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Los Angeles Leadership Academy Volume 2, Edition 1

September 2009


Editors-In-Cheif: Jessica Calderon Margarita Lopez

Staff Writers

Aod John Alvarez Sergio Aparicio Mike Cadena Diana Centeno Yessenia Hernandez Erendira Hernandez Gabriel Kim Richard Kim Lenin Morataya Erick Martinez Mo Rahman Angelica Ramos Imelda Rodriguez Alma Sanchez Brenda Solis Tracey Vasquez


Adam Panucci Printer:Gardena Valley News

What’s Inside This Edtion Of “The Voice”

Page 2- BAck to school night, New teacher, Leadeship Council.

Page 3-Building update, beginning of the year Fire. Page 4-People eho graduated from lala, YPI Page 5- Field Trips, Uniform Policy Page 6-Principal’ s Corner, Sat Act info, music review, sports Page 7-pagina en espanol Page 8- volley ball game, recipe, enviornmental tips Page 9- embarrasing moments, advice column Page 10-horoscopes and reviews Page 11-Reviews Page 12-Games

Welcome Freshman! By: Diana Centeno staff writer

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and their teachers, which help We are proud to welcome them, build their own identities. the 6th freshmen class of Los Some freshmen say that our small Angeles Leadership Academy. school environment helps them The class of 2013 is described engage in their work. As freshas a diverse group of individumen, you may be a little intimidatals that came into high school ed by high school and may need eager to learn. This year we are some survival tips: 1.) Always trying our hardest to make sure stay on top of your classes, DO that freshmen feel welcomed. NOT procrastinate, 2.) Never Mark Campbell, our assistant fall into negative peer pressure, principal, articulates that their 3.) Be sure to never change for class is built with future leadanyone else and 4.) Yes, your ers. Freshmen class is known as freshmen grades do matter if you respectful and smart for their want to go to college someday attentiveness in class. Freshmen (they add as part of your GPA). are able to express their ideas Good Luck and Have Fun! and their opinions to the peers

is training Assistant Principal Mark Campbell so he can become our next principal in two years.

Homework, School’s Sacred Space, and collections of essays that her students from Zimbabwe wrote. She hopes to write a Etta Lands In L.A. book about L.A, LeadLeadeship Academy ership. BY: Alma Sanchez Staff Writer Etta’s goal for our school is to “I’m rebellious, outgohelp the students get ing, and fashionable.” involved in the deciEtta Kralovec describes “I’ll stay for as long sions that are being herself with these three as they’ll have me, but made in the school. words. am scheduled to be Etta is a big supporter At L.A. Leaderhere for two years,” of the Leadership ship six principals have Etta announced. Council. “Students come and gone: Susanne “They loaned me to should be copartners Coie, Mercedes Ivarra, L.A. Leadership,” she so they could be able Mara Ganeles, Beth Ber- joked. to run the school.” nstein, and Aviva Ebner. Etta has writEtta stated. Finally this year we have ten a couple of books Mark Campbell Etta Kralovec. such completely agrees Before Etta came as: with Etta’s vision, to L.A. Leadership, her The “It’s the student’s life was in Arizona. She End school and they was a college professor of should be involved in the University of Ariin the process, to get zona, were she trained their voice heard,” teachers. Mark said. Etta not only is Etta also wants our principal, but she

more students to participate in after school programs, and hopes to work closely with Elva to help the seniors with their college process. Etta’s passion is helping students be successful. Her door is always open to students. She prefers to talk in person rather than replying to a student’s email. Etta plans to talk to every single student before her departure. Mark believes that we are fortunate to have Etta in our community. He feels that she truly cares for both the students and teachers. He also feels that she is passionate about what she does, she is extremely intelligent and she thinks outside the box. So next time you see her in the halls don’t be afraid to introduce yourself.

News & Features SEPTEMBER 2009 Back To School Night And Lalapalooaz! By: Brenda Solis Staff Writer

Kralovec, will be available to meet parents and answer their general questions about the school. Due to the fact that not many people attended last year’s event, the Leadership Council has announced that this year there is going to be a carnival on Back To School Night appropriately named, Lalapalooza.

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Evolution Of The Council

By: Mike Cadena Staff Writer Last year’s feeble attempt at student representation has transformed into what is now our student government, appropriately named The Leadership Council. Not a month yet into the school year, and already we begin to enjoy events such as the Carnival. However, our student government is not all fun-n-games. Two branches divide the Leadership Council into what they call: The Event Coordinating Committee and the Disciplinary Committee, each has its own special function and purpose. The Disciplinary Committee is composed of model students, four seniors and two juniors. They hold hearings, similar to court trials, for students that frequently break rules. The Disciplinary Committee then reaches a verdict, and validates the punishment with an administra Back to school night is tor. an event where the parents get The Event Coordinating Committee will make its the opportunity to get to know debut with the Carnival, taking place today. This team the teachers and get a look at of students plan out field trips and social events for the what their child is doing in each There will be some game booths benefit of the students. Some events on schedule are: of their classes. They also have that students will help create, a Shakey’s Night, a Halloween Dance, and Laser Tag. a chance to ask about how their jumper, they will also be selling The Council is showing great promise to the student child is performance and teach- food, snacks and there will be body and “provides a structure for student voices” says ers can also talk about their live muour principal Etta, when asked about what she envisioned child’s behavior in class. sic. The the Leadership Council doing for the students. She hopes, At last year’s back to school Leadin the near future, the Council can “sit in board meetings” night, all of this was indeed ac- ership and “the disciplinary committee can become a democratic complished. Unfortunately, the Council forum for the students.” number of students and parents would Phyllis, the Leadership Council’s faculty advisor is who attended last year was not really “very excited about the disciplinary committee, and stuff ideal. like for LALA students to parlike the carnival that comes from the students.” The The school staff is hoping more ticipate and give a hand. HopeCouncil will only keep growing, as long as our sophomores parents and students will attend fully, this will encourage both and freshman take note, the baton will be passed down. this year’s event. Additionally, parents and students to attend. the new school principal, Etta

Brian Mayer: Teaching Math The Right Way!

