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Motherhood: A journey of strength, surrender and sacredness BY: SARAH CHARROIS

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PERFECTION QUEST FAIL by: Dawn Kotzer Inner Wilderness Guide

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May you embrace the stillness that winter offers and find comfort and peace within...

Our Cover Story

From a very early age I was drawn to shape, form, fold, draw, paint. To just create. Music moves me. Putting feelings, thoughts, and ideas into form “that’s me Finxi”

Art By; Birgit Raduenz

And so it begins.... 2020 is the The Year of Story..... Why is story so important? Story is a revolution.... Story is a way to alchemize our words into medicine for the world and for ourselves. Story is a gift.... Story provides us a connection out of the egotistical mind and invites us to be radically present. The world needs story! We are not equipped to in this day and age to even comprehend the mass amounts of data being thrown our way on a daily basis. Story helps us to make sense of it all. To understand the world and what is going on around us. Story is digestible. We are the storytellers of our time and I believe it is our duty as humans on this planet to share our stories with each other that we can digest and make sense of our world.

It's like HEY FRIEND, "I learned this little thing about being Human and I'm going to share it with you, because it might help you on your path of being Human to"..... THE POWER OF STORY....... I began Vintage Gypsy as a way to make sense of my world and to help other women just like me make sense of theirs. I am committed to sharing the stories of others as a way to promote connectedness and sisterhood and friendship. I am committed to helping women ditch their fears, guilt and shame. I am committed to helping women write and share their stories. BE INSPIRED BY THE STORIES OF OTHERS

Exploring light and shadow in drawing and paint. Working visually with the concept of luminescence, glowing light, visually creating space and light. I love bright colors, details, patterns, ancient, fanciful & whimsical. I work with Clay, paper, paint, pencil and more, I'm always willing to try a new medium. I have come to realize that the process is an important part in creating art. My inspiration comes from Nature, Music, Dancing and Yoga, meditati on, mythology and stories, Celtic art (its designs and spirituality), and being with family and friends (2 and 4 legged). Finxi comes from the Latin words meaning to shape, or form.


Shannon Kelly is the Chief Editor and creator of the "Vintage Gypsy" Mag. She is a storyteller, a community builder and a humanitarian. She believes that we all have a story to tell and that each story is unique and important. check out the full story

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THE INVITATION To Grow, Learn, and do things differently

Each day we are presented with energetic

How do you want feel walking through your

invitations. Invitations to grow, to learn to


do things differently. Me, as do many


people, look at the invitation, promptly

In some of those profound moments, you

check the no fucking way box and send it

know the ones – when everything seems to

back to the Universe. And then we become

clear, so simple so easy; in many of those

surprised when that invitation keeps coming

moments my thoughts have been what if this

back to us over and over and over again.

life is all just a big experiment. Whoa, wait,

This is all about the invitation, your personal

if it IS an experiment, or, I love this imagery

invitation that you have been fighting with,

even better, a vacation from being pure

struggling with and quite frankly just want it

white light what would I want more of. Well,

to go the fuck away.

no shit, the purpose of any vacation is to

have fun.

However, it, conveniently, is a new year.

There is new energy, and it is time to be

The real invitation that is presented to you,

intentional about how you want to respond

is how can you have more fun, get more

to that fucking annoying invitation

enjoyment out of life, find more joy? That

seems like a much different lens to view

You can choose, as like most people already

the very invitation you have been sending

have, to check no, once again, and pretend

back time and time again.

that it is too hard to attain and comfortably

fall back into your own discontented

How can you have fun, enjoy more moments

routines of life. This path seems pretty easy,

and fervently check yes on that invitation.

the ass groove in your couch is waiting and

When I talk about finding more joy, I don’t

you can go on wishing and hoping something

think that everything is going to be puppies

magical will occur to have you just wake up

and bunnies 24-7. There is going to be

with everything you have ever wanted just

shit, there is going to be tears, you will get

to appear. The truth in that is that even if

sweaty from all of the effort, and for sure

that happened, you would not be happy with

there is going to be times that feel wall

yourselves or your lives. You, my gypsy

kickingly fucking hard. As you are screaming,

friend, though already know this. That is

howling at the moon or punching a wall I

why I am speaking to you about intention.

want you to remember that stress you are

We only have one life in the wonderful

feeling is friction, and friction is the major

bodies that we are in, so the question is what

point from which wisdom is earned.

you do want to experience while you are in

When things feel frustrating, when they feel

this body?

hard, when you have had e-fucking-nough of

feeling like you are feeling, that is when you

HI also want you to think of a previous

receive the biggest invitation to do

moment of your life felt “hard”. What did

something about it. When things feel

you learn about yourself? What did you

overwhelming you are asked to slow the fuck

learn about the world outside of you? How

down and be intentional on how you

did you grow? How would you classify the

want to live your life.

wisdom you gained? Who are you right now in this moment because of that experience?

I love the scene from the movie “Evan

I want you to think about it because you are

Almighty” when Morgan Freeman is talking

a different person, your life took a different

to Lauren Graham in the diner.

trajectory because of that situation. There needs to be an acknowledgement and

“Let me ask you something. If someone prays

celebration of that. This is really the joy of it

for patience, you think that God gives them

all, that you are the person you are right now

patience? Or does he give them the

from culmination all of those moments of

opportunity to be patient? If he prayed for


courage does God give him courage or does, he

give him opportunities to be courageous? If

Let me ask you again, how do you want to

someone prayed for the family to be closer, do

walk through life, how do you want to

you think God zaps them with

experience life in the body you have, let me be

warm fuzzy feelings, or does he give them

even clearer, I am asking – how do you want

opportunities to love each other?

to learn and grow?

Yep thanks Morgan Freeman – profound as

As cliché as it is, January is as good a time as


any to be intentional and cast a vision for

your life. Some people like to do this on their

If you are in the midst of a shit storm right

birthdays, some people find that the month

now, I want you to think right now about the

of September is a great time to be

invitation that is in front of you. What is the

intentional. My invitation to you right now

thing that you are being called to do to feel

is to grab a space you love, a time you are

better about the situation? Is it to forgive,

clear in your mind and cast a spell of where

to be courageous, to fight for a cause, to

you want to learn, grow and expand this

stand up and have a voice? Is it to be

year. Is it in your relationships, is it in your

compassionate, to find grace or to love

health, it is in your spirituality, is it in your

more? Whatever the situation you probably

career, or is it in your contribution? Just

know what the invitation is.

pick one area right now to focus on. What

Whatever your place of pure joy is use that as an anchor to help disrupt your energy.


What many people do is try and grow, learn

to divert the energy that flows through your

and expand in all of these areas and end up

body in a different pattern. The biggest part

being frustrated with their progress, it isn’t

of this is to disrupt your current flow of

fast enough, it isn’t good enough and

energy into a new flow that is in alignment

they end up not enjoying it. So just pick one,

with the intention you set.

the best one probably has something to do with that invitation you may have sent back

How do you disrupt your thinking, change

on or two times already – just sayin’. Then

your patterns? Well that is the million-

ask yourself, in a year from now, if you grew

dollar question that has no one right

in that area what would you be doing

answer. The only answer is the one that

differently? How would you interact with

works for you. Whatever your place of pure

people differently? This is not a 2-minute

joy is use that as an anchor to help disrupt

process either. When I talk about

your energy. When you are in that state of

intentionality, I talk about transformation, I

disruption then ask yourself one question.

talk about lifestyle changes. When you are

What is one thing that I can do in this

clear on that the next question is pretty

moment that will bring me closer to living


into the intention that I have set.

Is this new way of interacting with the world

And lets me to the most important thing, it

a small change or a huge change? Don’t

is to conjure the courage to do that one

gloss over this answer, don’t downplay the

thing. It is to take passionate action and

effort you will need to put into your new way

accept that invitation. Intention without

of life. This is where people get caught

action is just wishful thinking. And wishful

up. They think that growth is an effortless

thinking keeps us right where we are.

thing. They think that setting an intention

will make magic happen. This is your

It's time to get out that pen and respond yes

energetic kick in the ass right now. Any

to the invitation and have an intentionally

change that you want to incorporate into

amazing year that is full of wisdom,

your life takes effort, it might seem like an

learning and growth.

easy concept, and let’s face it - it probably is a fucking easy concept, but each step of the way takes effort. When you are looking at conjuring something new in your life, you need to do something differently. You need

Jennifer Ehrmantraut is edgy, funny, and a little sweary. With over 20 years of leadership in public and private organizations, she climbed the corporate ladder to discover her passion in coaching and leadership development. She is a professional accountant by trade and an inspirer of intentional joy by passion. Her biggest lesson has been that when we lose the connection to ourselves then we can no longer connect with others. In finding her connection to herself again, Jennifer is redefining what success looks like through her company, Intentional You. There, she challenges individuals to question their stories, their capabilities, and their judgments of themselves, to give them the platform to jump beyond what they thought was possible. 9

MOTHERHOOD A journey of strength, surrender and sacredness

Ah, motherhood....... The only thing in the world I knew I truly desired, above all else, for as long as I can remember.

