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by Donna Maltz


The negativity happening in the world can be daunting. Many people say they feel scared, confused, and powerless. They know there is much work to do and that things must change, but they see the multiple colliding crises and question if we have enough time to turn things around. I understand the confusion and the feeling of hopelessness.

Besides the usual personal drama, it’s easy to feel like victims of an unsustainable economy and political corruption. We are positioned to race against a catastrophic climate crisis and health pandemic. Meanwhile, we’re amid a storm of global inequality, which is spreading like an out-of-control virus. Who do you trust, and what are you doing to get through these times? What opportunities are you focused on? If we could talk, I would ask if you know who you are — what you love to do — and if you are in touch with your purposeful why in life? No matter where you are, I would suggest you find guidance from people that ignite your ideas and encourage you to clarify all these questions. I do my best in, but it helps to have someone to keep you accountable and stay true to yourself. With whom do you share your soul and inner urnings? From what I can tell, nearly everyone could use support and guidance to help navigate this evolutionary time. Some might feel anxious or depressed, or complacent, and need additional professional support. Others might feel like a flame, fired up enough to take action and help others.

I suggest you spend time every day in Nature, as this is where I go to open my mind to what is possible. For me, COVID-19 has awakened every fiber of my being, heightening the other mutating crises. I get input and uplifted from others, but ultimately, I rely on myself to decipher what is right for me. I find solace in the wisdom of Nature as I observe and listen to the heartbeat of the Earth, the trees, insects, plants, and animals. The Earth speaks to me and makes more sense than any politician, scientist, or the media. What about you? Where do you find solace, and where do you find the truth that makes sense for you?

~ An excerpt from Donna Maltz’s new book – Conscious Cures Soulutions to 21st Century Pandemics.

Conscious Cures is an Amazon Best Seller and was awarded the Badge of Achievement by the International Review of Books!

Take action and ignite your passion. Coronavirus disrupted our world, yet it has also served as a catalyst to initiate long overdue changes. Conscious Cures responds to the mutation and global deterioration of societal, economic, political, and environmental conditions, and how they impact the COVID era.

Reasons to read Conscious Cures:

Discover the cures to heal yourself inside and out while building a more equitable world.

Learn how to to view this time of crisis as an opportunity to explore new ways to thrive rather than just survive.

Get motivated to leverage your skills and passions to make a greater impact.

Reading this book will make you feel hopeful that we can create a better world.

You are meant to make a difference in this world for our children and future generations.

Donna writes to make a difference in the world, not for a living. All proceeds go to protect Nature.

If you are ready to be the change we must see in the world, this book provides opportunities and Soulutions for us to take action.

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