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2017-18 annual report

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dear friends, There is so much to celebrate at Villa! The passion of our educators. The magnificent grounds and historic buildings of our campus. The continual focus on school improvement and innovation. The commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The dynamic leadership of our board of trustees. The warmth and caring attitude of our entire school community.

2017-18 annual report 2017-18 Villa Board of Trustees Tim Dunley, President Angela Finney, Vice President Aaron Singleton, Treasurer Sachia Powell, Secretary Chris Allen Catherine Bursiek Stacey Cooper Tony DeSapio Truwyn Diaz Mike Emery Jenifer Falcon Don Heisler Todd Jablonski Brad Merlino Suhanthie Motha Sanjay Parikh Scott Smith Kelli Smith-Bailey Martsi Stuart Joyce Thomas Jim Thorpe Brian Vath Ex Officio, John Milroy, Head of School 2017-18 Villa Parent Association Board Hillary McLaughlin, President Kate Allen, Vice President Kelsey Singleton, Vice President Kate Allen, Treasurer Jennifer Porter, Past President Ex-Officio Editor Joan Hudson, Director of Institutional Advancement jhudson@thevilla.org Design/Production Christa Fleming Design

Indeed, as noted by NWAIS (Northwest Association of Independent Schools), the quality of the Villa experience stems from “a community abundantly filled with members totally invested in the mission of the school and a unique facility that serves both as a living reminder of the school’s mission and heritage and offers enormous learning opportunities for its students.” Highlights from the 2017-18 school year demonstrate the ever-blossoming ethos of Villa Academy: •W  e’re proud of our 31-acre campus, unique among Seattle schools. It offers abundant opportunities both for academic learning experiences and the immersion in nature that research is showing to be so important to child development. The opening of our state-of-the-art $2.2M athletic field last September adds a significant new dimension to our campus offerings. •O  ur faculty achieved some of the highest percentages of advanced degrees and professional development hours among our fellow schools. Villa teachers truly impart the joy of being lifelong learners to their students. • T he creation of two new roles, the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, and the Director of Equity Education and Inclusion, speak to rigorous educational standards and to social justice—both crucial hallmarks of our progress. • A n elevation of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) through Project Based Learning across all subjects. Deep inquiry, formulating important questions, and designing solutions means a more authentic educational experience for our students. • I n seeking to provide access to all who seek a Villa education, we awarded over $850,000 of financial aid last school year. Our position as one of the premier Catholic and Independent Schools in the Northwest is carried forward by the generosity of our school community, both financially and in the countless volunteer hours from which we benefit. Now that is something to celebrate! Thank you for investing in Villa Academy. Sincerely,

John K. Milroy Head of School

it’s been a


villa academy 2017-18 annual report


Stepping onto the new turf field felt amazing! Playing on our old topsy, turvy grass field was sometimes nerve racking. I love playing soccer on the new field because when you’re running you feel like you can fly! It has changed all sports and PE class forever. It helped greatly in the 6th grade girls 2018 Soccer Championship.” —Jimmy Porter, sixth grade student

, y l l a n i F

On our old field, we were never able to hold home games for grades 4-8 and now we can. Plus playoffs! Not only that, we’re a hub for kindergarten games. On Saturdays, there are as many as 13 games played at Villa.” —Cope Miller, Athletic Director

The difference from the old field to the new field is like night and day. Rain or rain shine we have an incredible space that gives students so many more opportunities to play and be active—all part of our Whole Child philosophy.” —Kevin Lee, Grades 1-8 P.E. Teacher


Dedicated on September 27, 2017


villa academy 2017-18 annual report

Villa’s new turf field has been a game-changer for our 5th grade girls’ soccer team. As coaches, we are so grateful that we no longer worry about soggy grass with drainage issues or injuries from the unevenness of the field. It is a safe, well organized and joyful place to hold our practices and we are so proud to host other schools on game days. Thank you, Villa, for addressing a much needed and huge improvement to our campus!” —Hillary & Lane McLaughlin, Villa Parents The outcome of having a weather-friendly surface to train on rain or shine without deterioration is a major contributing factor to the improved play across all boys and girls grade teams. We are so fortunate to have this beautiful and unique campus-differentiating asset to support all levels of Villa athletic and recreational development and advancement.” —Rob Mumford, Villa Parent Left: Villa Viking 6th Grade Girls: 2017 CYO Soccer Champions

OUR DREAMS by the numbers

15,215 square feet of Synthetic Turf


tons (104,000 lbs) of “Nike Grind” Infill


tons (5,000,000 lbs) of Aggregate


cubic yards of Shotcrete


cubic yards of Concrete

Mark ‘84 & Krissy Grey, and Chrissy & Brian Acarregui celebrating at the field dedication

villa academy 2017-18 annual report


Our teachers truly know their kids, as evidenced by the degree of individual team and cross-divisional work, grade-level meetings about students, participation in class placements, and active partnership with parents.” —Jody Elsner, Lower School Director


villa academy 2017-18 annual report

Villa Faculty: Passion and Growth We recently sat down with Jody Elsner and James Joseph, Villa’s Lower and Middle School Directors respectively, to talk about Villa’s faculty:

Teachers here don’t operate as soloists in their classrooms. As a result, our students benefit from a richer learning environment where the ‘sum is bigger than its parts’.” —James Joseph, Middle School Director

Q: What’s at the core of Villa’s faculty culture?

Q: How does Villa concretely support faculty growth?

Jody: Our faculty doesn’t rely on the same teaching methods year after year. At Villa, “good enough” just isn’t good enough! A culture of continual improvement really predominates, where teachers with 20+ years here seek to learn as eagerly as those in the earlier stages of their careers. And passion is key. You can be a great technician and create a great lesson plan, but if there isn’t passion for our focus on individual student needs and each child’s growth academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually, you are going to have a hard time teaching here.

