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KAYAK ROLL CLASSES WITH EVERGREEN OUTFITTERS Every Tuesday through March • 7 - 9pm Turner Community Center

Karate Sleepover Comedy Group Landscapes Responding to Nature Along the Art Trail: Fine Art Photographer James Hoggard

Continuing the Tradition of Laughter in Jamestown

DUNKIRK THEN & NOW EXHIBIT Thursday, February 1 • 10am – 4pm Friday, February 2 • 10am – 4pm Fredonia Technology Incubator, Dunkirk ALL ABOUT “U” SERIES - GET THE BUZZ ABOUT BEES! Thursday, February 1 • 6 – 8pm JCC, Jamestown DAVID HOCKNEY AT THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF ART Thursday, February 1 • 7:30pm Fredonia Opera House, Fredonia FIRST FRIDAY LUNCH BUNCH Friday, February 2 • 11am – 12pm Audubon Community Nature Center, Jamestown NYS FREE SNOWMOBILE WEEKEND Friday, February 2 • 12 – 1pm Saturday, February 3 • 12 – 1pm Sunday, February 4 • 12 – 1pm New York State “SEND ME NO FLOWERS” Friday, February 2 • 7:30 – 9:30pm Saturday, February 3 • 7:30 – 9:30pm 18 E 2nd St., Jamestown FREDONIA WINTER FARMERS MARKET Saturday, February 3 • 10am – 1pm Masonic Forest Lodge, Fredonia SCANDINAVIAN CULTURE DAYS Saturday, February 3 • 10am – 12pm JCC, Jamestown SNOWFLAKE LOCAL LIVING FESTIVAL Saturday, February 3 • 10am – 4pm Audubon Community Nature Center, Jamestown SNOWSHOE HIKE WITH EVERGREEN OUTFITTERS Saturday, February 3 • 10am Evergreen Outfitters, Mayville SIX FACES OF WWII Saturday, February 3 • 11am Robert H. Jackson Center, Jamestown SLEIGH RIDES AT CHAUTAUQUA Saturday, February 3 • 1 – 3pm Sunday, February 4 • 1 – 3pm Chautauqua Bookstore, Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua JR. BAKERS DIY CUPCAKE DECORATING WORKSHOP Saturday, February 3 • 2 – 3pm Full Moon Rising Bakery, Chautauqua DUELING PIANOS AT PEEK’N PEAK Saturday, February 3 • 8 – 9pm Retreat Lodge at Peek’n Peak Resort, Clymer SOUPIN SUNDAYS Sunday, February 4 • 11am – 3pm 21 Brix Winery, Portland Weekly Events Visit

With regular comedy performances and an apparent interest-base in the region, Jamestown, NY may seem to be a surprising hotspot for the comedic arts.

By Jenny Herman

Karate Sleepover is a local comedy group focused on stand-up and improvisational performances in the Southern Tier area. Members Paul Clemente, Jim Drain, MW Barrick, and Jeremy Little bring together a smattering of skills ranging from

blogging and creating podcasts, to performing at events and hosting stand-up nights. Drawing on classical comedic themes such as highlighting awkward moments, recanting relationship foibles, and recasting everyday experiences See “COMEDY” Page 6

One deceptively simple photograph, a patch of white flowering bunchberry growing among a birch tree above ground roots is a wonderful example of the photographer’s artistic choice, composition and emphasis creating an enduring moment of natural beauty.

By Lori Humphreys

While the rest of us are seeking warmth in this winter weather, Art Trail fine art photographer James Hoggard is seeking to memorialize the beauty of a snow scene. It’s not just snow that attracts him. He’s an intrepid photographer, tantalized by how a landscape

Working for Local Government CLN Board Member Spotlight: Daniel

Sneak Peek Inside this Issue...

Cup of Joe?...Page 2

Did You Know…

Is the Nickname Based On a Common Guy or Strict Naval Sargent There are many positive effects of coffee. Studies have shown that coffee in moderation (no more than 3-4 cups per day) may have some health benefits, including protecting against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, liver disease (including liver cancer). Coffee also appears to improve cognitive functions and risk of depression. Some studies show that it can increase hair growth, due to the caffeine stimulating your circulation. It can be massaged right into the scalp.

Winter Activities in Chautauqua County 1,000 + Acres Protected by CWC Open to Public.. Page 3

The Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy (CWC) protects over 1,000 acres of land across Chautauqua County. CWC’s network of conserved land is completely open to the public, providing excellent opportunities for winter activities in the great outdoors. You don’t have to travel far, and it’s free!

Chautauqua Institution Scholarship Accepting Family Scholarship Applications.. Page 3

Local Author:

See “NATURE” Page 6

Winter Fat Tire Mountain Biking


As you may remember from our previous article on the CLN, it is an educational non-profit network with a focus on developing effective leaders and supporting community development. Heitzenrater fills many prestigious roles in Chautauqua County, and finds that the CLN was a huge stepping-stone in his success. He is the Executive Assistant to the County Executive in the Chautauqua County Executive’s Office, where his responsibilities range from daily office operations By Anna Hagley to leading projects such as the Chautauqua 20/20 Comprehensive Daniel Heitzenrater, President of the Plan 5 year review and report, Chautauqua Leadership Network and also leading the County’s (CLN), shared some time with us Municipal Consolidation and to kick off our CLN board member spotlight series. See “CLN” Page 6

appears as it responds to fog or rain or spring green. Jamie, as he is known, may be on to something. One of the unifying themes of his photographs whether the west, New England or Chautauqua County, New York, is landscapes defined by fog,

Another Fun Activity to Enjoy in the Snow

By Dee Dippel LOUD Performance Products

If you live in Western New York year round, there has got to be a love for the winter. There are several activities for all the snow lovers in the area, between snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, ice-fishing, cross country skiing, ice-skating, and winter time fat tire mountain biking. Winter Fat Tire Mountain Biking is a great way to be on a bicycle in the winter. Fat Tire Mountain Bikes have been around since basically 2005, and really started having real support from some companies in 2010, and is a growing segment in the bicycle Winter Fat Tire Mountain Biking industry. The bicycle shops in the is a great way to be on a bicycle in the winter.


