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each for your phone. Didn’t have to reach far? Or maybe yours was already in your hand, too. There is no slowing down the growth of technology that is transforming

daily right before our eyes. Phone use has been tied to causing major stress… but what if it’s just because we aren’t using them the best way. The app store currently holds over 180 billion apps and counting — and more and more are being created for reasons outside of entertainment, productivity and perfect Instagram edits. Tools for mental and physical support now are literally in the palm of our hands. Here is a list of favorites.

also book a selected session right through the app. Mindbody is connected with all things self care, from boxing to acupuncture to facials. The workout class promotions also are a great way to meet people in the community with shared interests.

good morning text from Shine. You can also hand select more good vibes from a library of hundreds of uplifting audio messages, guided meditation, and productivity tips and support. This is seriously self care on a screen and totally life giving.

Nike+ Run Club


Stay motivated to run on the regular through this app’s motivating trophies and badges to celebrate new achievements. Nike thought of everything because this app has a built in gps to track runs, audio guided workouts and weekly and monthly global challenges to stay motivated. There are even customizable coaching plans to help track progress and reach goals.

This gaming app comes with major real life rewards. You can increase your happiness by simply playing Happify’s activities and games. Founded by two prior online game owners, this app was designed to combine the effects of mindfulness, positive psychology, and play. This app is rooted in science to develop and build emotional skills, while overcoming stress and negative thoughts. Not only are there build in on screen games, but also off screen activities that users has said made a massive difference over a short period of time.



Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Increase relaxation, decrease stress, and improve focus with Headspace’s guided meditations. This app has a variety of audio options to fit your goals, from taking a moment to unwind during the day to decompressing to fall asleep. The in-app notifications help create a motivation to check in each day and be mindful, and the app not only helps you meditate, but also teaches you through fun illustrations the many benefits of doing it. There are 10 free sessions to test it out, followed by the option to subscribe for $13 a month or $96 a year.

Say goodnight to waking up groggy because your alarm went off right in the good part of your dream. By analyzing your sleep through sounds and vibrations, this alarm clock will wake you up when you’re out of a deep dream by going off in your lightest sleep phase during a set window of time. The app can even measure your snoring now to see just how rested you are.

Aura Keep it simple while practicing self love and acceptance with Aura’s three-minute meditations. It changes every day and each one is personalized based on your interest in mindfulness, age, stress levels, and optimism levels. In addition to providing guided meditations, there’s also a gratitude prompt and Mindful Breather, a guide for synchronizing breathe to an animated circle. The coolest part about Aura is that was created specifically to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

Offtime Do you ever feel like you never can fully focus because of the pinging sound of your phone? Offtime is here to fix that. Designed by a team of psychologists in collaboration with the Humboldt University of Berlin, this app was created to help unplug without missing urgent messages. It acts as a personal assistant by sending built in auto responses to messages, while making a careful and quick log of what was missed while gone. It also generates insight of phone use by charting how many hours are spent using it and which apps suck up the most time. To use it, you simply select how much time you want to spend “off” and the app will block all notifications until you return.


Mindbody This app is a win all around. By entering your zip code, it shows local fitness, wellness, and even spa sessions in your area for a bargain price. Not only does it discover deals, but can

TO NOURISH Plant Nanny Sometimes a little motivation to do the basic part of life helps — like drinking water. Plant Nanny encourages getting enough H2O with a cute growing animated plant. It’s like having a Tamagotchi pet — except instead of you taking care of it, it reminds you take care of yourself. Because a lack of water can throw off your mental and physical state, this helps keep you healthy and active on the reg. To use this app, simply enter your height, weight, and activity level, then it will tell you how much you need to drink every day. From there, pick the plant you want to grow to keep your plant and body happy and nourished by tapping a little circle for every cup you drink.

Prepear Getting regular healthy meals in can be tricky. Prepear is a total hero because it saves time and money while condensing your grocery list and weekly meal plan. It even holds a huge digital cookbook to bring inspiration for new dishes. This app is extremely helpful with organizing and increasing health by helping to shop smarter, create meal plans faster, organize your pantry, and discover delicious recipes.

Shine This is literal sunshine bottled into an app. Start everyday off on the right foot with a positive SPRING 2018 | VINDICATOR 44

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The Vindicator - Spring 2018