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We!lnesday 6Dnl5 2017

Dive into a Easter recipe.

Annual Pride r~~r7}::~~q[.t~ 37th Festival comes


back to the Valley.

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Men's basketball Final Four comes to Glendale.


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.____Campus Pulse What is your family tradition for Easter?

Bailey Warren Spe(;ial Educotion

My parents always makes ll doesn matter what age you an:

'We all poup up together & h de the eggs for the young

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Ryan Burkard Josh Brown Adam lbrizo Justin Pinzon



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traditions. we

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Chelsea Isabella che2147142@maricopa.

don t have fam

Martm Aguero Frankie Wauneka


Vol. 65, Issue 5


Jenna Duncan

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Wodnesc!ay. April 5 2011

Community Health and Wellness holds event on campus Adam Ibrahim

Reporter 1bo VOICE

The Community Health and Wellness event on the GCC campus occurred on Friday. March 24. Tbe morning of the event, the health community, including the Nursing Department. Fitness department and local clinic staff members began celebrating their even! outside of the Student Union. The event started in the morning and continued until noon. "This program is (a] great program, you want to gel your BA and RN at the same time also its transfer to ASU," Valerie T, a nursing student, said. She joined the event to represent her departmenL The event was an opportunity for each health department to talk about its new programs to students. Also it was an opportunity for students to learn about other programs and how they v.ork. "Our goal in this event is to educate sludcnts about osteoporosis," Valerie T. said. Valerie T presented three importanl questions about osteopOrosis.

These questions were the following: what is osteoporosis? What does osteoporosis do? And wby does osteoporosis happen? She then educated audience members about these issues. This event was very educational, Valerie T said. Young students need to know about osteoporosis disease and what they need to avoid osteoporosis when they become older. Valerie T explained how osteoporosis could affect old people and whaat type of vitamins people need to stay healthy. "Our clinic. Arizona Life Chiropractic Center, offers discount and free assessment for GCC students," Darla Reed, market director for Arizona Life Chiropractic Center, said. The ALCC is a local clinic who joined the community health and wellness evenL "Natural pain relief, if it does not work, it does not hurts you," said Reed, when suggesting exercise and stretching for pain management. GCC students who are suffering from neck or back pain can take the discount or free assessmenl as an opportunity to try narural pain relief therapy.


Adorn I!Qhim/The VOICE The Communtty Hea.tth and Welne:u event N.rved as â&#x20AC;˘ Wlf'/ to ...m about programs GCC often n ural.. a fof â&#x20AC;˘ variety of Matth -.u.s.


NCAA men's basketball Final Four championship games come to Glendale J1111tfn Pinzon Reporter 1bo IIO<CE

The2017 NCAA men's basketball Final Four and championship games are in Glendale, Arizona this year al the University of Phoenix Stadium. The Lucky four teams participating in this year's Final Four are the University of Oregon, South Carolina University, Gonzaga University and North Carolina University. The South Carolina Gamecocks are athe only team in this year's fmal four who was not ranked in the top 25 teams in the nation. Although they weren't ranked in the top 25, lhe Gamecocks were able to attain the seventh seed in the March Madness toumamenL Being ranked number seven meant thai the Gamecocks had to upset some of the other teams in the tournament like Marquette, Duke, Baylor, and Florida. The Gamecocks are looking for that last win to enter the championship for the very first time in school history. The next team in the Final Four is the Gonzaga Bulldogs. For the majority ofthis year's college basketball season the Bulldogs were ranked number one in the nation. The Bulldogs lost only one game in the regular season and were the clear ptck for the number one seed in their part of the March Madness brackeL This is also the first time in school history that the Bulldogs have made tt to the Final Four. Since the Bulldogs

