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CEO’s Welcome


elcome to the second edition of The Voice eMagazine – Keeping You Informed, brought to you by The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network – The Voice for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners. Where has the year gone? Can you believe we are only 4 weeks away from Christmas? At this rate we’ll be welcoming 2013 before we know it. How are you tracking towards the goals you have set for yourself and your business? Are you on track? Hopefully you’ll be able to celebrate having achieved all of the goals you set for yourself by the time 2013 rolls in? Remember to take time out and celebrate ALL of your successes – even the small ones. They all count! Speaking of celebrations, last week I learned that The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show (my podcast) was listed among the Top 50 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs. It was such a thrill, especially considering we were among some pretty prominent names including: Seth Goden, Ted Talks Audio and Copy Blogger, to name a few. I believe this recognition also goes to all of our guest experts and our listeners – that’s YOU, because without you all, this podcast would not be what it is today. And, for that I say a HUGE ‘thank you!” Well, that’s about all the news I have to share this month. We have some great articles lined up for you again in this edition, so grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy! By the way, if we haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet, please introduce yourself on our official Facebook page. I’d love to learn more about your business and the topics you’d like to hear more about on our upcoming interviews. Until next time, stay inspired Annemarie Cross Founder/CEO & Editor-in-Chief


Podcast Replay Ambitious Entrepreneur Show: Communicating with Confidence: Key steps to ensure your blog stands out Special Guest: Jessica Oman & Nicole Breit


ith over 31 million blogs in the USA* alone means there is a lot of competition when it comes to attracting and retaining readers. One way to ensure that your blog posts and website stands out from the rest is to consistently deliver high quality content, which requires strong business writing skills and a key grasp on grammar. Unfortunately, however this is something that many ambitious entrepreneurs struggle with, so we’re fortunate to have two experts with us on today’s show – English and Education specialists – Jessica Oman and Nicole Breit will share: »» Step-by-step tips for writing a blog post in 30 minutes »» The key to eliminating writer’s block »» Tips for more efficient and more effective business writing »» and much more!

Over to Jessica and Nicole »


Grow Your Business Feature Article 5 Reasons Relationship, Value, Consistency Matter More In This Economy Author: Meridith Elliott Powell


ast week I was doing a presentation on Winning In The Trust & Value Economy for Environmental Data Resources, a Connecticut company providing solutions to manage environmental risk, when I got a great question from the audience. The question, if I can paraphrase, was, “Why, if these concepts of relationship, value and consistency in the service culture have been around for years, why do they matter more now?” It is a great question, and one that when answered, really sums up the major changes in this new economy. This participant was one hundred percent right. The concepts of relationship, value and consistency have been around for years. However, how well a company or individual implemented them didn’t necessarily greatly impact their bottom line like it does today. Customers didn’t hold us as accountable for our ability to connect with them or take responsibility for our actions. In this economy, the trust and value economy, if you don’t deliver on your promise of relationship, value and consistency, you will constantly struggle to succeed. Why? Here are five reasons relationship, value and consistency matter more in the trust and value economy. 5 REASONS: 1. Change – This economy is not in just in a slump, it has changed. Things are never going back to the way they were. Gone are the days of abundance and corporate dominance. The consumer is in control and frugal is in! 2. Competition – Competition is at an all-time high and growing, and clients realize they have more choices than ever before. Clients are taking action. If the service, the value and the relationship are better somewhere else, they move on.


Grow Your Business Feature Article 3. Irrelevance – The Internet, competition and globalization have made us, as business owners and professionals, technically irrelevant in the sales process. Clients don’t have to work with us to buy what they want or get what they need. They can Google to find products or services, join groups and chat rooms to gain information, and they can use their smart phones and ipads to place an order or buy a service anytime and anywhere. 4. Price – Again, frugal is in and gone are the days of abundance. Clients like to think of themselves as savvy, well-informed and confident. They are looking for a deal, whether that deal is about price or about relationship, value, and consistency. 5. Word of Mouth – This a word-ofmouth economy. Trust in companies, advertising and promotions is at an all-time low. According to the report Your Brand At Risk, only 8% of people believe what companies say about themselves. What do they believe? Peer recommendations. The growth of social media has put those peer recommendations on steroids. Testimonials, a referral, and a letter of thank you have become turbo charged as our clients take their feedback to the internet.

