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Exclusive Interview with Heidi Munro


FALL into Harmony

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The Traveling Gypsy

What's on Your Bucket List?

Ivalaine's Tarotscope 4th Quarter

Cover Art by Birgit Raduenz Subscribe @


This year the Vintage Gypsy magazine covers are about a journey through time: our lifetime. A pregnant woman for the winter issue ...a life to come. Two exuberant children in play for the spring issue ...spring is all about growth. Women gather to enjoy each other’s company camping and canoeing for the summer issue ... the middle of life enjoying more confidence and reaching out to share with others. And for the last issue in 2019, the fall issue, lovely older ladies sipping tea outside in fall, looking with confidence to the future ( in the tea leaves ) with laughter and twinkles in their eyes! They have become old and wise. They know that even if faced with hardship and adversity, a positive attitude, confidence in oneself and friends and family to share with will keep them well. Can you feel the joy of friendship and kinship I painted in each of the faces in this painting? May that joy be with you this fall and all throughout the year to come! Best wishes this fall! -Birgit


Love Note

May you embrace the Fall and Learn to Let go.......

Our Cover Story

From a very early age I was drawn to shape, form, fold, draw, paint. To just create. Music moves me. Putting feelings, thoughts, and ideas into form “that’s me Finxi”

Art By; Birgit Raduenz

I hope this October Issue finds you digging and dreaming deep, wide and vast and learning to let go. The leaves have fallen to the ground reminding us that there is something very beautiful about learning to let go. Our roots are strong and connected to the earth. It is a time to sink into that knowing and dream big about the future with the understanding that we are held safely in divine sacredness. The time has flown by so fast; I can hardly believe that another year has almost passed. In January I wrote about choosing a word to carry you through the year. I chose the word FAITH. I have kept that word near and dear to my heart throughout the year and it has given me a sense of peace as I traveled through the rivers and valleys that this year has been. I am forever grateful for each adventure and choose to have faith that I am on the path of my heart.

The end of the year is sneaking in very quickly and I find myself evaluating all that I wanted to accomplish this year and what I still need to do. With FAITH on my side I am still dreaming big and taking inspired action. There are a lot of changes coming for the Vintage Gypsy Magazine in the following months,all of which will be implemented before our January 2020 Edition: New and more affordable options for advertising, New and improved digital reading capabilities, New writing programs and A very special project I am working on (I can’t share the details just yet). Enjoy the Fall my friends and I hope you are as excited as I am about the coming year. STAY WILD!!!

Shannon Kelly is the Chief Editor and creator of the "Vintage Gypsy" Mag. She is a storyteller, a community builder and a humanitarian. She believes that we all have a story to tell and that each story is unique and important. check out the full story

Exploring light and shadow in drawing and paint. Working visually with the concept of luminescence, glowing light, visually creating space and light. I love bright colors, details, patterns, ancient, fanciful & whimsical. I work with Clay, paper, paint, pencil and more, I'm always willing to try a new medium. I have come to realize that the process is an important part in creating art. My inspiration comes from Nature, Music, Dancing and Yoga, meditati on, mythology and stories, Celtic art (its designs and spirituality), and being with family and friends (2 and 4 legged). Finxi comes from the Latin words meaning to shape, or form.


In This Edition Intentional You The Divine Feminine is Calling you Home Coach Jennifer 6

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Ivalaines 3rd Quarter 10 Falling into Harmony with Style Muse Megs 14 Mother Earth by: Arlene 18

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Virago the Warrior 24 Music, Life & Passion Exclusive Interview with Heidi 29 YaYa Sisterhood by: Ang 35


Just Around the Corner with Doc 38 Blurred Lines with Natasha 39 Lipstick, Pants, & Comfort Zones by: Dawn 44 The Traveling Gypsy What's on Your Bucket 50


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THE TIME IS NOW Are you Ready to Accept your Calling?

Fall, although seems like a time to rest and

our lives. We each have a circle of influence,

reap the benefits of the harvest, it is also a

grow your circles, invite more in. Spread

time for deliberate and intentional renewal.

your wings and your words to have an even greater impact than you are having now.

As this world continues to shift you will start

This is not a time to second guess yourself.

noticing palpable messages coming to you.

You may have doubts, but now is not a time

Many of you will have been feeling this for

for fucking doubts, now is a time of

maybe a decade now, maybe a few years and

courageous action. Now is a time for you to

maybe a few months. You will start feeling

conjure the spirit within you and unleash

more and more restless and being drawn to

her. Now is a time to heal the divine

action. There is a rebalancing of energy

feminine and divine masculine within each of

required in this world and lovely gypsies you

you and step forward whole and healed to

are being called to go first. You are being

teach others to do the same.

asked to use your voice, to use your gifts to use your abilities of creating community to

The world is in global crisis, the wounded

shift this energy in the world.

masculine is trying to find its place in the world through what it does best, spreading

The shift has already started, I know you can

fear, conquering nations and banging on

feel it within you. Check in with yourself

their chests. The wounded feminine is

right now, feel it, let it course through your

struggling to be heard, screaming to be seen

veins. Is it strong or is it just a whisper

and gasping for air.

within you? Notice this energy that is wanting to be unleashed within you, that

It is time to heal the woundedness within

wants to be born through you, that wants to

each of us knowing that this is absolutely

be spoken from you.

what is needed right now.

Are you ready to accept your calling?

Think about what happens if we do not rise up as healed women. The wounded

You, the gypsy souls, the ones connected to

masculine gets conquered by the wounded

the earth energy, you are the leaders, The

feminine. If we continue down this path

Divine Feminine is calling you home, it is

Mother Nature will rise up and destroy

time. It is time to start your work if you

because she has fucking had enough of this

have not yet, it is time to step it up if you

shit. She is restless, she is lashing out, she is

have started. The shifts that I see coming

warning us that she is almost out of

are all about relationships and community,


coming back to what is truly important in 7

You know what to do.

You are here, this is your work, it is time to

The first step is always the hardest, but

rise up, to stand taller, to stretch further and

motion, my love, is the only thing that gets

extend your circle of influence as healed

this going. The second step is just as hard,

women in a world that is begging for your

but soon you are running forward. Keep

gifts, for your healing and for you to be the

running, keep teaching others to run. And as

example of what is possible.

you run remember to fuel yourselves, to fill

your cup to keep up with your own practices

If it is not you, then who will rise up?

because you cannot do your work if you are sick, you cannot share your gifts if you have

If it is not now, then when will this be done…

nothing to give, you cannot have an impact if you are wounded. Lean on your sisters,

You my beautiful friend are a leader and

hydrate yourselves, nourish yourselves, fill

leaders go first.

your minds with positivity, move your beautiful bodies and rest when you need

You know what to do

rest. You are not in this movement alone; we

It is time

all have to play our part. We are one drop in a wave. This wave is in the middle of the ocean and without each one of us, with out our collective of gifts there is no wave; so never underestimate the importance of your gifts. We are all saying similar messages as we are being fed from the collective energy. This isn’t a time for comparison, this isn’t a time for doubt!

Jennifer Ehrmantraut is edgy, funny, and a little sweary. With over 20 years of leadership in public and private organizations, she climbed the corporate ladder to discover her passion in coaching and leadership development. She is a professional accountant by trade and an inspirer of intentional joy by passion. Her biggest lesson has been that when we lose the connection to ourselves then we can no longer connect with others. In finding her connection to herself again, Jennifer is redefining what success looks like through her company, Intentional You. There, she challenges individuals to question their stories, their capabilities, and their judgments of themselves, to give them the platform to jump beyond what they thought was possible.






March 21 - April 19 Theme for the Quarter - “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” - Rumi Keep a cool head in October as we enter harvest. Your tendency to forge ahead will burn you when you really need to step back and be a touch more analytical in your approach. November offers an opportunity to see how strong you are! Be open to tasks and activities the encourage this inner resilience. In December see how you might incorporate your opposites more into your life fire and water can produce wonderful steam and oil and vinegar can blend into a lovely salad! Enjoy the process!



