24/7 for days, weeks, and months on end will inevitably self destruct. Mandate that your pastor takes weekly breaks for spiritual renewal as well as annual extended breaks for study leave and vacation. It is a small price to pay for the rich spiritual energy that comes as a result of regularly #VOICEreleasing you pastor from ministry. Matthew 14:23


Pastoring may be one of the most difficult jobs in the world these days. Pastors live in a highly concentrated environment where they see the results of sin on a daily basis through caring for humanity. While the average person may see a death, injury, illness, or family conflict occasionally, the pastor lives through these things on a weekly basis. Though pastors don’t live for affirmation, words of validation do provide a lifeline of strength through treacherous times.

Not about or around. Complaining about the pastor to someone else is corrosive for the entire church family. Writing anonymous critical notes to the pastor are acts of spiritual terrorism (by the way smart pastors just thrown them in the trash can without reading them). If you have a problem with the pastor, talk directly to the pastor and try to work it out. Challenge privately. Affirm publicly. Matthew 18: 15-17

Pastoral stress leaks into families and is enough to test all the family bonds. Throw in a few wild expectations about how a pastoral spouse and pastoral kids are supposed to behave and you have a recipe for a family meltdown. The antidote is the blessing. Bless the spouse. Bless the kids. Let go of any expectations and treat the family with a rich blessing of heavens grace. And of course to relieve the financial pressure, return a faithful tithe so that the pastor is secure in getting a regular paycheck. 1 Corinthians 9.14

For falling short of your expectations; because no pastor will perfectly satisfy your ideals. Remember that your vision of what a pastor should be is probably unique to you. Everyone else in the congregation also has unique expectations. Many of the expectations are mutually exclusive. Your pastor will also make some mistakes. All pastors do. Extend to your pastor the same grace that God extends to you.







Don’t expect the primary pastoral care to come from the pastor. It is mathematically impossible, and primary care is not his/her role. Regular spiritual support occurs in small groups. When you are plugged into a weekly small group you will grow together, pray for one another, care for one another, and support one another through all the ups and downs of life. The pastoral staff and lay pastors can serve as a safety net for those not in small groups as well as care for those in life transitions. Matthew 18:20

Don’t expect to live on a limited spiritual diet of thirty minute weekly sermons. Going seven days without eating makes one weak. Even with the best sermons you will spiritually starve to death. The role of the shepherd is not to stick grass in the mouths of sheep but to lead the sheep to green pastures. As you listen to the great sermons that your pastor preaches may you be inspired to get into the word yourself everyday in prayer filled Bible Study. Psalm 23:2

The pastor is not the CEO of the congregation, that role is reserved for Jesus. However the pastor has been given the gift of apostleship and you should take your cue from the pastor and follow after Jesus. Let your pastor lead. With leadership comes change. Things will be different. Since the founding of the church God has brought a succession of quality pastors, each one with leadership to take your church to the next level. God gives your pastor vision. Help the pastor flesh out the vision and then do your part to turn the vision into reality. Hebrews 13:17

Pastoral gifts don’t do much by themselves. However if you let those catalytic gifts energize your gifts, you will come alive spiritually. Let the pastor equip you so that your church family can reach unity in the faith and knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure the fullness of Christ. Take advantage of the teaching and ministry opportunities at your church. Place yourself in optimal places for spiritual growth. Ephesians 4:11,12 #VOICE





by Pst Stanley Maake




The church is a place of love, hope and recharge and not a social place where people are treated according to the depth of their pockets. I guess that South African’s are among the people who

God loves a cheerful giver. It is the act of sacrifice which

understand discrimination more than most people in other

attracts God’s blessings in giving. The Bible also encourages

countries. Twenty four years after the dawn of apartheid,

believers who are blessed to become a blessing to the less

most people still find themselves as victims of this demon,

fortunate, widows and orphans. Though the special blessing

discrimination. Discrimination is defined as the unjust or

of those who are obedient in their giving means well, it has

prejudicial treatment of different categories of people,

subtle undertones of discrimination. If the Pastor wishes to

especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. Has this demon

bless those who give, then each person should be prayed upon

found its way into the church? Most people feel discriminated

including those who did not make an offering of goodwill.

by their own churches’ on the bases of the offering of goodwill.

Some people do not give because they do not have. They

Those who pay tithes are treated somehow different from those who do not or cannot pay. It is a common practice in most churches that the paying of tithes is separated from

probably hope that as they fellowship the Lord shall remember them and give them that job they believe Him for or a business deal they are pursuing.

the goodwill offering. In fact, the tithers are called in front so

The church is a place of love, hope and recharge and not a

that the Pastor can give them a special blessing in exchange

social place where people are treated according to the depth

for their tithing. However, the same is not afforded those

of their pockets. All people irrespective of their social standing

who have not tithed on the day or those who have made the

are equal before God. Therefore, this is how God expects every

goodwill offering or those who do not have money to offer at

Pastor and members to treat each other. Jesus said they will

all. Is this practice of treating people differently based on their

know that you are mine when you love one another. Treating

giving biblical? Of course not; it is a man-made practice which

members different because of what they have done is surely

is applied for reasons known by those who practice it.

