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Just Around the Corner with Jennifer Sanderson

Samhain Tradition A photographic journey by: Tara McDermott

From Ragged to Radiant A Journey of Reinvention by: Heather Irene

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Love Note Our Cover Story Birgit Raduenz wears many hats ! She is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, gardener. She is a lover of nature, the healing arts, music and dance.

Art By; Birgit Raduenz

Well here it is, the final issue of 2020. It has been quite the year to say the least. How are you surviving? How has the daily changed for you? I see us all navigating a new norm in such different ways, but one thing is for certain, we have been changed by the past months. As I reflect on the year passed I am extremely grateful for all of my blessings, family, friends, a successful business and ever growing community of radiant wild women that I am honored to share space and time with. I know the world is not perfect, and yet we stand together as perfectly imperfect humans embracing all that is beautiful and magical, even in the face of chaos. As each woman leans in and stands firm in her leadership and her Warrior Spirit, I believe we are changing the world. As I look to the future, I am excited and full of pure joy that I am fortunate enough to continue on my journey to teach, mentor and

assist other women on their journey to become the best versions of themselves, to share their stories and to manifest their highest calling. It is time to rise Warriors and decide what the new year will look like for you. What will you call in for yourself and what dreams and goals will you manifest in 2021. What are your next steps in becoming the woman you are being called to be? How can you lean in and embrace more of your soul’s calling? Because as we do this, we open up the path for those that will come after us. Let us pave the way as the Queen’s we know we were born to be. It's time to wear your crown!

Drawing and Painting is a passion for Birgit, that can be seen on every cover and colouring page of the Vintage Gypsy Magazine. Her love for painting and sculpting started at the age of 16 when she started her apprenticeship at the Royal Porcelain Manufacturer in Berlin, Germany. Her love for Celtic lore and design inspire her to transform clay into art. No Matter what hat Birgit wears, she always finds inspiration to create beauty in the world. “It is all of these hats I wear that make it possible for the art to flow from my hands into form and shape.“ -Birgit You can see her work at the Mann Art Gallery gift shop and Shananigan’s coffee and dessert bar in her home city of Prince Albert, SK. or view it online on Facebook and Instagram at: FinxiArt by Birgit Raduenz Contact her at .

Shannon Kelly is the Chief Editor and creator of the "Vintage Gypsy" Mag. She is a storyteller, a community builder and a humanitarian. She believes that we all have a story to tell and that each story is unique and important. check out the full story


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First, to see To really see And embrace All aspects of me The least likeable To the most endearing Next, to feel safe Some want attention And crave personal gain Others to be simply noticed And yet this is how we enter a relationship How we enter the world How we feel Being seen is what we are brought here to do. When being seen doesn’t feel safe, opportunity is lost Risks are evaded, and shadows become blankets To step away from that shadow is an act of trust A bet on life And what good the universe has to offer Even when it feels better to stand on the dock of isolation We must dive in So many complexities To own self-worth and power To stretch our bodies to receive To understand what we deserve To stop careless choices And learn how to reveal just enough To just the right people When you choose to be seen, you choose who you are seen by Who you let in Who you dance with Who worships your light Find the ones who understand words cast spells And movement is expression Those who honor the feminine and see life To be seen is to claim Effortless living and sharp boundaries Your reality Your queendom Ancient understanding: Who I am Why I am Michelle Welsch is a Master Social Worker, writer, and researcher focused on education in Nepal. Find her on twitter @redheadlefthand.


I am so honored and blessed to enter your thoughts and your minds. My purpose for writing is to get you to question your stories, your thoughts, and to bring them into alignment with your soul’s purpose. You know that I am a big believer that self-care is the foundation to you living in your highest vibration and we will get there in a bit. But first, I am going to ask you a question about your journey. I want to disrupt your thought patterns, and have you question the path you are on. Some of you will leave this deliberation with confirmation that you are on the right path and some of you will start to pay attention to that niggling feeling that you are destined for something more. Is that you? Are you being called to embody a higher vibration and do more? Or those of you who already own your voice, you might be called to lead in a different way or to become more active with your message. If it is you, you will feel a fire in your belly, your feet will feel be tingling and calling you to act. I want you to follow this feeling.


Ask these questions “what are veils are supposed to be lifted to allow you to see your path more clearly?” “What messages do I already share all of the time that I am not aware of (a close friend will be able to help you with this one)? “What actions am I being drawn to do that makes me uncomfortable, but also feels right?” “What am I supposed to create to help others through this energetic transition that is occurring in the world right now?” “what practices am I drawn to share with others?”

If you have gypsy blood in your veins, witch memories in

Light some candles, energetically clear your space and

your cells, wiccan markings on your DNA, warrior

mind, then let your message pour forth onto the pages.

inscriptions on your soul, are you a Celtic seer being

Trust that you are ready to connect with who you truly

called back to your heritage, then you have a message

are. And trust that during this time of change and

to bring forth. I am quite positive that if you are in this

uncertainty in the world that people are searching for

community you already know the gifts that you possess.

your message. This is a new ascension from 3d energy to

That you already know what you are called to invoke into

5d energy, and so many people might not know what is

this world. And that scares the shit out of you right? Good,

going on within them. You know, you are in it, you are a

it is supposed to. Trust that feeling, trust your intuition.

messenger of it.

I am also being asked by my guides to pass along this

Maybe you have Atlantean linage or Lemurian lineage,

message along to you.

where you have seen the destruction caused by the 5d energies not being aligned. Where the masculine and

“In past lifetimes you have been harmed, betrayed by

feminine energies were not balanced or healed. That is

close friends, burned at the stake, been sought out

why now is time for the divine feminine and masculine

and killed. But this lifetime is not about that. This

within you and within the world to heal, so we do not

lifetime is different.”

recreate the devastation of our collective pasts. There are upgrades that are happening in the earth’s energy,

Do you sense that message in your bones as well? This

in you and in those around you. And your message, your

lifetime feels freer, more certain that your messages will

intuition is part of that upgrade. Over the next years, you

be accepted this time around. All of those other lifetimes

will be called to bridge the gap between how the world

where you have been silenced have been practice for you to hone your message, to perfect your crafts, and to finetune your magic. This is the lifetime where your message will be heard.

is today and the harmony we need to move towards. That is what I am inviting you to today if you are feeling scattered, unsure, and out of balance; then let in the harmony and synchronicity of life to unveil itself to you.

