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Issue 2 June July 2012

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Hello Well it is going to be an exciting and fun packed couple of months and as I write the weather has taken a turn for the better, long may it continue. Sadly our gardens may suffer as result of the ongoing hoseipe ban; the tips on page 16 may help. We have all the local Jubilee celebrations on page 6, as well as information on where to see the Olympic Torch not to mention other dates for your diary in our What’s On guide. Mike Newman, our Aged Concerns writer raised a few blood pressures last edition and he hasn’t held back this time either! There’s nothing wrong with causing a bit of healthy debate and we have added a point of contact if you wish to take on his views. You can always pass on comments to me; I will be sure he gets them. Keep an eye open for me as I am out delivering and please stop me to say hello. Regards Andrena ps, Scooby found a home and is very happy

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Wonderful Lola needs a new home Lola is a beautiful 3 year old cross breed resident at Appledown Kennels, Eaton Bray. She has been at Appledown for 2 years, she has been spayed and is ready to be adopted today! Lola came to Appledown at just a year old after being surrendered by her owners, she is deaf so she would really benefit form a safe family home, a home who already have a male dog as she finds it dificult to settle somewhere new if she doesn’t have a canine companion to show her everything is going to be alright. As Lola is deaf she is a little nervous but she has settled into the kennels and feels safe with the familiarity of a steady routine that would also come with a new home. Lola is great with male dogs but might be a bit bossy with another female, she is also very fond of cats and small furries. Lola would make a perfect family dog, she is friendly with children and Appledown suggest that she be placed with children over 7 years old. She is very affectionate once she feels relaxed she whe would bring joy to any family home. In Lola’s previous home she was house trained but she may need to be reminded of the rules; she is very clever and is trained with hand signals which the kennel’s Manager is happy to teach the new lucky family who adopt her and give any back up assistance required. She is vaccinated, micro chipped, flea and wormtreated and has no health issues. Appledown kennel staff and dog walkers say Lola is a wonderful dog who isa firm favourite with everyone, she really deserves a family of her own.Appledown kennels have been involved in rescuing and reforming dogs since1993, in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, they rescued 400-500 dogs a year! If youwant to meet Lola, no appointment needed, just come along to meet her. Call Appledown on 01525 220383 or email Appledown Kennels, Harling Road, Eaton Bray, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 1QY by Katie Smith Rascals Groomers


Robin Dones

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A Dia mond Job! The Queen celebrates her Diamond Jubilee in June. Here are few Jubilee facts and figures in commemoration.


The Queen is the second longest serving monarch after Queen Victoria who reigned for 63 years.

Diamond Jubilee Celebration Summer Fete at Pages Park Monday 4 June 11am-5pm. Free

During the last 60 years, the Queen has undertaken 261 official overseas visits, including 78 state visits, to 116 different countries.

Diamond Jubilee Civic Service Church Service at All Saints Parish Church Sunday 3 June 6pm. Free

During these visits she’s been the recipients of some extremely unusual gifts which include: two tortoises from the Seychelles; a seven-year-old bull elephant called Jumbo from the president of Cameroon; and two black beavers presented after a visit to Canada.

A Right Royal Knees Up Street Party at The Hunt Hotel Sunday 3 June 1pm - 6pm £1 Details: www.leighton-linsalde-tc-gov-uk

The Queen has sat for 129 official portraits during her reign including one by Rolf Harris!

Keep Calm & Tea Dance Wing Village Hall Monday 4 June 3pm4.30pm. FREE Tel: 01296 688580 (to book)

Her Majesty is even on Facebook. She also has a website, a You Tube channel and a Twitter account!

Heath & Reach Tea Dance Church Hall Sunday 3 June 2pm-5pm £3

Queen Victoria was the last and only British monarch to celebrate a diamond jubilee. The Queen, who will be 85 on Accession Day in 2012, will be the oldest monarch to celebrate a diamond jubilee. Queen Victoria was 77 when she celebrated hers in 1897.

Childrens Tea Party Heath & Reach Village Barn Mon 4 June 11am-3pm £5 (no charge for adults.) There will also be a bar and BBQ)

By Sarah Davey

For other events see our What’s On guide

Heath & Reach tickets: Dawn 01525 213790




a bar




A Traveller’s Tale


ur reason for coming here was threefold :- to visit Namaskard, Dettifoss and Myvatn and we hired a taxi to take us to the first two places which are quite close to each other. Namaskard is another solfataric area, more dramatic in this respect than around Geysir but without the geysers. There was a distinctly sulphurous smell in the air; the red and yellow earth was actually hot to the touch; the whole place had a "hellish" look to it; there were numerous fumeroles (steam vents), mud pools and bubbling water pools. And all within a fairly small area with no barriers or restrictions of any kind. I was fascinated (but Val was rather wary) and I recall when I was investigating one of these bubbling pools somewhat too closely, the edge gave way and my foot got distinctly warm! Val went ballistic - rightly so - and envisaged an early widowhood! Nowadays, this sort of near miss simply would not be allowed to happen. I wonder how many unfortunate people have not been so lucky as I was? Dettifoss is another waterfall at the head of a dramatic and narrow gorge. It is reputedly the largest and most powerful waterfall in Europe with a 45 metre height and a 100 metre width. Although very impressive (and extremely noisy!) it is somehow not quite so spectacular and hasn't got the


By Paul Heley

Iceland - Past And Present Part II

In Part 1 of this article, I recounted a few of the sights which Val and I had experienced mainly around the Reykjavik area; but now we thought we'd have a look at the north of the island so we hopped on a 'bus for Akureyri, found somewhere to stay and were then ready to explore another part of Iceland. majesty or grandeur of Gullfoss. It's basically a straightforward but very big - waterfall and, sadly, the sun wasn't shining when we were there so there were no rainbows either. But its sheer size leaves a lasting memory. Godafoss and Sellfoss are other nearby falls but are nowhere near so huge as Dettifoss. NB "Foss" obviously means waterfall and the original Norse word has become "force" in northern England, eg High Force. Myvatn is a large, shallow lake containing grotesque rock formations which are the remnants of lava flows hitting the lake from the nearby (extinct?) volcano. As the lava hit the lake so it immediately cooled and solidified; and subsequent erosion of the soft material has left these wierd and wonderful shapes. They look somehow "other worldly" and, given a dark, moonlit night together with a vivid imagination, all sorts of mystical creatures could be envisaged. Val found the whole place "creepy" even in bright sunshine. Our journey to Myvatn (which lies to the east of Akureyri) was also rather unusual in that we relied upon thumbing a lift and (again with the confidence of youth) started to walk east "knowing" that we would have no trouble!. Well, there were no vehicles going our way for quite a long time until a pick up truck

stopped who, fortunately, was going to Myvatn. So we clambered into the back and found another young couple also going to Myvatn. They were Dutch and, like all Dutch people, spoke immaculate English and we spent the next hour or so chatting away and bouncing around in the back of this truck. I later learnt that we had passed Iceland's only "forest" but since this was the other side of a wall (for shelter), I hadn't noticed it! Eventually, we were deposited at the youth hostel at Myvatn where we found some French and German visitors who were already there. It was here that the Dutch couple really came into their own and occupied the centre of a circle formed by the English, French and Germans. If Val or I said something, the Dutch translated it into French and German, and if the Germans said something, they translated it into English and French - and so on. It was a remarkable performance and made me, for one, feel very inadequate. I later asked the Dutch chap how he came to be so fluent in other languages and he said - very modestly - “look at your atlas and see how small Holland is compared with the other countries. We cannot expect them to speak Dutch, therefore we have to speak their languages instead”. Can you imagine this attitude being adopted in Britain?

