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CEO’s Welcome


elcome to the first edition of The Voice eMagazine – Keeping You Informed, brought to you by The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network – The Voice for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners. The network has created quite a buzz since its launch just a few months ago. We have 3 new show hosts joining the network, all of whom are currently in the early stages of getting their shows up and running. Our team is also in discussion with another 3 potential show hosts, which is very exciting. With all the new shows joining the Network, and of course our existing interviews, we’ll certainly continue to live up to our promise, which is to bring: ‘inspiring, informative and influential interviews to the airwaves’ to help ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners take their business to the next level. Are you with us?! I hope you answered with a LOUD ‘YES!!’ The increasing popularity of podcasts and podcasting in general across the globe along with the expanding number of listeners coming to the network every day, is exciting. Did you know that the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show is now being syndicated on a local radio show in Zimbabwe? A local DJ has been an avid listener to the show and wanted to incorporate our content on their weekly program, so three times per week the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show can be heard across the Zimbabwean airwaves. Something I’m extremely proud of. If we haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet, please introduce yourself over on our official Facebook page. I’d love to learn more about your business and the topics you’d like to hear more about on our upcoming interviews and new shows joining the network. Until next time, stay inspired Annemarie Cross Founder/CEO & Editor-in-Chief


Podcast Replay Ambitious Entrepreneur Show: Why Business Startups Should Ditch The Business Plan & What They Should Do Instead Special Guest: Cynthia Kocialski


nfortunately, many new business startups follow ‘so-called must-do new business creation strategies’, and end up failing. That’s because they repeat the traditional process to failure over and over again. In fact, according to the Small Business Administration, 25% of new businesses don’t reach their 2nd anniversary and more than 50% don’t survive 5 years. And these numbers hold true across different countries. If new businesses we’re widgets made on a manufacturing line this defect rate would cause a management crises and the line would be shut down. Yet, entrepreneurs continue to start new business the same traditional way, leading to the same disastrous results. So, what should they do? Entrepreneurs should ditch the traditional business plan and replace it with a concept plan and a strategy for business experimentation. Why? Because most business plans are filled with baseless estimates, guesses and wishful thinking. Our special guest on today’s show is Cynthia Kocialski and she will share: »» Why all business startups should ditch the traditional business plan and what they should do instead. »» How to attract investors before you even get to the stage of actively seeking funding and why most start-ups eliminate temselves from securing funding because they don’t understand investors and what they want. »» The common mistakes entrepreneurs make over and over again and what you should be doing instead and much more!

Over to Cynthia click here to listen to the show »


Podcast Profit Secrets Class Building Brand Awareness with Your Own Podcast


s a small business I’m sure you know the importance of continuously building brand awareness and your reputation as the ‘goto’ company if you want to stand out from your competition. In fact, your business’s survival depends on it. Did you know?

So getting your brand message out in front of your target market should be part of your daily list of activities.

People recall the sequential order of words better than the sequence of pictures.

You may already be writing articles or even incorporating video as part of your brand communications, both providing a solid platform for getting your message into the hands of your ideal clients.

– Paivio (1969)

However, if you find writing difficult or you’re not quite ready to get in front of the camera, a great alternative to getting your content out is through the use of audio – in particular by podcasting. So what’s a podcast? According to Wikipedia: “A podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of audio files subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication or streamed online to a computer or mobile device. The word is a neologism derived from “broadcast” and “pod” from the success of the iPod, as podcasts are often listened to on portable media players.” I’ve been podcasting for several years now and have enjoyed it immensely. I’m the Founder of The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network on which my weekly podcast - The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show (formally Business Success Podcast) is hosted. My weekly 30-minute podcast has enabled me to reach an international audience and build relationships with customers and joint venture


Podcast Profit Secrets Class partners. Something I never have dreamed would have been possible.

generation tool and therefore want your listener to sign up for your free e-report.

The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show is now being syndicated on ZiFM Stereo – a local radio station based in Zimbabwe, and includes our show in their program lineup to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and startup businesses.

Whatever action you want your listener to take – tell them at the end of your podcast.