Here I am now, 4 kids and 7 years into motherhood.

I am grateful. I am also tired, lost, confused and greatly overwhelmed.

I used to get upset when people told me, “this too shall pass”, as I was walking the trenches of 3 babies born within 3 years, postpartum depression, a husband who was gone 12 hrs a day (allowing me to stay home ) and feeling totally invisible as a person. A person who has her own needs, wants, and desires. I felt like I traded all of that in so I could then be able to pacify those things for my family. I had lost Sarah and become “Mom”.

Becoming “Mom” wasn’t a bad thing. It is what I had always wanted and what so many others wish for themselves. I know I am blessed, and I am also grateful too.

The problem is losing yourself in the midst of your mothering experience. (Hence the feeling lost and confused part I previously mentioned). I am more than a napkin for food, drool and snot. I am more than a house cleaner, meal planner/shopper/chef/clean-up-after-er. (And hence the overwhelmed part. Did I mention I am also building a business, going to school, homeschooling and A Girl Guide Leader)? I am more than a taxi service.


They don’t need to know that mommy likes Bellini's and sexy dancing on Saturdays with her friends just yet!

I am Sarah. I am a woman who loves sensuality, romance, reading, writing, dance, teaching, chocolate, interior decorating, fires and Christmas décor. Yet, there is still so much about me that I don’t even know anymore. Does my husband even know me anymore? My kids certainly don’t, and for some of these things, that’s ok ;) They don’t need to know that mommy likes Bellini's and sexy dancing on Saturdays with her friends just yet!


I need to know these things. I need to remember them, feel them, experience them again. I need to discover what lights me up again and incorporate them into my life. I am a natural giver. I love to give to and take care of people. But I don’t offer that same giving to myself. And you know what? I deserve to take care of me the same way I take care of others.

The time to start is now. Here, in this writing. I will start re-connecting to me, my essence, and find my inner light. Then I will be the best version of me in all areas of my life. What a gift. A gift to myself and to all of my loved ones. And what a journey it will be.

As I mentioned before, I didn’t find “this too shall pass” comforting as a struggling momma. I felt like I was not being acknowledged for the experiences I was going through. Like no one understood. I see now that it was from other mom’s who came out the other side, so much quicker than they ever expected. Where they look back at those days with a misty eyed, aching heart fondness. You don’t remember the chaos and depression when you look back. You acknowledge that it was there. You don’t remember it like you do when you think back to the moments, with joy and wistfulness in your heart, your kids being young. You don’t remember the dark moments with your heart, like you do the tender moments you didn’t even realize you treasured until you looked back. Like how they’d find your hand in the middle of the night just to hold you even in their sleep. How they’d see you as the centre of their universe and you were the only thing that mattered.


You remember the way they laughed at their siblings

SUPPORT. Get help and support in anyway you can-

running in circles, the mispronounced words that really

WITHOUT SHAMING YOURSELF. You’re doing a good job

sounded like something forbidden, and the moments they

and you’re enough. We're meant to believe in and lean on

fell asleep at the table-mid meal.

each other, take care of each other. You're not meant to manage these trenches all alone. There is a reason "It

These are not tender moments when you’re trudging

takes a village to raise a child" is a quote that has been

through. Its exhausting being the load bearer for 7+ years

spoken from the lips of nearly every mother/woman on the

at a time. When suddenly, it’s just gone. You don’t notice

planet. It's TRUTH. Find or build your village, momma.

the weaning process. It just happens one day. You will never know when the last tuck in at night will be, which

SURRENDER into the season you are in. Things will have to

night will be the last co-sleeping night, when your child will

shift and change for where you are at in your motherhood

no longer reach for your hand in public or at all. You won't

and that is ok! Trust in the Divine to support you and LEAN

know which night is the last time you will check for

into it. You're doing SO much better than you know.

monsters under the bed. And gosh darn it, that is hard. And

Parent the kid you have, not the kid you want. Many of us

then you will see the tender moments that you didn’t even

project our own hurts, fears and ideas onto our kids

know where hiding in the chaos. I will not tell you to enjoy it

because of the life we led up until the point. Believing your

because it’s gone too soon. If you’re struggling, you’re

kid should be a certain way is really a reflection of the

struggling. Period. In that case I will encourage you to find

things you may need to heal in yourself. This one is SUPER

any support you can. You cannot be happy when you’re

hard, but also super important in order to form a deeply

burnt out, depressed, depleted, etc. Your kids deserve a

connected and trusting parent/child relationship.

happy mom. You deserve to be a happy mom. That’s more important to them than the laundry being done

COACH your child, do not control your child. We can't

consistently, the bathrooms always clean, or their rooms

control them anyway; it just leads to frustration and

expertly designed and cleaned. (I mean, if you can do all

rebellion or a child who cannot think for themselves. It is

these things, not be burnt out and be super happy then I’m

imperative that our children learn how to make the choices

stoked for you and a little jealous too to be honest!)

that feel right in THEIR hearts for them to lead the life of their divine purpose.

Motherhood is not easy. It is not for the faint of heart. It doesn’t get easier. The challenges just change. Besides

LEARN TO LET GO. Love them. Love them for exactly who

raising a respectful, kind, compassionate, confident/self

they are and never stop. Realize this much is true: The days

assured, responsible child, the greatest feat in motherhood

are long. So very, very long. And the years are shorter than

is learning to let go. Because at the end of the day, we

you can even imagine.

must learn to let go. We did not birth robots, meant to obey without question. We birthed individuals with quirks, their

So, buckle up Momma. This is a wild ride. And there’s no

own minds, their own rationales, their own desires and

guarantee where you’re going to end up at the end of it!

gifts. They will teach us just as much as we teach them,

So, feel all the feels, each and every day. Acknowledge

mirror back to us our own wounds that need healing and

them and realize they are valid. And keep going.

open our hearts up bigger than we ever knew was

Motherhood is not going to be easy, nor was it meant to


be. I also don’t believe it was meant to be done alone. Find your tribe. In person, online, whatever works for you.

Gosh darn it, how’d we get so lucky?

Because there are days where you feel so alone. But I promise you, there are hundreds of us feeling alone right

So, in the end, what would my parenting advice be?

alongside you. You’ve got this. You are loved. You

Take care of you, never forget who you are. Allow yourself

are doing a great job and I am so, so proud of you.

to feel all you feel, express all of it, just never give up because I promise you, things will change.

Stay Strong and Mom On

Sarah Charrois is a holistic health coach, Akashic Records Intuitive and mother to 4 beautiful sparks of light. She is passionate about holistic health, self care, writing, and energy healing. Sarah was launched into her path and purpose because of her first daughter. She discovered that both herself and her first daughter are highly empathic and highly sensitive. Sarah found it increasingly difficult to find resources to help her then 3-year-old manage her gifts/abilities. As a result, Sarah took multiple certifications to help her daughter (and simultaneously herself) become empowered in their gifts. Her journey created the unique coach that Sarah is today in holistic health, energy work and motherhood. Sarah is a trauma survivor and cyclebreaker who is continually learning, healing and helping others to do the same.

GENTLE ACCEPTANCE There's a world behind the broken mirror. shattered and dull. Look closely, you'll see a soul trapped amongst the ruins of crashing life. A place where backs are turned, lies are spoken and freedom becomes a chain with a growing need wanting to shine. To break through the pieces and walk a free spirit Listen You'll hear her gentle hum. Don't worry, one day her smile will shine so bright break the curse and along with happiness will come strength and trust This soul will find her wings, and welcome her trials with gratitude. Maddeka Keegz



WITH JANICE BOUCHER Janice and Captain Jack Sparrow

by: Vicki Green



Vintage Gypsy 2020 – what a wonderful opportunity to introduce 4 new women to its readers! In December I contemplated the future of “Blurred Lines” and landed on the idea of meeting women who are living their best lives despite a few curve balls that were tossed their way.

Last month I had the opportunity to sit down with Janice Boucher at her kitchen table to hear a story, and what a story. A story filled with love and acceptance. I had never met Janice before, but if I were to use the ABC’s to describe her, it would start with Ambitious, Beautiful, Courageous, Determined… Janice first started noticing symptoms of something going awry 2 years before a diagnosis, which included loss of strength in her left side. Being a very active, healthy person and keen sportswoman, this was a grave concern.


