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Group Ther-Happy


KAYAK ROLL CLASSES WITH EVERGREEN OUTFITTERS Every Tuesday through March • 7 - 9pm Turner Community Center

Revitalizing Bemus

Village of Lakewood’s Newest Venture Sets Opening Date

“The Fish”: What the New Restaurant Offers Community

Group Ther-Happy, located in the former Yesterdays building at 103 Chautauqua Avenue is set to open by the end of March.

“The Fish” will be open daily beginning at 10am, year-round upstairs serving lunch and dinner daily. The outside seating will be open in season and serve linner (lunch/dinner) daily. The projected open date is mid May, 2018. Photo/Jon Elder Productions

DUNKIRK THEN & NOW EXHIBIT Thursday, March 1 • 10am – 4pm Friday, March 2 • 10am – 4pm Fredonia Technology Incubator, Dunkirk DAISY PULLS IT OFF Thursday, March 1 • 7:30pm Friday, March 2 • 7:30pm Saturday, March 3 • 7:30pm Bartlett Theatre, Fredonia FIRST FRIDAY LUNCH BUNCH Friday, March 2 • 11am – 12pm Audubon Community Nature Center, Jamestown BARREL ROOM JAM WITH CHARITY NUSE Friday, March 2 • 5:30 – 8:30pm Mazza Chautauqua Cellars / Five & 20 Spirits & Brewing FREDONIA WINTER FARMERS MARKET Saturday, March 3 • 10am – 1pm Masonic Forest Lodge, Fredonia SCANDINAVIAN CULTURE DAYS Saturday, March 3 • 10am – 12pm Jamestown Community College, Jamestown CHICKEN WING COOK OFF Saturday, March 3 • 12 – 6pm Peek’n Peak Resort, Clymer GRAND RE-OPENING FOR THE GRAPE DISCOVERY CENTER Saturday, March 3 • 12 – 4pm Grape Discovery Center, Westfield SNOWSHOE HIKE WITH EVERGREEN OUTFITTERS Saturday, March 3 • 6pm Evergreen Outfitters, Mayville

By Sharon Witchey

The addition of Group TherHappy to Chautauqua Avenue’s list of places to visit is “one more reason for people to come to the Village of Lakewood” states Michelle Turner. She and her business partner, Mary Rapaport, hope to open the doors to customers on March 30. Turner is enthusiastic and believes that the “timing (for the business opening) is perfect”. She referenced the recent Main Street

Helga Hulse Still Going Strong in Jamestown

By Kathleen McCarthy

SOUPIN SUNDAYS Sunday, March 4 • 11am – 3pm 21 Brix Winery, Portland FREE FLY TYING / FLY FISHING CLASSES Wednesday, March 7 • 7 – 8:30pm Rockafeller Arts Center, Fredonia CALL ME BY YOUR NAME: MOVIES AT THE REG Wednesday, March 7 • 7 – 9:12pm Reg Lenna Center for The Arts, Jamestown VISIONARY EARTH STEWARDS AND ENVIRONMENTAL TRIUMPHS Wednesday, March 7 • 7 – 8:30pm St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Jamestown

Weekly Events Visit

See “HAPPY” Page 4

Legendary Pianist and Musician

THE POST: MOVIES AT THE REG Saturday, March 3 • 8 – 9:54pm Reg Lenna Center for The Arts, Jamestown

MARTZ OBSERVATORY PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE Wednesday, March 7 • 7:30 – 9:30pm Martz Observatory, Frewsburg

Technical Grant received by the Village of Lakewood which will aid in the development of the Master Plan for Chautauqua Avenue. That is more good news for the Village and it’s businesses. Ms. Turner cited an improved Chautauqua Avenue may entice even more businesses to invest in the Village setting. But let’s “dish” on what you will find at Group Ther-Happy, located

Helga Hulse was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1921. At eleven years old she played as a soloist with the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra.

Sneak Peek Inside this Issue...

