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Who’s Who in the US Virgin Islands Medical Community

MEDICALUSVI THE HEALTH AND FITNESS EDITION What started as just an idea a year ago is in your hands today: the first edition of MEDICALUSVI. The stories featured here are the culmination of many months of diligent effort — and countless visits with to the professionals listed in this magazine — by writers, photographers, artists, editors, salespeople and printers. MEDICALUSVI tells of the education and professionalism that have built these featured medical practices into integral parts of our islands’ healthy environment. These skilled medical practitioners have spent years of their lives in pursuit of their training. They have invested their empathy and talents to maintain our bodies and minds and to treat our maladies large and small. The Virgin Islands Daily News takes sincere pleasure in presenting their stories here. Where would we be without these health professionals to provide medical services necessary for our comfort, longevity and peace of mind? We are confident that as you turn these pages and read about these accomplishments, you will come to appreciate and respect them as we do.


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CONTENTS Ace Flight Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2

Leeward Insurance Agency . . . . . . . . . . . . .94-95, 99

Acute Alternative Medical Group . . . . . . . . . . . .12-15

Lifeline Pharmaceuticals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .81, 96-97

Ambassador Financial Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16-17

The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . .136

Annaly Insurance Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18-19

Moorman Aesthetic Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . .103-105

Beeston Hill Clinical Laboratory . . . . . . . . . . . . .24-26

Mt. Welcome Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .106-107

Brown Chiropractic Wellness Center . . . . . . . . .30-31

Opthamalogy Consultants, PC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111

Dr. Kurt Buska . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38-39, 120

Pavia Health System . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111-113

Caribbean Hematology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32-34

Pediatric Care Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

Caribbean Kidney Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40-43

ProMed Clinics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

CD Diagnostic Clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43-45

Primary Care, PLLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .114-115

Community Medical Laboratory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .80

Quality Medical Equipment & Supplies . . . . . .118-119

Comprehensive Foot Care, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . .46-48

Radiation Associates Of The Virgin Islands . . . . .35-37

Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global . . . . . . . . . .20-22

Red Hook Family Medical Group . . . . . . . . .52-53, 59

Continuum Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50-51, 169

Rehabilitation Services Of St. Croix . . . . . . . .124-125

Diamond Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .54-55

Rehabilitation Center of St. Croix . . . . . . . . . .121-123

Dr. Adam Shapiro . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .129-131

Schneider Regional Medical Center . . . . . . . . . . . . .98

Dr. Albert A. Titus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .142-144

St. Croix Obstetrics & Gynecology . . . . . . . . . . . . .79

Dr. Byron Biscoe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27-29

St. Thomas Neurology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .158

Dr. Carolyn Merritt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .100-102

Sea View, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .64, 140-141

Dr. Christopher Seaver . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .126-128

SkyMed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .132-133

Dr. Derrick Jones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .76-77, 81

Sterling Optical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .134-137

Dr. Duanne Jones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4, 6-7

Supply Resources Incorporated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .159

Dr. Errol James . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .70-72

The Palms At Pelican Cove . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .138-139

Dr. Gerd Pust . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .103, 116-117

The Rehabilitation Center At Beeston Hill . . . .121-123

Dr. Jan Tawakol & Dr. Tasnim Khan . . . . . . . . . . .73-75

Tradewinds Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .143

Dr. Linda Callwood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56-58

Turnbull’s Funeral Home . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .144-145

Dr. Lawrence Goldman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59-61

Umbra Anesthesiology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .76-77, 81

Philbert Fluck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .56-58

Uniform City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .146-147

Dr. Ronald Nimmo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .108-110

VICare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .148-149

Family Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .78-80

Virgin Islands Cardiac Center At

Garman Ear, Nose & Throat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .82-85

Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center . . .88-91

Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center . . .86-87

Veterinary Centers of the VI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43

Health Care Connection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62-63

Virgin Islands Domestic Violence . . . . . . . . . .152-153

Hercare, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .65-67

Virgin Islands Oncology & Hematology . . . . . . . . .170

Hyperbaric Medicine Group . . . . . . . . . . . . .46-47, 49

Virgin Islands Oral Surgery . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10-11, 23

Insight Psychological Services, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . .158

Virgin Islands Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine . .154-155

Inter-Ocean Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .68-69

Virgin Islands Pain Management . . . . . . .145, 156-157

Island Therapy Solutions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .109

Virgin Islands Urologic Center, Inc. . . . . . . . . .160-161

John Foster Real Estate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .171

Vision Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .162-165

Laser Vision Institutes of the Virgin Islands . . . .27-29

Williams Chiropractic Clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .166-168



Specialties include: Veneers Crowns Bridges Implants Whitening Dental Hygiene Orthodontics Emergency Dentistry

Dr. Duanne Jones and Dianne Weaver, RDH, welcome you to award winning V.I. Dental Center


DR. DUANNE JONES Newly relocated to the Foothills Professional Building, VI Dental Center was established on St. Thomas in June of 2007 by Duanne Jones, DDS. For optimal convenience to patients in need of braces, his brother, Dr. Jason Jones, specializes in orthodontics at the thriving practice. VI Dental Center further expanded to serve patients on St. Croix at Estate Mount Welcome. Both doctors continually strive to provide premium services at very reasonable prices. Are you interested in the latest state-of-the-art teeth whitening services? Perhaps you are looking for a family dentist or you may have a dental emergency. Whatever your particular situation, count on Duanne Jones DDS and his staff of professionals to serve you. “Whatever you may need, we are here to help.” said the affable dentist. 6


At V.I. Dental Center, services range from implant reconstruction to veneers, crowns, bridges, gentle teeth cleaning and a complete line of orthodontic services. “Implants are a healthy option,” Dr. Jones explained. A fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, he will be pleased to emphasize the long-term benefits of implant reconstruction. “ A native of St. Kitts, Dr. Jones spent a good deal of his early childhood on St. Thomas. He attended the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and went on to do his residency at the University of Florida. He returned to the Virgin Islands and began seeing patients in 2002. Said the doctor, “I am here to build good long-term relationships with my patients.”


The new offices of V.I. Dental Center are in the Foothills Professional Building.

MISSION STATEMENT: “Our office exists to serve the people we have dedicated ourselves to - patients. We will create an environment of honesty and professionalism where the patients will feel comfortable cared for and welcome. Every patient will be aware of the quality treatment they receive and of the sincere care of the staff for them.” - Dr. Duanne Jones

With obvious pride in his voice, Dr. Jones said, “I have a terrific team of seasoned hygienists,” Dianne Weaver, RDH joined the staff in 2010. Her youthful appearance belies the fact that Dianne brings 28 years of professional experience to the practice. A firm believer in keeping up with innovative techniques in her chosen field, Dianne advised she was thrilled to discover that Dr. Jones is passionate about continuing education — fully dedicated to providing patients with the latest in dentistry. A fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists since 2002, Dr. Jones completed advanced training which garnered him a mastership. “Implants actually integrate with the bone to preserve it,” he said. The doctor advised

the procedure is surprisingly short and relatively painless. “Implants are where dentistry is today,” he said, adding, “Ideally, we are all about prevention. We want patients to maintain the healthiest teeth and gums possible. That’s what our hygienists help do for you.” The doctor continually deflects the spotlight, preferring to showcase his caring staff — and the satisfied patients to whom he provides a host of services. He emphasized how important it is to him to build positive relationships with his patients. “I want everyone to be comfortable, to feel we can talk like family,” he said. VI Dental Center provides preventive, emergency and cosmetic dentistry for the entire family. The dental practice is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.

St. Thomas Foothills Professional Bldg. Mon – Sat 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. 340-776-6056 St. Croix Mt. Welcome Mon – Sat 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 340-772-6000.







Specialties include: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Simple Extractions Wisdom Teeth Extraction Dental Implants

Dr. Horace Griffith of VI Oral Surgery specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery.


VIRGIN ISLANDS ORAL SURGERY Originally from Guyana, Dr. Horace Griffith came to the Washington, D.C., area as a young man. “I did all my schooling at Howard University, from undergrad to dental and surgery,� said the doctor. He has privileges at hospitals in St. Thomas, St. Croix, Antigua and the Lutheran Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Griffith performs a full scope oral and maxillofacial surgery in a safe environment and focuses on providing the highest quality doctor-patient relationship. For the last dozen years, Dr. Griffith has been practicing on St. Thomas. Five years ago, he established VI Oral Surgery, where he serves 10


patients on St. Croix, as well. At his comfortably appointed facilities, patients are given the opportunity to watch animated videos. These visuals are geared toward informing the patient about procedures. The latest technical equipment also allows the doctor to pull up X-rays right on the flat screen for purposes of patient viewing and consultation. According to materials provided by VI Oral Surgery, implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The person who has lost teeth regains the ability to eat virtually anything and can smile with confidence, knowing


Meet the stellar St. Thomas staff at VI Oral Surgery: Surgical assistant Gladys Pereira; manager Marisa Maduro; lead surgical assistant Nicole Henry; insurance coordinator Michelle Van Beverhoudt; front desk/ business assistant Jackie Boone.

On St. Croix, the VI Oral Surgery team includes dental assistant Helen Yarwood and office manager / dental assistant Cathy Mae Guevara.

that teeth appear natural and that facial contours will be preserved. “Implants are increasingly popular, and they are much more beneficial than dentures because there is no bone loss,” said the doctor. At VI Oral Surgery, Dr. Griffith also removes lesions from the mouth and extracts wisdom teeth. The procedures are done on suite with office sedation available. The competent and caring staff is trained in assisting with I.V. sedation within the state-of-the-art office setting “I also travel to other islands to see patients,” he advised. “I go to the BVI about once a month and other islands such as Antigua and Dominica, as needed.”

Dr. Griffith has participated in several volunteer surgical missions to Nigeria and the Philippines. He surgically managed deformities of the jaw, face, congenital cleft lip and cleft palate for poor and medically underserved communities. “I did cleft lip and cleft palate procedures,” he commented, adding, “I also went to Haiti after the earthquake and am planning to go back again, next year.” A strong believer in giving back, he also provides oral cancer screenings at community health events. As an added convenience to patients, VI Oral Surgery participates in the Care Credit program, which offers a monthly payment system.

St. Thomas Paragon Medical Bldg. Suite 201 340-777-5950 St. Croix 113 Barren Spot Village Mall 340-719-3864 Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.



Specialties include: Family Practice Urgent Care Sleep Disorders Weight Management Pain Management Diabetic Management Massage Therapy

Lyn A. Campbell, M.D., proudly welcomes patients to Acute Alternative Medical Group.


ACUTE ALTERNATIVE MEDICAL GROUP This thriving private practice provides a wide range of services from urgent care to weight management to a fully functioning sleep center — and much more. Originally from Chicago, founder Dr. Lyn A. Campbell did his undergraduate studies at Dillard University in New Orleans before graduating from medical school at Howard University. “I enjoyed medical school and living in the Maryland / D.C. area,” said the affable physician. In the year 2000, Dr. Campbell relocated to the territory when an opportunity to work in the emergency room of the Gov. Juan Luis Hospital presented itself. “First and foremost, I was trained as an ER doctor,” he explained. Today at Acute Alternate Medical Group — established by the doctor in 2006 — the emphasis clearly is on prevention. A staff of professionals also 12


is on hand to address most urgent care needs six days a week, and walk-ins are welcome. “The number one health problem is heart disease,” said the doctor. “The good news is that if we catch it early, through diet and exercise, we can reverse the threat.” He added, “I work with all the cardiologists here on St. Croix.” At Acute Alternative Medical Group, patients have the opportunity to take the MET test — a cardiac test that can detect potential problems. If weight loss is called for, you can count on Acute Alternative Medical Group to guide you. “We’ll help you do that. We’ll help you lose weight,” said the doctor. In fact, the facility has an authentic Smoothie Bar right on the premises. How great is that? Do you suspect you may be suffering from sleep apnea? Acute Alternative Medical Group has the only sleep lab on the island.

Nutritional guidance is in the spotlight at the Smoothie Bar.


Drive right up and park at the door at Acute Alternative Medical Group.

Thea Carrington, CMA, is part of the team at Acute Alternative Medical Group.

Are you bothered by aches and pains? Perhaps you have a recurring backache. Rest assured that you can count on Dr. Campbell to spend the time to get to the root of your problem. “We don’t just prescribe pills; we try natural approaches. In some cases, we might want you to have massage therapy,” said the doctor. Happily, Acute Alternative Medical Group has a massage therapist as well as two chiropractors and a physician assistant on staff.

Meet sleep director Margaret Townsend and Glenda Acevedo, PSGT.

Dr. Campbell’s lovely wife, Barbara, is the office manager. Dr. and Mrs. Campbell are the proud parents of a 10-year-old daughter, Brianna. Said Dr. Campbell, “I am deeply committed to helping people. I believe it’s important to use the gifts God gave me to the best of my ability.” When you contact Acute Alternative Medical Group, be sure to ask about special health-oriented activities planned on the premises — including Zumba classes.

St. Croix Estate Diamond Ruby Across From Island Center 340-772-2883 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Sat 8 a.m. – noon








Specialties include: AFLAC Supplemental Insurance Disability Protection Business Insurance Personal Life Health Insurance MASA

Warner Riviere and Sharon Tyrell enjoy a light moment with the AFLAC duck at Ambassador Financial Group.


AMBASSADOR FINANCIAL GROUP Ambassador Financial Group offers life, health auto and home insurance. According to materials provided by the firm, “We do not work for an insurance company; we work for you! When choosing an insurance agency, you want a company you can trust. As an Independent Insurance Agency established in 1993, our duty is to the best interest of our clients. We do this by connecting you to many different insurance companies after designing a plan that fits your needs. When our agents work with you, together we provide a comprehensive menu of services that covers all aspects of the many providers within our company.” When you stop by to visit the delightfully helpful people at Ambassador Financial Group — in addition to multiple images of that distinctive AFLAC duck — a few additional things stand out. Everywhere you look, the walls are covered with “Certificates of Appreciation.” 16


If you get the impression that proprietor Warner Riviere is someone special when it comes to “giving back,” how right you are! Community-minded to his core, Warner has served on many boards, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Historical Society and Red Cross. He is vice president and assistant treasurer of VI Joy Fest Ministries and a director of a community center in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, dedicated to feeding the hungry. “God is very important in my life,” said the charming business professional. A native of Nevis, he at one time ran Liat Airlines on that island, but St. Croix has been home to him for decades. A proud cancer survivor, Warner said, “I am happy to share what I have learned over the years.” He also is a member of Gideons International, life member of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International and currently serves as


Welcome to Ambassador Financial Group.

national president of the St. Croix chapter. He has conducted many seminars and presentations for churches, civic organizations and business groups ranging from the Women’s Business Center and the Small Business Development Center — SBDC — to the University of the Virgin Islands and various government offices of the U.S. Virgin Islands. “We’re in the business of building long-term, solid relationships that are based upon trust and quality client service,” said Warner. He is a resident broker of all lines of insurance and helps makes the process of decision-making regarding coverage a positive experience for all his clients. Whether you are interested in learning more about AFLAC supplemental insurance or you want more information about personal life insurance, rest assured that Ambassador Financial Group is in your corner.

St. Croix 6079 Castle Coakley 340-778-9506 772-3522



Specialties include: Health Insurance Life Insurance Homeowner’s Insurance Auto Insurance MASA

Brent Mays, president of Annaly Insurance Company, had the honor to serve as an official at the London Olympics.


ANNALY INSURANCE COMPANY Brent Mays, president of Annaly Insurance, has been immersed in his profession for more than two decades. “I began working in insurance in 1991 and established my first agency in 1995,” he said. In operation since 2004, Annaly Insurance Company offers clients everything from homeowner’s, health, life and auto insurance to MASA — Medical Air Services Association coverage that provides off-island transportation to patients. By the way, readers of the Virgin Islands Daily News voted Annaly Insurance the Best Insurance Agency on St. Croix for 2012. Congratulations to Brent as well as his delightful and efficient office manager, Adrianne Ramos, for a job well done. Originally from Virginia, Brent, a devoted family 18


man, first met his wife, Jodie Lawaetz-Mays of St. Croix, when the two were in college at Clemson University in South Carolina. The couple excelled in many areas — including swimming. “I have always been passionate about swimming, “ Brent said. In fact, just last summer, Brent served as an official at the London Olympics. What an impressive honor! A peek into the territory’s history books revealed that the Lawaetz family not only has been involved with successful political and entrepreneurial endeavors on St. Croix for generations; the family also has devoted significant time and energy to the V.I.O.C. —Virgin Islands Olympic Committee. With obvious pride in his voice, Brent said, “Jodie swam in the ’84 Olympics.”


These days, Brent greatly enjoys his role as president of the Swimming Federation of the V.I. The St. Croix Dolphins participate in various local as well as off-island meets. Jodie serves as treasurer for the team. Not surprisingly, the couple’s two sons have been active in competitive swimming from an early age. Currently, Matthew is an eighth-grader at Good Hope School, and his older brother, Bryson, is in his first year at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. Not surprisingly, Bryson is swimming on the Naval Academy swim team. Said Brent, “We are hoping that Bryson will be participating in the 2016 Olympics in Rio.” What an impressive family! Should someone in your family be searching for a unique vacation villa where visitors have the opportunity to experience the timeless elegance of St. Croix living, keep in mind that Annaly Mill is available for weekly rental. Located on the historic family property, Annaly Mill stands apart as an inviting destination, and Brent will be pleased to provide you with additional information or to find out more, go to The facility also accommodates special events and is an ideal place to host a romantic wedding. Whether a wedding is in your future or you are preparing to open a business, proper personal and commercial insurance coverage is key to your peace of mind. Rest assured that the award-winning professionals at Annaly Insurance Company are at your service. Contact Brent Mays today for a quote.

Office manager Adrianne Ramos invites you to visit award-winning Annaly Insurance.

St. Croix 5001 Chandler’s Wharf, Suite 4 Gallows Bay 340-773-7374 Mon – Thurs 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Fri 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.



Specialties include: Otrhopaedic Care Arthritis Osteoporosis Trauma

Dr. Brian Bacot and staff welcome you to Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global.


COMPREHENSIVE ORTHOPAEDIC GLOBAL Until recently, residing in the tropics often meant sacrificing first-rate medical care in favor of exotic outpost living. Today, thanks to highly trained orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Brian Carlos Bacot, M.D., and his skilled staff at Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global, world-class orthopaedic services are available to patients of all ages throughout the Virgin Islands. In essence, islanders now have the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds: a glorious environment and superb medical care. Orthopaedists specialize in treatment of musculoskeletal disorders: arthritis, sports injuries, fractures, and developmental disorders — the physicians at Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global are experts in surgical and non-surgical management of the entire spectrum of orthopaedic care. Said Dr. Bacot, “You no longer need to go off island for the best medical care. We provide patientspecific procedures.” With a warm smile, he added, “People thinking of seeking health care in the States should know that the States has come to you.” A strong believer that healing at home speeds recovery, he is also a champion of pain management. Dr. Bacot recognized a need for innovative orthopaedic care in the Virgin Islands and moved here in 2007. He rapidly gained a reputation for excellence. Raised in Alabama by a teacher and a 20


landscaper, Dr. Bacot knew early in life that he wanted to become a physician. He was mentored by his oldest cousin, a pediatrician in his home town of Mobile, Al. “She was a great role model,” he said with pride in his voice. “She spent countless hours caring for her patients despite knowing they had little or no ability to pay.” Without question, she had a positive influence on her young cousin. Dr. Bacot graduated summa cum laude from Alabama A&M and from The University of AlabamaBirmingham’s School of Medicine. He was attracted to the field of orthopaedic surgery, saying that “I realized in orthopaedics I could help everyone — from children to athletes to the elderly. In each case, the patient has a desire to get better, and it is an achievable goal. Having the tools to effect change is very fulfilling to me.” He completed his residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at The University of Miami School of Medicine/Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. His research there included corrective procedures for children with Blount’s disease, a progressive bowing of the legs — an expertise much needed in the Virgin Islands, where Blount’s disease is prevalent. Upon completion of his residency, Dr. Bacot accepted a fellowship in Arthritis and Adult Reconstruction at the renowned American Sports

The St. Thomas location of Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global is in the Foothills Medical Building in Estate Thomas.


Brian Bacot, M.D.

Medicine Institute in Birmingham, founded by renowned orthopaedist James Andrews, M.D., and under the direction of Kenneth Bramlett, M.D.. Dr. Bacot actively works in the development of the latest techniques regarding joint reconstruction and arthritis care. He is an innovator of the custom implant approach to joint replacement and was inducted into the American Academy of Hip and Knee Surgeons. At Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global, patients are afforded the very latest in techniques. For example, the anterior approach to hip replacement does not cut muscles, allowing a less painful recovery and a speedier return to normal activity than does the older posterior approach method. The surgeons at Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global are fluent in the latest forms of minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Bacot and his staff continually strive to provide the best orthopaedic care. Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global has been recognized for excellence, receiving awards for Best Orthopaedic Care in the USVI for 2010 and 2011, and 2012 as voted by readers of The Virgin Islands Daily News. The doctor is ably assisted in his ever-expanding medical practice by a team of first-rate professionals. Linda Jackson, M.D., a fellowship-trained hand and upper extremity specialist, heads up the St. Croix

Alexander Lenard, M.D.

office. Julia Gardner, M.D., an alumnus of The University of Michigan Hospitals’ Orthopaedic Surgery residency program, specializes in personalized patient care and education. Alexander Lenard, M.D., a celebrated fellowshiptrained spine surgeon, lends his expertise to patients with back pain and spine disorders. Tommy Sims, PA-C, brings a wide spectrum of medical experience as a physician assistant. Dedicated to the principle of giving back to the community, the doctors at Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global are active in the community. Dr. Bacot supports local sports teams and nonprofit organizations throughout the Virgin Islands and Caribbean. He provided orthopedic care in Costa Rica as a member of Health Volunteers Overseas. Dr. Bacot and Dr. Gardner were among the first physicians to arrive in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010, where they delivered life-saving care and supplies to hundreds of victims. Comprehensive Orthopaedic Global has offices on St. Thomas and St. Croix; physicians also see patients on St. John and other Caribbean islands.