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A Traveller’s Tale


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The next day we climbed the offending volcano having witnessed a house which had been partly engulfed by one of its earlier eruptions. It was a hard climb - three steps forward and two steps back on the loose cinders - but it was quite impressive to look into its crater from the rim. Returning to the lake, we hired a little boat and rowed in and out of these strange shapes marvelling at how clear the water was. But Val was unhappy; she doesn't like little boats even though the lake was so shallow we could have stood up in it. And, basically, she didn't like the wierd rock formations and found them threatening. Luckily, a minibus was going to Akureyri so we took advantage of a lift. No more hitch hiking! - and stayed overnight before flying back to Reykjavik (there was no overland route through the centre in 1960 - but there is now) for one last night and our return flight to Heathrow. It had been a fantastic holiday - perhaps not quite what the doctor had originally ordered so far as Val was concerned (but she survived!) - and we had seen some most unusual sights, and done some most unusual things, for the first time. I remember standing on a fissure between the tectonic plates with one foot in Europe and the other in America and dropping a stone down the crack - it just went on and on until I couldn't hear it any more; I remember Val and I crawling through a crack in the rock and swimming in a naturally heated pool of water; I remember fish of all sorts cooked in all styles; I remember yellow potatoes (due to their being grown in sulphurous soil); I remember a land where there were still sod rooved houses and no trees; I remember some chap painting the outside of his house at midnight. I remember all sorts of things which were so new at the time. Without wishing to sound blase and worldly wise, Val and I have been to lots of places and have seen so many things since that first holiday. We've seen high mountains and glacial lakes; snow and ice covered landscapes; immense forests; fumeroles, geysers and bubbling pools; deserts and canyons; amazing wildlife; strange places and strange people with strange customs and even stranger food. But Iceland was our first "adventure" holiday and, like all firsts, it holds a special place in the memory. We visited Iceland again a few years ago and - Wow! - how it's changed. To a certain extent it was emerging from a kind of Dark Ages when we were there in 1960: the roads were terrible, tourism was primitive and the infrastructure was limited. But now Reykjavik is virtually unrecognisable with fine new buildings everywhere; the roads are good (still no trains though); tourists are well organised and kept on a tight rein (no risk of falling into bubbling pools now!); everything is super modern and trees have even been planted; and on our last trip we saw the new island of Surtsey (which wasn't even there in 1960!). Anyone visiting Iceland today - and it's very worthwhile (but fiendishly expensive) - can see the same things and can visit the same places as we did. But not with the same cavalier freedom which we had in 1960 - and for very good reasons.

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A Piece of Nature Leather is a natural product and as such, bares all the hallmarks of it origin. Unique and individual markings may appear on a hide giving the leather a unique identity, which enhances its natural beauty and characteristics. Markings such as insect bites, horn scratches and healed scars can all be seen on leather and are a result of damage caused to a cow‟s skin during its life time. The leather can be dyed, showing all these markings retaining a lovely soft texture with a dyed and shaded look, known as „Aniline Leather‟. The majority of leather used for upholstery in the car and home though, is „Pigmented Leather‟, where a thin painted coating is applied. This is because, in the field, a cow can get caught on barbed wire, rub against thorn bushes, and get cut by other animal‟s horns. In addition to this, cows are often bitten by insects, parasites, ticks, and lice, all of which result in severe markings on the hide. The majority of hides available for tanning are in such a condition that the surface needs to be „corrected‟ before it is suitable or visually acceptable for upholstery. Only a small percentage of hides have few marks and are in good enough condition to be left untouched. So „Aniline Leather‟, also known as full grain leather, is therefore more expensive.

Which Leather Do I Have? Aniline Leather: The leather is dyed in a dye bath and no pigmented coating is applied, allowing the leather to breathe naturally showing all its own unique markings and shade variations. Because of this, no two aniline leathers are the same and so when you purchase one you are buying an exclusive item with its own story of nature to tell. Pros: The most natural type of leather available, it is very soft and delicate to the touch and bares all of nature‟s own markings on the hide. It stays warm in the winter and cool and ventilated in the summer. Cons: Because the leather contains no protective coating it is very absorbent and so is prone to staining and fading. Pigmented Leather: Coated with a fine pigmented spray, which gives the leather a sound covering of colour with no shade variations. Sometimes known as corrected grain leather, this is when an artificial grain pattern is embossed into the hide. Pros: The process in which the leather is made makes it very durable and hard wearing. It has high resistance to light and is very easy to clean and maintain. The colour is uniform and all defects are masked. Cons: Reduced breathability and the grain pattern is masked making this type of leather less natural.

It’s not all about sofas Leather is the same, whether it‟s an upholstered sofa, car seat, designer handbag or a lovely soft coat. At the end of the day, it‟s the same material, just worked in a certain way to achieve a different look. It is the same repair procedure to follow for all items, so you need not worry if your handbag is stained from wine when you placed it down on a bar or if your car bolster suffers from scuffing as you slide in and out. Furniture Clinic manufacture a range of leather cleaning, repair and restoration products, which they use to professionally repair and restore all items of leather, from clothes and handbags to car interiors and furniture. The company covers the United Kingdom via a franchised network of 19 branches. The work they do has featured in many magazines and even on television as the results are amazing and the impact dramatic! Director of the newest franchise covering Luton to Leighton Buzzard and surrounding villages, Bob Spiers adds; “When people see the results we can achieve they are most of the time completely stunned. The products and processes we use give amazing results that few people knew was possible. I think the majority of people assume that once leather is worn out it needs to be replaced, so when they see our „before and after‟ photos, we are often asked if they have been Photoshopped - they haven‟t!” Contact Furniture Clinic on 01525 888250 or 01582 380750 or visit


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• Rips • Cigarette Burns • Holes • Cat Scratches • Re-colouring • Colour Matching • Cleaning • Cracking • Stain Removal • Re-Padding • Spring Replacement.

Repairing leather is approximately 20% of the cost of re-upholstering Unit 26 Acacia Close, Cherrycourt Way, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4QE

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ght i L h c r o T y B Beds ly Ju story on the 9th a little piece of hi e se u! yo to ar ce ne an ry ch wn ve It’s your sses through a to pa h rc to c pi m ly g of as the O n on the evenin

Meadow, Luto by torch bearer the begin in Popes ls Celebrations will rch will continue on it’s trave e to the 8th July. Th s - Torchbearer area in two way ts carrying the next morning. e th h ug ro th l ve ee The torch will tra eone is running through the str nsferred to the safety m mode, where so oy mode where the flame is tra nv flame, and in co in the security vehicle. ed een these lantern and plac rer routes. Betw closest torchbea e th of t lis a is The following e. in convoy mod routes it will be n the Luton and

Travelling dow to Dunstable 06:13am Luton Street (through Dunstable road out on Watling g in ad he e bl unsta 07:43am Into D gham Road. Hockliffe). inating on Buckin rm te ey hl tc le ,B Street ishing at 09:01am Saxon ingham and fin ng again in Buck ci en m m Co m 10:19a p Street Verney Park. inating in Shee igh Street, term H w slo g the A413 in in W w m 10:42a Chase follo on dd ha W ar ne ury adium. 11:15am Aylesb e Mandeville St finishing in Stok

rcchh to r ic to p m ic p ly O m e ly O th e f o th y f r o to y r is hee hhisto TTh The Olympic Games are almost upon us. The Olympic torch arrived in Britain on May 18th and is now travelling all around the country. The route is planned to take in 1000 towns and villages along the way, and is designed so that 95% of the population will be within 10 miles travelling distance of at least one stopping point. But what is the story behind the Olympic flame? During the ancient Games in Olympia, Greece, a flame ignited by the sun burned continually on the altar of the goddess Hera. The modern flame first made an appearance in the 1928 Olympics, held in Amsterdam, Holland, where it burned throughout the period of the Games. The tradition of the relay began in 1936 in Berlin and persists until this day. The torch is lit several weeks before the start of the games, in Olympia, at the Temple of Hera. An actress, dressed in ceremonial robes uses a parabolic mirror to focus the rays of light from the sun, igniting a flame. This flame is then carried in a fire pot to the ancient Olympic stadium. It is taken to an altar and used to light the first runner’s torch. The design of the torch changes for each Olympics. The London torch is triangular in shape - the three sides represent the three times Britain has hosted the Olympics: 1908, 1948 and 2012. It is decorated with 8000 tiny cut-out circles, one for each of the runners who will carry the torch, and is constructed of a

