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The Village Gathering is an online wellness community, that supports people all over the world with using essential oisls. We know the world of essential oils can be intimidating, right?? It’s our opinion that healthy, vibrant living shouldn’t have to be this way. Instead of feeling confused and alone, we invite you to join our growing village as we aim to bring wellness and natural living to our homes and communities. We’re grateful to have you here!

11 Everyday Oils + 1 Diffuser + Membership + Sample Packets + 2 Packets of Ningxia Red

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PLUS you will have access to our private team Facebook forums which are amazing places to learn, ask questions + experience the amazing community on this team. You will also receive the password for ‘the village’ area of this website which is full of essential oil webinars, our monthly magazine + more!!

The Village Gathering is made up of a wonderful team of hardworking and dedicated ladies. Get to know us below!

Adoring wife of my California husband, Adam. . . mama to our little Emmett and Gideon. . . founder of The Village Gathering. We started using essential oils right after our little Gideon was born last winter and we haven’t looked back. Little by little they have taken over our home and I’m amazed at how fewer chemicals and yucky products we have in our home.. I am a child of God, wife to my husband Sam, and co-founder of The Village Gathering. We live in rural England and have a huge passion for everything that involves the countryside and we love to cook too! Essential oils changed my life and wellness. Just ask me!

I’m a daughter of heaven, wife, momma to three babies, blogger, foodie and rebel. I homeschool, wear sassy pants and believe in ‘doing life’ with people. I was once a hardcore essential oil skeptic until I met Young Living! This company and products and community has wrecked my life in the BEST WAY and I am so happy to be here with YOU! My name is Carolina - I believe in compassion, beauty in all things and a God who loves us more than we could never comprehend. I’m a wife to a worship pastor, stay at home mama to three boys and constantly striving to become the best version of myself - I want to do my best for God, for my family, and for myself.

Wife to David, mama to sweet baby, photographer, and farm girl. Essential oils have been such an immense blessing for our family and I am beyond thrilled for the chance to share them with others!

It’s not just the ladies who love their oils. These fellas love their oils just as much. Right here, you’ll find tried an tested testimonies of our beloved guys who really know their stuff! Introuducing... The Village Gathering guys! BEARD OIL 6 drops cedarwood 2 drops lavender 1 drop rosemary 2 drops tea tree 1 oz jojoba oil • mix well and apply COLOGNE 8 drops cedarwood 12 drops orange 2 drops witch hazel Fill with water & spray

“I love having other options •Cedarwood + valor + tangerine available to me •Lemon + release + cedarwood & supporting •Valor + peppermint + orange my wife!”

FROM THE FELLAS... We asked the guys about their favourite oils and here’s the responses that they gave us... “I was that guy that didn’t believe in oils. Then I used Thieves on a daily basis, Shutran helps to balance hormones. which for me, was a total when my wife told me that it helps game changer! to boost masculinity and confidence, I decided anything would be worth -Adam Neesby a shot. Of course, she was right! My wife introduced me to oils and I could see the benefits that she was gaining. Then cedarwood entered the scene. It has become a favourite of mine because it smells manly. -Sam Watts For me, it was about putting the diffuser on, introducing oils slowly to him. I knew he’d love them once he tried them. And now? He loves his oils and uses them daily! He’s always sharing with our friends- it’s great! -Gemma Watts

“Using citrus fresh and peppermint has been great. They’re by far the best for me.”

One of the main reasons that many of our team members have got started with essential oils, is because of their want to include oils as part of a wellness routine for their little people. introducing, our Village Gathering babes...

Peace & calming + tangerine Gentle baby + lavender Thieves + frankincense Lemon + orange RC + lavender

“Personally, I love that we have something else to go to and that we can support our children’s wellness naturally. I love reaching into my diaper bag when around friends and having conversations about oils.� -Julia Burmahl

“I had been using my oils reasonably regularly, but it wasn’t until I had my last child that oils made the biggest impact for me. I don’t know where I’d have been without my oils postpartum.” -Carolina Andes ...because, friends, sometimes you need tried and tested. These Mamas know best! “We have a five year old boy in our house. Three guesses for our favourite blend? yep, you guessed it, owie.” -Kayla Sanzo

“My little love asks for her oils. “Oy! Oy!” That’s oils in baby language. Copaiba and lavender are her jam!” -Brittany Vail

Young Living make pre-dilluted oils ready to go just for your baby. Check out the KidScents line!

So you have your oils and have fallen in love, right?! Are you bottles running low?! You definitely want to know about the wonderful program called Essential Rewards! Essential Rewards is a wellness subscription box shipped straight to your door each month! Best part is, we aren’t locked into receiving the same thing every month + we have complete control over what is shipped to our door. We adore this because we can restock our favorite oils and try new products, receive discounted shipping AND earn points for whatever free oils we want. Head to your virtual office, click essential rewards and set up your first order. it really is that easy! Plus, did you know, that if you order 190pv, 250pv or 300pv, that you’ll earn yourself even more free prdoucts? Amazing!

“Before Young Living, I’d dreamt that financial freedom was possible, but I never thought that it’d be possible for me. Now, I get to lead others in their wellness journey and I couldn’t be more thilled...” Ever thought that this couldn’t be you? Well, it totally can! Here’s come of our business building FAQ’s! Do I have to have selling quotas, awkward sales parties or building a team alone?! No, no + no! We simply encourage you to share your love of essential oils in whatever way is most authentic for you! Plus you have an entire team of encouragement + support that will be poured out from day one! Do I have to deal with processing customer orders or delivering oils to my friends?! No + no! Young Living handles all the order shipments, paperwork + payments. You simply share your personal order link + Young Living hands the rest. Including mailing your monthly commissions check to you on the 20th of each month. PLUS! Our Google drive has EVERYTHING that you could possibly need to get started!

The Village Gathering