Linda Jackson, M.D., and Julia Gardner, M.D.

St. Thomas Foothills Building Estate Thomas 340-779-2663 St. Croix La Grand Princess Christainsted 340-718-2665 Mon-Fri by appointment MEDICALUSVI






Specialties include: Laboratory Diagnostic Testing

Claudette Young Hinds, president/owner of Beeston Hill Clinical Lab, opened the business in 1989.


BEESTON HILL CLINICAL LABORATORY For more than 20 years, the Beeston Hill Clinical Laboratory has played a vital role in the healthcare system on St Croix. Doctors and their patients rely on the lab to provide a wide range of clinical diagnosis services, and readers of The V.I. Daily News voted it best Medical Laboratory in 2012. It’s an honor and a responsibility that Claudette Young Hinds, president and owner of the Beeston Hill Clinical Laboratory, takes very seriously. For Claudette and her staff, success means more than just providing accurate lab results. Top-notch service is also a key part of what she provides for patients and doctors. “Our mantra is: quality, courteous and 24


confidential,” Hinds explains. “If a person is received in a way that is courteous and timely, they tend to be satisfied.” Confidentiality is of critical importance in the lab environment, and Claudette goes to great lengths to ensure that all of her clients are treated with the utmost sensitivity from the moment they walk in the door. “We understand that in this small community, the issue of confidentiality is first and foremost on people’s minds,” Hinds said. The lab provides a comprehensive list of testing services, from simple tests like those required for food handlers’ cards, to highly complicated screenings for cancer and auto-immune disorders.


Beeston Hill Clinical Lab offers a wide range of diagnostic testing in a state-of-the-art facility.

Claudette also invests in the overall heath of the community through the lab’s longtime HealthWatch program. Through the program, the lab offers highly discounted cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure tests to anyone who wants to monitor these key health indicators. Thousands of people have taken advantage of the program since its inception, and while most are seniors, Claudette says she is seeing younger people participate, as well “As people have become aware of family histories of heart disease and diabetes, we have encouraged people in their 30s and 40s to become more

knowledgeable medical consumers,“ she said. The program, which was originally offered on Wednesdays only at the lab location in Beeston Hill, has now been expanded to any day of the week. Those who wish to take advantage of the discounted testing must fast from food the night before their lab visit. The Beeston Hill Clinical Laboratory is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday. Many lab orders can only be accepted up to an hour before closing. The lab staff can be reached at 773-4990, and the lab does participate in a wide range of insurance networks.

St. Croix Island Medical Center Building 3 Suite B 340-773-4990 Mon-Fri 7:30 am-5 pm Sat. 8 am-12pm




Welcome to Beeston Hill Clinical Laboratory.



Count on a friendly staff to serve your needs with a smile.



Specialties include: Laser Vision Correction Cataract Surgery Diabetic Retinopathy Corneal Transplant

Dr. Biscoe will be pleased to discuss your vision problems and the latest 21st century solutions available to you at Laser Vision Institute of the Virgin Islands.


DR. BYRON BISCOE When it comes to providing Virgin Islanders with the very latest in vision technology and personalized care, the ophthalmologist to count on is Dr. Byron W. Biscoe. Lauded as the medical professional responsible for introducing LASIK laser vision correction to the territory, this life-changing procedure is only part of the latest state-of-the-art vision technology available to patients. His highly skilled sister, Dr. Keri Biscoe, has become part of the expanding practice.Doctors Byron and Keri Biscoe and their staff at the Laser Vision Institute of the Virgin Islands are pleased to provide residents and visitors to the territory with comprehensive eye care in a warm, inviting atmosphere. In addition to a full-service optical shop and clinic, 28


the facilities have an on-site, state-of-the-art laser vision correction suite. Offices are vibrantly decorated with bright colors, tropical fish, and an array of paintings from local artists. Laser Vision Institute strives to create an office environment that complements the natural beauty and welcoming hospitality of the territory, while performing a wide variety of advanced treatments, including cataract surgery, PRK and LASIK laser eye surgery. The patient roster includes residents from mainland U.S.A. as well as the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, St. Martin, Anguilla, and other areas throughout the Caribbean. The Laser Vision Institute of the Virgin Islands has two offices to serve patients on St. Thomas


Welcome to Laser Vision Institute of the Virgin Islands in Peters Rest, St. Croix.

and St. Croix. Dr. Byron Biscoe considers it an honor and a privilege to take care of his patients using the very latest advances in vision technology. Throughout his professional career, which began in 1994, Dr. Biscoe has introduced many techniques and procedures to the region. After earning his undergraduate and medical degrees at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Dr. Biscoe completed an ophthalmology residency in New York in association with the Cornell University Medical College. He then went on to complete a pathology fellowship at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Dr. Biscoe also completed a retina research fellowship at Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute. In this fellowship, he co-published a paper

on proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR), the primary reason for the failure of retinal detachment surgery. Dr. Biscoe enjoys honing his skills with numerous continuing education programs. He is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the International College of Surgeons, the Ophthalmologic Society of the West Indies, and the International Society of Refractive Surgery. Dr. Biscoe has also been selected as one of the Best Doctors in America. Dr. Biscoe takes an active role in his community and was the recipient of the 2008 Lions Club Community Service Award. In his free time, he enjoys boating, scuba diving, skiing, golfing, fishing, and spending time with his family.

St. Thomas Nisky Center Suite 198 340-774-3003 St. Croix Oasis of Peters Rest 79 Peters Rest 340-778-3003



Specialties include: Chiropractic Nutritional Counseling Whole Food Nutritional Supplements

Prepare to experience a feeling of well-being even before you step through the door to Brown Chiropractic Wellness Center.


BROWN CHIROPRACTIC WELLNESS CENTER More than a typical chiropractic clinic, when you enter Brown Chiropractic Wellness Center, prepare to experience a feeling of peaceful healing energy. From the relaxing décor to the attentive staff, every thoughtful touch reflects the promise of a healing oasis offering unparalleled quality health care. No wonder readers of the Virgin Islands Daily News voted the center “Best Holistic Healing on St. Croix for 2012.” Now in its fifth year of operation, the focus here reaches far beyond pain management and /or spinal correction during acute episodes. Rather, emphasis is on the patient’s health as a whole. Appropriately, the center’s mantra is: “Personal attention and professional service with healing hands and loving hearts.” Services include chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue treatment, physiotherapy such as electrical modalities and heat / ice applications, nutritional advice, diet and lifestyle counseling. With a strong concentration on wellness, patient educational programs involve weight loss counseling. 30


The center’s owner and primary treating physician is Dr. Kelly Brown. Keenly tuned to the philosophy of chiropractic health care, the doctor explained that her focus is on the spinal and nervous system function and its intricate relationship to the rest of the body. She advised that back pain, sciatic nerve pain, neck pain, and headaches are some of the most common ailments. “Quality of life, as well as daily functioning — including the ability to work— is greatly affected by neuromusculoskeletal disorders.” She added, knowingly, “Chiropractic care is integral in treating such conditions.” A strong proponent of treating conditions from a nutritional angle, the doctor is an impressive role model. Currently, Dr. Brown is obtaining an advanced degree in clinical nutrition. She also completed a certificate program in plant-based nutrition through Cornell University. “I promote a whole foods plantbased diet. I use whole-food supplements as I deem necessary, as well,” she said. “The emotional aspect of healing is also addressed at this clinic. Healing is achieved expediently and

The office of Dr. Kelly Brown is located at Five Corners

“I spend a lot of time with each of my patients. I am very sensitive to the value of everyone’s time. Rarely will a patient have to wait for me.” — Dr. Kelly Brown


Office manager Gayle Vanasse, Dr. Kelly Brown, and chiropractic assistant Valerie Robinson invite you to experience positive healing energy at Brown Chiropractic Wellness Center.

efficiently, which enhances quality of care that we provide. By achieving our goal to aid our patients in health and wellbeing, we also aid the community in which we live and practice.” What a dynamic philosophy! Said office manager Gayle Vanasse, “Very few patients initially go to see a chiropractor for their overall health, but that’s a huge part of what we are.” Chiropractic assistant Valerie Robinson nodded in agreement. Dr. Brown has been a resident of St. Croix for 17 years, leaving only to get her chiropractic degree from Western States Chiropractic College — now The University of Western States. She graduated cum laude in 2005. “My family is crucial to my existence and my success; my immediate family, my Crucian family, and my soul family are always at the forefront of my consciousness. I have immense love and gratitude for all of them every day,” commented the doctor. In celebration of the fifth anniversary, the center is offering wellness-oriented workshops, health and nutrition talks, yoga and other mind and body classes. “We are very excited to be able to offer classes in our newly remodeled space,” said the doctor. All classes will be taught either by Dr. Brown or by other certified trainers and instructors.

St. Croix Five Corners Ruckel Building 340-718-2663 Tues & Thurs: 8 a.m. - noon, and 2 a.m. - 6 p.m. Wed: 10 - 1 Mon & Fri: By special appt



Specialties include: Evaluation / Management Cancers Evaluation / Management Blood Disorders Chemotherapy Treatment Bone Marrow Biopsies

Meet the husband and wife team of Condon Richardson, M.D., and Rabindranath Bachan, M.D., at Caribbean Hematology and Oncology.


CARIBBEAN HEMATOLOGY & ONCOLOGY Medical care in the territory has made remarkable strides in recent years. Gone are the days when patients had to travel off island for first-rate care. An ideal example of world-class advancement is evident at establishments such as the sparkling new Caribbean Hematology and Oncology Center. Founded by Condon Richardson, M.D., and Rabindranath Bachan, M.D., the husband and wife medical team designed this state-of-the-art facility to accommodate patients’ needs while carefully considering comfort, convenience and individualized quality of care. At Caribbean Hematology and Oncology, services include the evaluation and management of adult and pediatric cancers and blood disorders, chemotherapy treatment, bone marrow biopsies and more. Whether you are a local resident or you have a friend or family member visiting from off island, keep in 32


mind that this state-of-the-art facility was designed to provide the best medical services. Personal touches are evident throughout the facility — from attractive artwork on the walls to thoughtfully placed floral arrangements. As a result, an uplifting, supportive energy can be felt throughout the spacious 3,000 sq. ft. complex — from the waiting area and exam rooms to the infusion suite. An added bonus: Patients have the convenience of driving right up to the welcoming street-level entrance. On arrival,you will be greeted warmly by receptionist Danielle Questel. A dedicated member of the staff since the doors opened in March, Danielle brings to the practice a level of compassion, sincerity and knowledge that patients truly appreciate. “I have had experience working in medical offices,” said Danielle, “I love it here.


At the new St. Thomas facility, receptionist Danielle Questel makes patients feel welcome and at ease.

Everyone is extremely nice — the doctors and the patients.” Born and raised in Trinidad, Dr. Bachan graduated from medical school at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica, in 1995. Dr. Richardson was born in Anguilla and graduated from that same medical institution. Both physicians completed internships at Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau, Bahamas. Dr. Bachan then was named Senior House Officer in the Department of Internal Medicine while Dr. Richardson worked as Senior House Officer in Pediatrics. From that point, the doctors relocated to the United States. Dr. Bachan completed his specialty training in internal medicine at Howard University in Washington, D.C., while Dr. Richardson completed specialty training in pediatrics at Lincoln Medical and

Mental Health Center, New York. Drs. Bachan and Richardson fulfilled their respective subspecialty training in hematology and medical oncology at Montefiore Medical Center at the University Hospital for the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Said Dr. Bachan, “Many patients recognize me from the Charlotte Kimelman Cancer Center. I was there when it opened in 2006.” To this day, Drs. Bachan and Richardson maintain an association with that facility. The physicians also have admitting privileges at Roy L. Schneider Hospital. In private life, these dedicated physicians are the proud parents of a two-year old son, Sanjiv. Receptionist at the St. Thomas practice is Danielle Questel. On St. Croix, receptionist Nancy Encarnacion graciously assists patients.

St. Thomas Foothills Professional BuildingSuite 106 Mon-Fri 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 340-714-2462 St. Croix Beeston Hill Medical Center Suite 1A Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. 340-778-2462







Specialties include: Non-surgical prostate cancer treatment Breast Cancer Treatment Cervical Cancer Treatment

Meet Dr. Samuel Lee Hughes, Diplomat, American Board of Radiology, specializing in cancer management.


RADIATION ASSOCIATES OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS “We have to remove the stigma of cancer,” said Dr. Samuel Hughes. “We have to talk about it openly.” As president and CEO of the Radiation Associates of the Virgin Islands, this highly trained radiation oncologist knows of what he speaks. He has come to the territory with a brilliant background in his area of expertise — and is determined to change the tide for the better. After graduating from Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology and psychology, Dr. Hughes received his medical degree from the University of Missouri School of Medicine at Columbia in 1996. He served as chief resident, radiation oncology, at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia and later elected to return to academia, earning an MBA at New York University. Before relocating to the territory, he was clinical director, department of radiation oncology, at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, New Jersey. Of all his accomplishments, accolades and achievements the doctor has to his credit, he and his wife, Nicole, seem particularly fond of his “Top Doc” awards — perhaps because votes are cast by peers in the medical world. “My wife and I didn’t come here to get away from it all,” he said with a thoughtful smile. “We came down



here to offer world-class care to the people of the Virgin Islands.” Rather than locals leaving island to receive treatment for cancer, the doctor envisions people from other areas — even the mainland U.S. — traveling to St. Thomas to receive the latest treatment. He believes that day is here right now, once patients and their physicians discover all that Radiation Associates of the Virgin Islands — RAVI — has to offer. “Continuity of care is very important,” he said. “It all goes hand in hand.” Energetic, upbeat, and decidedly dedicated to his profession, listening to the doctor speak about his specialty and its success rate should give new hope to patients, primary care physicians, and families of patients. He also praised his amazing staff for their dedication. “I see us as a ‘destination’ cancer center,” he said. Dr. Hughes explained that the equipment used by RAVI at Charlotte Kimelman Cancer Institute is stateof-the-art — even more up-to-date than what he had available to him in the states. Said Dr. Hughes, “If I could have just one thing, I would ask that if a patient is planning to go off island for treatment, please come see me first so I can explain the options available right here at home.”


Dr. Samuel Hughes, Chantele Casimir, Sarah Cooper and Linda Baptiste are part of the “hometown treatment team” at Radiation Associates of the Virgin Islands.

“If I could have just one thing, I would ask that if a patient is planning to go off island for treatment, please come see me first so I can explain the options available right here at home.” — Dr. Samuel Lee Hughes

St. Thomas Charlotte Kimelman Cancer Institute Department of Radiation Oncology Hours by Appointment 340-775-5433 ext. 8119 St. Croix Beston Hill Medical Center MEDICALUSVI


Specialties include: General Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Cleanings Periodontal Therapy Fillings Root Canals Crowns Bridges Dentures Implant Management

Kurt Buska, D.D.S., provides family and cosmetic dentistry.


DR. KURT BUSKA At his attractive and spacious suite of offices in Gallows Bay, Kurt Buska, D.D. S., tends to the oral health needs of patients of all ages. He worked for a local practice on St. Croix for five years before opening the doors to this impressive, beautifully appointed facility in January of 2012. At the practice, the doctor and his skilled team of professionals offer a wide range of services, including general and cosmetic dentistry. The friendly and accommodating staff includes two registered dental hygienists. “We have a truly 38


incredible staff,” said Dr. Buska. The doctor’s wife, Diana, who also is a vital part of the team, said, “Our dental hygienist, Leslie Sparks, is really the heart of this practice. She is trained in computers and was instrumental in getting us transitioned into all things digital.” For 24 years, San Diego, California, was the doctor’s home base. “I had a private practice there for 19 years,” he said. An avid tennis player and water sports enthusiast, he took full advantage of numerous outdoor living activities available in the


The team at Dr. Kurt Buska, DDS, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry includes Leslie Sparks, RDH; Gislaine Camacho; Laurel Abraham; Dr. Kurt Buska; Diane Buska; Renee Gaspari. Not shown: Alexis Folger, RDH.

Golden State. Finally deciding it was time for a change — “a new adventure” — the doctor and his family elected to relocate to the territory six years ago. “Everything fell in to place like a key in a lock,” he reflected. “Moving to St. Croix has been the chance of a lifetime.” With obvious pride in his voice, the doctor said, “Our son, Kent, was ten years old when we arrived. He is 16 now and is on the St. Croix sailing team.” Born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin, the doctor

is a graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee. He served in the Navy for four years and has been a dedicated Naval reservist for the last three decades. A graduate of the Navy War College, today he remains in the Navy reserves at the rank of captain. When asked what prompted him to relocate to the territory, he said, “I wanted to provide family practice dentistry in a place where my dentistry skills mattered — where I was truly needed.” He added, enthusiastically, “We really love St. Croix. The people here are amazing.”

St. Croix 5030 Anchor Way Suite 8 2nd floor Mon – Tues – Thurs – Fri 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 340-719-7000



Specialties include: In-center Hemodialysis Internal Medicine Nephrology

Walter H. Gardiner, M.D., is founder and medical director of Caribbean Kidney Center.


CARIBBEAN KIDNEY CENTER Whether residing on St. Croix or visiting this island paradise, patients in need of hemodialysis have a choice of services. Founded by Walter H. Gardiner, M.D., Caribbean Kidney Center — formerly the Virgin Islands Kidney Center — offers a friendly atmosphere in a professional state-of-the-art setting where the staff reflects a notably high level of caring. During a behind-the-scenes look at the wellmaintained facility, patients were enthusiastically forthcoming. Junior Alexis, a patient for the last year and-a-half praised the staff, saying, “I feel the love. 40


They care so much.” Said executive director Bill Patton, “Everyone here is care oriented and has been on staff for a number of years.” He added, “A big part of our growth has been due to the confidence our patients feel in us.” Founder of Caribbean Kidney Center is dynamic physician Walter H. Gardiner, M.D. Originally from Tobago, Dr. Gardiner graduated with honors from Long Island University in 1969. After receiving his masters in medical sciences from Rutgers Medical School in 1971, the doctor received his medical degree at the College of

Bill Patton is executive director of Caribbean Kidney Center.


At Caribbean Kidney Center, Junior Alexis graciously allows his picture to be taken with patient care technician Ebony Victoria.

Juanita Gonzalez and Irisha Cepeda are part of the friendly, caring, professional team at Caribbean Kidney Center.

Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University. He did his internship and residency at the University of Michigan, where he also completed a fellowship in hypertension. The doctor completed a fellowship in nephrology at Wayne State University from 1976 to 1978. He served as assistant professor of medicine and Chief of Nephrology at Meharry Medical College from 1978 from1980. Dr. Gardiner left academics for private practice in 1980 and owned and managed several primary care and hemodialysis clinics in Tennessee and Kentucky.

He came to the Virgin Islands in 1995 and later opened a private care facility. His philosophy is one of “total patient care” with a heavy emphasis on prevention — not just treatment. He is committed to reducing the number of persons in the territory who require dialysis as a result of kidney failure. He believes that goal can be achieved through education and early detection. Recognizing that some patients will inevitably require dialysis, The Caribbean Kidney Center is a premiere outpatient dialysis provider in the territory offering hemodialysis.

St. Croix 5134 Sundial Park Gallows Bay Office hours: Mon – Fri 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.





Welcome to Caribbean Kidney Center in Sundial Park, Gallows Bay, St. Croix.

Caribebean Kidney Center





Specialties include: Clinical Laboratory Testing Cholesterol Testing Health Card Testing Driver’s License Blood Type Testing

Proprietor Jessica Coursey acquired this well-respected and longestablished lab in March of 2012.


CD DIAGNOSTIC CLINIC When it comes to ensuring that Virgin Islands residents and visitors receive accurate, costeffective clinical laboratory testing as part of their overall health care regimen, CD Diagnostic Clinical Laboratory clearly is in the spotlight. In addition to providing caring and compassionate patient testing — as ordered by area physicians — the facility also is directly available to assist those interested in cholesterol testing, blood sugar testing, food handler’s testing, blood type testing for driver’s licenses and more. Currently, it the only private lab on St. Thomas doing microbiology and special chemistry in house. Formerly Cranston – Dottin Biomedical Lab, the facility now is owned and operated by Jessica 44


Coursey. The skilled entrepreneur hails from a family of physicians. “I love lab work but I am also a people person,” she said with obvious enthusiasm in her voice. For the last 14 years, she operated St. Croix Clinical Laboratory. A graduate of Morehead State University in Kentucky, the Ohio native holds a master’s in business and science. After completing her education, she worked in Florida at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center before relocating to the Caribbean. Jessica explained that during her years on St. Croix, she maintained a positive professional relationship with Cranston – Dottin Biomedical Lab.