is quickly becoming a favorite of the students. Born in New York City to parents who have Ph.D.’s, it was their drive for BY: Gabriel Kim education that highly influenced and Staff Writer affected him. “I had an unbelievable educa tion growing up,” says Mayer as he thinks back and tries to remember grade school. “We were taught Algebra by 5th grade [and] French by 7th.” Mayer has always had a natural knack for teaching and no time was wasted on It is with joy that L.A. Leadership exploring this skill. His first experience Academy welcomes the many new teach- teaching was when he was 15-years-old. He taught others how to do magic tricks ers joining our staff this school year. To show our appreciation for them, “The and even counseled and mentored kids at Voice” will be profiling the new teach- the magic camp he attended when he was younger. ers as a way to introduce them to the Mayer professed that his reason students. he is teaching is to have students un With a blazer on and jokes that will have anyone laughing, Brian Mayer derstand math and for them to have no

stigma towards enjoying learning; he is determined to make that happen. He states, “Math is simple and elegant when done right.” Mayer’s motto when teaching comes from William Yates. It goes: “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Before coming to Los Angeles, Mayer went to Boston and graduated from Tufts University in 1992. He has gotten two Masters; one, he received this year, in Education from Pepperdine University. Mayer has previously taught Math at another charter school before joining L.A. Leadership and has been teaching for over two years, now. Well, there you have it, folks. Continue reading and stay on the lookout for next edition’s profile on the on the other new teachers here at lala.

News & Features

SEPTEMBER 2009 Beginning Of The Year Fire: How It Affected L.A. Leadeship Academy

By: Aod John Alvarez Staff Writer For the first week of school, students were not allowed to do physical activity during P.E. due to the massive fire in L.A. County. We contacted the health/P.E. teacher Chanel Smith who explained the reasons why she was not allowing students to do outdoor activities Chanel states, “The fire’s carbon dioxide mixes with air in the ozone and if we inhale that air, which most of us already have, can cause respiratory problems almost like having an asthma attack. The soot or the ashes from the fire can clog our lungs and make it even more difficult to

We’re Finally Back In The Rooms!

breathe especially if you are born naturally with asthma”. Chanel added that she is constantly checking the air qualities of L.A. County. Chanel has now resumed to doing the normal physical activities with students. However she tries not to make it so ambitious until the air quality returns to its normal state. Up to this point there have been no fatalities from respiratory failure from the fire.

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the fire’s point of origin above La Canada Flintridge off Angeles Crest Highway. The fire has destroyed 165,567 acres, 12,000 homes and killed two firefighters (Tedmund Hall & Arnaldo Quinones). This fire is making history for being one of most the notorious fires in L.A. County. As many firefighters near total containment of the ominous fire, health officials are saying the air quality levels have finally returned to their normal state throughout most of the county. Health officials also said the only worrisome areas remain in the immediate vicinity in the Station fire in Angeles National Forest. Full containment is expected on Thursday September 24th, but L.A. County’s health officials still advise people to take precautions, particularly with outdoor activities.

Arson investigators are focusing on

ant. Although some rooms still aren’t finished but it’s better to have something than nothing. By: Sergio Aparicio It’s easier to focus now.” He Staff Writer joyfully said as he hurried back With the school filled to the room. with new students, LA LeadMy next pray was Kiara Herership is starting the year off nandez a 12th grade senior, fresh once again with all the she said, “It’s getting better, rooms. Last year, having to be we have our classrooms back, compressed in one side of the it’s not too crowded because I school for almost a year was couldn’t concentrate last year dreadful to endure for most and I don’t really have to worstudents. I interviewed Jill ry because I’m a senior.” Not Wery, one of the mathematics worry, that’s a first, clearly teacher and a few students she has senioritis. asking them to compare the Now all that was left was a situation from this year and quick opinion from one of the last year. teachers and Jill Wery was the Stephanie Lovos a 10th perfect candidate. I asked Jill grader said, “We’re able to to compare last year and this have more activities now that year during 3rd period as class the school is a whole, it is more ended, she hastily said “I like comfortable and it’s easier it!” Confused by her reply, exto breathe. Not only that pecting a complex speech about but there’s no more sweaty her opinion I asked her another and musty smells in the air.” question, if it was easier to Stephanie also stated that we concentrate now that rooms need a mascot, as she quickly weren’t crowded, I looked her went back into her advisory. I directly in the eye. “No I still think we all will be enjoying can’t concentrate.” She stated. this year and I too would like a I ended up walking out of the mascot for our school. class shocked as I thought back Jesus Hernandez an 11th gradat what she said. er, who I had to snatch away Well it looks like the school from Vanessa Covarrubias for year is indeed going to be beta few minutes for an interview ter, now that we have the stated, “It’s going to be very whole school available. Stuexciting and different now dents seem excited to be back in that we have the whole school the other side of the school. available, overall it’s pleas-

Buiding Transformation- Roger’s Struggle By: Mo Rahman Staff Writer

In the Fall of 2008, Los Angeles Leadership Academy High School was put through the ultimate test of endurance; the school was forced to use half of the facilities due to newly imposed building requirements. The constant shuffling of classes from room to room took a toll on the school’s weary inhabitants, especially the teachers. Their teaching plans were hindered by the ludicrous situation. The Executive Director and Founder of L. A. Leadership Academy, Roger Lowenstein, was on the forefront of negations with the city district. The building situation did not resolve itself until late August of 2009; laying the foundation for a brave new year of rebirth. The building was once the Florence Crittenton High School founded in 1914, for pregnant teenagers. That was the case until mid 2007 when ownership was given to Roger Lowenstein. The reason for the school’s renovation was that the building needed to be up to code, in order for the school to possess a certificate of Occupancy. The Crittenton High school was not required to have one because the code came into law in 1946. But L.A. Leadership Academy High School needed to meet the requirements. In Roger’s own words he felt that: “Since the other school [Crittenton] was already an LAUSD approved high school, and we [L.A. Leadership] were an LAUSD approved too, we shouldn’t have any trouble succeeding the previous school.” The fact that the building itself could withstand all of the earthquakes for nearly the past one hundred years, as well as being made rock-solid out of mostly non-flammable concrete, he concluded that it would not require any renovations for safety purposes. But that was not the case. The renovations done to the building were: Lowering the ceiling, adding a wheelchair accessible bathroom, and most importantly updating the fire alarm system. The first change was the reason for the shifting of rooms. That, almost single-handedly derailed the science department—Chemistry, went without a lab and resided in a small room on the ground floor [The Basement]. Biology, went without many projects, and had classes in the patio before ending up in what is the now the YPI Room. Alongside with the room shifting came the Portable toilet which was outside of the school locked since a few of the ground floor restrooms were decommissioned. This left the main floor restrooms in great demand. And last but not least, our safetyman “Sniffy.” His job was to walk around the premises sniffing for fire. Some of the other demolition that happened over the summer included: Cafeteria One having its tile-floor replaced, Café 2 had new baseboards. The new tile floor in the hallways of the main floor came soon after school started. The whole school’s lighting and fire systems were upgraded. On the down side was that some lab equipment of Physics teacher Jill Weary was damaged. In defiance and in endurance, Los Angeles Leadership Academy still managed to end up with a slightly nicer school. Over the summer the staff of teachers and administrators met. They totally revamped and streamlined the schools system of education, paving the way for future generations of: Scholars, Creators, and Activists.