A diagnosis of Parkinson disease came in 2014 for Janice. She commented on the feeling of being lost – one has very limited knowledge and information in their lives about the disease. It became a research project of navigation for life after, which has not always been easy. The final diagnosis may have held some relief that the search was over, but it brought on new and very different chapters to her life and opened up doors and opportunities that she never dreamed possible.

Janice and Jo Hotrodder

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease. Movement is normally controlled by dopamine, a chemical that carries signals between the nerves in the brain. When cells that normally produce dopamine die, the symptoms of Parkinson’s appear. Symptoms include: tremors and impaired balance, slowness and stiffness in the muscles, fatigue, speech and handwriting impairments. Parkinson’s effects individuals differently and can progresses at different rates as well, there is no cure. learn more at:

Fast forward two years to 2016, we find Janice participating with Team Canada in the World Para Reining (WPR) event held in Oklahoma, USA. Atop Captain Jack Sparrow owned by Gayle Cartier of Prince Albert, SK, Janice had her first taste of victory in the sport. Janice and her team mates brought home Team Silver for Canada. Janice’s horse Jo Hotrodder was unable to compete due to injury. 2017 brought even more success for Janice in Emerlo, Netherlands at the WPR competition. Janice won gold in the Individual Round, and along with team mate Lauren Barwick received gold again in the Team event. She also received highest scoring rider during the event. Janice rode a borrowed horse named Jac’s Golden Freckles from owner Nicole Finkler of Germany. Next up – Lyon France, WPR 2018. Janice was the only Canadian in attendance and was placed with Team South Africa to participate. Atop RO Shesa Flashy Tag owned by Olivier Van Den Berg of France, Janice and her team mates were awarded Team Bronze. With going to this event, she won a custom saddle for achieving

the highest points of the year. Travelling with a horse overseas is very cost prohibitive and cumbersome. Fortunately, through the reining network and friends, Janice has been able to connect with others who have been willing to loan their own horses. Having only a few days for horse and rider to get used to each other, including introducing new movements to accommodate Janice, her success is quite remarkable. Riding is a partnership between the horse and rider – success is found when working together. Janice has also seen many successes within the national levels as well. During our visit, she showed me some of her many awards for her accomplishments in the reining world. She frequently competes at shows being held in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Janice was quick to share her victories with her amazing support group. Her husband Roger, coach and brother Daryl Cartier, daughter and “show mom” Dominique Dryka alongside many other family members and friends that have been there to help and support when needed.

Note: The WPR competition was not held in 2019 and it is unknown if it will be held in 2020.


The world of para reining was unknown to me, and it was through some research that I have began to understand the dedication and hard work of these athletes. Special Note: Janice is no stranger to hard earned accolades. She has competed at three world events for archery, winning gold at the Worlds 3D competition in 1995 held in West Virginia, USA. Janice was inducted into the Prince Albert Sports Hall of Fame in 2003 and awarded Female Athlete of the year in Prince Albert TWICE, first in 2003 and again 2017. She was named Athlete of the Month for Saskatchewan Sport Inc. in July 2017.

Janice atop Jac's Golden Freckles

Aside from competition, what gets her mojo moving?? Her work at Cartier Farms located near Prince Albert, SK as program coordinator and assistant instructor for the Cartier Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Certification Program and facilitating Youth and Leadership Development EAL programs. The team at Cartier Farms developed the EAL certification program and have been running programs since 2000. Equine assisted learning is the process of using the horse to assist humans in learning about themselves. An independent research study was done with the Universities of Regina, Saskatchewan and Calgary to study how horses assist in the healing of First Nation’s youth who abuse solvents. This research was released in June of 2013 under the document name “The Helping Horse”. In 2016 a second research study was released, results were more conclusive and emphasized the importance of animal assisted intervention when used in conjunction with conventional modalities to assist in treatment of mental health issues.

Janice and Captain Jack Sparrow

Janice and Gail Cartier

For information about para reining, please go to

Janice and her prize saddle

It is a one of a kind program and they are currently facilitating certification programs across Canada with Dreamwinds, their satellite partner in Ontario. Since 2005, 300 + leaders have been certified to offer this learning and healing program. Cartier Farms also hosts student programming. Students participating in the EAL program may choose this type of learning to respond to post traumatic stress disorder, physical rehabilitation, mental health concerns, etc. EAL is also often used for leadership and team building development. Horses are very perceptive at understanding humans, more so than we are of them. They will use their behaviours and movements to let you know if you are approaching a situation in a positive or negative manner. It is then up to the participants to learn to find new ways to communicate or adjust their own actions.

Janice’s face lights up and you can hear the pride and excitement in her voice when talking about her students. The results she and others have noticed in them have been extraordinary and life altering. Janice, team member of Cartier Farms, and Gayle Cartier, lead facilitator, along with their 10 lesson horses, run 8 sessions per week, 2 lessons per day for 4 days. They often host events outside of these timelines at request, typically for the leadership and team building events. Anyone – groups or individual are welcome to attend a session. Many of their clients are returning care-giving facilities, which have introduced this program into the curriculum. This includes numerous schools and treatment centers in the area.

For more information regarding Cartier Farms, the EAL programs and other services available, please go to their website

“Don’t be limited by your challenges, challenge you limits” – words that Janice lives by Janice shared few of her personal and professional goals for the upcoming years: Continue to ride and compete. She maintains this ability through exercise, healthy eating and a combination of traditional and non-traditional medicine. Be a role model for others – while it is not always easy to let yourself and your challenges be known, it helps yourself and others. Be an advocate and an example. Continued research studies in the use of EAL for those with post traumatic stress disorder Continue to certify instructors in the EAL program to the developed standards of practice. Parkinson is a progressive disease continue to learn to live her best life

Janice and her daughter Dominique discussed some of the lessons learned from a physical health diagnosis. One of the strongest messages I heard was, “don’t think you have to do it alone”. Share what is going on in your life, ask for help when needed and accept that those in your life love you and are there to support you. Often people are stingiest with sharing personal hardships, which make them harder to bear. Another lesson I have learned from my brief time with Janice – "find something you love and keep doing it."

L-R Roger Boucher, Janice, Nicloe Finkler & Dominique Dryka

Vicki Green loves to live on the family acreage near Prince Albert, SK. Enjoying the outdoors, spending time with family and friends, writing and reading – life is never short of entertainment. The best part of her Vintage Gypsy life – meeting new and amazing women that allow her to share part of their life with others. Vicki is very excited about the new challenges and opportunities she is working on in 2020. 21

I WANT TO DO IT ALL written by: Amanda Aussant

I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up, and I never really have. I wanted to do it all, the rock star and the librarian. The actress and the tattooist. I have no aspirations or chosen career path. Being that I don’t ever want to commit to one career choice, when eight different ones all make me happy at once. I am a jack of all trades master of none, so to speak. Like most, I have struggled to find my place in this world, to have a purpose or a calling. And at almost thirty-seven, I can proudly say that I still have no fucking clue. And that’s ok. I never saw myself with a 30year steady 9 – 5. It just wasn’t me. I find something and I work at it until it isn’t fun anymore or no longer serves me. I always knew I was put here to empower women and help give them their strength back, but I was never sure what that looked like. Maybe I still don’t know. What I do know is I am a women’s woman. Whether it was coaching, writing, teaching women selfdefense or just listening, I want to do it all. I want to help, to empower, and to strengthen. So, if I can turn all of that into a career, count me in. But I refuse to settle into something I will hate, just to make money. That hurts my hippie heart. At the end of the day I have no idea which direction I am going to go. I am led by my soul and intuition, and I think it is about time I fully pay attention to that. I am a Gypsy through and through, and I honor that. I will go where I am needed, until I am not. I want to write, to tell stories and truths. I want to write a book on my life, as well as write for the magazine and my blog. I want to teach women about food and how to fuel their bodies. I want to show girls how to become strong, mind, body, and soul.


I want to teach women and girls self-defense, to be able to protect their bodies as well as their selfesteem. To keep their power and not ever give it to anyone. Teach them it is ok to say no, for whatever reason they see fit. To show them setting boundaries is not only healthy but necessary. I want to see strong women all over the world, thriving and growing. I want women to not be scared to walk down the street at night, because she is armed with the knowledge and skill to fuck up anyone that tries to take her power. Above all else I just want to help. Whether it is to tell the story you don’t want to say out loud, so you can finally overcome it. Or to teach you the skills you need, so the things that happened to you on that unforgettable night never happen again. To help you be free.