Jessica Coursey and her 7-year-old daughter, Carolyn, share a light moment with technicians Ben Huyng, Shamora Joshua and Lauren Petersen.

“When Susan Cranston and Eduardo Dottin were looking to retire, they wanted to be sure their lab would be in good hands.” With a knowing grin, she added, “I have a legacy to fill here.” All 13 staff members made the transition to new ownership. “When you come here, you will see the same friendly, smiling faces, “ said Jessica. She also said that Robert David now serves as laboratory director of CD Diagnostic Clinical Laboratory. He holds a similar post at a lab located in Atlanta. “I am in charge of daily operations, and he handles quality control,” said Jessica. The CLIA program — Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments — monitors CD

Diagnostic Clinical Laboratory and all clinical laboratories for compliance regarding federal and state requirements. The program conducts on-site inspections for compliance and monitors accuracy and reliability of testing. Never willing to be content with the status quo, Jessica said that for the added convenience of her clients, CD Diagnostic Clinical Laboratory is opening a satellite station in Tutu Park Mall in March. “We will draw samples there and conduct testing here at our lab,” she said, adding, “We are very excited to be able to offer a second location to patients who live in the country.” What an exciting plan — having two locations available for patients!

St. Thomas Medical Arts Complex #3 340-774-6256 Mon – Fri 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sat 7:30 a.m. – 11 a.m.



Specialties include: Foot Care Wound Care

Dr. Ian Cook, D.P.M., F.A.B.M.S., is president of Comprehensive Foot Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Group and Wound Care Center, Inc.


COMPREHENSIVE FOOT CARE, INC./HYPERBARIC MEDICINE GROUP & WOUND CARE CENTER For the last 12 years, patients have counted on Dr. Ian Cook and his award-winning medical team at Comprehensive Foot Care to address a wide range of issues from heel pain, nail deformities and diabetic ulcers to hammer toes, corns and calluses — and so much more. Readers of The Virgin Islands Daily News honored the doctor by voting Comprehensive Foot Care the “Best Foot Care in the Virgin Islands on St. Croix for 2012.” From the moment you meet Dr. Cook, you are sure to be impressed by his affable manner. Originally from New York, Dr. Cook attended medical school in Washington, D.C. He became president of 46


Comprehensive Foot Care in 2000. “Depending on each patient’s situation, we have a number of remedies, treatments and procedures,” said the doctor. Same-day, minimal incision surgery is available on premise at Comprehensive Foot Care. The doctor proudly shared that many procedures are done under one roof at the spacious facility. What a welcome convenience! Board certified in podiatric medicine and surgery, the doctor is highly dedicated to his profession. Interested in medicine from a young age, at one time he was employed as a cardiovascular monitor technician at Georgetown University Hospital. Several years later, Dr. Cook applied, was accepted


“As soon as I relocated to St. Croix in 2000, I fell in love with the island and especially the people.” — Dr. Ian Cook

Drive right up and park at the door to Comprehensive Foot Care in Sion Farm.

and completed his studies at the College of Podiatric Medicine in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. “I am very happy with what I do,” said the doctor. He added, “As soon as I relocated to St. Croix in 2000, I fell in love with the island and especially the people.” He recently established Hyperbaric Medicine Group and Wound Care Center next door to his thriving practice. The new state-of-the-art facility offers the enhancement of healing in selected problem wounds by means of hyperbaric treatment. The doctor explained that hyperbaric chambers traditionally have been used to aid divers suffering from decompression syndrome, commonly known as “the bends.” Over time, hyperbaric treatment also has

become a means to accelerate the healing of certain types of wounds. Said the doctor, “Since I have been practicing, I’ve been concerned with the limb loss resulting from diabetic wounds. In too many cases, wounds become gangrenous and patients become too sick to receive bypass surgery.” Focused on quality care, superior service, holistic healing and teamwork, the new facility is designed to promote healing as well as offer education and prevention. Wound care products available include diabetic shoes, compression stockings, oils, creams and emollients.

St. Croix Comprehensive Foot Care Sion Farm Commercial Center Suite 8 340-713-8397 St. Croix Hyperbaric Medicine Group and Wound Care Center, Inc. Sion Farm Commercial Center Suite 8 340-713-8400; 713-8401



Compr ehensive Foot Care, Inc.





Specialties include: Hospice Home Care

Continuum Care provides loving care for the terminally ill throughout the territory.


CONTINUUM CARE HOSPICE Hospice is specialty care that provides expert medical assistance as well as emotional and spiritual support to the terminally ill. It also provides a valuable measure of assistance to loved ones. Essentially, hospice and the family work together to address the needs of the patient. Focus is on ‘caring’ not ‘curing.’ Continuum Care, Inc. — CCI — Hospice of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St, John is a privately owned and operated Virgin Islands company that holds a special distinction for having established the very first hospice in the territory. CCI also the first Medicare certified hospice in the U.S. Virgin Islands. For four years in a row, readers of The Virgin Islands Daily News have honored the team of dedicated professionals by voting Continuum Care, Inc. Best Home Care. The founder of CCI, Tracy Stewart Sanders, R.N., has been a registered nurse for more than 30 years. She received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Mt. St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles and her master’s degree from UCLA as a clinical nurse specialist. She also is the AARP grief and loss coordinator for the Virgin Islands. Initially established on St. Croix in 2000, CCI expanded to serve patients on St. Thomas and St. John in 2004. 50


CCI provides care to the terminally ill at home in a supportive environment in which the patient is alert and free of pain. Dedicated to making the end of life as comfortable and dignified as possible, to date, CCI has provided end-of-life care to more than 1,000 patients and their families. In many cases, thanks to CCI, patients who had initially traveled to the mainland were able to return home to the islands to be with family. CCI employs more than 65 Virgin Islanders — most in a licensed capacity — on all three islands. In addition to providing hospice care, CCI also is a licensed continuing education provider. CCI provides continuing education for Virgin Islands health care professionals and is very active in providing health care education for the community. Tracy Sanders, R.N., has extensive experience providing and supervising care in multiple settings including community health, hospital, home care and hospice. For many years she was the chief operating officer for the largest independent home care and hospice company in Georgia. She and her husband, Dr. Herb Sanders, have resided in the Virgin Islands since 1995. CCI has medical personnel on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The staff at Continuum Care provides health care with a heart.

CONTINUUM CARE For four years in a row, readers of the Virgin Islands Daily News have honored the team of dedicated professionals by voting Continuum Care, Inc. Best Home Care in the Virgin Islands

St. Thomas / St. John 340-714-2273 St. Croix 340-718-5683 24 / 7 / 365 A sign of quality assistance is showcased in each Continuum Care billboard.



Specialties include: Urgent Care Family Medicine Pediatrics Internal Medicine Gynecology Dermatology Women’s Health Skin Cancer Screening Emergency Medicine

The professional team includes practice manager Eron Rabun; Andrew Storer, DNP; Dr. Randell Nuschke; practice founder Dr. James P. Clayton; Dr. Jennifer Miller and operations manager Anne Brandt, R.N.


RED HOOK FAMILY MEDICAL GROUP Skilled physicians offering quality medical care are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on both St. Thomas and St. John. That invaluable convenience is only part of the total picture at award-winning Red Hook Family Medical Group. Thanks to the forward-thinking philosophy of founder and medical director James P. Clayton, M.D., and his staff of professional associates, the thriving practice offers the comfort and security of regularly scheduled appointments, walk-in care and around-the-clock emergency services for residents and visitors alike. Dr. Clayton was born and raised in New York City. He graduated from Einstein College of Medicine in New York and began a family practice in the northeast. He also trained in emergency medicine and dermatology. “I came to St. John on a camping trip during my first year of medical school,” said Dr. Clayton. The year was 1980 and his planned two-week stay at Cinnamon Bay stretched out to seven weeks. “I met the people of St. John and loved them. I didn’t want to leave. I came back and did electives at the St. John Clinic,” he said. In the early 1990s, Dr. Clayton opened Cruz Bay 52


Family Practice and soon after extended the practice to Red Hook. In December of 2007, doors to the handsomely appointed Yacht Haven Family Practice opened in order to further serve our expanding community. Said Dr. Clayton, “I believe we are a role model for what primary care should be. We take our commitment to our patients’ health very seriously. When you are a patient here, you are part of our family. Family is always there for one another.” With a thoughtful smile, he added, “I am old school in that regard. I know my patients, their families and even their friends.” The savvy physicians on staff developed a column in The Virgin Islands Daily News Good Health Care Guide titled “Medical Minute.” Each week, the doctors answer readers’ medical questions in a comprehensive and interesting format. A state-of-the-art web site provides patients with vital information, physician biographies and an online interactive appointment-making feature. The comfortably appointed offices feature original oil paintings by Dr. Clayton’s talented wife, Impressionist artist Lee Eng Khauv.

RED HOOK FAMILY MEDICAL GROUP “We are a role model for what primary care should be. We take our commitment to our patients’ health very seriously. When you are a patient here, you are part of our family. Family is always there for one another.” — Dr. Clayton

Drive up and park at the entrance to Red Hook Family Medical Group in Red Hook Plaza.

St. Thomas Red Hook Plaza, Suite 205 340-775-2303 and Yacht Haven Family Practice Yacht Haven Grande, Suite 124 340-776-1511

Yacht Haven Family Practice was established in 2007 to better serve the community.

St. John Cruz Bay Family Practice Boulon Center, 2nd floor 340-776-6789 Mon – Fri – 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. On Call 24 hours / 365 days a year www.redhookfamilypract



Specialties include: Prescriptions Compounding Vitamins and Supplements Pediatric Supplies Medical Equipment and Supplies

Meet Rick Warehime, Pharm D., Rph., proprietor of Diamond Pharmacy.


DIAMOND PHARMACY The moment you walk through the sparkling doors to Diamond Pharmacy, smartly stocked displays and clearly marked shelves vie for your attention. Whether you are in need of over-the-counter pain medication, vitamin supplements or a prescription, rest assured you are in for a positive experience. Proprietor Rick Warehime established the enterprise in 2007 and is deeply committed to serving the people of the Virgin Islands with quality products at competitive prices — in a pleasing atmosphere. How he ended up living in paradise is a story with a few twists and turns. A graduate of Bowling Green State University of Ohio, where his father was a professor, Rick received his undergraduate degree in biology. He met his wife, who is from Albuquerque, New 54


Mexico, while in school on an exchange, program and the couple later settled in her hometown. “I worked for the City of Albuquerque in the water quality lab,” he said. “Once we started having kids, I re-evaluated my life and decided to go back to school.” Rick chose to study at the University of New Mexico, where he earned the title, Doctor of Pharmacy. Timing being everything, he recalled that just when he had achieved his educational goals, there was a hiring freeze in the area. “I posted my resume on and ended up with a job at a pharmacy on St. Croix,” he said, adding, “The family and I came down here with 20 boxes, and that was it.” When the opportunity to establish Diamond Pharmacy presented itself, everything finally fell into


The logo at the entrance to Diamond Pharmacy offers a subtle five-star design indicating five-star service.

Proprietor Rick Warehime established the enterprise in 2007 and is deeply committed to serving the people of the Virgin Islands with quality products at competitive prices — in a pleasing atmosphere.

place for the devoted husband and father. “We have three children now,” he said. “They are 16, 11 and 6 years old. The youngest was born here.” Rick wanted to emphasize for the benefit of his customers that compounding is available and that Diamond Pharmacy is part of PCCA —Pharmacy Compounding Centers of America. “We offer a local patient assistance program. We work in partnership with our customers to be sure they are getting the medications they need,” he said. “Some of our customers need assistance with programs such as Medicare Part D and we are happy to help,” said Rick. Diamond Pharmacy is located between ScotiaBank and Merchant’s Market near Sunny Isle Shopping Center.

St. Croix Estate Diamond Suite 5, 340-719-4626.



Specialties include: Wound Management Diabetic Supplies Food Supplements

Certified Wound Specialist Philibert Fluck, P.T., tends to a patient’s needs.


PHILIBERT FLUCK, PT, WOUND CARE SPECIALIST In addition to attractively appointed offices in the Foothills Professional Building complex, certified wound specialist Philibert Fluck and Dr. Linda Callwood share something else vitally important to patients: a focus on prevention. The wound care specialist stated emphatically, “There are 200,000 amputations annually in the United States, and 98 percent could be prevented.” When it comes to the issue of patients dealing with varicose veins, it is extremely important to control stasis — the slowing of circulating blood that can lead to swelling and small ulcers or open sores. At the practice, items such as quality support stockings are available for sale. 56


Quality wound management and diabetic supplies also are for sale at everyday low prices — whether or not you are a patient. Items include support and compression stockings, food supplements for diabetics and foot care products. Patients can count on consultations that offer guidelines on diet, exercise and other specific recommendations to prevent diseases of many types. An island resident since 1984, Philibert Fluck hails from Geneva, Switzerland. Educated at the University of Geneva, he was trained initially as a physical therapist. “Wound care is a relatively new field,” he explained. He further commented that


Certified Wound Specialist Philibert Fluck, P.T., and Dr. Linda Callwood focus on prevention.

over the course of the last several years, the Department of Defense provided research grants that resulted in great strides being made regarding wound care. Due to stem cell programs, gels and dressings now are state of the art — able to help promote healing to the maximum. “I attend conferences at the American College of Wound Healing and Tissue Repair. They are currently working on the standardization of wound care,” he said. For 16 years — until December 31, 2011— his office was located at Roy Lester Schneider Hospital, where he addressed everything from post-op healing issues to amputees with special needs to diabetic foot care and so much more. He now is working alongside seasoned physician Linda Callwood at her private practice.

Board certified in internal medicine, Dr. Callwood is a native of St. Thomas and a proud graduate of Charlotte Amalie High School. She graduated from medical school in 1992 at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk. After completing her residency at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Callwood opened a private practice in Decatur, Georgia, a thriving suburb of Atlanta. The doctor maintained that practice for seven years before returning to the territory. Last year, she relocated her St. Thomas practice to Foothills Professional Building. The doctor is dedicated to addressing vital health issues of both men and women. “So many illnesses are preventable by simply making healthy choices and having an annual physical,” said the doctor.

St. Thomas Foothills Professional Building Suite 104 Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 340-777-2273





Red R ed Hook Family F Famil amilly

Medical Meedical Group Grou up

Whether it’ it’ss 8am 8 or 8pm w we’re e’re alw always al waays here—caring ng for yyou ou 24/7 since nce 1992 Our team of professional doctors octors along w with ith our dedica dedicated ted staff, offers a uniq unique ue and personalized onalized medical car caree eexperience. xperience. A health car caree pr provider ovider is on-call all 24 hours/365 da days ays a year year for after-hours after r-hours medical car caree and phone consulta consultations. ations. Call (888) 391-3993. Your Y our time is as vvaluable aluable as ours. rs. Please call any any of our convenient con nvenient loca locations tions for an appointment. ppointment. W Wee also offer home, hotel, and vvacation acation vvilla illa vvisits isits w which hich can be arr arranged anged w with ith the on-call ph physician. hysician. Wee gladl W gladlyy accept w walk-ins alkk-ins andd urgent car caree patients patients on a priority b basis. W Wee guar guarantee antee tha that h t yyou ou w will illll be seen on the same da day, ay, andd wee pr promise work between w omise to w ork you you in betw tween scheduled appointments. participates Equicare. Our office par ticipates in the Local PPO – VI Eq uicare.

• FFamily amily Medicine • Internal Medicine Caree • Urgent Medical Car •P Pediatric ediatric Car Caree • Pr Prenatal enatal Car Caree •W Women’s omen’s Health Gynecology • Obstetrics & G ynecology Gynecological Surgeryy •G ynecological Surger •T Tubal ubal Liga Ligation tion • FFibroid ibroid R Removal emoval • Bladder Bl dd Surger SSurgeryy Laparoscopy • Lapar oscopy • Minor Surgeries

•B Birth irth Contr Control/Contraceptive ol/Contraceptive M Management •H Hysterectomy/Myomectomy ysterectomy/Myomectomy • Menopausal/Hormone M M Management • Dietar D Dietaryy Counseling • FFull u Labor ull Laboratory atory Ser Service vice •C Confidential onfidential SSTD TD T Testing esting Testing • Allergy A T esting School Physicals • Sc chool Ph ysicals • U.S. U Coast Guar Guardd Ph Physicals ysicals Immigration Physicals • Im mmigration Ph ysicals Immunizations Travel • Im mmunizations for T ravel Screening • Hearing H Scr eening

• Pr Pre-Employment e-E Employment Drug Screening Scr eeening Pre-Operative • Pr re-Oper Operative Clearance Exams Clear rance Ex ams • Car diiac Ex ercise Cardiac Exercise Stress Testing Str esss T esting e EKG Pulmonaryy • EK G and Pulmonar FFunction unction tion testing Ambulatory hr.. Blood • Ambu ulatory 24 hr Pressure Pr esssure Monitoring Dermatology • Derm matology Cryosurgery • Cr yosurgery Screenings • FFree ree Skin S Scr eenings twice tw icee yyearly early

Visit V isit Our 3 Con Convenient venient Loca Locations: tion ns:

Red R ed Hook F Family amily Practice

Yacht Y acht Ha Haven aven F Family amily Practic Practice ce

Cruz Ba Bay ay Family Fami amilly Practice

Located on the 2nd floor of Red Located Redd Hook Plaza directly directly across across from from American Yacht Yacht Harbor Harbor.

Loccated in Y Located Yacht acht Ha Haven ven Gr Grande ande Adjacent Ad djacent to Mandela Cir Circle cle.

Located Loca ted on the 2nd floor of of the Boulon Center downtown do wntown Cruz Bay, Bay, St. JJohn. ohn.

(340) 775-230 775-2303 03


((340) 340) 776776-6789 -6789 www • Hablamos os Espaùol

OUR OUR R EENDOSCOPY NDOSCOPY SSUITE UITE IS IS SSTATE-OF-THE-ART TA ATE-O TE-OF-THE-ART & FULLY FULLLY ACCREDITED ACCRED DITED Virgin Islands Gastr Gastroenterology roenterology and Liv Liver er D Diseases, iseases,, the medical practice actice of D Laawr wrence N ecent expansion on in our Dr.r.r. Lawrence N.. Goldman,, is pleased to announce a rrecent capabilities. ca pabilities. ities.


. G OL D M A

N, PC D., M.


Wee ar aree no now fullyy accr accredited perform colonoscopy W w full edited to perf form o endoscopy endoscoppy and colonoscop oppy TV SGIH HYVIW MR SYV QIHMGEP SJ½GI EX XLI XLI 4EVEKSR 4EVEKSR 1IHMGEP &YMPHMRK TVSGIHYVIW

VI GASTROENTEROLOGY GASTR ROENTER NTER TER ROLO OGY G & LIVER LIVER E DI DISEASES SEASES Paragon Medical Paragon Medical Building, Suite Suitee 208 SSt.Thomas, t. Thomas,VI 00802 p    ˆ f (340) 715 15 4313

MRSJ½GI IRHSWGST] 3YV MR SJ½GI IRHSWGST T] WYMXI MW QSHIVR QSH HIVR IUYMTTIH [MXL XLI RI[IWX RI[IWXX technologically, The Association technologicall ologically, and meets the standards standar ards of T he American American A ssociation on ffor or Accreditation AAAASF Accrreditation ditation of Ambulatory Ambulatory SSurgery urgery Facilities,, Inc (AAAASF). (AAAASF). AAAAS AASF is gold ld standar d of accr editation,, and nd our facility was assessed under der the the gold standard accreditation, guidelines Procedural Program. nes of its Pr ocedural Pr rogram. We new option We are are delighted to offer offfer this ne wo ption for for endoscopic procedures. Wee w welcome new procedur dures. W elcome ne ew patients nts and accept Medicare Medicare ost insurance plans. and most




Specialties include: Internal Medicine Liver Disease Colonoscopy Endoscopy Suite

Gastroenterologist Lawrence N. Goldman, M.D., offers state-of-the art evaluation and treatment.


DR. LAWRENCE GOLDMAN Dr. Lawrence Goldman consults with patients regarding heartburn and acid reflux, liver diseases and more. Board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology, Dr. Goldman attended medical school in Chicago and did his residency and fellowship at the University of Alabama. An avid sailor, the lure of tropical seaside living enticed the doctor and his wife to relocate to the Caribbean. "I grew up in Atlanta," he said, adding, "We came to the Virgin Islands for a vacation in 1997 and just loved it." No stranger to exquisite seaports, two of his years in the U.S. Navy were spent in San Diego where he cultivated an appreciation for sailing. Said the doctor, "We were very big into sailing when we came down here to St. Thomas." Dr. Goldman served as Chief of Medicine at the Roy L. Schneider Hospital. As affable and charming 60


as he is skilled and experienced, Dr. Goldman has a unique way of putting all those around him at ease. Whether you are an island resident faced with recurring heartburn or a vacationer dealing with sudden alarming discomfort, Dr. Goldman is available for consultation. You need not be referred by a primary physician in order to make an appointment. If you are suffering with the discomfort of heartburn, no matter how minor it may seem, set your mind at ease. Arrange a personal consultation with Dr. Goldman to discuss your symptoms. You will find him professional and personable. "Forty percent of the population deals with some measure of reflux problems," he said. At your initial meeting with Dr. Goldman, you will no doubt appreciate the graciousness of his staff and the comfortable ambience of his office. His wife, Helen, serves as office manager. "She keeps


Staff member Yvonne Questel and Dr. Lawrence Goldman provide each patient with an ideal combination of professionalism and personalized care.

