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KAYAK ROLL CLASSES WITH EVERGREEN OUTFITTERS Every Tuesday through March • 7 - 9pm Turner Community Center

Museum Spotlight:

Grape Discovery Center

CSHOF Inductees 2018

Preserving the Sports History of Chautauqua County

Boasting the History of the Grape Growing Industry


DUNKIRK THEN & NOW EXHIBIT Thursday, January 18 • 10am – 4pm Friday, January 19 • 10am – 4pm Monday, January 22 • 10am – 4pm Tuesday, January 23 • 10am – 4pm Thursday, January 25 • 10am – 4pm Friday, January 26 • 10am – 4pm Fredonia Technology Incubator, Dunkirk SHINY BRIGHT RETRO HOLIDAY January 18 - 20 • 10am – 4pm The Fenton History Center, Jamestown SNOWSHOE HIKE WITH EVERGREEN OUTFITTERS Saturday, January 20 • 10am Saturday, January 27 • 10am Evergreen Outfitters, Mayville SLEIGH RIDES AT CHAUTAUQUA Saturday, January 20 • 1 – 3pm Sunday, January 21 • 1 – 3pm Chautauqua Bookstore; Chautauqua Institution DOORS OPEN JAMESTOWN Saturday, January 20 • 10am – 5pm Local Museums and Attractions, Jamestown YOUNG MARX Saturday, January 20 • 1 – 3:20pm Fredonia Opera House, Fredonia SOUTHERN TIER XPRESS HOCKEY Saturday, January 20 • 7pm Northwest Arena, Jamestown CINEMA SERIES: LAST FLAG FLYING Saturday, January 20 • 7:30 – 9:30pm Tuesday, January 23 • 7:30 – 9:30pm Fredonia Opera House, Fredonia

By Beverly A. Hazen Snow drifts currently cover the fields and vineyards of western NY, but hopefully, spring will be “in the air” once March and April arrive. That’s when wine enthusiasts may sit at the Lake Erie Grape Discovery Center and taste local wines while looking across the vineyards. If a sampled wine is deemed a favorite, bottles of the wine are available for purchase. The Lake Erie Grape Discovery Center, located on 8305 West Main Rd. (Rte. 20) in Westfield, opened

THE DISASTER ARTIST: MOVIES AT THE REG Wednesday, January 24 • 7 – 8:44pm Reg Lenna Center for The Arts, Jamestown

SOUTHERN TIER XPRESS HOCKEY Friday, January 26 • 7pm Northwest Arena, Jamestown SEND ME NO FLOWERS Friday, January 26 • 7:30 – 9:30pm 18 E 2nd St., Jamestown Weekly Events Visit

See “DISCOVER” Page 4

Jamestown Young Professionals Spotlight:

NATURE PLAY DAY Sunday, January 21 • 1 – 4pm Audubon Community Nature Center, Jamestown

MARTZ OBSERVATORY PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE Wednesday, January 24 • 7:30 – 9:30pm Martz Observatory, Frewsburg

in May of 2013 to support and promote the Grape industry. It is the official Visitor’s Center for the NYS Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt Heritage Area and manager, Christina McKane, warmly greets those who come to see the Center. Upon entering, visitors are welcome to browse through the retail area that offers a variety of wine-related gift items and food products including cheese, jams and juice. Grape-featured clothing and local artwork are

Entrepreneurial Family

LADY BIRD: MOVIES AT THE REG Saturday, January 20 • 8 – 9:34pm Reg Lenna Center for The Arts, Jamestown

Blake Tarana and his newlywed Erin are expecting their first child, Giovanni, in October. The couple is pictured with their dog Jeter.

By Anna Hagley

Blake Tarana, co-owner along with his mother and father, of 5 local Tim Hortons in Jamestown

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Did You Know…Bingo! ... Page 2 From Beans to Bingo: How the Tradition Began


The Center, located in Westfield, opened in May of 2013 to support and promote the Grape industry.


By Lou Drago Most of us who follow or play sports and live in the area have heard of the Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame (CSHOF). You may have even walked past their building at 15 West 3rd Street in downtown Jamestown but how many of us know anything about it? I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Randy Anderson, the HOF president to learn about the organization. The Chautauqua Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1981 as a 503 (c ) (3) not-for-profit

See “JYP” Page 4

Beat the Cold By Getting Out In it: Tips for the Trip

One day you might follow in the tracks of countless other hikers at your local nature preserve, while next week you could break your own trail deep into the woods you’ve been dying to explore.

By Mike Kingsley Owner, Evergreen Outfitters Why would I want to go snowshoeing? Why go outside at all? It’s so cold! We all know people who get outdoors no matter the season, and it sounds like they enjoy it, but we convince ourselves it’s not for us. Such easy excuses: weather … discomfort … effort. But what if we DID try snowshoeing? Those

Jamestown Salute

Chamber Celebrates Community Success

There is evidence that the game as we know it today did not earn its name until 1929 when a toy manufacturer from Long Island by the name of Edwin S Lowe played the game Beano at a carnival in Georgia

Passport Event this Saturday... Pg. 3

Jamestown P.O. Makes Is Convenient For Families to Apply If you are planning international travel in the upcoming year, you are going to need a passport. The Jamestown Post Office is hosting a Saturday passport event to make it more convenient for families to apply. On Saturday, Jan. 20 from 9am-noon......