News & Features SEPTEMBER 2009 Seniors Of 2008 & 2009 By: Richard Kim Staff Writer

Two years have past since Los Angeles Leadership Academy held its first graduation. As of today, the graduates from 2008 and 2009 have been accepted to many colleges around the country. Four alumni are sharing their experiences. Kevin Solis, class of ‘09, is attending the University of WisconsinMadison. Even though going to school across the country seemed daunting, he feels he has made the best decision of his life. His goals in college are to get a good score in his math placement test and to pass all his classes. Adam Panucci, one of the English teachers at LA Leadership, had a huge influence on Kevin’s decision to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Comparing LA Leadership to college, Kevin commented, “It’s completely different, the classes are large, the work load is heavy, notes are optional. But I highly recommend practice on note taking.” But in the end Kevin had only one thing to say, “GO BADGERS!” Brandon Dugas, class of ‘08, now attends Howard University in Washington DC. He was the only one in the class of ’08 to attend college outof state. When asked about adjusting from LA Leadership to college he said, “It was a challenge, but it wasn’t difficult because there

were people going through the same thing.” Brandon is pleased with the college he chose, for it has been a very interesting experience. His goals at Howard are to expand his network, expose himself to as many people as possible, and to graduate. Dawnte Dennis, class of ‘09, is now part of gap year. Gap Year is a program where you take a year break after graduating from high school before going into college. Dawnte plans to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Networking System when he gets into college. Lissette Silva, class 08, is attending Cal State Northridge. She’s quite satisfied with the school she is attending. Her goals for college are to do well in classes and to start working on her career as a social worker. She noted that some classes are similar to the one’s she took at LA Leadership. For example, the English 12 class she took with Learsi Martinez. Lissette suggests, “If you are taking an English class at LA Leadership make sure you know how to cite things, read, learn new vocabulary, and listen to your teachers!” The graduates from 2008 and 2009 have overcome countless harsh challenges. But they have gone on to pursue their education because of their insatiable thirst for knowledge. The LA Leadership graduates hope their experiences will get us to start thinking about life after high school.

Message From “The Voice”! The newspaper this year is

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By: Angelica Ramos Staff Writer YPI is back with newer and better programs. This semester in LALA there’s a wide variety of after school programs being offered to students who would like something fun and interesting to do after school. Step-Up: designed specifically for girls began September 26 and continues every Wednesday. Lions Den: Need help with homework? Join the Lion’s Den. It is everyday after school for two hours (if needed). There are people there to help you with your homework and your projects. They have computers available as well. Brain X: this after school program is for specific students who are struggling with math and/or English. Help for the upcoming coming CAHSEE is also being offered for one hour after school on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. SAT Xpress: This is an eight-hour (total) crash course. One hour every Tuesdays and Thursdays to help students study for the SAT’s. Urban Arts: A class that offers students the opportunity to develop art skills. *Even paint your own mural on the school walls. Latin Dance: Juan Garcia instructs this class that teaches the arts of Samba, Merengue, and Salsa. Go to competitions and performances to show off your newly learned skills. Radio: Yes, they made it! The radio club is already ready for broadcasting. Meetings are held on Tuesdays. Iflix: Learn how to manipulate all your pictures using the computer and your own photography. You photograph your own interests and learn all the digital aspect of it. Project Citizens (Leadership Council): If you don’t like certain aspects of the school and want to change things join leadership council and try to make your change a reality.

no longer done afterschool. We have a class completely dedicated to produce “The Voice”. If you have an opening next semester in your schedule for 6th period and the class does not fit your schedyou are interested in being a staff ule you can still submit your pieces: articles, poems, drawings, etc. writer join Journalism. But if Your work and your name will

be featured in the newspaper for the whole school to see. Contact Jessica Calderon, Adam Panucci, or myself (margarita lopez). If you are interested in becoming an editor next year and are a junior or sophmore please let us know so you can begin learning the process! Thank you

Opinoin/Editorial SEPTEMBER 2009 Is L.A.L.A. Gong To Have Any Field Trips This Year? By: Yessenia Hernandez Staff Writer

The drastic $17.7 billion cut, has affected public schools all around California. The budget cuts are dragging schools to collaborate with corporations in search of financial support. According to the columnist Thomas Curry, schools are substituting their funding for extracurricular activities by partnering with businesses and large corporations. “The schools we are counting on to educate the future are laying off teachers…the result is rising class sizes and fewer extracurricular activities. Under this system, it appears the quality of education will be solely based on how well individual schools can market themselves.” Ironically, the Los Angeles Leadership

Academy is trying to fund raise through advertising corporations. The Voice would start to advertise corporations through the newspaper in order to support the school financially. It has been questioned for the past years why the school does not go on fieldtrips. Many students have had private talks with their advisor or teachers, without seeing much improvement. With the budget cut that Arnold Schwarzenegger imposed, our school seems to have less possibilities to go on fieldtrips. However, Carol Aguirre, the R.o.e. coordinator, is working along with her supervisor Eddie Torres figuring out ways to raise money. Even though the school’s budget is still critical, Carol has already planned two future fieldtrips. One fieldtrip will be to Knott’s Berry Farm, in order to help the