So, what it comes down to is this, I don’t want to settle. Not because there is anything wrong with a steady career, but because it is not for me. And I always want to do what makes my heart happy. I want to be the wanderer, travelling to different towns to help people. Even if it is to a small Saskatchewan town to talk about addiction. Or the woods to teach a self-defense retreat. Or the big city to teach girls about proper nutrition. I want to help, to teach, to learn, and to grow. I want to do it all. Amanda Aussant is a free spirited wild woman who loves to write about the things that people are scared to talk about. There is nothing taboo with this woman. Life and love or addiction and depression, she covers it all. Her passion in life is to help women get their confidence back and stand in their power. Whether it be through helping tell their story or working with them one on one.

Stop and listen Voices from the shadows, somewhere in the distance Their wildness from the past Grasping Pulsating Fighting to be heard Wanting to break these chains at last My mind holds their faces, though my eyes have never seen The weight of their grief on my shoulders, Holy burdens burn in my heart Their stories linger in my throat I try to cough, but they are not my secrets to tell Who are these strangers haunting me that I know all too well? You've probably felt them in your own wilderness In your dreams or maybe your nightmares A paradox of pain and pleasure, fear and freedom, sin and savior Where does it end if you don’t know where to begin? Like a warrior who weeps her silent cries and wipes dry tears from her face Is it her or me or you? We are tied together by leather ropes disguised as lace. Can we loosen this knot? A complicated emancipation of the past and the future She is the key and she is the lock In the great blaze of the dawn or the perfect stillness of night, they will be there to Greet us, Meet us Teach us Located somewhere in the middle where savage meets grace Truth, It's out there waiting to be found No longer a broken feminine soul But rather a wild spirit unbound It’s time Myrna Richter


Vintage Gypsy

UNSCRIPTED by: Cezel Wirth

Never underestimate the power of social media. One playful day and a cheeky comment on Facebook evolved into this unique opportunity to interview the creator of Vintage Gypsy Magazine, Shannon Kelly. As a result of this, I am honored and challenged that Shannon has entrusted me to summarize her story from my own perspective which I’ve constructed through a series of random questions I set forth based on nothing but my own curiosity about this woman I have only met a few times, but admire. I have to admit that I wasn’t easy on her – I asked emotional and thought-provoking questions and although I wish I could share her words verbatim, I am limited to a word count that our conversation far exceeded.

The irony of this moment (writing this) is not lost on me. I love to write; however, it is something I now rarely do due to competing priorities. Shannon has gently nudged me to write from the moment I met her about three years ago as I’m sure she has done with many of you too. Shannon’s patient determination, enthusiasm for her mission and her ability to inspire others into action has led me to sitting here doing just that – writing with the hopes my words honor the beautiful human I know Shannon to be (you got me Shannon…well played!).


“Love is something you give away. It is a nonjudgmental gesture of peace and understanding and friendship.”

There are so many ways I could take this

grandparents – who she now describes as

interview based on what Shannon shared

her childhood heroes. She reminisced about

with me but the shiny diamond within all her

simple vanilla ice cream cones made to feel

words, family history, memories and

exuberantly special when served by her

beliefs that I feel best describes Shannon is

grandmother and a distribution

the essence of Love that she embodies

of love that was equally shared among 56

despite the topic at hand. I felt confirmed

grandchildren and great grandchildren! She

in this conclusion as I read her answer to my

shared the impact of a statement made by

question: What are the three life guideposts

her grandfather, where she could not

you live by? Her response was, Love Love

remember the details of the moment but

and Love!

remembered the warmth of the sunshine and the words he said to her one day when

Shannon responded to my questions about

picking her up for a visit from her temporary

her childhood openly and although she

home, he said, “I don’t know why your mother

experienced living in foster care as a child,

sent you here, there’s nothing wrong with

her focus was not on the pain and

you my girl, remember that.” Words that are

confusion that must have caused her but

simple yet profound, much like love.

rather the love she received from her I believe that as individuals living our own experiences, we all probably define love somewhat differently. Shannon defines love this way “Love is something you give away. It is a non-judgmental gesture of peace and understanding and friendship. In saying it you ‘see’ and ‘listen’ and hold space for those around you to grow, share, and make mistakes allowing them to always know that they have a safe nurturing space to land in and just be.” I cannot help but correlate Shannon’s definition of love to the foundational, non-judgmental and encouraging words spoken by her grandfather so many years ago.

I have always admired Shannon for being unapologetically authentic, vulnerable and open hearted (real and raw). Something I strive to do but am admittedly sometimes still challenged by it so I wanted to know if being vulnerable is easy or difficult for Shannon, basically, she said no that it is not hard for her and further explained, “I have learned a lot of lessons in this life. I am proud of who I am and how far I have come, and I’m still learning. I’ve done some shitty stuff and I’ve done some really great stuff, it’s all part of the journey.” In reading her response I couldn’t help but think now there’s a “overflowing cup” statement meaning a beautiful expression of selflove/acceptance and appreciation for the life lessons learned. It’s clear Shannon recognizes the value in all life experiences – good, bad and ugly – and demonstrates a healthy perspective on life that honors her own journey as well as the capacity to honor the journey of others.


Vintage Gypsy "It is my life, this is what I came here to do."

You cannot give away what you do not have

time for incubating ideas. I just listen to

– simple. So, it makes sense to me that to

how I feel and go from there.” My first

be loving, in a healthy and supportive way,

thought upon reading this was “Right On!

you must first love and respect yourself.

Shannon seems to be a natural yogi” - being

Although a simple concept, when you look

able to listen to our bodies and intuitively

deeper it is not always so simple as it sounds

respond, or not respond, is a lot of what

to be a self-loving human being. I am that

yoga philosophy is truly about despite the

person who places a lot of emphasis on self-

fancy flexible postures we relate it to in our

love practices – the one who meditates,

modern culture.

practices yoga, notices my own mental chatter and works to be a better person

Shannon shared so much with me and

than I was yesterday – so naturally I posed

probably most importantly how Vintage

the question and asked Shannon to share

Gypsy has changed her life and how it has

her self-love practices and her response

provided her with a source of fulfillment, joy,

provided a compassionate new perspective

and gratification rooted in her desire (her

on what she refers to as the ‘self-care

mission) to sharing Love with the world, she

controversy’. Shannon mused that even

confirmed by stating “it (VG) is my life; this

self-care has become an added pressure to

is what I came here to do. To communicate

the already demanding societal norms

and create connection. This is where the

that push us to always “run run run and do

magic of stories happens. We are the

do do”. She explained that rather than

storytellers of our time and I believe it is our

scheduling a meditation or yoga class or

responsibility to share them. Throughout

bubble bath with wine, her strategy is about

history stories have been told to share

being attuned to her own body and

wisdom, to share laughter and lessons

intuitively following the cues she is given,

learned. In a world where vast amounts of

“it’s about learning to flow with my own

information are cast upon us daily, we need

cycles. There is a time to rest and time to

stories to make sense of it all. Stories make

play. A time to reflect and a time to hang

it relatable”.

out with friends. A time to work and a time

Fun Facts: Shannon’s family were Metis homesteaders and Cochin is her hometown. She has one younger sister who she admires and adores. Her three life essentials she cannot live without are her journal, toothbrush and Merle Haggard t-shirt. Her zodiac sign is Leo. And she isn’t big on watching TV.

Cezel has always been drawn to yoga due to the therapeutic and healing results she's experienced through her own practice. She became a certified Yoga Instructor in the beautiful country of Costa Rica in 2015. Recently Cezel relocated to Northeastern Saskatchewan and has found fulfillment in guiding others in their weekly yoga classes in the surrounding communities. The change of pace has been an exciting change and she is enjoying the Northern forests and landscapes, the slower pace of life and friendly small-town smiles. Prior to moving in the fall of 2019, she resided with her now-adult son in the Saskatoon area and worked in project management for 15 years. Cezel has always had an interest in writing and hopes to write her first book someday!


From the Kitchen with CHEF JACKIE THOMS


Sticky Date Cake with Caramel Glaze This is a cake version of a sticky toffee pudding, which must be one of my all-time favorite desserts. What's not to love, dates, caramel, cream,...amazing. I always order it when it is on a dessert menu at a restaurant, and I did make this for my mom's birthday this year; she loved it and I hope you will too.

For the Cake

1 1/2 cups pitted, chopped dates 1 3/4 cup brewed coffee 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 cup unsalted butter at room temperature 1/4 cup brown sugar 2 eggs at room temperature 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 1/4 cup all purpose flour 1 tsp salt 1 1/2 tsp baking powder Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 1.. Grease and flour a springform cake pan 2. Add the dates and coffee to a small saucepan. Bring to a boil and simmer for 2-3 minutes, until the dates are softened. 3. Turn off the heat and stir in the baking soda (the mixture will bubble up). Add to a food processor and pulse until the dates are in small pieces, but not pureed. 4. Cream together the butter and sugar for 2 minutes until the mixture is well creamed. 5. Add eggs one at a time, allowing each egg to fully incorporate before adding the next. Add vanilla, mix again (the mixture will look curdled, don’t panic). Scrape down the bowl to make sure all ingredients are mixed. Remember, you cannot overbeat the cake at this point so really mix these ingredients well. 6. Add to date mixture to the butter and sugar mixture. Mix to combine. 7. In a small bowl, mix together the flour and salt. With the mixer on low, slowly add the flour and mix until just combined; this is when you do not want to over beat the


batter. Add the baking powder and mix again. 8. Pour into your prepared springform pan. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Set aside to cool.