The Corner Cafe Grand Opening ... Page 3

As Helga Hulse and I shared stories of the wonderful things about Jamestown, New York, I was mesmerized by her beautiful eyes, her warmth and her love of our great city. Having returned to the area in 2014, after a 2011 move to Aiken, South Carolina she is thrilled to be teaching and critiquing other musicians. Helga Hulse loves to bring classical music to those that don’t seek it. Parents may enroll young students to take lessons but her earlier times of teaching inmates in the Chautauqua County Jail “brought music to her ears”. This incredible woman, in her 98th year has the energy and passion of a much younger person. Her vocabulary and attention to detail enriched my knowledge and understanding of music. See “MUSIC” Page 4

By Jeanine Zimmer The building that housed the “Italian Fisherman” on Lakeside Drive in Bemus Point has been purchased by Tom Meyers, a local businessman who formerly owned the McDonald’s franchises in the area. Meyers also recently acquired the property of “Ye Hare ‘N Hounds Inn” and, since recent purchase, is putting back on the

Westfield, NY Shop Offers Glass from Around the World By Kathleen McCarthy

Known across the country, Jim Wroda’s specialty is antique Carnival Glass. Most Carnival Glass was made before 1925, with production in clear decline after 1931.

Food Trends Changing Part III Tops Looks to Restructure Operations

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that drowsy driving is the cause of at least 100,000 auto crashes a year. These crashes injure an average of 40,000 people per year and result in over 1500 deaths.

Venue 31... Page 3

Event Planner Opens Business on Main Street in Jamestown

Venue 31 can hold up to sixty people seated and more for other types of events. The space is ideal for birthday, anniversary and surprise parties, showers, corporate meetings, craft/club parties and other small events.

See “WRODA” Page 5

St. Susan Center Basket Fair Fundraising Event on St. Patrick’s Day

By Nicholas Pircio

On February 21, 2018, Tops Markets announced its Chapter 11 filing. A television segment on Spectrum News highlighted the frustration that some shoppers felt when they heard the news. That frustration is palpable when you listen to their personal dilemmas. There is a portion of the shopping public that comes to rely on their hometown stores because they have issues with transportation. Stores that are on bus lines or within walking distance of livable communities become very important. News like a Chapter 11 filing makes those customers nervous. What does a Chapter 11 filing mean to Tops’ loyal customers? All told there are 169 Tops stores in New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont. That is a lot of customers to worry about. A Chapter 11 filing, at this point in time, means little to the customer as far as Tops Markets is concerned. A press release posted on the company’s website states that Tops’ operations are strong. Mr. Frank Curci, Tops Markets’ chairman and CEO is quoted See “TOPS” Page 5

See “EVENT” Page 5

By Sharon Witchey

The Cause of 10,000 Auto Crashes a Year

Jim Wroda has been in the antique auction business for over twenty years. He was based in Greenville, Ohio where he lived and ran a very successful auction business. After driving through Chautauqua County he and his wife Laurie fell in love with the area. Six years ago they decided to buy property on Chautauqua Lake and begin the transition to the county. In 2016 they purchased the antique store at 58 East Main Street in Westfield, NY. The building had been used as an antique shop with many vendors displaying their goods in stalls and display cases. Embarking on a total renovation process they upgraded all the fuse boxes to circuit breakers and went to all LED lighting which efficient as well as perfect for viewing the

You could find your Pot of Gold on St. Patrick’s Day, when you come to the 15th Annual St. Susan Center Basket Fair. Doors open at 11am on Saturday, March 17th at the Jamestown Community College Physical Education Building. That’s located on Curtis Street in Jamestown. The Basket Fair is the largest fundraiser of the year for the St. Susan Center, which offers meals, dignity, fellowship and respect to all who enter. Executive Director Jeffrey Smith expects to have well over 100 baskets ready for your consideration. Smith says the community really responds to this event. “We get basket donations, everything from candy to electronics, to children’s items, to women’s baskets. We get baby baskets, restaurant gift certificates, and all kinds of different things. It’s a fun event.” Donated items continue to come in prior to the big day. Smith says, “As we speak I’m picking up four baskets. The lady who wraps them for us does a fantastic job; they look like a million bucks.” Much effort and enthusiasm go into preparation for the Basket Fair. Smith says many people are willing to lend a helping hand, including the St. Susan Center staff and board of directors, in addition to the community

never stops....