See “SPORTS” Page 4

Snowshoeing in Chautauqua Co.

Blake Tarana

and Lakewood NY, is our next featured board member of the JYP group. He is a young business owner that is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business, and strives to be present in all the stores every day, while in addition, his family is one of the local owners of the Southern Tier Express Hockey Team. Tarana was born and raised in Jamestown NY, attending St. Bonaventure University and then traveling around the world. The chance to travel was made possible by an abroad program in Perugia, Italy and Tim Hortons University in Toronto Canada, but after these worldly experiences, he still found his way back to Jamestown, relishing the fact that it is simply a great place to live, with great features that change from season to season. While his travel provided for a one of a kind adventure and education, he missed everything here, from

corporation by a group of sports enthusiasts that included area sports notables Russ Diethrick and P-J sports editor Jim Riggs to honor the legacy of the County’s sports heroes. We all know of Russ and his love of baseball – the baseball field at JCC, Diethrick Field is named in his honor and Jim Riggs, the sports writer who was an avid early morning golfer. The first thing you will notice is the creed and mission statement of the CSHOF emblazoned on the wall- Honoring and Preserving the

Seven businesses are being honored by the Jamestown Community Chamber of Commerce February 5 at Shawbucks Press Room.

By Kathleen McCarthy

The Jamestown Community Chamber of Commerce will honor the FINEST OF THE YEAR awards to member businesses who have been voted as outstanding examples of “making a difference” in Jamestown. This yearly event will be held on Monday, February 5 at Shawbucks Press Room. The social hour begins at 5:30, with dinner and program to follow at 6pm. The cost is $30 per person or $225 See “CHAMBER” Page 5

“adventurous” friends of ours can’t seem to get enough. What are we missing out on? Snowshoeing is simple to learn, and it can be done in a wide variety of terrain and conditions. One day you might follow in the tracks of countless other hikers at your local nature preserve, while next week you could break your own trail deep into the woods you’ve been dying to See “SNOWSHOE” Page 5

Shrinking Retail

Dollar General on Rise While Others Fail

As Sam’s Club in Jamestown closes was are seeing an explosion of Dollar General stores in Chautauqua County opening. New stores have opened in Sinclairville, South Dayton, Bemus Point, Sherman, and Ripley in recent months.

By Kathleen McCarthy

On Thursday January 11 the word was out that the Jamestown Sam’s Club on Fairmount Avenue was closing on January 26. Doors were shut for the day and reopened on Friday for the 25% off sale. Lines stretched around the store, cars were jammed everywhere. This See “RETAIL” Page 5

Snowshoe Hike with Evergreen Outfitters : January 20th & 27th : Evergreen Outfitters, Mayville

Page 2 ~ The Lakeside Ledger ~ January 18 - 24, 2018

Publisher’s Word “Don’t Worry – Be Happy”

If you’re a lover of winter activities, or just like to watch the pretty snowflakes fall, you’ve had an interesting winter so far this season. It’s been a strange one, all right –Mother Nature still likes to show all of us she’s the boss!

Now, if it bothers you to have someone lord power over you, the best way to say “oh yeah?” is by taking advantage and making fun out of all this weather. Skiers, boarders, snowmobilers, skaters, snowshoers, and a few brave joggers ALL know this is truly a tremendous time to get out there and have some serious fun. January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard month, in recognition Peek ‘n Peak Resort is offering 2 for 1 beginner lean to ski and ride packages. Next Saturday they are also hosting their annual Chili Cook Off, one way to keep you warm in the snow. The snowmobile trails

opened back up on Monday, too bad we missed the gorgeous sun on the trails on Sunday, but hopefully we will make it through this coming weekend as rain is predicted for Monday, as of print time of this article (but if I’m wrong, I have a much more lucrative career ahead of myself in meteorology.) Yes, the weather has been turely unpredictable but that’s what makes living in WNY so interesting. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times – consider yourself very lucky to be in a great place at a truly great time of the year. Get out of the house and enjoy the wintery elements! Until next week… JZ-C

Photo Contest: Win 2 Ski Passes to Holiday Valley

Submit your favorite photo of Chautauqua Co. in the winter to: A new winner is selected each week.