Yes, relationships, value and consistency have always been a part of the service industry. But in today’s Trust and Value Economy, put your effort there and you will see a much greater return on investment. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Meridith Elliott Powell is the founder and owner of MotionFirst. She is a certified coach, speaker, and business development expert and renowned in the industry as a catalyst and someone who makes things happen! Meridith is also the Host of the Secrets to Success Podcast


Grow Your Business Feature Article Self-Publishing Leveraged Marketing for Smart Entrepreneurs How to get your book onto Amazon and earning you money! Author: Pam Brossman

»» Did you know that nearly 1 billion Kindle books were sold in 2011 and that it is set to triple in 2013? »» Amazon also has a Lending Library that pays their authors a share of a pool fund every month each time their book gets borrowed? Are you earning your share of the pool fund yet? »» That you can use Kindle books as a lead generator for your business and get paid to attract targeted customers into your business? So the question is …are you ready to write your book and start capitalising on this amazing opportunity like I have been doing for the last 12 months? Or, are you going to sit back and watch others use the power of book marketing to: »» Build their brand »» Position their knowledge and expertise »» Drive highly targeted traffic into their marketing funnel »» Leave their digital footprint on the world »» While creating a residual income at the same time Here are some tips to help you get started…. 7 STEPS TO GETTING THAT BOOK OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND ONTO AMAZON: 1. Commitment - When I wrote my first book I set a deadline of 7 days? I had no idea what I was doing but the first thing I knew I had to do was COMMIT. If you do not commit to the book you will never finish it. 2. Market Research – Success leaves clues. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. Just study the best-selling books in your


Grow Your Business Feature Article area of expertise or genre and see what is working then get out there and do it better! 3. Purpose – have a purpose for your book. What is it you want to achieve from your book? »» Leave a legacy for your children »» Tell your story - share your experiences and make an impact »» Residual income »» Lead generation – drive traffic to your business »» Positioning and credibility »» Sponsorship and door opener to business opportunities »» Packaging and marketing funnel »» Or to perhaps become the next 50 Shades of Grey or Harry Potter success story! It is important to have a WHY that will make you complete the book. 4. Book Avatar – write to one person. Who is the person who will benefit the most or needs your knowledge, experiences or expertise to help them get from A-B? Write your book to that one person only and the writing will just flow. 5. Formula – follow a recipe and write it fast. [Learn about this in Digital Authors Academy 8 week self-publishing course]. Once you have a recipe writing a book in 8 weeks is easy. 6. Outsource the formatting – or use my templates in the Digital Authors Academy course. 7. Publish and market your book start earning money – then celebrate with your friends! Becoming a self-published author is one of the most rewarding things you will do in your lifetime. Once you are in print you are there for life!

Remember, you are going to write a book! Because everyone has a minimum of two books waiting to be written, their legacy story and their expertise. Are you ready to write your book? Be warned it is highly addictive. I have written 3 books in 12 months. 1. Your Millionaire Attitude #1 Best Seller 2. Marketing for She Experts #1 Best Seller and; 3. My first children’s book Zasper the Magic Rainbow Dragon launching in Dec. 4. I am also a contributing author to 6 other books globally. I told you it was addictive! ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Pam Brossman is the CEO of SheExperts. com, the publisher of SheExperts Mentoring Magazine for Women Entrepreneurs and International #1 Best Selling Author in the areas of having a Millionaire Attitude and Marketing for SheExperts. Pam loves showing women how to leverage and monetise their expertise.