April 20 - May 20 Theme for the Quarter - “The moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibility lies with you." - J. K. Rowling Stay true to your cause in October, it is important to have goals and to champion them yourself. Ensure you take time to enjoy some friend time in November. As important as it is to stay on top of your responsibilities, you can't accomplish anything on empty. socializing with friends will help fill your cup. In december, spend some time connecting more deeply with your intuition. not evertything is as it seems. trust yourself.


May 21 - June 20

June 21- July 22

Theme for the Quarter - "Even the sun directs our gaze away from itself and to the life illumined by it." - Eberhard Arnold

Theme for the Quarter - "Someday is not a day of the week." - Denise Brennan-Nelson

Determine how helping yourself can help others in october. Harvest is a good time to see what you've reaped and have to share with the world. November asks that you evaluate where you are at. what have been your successes and your failures. how can you improve? In December, consider taking a chance on something but know that some things should be left to fate. Choose wisely.

Ensure that you are being honest this october. Not only with others but also with yourself. As we enter a time of harvest, it is important to assess if your efforts have truly paid off and determine what you need to do to move forward successfully. November brings an opportunity for you to be the alchemist of your life. how can you combine all the elements into a beautiful life? In December you will need to tap into your inner child, your deep well of creativity. unlock your potential!


July 23 - August 22 Theme for the Quarter - "Your Thorns are the best part of you" - Marianne Moore Itt's harvest time! October is the perfect time see how much you have accomplished! You might be feeling comfortable but your work is not yet done. November sees you enjoying some emotional fulfillment but remember that sometimes even the sweetest moments are imperfect. In December, embrace your curious side! Finds ways to be more innovative in your life.


September 23 - October 22


August 23 - September 22 Theme for the Quarter - “Self love is the seed from which inner peace, fulfilment and appreciation blossoms.â€? Rasheed Ogunlaru You might have some financial difficulties in October. Be more cautious with your spending. In November you may encounter, or find yourself embodying, a charismatic leader. remember to hold yourself to high standards. Sometimes charisma isn't all it is cracked up to be, but sometimes it helps to facilitate your goals. December will ask you to get your affairs in order. Responsibilities will be knocking but don't forget to make healthy emotional bonds.


October 23 - November 21

Theme for the Quarter - "The best lightning rod for your protection is your own spine." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Theme for the Quarter - "The real problem is, people think life is a ladder, and it's really a wheel." - charles de lint

Open yourself to new beginnings, new adventures, and new opportunities in October. Step forward into the unknown! Tap into your fertile self in November. Explore the ways in which you create and recognize all the abundance that abounds around you. In December, however, you are going to have to work to find a better work/life balance. All work or all play isn't good for anyone. You need to tip the scales back into balance.

October might be emotionally difficult for you. feeling alone, unsupported, and possibly like you don't matter. you do! don't be so hard on yourself! Sometimes feeling deeply is a curse. November demands you slow down and put in the hard work to achieve your goals. slow and steady will win this race. In December, you will need to tap into your personal reserves and find out how strong you are. all things come in cycles. and this quarter may be more challenging than usual, but you got this! 12


November 22 - December 21 Theme for the Quarter - "When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace. - Unknown Your adventurous self will need to settle down in October. This month you will need to turn your attention inward. spend some time with just yourself. November will bring celebrations of a sort. Plan a party! In December, you will experience a respite of sorts as things settle down around you. Have you noticed a theme here? Stop running this quarter and work on yourself and your relationships. Be still.


January 20 - February 18


December 22 - January 19 Theme for the Quarter - " Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success." - Paul J. Meyer Enjoy October's festivities. Attend a harvest fair, or a fall ball. take your friends and celebrate life! Embody the successful business person in November. You know what you need to do to be successful, but it will also be helpful to be generous with your time and talents. These skills/attributes will also be beneficial in December but you will also have to be supportive of the people who rely on you. Lead well.


February 19 - March 20

Theme for the Quarter - “The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.” William Blake

Theme for the Quarter - “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” —Simone Weil

October is a month for getting things done. Crack the books and learn new things! Consider taking a class, joining a class, or finding a mentor to further your studies. In November, take time to count your blessings. When you honor everything you have, you invite more. as some would say, where you invest your energy is where your growth goes. invest in your blessings. December will bring a new opportunity or an idea for you to foster into awesomeness. Go innovate!

This Quarter may be a tough one for you. You can't swim away from the realities. Spend your money wisely in October or you might find yourself begging for assistance. In November you will feel like you are going it alone. Remember that you are NOT alone but sometimes you have to share that you are in need. People are not mind readers. If you come through October and November in one piece, plan a party in December! it doesn't have to be lavish, but celebrating with friends will help to anchor and replenish you. You are a survivor.

FALLING INTO HARMONY By Style Muse Megs Aylward

In the traditional sense Fall is a season of transition. Animals are collecting and storing their food for the big freeze, days are getting shorter, and hundreds of years ago humans would be slowing down as well. In this modern world we never really do hit the pause button for a season. In fact, I would say Fall is the season that Saskatchewan does best. With the province being agriculturally based, the fields are as colorful as the trees and harvest is in full gear. Saskatoon being a college town there is vibrancy to the city again as the new school year commences and everyone comes back from their adventures afar. So, how do we slow down when there is so much excitement around us? Beret from Bamboo Ballroom in Edmonton,AB


Clothing is one way. It sounds silly but its true. The clothes people wear take on a persona of their own and with that comes feelings and emotions. However, in today’s world we are experiencing an influx of busyness when we should be slowing down; it helps to purchase a few new items in your closet. Remember that feeling when your mom took you to purchase your back to school outfit. Maybe, it was going through an old Sears catalog and picking out what you wanted. In today’s world its probably going through online websites to get inspired. My family was not originally from where I grew up so we would spend summers in a different province. This made that first school day outfit that much more thought out. How did I change over the summer? Who did I want to be that year?

Hat: Cassie Danielle Designs Earrings: Freelovefeathers Tank: Cody & Sioux in Calgary,AB


For the adult, it is more what feeling I want to encourage or inhibit for this season. With all the beautiful warm hues that come with Autumn there are so many directions you can go. Colors represent so much that aren’t always seen to the naked eye but truly can change your mood when in the presence of them. During the day, popular colors of the season like saffron, pumpkin, or vibrant pinks should be worn to keep that boost alive. Evenings, shades like lavender, olive, and pistachio (very similar to sage) should be worn. These are colors that are on trend and create a calming effect when worn. Any shade of green should be worn when needing to feel quiet, reflective, and in harmony. Lavender is considered a sacred color in nature with ties to beauty and femininity which generally are more refined making them great for relaxation. The shade of green, Olive, means peace. This is again best worn in autumn creating inner peace within the chaos. When it comes to the color wheel Lavender tends to fall in the Spring Color Wheel and Olive runs in the Fall Color wheel. Fall and Spring colors don’t usually combine when testing a person’s Best Colors so this year we are fortunate there are options of shades for everyone based on your skin tone and coloring.

Thankfully, no matter what year or decade we are in Fall Trends have always had a cozy feeling to them partly due to the weather getting colder. Loose clothing brings relaxation and warmth which is important in this season. This year we are adding bell bottoms into the mix again which truly are the most flattering fit for majority of body types and since they flow away from the body add that feeling of tranquility (even if they are tight). If all else fails, they will for surely provoke a groovy carefree self which they were originally designed to do. Ponchos are here to stay which are great in the evening to encourage those Fall feelings and great for layering which is important in our part of the world with the fluctuating temperatures Autumn brings. With the idea of Fall being more of a grounded season it can also be helpful to use your clothing to create some daydreams of places you might be planning to venture to in the upcoming year. Berets are making a huge comeback this season. When wearing a beret, it transports me back to my time I spent in France and the fun adventures I had there. I can smell the café au laits and the pain du chocolat while sitting on a patio taking in the view of the Mediterranean Sea along the Promenade des Anglais. On the brisk grey days of Fall this helps me feel light and fresh again. All in all, what Autumn represents within the season kingdom in 2019, is balance between the adventures and romance of Summer and the long sleep of winter. It’s the dress on the hanger that is more provoking than the knitted little black dress but still more classic and timeless than the crop top and maxi skirt trend.

