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Seeking A

Forever Home


Misha is a teacup-size female Great Dane full of puppy mischief. Her owner surrendered her to the rescue at the age of 5 months. She loves going on her daily walks, taking car rides, and playing outdoors. A home with an older, mellow dog (rather than a high-energy dog) would be ideal for Misha. She would be most comfortable in a low-key, laid back home. Her ideal family will have the time, love, and patience dedicated to her continued development, training and medical treatment. Breed/Mix: Great Dane Approximate Weight: 88 lbs Approximate Age: 17 Months Activeness: Moderate to high Good w/Other Dogs: Yes, does well with older, confident, stable dogs be cause she is not socially experienced and takes her cues from more experienced dogs. Cats: Unknown Good w/Children: Yes, but ideally older children who are Dane savvy. Like most young Great Danes she’s unaware of her size and may knock down or hit a small child with her tail. Housebroken: Yes Medical Issues: Diagnosed with Bipedal Hip Dysplasia, Luxating Patella (knee slips out of joint) Arthritis, and Scoliosis. Surgery was not viable while her bones were still growing and her muscular skeletal system still developing. Future hip surgery may be required. Feeding Issues: None Special Needs: She gets supplements, Adequan injections, massages, occasional laser therapy session, and physical therapy (PT) exercises done at home. Regular walks and PT exercises are extremely important to maintain muscle mass and her quality of life due to her orthopedic issues. Vaccinations: Up to Date, HW negative, spayed Fun Facts: She enjoys counter surfing and is talented at finding any thing that is off limits, so puppy proofing is essential for any new family! She also enjoys playing with her jolly ball and lounging on the dog couch or on a well-padded dog bed

Great Dane Rescue of the Commonwealth (GDROC) is a non-profit 501c3 organization completely run by volunteers. The Rescue’s goal is to rehabilitate Great Danes who are no longer wanted by placing them in foster and then rehoming them by carefully screening potential adopters. Prior to adopHelpcare Save a Life tion, each dog is examined and receives medical treatment such as: vaccinations and Adopt – Foster – Volunteer sterilization. In addition to rescuing Danes in VA, the rescue aims to educate the public Help Wanted: Fosters! about the breed and how to properly care for a Great Dane. Each time a family fosters, a Great Dane is

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given a second chance at nourishment, medical care,The shelter, a bed and a family. rescue does not

have a physical location; all rescued Danes are fostered in indiWithout foster homes, GDROC cannot help homeless Danes. Each time Expenses may be tax deductible. GDROC someone agrees to foster, another Dane is saved and given a chance at having a wonderpays all veterinary care. It’s a temporary adopting, fostering, volunteering or donating to help save a life. Visit the situation. Youful helplife. save Consider a life. website at OR on Facebook:/greatdanerescueofthecommonwealth homes. Rewards ofvidual Fostering:

GDROC rescues and rehomes Great Danes in The Virginia–Maryland southeastern Virginia.

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