For the sauce 1 1/2 sticks unsalted butter 1 cup packed brown sugar 3/4 cup heavy cream 1/4 tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla 1. Combine butter, sugar, cream and salt in a small saucepan. 2. Bring to a boil and simmer for 1 minute. 3. Turn off the heat and add the vanilla. With a wooden skewer, poke holes all over the cake. Pour half of your sauce slowly over the cake so it can absorb into the cake. Cover the cake and allow it to sit for 30 minutes. Beat 1 cup of heavy cream with 2 TBSP of icing sugar and a splash of vanilla. Reheat the sauce and pour as much as you like over a slice of the cake. Top with whipped cream or ice cream if you prefer and dive in!! Delish!!


You will need 1 package of pork baby back ribs

Best BBQ Ribs

For the seasoning I don’t really measure any of the ingredients for my

These ribs can be made year-round as they are

dry rub so I am only going to list what I use. I can

done in the oven. I slice the ribs up before

say that the base is smoked paprika, salt and brown

seasoning them so the flavor gets all around the

sugar, then I add about half as much of the others.

pork and not just on the outside. It is a bit of an

Once mixed, taste your rub and add more of what

unusual way to do ribs, but I prefer them this way.

you like to make it your own. It should taste a bit

Once cooked and sauced, they freeze and reheat

on the salty side because once added to the ribs, it


will not be as salty. By all means use a store bought

My partner, Blayne works away from home quite

rub if you do not want to make your own. I make a

often, and I send him with a lot of precooked

big batch and use it to season chicken thighs and

meals. This is the most requested by far. They do

homemade potato wedges.

take a bit of time, but most things that are good do… please enjoy.


sliced into portions

-smoked paprika -salt -brown sugar -dry mustard -cayenne pepper

-oregano -black pepper -granulated garlic -granulated onion

Best BBQ Ribs


1. Liberally season the rib portions with your dry rub, cover and set in the fridge for a few hours. 2. Remove the ribs from the fridge and preheat your oven to 300F at the same time, so the ribs can come to room temperature. 3. Line a large baking tray or two depending on the size of your trays with foil or parchment paper. 4. Place the ribs on the tray, making sure to leave some space between each rib. 5. Tightly cover with foil and bake in the oven for 2.5 to 3 hours. Check the ribs after 2.5. Test with a fork to see that the meat comes away from the bone very easily, and if not, cook another 30 minutes. 6. Drain off most of the liquid, and discard. Move your baking rack to the top and turn your oven from bake to broil on high. 7. Brush each rib with your favorite bbq sauce, and place the rack under the broiler for 3 to 5 minutes, checking often to make sure the sauce is not burning. This really sets the sauce on the ribs. 8. Remove the pan, flip the ribs, sauce the other side, and return to the broiler for another 3 to 5 minutes. 9. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for a few minutes, then dive in!! 10. If you are planning on freezing some of your ribs, allow them to cool completely and freeze on the baking sheet then transfer to a freezer bag. To reheat, simply pop them on a lined baking sheet in a 350F oven until heated through.


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JUST AROUND THE CORNER with Celeste Borach-Fetch at Tapestry Yoga Studio

PA born and raised Celeste Boran-Fetch, owner of Tapestry Yoga studio, shares with us about her family, her life and her undying passion for helping others through yoga.....

THE INTERVIEW Tell us about you. I am a PA girl through and through. I was born and raised, did my degree, raised my family here with my husband Tyson.  I am a registered social worker and have been since 2003. I work part time as a school social worker counselling children and youth and part time as an assessor/ coordinator working alongside the police doing mental health interventions for those of us who are suffering in our community. Aside from my degree I have completed some extensive training in healing trauma called Somatic Experiencing, Dr. Peter Levine’s body of work using a science/biological approach to healing trauma.

I have three young adult children whom I adore and have been my greatest teachers, Caissey, Olivia, and Duncan. I love hiking at Little Red Park with Tyson and our dog Luna. Other outdoor activities I dabble in are canoeing, camping, backpacking, and cross country skiing. You can often find me drinking tea, reading, and watching Netflix by the fireplace in our 100 + year old character home. And of course there is my fave activity: yoga! Over the years my own practice has become more of an antidote to my busy and sometimes overwhelming life. 38


Tell us about your Yoga passion? What do you have planned for the future? Yoga has been transformational for me. I have been practicing since 2002 when I had 3 kids under the age of four and both Tyson and I were university students. I fell in love with yoga my very first experience 18 years ago; the room was so packed we did an entire two hour class of pranayama (breathing). During Savasana (final relaxation), I had a feeling of ease in my body and a glimpse of my true nature of perfection that captured me. I originally came for the physical benefits but very quickly had a felt sense that Yoga could offer so much more. I had a dedicated practice and in 2010 my teacher Karen Skoronski moved away and asked me to take over teaching for her. In 2015 I opened Tapestry Yoga Studio! I live and breathe yoga. The yamas (outer observances) and niyamas (inner observances) are the ethical precepts of Yoga tradition such as non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, contentment, and self-study. I practice living by these whether it is in my relationships, work, or business. I have a curious mind and am forever learning about yoga, movement, the body, and mindfulness by studying; reading books, taking classes, workshops, and online trainings. I integrate what I learn into my own practice and my teaching. I am also very aware of teaching in a trauma informed way, because when working with people we are working with trauma. I have been very intentional about Tapestry being an inclusive and safe environment for all. Especially with some of the darker side of yoga’s history that is now coming to light in a mainstream way around teachers such as Bikram from the hot yoga lineage. When people in the west think of yoga they often think of thin, bendy people doing difficult poses. At Tapestry the asana (poses) we do are accessible and we offer options and supports to make it work for any body. 39


What is even more interesting to me and what we weave into every class are the more subtle practices of quieting the mind, introspection, interoception, proprioception, meditation, relaxation, and accessing the low tone parasympathetic nervous system, rest and digest. We offer a six week mediation program and monthly by donation community mediation both facilitated by the lovely Melanie Mirasty. We have gentle yoga classes taught by Laurie Basaraba and Tyson Fetch (yes, my husband). I teach a twice weekly class that integrates yin and restorative yoga along with a guided process called Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep). Yoga Nidra is a systematic process that relaxes the layers of your being to realize your own wholeness and bloom seeds of transformation within. Another thing we are passionate about is our Life Cycle Yoga Programs. We are the first and only studio offering yoga to families. We have prenatal, mama and baby, parent and tot, parent and child, and kid’s yoga classes. These classes are an excellent way to relieve stress that comes with the demands of family life. It also gives families a beautiful opportunity to connect, practice skills for self-regulation, and have fun. The relaxation at the end of class is so beautiful to witness, the love in the room is palpable, and it often brings tears to my eyes. I am so excited that looking ahead to 2020 we are hosting my beautiful teacher Brenda Feuerstein in teaching both 200 hour and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings with the possibility of other training. Brenda’s late husband Georg Feuerstein is a world renowned yoga scholar; she is steeped in yoga teachings. She is also of Ukrainian descent (like me) and from the prairies which makes her so relatable. She is a compassionate and beautiful human being who embodies living yoga.

What is it you love most about the work you do? The feeling when I walk into Tapestry gives me an immediate sense of peace, ease, and love. Guiding people through the practices of yoga in a trauma informed way allows me to share the gifts of yoga and also of myself. I am grateful for being able to serve in this way. I love all the amazing people I get to meet, interact with, and sometimes know in a deeper way. I feel so much gratitude for the community of students, from in utero to in their 60s! The teachers Melanie, Laurie, and Tyson are all so fantastic; everyone pours a little bit of themselves into the space whether it be their passion, teachings, energy, love, or the more practical things like folding blankets, baking treats for students (also from a place of love), or shoveling the walk. I feel our community building and am so grateful for that.

