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DISCIPLINE Film & Digital Media YEARS @ CSU 2.5 years FAVORITE CLASS TO TEACH Film & Television Production 1 Professor Suglio has had a passion for films and storytelling nearly all his life, so working as a filmmaker and film educator naturally clicked. Because he understands the industry in Cleveland incredibly well, he made it his goal to instruct and equip students with the tools needed for success. He hopes to be able to one day work alongside them as peers. In addition to providing a wide range of skills, he also brings limitless encouragement and inspiration for personal growth. “You need to learn about who you are as a person to truly grow. Self-Awareness is key,” Suglio said. “You need to know what your strengths and weaknesses are and how 31 VINDICATOR | SPRING 2018

knowing this you can be successful in any field you choose.” Suglio is quick to invite students out of the classroom and into the field through volunteer opportunities at film festivals like the Ohio Independent Films Festival and his recently celebrated Short. Sweet. Film. Fest. As technology advances in tools to connect and capture, Suglio focuses his lessons on not only valuing high quality gear and creating massive amounts of content, but also emphasizes crafting stories that stand out. “I love when students have that ‘ah ha’ moment where what I have instructed, sometimes repeatedly, finally clicks and they see film making in a whole new light,” Suglio said.

When we enter college, the world becomes a lot wider when it comes to what we learn in the classroom.


The Vindicator - Spring 2018  
The Vindicator - Spring 2018