Dr. Goldman’s office is located in the Paragon Medical Building.

everything running smoothly around here," the doctor offered with a grin. When it comes to colon cancer, preventive screening is key. Typically, a healthy man or woman should have a colonoscopy exam at age 50. However, based on published statistics, Dr. Goldman strongly recommends that AfricanAmericans arrange to have the procedure at age 45. "Thereafter, if the test proves negative and your family history is not indicative of problems in that area, you don’t need to have another colonoscopy for 10 years," said the doctor. He said that today’s

Dr and Mrs. Goldman are pleased to offer on-premise ensuite procedures.

state-of-the-art colonoscopy is far safer and highly beneficial. The added good news is that should polyps be found, they usually are removed right then and there during the procedure. In other words, a single colonoscopy is both preventive and proactive. "I see a lot of acid reflux cases," he said. "If you are suffering with a recurring burning sensation, it bears investigating." Dr. Goldman’s office is located in Suite 208 of the Paragon Medical Building. For additional information or to make an appointment, call 340-714-1122.

St. Thomas Paragon Medical Building Ste 208 340-714-1122



Specialties include: Women’s Health Care Family Medicine Gynecology Obstetrics Menopause Pediatrics Hypertension Urgent Care Birth Control Infertility License Exams Dermatology Diabetes Coast Guard Drug Screening Insurance Exams Complete Physical Exams Microdermabrasion Botox Collagen

Dr. Scott Hartshorn and his upbeat staff are at your service at HCC.


HEALTH CARE CONNECTION Dr. Scott Hartshorn provides personalized primary care at Health Care Connection. Known for making his patients feel at ease, skilled primary care physician Dr. Hartshorn offers an engaging natural style. Count on Dr. Hartshorn to provide urgent care, regular check-ups and preventive care for children, teens, adults and seniors. Dr. Hartshorn sees patients for chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and depression. He also addresses a variety of issues related to the skin. Rest assured that whatever the situation, Dr. Hartshorn takes the time get to know his patients before making any diagnosis. A former resident of Charleston, S.C., Dr. Hartshorn and his wife, Claudia, relocated to the Virgin Islands in 1997. A graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina, Dr. Hartshorn is board certified in family medicine. “That means my education in the field is continually ongoing and every seven years I am recertified,” said the doctor. 62


In addition to screening for skin abnormalities and providing the safe removal of moles and lesions, Dr. Hartshorn offers state-of-the-art cosmetic procedures to help make skin look healthier and more youthful. At Health Care Connection, you also can rely on family nurse practitioner Judith Whitley for women’s health, prenatal care, midwife and menopause care as well as urgent care and well woman care. A nurse since 1975, Judith went on to become a nurse practitioner in 1980 and a midwife in 1995. Dr. Hartshorn and Nurse Whitley work out of two comfortably appointed offices. On St. Thomas, Health Care Connection is located in the Paragon Medical Building. On St. John the offices are at The Marketplace. The two medical professionals cover both locations Monday through Friday. Health Care Connection also provides Coast Guard and general pre-employment drug screening services. On St. Thomas, call 340-776-8989; on St. John, call 340-693-7444.


Dr. Scott Hartshorn sees patients on St. John at Health Care Connection in The Marketplace and at the Paragon Medical Building on St. Thomas.

Family nurse practitioner Judith Whitley also sees patients at Health Care Connection.

St. Thomas Paragon Medical Bldg. Suite 203 340-776-8989 St. John The Marketplace 340-693-7444 MEDICALUSVI






Specialties include: Prenatal Care Contraception / Birth Control Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Pap Smears HPV Testing STD Testing / Treatment

Multi award-winning physician Michele Berkeley, M.D., recently returned “back home” to St. Croix.Hercare, Inc. is located in the Sunshine Mall at the new ProMed Clinic Office.


HERCARE, INC. Board certified and a diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Michele Berkeley, M.D., just recently opened the doors to her private medical practice, Hercare, Inc., in Frederiksted. Locals are, no doubt, delighted to be welcoming her back home. Longtime residents may recall that while growing up on St. Croix, she was an outstanding young tennis player. “Back then, I had the opportunity to travel to places like Panama and Costa Rica. Those experiences opened my world to other cultures,” she said. She trained at the St. Croix Tennis Club and 66


once had the honor to play mixed doubles with tennis legend Ilie Nastase. Today, despite her youthful appearance and healthy exuberance, Dr. Berkeley has close to 25 years of experience in the practice of obstetrics and gynecology. A graduate of Georgetown University, Washington, the doctor shared that she did her residency training in Baltimore at a communitybased hospital. “There was a very heavy concentration on surgical aspects,” she said, adding, “ My mentors and instructors were world-


Hercare, Inc. is located in the Sunshine Mall at the new ProMed Clinic Office

renowned, and I had a lot of what I call ‘old school’ training.” As an intern, she started out in pediatrics but in her words, she “fell in love” with surgery. She furthered her professional expertise in high-risk obstetrics and obstetrical trauma. Dr. Berkeley also received training in advanced gynecologic surgical techniques with a special interest in minimally invasive procedures. While in private practice on St. Croix years ago, she served on the board of directors of Juan F. Luis Hospital. On the mainland, Dr. Berkeley served as medical director of the Washington Women’s Wellness Center at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. “I revitalized myself in the States,” said the doctor. “I learned the latest and greatest techniques in laparoscopic hysterectomy.” She is experienced in the evaluation of infertility and cancerous gynecologic conditions and also is an

expert on rape assessment. “I am also very involved with health care infomatics,” said the doctor. She believes in forming a strong patient-physician relationship and reinforces to her patients that selfawareness, along with patient education and open communication, is key to maintaining good health. “A word of advice I would give is to listen to your body,” she said. “When you are not feeling right, don’t ignore it. Seek advice.” Among her impressive awards is the Patients’ Choice Award, 2009 – 2012, and Compassionate Doctor Recognition, 2010 – 2011. Dr. Berkeley is a member of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American College of Physician Executives and the American Medical Association. While discussing her decision to return to St. Croix, she said, “I have a new appreciation for the simplicity of life.”

St. Croix ProMed Clinic Office Sunshine Mall No. 1 Estate Carlton Frederiksted 340-772-5755



Specialties: Insurance

The St. Croix team: Pamela Brathwaite, Arlene Maynard, Simone Abramson, Sandra Gutierrez, Giselle Cintron, Angela Bermudez, Monique Armstrong, Sherene Maynard. Not shown: Omaira Concepcion.


INTER-OCEAN INSURANCE Confidence is a priceless commodity. At InterOcean Insurance, top-notch coverage at great rates is provided to clients, and each policy comes with an invaluable element: confidence. Whether you prefer to do business in person, on the phone or the Internet, rest assured you are dealing with a firm tuned in to the latest technology — with a personal touch. Leroy Walker and Sandra Gutierrez are the seasoned vice presidents. Sandra’s father, Wayne Harty, is president of this celebrated, rock-solid firm. Decades ago, he purchased Inter-Ocean Insurance at a time when its focus was on marine coverage. The business steadily grew, providing all lines of personal and commercial coverage — but the nautical name remained. Whether you are about to start a family, purchase your first home, establish a business or are getting ready to retire, Inter-Ocean is with you all the way, 68


providing more than 35 years of experience. Said Sandra, “Old and new customers walk through our door all the time. We are a very friendly place. We take the time to get to know our clients — and their needs.” Commercial clients can make office appointments or a representative will visit the place of business. At the St. Thomas office, Leroy and his skilled staff handle all aspects of insurance coverage. He said that his team is keenly aware how important it is to stretch budgets these days. A native of Jamaica, Leroy attended and graduated from the University of the Virgin Islands, where he earned a degree in business administration. After college, he worked for an insurance firm and then joined the staff at the Small Business Administration. “My heart has always been in insurance,” he commented with a thoughtful smile. In 1991,


The St. Thomas team: Leroy Walker, Heather Powell, Joycelyn Claxton and Thalia Riviere.

“We are small enough to know you personally but large enough to protect you.” — Inter-Ocean Insurance

Inter-Ocean was looking to establish an office on St. Thomas. “I had the opportunity to become a business partner at that time.” He added, “I love what I do. We frequently communicate by phone and the Internet but are never too busy to meet face to face.” He said that clients sometimes stop by the friendly Buccaneer Mall office just to say, “hello.” For more information, go to On St. Thomas, St. John and Water Island, call 774-2999. On St. Croix, call 773-4600.

St. Thomas Buccaneer Mall 774-2999 St. Croix Peters Rest Shopping Center 773-4600



Specialties include: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Breast Reduction Lift and / or Augmentation Cosmetic and Reconstructive Procedures Skin Cancers Tummy Tuck

Contact Dr. Errol A. James for information on plastic and reconstructive surgery.


DR. ERROL JAMES Whether you are contemplating elective surgery for cosmetic purposes, interested in Botox facial fillers or are in need of reconstructive surgery, Errol A. James, M.D., will be pleased to have a personal consultation with you. Dr. James possesses the distinction of being doubly board certified. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as a Diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine, making him highly qualified to manage patients in the hospital and on an outpatient basis. At his spacious and attractively appointed offices in the Sherpa Building at Mandela Circle, you will be greeted warmly and put at ease by Deborah Maddox, R.N. 70


Said the doctor, “In plastic surgery, everything is a custom procedure combining medicine with artistry and imagination. You have to be prepared to think inside and outside the box.� Indeed, this sharp, savvy, seasoned professional brings a wealth of education and experience to each individual situation. Fully trained as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in 1993. He was among the top 95 percent in cosmetic surgery and top 97 percent in burn surgery in the United States. Born in Trinidad, he attended undergraduate university in Canada, where he received a bachelor of arts degree in sociology in 1972. The following year, he began his medical studies at the prestigious


Dr. Errol A. James and nurse Deborah Maddox welcome you to contact the practice today.

Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. Upon completion in 1979, he returned to Trinidad, where he was in government service, before embarking on further post-graduate studies in the United States. Asked what inspired him to study medicine, the doctor thought back to an incident in which a young family member had been severely burned while playing with fireworks. “She had 26 operations in Boston over seven years’ time but was brought back to full function and went on to become a New York State gymnast,” said the doctor. With a warm smile, he added, “I thought to myself how much I would like to be part of that profession — helping people on that level.” Explaining that procedures in his specialty range from vanity to necessity, the doctor shared a story in

which a colleague’s wife came to him to discuss rhinoplasty. “The gentleman was against his wife having the procedure —until he saw the results. A month later, my colleague came to me because he decided he wanted some work done, as well.” From reconstruction after a mastectomy or other surgery to tummy tucks, facelift, brow lift, liposuction of all body areas and more, rest assured all procedures can be done right here in the territory by Dr. Errol James. The doctor pointed out that not all physicians performing plastic surgery — or who use the title of “plastic surgeon” — are board certified in plastic surgery. The doctor believes it is important for patients to choose a physician board certified in the specialty.

St. Thomas 9602 Estate Thomas Suite 4A Sherpa Bldg. Mon – Fri 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 340-776-2529



Errol A. James M.D.

Specializing In


Reconstructive After Mastectomy and All Cancer Surgeries • Breast Reduction Lift And/Or Augmentation • Tummy Tuck • Botox Facial Fillers Facelift • Browlift • Nose, Ears, Lips, Chin • Keloid Removal Skin Cancers • Eyelid Surgery • All Cosmetic And Reconstructive Procedures Liposuction Of All Body Areas; Starts at $2,500.00

9602 Estate Thomas, Suite 4A, St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands 00802 • 340-776-2529 72




Specialties include: Nephrology Hypertension Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease Internal Medicine Kidney Transplants Management of Dialysis Access

Dr. Jan Tawakol and Dr. Tasnim Khan see patients in the VI Cardiac Center at Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital.


DR. JAN TAWAKOL & DR. TASNIM KHAN The highly accomplished husband-and-wife team of Dr. Jan Tawakol and Dr. Tasnim Khan has been part of the medical team at the Gov. Juan Luis Hospital and Medical Center since November of 2010. The couple specializes in nephrology, a branch of medicine concerned with the kidneys. “We first met when we were training in Miami at the University of Miami,” said Dr. Khan. Prior to settling in the Caribbean, the duo resided in Oregon and before that, Phoenix, Arizona. Both share exotic backgrounds and studied, quite literally, all over the world. As a youngster, because her father was a commercial airline pilot, Dr. Khan spent the first part of life in Japan and traveled extensively to Borneo, Singapore and Malaysia. “At 14, I lived half 74


the year in Malta and half the year in London,” she recalled with a thoughtful smile. She later received her doctor of medicine degree at the University of Malta Medical School and completed clinical internships in internal medicine, surgery and obstetrics and gynecology at St Luke’s Hospital in Malta. Asked what inspired her to study medicine, the doctor shared that originally she had contemplated becoming a veterinarian. “By chance, I happened to walk in to my brother’s medical school class one day and I became fascinated,” she said. By 2004 – 2005, while Dr. Khan was busy developing patient care programs at a major facility in Phoenix, her husband was receiving advanced training in microscopic vascular surgery at the


Lori and Tim Sterner consult with Dr. Tasnim Khan at her office in VICC.

European Hospital of Paris and Clinique Jovenet in France. Born and raised in Germany, Dr. Tawakol is the son of a chief trauma surgeon. Initially, he was not looking to follow in his father’s footsteps. In fact, after completing military service, he relocated to Vancouver, Canada, where he studied aeronautical engineering. “I went to flight school and became a commercial pilot for about a year” he said. “I flew mostly seaplanes.” However, after that exciting adventure, he was accepted into medical school at Humbolt University in Berlin. The doctor completed an internal medicine residency program at the New York University Medical Center followed by a fellowship in nephrology and hypertension at the University of

Miami, and then a fellowship in interventional nephrology at the same facility. The couple’s impressive international professional and educational background is nearly overshadowed by the strange twist of fate that brought them to the territory. “We were on the West Coast at the airport — on the way to our first vacation on St. Croix. We got a call out of the blue from a recruiter asking if we would be interested in working on St. Croix,” said Dr. Khan. That trip became an opportunity for the fascinating couple to transition into a career opportunity here in the Caribbean. From the prevention of kidney disease to the management of dialysis access, contact Drs. Khan and Tawakol.

St. Croix VICC at Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital Mon – Fri – 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. by appointment 340-778-6311 ext 1-5223; 1-5224



Specialties include: Anesthesiology services for private practices

Meet Dr. Derrick Jones, founder of Umbra Anesthesiology.


DR. DERRICK JONES Born and raised in Milwaukee, when he first started college, Derrick D. Jones, M.D., had no idea that he would one day carve out a unique niche for himself within the medical community of the Virgin Islands. Today, as founder and medical director of Umbra Anesthesiology, the doctor is available to local physicians on all three islands who are interested in providing en suite outpatient procedures for patients. With more and more local doctors focused on being able to provide outpatient procedures, the custom service provided by Dr. Jones is ideally timed to the 21st century medical culture in the Caribbean. Indeed, having en suite anesthesiology services available is a great convenience — a time saver and a money saver, as well. “Since I established Umbra, I’m finding that more and more surgeons want to provide this option,” 76


said the doctor. Speaking of service, Dr. Jones calls every patient personally to have a one-on-one conversation the night before any procedure. Rather than having the patient fill out impersonal forms, Dr. Jones enjoys getting the patient information he needs by chatting with each individual. “I tell each patient to ‘ask me’ if they have any questions or concerns,” he said. He further explained that he discusses expectations and does his best to quell apprehension. Asked what inspired him to go in to medicine, Dr. Jones said, “I majored in chemistry in college. I enjoyed biochemistry and physiology. I remember my father, who was a retired chief of police, suggesting that I look into a medical career.” That suggestion was the first step toward an inspired career. Initially, in medical school, the doctor was interested in pediatrics. “I enjoy dealing with


Derrick Jones, M.D., frequently provides anesthesia for the patients of Sonia Griffith at her dental practice in Upper Havensight Mall.

children,” he said. While attending Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, he realized that as an anesthesiologist, he could deal with patients of all ages, including the little ones. With that in mind, among his current clientele is pediatric dentist Sonia Griffith. “I get to work with children quite a bit,” said Dr. Jones, who seems to have the magic touch with the younger set. What a relief for stressed parents! The short version of how Dr. Jones found his way to the territory involves a family friend who was

acquainted with Virgin Islands dermatologist Dr. Fletcher Robinson. Soon after Dr. Jones discovered the territory, it became his permanent home. It is well worth noting that the name Dr. Jones chose for his practice was carefully conceived. According to Merriam-Webster, “During a solar eclipse observers located within the ‘umbra’ experience a complete blocking of the sun by the moon.” “Umbra is a metaphor for the transition from light to dark and back to the light,” Dr. Jones explained.

St. Thomas / St. John / St. Croix P.O. Box 306959 St. Thomas, VI oo803 By appointment only 877-464-9046 umbraanesthesia@gmail. com



Specialties include: Life Insurance Group Health Auto Homeowners Commercial

Tamikka Wheatley, Elizabeth JnBaptiste and Cherry Stuart welcome you to Family Insurance Agency.


FAMILY INSURANCE Appropriately named, Family Insurance Agency is indeed family owned and operated. Family Insurance Agency is an Independent Insurance Agency, which means the firm represents many different companies and focuses on finding the coverage that is best suited to each client’s needs. According to promotional materials supplied by the firm, “We can shop your insurance for you instead of you having to call around. Our goal is to provide you with the insurance you want at the lowest possible price, while providing you with the highest level of customer service. We can furnish you with an assessment of your insurance needs and a choice of which package fits you best.” Family Insurance Agency is a proud member of the Virgin Islands Insurance Association and is pleased to provide products that customers need with the highest level of customer service. 78


Initially established by company president Joseph Charles in 1989, his daughter, Sheri-Ann Charles Rogers is vice president of the firm and has taken the reins since her father’s recent retirement. The moment you walk into the office, prepare to feel welcome and count on being warmly greeted by savvy ladies who know the insurance business inside and out. Whether you are interested in personal or commercial lines, Family Insurance will be pleased to provide you with all the information necessary to assist you in making the most informed choices. Be sure to ask about monthly payment options. The staff of seven includes charming office manager Cherry Stuart. She holds a degree in management and emphasized, “I like to meet people and solve problems. I enjoy the customer service part of the business very much. It gives me great pleasure.” A native of Dominica, she has


The entrance to Family Insurance is next to the Superior Court of the V.I. Magistrate Division in Barbel Plaza.

been a St. Thomas resident for the last two years. “I am loving it here,” she said. “The food, the culture — it’s all so wonderful and interesting.” Said Sheri-Ann, “My goal is to treat customers like family and to fulfill all their insurance needs.” With a knowing smile, she commented, “We are here to help.” Keeping that thought in mind, rest assured you can count on the staff to assist in any way possible, including taking time with each customer. A certified insurance counselor, Sheri-Ann emphasized that she finds it particularly fulfilling to be able to explain to clients the various ways life insurance can be used as a tool to increase retirement income, college funding and more. A proud Rotarian, Sheri-Ann and the entire staff at Family Insurance Agency is very community-minded. By the way, as an added convenience to customers, the firm operates a satellite office inside Caribbean Auto Mart.

St. Thomas Barbel Plaza 340-776-1906 and Inside Caribbean Auto Mart 340-777-3243 Mon – Fri 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.







Specialties include: Allergies Pediatric and Adult Ear, Nose & Throat Head / Neck Surgery Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Speech Therapy

Dr. Garman enjoys reading a “thank you” card from a delighted patient.


GARMAN EAR, NOSE & THROAT Born in California, raised in the jungles of Peru and educated on the mainland, the life of Dr. Guy Garman is a study in extreme contrasts. The highly skilled ear, nose and throat specialist relocated to St. Croix in 2008 after maintaining a successful private practice in Maryville, Tennessee for 13 years. For the last year-and-a-half, his practice has been headquartered in handsomely appointed offices in Beeston Hill Medical Center. He offers treatment and surgery for thyroid and parathyroid disease and cancers of the head and neck. He also is board certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. 82


The doctor arrived in the territory with a wealth of education, training and unique experiences dating back to a childhood filled with unimaginable fascinations — and challenges. The son of medical missionaries who dedicated their lives to caring for the needs of the Aguraruna Indians in Peru, the doctor spent much of his early years hunting and fishing in the Amazon jungle. Early exposure to a world where venomous snakebites were commonplace influenced the doctor to pursue a master of science degree in herpetology. Fluent in three languages, after graduating from


Dr. Guy R. Garman and medical administrative assistant Crystal Peter welcome you to Garman Ear Nose and Throat Center.

Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, he taught Spanish, chemistry and physics on a high school level. After making the decision to follow in his father’s footsteps, he opted to enroll in medical school. Dr. Garman completed his residency in otolaryngology — head, neck, and facial plastic surgery — at Kirksville Osteopathic Medical Center in Kirksville, Missouri. He then completed his fellowship in head and neck reconstructive surgery at Rush University in Chicago. Said the doctor, “Being on St. Croix is such a great fit for me. With its wonderful people, the

Garman Ear, Nose and Throat is conveniently located in Beeston Hill Medical Center.

culture, the large Spanish-speaking population, I feel completely at home, and I have found that my patients prefer to try natural remedies rather than just taking pills.” He added, knowingly, “All medications have side effects.” He explained that in cases of acid reflux, patients might be encouraged to avoid spicy food, late night eating and to raise up the height of their bed pillows. Since arriving in the territory, Dr. Garman has served a very loyal patient base, and it is not at all unusual for him to find cards and letters of appreciation in his daily mail.

