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Divots Dec 1, 2016

From the Pro Kim Griggs, PGA

Christmas is almost here!! Please do not forget to get that special someone a gift from the Pro Shop. We will be having a holiday on Thursday Dec 22nd from 4-6 p.m. Spin the wheel to get your discount. Pass holders will get their usual 30% off and residents will receive a 15% discount. The restaurant will have free appetizers also. The Pro Shop will be closed Christmas day. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Short cuts are NOT allowed! We continue to have an issue with people cutting through the golf course during play. I know it is shorter and more convenient, but it is against the rules. It distracts and annoys the players and is unsafe. Thank you for your cooperation. Checking in Shotguns As everyone is aware, checking in shotguns is a very busy time for the golf shop staff. Please help us out by using the forms provided on the pro shop counter for a future tee time request. As soon as the shotgun goes out, we will be glad to take care of your request.

Afternoon Shotguns On Wed’s we will be trying to tee the afternoon shotgun off earlier so that we won’t be affected by darkness. The morning shotguns will go off @ 8:30 and we will try our very best to start the pm shotgun @ 1:00 or 1:15. So, please check in early. Of course we will have no control over a frost delay. Frost Delays If you are playing in the afternoon shotgun on Wed or Thurs and we have a frost delay in the morning, please call the golf shop to see if the delay will affect the afternoon shotgun time. Do not assume that you will have the same delay as in the morning. Pass Holder Appreciation In the month of December, pass holders will receive 15% off golf balls. So come in and stock up From the Assistant Sean Bebee This month I would like to talk a little about posting your scores for handicap purposes and scores on your scorecards. First a review of some of the requirements when posting scores in the handicap computer. You are required to post your score for every round of golf played whether it is a

tournament or just a casual round with friends. You should post your score from each round as soon as practical. If you play at least 13 holes you must post an 18 hole score. If you play at least 7 holes but no more than 12 holes you must post a 9 hole score. How do you fill-in the remaining holes? You record the score that would give you a net par on each hole not played. Example: if you don’t play a par 4 hole and you would normally get 1 stroke on that hole, you would record a 5 for that hole. You would follow this procedure for all holes not played. Also if you play in one of our shotgun starts and are placed in the middle of a nine, you may continue playing on the opposite nine until you have played at least 7 holes on that side so you may post a score.

The only time you would not post a score would be under the following conditions. (i) When fewer than seven holes are played; (ii) When made on a golf course in an area in which an inactive season established by the authorized golf association is in effect; (iii) When a majority of the holes are not played in accordance with the principles of the Rules of Golf i.e. a scramble format. (except for preferred lies); (iv) When the length of the course is less than 3,000 yards for 18 holes (or less than 1,500 yards for 9 holes); (v) When, as a condition of the competition, the maximum number of clubs allowed is less than 14, or types of clubs are limited as, for example, in a competition that allows only iron clubs; (vi) When scores are made on a course with no USGA Course Rating or Slope Rating; (vii) When a player uses nonconforming clubs, non-conforming balls, or tees; (viii) With respect to Rule 14-3 (Rules of Golf), when an artificial device or piece of unusual equipment is used during the execution of a stroke or when equipment is used in an unusual manner during the execution of a

For any hole that you start to play but, do not complete you should record the most likely score you would have gotten. Example: if you are playing match play and your opponent concedes the hole. If you would have most likely made a par on the hole, then record a par for the hole. For all holes that are completed you must go through equitable stroke control. This is the procedure where you adjust your score based on your handicap. The chart for adjustment is as follows.


stroke. (See Decision 5-1f/2 for an exception.)

9 Hole Men Dec 1 – Whose score is it? Dec8- Play w/ buddies (Powerball) Dec 15- High & Low Dec 22 – Take two Dec 29- Odd-Even

The last thing I would like to address is Xing out on a hole on your scorecards. What we have seen to this point is players recording a big number in the box for the hole that is being X’d out and a very small x in the bottom corner of the box. When we are scoring multiple scorecards with multiple players we miss the little x in the corner many times. We would like to ask that you reverse that procedure and place a big X in the box with a small number that represents your maximum score allowed by equitable stroke control. This will help us in determining that your score for that hole or possibly for that round does not count for that event.

18 Hole Ladies Dec 6 – 1-2-3 Segment -Holiday Party Dec 13 – Naussua Dec 20- Criss Cross Dec 27- Stableford 18 Hole Men Dec 7- Coyote Scramble (Bash) Dec 14 – 2 Man Shamble Dec 21- 2 Man Better Ball Dec 28- Stableford Handicap Flags Please remember to turn in your handicap flags after every round of golf. That way they do not end of in your garages at home for a long period of time. We have several golfers that need and use the flags. Thank you for your cooperation.

Calendar of Events Dec. 1 – Tee Time Change AM Shotguns start at 8:30 PM Shotguns start at 1:00 or 1:15 – depending on 1st shotgun. Tee Times begin at 8:00 AM Frost Delay Hotline-825-0322

Golf Course Information Due to the fact that the houses on the left side of #10 are getting hit on a regular basis, we have decided to make out of bounds closer to the cart path (not the wall). This will encourage golfers to not take the shortcut, but to hit the ball a little further to the right.

Club Events 9 Hole Ladies Dec 1- Xmas Ball BB Dec 8- Odd or Even Dec 15- One Best Ball of 4-some Dec 22 – 4x5 Dec 29- X= PAR 3


Divots Newsletter December 2016  

Monthly newsletter from The Views Golf Club

Divots Newsletter December 2016  

Monthly newsletter from The Views Golf Club