Jody: It’s the seriousness with which we approach professional development for our teachers. Each week professional development time as a group is part of the schedule. We even dismiss school one day early to create this. This, combined with all the opportunities for trainings, workshops and conferences around the country, added up to 800 hours of faculty professional development this year. The key is that a teacher can’t just stay at one level here, you have to grow and change.

James: That passion is so obvious. Teachers here are constantly talking about their craft, what works and what doesn’t. And as they innovate and try alternatives, everything is grounded in research and rigorous educational standards.

James: I’d add that professional development isn’t solely for the individual teacher, but for our students, other teachers, and community as a whole. After a professional development opportunity, teachers are required to formally present their learnings to their colleagues.

Q: What are you proudest of?

James: I’d have to say it’s that teachers support each other in their growth. A spirit of collaboration prevails where they question, research, share, and plan—together. They’re always talking, if not in scheduled meetings than James: Absolutely! Through their exploration, they in the hallway, the copy room, where ever! Teachers here embrace new ideas and create new ways of doing things. don't operate as soloists in their classrooms. As a result, The huge bonus is that in the process of solving a problem our students benefit from a richer learning environment or wanting to make something better, teachers model where the “sum is bigger than its parts.” for their students both persistence and resilience. Jody: It’s so true. And it’s why no two days or years are Sometimes it’s trial and error, but it’s important for ever alike at Villa. Here we have this traditional looking students to know that any success is a process. building, but inside, the education is cutting edge. I’d Jody: That’s right. I love it when a teacher tries something also add that Villa students are at the center of all we new and is able to say, “you know, that really didn’t do. Our teachers truly know their kids, as evidenced by work.” That willingness to risk is so important to show the degree of individual team and cross-divisional work, students. It’s also important that teachers here feel safe grade-level meetings about students, participation in and supported as they look to improve and grow. class placements, and active partnership with parents.

Q: It sounds like Villa teachers are risk takers.

villa academy 2017-18 annual report


Villa Faculty: Passion and Growth faculty achievements

The Gold Standard

The 2017-18 school year found teachers Abby Nelson (4th grade) and Erin Flotte (MS math) pursuing National Board Certification, the education field's “gold standard” of excellence. It’s the most respected professional certification available in K-12 education and as such, is a public assurance that NBC teachers have met the profession’s highest standards for accomplished practice. When complete, Abby and Erin will be joining Teri Rutledge, Villa’s Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, who earned this certification in 2015. A Lifelong Learner

6th grade teacher, Amy Calomeni, has been an educator for 23 years, 16 of them at Villa. A great example of faculty engagement in lifelong learning, Amy holds a B.A. in Diversified Liberal Arts with a teaching credential from the University of San Diego; an M.A. in Educational Counseling from the University of San Francisco; and an M.A. in Educational Technology from Grand Canyon University. Last spring, Amy and colleague Betsy O’Neil (2-5 Math Specialist), completed a certification In Gifted and Talented Education from the University of San Diego. Focus on Tech

Shea Sayler, Villa’s K-5 Technology Teacher attended the Robotics Academy at Carnegie Mellon University last summer. Providing certification training in LEGO Mindstorms EV3, the intensive program provides a comprehensive overview of robotics education for grades K-12. Held at the National Robotics Engineering Center, the training included an array of robotics demos that added to the overall learning experience. “Villa students have been coding for four years, and the Carnegie Mellon training provides a great foundation for continuing to develop a strong robotics program.” Music Maestros

For Ben Draper, (Middle School Music and Band) and Jacob Lucero, (K-5 music) music education is about more than just playing an instrument. “We challenge children to use the creative side of their brains while, at the same time, learning a foreign language—music,” says Ben. “All of the current research clearly indicates that students involved in music education academically outperform their non-musical counterparts.” In addition to regular music classes year round, Ben and Jacob have grown Villa’s program to be one of the strongest available among our area’s independent schools. Offerings include Beginning Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Jazz Ensemble, Villa Violins, String Orchestra and Choir.


villa academy 2017-18 annual report



Hours of professional development

63% Master’s degrees

13% Master’s degrees in process


National Board Certification obtained or in process


Gifted & Talented Certification obtained or in process

new roles at villa

Director of Equity Education and Inclusion

Andrés Arteaga, joined the Villa faculty in 2016 as a Spanish teacher and became our first Director of Equity Education and Inclusion with the start of the 2017-18 school year. Andrés, a native Spanish speaker, is a Seattle University graduate with B.A. degrees in both French and English Literature. He also holds an advanced diploma in French from L’Université de Stendhal (Grenoble, France) and studied at Saint Louis University (Philosophy, Spanish Studies & Dance). Following his graduation from S.U., Andres spent four years as a seminarian in Jesuit formation, taught Mexican immigrant populations in Washington and California, worked in Idaho among the Coeur d’Alene Native American tribe, and taught at Bellarmine Prep in Tacoma. Andrés is currently pursuing an MFA in Arts Leadership at Seattle University, with a focus on Social Justice Arts Education. Andrés says, “Our work at Villa is grounded in respect for the human dignity of all people—especially the marginalized—in the spirit of Villa’s founder, St. Frances Cabrini as well as in Catholic social teaching. We’re committed to affirming the importance of diversity and inclusion in order to expand our communal vision of a more just world.” Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Teri Rutledge has taught at the Kindergarten, third and fourth grade levels for ten years, seven of them at Villa. In addition to her B.A. degree in Elementary Education from Western Washington University, and her M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction from Western Governors University, Teri is a National Board Certified Teacher (see opposite page) and was also selected as a National Geographic Grosvenor Teaching Fellow in 2015. As our first C.I.A. Director beginning in fall of 2017, Teri spearheaded Villa’s Project Based Learning initiative, and new programs such as the sixth grade Technology Boot Camp. Overall, her role is key to maintaining a consistent level of excellence in Villa’s academic program. She works to ensure that: • Villa’s curriculum is thoughtfully aligned across our grades from preschool through middle school. • Strong teaching and learning is occurring by advocating on behalf of students and teachers. • A high quality education occurs throughout the school that is program-based and not solely reliant on a strong teacher who may step out of a particular role.  urriculum audits are based on assessment data and current research, with a constant critical •C evaluation of the curriculum that asks: is it research-based and rigorous? Aligned with our mission? Achieving the best results for our students? • V illa is forward thinking and able to implement new programs for an overall improvement, without sacrificing program continuity.