Drowsy Driving... Page 2

See “FOOD” Page 4

Wroda Antiques

Grab and Go Food Outlet Downtown Benefits the Reg Lenna

Did You Know:

market for a fire sale of $250,000, offering the potential for another restaurant or boutique in the Village of Bemus Point. Meyers is renting the building to Bill Lewis who was his Supervisor at the stores for decades. Lewis has hired Chef Todd Singleton, a familiar name in the area as he was proprietor of “The Liberty

Dunkirk Then & Now Exhibit : March 1st & 2nd : Fredonia Technology Incubator, Dunkirk

Page 2 ~ The Lakeside Ledger ~ March 1st - 7th, 2018

Publisher’s Word “Spring into Spring!”

contributors to The Lakeside Ledger. Liz Flower, Bemus Point resident, is a Professional Licensed and Accredited Auctioneer & Appraiser. She specializes in Fine Art, Real Estate and Charity Auctions. In her Column “It sold for WHAT?!” she will present an intriguing look at what your treasures might be worth in the International Auction World representing the prices realized at Auction. I would like to take this space Also joining our contributing to introduce to you two new writers is Autumn Echo

Swanson. Autumn is a performance poet from Jamestown, NY. She is the creator of the Pulse Poetry Slam, a monthly poetry event series and is the Office Coordinator at Infinity Visual and Performing Arts. She is in love with Jamestown and is committed to shedding light in the community through the arts and positivity. If you are interested in joining our team send me an email info@thevillagerny. com. Till Next Week! JZ

Photo Contest: Win 1 Ski Pass to Holiday Valley Submit your favorite photo of Chautauqua Co. in the winter to: A new winner is selected each week.

Stem Wars at JCC

Stem Events March 14th At Jamestown Community College

One of the premier STEM events in Southwestern New York is set for March 14 at Jamestown Community College. STEM Wars will take place once again this year in the JCC Physical Education Complex on JCC’s Jamestown campus.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and represents the core skill sets for careers of the future. Hundreds of students from around the region will participate in a fun and educational event, featuring STEM activities, competitions, a local business and manufacturing career fair, and on-site tem building/ leadership skills projects. 

The lead sponsor for STEM Wars this year is MATCO Tools. It is co-presented by Dream It Do It Western New York (DIDIWNY), the New York State Technology and Engineering Educators’ Association (NYSTEEA) Chautauqua County Chapter, and Jamestown Community College.   STEM Wars is produced with support from the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce (CCCC), The Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier (MAST) and Pathways in Technology Early College High School (PTECH). Additional sponsors include Clark Patterson Lee as Video Sponsors, Monofrax,

Weber Knapp, Nestle Purina, Excelco/Newbrook, Cummins JEP, Fancher Chair, Bailey Manufacturing Company and Truck-Lite as Gold Sponsors, Artone LCC, Allen Industrial Sales and The Resource Center Allied Division as Silver Sponsors and Blackstone Advanced Technology, Jamestown Container and Ripley Machine & tool as Bronze Sponsors. There is still room for local manufacturers to participate in the career fair, and room for more schools to sign up. For more information, contact Dream It Do It in Chautauqua County at (716) 484-1101.

Did You Know:

Drowsy Driving

The Cause of at least 10,000 Auto Crashes a Year

Weekly Column By Donna Germain

Did you know…? Are you planning your Easter vacation to Mexico, Europe or maybe just staying here in the United States? Thinking of how you are going to get there? Well perhaps you are driving. You could be driving just to the airport or several hundred miles away to see friends, family and loved ones. Are you rested up for the road trip? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that drowsy driving is the cause of at least 100,000 auto crashes a year. These crashes injure an average of 40,000 people per year and result in over 1500 deaths. The NHTSA suggests that this number is really much higher due to the fact it is much harder to determine if someone has not had enough sleep. There is no Breathalyzer or blood test like there is for alcohol or drugs. Drivers are often alone in the car or the other passengers are already sleeping. Data shows that crashes caused by drowsydriving occur between midnight and 8am. It is most natural for your body to want to sleep when it is dark out. Your body clock also makes you sleepy during the middle of the day, between 1-3pm even if you are well rested. In one study 82% of drowsydriving crashes involved someone driving alone. Driving with others allows someone to keep them alert and often take turns behind the wheel. Most people who are at risk are shift workers such as doctors, nurses,