If expanding your reach to potential customers and business partners is one of your business goals to get you started here are some basic tips on how to plan the content of your first podcast. To capture and maintain your listener’s attention and to influence them in taking the next step, your podcast should include an introduction; your main message; and then your call to action which should be specific to your target audience’s needs and interests. 1. The Introduction: should include your hook, which is the reason why your listener should listen to the rest of the call. People are busy and need to know why they should invest their time to listen to you. It needs to identify ‘what’s in it for them’. 2. Your Main Message: should provide listeners with a tip, strategy or information that is useful and valuable and something that they can implement within their lives and/or business. By providing helpful information you’ll confirm your knowledge and expertise in your field. You’ll also encourage your listeners to return to your website as you become a reliable and helpful source! 3. The Call to Action: should inform and encourage listeners to take the next step – whatever that step may be. Do you want them to leave a comment? Or Like/Share your audio with their community? You may be using your podcast as a lead

For instance, at the end of each of my Business Success Podcast interviews, I encourage people to sign-up for my audio series. Here’s an example of my call-to-action script: “If you’re struggling to set yourself apart from your competitors or charging what you’re worth for the awesome services you’re providing your client, I invite you to access our 7-step audio series ‘How to Get Noticed, Hired and Charge What You’re Worth INSTANTLY, at” Spend some time planning your content to ensure you have all three elements in your podcast. In upcoming articles I’ll share more tips about some of the tools you can use to create a dynamic podcast that will help you can boost your credibility and your celebrity, your client/JV list and your profits. By: Annemarie Cross - Business Coach, Marketing Mentor who works with ambitious entrepreneurs helping them boost their credibility, visibility and hireability online. She is also the Founder of The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network and Host of The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show (formerly Business Success Podcast – International Award Winner of the 2011 Best Podcast Award from Global Media Awards)


Grow Your Business Feature Article Top 5 Strategies To Get YOUR Economy Moving! Author: Meridith Elliott Powell


love those commercials, have you seen them, the ones that discuss “my economy”? They are for some financial or insurance company, I don’t even know which, and they feature a customer touting the virtues of how this company helped them fix “their economy,” the one in “their house.” I love those commercials because I love the phrase fix “my economy.” I think it is brilliant. Because at the end of the day isn’t that what we are worried about, trying to find the best solutions and ideas to get our economy moving again? So what do you need to do to get your economy moving, to get things back on track and pointing in a positive direction? Well, based on the research and interviews I did for my new book, Winning In The Trust & Value Economy: A Guide To Business and Sales Success, here are the top 5: Embrace Reality – Face it, it would be great if someone would ride in on a white horse, or wave a magic wand, or click their heels three times and this economy would get back on track. But in reality, let me be the first to say, “That ain’t gonna happen!”  No one else is going to fix this economy, because the truth is this economy can’t be fixed. Why? The reality is that it is not broken; it is changing. Our society, our culture, is literally going through an economic shift — a transition so to speak. A transition that is bringing about extreme change, and a whole new way of doing business.  Making this change is, to say the least, difficult. We are creatures of habit, and even if we know that change is good, we still resist it. Even when we know it is inevitable, we still fight it. Even if we know the change would bring about better results, we still struggle with transition.


Grow Your Business Feature Article So if you want to succeed in this economy, your first step is to embrace your new reality. Understand that times are different, things have changed, and you need to learn the new rules. You need to pay attention to what your customers want, what employees expect, and what your customers are up to. Focus on Values – Welcome to the age of integrity, and the economy where what you do is as important, if not more important, than what you say. As a professional, CEO or business owner, you need to know who you are and what you stand for in order to attract, retain and truly deepen client relationships.

Build Your Image – White noise! If you asked me why most marketing dollars are being wasted and advertising messages are getting lost I would have to say white noise. There is just too much of it out there these days, and consumers are overwhelmed with too much information. Not only can we not hear it, we are definitely not listening. If you want to succeed in today’s Trust & Value Economy, you have to get above the fray, you have to stand out, and you have to be anything but white noise. Now, before I upset all my marketing and advertising friends, please let me say that marketing and advertising are still important, if not critical, to success.

Today’s consumers want and expect more. They only have to Google to find the products or services they want. So consumers need something more compelling to make them buy, something more powerful to make them part with their money, and that something is trust and value.

It is just not enough. You have to do more to get above the white noise. The only way to do that is to build your image, establish your reputation, and get people talking about you. You have to stop pushing messages out, and start pulling your customers in.

Today’s consumers are looking for companies and people they can build relationships with; those they can trust. Developing trust is a long process that can only be built through consistent, positive interaction between the customer and the company. So as companies and professionals, the only way to ensure your customer receives positive, consistent interaction is to create a culture steeped in values.

In the Trust & Value Economy you cannot survive on only those customers you go out and get; you need customers coming to you. By investing in building your image and creating your reputation, you can actually drive customers to you, piquing their interest to come calling on you rather than you always calling on them. Invest In Relationships – We have all heard it said time and time again: relationships are the new currency.