14 8

By Tom Hancock lightweight-but-strong metal alloy. The route the flame then takes varies according to which city is hosting the Olympics. In the past it has been to the top of Mount Everest (Beijing 2008), and even into space (1996 and 2000)! It is carried on foot wherever possible, but also has to travel by other modes of transport, including boat and plane. On planes the fire has to be housed in a special lamp as open flames would not be allowed. As the torch is carried by relay, each runner carries it for only one part of its total journey. They then light the torch of the next runner. On average110 runners will take part each day, and each runner will run approximately 300m. Until the 1950s only men could carry the torch, and it took until 1968 in Mexico City before a woman was allowed to be the final runner. The first woman to do this was called Enriqueta Basileo. Carrying the torch is considered a great honour. Perhaps surprisingly, most of the runners are not athletes. They are chosen for many reasons, often because they have overcome personal difficulties, or because they are charity workers. The final runner is generally kept a secret until as close to the time of the Games as possible. Previous Olympians mooted as a possible final runner for 2012 include Steve Redgrave, Steve Ovett and Daley Thompson.

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& Drought!... No Doubt

At Home In The Garden


s I write, rain is teeming down outside my window. It’s hard to believe that over half the country is under drought conditions and that temporary hosepipe bans have been imposed. But two unusually dry winters have resulted in a serious shortage of water The ban, which is aimed primarily at domestic users and prevents the use of hosepipes for such things as watering the garden, cleaning the car, filling paddling pools and ponds, and cleaning walls, windows, patios and paths, is likely to last throughout the summer and quite possibly into the autumn or winter unless we experience even more rainfall over the next few months. Whilst water companies wage an ongoing battle against leaky pipes and explore ways of sharing water across boundaries, the government has urged us all to be “smarter about how we use water... to

help prevent serious impacts next year.” We can start by packing away our hosepipes and digging out our buckets but there are other simple measures we can take to cut down our water usage. • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. • Put a hippo or other displacement device into the cistern (your water company can give you one for free). • Mend that dripping tap. • Fill your washing machine and dishwasher and use the economy a cycle. • Take a short shower instead of a bath when possible and re-use bath water to water houseplants or the garden. • Fill a jug with tap water and cool it in the fridge to avoid running the tap for ages to get a cold drink. • Wash fruit and veg in a bowl rather than under a running tap and use the leftover water to feed your houseplants. • Throw away instead of flushing away cotton balls, make-up tissues etc.

Here we go again with another hosepipe ban. But legally what does the ban actually mean to you and what can and can’t you do? Q: When does the ban start? The ban started on 5th April 2012.

Q: What is the actual law

behind the ban?

Section 76 of the Water Industry Act 1991 (Temporary hosepipe bans) (Flood and Water Management Act 2010)

Q: How long will the ban last?

This has not been announced yet but it is likely to be beyond the Summer.

Q: What am I not allowed

to use a hosepipe?

You CANNOT use a hosepipe for any of the following: • Watering your garden. • Watering your plants • Cleaning your private vehicle (even if it is a taxi) • Cleaning your boat • Filling or maintaining your swimming or paddling pool • Domestic recreational use • Filling or maintaining your pond (unless it contains fish)


• Cleaning your walls,

windows, patios, paths or garden furniture

Q: Can I use something other than a hosepipe?

The ban only applies to hosepipes, so you can do the following: • Wash your car using a bucket of water • Water your garden with a watering can • Fill your swimming or paddling pool with a bucket.

poses a health and safety risk to animals or humans, or to prevent the spread of diseases • Watering a field to be used for a national or international sporting event, such as the Olympics • Topping up a domestic pond if the welfare of fish in the pond is at risk • Cleaning graffiti off a public building • Filling water troughs for animals

Q: Can I use a hosepipe

Q: Are there any

A hosepipe can be used for any purpose if it is connected to a grey water system or is using water collected from rainfall. Similarly, the ban only applies to customers supplied through the main water system, so if you have a private borehole, you are not affected. There are a number of specific circumstances where the use of hosepipes are allowed, such as: • to clean any surface that

Some people seem to think that there are exceptions for those over 65 and disabled people. Unfortunately this is not correct. Each local water company does have the right to introduce its own exceptions.

for anything?


A beginners guide to...


The idea of what constitutes a good summer varies greatly according to one’s interests, and the average child or beach lover is happy with bright sun every day but gardeners and farmers crave a bit of moderation. Perfection might be sunshine all day and rain at night but that rarely happens so we usually have to spend some time rescuing our water starved plants at some point through the summer. It is better to water heavily, soaking the soil occasionally rather than giving a light shower which will just encourage the roots to the surface and the water will never get down to where it is needed. Concentrate on salad crops to keep lettuce and radish etc crisp and don’t worry so much about crops and plants with deeper roots. If you can catch rainwater in a waterbutt or large containers, that’s all to the good but don’t be afraid to use washing-up water (we haven’t all got dish washers) and bath water if it’s not too contaminated by bubblebath and suchlike. Don’t worry about the lawn - grass really is as tough as old boots and although it might look like the Gobi desert, it will all come back to life after a decent drop of rain. If the theories about global warming and warmer summers are to be believed, perhaps we should consider growing more plants that are happier in drier, more Mediterranean conditions rather than our traditional cottage garden varieties. Many grey or silver- leaved plants are a good example. Think about lavenders, rosemary, cistus, many ornamental grasses, bamboo and herbs.

Q: What could happen if I ignore the ban?

Those who ignore the ban can be fined up to £1000 and be warned, the water companies are encouraging people to ‘report their neighbours’!

For more information about the hosepipe ban and how to conserve water go to and


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Supplier & Installer of Artificial Grass

Let’s Pretend...



… you had no unsightly patches on your lawn where the grass just won’t grow.

… you had no unsightly patches on your lawn where the grass just won’t grow.

… the children or pets in the family didn’t reduce your grass to mud that is then walked through the house.

… the children or pets in the family didn’t reduce your grass to mud that is then walked through the house.

… you didn’t waste hours cutting the grass only for it to look messy again in no time.

… you didn’t waste hours cutting the grass only for it to look messy again in no time.

With The Pretend Grass Co’s ultra-realistic artificial grasses With The Pretend Grass Co’s ultra-realistic artificial grasses you don’t have to pretend … have you can the… above and have the a beautiful you don’t toeliminate pretend youproblems can eliminate abovelawn all year round for many many years. problems and have a beautiful lawn all year round for many many years.

Self-install or leave it all to us Call us today or visit our showroom (open Mon to Sat) at: Hockliffe Business Park, Watling St, Hockliffe, LEIGHTON BUZZARD, Bedfordshire, LU7 9NB

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Other jobs to be getting on with June • Lift tulips and store in a cool dry place. Re plant in November. • Plant up hanging baskets • Plant out tender perennials such as Dahlias and Salvias now the risk of frost is gone • Sow fast maturing crops such as radish, lettuce and spinach at weekly intervals to ensure a succession of crops. • Leave greenhouse doors open during the day to allow ventilation. • Water plants morning and night.

July • Dead head flowering shrubs such as roses for continued flowering. • Paint the fence and other wooden structures • Raise the height of the blades on the mower so you don’t stress out the grass too much • Take cuttings from Dianthus (Pinks/Carnations). • Ensure Camellias and Rhododendrons are fed and watered to ensure great flowers next year

HAIR Couture ----------

We’ve certainly had some exceptional weather of late, will summer ever arrive? Despite all the rain I am hopeful and now seems a good time to sort out the summer dresses and start stocking up on sun cream, we all know the effects the sun can have on our skin. This is great but as a hairdresser I see time after time the effects that the sun has on hair.