St. Croix Beeston Hill Medical Center Suite 9 Mon – Fri 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 340-778-0730











Specialties include: General and Special Surgeries Intensive and Progressive Care Medical and Surgical Services Women’s’ and children’s Health Services Emergency Services Lab and Blood Bank

Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center is located in Estate Diamond Ruby.


GOVERNOR JUAN F. LUIS HOSPITAL & MEDICAL CENTER Skilled medical professionals including technicians, physicians, surgeons and support staff offer quality medical care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year at Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center. Xaulanda H. Simmonds Emmanuel, chief of communications, said that the facility has a vibrant health philosophy, and the enthusiasm in her voice is palpable. “We have a strategic plan for the hospital and we work it every day,” she said. “Transparency is a quality indicator. Our audacious goal is to be the most trusted patient-family-centered health system in the Caribbean by 2020.” She added, “We are a little hospital doing big things.” Plans revolve around the health system, its valued and trusted team members, volunteers, physicians 88


and partners to have an outstanding record of proven success. Health Stream courses are some of the many investments in the future benefiting staff and patients. The hospital maintains a graduate nurses program and recently hired two students from the Barry University Physician Assistant program in Sunshine Mall. According to materials provided by the hospital, “Our health system will be among the best, focused and most widely admired health system in the Caribbean. “We will refer to our health system as a team that enables innovation and entrepreneurship to improve the health of those we serve. We pledge to improve healthcare value through a disciplined quality approach. This involves a significant


A sign of excellent patient care welcomes you.

Mission Statement: To drive improvement in the health of those we serve, while exemplifying compassion and respect.

investment of commitment, time, capital and collaboration. We will attract and retain highly effective employees who achieve extraordinary results. Our physicians will be compelled to use our health system due to its award-winning customer service. We will continually improve our products, services, methods and selves to ensure enduring results.” Scope of service includes an emergency department that provides medical evaluation, treatment and disposition to presenting patients of various ages from minor to critical. The department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fast Track is a walk-in facility providing care for fever, ear infections, flu, skin rashes and other problems of an urgent nature. Fast Track serves

patients when their primary physicians are not available. The hemodialysis unit monitor and cares for patients with end-stage renal disease. The intensive care unit monitors and cares for critically ill medical and surgical patients. The labor and delivery nursery includes neo-natal ICU, post-partum OB/GYN surgeries and pediatrics. Xaulanda said that each Saturday morning, the hospital does a weekly radio show from 8 to 9 a.m. on FM radio 107.9 DaVybe. “We are also getting great feedback on Facebook,” she said. Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center also operates The Gift Box gift shop as well as Tropical Treats Café, where the sign reads “We serve more than just hospital food.”

St. Croix Hospital / Medical Center 24/ 7 / 365 Fast Track Mon – Fri 12 noon - 7:30 p.m. Sat – Sun 8 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. 4007 Estate Diamond Ruby 855-247-8364



Specialties include: World Class Cardiovascular Services Diagnostic Testing Vascular Screening Coronary Angioplasty Kidney Disease Management Fully Appointed Conference Center

VICC team from left to right: Dr. Michael Potts, Dr. Kendall Griffith, & Dr. Dante Galiber.


VIRGIN ISLANDS CARDIAC CENTER AT GOVERNOR JUAN F. LUIS HOSPITAL & MEDICAL CENTER Born and raised on St. Croix, Dr. Kendall Griffith, executive director of VICC, is dedicated to saving lives. His own life is an ongoing chronicle of goals set and goals achieved. He still marvels at the fact that today’s state-of-the-art Virgin Islands Cardiac Center, his dream-come-true establishment, sits in what was once a parking lot of Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital. “We needed to reduce the mortality rate for heart attacks, and I really pushed to get this center built,” said the doctor. He added, thoughtfully, “Patients in need of pacemakers used to be flown off island. Now we are flying patients in here from down island.” Dr. Griffith earned his bachelor of science degree at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and his medical doctorate at the University of Miami School of Medicine. He completed internship and residency in Internal Medicine at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. He also completed both a fellowship and a sub-specialty fellowship in Cardiovascular 90


Disease and Interventional Cardiology at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami. Dr. Griffith is board certified in cardiovascular diseases, interventional cardiology, and by the International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners for implantation and interrogation of pacemakers and cardiac defibrillators. He is a distinguished Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and a Fellow of the Society of Cardiovascular Angiography and Intervention. In 2002, he performed the Virgin Islands’ first coronary angioplasty and successfully implanted the Virgin Islands’ first cardiac defibrillator. He also has extensive training in peripheral pngioplasty. VICC is dedicated to prevention through education and offers a wide range of acute care, ambulatory care, after care and preventative cardiovascular services such asdiagnostic testing, invasive services, cardiac rehabilitation services, emergency services and acute inpatient care. Said Dr. Griffith, “The center truly is a labor of love.”

VICC features a full complement of the latest state-of-the-art capabilities.

Dr. Kendall M. Griffith is executive director of VICC.


Welcome to the Virgin Islands Cardiac Center.

VICC has a first class rehabilitation center on premise.

Mission Statement: To provide state-of-the art cardiovascular prevention and treatment to the people of the Virgin Islands. To engage the Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center in the latest cutting edge cardiovascular research for the Virgin Islands and the rest of the Caribbean.

St. Croix 4007 Estate Ruby Diamond 340-778-6311 ext 5223 / 5224 Mon – Fri – 6:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Email:

Vision Statement: To deliver world-class cardiovascular care in the Virgin Islands through state-of-the-art clinical interventions, treatments and community education MEDICALUSVI






Specialties include: Life and Health Insurance Auto Insurance Property and Casualty

Sylvina Clovis, Jeanette and Tom Fitzsimmons and Chris Millette are ready to serve you at Leeward Insurance.


LEEWARD INSURANCE AGENCY The lighted Leeward Insurance Agency sign on the roadway at the entrance to Princesse Plaza scrolls a series of appropriate messages, including “Come to the Leeward side — we’ve got you covered.” How appropriate! Whether you are in the market for commercial or personal insurance coverage, the seasoned professionals at Leeward Insurance are ready to assist you. Step inside the friendly offices and count on getting the information you need from those truly in the know. At Leeward Insurance, plans are customized to suit your needs and your budget. Feel free to walk in any time, or to call for an appointment to discuss your individual needs or those of your company. If you prefer, a representative from Leeward Insurance will come to your place of business. Said Jeanette of her charming husband, “Tom sold his very first policy in 1958.” Since that time, he has been immersed in every aspect of the insurance business. 94


Originally from Pennsylvania, the couple moved to St. Croix more than 25 years ago. “We wanted to escape the cold,” said Tom. For a short period of time after the couple arrived on island, Jeanette taught at Freewill Baptist School — until Hurricane Hugo hit the shores of St. Croix in September of 1989. “Our house was demolished and we practically lived in the office,” said Jeanette. Today at Leeward Insurance Agency, auto insurance options range from full coverage to minimum liability with good driver discounts and roadside assistance available. Property and casualty categories include home, condo, office, rental apartments and villas, general liability and contractor job insurance. In addition to the Fitzsimmon’, Chris Millette and Sylvina Clovis are on staff and available to assist you. Said Tom. “We want to be sure to let everyone know that we are here and ready to serve the community.”

Look for the Leeward Island sign at the entrance to Princesse Plaza.


Welcome to Leeward Island Insurance.

Whether you are in the market for commercial or personal insurance coverage, the seasoned professionals at Leeward Insurance are ready to assist you. Step inside the friendly offices and count on getting the information you need from those truly in the know.

St. Croix Princesse Plaza 340-718-6900



Specialties include: Pharmaceutical Wholesale of Brand and Generic Injectables All lines of Rx Pharmaceuticals Medical Supplies Surgical Supplies OTCs

Rick Nielsen (left) serves as CEO of Lifeline Pharmaceuticals, while his brother Peter Nielsen (right) serves as the company's President. Lifeline Pharmaceuticals is a family owned business.


LIFELINE PHARMACEUTICALS “Family owned and operated” is a descriptive phrase rarely heard in the corporate world of pharmaceuticals. However, not only is Lifeline Pharmaceuticals a family operation, the thriving enterprise was founded by St. Croix native Rick Nielsen. His wife, Veronica, is director of marketing, and his brother, Peter, is president of Caribbean operations. The 5-year-old firm is headquartered in Miami with satellite offices serving the territory. Lifeline Pharmaceuticals —”The Medical Supply Depot” — is your single source for brand and generic pharmaceuticals, quality medical supplies and medical equipment available to order 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Lifeline is a large distributor of plasma products, 96


vaccines, specialty injectables and other biopharmaceuticals. Lifeline Pharmaceuticals also carries full lines of medication delivery products, medical supplies and medical equipment. According to materials provided by the firm, Lifeline focuses on helping healthcare professionals help their patients live healthier lives. “Lifeline it is not just about product selection, friendly service, fast delivery and everyday low prices. Lifeline is dedicated to helping the healthcare provider find the right medical products to fit their facilities’ individual needs and help them improve their patient’s quality of life.” Said Rick, “Peter brings great value to Caribbean operations.” Indeed, Peter works diligently to serve clients personally on St. Thomas, St. John


Lifeline Pharmaceuticals employs 30 at its headquarters in Miami.

and St. Croix. “My bother and I were born and raised on St. Croix,” said the proud Crucian, adding, “We have a staff of 30 in our corporate office, and six are from the Virgin Islands.” He further shared that Lifeline Pharmaceuticals works closely with healthcare providers in the territory. “We service the hospitals and the criminal justice complex and the VA hospital,” said Rick. He advised that his thriving company currently is doing $25 million in sales annually in all 50 states and the territory — and is continually looking for bright sales executive to join the team. Reminiscing about his days as an island youth, Rick shared that he started out in sales at the

tender age of seven. “I used to sell mangoes in front of Canegata ballpark. ”He added, “It’s hard to believe that Hershell Greenaway and I used to play basketball together at Country Day and now he works for us in our Miami headquarters.” When you do business with Lifeline Pharmaceuticals, you are dealing with local professionals serving clients in the spirit of caring for family and community. No wonder readers of The Virgin Islands Daily News voted Lifeline Pharmaceuticals Best Medical Supplies in the V.I. for 2011. Retail products from Lifeline Pharmaceuticals are featured at Quality Medical Equipment and Supplies on St. Croix.

St Thomas / St. John / St. Croix 24 / 7 / 365 days a year 877-430-6337







Specialties include: Total Wellness Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation Laser Hair Removal Mole Removal Skin Cancers

Dr. Carolyn Merritt is board certified by the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.


DR. CAROLYN MERRITT Dr. Merritt understands the relation between skin and well-being and is passionate about helping women and men look and feel their best through scientifically proven techniques and lifestyle changes. A champion of health and wellness and living a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Merritt said, “I believe there is going to be a shift in how healthcare is handled. The three main areas on which I build my practice are nutrition, detoxification and hormone balancing.” The doctor practices what she preaches and is an impressive role model. “I personally pay attention to living a healthy lifestyle.” With a warm smile, she added, “What interests me is the total well being of people.” Her training and experience include a fellowship in basic science research of autoimmune blistering diseases of the skin, which resulted in several 100


publications in peer-reviewed academic journals. She has been director of Carolyn Merritt, M.D., and Associates, PLLC, since 2004 and has developed a practice of medicine through her unique skin-lifestyle wellness approach. A magna cum laude graduate of Howard University, Dr. Merritt received her bachelor of science degree in history and education. After teaching high school for three years, she revamped her career by returning to college to acquire the basic science courses to quality her to apply to medical school. She received her medical degree from George Washington University. The remainder of her medical training of internship, fellowship and dermatology residency was at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Dr.


Dr. Carolyn Merritt and her professional staff are delighted to be of assistance to you.

Merritt was a practicing physician in North Carolina, Virginia and Illinois before making the U.S. Virgin Islands her permanent home. Her interest and personal practice of healthy living prompted her to acquire a fellowship in anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine — a clinical / medical specialty in the field of scientific research aimed at the early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of age-related decline. The scope of her practice includes basic medical and surgical dermatological treatment of eczema, acne, mole removal, warts, keloids, pigmentation problems and skin cancers. Cosmetic procedures in which Dr. Merritt specializes include laser hair removal and broken blood vessels. She used fillers and Botox for the elimination of facial lines and wrinkles and chemical

peels to provide facial rejuvenation. Her latest interest is using energy-based devices to decrease facial and body photo-aging and acne scars. Additionally, patients are offered a complete line of natural skin care products chosen for their quality and superior results. Optimal wellness treatments include nutritional and hormonal assessment with state of the art methodology. This is complemented with nutritional counseling, weight loss management, and bio-identical hormone replacement. Dr. Merritt keeps up with the latest medical and scientific methodologies that are accompanying the rapid paradigm shift in the delivery of holistic health care. “I thank God for providing and guiding me in every path that has made me useful for His purpose,� she said.

St. Croix 254-A- Estate Glynn # 3 and 4 Kingshill 340-778-7546





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.  + 




Specialties include: Body Contouring Liposuction Breast Augmentation Reconstructive Surgery Skin Care Face / Brow Lift Hand Surgery Botox / Juvederm

A highly skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Gregory Moorman also is a talented artist.


MOORMAN AESTHETIC CENTER Dr. Gregory J. Moorman has been providing a wide range of plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgeries to Virgin Islands residents and visitors since 2002. Born in California, as a youngster Dr. Gregory Moorman lived in Morocco, where his younger brother and sister were born. His father, a U.S. Naval commander, retired to Corpus Christi, Texas, and the doctor grew up on the Gulf Coast. “This is where I met my beautiful wife, Gabriella, and we have been together now 23 years,” he said. In 2001, as he completed plastic surgery residency, the couple decided to find their way back to the ocean. “In our search for a new home, we looked for an area in which we could create our own family and build a private practice. We were blessed with an opportunity to investigate this beautiful island of St. Croix,” said the doctor. “We decided to come down for a short time, and we have been here 104


ever since.” Dr. Moorman completed a five-year general surgery residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. His general surgery program included extensive training at the world renowned Brook Army Hospital Burn Unit. He then completed a three-year residency in plastic, reconstructive, and oral, maxillofacial surgery at Duke University. This training included a fellowship at the Christine Kleinert Institute for Hand and Microsurgery in Louisville, Kentucky. In May of 2002, Dr. Moorman joined the Surgical Department of Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center, and in November of 2004, he opened the Moorman Aesthetic Center. Asked what inspired him to pursue medicine, he explained that during his years as an active high school athlete, he needed several surgeries. “That’s when I became fascinated by surgery and


Office manager Ashley Bouzianis, Dr. Gregory J. Moorman and Robyn Finch, R.N., welcome you to Moorman Aesthetic Center.

medicine,” said the doctor. “It was during these times that I began to be intrigued with the field of medicine, and specifically surgery — an opportunity to actually fix people.” The highly skilled physician also has been blessed with a natural ability to draw and paint. His detailed anatomical line illustrations are used in medical guides and to the delight of his patients, the walls of his practice offer an array of his artwork — ranging from displays of those impressive illustrations to dramatic frescoes to whimsical images.

Said office manager Ashley Bouzianis, “Dr. Moorman’s medical illustrations are used in study guides at Notre Dame. I hate to throw away anything he draws. Even his doodles are works of art.” Dr. Moorman and his wife have three children: Andreas 11; Stefan, 8, and Ava Elisabeth, 5. Said the doctor, “My family and staff our proud representatives of this island of St. Croix, our home, and look forward to our island’s future together.”

St. Croix 5015 Port Street. Gallows Bay Tues – 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Wed – 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. www.moormanplasticsur 340-719-4453



Specialties include: Prescriptions Vitamins Supplements OTC Medications Health and Beauty items Off-Island Prescription Transfers

Steve Eckstein, R. Ph., is president of Mt. Welcome Pharmacy.


MT. WELCOME PHARMACY When it comes to all your pharmaceutical needs, count on Mt. Welcome Pharmacy. Since this award-winning enterprise first was established in 2007, it has earned an enviable reputation for quality, integrity and service. Originally known as U Save located in nearby Gallows Bay, the business expanded, moving to its current location in October of 2009. Now, for the second year in a row, readers of The Virgin Islands Daily News voted Mt. Welcome Pharmacy the Best Pharmacy on St. Croix, 2011 2012. Said affable co-owner Dan Varalli, “We want to thank everybody who supported us and voted for us. We appreciate knowing that we’ve earned your confidence and trust. We want everyone to know 106


that Mt. Welcome Pharmacy is not just a business — we are partners in your health care.” He added with a knowing smile, “We do all we can to get you well and keep you well.” By the way, Dan also is an accomplished author who publishes under the pen name of Dan Michael. His current action-packed novel, “An Overdose of Truth,” is available for sale at the popular pharmacy. Mt. Welcome Pharmacy is owned and operated by three seasoned pharmacists: Ron Harvey, Steve Eckstein and Dan Varelli. At Mt. Welcome Pharmacy, you will find a complete selection of health and beauty needs including over-the-counter medications, makeup, quality vitamins and so much more. Shelves are


Step in to award-winning Mt. Welcome Pharmacy for prescriptions, OTC medications, vitamins and more.

Co-owner and pharmacist Dan Varalli is at your service.

well stocked for ease of selection. With pride in his voice, Dan said, “We compare our inventory to a stateside selection of vitamins, health and beauty products, medical supplies and equipment.� Perhaps you are in need of hard-to-find custom compounds. Take heart. The professionals at Mt. Welcome Pharmacy are pleased to provide a full line of custom compounds, including oral suspensions for those unable to take capsules. The skilled team also gladly formulates prescription skin care products. For optimal convenience, the pharmacy is open seven days a week, and many staff members are bilingual. In addition to caring for loyal local patrons throughout St. Croix, Mt. Welcome Pharmacy also caters to island visitors.

St. Croix 2024 Estate Mt. Welcome Suite 11 340-719-7283



Specialties include: Normal Pregnancy Complicated Pregnancy Obstetrics and General Gynecology Family Planning Birth Control Laparoscopic Surgery

Ronald C. Nimmo, M.D., is a caring OB-GYN with 30 years of private practice experience.


DR. RONALD NIMMO A 1978 graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Dr. Ronald Nimmo is an alumnus of the University of Delaware. After practicing and also teaching medicine for many years in the Camden, New Jersey, area, he relocated to the Virgin Islands, establishing his private practice to serve the residents of St. Thomas and surrounding area. Asked what inspired him to study medicine, he recalled that from early childhood, he was always interested in the sciences. With a thoughtful grin, he said, “I got the chemistry set I wanted for Christmas and that’s what started it.” He added, “I knew I wanted to help people. 108


Medicine fulfilled both those desires.” From the time he was 10 years old, he was determined to pursue the medical profession and never once wavered from that noble goal. Early on in medical school, he selected his specialty while doing all the prescribed rotations. “I chose OB/GYN because it involves the process of life — one of the happier specialties,” he said. “It is an amazing privilege to be the first to hold a new life.” Clearly dedicated to his profession, the doctor said that he does all he can to empower patients to live a healthy life. “I like to be able to take time with the patients I see,” he said. The doctor counsels


He knew he wanted to help people. From the time he was 10 years old, he was determined to pursue the medical profession and never once wavered from that noble goal.

patients through all stages of obstetrics. “My approach is that life is a gift.” Dr. Nimmo was voted Best Health Care Provider in 2003 by readers of The Virgin Islands Daily News, and he received the Most Compassionate Doctor Award in 2010 and again in 2011 by Patients’ Choice Awards. He shared that his brother also chose the medical field. “He is an ear nose and throat surgeon in San Francisco, but he decided to pursue medicine several years after I did.” Today, the brothers share the distinction for being first-generation physicians in the family. In addition to bringing with him to the islands his skills as a sensitive, seasoned and caring OB-GYN, Dr. Nimmo is an accomplished performer. “I have been singing all my life,” he said. Blessed with a natural talent, the doctor grew up singing in church. “My dad was a minister. I was a preacher’s kid.” A fan of jazz, rhythm and blues, pop music and standards, it is not at all unusual for Dr. Nimmo to take the spotlight at special functions and fundraisers on St. Thomas. “I do lead vocals for a group called the Caribbean Project,” he said. Dr. Nimmo is married to Lisa LaPlace-Nimmo. He has two accomplished daughters. Jillian currently lives in New York. Kristen is director of marketing for Innovative. Said the doctor, “2012 marks 30 years since I first entered private practice.”

St. Thomas Virgin Islands Medical Foundation Building Suite 206 Hours by Appointment 340-776-2006







Specialties include: Pediatrics Neurosurgery Nephrology Radiation Therapy OB/GYN Urology Cardiology / Heart Surgery Gastroenterology

Grisel Torres is a patient advocate for Pavia Hospital in the territory.


PAVIA HEALTH SYSTEM Pleased to offer high quality care health services to residents and visitors throughout the Caribbean, the Pavia Hospitals comprehensive information network makes it easy to learn all that this advanced system provides to patients. With accommodating offices on St. Thomas and St. Croix — manned by caring patient advocates — interested parties are invited to stop in or call for detailed information about all that Pavia Hospital in Santurce, Puerto Rico and Pavia Hospital in Hato Rey have to provide to patients in need of medical services.



