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May 2014

MOM+WOW =WOW MOM Meet a neighborhood WOW MOM. With an infectious smile, warm spirit and a beautiful voice, Michelle Johnson is bringing music to Morgan Hill. The combination of Michelle’s love for music and children was the inspiration for founding Showbiz Kids Temecula— a children’s show choir. Her performance studio is located at her Morgan Hill home where she teaches singing lessons for children age 4 and up. “We uplift and inspire your child by teaching song and dance routines to be performed for others. Our goal is to boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem by providing opportunities for growth through hard work in a team environment and to find joy through performing for others,” states Michelle. Learn more about Michelle’s story on page 3

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Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of Mother’s Day, we went around the neighborhood and asked different children about their mom here’s what they said... The Hartley Family Melanie, Jason(4), Kaleb(2), Sateen(5 months)

What makes your mom special? Jason- “Because we love her.” What is the most fun thing you do with your mom? Jason- “Go outside and play.”

The Prameswari Family Agatha, Ophellia(9), Odelia(7)

The Nunnally Family Wendy, Joshua (4), Zachary (4) What makes your mom special? Joshua- “Because I love her.” Why do you love her so much? Joshua-”Because I don’t eat that much candy..I love my mommy so much.” Zachary- “Because I like I don’t eat so much candy.”

What makes your mom special? Ophellia- “She always takes me to swimming..because my dad always goes to work so she has to take care of everything while my dad is at work.” Odelia-”She gives me the best breakfast ever!”

The Day Family Melissa, Jordyn (8)

What’s your favorite thing to do with your mom? Jordyn- “Go to the beach. Get ice cream and sit at a table. Spend the afternoon together.”

A few photos from Morgan Hill’s Annual Easter Eggstravaganza...

The Ross Family Carolina, Alyssa(8), Ryan(5) Alyssa-Why do you love your mommy? She kisses me goodnight and makes me good food. What makes your mom special? Ryan-She’s nice. Why is she a great mommy? Because she is. What does she do? Alot of stuff. What’s your favorite thing you do with your mom? Play Legos.

A great time had by all!

the children on, I can’t help but step back and relish in seeing my daughter give her all to something that she enjoys. As much as we do for our children, isn’t it awesome how much joy they bring to us? Whether you are a working mom, stay at home mom or something in between, we wish you the happiest of Mother’s day.

HAPPY DAY. HAPPY MAY. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. We are doing the HAPPY dance as we bring you another issue of The View Morgan Hill! Lisa and I continue our mission to help build community spirit by highlighting the incredible people, places and things found just beyond our doorstep. ..and we couldn’t be more thrilled! As the month of May is upon us and Mother’s Day approaches—we want to give a high-five to all the moms out there doing their mommy thing. Lisa and I both have families and like many of you, we are storybook reading, kid chasing, homework checking, sibling refereeing, school volunteering, princess playing, lego building, boo- boo kissing MOTHERS WHO LOVE THEIR CHILDREN.

The Mantiply & Tomaselli kids

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In 2008, when Michelle and her husband, Jared, were searching for their family home, Temecula was an easy choice. “I LOVE LOVE LOVE Temecula”, said Michelle. “The things I love about it are how family oriented it is and I love all the parks. I love that the city of Temecula does so many fun events for the community, I love the people.” Michelle also LOVES LOVES LOVES singing and her life-long passion for music has remained with her as she and Jared raise their three sons, “I’ve always sung my entire life. I did a group like showbiz kids when I was really little. I do a lot of solo singing at my church. I think everyone needs a passion, I think it helps us feel joy in life.”

Adding publishing a community newspaper to our to-do list has added color to our family adventures. As Lisa and I headed into the final week before our May issue, we had some laughs about motherhood and getting it all done, or at least trying to. Last month, I did something I never have done before and became a soccer coach to my daughter’s soccer team. I came to the realization, “Wow, I’m officially a soccer mom.” Not the kind that you see in the commercials where the mom is perfectly put together, but the kind that leaves the house in pajamas just to make sure the kids get to where they need to be on time and who heats up her coffee three or four times during the morning rush of getting the kids to schools, only to enjoy that cup of joe much later in the morning. Can you say #reallife? The experience of coaching my daughter and a team of wonderful young children has been amazing. I’ve always been involved with sports but I knew nothing about soccer. Yet, standing at the sidelines, running drills and cheering

And finally, thanks to many of you who reached out to us to let us know what they thought of our founding issue. We were so touched by the people who share the same love for our community, who sent us notes of encouragement, submitted story ideas and offered their talents to get involved with the paper. One reader wrote about finding her “forever home” here in Morgan Hill. Another told us we gave her inspiration to do something on her bucket list. One person told us about an amazing someone in their life which we’ll highlight in an upcoming issue. We are eager to hear your feedback. We truly want this publication to be a reflection of the people who live here, so don’t hesitate to reach out in some way and CONNECT WITH US. With much happiness and love, Stephanie Mantiply & Lisa Tomaselli Co-Founders, The View Morgan Hill