Uniform Policy At LALA By: Imelda Rodriguez Staff Writer

The uniform controversy has students and parents fired up in L.A Leadership Academy. Our current uniform is simply a black polo shirt and khaki pants. Many students are happy with the change, and many want the option to wear black pants and a white shirt. You may be asking yourself, who was responsible for this change? Well the answer is in your house, your parents. The parents had a meeting during the summer were they discussed the uniform. They discussed the safety issues with our uniforms, such as students being confused for gangsters. To make the parents happy, the staff decided on our current uniform. M any students feel it is unfair and unnecessary for the school to minimize our options. It doesn’t make sense to leave the khaki pants, which are more gang related than black pants. For example, one of our seniors, Christian Ek was confronted by three gang members around his neighborhood. He was assaulted by them because they thought he a gangster since he was wearing

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park recollect toys for children around Christmas time; the second trip would be to a Clippers game. The urge for more fieldtrips has brought up other ideas, such as new ways of raising money for future dances or school activities. There is no doubt that our participation and involvement in the school would definitely make a change. Teachers are open for new ideas and are willing to take into consideration students opinion’s when it comes to fieldtrips. This is our opportunity of showing what kind of leaders we are and to show how we plan to take action. It’s important to recognize that even though the budget cuts are affecting California schools, we form part of a small community that shows support even in the hardest times.

khaki pants. Christian commented about his encounter, “They didn’t leave me any visible bruises. My face and head swelled up though.” The school is always going to have this problem because they cannot control the fad in gangs. Our students live in different parts of Los Angeles, but it doesn’t seem fair for those who live out of the area to not have the option to choose what is safer for them. Carolina Salcedo a participating parent commented on the modified uniform, “Now they look more orderly, it seems that they are finally wearing uniform.” But other color pants can still be uniform. Parents do worry about order, but most parents don’t even care what color the uniform is as long as they have a uniform. So why so much fuss over some colors or is it the parents that just do not want us to have options? Ladies we all know that khaki is not our best friend in a certain time of the month, right? It seems many parents

didn’t think about the girls. In most interviews the adults and students’ major concern was not the ladies’ situation, but they agreed once it was mentioned. The ladies want their black pants, 3 out of 5 girls were against khaki. One of the most important women leaders from our school, Etta Kralovec, our principal made a great point, “I don’t like unisex uniforms. I would like the Leadership Council to give a few more options. Of course a boy’s body is not the same as a girl’s body.” Many students have great ideas that could be heard if they speak up, such as Robert Gomez who thinks that we should have collar shirts and our own choice of pants. If you have ideas for the uniform get involved in the Leadership Council. We might end up having something that we like or at least our old uniform.

Bulletin Board SEPTEMBER 2009

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Principal’s Corner By: Etta Kralovec aka Dr.K

SAT/Act Info By:Erendira Hernandez

Cave was an alternative high school. I Dr. Kralovec aka Dr K was co-director of the Liberty School in Maine, a private high school, which was a democcratic learning communit, College of the Atlantic, also in Maine. Now, you may be asking, what is a democratic learning community, that we will get to next time.

PSAT Coming Up!!! Start getting prepared 10th and 11th graders. Wednesday 14, 2009 start preparing and studying very hard! For those of you who are planning to take the SAT (which should be everyone) here are the deadlines… Test Dates for SAT • October 10, 2009 • November 7, 2009 • December 5, 2009 • January 23, 2010 • March 13, 2010 • May 1, 2010 • June 5, 2010 For more information visit Elva at her office. Here are the deadlines for the ACT. Test Dates for ACT • September 12, 2009 • October 24, 2009 • December 12, 2009 • February 6, 2010 • April 10, 2010 • June 12, 2010 For more information visit Elva at her office or go to

I am the author of three books, The End of Homework: How Homework I am pleased to be asked to write Disrupts Families, Overburdens Chila column for the voice. in my first two dren and Limits Learning, that book was really popular with the media, i was columns i would like to introduce even on the Today show! My nexy book myself to you and share some of my educational philosophy. In subsequent was Schools That Do Too Much and my columns, I am hoping to have a question most recent book is called, Identity in and answer format, where you can “Ask Metamorphis: Writings from Zimbabwe The Principal” whatever questions you Students. This book is a collection have about school, learning, the news of my students’ writings. i was a Fullor whatever. I will do my best to an- bright Scholar in Zimbabwe for a year, helping the university to set up a new swer your questions. I have a doctorate in philosophy teacher educaton program and teaching and education from Columbia Univer- philosophy and sociology classes. I have sity In New York. For undergraduate been a college professor for a number school, I went to Lewis and Clark and I of years, but i love being at LA Leadergot my teaching credential at Cal Stateship Academy since I really like to talk University Northridge. My first prin- to high school students, some come see cipal job was in Laguna Beach, where i me. Next time i’ll tell you about my kids started and directed, CAVE(Creative, and my philosophy of education, Academic, and Vocational Education). Until Then,

Rising Phenom Unleashed In The Music Industry New Sports By: Erick Martinez Staff Writer A young rising hip-hop artist from Tornado, Canada has joined the music industry. Aubrey Drake Graham a music prodigy is making his way up the music chart. As a young teenager, he played a precocious basketball player in the Degrassi show. Rising artist Drake signed with Lil Wayne in Young Money Entertainment. After working with Lil Wayne, he affiliated with world-renowned music artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, and Jamie Fox. Drake dropped a few mix tapes like Room for Improvement to see if he had a chance in the music industry.

BET was impressed with his performance; they played his first music video, Replacement Girl. Drake is the first Canadian rapper who got his video on channel BET. Drake went from mix tapes to his first album, Comeback Season. His dream was to be number one in the music billboard; he accomplished it with his very first hit, Best I Ever Had. America’s Most Wanted tour was Drakes very first time he had performed live. While performing Best I Ever Had, he injured his knee and had surgery. His fans respect him for the art he creates. Drake, a competitive rising artist is planning to make it to the top and never come down the chart.