Unveiling Trouble in Higher Education

See “BIKE” Page 5

Mayville Winter Festival Family Fun Weekend February 16-18

By Kathleen McCarthy Loren Mayshark is a young author from Bemus Point, NY, who graduated from Maple Grove High School in 2000. This talented writer has published two books, as well as being the creator of The Jovial Journey, a website dedicated to food, drink, and travel. enlightened Academic Betrayal, The His early years enabled Bullying of a Graduate him to travel the Student is an account world, visiting 38 of his struggles, which he feels is a microcosm foreign countries of what is wrong with and four continents. the US higher education In 2004 Mayshark received a degree system. in World History with a minor in World Religions from Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY. Mayshark reports that he always loved to read, and as an only child, he had a great deal of time to occupy himself. “I escaped into books, discovering The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, My Side of the Mountain, and The Chronicles of Narnia.” These formative early books and his passion for See “AUTHOR” Page 7

Highlights of the Predidents Day weekend event include the Ice Castle (weather permitting), fireworks, and the Polar Plunge.

By Kathleen McCarthy

This is your chance to show your love of winter. The Presidents Day Weekend Winter Festival will take place the weekend of February 16-18 at Lakeside Park in Mayville, NY. This event, sponsored by the Mayville Chamber of Commerce, has been a ritual since 1987. It provides the opportunity to get outside and appreciate the scenic shores of Chautauqua Lake. The winter events and activities for the entire family feature fun games, food, contests and crafts. Highlights of the weekend include the Ice Castle (weather permitting), fireworks, and the Polar Plunge. The Polar Plunge has been going on for a number of years but this is the fifth year that the Family Health Medical Services in Mayville has sponsored See “FESTIVAL” Page 7

David Hockney at the Royal : February 1st : Fredonia Opera House, Fredonia

Page 2 ~ The Lakeside Ledger ~ February 1 - 7, 2018

Publisher’s Word “Super Sunday”

Whether you’re a Eagles or (cough cough) a Patriots fan, or neither (like me), Super Bowl Sunday is definitely a day for gathering together and having fun! For many, it’s a day of preparing for the evening’s activities – no small task, unless you’re on a beerand-doritos budget. Which is okay, by the way – nothing says football like beer and munchies. But in our family,

everyone tries to outdo each other with something a bit more, shall we say, “creative.” Last year, we tried something in the ol’ cast iron fry pan that was definitely not healthy (but what the heck – it’s time to relax your standards a tad). This year, I’ve got a few things to do this Sunday, so I need some kind of appetizer that’s quick and yummy… How does “Bacon-Wrapped Pickles” strike you? Unusual? Yes… But I bet they’re totally gone by the end of the first quarter! Here we go: Ingredients: • 12 mini dill pickles • One block of cream cheese - softened • 1 ½ c. shredded Cheddar • One clove of garlic, chopped • 12 slices of bacon, halved Instructions: Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Halve the pickles and scoop out the

Did You Know:

centers – feed scooped out portion to pooch, if he’ll eat it - he won’t, of course… In a small bowl, stir together cream cheese, cheddar and garlic until combined… Spoon mixture into pickles and wrap with a half a slice of bacon… Transfer the little guys to a parchmentlined baking sheet and bake until mixture is warm and bacon is crispy – about fifteen minutes… Serve immediately – warning: pooch WILL eat the finished product – it now has BACON on it – keep this dish out of his reach. So, dear readers, let’s drink a toast to the end (finally) of yet another NFL season where the Bills end up with another great draft pick and new coach. And don’t forget the best part of the game on Sunday – THE COMMERCIALS! Until next week… JZ-C

Photo Contest: Win 2 Ski Passes to Holiday Valley

Submit your favorite photo of Chautauqua Co. in the winter to: A new winner is selected each week.

Photo Contest Winner

Congratulations Jarrett Reed

Reed is this week’s winner of the Lakeside Ledger Photo Contest. This photo was taken January 19, 2018 on Chautauqua Lake off Lakewood Beach. “You must experience the sport of snowmobiling while visiting or living in Chautauqua County. Chautauqua County offers groomed trails, plenty of scenic views and some amazing local restaurants!” -Jarrett Reed Send in your favorite recent photo in Chautauqua County to info@ for your chace to win two ski passes to Holiday Valley Ski Resort.

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Cup of Joe?

How Did Coffee Get It’s Nickname: Common Guy or Naval Sargent Weekly Column By Donna Germain

Did you know…?   It is time to get up and start your day. Some of us start with cup of coffee, Java or Joe as some would say. Did you ever wonder why they call it Joe or Java?  Well there are a couple of theories as to why. One theory is that Joe is a slang term for a common fellow, guy or chap. In other words coffee became a cup of Joe because it was considered the common man’s drink. Others state that it was named for the Secretary of the United States Navy, Admiral Josephus “Joe” Daniels. Daniels banned alcohol from the Navy ships in 1914. After his order the strongest drink a sailor could get was a cup of black coffee. Those who believe the theory claim the sailors were angry and in protest began calling it “a cup of Joe”. When coffee became popular in the 1800’s the main source of the worlds coffee at that time was an Indonesian island named Java. So it became known as a cup of Java. Coffee is a brewed beverage made from the seeds, or beans of the coffee plant. The plant is a tropical shrub native to Africa and Asia. The plant is now cultivated in Central and South America and some coffee is grown in the continental U.S. (California) and Hawaii.  It is also grown in Puerto Rico, which is U.S. territory not a state. The United States imports over $4 billion dollars’ worth of coffee each year.  Coffee beans vary in size, shape and color depending on where they were grown and the conditions. Just like grapes made to make wine, the