had the number one seed in the tournament teams like South ranked number one on their side of the bracket Dakota State, Northwestern, West Vtrginia, and Xavier llied This will be the twentieth Final Four apperance in North to knock off the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs will try to make Carolina University history. Last year the Tar Heels didn't their first championship run in schools histoty. just make it to the Final Four, they also made it to the The third team in the Final Four the Oregon Ducks. National Championship game where they would lose to the Now the University of Oregon is known more for their University of Villanova in the final seconds of the game. football team, but their basketball team was the one to The Tar Heels have the most experience out of the make headlines this year. This year the Ducks held the four teams in the Final Four. The other three teams in the number three seed in their side of the bracket just behind the tournament have a combined total of four appearances in the University of Kansas and the University ofLouisvWe. Final Four compared to the Tar Heels twenty. The Ducks were ranked number nine in the nation in the According to the cheapest tickets are regular season. The Ducks basketball team have appeared in $208 and the most expensive ticket is a whopping $123,386. one other Final Four in their history of the school. The last The games will be held onAprill-3. time the Ducks were in the Final Four was in 1939, which was also the year they beat Ohio State to win the national championship. This is the first time in 78 years the Ducks made it into the Final Four. This year the Ducks had to go through lona University, Rhode Island, the University of Michigan and MINI STORAGE number one seeded Kansas University. Oregon (623) 875-5102 University will try to get into the national Fax: (623) 875-2504 championship in seventy-eight years. MAKf AN EASY $25 Finally the last team in the Final Four is Jusl Reier I RIIIIIIIISI 10461 N. 99th Ave. the North Carolina Tar Heels. This year in Peoria, AZ 8S345 the regular season the Tar Heels were ranked ezstor number eight in the nation just above the Ducks. In the tournament the Tar Heels were


Stand up, Stand Proud: 37th Annual Phoenix Pride Ch•l••• lu!Mito Edrtor-ln-Chlef ,.,. I/OICE

S141ld up, Stand Proud was the motto for this past weekend. The 37th Annual Phoenix Pride Festival and Parnde took place in downtown Phoenix April I and 2. Pride is the one Lime of the year that people of the l GB I'Q communi!) unite to eelebmtc and express indh1dualil). sexual it). and most impor141ltly love on all shapes and forms 35.000 po:ople participated on the fesli~ 1lies and this year with five different stages throughout the ~enue. it \\8S an event to top all e~cnb that "'as packed "'ith activities for evet) ooe Evet)'thing from an Art Expo to dancong the night a"ay at the dance pa' illion. lbl) t\\o-da) ~ent had magnificenL spellbounding entertainment both Satwda> and Swula). On Saturday. they hosted Laton Headliner. NineI Conde. Los Chicos de 512. and Bchnda Carli>le. While on Sunda). perfonnancc:. b> America's Got Talent Season 12 ruMcr up. Brian Ju,tin Crum and pop sensation. Aaron Carter. Bcon~ a part of the LGBTQ community, I look ftlmanJ to Pride each year. It's u unique C\Cnt where you get to be around nn electic, fun. fr.-c-spiritred groop of individuals. I always lca\c Pride making a bunch of friend~. You can fe.:l free to be yourself, whatc\er that image looks like to yourself. and instead of being im.tnntly judged or feeling uneasy about pt>nruying yourself-you get pruiscd for bcinf! you!

A g10up of friondl onjoys their weekend and cotol>no* bolng o .,.,. of lhe LGBTQ community Porticl.,.bon In the fHthlttiee

Porticl.,.nla of lho IHIIvalohow their prido opiri~

Frankit WaunekiiFrMianc.

Orog quHnt COpped I n.r.:o pooo Soturday, Aprtll,

URE Festival and Parade takes over downtown Phoenix

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'Nednesdav Aort 5 2017

VenckMw tike tM Human R1ghta C.rnpaJgn ·~ cu.tomized merc.handiH for the COMMunity.


11ot1om loft F"tlvoi110«110trlkM In t h o l r - - . . . , rlgM: Foebvalo- cel4tbt'o1M _.,..,... oom

and funding

lof--..,_. .,.,_

Fnri<lo - . . . . - . - . . . : .

IO< lG8TQ youlhltiiOugh ... - . . , Pnde CocnmuMy F - - .

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FEATURE The Incredible Edible Easter Basket

Wedne$dav. Aplil5. 2017

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• • Ingredients • • • • • • • •

e • • •

- 16 ounce bag Marshmallows -7 cups Rice Krispies -2 tablespoons butter -Easter egg candies -Green decorating frosting You will also need a cupcake pan Directions 1. Grease cupcake pans and set aside. 2. Melt marshmallows and butter in a microwave safe bowl for about two minutes, just keep an eye until they are melted but not too puffed up. 3. Stir together until well blended and pour in Rice Krispies. Stir until well combined. 4. Pour into greased cupcake pan and press down with wax paper. 5. Let set for half hour. 6. Fill the Rice Krispie cups with just enough green frosting to look like Easter grass. 7. Top with Easter egg candies .