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that drowsy driving is the cause of at least 100,000 auto crashes a year. These crashes injure an average of 40,000 people per year and result in over 1500 deaths.

factory workers, business travelers and people driving to a destination for work or pleasure. Other drivers that are affected are people with sleep disorders that cause them to be tired during the day such as insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and narcolepsy. More than 12 million people in the US have OSA. Studies show it has created a large increase of crashes caused by drowsydriving. Medication is also a factor of drowsy driving. Medicines such a sleeping pills (I think we know this one) Narcotic pain killers, some anti-depressants, some high blood pressure pills, cold or cough syrups and tablets all may cause drowsiness. Make sure you read the warning labels on your medicines before getting behind the wheel. A few signs of drowsy- driving are:   you are frequently yawning, you cannot keep your eyes open, your thoughts wander

and take focus off the road, you cannot remember the last few miles, you become impatient, you start to follow to closely to cars or you start drifting into the other lane or on to the rumble strips. If you are heading off on that road trip, the best way to prevent drowsydriving is to get a good night’s sleep before the trip. Avoid driving overnight if possible. If you must drive overnight, pull over when you are tired and take a short nap. According to studies this will help. Avoid alcohol and any medications (Speak to your doctor about your medications). Caffeine is only a short term boost, it takes time to get into your system, although it does help is should not be seen as a way to replace sleep.   So be safe and alert whenever or wherever you may drive. If you would like more information on drowsydriving go to Now you know…


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Daisy Pulls It Off : March 1st - 3rd : Bartlett Theatre, Fredonia

Eventz by Scott

Event Planner Opens Venue 31 on Main Street in Jamestown

A grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Friday, February 23 at 31 Main to announce the opening of Venue 31 and the Eventz by Scott’s office. Renovation grants were provided by the City of Jamestown Department of Development CDBG Program and the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation Building and Business Improvement Program.

Local event planner Scott Mekus recently held his grand opening and ribbon cutting celebration this past Friday at Venue 31 located at 31 North Main Street in Jamestown. Building owners and landlords Mekus and his partner Bill Burley bought the former Carlson Jewelers twostory historical unit under the B & S Rental Properties, LLC title in January 2017. The original building was established in 1910 and now is named 31 Main. After a year of renovation, the remodeled space includes an all occasion banquet room known as Venue 31, an attached staging/prep area, two bathrooms and the Eventz by Scott office. Within the rentable modern space, there is a fireplace, mantle, smart TV and ice machine access. The building also has two rented apartments on the

second floor. Venue 31 can hold up to sixty people seated and more for other types of events. The space is ideal for birthday, anniversary and surprise parties, showers, corporate meetings, craft/club parties and other small events. With the local grant assistance from the City of Jamestown CDBG Program and the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation Building and Business Improvement Grant for the overall renovation, the iconic building now sports a new, lighted vaudeville 31 Main sign that hangs horizontally along Main Street. “We are very fortunate to be a part of the downtown Jamestown vibe as business owners and landlords,” said Mekus. “Everyone has been so welcoming and we both appreciate the support,