Business Success Feature Article Are you Focused or Distracted? Let the Distraction-Buster Blueprint determine which…


hile running your own business can be extremely rewarding, it can also be exhausting. Especially when you consider the daily tasks you have to juggle.

Did you know? The only person who cannot be helped is the person who blames others. — Carl Rogers

Business development; working with clients; marketing; networking; attending to emails and phone calls; program and product development; and putting out any arising unexpected fires, etc. Building your empire can certainly present its challenges, right? As a busy business owner, you’ll want to become mindful of the activities and projects you get involved in. Take on too many and you can wear yourself thin, making it impossible to achieve any of your goals. So, the next time an opportunity presents itself, before leaping in both feet first (in true entrepreneurial style), follow the steps in the Distraction-Buster Blueprint to see whether it’s a worthwhile opportunity or whether it’s a distraction.


10 ARE YOU FOCUSED OR DISTRACTED? Let the Distraction-Buster Blueprint determine which…

Did you know? He (or she) who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away — Raymond Hull


In the Spotlight Show Host: Stacey Myers

Did you know? When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change — Wayne Dyer


ell us a little more about the work you do:

I work with small business owners that want to write, or are writing, a non fiction book in their area of expertise. I support them with putting the social media strategy in place so that by the time they are ready to launch their book they already have, not only, a loyal readership but also the partnership structures in place. For the strategy component I work one to one with the author and then support them in the social marketing aspect of it through either training, complete done for you packages or a combination of both. What’s the name of your show? Author Platform Success Show What can we expect to hear when listening to your show? Interviews with successful authors and people that support them with getting their books out to the world. It may be publishers, editors, virtual assistants, ebook publishers, social media strategists, website builders or any number of other people. I ask them for their best tips, advice and strategies for people that are thinking about a book, writing a book, launching a book or trying to keep the sales going. I talk with author and as them to share their experiences of writing and launching a book, and how having a book has changed their businesses. Lots of great topics with lots of great guests!


In the Spotlight What inspired you to start your show? My passion is supporting people to achieve what it is they want to achieve. The people I work with want to have successful book launches and to be able to use that book to expand their businesses and visibility. One of the components of my business is to educate people in the importance of starting to create their online (author) platform as early as possible in the writing process. My intention is to get this message out to as many people as possible, so they don’t have the experience of finishing their book and not having any readers ready to buy it. This coupled with the fact I love to ‘have a chat’, a podcast was the perfect platform for me to reach more people with my message.

it to the front of the line. This is so true for business – if we keep dropping what we are doing now to try the next new product or strategy it is like starting at the beginning of the line again. The most successful people are the ones staying in the line while the others keep getting out and have to start at the beginning again. Tell us your favorite inspirational tip: I am not sure if other people will find this inspirational but it is for me. I can’t even remember where I heard it or exactly how it goes but it really resonates with me. ‘If you are willing to do what others won’t, you will have success like others can’t.’ It really has me take action those times that I don’t want to and drives me forward.

What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with other ambitious entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs)? Wow, I thought of about 7 things when I read this and I know I am only allowed one but am going to sneak in another one as well. Success doesn’t happen overnight – even though it might look and sound like that when you hear some internet marketers speak. Slow and steady wins the race. What you quite often don’t hear is that it took those people 7 years of work to be able to create that overnight success! Choose only a few people to learn from. I know when you get online it is really easy to get caught up in this idea and that idea and jump from person to person. My advice is to find a few genuine people and learn everything you can from them. Someone once said to me you need to ‘just stay in line’ – if we keep getting out of line to try the next new thing we will never make

Did you know? It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. — J.K. Rowling

Business Article Pursue Your Passion, and Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet! Author: Dana Dunn