• •• • • •• •••••••••••••••• Easter Egg Hunt 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. Saturday, April15, 2017, Peoria Sports Complex, 16101 N. 83rd Ave., Peoria

Easter Egg-Citement 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. Saturday, April 15th, 2017 Egg Hunt begins Promptly at lla.m. Schnepf Farms 24610 S. Rittenhouse Road, Queen Creek

e e

Bunny Skate Party 3 p.m-7 p.m. Sunday, Aprill6, 2017 Great Skate 10054 N. 43rd Ave., Glendale

e • • • • • •

• •• • • •••••••••••

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• : Easter events in The Valley : • • • •• • • • •• •• • •• • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

e e




Wednesday Apnl5 2017

'Life' is a drained out, dull, unexciting new sci-fi thriller Josh Brown

They \\111 soon come to find out. Cahm's mtell1gence ba5 gro"n exponenuall) a:. \\ell . for those "ho ha\e seen the trailers. "Lite" is a sci·fi honor thrilln-, and a bold nc; l..n<n>n }ts. Cah m does c:scape one 81 thai, gn en its ~I= comes thrn: confmement m the lab. and ) .::.. Its pnnllll} months prior to that of"Aiien: Go\en:llll," a mllli\81Ion Iilli C\et)One on board. It doc!in 'I hate than. I:lett) adds. it IS jusl countcrp;ut to" hat .s proOOb!) the greatest douig "hat C\Cf) lifeform i.:. biologicall) space·monsttT franchJSC ofnllllmc Yet despite its boldn.:ss, both 1n llmmg progniiiUllcd to do: sun.i\c. and in ex~ut1on, "Lite" lalb short 1n almost UnfortW\alcl) for Cahin. the ere" int~-nth ever)· other a•pect that made it pr<'<k'<:<"501"S to do the snme. Usually n ruin:; the fun of unner. mgl) m<'ffiomble and iconic. a sci-fi to gi'c so much a"a). In this case, To put it quite simpl), ''Life'' i• liti:h.:,s; a th<-re\just not much more movie lcllto gi\c, laciJuster, not-so-thnlhng ti:aturc th.ll dumbs lfan)lhmg. "Life" rcst'lllbles more of a Its characters, script and the myst<'Tious chct-sy •lnsht'l' flick than a su.<;penscful space horn1r: six p.!Ople trapped in a finite space tenseness CSS<.'f'ltlalf(Jr w1y ~'f'lgllgmg sc1-li ft1cl.: into a \\atcr.'d-<.lo\\n, 90-mmute hcapmg "hile a malicious killer hunts them do\\n, pile of space gart>age. Someone is in a druic chamber of the ship by themselves and all the lights are turned oft'? Even the film's t1tle lacks subtlety. Scttn the presumllhly not-5o-diStant future. o rover There's no way Calvin is hiding in that dark is sent to M3!S to obtain dust sample>, and comer. a team ofsi~ astronauts patiently '~a11 on a It "ould ha\e been better if he "asn't space station to n:ttie' e it. Instead of elong;ned scenes of silence where >\mong the ere" is Oavtd Jordan (Jake the ere\\ nenously awaits an attack from G)llcnhaal), Sbo Murakami (lflf<>)Ukl Calvm that ne'er comes. tbe) happ.!n exactly Sanada), MII1ll1da N011h (Rebecca ~crguson), \\ben thcy'n: e'pected to, thanks to O\n-t)) 0\CIU..o;ed context clue:. ofthc:manc b111ld-up, Hugh Dcrn (An) on Balan:), l·katcnna uolo>lma (Olga Diho' 1chnaya) 1111d Rnry lollo\\ed b) the snt>cipatedjump scare. Adams (Ryan Re)110kb). '01 C\ en ada) -~~~ The crc"\\ doesn 'tlcr!o" where Cal\'in "· mto the research and !Jcn), the ~1gnated so 11Clther should tliC iiidicoce. Ycnomc:n--, scicnust of the group.l!lld;c:s a stmtlirig here the) do. disco' et) : a smgk:-<:elled organ1Sm "ith The ere\\ can hardly be called charact.:n functiorung ncn e and muscle tiSSUC. It IS the 81 all. add=Sc!d on!} "ith nantes and 001 first proof of life be}ond l:arth. much else. 001 e'en "ith a mildl) in~ting E'et)ooc back hontc -.111ch<-s m 11\\e bacl;story or job descriptions. and excnement us the ~-n:-. 111111<>tm<:CS thelf At one pomt North is seen examining Jonlan, so it's ossumed she's the doctor on historical achle,o:mcnt \13 o h\e broodcast from the shtp, and the spec1men 1> named board? hel')one else just seems to exist. Cal' 1n b) a group of students Irom a local numbly floating around the ship waiting for elenu:nt:llj schooL something to happen. and even when 11 does, th~")' watch idl). seemingl) unfazed by the Though cclebrntton "short Ji,ed, aflnalmost o month of endless research .111d qu1ckly imposing threat experiment~. Cal\tn ha-. gro"n expon<'Tltioll) Exceptions cwt be made for Jordan. in size, and the ere\\, all except Derry, Maruknn11 and Derry; the best of what the becomes wary of1ts pres...'t'lce. mo•1e can otTer comes from them, each Reporter .,.. >'OICE