Facilities in Puerto Rico are accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations — JCAHO — certified by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid and a member of good standing with the American Hospitals Association. Additionally, the pathology and clinical laboratories are certified by JCAHO. All physicians are board certified in the United States and are fluent in English. At Pavia Hospital Santurce, the heart and lung center has a comprehensive cardiovascular program and the facility includes a “Chest Pain Center” for


When you need extra care, count on Pavia Hospitals Information Center to assist you.

quick admission and fast-track service. The invasive cardiovascular laboratory features facilities designed to perform tests such as angioplasty and catheterization. Surgical services include open-heart surgery, peripheral-vascular surgery and thoracic lung / pericardial surgery. The maternity center has gynecologists specializing in high-risk pregnancies as well as skilled, caring pediatricians, labor and delivery rooms and a neonatal intensive care unit for premature babies. The urology and stone center prides itself on having

a stellar staff and the most modern equipment. The state-of-the-art neurosurgery center has capabilities to eliminate a tumor with the use of radio waves. The Pavia Hato Rey Hospital also is a full service facility with specialization in behavioral sciences treating conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks and bipolar disorders, Patient advocacy services are completely free of charge. Assistance ranges from making appointments with physicians to coordinating travel arrangements, hotel reservations, and more.

St. Croix Information Center 25 Anchor Way Gallows Bay 340-719-6631 St. Thomas Information Center Grand Galleria 340-715-1190 Puerto Rico Office Santurce 866-368-6060



Specialties include: Primary Care Walk-Ins Pediatrics Geriatrics Men’s Health Women’s Health Minor Surgery Pre-Employment Physicals

Dr. Arakere Prasad is the founder of Primary Care, a modern medical facility in the Princesse Professional Center.


PRIMARY CARE, PLLC Established by seasoned physician Arakere Prasad, M.D., Primary Care offers efficient quality care for most medical needs. Voted Best Medical Practice on St. Croix for 2011 and 2012 by readers of The Virgin Islands Daily News, the aptly named practice provides primary care to address acute and chronic medical conditions. It also is one of the few facilities on St. Croix to offer same day services for those requiring immediate non-emergency attention. At Primary Care, specialty services range from pediatrics to geriatrics, men’s health, women’s health care and more. Best of all, for most visits, no appointment is necessary, and the practice has an onsite lab. All providers and clinical support staff are U.S. Virgin Islands Board certified and licensed. Educated in India, Dr. Prasad has been a successful physician for nearly three decades. Board certified in emergency medicine and internal medicine, he worked in the emergency room at Gov. Juan F. Luis 114


Hospital for eight years and was pediatrician at that same facility for 15 years. He also operated a thriving family practice since 1988. When that practice eventually outgrew its old location, the doctor took the opportunity to move his offices to the new facility. In addition to Dr. Prasad — whose focus is primary care — a full complement of medical professionals is on staff. Born and raised on St. Croix, Dr. Carmen Cintron works in acute and osteopathic care as well as internal medicine. Dr. Cintron skillfully applies the philosophy of treating the whole person to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illness, disease and injury. Certified Nurse Midwife and Adult Registered Nurse Shannon Calhoon has been addressing gynecological and women’s health issues, as well as obstetrics, for 17 years. She sees patients from teens to the elderly.

Welcome to Primary Care, PLLC.


Primary Care is located in LaGrande Princesse at Primary Professional Center near Food Town.

“I believe walk-in service is vital to our community. When you are sick or injured, you want to see the doctor right away.” — Dr. Arakere Prasad, M.D.

Additionally, Physician Assistant Carlos Santiago assists with general medicine. “We schedule appointments but I believe walk-in service is vital to our community,” said Dr. Prasad with a thoughtful smile. He added, “When you are sick or injured, you want to see the doctor right away.” Primary Care is located in the Princesse Professional Center, also home to Princesse Pharmacy. How convenient to have a sparkling clean pharmacy right on the premises!

Princesse Professional Center Suite 1 Mon – Sat 6:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. 340-718-7788



Specialties include: General Surgery Trauma Surgery Cancer Surgery Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Gallbladder, Hernia Repairs Surgical Critical Care

Gerd Daniel Pust, M.D., is Director of Critical Care Medicine and Trauma Surgery at Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital.


DR. GERD PUST Board certified in surgery and surgical critical care, Gerd Pust, M.D., graduated from medical school at Freie Universitaet in Berlin, Germany, in 2003. He did his post-graduate training in general surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach and at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami. Before relocating to St. Croix, he was fellowship trained in trauma surgery and surgical critical care at Ryder Trauma Center at the University of Miami. Bright, gifted, accomplished — and decidedly unpretentious — the doctor is director of the intensive care unit and trauma surgery at Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center. 116


In that impressive capacity, he has championed a pre-hospital alert system that greatly shortens response time in case of medical emergencies such as automobile accidents where injuries are critical. “We activate the team immediately,” said the doctor. The goal is to be ready to tend to patients’ needs from the moment they arrive at the hospital. The doctor also sees patients in a private setting at Island Medical Center. In that capacity, he cares for those in need of a wide range of procedures — from colonoscopy and complete endoscopy services to gallbladder, hernia repairs and much more. Born and raised in Germany, this third-


Dr. Pust performs a surgical procedure at Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital with Dr. Christopher Seaver.

generation physician shared that his mother was a doctor and that her parents were both doctors specializing in infectious disease control. After completing mandatory military service, he studied medicine for six years in his homeland. From 1999 to 2000, a scholarship at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, afforded him the opportunity to participate in an international surgery course given in English — as well as to further his studies in neurology, ENT, ophthalmology, and dermatology. His final year of training included studies abroad in the United States. That program afforded him the opportunity to study at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York, USC University Hospital in

Los Angeles, Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans and the University of California San Francisco. The doctor recalled with a warm smile, “When I got to California, I didn’t want to go home.” Indeed, those experiences eventually prompted Dr. Pust to return to the United States after completing his medical certification in Germany. In October of 2011, he joined the staff at Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center, where regard for his advanced skills and pleasant demeanor in the intensive care unit is clearly palpable among the staff. “We have a great ICU team and we work extremely well together,” said Dr. Pust.

St. Croix Virgin Islands Surgical Services Island Medical Center Hours by Appointment 340-514-1234



Specialties include: Respiratory Supplies Diabetic Equipment Wheel Chairs Lift Chairs Hospital Beds Surgical Dressings

Leo Abraham and Dynel Soto are part of the dynamic team of professionals serving customers at Quality Medical Equipment and Supplies. Not shown: Jose Bermudez, Jr., and Morla Blanc.


QUALITY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES When it comes to providing much-needed medical equipment for the people of St. Croix, the caring staff at Quality Medical Equipment and Supplies is up to the task — at your service — and always with a smile. The accommodating operation offers home care equipment such as hospital beds and wheelchairs for sale or for rent. “We started out small but we are now in business 12 years,” said manager and co-owner, Dynel Soto. “We have a lot of repeat customers who have come to be part of the family over the years.” A hardworking professional businesswoman, Dynel is a former banker. She said that her training as a compliance officer became an invaluable asset



as the company continued to expand. “We attained joint commission accreditation three years ago,” she said. “We have been reaccredited twice successfully since then.” The enterprise accepts Medicare as well as most insurance, an aspect of the operation that keeps Dynel busy at her desk a good part of the day, but she takes it in stride. “What we do here is so important for our community. It’s a very rewarding and fulfilling job,” she said. She also commented that vacationers and “snowbirds” greatly appreciate the fact the oxygen and respiratory equipment is available. Dynel graciously credits her dedicated staff for helping the business to thrive and grow so steadily

Welcome to Quality Medical Equipment and Supplies.


A sign of great service hangs at the entrance to Quality Medical Equipment.

“We have the most compassionate staff you can imagine. I get calls all the time after deliveries are made. Clients tell me that our onthe-road technician was so kind and sympathetic and helpful.” — Dynel Soto, Quality Medical Equipment & Supplies

and successfully. “We recently expanded to St. Thomas but everything is centralized at our distribution center,” she said. Decidedly dedicated to her work, she said, “We have the most compassionate staff you can imagine. I get calls all the time after deliveries are made. Clients tell me that our on- the-road technician was so kind and sympathetic and helpful.” Whether you or a family member are in need of a walker, cane, crutches, underpads, diabetic supplies, portable or stationary respiratory equipment, Quality Medical Equipment and Supplies is just a phone call away.

St. Croix 3018 Estate Orange Grove Suite 5 Mon Wed Fri – 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. Tues – 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. Sat – Sun – on call 340-718-3031



Inviting reception room



Dentistry for all ages

State-of-the-art facility



Specialties include: Physical Therapy Aqua Therapy Chiropractic Care Exercise Physiology Athletic Trainers Massage Therapy

Dr. Douglas Memzies and the skilled staff are at your service at The Rehabilitation Center at Beeston Hill.


THE REHABILITATION CENTER AT BEESTON HILL If you’re in need of physical rehabilitation from injury or surgery, or, if you’re in pain and can’t find relief, visit the skilled professionals at The Rehabilitation Center at Beeston Hill for a level of care unmatched in the Caribbean. In fact, Dr. Douglas Menzies and his staff can craft treatment plans that are more comprehensive and effective than those often found at stateside rehabilitation centers. The combination of various types of therapies all offered in one convenient location make the center unique. The staff includes physical therapists, chiropractors, exercise physiologists, athletic trainers and massage therapists. They treat patients in a sprawling, state-of-the-art, air conditioned facility that allows them to craft care plans that provide the best in patient care. 122


“I can’t tell you how many people have come here after going through rehab in the states,” Dr. Menzies said. “They say it’s much superior to what they are getting in the states.” One of the center’s best tools for treatment is a full-size pool which the staff uses for aqua-therapy. Because gravity is reduced in a water environment, patients respond much more quickly to treatment. “There are so many things that you can do in a water environment that you can’t do anywhere else,” Dr. Menzies explains. Dr. Menzies opened the center 24 years ago after noticing a real need for top notch rehabilitation services in the community. Since then, his center has become a pillar of the healthcare system. “I’ve heard it said so often that good healthcare providers can’t be found on the island, but that’s really not the case,” Dr. Menzies said. “I hate to see


Count on customer service and health care going hand in hand at The Rehabilitation Center at Beeston Hill.

people spend the extra money to go off island when there are perfectly capable people here.” The center’s staff is highly trained in all of the various therapies available to patients. But there is also an emphasis placed on customer service, an emphasis that is sometimes forgotten in the healthcare industry. “We often don’t talk about customer service in relation to healthcare,” Dr. Menzies said. “Our staff is very caring. Patients perceive that and respond to it.” Dr. Menzies encourages anyone with pain or reduced mobility to consider the benefits of

rehabilitation treatment. Seeking prompt treatment can prevent more costly and time-consuming medical procedures in the future. Dr. Menzies explains: “You either listen to the warning signs and do something, or later on your body will figure out a way of telling you that you have to deal with it.” The Rehabilitation Center at Beeston Hill is open from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 778-8888. The center participates in a wide range of insurance plans.

St. Croix 778-8888



Specialties include: Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy

Tamara Wooden, Joneb Hamann, Genevieve Camacho, Zandra Ramtahal, Shannon Tonin, Reekah Georges and Wanda Perez welcome you to at Rehabilitation Services of St. Croix.


REHABILITATION SERVICES OF ST. CROIX Rehabilitation Services of St. Croix is dedicated to providing individuals in need of physical and occupational therapy with the highest level of individual care and attention. This spacious, sparkling, well-equipped facility skillfully assists individuals in the achievement of the maximum level of physical function by providing comprehensive, community-based rehabilitation services. Rehabilitation Services of St. Croix strives to restore every patient to the pain-free level of comfort to which they were accustomed. “Our goal is to support and empower our patients as they rebuild health and productive lives through rehabilitation and education,” said Joneb Hamann. An extremely impressive representative for Rehabilitation Services of St. Croix, Joneb graciously defers the spotlight to the loyal team of professionals on staff. “My background is business management,” he said with a thoughtful smile. Speaking of smiles, the dedicated staff has an upbeat, positive, caring spirit you can feel the moment you walk through the door. Said physical therapist Zandra Ramtahal, “The first 124


thing we do is an evaluation. We work together with each individual to create an effective program.” Zandra graduated from D’Youville College in 2001 with a master’s degree in physical therapy. She enjoys treating active adults and specializes in treating orthopedic injuries and is particularly proficient in treating dysfunctions of the spine and post-operative healing. Zandra has a strong manual therapy background. “I feel that a combination of joint mobilization, soft tissue release and therapeutic exercise are key to proper healing, posture and alignment,” she said, adding, “I have a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle.” She enjoys teaching her patients how to make life changes for healthy living. “I believe it is very important to teach the skills of exercise so patients continue to be successful in their healthy lifestyle for years to come.” Also part of the team, Shannon Tonin graduated from California State University, Long Beach, with a bachelors degree in physical therapy in 1994. Shannon is extremely knowledgeable in the area of neurodevelopment and orthopedic treatment. She

Rehabilitation Services of St. Croix has been serving the community since 2002; Joneb Hamann and Zandra Ramtahal acquired the facility in 2009.


Genevieve Camacho, Tamara Wooden, Reekah Georges, and Wanda Perez are a vital part of the professional team at Rehabilitation Services of St. Croix.

has spent some time focused on treating the geriatric population, a rapidly growing specialty in physical therapy. Said Shannon, “Physical therapy is not only a treatment after a serious accident, injury or condition such as a stroke or fracture. Its usefulness extends well beyond those specific conditions.” Indeed, physical therapy is good for improving strength, balance, mobility and overall fitness. At Rehabilitation Services of St. Croix, the strong support staff includes physical therapy aids, receptionists and office personnel. “Our team provides a fun-filled atmosphere where laughter and hard work go hand in hand,” said Zandra.

St. Croix Sunny Isle Professional Bldg. Suite 6F Hours by appointment 340-772-9557



Specialties include: General Surgery Vascular Surgery Endoscopy / Colonoscopy Esophageal Reflux Disease

Dr. Christopher Seaver is chief of surgery at Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and sees patients in private practice at Island Medical Center.


DR. CHRISTOPHER SEAVER A 2003 graduate of the University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio, today Christopher R. Seaver is chief of surgery at Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and prides himself as the most experienced surgical endoscopist in the territory. Dr. Seaver did his general surgery training at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami and trained in vascular surgery at the University of Florida at Gainesville. His arrival to the shores of St. Croix seems to have had a touch of destiny involved. “I had been hired to start work in Boston at Beth Israel,” he said. While waiting for his medical license paperwork to be processed through the state of Massachusetts, 126


an opportunity to take a temporary position in the territory presented itself. “I was faced with a possible four-month work gap, and I wanted to keep up my skills in the meantime,” he said. Initially, the doctor came to fill in for a general surgeon. “I was the new guy with new techniques. When they saw what I could do, they asked me to stay on permanently.” Obviously, the doctor agreed, soon finding himself in a prestigious position as chief of surgery. He also maintains a private practice where he offers a wide range of surgical services. “I like to spend a lot of time with my patients,” said the ever-upbeat doctor. “Before I perform any surgery, I draw a complete diagram. I show the


Dr. Seaver is board certified by the American College of Surgeons.

patient exactly what needs to be done.” He explained that one of his mentors taught him the process as a means to allay fears and add a touch of comfort. Since he began practicing medicine in the territory, he estimates that 70 percent of his patients are referred by word of mouth. One such local resident is Tom Fitzsimmons, who credits Dr. Seaver for saving his life. “Dr. Seaver diagnosed my problem as a stomach blockage,” he wrote. “I am hoping that Dr. Seaver has a long, pleasant life on St. Croix.” When asked what inspired him to go into medicine, Dr. Seaver said that while growing up, his parents both had serious medical issues. With a grin,

he added, “After their lives were saved, doctors were always glorified at my house.” Dr. Seaver first met Dr. Gerd Pust — the hospital’s Director of Critical Care Medicine and Trauma Surgery — when the two were in medical school in Florida. Since arriving in the territory, the two skilled professionals have performed several surgeries together, including a very intricate 14-hour long liver operation. Dr. Seaver speaks very highly of the staff and facilities at Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital. “If my own mother were here on vacation and fell ill, I have complete confidence that she would be well taken care of at this hospital,” he said.

St. Croix Virgin Islands Surgical Services Island Medical Center Hours by Appointment 340-514-1234






Virgin Islands Ear, Nose & Throat


Adam A dam M. Shapiro, Shapiro, M.D M.D.,., FF.A.C.S .A.C.S Joseph Ryan M.D.. Joseph R yan SSmolarz, molarz, M.D Gavin G avin M. Gassen, Gassen, M.D. M.D. Judith H Hirsch irsch MA, MA, C CCC-A CC-A Sharon Au.D., Shar on M. Berry, Berry, A u.D., CCC-A CCC-A


Call today today ffor or an appointment! Call


ffeel eel ee bett better... bettt tter e ... Virgin V irgin Islands Ear, Earr, Nose & Throat Throatt is the most compr comprehensive rehensive otolaryngology otolaryngology ology prac practice tice in Caribbean, patients.. the C aribbean, serving serrving both adult and pediatric pediatric patients

Paragon Medical Ste P aragon M edical a Bldg, Bldg, S te 308 St. Stt. Thomas, S Thomas h , VII 00802 774-8881 (340) 774 4-8 8881 B eeston Hill Hill M ediccall C enterr, S te 8 Beeston Medical Center, Ste S t. C roix oix, VI V 00820 0 St. Croix, (340) 773 3-8801 773-8801 w

SINUSITIS SINU SITIS & ALLERGIE ALLERGIESS 3-D Image Guided Guided Navigational Navigationall Endoscopic Endoscopic Sinus Sinus SSurgery urgery to to pr precisely ecisely pinpoint pinpoint the loc location ation of sinus blockages, block ages, Allergy Allergy TTesting, esting, NNo-Needle o-NNeedle Allergy Allergy DDrop rop Treatment, Treatment, Nasal Obstruction Obstruction RRadiofrequency adiofrequency SSurgery urgery

SLEEP & SNORING DI DISORDERS SORDERS Sleep TTesting, esting, CPAP CPAP TTesting esting and SSupplies, upplies, SSurgical urgical CCorrection orrection for for Snoring Snooring and Sleep Apnea, Apnea, TTreatment reatment of Narcolepsy Restless Insomnia, Nar colepsy and Restl ess LLeg eg Syndrome Syndrome

HEARING HE ARING LLOSS, OSS, DIZZINE DIZZINESS SSS & TTINNITUS INNITUS HHearing earing & Dizziness Dizziness TTesting, esting, Hearing Hearing Aids, Aids, Dizziness Dizziness TTreatment, reatment, M Middle idddle Ear Ear Reconstructive Reconstructive Surgery Surgery

PPEDIATRIC EDIATRIC EA EAR, R, N NOSE OSE & TH THROAT HROAT PPROBLEMS ROBLEMS Pediatric Sleep and AAllergy Pediatric llergy Testing, Teesting, EEar ar Tubes, Tubes, TTonsil onsil & AAdenoid denoid SSurgery, urgery, Breathing Breathing and VVoice oice Evaluation Evaluation and a TTreatment reatment

VOICE & SW SWALLOWING ALLOWING DI DISORDERS SORDERS VVideostrobolaryngoscopy, ideostrobolaryngoscopy,, EEndoscopic ndosc scopic Swallowing Swallowing EEvaluation, valuation, Trans-Nasal Trans-Nasal asal Esophagosc Esophagoscopy, opy, Acid Acid Reflux Testing Testing ng

FFACIAL ACIAL PPLASTIC LASTIC & RRECONSTRUCTIVE ECONSTRUC TIVE SURGERY Facelifft, Eyelid, Facelift, Eyelid, Nasal Rec Reconstruction, onstruc u tion, Scar Scar Revision, TThermage hermage FFacial acial Rejuv Rejuvenation, enation, BOTOX, BOTOX, Rest Restylane, ylane, JJuvederm, uvederm, & PPerlane erlane * SE HA HABLA BLA EESPAÑOL SPAÑOL / ON ON PPARLE ARLE FFRANÇAIS RANÇ AIS

Adam A dam M. Shapir Shapiro, o, M.D M.D.,., FF.A.C.S. .A.C.S. Ryan M.D.. JJoseph oseph R yan SSmolarz, molarz, M.D Gavin G avin M. Gassen, Gassen, M.D. M.D. David Da vid D. D. Weisher, Weisherr, M.D. M.D. LLori ori TThompson, hompsson, P Ph.D. h.D. Horace Griffith, Griffi ffith, D D.D.S. .D.S. Timothy R.P.S.G.T. Timothy J. J. Beltz, ltz, R.P P.S.G.T .S.G.T.. Cecilia Echeverria, Echeverria, R.P.S.G.T. R.P P.S.G.T .S.G.T.. Cecilia C all today today for for an appointment! Call P aragon Medical Medical Bldg, Bldg, Ste Ste 305 Paragon S t. Thomas, Thomas, VI 00802 St. (340) 777-SLEEP 777-SL LEEP (7533) w



Specialties include: Sleep Disorders Ear, Nose & Throat Allergy Center Plastic Surgery Hearing & Balance Voice Disorders

Dr. Adam Shapiro is founder of Virgin Islands Ear, Nose and Throat as well as the St. Thomas Sleep Center.