Jewlery:Oneiro Designs in Saskatoon

Megs is an eclectic and eccentric fashion enthusiast with both city and country roots, wanderlust feet, a tastemaker heart, and a bohemian soul. She believes we are all blank canvases ready to be decorated everyday and express how we are feeling without words but through our wardrobes. Her calling is in educating women of all ages how to dress their figure based on individual body shape, coloring, lifestyle and personality while uncovering their own style or “inner muse”. She is the creator, fashion stylist, wardrobe advisor, and a freelance style writer at Miss Nicks and Muse Collective, board member and blogger for Saskatchewan Fashion and Design Festival (SFDF).

All Photography: Darbarelli Media

This Journey Begins on the New Moon October 28th


ss A d

Embrace Your Inner Goddess Ditch Your Fear, Guilt and Shame to Live a life Unapologetically Inspired by Joy and Passion I invite you my sweet soul sister, to join me on a 90 day adventure to find and embrace a new and powerful YOU!!!

MOTHER EARTH It appears we are living at a crossroads on this planet we call our Mother Earth. Those of us living in Canada are blessed. Others on the planet are not so blessed. I fear our comfortable circumstances in Canada have led us to take the fortunes we have for granted. Many nations are declaring a climate crisis as we speak, no longer considering the term “climate change� to capture the meaning of what our earth is now experiencing. Living in Saskatchewan presents two conflicting realities. Reality one: We live in a spacious country where the people are very spread out. Getting food to everyone is a challenge. Getting around is a challenge. Travel is a necessary condition of living here. Not long ago, before there were motorized vehicles, people had to live and survive based on the resources in their own local regions. What they could grow, hunt or cook and share amongst themselves defined what was accessible. Since having planes, boats, trains and automobiles we have the luxury of having access to many more things. Some things are necessary, some are not necessary, and some have come to be defined as necessary even if they really are not. This results in a large number of semi trucks, which require fuel, to transport these goods. We live in a very commercialized world, and many jobs depend on the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of this stuff. Trucking is currently a central feature of our economy. We also live in a cold environment and require our houses to have power and energy. Many of us have to travel by some mode of transportation to get to our jobs, to stores and all the other places we go. Some of us are also fortunate enough to travel to see other places and visit family and friends. All these things involving the need for fuel are costing our environment; however, because we have a relatively small

population spread over a vast area Canada contributes a relatively small amount to overall global pollution. According to 2015 statistics Canada’s contribution to overall worldwide carbon dioxide emission from fuel combustion is 2%, while China contributes 28% and the United States contributes 15%. Our current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has enforced a carbon tax with the aim of reducing our fuel emissions. Economists, William Nordaus and Paul Romer, won the 2018 Nobel Prize for their economic theory promoting the use of a carbon tax. Their idea suggests a carbon tax can discourage the use of fossil fuels and make people pay for the consequences of their actions. Terence Corcoran of the Financial Post (May 25, 2019) explains why the carbon tax does not work for Canada because it has not been implemented according to the plan presented by Nordaus and Romer. In order to succeed the plan requires all major trading partner countries to sign a carbon tax treaty. Imposing such a tax on a few provinces in Canada does not work. Fuel consumption will not see a significant decline as a result of a carbon tax, considering our whole economy relies on the movement of goods and services with the use of fuel, and this plan has not been engaged in as directed involving other countries.


In addition, many Canadians are attempting to do their part for the environment through recycling. Unfortunately, most plastics sent for recycling are actually ending up in the trash. There is not enough capacity to recycle all the plastics being used. According to Geyer, Jambeck and Law in an article entitled “Production, Use and Fate of All Plastics Ever Made (Science Advances, July 2017), only 9% of all plastics are recycled and 91% ends up in the trash or incinerated. We have many people on the planet trying to warn humans of the dangers of our overconsumption and overuse of plastics. Greta Thunberg is a climate activist educating people around the world on the climate crisis. 4Ocean is an organization working to clean up the oceans and dealing with the overwhelming amount of sea pollution.


outline the consequences of the current climate crisis. Global warming is affecting the earth with rising sea levels, more damaging forest fires and hurricanes, extreme weather events such as flooding, heat waves and droughts, destruction of the marine ecosystem, loss of clean ground water, loss of food supply and severe losses of animal species, just to name a few.

My daughter tells me she and her friends (young adults) are very concerned where their world is going in terms of the current climate crisis. Young people ought to be concerned because it does not look good. This brings me to the other reality.

There are voices out there in the world wanting to be heard, trying to get our attention before it is too late. These voices are falling on deaf ears in many cases due to the reality of our current state. The planet is overpopulated, over reliant on commercial goods and often unwilling to change. How do we suddenly stop using fossil fuels or live without plastic? We would have to cut off the gas supply which heats many of our homes, and brings us necessities, as well as all the things we just want but do not really need. We would not be able to fly in airplanes (a major source of air pollution). The good news is there are people working to supply alternatives to the use of fossil fuels and plastics.

Reality Two: The Union of Concerned Scientists is a U.S. based nonprofit group of approximately 250 scientists dedicated to addressing the planets most pressing problems. They

Unfortunately, Mother Earth will not be able to continue to sustain us. The decision will be made for us. Something is going to give. Our children, or for sure our children’s children, will be faced with a severe correction on this

on this planet. Humans created a world of convenience and thought it was progress, although this way of living really was devastating for the planet. The Union of Concerned Scientists website tells us “we have reached a tipping point on climate action-Scientists say we have roughly one decade left to avoid the most severe consequences of climate change”. The world has a growing number of climate refugees. There are people forced from their homes due to the changing climate and severe weather conditions all over the planet. A recent example is a small town in the UK, Fairborne, which may soon be removed off the map by the rising ocean levels (Thomas Page, CNN, June 9, 2019). What now: The climate crisis needs to become a priority for our governments, our media, and our educators. Those trying to have a voice on this issue need to be given some attention. Let’s listen to them. It has become important for us to no longer ignore the climate issues. We need to pay attention to the news and to what is happening in the world around us. Pretending everything is okay is not a realistic option. Those lobbying to save the planet need our support.

There are resources for learning. The Weather Network’s website lists some of these resources, including Canada’s Changing Climate Report” put out by the Government of Canada. The United Nations has a UN Environment website, and the World Health Organization has factsheets online. Our Prime Minister has just recently announced a ban on single use plastics, which will force Canadians to find alternatives. We will have to stop using disposable water bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, laundry bottles, plastic shopping bags and tetra packs (lined with plastic), etc. There are other choices available. For example, beeswax sheets are now available to use instead of plastic wrap. On a larger scale for industries, solar power and wind power are becoming viable alternatives for energy. Electric cars are being promoted as well; however, there appears to be a need for improvement with these vehicles. Currently the batteries used to power these cars are not good for the environment. Child labour is used in the Congo to mine the needed material for the batteries and they are damaging if disposed (“Amnesty Challenges Industry Leaders to Clean Up Their Batteries”, Amnesty International, March 21, 2019). Deep sea mining has also been considered as an option for obtaining the

minerals needed for electric vehicles which has been shown to be toxic to marine life (“Electric Car Batteries Damaging to the Environment”, Alice Tidey, Euronews, March 21, 2019). Despite our efforts as Canadians to make better choices, the world needs the major polluting countries to make changes. According to Gary Fuller with the Guardian (March 14, 2019), China has made major strides in the last four years to reduce emissions. Unfortunately, emissions have been moving in the wrong direction in many countries, likely due to the growing population on the planet, and because as the planet weather changes people are using more energy to cope (air conditioning, heating, vehicles, cooking fuels, etc.). So here we are at this point where we want to carry on as normal, but this ‘normal’ can no longer be sustained.

