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SELF PORTRAITS The beginning of a 52 week photographic journey by: Tara McDermott

the t u o ab food t r o f com

Ways to Stay Positive and Proactive with Donna Maltz

Are you Ok? with Mira Hadlow

Laugh Lines, Crow’s Feet and Reflections by Ang MacDonald

The Calling of Hope and Harmony with Coach Jennifer Klatt

Cover Art by Birgit Raduenz Subscribe @

Love Note Our Cover Story Birgit Raduenz wears many hats ! She is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, gardener. She is a lover of nature, the healing arts, music and dance.

Art By; Birgit Raduenz

I am a true believer that our stories need to be heard, that we have a need within us to share and connect with each other through our stories. It gives us an opportunity to let go of that which holds us back, a chance to share our joy and our sorrow. It gives us a chance to find authentic connection with those who we will call our tribe, our community, our sisters. Sharing my stories was one of the hardest things I have ever done. It left me feeling vulnerable and open to ridicule and judgement. But there is also something so very freeing about speaking my truth and allowing others to see me in all of my flawed and broken glory. I have never felt more free! 2020 is complete and a New Year is upon us. A new opportunity to live our best lives and thrive and unbecome all that no longer serves us.

What will you do this year to learn, grow and evolve into the best version of YOU? Will you share your stories and gather your sacred sisters, Will you give in to vulnerability and allow the world to truly see you? Happy New Year Sweet Soul Sister! My wish for you this fully and completely embrace your authenticity, your uniqueness and individuality, speak your truth from the soul, and share your stories with all who will listen!

Shannon Kelly is the Chief Editor and creator of the "Vintage Gypsy" Mag. She is a storyteller, a community builder and a humanitarian. She believes that we all have a story to tell and that each story is unique and important. check out the full story

Drawing and Painting is a passion for Birgit, that can be seen on every cover and colouring page of the Vintage Gypsy Magazine. Her love for painting and sculpting started at the age of 16 when she started her apprenticeship at the Royal Porcelain Manufacturer in Berlin, Germany. Her love for Celtic lore and design inspire her to transform clay into art. No Matter what hat Birgit wears, she always finds inspiration to create beauty in the world. “It is all of these hats I wear that make it possible for the art to flow from my hands into form and shape.“ -Birgit You can see her work at the Mann Art Gallery gift shop and Shananigan’s coffee and dessert bar in her home city of Prince Albert, SK. or view it online on Facebook and Instagram at: FinxiArt by Birgit Raduenz Contact her at .


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Self Portraits The beginning of a 52 week Project Tara 13 Ways to Stay Positive and Proactive with Eco-Bohemian Entrepreneur & Soil to Soul Empowerment Coach Donna 18

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HOPE HAPPY NEW YEAR BEAUTIFUL GYPSIES! January 1st brought forward the annual

If you feel this push and pull to both

ritual of “the changing of the calendar.

sides, like you are being tossed

Did you find yourself in the middle of

around in a washing machine, know

this weird place? In-between hope and

that you are not alone. Also, know

disbelief? You want to be hopeful that

that when you are feeling this tug of

last year is behind you, but you are not

uncertainty, you have the power to let

certain about the joys or perils that this

the emotion of chaos move through

new year might bring?

you quickly. My intention for you in


2021 is to allow the chaos to pass

This visual of you all drinking in the

through you and to leave you stronger

wisdom contained in this magazine

called life.


in your resolve to enjoy this journey

actually gives me fucking goosebumps! Start with the beautiful cover, the fox curled up, the roots grounding deeper

I ask that as you read these words and the other gifts of knowledge by your beautiful and brave sisters, who are sharing of themselves, that you set an intention of how you want to receive these offerings. What energy do you want to be in as you drink from this chalice of wisdom? That is what this beautiful magazine is - an offering of wisdom from your sisters. Drink it up, savour it, and commit to yourself that the gifts you have within you will be amplified by those sharing their powers with you.

and deeper into the crystalline matrix, the sun shining its love forth on the world, the wind moving the energy to bring harmony as the earth supports all of it from a place of strength, beauty and connectedness.

Sit with the artwork, the words, and the gifts in this magazine and see all of the intricacies and possibilities that these offerings bring you.

