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September 2012

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Dear Readers and Advertisers Mesmerising. Stunning. Quirky, fun - and, thank you Danny Boyle, so very British. The Opening Dear Readers and the Advertisers Ceremony of The London 30th Olympiad confounded critics, entertained and entranced us. If we could bottle it and label it 'the Olympic spirit' the effect of the 2012 London Games must be and patriotism - did youa get swept along in thepeople excitement the their Jubilee used to Pageantry inspire, provoke and encourage generation of young awayoffrom mobile Weekend celebrations? Despite the June weather agenda of rain and cold, many phones and Facebook to competitive running, rowing and cycling. thousands of us held street parties, watched the events on TV, or travelled up to London on the bank of the Thames and soak the atmosphere for ourselves. An armytoofstand smiling volunteers helped thousands of up visitors find their way to Olympic venues while

troops, hastily re-routed to London to provide security, unexpectedly found themselves in the best Closer to home, Broadditch Farm - the highest point in Southfleet Village - took in the PR exercise ever, chatting to the public. Over 12 million people up and down the part country turned Jubilee Beacon lighting ceremony on 4th June, and hosted a Jubilee Beacon Picnic out to be a part of the Olympic Torch Relay even before the 16 days of the Games had begun. before the beacon was lit. The opportunity to be there and feel involved in such an historic Transport across London surprised everyone by working well and London sparkled in sunshine event around the country are what memories are made of. we thought we would never see this summer. From the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, our summer of patriotism continues with Euro 2012

From sailing, cycling and equestrian - who thought we'd be captivated by the beauty of horse football tournament, guaranteed to raise the roof in our local pubs when England play, and dressagethen - totheathletics and beach volleyball, have watched London 2012 Olympics. Whetherwe you're sporty or not,endurance, this really is determination a special year and years oftotraining result in Britain placed 3rd place in the Medals Table with a totalwork of 65and - 29 of be proud to be British and support the many months of sheer hard them Gold. Bradley Ben Ainslie, Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford, Nicola preparation thatWiggins, goes intoChris these Hoy, events. Adams, Mo Farah - just a few of the names now written in sporting history. Including all the hard work that has gone into organising the Longfield Festival on Sunday,

A superb1stachievement forevent our every country and Britain has delivered a Great July. A terrific year, it'sour heldathletes, at Longfield Community Park, from middayGolden Games. 5pm The with spectacle goes on, with the Paralympics picking up the baton to showcase stalls and activities to interest all ages, so please do gather up your family,men go and women athletes greater obstacles to overcome in their chosen sport to achieve along andwho givehave them even your support. competition success. You can watch the Paralympic Games Road Cycling events for FREE from We're working on hard make edition of The West Village Advertiserusing a magazine be and 5th to 8th September thetoA20 andeach Scratchers Lane, Kingsdown the freetopark proud of Hill. and 'going to grab your attention. We aim carry on producing ride in Wrotham So gocolour' along continues and support our Olympians during this to once-in-a-lifetime event. editions in colour, with adverts in colour or black and white, to give advertisers a choice when theyour book a space. Thank you to all the August advertisers readers who have Closer to home, focus has been on producing andand September issues of The complimented on how for good the magazine quickly we've been continued able to Village Advertiser, andusplanning October. Thankslooks to alland ourhow advertisers who have to increase the number of pages. book a space and put across their business message during the traditionally quieter months of the

summer holidays.

Our July Wordsearch Competition is kindly being sponsored by Longfield Butchers, with a of a Meat Competition Barbecue pack - sowon get your entry inGoldsmith by 15th July. The winnerwith of our June of a Our Julyprize Wordsearch was by Tracy of Longfield, a prize competition was xxxLongfield xxxxxx of Butchers. xxxxxxx, who won a Traditional TeaCard and to Cruise Meat Barbecue pack from September's prize isAfternoon a ÂŁ50 Gift spend at for Two on the Thames, courtesy of us at The Village Advertiser. Congratulations to xxx Bluewater, kindly donated by us here at The Village Advertiser, so get your competition entries in xxxxx, we hope s/he has a wonderful afternoon. by 14th September. Advertising sales deadline for the October edition is 14th September.

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So, as new uniforms replace tee-shirts and trainers, and our children go back to school for the Autumn Term, let's hope the inspiration and memories of sporting dreams, targets and Now, exactly when should we be thinking of taking the Jubilee bunting down? achievements from the London Olympic Games 2012 aren't lost amongst the challenges of a new academic year. Carole & Sally

Carole & Sally


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