This is the invitation to you. To access that message, to

While you are in ceremony and drawing your intuition

accept your powers, to hone your craft. If you are already

forward through writing; ask for your next steps forward

connected to your message, which many of you are, then

to come into your awareness. You will not have all the

let this be an invitation to further clarify your offerings.

steps revealed to you. It is the contrary, if your entire paths were shown to you for the next 10 or 20 years it

It is time to go deep within yourself right now and call

might scare the shit out of you. Right now, is only an

that message forward.

invitation to seek clarity about your current message.

The message that you and the world need to here right

procrastinate and potentially even get sick. And that will

now. Know that as you get clear and grow, your message

keep you from bringing your gifts forward in a way that

will grow with you, and that your message today is not

resonates with those who are seeking it.

the same as what it will be even a year from now. So only concentrate on the next action that will move you into

You are deeply intuitive!

alignment with your soul’s purpose. Know that she is

You are powerful!

guiding you to action.

Your message is important! You are a being of light that will not be silenced this

Can you feel her calling you?

time! You are a high vibrational being that is here to help

She has been whispering to you for years and is

humanity through this transition!

celebrating who you are at this moment. She is also

You are courageous!

asking you to raise your vibration even more and step

You are worthy!

further into your role as a leader during this change in the

You are needed in this energetic transition the world is

world. Your leadership might be subtle, like inviting a

going through! Trust your intuition and guidance that you

sister to join you in a workshop, and your leadership


might be major like bringing forth content, words, and gatherings into the world to help people move others

It is time my beautiful friend to open up to your calling, to

forward. Where ever you are on the spectrum of your

find your voice and fucken bring it forth into this world.

vibration know that there is another level to open to. Now let me come full circle. As you open to the energy, to clarifying and accessing your messages, make sure that you are practicing radical self-care. Now is the time to hydrate, to find highvibrational foods, to eliminate negative and distracting messages in your head, to find a practice that moves your body in a way that lights the fire in your heart and resting when you need to rest. Because, my beautiful gypsies, without your physical and non-physical bodies vibrating together you will not be able to carry out the work that you are being called to do with ease. If you are not in alignment with these 5 things, you will resist,

Jennifer Ehrmantraut is edgy, funny, and a little sweary. With over 20 years of leadership in public and private organizations, she climbed the corporate ladder to discover her passion in coaching and leadership development. She is a professional accountant by trade and an inspirer of intentional joy by passion. Her biggest lesson has been that when we lose the connection to ourselves then we can no longer connect with others. In finding her connection to herself again, Jennifer is redefining what success looks like through her company, Intentional You. There, she challenges individuals to question their stories, their capabilities, and their judgments of themselves, to give them the platform to jump beyond what they thought was possible.


The “new normal”, the phrase that has been uttered so many times in the last several months that when I hear it now I have an involuntary eye roll and a tiny exhale of breath which would reek of sarcasm if anyone was allowed to get close enough to smell it. “This is the new normal” they say, but what if you never really fit into the old normal? How the hell do you fit into the new normal if the old normal never did quite fit right? First, I suppose one must ask themselves,” what is normal?” and “why do so many of us struggle to find normal?” Of course, I understand the point that is trying to be made. A simple phrase to explain that the world is changing, our place as social creatures is changing, our health is changing, our lives are changing. As many things on the large scale of the world change, we are asked to be responsible citizens of our society and change for the safety of those we live with as a community. I get it. But let's look a little deeper into the words, “the new normal”. I don’t know about you, but I know many of us who have not fit so well into the “normal” constructs of the society to which we live. Yes, we have still been worthy citizens and we will continue to be such citizens whether we are “normal” or not. Our world is so eager to fit it’s people neatly into a tiny little box of normalcy that we want to give it a neat little label to identify it, in this case “the new normal”.


So now a “new normal woman” typing this piece and these words are filtered through said new normal woman’s perspective. Is this how I am now supposed to be identified? Spirited woman, sassy woman, bitchy woman, independent woman, (insert whatever construct adjective here) woman, I’ve heard them all. However, I am not sure I have ever been called a “normal woman”. So, I suggest we change the narrative. Nothing about life now or before is normal. We are not built to be normal; we are built for extraordinary.

This is our adaptation. This is a time for change, for growth, for metamorphosis. It is time to embrace the power and spirit of our maternal ancestry and to adapt to our circumstances. The women before us faced numerous tribulations and emerged as adaptive butterflies who pushed forward for the sake of herself, her family, and her female sisters both past and present. This time is ours. This is what we have been built upon, a mountain of courage and fearlessness. So no, I will not accept this “new normal” because I have never fully accepted the idea of normal. But alas, I will do what I do, what all of us warrior women do when life brings forth change, we adapt. Yes, life is different. And yes, there are new rules to follow, new lifestyles, new dangers. But isn't this what life has been about since the beginning of time? As we navigate our ways through these waters with temperatures unknown, we do not have to conform to this so called “new normal” because it was never normal. So why now? Instead let us embrace this adaptation of life which will bring forth challenges and perhaps, when we least expect it, it will bring a new source of beauty. Because life will always reveal its beauty to those who remove their blinders of normal and accept that life is anything but….

Myrna Richter lives in a small home full of love in Blackfoot, AB with her husband, two children, two dogs, and two cats. Myrna studied English Literature and Sociology (and a little this and that) and received a Bachelor of General Studies in Arts and Science Degree in 2007 from Athabasca University. Today when Myrna is not fulfilling her role as “Richter House Manager”, she enjoys painting, writing, and gardening. -10-

d e g g a R From

t n a i d a R To

A Journey of Reinvention

I had barely dragged my sorry ass out of bed that morning of Feb, 2011, Waking up in my usual fog, I put myself on auto pilot for the millionth time and tried again to push the pain and despair on to the back burner as I drove to work. I daydreamed about how to escape the sadness & emptiness. The mundane and, dissatisfaction of living this Groundhog Day over and over. And I drove over the bridge I imagined what it would be like if it could all just stop in an instant. I felt the familiar unbearable tightness in my chest as my mind began spinning at the idea of running through the guard rail and into the icy water below. I did not want to die, but I was tired of “living�. And in my 35 short years I wondered in that moment what was the point? What was my purpose? Why did happiness and contentment elude me? I had a beautiful house, amazing kids, a great marriage, a handful of good friends and a career I had worked tremendously hard for. Everyone around me seemed so happy and oblivious to my internal battle. I felt like I was living this silent war within that was literally eating me from the inside out and occupied my every thought. every move and every ounce of my energy. I was exhausted, overworked, strived for complete control although I felt completely out of control, expected nothing but perfection from myself, hated my body, struggled to love myself and gave every spare moment to others to help me feel worthy.. Had I skipped experiencing the joy in my life because I felt neck deep in struggle, scarcity, comparison and habitual disappointment? I felt a deep disconnect to my deepest dreams and ultimately the love, honour and respect I desired from myself and the thirst of that amplified as I pulled over and sat in my vehicle. In that moment of break though I pondered in the idea that maybe it wasn't all in the DO-ing, but in just BE-ing?