Making Connections

It’s cold out there! Come on in and check out our Making Connections meetings A program designed to appeal to all ages, a chance to join other community residents to enjoy a variety of activities – such as simply conversing, working individually on a project, partnering to play board games or cards, doing puzzles, extreme dot-to-dot, adult coloring, etc. There are science kits & new electronic-building kits available to learn & challenge! We are OPEN to new ideas for activities & we’d love your input! Thursdays 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. at Lakewood Library. Light refreshments will be available

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Did You Know:


By 1934 More than 10,000 Bingo Games Were Being Played Weekly Weekly Column By Donna Germain

Did you know…?   Have you been looking for something to do this winter? Need to get out and socialize a little. Have you been thinking you should really make a donation to your local fire department, church or organization? Bingo, I have the answer. Yes Bingo. Bingo games have been traced back to the early 1500’s to an Italian lottery called “Lo Giucco del Lotto D’Itala” which is still played every Saturday in Italy. The lottery contributes about 75 million dollars a year to the government. The game as we know it today has some inconsistencies in its origination. It was introduced to France in the late 1700’s where it was called “Le Lotto” a game played among wealthy Frenchmen. Bingo had several names and varieties. There is evidence that the game as we know it today did not earn its name until 1929 when a toy manufacturer from Long Island by the name of Edwin S Lowe played the game Beano at a carnival in Georgia. He thought the game was fun and interesting. When he returned home to New York where he resided he dried some beans, obtained a numbered rubber stamp and some cardboard. He then invited friends to play the game known as “Beano” and a women who was playing was so excited when she covered the winning numbers she shouted out “Bingo”. He then proceeded with the idea from there to institute the game as

Bingo games have been traced back to the early 1500’s to an Italian lottery called “Lo Giucco del Lotto D’Itala” which is still played every Saturday in Italy.

a fundraiser. It was first used in a church in Pennsylvania and it had a major problem: too many winners. Lowe hired a Columbia Math Professor named Carl Loffler to help increase the number of combinations on a bingo card. By 1930, Loffler had created 6,000 different bingo cards. They were developed so there would be fewer non repeating number groups, so it was more difficult for more than one person to win at the same time. Word was spreading fast and by 1934 there were more than 10,000 bingo games going on weekly.  Although gambling was banned in many states, they allowed bingo games to be hosted by churches and non-profit groups to raise funds. Lowe’s firm of about 1,000 employees, occupying nine floors of office space in New York were running 64 printing presses 24 hours a day. Lowe was quoted as saying “We were using more newsprint than the New

York Times”. Lowe sold his company to Milton Bradley along with the trademarked game Yahtzee for $26 million dollars in 1973. Lowe died in 1986. The game is still hosted by several churches and organizations to raise money. Bingo is played in many nursing and retirement homes for recreation. Bingo did take a down turn after no smoking laws were implemented and online bingo was created. There are over 100 million online bingo players. 80% of bingo players are women. So if you are looking for something to do. Here is a list of a few fire departments and lodges in the area that host a regular bingo game: • Monday, Kiantone • Tuesday, Fluvanna • Wednesday, Sinclairville • Thursday, Celoron • Friday, Moose Lodge #1681 For more information check with your local municipality, fire department, church or local non-profit. Now you know…

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Sleigh Rides at Chautauqua : January 20th & 21st : Chautauqua Bookstore; Chaut. Institution