This magic that you have within you gets me so fucking excited! If you have been drawn to the Vintage Gypsy Community you unequivocally have

Right now, time and space continue to be malleable. Picture each one of the readers of this magazine, who are all your soul sisters, to be reading it at the same time as you are reading it in this moment. Fold time and space upon itself and share in the ceremony of reading with each one of your sisters. Close your eyes right now and feel the collective energy. Picture it, the longer you sit with it the more you can draw upon the energy of this collective wisdom. Take a few deep breaths right now and drink it all in. Feel the vibrations that your sisters were in while sharing their knowledge, tap into that energy as you take a few more deep breaths.


magic in your blood. You are the descendants of great women who have walked through this world, who were burned at the stakes, who fought through the suffrage and who used their voices even when they knew it would be to their demise. This is in your bloodline. Because of that, this moment we are collectively experiencing in this time and space could scare the shit out of you and you might be drawn to sink down and hide. You could be wondering what the future will bring, will it bring harmony or will it bring destruction? The answer is both, always both. Yes, there will be destruction, but this time it will be a destruction of the systems of patriarchy

destroying of patterns of limitations

now. She is calling your voice, your

and unveiling of the beliefs of greed

gifts, your powers to come forward to

that no longer serves the world. This

bring grace, compassion, love, and

kind of change is an invitation to stand

humanity back to her. This is the work

strong and use your voices, your gifts

we have in front of us. At times you

and your powers to create your own

may feel like there are insurmountable

realities to bring a much-needed

roadblocks in bringing this harmony

harmony forth into reality. Magic is strong in the air right now; I know you can feel it too. It is everywhere, and there is a huge movement to keep the magic contained again, to snuff it out and to keep it from rising to bring harmony. This is where I ask you as sisters to be strong, the earth needs your magic right now, not tomorrow, right fucking

back. You might feel locked up, shut down, and drowned out. The challenge to you is to rise strong and be brave. Strength and courage are in your blood, rise up and spread your gifts through the lens of love and kindness. It is healing and not hurting that is required right now. The things that get us from here to there are bravery, courage and conviction.


MAGIC The energy of the solstice has shifted

viewpoint as you. And yes, even for

something, it is awakening people and

those who you feel have got it all

bringing this new awareness that the

fucking wrong. It is love and

old ways of living can no longer work. I

compassion that will lead us through

invite you take hold of this possibility

this chaos and destruction we find

and I ask you how you want to feel. This

ourselves experiencing.

question is one I have asked you for years and is now more important than

This is a time of great possibility, this

ever. How you want to feel is your

is a time of hope, this is a time of

ultimate power and choice. You can be

unwavering confidence in your ability

drawn in by the fearmongering or you

to create the world you want to live

can separate yourself from what does


not serve you and rise in your power.


Although, the caveat that I share is this-

I am not a fan of setting resolutions.

the earth needs kindness and

However, I am a huge fan of getting

compassion for all as we move her

clear as fuck about how you want to

forward into harmony. She does not

walk on this earth. You only get one

need healing, but in order for humanity

life in this body, so how do you want

to continue, we do. Yes, even for those

to experience the world through it?

you might not agree with. Yes, even for

These physical, mental, spiritual and

those that do not share the same

emotional bodies of yours are the

are the bridges between worlds. These

If you want to amplify your message,

are your ability to fully experience this

once again, you have sisters in this

life. Use your powers, abilities and

community whose gifts are to be guides,

senses to fully feel and experience it all.

mentors and coaches to help you to hone

Conjure your courage to bring harmony

your powers and amplify your gifts.

to this time. Allow your gifts to freely flow to help others awaken, heal and

If you have an innate calling to share

stand in their powers.

your gifts with the world in a different way, this is the community to do so in.

If you are feeling stuck, there are so

Share your gifts, offerings and articles

many sisters in this magazine who are

here. Others are searching for you and

healers and catalysts, find one who you

won’t be able to find you unless you

are drawn to and trust that her gifts

shine a light on who you are.

will help you unlock yours. As we set forth in this renewed energy of hope and harmony, set your intention. The invitation is for you to be intentional about creating and manifesting the experiences you want to have in this world. Your intentions, your thoughts, and your energy all are the foundation for your manifestation. Be discerning about what you let in, put in, and pick up. Give yourself permission to fully open up to who you are.

Jennifer Ehrmantraut is edgy, funny, and a little sweary. With over 20 years of leadership in public and private organizations, she climbed the corporate ladder to discover her passion in coaching and leadership development. She is a professional accountant by trade and an inspirer of intentional joy by passion. Her biggest lesson has been that when we lose the connection to ourselves then we can no longer connect with others. In finding her connection to herself again, Jennifer is redefining what success looks like through her company, Intentional You. There, she challenges individuals to question their stories, their capabilities, and their judgments of themselves, to give them the platform to jump beyond what they thought was possible.