Arlene Burke loves nature, and spends as much time outdoors as possible. She is a lover of music, is passionate about cooking and appreciates the arts. Now that her children are grown, Arlene travels as much as possible. She is realizing the importance of doing this travel in a more careful way to leave less of a carbon footprint. Arlene enjoys learning and has followed this path her entire life, which has also involved much moving around the country. After obtaining her degrees she worked as a sessional lecturer at the University of Manitoba in Foods and Nutrition. While raising her children she earned a Social Work degree and moved to Prince Albert, SK. , to work both in Social Services and Probation. Now she is enjoying an early retirement, and is continuing on this journey by learning to have gratitude for all the wonders the universe as to offer.


d l i u B r u o Y e r e H e b i r T We are an ever growing and evolving community of like-minded women who support and promote each other. We believe in inspiring and empowering each other and creating positive change in our communities. You are unique in every sense of the word and we want to support you in cultivating your truth, finding your confidence and giving a unique voice to your business.





-Virago. The Warrior


HOME Amanda Aussant The sound of rain has always been a

For me, home has never been a place on a

comfort to me. At times I feel lost or

map, or any certain building; Home has

perhaps out of place, the rain has always

always been a feeling, something familiar,

made me feel safe and comforted. Even

an awareness. When I was very young, what

now as I write this, I can hear the rain

gave me that feeling was my mother's

hitting the old tin roof of my even older

ornament stand that held all her unicorn

home. The sound renews and cleanses me.

figurines. Wherever we moved, it was one


of the first things set up.


I have lived all over western Canada. I have

have never stayed in one place for a long

lived in the forest, the mountains, and the

time. In my early life, we were always on

prairies. Small towns, cities, and everything

the move, I wouldn’t so much call it

in between. I have lived in tiny tents in the

travelling, as we were always enrolled in

summer, shared space with 8 roommates

school, made friends, and unpacked all our

in large houses, for a brief time, I even lived

boxes. We would stay anywhere from a few

in my car - that story is yet to come.

months to a couple of years. In grade


school there were three separate occasions

As I got older my ideas of what comfort

in which we lived in three different towns

was changed and evolved, home turned

during a single school year. That is nine

into wherever I could see the moon, that

towns, nine moves, and nine new starts in a

was my safe space. The last few years it has

very short time.

evolved further. These days, home is

wherever my husband is. He is now my

Pack the car, pack your bike, or hop a train.

sanctuary, a place to take refuge from all

Grab your favorite people or go alone.

the crazy things, my support system for all I

Dance naked in the rain or under the full

want to do in life.

moon. Embrace your uniqueness, find your

Up until I met my him, everything I owned

home. Ultimately just find your adventure.

fit in my car. I never needed a physical

Life is not guaranteed, and a great life looks

space to feel like I had a home. As I get

different to everyone. Just go for it!

older it is definitely more comfortable, to have 4 walls. The security feels nice after

The rain can sound the same from

many years of nothing guaranteed.

anywhere. On any roof you happen to be

I have always been the girl that could pack

under. It does not mean that you are lost,

up my car, or now my motorbike, and take

maybe it just means you are on an

off on an adventure. Hit the open road with

adventure with zero destination. No matter

zero destination. No set schedule‌. get

what happens there will always be rain,

there exactly when you mean to. Maybe a

and there will always be another full moon.

group of like-minded women would join me, maybe it’s just me and my husband. Some adventures in life I still want to go on solo, and that is ok too. There is nothing wrong with getting to know yourself better at any age. Amanda Aussant is a free spirited wild woman who loves to write about the things that people are scared to talk about. There is nothing taboo with this woman. Life and love or addiction and depression, she covers it all. Her passion in life is to help women get their confidence back and stand in their power. Whether it be through helping tell their story or working with them one on one. Connect with Amanda at





Heidi Munro is most definitely in a very small elite group of performers. She is arguably one of the most incredibly versatile, enduring and hardest working female artists, not only in Saskatchewan but Western Canada. With a working career spanning more than 3 decades, and countless awards and accolades, she has honed her craft as a first class“real and rawâ€?, true to herself vocalist and performer, and continues to push boundaries and surprise us today.As a professional singer and single parent of 3 children, Heidi made the choice stay in Saskatchewan many years ago for her family. Since moving to Saskatoon 5 years ago, she has raised the bar not only for artists as vocalists and performers, but also in self- management, discipline, perseverance, and a true passion for this art that can only be witnessed in her live performance. She continues to surround herself with the best players in the province and create working opportunities for many local and Saskatchewan professional musicians, most recently her collaborative songwriting with Scott Patrick - lead singer and songwriter for the Canadian chart topping country group  Wyatt . With SOLD OUT duo shows and many accolades for their performances together ,they are both very proud of the original material, their sound and stage chemistry. "In the end, it always comes down to the songs and how we reach people."


BACK TO BLACK I must admit that when I received the invitation to meet Heidi, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I should roll out the red carpet or just put on a pot of tea. We sat together in an outdoor haven and became instant friends. We spoke of love and loss and the trials and tribulations of being single mothers and entrepreneurs. I was so pleasantly surprised at how much we had in common and Heidi’s down to earth and humble personality. Heidi Munro is a professional singer/songwriter and single mom of three. Her music career has spanned over three decades and she continues to strive for excellence in her Performances and projects. Her latest project “Back to Black. The Passion of Amy Winehouse” has reached epic proportions and SOLD OUT venues. “This project was over a year in the making,” Heidi shared, “It’s definitely a passion project. Amy had a story to tell and I related to that story. Her career as a woman in this industry was riddled with depression, drugs, and just the pressure to be perfect all the time.”

My hope is to help create an awareness of the impact and relationship between addictions in all forms, domestic abuse, depression, and mental health. The Psychological and physical pressures of pursuing a career in music are rarely discussed or understood, yet judged very harshly in the media, and generally so in the public eye. -Heidi Munro


THE MUSIC Heidi explained that over the course of her 30 years in this industry, she has seen and felt so much pressure to look a certain way and behave a certain way. She’s endured sexual harassment, and less than desirable working environments. She shared stories of her experiences as young as 14 years of age. We chatted about dive bars and other places that she has performed over the years, where undesirable behavior was just the norm. “It’s a tough way to make a living sometimes,” she said, “and there were a lot of tough lessons to be learned however, I would never change it. music makes you feel so deep and think and overthink and question life, love, death, family, friendships, world peace, world turmoil, silence, noise and our mere existence. Through many of life’s major ups and downs it has truly saved me..” “The pressures of always showing up looking and being what your audience expects can really take a toll on a person, it causes stress and wreaks havoc on your self-esteem,” Heidi explained, “You have to always be playing you’re “A” game and sometimes that’s not easy. I’m human just like everyone else. At the end of my workday, I go home and sometimes I find a pile of dog shit on the kitchen floor…lol “


LIFE & PASSION Choosing to stay and pursue her career in Saskatchewan was a choice Heidi didn’t even think twice about. Her children have always come first in her life and she is a very proud single mom of three beautiful children and four grandkids. “The music business can take a toll on personal relationships” Heidi confided, “but I am forever grateful and blessed to have stayed in my home province and had the support of friends, fans and fellow musicians over the years, who have embraced my growth and many eclectic musical passions.” The Mo-Soul Disco show “Soul Sensation” and “The Real Groovy Band as well as “The Singles” her duo work with Scott Patrick are all accolades to Heidi’s vast and Raw talent. She has been awarded multiple SCMA awards and is a winner of the National Muchmusic vocal awards. When she’s not performing, Heidi is sharing her wealth of knowledge with up and coming stars through performance coaching and consultation, show production and workshops. Heidi works relentlessly as an advocate for women in this business. As in most careers, women are undervalued, paid less than their male counterparts, and often undergo scrutinization and sexual harassment. Her advice for all other women, no matter their career path.