Jamestown Helping Haiti Zonta Supplies Birthing Kits in Haiti

January 18 - 24, 2018

~ The Lakeside Ledger ~ Page 3

Poetry Slam at Labyrinth House Poetry Slam at Labyrinth Press Co., January 20

related infection of mother and Pulse Poetry Slam and Labyrinth Press Company will partner once again for of baby during the birthing an exciting evening of performance poetry and live music on Saturday, January process. The Jamestown club 20th at 7PM. Press House Poetry Slam is a free poetry slam event series that falls had learned from a Pittsburgh on the third Saturday of every month, and is hosted by the Lab, located at 12 E. Zonta Club how to assemble 4th Street in downtown Jamestown. Enjoy a craft brewed beer from Brazil or a in a clean environment and the delicious vegetarian meal from the kitchen of the Lab while immersing yourself correct tools to use for the kits. in the power of performance poetry and spoken word. Sign up to compete in the These kits cost less than $1 to poetry slam at the event. Prizes courtesy of Labyrinth Press Company. For more produce and can save mother information about Pulse Poetry Slam, visit or email and baby from suffering infant or maternal infection and/or mortality. The cause of infant death in jelly, antiseptic cleansing Maternal Mortality is defined Haiti is very different then agent, plastic sheet, gauge as death within 42 days of in the US; tetanus, diarrhea, pads, alcohol pads, tape completion of pregnancy. Cont. From Left respiratory infections, malaria, measure, plus any additional Infant Mortality is defined as TB and HIV – which are all needs or wants. death within first year of life. At the conclusion of the The World Health to embolism, hemorrhage, preventable. After presenting these presentation for Zonta Club Organization (WHO) reports eclampsia, infection and that there are 6 key principles cardiac pathology.  The causes statistics to Zonta club during of Jamestown, Mary and Bert that can decrease infant and for maternal mortality in Haiti the recent program, Mary Rappole received voluminous maternal mortality: clean are very different:  bleeding, and Bert then screened a film applause and requests to hands of the birth attendant, sepsis, eclampsia, obstructed produced by ARM featuring share their video from ARM. clean perineum, clean surface labor and an unsafe abortion. the clinic: Bert assessing and The video can be viewed on for delivery, umbilical cord Now lets look at the other treating children and adults the Zonta Club webpage at care (meaning both cord ties half of that equation, infant and Mary teaching a woman razor are new and clean), mortality data: Infant mortality about clean birthing practices kits. and teaching the mother to not in US 5.9 per 1,000, and causes and how to use the kit provided For more information on Zonta’s international reach, apply native salves to the cord. are birth defects, preterm by the Zonta Club.  Sudden Infant Mary compared the cost of visit Zonta Club In the United States, the delivery, maternal mortality rate is Death Syndrome, injuries and a Zonta Club Birthing Kit (est. of Jamestown is currently 28 deaths out of 100,000 maternal complications.  Infant $1) to a kit made for a woman looking for members to join pregnancy terminations (full mortality in Haiti is 59 of 1000 in the US to birth at home (est. and expand their mission term pregnancy and elective births, 10x that of the US, of $36) which included;  baby efforts. Please like the abortions), with 98.5 births which 1/3 die in the first week, hat, bulb syringe, gloves, cord community page on Facebook attended by a skilled staff and and 53% in the first 4 weeks. clamps or tape, lubricating and give Zonta a try. only 1.5 births unattended.  In Haiti, maternal mortality rates are 359 deaths per 100,000 pregnancy terminations with only 48.6 births attended by a Jamestown Post Office Makes Is Convenient For Families to Apply MD, RN, midwife or a TBA (trained birth attendant) over If you are planning Customers have the option of fee. Both are good for ten 50% of births have none of the international travel in the applying for a passport book, years. The cost for a minor’s above. upcoming year, you are good for all international travel passport book is $80 plus a Within the 28 deaths out going to need a passport. The or the passport card, which $25 processing/acceptance of 100,000 pregnancy Jamestown Post Office is is less expensive but good fee; the minor passport card is terminations in the US, there hosting a Saturday passport only for land and sea travel $15 plus a $25 processing fee. is also disparity between black event to make it more between the U.S. and Canada, Both are good for seven years. women at 11.3 of the 28 and convenient for families to Mexico, the Caribbean region Customers wanting both the white women 4.9 of the 28.  apply.  and Bermuda.  passport book and card are Causes for maternal mortality On Saturday, Jan. 20 from The cost for an adult charged only one processing in the US are typically due 9am-noon, the Jamestown passport book is $110 plus a fee. Payments are accepted Post Office, 300 East 3rd $25 processing/acceptance via cash, check. Credit cards Street, will host a passport fee; the adult passport card are acceptable for processing See “ZONTA” Right event.    is $30 plus a $25 processing and photo fees only. 


s Mary Rappole (R) discusses use of the birthing kit y with an expectant mother during the ARM mission trip d to Haiti in 2017. n n Zonta Club of Jamestown such as Village of Hope and d recently heard first hand, Servants in Fellowship (SIF). d how their birthing kits helped In May 2017, the Rappoles . to decrease home birth risk traveled with SIF as team y factors in Haiti thanks to a leaders. Bert one of 5 providers s special presentation from and Mary working with the e Mary Rappole, Zonta Club pharmacy team. For one week g member and retired Women’s they were able to provide d Health Nurse Practitioner, and outpatient medical care and . her husband Dr Bert Rappole, treatment needs to over 750 n retired surgeon. Both are local men, women and children.  At the clinic, Mary was able to % to the area. In the year 2000, Mary first distribute birthing kits from r traveled to Haiti.  Following Zonta Club of Jamestown. that trip the Rappoles, with The birthing kit project began d other community members, over ten years ago in a Zonta a created Alleghany Region Club in Australia. Since then Missions (ARM) a non-for it’s grown across the globe • profit Christian missionary with Jamestown taking on • organization.   Haiti has a the project about 7 years ago • population of over 11 million.  and sending kits to places like , Lack of education and access South Africa, Nepal, Haiti, to safe medical care are two Honduras and Afghanistan. k of the primary deficits that Contained in the kit is a 3X3ft , ARM has been attempting sheet of clean plastic, a pair r to improve. Only 50% of all of latex-free gloves, three children are in school and umbilical cord ties, small a mere 2% actually finish bar of soap, gauze and a new secondary school.  ARM razor blade. The purpose of coordinates their services with the kit is to provide a clean existing non-governmental area and clean birthing tools organizations in the country to lessen the chance of a birth-

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Doors Open Jamestown : January 20th : Local Museums and Attractions, Jamestown

Page 4 ~ The Lakeside Ledger ~ January 18 - 24, 2018



Bed Rails • Bull Bars • Side Steps • Grill Guards • Roll Up Tonneau Coversrails Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers

Snow Plows Available For All Makes & Model Trucks Different Styles & Sizes •••• Also for UTV’s


Cont. From Cover also available. A large wall map helps visitors orient themselves to the vineyard locations and tourist stops. Visitors may taste some of the wines in the Wine Tasting Room and take a seat at small tables while enjoying the view outdoors. The grape vineyard fields surrounding the Center are visible through the large windows, and when the weather is nice, visitors may sit outdoors on the Steve Baran Memorial Patio. The beautiful scenes are picturesque. “I love taking pictures during the year,” McKane said. The history of the grape growing industry, and its related stories, are described in the Exhibit Room via displays and videos. There’s the story of Deacon Elijah Fay, who brought the first grapes to Chautauqua County in the early 1800s and established a successful vineyard. His nephew, Lincoln, took plantings from Ephraim Bull’s original Concord grape stock and helped introduce the cold hardy Concord grape to the region in the late 1850’s. The grape juice story began when Dr. Thomas