DR. ADAM SHAPIRO Award-winning physician Adam M. Shapiro, M.D., heads Virgin Islands Ear, Nose and Throat and St. Thomas Sleep Center. Virgin Islands Ear Nose and Throat serves a variety of needs. Under the umbrella of this impressive practice, you will find Virgin Islands Allergy Center, Virgin Islands Facial Plastic Surgery, Virgin Islands Hearing and Balance Center and St. Thomas Voice Disorder Center, which addresses vocal problems and acid reflux issues. Dr. Shapiro said that chronic heartburn could be a symptom of a more serious issue: gastroesophageal reflux disease, or “GERD” for short. “Patients with sleep disorders are often found to have reflux disease,” he said. “Some are fighting to catch their breath during sleep and are 130


pushing acid up from the stomach. A common side effect is hoarseness in the throat.” Celebrated for providing patients with the latest technology, Dr. Shapiro has the ability to test patients for chronic heartburn via an innovative non-invasive system known as the Bravo pH Monitoring System. The results from this quick and easy diagnostic test make it possible for the doctor to determine the cause of symptoms and the best treatment. If you suspect you may have chronic heartburn, set your mind at ease by contacting Dr. Shapiro. A simple test done now may prevent serious complications down the road. In addition to having you feeling better physically, Dr. Shapiro possesses the ability to have you looking better, as well. The doctor can

Dr. Gavin Gassen is the newest member of the VIENT team.


On St. Thomas, VIENT is located in the Paragon Medical Bbuilding.

Dr. Ryan Smolarz of VIENT takes the time to explain medical procedures in detail to ensure each patient feels at ease.

turn back the clock without surgery with Thermage — a non-invasive treatment ideal for men and women of all skin colors. At no other location in the Caribbean will you find this 21st century age-reversing non-surgical technique. Thermage stimulates collagen growth to lift and tighten skin around the eyes, face and neck. Using radiofrequency technology, Thermage safely heats the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating existing collagen while promoting new collagen growth. Since visual results are gradual, patients enjoy continual improvements over time. Also ideal for all skin types and colors is Botox. Offering more immediate wrinkle reduction, Dr. Shapiro will be pleased to discuss the options of Botox. Additionally, the doctor provides Restalyn, Perlane and Juvederm. For additional information, go to the web site at or to set up an appointment call 774-8881.

Dr. Adam Shapiro performs a cosmetic procedure.

St Thomas Paragon Medical Building Suite 308 340-774-8881 St. Croix Beeston Hill Medical Center Suite 8 340-773-8801



Specialties include: Air Ambulance Coverage Outpatient Transportation

Linda Bruton and Grisel Torres are an important part of the awardwinning SkyMed team.


SKYMED If you or a loved one suddenly faced a medical emergency that could not be taken care of in the USVI, would you prefer to use your SkyMed membership card to cover the cost of air ambulance services — or your credit card? According to recent information supplied by SkyMed, air ambulances cost upwards of $9,000 to Puerto Rico and $20,000 to Miami and air ambulance services want payment upfront. The good news is that SkyMed membership includes hospital-to-hospital emergency medical air and ground ambulance transportation with service available around the clock, 365 days a year SkyMed offers a choice of coverage plans to Puerto Rico, Florida, or City of Choice. No deductibles or co-pays are added. Not only that, worldwide coverage is included at no extra cost and the member is not obligated to notify SkyMed prior to taking international trips. SkyMed’s head office is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and has been operating for 19 years. The firm



was first invited into the territory 12-years ago by the Seafarer’s Union to better serve their membership. The service quickly grew to cover Virgin Islanders from all walks of life. Plans are inexpensive and easy to own. Members may opt to pay annually or on a monthly basis. SkyMed offers government and private sector payroll deduction. On St. Croix, vice president and ten-year sales veteran is Linda Bruton. Said Linda, “It is a pleasure to represent SkyMed. Their record of service is impeccable. When it comes to service, their motto has always been ‘Do the right Thing’. SkyMed has performed airlifts from St. Croix, St Thomas, St. Maarten and Anguilla to Miami. SkyMed also has mainland members, and air evacs include from Mexico to the mainland, and Canada.” Recently, through SkyMed subsidiary G-ETS (Global Emergency Transport Services), a member service was arranged for an air ambulance flight from St. Petersburg, Russia to San Francisco for member

Linda Bruton, vice president of SkyMed on St. Croix, is a ten-year sales veteran of the firm.



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Grisel Torres and Linda Bruton of SkyMed proudly display dual Best of the V.I. blue ribbon awards for Air Ambulance Service as well as Emergency Assistance.

















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Donald Sweet. â&#x20AC;&#x153;He raved about the Global Emergency Travel Services repatriation program and the cost saving well in excess of $100,000,â&#x20AC;? said Linda. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s right! The SkyMed member incurred no cost whatsoever. Linda further explained that coverage areas include the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda Costa Rica and Belize â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and worldwide â&#x20AC;&#x201D; through G-ETS. By the way, SkyMed is the service of choice on the mainland for many of the manufacturer recreational vehicle clubs. Some recent testimonials include: John Jowers from St Thomas: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Delores and I would like to sincerely thank all persons connected with SkyMed, in whatever capacity, for their professionalism, kindness and caring. The Air Vac from St. Thomas, USVI to Fort Lauderdale, FL, December 2011 after Doloresâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; bad fall on her back, was perfect. Thank goodness we secured SkyMed as our air ambulance plans. Special thanks to their staff and the air crew.â&#x20AC;? David Claeys on St. Croix said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t thank the SkyMed team enough for their service. My family of seven has had three separate major health problems in just one year. SkyMed has stood with us during this difficult time. They have done everything they promised and more. You are not just another client with this company, They actually care for you and your family. We canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t thank their team enough for their exceptional care that they provided.â&#x20AC;? SkyMed is more than an emergency service. If a medical office procedure cannot be provided in the USVI, the member needs a letter from the physician stating that they need to go elsewhere â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and the recommended location. Said Linda, â&#x20AC;&#x153;While you might have to travel to Puerto Rico, Florida or beyond, you may have an outpatient procedure that can be performed the same day. With prior approval, SkyMed can pay for that round trip airfare. With SkyMed you do not have to be hospitalized overnight for them to pay for that trip.â&#x20AC;? Every year since 2009, readers of the Virgin Islands Daily News have voted SkyMed â&#x20AC;&#x153;Best of The V.I.â&#x20AC;?

St. Thomas Grand Galleria by Pavia Hospital Information Center sign l-866-349-1494 St. Croix Gallows Bay 340-713-9991



Specialties include: Optometry

Proprietors Joel Mahepath and Dr. Lisa Adams-Mahepath welcome you to Sterling Optical.


STERLING OPTICAL A special note of congratulations is in order for the professionals at Sterling Optical. For the last six years, Sterling Optical has been voted Best Eyeglasses in the Virgin Islands by readers of The Virgin Islands Daily News. Owned and operated by Joel Mahepath and his wife, Dr. Lisa Adams-Mahepath, Sterling Optical first was established on St. Croix in 1997. A second location opened on St. Thomas in 1999. The thriving businesses are part of a well-known national franchise. The Mahepaths —and everyone on staff — focus on caring for island residents’ needs, providing fine quality products and services at value prices. Ten years ago — in the spirit of giving back to the



community— the Mahepaths set up the AdamsMahepath Scholarship. Awarded annually, approximately one dozen local students become the beneficiaries of $1,250 in college scholarship funds. Selection is based on grade point average, a completed essay, and a record of community service. Each year in early August, a ceremony takes place honoring all winners. Recipients from St. Thomas and St. John are flown to St. Croix via seaplane, also courtesy of the Mahepaths, in order to accept their scholarships in person. To ensure that every applicant is recognized, those who do not win scholarships receive a certificate for a complementary eye exam, courtesy of Sterling Optical.

Select designer frames at budget pleasing prices at Sterling Optical.


“We believe education is the key to a bright future. We are both very education-oriented.” — Dr. Adams-Mahepath

Sterling Optical on St. Croix is located in Golden Rock Shopping Center.

Said Dr. Adams-Mahepath, “We believe education is the key to a bright future. We are both very education-oriented.” A native of St. Croix, Dr. Adams-Mahepath attended St. Patrick Elementary School and St. Joseph High School. She earned her bachelor’s degree in medical technology from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey and received a doctor of optometry degree from Pennsylvania College. At Sterling Optical, loyal patients continually seek out Dr. Adams-Mahepath’s expertise and warm, caring demeanor. Said the doctor, “Everyone should have an annual eye examination.” She explained that changes in vision can take place for a number of

Sterling Optical president and CEO Joel Mahepath and his wife, Dr. Lisa AdamsMahepath, have been generously providing scholarships to local students for the last ten years.

reasons ranging from age to medical situations. “Living in the Caribbean, it’s very important to protect your eyes from bright sunlight, Be sure you have good quality prescription sunglasses.” With a knowing smile, she added, “Transitions lenses are ideal. That‘s what I wear.” Transitions lenses change from dark to light. She cautioned that knockoffs are not the same quality as the originals. “We only carry the real thing,” she said. Whether you are due for an eye exam or are in need of a new style of frames, award-winning Sterling Optical is at your service. Visit Sterling Optical in Lockhart Mall and Golden Rock Shopping Center. On St. Thomas, call 340-774-8500. On St. Croix, call 340-718-8880.

St. Thomas Lockhart Gardens 340-774-8500 St. Croix Golden Rock Shopping Center 340-718-8880




Dr. Lisa Adams-Mahepath.



Sterling Optical the best eyeglasses of the Virgin Islands for 6 years in a row!

A Century of Excellence

Now accepting g more insurance plans tthan han ever! We’ll meet or beat any competitor’s price on a complete pair of eyeglasses!

Lockhart Mall,, Estate Lockhart Estate Thomas,, St. St. Thomas 774-8500 77 74 -8500 Rock Center, St. 718-8880 Golden R ock Shopping C enterr, S t. Croix Croix 7 18-8880 8 Repair or rreplace Repair eplace your your frame frame me with our NO-Fault NO-Fault Warranty. Warranty. Hablamos Español. Call 1-800-EYES1-800-EYES-789 789 or visit sit S STERLINGOPTICAL.COM TERLINGOPTICAL.COM ffor or a no-obliga no-obligation tion appointment.



Specialties include: Comfortably appointed rooms and suites Beachfront property Convenient to hospital and doctors’ offices Peaceful ambience Weekly meditation classes

Each room at The Palms at Pelican Cove offers a tropical panorama.


THE PALMS AT PELICAN COVE Perhaps you are scheduled for a medical procedure at Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital and family members are arriving from off island to be with you. You may be planning a medical procedure and will want some recuperative time in a peaceful location. Whatever your individual situation might be, the thoughtful management and staff at The Palms at Pelican Cove is ready to provide a relaxing environment for you and your guests. Proprietors Joyce and Chuck Fischer took over this multi award-winning property five years ago and have made countless upgrades within the sprawling seaside complex. In fact, The Palms at Pelican Cove is now a designated Blue Flag beach — a coveted international designation. The flying of the Blue Flag symbolizes that a property offers the highest standards regarding water quality, safety, environmental management and education. The Blue Flag is a voluntary eco-label awarded to 138


beaches and marinas in 46 countries across Europe, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada and the Caribbean. The Palms at Pelican Cove made history last year as the first beach in the territory to receive the Blue Flag. At The Palms at Pelican Cove, exquisite panoramas are yours to enjoy from every room. The facility has added a number of suites with adjoining rooms — ideal for families. What an ideal place to recuperate after surgery! By the way, the hotel is closest to the hospital — just a few minutes’ drive. This family-owned resort is committed to the ongoing energy cause, and solar panels have been installed throughout. Rooms are decorated in rich mahogany furnishings and also boast sleek, hurricane-resistant patio doors featuring glass tinted to meet recommendations for the safety of nearby nesting turtles. Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m.,

The Palms at Pelican Cove was the first beach in the territory to be awarded the international Blue Flag.


Each Saturday at 9 a.m. a complementary meditation session is conducted by Peter W. Stewart of the St. Croix Holistic Healing Center in the coconut grove at The Palms at Pelican Cove.

The inviting pool at The Palms at Pelican Cove is adjacent to the hotel’s glorious beachfront property.

Peter W. Stewart, M.Ac.O.M., Dipl.Ac., L.Ac. of the St. Croix Holistic Healing Center hosts a complementary hour-long meditation or energizing qigong session. Indeed, The Palms at Pelican Cove is a glorious destination for health and healing. The resort has two convenient laundry rooms. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch is available in the seaside restaurant or at the friendly bar. Said general manager Julie Printy, “Call us to discuss your needs. We will take great care of you.”

St. Croix La Grande Princesse 24 / 7 / 365 – days a year 340-718-8920



Specialties Include: Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility Home Health Care Service

Welcome to Sea View Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility


SEA VIEW, INC. For nearly 20 years, Virgin Islanders have relied on the Sea View network of services to fill critical needs in the territory’s health care system. With a five-star rating from the federal government, Sea View’s network has built a solid reputation industry-wide for providing professionalism, expertise and a caring environment. “Sea View is all about helping others. If you help others, you really help yourself,” said owner and medical director, Dr. Alfred Heath. Tucked away in the beautiful surroundings of Bolongo Bay, Sea View’s main facility provides a peaceful place where patients can recoup, revive and rest. Since it first opened in 1993, Sea View has overseen the care of many residents from the territory’s valued seniors, to honored veterans and youth. Sea View’s network includes several important divisions: • Sea View Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility • St. Thomas Healthcare Management, Inc. • Sea View Healthcare Services Inc. —with offices on both St. Thomas and on St. Croix The Sea View Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility 140


initially opened as an 80-bed nursing home in 1993. Prior to that time, no other facility of its type existed in the territory. To date, it remains the first and only Medicare/Medicaid-certified nursing home in the Virgin Islands. Services provided include long-term care, 24-hour nursing care, short term rehabilitation services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and respite care. In addition to Medicare and Medicaid, private-pay insurance and Veterans Administration coverage is accepted. “It is where healthcare and hospitality meets,” Dr. Heath said, adding, “It’s also in a beautiful and peaceful setting, hence the name Sea View.” Sea View Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility’s commitment and dedication to its mission has earned it a reputation as one of the top-rated nursing homes in the United States. In 2010, the federal government gave the facility a five-star rating – five being the highest level possible – in overall quality, according to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. “We are one of the few nursing homes in the United States that have this rating. We are very proud of that rating,” Dr. Heath said. “It has been a labor of love.”


In 1997, Sea View expanded by adding its Adolescent Program under the organization The Adolescent Program — St. Thomas Healthcare Management Inc. — opened as a 14-bed residential treatment program dedicated to providing treatment and other services for youth with emotional, social and behavioral challenges. The facility later expanded to offer day treatment programs that admit youth in need but who are still living at home. Services provided in the adolescent programs include: psychological and psychiatric evaluation and treatment, educational, family therapy, individual testing, group therapy and individualized treatment plans. In 1999, with a number of beds at Sea View still not being used, the facility once again launched a new program to help local hospitals shoulder the cost of patients needing long-term recovery and treatment. Under the name Sea View Healthcare Services, Inc., therapeutic care services are provided: skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, wound care, infusion therapy, and diabetic assessment, surgical after care, and medical social worker and home health aide. In 2001, Sea View Healthcare Services was expanded to St. Croix.Dr. Heath – who has spent more than 45 years as a respected physician – said that Sea View’s overall mission is to provide patients with the quality care they deserve. “Whether patients are seniors, youth or veterans – Sea View has got you covered,” said Dr. Heath. “Our staff is who makes our business stand out. Without them, we would not be able to do what we do.”

Sea View has been committed to serving the territory for nearly two decades.

St. Thomas Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility 7500 Bolongo Bay 340-775-1660 St. Croix Home Health Care Service 1AE /1A1 Diamond Ruby 340-777-3303



Specialties include: Outpatient Colonoscopy / Endoscopy Surgical Therapy Pediatric Surgery Minimally Invasive Approach

Dr. Albert A. Titus believes in providing surgical care with compassion.


DR. ALBERT A. TITUS Albert A. Titus, M.D., is a highly accomplished board certified general surgeon. His initial inspiration to study medicine came about when he was a youngster growing up on St. Croix. Said the doctor, “I remember when my sister fell at school. I had to go with her to Charles Harwood hospital and I watched as the doctor stitched her up. From that day forward, I knew what I wanted to do for a living.” In fact, as a young teen, he established a club for like-minded students who possessed the desire to be mentored by physicians in the territory. After graduating from Central High School in 1982, he received a full scholarship to college. While doing research work in the private sector, he successfully developed a test for hepatitis B. He went through medical school at the University of Miami School of Medicine on a full scholarship. Dr. Titus did his residency training at the University of Florida and pediatric surgery training at Wolfson’s Children’s hospital in Florida. The former chief of surgery at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Florida, the doctor established a thriving solo practice in Miami, providing adult general surgery, pediatric surgery, and laparoscopic surgery. He enjoyed a high level of success, but all 142


the while, his heart remained in the territory. In 2007, Dr. Titus made an important decision that affected his life — and the lives of countless others. “I came home to take care of my own,” he explained. A bright, well-trained surgeon with a broad range of experience, Dr. Titus offers patients on St. Croix a full complement of surgical procedures ranging from hernias and cancer to complex trauma and emergency surgery. Additionally, his attractively decorated and welcoming office has a state-of-the-art endoscopy suite. Dr. Titus believes very strongly that colonoscopies save lives. The minimally invasive outpatient procedure is done with the comfort of the patient in mind. For added convenience, Saturday hours are available. A firm believer in helping others, the doctor recently discovered that several islands in the Caribbean have no colonoscopy screening services. As a result, every few weeks, he takes his team of professionals to places such as Dominica and St. Lucia to provide screening. In private life, Dr. Titus and his wife, Denise, are the proud parents of a 6-year-old son, Talan.


The offices of Dr. Titus are located in Sion Farm Commercial Plaza.

St. Croix 4100 Sion Farm Commercial Plaza Mon â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Fri 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 340-713-0617







Specialties include: Traditional Funerals Burial at Sea Limousine Services Largest On-Premise Chapel

Funeral director James Sasso gently guides families in their time of grief with compassionate care.


TURNBULL’S FUNERAL HOME Over the last several years, family-owned Turnbull’s Funeral Home has been voted “Best of the V.I.” multiple times by readers of The Virgin Islands Daily News. Said proprietor and licensed funeral director Delva Turnbull, “On behalf of Turnbull’s Funeral Home, we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to my family, friends and supporters for voting us the Best Funeral Home 2012.” The sensitive and knowledgeable professionals at this family-owned business have been dedicated to serving the community since 1976. Rest assured you can count on the entire staff to be there for you with comfort and kindness in your time of need. Delva Turnbull and her mother both had many years of experience working in a local funeral home before opening their own family-run business in 146


Crown Bay. A graduate of Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Services and the University of Puerto Rico School of Medical Sciences, Delva is a mortician and licensed funeral director. In August of 2011, she was inducted into the prestigious National Funeral Directors and Morticians Association as official District Governor for the Caribbean region. In that capacity, she acts as a mentor for regional funeral directors, morticians and associated staffers with information about professional services, educational opportunities and innovative business practices. She also is currently developing an extensive outreach program to expand and improve funeral services in the Caribbean. At Turnbull’s Funeral Home, comprehensive services include cremations, burials at sea and

Delva Turnbull and the professional staff will be pleased to assist with your needs and wishes.


Funeral director James Sasso gently guides families in their time of grief with compassionate care.

Turnbull’s Funeral Home offers luxury limosine service.

traditional funerals. Turnbull’s Funeral Home offers the largest funeral home chapel on island, large casket selection with customization capability, and a state-ofthe art preparation room and the only restorative embalmer on island. Count on the caring professionals to assist with memorial booklets, headstones and other related needs. Said Delva, “When a family comes in, I give them one-to-one service, making sure it is as comfortable as it can be. We put our hearts into it and treat them with love.” Delva’s daughter, Deja Turnbull, is dedicated to continuing the tradition. Her plans include attending mortuary school in order to assist in the family business. “We are friendly, have lots of experience and are well known on island for our comfort and compassion,” said Delva.

St. Thomas 3815 Crown Bay #10 340-779-6565



Specialties include: Quality Uniforms Comfortable Footwear Professional Equipment

Winifred Schuck of Uniform City stands proudly alongside her husband, Jim, a retired St. Croix educator.