“Never ever undervalue, what you are putting out into the world... and stop beating yourself up over past mistakes, we all make them, forgive yourself and move on”


Ya Ya Sisterhood “Yaya’s - A group of three or more women whose hearts and souls are joined together by laughter and tears, shared through the glorious journey of life.” Some years ago, I met a woman named Jeanine – vibrant, beautiful, strong, outspoken, vivacious, kind, free-spirited; she was a woman whom I witnessed empower everyone who crossed her path. Five years ago we became friends. Fast forward a few months and Jeanine introduced me to her boys’ school bus driver, a woman named Tami – a woman of strength, resolve, acceptance, beauty, authenticity and, again, outspoken... We three ladies went to a local winery/restaurant and the rest, as they say, is history. Some may say that four years is not enough time to reach such a deep level of love, friendship and sisterhood. I beg to differ; we may not have many years of experience behind our friendship but the depth and degree of our experiences together far surpasses some friendships I have had – the euphoric highs, the debilitating lows and the unchanging constants. Since the birth of this dynamic friendship, we have experienced exponential loss with the death of treasured loved ones; we have rejoiced with complete joy over new additions to our beautiful families, healed from broken relationships, abuses, toxic people and changes we never imagined to people in our lives. We have held each other up during seasons of absolute emotional devastation and sat with each other in silence during moments of despair with bowls of ice cream and chocolate cake. On the flip side of what sounds like a friendship wrought with darkness, we have laughed so hard we could scarcely breathe, we've encouraged those of us in university and new jobs, told each other when one of us is acting like a dick or foolish and patiently waited while the guilty party put their attitude in check and, most importantly, we have inspired each other. In as much as we are the same, we are also different but our stories have tangled our lives together. 35

Alongside these amazing women (and my other circles of close friends), I have laughed too long, sang too loud, hugged too hard and grown so much. We have sat with each other in darkness and, as the late, great and riveting Gord Downie crooned in The Tragically Hip’s “Bobcaygeon” song we worked our way out of that darkness watching “the constellations reveal themselves one star at a time” and revealing a bit of beauty and light into our situations but, we have also stood on the mountain peaks and shouted our victories. For this, I am eternally grateful. Most thankfully, these are not the only beautiful friendships I am fortunate enough to be a part of. Friendships spanning 30 plus years – friendships that have walked with me through the death of my grandparents, my home burning down, my parent’s divorce, the lessons of single and teen parenting, the “bar scene”, 80s fashions and metal bands (rock on, sistahs!), bad hair phases, the “Stepford Wife” years, the loss of my dearest friend’s son, the”rebuild” period and when I found the love of my life. Friends, the power of women gathering is immeasurable as is the power of women friendships. There is a chemistry, a power, a “magic” when women join together - working, supporting, crying and laughing together in unconditional friendships and sisterhoods. I believe that as more women grab hold of their authentic self, remove the dark shrouds of societal expectations, start living authentically and stop living under the shadows and weightiness of comparison, we will see a huge shift in mindsets and relationship dynamics. There is incredible therapeutic value and power when women help another woman, when women work alongside each other in friendship and love. Reach out. Be that friend. Find your tribe. Run wild with them. My wish for you all is that, if you haven’t already, you find your yaya sisters. I know I would be lost without my girls – all of them. Ang MacDonald is a wife, mother and grandma. Known for announcing “Plot twist” more than she would care to, Ang has found that it is much easier to live a life building her throne out of the bricks life has thrown her way. Growing up north of Prince Albert nurtured a love of the outdoors, adventure and wide open spaces and Ang feels most at home outdoors or snuggled into the sanctuary of the home she shares with her husband and their blended family. She has grown through life looking through a camera lens, with pen and paper in hand and her heart on her sleeve…


JUST AROUND THE CORNER WITH DOC GRAY I am lucky enough to have been raised in Prince Albert by amazing parents. I love this city. It was hard to leave home to go on to pursue my post secondary education, but I always knew that I would return home. My Dad was a teacher in the school system for years, he influenced so many students over the years. I have always admired his ability to connect with people. He has that special quality that truly great teachers possess. I started out my university career in the French immersion education program at the university of Regina, with dreams of being a beloved teacher like my Dad. Fortunately, I figured out early on that I could never compare to the man I looked up to and changed my path. My Mom is a pharmacist who helped so many people with her compassion and her brilliance over the years. She is truly one of the most brilliant people, I have always admired her work ethic and her passion for knowledge. She introduced me to the world of healthcare and encouraged me to find my place. They taught me that anything is possible if you work for it, and to never give up on your dreams. One of the hardest things I have ever done was leaving home to go first to the university in Regina and then on to the Canadian memorial chiropractic college in Toronto, but they had my back every step of the way and always welcomed me home with the biggest hugs and unwavering support. My time in Regina was a little easier when my little brother joined me as he pursued his career in education-he is more like our Dad and fortunately does possess that same quality that makes a great teacher and we got to spend a year together away from home. Every time he tells me a story about something that has happened to his school or with his students, I am so proud to know what a huge difference he is making for so many kids out there. But after three years in Regina, before I had the chance to finish my Bachelor of Education, my dreams started to become reality when I was accepted to CMCC in Toronto. As terrifying as it was to move that far from home, I knew home would always be here waiting for me. I think my landing in Toronto was as stereotypical as you could get. I headed out to the big city in my 1985 Toyota pickup truck with my computer, some clothes, my hockey equipment, and my PA attitude. I never even bothered trying to fit in. Toronto is a pretty amazing place to visit, but nothing beats home. I remember my parents coming out for my convocation and asking me questions about the CN Tower and the hockey hall of fame and other famous tourist attractions. I must have looked a little perplexed when I told them I had no idea. I had been so busy studying and working my way through a ridiculously intense college program that in my four years there I had never had the time to explore the city. Needless to say, I have since gone back to Toronto with my parents and daughter to experience the fun things it has to offer, safe with the knowledge that it would be a short trip followed by a return to the comforts of home.


When I convocated, I started out as a partner at a multidisciplinary chiropractic clinic in Saskatoon for a couple years. While it was a welcome change from the big city, it still wasn't home. I finally made my way home on December 15th, 2006. I have been building my dream since then. I am a healthcare provider in Prince Albert. My aim is to help people not only overcome illness and injury, but to live their best lives possible. Every day is a challenge, with unique situations and problems to solve. There is never a dull day. I have the privilege of working alongside some pretty amazing women every day. Darlene McCoshen is a truly amazing massage therapist who does incredible things for patients using her unique talents. Her eternally positive attitude and the warmth that she exudes can brighten anyone’s day, and I consider myself blessed to call her a colleague. Nicole Hayduk Miller is the most supportive, brilliant massage therapist who thrives on the challenge of "figuring out our patients". She perseveres until she cracks the code and can help people achieve their best health. We also have a supremely talented exercise physiologist in Jared Devers, who I refer to as my walking encyclopedia. If I'm stuck for an answer-whether in patient care or obscure music or movie trivia-I know Jared will have the answer. I work alongside two other chiropractors as well.

I work with patients who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents, workplace incidents, sports, and everyday injuries. I see people from all walks of life, and I love hearing the stories that everyone must tell. I am lucky to be able to take it all in and experience the world through other perspectives. I use my hands, as this is my foremost form of care. It is amazing how much you can learn from someone by touching and listening. I also use acupuncture and various soft tissue therapy treatments in my practice. I am continually updating and changing the way that I approach patient care as I learn more, experience more, and listen to patients more. In a rushed world where everyone is just trying to get by, I like to think that I can offer a few moments of peace and healing to help people get through their days. While building my practice has been rewarding as I try to help as many people as I can, my greatest accomplishment has been raising the most amazing little gypsy girl named Marlee Grayce. The value that we strive to instill in our daughter is to be true to herself. And I think we are doing a pretty good job. She is a little free spirit, with confidence that I could have only imagined possessing at her age. She is a little free spirit who works on cars in her shop with her tutu under her shop coveralls, who is as comfortable in a fancy dress with her cowgirl boots on as she is in those coveralls helping her daddy fix up her hot rod. Nothing makes my heart happier than watching her work with him, learning from the best. The absolute adoration on her face, and the love in his, melts my heart every time. I think the most important thing we can give our children is our time. We try our best to make every moment count,to make memories to last a lifetime every day. Life is short, live your dreams now! We often joke that our kid has little sense of reality, because everything In her world is so over the top and ridiculous. But I think we are raising a girl with a sense of wonder, who is confident enough to reach for her dreams and goals no matter how far off they may seem.