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Cont. From Cover Sports History of Chautauqua County. The Hall of Fame was originally housed in the Chautauqua Mall, but by 2000 the volume of sports memorabilia they housed outgrew their space so they moved the Hall of Fame to its current 4000 square foot location, as they like to say, at the 50-yard line of Jamestown. The HOF is an all-volunteer organization, from the executives and the 30-member board of directors to the people who manned the hall and welcome visitors from noon to 3pm every weekday. Interesting thing, Mr. Anderson mentioned was that he was available to speak to organizations about the Hall of Fall either at your meeting place or even at the Hall itself by previous arrangements. Several organizations have used the HOF boardroom for their meeting then toured the exhibits with a talk from Randy. How can you get involved with the HOF? Volunteers are always welcome by contacting the hall. For a small $30 donation you can become a


Cont. From Cover the local lake in the summer and spectacular golf courses, to the ski resorts during the winter. Being an avid hockey fan, he enjoys having the ability to watch the sport in nearby Buffalo, Erie, and now Jamestown with the Southern Tier Express. His journey as a young business owner and professional has led to the conclusion that nothing can compare to this attractive place to live, due to low cost of living, safe community, and the constant support of the people in this area for local businesses. While being able to flourish professionally, this environment has proved perfect for him and his newlywed, Erin, to have

Welch (1825 – 1903) wanted to make an alcohol- free sacramental wine for his church parishioners. The end result was the creation of grape juice. His son, Dr. Charles Welch, provided free samples of “Welch’s Grape Juice” at the 1893 Chicago World Fair and, as they say, “the rest is history.” Grape juice became a breakfast staple. The region’s first permanent juice processing plant opened in Westfield in 1897. The Concord grapes that grow in the Lake Erie Concord Grape Belt require specific growing conditions. Displays in the Exhibit Room explain the unique combination of three factors in western NY that create the perfect environment for growing Concords. Two of the factors are the well-drained gravelfilled soil left behind by the glaciers and the Lake Erie breezes. The breezes moderate temperatures and provide protection against extreme fluctuations. The escarpment, or slope, that extends from the edge of the plateau to the lake plain is the third factor, also providing a moderating effect on temperatures that might harm grape crops. The year round care required for grape production is explained, as grape vineyards

demand attention of their growers during each season in different ways. There are photographs and posters showing some of the “yesteryear” scenes of Welch advertising and products that may bring a touch of nostalgia to some visitors. The grape baskets, tools, and hand vs. harvest machine grape picking methods are also shown. This compact Center offers visitors information on the history of grapes, an opportunity to be close to the vineyards and sample wine, and make a gift purchase. A special event is planned for June 16. The 3rd Annual “Cruise In” by the Lakeshore Street Rod Association will be held at the Center. Dash plaques for the first 100 cars will be given as well as awards for the top ten cars. Live music, raffles, door prizes, and a 50/50 will be offered at this picnic and fundraiser for the Center. Open March and April: Wed. – Sat. 10am – 5pm; Sunday Noon – 4pm. June – October: Mon. – Sat. 10am – 5pm; Sunday Noon – 4 pm; Nov. and Dec. same as March. Closed January and February. Wine tasting room may be rented out for events. (716)326-2003; website: www.grapediscoverycenter. com.

member joining the other 300 dues paying sports enthusiasts who support the Hall. As a not for profit corporations donations are always needed. Make a tax deductible donation by mailing a check or visiting their website. How are the inductees chosen? To be eligible for election to the Hall of Fame, first you must have a long-term relationship with Chautauqua County- be born and participated in sports in the county, or lived and participated in sports in the county. The demonstrated longevity in your sport could include playing, managing, coaching or volunteering in the sport. The public nominates individuals to be inducted by submitting a completed application. There is a one year wait after the application is submitted to allow the nominating committee time to review the application and verify the individual’s accomplishments through press clipping, films write-up etc. No nominee applications are eliminated. Each year the board reviews all the new and previous applications and votes on the best inductees. The honorees come from all areas of the sporting world, from well-known team sports

to less known individual sports. Eight sportsmen will be inducted this year bringing the number to 191 inductees. The HOF includes people we all know such as Shane Conlan who took his football talents from tiny Frewsburg to Penn State on to a successful football career with the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams to Olympic medalists to high and college stars to coaches and managers in the little league ranks. Sports include the well-known such as baseball, football, basketball and track and field sports to archery, trap shooting to motor sports motorcycle and auto racing. A visit thru their website shows the wide variety of sports that matter to our residents. This year’s inductees are Dick Cole. Kurt Fischer, Lori Francina, Sheilah (Lingenfelter) Gulas, Jim Riggs, Fran Sirianni, Clem Worosz and Phil Young. This year will be the 37th annual CSHOF induction dinner will be held on February 19 at the Lakewood Rod and Gun Club. More details are available by visiting the Hall of Fame at 15 West 3rd St Jamestown, or their website www. chautauquasportshalloffame. org.