Some claim Secretary of the United States Navy, Admiral Josephus “Joe” Daniels banned alcohol from the Navy ships in 1914 and the strongest drink a sailor could get was a cup of black coffee. In an angry protest, the sailors started to call it“a cup of Joe”.

beans are very unique in flavors and aromas between regions in which they were grown. Most regions fall within two main categories. Arabica and Robusta. Arabica coffee is considered superior to Robusta because of its mild flavor and low acidity. Robusta coffee tends to have more acid, higher level of caffeine and a more pronounced flavor. Robusta is priced lower and is used to commercially to massmarket. Coffee is roasted into three categories light, medium and dark roast. Coffee is naturally very high in caffeine, hence why it is usually consumed in the morning hours. Coffee can also be decaffeinated through a process. The international standards state 97% of the caffeine must be removed to be labeled decaffeinated. The coffee market in the United States generates over 18 billion dollars. The average price of a 9 ounce cup of brewed coffee is $2.10 while specialty coffees such as


Expressos, Lattes and such tend to be slightly higher at $2.45 per cup. Caffeinated or decaffeinated Americans consume over 400 million cups of coffee per day, approximately 146 billion cups per year. Coffee represents 75% of all caffeine consumed in the U.S. There are over 24,000 coffee shops in the United States. Studies show over 50% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee. Men drink as much coffee as women. 65% of all coffee is consumed during the morning hours, 30% between meals and 5% on a random basis. 35% of the population drinks there coffee black, while the other 65% add cream and or sugar. Studies have shown that coffee in moderation (no more than 3-4 cups per day) may have some health benefits, including protecting against Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, liver disease (including liver cancer). Coffee See “COFFEE” Page 5

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First Friday Lunch Bunch : February 2nd : Audubon Community Nature Center, Jamestown

Winter Activities in CHQ. Co.

Over 1,000 Acres Protected by the CWC Open for the Public to Enjoy

February 1 - 7, 2018 ~ The Lakeside Ledger ~ Page 3

Chautauqua Inst. Scholarship CHQ. Institution Accepting Applications for Family Scholarships

Each season Chautauqua Institution offers opportunities for a few families with limited incomes, who have never been to Chautauqua in the past, to enjoy a first-time oneweek Chautauqua experience. Funded through Chautauqua Foundation endowments, scholarships cover costs such as Institution gate passes, tuition for Special Studies The Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy (CWC) completely open to the public, classes, children’s activities providing excellent opportunities for winter activities in the great outdoors.

By Claire Quadri, Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy

l y There are so many t opportunities to get outdoors s

and stay active this winter – so don’t miss out on h experiencing the natural t beauty of a snow-covered d Chautauqua County just s because the temperature is a n bit low! You don’t need to , hibernate the winter away n when hiking, cross-country e skiing and show shoeing e opportunities are so close at e hand! s The Chautauqua Watershed (CWC) s Conservancy s protects over 1,000 acres k of land across Chautauqua h County. CWC’s network of l conserved land is completely e open to the public, providing excellent opportunities for m winter activities in the great n outdoors. You don’t have to , travel far, and it’s free! Here d are a few suggestions: Cassadaga Creek n Preserve consists of over 4 150 acres on Bloomer e Road in Sinclairville. An g abandoned roadway bisects s the property providing , accessible path for hiking, g snowshoeing, cross-country e skiing. Visitors are also welcome to explore the other areas of this easily accessible

property. On Friday February 9 at 5:30pm, the CWC will be hosting a Dusk Snowshoe/ Ski and Campfire Gathering. Winter outdoor activities that can even fit in during the evening - after a day of work! Dobbins Woods is a 100acre preserve on Bly Hill Road in Ashville. A milelong loop trail provides ready access to the interior of this forested property for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and hiking. During your outing, you may see wild turkeys, pileated woodpeckers and interesting animal tracks. On Saturday, February 24 at 1:30pm, the CWC will hold a Snowshoe/ Ski tour of the preserve followed by a gathering at the nearby Southern Tier Brewery. Chautauqua Creek Oxbow Preserve covers 21 acres on Lyons Road west of Mayville. While the steep slopes on this preserve are not suitable for cross-country skiing, a newly constructed walkway provides access down to the pristine forested lands, which provide source waters to Chautauqua Creek. On Saturday, March 3 at 10:00am, CWC will lead a Winter Adventure Hike at the preserve. Additionally, the Elm Flats

Preserve First Site (30 acres on Lawson Road in the Town of Chautauqua) and the Browns Creek Tributary Forest Preserve (32 acres on Walker Road in Ellery) are well suited for cross-country skiers who enjoy breaking their own trails, or for all snow-shoers and hikers. Whether you come on your own or join a group for an outing, CWC preserves are open and available whenever the weather suits you and inspiration strikes! Make sure to dress for the conditions – wear layers, with base layers of moisture-wicking fabric and waterproof or waterresistant outer layers. Use trekking poles for balance and support. Also – bring a friend – or three! For directions, locations and additional information, visit the CWC website: and click on “our preserves,” call 716-664-2166, or email info@chautauquawatershed. org. The Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy is a local not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the water quality, scenic beauty and ecological health of the lakes, streams, wetlands and watersheds of the Chautauqua region.