Grow Your Business Feature Article While this has always been true, it has never been truer than in this economy. The more people you know, the more people who know you, and the more people you help, the more successful you are going to be. Success today takes time. Consumers are tired of getting hit with sales people worried about making goal and pushing to make a sale. They are looking for that professional or business owner who truly wants to invest in helping them become successful. Again, that takes time. If you want to stand out in the Trust & Value Economy, then invest in building relationships. Get to know your clients; who they are; what is important to them and what both their critical needs and long term goals are. Find ways to help them be successful. Make connections and create opportunities for them and their employees. To stand out in this economy, you need to invest in relationships, and be committed to give with no expectation of return. The professional who invests in relationships is the professional people talk about, and the one who is memorable. Get Your Head Out Of The Sand – There is more going on in this economy than what is happening in your business. If all you had to worry about was your own daily challenges you would actually be in good shape. But the Trust & Value Economy is offering far more challenges and opportunities outside of your business than inside your business. To be successful today, you need to get your head out of the sand and take a look around. Ask yourself: What is happening in the world around you? What is changing with consumers? How is your industry responding and growing? What is happening politically? What societal

trends could positively or negatively impact your business? In the Trust & Value Economy, you need to lead with one eye inside your business and one eye outside of your business. Be ready to respond and change proactively based on what the market, the consumer, and your competition is throwing at you. Yes, welcome to the Trust & Value Economy . These are exciting times, and today’s market offers plenty of opportunity for success if you get on board now! Editor’s note: Meridith is joining the Network soon with her own show. Keep watching this space. Meridith Elliott Powell is the founder and owner of MotionFirst. She is a certified coach, speaker, and business development expert, and renowned in the industry as a catalyst and someone who makes things happen! To find out more about Meridith’s new book go here: Winning In The Trust & Value Economy: A Guide To Business and Sales Success


Business Success Feature Article Women in Business: Your Powerful Biz Goal Formula – 5 steps to achieving your goals, every time!


et me ask you something… Would you go on holiday without planning the best route to get you to your destination in the quickest, safest and most economical way? Of course you wouldn’t.

Did you know? Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. — Robert Collier

Imagine loading your family into the car and driving endlessly while just ‘hoping’ you’ll get to your destination. You just wouldn’t do it – would you? So what about when it comes to your business? Have you taken the time to write down your business goals and what you’d like to accomplish, along with the action steps you’ll need to take to get you there? Hopefully you’ve answered ‘yes!’ While you wouldn’t rely on wishful thinking, luck and/or hope to get you to your holiday destination, I’d assume you wouldn’t rely on these things either when it comes to your business. Unfortunately, there are many business owners that do rely on wishful thinking, blind luck and hope etc, by NOT taking the time to write down their goals and the action steps required to achieve them. If this sounds familiar, you’re certainly not alone. This is why setting a Powerful Biz Goal is something I encourage ALL my clients work on.


Business Success Feature Article By creating a 30-day Powerful Biz Goal one of my clients has just achieved the following incredible results in her business. She has: Rebranded her business. With her renewed vision and passion for her work and by understanding her inner brilliance (i.e. what makes her unique) she can now can stand out powerfully and brilliantly in the market place ahead of her competitors; Re-written her on-brand personal marketing message to ‘wow’ prospects into wanting to learn more about her and her business when she attends networking events; Completed a project (that had been unfinished for many months). Now with her completed product she can get out into the market place and start to generate income. She was able to achieve these impressive results in just 30 days because she was so focused on her end-goal and committed to seeing it through. So, if you’re constantly getting distracted and struggling to achieve the results you’d like in your business, follow the steps in my Powerful Biz Goal Formula so that just like my client, you too can be celebrating the achievement of each of your goals, every time!


In the Spotlight Show Host: Annemarie Cross

Did you know? By associating with wise people you will become wise yourself. — Menander


ell us a little more about the work you do: I’m a Business Coach and Marketing Mentor for ambitious entrepreneurs. I’m passionate about supporting ambitious entrepreneurs in unearthing and communicating their inner brilliance (their personal brand) in a powerful and magnetic way so they can boost their credibility, visibility and hireability and finally get noticed, hired and paid what they’re worth. My motto ‘Your catalyst to success’ sums up what I desire for everyone I work with. As their coach, I like to inspire them to commit to and take courageous steps towards achieving higher outcomes; as their accountability partner I like to motivate and drive them forward towards their goals; and as their cheer leader, I always celebrate alongside them as they transform their dreams and visions into reality, allowing them to secure results that exceed what they had ever thought possible. One recent celebration was when one of my clients doubled her income (for the entire prior year) in just four months through implementing key branding and niching principles and how to transform her hours-for-dollars coaching and consulting into lucrative information products and packages which I teach in my 6-Figure (and more) Breakthrough Secrets programs. What’s the name of your show? The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show What can we expect to hear when listening to your show? Many business owners struggle with issues like standing out in a crowded market place, getting more clients, and turning a prospect into a customer – a customer who pays what they’re worth. So you can expect to hear inspiring interviews with guest experts on topics such as branding, marketing, sales, copywriting, social media, and leadership. In fact, you can expect to hear any topic that will educate and empower ambitious entrepreneurs in being able to take their business to the next level.