villa academy 2017-18 annual report


FULL STEAM AHEAD In the face of rapid technological change, today’s students need to think freely across disciplines, engage with difficult real world questions, and collaborate in designing solutions— skills needed for the jobs of tomorrow. The foundation for further integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) subjects into our curriculum is Project Based Learning (PBL). Not simply “doing projects”, PBL involves in-depth inquiry across a range of subjects, forming driving questions and challenges, basing learning on rigorous standards, and making important connections. Students must be able to persist through trial and error, revise work based on critique, and demonstrate mastery through public presentation of their acquired knowledge. 8

villa academy 2017-18 annual report

^ After reading “The Day the Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt, first graders blended a little engineering into their literature time. They explored volume and capacity by designing a new crayon box that could fit 24 crayons.

< As Villa continues to enhance its technology progression, K-5 students began dedicated computer science intensives last winter with three weeks each of coding and robotics. Age appropriate tech tools were incorporated such as Code-a-Pillar, The Finch, LEGO We Do, and Go Pi Go.

During a year long study of food injustice, 4th graders furthered their understanding in a variety of activities. One experience challenged them to “do the math” of actual grocery shopping with ^ only a food stamp budget.

In an environmental focus, fifth graders explored a variety of methods for cleaning up an oil spill. After experimenting with different methods for gathering oil from a body of water, they designed and built models of vessels that will work to clean dispersed oil from the ocean. ^

< Middle School students took math out of the classroom as they worked on an “Enhancing the Villa Campus” project aligned with rigorous math standards. Students brainstormed ideas, proposed them to Villa administrative team, reworked their plans, created/ built their items, and then demonstrated their learning during a display of their work for faculty and family.

villa academy 2017-18 annual report


Diversity, equity

& INCLUSION Villa Academy stands for the respect of all human dignity as rooted in our Catholic tradition of social justice. We do this by developing socially conscious, innovative curricula that expose our students to defference and inspire them to into compassionate action. Age appropriate engagement occurs throughout the grades. EXPRESSION Preschool through grade three: Children learn to identify with individuality, to respect and appreciate the uniqueness of others, and to celebrate difference. Examples include: Diversity books, guest speakers, celebration of non-Western holidays EXPOSURE Grades four and five: Students begin to develop their ideas about the world and their place within it. Examples include: Diversity books, guest speakers, Jazz history/dance, Native American and Harlem Renaissance history ADVOCACY Middle School: Students begin to interact with others in ways that apply their growing understanding of social justice issues. Examples include: Social Justice topics in seventh grade religion, integrated ethnic studies in humanities, Diversity Book Club, Social Justice Dance Club, Justice Podcast Club, dance and ethnic studies in world languages, social justice art, ML King, Jr. Assembly


villa academy 2017-18 annual report

at villa ...

diversity is the celebration of differences and bringing the various aspects together to create a more flourishing community. equity incorporates a justice aspect to diversity. What can we do to allow diversity to flourish? How do we ensure that all voices are being heard and all have equal opportunity? inclusion creates conditions where all feel welcomed, accepted, safe, empowered, supported, and affirmed.

Diversity Books

Through a grant from the Fulcrum Foundation, Villa greatly increased its offerings of age-appropriate books such as:

Social Justice through the Arts: Through the popular Social Justice Dance Club, students learn about the struggles of marginalized peoples around the world and their expression through dance. • S panish Colonization and Aztec/Mayan Empires (La Jarana, Baile de los Machetes) • A frican Slavery in the Dominican Republic (Bachata) •N  orth African Immigration in France (Hip-Hop, Arabic) • A frican Slavery in U.S. (Jazz) •N  orth and South Korea tension (K-Pop)

Special Guests

Hena Kahn, author of children’s books that include Amina’s Voice and Night of the Moon, spent a day at Villa sharing her muslim culture with students. Villa welcomed a frequent guest, Rosetta Lee, who conducted both faculty and parent sessions on issue of race, equity and inclusion.

villa academy 2017-18 annual report


fresh faces fo

Villaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s theater and art classroom were in dire need of upgrades after m Rainbow Theater and Art Studio, generously provided for

Theatre improvements included acoustic treatments on the walls, theater painting and stage resurfacing, back of house upgrades, professional lighting, and a new audio system. Without static, feedback or echoes, theatrical productions have been raised to a whole new level!


Beauty & the Beast, Jr., Spring 2018

villa academy 2017-18 annual report

Suessical, Jr., Fall 2017

or old spaces

many years of heavy use. Fall of 2017 saw the debut of the refurbished r by our community as part of 2017’s Auction Fund-a-Need.

The redesigned art studio is a more organized and freely flowing space for student creativity. Two “zones” were created to accommodate the different needs and sizes of lower and middle school students. All surfaces were refurbished and painted, and new adjustable activity tables, portfolio cabinets, drafting board storage and seating were added.

The old art room

villa academy 2017-18 annual report



Amazing campus Author and child advocacy expert, Richard Louv, coined the term “nature deficit disorder” to describe the reality of so many of today’s children. At Villa, we embrace technology and all it has to offer. At the same time, our students are fortunate to have a campus unlike any other school in Seattle. We call it our 31-acre learning lab for the amazing outdoor education opportunities it offers. Our diverse landscape includes grassy areas, a multi-purpose playfield, organic garden, orchards, deciduous and mixed forest areas, a wetland seep, a riparian forest area bordering on Lake Washington, and 600 feet of waterfront access. With our abundant resources, Villa is at the forefront of a growing “green schoolyard” movement that envisions multi-functional school grounds that offer places for students, teachers, and familes to play, learn, explore and grow.


villa academy 2017-18 annual report

“Kids today spend 50% on their time on some device, and they spend 90% of their time indoors.” —Children & Nature Network website

“Our kids are on the front lines of a digital revolution. Devices, social networks and media are changing childhood in radical ways.” —Common Sense website

“Green space has a positive role in cognitive functioning, of which spatial working memory is strongly related with academic achievement in children, particularly in math.” —University College London Institute of Education

Some of the ways our students engaged with the outdoors in 2017-18:

why learn outdoors?