their first child, Giovanni, in October. Being from Jamestown, and being able to appreciate it for all that it has to offer as a unique and supportive community, Tarana shares that he also sees much promise for other young professionals, especially with the upcoming development in the city. His future view of Jamestown is one of increasing attractiveness and positivity for up and coming professionals and students, with a top SUNY University, Comedy Center, multiple breweries and the opportunity to start one’s own small business with the help of many local organizations. He states specifically that “the professional population is starting to reach a point where lots of people are close to retirement age, which will lead to new and younger professionals having an

opportunity in this area. The opportunities and community support can be seen as you drive through Jamestown, observing restaurants, local coffee shops and cafes opening, which is a great thing for everyone involved.” What a perfect time for the next generation to continue the upward trend of multifactorial success in this city. While supporting the companies that are already here, Tarana would also love to see some larger technology related companies come to Jamestown and provide additional tech-related career opportunities. Tarana is an example of the entrepreneurial journey and ability that is waiting for many in Jamestown, and a motivating illustration of what you can accomplish if you focus on a positive vision of what is right at your fingertips.

Harry Potter Club

Our Harry Potter Club meets Fridays, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m at Lakewood Library.
Club activities will include Harry Potter trivia,
discussion of the books and films, and themed foods and treats. A 
 ll ages are welcome!

Sleigh Rides at Chautauqua : January 20th & 21st : Chautauqua Bookstore; Chaut. Institution

January 18 - 24, 2018

Snowshoe Cont. From Cover

explore. What about those cold temperatures we were talking about? That’s the funny thing. It’s amazing how quickly your body warms up when you start walking. Your hands are cold as you cinch down the bindings and get set to go, but five minutes into the hike, you’ve forgotten all about it and you’re taking in the quiet beauty of winter wilderness. Ten minutes later, you’re stopping to unzip jackets and perhaps even shed a layer of clothing because you’re too warm. That’s when it hits you: the best way to beat the cold is to get out in it! Proper clothing is vital, though. Mid-height hiking boots work well. You’ll want to wear at least one pair of thick wool socks, and a pair of wicking/liner socks under that is a good idea. One or two good pair of long Johns are vital, and pants should be synthetic hiking pants, rain pants, or


Cont. From Cover

for a table of eight. The event lis sponsored by Lake Shore ePaving and Elegant Edibles. e Categories are identified ethat highlight different types lof honors. Todd Tranum, nPresident and CEO of the sChamber of Commerce and nManufacturers Association lof Chautauqua County said s“Membership in the Chamber ois an investment in the future. dWe take seriously the issues dand challenges our members eface. We have developed a enumber of tools to help our ,members increase profits, kmake connections with ,new customers and provide srepresentation on the issues Athat matter.” The selection scommittee is a group of local tvolunteers who are invested in Jamestown. There are esix community Chambers in ,Chautauqua County. h Award recipients are: New mBusiness of the Year, Crown m



n n d Cont. From Cover e y tlooks like the last good ,bargain for bulk shopping in .the area. From Sam’s Club, .“After a thorough review of our existing portfolio, we’ve decided to close a series of clubs and better align our locations with our strategy. Closing clubs is never easy and we’re committed to working with impacted members and associates through this transition.” This will not be a smooth transition for the 100 employees and all the shops and restaurants that purchase in bulk. On Friday familiar employees were not seen and Erie employees appeared to be serving the throngs of customers looking for the last good bargain. At the same time we are seeing stores close, there is an explosion of Dollar General stores in Chautauqua County. New stores have opened in Sinclairville, South Dayton, Bemus Point, Sherman, and Ripley in recent months. “Dollar General is committed to delivering a pleasant shopping experience that includes a convenient location, a wide assortment of merchandise and great prices of quality products,” said Dan Nieser, Dollar General’s senior vice president of real estate and store development. “We hope our area customers will enjoy shopping at Dollar General’s new locations.” Business strategies may seem to be different for the

light snow pants. You’ll want a similar layering system for your torso: 1-2 base layer shirts (at least one long sleeve), a mid- or heavy-weight fleece or wool shirt, and a light or midweight breathable jacket such as a rain shell or softshell. Gloves, hat, and scarf/mask will round out your wardrobe. There are two important keys. 1) Avoid heavily insulated layers. You’re more likely to overheat. Instead wear several light or midweight layers that you can unzip or strip off as needed. 2) Absolutely NO COTTON! Wool and synthetics move moisture away from your body, and they insulate even when wet. Cotton does neither of these things and puts you at high risk for frostbite or worse. So where do we go? One of the best things about Chautauqua County is the wide variety of outdoor opportunities. Here are a few places you might enjoy snowshoeing: Audubon Community Nature Center: Open dawn to dusk. Flat trails with short or long loops. Great for beginners. Dobbins Woods: Chautauqua

Watershed Conservancy preserve on Bly Hill Rd in Ashville. 1-2 hour loop hike on snowshoes, with a long offshoot trail that extends to the Hewes Educational Center (BOCES). Fred J. Cusimano Westside Overland Trail: 27 mile hiking trail with numerous parking lots, road crossings, campsites, and offshoot trails from Mayville to Panama. Erlandson Overview Park: Short hiking trail and a spectacular view, outside of Frewsburg. Luensman Overview Park: Another short hiking trail with a spectacular view, this one outside of Brocton. Long Point State Park: Huge network of trails for biking, hiking. Be careful if you end up on a snowmobile trail! Evergreen Outfitters and The Hollyloft both sell and rent snowshoes, and Evergreen offers guided hikes every Saturday through early March. Over the next several weeks, we’ll explore some of these areas in greater detail. Until then, hope to see you on the trail!