Those who journey within rarely come back empty handed....



Eco-Bohemian Entrepreneur Soil to Soul Empowerment Coach -18-

Art work by Jennifer Rose Aronson

2020 is over. Now what? When we experience some level of fear and chaos, it may be hard to see the many gifts surrounding us. We have choices about how we proceed in our lives and businesses. I hope your New Year has been treating you well so

we must resolve to redefine what success and wealth

far. Considering all the unsettling things happening

mean in the 21st century. Our health is a significant

from the White House to the virus, it’s important to

factor. The intentions and goals that we set for

focus on the positive and to be proactive. One thing I

ourselves are part of what determines how our lives

do to stay positive is to contribute to my community.

unfold. It has never been more critical to tune into

Mingling safely with small tribes of people, engaged

our good intentions, gain our strength, get

in the betterment of our small town, has made a big

balanced, and not be afraid. Focusing on Soulutions

difference in my life.

that help us understand ourselves and our role in the world, we are more resilient. This is the time to come

There are many new opportunities arising and I share

out of hiding and share your goodness.

with you some inspiration that can guide you to reimagine. The more we can help each other stay

Make a declaration to know who you are more

positive, the better. The more we help one another,

deeply. Focus on what you love to do and your

the better we feel. We can rise like a Phoenix.

purposeful why in life. This helps you both compost the negative thoughts and nurture what gives you

To thrive in this changing life and business climate, - 0 2strength. -19-


Gain your strength by doing what you love to do with a purposeful passion. It’s time to go deeper into selfactualization. Self-actualization is when one’s full

Awaken your personal divine in this new era and be

potential blooms through creativity, independence,

guided by your values. Able to express emotions

spontaneity, and a grasp of the actual world. It means

freely and clearly and accepting ourselves and others,

going deep within — looking beyond self-interest and

we can form deep relationships. You are unstoppable

seeking to learn how our role affects those around us

with a balanced mindset and can share your gifts

and the world at large. Using our time wisely brings

with others. Let your imagination run wild and create

forth our full potential.

a balanced lifestyle and work style that brings out the best in you.

In tune with our deeper selves, we discover our sixth sense. We may feel like a visionary, an intuitive,

The passage below is from my forthcoming book,

perhaps a psychic, or whatever word you would use

"Conscious Cures to 21st Century Pandemics," offering a

to describe having a premonition. The more

few suggestions to help us stay positive and

awakened we are, the more humanity and the

proactive. With the economy in such disarray, we

environment strengthen.

have so many opportunities to build a new.

I spend a lot of time in Nature, create delicious, nutritious food in the kitchen, and share quality time with loved ones and clients. Joyful activities are conscious cures, making life more pleasant, relieve stress, and support our immune system. I also make agreements with myself that keep me positive and proactive. Allow me to share with you some tips on how I balance my lifestyle with my work style and how my health and business excel. I declare my good intentions and follow through. I subscribe to an attitude of gratitude focused on opportunities and my gifts. I nourish my strengths. My health is my greatest wealth, the answer to freedom and happiness. I invest in myself, knowing I will get an ROI. I balance my internal bank. I lead by example and strive to be a shining light to brighten the lives of others and my community, both on land and online.


Localize economies and reconnect communities.

The opportunities to create local employment are

There is a rising trend to build economies around

endless; steward the land, plant trees, maintain parks,

what we put in our mouths, from meals to medicine,

open a retail store that provides essential, take out

and for local economies to focus on the essential and

cafes, repair shops, and the list goes on when you are

giving back. Practical life skills — such as a

an entrepreneur wishing to serve the needs of your

seamstress, farmer, or repair person — once

community during this transition time. All members

mainstream professions are the wave of the future

of communities are valuable and can encourage each

and must pay a living wage. We can bring back these

other to create conscious industries that do not

essential skills and educate our youth to become part

pollute the land and water we depend on. Localizing

of the innovative changes necessary to retool

our economies and supporting them creates more

a healthy local economy. Fast-food joints that serve

sustainable and resilient communities.

unhealthy, processed junk food can shift to


community cafes and meeting places. Retail stores

Focused on regenerative Soulutions, we all prosper.

full of items made by exploited laborers that become

When we take power away from these mega-

the typical teen job can turn into a business

corporations, we are more self-sufficient, and the

incubator that inspires youth to learn practical skills.

power is back in the hands of the people. The tides

Professions that contribute back to their communities

are changing, people are wising up and investing in

without demoralizing the service industries that are

local infrastructure, and the results are a more

the fabric of a community.

resilient community and a healthier you.