influence is I wanted my kids to be around music that was uplifting and positive.” With the support of her husband, Michelle followed her dreams, “He is wonderful. He knows how much this means to me and what it does for me so he makes it a priority for him as well.” Showbiz Kids is now in it’s ninth singing season. Michelle works with two teaching assistants; Missy Hilton, a Senior at Temecula Valley High School and captain of the dance team, and Taylor Wood from I-shine, a local charter School. Michelle states, “I train the children to listen to their voice so they can learn to sing on key, blend, project and so forth. We also teach basic as well as more advanced dancing that goes along with the music.  For the younger kids a lot of it is about rhythm and beats so we do activities to teach the children about those skills.” Michelle is definitely a WOW MOM . In addition to running Showbiz Kids, she teaches choir at a local elementary school, finds time to volunteer in her sons’ classroom, and is helping her church with an upcoming show production that involves 100 youths. Her busiest time seems to come right before a show performance.

Michelle decided to open Showbiz Kids three years ago. “Doing Showbiz Kids had always been on my bucket list”, said Michelle. She was inspired by her young children and found it important to introduce them to good music, “My biggest

“Every time I kind of get to the end of season, it’s crazy and it’s busy. After the performances, I see the joy on the kids faces and sense of accomplishment it makes it so worth it.”

Michelle is also busy working to help her dear friend Emily Hupe and her family raise funds for a much needed surgery. Michelle met the Hupe family when they were part of Showbiz Kids. Emily was left partially paralyzed when giving birth to her seventh child nine years ago. Recent changes to her healthcare coverage and an unexpected need for back surgery has the family facing 70,000 dollars in medical bills.

“It’s important to get involved to get to know your community to see what you can give. I think we all have a lot to give.” And giving is something Michelle seems to do a lot of. Michelle is just one of the many amazing moms in our community. Happy Mother’s Day to all! If you would like to join Michelle’s efforts to help Emily Hupe, go to For more information about Showbiz Kids, visit .

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Fluttering Wonderland By Melissa McCabe Navaroli

Butterflies and hummingbirds are a wonderful addition to any garden. Their graceful character and glistening colors remind us of the wonder and beauty that come from nature. There are certain plants that provide them nourishment and rest that will, therefore, attract them to your garden. While some people dedicate a corner of their yard to a garden with only these special flowers and shrubs, others prefer to sprinkle them throughout as landscape plants. There is no one right way to approach this; it is a matter of personal preference.

Butterfly Bush – Buzz Series: This dwarf Butterfly Bush grows to only 4-5 feet tall. It gets covered in hundreds of cone-shaped flowers that smell lovely and attract butterflies by the dozen. The plant’s silver leaves make it an attractive (and low-water) mid-height plant. Penstemon (any color or variety): This versatile garden plant comes in dozens of colors in shades of white, red, pink, purple, and even blue. Hummingbirds love its trumpet shaped flowers that are tailor-made for their beaks.

you can grow. It is practically bulletproof! Lion’s Tail: This unique shrub flowers from June to December with bright orange flowers that grow in a circle. Their bright color and flower shape make them a natural hummingbird attractor. It’s low-maintenance growth habit and low-water requirements make it a fantastic addition to any garden. Other plants to consider include Lavender, Dianthus, Gaillardia, Verbena, Lantana, Agastache, Coneflower, Bee Balm, Honeysuckle, and Foxglove.

Salvia (especially gregii or hybrids): This is one of the greatest hummingbird attractors we have ever seen. The hundreds of small flowers in shades of red, white, and pink are beautiful and the foliage’s minty smell keeps the animals away. It is also very low water. Yarrow: The Yarrow flower’s flat top makes a perfect landing pad for butterflies. It comes in shades of red, white, pink, and yellow and is considered one of the lowest maintenance plants

Melissa McCabe Navaroli of McCabes Nursey & Landscape Construction A family owned and operated business that has been serving the Temecula Valley since 2002

The Sweet Stop Bakeries: Temecula’s One-Stop Sweet Shop By: Brianne Saavedra

Are you in search of a family-friendly bakery, overflowing with products made from the freshest, local ingredients? Well, search no longer! The Sweet Spot Bakeries will surely satisfy all of your sweet and savory pastry needs thanks to the vision and passion held by owner/baker extraordinaire, Karen Loft. Baking has been an important part of Karen’s life since childhood. “If I was old enough to lick the bowl, I was old enough to help,” says, Karen. Having been taught her way around the oven by her mother and grandmother, Karen has taken family recipes shared from generation to generation and tweaked them into her own culinary creations.

“My passion in life is baking,” states Karen, and now she would like to share her special gift with the residents of Temecula. It took a little over a year for Karen and her husband to find just the right location for The Sweet Stop. Wanting to find a family-based community where she could make a positive

impact was of great importance to her. Once she came across the city of Temecula, Karen immediately wanted her business to serve this wholesome community.“We’re more than a cupcake store,” says, Karen.

“I want every customer to leave happier than when they walked through the door.” With everything from custom cookies to a colorful candy wall as well as freshly brewed coffee for mom and dad, The Sweet Stop Bakeries will surely put a lasting smile on every customer’s face, no matter their age or their craving. Be sure to stop by The Sweet Stop Bakeries located in The Villages Paseo del Sol shopping center…and don’t miss Karen and her team compete in the 2014 Culinary Cupcake Challenge happening at Pechanga Resort & Casino on May 4th. Proceeds from this sweet event go to Rancho Damacitas Children’s Home.