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Extreme exposure to the sun results in UV rays attacking your hair cuticles, (the outside layer of the hair), your hair loses all its former smoothness, shine, lustre and moisture, making it feel extremely dry, brittle and unmanageable, sometimes looking totally frazzled. Sun rays can also lighten the colour of your hair and severe sun exposure can even burn your scalp, sometimes leading to hairloss. Acutely sunburnt or damaged hair will need to be treated with deep conditioning and damage repair treatments, or in severe cases the hair may need to be cut off! This may all seem slightly severe but I personally recommend that the best treatment for sun damaged hair is prevention. So it’s a good idea to wear hats as much as possible during the summer months, especially if you are on holiday or even if you are just doing the gardening. Special hair care products which protect your hair in summer should be used. These are usually in the form of leave-in conditioners with an SPF factor, and they should be applied frequently when you are out in the sun, just as you would apply sunscreen to your skin. In my salon we would recommend KMS Moisture repair leave in spray, alternatively ask your hairdresser for advice. Chlorine also wreaks havoc on your hair as it forms a bond with the protein in your hair, leaving it feeling dry, course, brittle and unmanageable. It can also give hair a chemical odour. Your hair will lose its healthy look, coloured hair will fade and blonde hair may have a greenish tinge. Hair is like a sponge absorbing water, so before you get in the pool, wet your hair with fresh water, that way your hair won’t absorb as much chlorine while you swim, I also recommend a Clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine-build up from hair, followed by Moisture Repair Leave in spray, both by KMS. So remember, talk to your hairdresser about sun damaged hair but most importantly stock up the beach bag before you go on holiday and prevent your hair from the effects of the sun!

01582 521430

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With the arrival of summer and the Olympics this month, many of us will begin to think about getting more active. In my experience most of these positive thoughts will remain just that. When it come to starting any new fitness regime, I often see a number of common problems that arise time and again. In this article I will discuss 7 simple steps that will hopefully inspire you to overcome those obstacles. Make sure it’s for you! This sounds a bit odd but before you join a gym you sign a 12 month contract, it may be a good idea to really ask yourself whether you will get the most out of it. If you don’t know what you are doing, gyms can soon become very intimidating places to be. The worst place you can find yourself in is paying for 10/11 months worth of memberships and then never actually going. Start small. If you are currently doing no exercise at all then a 30 minute walk in the fresh air at least starts the journey. If you try and go from very little to trying to run 45 minutes on a treadmill, it could be too much too soon. This could play a part in making things seem a lot more difficult and make you give up. Ask an expert. Personal trainers are a good source of information and are becoming more affordable. This way you can get professional advice and support on the right programme for you. Don’t waste money on gadgets. Exercise can be very simple. The newest gadget on the scene won’t really make that much difference. These products are usually designed to make big bold promises about results but in reality achieve very little as well. Traditional methods tend to work far better. Listen to music! Having a portable music player is great for keeping you motivated and also keeps your mind occupied. It has been proven that you work that little bit harder when a favourite song or one that has a lot of beats per minute.


Measure your progress. If you are not using a personal trainer then I would always recommend keeping a log of your exercise progress. This way you can gradually improve and stay motivated by seeing your results. Prepare for the effort! For exercise to be truly effective, it has to be challenging. It doesn’t have to be painful or impossible but It has to be challenging. In point two, I said start small, this is important because you don’t want to do too much too soon. Even when you are starting small though, it has to be something that is more than what you are currently doing. If you are sitting on a stationary bike three times per week and can read the paper whilst doing it, this may not be challenging enough and you may get bored. (It is better than doing nothing though!) There are plenty of ways to exercise as well so I would recommend not thinking that it has to be a certain way. If walking the dog a couple more times per week gets you moving then in my opinion that’s superb. I believe that sometimes exercise seems daunting because we see people on treadmills or out running and we think “I don’t want to do that” and then we end up doing nothing! When it comes to activity, something is better than nothing. I recommend a nice long walk every morning if possible or even at lunch time if you work in an office environment or similar. Once you gain the confidence and stamina to do more, the whole process becomes a lot easier. There also tends to be an increase in confidence once you get over the initial hurdle of starting an exercise plan. Once you begin to become more confident, you can push yourself further and develop new skills when it comes to effective exercise.



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Give Bowls a Go! CheddinGton Bowls CluB, your friendly local Club, is for everybody – all ages: beginners to experts.

open for you from May to september on:

tuesdAYs at 2pm & FRidAYs at 6pm Our Open sessions are an ideal opportunity to get to know bowls and make new friends. Just bring trainers or flat soled shoes. We will supply the rest, including a cuppa or something stronger from the bar. / The Recreation Ground, High Street, Cheddington Contacts: Nigel on 01442 824 679 or Sue on 01296 668 772 Sponsored by:

the will trusts & Probate Practice: 01525 220 644 •

The Nutrition Coach

Adrenal Fatigue

Obviously as nutritionists (nutritional therapists) we are involved with working with people to improve the diet. Sometimes when people are feeling exhausted it is really because they are eating a diet that does not support their energy requirements – someone on a very low carbohydrate diet (somehow these days it seems that all carbs are classed as “evil”!) or someone eating loads of sugar and sweet treats, for example, is likely to experience trouble with their blood sugar (fluctuating energy levels) other reasons for tiredness might be: • Low levels of iron • Poor diet – low in nutrients, including essential fats • Not enough water • Not enough sleep or poor quality sleep • Infections – or recovery from infections • Thyroid function • Too much exercise/ not enough exercise • Recovery from infection/virus

One other area a nutritional therapist might consider is adrenal function. The adrenal glands are where your stress hormones come from and allow you to cope with stress. Medically low adrenal function is not recognised, only a complete lack of hormone is recognised as a medical condition and is really rare (Addison’s disease) – although President Kennedy suffered and managed to cover it up successfully. It is possible that your adrenal glands can get tired if you have been under stress for a number of years without respite. It means that the production of cortisol (flight and fight hormone) is reduced – you do need stress hormones to feel energetic and to cope with the stress that is thrown at us. There are many ways to look after the adrenal glands:

1 2 3 4

Get to bed early – 10.00pm would be ideal Eat a diet that balances your energy across the day (low GI diet would be ideal)

Take time for relaxation – breathing is important Take time for exercise – but make sure that you don’t over do it if you are tired. Try yoga/pilates too

5 6

Make sure you are taking your holidays Draw your boundaries at work – make sure that you get home at a decent time




ht el





• The best for your loved ones • Protect home from care costs • Avoid Inheritance Tax • BEST VALUE SoLIcITorS and professional Will writers

• BEST PrIcE Guarantee – & we pay the 20% VAT • FrEE consultation • FULL consumer protection • HoME VISIT option


Tony Duke, who has over 10 years experience working with solicitors, will guide you through all the options available to you during a relaxed and jargon free consultation. Tony, Director and local representative, lives in Eaton Bray.

For a DAYTIME or EVENING appointment call

01525 220644


rs View

A Pensione . .. s n r e c n o Aged C

Inflate, Deflate?