Donna was born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey. After graduating from Evergreen State College Organic Farm Program in 1982, she found herself on a soul-searching journey to Alaska. Here she founded the first natural foods bakery and café in the state, which she ran with her husband for 37 years. In this time, she pioneered a variety of successful eco-businesses — including the national company AH!LASKA, which produced the first organic hot cocoa mixes and chocolate syrup in the US. Donna lives on the Big of Hawaii with her husband and a bevy of beautiful animals and plants. She is a life and business coach, helping start-up eco-entrepreneurs and professionals looking to balance their lifestyle with their work style. Nature Therapy and the culinary arts are at the center of her practice. She also offers personalized holistic retreats at their upcountry farmstead. Every day begins and ends in the beauty of Nature. In 1992, she self-published, Yummy Wilderness Wonders, an activity book for Nature and food lovers. In 2020 she published Living Like the Future Matters~ The Evolution of A Soil to Soul Entrepreneur, and a stunning companion journal, I AM Living Like the Future Matters. Her new book, Conscious Cures to 21st Pandemics, releases February 2021. As a ‘voice for Nature, she shares her love for Nature through photography. She loves to encourage others to live like the future matters in a way that betters not only themselves but also the planet. Her motto is, “Why retire when I can inspire.”




AS MUSES BURN Featuring Mira Hadlow

Mira Hadlow's debut collection of poetry and prose goes beyond the experience of finding and losing love, and dives into what it means to discover the beauty in the in-between places. She explores the negative space in relationships, and asks the reader to embark on a journey of peace and growth through accepting the grey areas of love and loss.

Purchase Your Copy Here


FREE She wanted little, expected less, and needed more than she knew of. She'd laugh and flick her cigarette if you tried to give her anything at all, and she'd tell you that anything free was more than she could afford.

-Mira Hadlow


REPRIEVE No need have I for a love that bellows, that shakes the earth or churns the skies. My voice quakes with ancient echoes and my heaving chest commands the seas. Nor have I want for breathless passion, I long for a love that will hide me from these. Teach me of peace, teach me to breathe, be my reprieve..

-Mira Hadlow


Are You Okay?

What the hell does that even mean? “okay”? In my world, the word denotes anything north of being in critical condition. Others may have a slightly different measuring rod, but to me,“okay” can pretty much be synonymous with “on the correct side of the dirt”. We live in a society that shoves sunshine and affirmations up our asses, tells us to denounce self-doubt, and shames us if we experience our pain. You’re allowed to have some pain; after all, self-awareness demands a certain degree of emotional intelligence, but you didn't dare act like it. We lull our babies with sing-song versions of “don't cry, mommy’s here”, we shush our children when they weep as if silence will take the sting out of their skinned knee. We tell our sons to suck it up, and our daughters to stop being dramatic. We flood our Facebook pages with quotes and sayings about strength, announcing that to be strong is to reject your sorrow, to embrace apathy or become angry. To be strong means we get to “decide” that our heart isn’t breaking. We can choose not to experience grief. We can say “screw you” instead of allowing someone to hurt us. Anything else is a character flaw. We judge a person’s character based on how intensely they feel emotions.

"we shush our children when they weep as if silence will take the sting out of their skinned knee. "


We have agreed that sadness is an illness. Ten years ago, I got fired. I was hurt and angry and I set out to the bar to drown my sorrows. I danced until I couldn’t remember what I was upset about. I drank until I could barely remember my address and I forgot that it’s a bad idea to accept a ride from a stranger. I don’t remember if I was polite or not when I thanked the stranger for the ride and told him I wasn’t going to sleep with him. I do remember shutting the front door between us. I do remember waking up in my bed unable to move and realizing that this man was in my house – he was having sex with me and I couldn’t do anything about it.

"I took a deep breath, I forced my shoulders back, propped my chin up, and decided that I was okay. I had to find a way to be okay."

I never reported it. I was ashamed of myself for being so reckless, so trusting, leaving myself vulnerable. I convinced myself that if I just didn’t think about it, I could be okay. If I didn’t show weakness, I wasn’t weak. I took a deep breath, I forced my shoulders back, propped my chin up, and decided that I was okay. I had to find a way to be okay. Three months later, I still couldn’t sleep. The nightmares were testing my resolve to be okay. 2:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning, I got out of bed hoping that a hot shower and an even hotter cup of tea would help me sleep. Freshly showered, I wrapped myself in my oversized housecoat, and stepped into the hallway only to be greeted by an even worse nightmare. My front door was propped open with a rock. Wide open. Someone had been in my house – and I wasn’t sure if they had left yet.