guidance and multiple collaborations through this process. Jamestown is back on the map and we look forward to seeing all the exciting things happening in our town we call home.” Grand opening guest speakers included Vince DeJoy, City of Jamestown Director of Development; Lisa Hatch, Jamestown Renaissance Center Executive Director; Guy DiTonto, Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce Director of Member Services and Jacqueline ChiarotPhelps, Regional Director for Congressman Tom Reed. The event also included a nearby “neighborhood feel” with food provided by Havana Cuban Café, Cherry Lounge, Harvest Café and Gypsy Moon Cake Company, music compliments of Steve Trapani of Collector’s Paradise, artwork for sale provided by local artist Gary Peters, Jr., and photography by Jon Elder Productions. Eventz by Scott is a full-service event planning company that specializes in all types of parties, weddings, carnivals, holiday events, community/corporate functions, fund raisers, scavenger hunts, event décor, face painting, costume characters, basket/balloon deliveries, household/estate sales and more. For more information or to book/tour Venue 31, contact Mekus at (716) 720-0564, e-mail or visit www.eventzbyscott. com.

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March 1st - 7th, 2018 ~ The Lakeside Ledger ~ Page 3

Grand Opening:

Corner Cafe

Downtown Restaurant to be Open 7 Days a Week

Reg Lenna Center for The Arts invites the public to a grand opening for its new restaurant - The Corner Cafe - Thursday, March 1 from 3-5pm. The Corner Café is a quick, grab-and- go food outlet with assorted ready-made salads, sandwiches and reheatable light entrees. Included on the menu are Banh mi sandwiches, panini, ramen and rice bowls, weekly soup and sandwich specials and baked goods. The restaurant is open seven days a week.

Business hours are Monday through Thursday from 7am8pm, Friday 7am-10pm, Saturday 9am-10pm, and Sunday from 9am-6pm. The Corner Café is a business entity of RLCA, LLC, which manages food, beverage and merchandise with all profits benefiting the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts, Inc. Chef Todd Singleton (Forte, Liberty Street Cafe, The Fish) developed the concept and assisted in the development and opening along with Reg Lenna staff and board

members. During the grand opening, free samples of the various freshly prepared foods will be available. Local and regional foods are sold in the Cafe including products from Crown Street Roasting Company, Reverie Creamery, Reach Organics and Lone Palm Cookie Company. For more information on The Corner Cafe call 716.499.9174 or visit The Corner Cafe is located at 122 E. 3rd St. in Jamestown.

Issues & Interests

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First Friday Lunch Bunch : March 2nd : Audubon Community Nature Center, Jamestown

Page 4 ~ The Lakeside Ledger ~ March 1st - 7th, 2018


Cont. From Cover in the former Yesterdays building at 103 Chautauqua Avenue. The entire interior of the building has been gutted and redone with a bit of glitz and glam. It is fresh, clean and new. When one walks into Group Ther-Happy, the eyes don’t know where to look first. The bar is U-shaped and made of limestone and while the stone surface makes the bar substantial in nature the décor softens its impact. The interior colors include gold, purple and a bit of a bright green with just enough “pop”- a desired design element. The floor is art under your feet. Bright bold works of art adorn the walls as well. Two large paintings by pop artist Michael Israel decorate the walls on the side of and beside the back of the bar. Each features an iconic pop/rock musician. Music will be an important part of the ambiance at Group TherHappy. Live music will be featured and, as a nod to Michelle’s favorite musical


Cont. From Cover

Street Café” in Warren, Pa, and “Forte” in Jamestown, NY. The two look to hire all former staff of the both restaurants and will soon have a website that will post applications for work. “The Fish” as it will be called, will be open daily beginning at 10am, yearround upstairs serving lunch and dinner daily. The outside seating will be open in season

era-the 80s, a gold disco ball will sparkle above patrons as they enjoy a meal. The restaurant is open in concept and feels spacious even though there is a distinct bar area. There is plenty of seating. The bar seats 20. In addition, there are two high top tables for 7 on the same side of the facility. Four round back chairs sit in front of a gas fueled fireplace as well as seating for another 36 on the other side of Group Ther-Happy. Mary and Lori Galster, Project Manager, were busy readying things in the all new kitchen. Two new stone deck pizza ovens sit along the back wall of the kitchen ready for service. Homemade pizzas will be a feature at Group Ther-Happy along with homemade soups and pub fare. Nothing will be fried. Large bowls of Group Salads will be served for patrons to share at their table. Weekly food and drink specials are being planned as are selections for children. “We want this to be a place where people feel comfortable coming in groups, where they come to feel happythat’s why Happy is such an

