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their departments for the summer. There was continued Cont. From Page 7 discussion from April’s meeting regarding the BOCES interns in some of regulation of short term rentals


Cont. From Cover equipment to create the hole for the newest addition. Such was the case this year when a former student told Jodi Bentley, the creator of this event, that he remembers being part of the planting when he was in school. The Arbor Day celebration was quite an event for these little budding citizens of the world. As I sat in the elementary gym, watching the children gather and find their spots on the floor, I was impressed by the quiet orderliness in which this took place. I expected a room filled with K-5 would be a bit noisy and hectic. If a murmur at all arose, I was delighted that the teachers and Mrs. Connie Poulin, the elementary Principal, had magic up their sleeves, or should I say, in their raised fingers? With the extension of an arm ending in a thumb and forefinger “O,” one could have heard a pin drop. Mrs. Poulin even invited the children to help


Cont. From Cover courses of varying difficulty with 174 obstacles and 43 zip lines. All kinds of people enjoy climbing at Sky High including families, scouts, corporate groups, sports teams, and bachelor and bachelorette parties. Because there are 5 levels ofdifficulty, all you really need is a modest

in the village, and it was decided that more research was needed regarding the enforcement of any such regulations. The meeting was adjourned.

remind others by raising their hands into the symbol for “shhhh!” Mrs. Bentley opened with remarks about Arbor Day and the new tree for 2018, Sass A Fras, encouraging the children to repeat its name. This year’s tree did not have Latin name, however, in the years past, these youngsters were learning their first Latin word by repeating names like Quercus Rubra, or Acer Saccharum. Dave Paradowski, DEC, who has helped with this event from day one, showed the children the three different leaves the Sassafras puts out, all in one plant—an unlobed oval, a bilobed (mitten shaped), and a trilobed, (three-pronged). He explained that leaves and twigs are very fragrant, and the young ones, when crushed, give off a citrus-like scent. Sassafras was used for many years in the original root beer formula until the flavor was created in a laboratory for commercial use. This tree will produce tiny, yellow, sixpetaled flowers, having both male and female occurring on the same tree.

Poems were read, and even the young kindergarteners, with their hands over their hearts, knew the words to our nation’s beloved StarSpangled Banner. Moving from the gym to outdoors, the children commenced to have more readings followed by the Star-Spangled Banner, again with every hand on heart and every word sung by even the youngest. Impressive. But, let’s learn a bit about the tree these young ones planted. Wikipedia tells us that “Sassafras is a genus of three extant and one extinct species of deciduous trees in the family Lauraceae, native to eastern North America and eastern Asia. The genus is distinguished by its aromatic properties, which have made the tree useful to humans.” Although seen more often in the south, the sassafras can be found in the northeast in state forests. Another interesting aspect of the tree is that its twigs remain green all year long. The largest known sassafras tree in the world is in Owensboro, Kentucky, and measures over 100 feet high and 21 feet in circumference.

level of athletic ability and asense of adventure. Holiday Valley is also constructing a Gem Mining feature at Sky High Park that will open in mid-June. Younger children can try panning for treasures at the new Mr. Happy GemMine located at the base of the Climbing Forest. Sky High Park also includes the Sky Flyer Mountain Coaster, a thrilling ride that zigs, zags and spirals down the

mountain where you control the speed, and the Climbing Forest, a series of 9 trees outfitted with climbing holds that create a 3-D climbing wall. Sky High is currently open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays plus Memorial Day Monday and will be open daily starting June 15. More information is available and reservations for the Aerial Park can be made at www.

Beat on the Street: What is Your Favorite Thing About Your Job?

By Chad Neal Work is a thing. Mostly everybody has to have a job. Finding a trade that is enjoyable is key when it comes to being in life. The occupation you choose will also have it’s downfalls, like having to be there when you don’t want to be there, or certain people that rattle your cage, and just being sick and tired of the daily drudgery that is work. But there is always a positive outlook on most professions; something that makes the negative balance out as to make the chore at hand more bearable or even joyful. There are a lot of people who do actually enjoy every aspect of their vocation, and yet there will be something that annoys them sometime. The idea of working somewhere that just plain stinks makes one shudder. Toiling for meager pay and getting no respect would be horrible, yet there are some who do it because they have to. Even those jobs might have something that brightens up the work day if only for a minute. What is your favorite thing about your job?

Glenn H.- Working with future citizens.

Ken R.- Giving all the beautiful women hugs.

Peter K.- Working with Zac J.- Watching young a crew younger than kids fall in love with myself and most every skiing. day is different.

Jennifer A.- I have the best coworkers/ team a girl could ask for.

Nat H.- Making people happy and full.

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Ellicottville Girl’s Getaway Weekend : June 1st -3rd, 2018 : Ellicottville NY

The villager ellicottville may 17 23, 2018 volume 13 issue 21  

A Free Weekly Publication Serving Ellicottville and Surrounding Communities.

The villager ellicottville may 17 23, 2018 volume 13 issue 21  

A Free Weekly Publication Serving Ellicottville and Surrounding Communities.