After a brief conversation with 911 dispatch and a not-so-brief conversation with the many police officers that arrived at my home, I was informed that the police found evidence that someone had been sitting outside, and often. They believed that this someone watched me walk into the bathroom that night and saw an opportunity. But not to worry- they didn’t steal anything. Only after the police left did I realize that the only thing missing was my house keys. My keys. I convinced myself that if I just didn’t think about it, I could be okay. If I didn’t show fear, I wasn’t afraid. I took a deep breath, I forced my shoulders back, propped my chin up, and decided that I was okay. I had to find a way to be okay. 6 years ago, I went completely deaf. I have a permanent brain injury from a boyfriend who bashed my head in when I was in my teens. I cannot hear the sound of my own voice anymore. I can’t hear my children singing, I can’t call my friends on the phone, and my entire life feels like that awkward silence when you are sitting in a cafe that should have music or background noise – but doesn’t. When my world first went silent, I struggled to keep from being too big a burden on those around me. I tried to have patience when others got so frustrated that they gave up trying to talk to me. I tried not to take it personally. I’d convinced myself that if I just didn’t think about it, I was okay. If I didn’t show grief, I wasn’t grieving. I took a deep breath, I forced my shoulders back, propped my chin up, and decided that I was okay. I had to find a way to be okay.

I was not okay. By anyone’s standards, I was “on the right side of the dirt”. I could think through the grief, have an intelligent conversation about my pain without experiencing it, and I could even regurgitate some feel-good quotes that I pulled off Facebook. -33-

"my entire life feels like that awkward silence when you are sitting in a cafe' that should have music or background noise – but doesn’t."

I hadn’t transcended it. To transcend something suggests that you have passed through it. I was strong enough and okay enough that I’d just jump over it. I’d accepted the notion that there is weakness in just letting go and allowing yourself to pass through the pain. The truth is that it is terrifying to wade through the waters of grief. It is terrifying to make room. How does a person make room for grief? You decide that the love for what you lost isn’t going to change. You could sit and wait, and hope it gets better, Or you can get up and live life anyway. Make allowances for limitations. Make room for the pain. Be compassionate to yourself. Take things a step slower sometimes. Give yourself permission to feel love and rage and fear and longing simultaneously. You. Have. Permission. To feel whatever the hell you are feeling at any moment. Allow it. Walk through it. Listen to me. You have permission to feel whatever the hell you are feeling at any moment. Mira Hadlow is an outspoken Canadian writer, self proclaimed romantic, and champion for the underdog. After an abusive relationship rendered her permanently deaf, she turned to writing as a path to healing and has become passionate about being a voice for the voiceless. Mira believes in ferocious vulnerability, unapologetic truth, and bravely facing ones shadow side. Mira is a quirky, creative soul and you can usually find her renovating a kitchen, losing her cup of coffee for the forty seventh time, or picking a fight with an authority figure. You can connect with her in all the usual places; via her website, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or you can send her an email at

"You learn to intimately know the tapestry of your heart and soul."

It has taken me years to find my way, and I am nowhere near “there”. How you find the courage: you stop fighting the tears. The grief. Feel it. Let it shake your soul apart. Feel the rage, the loss, the love. Learn how to feel those things without shame. Immerse yourself in that brokenness. Get it OUT. Dance, draw, sing, scream at the sky – whatever moves you. As you nurture your soul in this way, you will find that it evolves. The pain changes. You learn to intimately know the tapestry of your heart and soul. You learn that ‘broken’ is NOT synonymous with ‘defective’. You learn to meet those feelings of loss and fear and rage with compassion, instead of criticism. As you learn to treat yourself with compassion, you will find that you are worth defending. And you will begin to defend yourself – but from a place of self-love, not a place of fear or malice or insecurity. And THAT, my dear, is when the power begins.


BEAUTIFUL She was beautiful, to be sure. She was beautiful in her tragedy. In the way her eyes were haunted by some unspoken thing. In the way she paused sometimes, or let silence speak in her stead. She was beautiful in her madness. In her jumbled thoughts, and the way she talked too fast. Or too much. In the way she laughed at jokes she hadn't yet told, and giggled at nothing at all. She was beautiful in her chaos. In her wild ideas, and the way her heart broke and bled for a hundred different strangers and never for herself. She was beautiful in her frailty. In the way she was fearless. Or ferocious. Or uncomfortable with being fought for. In the way she'd rather speak of the beauty in you.