(Children’s School or Boys’ and Girls’ Club) and housing rental. Awards require residency on the Chautauqua grounds for one full week. Applications for the 2018 season will be accepted through April 1, 2018. There is no application fee. Family Scholarship Program awards will be determined by April 18, 2018, based on reviews of the programmatic and financial

information outlined in the application. Approximately one month before the opening of the Chautauqua season, each family will submit a final plan of activities selected from the current season’s program. Any family interested in obtaining a Family Scholarship Program application should contact Rindy Barmore at 716-357-6222 or rbarmore@

Poetry Slam; February 24th 2018 National Win & You’re In Poetry Slam Comes to Jamestown On Saturday, February 24th, performance poetry will reach a new height in Jamestown, NY. Pulse Poetry Slam has been invited to host the 2018 National Win & You’re In Poetry Slam, a qualifier event for poetry slam teams in this region of the US. Poetry slam teams representing Buffalo, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Columbus, OH, and Cleveland, OH will travel to Jamestown to participate in this event, which will decide which teams will have a spot to compete in the 2018 National Poetry Slam, hosted in Chicago, IL this summer. The National Poetry Slam is the largest & longest running team poetry slam in the world, and teams from across the country will participate. A poetry slam is a performance poetry

competition. Poets who participate in a slam read or recite original poetry in front of an audience, and 5 randomly selected judges, who are generally individuals simply attending the event as spectators. These judges attribute numerical scores to the performances, and cumulative scores from multiple rounds and performances decide the winner of the slam. The performances are judged on the content of the poems, the performance itself, the impact, style, and overall way that the performances move the judges. Poetry slams are energetic, engaging, and fun. They combine performance art with the excitement and unpredictability of a competition, and force us to ask the question, “How do

you judge art?” This qualifier slam will be hosted at the Studio Metro Underground Theatre, located at 316 East 4th Street in Jamestown, NY and will begin at 7:00PM. In addition to the team slam, there will be an open mic for participants interested in performing their own original poetry at the event. There will also be live music from local musicians. This event is free to attend! For more information about the 2018 National Win & You’re In Poetry Slam, please visit facebook. com/pulsepoetryslam, email pulsepoetryslam@, or call 602339-6980. We hope to see you on Saturday, Feb. 24th, 7:00PM at the Studio Metro Underground Theatre for this exciting event!

Issues & Interests

Issues & Interests discussion group meets the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month 5:30 - 6:30 All library events are free and everyone is welcome! For the latest news check out our website


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945 Fairmount Ave, Jamestown, NY 14701 (716) 483-9900 • NYS FREE Snowmobile Weekend : Frebraury 2nd - 4th : New York State

Page 4 ~ The Lakeside Ledger ~ February 1 - 7, 2018

“Six Faces of World War II”

Narrated Video of Local Veteran’ Speaking of their Experiences at War

Conrad King is one of the veterans featured in the “Six Faces of WWII” video presentation.

The Robert H. Jackson Center, a non-profit dedicated to promoting liberty under law through the examination of the life and work of Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson and its relevance to current events and issues, will host a narrated video program titled “Six Faces of WWII” presented at the Robert H. Jackson Center, 305 E. 4th Street, Jamestown, NY, on Saturday, February 3, 2018, at 11am. The 45-minute presentation, which focuses on personal stories related by six area World War II veterans uses filmed interviews and archival footage to provide a vivid portrayal of the veterans’’ experiences, notes Susan Moran Murphy, president of the Jackson Center. These veterans’ stories have been preserved through the Defenders of Freedom project which recorded interviews with over 225 local veterans conducted by Greg Peterson, co-founder

and board member of the Robert H. Jackson Center and the driving force behind the project. The program Veterans, spouses, family, and friends are encouraged to attend. The six local veterans featured were selected by Phil Zimmer, who assisted with the Defenders of Freedom project. Zimmer is a veteran and local historian who has written extensively on WWII for numerous nationally distributed journals and magazines. “The half dozen veterans I chose were among those whose stories personally resonated with me,” noted Zimmer. “Others with equally compelling wartime experiences could have been singled out as well.” Conrad King is one of the veterans featured in the “Six Faces of WWII” video presentation. “It was a miracle,” is the way Conrad King described his WWII experience when a Japanese bomb exploded in his eightman gun position aboard the USS South Dakota. The seven other seamen died but King escaped without a scratch, which he attributed to divine intervention. He and the others aboard the 680-foot long battleship went on to conclude the war watching the Japanese surrender on the USS Missouri in Tokyo harbor. Dominic Spitale, a marine, was shot in the neck by a Japanese sniper and miraculously found alive later in a pile of dead Americans. He was shipped stateside for extensive rehabilitation. Airman Lester Bishop was shot down over France and captured by the Germans before being eventually

freed by advancing Soviet troops toward the end of the war. Decades later, Bishop’s voice cracked with emotion as he discussed his wartime experiences and brushes with death. One of the more colorful and comprehensive interviews was with Anthony Costanzo who fought across North Africa, in Sicily, and on D-Day with the Army’s “Big Red One” division. “Costanzo’s memories of getting Italian troops to surrender in North Africa, his time with his Sicilian grandmother after the fighting had ended on that island, and his views on Generals Mark Clark and George Patton are well worth hearing,” Zimmer adds. Other featured veterans include Vivian Taylor, an African-American draftee who describes his wartime experiences in a segregated U.S. Army, and Angelo Zanghi who discusses his service aboard the USS O’Bannon in the Pacific. All of the individual Defenders of Freedom interviews are available on the Robert H. Jackson Center YouTube channel and on Chautauqua County TV’s Access Channel 5 website, https:// accesschautauquacountytv. o r g / s h o w s / defendersOfFreedom. The program is open to the public and offered free of charge through the sponsorship of the Robert H. Jackson Center, Fenton History Center, Chautauqua Region Community Foundation, and the Chautauqua County Veterans Service’s Dwyer Program.

CHQ Art Gallery in Lakewood Large Turnout For Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening

Chautauqua Art Gallery opened its doors for the first time on January 27, celebrating the occasion with a ribbon cutting and reception. Community members gathered with Lakewood Village Trustees, Mayor Cara Birrittieri, Assemblyman Andrew Goodell, Senator Cathy Young and a representative from Tom Reed’s office at noon for the ribbon cutting followed by brief remarks by proprietor Leslie

that highlight the beauty of Chautauqua County.” said proprietor and artist Leslie Calimeri. In addition Leslie’s paintings of local landscapes, the gallery is currently displaying prints by Photojournalist David Munch, handcrafted jewelry by Karen Schiavone and handmade knits by Lindsay Porter. A portion of the proceeds from Lindsay’s knits are donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation or the National Parkinson Foundation. The newly renovated gallery is located at 104 Chautauqua Avenue in the heart of Lakewood. Regular winter hours are Monday and Thursday–Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., or by appointment. More information about Chautauqua Art Gallery is available on their website at https://chautauquaartgallery. com, by phone at (716) 7536296.