• P reschool students explored campus woodlands on Forest Fridays. • F irst graders examined insects in water samples taken at our Lake Washington waterfront. • T hird graders, in concert with the Audubon Society, conducted an in-depth study of campus bird life including species identification, life cycle and habitat threats. • I n collaborative and creative play, lower school students built and maintained forts from fallen limbs of campus trees. • S everal grades learned about, planted and maintained the organic garden. • F ourth graders investigated how we impact the environment of our campus. • F ifth graders participated in our state-recognized Green Team program.  iddle School students work with their Kindergarten Buddies to release salmon •M spawn into Lake Washington, and create independent campus-based ecology projects. More about Forest Fridays: During Forest Fridays on the Villa Campus, our youngest students explore the habitat niches of the mammals, insects and birds of the woods. They note the late-fall disappearance of ground animals and discover a multitude of winter burrows, followed by the emergence of spring. Through their intrinsic curiosity, students learn about the services of important trees such as Douglas firs and Cedars. They grow in motor strength and coordination with long hikes, balance, climbing, and self care. They socially bond as fellow playmates and adventurers.

Educational Benefits • S tandards taught in a meaningful and retainable way • A uthentic and engaging project-based learning • E cological awareness • S eeds of stewardship •C  onnections to food and health (gardens) Physical Benefits • S timulating the senses •M  ovement assists learning •D  ecreasing stress  ognitive Benefits C • I ncreasing attention span •C  reativity and problem solving (both academic and social-emotional learning)

villa academy 2017-18 annual report


School Life 2017-18

Compassionate Hearts and Community Service

Community Service is an integral part of Villa’s curriculum throughout the grades. From raising funds, to collecting warm clothing, to providing Christmas gifts, to volunteering, students followed the example of Mother Cabrini’s compassion. A partial list of organizations Villa served include:

Seattle Childrens First Place School Food Lifeline Geddes Angels School, Kenya Providence Regina House Ronald McDonald House St Vincent De Paul Westside Baby Northaven Retirement

THANK YOU for your hours!








Go Vikings!



Middle School Sports

In the CYO League: 7th grade girls won the basketball championship; 6th grade girls emerged as co-champions in the soccer finals; 7th grade girls took second place in the soccer championships; 7th-8th grade boys baseball advanced to the playoffs Villa’s middle school girls’ team won first place at the Independent School Ultimate Jamboree.


villa academy 2017-18 annual report









Villa Volunteers

We thank our parent, grandparent and alumni volunteers for their time and talent—Villa wouldn’t be Villa without them!

Welcoming Grandparents & Grandfriends

Every May, we welcome hundreds of special guests to campus, who enjoy musical performances, coffee and homemade cookies, and quality time with their students. Spelling Bee

As part of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Villa fourth through eighth grade students competed at an on campus bee. First place winner, Ruby Foster, advanced to the King County regional bee held at Seattle University. Dev Parikh won a special “little” bee, held just for first through third grade students. Mock Trial: A Wonderful Finish

2018 marked the last year of eighth grade Mock Trial, begun in 2010 by humanities teacher Kate Brooks and former Villa parent and attorney, Michael Guadagno. Mock Trial deeply engaged students in American history, constitutional law, Supreme Court decisions, and the inner workings of the trial process as they prosecuted President Andrew Jackson for his role in Native American removal from their homeland, known as the “Trail of Tears.” Students performed in-depth research using historical primary sources, trial planning and strategy for the prosecution and defense, witness selection and preparation, jury selection and voir dire, and conducting the trial at the King County courthouse before a judge and a jury of Villa parents. This exceptionally rich and deep learning experience will take a new form in the 2018-19 school year with the introduction of Mock Congress.

villa academy 2017-18 annual report


our Grads and Alums Achieving Honors

2018 Villa graduates were accepted with honors to Holy Names Academy: Lauren Johnson, Lena Millard-Kish, Finola McGuire, Gisela Roberts, Mikayla Smith, and Riley Shaeffer. Finola and Gisela were also awarded scholarships.

Eighth Grade School Awards

Kate Toni, Viking of the Year Award Awarded to a student whose enthusiasm, school spirit, and leadership enliven our school. Audra Hanlon, Christian Spirit Award  Awarded to a student who models the Cabrinian values of service, compassion and respect for the Villa community. Alice Brashers, The Villa Academy Mission Award  Awarded to a student who through their academic excellence confidently exemplifies their joy for learning and their willingness to challenge themselves to realize their unique potential.

Gisela Roberts, 2018-19 Academy Scholarship Recipient

Finola McGuire, 2018-19 Linda, Kevin & Keely Wold Scholarship Recipient

Twin Awards

Twin brothers, Pawlos and Petros Zecharias, were both awarded Linda, Kevin & Henry Wold Scholarships as incoming freshmen at Bishop Blanchet High School. We’re doubly happy for them!

Kate Toni

Audra Hanlon

Alice Brashers

Gisela Roberts & Pawlos Zecharias, Lissy Moore Award Chosen by the graduating class, these students best exemplify the late Lissy Moore ‘97’s perserverence, cheefulness, courage, gentle spirit and genuine independence. Congratulations Class of 2018

Pawlos Zecharias


Petros Zecharias

villa academy 2017-18 annual report

Returning for

Stewardship Day

Villa alums from the class of 2016 joined students, parents, and teachers for Stewardship Day. Held in the fall and spring, volunteers take on tasks like prepping the organic garden for planting, removing invasive species, and improving the trail to Lake Washington.