-Mira Hadlow -35-

SLEEP To rest, or fall silent, or asleep. Here, where gardens disguise shackled demons, where ruins shroud innocence, and seasons change with lowered lashes and glimmers of hope. Here, where shrapnel is scattered, from shanties built at low tide. Where sirens sing haunted lullabies to empty shorelines. Where potted thistles are watered and called gardens, and sleep has evaded heavy eyes and heavy souls for a thousand years. Here, where the darkest of these holds the storm, and the wolf stands guard for the lamb. -Mira Hadlow



written by: Ang MacDonald

"Society doesn’t teach us that we are beautiful as we age. Media outright tells us that aging, for women, is terrible and unforgiving."

Why didn’t anyone tell me how beautiful it can be to age? I’m not necessarily talking about the gray hair, the smile lines, the crows’ feet or the slowing metabolism; although there is something incredibly beautiful and peaceful within the eyes of a grandmother – twinkling and wise. Society doesn’t teach us that we are beautiful as we age. Media outright tells us that aging, for women, is terrible and unforgiving. I think that’s bullshit. As I look back to the image of my grandmother, I remember eyes that twinkled with joy and shadows of grief, hands that were calloused from years of hard work, scars that told stories of mistakes, hardships, trials and successes. Mostly, I look back and see beauty: the steel gray color of her hair, the blue eyes that danced with stories (some untold), and the sense of safety and calmness I felt when she was around. Beautiful.


My thoughts also bring to me the mom of one of my best friends. She is so many of the things I want to be when I grow up: freespirited, wise, calm, joyful… She exudes love and acceptance, light and adventure. Beautiful. I think of women I have come to know who have risen above major life traumas and have come out like these beautiful phoenixes rising from ashes with grace and beauty and I know all of you can think of your own examples – grandmas, moms, friends… Contemplating this all has made me re-evaluate the definition of what beauty truly is versus looking good. Beauty is kindness, joy, laughter, dynamic personalities, laugh lines, worry lines, scars, wisdom…it is hard learned lessons and sharing that wisdom with others (one of the many reasons I value Vintage Gypsy and all the contributors; I value the wisdom and experience you share with us all).

So, in the spirit of wisdom sharing, here are a few of the lessons I have learned in my brief 46 years. Take them for what they are worth- my experiences, the things I wish someone had shared with me as I grew up (and maybe some of the things I had simply listened to when they were shared with me as I grew up). Always trust your gut instinct. If something or someone doesn’t sit right with you and you have that feeling in your gut (you know the one; you’ve felt and ignored it before), run in the opposite direction. Get as far away as you can. The most important person for you to fall in love with is yourself. Preaching to the choir here. I “know” the lesson; I’m still working on implementing it. It’s a daily journey of unlearning and of becoming that I am actively working on. Unfortunately, we expect people to love us more than we love ourselves. Love yourself the way you should be loved and you will teach people how to love you. What others think of you is truly none of your business and, truthfully, it’s a reflection of their character and self-esteem. Some people are destined to join you for only part of your journey – regardless of how long you want them to walk the path alongside you. Learn to enjoy each day you get to spend with them and love them for who they are and not what you want them to be. Your peace is 100% your job. Sometimes you need to recruit people to help equip you with the proper tools to maintain that peace but it is your job and responsibility to use them. Kindness wins – most of the time. Just kidding. It always does even if it is simply because you have held steady and true to the path of kindness, and understanding. This does not mean you give everyone what they want; it simply means you tell them “no” kindly. Being debt free is an amazing freedom to experience. Create a budget. Follow said budget. Invest in yourself and your future. Spend wisely – however that looks for you. Use your voice. Your opinion has value. Just remember when sharing your opinion to keep your words soft; you may need to eat them later. Always be willing to change your opinion when presented with new information and always be humble enough to admit you could be mistaken. Starting over can be beautiful. Find yourself in a situation, relationship, etc that is not healthy for you? Start over. Realize that you ended up off track? Start over. Plan A, Plan B or Plan C was not what you thought it would be? Start over. It’s ok. Love should be unconditional not transactional. Release people you love from the expectations of what you think they should be and simply love them for who, and what, they are. cont...