Maybe my purpose was to be happy, embrace my imperfections, be able to love my body, choose joy and love my story fiercely-rather than thinking that the more I acquired, raising perfect children, giving every waking moment to my friends, family and community and expecting the big house and white picket fence to fill me up. My Epiphone was that I needed to release the pressure of perfection nurture that deeply hurt inner child and connect to that incredibly wise, all loving and completely capable voice within. Acknowledging my pent up feelings, releasing the control I felt my past had over me and becoming personally responsible for my energy to connect me to my capacity to re invent myself and re introduce me to my capability to live as a radiant woman first and foremost was mind blowing. I realized I was missing out on the rush of the human experience of ALIVENESS! I was so busy accomplishing and proving my worth as a woman in this world, I was depriving myself of my innate goodness, creativity and incredible ability to heal my story. I wanted so badly to slow down and stop avoiding myself! To be able to forgive myself and my trespassers, nurture my energy, love my reflection, embrace my unique beauty, celebrate my body, and connect to my wisdom and magic. I needed someone who had already walked that path and could guide me on my journey. Finding my mentor created the space I needed to release, rewire and reinvent my story, my perspective and even how I viewed my own beauty. Exposing myself to simple, daily self loving rituals has allowed me to gently bring awareness to patterns and stories I kept reliving over and over that were not serving me and let me forgive my poor choices and perceived failures. Shifting my inner dialogue softened how I spoke to myself and made me feel like I could trust my vision, choices and path.

Aligning to my radiance gave me permission to breathe joy and colour and UNIQUENESS into my life:, acknowledging the fuck outta my feelings, finding ways to move forwards, express my authentic truth and catapulting my confidence . I could feel myself letting go of emotional eating, yo-yo dieting, alcohol abuse, body shaming, control and perfectionism and I became aware of my Goddess Energy and the ability to Radiate with self love, honour and joy. I realized it was my soul starving for that connection. I embraced my uniqueness and dove deep into my authentic expression. I began to attract REAL friends and a whole sisterhood of like minded and energy conscious woman. Vulnerable connection created such feelings of fulfillment and liberation. The more I looked for strength, worth and validation FROM WITHIN, the braver I felt being me. My first year of creating sacred space for myself connected me to such a sense of delirious liberation!! The more I let go of-the easier it became to breathe. To wake up with a jump in my step and gratitude in my heart. To be present with my kids and revel in their ask for support and create boundaries so I no longer feel crippling exhaustion and fatigue. I would no longer stay silent if I did not agree and I would learn to love my reflection. I knew I was not alone and that most women were struggling. We live in a world where most women aren't able to recognize their own basic emotional needs-and at no fault of our own. We are conditioned to be modern soldiers of sacrificial giving. Between society’s constant brainwashing that we are too much or, not enough and social media’s expectation of what our bodies are “supposed” to look like- we sacrifice our own mental and physical health to take care of everyone else..


Generations of chronic exhaustion mixed in with the stoic Superwoman role results in fatigued generation of unspoken feminine fury, resentment and obligation….resulting in deep feelings of lack of belonging, support and disconnection from ourselves. Others suffer because of habitual behaviors that motivate reckless decision making and poor choices, keeping them stuck in repetitive cycles of dysfunction and despair. That can look like drug addiction, addiction to distorted relationships, self sabotage, emotional and binge eating, perfectionism, constant comparison, body dysmorphic, chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, anxiety, sever panic and mental break down-- to name a few. Blind to the fact that there can be such magic in our mess. I am painfully aware now that I’ve moved through my own mud- that women of all shapes and sizes, all ages, ethnic backgrounds, spiritual beliefs and of all political, social and economic groups are SUFFERING at unprecedented levels. I see all too often the psychological, emotional and spiritual torment they just do not understand, cannot shake and are unable to move beyond. Very common and (including my own personal experience) is that our feelings do not matter, and that we sit in silent, ABUSIVE self talk that keeps us enslaved to circumstances and experiences that have destroyed our capacity and desire to see living fulfilling and joyful lives. This level of suffering is heart wrenching, all encompassing and completely unnecessary. At no fault of our own, we hold on tight to thought and behavioural patterns--as if THESE stories are the be all and end all. We can remain stuck in a pattern of WHO WE THINK we are, due to trauma and negative experience and play a tragic limiting script to stay immersed in unworthiness and shame and lose sight of what is possible. I was no exception to that shaming and self hating ritual. It is all an illusion.


And when we are given the opportunity to shed our demons, accept divine healing, cultivate a whole new language and embody a new way of being-our bodies and minds have no choice but to follow suit. Rituals of self love, affirmation and Goddess Invocations fuel our intuition, inner strength and cut off the outside world's opinion of who we are and what is expected of us, When we come from a place of absolute love, compassion and honour for ourselves-our radiance leads, not our demanding egos perception of contribution. It's time to break the cycle. Self love is not selfish. Its exhilarating and fills our cup with energy, focus, creativity, goodness, boundaries, confidence and unapologetic expression. Our Inner radiance is begging for us to explore her. She fills a room with laughter, or what makes you stop to smell the roses, or celebrates the woman staring back in the mirror. She gives you the grace to forgive yourself, forget the endless to to List and become present in the moment. She makes you able to have open, honest conversations with love and integrity. She opens the door to your boldness, creates joy in the journey and whispers permission to rest, or play or express. She creates space to live with an unsnuff able light-unapologetically. She tells me to leave the dishes when Id rather play, lets me say NO when the situation doesn’t serve me and gives me permission to be more present and patient with my kids. She’s opened my heart up to receiving my true soul sister tribe and given me the courage to be a self sufficient single Mama who’s excited to pick out a rocking outfit to sit in a room full of strangers and not feel self conscious or judged. She makes me feel ENOUGH. This self discovery journey has gifted me so much more than I ever imagined. Its opened doors to a community of women so focused on the collective healing of mankind and forever friendships with