unjust. The church ought to be careful not to communicate

The blessing which is reserved for people who tithe might never be experienced by the poor, unemployed and those

a biased message to the well-resourced over less privileged members.

who choose for their own reason not to tithe, unless they

Though, the approach of giving a special blessing to those who

themselves tithe. Most people feel that this practice, though

tithe is made with good intentions; it has a potential to divide

unbiblical, is unfair, and prejudices especially those who can’t

the church according to the haves and have-nots. It could put

afford to tithe. Would it not be better for a Pastor to treat all

the have-nots in a difficult position which could ultimately see

church members as equal irrespective of the giving position?

them leave the church because of feeling that their financial

Nowhere in the Bible is it stated that after people have tithed, they should receive a special blessing! Instead, the Bible says,

struggles are exposed. On the contrary, the church is supposed to be a place of sanctuary for less fortunate members.





I am a child of God. He has anointed me to carry His Word into the market place and has been preparing me for the last 47 years to overcome many personal challenges and bring me to a place where I will spend all my time on motivating and inspiring others in business, those who are hurting and need to find their voice. I am currently writing my first book called JD4JC: Journey of a Lifetime which is an authentic rendition of a normal person’s walk with God and how great His redemptive power is. (*JD4JC stands for Jane/ John Doe for Jesus Christ). Journey of a Lifetime will be the first hopefully of many books that glorify God and His unconditional love, grace and mercy.

Trust God - Do Your Part. This is true, not only in life, but in the work place too. Those who strive for excellence will serve before kings (Proverbs 22:29) - what does it mean for you in your place of work? You may be the first woman appointed in a senior management position or on the Board of Directors. You may be working in the back office or part of the cleaning crew, but do it unto God, not to satisfy man and you’ll be amazed at the many ways in which God may bless you. It may not be in monetary terms only, but, most importantly, in your sphere of influence. God looks at the intention of our hearts. Look at Paul in the Bible. The same enthusiasm and single-minded focus which he persecuted Christians with, he applied to winning souls for the Kingdom. He never allowed his circumstances to dictate his next move but allowed God to direct his step “whether he abased or abound.” I once was privileged enough to set up a professional body in our country and the SADC countries. I prayed Jabez’ prayer daily and God was gracious enough to allow me to reach many hurting and lost souls. I also used Galatians 5:22 on the fruits of the Spirit, as the induction toolkit for the business and related it back to basic business principles. Using the fruits of the Spirit as a baseline, does not exclude anyone from the process or culture in your business. It sets the baseline of love, patience, happiness, humility, joy, commitment, long suffering and self-control as thѐ values that you operate by. God did not ask us to take over the world… He asked us to love – First Him, then ourselves and then others. And in so doing, make disciples of the nations. When walking in love, you resolve conflicts better, provide seamless customer service and create a team that truly care for one another. The will have each other’s back. They will deliver high quality products and services… All to the Glory of God. Do you know where your business partners are in their walk with God? Spiritual maturity and a balanced lifestyle will impact your business greatly. You might say it’s none of your business, but, I assure you, it is. It’s the same as choosing a marriage partner. If you’re a woman, you want to know that your man knows God intimately, has a daily walk with Him and that he will love you (or at least grow towards it) like Jesus loves the church... So much so that you will willingly love, honour and respect him. The same is true for your partners - you need to know that they will be good stewards, show up, pray with and support you through all the valleys and the highs... When there are two or three that agree...So, it shall be... Matthew 18:19 says: “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” And for heaven’s sake, steer clear of lazy, prideful and defensive people... They will infect your business like a rash... One pastor always says, “When clean touches unclean things, what happens? The clean gets dirty!” “You must keep the Israelites separate from things that make them unclean, so they will not die in their uncleanness for defiling my dwelling place,[b] which is among them.” (Lev 15: 31). So, protect your team like the fierce lioness that you are. Be open and transparent, have integrity and sow everything you need... Because according to our God’s economy, you will reap what you sow. Be wise, act with discernment, be respectful and always always seek God’s Council first before you do anything! God has no obligation to bless anything He hasn’t anointed you to do... “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” (Psalms 127:1) Steven Troxel writes in one of his Daily Devotionals that “So much of our Christian growth is a process of relinquishing control and trusting God to completely direct our life. He alone is in control of the doors; “What He opens no one can shut, and what He shuts no one can open” (Revelation 3:7). It is a mixture of pride and foolishness that causes us to continually push on doors which God has closed.”







that the word perish refers to sudden death, building to see outside. When the mind is de-


especially violently; to rot and decay as well. stroyed, we can’t see anything.