Reunion Time: Class of 2014

Villa’s Class of 2014 returned for a reunion in June before heading off on the next phase of their educational journey. We wish our alumni academic success and great experiences at the following schools: Bard College Colorado State University Georgetown University Loyola Marymount University Loyola University Chicago Northwestern University Purdue University Regis University

Jocie Tanaka, Sydney Pytte, Lily Longawa

San Diego State University Scripps College Stanford University Trinity University Tulane University University of Notre Dame University of San Diego University of Washington Julian Bransier, Aidan Shoemaker, David Nyberg, Ryan Yonker

Alum Spotlight

Charlie Truxal graduated from Villa Academy in 2008 and attended high school at The Northwest School. He later received a full, four-year academic ROTC scholarship to the University of Oregon, where he graduated from in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Charlie’s father served as a colonel in the Army Medical Corps, which spurred Charlie’s interest in joining the army. After college, Charlie served as 2nd Lieutenant and Platoon Leader in the Virginia Army National Guard. Currently, he is working in the House Committee on Armed Services where he deals with defense policy and military budgeting. Areas of focus include Homeland Security, Defense, and Veteran Affairs. He has also worked in the offices of Washington State Senator Patty Murray and member of the US House of Representatives, Martha McSally. About his Villa experience Charlie says, “Villa prepared me extremely well. I’m still connected with my Villa classmates who have all ended up in great places due to Villa’s environment and education. The entire Villa community is very caring. Parents, students, and teachers alike go above and beyond when it comes to helping one another.” villa academy 2017-18 annual report






VillaNOW Annual Giving is our school’s most important philanthropic effort raising the most revenue in the shortest time with the least cost. In a mere eight weeks, our generous community proved it to be true, not only exceeding our $400,000 goal, but raising a record-breaking $93,000 in a few short hours on VillaNOW Day. 2017-18 also saw the introduction of Directed Giving, giving our families the power of choice to invest in Villa’s mission in the most personally meaningful way. 2017-18 VillaNOW Chairs We are grateful to our 2017-18 VillaNOW Chairs, Chris & Kate Allen, for leading the effort with such enthusiasm and heart. As parents who are greatly invested in Villa’s ongoing excellence, they were instrumental in our success. We thank them for their tremendous spirit.

Funding Areas


Area of Greatest Need


Athletics & Extracurricular Activities


Campus Stewardship


Faculty & Instructional Excellence


Financial Aid


Our CEOs Thanks to our VillaNOW CEOs (Chief Encouragement Officers) at each grade level, who helped to keep the VillaNOW enthusiasm and momentum going: Jen McNair (P3) Martinique Grigg (P4) Jenny Hurst (P5) Christina Fitzpatrick (K) Jennifer Peyree (1) Rosie Snodgrass (2) Catherine Bursiek (3) Susan Burwick (4) KK McGuire (5) Jen Higgins (6) Kathleen Colleran (7) Jennifer Roberts (8)

villa academy 2017-18 annual report

Total Amount Raised:


VillaNOW Day Donations:

$93,000 Participation:


the villa auction:

Giddyup Pardner! Our ten gallon hats are off to Chairs Claudine Lawlor, Madeline McCarthy and Erin Snyder for their leadership in producing one heck of a hoedown at the Boots & Bling Auction at SoDo Park last March. Auction revelers raised $364,000 with $126,895 of the total supporting our Fund-a-Need to provide much needed updates to our school cafeteria. Auction success requires a Villa(ge), so we thank everyone who donated, procured, volunteered, attended and raised their bid cards.

Committee Leads sponsorship Claudine Lawlor, Madeline McCarthy, Erin Snyder, Jenny Porter, Lisa Schroeder, Kathy Perkins and Kristi Hayes

procurement Paige Curley, Elaine Glant, Elizabeth Filer, Claudine Lawlor, Madeline McCarthy, Marell Morel, Erin Snyder, Marci Christian, Amy Scelfo, Kelsey Singleton, Julie Smith, Lisa Caldwell, Leigh Anne Clark, Gretel James, Lorelei Heisler, Sandra Truter and Lisa Touw

dessert dash Sephi Coyle

decorations Christina Fitzpatrick Elaine Glant Robin Waterman

class projects Jenny Seibert

catalog Tonya Shum

villa academy 2017-18 annual report


Thank Yoruous Support!

2017-18 donors

For Your Gene

2017-18 Financials

Total Budget: $9,538,511

Revenue Operating Support: 90.22% Contributions: 7.13% Other Income: 2.65%

* Villa Board of Trustees gp Grandparent ap Alum parent ‡ Five plus years of consecutive giving to VillaNOW


Annual Giving cabrini circle $10,000+ Joe & Maureen Brotherton ap, gp David & Leigh Anne Clark Tim* Dunley & Lexi Picard Dunley ‡ Buzz & Terry James ap, gp Nancy & Riley Pleas Family Foundation ‡ Rob & Jennifer Peyree ‡ James* & Kim Thorpe ‡

guardian $5000+ Chris* & Kate Allen ‡ Darcie & Viktor Cakaric Matt & Marci Christian ‡ Ryan & Stacey* Cooper Justin & Delaney Dechant Eliza Flug-Shelden Nick & Elaine Glant Don* & Lorelei Heisler ‡ Melvin & Bethany Johnson ‡ Kean & Claudine Lawlor ‡