Do you ever feel uninspired or overwhelmed? What does that look like and how do you get yourself back on track? 41

I absolutely feel overwhelmed, if I said I

beautiful women (my daughters,

didn’t I wouldn’t be speaking truthfully. Yoga teaches us that there is no

sisters, friends), making playlists to fit my moods, crying/sobbing, feeling it

separation, that we are all one. Whether I am teaching yoga or working

all, embracing every emotion, shaking/ discharging the charge of the event, moving my body in nature

alongside people through social work I do not see otherness and know that we all suffer, that trauma and suffering is a part of life. Like many others, I have a trauma history that stems from my family lineage. I know my parents did the best they could but they made some big missteps from their own trauma history and how that affected their mental health and ability to cope in healthy ways. Though I love it, my work as a social worker can be very heavy. I am present and supporting people sometimes in their darkest moments. Further I am a highly sensitive person and feel very deeply both for others and myself. (you can read more about that here: In 2018 I had a significant trauma that shook me. As I am emerging from that, transforming my trauma, and seeing it’s gifts I recently reflected on what got me through; the subtle practices of yoga, writing bad poetry, surrounding myself with strong, resilient, and

by hiking in the forest, practical help from my husband,participating in somatic experiencing with my therapist, guidance from my teachers, and teaching yoga which allowed me to feel most like myself. My somatic experiencing teacher Linda says “healing is messy…other times it is delicious and exciting.” I have moved through with enough and the right resources to feel that now.

What is your favorite Yoga Pose? My favourite yoga pose is a restorative pose called Elevated Chest Pose. It is a similar shape to a beach chair with support for knees and ankles. It is a good pose to counter the effects of stress and like all restorative poses is healing and builds immunity. In my restorative training we did a 30 day self practice and this was the pose I practiced for 20 minutes every day; the difference in my nervous system after the 30

days was remarkable! I teach this pose to so many people in the studio, including prenatal mamas and everyone loves it. It feels like you are in a little nest of props being held, supported, and cradled. It is so empowering to nurture myself in this way and I love sharing it with others.

If you could only share one piece of advice for women wanting to start a yoga practise what would it be? The advice I would share with women (or men) wanting to start a yoga practice would be to persist. First showing up but then try different teachers, styles of yoga, classes, or even other studios. I believe that yoga is for everyone and because of the vastness of the practice you can find what resonates with you. Most importantly once you do find it continue to show up, the benefits of the practice will deepen over time. It’s called yoga practice not yoga perfect and could potentially change your life.

Where are you located? And what can we expect from a class at your studio? We are located just off 2nd avenue west on 16th street in Prince Albert. Participants can expect a variety of experiences depending on the class and style of yoga they choose. What classes do have in common is a safe container where they will be guided to connect more deeply with themselves and their body. They will be given choices along the way to make the practices of yoga more accessible with no matter what they bring to their mat that day such as injuries, exhaustion, stress, overwhelming emotions, or physical discomfort. We encourage personal agency and there is nothing they must do besides learn to listen to their own inner teacher that is their body. They will have an opportunity to explore the breath and end with a nice relaxation pose giving them an opportunity to access rest and digest where healing and building immunity happens.


It’s January. The winds are harsh in my Saskatchewan hometown. The temperatures usually dip to minus “I can’t feel my face” degrees and, for most, there is not much in the way of relaxation about being outside.

I must admit that I do still enjoy bundling up and taking a nice walk in the local parks, sheltered from the wind by the trees – even when the temperatures dip to minus forty degrees Celsius. Frosty lashes. Cold nose. Layers of warm clothes. Beautiful scenery. My favorite is when the sky is that crisp blue and everything is heavy laden with hoar frost. Honestly, can winter get much more serene than that?

In our home, we love the idea of creating a place and experiences that are void of nuisances and stresses – building, instead, a presence of happiness and relaxation. Each season this looks different to our family. In the winter months, when nighttime invades more and more of daylight’s glow, candles come out, the fireplace becomes the focal point of our evenings, board games get dusted off, comfort foods make their way to our menu plans once again and soft music creates a peaceful undertone for a cozy evening indoors.

On days the temperatures aren’t too fiercely cold, we will bundle up the family and go sliding or skating, follow it up with a warm cup of cocoa, with marshmallows of course, and a stick-to-your-ribs snack or meal; followed by wrapping up in cozy blankets, throwing on a family movie and snuggling up on the couch to enjoy time with each other. Another favorite is when we move our mattresses onto the living room floor and camp out with the fireplace glowing at our feet. Sharing moments like these takes me right back to my childhood. I have no idea if my parents and their friends were intentional in creating these moments or if they simply happened by chance. A couple days before Christmas my parents and us kids would trek out into our pasture, followed by the dog, a cat or two, and all our horses (sometimes up to 6 or 7) to choose the perfect tree for our living room. That tree, sometimes reminiscent of the “Charlie Brown Tree”, would thaw in our tub and we would adorn it with decorations and strings of popcorn. Christmas Eve Day would sometimes find us all over at my uncle's house, a close friend of my dad’s; he would hitch up his team of horses and we would spend the afternoon gliding across fields on a horse drawn sleigh...pushing each other off into the snow drifts between gales of laughter.

The day usually ended with a wiener roast in the bushes or back to their house for toasty pizza buns. Other days, we would visit with another friend of my dad’s family; the mom always made us kids cinnamon sugar toast – usually after we exhausted ourselves from playing outside until it was too dark or having races on our butts down the stairs until we were all so tired from our play we would all curl up on a bed to sleep - waiting to be notified of home time. Memories like these always fill me with warmth and love and it has always been important to incorporate similar experiences into my own children's, and stepchildren’s, lives. Having the peace and tranquility of simplicity, of connecting with our people or being out in nature, of laughter and of slowing down is something that I hope for my family. My hope for you, dear friends, is that you find that something for you that slows your day, rests your mind and resets your soul - whether it's nature walks, cozy pjs by your fireplace, getting lost in a great book or what have you. Be kind to yourselves and find peace in Winter......


Ang MacDonald is a 44-year old wife, mother and grandma. You may remember her in such roles as “Sorry, we’re restructuring”, “Welcome to your summers off”, and “Gilmore Girls – the real life edition”. Known for announcing “Plot twist” more than she would care to, Ang has found her life building a throne out of the brick’s life has thrown her way. Growing up north of Prince Albert, she has nurtured a love of the outdoors, adventure and wide-open spaces. Ang feels most at home outdoors or snuggled into the sanctuary of the home she shares with her husband and their blended family. She has grown through life looking through a camera lens, with pen and paper in hand and her heart on her sleeve…







Skirt: Ang Hill, Shoes: Ask Alice, Jewellery: Oneiro , Shirt: Ragweed Clothing, Hair: Glam Bar Saskatoon


A new mindset trend within the industry that I have fallen in love with is the sustainability movement.

Blouses: Ang Hill out of Edmonton, AB


With a clink of a glass we find ourselves in this beautiful quiet reflective season. This is the second phase of winter where things aren’t as bright and shiny. Winter is two-fold. The first part is one of magic and enchantment that comes with the first snowfall and brings out that childlike wonder. It is quickly followed by twinkling lights and the excitement of holiday season and all things merry. Let’s pretend Christmas is the halftime show we all have been anticipating and New Years is the winning celebration followed afterwards. Sadly, the second half is usually where we lose our spark a bit and even with the noblest efforts it is easy to fall short. The cold has settled in; still have plenty of winter left, and some feeling the bite of holiday spending. What most of us miss is the subtle shift that if witnessed allows reflection and a whole beauty of its own. If we have too much of a good thing, we get bored as humans. It is a proven fact. What if we spread the sparkle and cheer throughout the season? I propose a toast of keeping the feels going with you guessed it: Fashion.

natural fabrics tend to also have a cost attached to them. When you are looking at purchasing an article it is good to weigh the pros and cons.

A new mindset trend within the industry I have fallen in love with is the Sustainability movement. This is, of course, because we need to save Mother Earth but also the idea that with sustainability comes investment. This is an idea that seems to be something we have lost in the consumerism train. No better season than winter to invest in our clothes. Cold weather clothing does tend to be pricey and warmer

We have gotten so globalized, that we have forgotten that our neighbor is an excellent seamstress or across the street is an excellent artisan

One of the major questions is, “What kind of long-term investment is this going to give me?” A second part to buying investment pieces is asking yourself, “How does this piece make me feel?” and “Do I believe in the brand?”. With the sustainability movement in full swing it is also important to research where your clothes are coming from, how they are made, what fabrics, and does the brand or company stand by your similar values. One thing we have lost sight on is buying things in our backyard. We have gotten so globalized that we have forgotten that our neighbour is an excellent seamstress or across the street is an excellent hat artisan. This has become a recent passion of mine and it is amazing what extreme quality there is being designed out there.