important part of the name”, explained Michelle. “It’s the place where everybody wants to go”, chimed in Mary from the kitchen. “Should we say a place where everyone knows your name?” teased Michelle, referencing the tag line from the popular TV show Cheers. With the finishing touches being put on the interior, there are plans for the exterior of the building as well. When the weather warms, work will start on an outside fire pit and sitting area. Michelle envisions summer visitors coming by boat to the Village dock at Richard O. Hartley Park and walking into Lakewood for a relaxing evening that could begin or end at Group Ther-Happy. Group Ther-Happy will be open 7 days a week. Kitchen hours will be 3pm9pm Monday –Thursday. The hours will be longer on Friday and Saturday with an 11:30am opening and 10pm close. Sunday meal service will be from 11:30- 5pm. Prices of meals will be in the ten to fifteen dollar range. Like what you’ve read about Group Ther-Happy? Michelle asks you to “Like” them on Facebook!

and serve linner (lunch/ dinner) daily. The projected open date is mid May. Under Lewis’ guidance the prices will be comparable to restaurants off the lake. Singleton is developing a new menu of fresh items that will appeal to all; he is looking for public input which you can submit to The Fish will have a new stage on the shore and will offer daily entertainment in the summer with a free event each night. (The Bemus Bay Pops is moving the floating

stage to another location TBA.) The Fish is expanding to offer over 40 boat slips to offer plenty of boat parking for the restaurant, 20 of which they will rent out for boaters or businesses for any purpose. Over the winter they will begin the expansion of the restaurant toward The Lawson Center, which will not affect business hours. They will bring the outside kitchen on the lower deck inside allowing them to expand seating there as well as add a second upper deck.


Cont. From Cover Living by herself in the city she uses CARTS to get around to shop, eat out, and go to the library and to her studio. She looks forward to teaching her students at her studio at Chautauqua Music on 110 E. 2nd Street every week. Helga Hulse was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1921. Her father was a civil engineer and her mother, a classically trained pianist, was her first piano teacher at age three. Her mother began her lessons after Helga remembers begging her. “I was treated just like any other student”, she said. For three years she learned from her mother until she travelled to the Chicago Musical College at age six. It was here that she had her debut solo piano concert. At eleven years old she played as a soloist with the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra. Helga was taught by the famous PolishAmerican virtuoso pianist and composer Josef Hofman. Her training continued at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia and the University of Southern California in her late teens. She came to the State University of New York, Empire State College and earned a Bachelor of Science’s degree in Music Pedagogy. In her time with the

Honolulu Symphony women were limited in what they were allowed to play. Helga said, “Woodwinds and Strings were acceptable but horns were not permitted. Slowly women have infiltrated the music world. I will step over a puddle myself, I don’t need help.” This determination is what drives Helga every day of her life. At age 18 she won an audition to play with the Women’s Symphony of Los Angeles, conducted by Eva Anderson. “These were very fine players. As the curtain opened slowly, the audience saw the most beautiful array of women in a rainbow of pastel colored evening gowns. It was so beautiful in every way. This is the only all-women symphony orchestra that I know of.” Johannes Brahms is her favorite composer due to qualities like “his rich harmonies.” “Classical music does affect the brain. It is an entrée to accomplished people. Musicians are very hardworking people”, Helga stated. A study in The Journal of Health Psychology says classical music can lower blood pressure, promote better sleep, lower pain, improve memory and make you more productive. This seems to sum up what Helga Hulse has achieved with her many years of immersion in classical music.