Street Roasting Company • Young Business of the Year, Justin Hanft Chautauqua County Education Coalition • Restaurant of the Year, Forte the Restaurant • Manufacturer of the Year, Anderson Precision • Business of the Year, Honest John’s Pizzeria • Service to Humanity, James Prendergast Library • Pride of Jamestown, Babe Ruth World Series Committee Presentation of the 2017 Community Service Award: John Williams Michael and Sarah Bigney of Crown Street Roasting Company said “We’re very honored to receive this award. We’re excited to be part of Jamestown’s renaissance and can’t wait to see what the future of downtown becomes.” Justin Hanft, the Director of the Chautauqua County Education Coalition which was voted Young Business of the Year, is enthusiastic about the coalition as it “fosters communication between education, business, and community leaders to make

a collective impact on the Chautauqua County learning system.” John Raymond, owner of Honest John’s Pizza said, “It is an honor to get this award. The group does so much for the community.” With 36 years in the business he feels “you have to change with the times, stay on course and stay focused.” As his dad Anthony Raymond said “ having a business is like having a baby, it can give you a lot of happiness, but the minute you turn your back there can be trouble.” John Williams, City of Jamestown Parks Manager, Parks, Recreation and Conservation was honored in October for his outstanding support of the community. This event will honor his receipt of the 2017 Community Service Award. Todd Tranum said “Congrats to all the awardees, organizations, and individuals who contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in our area.” Register on Chamber’s website or call (716) 484-1101

two corporations, but after close examination, they may be more similar than expected. One could say the Sam’s Club in Jamestown was underperforming and will target other locations that may be more profitable. At the same time we see many other retail establishments and malls facing declining numbers and are going through the painful decision of possible closings. So why the boom for the Dollar General model? According to the Wall Street Journal “Dollar General is expanding because rural America is struggling. With its convenient locations for frugal shoppers, it has become one of the most profitable retailers in the U.S. and a lifeline for lower-income customers bypassed by other major chains.” The retailer relies on rapid store openings to keep revenue climbing and investors happy; “2016 marked its 27th consecutive year of sales growth in stores open at least a year”. While many large retailers are closing locations, Dollar General executives said they planned to build thousands of more stores, mostly in small communities that have otherwise shown few signs of the U.S. economic recovery. Dollar General’s typical shopper “doesn’t look in her pantry or her refrigerator and say, ‘You know, I’m going to be out of ketchup in the next few days. I’m going to order a few bottles,’ said Mr. Todd J. Vasos, the company’s chief executive officer. “The core customer uses the last bit of ketchup at the table the night

prior, either on way to work or on way home picks up one bottle.” Dollar General estimates each customer spends an average of $12 per visit in cash. This is a very different approach from the bulk shopper at Sam’s Club, who has the foresight and the money to plan ahead. Dollar General’s target shoppers come from households earning $40,000 or less, according to the Wall Street Journal. Lower priced items are often a financial necessity for shoppers. At a Dollar General in Nashville, Tenn., a store manager Damon Ridley said he has helped older children put together a dinner menu for their younger siblings with the few dollars they have. “I am more of an outreach manager,” he said. There are almost 30% more people living in poverty in Chautauqua County than the national average. (Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates, 2015) Dollar General is aware shopping patterns are changing when changes in the local economies lead to more people with only the few dollars they have in their wallets. A Sunday afternoon visit to the new Dollar General in Bemus Point, N.Y., across from Midway Park on Route 430, provided an opportunity to talk with employees as well as customers. The store opened recently, on Saturday January 6. The manager, Christine Shick from Bemus Point, said “we are beginning to see an increase in customers.” The See “RETAIL” Page 6

~ The Lakeside Ledger ~ Page 5

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New Year: The New You! You Are What You Eat 6 Steps to Resolve a Healthier Lifestyle in the Year Ahead

By Jeffery Barkstrom Natural Health & Acupuncture PC If you are looking to be healthier than last year, then even following a few of these will help you towards your goal. It is a fact that 92% of Americans tend to fail at New Years resolutions so the trick is to implement them gradually so that they become part of your new lifestyle. • Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Sleeping less than 6 hours per night triples your risk of high blood pressure and doubles your chance of dying from heart disease. Practice going to bed at the same time each night. Good sleep helps the body to heal

Retail Cont. From Page 5 new road sign has just been installed which catches the eye of the motorists driving by. Having the opportunity to interview Mary Ellen Schron from Chagrin Falls, Ohio and look at her purchases, she said, “as a seasonal resident with a home in nearby Sunset Bay, I purchased dog food, spaghetti, milk and orange juice. I am very pleased to

and is necessary to start achieving better health. • Do not eat anything 3 hours before bedtime. This helps the body to go into fasting mode which encourages the body to burn fat and is helpful to ward of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. • Get outdoors more, this is especially important in the winter. The sun is not our enemy, by getting healthy amounts of sun on our skin, we increase the vitamin D level in our body. Vitamin D is important in mood elevation, hormone production and maintaining a healthy immune system. Using too much sunscreen blocks the skin from absorbing Vitamin D.