Calimeri, Senator Young, Assemblyman Goodell and Mayor Birrittieri. Later in the evening patrons were treated to live music provided by Infinity Performing Arts. “My husband Joe and I are overjoyed by the support we received from our community and local dignitaries during our opening reception. We are thrilled to be starting a new business in Lakewood. I’m looking forward to showcasing our talented regional artists and images

Making Connections

It’s cold out there! Come on in and check out our Making Connections meetings A program designed to appeal to all ages, a chance to join other community residents to enjoy a variety of activities – such as simply conversing, working individually on a project, partnering to play board games or cards, doing puzzles, extreme dot-to-dot, adult coloring, etc. There are science kits & new electronic-building kits available to learn & challenge! We are OPEN to new ideas for activities & we’d love your input! Thursdays 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. at Lakewood Library. Light refreshments will be available

Little League Sign Up Southwestern Open for Registration

Southwestern Little League is open for registration! The program includes T’Ball for kids 4-5 year old, Rookies for kids 6-8, Minors 9-10 years old and Majors Kids 11-12 years old. Kids living in the Southwestern and Panama School Districts are welcome to sign up online at Registration is open now and runs through February 16th. Late registration subject to a $10 late fee runs until February 22nd while the official end of registration is February 22nd. Please email questions to Let’s Play Ball! Join Us For

Martini Club

Friday 5:00-7:00 p.m. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Martinis $6.50 (and up) with Complimentary Appetizers @ 6pm

Wednesday, February 14 Valentine’s Day Dinner Specials!! • South African Lobster & Filet - $48 Served with Potato, Vegetable and Dessert. • 26 oz. Bone in Rib-eye for Two - $80 Served with 2 Glasses of Wine, Potato, Vegetable and Dessert. • Seafood Platter For Two - $48.00 Pan-Seared Snapper, Large Crab Cake, and Two 6/8 count Grilled Shrimp. Served a la Carte.

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The Main Landing Restaurant and Catering.

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By Land or By Sea, The Main Landing is the Place to Be


142 Boulevard Avenue, Celoron, NY • Holiday Harbor Marina 716-720-5588 •

First Friday Lunch Bunch : February 2nd : Audubon Community Nature Center, Jamestown

Training Set in Jamestown Operator and Heavy Equipment Program Training in March

JAMESTOWN – In today’s industry, it is necessary that proper training and certification in heavy equipment be obtained on construction sites and businesses where forklift and aerial platform lifts are used. The Adult Education & Workforce Development division of the Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES is offering an opportunity to take the lead and be the qualified candidate for the job. Be the person who already has certification in backhoe, loader, skid steer operation as well as agricultural equipment certification, proficiency training for various heavy

equipment and safety training certifications. Take one course for certification in a specified area or the entire program to accumulate various certificates for a program certificate of 60 hours in Construction and Operator Safety proficiency via our Operator and Heavy Equipment program. A one-week course is planned from Monday to Friday, March 19-23, 2018, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 1225 East 2nd St., Jamestown. Instructors will cover the following: Loader Operator Training, Skid Steer Operator Certification, Forklift Training, Proficiency

Operator Training, Aerial Work Platform Operator Certification, Aerial Work Familiarization Certification, Agriculture Equipment Safety Certification, and OSHA 10 Hour Construction. (The Forklift Training is being offered as a one-day standalone for Monday so students have the option of attending that one day or taking the entire week’s training.) If you are a business looking to send your employees to our training, there may be training money available for eligible businesses. Call to learn more. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s 10Hour Safety Construction Course is required for all workers employed on any public work contract $250,000 or more. Cost is $195 per day or $850 for the full program, which is held Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.Students who successfully complete the course will earn 60 hours of certification in 40 instructional hours. Contact Kimberly Snyder at (716) 805-3155 or ksnyder@e2ccb. org for more information.

Make a Teddy Bear

Make a Teddy Bear! at the Lakewood Library: W 
 ant to make an adorable, cushy teddy bear, t
 he perfect size for holding & hugging or for decoration? You can make a wide variety of bears, using different fabrics, and notions – you can make “Memory Teddy Bears” to keep or to give as gifts for all ages.

Upcoming Movies at Reg Lenna • Roman J. Israel, Esq. on February 3 at 8pm • The Disaster Artist on February 7 at 7pm • Spirits from Around the World Food & Drink Fundraiser on February 8 at 6:30pm • Molly’s Game on February 10 at 8pm at the Reg Lenna Center for The Arts

February 1 - 7, 2018 ~ The Lakeside Ledger ~ Page 5

New LECOM Sales Manager LECOM Health Welcomes Evan Rosenberg

Summertime in Chautauqua County brings a wide variety of entertainment staples: The County Fair, Jamestown’s Lucy Fest, peak season at Chautauqua Institution, and now for its third annual year, the LECOM Health Challenge Golf Tournament. While the Tournament’s activities will run from July 2–8, 2018, work is currently underway to ensure another year of success. New to the 2018 season, the LECOM


Cont. From Cover area like Loud Performance in Bemus Point are great places to help answer any questions about the bicycles, tires, and gear needed. The Western New York Mountain Bike Association (WNYMBA) is another great resource that promotes Mountain Biking in