Helga Hulse has influenced hundreds of young and old musicians here and throughout the country. Jeanine Zimmer, Publisher of The Lakeside Ledger said, “I took lessons from Helga when I was very young. I wasn’t very good at that but over the years she taught me so much more. She is so inspiring. Her passion, talent and integrity are amazing. She is one of the strongest women I know.” Her energy seems inexhaustible. This pianist has been an instructor for over 74 years and still loves the challenge of each new student, getting to know them as she learns their learning style. Billy Kates, owner of Chautauqua Music said, “Helga is the greatest treasure of the musical community of Chautauqua County, we are so glad to have her back in Jamestown.” Rani Laha, a former student of Helga’s said, “She always knew if you were prepared for the lesson or not. ‘Ms. Rani, you really have not practiced.’ Practice and more practice still doesn’t make you perfect. That is what I learned from her.” Helga ended, “I learn about people, and I learn what a joy it is, planting the seed of classical music in people’s lives. I love to play, and next to that, I love to see students play, because I know what it does for their lives.”

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d d t

March 1st - 7th, 2018 ~ The Lakeside Ledger ~ Page 5


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r , fabulous antiques he sells. a His wife Laurie runs the front I business, which is the same t concept as the prior owner. t The back of the building is a o comfortable auction space for t those people who participate e in the live auctions. Each state regulates n s the qualifications to be an Ohio has a t auctioneer. r stringent process to become e qualified. The basic steps are , to attend an Ohio approved e auction school, pass the apprentice exam and find an f auctioneer to sponsor you, , serve as an apprentice for 12 e months and be a bid caller f in 12 auctions under the e sponsor’s supervision and n pass both a written and oral exam in front of the Ohio t Auctioneer’s Commission. s New York State has no r license regulations to become , an auctioneer. As Wroda was ’trained out of state, he has a e very knowledgeable and . professional manner. Wroda m said, “The training is very important, it teaches you how t to talk. Breathing and voice a techniques as well as speed f and precision are important s elements of the education. o Ethics, public speaking and , advertising are part of the s curriculum, giving an edge to just learning the business from experience alone.” A security/ background check is performed and being bonded is required. Known across the country, Jim Wroda’s specialty is antique Carnival Glass. He appraises entire estates and will determine what items would sell well at auction. He may conduct six auctions

a month on site in Westfield. Each of these auctions have on-line listed items available for viewing, prior to the auction. This allows for online bidding, proxy bid, call in, and live on-line bidding. His auction business only accepts antiques, not reproductions. Even though he has closed the Greenville, Ohio auction house, he stays connected to the market there as well from coast to coast. In January and February business drops slightly at the Westfield Village Antique Center, as fewer folks take the drive to browse in bad weather. With 70 dealers, it is still a place to get out of the cold, reminisce and shop. The Village of Westfield has quaint shops and good restaurants so one could make the day of it. The auction business stays steady year around, requiring many roads trips to pick up entire estates. As of January 1, 2018, the business made a change. Over the past year Jim Wroda Auction Services and Matthew Wroda Auctions and Appraisals have been working together to bring innovation to their auction business. Jim and his son Matthew found that the obvious answer was to join forces and keep the business in the family. Matthew Wroda has stepped up as the owner of the newly formed Matthew Wroda Auctions, LLC and Jim Wroda coming on board as lead auctioneer and lead auction coordinator/ cataloger. This change will allow the business to do on site auctions, including the real estate. Jim said, “a challenge will always be helping the seller understand the market and the real value

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of the pieces”. Watch for an upcoming “Ladies Night Auction”. Treasuring their pets, the family is excited to announce their commitment to giving back. After the recent loss of Jim and Laurie’s dear “Lizzie”, they have created a foundation “For the Love of Lizzie”. Having already raised over $10,000 to help pets that are in need of emergency surgeries or medication that the pet’s family could not afford otherwise, they look forward to this endeavor. A Facebook page and website are being developed. has been secured for those who would like to learn more. Now settled in their new home, Laurie and Jim speak of their ongoing love of the area and all that it has to offer. Laurie greets patrons warmly at the Antique Center and loves the attention her dogs get at the shop. The vendors rotate there stock regularly so “there is always something new to look at.” At a recent auction John M. said “I love to come here to see the amazing antiques that are being auctioned. Whether I am in the market for a particular advertised piece or I just come to keep up with the value of some antiques, I love watching Jim and the bidders interact. The coffee and donuts make my day!” For information and upcoming auctions visit www. For upcoming NY auctions visit www.auctionzip. com. The Westfield Village Antique Center is located at 58 East Main Street, Westfield, NY, phone 716232-4238.