A common thread in our family is our love of hot rods. My fiancĂŠe is the most talented mechanic who for many years has been building the most beautiful machines on the road. While I have always dreamed of owning my own hot rod, that dream didn't become a reality until he made it happen. As a kid I dreamed of having a car with fins and glitter, like the Sizzler ride at the fair. And he has worked tirelessly to make that dream a reality, taking a healthy dose of inspiration from our daughter's imagination. The result is Maleficent, our 1957 Pontiac Pathfinder. From her bright purple leopard print faux fur interior to the giant fins to the ridiculous amount of sparkle on the roof, she is a dream come true. Steve is a mechanic who can make magic happen! My advice to my younger self-and really the advice that I try to give my daughter every day-is to be true to yourself and your dreams. To not let anyone else's idea of who you should be dictate how you live your life. It takes work to make dreams come true, but hard work, perseverance, and faith that it would come together are paramount. I think that no matter what your career or path in life you choose, you have to always continue to learn and grow. I have a beautiful family. I have an amazing little gypsy who I love with all my heart. I am blessed to have found my soul mate, the most amazing man I could have ever imagined, who is not only my best friend and partner in crime, but the most amazing father our daughter could be ask for. I have unbelievable parents who have supported me through all of my adventures and mistakes, who have been there to pick me up when I needed it and to stand with me through it all. I have a job that allows me to see the best-and sometimes the worst-in people, and to help them through it all. And when work gets overwhelming, I have amazing women in our community who are always there to lift each other up. The more I look around, the more I realize that here in good old Prince Albert we have an amazing network of women working to help each other.

Connect with Dr. Kara L. Gray at Broker's Active Care Klinic 3350-2nd Ave West Prince Albert, SK. S6V 5E9 (306) 922-7028


Blurred Lines

Celebrating Women That Dig In and Stretch The Imaginary Boundaries That Have Been Set For Them

AN INTERVIEW WITH NATASHA GILLERT BY VICKY GREEN Vicki Green lives on an acreage in the Prince Albert area. When not

writing for Vintage Gypsy Magazine, she can be found outside enjoying nature or curled up with a glass of wine and a good book


Being the only person in the graphic arts department can be restrictive on collaborative inspiration, but that has not slowed down the creative side of Natasha Gillert. As a child, Natasha’s favorite class was art and that passion has continued to be part of her life. Her Communication Coordinator role with Kitsaki Management Limited Partnership (KMLP) is one that comes natural to her. Natasha has always had a drive for a challenge – choosing to continue to better herself through both formal and informal education. Many would say a self starter, as her career in the graphic arts was started by self learning. Natasha started her formal training at Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) first by obtaining a Business Certificate in Prince Albert (2001-2002), then on to Moose Jaw for a Business Administration Diploma (20022003). Natasha started at KMLP in 2003 as an administration assistant. It was during that time that she started dabbling more into the graphic arts side. She started doing research and learning online the “art” of graphic arts. She recognized two things during this phase – her niche and that she could only learn so much on her own. She made the decision with the help of her employer to go back to school. She graduated with distinction in the certificate program in New Media Communication as well as obtaining an Applied Certificate in Website Design Development (20092010) from SIAST.


In her graduating year from New Media Communications, lessthan 6% enrolled were females. Females are prevalent in the graphic arts industry but are largely underrepresented at the management level. First Nation women and their arts have been dynamic in the industry, show casing both traditional and modern works of art. When asked what her role as Communication Coordinator involved, there was a quick laugh and her reply: “Everything! No day is the same, I am always working on a different program or strategy for KMLP or their partners.” She creates signage, display boards, websites, brochures, logo’s and acts as their resident photographer. I could hear the enthusiasm as she discussed the newsletter that she develops, highlighting all of the good work and innovations that band members are doing across the wide portfolio of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band and their partners. She has embraced technology and how it can advance art work. Natasha recognizes that technology is never static and that you must advance yourself in order for your work to remain relevant. She continues to learn both on-line and through formal lines of education. She draws inspiration from working with others, researching products, people and companies and of course, her own creative side. 41

Growing up, she was taught the traditional art of making mitts and moccasins by her mother and aunt. Those were special times for her and she has continued sharing that art with others. With pride evident in her voice she recalled teaching her cousin how to make mitts, who in turn taught her school students – the circle continues. Natasha is also a competitive golfer. A highlight from the 2019 season - competing in the First Nations Cup, held in Cold Lake Alberta with three other ladies from her home-based, Lac La Ronge Indian Band. “We had an amazing time. Meeting other First Nation women in my sport to encourage and support one another is an incredible opportunity!”

I asked Natasha for words of wisdom from two angles; those to young women starting out in the industry, and for words of wisdom for women in general. For those starting out: “Work hard. There will always be obstacles and tough decisions, but you can get there.” For those of us looking for word of inspiration: “What ever it is – it is not out of reach. Use your support system to help get you there.” Her art work is not left at the office – she still enjoys creating and crafting art in her home. If and when her long-term goals take hold, there may be signage/print shop with her shingle attached. Natasha and her husband Norm live in Waldheim Saskatchewan and raise three amazing young adults.






Gramma had just added 'milk cows morning and night'Â to her long list of chores. She'd milked cows before but never with 4 children under the age of 7 in tow. This wasn't her biggest obstacle, though. The real problem was a frustrating societal norm.

It was the late 1920's and, in the area, where Gramma lived, women were expected to wear long, bothersome dresses all the time...even when doing barn chores. Men could wear pants, why not women too?

This felt more and more unfair so one day, using her husband's trousers as a guide, she made herself the perfect pair of milking pants. They didn't go over well with the men at first but eventually they came around. And the cows? They couldn't care less.

Fast forward to 1964. My mom decided she wanted to modernize our old farmhouse. I n other words, it was time to get an indoor bathroom. Basic renovations done,

there was little money left for interior finishes. Since Mom's vision of a modern home moved beyond exposed studs and pink insulation she needed to come up with a cheap yet fab solution.

planks pile up in the yard, had an idea.

She laid out the widest, longest planks on the ground. Then she called we 4 kids over and pointed to a box sitting close by. 'Pick a tool', she said.

Available time and energy were limited too. She had 4 kids, aged 5 through 10 plus a baby.

In the box was a jumble of chains, hammers, chisels, metal punches, and wrenches.

Remember Gramma? Dad was carefully dismantling the 60 year old barn where his mother once milked cows.


01 45

Mom, watching the timbers and wide

What do you want us to do?

'Bang up these planks', she said. Seemed a bit odd but 2 satisfying whacks-on-a-plank later we didn't care. We banged away with glee. Once the boards were dented enough, she brought out a small beige plastic box. We all knew what was in there—Avon lipstick samples. 'Choose one,' she said, a smile tugging at her eyes. Huh? (Usually we weren't even allowed to touch the case.). 'Now smear lipstick on the dents you just made.' This seemed kind of nuts—a few smears later we didn't care. We giggled and smeared. She gave of us a piece of heavy cloth. 'Now, rub your smears into the wood.' We rubbed and giggled. And giggled some more. Now what Mom? It took us a few happy afternoons to dent and smear all the planks.

'Once Grampa has varnished them, we'll nail them over the pink insulation in the living room and den. They're going to look stunning.' And they did. 50+ years later the paneling, once upon a time touched by the excitement of small children wielding shop tools and lipstick, still glows. What these stories have to do with Comfort Zones depends on your interpretation. Do you see them as a place of retreat or a place of growth? Or maybe a combination of both?

The exact origin of the term comfort zone is up for debate... some say 2009, others say early 1980's. All agree it emerged from work done in 1908 by Robert M. Yerkes and John D. Dodson who found that the right amount of stimulation, aka—optimal anxiety, could improve performance. True, healthy stress can kick-start our engine, get us going but presentday performance driven career and work environments have pushed the notion of optimal anxiety to the extreme.