What you see and how you see I have always read this verse but never actu-

In organisations, we have what is called

it, defines who you are in the business world. ally given myself time to understand what it “Think Tank.” These are people who think Some will see problems and moan about means to perish. I then realised that if there strategies and advice the executives and bothem. Others will see problems and develop is no vision in an organisation, there will be ards of the organisation. Sometimes, they are solutions. The difference between the two decay. Infact, in most cases when the word the very engine of an organisation. They help people, is how they see what they see. In decay is used in the scriptures, reference is the organisation move towards its goals and Numbers 12, when the 12 leaders returned made to the word ‘corruption.’

objectives, moreover they influence its direc-

from Canaan with a report back to Moses, it

tion. Thinking is a project of the mind. If the


was how they saw the landscape that determined whether they could possess the land or not. The ten said “we look like grasshop-

mind can’t see, then thinking is affected. To shape an organisation, you need people who

Acts 13.36 speaks of David dying, being can think; strategically, tactically and lateral-

pers to them.” Two, Caleb and Joshua said, buried and his body seeing corruption in ly. “we are well able to take the land.” All 12 saw the English Standard Version. The word cor-

If you are building an organisation, a bu-

the giants in the land, but it is how they saw ruption is the word decay. To contextualise siness or your life even, watch out for thothemselves and their enemies that differen- the word corruption in an organisation wo- se things that causes perishing, and one of tiated them. This is what philosophers call ‘a uld mean decay. Anything that decays is first them is lack of vision. Could it be that the worldview.’ Vision projects the worldview we preceded by death. Death results into decay. problem is not in how you do things but how have.

If there is death of vision in an organisation, you see things? Remember, how you see sets

When a person receives an idea, they start then decay will result. Corruption in an orga- you apart from the rest. It defines how you believing it, then they develop an ideology that will give the idea structure, merit and audience, and then they decide to institutionalise the ideology by creating organisations and companies that will make the ideology a product or service and to administer and distribute it. All this process is what I call ‘visioneering.’ It is all about vision and what vision does to shape organisations. In this article, I will use Proverbs 29.18 as articula-

“It matters not who you are, when you have a vision that sets you apart from those who don’t have it.”

solve problems. When you have a vision you are forward thinking, but most of all vision preserves. Don’t allow anything to deter or derail you from achieving the vision you have, because if you want to preserve what you are building, you need vision. Sibusiso Mfeka is Brand Development Coach and Management Scientist and the author of “The Making of a Brand.” Find him

ted by the King James Version. We will see nisation signifies a death in systems, proces- on Facebook at Sibusiso Mfeka Global or by briefly, how vision shapes organisations; its ses and the thinking of its leaders. In most email on people, processes and profits.

cases, we want to clamp out corruption in businesses. Corruption is a sign for the actu-

Where there is no vision, the people pe- al problem, and the problem is death. What rish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he needs to happen is to inject life back into the (Prov. 29.18, KJV)


sion is all encompassing. In other words,


vision works everywhere with everyone. Vi-

Jesus Christ healed more blind people than

This scripture gives us the sense that vi-

sion is not for certain people and not others. other sicknesses. Regaining sight was imporEveryone can have vision, whether you live tant to Him, because when sight is regained in a shack in Diepsloot or in a villa in Dubai. then vision can be projected clearly. A scholar It matters not who you are, when you have once said, “when the mind is blind, eyes are a vision that sets you apart from those who useless” (Prof. M.A Mdhluli, Director of TUT don’t have it.


Campus Mpumalanga). What can be the use of eyesight if it can’t project vision? It is not with out eyes that we see, it is with the mind

In this King James Version, the writer refers and through our eyes that we see. Eyes are to how people perish when there is no vi- “windows.” Windows allow light to shine into #VOICE


sion. I checked the dictionary and discovered the building, but also allows those inside the

As disappointing and overwhelming as it may be to learn a teenage daughter is pregnant, it’s crucial to keep a kingdom perspective. The sin is done. Whatever influences the teens have been under to lead them to sin can’t be avoided now. This new situation is not about the morality of out-of-wedlock sex or the reputation of a family. It’s about the development of a child. All children are blessings from God, and He has a plan for each one (Psalm 139:13-18). Even if the circumstances in which the baby comes are less than ideal, that child is as precious and loved by God as any other. The pregnant daughter is also precious to God. The role of parents is to teach and guide their children to live godly lives in whatever they face. This is a prime opportunity to do just that. The girl may be scared, ashamed, and emotional, and it is her parents’ responsibility to help her push past emotion and turn to her Heavenly Father.

How Should Christian Parents Handle A Teen Daughter Who Has Become Pregnant? Question: “How should Christian parents handle a teen daughter who has become pregnWWant?” Answer: It seems that one of the hardest things for Christians to remember is that it is not a sin to be pregnant. It’s not a sin to be pregnant out of wedlock. And it’s not a sin to be born to unmarried parents. It is a sin to have sex outside the marriage relationship—and it is just as much a sin for the man as for the woman. But an unbiblical intimate relationship is a much easier thing to hide from critical eyes than a pregnancy and, sadly, less damaging to a family’s reputation in the Christian community.