Did you know? You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. — Christopher Columbus


y hope and desire for you is that this is really going to get you thinking about your future and your life as we enter into a brand new year. It is my primary goal to get you thinking “outside the box,” of what society expects from you, and start figuring out what YOU expect from YOU! It is my personal belief that we were masterfully created to live our lives with passion and purpose. You are here on purpose. Your life has meaning, and most importantly, you were put on this earth to make a difference. What is your purpose? What do you feel called to do? So often we get hung up on what other people think, or what they feel we should do with our lives. The sad reality is that we almost become programmed to live someone else’s dream or ideas for our life. The question you should be asking yourself is: Who am I, and what do I really want? I may not know you personally, but I would be willing to bet that for most of your life, you were driven by the need, desire, and necessity of earning a living and getting a paycheck. I think this is probably true for most of us. The focus was not on what we wanted to do, but what we felt we had to do. Regardless of where your life has taken you up to this point, the exciting thing is that it’s never too late to make a change. It’s your life, and it’s time to take control of it! Why not do something you love to do, instead of something you feel you have to do? It is time to ask yourself, do I want to make a living, or do I want to make a life?


Business Article It is far too easy to live an average life! To live a life of mediocrity to me was no longer an option, and it shouldn’t be for you either. So the questions you may want answered is: What am I passionate about? Can I really make a living doing what I love? For some people, discovering their passion and pursing it comes very easy, while for others it is a challenge. As a life coach, I run into this quite often, and I have an exercise that might help you if you find that you are just not sure what you are truly passionate about. To begin this exercise, let’s understand the definition of Passion? As you can well imagine, there are several definitions for the word Passion, but for the sake of this exercise, we will use this definition: “Caring about something - With great intensity” EXERCISE: FINDING YOUR PASSION Let’s review the perceptions of passion that you have right now. All you have to do is honestly answer these questions: 1. How would you describe the level of passion you have about your most important interests? »» Very high »» Some passion »» Very little 2. Name something you believe you are extremely passionate about. 3. What do you believe creates the passion you have for something you care about? What causes it? 4. Is there any area of your life, or any interest you have, in which you would like to have more passion than you have now?

Why? 5. If you wanted to create more passion for something you care about, what is one thing you could do, starting now, to create that passion? 6. Take some time and get a sheet of paper out and answer the questions above, then list everything you can think of that you are truly passionate about. Then, for each item on your list, write a brief statement of why you are passionate about that. 7. See if you can find the thread that ties them all together. Once you do this, you will be well on your way to discovering what your true passions are. “The best way to succeed is to discover what you love and find a way to offer it to others.” - Oprah Winfrey Why is it so important to pursue your passions? The answer is quite simple really. Passion is a very powerful emotion; it can become an unstoppable force. Passion creates energy, excitement, and breathes new life into us! Let me ask you, is your current career path providing that energy and excitement? Do you wake up every day and jump out of bed ready to take on the world? If not, why? I am telling is just too darn short to live an unfulfilled life. Living life with passion and purpose will lead you to greater joy, and a life you’ve never even dreamed of. Pursuing your passion in life can help you achieve your dreams. What do you have if you don’t have dreams? A very dull and average life! Dreamers are achievers. They push past all the negativity and live life to the fullest.


Business Article The fact that you are reading this book right now tells me that you are ready to pursue your passion, even if you don’t yet know what that is. I am excited for you as you begin this incredible journey of self-discovery and life’s purpose. Your life will be forever changed, and you will no longer be satisfied with just getting by. When you get to the end of your life, you will be faced with the one of two pains, the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret. Which will it be? Pursing your passion will take discipline, determination, and the will to succeed no matter what! You have the power within you to make this happen. Don’t fall back into your comfort zone, and let this beautiful life pass you by. It’s time to pursue your passion! “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” - Harriet Tubman

About the Author: Dana Dunn is a Certified Life and Business Coach who is passionate about working with Entrepreneurs who want to transform their life and business in order to live their best life now! Dana is also the Founder of Women with Passion and Purpose, an online community dedicated to help Women live the lives they so richly deserve! In addition to her business training and experience, Dana is a Speaker, Trainer and Author in the making. Her website is currently in re-development. To contact her you may email her at:




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