• Don’t eat junk! Make your own meals from scratch. It takes a little more time to do this but remember “You are what you eat!” Stay away from processed foods, fast foods, sugar and unhealthy fats such as soybean, canola, corn and cottonseed oil. Replace with coconut oil, tallow, lard and olive oil. • Try to decrease your toxic load. This means trying to stay away from man-made chemicals and toxins. The best way to accomplish this is to eat more organic foods and make sure your personal care and cleaning products are more natural. The average American is exposed to more than 13 pounds of toxic chemicals per year, some of these we can’t avoid so it is important to take control of the ones that you can avoid. • Exercise regularly. Find an activity that you enjoy and do it at least 3-5 times per week for 30 minutes at a time. It could be dancing, walking, yoga, aerobic classes, swimming or a combination of different things. We wish you Healthy Happy New Year.

have a small store so close to our home. I know I will be a frequent shopper, as it is often hard to keep track of what is at our lake home.” Kelly Taylor and her daughter Natalie from Hartsville, Ohio picked up everyday essentials such as toothbrushes and other bathroom items for their cabin that they recently bought in Maple Springs. “I am thrilled to have this so close to the cabin, we will need many more small items!” A gentleman from nearby Dewittville, purchased pampers for a diaper party he was headed to. Tom Dawes of

Bemus Point was on the search for a funnel. All the customers were pleased they saved both miles and gas, especially on winter roads. Chris Nicosia, temporary Assistant Manager form Dunkirk explained the NYS SNAP electronic benefits can be used at Dollar General. A new Assistant Manager is in the hiring process and will begin soon. The store employs three part time and three full time staff and is open daily from 8am-9pm. According to store manager Shick who sounded upbeat about the future, “Every day our numbers are growing.”

Natural Health Improvement Center UPCOMING FREE WORKSHOPS:

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What Does 100% Grass Fed Really Mean

By Julie Rockcastle Green Heron Growers When you hear the phrase, 100% Grass fed beef, what does that really mean to the consumer? At Green Heron Growers our cows are 100% grass fed which means that they only eat fresh grass in the grazing season and stored forages in the winter season. In the summer we use the grazing system known as MIG, which stands for, Managed Intensive Grazing. In a nutshell, our animals are moved on a daily basis to fresh nutritious lush grass, allowing them to walk through and take a bite off the top portion of the grass that has been allowed to grow to a height of 8” to 10”. That piece of the grass is the energy portion of the plant. The cows are only allowed to stay in that portioned section for one day. The next day, they are moved to a new section of the pasture. A cow goes into a pasture

and the first thing it does is to go for the best tasting plants there. In a mixed pasture that usually will be the clovers or legumes. To the cows, that is candy. The top section of the plant is the energy portion of the plant, which gives the cow its nutritional charge with a little bit of protein for maintenance. The next day, we do the same thing all over again. We will set up another section of pasture with a portable poly wire and stepin posts and move the cows to a new piece of grass. What that allows them to do is get the most optimum feed every day they are out on pasture. There is also something going on that you don’t see. Plant foliage above ground has a root system below ground that mimics the foliage of the plant above. When the cow takes a bite, the root system below ground actually dies back in accordance to the loss of foliage above the ground. Now the plant works at growing both more

leaf structure above and root system below. The roots that die off actually become residual organic matter in the soil. This is called pulsing the soil. Along the way, the plant is also taking carbon from the air and using it to make sugars to feed the microbes in the soil and sequestering carbon making organic matter. This is also feeds the microbes supplying nutrients for the plant to grow. The cycle is repeated over and over again. The cow is getting optimal nutrition and the soil is building up organic matter, microbial life and water holding capacity. How does the cow and you benefit from this process? A Grass fed cow has 10x more Vitamin A and 3x more Vitamin E. The balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 is in the correct proportion, which plays an important role in prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, auto immune diseases, cancer and arthritis. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is 3x’s as high as conventional beef with significant cancer prevention properties. Grass fed beef averages 1.5x more protein than grain fed beef and leaner. I hope you will allow us to tell you more about what we do on the farm and how our meats can help you to stay healthier and live longer. Green Heron Growers,

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The ledger january 18 24, 2018 volume 2 issue 3  

A Free Weekly Publication Serving Chautauqua County.

The ledger january 18 24, 2018 volume 2 issue 3  

A Free Weekly Publication Serving Chautauqua County.