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EARTH DAY SAVING OUR PLANET Humanity must take both large and small steps to help heal the environment for future generations. // Dorothy Zhao


Earth Day — the largest secular

With landfills overflowing and emit-

must create and satisfy to better shape the

holiday in the world, observed

ting gases like methane and carbon dioxide

in 192 countries and celebrated

to trap heat in the atmosphere, corporate

future of our environment.

every year on April 22 by over a

greed resulting in overproduction of multi-

Water Act to the Endangered Species Act,

billion people. The first Earth Day

tudinous materials, and ignorance coming

the environmental laws of the United States

From the Clean Air Act to the Clean

took place in 1970 after an oil well blew out

and implementation of the U.S. Environ-

in Santa Barbara, California the year before.

mental Protection Agency were all measures

Activists and Americans were prompted to

that America, the leading country of the

make a change for the better, espe-

time in 1970, took to prevent harm-

cially during the turbulent decade

ful environmental accidents and

of the seventies. In honor of

pollution by various com-

such a noble holiday, what

panies. Throughout the

are we doing over forty

decade of the seventies,

years later to save the

an insecticide called

planet? Some argue

DDT was banned due

not enough, while

to environmental

others believe

problems, pes-

— or, at least,

ticides became

claim — that

regulated, ma-

climate change

rine sanctuaries

does not exist.

were created

In our

to protect

homes, at our



and historical

and schools,

treasures, and

and in our



activism arose

we must take

from toxic waste

small steps

in the Love Canal

and adjust-

community of

ments to our daily

Niagara Falls, New

lives to minimize


the negative im-

Continuing for

pact we have on the

the next few decades,

environments around us.

sewage and medical waste

Looking towards the large

were tracked and cleaned, the

corporations, companies, and

Clean Air Act was updated and

governments, change must occur

passed to target acid rain and ozone

in order to fulfill the big steps that will

depletion, and a climate agreement was

significantly change practices for a health-

reached recently. In current day legislature

ier, more sustainable world. What countries

around the globe, governments are encour-

around the world have planned and agreed

from wasteful individuals, the situation

aging their countries and companies to go

to, such as banning plastic bags or utilizing

certainly appears dire. However, as opti-

green, become aware of the environment,

more renewable resources, is promising but

mism pervades and prevails, there are still

and give note to climate change. A well-

debatably not enough.

ambitious goals we as a human population

known example of such action is the Paris


The Vindicator - Spring 2018  
The Vindicator - Spring 2018