Health Challenge team welcomes Evan Rosenberg as Sales Manager for the Tournament, a PGA Web. com Tour event. Rosenberg, a 2017 graduate from the University of North Florida, spent eight months working as an Inside Sales Representative at the PGA Tour’s headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. During that time, he gained expertise he’s glad to bring to Chautauqua County for its LECOM Health Challenge Tournament. “I’m really excited to be in Western New York and work alongside Chautauqua County,” Rosenberg said. Michelle Turner, Executive Director and Director of Sales & Business Partnerships for the LECOM Health Challenge, shared her enthusiasm to have Rosenberg join their team. “Each year the Tournament gains momentum and success,” she noted, “and

this year we’re thrilled to have Evan on board. We’re looking forward to his insight and ideas.” In his role as Sales Manager, Rosenberg focuses on sponsorships and special opportunities for local companies. Businesses can be involved in the Tournament in a variety of ways, including naming rights, advertising space on the course, and VIP hospitality tickets. The LECOM Health Challenge is held at the Peek’n Peak Resort in Clymer, New York, which he calls “a unique and beautiful course.” The week, which includes a Pro-AM and several rounds of official tournament play, serves as “an awesome event to bring people and businesses to the area,” Rosenberg added. For inquiries on tickets and sponsorship opportunities, contact Evan Rosenberg at 716-661-8921 or rosenbee@

our region, including a list of events for each season. In Chautauqua County the Harris Hill Extension Trails, located in Harris Hill State Park, are perfect for winter time Fat Biking and the amazing group of volunteers are pro-active with the trail grooming and maintenance of the riding area. Long Point State Park and the trails at Jake’s Rocks are 2 more places to ride in our local area

during the snowy season. The fat tires are over twice the width of a standard mountain bike tire, and can also be studded or come pre-studded. The tire size also allows a rider to run a lower air pressure which increases traction and helps with floatation, while providing a smoother ride. With the proper gear and a fat tire mountain bike you could be out enjoying the trails year around. Happy Riding


show that it can increase hair restlessness, upset stomach growth, due to the caffeine (acidity) and irregular stimulating your circulation. heartbeat. However you like Cont. From Page 2 It can be massaged right into your coffee, enjoy it. There the scalp. However coffee is much more information on also appears to improve does bear some risks caused coffee if you are interested go cognitive functions and risk by the excessive amount of to of depression. Some studies caffeine, such as insomnia, Now you know……

NYS FREE Snowmobile Weekend : Frebraury 2nd - 4th : New York State

Page 6 ~ The Lakeside Ledger ~ February 1 - 7, 2018


Cont. From Cover to discover the underlying humor, Karate Sleepover actively shares their moments of laughter with the Western New York region. Having performed either individually or collectively at many popular local establishments like Forte, The Labyrinth, and Craft Burgers and Brews, as well as the Sherwood Arts Center, the members of this comedy troupe have consistently attracted crowds and found a support base in their local fans. With upcoming performances including at The Q Sports Bar and nightclub for their “Friday Night Funnies” event on February 2nd, and a performance at Mojo’s on February 9th, there are plenty of opportunities to have a few laughs and see what Karate Sleepover has to offer. Additionally, two members of the group, Paul Clemente and Jeremy Little, are now hosting a “Comedy Open Mic” at The Labyrinth (as of January


Cont. From Cover Efficiency Competition grant application. In addition to that, he is also a liaison between the county executive’s office and the Federal and State representatives, as well as the local Mayors and Supervisors. He sums up his professional focus as something he enjoys greatly, as “working for local government is where the rubber meets the road and you can have the most positive impact on people’s day to day lives.” He always had a passion to be involved in government and history related work, but was looking for professional

11th) on Thursday evenings at The Labyrinth, and have also begun to collaborate on a new podcast series. With regular comedy performances and an apparent interest-base in the region, Jamestown, NY may seem to be a surprising hotspot for the comedic arts. As most regionals residents are well aware, the roots of regional comedy here mainly trace back to the ever-popular Lucille Ball, who hailed from Jamestown, NY, and whose legacy still provides a steady stream of tourism to the area. Developing from this comedic precursor is the successful annual Lucille Ball Comedy Festival, which brings not only big names, but a big boost in annual tourism revenue for local businesses. The festival also provides an opportunity for groups like Karate Sleepover to gain exposure, as the group experienced last year while participating in two sold-out performances. Local comedy fans aren’t the only ones to realize the positive benefits of laughter. Through government investments and arts grants, development assistance, and had heard that County Executive Vince Horrigan was involved with CLN. After encouragement from Horrigan, Heitzenrater decided to take the plunge and apply for, and eventually complete, the CLN Leadership education training. “CLN has been immensely valuable in discovering more about my own personality, the personalities of others and different leadership styles and methods,” shares Heitzenrater. In fact, after completing the CLN program and now being President of the Network, he shares that there are a plethora of beneficial facets within the program, such as expanding one’s network and gaining volunteer experience. If pressed to

Jamestown is also home to the new National Comedy Center, a modern museum, venue, and club which is hoped to help revitalize the regional economy by expanding the comedic trend to a signature hallmark of Western New York. With press coverage including the New York Times, Paste, and Time, The National Comedy Center has already enjoyed the spotlight by generating interest in its opening and collections, particularly materials from the estate of comedy-icon George Carlin, who was highly influential in the American comedy scene. Seeking to celebrate the comedic arts and engage visitors, the National Comedy Center may provide an anchor to the bustling and growing comedy scene taking root in Jamestown today. To take part in events large and small, you can begin by supporting local comedy and local the economy simultaneously while catching an upcoming show by Karate Sleepover this weekend or stopping by the great open mic nights hosted at The Labyrinth and The Q.