The truth and benefits of a comfort zone have been obscured by FOMO fueled catchy memes. Life begins outside our comfort zone | The magic happens on the other side of our comfort zone | Comfort kills productivity | Everything I want exists outside my comfort zone | A comfort zone is nice but nothing grows there | Great things never come from comfort zones. These memes aren't for everybody though and that's ok. I know they don't work for me. It feels flinging myself into the landscape of raw uncertainty in order to succeed can push my fight or flight response way past optimal anxiety. Who needs more anxiety? I don't.

Our Comfort Zone is vast.

Gramma hadn't made or worn women's pants before. Growing frustration over

It's not a hidey hole cramping our style but a wild, vital space with room to breathe. We can stay in one corner or choose to explore the outer edges, clearing forgotten paths and claim it as the landscape where we dream, incubate ideas and move into action.

having to wearing bothersome dresses

Magic can appear and great things can

from her comfort zone of curiosity, where

pulled her into her comfort zone where

she could merge sewing skills with a desire for fair play and make her life easier. Mom suffered from the grip of anxiety most of her life. Unnecessary pressure would push her into a panic zone. When she worked

happen in places that feel familiar.

she felt more excitement than fear she

When we stretch and grow from a space that draws on what worked in the past we also know what things didn't work. This creates a bridge to what might work now and why.

was strong, adaptable and unstoppable .

How do we know we're in that space? We feel a little more excitement than fear.


And for we kids that was a wonderful thing. How sad it would have been to miss the magic of playing whack-a-plank and smearing lipstick on wood. Worse yet, I might have grown up thinking pink insulation was mod 60's wall covering.

Jon Kabat-Zinn says—Wherever you go, there you are. Why not bring your comfort zone along...lipstick, pants and all. Dawn Kotzer: Realist meets curiosity hound meets recovered perfectionist Doodle activist meets Inner Wilderness Guide Creative mortal meets lifetime entrepreneur I like rocks. A lot. Which I find quite funny as I now live where there are NO rocks. I help others make sense of where they are in life and safely navigate the messy middle to find their own best groove as they bring their ambitions to life. Meet me in the intersection of creative soul, mindset and shine. PS: Feel free to bring a rock or two.

t e k c u B r u o Y n O s ' t a h W

? t Lis

By Lorna Boryski As we all know, there is only one verified, matter of fact, event that will happen to each and every one of us. We will each “kick the bucket.” A simple list of what we want to accomplish before this inevitable event has been dubbed a “Bucket List.” The concept became popular in 2007 when a movie by the same name starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson captured audiences.


a b u C n i I d n 8 a 9 9 d e 1 T


a n a g t e h b g I u , o s 4 s 9 e e i 9 r w n 1 lers, e sto i ba avel . Th u C r s t u n i ” e ! i ! n k t y a o a a h d o h t d t r i a l d h o o g e d h n i c e f a ” e i n t e n e B w o i h n t r . h t a “ s e i ’ e p s w t o i v x I r s h v a “ r e o i s w f o g t e ” , n r o n s i t ’ y d o k a e the t n i ed ante re m m n o h e T o n t l t m joy , e n d w e d e n i I m w h g a e d g s n d c o u e e e e a n m h o c h e w in o i n w a y r r l l f d e t f m e p h e e a o l p r s g f d h g p x a a u o e a n o e w h i o t w h r e r m s “ s r o p o o t e e y e ” h t Du tal li , S f c t t e d i r o W . a h v e e t i s . d d r d n m l e t l e e s a i e c u o c r i e s e t o f o n c m adv t v e n n c o o n c o a u t a g h s ie o n l e “ a r e c I a p e h e w r c t h e p t d + th e e e i x n 5 w e s d l e p e m bor i a 3 u r l i o h t o t d d n s d S i w n e m s e i u . an ol e T n b t d e d h y e , r t o e mo e e e t e e n i d y k o h b o s H r t t o i j g o u y v . e f t n e r n T a v d i o e s ( o n d a n o ie nted e r l s h t e h e d r e c u t a n e b e b n w y h y o O h t a l o n w t e t s t a a w o v n r m are a m a e e m h n o t e a h c m r e w a f e o a l w e e s r r n , v r e f b s e o o d s a e t r w v s e g ( h D u a e till h t t e . i n t o e v i o s ” . i n y b a . h d , t . v e a r h d n s 6 d e e a s i d 2 e r s v i r e e c r v t ! s o c c a ! e a e k W p n a e r n h h e “ t o h . a t ie y e ) r c O s e b e g w e t v w e ) n r p i y , . a l , iv h le ho days pure ex hat w d l d b s r i e . o d y a w t e e k w r t r l d e e s c s al e us ed fo vere , m n j i h d e o t n p S m tay e a o o r n . e i r c ) a o h u s y t i s i d r s l E t d e i a o n , e r t n t hav bee is cou s in B (India coun want l e h e t v a s 7 r r t a w 9 i e a h s 1 s i n e v g y u h f n t let's lous, many it. Wi ss thi e s u l i r t b v o n f a f u o t o e r c i t des es lef . And c pla e 5.6% r e m

My Bucket List is always evolving. Places and things are added and removed though I have yet to make a physical, written list. Call it commitment issues or a reluctance to be limited, regardless . . . the time has come to make one. I have read that a perfect Bucket List should have 5 components: 1) Who do I want to become? 2) What things do I want? 3) What do I want to do? 4) Where do I want to go? (Obviously my favourite) 5) What do I want to see? (Runs a close second) Each of these could have a list of their own! My Travel Bucket List, My Becoming Bucket List, Bucket List of Sights to name a few. My Bucket List includes things I have accomplished as well as things I strive for. I believe that our past determines our present which propels us into the future. I also feel that we need to always be grateful for what we have while striving for more. Here is the beginning of my Bucket List, I hope that it will inspire you to create your own and check off the items! It’s yours, so make your own rules!

My Bucket List

Travel with my husband to a ‘destination’ a minimum of one time every year (Since 1993! So far so good.) Live on a farm and actively farm

Own a horse

Be a: Mom, Mother-In-Law, Grandma

Design Clothes (this is ongoing as fashions change) Go skydiving (I'd do it again!)

Play an Instrument

Go on safari (more, pleases!)

Visit India

Have a great friend. (I'm blessed with many!) See a Lion in the Wild

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon in Africa

Take Art Lessons (more of this too!) Do a cross Canada Road Trip

Be a good friend (still working on it Own and learn to play a flute

Visit Croatia Visit Turkey

Speak Spanish Fluently

Take my family on a vacation to California Make beautiful quilts

Have a book published

Visit my Great Uncle's grave (he died in combat in WW2)

Find and buy my brother’s Met (or one that looks like it)

If we hadn’t gone to Cuba on a friend’s suggestion, I’m not sure as many items would be checked off! Our lives and habits have changed as we become more experienced adventurers. Our first few trips were to ‘all inclusive’ destinations (we still do this annually to relax). We then ventured to pre-booking everything before we left. Now we book flights and do it gypsy style. I hope that YOU dream, strive, search and be open to suggestions from others. Live your life doing what makes you happy instead of what is expected of you. Create memories you are proud to look back on. And, that you have no regrets. Achieve your dreams, start a bucket list, or pull out the old one, and start crossing things off! As always, Lorna

Come and experience new people and places through my words (and a few pictures.) My dream is that you will all see the world and others in a clearer and more understanding light. My hope is that my insight will help everyone to know that no matter where we come from or how different we may seem, we all have a life to live and story to tell that is worthy of others to listen, understand and admire. 54


The Divine Goddess Network

Where sacred women meet to grow, promote and support each other Heather Irene's soul purpose is to hold big space for women just like you to embrace the goddess of a woman that you truly are. I will help you to explore an entirely new thought process-leaving old, crippling programming in the dust, where inner peace just naturally falls into place.I want to be there to help you discover how beautiful your body is no matter what age, shape or size it is. Once you embrace yourself, the rest will follow. Confidence comes first. Then the weight comes off. It does not work the other way around. My programs give you all the support, tools, guidance and love you need to move past these struggles once and for all…Come walk with me. You are more than worthy.