Some parents fear that giving their daughter the love and support she needs will encourage the behavior that led to the pregnancy. But, again, being pregnant and giving birth to a child are not a sin, and there are so many other benefits to actively and publicly standing with a pregnant teen. It fosters an environment in which the child is valued as a blessing. It encourages the father to take responsibility without fear. And it makes abortion a much less desirable option. If a family abandons their pregnant teen—even emotionally—she will be much more likely to make harmful decisions. She may think marrying the baby’s father is the only option. She may not know how to take care of her health and that of the baby. Other pregnant teens may see the volatile relationship and keep their own condition secret. Conversely, the girl will be able to make much wiser decisions about her and her baby’s future if she can rest in her parents’ acceptance and loving guidance. Making this journey more emotionally difficult for her will not encourage clear thinking. Wise parents will help their daughter walk through the options of keeping the child or adoption. It may also be beneficial to involve the father and his family; he needs to take as much ownership as the mother. After careful prayer, parents should be clear about the level of support they can give in raising the child. Make use of Christian crisis pregnancy centers. Our God is a powerful God who can bring joy and blessing





abata Masoka born on the 17th of April in the Eastern Cape, moved to Johannesburg with his parents at the age of 2 years, attended school at “Inxiweni Primary School”, and then went to “Masisebenze comprehensive school., ORT college and completed matric at Mitzvah school”, then went on to further his education at CJC(Central Johannesburg College) where he studied popular music, and majored in voice.

MUSIC CAREER In 1998 while doing his second year he worked with Wendy Mseleku as a backing vocalist and in the same year he went on to be awarded as the best Jazz vocalist by the Central Johannesburg College (CJC). In the year 1999 Sabata was introduced to joyous celebration by Wendy Mseleku, where he auditioned as a member of the choir and successfully passed the audition and was added as a backup vocalist and went on to be requested as a backing vocalist for the late Lundi Tramara. In the year 2000 he was promoted to be a lead singer as joyous celebration. Within that period he was introduced to a song entitled:”Ziyosulwa”, which became one of the choir’s hit song. He was then requested again by


Ziyosulwa sensation he’s back

    with sabata masoko                                     Dr. Rebecca Malope to be a vocalist in her album, in the same year he worked with Bishop Benjamin Dube as a vocalist.

In 2001 he was featured by Pastor Mthunzi Namba, in a song entitled: NKOSI NGISIMAMISE, which became a hit song in his album. In 2002 while still working with joyous celebration, Sabata featured different artists such as: Jabu Hlongwane and went on different tours with Pastor Mthunzi Namba for his album promo.

In the year 2003 Sabata worked with different Jazz artists with the likes of: Sibongile Khumalo, Judith Sephuma, Gloria Bosman and the late Bra Hugh Masekela. From 2004 to 2005 Sabata was offered a recording deal on his solo project by Sony Music, where he recorded an album entitled: Umnqamlezo, which opened more international doors for him as a started touring as a solo artist in different countries.

Working in the recording project were Pastor Mthunzi Namba, Lindelani Mkhize. In 2006 Sabata continued working with joyous celebration as a lead singer, whilst still busy with his solo career.

In 2007 Sabata worked with the Grammy award winning Soweto gospel choir, as well as Africa Umoja theater productions as a lead singer. From 2008 to 2009 Sabata founded his own record label whereby he recorded his second album entitled:”Ngizoqhubeka”, which ended quite well and opened more international doors for him.

In 2010 as an artist Sabata was involved in the FIFA world cup functions. In 2011 to 2012 Sabata was offered another recording deal by: “999 Music” which is headed by the king of Kwaito “Arthur Mafokate”, where he released as album entitled: “Izethembiso”. From 2013 to 2015 Sabata toured with Dr. Rebecca Malope, whilst

continuing with his solo career.

In 2016 Sabata was called to be part of the joyous celebration 20th anniversary, where he was a lead singer In 2017 together with different partners Sabata founded a recording label company Veneka Productions, which signs and still signs more artists and creating an opportunity for upcoming artists to emerge, in the same year he recorded his first ever live DVD entitled:”Restored”, through the company he co-founded.

In 2018 Sabata keeps on promoting his DVD recording; he is also busy doing different workshops for artists throughout the country. Sabata Masoka is also a vocal coach. He is currently working on his national and international tour to continue promoting his DVD recording.

BOOKINGS +27 (0) 731132617 sabatamasoka@gmail. #VOICE com




Meet Lady Audrey - One of God’s refined mineral on earth.

She is an Author, Preacher, HR Professional, Entrepreneur, Cologne brand owner and Motivational Speaker. She is a strategic thinker and very passionate about Leadership. Follow her on Facebook: Audrey Baloyi - Instagram: Iamladyaudrey Twitter: Iamladyaudrey