Christopher & Jennifer Roberts ‡ Brad & Amy Scelfo Aaron* ’85 & Kelsey ’87 Singleton ‡

benefactor $3,000+ Brian & Chrissy Acarregui ‡ David & Trudy Broadus ‡ Michael & Catherine Bursiek ‡ Sean & Jill Cunningham ‡ Brian Dewey & Molly Brown ‡ Michael* & Courtney Emery ‡ Jesse & Jenifer* ’83 Falcon ‡ Michel Goraczko & Magda Balazinska Jeremy Griffin & Marie Farrelly ‡ Ada Healey & Regina Hall ‡ Tia ’91 & Chris Heim ‡ John & Jennifer Higgins ‡ Neal & Danielle Holland Spencer Hurst & Jennifer Rogers Joe & Judy Hyatt ‡ Shelley Kostrinsky & Joyce* Thomas Brad & Kristine LeRoss Robert Mumford & Angela Finney* ‡ Chris & Kathy Nielsen ‡ Tim & Jennifer Porter ‡ Ethan & Christine Schell Gilliat & Lisa Schroeder ‡ Kai-Hon & Tonya Shum ‡ Scott* & Maureen Smith ‡ Andrew & Rosemary Snodgrass

villa academy 2017-18 annual report


Expenses Instructional: 67.84% General & Admin: 25.67% Student Activities: 6.49%

Brian* & Julie Vath ‡ Steve & Mandy Washburn Pieter Wijffels & Veronique Wijffels-Schul Nino Yuniardi & Titania Limanardja ‡

champion $1500+ Randy Bannecker ’78 & Meg O’Conor Bannecker ‡ Sam & Katie Barloon ‡ Justin & Kelvie ’93 Buckley ‡ Michael & Anne Clark Jerod & Paige Curley Chris Famy & Alyssa Stephenson-Famy Mark & Christina Fitzpatrick ‡ Dan & Staci Foster ‡ Eric & Pamela French ‡ Hobart & Reiko Fugate Stacey Girard Mark ’84 & Krissy Grey ‡ Collin & Erin Hathaway Todd & Kristi Hayes ‡ Matthew & Shannon Hermsen Zack & Molly ’94 Hilfman ‡ Jonathan Himschoot & Kevin Cunningham Matt & Arlene Hoehnen ‡ Peter & Trina Hollomon Todd* & Julie Jablonski ‡ Stosh & Nan ’93 Jackson ‡ Darby ’88 & Gretel James ‡ Brendan & Maria Kennedy

AJ & Jamie Kreshock Colin & Natalie Lazier Nicholas & Joanne Lee ‡ Yulin Ma & Helen Dong Nicole ’92 & Ray McKinley ‡ Jake & Alethia Mead ‡ Brad* & Erika Merlino ‡ Michael & Andrea Merlino Alicia & Tim Morin Norberg Family Foundation Paul & Christina Odom Lee & Alison Parsons ‡ Tara ’91 & Todd Raymond ‡ Sheridan & Sandra Seale Geoffrey Smith & Elizabeth Brock ‡ Trevor & Martsi* Stuart Doug & Cathy Tveter ‡ Dan & Amy Watson ‡

viking $500+ Mark Alcazar & Andrea Burai Alcazar Nathan & Ruby Alexander Aaron & Aimee Amaral ‡ Rick Badura & Jeanette Lund ap Michael & Erin Baranick Genell Bartel Harald & Elizabeth Becker Jeff & Jennifer Belle ‡ Guy & Sabrina Bennett Peter & Claudia Biernacki

James & Hilary Bosa Kealy & Michael Boychuk Scott & Amanda Brothers Sam & Lynn Browd Chris & Jasmine Bryant ‡ Stead & Kendall Burwell ‡ Ethan & Lisa Caldwell ‡ Brian & Maria Card ‡ Christopher & Udii Carsley Darren & Katie Cartwright Patricia & Jospeh Cascio Jinlong Cheng & Jing Wu Petros & Tristan Christophilis William & Kathleen Colleran Randall & Sandra Cornwall Nishan de Silva & Suhanthie* Motha ‡ Darren Dickens & Tina Aniversario Patricia Donahoe gp Conor & Megan Donahue David & Holly Dunlap ‡ Matthew & Alison Ehrlichman Jody & Mike Elsner ‡ The Fadden Family ‡ Kevin Ferguson & Malia Adams Dave Ferrero & Sue Paik ‡ Shawn & Elizabeth Filer Shari Fisher gp Mike & Jenn Fridgen ‡ Gary & Faye Gallagher gp Clint & Mandy George ‡ Grant Gilkinson

Davor Golac & Sara Zolezzi Earl & April Golla Eliot & Martinique Grigg Jeffrey Hallier & Erin McGee Rick & Susan Hathaway gp Paul & Alison Herber ‡ Mike & Paula Hlastala ‡ Joan Hudson & Bud Baraga ‡ Eric Johnson & Shawn Rogers Craig Johnston & Tanya Hathaway Vic & Danica Kaloper ap Kristin ’83 Kenefick Gregory & Justine Kennelly John Lally & Rebecca Randall-Lally Christopher & Julia Landman Tyler Lange ’95 & Rebecca Moyle Brett Larkins & Laura Gladstone-Larkins Fred & Tracey Leaf James Leaf & Ying Huang James Lee & Joice Denend-Lee Zhijun Ma & Yan Huo Kevin & Madeline McCarthy Matt ’83 & Sue McGinnis ‡ Lane & Hillary McLaughlin ‡ Igor Menshutkin & Irina Menshutkina Stewart & Erin Meyer John & Susan Milroy ‡ Ryan & Marell ’92 Morel Steve & Heather Murch ‡ John & Joanna Murray Wil & Barbi Nelp ap, gp

Mike Nordtvedt & Mildred Medina Hernando Olivar & Nathalia Jiménez ‡ Sanjay* & Neha Parikh Larry & Lucille Pasco ap Jerrod & Angela Patterson ‡ Ted & Kathleen Perkins ‡ Kerry Price-Duffy & Mike Duffy ‡ Christopher Rafoth & Mondie Peterson Jave & Varonica Ragan James & Sallie Ragsdale Guru Raj & Sophia Kuziel Kurt Roalkvam & Stephanie Baxter ‡ David & Michelle Rudd ‡ Stephen Rulyak & Renuka Bhattacharya Nicholas & Jennifer Seibert Diane Seim ‡ James Shutt & Karen Wong Reed & Elise Simons Kelli Smith-Bailey* & Christie Smith ‡ David & Betsy Smith ‡ Tim Smith & Julie Kestle-Smith ‡ Bryce & Erin Snyder David & Jennifer Sorensen Pam Sprute ‡ David & Sarah Staiger ‡ Kristine Stamper Kevin Steensma & Meghan Szczebak Donald Stonefeld gp Steve Tanaka & Alisa Artis ap James & Robin Tarte ‡ Myburgh & Sandra Truter ‡ Jack Valko