nothing but unconditional love. Collaborations with local and international visionaries, and the ability to share my story and transformation on platforms I didn’t even realize existed‌.Its opened my heart up to quiet space to reflect, to dream, manifest and cultivate the life and energy of my dreams. Its opened the channels to my inner child, intuition, future self & Queen energy, and only a few short years ago I thought the only voice that existed was the one that second guessed my every move, decision and shredded every ounce of confidence into pieces, day after day. Every woman possesses RADIANCE regardless of her story, wound or scar and it is never too late to create a connection to your joy, goodness and ALIVENESS so you can radiate from the inside out! My mission in life is no longer just to survive but to THRIVE to my deepest capacity and live my most RADIANT LIFE! I know all too well that the old ways don't work and that the time has clearly come to drop the old patterns and painful stores and really RISE into our greatness, goodness, power and aliveness as we learn to embrace our unique beauty, celebrate our bodies, unapologetically nurture our energy, dreams and truest desires to RE-AWAKEN our natural and inherent RADIANCE. I hardly remember that exhausted life. I no longer buy into slave mentality, conformity or that I'm broken, too far gone or deserving of a crappy life. I have the ability to experience moments of insecurity or anxiousness, go within and listen to my body and still say no to people or activities that may drain me and to believe in myself despite what the world says and to always, always do whatever it takes to create my inner peace. I am whole by myself now and that is my greatest achievement. People remark all the time about the energy and natural glow I possess now. It's humbling because I always felt so invisible before. They say I radiate-and I agree because I focus on tapping into that every single day.

Heather Irene is a momma bear, an idealist, change maker, empowerment coach, nature lover, community builder and rule breaker! She is certified in the E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique) and is a Level 3 Akashic Record reader and weaves these potent tools into her practise as women gently become aware and release deeply embedded behaviours and thoughts that keep them stuck and struggling. It is her life's purpose is to hold sacred space for women ready to connect to their radiance as they give themselves permission to release the emotional and energetic gunk they carry- head-on with fierce love and grounded guidance! She has ignited an incredible passion to share with others so they may also rise into their gorgeous greatness. Discover your capacity to heal and capability to tap into your self love and ALIVEness with gentle healing with her many one on one programs, group journeys and weekend workshops.

I am truly grateful for the life I lead and for that rock bottom, almost fatal day in 2011 that forever changed my thinking, doing and believing. Issue 27 | 234



I am Here, sitting on the warm earth, Looking out over the vast ocean before me, I feel the soft breeze tickle my skin, I smell the dampness in the air, As I sit quiet and still, I can see the energy of light surrounding every living thing, Out of the stillness a Goddess arises out of the water before me, A Futuristic Visionary, Her voice is carried like a whisper on the wind, As she speaks her words of wisdom, I close my eyes and turn my ear to hear her say, You have come before and you will come again, You have been man, woman, adult, child, black, white and brown, We are here for infinity and beyond, We are free and untethered, only bound to each other through light and love, We are one with mother earth, who will provide everything we need, What has become unbalanced will become balanced, What has been broken will heal, What has fallen will rise up once again, We are one I am


renroC eht

Just Around



JENNIFER SANDERSON Beautiful Hello's to all the amazing

women that will pick up this gracious magazine during this issue. It is an immense honor to have been asked to be a part of it. My name is Jennifer Sanderson, I was born and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Married to a great partner, Alfred, blessed with blended family of 6 beautiful children, Alfred Jr 22, Renee 21, Larissa 20, Tenesha 20, Nolan 15, Korbin 3 years old. I take so much pride in being on this walk with the many blessings that creator has allowed for me, one of them being a mother. I have over my time grew into numerous hobbies, interests, gifts. One of these is working with inherent gifts of beadwork. I have begun to expand from making earrings, to now being asked to make pieces for pow wow regalia. I offer this gift of beading to others and through the teachings and the prayers that go into this work, the benefit is the good that rises from it. When someone asks you to write about your accomplishments, you go blank. In all honesty my upbringing was filled with strong teachings about humbleness and humility, we were taught you never brag or boast about anything. Not ever. I have grown from that belief system to understand that this does not have to look like this, talking about accomplishments is to be treasured. Speaking from the heart, we are to be celebrating ourselves!


I walk attuned to assist others as an intuitive energy coach, wellness advocate, Access Bars Practitioner, Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner and Jordan’s Principle Registered Service Provider, Tao Hands Practitioner, Women’s Empowerment and Motivational Speaker and soul level life promoter. I love about this path is that I know inherently that these gifts were waiting for me to align with them, it is a humble walk and a true honor. Five years from now, I will be travelling the world working with many nations working alongside with the people to break the cycles of belief systems that are binding the earth. What else is possible?! I am aligned to receive.

I would have to acknowledge my biggest accomplishment would directly be my healing journey. I have acknowledged in my 45 trips around the sun that I have so much to offer this world, my surroundings, and many people. I have gone through many periods of my life running from feelings of abandonment as a young child and into my teenage years, being born into a lineage of residential school traumas. My healing walk from this alone has brought me to here now, this gentle healing and acknowledgement of who I am as a Dakota Winyan (woman in Dakota). The gifts that I have been gifted to carry, the teachings that I carry in a sacred way, the matriarchs that guide me on this humble path. I honor this path with being of service to others, using my intuitive gifts with the help of the sacred grandfathers, my spiritual team that guides and gifts with me with messages for others. My work is my life’s purpose, my passion, helping people in their healing journeys, guiding them on allowing for the intuitive gifts to align for their highest good and for them to also understand that they arrive with gifts when they also arrive to this earth life. I walk as an intuitive energy healer attuned with sacred gifts from the sacred grandfathers (stones) in my teachings.

My work life balance when I first began this path was very all work and no downtime, I was in a mode of constantly building my client numbers and focusing so much on that, I have learned that what you place out as your gifts and believe in the consistent and balanced work day however that looks for you, that you keep mind the goodness will flow and universe and law of attraction will flow forward. I still find imbalance from time to time, when this happens I trust in the guides and ask for help, I immediately feel that calm sense of protection, so I can leave my work for a gentle time to set fresh intentions and resume when the light rises from within as calmness and ease. Chasing dreams and fulfilling passions, sometimes when you are so focused on the time frames, the deadlines, the work that requires and the sacrifices you get lost of the end goal. The feeling of lack can begin to creep in, stop what you are doing in that moment. Take the time to say ‘thank you”, offer your heart space the healing that it is asking for to continue to carry on in your vision to be your best for yourself to be there for others. As I have heard some immense advice from someone dear to me, “When you lead from your heart it will never steer you wrong.”