There it is, in a nutshell –what life has taught me, a taste of the wisdom and beauty I have to offer thus far. A lot of it brought to my remembrance by the year 2020. The year 2020, while a year of restriction for some, has been a year of reflection for me. Honestly, I have enjoyed about 85% of this “isolation” experience ,the solitude, the slowing down, and the chance to reflect, rest, and rejuvenate. I have made a conscious effort to focus on that. In closing, dear friends, I hope that as 2020 winds down and 2021 begins to reveal itself to us, that you find yourselves well and at a place of peace and I hope you can look at your reflection and love the laugh lines, crows’ feet, worry lines, that “WTF” wrinkle some of us have between our brows, that slowed metabolism…and I hope you see beauty and wisdom.

Ang MacDonald is a 44-year old wife, mother and grandma. You may remember her in such roles as “Sorry, we’re restructuring”, “Welcome to your summers off”, and “Gilmore Girls – the real life edition”. Known for announcing “Plot twist” more than she would care to, Ang has found her life building a throne out of the brick’s life has thrown her way. Growing up north of Prince Albert, she has nurtured a love of the outdoors, adventure and wide-open spaces. Ang feels most at home outdoors or snuggled into the sanctuary of the home she shares with her husband and their blended family. She has grown through life looking through a camera lens, with pen and paper in hand and her heart on her sleeve…

How Much is too Much

Lorna Boryski lives on a farm with her husband Ted and dogs, Biggar and Siyah near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She is a true Lover of People, and the Adventure that is Life. She says, “I have sat through leg numbing tea ceremonies, 100 man acapella humming concerts, Buddhist weddings in 40C heat and no A/C. I have been robbed, missed flights, and have survived some of the worst 'bathrooms' and 'hotels' in the world, yet I have never had a bad vacation.� Whether it be traipsing through a tropical jungle at sea level or hiking 4000m high in the Andes, Lorna always tries to admire and understand her fellow beings for who they are and what they stand for.


Packing with Purpose Too much is either not enough, just the right amount for some or far too many for others… in the world of air travel too much is becoming smaller and smaller. Or (being as flying isn’t so much of a thing right now) if you are travelling by vehicle, motorbike, a gypsy caravan or train…why not save space to stretch out comfortably, or to bring home that incredible item that you are sure to find!! In this article, I will try and show you how you can take enough items for 96 looks, accessories, necessities, things -41-

for emergencies, fun and entertainment and some extras just because…..all in a small (easily fit in an overhead)carry on and a personal bag (small enough to fit under the seat in front of you). The secret to this is really no secret at all. In the fashion world it is sometimes referred to ‘pod dressing’ but it has actually been used in uniforms since... well for a very long time!! Since forever in my lifetime, soldiers are equipped with a small bag or trunk to carry all of their possessions, yet have to be able

to attend a formal assembly and be ready for combat at the drop of a hat… about versatile!! In your travels, I don’t expect you will be headed into war, but you may decide to attend a wedding, go hiking, to the beach or shopping…..and you want to have an outfit that will take you to any of these functions comfortably. Essentially, you want to be prepared for any occasion yet still not have to pay more for your luggage than your airfare and still have options. Welcome to pod dressing and strategic packing!!



Toiletries (include packets of laundry soap) 3 pair glasses Make up Jewellery Sarong/shawl

Extras Trail Mix/granola bars/snacks (packaged items)

Reading material (you can use your phone or tablet for books…but I still like a good magazine or book) Water bottle (economical and sanitary as you clean it yourself - I like a hot/cold one) First aid kit (any ointments, essential oils, 3 x Footwear - boots, heels and runners creams do not count in your liquid restriction 4 x Bottoms - jeans, dress pants (could be leggings), denim (casual) and one never knows when you’ll need a bandaid) skirt (could be shorts), patterned skirt (could be capris or second pair Card/games of slacks) Hangers (hanging clothes helps keep them 6 x Tops - 4 long / 3/4 sleeve (eggplant, rust, white &black) 2 tees wrinkle free- I carry a few lightweight aluminum (grey & blue) ones as there never seem to be enough in Bathing suit hotels) Underwear, socks, etc… Electronics (charging cords, camera, lenses, 3 coat/sweaters etc) Travel pillow (comfort is always a good thing) Ziploc bags (heavy freezer ones)


Travel Wear

I am wearing my heaviest footwear (remember that these may have to be removed at customs), and bulkiest sweater/bottoms & top this leaves more room and less weight for my bags. Easier to carry and less apt to go overweight and be forced to check them ($) -42-