Introducing: Ang Hill, A Luxe Fashion Brand For the Soulful Woman, created by Angie Hillaby. This lovely designer is fairly new to the scene but already making a splash in the Canadian market. Two of her main interests are spirituality and mindfulness which she embodies and incorporates into each one of her pieces with little love notes on the tag. These are little inspirational quotes to remind women how amazing they are. As well as how awesome she feels in her clothes and in her own skin. Clothing is meant to create confidence and this brand sure does that. Ang Hill is based out of Edmonton, AB and seriously I am telling you I haven’t seen such superb quality in fit and tailoring in a long time unless you find yourself in a vintage store. Every item is designed and handcrafted locally. Each piece in her collections is meant to be worn day to night whether it is brunch out with girlfriends or at an evening event. This brand is a true example of an investment brand to carry you through the winter. Luxe fabrics such as cashmere and satin make you feel like a badass boss babe no matter what you do for a living. In general, fabrics are a great way to make anyone feel extra special. Winter fabrics like cashmere feel like butter on contact making them one of the best textiles to put in sweaters and coats. Suede and leather are also beautiful materials to incorporate into your winter luxe wardrobe. They can also easily be found in lots of vegan options if that is important to the individual. In this case just make sure they aren’t made

with bad oil products. Any of these textiles are a great way to keep that sparkle alive in your bones during the cold months while also keeping those bones truly warm. Lastly, colour, colour, colour! I feel like I am always talking about colour, but it plays such a role in our mental space and we don’t realize it. Most of us live in neutral homes now a day with matching neutral furniture and wall hangings. This makes it even more vital to add some colour to your wardrobe. Winter colours are our blue based tones, such as navy, evergreen green, holly red or wine, and raspberry. These shades are great at adding some subtle notes of embracing the down calm side mentioned earlier and diving into some self reflection for upcoming seasons. Investment in ourselves has many forms and all of equal importance. When we invest in clothing that feels good and makes us feel alive the feeling is contagious and will for sure spread to other areas of your life. Without a doubt it will fuel the fire on even the greyest days and be that added diamond in the sparkling snow on the sunniest day.

Megs Aylward is an eclectic and eccentric fashion enthusiast with both city and country roots, wanderlust feet, a tastemaker heart, and a bohemian soul. She believes we are all blank canvases ready to be decorated everyday and express how we are feeling without words but through our wardrobes. Her calling is in educating women of all ages how to dress their figure based on individual body shape, coloring, lifestyle and personality while uncovering their own style or “inner muse”. She is the creator, fashion stylist, wardrobe advisor, and a freelance style writer at Miss Nicks and Muse Collective, board member and blogger for Saskatchewan Fashion and Design Festival (SFDF), and member of SFA (Canada’s first Fashion Association)

Connect with Megs: Instagram: @missnicksandmuse Facebook: @Miss Nicks and Muse Collective All Photos by: Molly Schikosky Photography

LOOKING BACK INSPIRES THE PRESENT Lorna Boryski, The Traveling Gypsy


s much as I love to travel to new and exotic places, I love to reflect on my childhood and touch base with those people who influenced my path and enhanced my life. There are so many incredible people from my hometown of Shell Lake that it is impossible to keep in touch with all of them (although social media and Facebook have helped). Occasionally, through the people of my past, I find I am inspired and intrigued at where they have gone, who they have become and how their lives have developed. True inspiration recently came from touching base with a childhood friend, Brenda. I was in the same grade as her younger brother and admired her stamina and steadfastness on the ice when she played on the same hockey team as my older sister. I hadn’t known that she had married one of my eldest brother’s friend, Ivel (whom I had a secret childhood crush on) until we met up again on Facebook. We chatted periodically on Messenger and I felt good about learning how her life had unveiled since we had last been in touch. I saw Brenda posting about her 16-year-old granddaughter, Kasda. This young lady is truly gorgeous, and I was not surprised to learn that she had recently taken up modelling. I have become so inspired by this stunning gal’s professional, resilient, philanthropic, and insightful ways. She is wise beyond her years. Listening to and learning her story, I at once felt that I wanted to share her with you and was thrilled when she agreed to let me feature her here for you all to experience. 50

THE INTERVIEW Kasda is a 17-year-old girl from Kitscoty Alberta, and this is a small glimpse into her life. Please share with us about any obstacles that you have had to overcome on your journey thus far. At the age of 10, I was in a horrible accident. resulting in a concussion, a fractured face, missing front teeth and part of my tooth was pushed up into my nasal cavity. I endured many surgeries to repair my face, my gums and teeth. Because of my appearance, I was constantly bullied and teased. It took over 3 years to get the facial damage from the accident fixed and a temporary crown put in. It took much longer to repair my emotional injuries. When did you decide that you wanted to model? My mom constantly reassured me, telling me to “Never Give Up,” reminding me that I was beautiful. She entered me into the Princess Pageants to try and boost my self-esteem and I am so thankful now because honestly, it worked. I held my head a little higher, started talking a bit more and it helped me to come out of my shell. In 2013, I was crowned the 2013 Ultimate Grande Supreme Glitz Princess. Exciting things started to happen. My sister entered my picture into a modelling contest, and I won a $1200 Modelling contest with Chan International, that motivated me to investigate more modelling opportunities. I did a modelling call for Red Banjo Studios for their portfolio and the picture later was published in a Dance Magazine. I loved being in front of the camera, so I started my own modelling portfolio on Facebook. Where has modelling taken you this far? I have been very fortunate in my modeling career. I was the face of Fashion Fest 2018, and my picture was featured on 6 billboards in the city of Edmonton, as well as in the LRT station. This year I was the face of the Etho Fashion Gala 2019 and my picture was used for all their promotions. I am the featured model for Bailando Wedding Boutique, and I walked for “The Wedding Fair” and “Bridal Fantasy”. I walked Western Canadian Fashion week for the past 3 years. I walked New York Fashion Week in September 2018, AFWE, Thrive Charity Fashion Show where they raised over $2900 for the Nina Haggerty Foundation of Arts, and this past September I walked in Paris Fashion Week. I have been invited to walk in New York Fashion Week again as well as Milan, and London next year. I have

been published in over 15 beauty, fashion and wedding magazines all over the world in the past 4 years, with covers on Paris Magazine, Horizant Magazine and Spotlight Magazine. I have been on CTV Morning live twice. Once with a wedding dress designer Odain Crawford from Edmonton as well as for NGU (Never Give Up) Clothing designer Marshall Celestin out of Ottawa and he named me brand ambassador for Edmonton Area live on the show. I have done many runway shows and photoshoots all over Canada, one in New York as well as one in Paris. Do you have to restrict your diet or stay on a regimented exercise plan to be a successful model? I stay fit by dancing. I started dance lessons when I was 4 years old and currently, I dance 4 nights a week. My Mom always tells me that it is very important to love myself the way I am and that the right people will want what I have to offer. She also emphasizes that it’s important that I never allow anyone to make me feel bad about my body or self-esteem. Should that start to happen, she says that is the time that I should be ‘done’. Modelling looks like a very glamorous career. Would you classify it as more glamour, or work? I don’t model for a paycheck right now, although being paid is nice sometimes. Often, it’s to raise money for different organizations or events. Mainly I do it because it’s fun and yes glamorous, but there are times when it is hard work as well. Do you think that this is the path that you will follow as a full-time career after high school? Or do you have other plans? I would love to be the face of a beauty or clothing line but my main focus right now is to prepare and go to med school. I have read that you have been a part of many philanthropic efforts? Why do you choose to do so and What benefit do you see in giving back to your Community? The bullying has never really stopped. I was accused of being a “fake model” and was told that I would never go anywhere. Kids made fake accounts and bullied me over social media posting very hurtful and untrue things about me. This eventually put me in a very dark place. So called “friends” started to turn their backs on me. Day by day I pushed forward with the help of my family and knew that this was my passion regardless of what people thought. I decided I would use that as my motivation to prove them wrong. I wanted to let my success be my voice. I have worked with Art Inspirations on Anti-Bullying campaigns, donated my time to our community to raise money for the Interval for Woman, Snowflake Respite Foundation, Nina Haggerty Foundation, Children without program and The Olive Tree.

Are all of your expenses covered when you travel for modelling jobs? Being that you are still a minor, do they pay for a guardian as well? I am a freelance model, so most expenses are ours. Sometimes the designer will offer to cover tickets or hotels but the ownness is on the models to be able to go. As I am still a minor My Mom accompanies me to all my shoots, fashion shows and any events that I am invited to. When I was asked to walk in New York, we (My Mom, Grandma and myself) spent four months fundraising. For Paris, we only had one month to prepare. We fundraised enough money to pay for my plane ticket and the rest of the expenses were our own. Where has modelling taken you in forms of experience and wisdom? Modelling has helped to give me confidence and more importantly, has given me a voice to express the things that I believe in and the way I feel about the injustices and hurt that I have experienced and see in the world. What would you suggest for young girls who are seeking their path in life? My advice to young girls seeking modeling or other paths would be to always be true to you. People will have their opinions, but you don’t have to let them define you as a person. Use the haters as motivators and do what you love to do with your head held high. I would like to thank Kasda and her Mom, Nikki for their trust and openness with me for this interview. I feel honored to be able to share a bit of her story with my world. I wish her all the best in her life, her career and all that she sets out to do. If you would like to see more of Kasda’s inspiring quotes and beautiful pictures you can find them on her Facebook page - “Kasda-Allen-Modelling-Portfolio”.