Cont. From Cover

art photographer leave the vistas of the American west and land in Fredonia, New York. The answer, marriage to SUNY Fredonia professor Dr. Tracy Marafiote, PhD. The next question is how does he find the more quiet eastern United States landscape? His answer is found on his website, James Hoggard Photography. “My landscapes are more intimate, taking advantage of the soft light and subtle details of the eastern landscape,” he writes. The photograph of the bunchberry is an example of that intimacy. His art career began in 1993 when he purchased his first camera, a Hasselblad, a Swedish camera. Now he uses a Chamonix View Camera which is a large format view camera with 4” x 5” film sheets. He finds that the lengthier process using this camera “ allows details of an image to be recorded with unequaled clarity, tone range and depth, more truly representing the beauty of the object.” He said that the process is pleasurable, finding a theme that will photograph well, making an image on a piece of acetate that resonates. Jamie’s advice to aspiring photographers is an informal

photography 101 curriculum: find out what kind of photography you like to do; research who went before you; choose a camera; start taking pictures, make mistakes and keep at it. His model photographer was Ansel Adams and his photographs reflect that influence as he records landscapes which will never be seen again in quite the same way. On Memorial Day Weekend, 2018, the North Shore – Alliance will organize and sponsor their 10thannual Chautauqua – Lake Erie Art Trail. From Mayville to Forestville including Dunkirk and Fredonia, “Art-Trail” flags will fly in front of the studios and galleries of a group of Chautauqua County artists welcoming visitors. This artistic open house introduces or re-introduces visitors to the many County artists whose art enriches our lives, culturally and economically. This article introduces James Hoggard, Fine Art Photographer, 136 Newton St. Fredonia, New York, 14063. 716-467-0158. Website: James Hoggard E-mailjameshoggardphoto@yahoo. com.

mist or snow. His views are dramatic and beautiful and capture how a patch of fog distinguishes a photo of a stony seashore, how snow falling in the woods alters the scene, how misty rain softens a cityscape. One deceptively simple photograph, a patch of white flowering bunchberry growing among a birch tree above ground roots. particularly appealed to this writer. It is a wonderful example of the photographer’s artistic choice composition and emphasis creating an enduring moment of natural beauty. “ I always keep an eye on the weather, and on family trips I am out before anyone gets up.” Jamie grew up in Santa Barbara, CA, graduated from University of California at Chico with a BS in Geology, worked for the United States Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management in Truckee, CA. before moving to Salt Lake City, Utah to work with the EarthFax sum up what he values Engineering. So, the most about CLN, it is that it question is how does a fine provides the annual leadership development program, which is a life changing experience for professionals of all Submit your favorite photo of Chautauqua Co. in the winter to: backgrounds and employment A new winner is selected each week. levels, to develop successful his time with additional being close to family. They and worthy leaders for the community involvement, relish in the natural beauty of community. Most people can including fulfilling his duties Chautauqua County’s 5 lakes, relate to a time where they’ve had a less-than-great manager, Cont. From Left as the recently-elected Town rural and historical character Councilman in the Town and distinct season changes, which Heitzenrater sees as a common root of many other lead their colleagues.  This is of Ellicott, and being an along with the excitement problems within companies, where he sees the CLN training active member of the County of the renaissance the area is Committee, experiencing, honoring the organizations and their as an educational “butterfly Republican workforce. It is not that these effect” for the community, by Peacock Masonic Lodge in reality that it is an exciting time individuals aren’t capable of developing competent leaders Mayville and Jamestown to be a resident of Chautauqua quality leadership, but rather that can then further positively Skeet Club. He spends his County and take advantage downtime in Chautauqua of all there is to offer. If you that they haven’t been given influence others. When Heitzenrater isn’t County, which has always would like to learn more about the proper tools to effectively working in his primary been home to him. He and his the Chautauqua Leadership professional role or with wife both grew up and attended Network, visit them at See “COFFEE” Right the CLN, he usually fills college in the area, and value

Photo Contest: Win 2 Ski Passes to Holiday Valley


Nielson Ratings Has Identified The Top Eight Radio Formats For 2017!

AND THESE LOCAL STATIONS REPRESENT THEM ALL! Advertise to Adult Consumers across the region Call 716-487-1151 or email

PUT THE POWER OF MEDIA ONE GROUP TO WORK FOR YOU! Live and • (716) 487-1157 Snowshoe Hike with Evergreen Outfitters : February 3rd: Evergreen Outfitters, Mayville

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: f ; ; Cont. From Cover g s l reading grew into his interest l in writing. “However, I never s took my writing seriously e until after college when my l mother gave me a journal. e I took a cross-country bus trip on Greyhound when I , was 23 years old and spent – a great deal of my time d recording my thoughts and l observations. When I was e 26 years old I started writing o seriously and wrote a novel k based on the road trip. The ” novel remains unfinished e and unpublished but I hope a to finish it someday.” y Mayshark’s first book is . nonfiction, titled, Death: e An Exploration, Learning to s Embrace Life’s Most Feared y Mystery. The book channels s the view of death by tying d together subjects of theory from contemporary minds, s spiritual insights, scientific t discoveries and his own n personal reflections. “My , book serves the purpose of . helping readers discover d more about death in order - to enjoy a fuller life.” . The FIFTH ANNUAL I N T E R N AT I O N A L Beverly Hills Book Awards recognized Mayshark’s book in the category of death and dying as a winner. He received an Honorable Mention in 2016 Foreword y INDIES Awards in the f category of Grief/Grieving , (Adult Nonfiction). Mayshark reports being r by history, , fascinated t constructing narratives, and s language. “In my early twenties, e e I became enthralled with My a foreign languages. e command of Spanish comes u from an immersion school t in the Sacred Valley of the p Incas, outside of Cusco, t Peru.” After immersion classes in

Florence, Italy he is able to speak some Italian. Currently living in Sweden, he is trying to earn Swedish, “which has been one of the greatest challenges of my life.” Loren Mayshark, in hopes of a college teaching career, entered Hunter College in New York City in 2008 with high hopes of earning a master’s degree in two years. Six years, two master’s theses, and tens of thousands of dollars later, he abandoned his studies without attaining a degree. His book, Academic Betrayal, The Bullying of a Graduate Student is an account of his struggles, which he feels is a microcosm of what is wrong with the US higher education system. “I chose Hunter College because of its solid reputation as the finest of the City University of New York (CUNY) schools. To my surprise, I experienced one of the worst nightmares a student could encounter. I later discovered my experience was not unique, and that there are a lot of graduate students across the United States facing similar academic betrayals.” Mayshark was compelled to share his story after he heard similar tales. “I was accepted into the MA History program at Hunter College but they did not have the concentration in Latin American history they claimed in the Course Catalog. Once I was fully accepted into this nonexistent program, I had to change my concentration to the History of US/Latin American Relations for my Master’s Degree. Although having a stellar record at the institution, I was forced to quit the program. I hoped by writing the book I could raise awareness to help others in similar situations by sharing my experiences.” Mayshark says, “I was hoping to contribute to a