That Is The Question.

e have had the Chancellors budget, there are far more losers than those that won something for the future few years, the winners were, in the main, not the majority of those who would like to work for a living if the work was there. All the promises of two years ago have not been met, we are in the same predicament as we were when the financial collapse began. Our G.D.P advances at the tenth of a per cent. If we carry on as we are then we shall be in the doldrums for many years to come. The private sector employer cannot generate the meaningful employment of those who lost their jobs in the public sector. A serious question has to be asked of the government. What is better for the country and its population, the present situation which seems to suggest it is better to pay out benefits to the unemployed or does it make more sense to re inflate the economy, drop the unemployment total and gain the tax revenue? The latter will certainly cut the benefits being paid to support unemployment. It might be that we could look to history to prove the point. American history would appear to show us that we have been in this position before. The thirties in particular. We had a financial crash, very similar to what we face now. It concerns two presidents who have led the dreadful financial problems of America in different ways J. Edgar Hoover on the one hand and Theodore Roosevelt on the other. President Hoover attacked the problem with swinging cuts to the economy to attempt to rectify the bleeding away of the G.D.P (Gross Domestic Product). This caused the financial crash that put millions of the population into dire poverty and in some cases death. Read 'Grapes Of Wrath' or 'Cannery Row' to get a graphic

By Mike Newman

description of the times. President Roosevelt inherited this dreadful situation when he won the Presidency. He had the exact opposite ideas of how to reorganize America and give people work. He put into place great public works, The Grand Coulee Dam was one and slowly, as the workers began earning wages and paying taxes, the country began to right itself, people could buy goods but these had to be manufactured or grown this employed more people and so on. It worked and it worked well. It did not happen over night but once moving it did not stop. I believe there is a lesson here that should be considered as a way forward. But the decision is not that of the general public, only the government can decide what is the better move. We can not do much until the next general election. It is very well for the Chancellor and acolytes to suggest, you must work 24 hours a week before you can get benefits. How do you get the extra eight hours of work if it is not there? The majority of workers are not idle, they would prefer full time work. If it is not there how can you work extra hours? A fully employed work force leads to a prosperous nation, the present situation is unlikely to achieve this aim. How do you re inflate the economy? By public work program's, goodness knows there are enough of them that need doing. These islands need work to get our G.D.P moving in the right direction. Is our parliament ready to face the facts and do something for the population good and the countries wealth? If we want a decent National Basic Pension for those who have do their best for the country and paid their taxes and National Insurance dues, rely on a prosperous nation to fund a decent pension. A good G.D.P means happy pensioners.

Mike Newman is a member of The Dunstable And District Senior Citizens Club. If you have a view on any of the issues raised why not attend one of their monthly meetings, held on every fourth Monday at St Marys Catholic Social Club, West St., Dunstable.


• • • • •

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loca�i�� ???????? h�� �u�� ????

Independent commercial property consultant

Andrena Carden-White

I can help you:

�ha� ��� ��� �itf��l�?!

Negotiate with landlords or their agents.

Ge� ����! Telephone 0797 155 4604


View offices and make a shortlist Decide what terms you would like/need

N�e� ����!

here to help

Decide on the size of office you need.

Understand ongoing property costs and maintenance. I don’t work on commission so I am truly independent. Call me to discuss how I can help you.





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w in


24 Hours a day... 7 Days a week... 365 Days a year

Your Local Expert Plumbing & Drainage Service

as a

All Emergency Plumbing All Drainage & Blockages No Call Out Charge Pre-fixed Prices Work Guaranteed



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01767 662 040 FLITWICK & AMPTHILL

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0800 019 2416




Buttermilk Pudding Cake Ingredients 60 ml cup water 1 ½ tsp cornflour 160g caster sugar (100g for the strawberry syrup and 60g for the sponge) 300g sliced strawberries 125 g plain flour 1 ¾ tsp baking powder ½ tsp salt 1 large egg 115g buttermilk (or yoghurt)


115g unsalted butter, melted and cooled slightly 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 225g Mascarpone cheese 3 tablespoons icing sugar

Prep time: 25 mins Cooking time: 30 mins Serves: 9-12

Preheat your oven to 200C. Butter a 20cm x 20cm glass or ceramic baking dish. Set aside. In a small saucepan, combine the water, cornflour and 100g of the sugar. Bring to a simmer, add sliced strawberries, and cook for about 3 minutes or until the strawberries become slightly syrupy. Remove from heat and set aside. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder, salt and the remaining 60g sugar. In a large bowl, whisk together the egg, buttermilk (or yoghurt), melted butter and vanilla extract. Whisk in the flour mixture until just combined, be careful not to over mix. Add half of the strawberry mixture to the baking dish, spreading it evenly over the bottom. Next, place the batter in large dollops over the fruit and spread evenly, being careful not to mix the fruit with the batter. Finally, spoon the rest of the fruit mixture over the batter, making sure to distribute that evenly as well. Bake for 30 minutes or until top is slightly brown. Cool on a wire rack for at least five minutes before serving. Meanwhile whip the mascarpone and icing sugar in a large bowl until light and airy. Top each slice of pudding with a generous spoonful of mascarpone.

A delicious summery treat, perfect for serving while watching the Olympics. 26



Superior Standard Painting and Decorating Martin J Keable

established and trusted locally for over 20 years call Martin on 01296 660354 or 07855 154717

fun fitness for 50+ and seniors Fab 50+ Mon 2pm to 2.45pm

brisk routines and floor work


Weds 1.45pm to 2.30pm

gentler sequences and chair work

all with proven benefits and recommended by physiotherapists to improve mobility

only £3.75 at Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre

ring me now to find out which class is best for you: Jaqui Shaw 01296 681191 or 07756 930760

Doggy Sleepover....... a home from home service

Doggy Sleepover Call Kim to find out how we can care for your very special friend 07711 593782

It can be hard leaving the one you love and that is why we do everything to make your special friend feel at home. From those little chats in the morning to lovely walks and saying night night. Whether an overnight stay, day-care, holiday care or just a walk your dog becomes part of our family for as long as you need.

Did you know that Leighton Buzzard has its own Laser/IPL Skin Clinic No need to travel to London, Milton Keynes, Luton or Toddington...

We offer a wide range of skin treatments and our Consultation and Patch tests are FREE


All Treatments are carried out by Medically Trained Staff using the Harmony Laser System


Leighton Lazer Skin Clinic For further information call

01525 376405

or visit our website at:


Avon can change your life! I started my Avon Representative business

in 2008 when my two children were little. I found that Avon fits in around family commitments and you can start making money straight away. I recently decided to become an Avon Sales Leader and I am now recruiting and training reps in the Leighton Buzzard area. Avon gave me the confidence to start and grow my own business when full time work was not possible. Avon products sell themselves so you need no sales experience; anyone can do it, you can sell to family, friends and colleagues, or opt to have a territory near you and use the brochures to find new customers. I also hold parties, table sales and events (school fairs are fab!). You can run your business with as much or as little time as you are comfortable with, there is no huge outlay and I give you full training, all the business materials you need to get started and plenty of support. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO

Flexibility Independence Opportunity

Would you like to: • • •

earn some money? meet new people? choose your own hours? For a no obligation chat contact: Lucy Pedder Independent Avon Sales Leader on 01525 374852 or 07940 350916


find me on

£ Fouracre Accountancy Services Bookkeeping Packages * Payroll * VAT * Accounts * Bookkeeping * Tax Returns Visit Us, Visit You friendly, efficient and knowledgeable

contact us now on: Tel 01525 382523 7a High Street Mews, Leighton Buzzard


Save £££’s Today Rebalance your Finances

computer support & services

LUCY PEDDER 01525 374852 07940 350916

Computer Support

for Home & Business Users Problem Solving:

Virus, spyware detection & removal Internet & email assistance Fault diagnostics, repairs & upgrades Slow running PCs


Computer support for PCs, Mac, Linux Wireless & wired networking Data recovery Install & setup Health checks


Desktops, laptops, printers, peripherals & software

For friendly advice call John on

M: 07968 536068 T: 01525 261381 Computamation Services Ltd.

9a Lower Way, Great Brickhill, Bucks. MK17 9AG Established in 1999 with 25 Years Experience

l Health natural Health natural Hea B

A Summer Detox

y the time you read this hopefully there’ll be more sunshine and you’ll be looking forward to your holidays and tucking into tasty salads and fresh fruits. You may also have the incentive to try a gentle detox in preparation for summer outfits and outdoor activities. If you suspect some foods are not suiting you why not try an elimination diet, avoiding foods many are intolerant to, such as wheat, cow produce, eggs, soya, citrus and then reintroducing them at a later date, noting any negative effects. Set aside two weeks for the detox, spending a week gradually cutting down before the diet week. All the food groups are included so it will be a fairly balanced diet but you may want to check with your GP first if you have diabetes or other health problems.