Radiant Living hy rap tog o h P

Jennifer Grundner is a lifestyle photographer who loves to capture authentic, emotive and timeless photographs of families and people. She is also a highly sensitive intuitive guide who uses photography as a way to reconnect women to their heart’s wisdom by giving their heart a voice through their own intuitively taken images. She is deeply in love with guiding spirited women in rediscovering their innate wisdom and joy, and empowering them to create fulfilling lives that nourish their soul. She is also a nature photographer specializing in wildflowers. Facebook and Instagram @ jennifergrudnerphotography Intuitive Guidance Chris MacPherson is an earth spirit and certified animal communicator. In her Saskatoon based business, she offers both in-person and distance sessions to assist you and your furry loved ones to live a more positive, self aware, and balanced life. She is a certified Akashic records practitioner, Crystal Energy and Reiki healer for both humans and animals. She is a teacher of Chakra balancing, Oracle Cards, Tea Leaves and Rune Stones. Facebook @ ChrisAkashicReadingsforEverySoul erment Empow l e g n A Rhonda Schaan is an intuitive guide and Angel Empowerment Practitioner from Saskatoon, SK. She specializes in the Art of Angel and Mediumship readings connecting people to their angels, spirit guides and loved ones that have passed on. She provides in-person session, telephone or zoom/Facebook messenger readings. She also performs group Angel Readings for fundraisers and charity groups. Ask, Receive and Believe everything is possible. Facebook @ DivineGuidancewithRhonda


Kara Gray is a self-employed Chiropractor in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She uses her hands as well as acupuncture to bring healing to her patients. Her passion and experience act as a catalyst to inspire others, not only to heal from injury, but to experience their best health possible. She works with people of all ages, from infants to grandparents to examine the healing process and provides the tools to inspires them to find healing within themselves. Doc Gray specializes in Chiropractor, dry needling, acupuncture and concussion therapy. Visit her at Broker’s Active Care Klinic 3350- 2nd ave West. or call (306) 922- 7028 Sound Sacred

ray DocG

Katherine Dempsey is a Reiki Master, Intuitive and Sacred Sound Practitioner and Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 Trainer with over 25 years of experience in various healing modalities. Katherine offers sessions in Sacred Sound and Crystal Bowl healing, Qi~ssage with Essential oils and Intuitive Energy Balancing and Reiki. Each session is unique and creatively woven with guidance of spirit. Her personal healing journey of breast Cancer, Anxiety and Depression has Deepened her commitment to learn and evolve in the healing arts. Her creativity and passion is expressed in her teaching, meditations and healing therapies. She believes the capacity to heal lies in each of us and encourages you to "Find Your Healer Within."

Facebook @ AmythystTherapies

Melissa Hewison genuinely cares about creating from her heart and soul, and for her finished products to shine with this quality. She is passionate that everything she creates is true to her high standards, and that the heart and soul, is the foundation. Sharing gifts from my heart is something that brings me so much joy. Sweet Soul Sister Aura Sprays are to me, gifts from my heart. When I blend each bottle, I do it from a place of loving mindfulness. I create my sprays with loving intention using only the highest quality of oils, each one of them with its own energetic fingerprint, frequency, and aroma.

Sweet S oulful S cents Facebook and Instagram @ missysweetsoulsister

Unique Bre athtakain g Events

I simply feel passionate about creating Breathtaking Life Milestone Moments accentuating the uniqueness of each Individual client. My experience planning Weddings, Corporate events, Galas & Fundraisers for the past 12+ yrs has given me the required eye for detail and knowledge that it's all in the small details. I'm excited to wake up everyday with enthusiasm knowing I am doing what I absolutely was meant to do and with so much JOY! I'm looking forward to all the lives I get to be a part of, It's Selfish really! your Joy and Happiness fills me up and over the top. My cup is always be full! Jennifer White Prestigious Event Planning and Rentals Inc Founder ~ Lead Planner

Essential Oils and Yoga

I am a member of the Iyengar Association of Canada (IYAC) and certified as an Intermediate Junior II Instructor at the national level. I am dedicated to lifelong learning and committed to sharing my training and experience with students of yoga. I teach all level of classes including Beginner, All-levels, Intermediate, Iyengar Flow, Gentle/Restorative, Backs and Joints, Senior/Modified and Youth and Active Adaptive Yoga. My teaching style is clear,pragmatic and direct yet filled with gentle humor and joy. I feel I am adaptable to many situations, yet teach from what I know and try to share this as best I can. Your health and well-being is important to me and it is my desire to help make the benefits of yoga accessible to all. I love practicing yoga and teaching yoga. Yoga has transformed my life. Life can be hard, but yoga has been there to support me. I hope I can meet you one day and share the joys and benefits of yoga! Please feel free to contact me.

rance y Vib h t l a He

Karen Lynn Kornaga Potts has always had a passion for health, wellness & educating others. Equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education (Kinesiology), a Bachelor of Education, a coaching certificate from Certified Coaching Federation & five years as the Health Education Rep for the province of Alberta she has taught, coached, developed & delivered workshops for students, teachers & adults for over 20 years. However, now more than ever she’s on a quest to empower others to break out of the shackles of their limiting beliefs and to rewrite their stories of who they are. Looking for better health and vibrancy? I too have been on a life long quest to live better & my dream is to empower others who want more . . . to do the same. It is always such an honour and a privilege to be a small part of one’s journey as a Health & Wellness Coach. I also develop & present Workshops for teens & adults. I’m happy to co-create depending on different organizations’ needs. As well, I embrace & promote healthy aging products for face, body, brain & wellness that are researched & developed at Princeton University. Healthy Vibrant You promotes first to the market, patented anti-aging & wellness products researched & developed at Princeton University; wellness coaching; workshops & presentations. Give me a shout to see if I can be of service to you.

From my home on the edge of a lake in the Boreal Forest, Saskatchewan, I help creative beings and entrepreneurs navigate uncertainty and bring their ambitions to life without sandblasting their soul. Since 2009, working 1:1 with clients from around the globe, I've taught others how to show up as themselves and align mindset, ambition and creative soul on their journey to wholehearted success.Certified as a Martha Beck Wayfinder-Life Coach | Master Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coach. Inner wilderness guide & full spectrum business mentor I'm also an artist, doodle activist, photographer, curiosity hound and maker.

ing Coach Legend

e s Guid dernes il W r Inne

Legend Coaching started as a bit of a fun adventure account on Instagram for Chelsea McCann and Amanda Aussant, and has since developed into so much more. We offer a great way to get control of your health all while being in a supportive and caring environment. We specialize in monthly challenges that offer weekly workouts and nutritional guidelines, and access to the private Facebook group. All the workouts can be done from the comfort of your home. You get full access to both coaches and a wonderful community of supportive women just like you, all for $20.00 a month. You read that right, just 20 bucks! We believe self-care is for everyone and should be affordable. Not interested in being in a group? That’s ok too! We also offer one on one coaching! Please feel free to contact us for more information!

Email: Instagram: @solegendhasit Facebook: Legend Coaching

With 25+yrs of reflexology experience, Tanya has expanded her intuitive healing modalities to include reiki, access bars, massage and energetic facelift. Having been survivor of a armed robbery, she suffered with PTSD for years, and has a personal interest helping those who suffer with PTSD, depression and anxiety. Tanya often will include the healing energies of her miniature herd of horses and offer bars sessions out in the pasture for a very unique experience. Visit her at Aurora Balanced Living 888 Central Ave (aka plaza 88)Prince Albert And 300 Main Street Christopher Lake or call 306-960-6340

ling & Hea s l a t Crys Gems

Want to Join the Network? Join these amazing soulful women who have already said, “YES, I am committed to myself, YES I am committed to growing my business and YES I am committed to supporting like minded women in my community.” Your business can be a part of the Vintage Gypsy Divine Goddess network, showcased on the website and in the magazine. Each and every week Vintage Gypsy showcases one of our many beautiful Goddess's on all of our social media platforms to drive business back to you. Of course you can cancel your subscription at any time you feel. And your FIRST MONTH IS FREE ....

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