I work with a great young lady named Maya and she is from the Philippines. Every time we have a staff function she brings spring rolls and they are amazing, actually they are slightly addicting. I finally made it to her house and her adorable mother showed me the traditional recipe. This is the basic recipe but the girls told me you could add some chili or ginger to make them a bit spicier, or even some cabbage or green onions as well. They are simple to make and can be placed in the freezer. They are best when fried and Maya says it is best to fry them from frozen. I found the wrappers at Walmart in the freezer section. This batch made 30 spring rolls.



WHAT YOU NEED! 1 pkg of spring roll pastry, thawed and cut in half right in the package. 1lb ground pork 1 egg 1 large carrot, peeled and grated 1 medium onion, grated 4 cloves garlic, peeled and finely minced 1 tsp fish sauce 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp pepper Canola or peanut oil for frying Small bowl with cold water

I1. Thaw your spring roll wrappers and cut in half into a rectangle. Separate them and lay them on a tray or cookie sheet so they are easy to pick up. They tend to stick together so its best to separate them before you get started. 2. In a food processor, add your onion, garlic and carrot and pulse until the mixture in finely diced. If you don't have a food processor use a box grater to shred your ingredients. 3. Transfer this mixture to a mixing bowl and add your pork, egg, fish sauce, salt and pepper. Mix well. 4. Lay out one of your spring roll wrappers with the short edge facing you. Add approximately 1 Tbsp of your filling to the bottom and spread it evenly to the edges. Gently roll the wrapper (do not flip in the sides) until about an inch from the top and dip your finger in the water and wet to top edge of the wrapper and then roll up the rest of the spring roll. 5. Set aside on a lined tray and then transfer to the freezer. Make sure to leave some space between your spring rolls when you freeze them so they don’t stick together. Store in a freezer bag until ready to fry. 6. When you are ready to cook your spring rolls, heat up some canola or peanut oil until you can see a slight ripple in the oil. If I am only cooking a few spring rolls, I would use about a cup of oil, if cooking a big batch of spring rolls, I would use 2 cups. To make sure your oil is hot enough, dip the end of one spring roll in the oil, and if it bubbles up nicely, the oil is ready. Carefully add your spring rolls, a few at a time, and fry until they are golden brown and cooked through; cut one in half to make sure the pork is cooked Transfer to a paper towel and allow to cool slightly before consuming with either sweet chili sauce or my personal favorite, Sriracha sauce.



SHRIMP TOAST This is an appetizer I whipped up last minute when I had company over last minute. We needed a snack and I happened to have some thawed shrimp in the fridge. They turned out great and I always get a request for them. Hope you enjoy.

12-15 medium sized thawed, uncooked shrimp peeled and deveined and chopped into bite size chunks 1 package herb and garlic boursin cheese 2 cloves garlic, finely minced 3 green onions, thinly sliced 1/2 bell pepper, finely diced 1/2 cup shredded cheese of any kind 1/4 cup parmesan cheese 1 baquette or ciabatta bread sliced into 1/4 inch slices 2-3 dashes of hot sauce (optional) Zest and juice of half a lemon Salt and pepper to taste Pinch of smoked paprika 1. Preheat oven to 400. 2.Mix all ingredients in a bowl except shrimp and season to taste with salt, pepper and hot sauce. 3. Add uncooked shrimp and mix together. 4. Spoon generous portions of your shrimp mixture onto your sliced bread. 5. Bake in your preheated oven for 20 minutes or until shrimp begin to turn pink and the bread turns golden brown around the edges. 6. Remove from oven, sprinkle with dash of smoked paprika for color and enjoy.

November Night

Say anything, or nothing as I gather up the northern lights, my camera snaps open exposing us to the night. Say anything, or nothing as I gather the November snow, as I build a fortress to keep away the cold. Say anything, or nothing as I gather up lapses in time, as I overexpose the stars to brighten up the night.

Shannon Dewald is a former copy writer turned poet and entrepreneur. Fueled by coffee and connecting with her community, you'll find her serving up lattes and home-made treats at the Blue Canoe Cafe. Shannon also runs the North Community Food Bank, a project that came about during the first days of COVID and has evolved into a year-round food bank. On weekends she disappears into the beautiful abyss of wilderness at her doorstep in Northern SaskatchewanHailing from the town of Big River, Shannon lives with her husband and two hound dogs Penelope and Sophie. She is mediocre at many things because she's a sucker for new exciting experiences... But she favours being mediocre at poetry, hiking, painting and paddling.


I QUIT! I am a quitter. It's true. I am.


Yes, I am and damn proud of it. It has taken me 46 years to level up to this degree of quitting and I wish that some free-spirited, wild haired, "hippy" had told me decades ago how fucking amazing freedom would feel when I did finally quit.

Did I quit my job or other responsibilities? Nope. I

I quit being unable to say "no". It does not serve

still go to my "9 to 5*, still pay my bills, meal plan,

me to add plate after plate to my balancing act; it

budget, organize and maintain what I think are

also doesn't serve others. How can I give the best

healthy routines for myself and my family but, I quit

of me to a project, a task, a friend or family

a lot of shit.

member if I have 100 irons in the fire? Can't happen!

I quit allowing guilt to dictate the direction of my day. "I should haves/would haves/could haves"

I quit saying "sorry ". No, not like that. I apologize

are heavy;

when I'm wrong. I quit always saying "sorry" - "sorry I am late" for example. Instead, I replaced it with


I quit carrying them.I quit permitting shame to

"thank you"."Thank you for being patient with me"

never let me feel worthy of success.

or "thank you for waiting for me ".

I quit being a people pleaser and started living for

I quit trying to measure up to other people's

me. Guess what though? Part of "living for me"

expectations and am becoming completely at

continues to be thoughtful and considerate of

peace with who and where I am. Not only that, I

others - just no longer at my expense.

quit accepting the restrictions people have placed

on my hopes and dreams.