Staff Writer

and is ready to win some races with his triumph team. David said By: Erick Martinez “My team has some pretty good Staff Writer Lincoln Heights-For the runners, were a strong team. The first time in Los Angeles Leader- 2009-2010 seasons has begun. ship Academy history volleyball Soccer and basketball tryouts and cross country are now avail- are starting in the middle of able from freshman to seniors. October. Coach Miguel Arriaga, will be coaching the Coach Dia, the head boy’s soccer and Coach coordinator, is lookAlbert Arriaga will ing forward to this be coaching the girl’s new season. Last year soccer team. The only only the girl’s socway you can participate cer team made it too in the C.I.F league is playoffs. Coach Dia said “The season is going to be by maintaining a GPA of 2.0 or above. We encourgreat; we are going age participating to make it to playin our new and old offs this year”. Amy, sports in courtesy of the girl’s volleyball Rock on Education coach, has spotted (ROE); the more potential in a few people join, the more girls who have committed themselves to practice. school activities we get. We are lions, call us Amy said, “My team is really dedicated, independent, and deter- beasts! We will destroy your mined.” David Banks, the cross winning streak! country coach, is very humble

Spanish Bulletin Board SEPTEMBER 2009 VOLVER A LA NOCHE DE LA ESCUELA Y LALAPALOOZA! By: Brenda Solis Staff Writer

escuela nueva, Etta Královec, NUEVA DIRECTORA EN estará disponible para reunirse L.A. LEADERSHIP ACADcon los padres y responder a sus preguntas generales acerca de la EMY BY: Alma Sanchez escuela. Debido al hecho de que no mucha Staff Writer gente asistió al evento del año pasado, el Consejo Directivo ha anunciado que este año va a ser un carnaval en Back to School Night nombre apropiado, Lala-

Noche de Regreso a la escuela es un evento donde los padres tienen la oportunidad de conocer a los profesores y echar un vistazo a lo que su hijo está haciendo en cada una de sus clases. Ellos también tienen la oportunidad de preguntar acerca de cómo su hijo es el rendimiento y los profesores también se puede hablar de comportamiento de su hijo en la clase. El año pasado en la noche de vuelta a la escuela, todo esto fue hecho consumado. Lamentablemente, el número de estudiantes y padres que asistieron el año pasado no era la ideal. El personal escolar tiene la esperanza más a los padres y los estudiantes asistir al evento de este año. Además, el director de la

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escribir un libro sobre L.A, Liderazgo.

Etta objetivo de nuestra escuela es ayudar a los estudiantes involucrarse en las decisiones que se están realizando en la escuela. Etta es un gran defensor del Consejo de Liderazgo. “Los estudiantes deben ser copartícipes para que pudieran ser capaces de dirigir la escuela.” Etta afirmó. Mark Campbell está totalmente de acuerdo con la visión de Etta, “Es la escuela del estudiante “Soy rebelde, extrovertida, y de y deben ser involucrados en el moda.” Etta Královec describe a sí proceso, para obtener su voz sea misma con estas tres palabras. escuchada”, dijo Mark. En LA Liderazgo seis directores Etta también quiere más a los han ido y venido: Susanne Coie, estudiantes a participar en proMercedes Ivarra, Mara Ganeles, gramas después de escuela, y espera Beth Bernstein, y Aviva Ebner. trabajar en estrecha colaboración Por último, este año hemos Etta con Elva para ayudar a los anciaKrálovec. palooza. Habrá algunas cabinas Antes de Etta llegó a Los Angeles nos con su proceso de la universidad. Etta pasión es ayudar a los liderazgo, su vida estaba en Aride juego que los estudiantes estudiantes a ser exitosos. ayudarán a crear un puente, que zona. Fue un profesor universitario Su puerta siempre está en la Universidad de Arizona, que tamabierta a los estudiantes. Ella prefueron capacitados los maestros. fiere hablar en persona en lugar de bién se Etta no sólo es nuestro responder al correo electrónico vende director, pero ella es la formación de un estudiante. Etta planes de comiSubdirector Mark Campbell para hablar con cada estudiante antes que pueda convertirse en nuestro da, de su partida. principal siguiente en dos años. bocaMark cree que somos afor “Me quedaré el tiempo dillos tunados de tener Etta en nuestra que van a tener de mí, pero tengo comunidad. Él siente que ella y habrá música en vivo. El Conprevisto estar aquí por dos años,” sejo de Liderazgo gustaría LALA Etta anunciado. “Ellos me prestó a realmente se preocupa por los estudiantes y profesores. Además, para los estudiantes a participar LA liderazgo”, bromeó. considera que es un apasionado y dar una mano. Espero que esto Etta ha escrito un par de libros de lo que hace, ella es muy intelianimará a los padres y los estudi- tales como: El fin de la tarea, la gente y piensa fuera de la caja. Sagrada Escuela Espacio, y colecantes a asistir. La próxima vez que usted la ciones de ensayos que sus alumnos ve en las salas no tengas miedo de de Zimbabwe escribió. Ella espera presentarte.

Brian Mayer: Ensena Matematica Como Deve Ser

Con una chaqueta de bromas y que a nadie riendo, Brian Mayer está convirtiendo rápidamente en un favorito de los BY: Gabriel Kim estudiantes. Nacido en Nueva York a los Staff Writer padres que han Ph.D. ‘s, fue su esfuerzo por la educación que muy influenciado y le afectó. “Tuve una educación cada vez más increíbles”, dice Mayer, piensa de nuevo y trata de recordar la escuela primaria. “Se nos enseñó Álgebra de 5 º grado [y] francés por 7.” Mayer ha tenido siempre un don natural para la enseñanza y no se perdió tiempo en explorar esta habilidad. Es con alegría que la Academia de Liderazgo LA acoge con satisfacción Su experiencia en la enseñanza primera vez fue cuando tenía 15 años de edad. la incorporación de nuevos profesores de muchos de nuestro personal este año Él enseñó a otros cómo hacer trucos de magia e incluso aconsejó a los niños y escolar. Para mostrar nuestro agradecimiento para ellos, “La Voz” será de mentor en el campo de la magia que asisperfiles de los nuevos maestros como una tió cuando era más joven. Mayer profesa que su razón es enseñanza, forma de introducir a los estudiantes.

para que los estudiantes a entender las matemáticas y para que ellos no tienen el estigma hacia goza de aprendizaje, que está decidido a hacer que eso suceda. Él declara, “La matemática es simple y elegante cuando se hace bien.” Lema de Mayer cuando la enseñanza viene de William Yates. Dice: “La educación no es el relleno de un cubo, pero la iluminación de un fuego”. Antes de llegar a Los Ángeles, Mayer fue a Boston y se graduó de la Universidad de Tufts, en 1992. Ha llegado a dos señores; uno, que recibió este año, en Educación de la Universidad de Pepperdine. Mayer Anteriormente ha sido profesor de matemáticas en otra escuela “charter” antes de incorporarse a LA Liderazgo y ha estado enseñando por más de dos años, ahora.