Robert & Cecilia Villasenor Charles & Robin Waterman ‡ Chris & Anne Weber Jeffrey & Zarah Wellhausen ‡ Jonathan & Tiffany Werner Kate Wickstrom gp Michelle Witt & Hans Hoffmeister Gregory Wood & Melissa Robinson Tod & Gretchen Zickuhr Tracy & Sandy Zickuhr gp

supporter – up to $499 Chris & Jill Acker Maggie ’92 & Greg Adams Marina Alberti Kim Alessi George & Molly Allen ‡ Maryann Aniversario gp Anonymous (2) Adam Arabian & Eva Nicholas Matthew & Rindee Ashcraft Stacy Aymond Allison & Jack Baber Anthony & Sharon Barr-Jeffrey Fred & Amber Beckman ‡ Becky & Chuck Bocian Molly Bocian Fred & Barbara Bockenstedt gp Tasha Boldon Gordon & Jackie Bradley ‡ gp Nicolas & Maria Bransier

villa academy 2017-18 annual report


Bart & Margaret Brashers James Brems & Alison Walker Brems Kate & John Brooks ‡ Rev. Frank Brougher gp Dr. Janet Brougher gp Steve & Patsy Brown Joshua Buckler & Molly Carlson Nick & Susan Burwick Anthony & Amy Calomeni ‡ Heather Casper Bob & Wendy Champagne ‡ Craig Chartier & Jamie Chicoine Chartier Steve & Krista Clark ‡ Whitney Compton Kelsey Connors Adriano Corsini & Birgit Obrietan Sephi & Thomas Coyle Roger Crafts Ken & Lynn Cunningham gp Kirk ’80 & Genevieve Davis ‡ Cassandra Delaune Chris Delaune Tony DeSapio* Mike & Karrie Diaz ‡ Roy & Truwyn* Diaz Patrick Dobel & Lea Vaughn Dobel ap Robert Downey ‡ Ben Draper Ryan Erickson & Dolores Reyes ‡ John & Katie Feltz ‡ Judith Feltz Erin Flotte John & Elaine French gp Jessica Garcia Matthew Geise & Alisa Brodkowitz Michael & Carrie Goetz ‡ Nathan & Kessia Goldbloom Heidi Goldsmith & Joe Dries ‡ Kip Goodland ‡ Mr. & Mrs. Pete Goucher gp Daniel Gulotta & Camille Puronen Hassan Guyo & Ganame Halake Benjamin & Lia Halasz ‡ Josie Haley Mike & Molly Hanlon ‡ Rita & Winslow Hayes


Rudolf Heijden & Lee Kuo Paula Heise gp Elizabeth Heisler gp Allison Hill ‡ John & Gretchen Hollett Norma B. Jenner ‡ Karen & Brian Jones ‡ James & Ralina Joseph ‡ Christine Joulain ‡ Neil Kaneshiro & Lila Sueda ‡ Lindsay & Chris Kapek Grant Kauno & Shannon Bailie Tom & Leslie Keeney ‡ Nora Kelly Sungcheol Kim & Sarah Jeong Kula Foundation Kristofer Larson & Shawna Lydon-Larson Chris Lau & Maisie Wang Jackson & Marilyn Lee gp Kevin & Andrea Lee ‡ Richard & Sherry Lewis gp Joseph Lu & Vivian Liang Solomon Lubinga & Ovia Kemigisha Jacob Lucero Brook C. Madrone Patricia Makatura David & Christine Mandley Dave & Meg Marcrander gp Christine May Shannon & Shannon McCormack Melissa McCulloch ’85 Jonathan & K.K. McGuire ‡ Renee McKay Tony & Jennifer McNair ‡ Todd & Amy Meckling Mitchell Mellors ‡ Al & Jenny Merati Marco & Tanya Micheletti Bill Miner gp Anthony & Gertrude Morabito gp Stephanie ’87 & Chuck Mortimer ‡ Yvette Moy Krysten L. Mulligan Christine Negron Abigail L. Nelson Branden Nelson & Erin Olson

villa academy 2017-18 annual report

Aaron & Diane Nettles Anh Nguyen ‡ Terri O’Donnell ‡ Betsy & Terrance O’Neil ‡ Daniel O’Shea & Kathleen Lehman Melissa & David Oseran ‡ Don Padelford & Sue Livingstone ‡ ap Cynthia Padilla ‡ Samantha Paulsen Brit Pauser Lawrence Plummer ap Ethan Pollard Shannon Portwood David Powell & Sachia* Stonefeld Powell ‡ Dick & Linda Powell gp D.J. & Jessica ’95 Powers Tuckie & M. Lee Price ‡ Kris & Danica Pytte ‡ Rain City Basketball, LLC Steven Reinemund & Cristina Gonzalez de Mendoza Ed & Michelle Reis Jennifer Reisinger Mike & Marion Richards ‡ William Richey ‡ Roger & Annette Rieger gp Kevin & Sabrina Rinderle Francesca R. Rogers ‡ Gustavo & Alesia Romero Jenny Romischer Anders Rosenquist & Angela Dugan ‡ Adam & Autumn Roth ‡ Haley Rudolph Teri Rutledge ‡ Shea Salyer Gregory Sankey & Katerina Kaloudi Drs. Barry & Catherine Schifrin gp Phyllis Schlosser gp Julie & Brian Schultz Alan Sebring ‡ Joe Shaeffer & Jane Cover Supriya Sharma Robert & Margaret Siegfried Jennifer Skahen ‡

