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December 2012

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Welcome to our Christmas edition of Dear Village Readers and Advertisers The Advertiser Pageantry and patriotism - did you get swept along in the excitement of the Jubilee

The last few exciting,celebrations? frantic weeks of Despite work while put together thisagenda Christmas of The Village Advertiser Weekend theweJune weather of edition rain and cold, many helda street parties, watched the2012 events TV, or up and to London has madethousands us realise of justuswhat busy and celebratory year hason been. Fortravelled us, talking listening to our to stand on the bank of the Thames and soak up the atmosphere for ourselves. customers, has meant that each edition has reflected more and more the type of advertising and information you want to see and read about. Closer to home, Broadditch Farm - the highest point in Southfleet Village - took part in the lighting ceremony on 4th June, and on hosted a Jubilee Beacon Picnicinterests We have Jubilee been ableBeacon to put our advertisers' messages across to focus an expanding range of business before the beacon was lit. The opportunity to be there and feel involved in such an historic and attract an ever growing number of readers. Thank you to all those who have told us how much you like The event around the country are what memories are made of.

Village Advertiser and want to see its pages increase in 2013. We will do our best!

From the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, our summer of patriotism continues with Euro 2012

Looking back, we've all enjoyed enormously celebrating the Queen's Golden Jubilee year. We were enthralled by football tournament, guaranteed to raise the roof in our local pubs when England play, and the 2012 then Olympics and Paralympics - the success of you're the Games, achievements athletes, the London 2012 Olympics. Whether sporty the or not, this really of is athe special yearand their message to to us that you anything want tothe if you set your mindofto itsheer and work to achieve your beallproud to can be do British andyou support many months hardhard work and targets. Not just in sport but in business, your family life and relationships too. preparation that goes into these events. And what Including better timeallofthe thehard year work than now, at Christmas, celebrate some more andFestival appreciate all that is good in that has gone intotoorganising the Longfield on Sunday, 1st July. terrific event year, held at Longfield Community Park, from midday - busy. If our lives with family Aand friends. So,every the run up it's to Christmas is in full swing with retailers and shoppers withorstalls activities to interest ages, please gather up youron family, go Village you're an 5pm existing new and customer looking ahead toall2013 andsowould likedomore information how The along and give them your support. Advertiser can help you expand your business, we're here to help. We can promote your school or charity event and we are very keen to support. You can call us on 01474 854518 and 01474 707484 or email We're working hard to make each edition of The Village Advertiser a magazine to be for information or to book a space - advertising sales deadline for the January 2013 proud of and 'going colour' continues to grab your attention. We aim to carry on producing th December. There's more information on our website at edition is 13 editions in colour, with adverts in colour or black and white, to give advertisers a choice when they book a space.

Thank you to all the advertisers and readers who have

Congratulations to ValerieusTaylor of West who won a fabulous see 'Aladdin' complimented on how goodKingsdown, the magazine looks and howFamily quicklyTicket we'vetobeen able to on the Opening increase Night, Saturday 8th December the number of pages. at The Orchard Theatre, Dartford, in our November Wordsearch Competition. We do hope you have a very enjoyable evening. Our July Wordsearch Competition is kindly being sponsored by Longfield Butchers, with a

And as a prize Christmas gift to Barbecue you, and back popular demand, December's prize page 10) will of a Meat packby- so get your entryour in by 15th July.competition The winner of (see our June competition was xxx xxxxxx of xxxxxxx, who wonfit a for Traditional Afternoon Tea and Cruisepudding, be supplied by us at The Village Advertiser - a Family Feast Christmas Day including Christmas for Two on the Thames, courtesy of delivered us at ThetoVillage to xxx brandy butter, biscuits, Bubbly and much more, your doorAdvertiser. just before Congratulations Christmas Day. Our Hamper(s) xxxxx, we hope s/he has a wonderful afternoon. will also include Fruit and Vegetables courtesy of Kent Fresh Produce at Hawley Garden Centre, and a Turkey and trimmings courtesy of Longfield Butchers. So, with such a wonderful festive prize to win, make sure your Please keep your comments coming in - we love to hear from you - and if you would like December! entries aretoinknow by 14thmore about booking an advertising space in the next edition of The Village Advertiser, please don't hesitate to call or email us in the office.

We also have an additional Christmas Draw for you to win four tickets to see 'Jack and the Beanstalk' pantomime this monthNow, at The Woodville To enter this draw just send your name, exactly when Halls, shouldGravesend. we be thinking of taking the Jubilee bunting down?address, email address and phone number on a postcard or sealed envelope to: Woodville Pantomime Draw, The Village Advertiser, &6BL. Sally Olive Cottage, Botsom Lane, West Kingsdown,Carole Kent, TN15 Our very dear friends and mentors, Margaret and Alan Bradshaw (previous owners of Town and Country Post) are moving to West Sussex. We are sure that when we say that they will be missed it is a feeling of many friends and neighbours along with many previous work associates. They have been a very supportive force for many years. We wish them both a fond farewell and hope to keep in touch with them. Good luck in their new adventure. So, pass round the mince pies and pour the mulled wine! Our very best wishes for a Happy Christmas to all our Advertisers and Readers, and we look forward to seeing and hearing from you again in the New Year.

Carole & Sally 2

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