Entertainment SEPTEMBER 2009 Hungry For Victory

By: Erick Martinez Staff Writer The victorious volleyball ladies won the first at Alpine Rex Center against Animo Ralph Bunche. The opening rally score was 0-10, they made a dramatic comebackin the first round 29-27 out of the best five series. As intimated as they were, they had the mentality to gain a victory and be triumphant. Captian Imelda Rodriquez kept the team focused and showed tremendous leadership skills. The volleyball ladies won the first game 3 rounds out of 5 which made them win the opening game. They represented Los Angeles Leadership Academy with pride.

The second volleyball game against GretzRessler Academy was not as succesful as the opening game at Alpine Rex Center. Coach Dia and Coach Amy were dissapointed in the girls performance, their advice was to try harder and to not make unforce errors. With this lost in the ladies mind, they were determined to shine in third game and bring another victory to L.A.L.A. The third game was against Animo Jackie Robinson, both teams had an outstanding performance but one team wanted the win more. The L.A.L.A girls were tied with the Animo girls rounds 2-2. The fifth round showed who wanted the win more and Animo shined just a little more, Animo won. The volleyball ladies were not dissapointed in this lost, they were more proud because they gave everything they had in this game. Overall the volleyball ladies never gave up, never gave in, and never stop trying to win. We are lions, call us beasts, we will destroy you winning streak.

What’s On The Lunch Menu

Cookie Recipe

Tuesday Sept. 29Breakfast: Muffin Lunch:Turkey with Mashed Potatoes


By: Lenin Morataya Staff Writer

Wednesday Sept. 30Breakfast: Hot Pocket Lunch: Hispanic Appreciation Day Thursday Oct. 1Breakfast: Sausage Buiscuit Lunch: Macaroni and cheese with ham Friday Oct. 2Breakfast: Cereal Lunch:Sloppy Joe Sandwich

By: Diana Centeno Staff Writer

* 1 1/3 cup flour * 1 1/3 cup old fashioned oatmeal * 1/2 cup brown sugar, packed * 1/2 cup sugar * 1 cup chocolate chips * 1 cup of flake coconut * 1 tsp baking soda * 1 tsp baking powder * 1/4 tsp salt * 1/2 cup melted butter * 1 egg * 1 tsp vanilla extract

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New Sports At LALA

By: Erendira Hernandez and Erick Martinez and Tracey Vasquez Staff Writers Sports & Recreation •Volleyball Volleyball players! Don’t forget that if you got accepted to this awesome team, you have agreed to a commitment. Keep your grades up and continue being active. Don’t forget the time, and days that the practices are taking place. Homework Hour is form 3:50-4:20. Practices are from 4:20-6:40pm. On Wednesdays Homework time is from 2:10-2:40, and Practice is at 2:40-5:00. •Cross Country Six Girls and Six Boys are going to be accepted to the first annual Cross Country team. Good Luck to all of you who are going to the try outs. Homework time and Practices are on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. Homework is from 3:50-4:20, and Practices are from 4:20-6:40. Coming Up! •Cheer Start dancing, and cheer on our LALA teams!!! As they need your help to get encouragement and keep going until their last breath. When Practices start they will be on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:40-6:40.

Envoirnmental Tips By: Erendira Hernandez Staff Writer

Keep the Environment Clean! Here are some tips to keep your environment clean. • Don’t take more than 30 minute in the shower. • When you are on the street with trash in your hand don’t just throw it on the ground, wait until you see a trash can. • When you go to the beach pick up Directions after yourself before you leave. • Recycle everything from paper, to 1. Mix flour, baking soda, baking powder plastic aluminum and even batter and salt together. Add oatmeal, brown sugar, ies. sugar, coconut and chocolate chips, stir. Add • Turning of the lights when you egg, vanilla and melted butter and stir until combined. don’t need them can save the 2. Shape dough into balls about the size of environment andyour parents wal a small walnut and place 2 inches apart on a lets. greased baking sheet. Try riding a bike, sketing or taking 3. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes or • a bus so that theres less cars pol until lightly browned. luting the air. 4. Makes about 15-30 cookies. 5. Enjoy!

Entertainment SEPTEMBER 2009

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Embarrasing Moments 9th grade story

10th grade story

Teacher’s story

Tired after a very long day, Bany was ready to go home. She got in the bus, payeid her pass, and started looking for a seat. She finally saw one on the back. As she walked, more and more people started getting on the bus. She had to hurry to the seat before someone took it. When she was about to sit down the driver closed the doors and started driving. The push of the bus made Bany fly to one side and then to the other. She was so close on falling on her but. She wanted to laugh but hold it for later and kept her cool.

One day in P.E. Yussed wanted to play basketball with her friends. She was so bored but totally into the game that she kept trying and trying to make a basket. Finally she thought that she was going to make it…she was so close when suddenly “bum!” the ball bounced back and hit her head! She turned red of embarrassment…and the worse thing of all…EVERYONE started to laugh at her

In her first teaching days, Phyllis was walking by the principal’s office minding her own business. She noticed that there was a very important meeting and it included two people from her department. For a moment she got so curious that she tried to hear what they were talking about. “I got so into trying to see and hear what they were talking about that I stopped looking where I was going and walked right into a pole.” She was knocked unconscious with a concussion, and she woke up in the hospital. When people started asking her how she ran into a pole. “I didn’t know what to say, except that I was trying to eavesdrop.”

What Staff Member At LALA Are You Like?

Advice Column

By: Imelda Rodriguez and Tracey Vasquez Staff Writers I think that my boyfriend s cheating on me. He’s been acting weird with me lately; I think that he might like this girl in one of his classes. How do I know if he is cheating on me?