broader conversation that we should be having in the United States, which in my experience has been missing, about higher education in general.” Accolades: “This well written book is a cautionary tale shedding light on the darker side of higher education, the hubris of some educators, and the ‘big business’ focus of universities that have little regard for their most important constituent: the student.” (Patricia Pihl) “Mayshark is a good storyteller; his ability to reveal one perplexing situation after another makes for engaging reading, and his observations about specific professors, their mannerisms, and their personal agendas are particularly memorable. There is a whistleblower quality to the story that should raise the hackles of anyone who has been subject to the injustices meted out of a bureaucratic organization. The story could also be a cautionary tale for any prospective graduate student.” (Clarion Review) Mayshark is currently living in Sweden. His plans are to continue writing and growing his career as a writer, publisher, and entrepreneur. “All my life experiences and thirst for learning new cultures, languages, and history are part of my broad plan to provide the best possible life for my daughter.” “The culture is quite a bit different in Sweden than in the US, experiencing the culture here has afforded me the opportunity to challenge my worldview in interesting ways.” Contact Loren Mayshark at: www.LorenMayshark. com; Facebook: LorenMaysharkauthor The Jovial Journey www. Books may be purchased at Amazon


Cont. From Cover the plunge, with proceeds going to the WNY Food Bank. About 40-50 brave souls jump annually, usually in costumes of all varieties. Each year the medical group raises between $4,000$5,000 for the food bank. The staff of the medical group chooses a costume theme each year. Some of the outrageous get-ups have included pink tu-tu’s, the Smurfs, and power figures. Dr. Robert Berke says, “this year our office has chosen to go as zoo animals. I have ordered my costume and will be freezing in black and white stripes! This ‘fashion show’ is not to be missed”. Each contestant pays a minimum of $50 with either donations or pledged amounts to the WNY Food Bank for which they get bragging rights and a ‘T’ Shirt labeled We’re Freezin’ for a Reason. A variety of prizes will be awarded from local vendors including a major prize this year to the contestant with the largest amount of pledged money. This prize is a full day boat rental worth $600 from Smith Boys of Chautauqua. This year the plunge will take place on Saturday February 17 at 2:00pm. To register or for additional information call Family Health Medical Services at (716) 753-7107 ext. 100. There will be many scheduled family activities throughout the weekend as well as food and craft vendors. Some of the activities include a Children’s Candy Fishing Pond, Legos Creation Building Contest, and a Kids Corner Edible Crafts sponsored by Wegman’s. A giant kids snow slide will be constructed, weather

permitting. The Chili Cook-Off Contest is another popular event. There will be two awards, the Judge’s Choice and the People’s Choice. Contestants are asked to make a crock-pot of their “mean” chili and enter it is the contest that takes place from 2-4pm on Saturday February 17. Both Saturday and Sunday the Festival will feature Rainbow the Clown, who will do face painting and balloon sculptures in the Community Center. On Saturday the VA Mobile Center trailer will be on site for information and assistance for Veterans. The Chamber of Commerce Table will be selling 50/50 chances. Vince “The Tree Guy” of Sherwood Arts Center will be doing his artistic chain saw carving on Saturday and Sunday. Horse drawn rides will be provided by Magic Moments Carriages. There will be snowmobile rides and a snowball throwing contest. Everyone looks forward to the building of the Ice Castle and the nighttime illumination. The construction committee is in place and work will begin soon. As the lake is approximately fifteen inches thick, the committee members are optimistic that it will be the highlight of the weekend. The first castle was built in 1987 and was fifty feet long and twenty-five feet high. Inside were 82 colored lights illuminating 750 blocks of ice cut from frozen Chautauqua Lake, each weighing between 400-500 pounds. Nick Andriaccio, representing the committee says “We are excited about our plans for the 2018 Winter Festival Ice Castle. Having been involved since 1988, I have experienced last minute issues that arise. The unknown is always the possibility of sudden

weather changes. Right now we see cold weather in the forecast which gives us hope for the weekend.” Sponsor Jared Anzalone of Three Seas Recreation says “this event brings a lot of people to the area that may not have visited the Mayville Lakeside Park. It is a great time to get outdoors and appreciate the community and all we have to offer.” To date the Chamber has thirtyfour community sponsors to make the Festival a success. During the month of February there is “Festival Logo Scavenger Hunt” in local merchants shops, sponsored by Northwest Savings Bank. Information will be at the Chamber of Commerce Table in the Community Center. There will be cash prize drawings. Sponsor Leslie Johnson from Johnson’s Village Pharmacy said “The Winter Festival in Mayville is a wonderful opportunity for people to gather outside and take a breath of fresh frosty air. Events like the Polar Plunge, the chili cook-off, a large bonfire and fireworks remind me of Sweden, where being outdoors in wintertime is a regular activity. I love how it brings people from all over this area in the midst of a beautiful winter.” As all the local area merchants have festival specials going on, it is a great opportunity to see what the greater area has to offer in the winter, as well as summer. Hours are: Friday Evening: 6:00 pm • Saturday 10:00am9:00 pm, 8:00 pm Fireworks Sunday 11:00 am-4:00pm For more information Facebook: President’s Day Weekend Winter Festival Call (716) 753-3113 Register for events www.mayvillechautauqua. org Sponsorships are still available.


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Six Faces of WWII : February 3rd : Robert H. Jackson Center, Jamestown

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The ledger february 1 7, 2018 volume 2 issue 5  

A Free Weekly Publication Serving Chautauqua County.

The ledger february 1 7, 2018 volume 2 issue 5  

A Free Weekly Publication Serving Chautauqua County.