Getting Packed My ‘personal bag’ or large handbag is essentially a beach bag. I have found a wonderful, strong one that folds down into almost nothing. Because a ‘personal bag’ is essentially a purse or a briefcase (men can carry one too) - my purse has to fit inside this bag. This really allows me to carry an additional bag where I keep all of the things that I value the most. On occasion - in smaller airplanes - you may be asked to check a small bag even though it is a carry on - I keep all valuables and essential items in my ‘personal bag’ as it always stays on my person, under the seat or in plain sight. It needs to be easily accessed for your comfort things like books, drink and snacks. I arrange the items as horizontally as possible for easy access, not having to dig underneath other items). Keep my documents, tickets and paper items in a single folder (passports are kept separate for security) along one side...easy to access and everything in one place. I keep a small bottle of all of the medications (gravol, tylenol and antacids) that I may need during a day in my purse. Bulk supplies are in with the toiletries or electronics (best kept in a ziploc in case of inspection). Liquids are put in a 1 litre ziploc bag in amts of 100 ml or less and should be able to be removed from your bag with one hand. This bag I keep along with dry toiletries(toothbrush/comb/brush/face clothe/pouf/nail clipper) in a ‘toiletry bag’ so as all of these items can easily be transported to a bathroom and are all together.

Personal Bag

Purse Documents/Books Folder Electronics Bag Makeup Bag Toiletries Bag Stainless water/go cup Cards & Dice w/ scorecard Jewelry Sarong, & panties Travel Pillow (I didn't show snacks here but I always take something to nibble on)

Carry on Bag

My ‘carry on’ will hold everything else that I am taking. For this trip I will be using a couple of techniques in order to fit everything in. Packing these items in a traditional way - similar to how we keep things in our drawers at home, might be possible, but not without sitting on the suitcase to get it done up and crushing your shoes - not to mention that everything would more than likely come out wrinkled.


My preferred method is a combination of rolling and layering which I have found to be the most compact and leaves my shoes in great shape and my clothes virtually wrinkle free. It is better explained visually, so please refer to the photos.


96 Outfits

All tops must be able to be worn with all bottoms (if you like patterned tops you will want plain bottoms and vice versa). Sweaters/jackets should all be versatile and in neutral or compatible colours/patterns. Footwear should be for dressy (pumps/sandals), casual (runners/hikers), and style (boots/flip flops). A multicoloured shawl or sarong can pull everything together. Here I have yellow/orange/red/pink/brown/grey, and can be an accessory or a stand alone skirt/pant/dress/scarf/belt I never go anywhere without at least one!! 6 tops x 4 bottoms = 24 outfits Add 3 sweaters/jackets = 96 outfits

I try to have reversible/multi-use items so that my options are doubled but here I am counting them as a single item (this patterned skirt (LBD - Little Black Dress) is reversible and convertible and in itself has over 100 looks and can be custom made and found in my online store. Especially for multi weather trips use lighter weight fabrics - save the bulky knits for the top layers. Button down tops, although I didn't bring any this trip - can also serve as great layering pieces and increase your looks. My bathing suit here is also reversible, and a sarong can add many additional looks as an accessory or on it’s own. Enjoying my vacation: I can hike, ride, go out to a nice dinner, lay and read by the pool, attend a wedding or a funeral or a night out on the town….. I have an outfit for anything that I may encounter - and I will also be comfortable in various temperatures. I can read, take photos, play card and dice games and I don't have to worry about bringing home that souvenir - because Ted (my husband) has a spare ‘personal bag’ to fill and always has a extra space in his carry on for my overflow. A few additional tips that you may not always think of… • Always take a lightweight (nylon) collapsible bag with you for those emergency souvenir purchases and check your clothes on the way home (you have more clothes at home) • try and always carry your souvenirs/gifts with you as they are precious. This also helps at customs if they want to see them. • If you are checking your luggage - always have a shawl/sarong (this is a very versatile piece of clothing) and at least 1 change of clothing and underwear in your carry on. (if its a hot holiday - have a swimsuit and flip flops) - if travelling with a buddy • checking luggage - always split your clothing ½ in each other’s suitcase. This doubles your chances of having stuff to wear if one of your pieces of luggage happens to get lost. Enjoy your vacations - whether they are a weekend at a Hotel in the neighboring City or a month in the tropics, don't be a slave to your wardrobe or your luggage!! Don't carry a bunch of things that you don't use or won't wear. Know how much is too much and settle for the just right instead!! Go for compact versatile , lightweight and economical!! That extra $50 to check a bag or pay for overweight is far better spent on a nice meal - night out or a new pair of shoes!!! Best regards and safe travels! Your Travelling Gypsy Lorna -46-

Fin d Y ou r W Joi ild n t he Ca ra va n

e s a Ple le c y Rec

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