Story time. I'm a crier. I cry over books, movies, songs, animals being rescued, the beauty of a

I quit conforming to the mould and to the timeline

sunset, the moon, a young stranger conquering her

society says we must fit into and adhere to.

fear of heights by jumping from the high diving

Societal timelines, in my opinion, can be some of

board. Yes, folks, that is a true story. But

the heaviest burdens to carry. License at 16.

somewhere I lost my ability to cry to release my

Graduate at 18. University degree. Love. Marriage.

grief. It builds within causing pressure and

Honeymoon. Immaculate home with a white picket

constraints within my life.

fence. 2 children. High paying job. Et cetera. Et cetera. Pretty sure I had broken a handful of those

The other day I stood at the graves of my

societal norms/expectations before I hit the age

grandparents. Being in this spot brought me a

of 20.

connecting point to the memories of who they were, their love, support, wisdom...and I fell to

I quit defining success based on job titles,

their headstone and wept. I ugly cried. No, I ooglay

popularity and bank statements. I've met many

cried. You know that cry - the one that comes

people who are business owners, people with all

from the very depth of your soul with gutterul

the toys and gadgets and people with

wails, and waves upon waves of grief fell to their

overabundance and they were absolutely

resting place. I left there feeling lighter and utterly

miserable, bitter and, honestly, hateful - nothing

exhausted, we fought wars and, even in death,

and no one was good enough. To me, success is

they helped me become a quitter.

walking through the valleys, the fires, the storms, the moments that are complete hell on earth still

Simply put, friends, walk with joy, allow life to

feeling and knowing peace. Some people find that

happen (regardless of how you think it should

in a higher power. I find that peace in knowing

happen) and just roll with it, baby. Easy to put it on

that the universe has this whole thing figured out -

paper, much more difficult to put it to practice but

regardless of what is happening in the tiny bubble

it is important for me to, each day, to do my best

that surrounds my life.

to do just that. Remember practice doesn't make perfect; it makes better. I hope you find some

The biggest thing I'm trying to quit, and the hardest

things you need to quit as well - things that are

to do so far, is trying to quit carrying things that I

just too heavy to continue carrying.

have or had no control over and to quit carrying the grief they brought with them.

There's great freedom in the letting the quitting.

Ang MacDonald is a wife, mother and grandma. You may remember her in such roles as “Sorry, we’re restructuring”, “Welcome to your summers off”, and “Gilmore Girls – the real life edition”. Known for announcing “Plot twist” more than she would care to, Ang has found her life building a throne out of the brick’s life has thrown her way. Growing up north of Prince Albert, she has nurtured a love of the outdoors, adventure and wide-open spaces. Ang feels most at home outdoors or snuggled into the sanctuary of the home she shares with her husband and their blended family. She has grown through life looking through a camera lens, with pen and paper in hand and her heart on her sleeve…


Take back the "F" in Fashion By Style Muse: Megs Aylward

The fashion revolution is now.

If 2020 has

taught us anything it is that great change is needed in every corner. Mother Earth really is in need of some great love. This breaks my heart to admit but, fashion is one of the worst contributors to this problem. People have gotten too cozy with the idea that clothing should be cheap and changed out with every new moon. Sadly, this has destroyed our environment and our minds creating a “I need it now!” and “I want all of it now!” attitude. Trends changing every year adds the pressure to stay on top of it so you aren’t caught looking out of style. I myself struggle with this consumerism programming daily but the mindset shift to investment vs. disposable is the key component.

True fashion isn’t about trends at all and never really has been. The goal to obtain in our wardrobe is our own fashion style identity. Style is timeless, unique to an individual, and can be worn for decades to come while integrating and changing the odd garment as life and the times call for it.

Thankfully, there are so many positive shifts happening on a grand scale in the industry. Some are improved sustainable practices for making new pieces, more reworking of vintage clothing, and of course thrift shopping also coined as a thrifting.

Photo taken: Boondock Flower Farm


We have been brainwashed to think if it’s not new then it’s not “in” or “relevant”.

photo credit: McDermott images tye-dye t-shirt by: Molly Gang Collective Molly Gang uses uses new and repurposed clothing for their tye-dye collections and a portion of their sales is donated to spread awareness to youth about safe drug use and alternatives

Thrifting is the most affordable way to buy “new”

Tye dye is melting its way around too. This might

clothes. We have been brainwashed to think if it’s

be the easiest trend to recreate in our own way.

not new then it’s not “in” or “relevant”. I am here to

Taking an old loved neutral and doing a little home

say it actually might be the most artistic and “cool”

reno to it yourself is fun and easy. Plus, if you have

option. The great things about trends are that the

some kiddos in your life, they will love it too. Using

same ones come and go over and over again with

natural dyes are easy for fall too and the internet

just slight variations and maybe a decade or two

is full of fruit and vegetable dyes ideas. I tried this

in between. An example of this is blazers yo-yo in

last year with turmeric and got the most beautiful

the fashion world. Sometimes they have shoulder

golden yellow. If you’re more of a no fuss no muss

pads and, some years they do not. They have

clothing connoisseur than thrifting is another great

been found to be cropped and the next year hip

option with the late 60s and 70s being full of

length. Great news is if you found a great vintage

beautiful original tye dye pieces of art. The 90’s

or second hand one from the 80’s, 90’s, or early

also had a bit of a phase as well if you want

2000’s, they are affordable, unique, and the

something less retro.

shoulder pads can easily be altered seamlessly and still cost less than buying a new one.


A hot trend this fall is wearing lace slips. We are talking your grannies 1930’s unmentionables. These can be found in every major boutique. A lot of brands are including a skirt version that looks delightful with a sweater and a little French tuck. If we are taking the sustainable route and paying homage to the era, these stunning slips can be found at most vintage stores. As I have said before clothes were made so much better back in the day. The textiles were for the most part made of real fibres with quality controls that have stood the test of time. The bias cut, which is what most of the slips are shaped as, is one of the more flattering cuts for most female figures. These also look lovely with a heavier crop knit sweater over top. The contrast of the two different weights of fabric adds dimension and a little bit of drama to the outfit. While on dresses 70’s patterned long sleeved maxi dresses might be the number one item you want in your closet which is another great one to find at your local second hand, consignment, or vintage store.

If there was ever a time to throw the whole rulebook out the window it is 2020. Seriously, wear white all year if it makes your heart sing and dance. Maybe, bring back the roaring 20’s flapper look. The sky is the limit. Most importantly less is more and creating your own you in your wardrobe

Photography: Tammy Zdunich

should always be the focus.