UNIFORM CITY Physicians, nurses, lab technicians and many others in the know are aware that the look of a true professional begins with a stop at Uniform City. But how did this iconic local business get its start? A trained nurse, St. Croix entrepreneur Winifred Schuck recalled that when she and her young family first stepped off the plane from New York in 1968, she could not believe her eyes. “It was as if the lights suddenly came on. I never knew that the sea was so blue and aqua,” she said, “I thought that was only in Technicolor movies.” Her husband, Jim, already had secured a job as a biology teacher at Central High School. Winifred enrolled her children in school and soon found a position at Charles Harwood Hospital. Several years later, she started the first Nurses’ Registry in the English-speaking Caribbean. “We were always looking for special equipment for the patients,” she advised. Another problem she 148


faced was the inability to find quality uniforms on island. Looking back, she recalled purchasing a white uniform, that came apart the first time she wore it. To make things worse, she was on a plane at the time, escorting a patient to the states. She vowed never to buy a cheap uniform again. In 1989, she opened a store offering health equipment. Her husband talked her into putting some nurses’ uniforms in the shop and — as she put it — life has never been the same. “l love uniforms,” she admitted, “All kinds. l have worn them since I was a little girl in Catholic school and then in nursing school in Brooklyn.” She emphasized, “A uniform shows what you do in life. Think how great a chef looks in his or her sharp chef’s apparel and how about the uniformed policemen and women?” At Uniform City, professionals in all fields greatly appreciate the traditional and trendsetting uniform


Drive right up and park at the door at Uniform City in Bassin Triangle, right next to the police station.

options available from sizes XS to 6X. Additionally, the fully stocked shop carries a terrific selection of comfortable footwear. Are you a physician or nurse? Let Uniform City put fabulous fashions to work for you. Just wait until you see the colorful, premium quality scrubs on display — many with attractive trim. Uniform City also has lab coats and much more. “Come and check our Littmann stethoscopes and Prestige BP kits,” said Winifred. ”Just tell us what you need and we’ll get it,” lf you are a choir director, minister or priest, Winifred invites you to come by to pick up a new Murphy Robe catalog. Customers frequently comment that Uniform City prices are better than stateside. “I know they are right because I have been buying for many years,” Said the ever-gracious Winifred, “You’re welcome to stop in and say ‘Hi’ and look around.” Uniform City serves customers throughout the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.

St. Croix Bassin Triangle 340-778-9775 Mon – Fri 10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.



Specialties include: HIV / AIDS Education and Prevention Free AIDS Testing HIV / AIDS Referral Agency

Meet Sandra Gerard-Leung, executive director of VICARE


VICARE If you are under the impression that HIV / AIDS is an issue far removed from your world, think again. VICARE continually emphasizes that anyone who is sexually active is at risk. According to statistics, the U.S. Virgin Islands has the second highest concentration of HIV and third highest concentration of AIDS in the United States. We live in the Caribbean — with the second highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the world. The good news is that you can be part of the solution. Meet the people of Virgin Islands Community AIDS Resource and Education, Inc. Better known as VICARE, this award-winning non-profit organization performs invaluable services that include AIDS education as well as support for those with the disease. The community-based resource and referral agency also tests people from all walks of life. 150


Said VICARE’s executive director Sandra GerardLeung, “Everyone is welcome. We offer free testing and results are available in 20 minutes.” She further said that testing is painless and does not involve needles or blood. Professional counseling is available, as well. Are you thinking about getting tested? VICARE offers the convenience of walk-in testing. No appointment is necessary. On St. Thomas, VICARE is affiliated with MTOC — Methodist Training Outreach Center across from Market Square. Looking back in its history, George Flores and Bobbi Jackson founded the Virgin Islands Community AIDS Resource and Education, Inc. in 1994 in response to the impact of HIV/AIDS on our community. For several years, VICARE existed as a volunteer-only agency. In 1999 VICARE applied for and received its first

VICARE is located at 43 Queen Cross Street in Christiansted.


The team at VICARE includes Thomas Williams, Jessica Bassue, Sandra Gerard-Leung, Luz Serrano and Melba Mathurin. Not shown: Norma Hassell.

VICARE VISION: To work toward creating an HIV- free society in the U.S. Virgin Islands. VICARE MISSION: To provide HIV / AIDS Education information, testing and support services to the Virgin Islands community. federal grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — CDC — to provide HIV-prevention services for St. Croix. With this grant, VICARE was able to hire its first paid staff members, and implement HIV-prevention programs. In 2004, VICARE’s original CDC grant was renewed and the funding requests for a second CDC grant and the Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS — Housing and Urban Development — were approved. In 2006, VICARE purchased its new home at 43 Queen Street, Christiansted through a Community Block Grant Fund. Today, VICARE participates in many community events such as health fairs. All services are confidential and free of charge to Virgin Islands’ residents and visitors alike. Donations are gratefully accepted.

St. Croix 43 Queen Street Mon – Fri – 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 340-692-9111



Specialties include: Educational Outreach Support Programs

Meet Dawn O’Bryan, Ramone Reid-Felix and Darlene Springer of DVSAC.


VIRGIN ISLANDS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Established on St. Croix in 1987, DVSAC brings individuals and groups together for the purpose of addressing and alleviating domestic violence and sexual assault in our society. From supporting and promoting programs that empower victims to conducting educational efforts, DVSAC is committed to seeking solid solutions to multi-faceted issues. Step into the St. Croix headquarters and you will meet a dedicated group of professionals, including executive director Lynn Spencer and outreach specialist Darlene Springer. Dedicated to “futures without violence,” the Affordable Care Act allows abused women, children and teens to have access to services that would treat their abuse — and many of the resulting conditions of that abuse — before they worsen. Additionally, it enables women who are staying in abusive relationships for economic support to flee and seek safety away from that partner. 152


At DVSAC, the staff emphasized that issues can arise in homes suffering from domestic violence and healthcare providers may not be aware of the potential dangers. For example, screening in front of spouses, partners or adult children may prompt false responses on an immediate basis as well as endanger victims in the long term. Confidentiality can be a concern if statements provided by physicians in records — or insurance company billings — state that the patient or client was seen for domestic violence. Said Lynn, “These records could be seen by the perpetrators. This would defeat the purpose of prevention, early intervention, and accessing a greater number of survivors. Written protocols for screening and referrals should be developed for larger institutions such as clinics and hospitals.” She emphasized that DVSAC should be involved in the development of these institutional protocols —


The V.I. Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Council is located in Village Mall.

along with the programs which will provide the services. Lynn further said that DVSAC stands ready to provide training to health professionals interested in addressing the situation. The DVSAC team works diligently to build awareness of domestic violence in the community — while charging the ways in which it is addressed by the medical community. “Services to additional people or even services colocated in a health facility — which some jurisdictions are contemplating — will require more funding and a collaborative effort to achieve this result,” she said. DVSAC also believes strongly that reasonable steps must be taken to provide meaningful access to individuals with limited English proficiency. The professionals at DVSAC ask that health care providers be sensitive to the fact that when a patient is being seen, the accompanying spouse, partner or caregiver may be the very perpetrator of violence in that person’s life. For more information, please contact DVSAC.

St. Croix Village Mall Bay 14 Barren Spot Mon – Fri – 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 340-719-0144.



Specialties include: Orthopaedics Preventive Therapy Joint Replacement Onsite X-rays Physical Therapy Center

Jeffrey M. Chase, M.D., a founding member of Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, demonstrates the mold of a patientspecific customized replacement.


VIRGIN ISLANDS ORTHOPAEDICS & SPORTS MEDICINE Whether dealing with chronic or acute pain, you can count on award-winning orthopedic surgeon Jeffrey Chase, M.D., and the skilled professionals at Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine to address your needs. When it comes to improving physical movement or dealing with fracture care, this celebrated practice is at your service with the very latest state-of-the-art techniques. Perhaps you have been searching for guidance on whether a hip or knee replacement is the best course of action for you or a loved one. Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine has the correct answers to your questions. For added convenience to patients, the practice offers a fully appointed physical therapy center — Active — on the spacious premises. A special note of congratulations is in order for Dr. Chase. His expanding medical practice was voted Best Medical Practice in the V.I. for 2012 by readers 154


of the Virgin Islands Daily News. A graduate of the Temple University School of Medicine, Dr. Chase is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. Prior to relocating to the Caribbean, he was assistant team physician for the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball team. Since 2001, Dr. Chase has served as medical director for the Rolex Regatta and since 2002, he has fulfilled that same post for the annual Paradise Jam basketball tournament. Additionally, Dr. Chase is the team physician for Antilles School. Regarding his blue ribbon practice, Dr. Chase said, “We provide the latest in anterior, minimally invasive hip replacement surgery. The approach from the front means no cutting of the muscles.” The doctor said the technique minimizes discomfort and also ensures faster healing. He further explained that his practice specializes in

Dr. Adam Flowers is part of the award-winning team at Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.


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nnn%fik_fm`%Zfd n nn%fik_fm`%Z nn fik_fm` Zfd fd *+' *+' .(+$)/+, .(+$)/ .(+ )/+ /+, ,

Jeffrey M. Chase, M.D M.D.,., FFAAOS AAOS


Adam Flo Flowers, wers,, M.D.,, FFAAOS AAOS


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AC CTIVE TIVE 7/@:0*(3 7 /@:0*(3 ;;/,9(7@ /,9(7@

Sandy Radcliff, P.A. was voted Best Physician Assistant in the V.I. for 2011 and 2012 by readers of the Virgin Islands Daily News.

Restoring the highest level of movement and function with the least amount of risk is the ultimate goal of the physicians and professional health-care providers at Virgin Islands Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. patient-specific knee replacement. The procedure involves a CT scan from which a custom mold is created. Be sure to ask Dr. Chase about My Knee by Medacta. The very latest innovation, this procedure features interactive 3-D web planning. It assures accurate implant positioning with up to a 60 percent reduction of surgical steps for bone resection. What great news! The dedicated staff includes Sandy Radcliff and Dr. Adam Flowers. Sandy was voted Best Physician Assistant for 2012 by readers of the Virgin Islands Daily News. By the way, she has received that prestigious win for the last two years in a row. In her capacity as physician assistant, Sandy evaluates and treats patients, assists in the operating room and does rounds in the hospital. In addition to Dr. Chase, Sandy also assists Dr. Adam Flowers, the newest highly skilled physician to join the thriving medical practice. Before relocating to the territory, Dr. Flowers provided services to several college teams on the mainland and also had the opportunity to work alongside Ray Thall, M.D., team physician for the Washington Redskins.

St. Thomas Paragon Medical Bldg. Suite 104 340-714-2845 St. Croix Sunny Isle Medical Center Suite 3C MEDICALUSVI


Specialties include: Back Pain Management Neck Pain Management Sciatica Arthritis Muscle Spasms

Dr. Janice Victor provides innovative pain relief procedures at Virgin Islands Pain Management Associates


VIRGIN ISLANDS PAIN MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES VIP — Virgin Islands Pain Management Associates — specializes in non-surgical pain relieving procedures. Treatment plans are individually designed to aid each patient’s needs. In addition to being considered a Very Important Person, each patient at VIP — Virgin Islands Pain Management Associates— can look forward to personalized professional care blended with 21st Century medical technology. Are you suffering from lower back pain? Perhaps you are bothered by chronic neck or muscle pain. Do you deal with headaches originating in the back of your neck or do you have complex regional pain syndrome? Is a sports injury draining your energy? Are you bothered by arthritis? Non-surgical relief is available to you at Virgin Islands Pain Management 156


Associates. Log on to — the web site was created to familiarize you with the many services available at VIP. The welcome page reads, in part, “We are dedicated to giving patients new and technologically advanced treatment options for chronic spine and pain conditions. Our procedures are minimally invasive and are performed under Xray guidance.” Click on “services” and you will see detailed images, explanations and even informative videos. What a brilliant way to set a patient’s mind at ease! Founder of VIP is Janice Victor, M.D. The doctor is fellowship trained in interventional pain medicine. Sharp, smart, dynamic and compassionate, Dr. Victor was born and raised in the Virgin Islands. She did her


Place your trust in the professionals at Virgin Islands Pain Management Associates: Lydia Adrien, Luz Aponte and Janice Victor, M.D.

interventional pain fellowship training at the prestigious Duke University Hospital. Her postdoctoral residency training in anesthesiology was done at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. A graduate of Wright State University School of Medicine, she became passionate about the medical profession as a youngster. Growing up, she frequently found herself in the company of physicians and medical professionals, several of whom became mentors, “You do not get to choose to be a mentor. I believe that the people you are destined to influence choose you,” she commented thoughtfully. Step into Virgin Islands Pain Management Associates on the second level of the VI Medical Foundation Building. It is far from your typical stark

white medical office complex. Instead, the colorful walls come to life, with a joyous array of artwork. Said the doctor, “I appreciate the opportunity to care for people.” With a warm smile, she added, “I believe we are meant to enjoy life and providing relief to my patients is extremely rewarding.” Dr. Victor was quick to praise her loyal staff. “They are compassionate from the moment you first call the office.” She emphasized that her welcoming staff understands your discomfort and each one is genuinely pleased to be part of easing your distress. At this full service facility, your pain and discomfort is relieved through the use of a combination of technologies. Procedures are minimally invasive and guided by live on-site X-ray imaging to optimize safety and success.

St. Thomas VI Medical Foundation Bldg. Suite 207 340-714-7246 St. Croix #113 Barren Spot Village Mall Mon – Fri 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.



Paragon Medical Building, Suite 209 (behind SRM Center) St. Thomas St. Croix MRI, 4500 Sunny Isle Plaza, St Croix USVI 158


Call for an appointment




Specialties include: General Urology Urologic Oncology

John R. Franklin, M.D., is the founder of VI Urologic Center, Inc.


VIRGIN ISLANDS UROLOGIC CENTER, INC. At VI Urologic Center, Inc., board-certified urologist Dr. John R. Franklin and his stellar staff skillfully provide state-of-the-art urologic care for patients of all ages. The many attractive elements of this newly expanded facility in Havensight serve as an impressive reflection of just how deeply the doctor is committed to the care and comfort of all who enter. From the soothing hues, attractive décor and subtle touches in the waiting room to solid dark mahogany doors installed throughout the welcoming facility, it is obvious a great deal of thought was put into redesigning this center. Indeed, in addition to featuring the latest state-of-the-art equipment, VI Urologic Center, Inc. offers patients a truly warm and welcoming ambience. “We want our patients to have a good experience on every level,” said Dr. Franklin. “We’ve done our 160


best to create an atmosphere where patients will feel at ease.” How comforting to know the professionals at VI Urologic Center, Inc. are concerned with your total peace of mind! From the moment you arrive, rest assured everyone on staff is dedicated to providing you with the utmost consideration. Dr. John R. Franklin is responsible for providing his patients with the latest state-of-the-art technological advances. In addition to providing sophisticated bladder evaluations in a dedicated suite, you will find the latest technology for the treatment of prostate enlargement. They can proudly claim that they were the first to introduce GreenLight Laser technology to the entire Caribbean and Latin American region. The VI Urologic Center, Inc. was thoughtfully designed to provide a host of in office procedures. Therefore, providing patients with a "One-Stop"


At his newly expanded practice, Dr. Franklin is pleased to provide a wider array of outpatient medical procedures and treatments.

center for outpatient urologic services. When necessary, in-office anesthesia services are available. Today, VI Urologic Center is fully equipped with all the latest 21st Century items, including GreenLight Laser and Cryotherapy machines. From vasectomies to treating kidney stones and a host of other issues, the center is at your service. Dr. Franklin graduated from Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center at Columbia University in New York City in 1994. Subsequently, he completed a urologic oncology fellowship at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He then worked for the Veteran's Administration for one year before returning to Columbia University for three years. “I served as assistant professor at the Columbia University Department of Urology,” he said. The doctor relocated to the Virgin Islands in 2000 and considers it the ideal locale for his practice. When asked to identify some of the ailments treated at VI Urologic Center, Inc., the doctor answered, “We see patients of all ages and treat a number of physical conditions. Some of the more common medical conditions might range from incontinence to hernias, stones and of course, we screen for prostate cancer.” Dr. Franklin grew up in Anguilla and moved to the

mainland in 1980. He credits his parents for inspiring him to study medicine. With a warm smile, he reflected, “From the tender age of three, I knew I wanted to be a doctor.” The physician recalled that during his childhood, an illness placed him in the hospital on St. Martin for a lengthy period. His parents continually praised the doctors for saving their child’s life. From that time forward, doctors were held in the highest esteem at his home. In addition to Dr. Franklin, the dynamic and highly qualified staff at VI Urologic Center, Inc., also includes office manager Yvonne Pharr as well as Physician Assistant Faith A. Lake. Born in Anguilla and raised on St. Thomas, Ms. Lake joined the medical team in May 2007. The enthusiasm she feels for chosen profession is nothing short of palpable. “I absolutely love what I do for a living,” she said. Her professional duties range from evaluating patients to assisting in the operating room. Whether you are experiencing unexplained physical discomfort, you have a urologic condition that merits immediate attention or you are due for a prostate examination, a visit to see Dr. Franklin is in order. Dr. Franklin sees patients at three locations on St. Thomas, St. Croix, Tortola, and Anguilla.

St. Thomas 9003 Havensight Mall Suite 301 340-774-9655 St. Croix 20 Golden Rock Suite 102 340-718-7830 Tortola Road Reef Plaza Unit 13 Fisher’s Lane Tortola, BVI. Tel: 284-494-6757 MEDICALUSVI


Specialties include: Eye Examinations Designer Eyewear Budget Frames & Lenses Contacts & Accessories

Jessica Badillo-Lopez is one of the caring optometrists delighted to serve your needs at Vision Center.


VISION CENTER When you place your trust in Vision Center, you are dealing with a celebrated business that has been serving the Virgin Islands with pride since 1948. With three convenient locations, all glasses and repairs are done on premise in the full service lab. Prescriptions are filled quickly and efficiently. Selections range from attractive budget-pleasing options to fabulous trendsetting designer frames. Names to look for include Cartier, Guess, Kenneth Cole and many others. The thoughtful professionals at Vision Center want to remind you that should visiting friends or family members have a pair of glasses break — or fall into the sea — help is available right away. At Vision Center, a full-time certified optometrist is on duty to serve your needs. One of the dedicated optometrists on staff at Vision Center is Jessica Badillo-Lopez. She is adept at making everyone around her feel relaxed and at ease. From her earliest recollection, the doctor



wanted to study optometry. “We have many doctors in the family including a pediatrician and a dentist,” she said with a smile. Raised in San Juan, she graduated from the International School of Optometry in Puerto Rico. “I did my residency in low vision,” the doctor explained. The condition addresses issues such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and those facing legal blindness. She emphasized that low vision is a condition that affects many Virgin Islanders. Dr. Badillo-Lopez has been married for nine years. She and her husband are the proud parents of a 1-year-old son, Joseph Andres. Others on staff at Vision Center include general manager Liz Nico. On St. Croix, the charming and knowledgeable Elvira Flores serves as floor manager. Do you know someone special in need of prescription eyewear or an eye exam? A gift certificate to Vision Center is an amazingly thoughtful gift. What a great way to show you care!

Vision Center has three locations in the territory, including Island Medical Center by Sunny Isle Shopping Center, St. Croix.


Meet Ciaira Joesph, an optometrist assistant at Vision Center in Nisky Center.

Floor manager Elvira Flores is at your service at Vision Center in the Island Medical Center by Sunny Isle Shopping Center.

St. Thomas Nisky Center 340-776-2020 And Tutu Park Mall 340-774-2020 Mon – Sat 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. St. Croix Island Medical Center 340-773-2020 Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Sat 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.







Specialties include: Chiropractic Adjustments Preventive Therapy Sports Injuries Neck and Back Pain Headaches Auto Accidents

Meet Dr. Sheldon Williams and Dr. Jason Williams of Williams Chiropractic Clinic.


WILLIAMS CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Family-operated businesses frequently tend to have added appeal. More often than not, a special spirit of personal care and concern can be felt. Such is the case with the heartfelt nurturing and attention patients experience at Williams Chiropractic Clinic. What a pleasant and upbeat facility! Dr. Marlon S. Williams, a native of Trinidad, established the clinic in 1987. Dr. Williams has a fascinating background in both medicine and sports. He is a four-time Olympic runner for the Virgin Islands. He also served as vice president of the V.I. Olympic Committee from 1996 to 2008. Since his recent retirement, the doctor’s sons, Dr. Sheldon D. Williams and Dr. Jason Williams, now are at the helm of the thriving family-owned practice.



All three gentlemen are graduates of Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri. In addition to the St. Croix office, the Williamses maintain a satellite clinic in Trinidad. Whether you have been plagued by long-term pain or recently suffered an injury, Williams Chiropractic offers welcome relief. If you have experienced a work-related injury, a fall or complications from a car accident, you have come to the right place. According to materials provided by the clinic: “Chiropractic utilizes the amazing capacity of the human body to heal itself to achieve the amazing results that it does. “Although pain can be an incredible motivator for people to seek professional health care, many


Contact Williams Chiropractic for an appointment today.

Dr. Sheldon Williams is devoted to his profession.

doctors only address the symptoms, such as pain, while the source of the pain and damage is left unaddressed, creating the strong possibility and probability that the problem will arise again and even worsen. That is where chiropractic differs from most mainstream healthcare professions. “Chiropractic addresses the cause of pain and dysfunction — which is an imbalance in bodily systems, or poor communication between the systems of the body and the brain.” Enthusiastically devoted to his profession, Dr. Sheldon Williams advised that wellness

treatments are extremely beneficial. He and his wife, Rocksann, are the proud parents of a 7-month-old son, Isaiah. The doctor said that his baby boy received his first adjustment just four hours after birth. Said the doctor, “Isaiah was born via C-section and that can be very stressful for an infant.” He further emphasized that although techniques used by a chiropractor vary with the age of the patient, the chiropractic approach to good health is appropriate for all — from babies to geriatrics — and everyone in between.

St. Croix Village Mall Bay 12 Barren Spot Mon – Wed – Fri 7 a.m. - noon & 2 p.m. - 5p.m. Tues 9 a.m. – noon Thurs 1 – 4 p.m. Sat - 8 a.m. - noon 340-773-4300




Williams Chiropractic Clinic offers a pleasant waiting room area. Welcome to Williams Chiropractic Clinic in Village Mall.














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Personality profiles of medical professionals within the U.S. Virgin Islands


Personality profiles of medical professionals within the U.S. Virgin Islands