any times when you first here these words discrimination, favouritism, unfair treatment mostly will think of a workplace, CCMA and Labour Court proceedings right. The truth is such is actually everywhere in societies, in families, in ministries and different types of organisations. How do we address this as best as possible in all these areas of life? I there would like to challenge us all as we read this article to be very open minded, reflect and look at how best can we add value in bringing positive transformation. As Kingdom Ambassadors one of our key mandate in life is to ensure balance in all areas of life. It becomes senseless if we preach the gospel about kingdom balance yet fail to reflect and ensure kingdom compliance and governance. As much as we speak and value family balance we need think of the Pastor’s family balance too which honestly some don’t often do. It’s becoming a sombre concern how the church members relate to Pastor’s wives. There have been so many annotations which reflect unprofessionalism, unfairness, discrimination from some members when relating to Pastor’s wives. Mostly Male Pastors are celebrated so much and not their wives. The question is why? What is it that is not done correctly? What is the root cause? What can we do differently? As you ask yourself these questions be in the Pastor’s wife’s shoes. The fact is, being a Pastor’s wife is one of the toughest callings in the ministry, being labelled as a remotest operation. Yet they still handle this with grace and smile while feeling unkempt. Some are facing fatigue, stress and sense of lowliness due to all the sacrifices and challenges they go through and still not being appreciated. They always have to open minded to their husband’s capricious schedules. Always expected to understand the nature of their husband’s calling which pulls them to too many directions and this has an impact to their families. The fact is that each Pastor’s wife is inimitable. But one thing that most of them have in common is that they have a significant and challenging God given opportunity to influence the body of Christ in a church and the surrounding communities. But to step into the role of Pastor’s wife, with all its conflicting expectations and ministry stress, Pastor’s wife needs a special grace, wisdom from God and to be appreciated. On the other hand in some churches it is even worse, they don’t give them the opportunity to use their gifts to serve but hence they are not respected and appreciated for their contributions expect when it’s a women’s day or women’s month. “She is just a Pastor’s wife,” some say. I believe that this is so unfair and wounding. On a serious note, no church member has the right to disrespect them



neither to underrate them. She is called to use her gifts, relying on God’s strength to serve others. Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever – Peter 4: 10-11 This is my plea to the male Pastors how you handle your wife says a lot to the congregation, families and communities. The way you treat your wife is the massage you are sending out how she should be treated. If you allow people to walk on her like dirt mat you are issuing a decree that she is worth of that negative treatment. Never allow highly educated professionals to walk on her head just because there are paying good tithes and trying to defend their status. Remember at the end of the day you are one according to God’s agenda therefore this means that whatever you will be doing to her you will actually be doing it to yourself. Step up and show good leadership attributes. Your conduct affects your children and remember the same children who looks up to you are the future generation leaders and therefore produce and nature good kingdom seed. How do you enjoy being celebrated alone as a male Pastor? Stop it, rise teach people well on how to treat your wife and remember it all begins with you. Let’s not sugar-coat but let’s view this that there are issues in ministries that are raised by female members like menstruation, deep sex issues which affect their health and deeply private matters and the question is why don’t you get your wife involved and let her handle such matters is she is matured enough to handle such?. When one is not self-disciplined and well-mannered this becomes a weapon the enemy uses against you especially know that it’s your weakness or area of development. Your know yourself better and even best and therefore let me say “stay out of the might clay let it not be your ground as you understand, inner-stand that it’s a high risk zone for you”. Common sense it’s a God given gift to all human beings, therefore where there is no common sense there is nonsense. Use your common sense and apply higher wisdom. It is your responsibility as well to empower her, support her and make sure that she is well couched in handling confidential and sensitive information as well. If a Pastor’s wife cannot handle confidential and sensitive issues in ministry this can be one of the root causes why they are not treated with honour and dignity.


TIPS ON HOW TO HONOUR AND CELEBRATE YOUR PASTOR’S WIFE * Pray for her * Know what she likes * Support her husband * Correct her with love * Love her in all seasons * Allow her to have family time * Don’t compare her with others * Buy her flowers or a gift voucher * Encourage her with a text message * Appreciate her through words of affirmation * Celebrate her birthday, her children’s birth and her anniversary etc.


* Pastor Sabina Elson Godson – Zoe Outreach Embassy * Prophet Khomotso Nkosi – Prophetic Word International Ministries * Mama Francisca Duncan – Doxa Citadel * Pastor Faith Dube – Rhema Revival Centre * Lady Pastor Monique Alexander – Holy Ghost Fire House

LOVE IS THE MOST BEST BEAUTIFUL GIFT ONE CAN GIVE. Let her know that you love her verbally and in action at all times. Don’t let your level of happiness at church dictate your depth of commitment and loyalty. We celebrate all the Pastor’s Wife’s in the world. People who really love you will honour you even in your physical absentia and make you their priority and assignment in supporting you not just carry you with loads of prayers. Striking the balance is for the real kingdom pillars – by Lady Audrey”