You may feel energized immediately, experience sugar cravings or feel tired and sluggish at first. Make sure you drink sufficient water between meals. The herb, Milk Thistle, will support the liver if you feel sluggish. Fruit, or failing that, a small portion of dark chocolate should help the sugar cravings. Planning will help save time, eg cooking and freezing batches of the soup and rice salad. Gradually reintroduce the eliminated food groups, one day at a time, eg cow products, egg and chicken, wheat, oats, nuts etc., noting any changes or a return to any earlier symptoms. If you decide to cut down on or avoid certain foods, replace them with appropriate alternatives to ensure you are eating a balanced diet. For more details read ‘Diet Wise’ by Professor Keith Scott-Mumby.

Naturopathic Practitioner

Shopping List

Meat - Only Lamb, Turkey Fish - Any, except shellfish & prawns Fruit & Veg - Any, except all citrus,

tomatoes, sweetcorn Cereals -Only rice (eg brown basmati) & quinoa flakes, rice cakes. Dairy - Only buffalo mozzarella, Manchego sheep cheese (sold in local supermarkets) Fluids - Water, reduced tea & coffee. Avoid fizzy drinks and alcohol Oils - Preferably olive oil

Typical daily menus: Breakfast - Quinoa flakes porridge, soaked overnight in water to save time, heated in the morning, adding honey & chopped pear or banana. Fruit with buffalo mozzarella with rice cakes. Lunch - Oily fish or cheese with salad. Vegetable soup with beans or lentils or rice with peas/chickpeas, chopped peppers etc. Dinner - Lamb/ turkey/ white fish with vegetables either grilled, casseroled or stir fried Snacks - Apples, pineapple, berries, carrot/celery sticks, rice cakes Let me know how you progress on the diet at or 01525 874357. I could write a follow-up article if I have enough.

By Sue Blain


l Health

ns s,

mati) es.

e. hol

me, y&


ith or




Cider Festival – Wide range of bottled and draught ciders to welcome the summer and tantalise your taste buds! Afternoon Tea served 1.30pm – 5.00pm every day, £8.50 per person. Book a table for this very British treat.

Come and discover the difference... u Fantastic modern refurbishment u Local, fresh and seasonal food u Sunday Roasts and Daily Specials u Private parties, business and social u Outside patio and garden u Great coffees and FREE WiFi


...what could be better?

Find out more at

THE WHITE LION Watling Street, Dunstable LU6 1RS

T: 01582 663366

Jubilee Weekend

Saturday 2nd – Tuesday 5th June


£5 off a meal for 2 or £10 off a meal for 4

when each person enjoys a main course meal (on presentation of this voucher) to Thursday Thursdayuntil 29/4/2010 Offer valid Monday to (Ex. Bank Holidays) Terms & conditions apply

Looking for a DSA Approved Driving Instructor? £

White Lion.30794.Newspaper Ad.indd 1

I work in the Buckinghamshire area, and offer:


your off lessofirst n

u An excellent pass rate u 8 years of experience u Patience and reliability u Competitive rates, with

discounts for block bookings

Call Alan: 07912 558503 Or email Visit for more information and to read pupil testimonials

Monday 4th June Garden Party Big Lunch of all things British and big screen showing the big concert

Euro 2012 - Football Free Zone

Venture out safe in the knowledge that you won’t be bombarded with the footie! Check our website for great offers during the England Matches

Father’s Day Sunday 17th June

Three Course Sunday Lunch £17.50 per person Treat your Dad and book your table now!

21st Century Dinner Dance Friday 22nd June Friday 13th July

One Friday every month join us for dinner and a dance!! Three course dinner and fantastic entertainment for only £25 per person Feel free to join us just for the music on these nights.... 22/03/2010 13:49 the more the merrier!!

Chefs Table

Euros - Best of European Cuisine Thursday 28th June

Olympiads Banquet Thursday 19th July

Delicious five course meal with wines, ciders and beers to match £29.50 per person Please book your table for these events

Olympics Opening Ceremony Friday 27th July

Join us to watch the ceremonies all together on our big screen (outside if the weather is good!!) Half Price Fish & Chips and Brilliant British Specials!

Our Best Kept Secret....

Our beautiful pub garden and glass patio!!

Behind the pub, away from the road is our oasis, it’s a real suntrap with grass lawns for the kids and dogs to play in the day... Turning into a romantic hideaway at night with hanging lanterns and outdoor heaters. Don’t believe us.... Come and see for yourselves!!

See our website for more details and offers


Tightening Your Belt

Beating The Rising Cost Of Food In these financially stretched times we are all having to make a few economies. Unfortunately as a result of rising food prices, many families are struggling to eat as healthily as they should be. The good news is that it is still possible to eat healthily without breaking the bank, plus there is no need to make drastic changes to you regular shop, the trick is to choose your food wisely. Here are a few tips to help. • Impulse buys need to be a thing of the

• Roast old peppers, tomatoes and blitz to make a tomato sauce for pasta or homemade pizzas.

• Buy your food online to avoid the temptation of adding extra items into your trolley.

• Ditch the packaged salads and fruits salad, make your own its cheaper.

past, do a weekly meal plan and write a shopping list to go with it.

• Choose cheaper cuts of meat; pork belly, shoulder of lamb, brisket of beef and chicken thighs are just as nice as the expensive cuts. • Eat seasonal fruit and vegetables which tend to be cheaper. • Switch to value brands over premium brands, for example value butter, fruit, vegetables, bread, cereals, pasta, and rice are just as good as their premium counterparts. • Put old vegetables into a soup, or make a vegetable stock.


• Rediscover your local shops, small shops are often no more expensive than supermarkets and you can buy just what you need. Butchers and greengrocers tend to do good deals. • Be wary the “special offers”. They are not always cheaper than you think double check the offer against non offer products and see if you are actually getting a deal • If you spot a genuine bargain and it won’t perish (e.g. coffee, loo rolls, flour) then go for it and stock up. BeNourished Nutrition Clinic


e s

WHAT’S ON June See Page 6 for more Jubilee events 2nd

Jubilee Arts Celebration Day, The Downs Dunstable 11am-5pm 01582 500925


Big Lunch Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshires biggest picnic


Jubilee Party Pitstone Recreation Ground 1pm-6pm


Georgian Picnic Party this Jubilee weekend and celebrate with a whole host of costumed characters. Enjoy music and dance from the period, hear tales of rogue highwaymen and take part in variety of fun activities for all the family. more Times: 11am-5pm Non-Member Prices: Adult £8.50 / Non- Member Concession £7.70 / Non-Member Child £5.10 / Family £22.10.


Southill Park, nr Biggleswade Bedfordshire SG18 9LL Open Garden for NGS Large garden, with mature trees and flowering shrubs, herbaceous borders, rose garden and wild garden. Large conservatory with tropical plants. Open:Sun 3 June (2-5). more Admission £3.50, Children free.