I have a crush on this guy in school but I only share one class with him. I try for him to notice me but the harder I try the further away he gets. I need help in approaching him. - Confidence in California

-Annie Anonymous Dear Annie Dear Confidence in California, TRUTHFUL and HONESTY believe that in your situation the best advice we can give you is to trust him. You have to understand that a guy is a guy and they wont always want to explain themselves all the time. Just because he’s acting weird doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s cheating on you. You should ask him but don’t overwhelm him because that might cause you guys to end up getting in an argument. Just be wise in what you ask and have patience he might be going through hard times and he might not be willing to share it for personal reasons. One thing for sure, you have to be careful, keep your eye out for signs and remember if he’s committed to your relationship then you shouldn’t worry.

TRUTHFUL and LOYAL believe that this is a common problem for many girls. Many girls have the same problem because of their lack of confidence so your not alone. Don’t try impress the guy by being some one who you completely aren’t. Before you tell him you like him start with a friendship slowly get to know him because he might appear to be some ones he’s not, know the inner him before you get more into him.If you go based on the looks don’t, don’t be to shallow. If it doesn’t work out move on don’t stick to the same guy because he’s not your type and you might find someone else that you’ve been missing out on. Keep your eyes open for anybody out there who is compatible to you.

BY: Erendira Hernandez Staff Writer 1.What is your favorite animal? a) chicken b) hawks c) lion d) cows e) owl 2. What kind of person are you? a) likes to have fun b) great full c) perfectionist d) faithful e) talkative 3. What do you think love is? a) romance b) happiness c) mysterious d) beautiful e) you cant live without it 4. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? a) Guatemala b) Italy c) Ireland d) Japan e) Switzerland 5.If you had a supper natural power what would it be? a) see into the future b) go through walls continued on page 11....



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probably a sign that it wasn’t right for you to know you’re capable of living up to it. Give begin with. them something to be deeply impressed about. By: Angelica Ramos SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. Staff Writer LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). What 21). Though there are other ARIES (March 21-April 19). New you currently view as a probpeople on your team, you may introductions will be made virtually lem may only be a symptom of as well be on a solo mission or through written correspondence. the real problem, which has because you’re doing all of the You’ll get a pretty good feel for gone long undetected. Luckwork. You need to tell the othwhere the person is coming from, but ily, you’re a master sleuth now, especially ers how they can help. Be the leader. this can’t be better than what you when it comes to your own mind and heart. could glean from a face-to-face meeting. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). There are very few people who TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You have Don’t wait to be given the understand how to make your a strong reaction to things. Remember chance to talk about yourself job easier for you. You have that your powerful emotions can be — just take it. Create it. People to show them exactly what to harnessed for good, even if they don’t are far too self-involved do and how to do it. It will be start out so wonderful. If you can today to put anyone new on their radar out of worth the effort, though, because the training take charge of your feelings, you’ll politeness, but once you start talking, they you give will be lasting. rule your world. will want to know more about you. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You’ll get bored unless you GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Friends LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). give yourself an exciting objecmake recommendations. It’s nice that You’ll encounter outsiders tive. And be sure to attach a they want to help you, but do keep in who want to get inside your reward to this goal, as well. A mind that their opinions and preferworld. You’ll deal in a compasprize gleaming in the distance ences are likely to be quite different sionate way because you’ve beenwill motivate you to new heights. from yours. Take their suggestions with a grain of in a similar position and rememPISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). salt. ber what that felt like. Someone has to have fun, so it CANCER (June 22-July 22). When a SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). may as well be you. If you think lull in the action happens, don’t rush You’ll meet those who could you have too much work to do, to fill it. Inactivity brings moments take your project to the next think again. With your playful of insight. Tonight: If you can be level. You want to make a antics, you’ll teach the others how to loosen easily talked out of something, it’s strong impression because you up and enjoy life.

Cypress Best Certainly Is The Best

By: Richard Kim Staff Writer Across the street from a Burger King and Florence Nightingale Middle School on Cypress and Figueroa sits the alternative to the mass produced BK, Cypress Best. The burgers are simple and tasty, it consists of the usual, meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and they even add thousand island dressing on the bun. The chili cheese fries, the overwhelming fries are topped with chili and cheese, way better than the ones in Carl’s Jr. Everything on their menu is either pretty cheap or unusually pricey. Cypress Best is now one of my favorite places to go after school to hang out and eat. 4/5 It’s…Good.

All New NANO From Apple

BY: Mike Cadena Staff Writer It’s true! The 5th generation iPod Nano has a newly integrated video camera, the only downside to this new toy Nano has to offer, it can’t shoot stills. But! The camera does include fifteen fun video effects, such as: motion blur, sepia, x-ray, and cyborg among others. Also new, to iPod in general, FM radio with…Live Pause? Yup, you can now pause live radio and rewind as far back as fifteen minutes. The radio display also includes the title and artist of the song that is playing, allowing the “new-fashioned way to discover music.” Enter iTunes Tagging, if you like a song you hear on the radio and absolutely need to have it, “tag it.” iPod automatically makes a list of those songs you’ve tagged and allows you to preview and purchase them on iTunes. And like its prede-

cessor, iPod speaks to you. VoiceOver tells you the title and artist of the song so that you can navigate seamlessly without looking at the screen, and the best part is, VoiceOver is fluent in more than twenty languages. Also, Genius returns, genius automatically makes playlists that go great with songs that you pick. Other new stuff on this iPod, is a pedometer that can be upgraded using Nike+iPod, the screen is also slightly larger (2.0 in. to 2.2 in.). IPod is also prettier and shinier, with an all new “polished anodized aluminum finish,” whatever that means. All-in-all great device with cool new features like the radio (you used to have to buy a separate adaptor just to use the radio) and video camera, although the fact that it can’t shoot stills makes me doubt a little bit…I thought the Tagging was ingenious, handy for people who have bad memory, and Live Pause marks the beginning of a tool we’ll be using for a very, very long time. rating: 9/10

Entertainment SEPTEMBER 2009 Fall Fashion

By: Diana Centeno Staff Writer Girls:

Basic Soft Knit Tank Forever 21 $6.90 A solid colored racerback tank featuring a soft knit construction, a scoop neckline, and a finished hem.

Amber Smocked Waist Skirt Heritage1981 $13.80 A solid colored skirt featuring an elastic smocked waistband with a ruffle top trim, soft vertical pleats, and a finished bottom hem. Boys:

Striped V-Neck Pocket Tee $16.90 HERITAGE 1981 - Striped v-neck tee featuring inset pocket placed high on right chest.