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Cont. From Cover in that release as saying “we are continuing to provide our customers the convenience, savings and friendly service that they expect from us.” The plan is for the day to day operations to remain the same. A Chapter 11 filing is made in court and must be approved. In Tops Markets’ reorganization, many things must be taken into consideration. There are over 14,000 employees’ salaries, health care, pensions and 401 Ks to cover. Most of the employee concerns are protected by union agreements and in the case of pensions, by law. Landlords, wholesalers and smaller vendors will have a say in the reorganization. The key is for the plan to be acceptable to those to whom Tops owes money so that Tops can reduce its debt. One of the goals is for Tops to continue to upgrade its stores


Cont. From Cover at large. Smith says they can always use more volunteers for the event. “The Girl Scouts are coming to help us this year to run our Kids Corner. If people want to bring children, there will be children’s activities to keep them busy. The Civil Air Cadets come and help us every year, and the kids from ‘Kids for a Cause’, they come and help us every year as well. So we do get quite a bit of help putting on this event.” You will also find DJ music and food items on sale at the Comfort Café. Want a few more basket previews? According to

if the reorganization plan is approved. Competition in the grocery industry is fierce and it seems as if every big business wants a piece of the action. Speculation is that Amazon, Walmart or other entities are to blame for Tops’ troubles. While that may be a part of the problem, a business doesn’t operate in a void. Analysts cite reasons such as Private Equity groups that buy chains and pay themselves at the cost of the business they own. Such was the case with Tops in 2007 when it was acquired by one such firm-Morgan Stanley. Dividend payouts to Morgan Stanley investors and funds borrowed through lines of credit pushed Tops into greater and greater debt. Despite all of the controversy and speculation, Tops Markets will continue to do what it already does through the reorganization process. Local Tops management teams referred all media inquiries to Kathy Romanowski, a Tops Media Representative. As their website and press

release offered generalized statements, I asked her to define what Tops refers to as an “exceptional shopping experience.” Her response included the affordability of their products as well as savings on gasoline: customers earn points from grocery purchases that can be redeemed for savings on gasoline purchases. Tops Markets also caters to the couponing crowd with multiple coupon programs. She also cited their Price Lock Guarantee, BonusPlus Card Savings, 10 for 10 and The Wall of Value, citing “all of these offer our valued customers great ways to save money each and every time they shop with Tops”. A partnership with Instacart helps customers save time shopping as a customer’s order can be delivered in as little as one hour. These savings plans and services will remain in place as the reorganization moves forward. Tops’ valued customers hope only for the reorganization to be a success.

Smith, “I’ve got a baby basket in front of me, and I’m looking at a brand new Ryobi pressure washer. There’s a big, beautiful Easter basket with every kind of chocolate and gummy delicacy you can imagine. I’ve got rounds of golf, tool baskets, and an overnight stay at the Athenaeum Hotel.” You can check out all the baskets by going online to “St. Susan” for updates to the catalogue, to see what baskets have come in from the previous week, read the descriptions and who had donated them. Absentee ballot forms will be accepted up until March 16th at 5pm. The Basket Fair features three grand prizes. They are $500 in cash, a 55-inch smart TV, and a pair of kayaks with

life vests included. The St. Susan Center, located at 31 Water Street in Jamestown, is open 361 days a year, serving a hot meal every day for people in need. They are closed only on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Anyone who needs a hot meal can come in, no questions asked. Smith says they have approximately 200 people who volunteer at the Center, over the course of a year, about 75 of whom are there week in and week out. Smith says they are a bit short of volunteers in some areas, so if you are interested, call 716-664-2253, and speak to Katie Murdock. That’s also the number for more information about the Basket Fair.

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The ledger march 1 7, 2018 volume 2 issue 9  

A Free Weekly Publication Serving Chautauqua County.

The ledger march 1 7, 2018 volume 2 issue 9  

A Free Weekly Publication Serving Chautauqua County.