Galaxy Note9 Voucher Campaign




FO gr ou ar he as ne w o s sin di o r n r a R GR t o n ni ffic blig iage on du ral t rd is des ds Th D OU l f ng ul e t s atio by e p tery erm por oun erti for on IV N Th p a n fa ar itu n— se rt , h th e d on div ly un e O D i t n i i th ne ati th xu se b er om at a (M n J by orc Ne RC S fu a o e r w e e o s p e l i e co e v l a l p to n. fa sin io se nc att su n T a ou vin nd e A r l s o it x u ar re E a . se g re tn pe fte hfu —an tes ual mp 5:3 ’ us nb e se stam el ra l ity as e er (1 ma aso x n 2 d t (v. C te t h t a n l l m p a r fo h e , b s e ; 1 o f i e v e u a l e n t n s t 9 e ro ce r t u s 15 or. do for ug , ean ner sak nit stia sex :9) he r. T in sit ), 7: es p G . t he y e h he s u l i T ua di 12 n er i s s r ty a a e h a di m o ti v vo Bib re pla his nd , an l sin is i ek to on orce 15) t de ittin c e i s o n r xh ed r s ce l e su a ti d gr kee . W is . Be sire g a ( M p e r a u s i n h e r m a i n ce c h ea al c h p d to lo a e att mi te an co cy s te i r t h i m n a w e u s e l i v vo r . 5 t s d t e x ve o f t . c e n e d “ o :3 rel o b tre na a l e n s r h u n a n Go w i e i s n 2; ea se ring mel t b u a ve i o n e r b e d m d h t h h i n 1 C o fo t h y t i s t a n i n l i ev a a s i s c a s n he d th r e r. er y b ca or ses c e 7: the be ot w ma onfl m de e p lled her wh 1 5) ca il rit ic arr sire ref us be er . to use ling al re t. A iage s to erab to lie e an av of t o l a l s o le pe vin m l oi lif file tion , if ay eav in ac g d e” e s t o e th s e m o s t y l fo r h i p h e n l y , t r y u c h u be ne e, sit lie ta ir divo per nb cre ing ua ve ry res rc m elie ate a e ti p m o n r i s o b l i o n , p n e n ve r e or g s i al of h n a ati ibil rha tly o n i o im ns ty, ps o b av Be r s l i g a i n g p o , t h o r ca he tio leg ss en us ca ns a ib nn th l an le e “ d o t h ot at un r si e b fu he l s de te ro fill r b r i the . on s n r i n d a g ot s ca uch e se s” ge




THE POSSIBILITY OF REMARRIAGE is permitted for the faithful partner only when the divorce was on biblical grounds. In fact, the purpose for a biblical divorce is to make clear that the faithful partner is free to remarry, but only in the Lord (Rom. 7:1-3; 1 Cor. 7:39)


















R In E P E o ca N gu n u ses TAN gr ilt nbi w C t h a ce y p a b l i c h e r E A A e p o rt al e d N re sig oin f G ner gro ivo D F b pe n o t o od lat un rce OR i m e a nt a f t r f r i s o e r d s t o G I Co ple de nce ue epe pe rep and ok VE nt rati en th pla NE 7: rin me sire w an v ts e c S 10 th n t ill e S o t ce e a , t h -1 ian 1 . t e 1 s

E TH s F er O l i ev o n LE Be rce are e RO H - d i vo n d s p l i n c t E i u e C c j TH UR rsue gro dis re one l a l y CH pu lica rch enl The blic is ho ib hu op . bi es k r i d n r a w b c u n t o h ey f G o n u a r M 2 ) . 1 m t t o s a re ery 1ec e bj us rd in d ult :1 a su eca Wo obt an ad 10 b e ce f t h h o vo r t y o w di il gu KINGDOM NEWS – FASHION – MUSIC – ENTERTAINMENT & INSPIRATION Issue 02 - Spring 2018




A KINGDOM STATESMAN CALLED FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!!! Called under awkward circumstances during the time when he was studying for his first year exams at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Apostle P.L. Ditshego has been preaching ever since. Although he went to the university saved already, but campus ministry has for most part shaped his ministry. It was in that university back in 1994 (while he was studying for his final year as a B Admin student) that, as he was praying in one of his morning devotions, he conceived a vision of what was to become a mission-oriented ministry supernaturally endowed with a balance in spiritual and ministerial gifting. That ministry is world back to God ministries! The ultimate aim of this ministry is to reconcile the world with God to the end God’s people are brought to the full image of the stature of Christ’s growth. Established as a territorial church in a post-apartheid Republic of South Africa, World Back to God Ministries is primarily focussed on reaching out to the lost globally, restoring them to find their purpose in Christ, and raising them for the work of the ministry. Apostolic in nature, the ministry is a model of an all-inclusive and a balanced church in spiritual gifting, endowed with the grace to pioneer missions in dark places occupied by spiritual forces of darkness. For this reason, churches have been established in Mafikeng of the North West and Tembisa in Ekurhuleni. In addition, countless number of churches in the East and West rand, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and abroad have been revived. #VOICE



newly developed area around Soshanguve. What then was intended to hurt or at most destroy my ministry, became our push in the right direction to find ourselves a permanent place of worship! For this reason, instead of harbouring bitterness about what happened, I’m actually happy or else we would still be stuck renting a place of worship instead of owning one. Finding a new place of worship was not without challenges however. The site was surrounded by diviners. If we did not understand matters of spiritual warfare, we wouldn’t have survived there. On several occasions we had to scatter around the yard to engage ourselves in intense warfare prayers because of the spirit of heaviness that disturbed our worship services. “Betrayed by false brethren” – A quote from Apostle P.L. Ditshego’s newly released autobiography titled, A Journey of Longsuffering. In his second epistle to the Corinthians, the eleventh chapter, verse number twenty-six, the Apostle Paul made mention of being exposed to the danger of falling prey to false brethren. Although he wasn’t specific about those dangers, but I suspect that betrayal must be one of them. I can also relate to those pains. Earlier on I mentioned the fact that my wife and I wandered as pilgrims as we were chucked out of people’s homes.

