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A New Leash on Life for

Recovering Dogs

By Krisi Erwin

Rehabilitation practitioners offer dogs recovering from surgery, injuries or ailments hope for a better life Has your pet had recent surgery? Have you noticed your faithful friend lagging on walks or wanting to stay home? Was surgery recommended for your pup but you want to seek other options for recovery? Does your pet need help with weight loss? These are all common concerns that pet owners encounter and they are prime reasons to seek out a rehabilitation practitioner as part of a dog’s medical care team. Sometimes, though, pet owners encounter families who thought they were doing rehab for their pup by following a cookbook list of exercises without one on one assistance or coaching. And, still, there are families who do not know this option even exists for pet families. Let’s take a minute together and examine how a rehabilitation practitioner can help pet owners and their pups have a new leash on life.


What is a rehabilitation practitioner? Typically, a rehabilitation practitioner is a veterinarian, licensed veterinary technician, physical therapist, or physical therapy assistant who has participated in a certification program such as those offered by the University of Tennessee or the Canine Rehabilitation Institute. These folks are specially trained in bodywork and therapeutic exercises to help with recovery from injury or surgery, promote strength and fitness, and it also help improve pain relief for chronic problems such as arthritis.

The Virginia-Maryland-Washington DC Dog

The Virginia Maryland Washington DC Dog Fall 2017  
The Virginia Maryland Washington DC Dog Fall 2017