Fireman Sam at LB Railway, Pages Park


Medieval Family Fun DayThe Mansion House, Old warden Park, Biggleswade, Beds SG18 9DX Bedfordshire SG18 9DX Open from 10.30 - 4.30 each day Entry in advance Adults £8, Children £4 (under 5’s free) Or pay on the gate


Mini beast safari Kids love finding creepy crawlies. Booking essential. Children must be accompanied by an adult. more 2pm - 4pm Cost; adults free, children £4, RSPB Wildlife Explorers £3 Parking charges apply to non RSPB members. £4 per vehicle. RSPB The Lodge Sandy 01767 680541 Bedfordshire SG19 2DL


British Red Cross Open Gardens, Dawnedge Lodge, Aspley Guise We are lucky enough to have a garden open for us, which opens for the National Gardens Scheme, and has featured in garden magazines. This one acre Victorian walled garden is at the top of a hill with magnificent views to Woburn. Parking and toilets at the village hall at the top of the hill on Woburn Lane Entrance £4 pp, under 16’s free Dawnedge Lodge, Aspley Guise Bedfordshire MK17 8JH

01582 500925


16th Model Train and Toy event. *New for this year* - a bring and sell stall for you to trade your surplus model railway items (small fee applies). In aid of church funds. Trinity Methodist Church, Shortmead Street, Biggleswade Bedfordshire SG18 0AP 20th

NCT Picnic in the Park, Parsons Close Rec


Heritage Walk Explore Houghton Regis’s heritage with Greensand Trust Ranger Bob Holland. This walk is part of the Greensand Trust Passport series of guided walks led throughout the year across the Greensand Ridge and surrounding area. Purchase a Greensand Trust Passport and save money on the cost of several walks. Booking required. 11am £4 per adult, £2 per child, free to Greensand Trust passport holders! Tel: 01525 234260 Email: Houghton Hall Park Bedfordshire LU5 5EY




29- 2

29&3 30th


July 1st

6&7th 8th







ren n s. 2DL

lucky led ,

u to unds. 8 0AP

nger ded area. al Trust ton

WHAT’S ON 28th The Ramblers group walk. Distance 7 miles. Enjoy British wildlife on a Ramblers group walk. A varied circular walk from via Stanbridge & Sewell. Tilsworth - park on streets in village. Tilsworth, Stan bridge & Sewell, Beds. A nice varied walk through fields, a disused railway and a very good view from Totternhoe Knowls. A pub will be sought for those who wish to partake! more Time: 10:00. Contact: Brian Sale - telephone: 07930 835911. Most walks are intended primarily for Ramblers’ Association members. Non-members are welcome to join us as guests on two or three walks, though if you walk with a group regularly you will be expected to join the Ramblers. The Ramblers group walk starting point.. Grid Ref: SP979244 Bedfordshire LU7 9PW 29- 2nd Flower Festival All Saints Church LB

29&30 Leighton Buzzard Childrens Theatre Shakespeare Festival 0300 3008125 30th

Cheddington Jubilee Fete


Danesborough Chorus summer concert inc Haydn Nelson Mass and Vivaldi Dixit Dominus with the Milton Keynes City Orchestra conducted by Ian Smith. BYO strawberries and fizz for our extended interval on the church lawns. 7.30pm Tickets £20, £17 reserved, £10 unreserved Box office 01908 584360 Early booking recommended for reserved seats. Woburn Parish Church, Park Street, Woburn Bedfordshire MK17 9PG

July See posters within the magazine for more Leighton-Linslade events 1st

Bedford Armed Forces Day. Step back into the 1940’s. Come along and see a parade of WWII military and civilian vehicles parade from De parys avenue at 10.30 am along with veter ans, cadet forces and lead by pipes and drums. There will be a static display on Harpur square in Bedford along with musical entertainment plus lots more. 10.00am until 4.00pm 07900156497 Harpur Square, harpur street Bedford Bed fordshire MK40 1TJ

6&7th Love Luton Festival Concert : The Wanted & Aisling O’Reilly - Love Luton Festival 2012 : Tickets avaiable.Start times:16:00, 11:00. See website for prices and details. Popes Meadow, Luton. Bedfordshire LU2 7PU 8th

Luton Hoo Walled Garden - Open Garden for NGS The 5 Walled Garden was designed by Capability Brown and established by Lord Bute in the late 1760s.. The garden is now being restored. Open:For NGS: Sun 8 July (11-4). more Ad mission £3, Children free. Times:11-4. Telephone:01582 879089. please phone or see garden website. Open for charity. Luton Hoo Walled Garden, Luton Bed fordshire LU1 4LF

continued on page 40

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Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress By Dai Sijie This remarkable little book, published only ten years ago, is well on its way to being regarded as a modern classic – so much so that it has already found itself on some GCSE English Literature syllabuses. Whilst that might be enough to put you off reading it, I urge you to give it a try – believe me, after the first few pages you will be hooked. Set in 1971, Sijie’s novel follows the story of two middle class city boys, forcibly removed to the Chinese countryside for re-education as part of the Cultural Revolution. Guilty of nothing other than having doctors and dentists for parents, they are subjected to punishingly hard physical work and appalling living conditions. Two things make their lives bearable – the presence nearby of the beautiful Little Seamstress, and a collection of books, first borrowed and then audaciously stolen from a friend, which open up a world beyond the mountains. Sijie’s story crackles with wit and humour throughout – the opening scene, in which the narrator finds himself playing a tune hastily retitled ‘Mozart is Thinking of Chairman Mao’ sets the tone instantly. But this is also a story about the power of words and the power of desire, and as such is beautifully told. Each character is vividly drawn, from the Little Seamstress herself to the grotesque village headman. Comic episodes are interwoven skilfully with passages exploring the transformative power of literature, and before you know it you have reached the inevitable yet poignant conclusion, which will stay with you for a long time afterwards.


Flat Stanley By Jeff Brown Stanley Lambchop is a rather unusual boy. After an accident with a bulletin board, he is four feet tall, about a foot wide – and half an inch thick. Of course, being flat has its advantages – Stanley’s trip to California in an envelope is great, and his brother Arthur would love to be able to slide under their bedroom door like Stanley does. And, if Stanley was round, he would never have been able to assist his neighbour in catching thieves intent on stealing the world’s most famous painting. But there are downsides too – while it is great to be a kite for half an hour, it’s not so much fun when Arthur gets bored and leaves Stanley stuck in a tree. People can be cruel too, and eventually the name calling gets too much. Luckily, Arthur is on hand with a solution to his brother’s problem... This picture book manages to make an impossible situation seem perfectly plausible, thanks to the matter of fact style and simple, convincing illustrations. Ideal to read aloud to younger children or as a first book for newly confident readers, it has stood the test of time since its first publication in 1968. If it isn’t already a family favourite, then it is destined to become one very, very quickly.


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 

                                            Answers      on page 46                            Unscramble the lettersthe to find types of fruit. Eachofone has an extra Unscramble letters to find names   Unscramble the letters to find the names ofthe musical instruments. 1 6    letter: identify these to find a fruit often mistaken for a vegetable. musical instruments. Each one has an extra letter.   Each one has an extra letter: identify these to find the name of a string     Identify these to find trhe name of a strin instrument.   1  instrument.        laptep 9 2 5   umtrpevt     rageoon 5      ltefui    anbanma 1 9   booeo reapa  8 7 1   petrag anlipo

       

Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles Puzzles

 

    

                           7 4      1    6     8 

Sudoku 数独



8 3 8

2 4

2 7 9 6 8 1 6 5

3 2 4

Each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the numbers 1 to 9 just once. This can be done by applying logic -you don’t have to guess!



chopea omnetrboi


SPOT THE ADVERT What advert Is This? >>>> Across 7 Type of cab (6) 8 Bumpy (6) 9 Affected (4) 10 WWI German airship (8) 11 Another way (11) 14 Sauce for roast beef (11) 18 Australian animal (8) 19 Croon (4) 20 Church officer (6) 21 Set alight (6)

Down 1 Fashion runway (7) 2 Atoll (4) 3 South American river (6) 4 Preacher’s platform (6) 5 Reticent (8) 6 Jeans material (5) 12 Lengthen (8) 13 Quarantine (7) 15 Asian garment (6) 16 New recruit (6) 17 Ship of the desert (5) 19 Glass optical element (4)

es es es

has an extra ruments. a vegetable. ame of a string


r (6) 6)



Sunday 3rd June South Beds Concert Band Sunday 10th June Vine Street Six Jazz Band Sunday 17th June RAF Halton Area Band Sunday 24th June Heath Band Sunday 1st July Bradwell Silver Band Sunday 8th July James Goff Big Band Sunday 15th July City Brass Ensemble Sunday 22nd July Hitchin Band Sunday 29th July MK Brass Sunday 5th August Fenny Stompers Jazz Band Sunday 12th August Harmony Evening Concert 6.30pm - 9.00pm Sunday 19th August Ampthill Town Band Sunday 26th August Bank Holiday Weekend Sunday 2nd September Dunstable Town Band