For instance, we rented a crèche for the purpose of having our worship services for about ten years. When the Principal of the creche felt that she could no longer continue with us in the ministry, she sent us people who were part of her management board to give us a month’s notice to leave. She did this deliberately knowing that finding an alternative place to rent in a month’s time would be difficult if not impossible. TALK ABOUT A MALICIOUS INTENT TO GET RID OF THE MINISTRY! Coincidentally, about that time, my wife was restless about finding us a church site in another

One time when we were having a conference there, one of our prophets saw witches surrounding our tent holding a chain-like (prayer) casting spells. It was during that time that Spirit of the Lord told the late Mrs Matlala to go there to engage herself in warfare prayers once every week. She faithfully obeyed and went to pray at our church site for a consecutive period of six weeks. Her warfare prayers were supplemented by Jericho warfare marches that we had in and around the area. The combination of those prayers resulted in a massive breakthrough that saw many

people flocking to our church in numbers. Among those who came were false brethren who frog jump from one church to another with the Absalom and the Jezebelic spirits. These brethren joined, settled and submitted long enough to make their presence and influence felt, then, when their aim was accomplished, they revealed their true colours. My wife, being spiritually perceptive (by gift along with the late Mrs Matlala) picked it up in the Spirit that something wasn’t right. She told me what the problem was: one particular influential lady minister (among them) who served our church had an ulterior motive. One thing certain about the order of ministry is that your wife will be your prophet as a Senior Pastor and you’ll do well to take note of what she’s cautioning you about. My wife saw through her and warned me about her motive long before she revealed her true colours. Sad to say that I delayed acting and by the time I saw her motives, it was too late. That lady was leading intercession and worship in our church and sometimes I allowed her to minister because she also had the grace of pulpit ministry. As many people flocked to our church, she became envious of the grace bestowed upon me and thus, coveted it. As a result, she devised a plan to steal my flock and build for herself a church out of it. TALK ABOUT YIELDING TO THE TEMPTATION TO BUILD ON ANOTHER MAN’S #VOICE FOUNDATION!



IS CHINA REALLY HELPING AFRICA??? Written by Johan Hanekom The past three decades have seen a marked step change in Africa’s international relations. While geography historically favoured a European focus – especially in North Africa – the continent has shifted its gaze to the East. China has catapulted from being a relatively small investor in the continent to becoming Africa’s largest economic partner. Africa-China trade is poised to grow 20% year on year making it seem like dragons are the new king of the African jungle. Investment in Africa has however been structured around Chinese ownership, with roughly 90% of firms either majority controlled or owned outright by Chinese nationals. There are estimated to be over 10,000 Chinese firms in Africa that have created work for several million Africans. This economic stimulus continues to have significant economic impact in communities riddled with historic economic disparities. Chinese firms have shown remarkable prowess in sectors such as manufacturing, resources, and infrastructure. One of the first famous examples is the Tanzania-Zambia Railway built between 1970 and 1975, for which China provided a zero-interest loan of RMB980 million ($150 million). Sectors including agriculture, banking, insurance, transport and logistics, housing, information communications technology and telecommunications are poised to see significant shifts to Chinese firms. Chinese firms have the benefit of tried-and-tested business models which bear great similarities to the African marketplace.

‘It’s Africa’s Time For Animation’

To ensure the sustainability of the Africa-China partnership, three key concerns need to be addressed: Corruption, personal safety, and language and cultural barriers.




Corruption has thrived in Africa’s current climate of political and economic impunity. Corruption creates and increases poverty and exclusion. While corrupt individuals with deep political ties enjoy a lavish life, millions of Africans are deprived of their basic needs like food, health, education, housing, access to clean water and sanitation. Violence and crime across the continent derail efforts to encourage community building and foreign direct investment. Language and cultural barriers can lead to clashes that lead to misunderstanding and ignorance of local regulations. If these problems are left unaddressed, the misunderstandings – and potentially serious long-term social issues – could weaken the overall sustainability of the Africa-China relationship. Chinese aid to Africa has been criticized as being a form of economic colonization. Politically aid has been used to create strong bilateral ties between African countries and China. Proponents highlight the structural benefits brought about by aid; downplaying the benefits to China in the form of profit, resource extraction, and the acquisition of service contracts to Chinese companies. In a nutshell, whichever country offers the greatest economic gains based on China’s growth strategy becomes a target for aid. Currently this strategy is geared towards partnering with resource-rich countries, which often lack the political and economic structures required to efficiently and effectively manage such bilateral trade opportunities. The key challenge is to ensure that there is an effective political and economic strategy to piggyback off Chinese intervention to ensure broad based economic empowerment. Private Money Worth Its Weight In Gold Part of this strategy should include elements like building a middle class in Africa, developing African entrepreneurs, allocating factors of production, industry 4.0, innovative distribution, and public-private partnerships.