Seth Straight Jean $35.90 HERITAGE 1981 - A dark washed straight jean featuring permanent whiskered accents on the front and back of the knee. Other features include a sewn element at the knee for style, a traditional 5-pocket design, belt loops, a 4-button fly closure, and dark colored metal hardware.

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Staff Quiz Continued... c)mind reading By: Erendira Hernandez d)clown yourself Staff Writer e)breathing under water I was so hungry…the thirst…the 6.If a thief stole something from you what pain… I had to run before they caught me. would you do? ” I can’t stay here…I’m sorry…” I looked a)feel compassion at her in the eyes, hoping that it wouldn’t b)let karma do its job have to be the last time. Tears were falling c)talk them out of it from her clear black eyes. The stars were d)chase after them shinning right through them as she looked e)do nothing at me. She looked so beautiful in the moon 7.If you were in the Holocaust and you found light. That was the most painful thing I had a way to escape, what would be the first thing to go through…her sweet eyes filled with you would do? tears, I couldn’t take it anymore. I wish I a) Create a plan to escape with friends tocould take her with me…but I know that gether she has to stay here. This is where she beb) Visit your loved ones longs. c) Figure a way to save everyone “Please don’t go” she pleaded me “you are d) Look for family and contact them the only one that understands me” she e) Tell others to go with you hugged me tight and did not let me go for a 8.If someone was threatening a family member long time. “Let me go with you!” with a gun, what would you do? “NO! It’s too dangerous and you know it.” a)kick the gun out of their hand I don’t like saying no to her but she had to b)take the gun understand. She would be in great danger if c)take the bullet she stayed with me. I couldn’t take care of d)negotiate her; she was too fragile to me. e)give them what they want “I don’t care I…” 9.If you knew that you could never fail, what “Come out here you monster!” Here he came. would you do? I knew he was going to kill me if he found me a)sing with her. When Nina turned around…I was b)be the president gone… c)tell people what I really feel To be continued…… d)Become a D.J. Poetry Nook e)win the lottery Anonymous 10. As a romantic evening what would you like Look at his eyes. Look at her eyes. to do? *When I saw into his eyes the first day of a)go to Griffith park and look at the city the end, I couldn’t breathe. lights When I looked into her eyes the first day of b)be on the tallest building and have a romanthe end, I didn’t want to let her go. tic dinner *I felt as if I was falling into another c)go to the Caribbean, walk by the beach and world. look at the stars I knew that she had to leave, but it was left d)go to the movies in my hands to decide. e)go to any park and look at the sunset *I wanted to tell him that I was never going to leave him. A= Etta B= Juan C= Mark D= Elva E= I had to let her go so that she would not Josh suffer. *I felt pain through my whole body. The sharp answer in my hand was ready, and Have Fun At The Carnival I started. *What can I do with so many mixed feelings? I knew that I was killing her; I knew that I had made her suffer. *I did not know why I loved the guy that was killing me with a knife, and was stabbing me nonstop. After I was done with her, I stabbed the knife right into my chest…I did not last a second without her…my love.

Short Story

Entertainment SEPTEMBER 2009

SAT Quiz

D. E.

21/4 27/4

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E. 5:00 a.m. Wednesday if the diameter of a bicycle wheel is 0.5 meter, BY: Gabriel Kim how many meters has the center of the wheel Staff Writer First, 3 is subtracted from x and the square root traveled when the wheel has made 3 complete The length of a rectangle is increased by 20%, and of the difference is taken. Then, 5 is added to the revolutions along a straight road? the width of the rectangle is increased by 30%. By result, giving a final result of 9. What is the value A. 3pi/2 what percentage will the area of the rectangle be of x? B. 3pi increased? A. 3 C. 12pi A. 25% B. 4 D. 25pi/2 B. 36% C. 5 E. 25pi C. 50% D. 16 D. 56% E. 19 If 22 ∙ 3 ∙ Q = 6, then Q = E. 60% If p is an odd integer, which of the following is an A. 1/11 even integer? B. 1/10 If 3 < x < 7 and 4 < y < 7, which of the following A. P–2 C. 10 best describes the range of values of x – y? B. P2 D. 11 A. -4 < x – y < 3 C. P2 – 2 E. 20 B. 0<x–y<4 D. (p – 2)2 C. 3<x–y<4 E. P2 – p While the faculty curriculum redevelopment D. 3<x–y<7 committee has drawn up detailed - - - - - plans, E. 4<x–y<7 The population of Norson, the largest city in Tran- full - - - - of the newly devised curriculum sitania, is 50 percent of the rest of the population program is expected to take three to four If half of the people in a room leave at the end of of Transitania. The population of Norson is what years. every five-minute interval and at the end of twenty percent of the entire population of Transitania? A. Peremptory..drafting minutes the next to last person leaves, how many A. 20% B. Preparatory..disengagement people were in the room to start with? (Assume that B. 25% C. Final..expansion no one enters the room once the process begins.) C. 30% D. Preliminary..implementation A. 32 D. 33 1/3% E. Auspicious..conceptualization B. 28 E. 50% C. 16 The ballet stage is a bright, seemingly weightD. 12 The price of 10 pounds of apples is d dollars. If less world where gravity is continually being E. 8 the apples weigh an average of 1 pound for every 6 - - - - by the dancers. apples, which of the following is the average price, A. Prolonged In a certain lawn-mower factory, 0.06 percent of in cents, of a dozen such apples? B. Reapportioned all mowers produced are defective. On the averA. 20d C. Unbalanced age, there will be 3 defective mowers out of how B. 50d/3 D. Reflected many produced? C. 5d E. Defied A. 500 D. 5d/3 B. 1,800 E. d/20 Tantra paintings from India are not only C. 5,000 beautiful but - - - - - -; in addition to their D. 18,000 If it is now 4:00 p.m. Saturday, in 253 hours from aesthetic value, they are used to facilitate E. 50,000 now, what time and day will it be? (Assume no day- meditation. light saving time changes in the period.) A. Garish If f(x) = x + ax, and a = 7/2, what is f(3/2)? A. 5:00 a.m. Saturday B. Valuable A. 1/3 B. 1:00 a.m. Sunday C. Numerous B. 3/2 C. 5:00 p.m. Tuesday D. Ornate C. 7/2 D. 1:00 a.m. Wednesday E. Functional

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