Parsons Close Recreation Ground Leighton Buzzard

Tel: (01525) 631916

Organised by Leighton-Linslade Town Council

WHAT’S ON July Continued... 14th

Leighton Linslade Carnival, Parsons Close, Rec


Bedford River Festival Dragon Boat Challenge Teams are invited to enter a team to race 30’ chinese dragon boats on the River Ouse, Bedford raising funds for local charities. This is also a great spectator sport. Racing all day. There will be a charge for teams but free for spectators River Ouse, Bedford Bedfordshire MK40 3TF


Linslade Canal Festival See poster page 9


live music by Johnny Wheeler solo singer/guitarist! He’ll be providing songs from all of your favourite singers inc. Elvis, Cliff, Sinatra, Buble etc. With music from swing, through rock ’n’ roll to ballads. A friendly club with sensibly priced drinks! 01525 373972 more 8pm - 11.30pm The Royal Brit ish Legion, Bossard Hall, West Street, Leighton Buzzard. Bedfordshire LU7 1DA


What are your children doing this summer? The Woodcraft Folk is an educational movement for children and young people, aiming to develop children’s self-confidence and involvement in their community, to encourage friendship, peace and co-operation, with the aim of building a world based on equality while at the same time having lots of fun. Contrary to the myths that surround our name, we do not under normal circumstances; hug trees or craft from wood. The influential writer and naturalist, Ernest Thompson Seton at the turn of the twentieth century, used the name ‘Woodcraft’. Woodcraft in this context meant the skill of living in the open air, close to nature. The Woodcraft Folk, like The Scout Movement for instance, traces its origins back to Ernest Thompson Seton's pioneering work with Native American People. Woodcraft Folk groups meet weekly, enjoying a varied program including games, drama, discussion, projects, crafts, singing and dancing, as well as following an educational program based on awareness of issues both local and global. We organize hostelling and camping activities and camping is a large focus in the summer holidays. Opportunities for international camps and exchanges are also open to young people. We run our own Bike club and organize cycle rides in the surrounding countryside. Through its activities, Woodcraft Folk tries to give its members an understanding of important issues such as the environment, climate change, world debt and global conflict, with a key focus in recent years being sustainable development The Woodcraft Folk’s only concession towards a uniform is the wearing of a green folk shirt. It helps to identify our youngsters when out on external activities but also serves as a strong emblem of our identity as an organisation. As part of our educational remit, The Woodcraft involves our young people in Badge work that they can then proudly display on their folk shirts. We meet during term time at Brooklands Middle School on Monday evenings 6.15 pm until 7.45pm. We levy a fee of £1.50 per session that is used to finance the cost of school hall hire and materials used during our evening sessions. First session however is free, so why not come along and give us a try! If you would like your child to benefit from a livley and enthusiastic experience which offers numerous opportunities to make friends and try a variety of activities contact Chris Braithwaite, District Coordinator at . Alternativly, give him a call on 07759257461. We are particularly keen to involve more girls to both our Elfin & Pioneer groups.

USEFUL NUMBERS Chemists Boots: High Street 01525 371342 Cox & Robinson: Lake Street 01525 383686 Lloyds Pharmacy: Market Street 01525 372175 Rose Hill Pharmacy: Hight Street 01525 373391 Tesco Pharmacy: Vimy Rd, Linslade 01525 250449 NHS Bedfordshire NHS 01234 897200 NHS Direct 0845 4647 NHS emergency dental 0845 603 0857 Doctors Leighton Road Surgery Lake House, Lake Street Salisbury, Lake Street Dr Sivakumar & Ptnrs, West Street Dr Chapman & Ptnrs, Bassett Road Ashcroft Surgery, Wing Wing Surgery, Wing

01525 372571 01525 851995 01525 243890 01525 851888 01525 373111 01296 688201 01296 688949

Hospitals Luton and Dunstable 0845 1270127 Stoke Mandeville 01296 315000 Milton Keynes 01908 660033 The nearest NHS walk-in centre is Chapel Street, Luton 01582 709290 Open 8am - 8pm Council Leighton-Linslade Town Council

01525 631920

Library Library 0300 300 8059 Leighton Buzzard Library Theatre 0300 300 8125 (box office) Police Leighton Buzzard Police Station

01582 473413

MP Andrew Selous 01582 662821


POLICE 101 Non-Emergency Number Bedfordshire Police have launched a new number providing people with a new way to get in touch about non-emergency issues. 101 is now the main number to call Bedfordshire Police when it is less urgent than 999 As well as making the police more accessible to communities, it is intended that 101 will reduce the number of inappropriate 999 calls. There will be a single flat charge of 15p per call, regardless of the duration, time of day, mobile or landline. You should call 101 to report crime and other concerns that do not require an emergency response. For example: •Stolen cars •If you suspect drug dealing/taking •To give us information about crime in your area •To speak to your Local Policing Team In an emergency, always call 999 when you need an immediate response, For example: •Because a crime is in progress •Someone suspected of a crime is nearby •When there is danger to life •When violence is being used or threatened 101 will not: •Change the way in which we respond to non emergency calls •Connect people to a large national call centre •Result in calls receiving a lower priority than if 999 had been called for a non emergency issue 101 should not be used to report: •Fly tipping •Noise pollution •Stray dogs These should initially be reported to your local council: •Central Bedfordshire Council: 0300 300 8000 •Luton Borough Council: 01582 546000 •Bedford Borough Council: 01234 267422

The Purple Pages Local Business pays to be purple local services for local people Accountancy & Bookeeping 01525 382523

Fouracre Accountacy Services: Bookkeeping Packages Alarms Be the first listing in this category Bathrooms

01525 222379

TuBS: Complete Bathroom Installation Service, Beauty Services Leighton Laser Skin Clinic: A range of laser/IPL skin treatments.

01525 376405

Blinds 01525 220477

Vansar Blinds: made to measure blinds and awnings, Builders be the first listing in this category Computer Help

01525 261381

Computamation: Computer support and services. Conservatories

01525 404204

Cladwinds: Conservatories, Windows and Doors Doors Blacklock Doors & Security Ltd, Automatic gates, access and alarms

01525 404220

Drain Services Electrician Amber Rose Electrical Services: Anthony Ambrose

01582 661975 07837 585805

Garages/Garage Doors 3 Counties Ltd, All makes of garage doors supplied and fitted Garden Services/Gardeners Handyman


01525 402291

The Purple Pages Local Business pays to be purple local services for local people Outdoor Clothing Rugged and Tough, Professional Workwear and Countrywear superstore

01525 211488

Plumbers Robin Dones: Plumbing and Heating Engineer

01525 221052 M07721 625887

Public Houses The White Lion pub and dining, Watling Street, Dunstable

To Advertise in The Purple Pages only costs ÂŁ10 per month Call 0797 155 4604 or send your listing to:

01582 663366

Answers Scramble Trumpet (V) Flute (I) Oboe (O) Piano (L) Trombone (I) Guitar (N) SPOT THE ADVERT

it’s a joke...... the 1st of July is international joke day what do you call a delinquent octopus?..... ”one crazy mixed up squid” what do you get if you cross a cake and a disco....Abundance! what do you call a bear who has banged his head.....Dented!



Cladwinds page 38


Carpenters Arms

Slapton A friendly welcome awaits you at our 16th century Grade II listed pub situated in the quiet village of Slapton. Enjoy a mouthwatering menu from light bites to a full 3 course menu in our cosy bar or restaurant. Working lunch? We oer a pre-order lunch hour service, just ring in advance and enjoy a mid-week pub break.

Real casked condition ales Extensive selection of wines Good food New summer menu Live music events Pre-order working lunch Quiz nights 1 Horton Road, Slapton LU7 9DB Reservations 01525 220563

Find us on Facebook: Carpenters Slapton



The Vine Leighton Buzzard June July 12  

In this issue find information about Jubilee events and where to see the Olympic Torch in your area. The Vine Leighton Buzzard is a free ma...

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