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Pearl was picked up as a stray in an apartment complex parking lot in North Carolina. She had obviously given birth recently (and many times previously), but no puppies were found. Pearl was in rough condition, emaciated, filthy and deaf. She didn’t have much chance of being adopted. Since being placed in foster care approximately one year ago through the Richmond Boxer Rescue, Pearl has come a long way. She is healthy and playful and knows some hand commands. She is the master of cuddles and can be very vocal at times. Pearl loves other dogs. The Richmond Boxer Rescue would like to see her go to a home with at least one other dog. She is also fantastic with children. Breed/Mix:




Approximate Weight:

60 lbs.

Approximate Age:

3–4 months

Activeness:  Moderate to High Energy

Photo by Amie P. Photography

Richmond Boxer Rescue (RBR) For adoption inquiries, fostering, and other information regarding RBR:


Good w/Other Dogs:


Good w/Children:




Medical Issues:


Feeding Issues:


Special Needs:


Fun Facts: Pearl is a very playful dog, but also knows how to relax and cuddle like no other! She is also deaf, but loves learning hand commands and will do just about anything for a treat! She has the cutest ears that flop to one side, which get her a lot of attention! She is looking for a home in Virginia or Maryland with a loving and active family.

Richmond Boxer Rescue: Founded in 2007, Richmond Boxer Rescue (RBR) has successfully placed approximately 300 dogs into loving homes. RBR is a small rescue organization located in Richmond, Virginia dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Boxers and Boxer mixes. But, often take in other breeds as well. RBR prides itself on taking in dogs that no one else will take, including senior dogs, dogs with heartworms, demodex and/or other health issues. RBR is willing to help any dog in need. As a result there are often young, healthy dogs available for adoption. They do not have a shelter facility. Therefore, they are only able to house the amount of dogs that they have foster homes available for.

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