The Traveling Gypsy Lorna Boryski lives on a farm with her husband Ted and dogs, Biggar and Siyah near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She is a true Lover of People, and the Adventure that is Life. She says, “I have sat through leg numbing tea ceremonies, 100 man acapella humming concerts, Buddhist weddings in 40C heat and no A/C. I have been robbed, missed flights, and have survived some of the worst 'bathrooms' and 'hotels' in the world, yet I have never had a bad vacation.” Whether it be traipsing through a tropical jungle at sea level or hiking 4000m high in the Andes, Lorna always tries to admire and understand her fellow beings for who they are and what they stand for.


2020 ABOUT THE COVER The January issue reveals the element of water, precious water everywhere, feeding us life. Inviting us to flow and wander like a meandering river. Where will 2020 lead you, how will you flow through the winter season. What new discoveries will you make? The magazine covers for 2020 invite you to consider the elements...Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Spirit. To give thought about what do the elements mean to you!? The idea for this year’s cover art comes from a series of pendants I created some years ago depicting the elements. I wanted wearable reminders, a token, or talisman. Would I wear a fire pendant to remind myself to be passionate? Water to remind me to acknowledge the emotional side of me. Air when I needed more inspiration. Earth to be grounded. And finally Spirit where everything comes together, and I feel whole and expanded and divine? Since I like drawing and sculpting faces my thoughts concluded to create a face for each of the elements. What would they look like? How would they feel? I made the pendants. I wore some, sold some. Then it came to me to create paintings of these precious “elementals” as I call them. I made five drawings. One of them (earth) I painted as cover art for the summer issue 2015. Now… I will finish them one by one, throughout 2020. For January 2020, the winter issue the element of focus is “Water”! Winter here in the prairies is filled with water ... the snowy kind! Snow and ice in all its beautiful forms. Beautiful, amazing and ooooh so cold! In winter I marvel at the birds that sit and fly in 30 below Celsius weather! Are the birds that fly south the smarter ones? Water is one of my favourite elements. I love to swim in the warm summer water. It’s refreshing to drink cool crisp water on a hot day and when exercising. And I admit nothing is more beautiful than a blanket of fresh sparkling snow covering the landscape at Christmas time. enjoy a mountain creek, rivers, ponds, sloughs and marshes but I have a genuine love for being near the ocean! Tall cliffs and rugged coastlines, sand dunes, sandy beaches that go on forever and the smell of the sea mist.


Celebrating World Water Day 2020 Coloring Contest

POSTMODERN PAINTING. Stella alternately paints in oil and watercolor

It's not just about the water around that surrounds us. It’s more than that ...we are made up of at least 50% water! We develop and grow inside the womb. Water ... consider everything contains water, nothing can exist without water! What is it about water that YOU like or don’t? What draws you to water and which forms fascinate you the most? Were you born under a water sign? Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio? What makes water so important and how is it important in your life?

some one on one time with you. Take a quick photo of your coloured page and then share it, with a comment about water (Why you like it or dislike it? Why it is Important to you or not?). Share to the Vintage Gypsy Facebook page by 10 am on World Water Day, March 22nd, 2020 for a chance to win a porcelain pendant of the elemental “water” created especially for you my gypsy friend.

Colour the “water” colouring page I created for you. Take time for yourself and let your soul lead you in creativity. Immerse yourself in

Winner will be announced on the evening of WORLD WATER DAY March 22nd, 2020. Join us in celebrating the divine element of WATER.

"You'd think failing it once would be enough. Surprise! The quest circles back from time to time. But don't worry, once you start playing for real, it gets easier and easier to win."

You'd think failing it once would be enough. Surprise! The quest circles back from time to time. But don't worry, once you start playing for real, it gets easier and easier to win. And still, even after all this time, the perfection quest can still suck me in. Unrealistic expectations pinch my mind, pushing me to think I should have a more perfect life, job, career, home, kid, dog, cat… ok, cats are exempt…a cat is a cat is a cat. I’ve grown very weary of that perfection trap cr*p. How about you? As a recovering perfectionist, I KNOW showing up for and as myself is where the magic happens. Perfection, wearing smoke and mirrors, is the enemy of real magic. And yet, old habits can still bite me in the butt and I should all over myself again. UGH.

You know those intensely driven, yuppy, ocd-tidy bowl chick of the 80's who believed she could (and should) have it all? I was that girl. I looked and lived the part...Big hair, big shoulders, high heels, bold dreams, big plans and lots of action. It was a wild rush to see what I could do next. (I still have the 4″ heel collection to prove it. Thank god I burnt the shoulder pads.) The 1990's helped me ditch the uptown look but I still pushed hard toward that big, beautiful life where I had it all and all was perfect, dammit.

Madeleine Albright said "Women can have it all but not all at the same time." Took me a decade or two to find out how right she was..

Madeleine Albright said "Women can have it all but not all at the same time." Took me a decade or two to find out how right she was. I remember the moment it all changed.


Picture this: Aug. 2000—2 a.m. Standing in front of an easel in my studio, cramming to complete another massive design piece for an upcoming art show in Toronto, I heard myself moan, “Gawwd, I need a creative outlet.” Say What? I was conjuring one of a kind, 6' tall, 3D wall art from carefully harvested Saskatchewan forest product—abandoned wasp nests, birch bark, dogwood, wolf willow, swaths of moss and grass, plus whatever else pushed my design buttons—how much more creative could it get? The irony wasn't lost on me.

My inner perfectionist was accomplished and miserable. I wanted to PLAY more — being exhausted when friends came to stay or invited me on an adventure was NO fun. I wanted to EXPLORE more — really? It’s the first glorious day in a rainy week and because people ARE coming over, I MUST clean the stove, the fridge or the junk closet. Who cares? It’s a JUNK closet. No one needs to see my stilettos from the last century.

I wanted to LAUGH more overload makes for a cranky mortal. And cranky has a lousy NO sense of humour. I wanted to LOVE more — falling in love with PerFecTion had been a desperate fling. My heart just wasn’t that into it. From the outside life might have looked pretty amazing but at loving myself? I'd scored a perfect fail. I wanted Inner PEACE — Trying to keep up my perfect persona was sucking my soul dry. More than anything, I wanted to silence the shitty should choir. For years, by playing the perfection quest game, I'd been 'shoulding' all over myself. Fear of rejection and harsh judgment had me too scared to quit. Lucky for me, burn-out got the best of me...I ran out of steam. Daring to step beyond what I thought others expected me to be, what I thought perfect looked like, I shut down the design studio, closed the business and simply stopped.

My inner perfectionist was accomplished and miserable. It was a confusing time. If I wasn't my persona perfecto, who would be? Would the real me be embraced or rejected?

That was 20 years ago. Over time, I've met the real imperfectly, perfect me. I like her. A lot.

Was it actually possible to be messy, to screw up, to fear disappointing others AND find a way to be happy being the real me?’

Some days I'm wearing rubber boots... some days a spontaneous creative pulling a beanie over messy hair. Some days I'm cranky and need to be left alone, other days I'm the uptown girl on a mission, high heels and all.

Yes. It was more than possible. Was it easy? Nope. But it was way easier than I thought.

Like I said, ditching the perfection quest is more than possible. Is it easy? Nope. But it's way easier than you might think.

Starting to show up for and as our self can be crazy scary at first. Practice makes everything easier, especially when you start small and carry an intention of selfkindness. If you only practice 2 things choose these: 1. Start small 2. Be kind, kinder than necessary, to yourself When we show our courage, vulnerability and kindness we sync our mind, body and soul from a place of resonance. Courage, vulnerability and kindness have no need of perfection. We may admire perfection but we fall in love with the imperfections of others. Let that be so for ourselves too. So yes, I failed the PerFecTion Quest. Repeatedly. Thank Gawd. I've stepped away from that soul-sucking game and wholeheartedly landed —perfectly imperfectly, with energy and sense of humour restored— in my own 'be real-find freedom' life where I get to show up for myself in my very be real-find freedom way. Best of all? Perfection not required.

Dawn Kotzer Inner Wilderness Guide| Mentor| Coach

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This beautiful magazine was printed locally at PA FAST PRINT Photo Credit: KMP Photography

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