The current economic polarization in Africa needs to be addressed by actively creating a middles class. Clanbased economic feudalism needs to be replaced by an educated and economically engaged middle class. Economic empowerment in turn will promote political development leading to healthier international trade relations. Entrepreneurship, while still in its African infancy, has made significant strides both domestically and internationally. Agriculture, manufacturing, retail, and tourism can act as an employment sponge for basic labour intensive work. While not a cornerstone employment strategy, it will lead to rapid, broad-based job creation, often requiring very basic skill sets. Further vocational training can be provided in these sectors to prevent generational skills gaps. Effective allocation of factors of production – specifically land ownership – will be critical. It’s a sensitive subject given Africa’s colonial past, however it’s one governments need to address to start an ambitious national agricultural plan. The rapid growth of Africa’s population presents significant opportunities for our poultry and grain sector. Industry 4.0 will make global manufacturing much more competitive in the future. Traditional industrial economies, such as Germany and the United States, expect the fourth industrial revolution to create many competitive advantages, reversing the trend to relocate manufacturing processes to low-cost countries and create new high-tech opportunities at home. Africa is ideally positioned to leapfrog into Industry 4.0 by adopting best practices seen in developed countries. This will enable African-owned manufacturers to effectively compete with Chinese companies. Africa is at the tip of an economic renaissance that will see opportunities being created that were considered impossible a few decades ago. But, this requires strong leadership in both politics and business. Citizens in turn will have to hold their political leaders accountable, specifically promoting broad-based economic empowerment, to ensure that the maximum number of people benefit from this growth.





Speaker, self-published author and an entrepreneur, Onkarabile Mokoto has an inspirational journey to share which has the potential to inspire a generation. A story of success, failure, learning forward and picking yourself up, Onkarabile believes his life story will help even the hopeless to believe again. Onkarabile grew up in the Northwest province of South Africa, in Mahikeng in a village called Setlagole. After successfully completing matric, He went to the University of Witwatersrand to study BEd (Teaching). He then dropped out after his third year. Dealing with failure is nothing new to Mr Mokoto who has had to face failure and disappoint in different aspects of life. Yet failure, if you learn from it, brings some of Life’s most powerful lessons. Onkarabile currently works as security guard. In his own words “I took up that job because I needed to make ends meet and use it as a means to fund my dream.” During the time as a security guard, he has written and self-published two books; “How to Hear God When He Speaks” and “Power of Planning”



“Amongst the lessons I have learned, I see the book, “Power of Planning” as a reflection of my life and journey.” – Since writing the books, He has been featured in various radio stations such as Jozi FM, Westside FM and Rainbow FM. His book has also been reviewed on a show on SABC 1 called “Identity”. Mr Mokoto believes that his story relates to many who are in a similar position. This may be people who have jobs they believe they are overqualified for or jobs that are not appealing to the general public, or even looked down upon. His life is testimony that your current state should not hold you back from pursuing your dreams. It encourages a change in perspective which works to your benefit. “Most of the time we hear stories of people who have already made it, who are already celebrities. We may be able to relate to their past but not their current state. I bring to the public an angle where people can relate to the past and current state and be inspired to grow with me as they see that it takes an ordinary person to do extraordinary things and believe in their dreams.”


His life journey is particularly relevant to the majority of South Africans as it serves as an inspiration to young people to take up work in fields that they do not necessary like, because that job could fund the business or career of their dreams. In his second book, speaking about planning, he includes planning in areas such as finances, family, business and careers and how effective planning can help propel one’s life towards greatness. When he is not at work, Onkarabile runs Life shaping Services, a business which helps people reach the top of their desired lives. “My deepest desire is to share with the audience what I have learnt and perhaps my journey and its sometimes painful lessons can inspire them to shift their lives and experience more happiness and fulfilment.” - Onkarabile Mokoto

084 841 6104 Life Shaping Services (Pty) Ltd 1541 Tshepisong Phase 6 Datewood Street #VOICE




Travel ideas to inspire your entire year. Plus: New Year’s must-haves from spas to healthy advice from the experts.

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Recipes from renowned celebrity & local chefs of the 2017 Greenwich Wine + Food Festival. Special feature on Thanksgiving & Holiday entertaining ideas and expertise.


Fashion, entertaining, shopping and decorating tips to help make your holiday a perfect one including our ultimate gift guide. Plus: New Year’s inspiration from spas to healthy advice to travel ideas for the whole year.

IN EVERY ISSUE: Home, food,style, travel and unique profiles on area people and businesses. #VOICE



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The Voice Magazine - September Edition 2018  

The Voice Network is a leading independent Christian media company, operating in the South Africa and Canada. As a non-denominational organi...

The Voice Magazine - September Edition 2018  

The Voice Network is a leading independent Christian media company, operating in the South Africa and Canada. As a non-denominational organi...