Megs is an eclectic and eccentric fashion enthusiast with both city and country roots, wanderlust feet, a tastemaker heart, and a bohemian soul. She believes we are all blank canvases ready to be decorated everyday and express how we are feeling without words but through our wardrobes. Her calling is in educating women of all ages how to dress their figure based on individual body shape, coloring, lifestyle and personality while uncovering their own style or “inner muse”. She is the creator, fashion stylist, wardrobe advisor, and a freelance style writer at Miss Nicks and Muse Collective, board member and blogger for Saskatchewan Fashion and Design Festival (SFDF), and member of SFA (Canada’s first Fashion Association)

Instagram: @missnicksandmuse Facebook: Miss Nicks and Muse Collective



In anticipation of my move, today, I went to my bookcases that host my library of books I have acquired over the course of a full adulthood. From the time I was a young girl, I cherished books, and while I have not kept every book, I ever bought there are some that I have always packed around. Some from when I was as young as 15 and 16. So over 50 years I have kept these treasures close to me, through 26 moves over 40 years. The collection keeps growing. Those that have meaning, and tell a great story are books I have chosen to keep with me. My memories take me back to myself as a young girl, maybe 10 or 11. I was in some museum, or old home that had this amazing library. Floor to high 16-foot ceiling beautiful dark wood, filled with books from all over. It had the library ladders with the wheels, set in rails with channels that allowed those ladders to be moved anywhere along the walls to make it efficient to reach those high shelves. It was a beautiful, luxurious feeling room, complete with brick fireplace, reading lamps, and those big oomphy , over-stuffed couches and chairs, covered in library red leather upholstery, with brass nails around the wood faces in the arm and back supports, and the curved, and beautifully carved wood legs. The smell was heavenly, with the fragrance of many years of cherry smoke from a pipe. There were high windows, that filtered in soft light. I remember saying to myself, if not out loud, that I wanted a library in my house just like it one day. And so, I accumulated, and accumulated those books that told so many wonderful stories, and took me to so many amazing places, captivated by the pictures in my mind.

They became a part of me, and this longforgotten story of the library my little child wanted. The memory etched in the background recesses has stuck with me all these years. So here I am, approaching my twilight years, and I still have these books, and not the library. Oh I have a wall of books, no doubt! But not that visual my little child dreamed of having one day. And you know, I have realized that I have changed. That those books don’t need to be with me any longer. Some of them were just a beautiful escape from a sad, abused life. Some were to honor my Mother and my Dad. Some to honor the history of my personal education. All of them had meaning. As I took each book off the shelf, I embraced the memory I had with the story, touched each of them, and remembered why they were important to me at the time, and why I had chosen to keep them for so long. Giving them the dignity they deserved, I gently placed them in their new temporary home, an ordinary moving box. And now, these beautiful hard-covered books are in boxes, ready and waiting for someone else to get lost in the beautiful stories, and embrace the carefully celebrated bindings and covers that hold the pages to be turned with fingers anticipating the next best parts. Pristine and still perfect. There is no telling where they will end up. Those wonderful books are not the story of my life, but more the story of how I survived that life. The escape to safety, through the magic of the written word. There is such beauty in holding a book that has touched the heart of another. May they rest happily in loving hands for many years to come.

Wendy Collum is a pleasure writer and blogger. She is a seeker of truth with a passion for photography, the spiritual realm and the culinary arts. Her love for Mother Nature and the ocean are drawing her to the beautiful Vancouver Island, where she plans to move shortly. Her life experienced and back ground in the counseling field make her a trusted friend and confidant, always willing to help others become their best possible selves

A TRIP WE ALL TAKE The very first flight I took was to Japan. I was on a Lion’s Club Youth Exchange and prior to me leaving – the Lions had sent me some Japanese phrases, recommending that I learn some of them so as to assist in my communication and enjoyment. There were phrases like ‘Kore o dozo’ (this is for you),‘Watashi wa

insert last name

, Insert first name

sen’ (my

name is Lorna Boryski), but the one that I found the most interesting was ‘Benjo wa doko desuka’ (Where is the Bathroom?). In my teenage mind, I felt that this was possibly the most important phrase that I would need to learn. Much to my dismay, when I used it, the actual translation was “Where is the outhouse” of which they no longer had except in remote areas of the mountains. After a few laughs and a little embarrassment, I learned that the indoor water closets were known as toire, so the phrase should have been ‘toire wa doko desuka’. So I would like to take you on a trip. One that each and every one of us have in common and would like to go on daily. Not only do we have it in common with each other – but with every living creature on this planet that we call earth. Read on and I will take you on a trip to the Bathroom.

If we do not do it, we will die. We can put it off – but not indefinitely. We do it in many different locations, and positions and some of us have strange and/or practical rituals that surround it. No matter where or how you go – inevitably at some point you will have to “GO!”!! I have explored and researched bathrooms all around this fine globe, and find it quite interesting that it is something that all of us do – but very few ever talk about. It is something that we “do in private” and “behind closed doors”, yet everyone knows we are doing it so what is the big deal?! Some interesting stats are continually being collected about going to the bathroom. Out of over a million people asked - here are some of the results. 31% of you inspect the bowl before flushing 40% of you fold your paper, 60% simply crumple it. 29% of you read in the bathroom whenever possible, and 41% of you have eaten while going. 79% of you avoid pooping in public washrooms if someone else is there, and 23% of you never wipe the seat before sitting.

If you are going to be travelling to foreign countries you need to know what signs to look for that indicate restrooms, some are fairly universal, but some are Not…..sometimes you need to use your imagination!! And when asking directions – sign language always works however, I still like to be able to ask where the bathroom is no matter where I am.


Where is the Bathroom? Spanish: Donde esta el bano? Japanese: Toire wa doko desku? Indonesian: Di mana kamar mandinya? French: OĂš sont les toilettes ? Thai: Haawng naam ? Swedish: var ar toaletten? Vietnamese: nha ve sinh o dau?


Hotel washrooms around the world are all quite similar, although some are better equipped than others. In Asia it isn’t uncommon for the shower to simply be a part of the room with no clear division of the floor, wall or even a curtain. You have to watch where you set the TP so it doesn’t get wet while showering. The smallest bathroom we have ever seen was in a little Boutique Hotel in Dublin. The Fanciest, probably in a Hotel in downtown Ho Chi Minh City., and a Rock Star shower in Panama. Our first open air (no roof), we experienced in Thailand and then again on Phu Quoc Island. Once you get out into the public areas that things may get a bit strange….. In India for example, along the sidewalks there were privacy stalls where the men were able to relieve themselves – they were not plumbed, or if they were, the plumbing was old and no longer functioned. The urine ran across the sidewalk into the gutters of the street, the smell was atrocious, and we soon learned to watch for and avoid the ‘wet spots’ on the sidewalk. When heading out into the countryside, you would see people squatting out in the fields going #2. These excrements were later ‘harvested’ and mixed with straw to make cakes used for fire fuel. In France along the highway, the truck stops have Asian style (squat) toilets that flush water over the entire floor once you are complete, or even if you are not. I had to make a quick exit as water came rushing into the stall and my shoes. In Vietnam we experienced our first ‘Smart Toilet’. It is a portable unit that is completely self-contained and self-

"We soon learned to watch for and avoid the ‘wet spots’ on the sidewalk."

cleaning. You walk in and the door closes automatically behind you, do your business, come out and then you hear the unit going to work. High pressure, sanitized water sprays down the entire inside of the unit, preparing it for the next occupant. Amazing!!

