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Common Conditions for Ultrasound Therapy • Tendonitis • Arthritis • Sports Injury • Tennis Elbow • Strains and Sprains • Back Pain • Plantar Fasciitis • Heel Spurs • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Much More.

HomeTherapy Safe, Effective & Simple

Therapeutic Ultrasound is a safe, effective, simple solution. Finally patients can benefit from Ultrasound at home.

with the

Power of Personal Ultrasound

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Ultrasound therapy is used for inflammation relief, muscle spasm relief, to speed healing, and increase Range of Motion.

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Home Therapy with the Power of Ultrasound What is Therapeutic Ultrasound? When most of us think about ultrasound we immediately think about the images expectant mothers see of their fetuses in the womb but Ultrasound sound waves can also be used for therapeutic effects. Therapeutic Ultrasound uses the sound waves that create a very high frequency that stimulates tissue beneath the skin's surface.

Ultrasound waves can penetrate 4” below the skin’s surface

Ultrasound therapy has been used for years by physical therapists, trainers, and chiropractors to help patients treat a variety of conditions. Recently, ultrasound is being used at home to help the healing process.

Ultrasound waves can do much more than just take pictures.

Included: • AC Adapter, • Ultrasound Gel, • User Manual and • Sturdy Carry Case

Is it Easy to Use? Yes. Ultrasound treatments involve applying ultrasound gel to a region and then making small circular motions on the gel with the device head. Really, it is that simple.

How Does Ultrasound Work? High frequency sound waves are used to stimulate blood flow and cell growth to the injured areas or areas of pain. The vibration caused by the ultrasound unit heats the treated area. The heated area in turn will draw more blood to the region. The more blood that flows to the area the more nutrients are delivered.The idea ultimately is to increase the blood flow so that more nutrients are delivered to cell tissues. A therapy grade 1MHz ultrasound will penetrate about 4" below the skin whereas a 2MHz ultrasound unit will only penetrate about 2".While a low frequency means deeper penetration, using too low a frequency will mean that the waves are too wide to properly move the molecules.The Vitality Personal Ultrasound is a therapy grade 1MHz unit.

Easy to use On/Off and Intensity Switch

Typical treatments last about 5-15 minutes up to 3 times per day. The Vitality™ Personal Ultrasound is a hand held device with a built in timer. It has easy-to-use treatment settings.The device is designed to control its output so that it cannot be over used or damage body tissue. Your exact treatments should always be determined by your healthcare professional.

Why does Ultrasound Therapy require Gel? When applied directly to the skin, an ultrasound head cannot effectively transfer the sound waves into the body. To make it work properly, a conductive medium is required - ultrasound gel. Ultrasound treatment without gel is ineffective and can damage the device.

The device comes with a One Year Warranty.

Device may not be exactly as it appears.

A tube of Biofreeze® has been included to help you relieve your pain. Although Ultrasound treatments are not painful, most people begin using ultrasound because of painful conditions. Biofreeze® can be applied to your skin before or after your Ultrasound treatment. Ultrasound gel and Biofreeze® replacement tubes are available through your healthcare provider.


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