Oavkt Jordan (Jake GyU.,h .. l) t.nde o" • bkttoglcal kll..r In "'Ltr...... Uf•" t. now '*'ylng In thHtere •ll•round

1M Volley.

gi'en a famt yet ri\t:ting chariiCit-r arc that goes no\\ hen:. Reynolds is fine domg lx.-st what he's ~nol'n for, a lc\\ quiclo. snide re'!narks m1xed '"with a culturull) relc\ant JOke for the young aud•ence. It\ G) llc'f'lhaal hO\\C\Cr \\btl IS the \\t>fst Jonlan, although \\h1le aided \\lth ooe ot the be'1 character Ooii'lplex of lhe film; 1 reduced to nothing. Gy llenhaal. "ho has been desperately chasing the cnucal spo~hght after his e'<ceptional perli>rmance m ~014's "Nighl0'8" lcr." n:llurnlly d~ "hal he can. but 11 becom<-s more painful than admirable to watch one of today'~ most magnetic actmg talents be laid to \\aste. "Life's" biggest letd0\\11 of all comes at the end, "hereM) s1gn of a redeemmg payotT is prncticall) non-existent. The film IS predictable at e•ery tum, and 11 ends exactly how it is expe<;ted to. As the phra.'C "there's nothing ne" under the sun"l>ecomcs truer and truer, it probably lies tru~"St in the S<:t·fi genre, Wld 11 has become mon: ncccs~ for

modem day· sci-fi films to greet its audiences with some original. thrilling and \\Oith\\hile. "Life" has seemed to left that concept out to dr). DirKtor: Daniel tspulOSIII Casl: Jake G)Ueohaal. R>an Re)nolds. Rebecca fCfgU.<on, Ari}on Bakarc e<f R: lOr" IIIA@oage lhroughou1. JOille ~i-fi \;olence and terror No" Pb)iBC: A\1C Wcstglllc 20 9-100 West Hanna Lane. Glcn.Jale AI. 85305 AMC Arro"'bead 14

7700 W. Arrowhead Tn. Ctr.. Glendale AZ85308 Harkins Arrov. head 18

16046 Arro"head Fountns Ctr Dr. PeQt'la AZ85382 Hatiins Park West

9804 W. Northern Ave., Peoria AI. 85345 Nl movie info provided by

Gauchos defeat Firestorm with a scoreline of 9-5 Justin Ptn~on Reporte<


The Glendale Community College Gauchos took oo the Arizona Christ1W1 Umvctsll)' firestot'ffi JUnior '3J'SIIY team March 27 at Glendale Communtty College. Before gomg mto th1s game the Gaucho:. ha\e \\011 SIX out of their la!;t ten gam~. e\en gumg on a four game "inrung streak. The f1n:.1orm \11t'Sit) team "on fi\e of their Ia>~ ten games. Th1s game"~ supposed to take place at ACU but due to a flooded field. the game \\01> moH'd to GCC gtvmg the Gauchos borne field advantage. A 5CC11nl) guard 81 ACU Slid tha1 the flooding \\01> due to a busied \\Iller p1pc. When 1t an>Wid game time the ACU baseball field had

standmg water so the game was moved to a dry field In the top of the sixth inning with a score tied n five l'rrestorm semor infielder Zilch Torres 1s struck out by Gauchos sophomore p1tcher Collin Ledbt.11~'1'. Aller the umpire ruled his at bat a strikeout Torres did not like the call and beg;ln to argue "ith the umpire. Torres \\ould then make a gesture to the umpire about where he thought his stnkc ;one and the umpire e\entually thrc"' Tornes out of the game. In the next three innings the Gaucho> "ould ~ore four more runs and the Gauchos \\OUld take the" in "'th a scoreline of9-5. The Gauchos l1CXI game "ill be ag:unst Ya'upai College April4. The Firestorm Junior ~31'511} team's next game is Tuesday April 4 ag:unst Mesa Communuy College


Juoon PlnzoniThe IIOtCE Glendale Communlly College--~ AllmN1 Ctvtltlan U - l l y l1latdl %7. wll b4l AP<I 4"U''IMI Yovopol Community College.



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The Voice Volume 65 Issue 5  
The Voice Volume 65 Issue 5