My first ‘Privacy’ washroom was in the Singapore Airport.

The largest would have to be the ones at a concert hall in

It was equipped with a selection of music and nature

Thailand...urinals as far as the eye could see!

sounds to distract from the sound of you ‘tinkling or the sound of a poop either escaping your butt or the plop of

From the putrid sidewalk stalls of India to the fully

it hitting the water’. It was also equipped with a spray of

automated, stainless, sanitized unit in Vietnam, we have

air freshener should you need further camouflage of what

witnessed many sides of the spectrum of obscurity,

you were doing.

cleanliness, and convenience.

In Japan there are toilets that reuse the water from the

Sometimes, you just must make do with or wherever you

sink to flush and most have soft, heated seats, some have

can. Going in the ditch roadside in Costa Rica, behind a

both front and back bidet features and many that lift and

plastic bag barrier in Mexico or on a 5-gallon pail in

lower the seat at the press of a button.

Alberta. It is not always glamorous but is always necessary. But it is always good to do a bit of an

The most famous washroom I have ever been in would be

inspection before sitting. Sometimes little critters like to

the Men’s at the Philharmonic in Liverpool and the most

hide in the darndest places!!

‘Story worthy’ was on a train from Mumbai to Goa that is open onto the tracks - you are asked not to ‘go’ while

Illegal – yup!! In some places it is!!

sitting at a station - and a newborn infant (born into the

Legislated in Saskatoon by bylaw #8354 -The Public

toilet and fell through onto the train tracks) found on this

Spitting, Urination and Defecation Prohibition Bylaw,

route only days prior to us travelling on it.

2004. $100 fine and up to 30 days in jail if not paid. The fine is reduced to $75 if paid within 75 days.

Men's Washroom at the "Philharmonic" in Liverpool

In Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, things are a little more serious. As stated in “The Bylaw of The City of Prince Albert to regulate, control and prohibit Public Spitting, Urination and Defecation. #7 of 2007” States that - “No person shall defecate or urinate in public or any private property or in a public place. $100 fine upon receipt, and liable to a fine of not more than $2000. Up to 90 days imprisonment if not paid. If they cannot charge you for the ‘act’. But you littered in doing so, Sask L-22 of the Litter Control Act has a fine of up to $200 for your first offence, $500 for subsequent offences and up to 2 months imprisonment. Should you end up in prison they still have to accommodate you with a place to do your business. Contrary to what your Mother or swimming instructor told you – there is no added agent available to put in pools to detect urine. It can be done – but it cannot seclude only the organic compounds of urine and no other substances found regularly in pools. If there were – there would inevitably be splashes of color surrounding the pool bars at all-inclusive resorts. There are also many novelty items surrounding bathrooms, we witnessed one as is a water fountain in San Francisco and saw them being recycled into plant pots in Vietnam. No matter where you travel, wherever you may ‘go’, it is a known fact that sooner or later – whether you want to or not, you will have to. I hope you have been entertained by joining me on this trip to some bathrooms of the world with me. You never know where you will end up with “The Travelling Gypsy”!! Safe travels all. Lorna -47-

Lorna Boryski lives on a farm with her husband Ted and dogs, Biggar and Siyah near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She is a true Lover of People, and the Adventure that is Life. She says, “I have sat through leg numbing tea ceremonies, 100 man acapella humming concerts, Buddhist weddings in 40C heat and no A/C. I have been robbed, missed flights, and have survived some of the worst 'bathrooms' and 'hotels' in the world, yet I have never had a bad vacation.” Whether it be traipsing through a tropical jungle at sea level or hiking 4000m high in the Andes, Lorna always tries to admire and understand her fellow beings for who they are and what they stand for.


LET YOUR CREATIVITY SPARKLE AND SING Dearest reader’s! Let yourself be inspired by the life you have created for yourself and towards all your future holds for you. Be the balance that you seek in life and accept all life has to offer. Let these amazing tree of life paintings be an inspiration in your life. To remember the beauty of summer and all its joys as the season turns to Fall. It has been a lovely summer, a favorite season for me, with much accomplished and much left to accomplish in the next. We have planted trees in our yard this year. Elm, Linden and Ash and it feels like we are planting hope, securing a future. Something lovely, we need it, always and now. I see in my mind’s eye the trees they will be long after I am gone and wonder who then will sit under their leafy expanse. We need this in these strange times we find ourselves in. The constant in this world is change, we can count on it and although trees also change, trees are a symbol for security, stability and groundedness; a symbol for life itself. Trees bring life, sustain our lives and living.

POSTMODERN PAINTING. Stella paintalternately night evening. paints in oil and watercolor

Thank you Heather,Shan,Shannon,Arlene, Jocelina, Annete, Candis, Shelby, Kyla and Shannon

The Tree of life on this cover started with a An invitation to paint with 10 amazing Women. Congratulations everyone! And I mean that! For taking time to paint, taking time for yourself, taking time for an evening in good company. Yes, for taking time outside our everyday rushing around and busyness. For sharing good food and filling our glasses with wine and loading our brushes with color, sharing in an evening filled with creative adventure. Eleven amazing paintings emerged, and our Shannon Kelly casually commented: “This could be our next cover, just saying” …and those words would not leave my mind! So, Earth “Elemental”, the planned cover for this coming issue will follow in the new year! It is making space, for the tree of Life! I felt so happy and inspired by these women, that I felt I wanted to share their creations in this magazine with all the readers. Like a patchwork quilt of paintings. Each tree of life painting in its own unique style! We reveal so much in the paintings we create and discover the joy of creativity in the process. Congratulations to each one of you, for the beautiful painting you created and for taking time out of your busy lives to come together to create and paint ! Dearest readers: Let yourself be inspired! Birgit Raduenz


Fin d Y ou r W Joi ild n t he Ca ra va n

e s a Ple le c y Rec

Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram @thevintagegypsymag or visit us at Photo Credit: KMP Photography This beautiful Mag was printed by Rhonda at PA Fast Print

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