In the Spotlight


What inspired you to start your show?

Tell us your favorite inspirational tip!

I love to share an inspiring and empowering message with other ambitious entrepreneurs and this is a way I can connect with people on an International scale.

I have so many favorite tips, however here’s one I love:

My very first podcast was Career Success Radio – which I co-hosted with Keith Keller and we started the show because we wanted to bring a positive and inspiring message to world to balance out the negative doom and gloom following the financial crisis. So now with The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show, I want to continue sharing an inspiring message to other entrepreneurs and small business owners. As an ambitious entrepreneur yourself - what drives you? I feel so fortunate to be able to leverage all of the new technologies, ideas and opportunities that are available. It’s certainly an exciting time, and for me I want to help other ambitious entrepreneurs, recognise their true value . What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with other ambitious entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs)? Many of my clients when they first work with me are stressed out and confused about how to build their business, which often shows up in them undercharging and undervaluing the work they do. My advice would be for you to believe in your gifts, talents and value you offer and ensure you don’t undervalue yourself! You ARE worth it!!

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. -- Robert Collier Follow the link here to find out more about Annemarie Cross and her show The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show

Build Your Profile Feature Article Author Websites The Good, The Not So Good and the Well… Excellent!! Author: Stacey Myers


have been looking at a lot of Author websites to see what works and what doesn’t. I have found some that I am going to share here with you in today’s article. I am starting with the very amazing site of Dan Brown. The site does not come under any of the above categories – it has one of its own – WOW!!  This is not the type of website you should aspire to, but it is worth a look and a mention purely for its wow factor. Very impressive and I can imagine – very expensive! Lulu Taylor I really like that as soon as you look at Lulu’s page you can see she is an author.  Her book takes up a big part of the front page – which is great!  Her page is warm and inviting and I think straight away that she is a person I would want to spend more time with.  The only thing for me is that she is missing many opportunities to connect with her readers.  The link to her Facebook page is written in small writing on her front and contact page and her Twitter link is hidden away on her contact page. One Apple Tasted The first thing I noticed was a video on the front page, which I thought was great, but it would not load.  The next thing was that the dates have expired. The book again, took pride of place on the page which if fantastic.  I did find it a little difficult to follow when certain bits of information ended and new began. I do like how she has a lovely picture of herself on the front page, so you know whose website you are on straight away.


Build Your Profile Feature Article Victoria Alexander I love this website. It is a little flasher than needed but I think it is beautiful! It has the book on the front page, there are links to social media, a lovely picture of the author.  I think this has been put together very nicely!! You can even sign up to her newsletter on the front page. A few points to take away are: »» Put your book on the front page – you spend all of that time writing it, you may as well show it off as much as you can. »» Have links to your social media sites highly visible so people can connect with you there. »» Have links on your page so that people can share your content out through their social media channels. Editor’s Note: Stacey is joining the Network soon with her own show. Keep watching this space. Stacey Myers is a coach, trainer and speaker and supports Authors and Aspiring Authors create an online presence through WordPress and Social Media training.

Did you know? The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. — Arthur C. Clarke


Classifieds Crack The Twitter Code with your personal Twitter Coach – Keith Keller Author: Keith Keller

Discover How To “Crack The Twitter Code” & Build Your Business Globally


WITTER 101 is a powerful 90 minute “BREAKTHROUGH CONSULTATION” that is specifically designed to take the mystery out of Twitter for you and your business.

Did you know? We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. — Aristotle

What are clients saying about Keith? “If Twitter & Google hooked up & had a love child I think it would be Keith Keller” -- Kasey Chambers, Australian Singer/Songwriter Keith Keller helped me quadruple my sales! He is truly a social media expert, full of knowledge, tools, resources and strategies it could take years to research on my own. In addition to his expertise, he is also a great guy, generous and supportive. I have learned so much in the short time we have been working together, and have already seen a huge difference in my bottom line. -- Emily Grace, Emily Grace Productions (New York & LA) To find out more go to:


The Voice eMagazine October 2012 Issue  

Podcasting and business marketing strategies

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