Pat & Bill Southern ‡ Jason ’91 & Vanessa Stoner Karen Strand ‡ Anji Stubbs Meredith Sullivan Bob & Karen Swartley gp Liz Swift ‡ ap Lauren Taibi Anne & Tom Terry ‡ Courtney & Lisa Touw ‡ Filip & Andrea Turcer Jason & Candida Tzau Michelle Valko Susie Van Den Ameele ‡ Ron & Donna Van Zuylen James Vasquez & Anne Schlosser Michael & Kate Vaughan ‡ Scott Warden & Heather Brandling-Bennett Michael & Nancy Watt gp Kirby & Alison Winfield ‡ Mary Winslow Cynthia & Kevin Wright ‡ Dan & Kristine Wright Jyoti & Akhilesh Yadav Selam Zecharias

matching gift organizations Boeing Cigna Foundation Dell Giving Delta Airlines Foundation Home Box Office Microsoft Nordstrom Principal Financial Group Starbucks Truist Wells Fargo Union Bank U.S. Bank Your Cause

grants Fulcrum Foundation


Fund-a-Need: Cafeteria

Confidential 10,000+ David & Leigh Anne Clark James & Kim Thorpe

$5,000+ Tim Dunley & Lexi Picard-Dunley John & Jennifer Higgins Mildred Medina & Mike Nordtvedt Steve & Gail Reinemund

$2,000+ Nick & Elaine Glant Jenny & Spencer Hurst Kean & Claudine Lawlor Chris & Kathleen Nielsen Christina & Paul Odom Nathalia & Hernando Olivar Alison & Lee Parsons Jennifer & Rob Peyree Amy & Brad Scelfo

$1,000+ Christine & Brian Acarregui Hilary & James Bosa Darcie & Viktor Cakaric Patricia & Joseph Cascio Jerod & Paige Curley Justin & Delaney Dechant Matt & Alison Ehrlichman Christina & Mark Fitzpatrick Staci & Dan Foster Eric & Pamela French Hobie & Reiko Fugate Mark ’84 & Krissy Grey Martinique & Eliot Grigg Collin & Erin Hathaway Don & Lorelei Heisler

Colin & Natalie Lazier Titania Limanardja & Nino Yuniardi Kevin & Madeline McCarthy Tim & Jennifer Porter Jennifer & Christopher Roberts Alesia & Gustavo Romero Stephen Rulyak & Renuka Bhattacharya Gilliat & Lisa Schroeder Aaron ’85 & Kelsey ’87 Singleton Betsy & David Smith Scott & Maureen Smith Geoffrey Smith & Elizabeth Brock Rosemary & Andrew Snodgrass Erin & Bryce Snyder Martsi & Trevor Stuart Steve & Mandy Washburn Robin & Charles Waterman Jeffrey & Zarah Wellhausen

$500+ Chris & Kate Allen Guy & Sabrina Bennett Bob Bowman & Neal Urbaniak Ethan & Lisa Caldwell Jody & Michael Elsner Jesse & Jenifer ’83 Falcon Jeremy Griffin & Marie Farrelly John & Katie Feltz Shawn & Elizabeth Filer Clint & Mandi George Grant Gilkinson Michel Goraczko & Magda Balazinska Jonathan Himschoot & Kevin Cunningham Ada Healey & Regina Hall Dani & Neal Holland Melvin & Bethany Johnson Gregory & Justine Kennelly John Lally & Rebecca Randall-Lally Christopher Landman & Julia Sommerfeld Nicholas & Joanne Lee Michael & Andrea Merlino Robert Mumford & Angela Finney Joanna & John Murray Melissa & David Oseran

Tara ’91 & Todd Raymond Marion & Mike Richards James Shutt & Karen Wong Nicholas & Jennifer Seibert Elise & Reed Simons Julie & Tim Smith Kelli Smith-Bailey & Christie Smith

up to $499 Mark Alcazar & Andrea Burai Alcazar Ruth Alemseghed Amber & Fred Beckman Scott & Amanda Brothers Michael & Catherine Bursiek Ethan & Lisa Caldwell Darren & Katie Cartwright Matt & Marci Christian Mike Duffy & Kerry Price-Duffy Jeff Hallier & Erin McGee Tia ’91 & Chris Heim Michael & Paula Hlastala Joan Hudson & Bud Baraga Brian & Karen Jones Brad & Erika Merlino John & Sue Milroy Stephanie ’87 & Chuck Mortimer Ted & Kathleen Perkins Ethan & Christine Schell Jennifer & David Sorensen James & Robin Tarte Andrea & Filip Turcer Michelle Valko Tod & Gretchen Zickuhr George & Molly Allen Rindee & Matt Ashcraft Stacy Aymond Erin & Michael Baranick Kate & John Brooks Molly Caulfield Michael & Anne Clark Angela Dugan & Anders Rosenquist Matt & Alison Ehrlichman Mike & Jenn Fridgen Mike & Carrie Goetz

Heidi Goldsmith & Joe Dries Benjamin & Lia Halasz Todd & Kristi Hayes Winslow & Rita Hayes Dan Heise Bryce Kasota Grant Kauno & Shannon Bailie James Lee & Joice Denend-Lee Lane & Hillary McLaughlin Mitchell Mellors Aaron & Diane Nettles Jerrod & Angela Patterson Steve Reinemund & Cristina Gonzalez de Mendoza David Powell & Sachia Stonefeld-Powell D.J. & Jessica ’85 Powers James & Sallie Ragsdale Ed & Michelle Reis Kevin & Sabrina Rinderle Francesca Rogers Sheridan & Sandra Seale Supriya Sharma Kai-Hon & Tonya Shum Brad ’91 & Margaret Siegfried David & Sarah Staiger Jack Valko Susie Van Den Ameele Jonathan & Tiffany Werner Michelle Witt & Hans Hoffmeister

This Annual Report acknowledges gifts received between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. If you notice an error or omission in these lists, please contact Joan Hudson, Director of Institutional Advancement, at jhudson@thevilla.org.

villa academy 2017-18 annual report


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2017-18 annual report



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Villa Academy 2018 Annual Report  

Villa Academy 2018 Annual Report  

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