A Message from Principal McTasney... Temecula Valley Museum, you can view a video of Tony Tobin speaking about Temecula’s rich history! Be on the lookout for a survey that we will be sending home at the beginning of May. The With only a few months remaining for the survey will ask you to take a look at a variety of 2013-2014 school year, we are busy not only programs we are currently using, as well as ideas One of the first questions people ask as they are planning for the end of this year, but getting ready created by our stakeholders, and you will have enrolling students at Tony Tobin is, “Who is Tony a chance to voice your opinion by ranking them Tobin?” Tony Tobin (1913-2001) lived in the in order of importance. We encourage you to Temecula area for most of his life. He was a local spend some time on the survey. Your opinion will pioneer and historian who loved Temecula and help us set goals and a vision for another collected memorabilia to preserve the history of decade of excellence for our school. our city. We always like to end by thanking you for all of your support of Tony Tobin’s amazing students and dedicated team. We are so lucky to be for next year too. If you haven’t registered your working with this incredible community! child(ren) yet, we encourage you to go online at website or stop in our front Sincerely, office to begin the registration process. Beginning Michael McTasney the process will help our team to ensure we have Principal enough staff members in place to support all of our children.

Pictured: Grace Taylor, Skyliegh Arias, Jordan Mantiply

He was a co-founder of the Temecula Valley Museum in Old Town and was instrumental in saving the historical chapel that now sits at Sam Hick’s Park. The bells ring in his honor at the chapel. Among his life adventures, Tony Tobin served as a constable, firefighter, and built the western-themed Woodchuck Campground.  When visiting the

Speaking of our team approach and planning for next year, we are interested in hearing how we can make our school a world class learning environment. For the remaining two months of this school year, we will be meeting with parents, community leaders, staff members and children, to identify what programs and activities we would like to see at Tony Tobin. Helping us to identify shared goals will allow us to prioritize what our community believes is important for our children’s successes, and we will be able to match our resources to reach those goals.

Did you see the colorful Pinwheels last month in front of Tony Tobin? It was all for a good cause. Pinwheels for Prevention is a nationwide public awareness campain created by Prevent Child Abuse America. Tony Tobin’s PTA, along with The Temecula Valley Women’s Club and many parent volunteers made this spectactular pinwheel display possible.

A Message From Asst. Principal & Athletic Dir. Gil Rodriguez... Welcome to Wolfpack Athletics and Activities. Here is a preview of what lies ahead here at Great Oak High School. Jazz Band Auditions will be held from April 21 – May 9th , every Monday and Wednesday from 5 – 6 p.m. Marching Band and Guard Auditions – April 21 – May 9th Every Monday/Wednesday and Friday from 6:30 – 8:30” Congratulations to our track team on their great performances this past weekend at the Mt. Sac.  Relays. Currently our Boys Track team is in First Place in the Southwestern league. Check out the Track website for all the details. Our Boys Tennis team is having an amazing season – come check out their games every Tuesday and

Thursday out at the Tennis courts. The team is currently undefeated in League and are looking to secure its first Southwestern League Championship. Sports Physicals are May 10th at Chaparral High School. Physicals are $40 dollars. Any student looking to participate during Summer and or Fall activities must have a completed physical on file prior to participating. Mark your calendars for the final Equestrian Championship show of the season –this Saturday and Sunday May 3rd and 4th at Galway Downs in Temecula. Rachel’s Rally will be held on May 9th, in the Stadium at Great Oak High School. Students from across Temecula will be invited to participate in this wonderful event. School will be linking their chains in support of our movement to

eliminate bullying on our campuses. Powder Puff football is scheduled for Thursday and Friday May 15th and 16th in the stadium. Come on out to watch our Junior girls take on our Senior girls in the GOHS annual Powder Puff flag Football game. Then on Friday night the District will unite with all three high schools participating in the TVUSD Powder Puff game. Tickets can be purchased at the stadium for $3 dollars. Come out and enjoy. Mr. Wolfpack will be crowned on Tuesday May 6th, in the Performing Arts Center. Come out and watch our Senior boys compete in talent and performances to wear the coveted crown of being named Mr. Wolfpack. Sincerely, Gil Rodriguez Asst. Principal & Athletic Director

Congrats to the boy’s Great Oak Track Team!

The Boy’s Great Oak Track Team Finished First at Mt. Sac in the Southwestern League


Check out their latest fitness happenings! They are now offering 40 classes per week including Zumba, Yoga, Spin, Bag Boxing and more!Call (951) 302-5995 for monthly specials

Happy Building! The City of Temecula gave us the scoop on the open field located at the NW corner of Temecula Parkway and Butterfield Stage Road. A TENTATIVE tract map has been submitted to the city for 175 single family homes and 4 open lots (i.e. easements, parks). This is very early in the planning phase but it will be interesting to see what develops.

Happy Opening! Don’t forget to check out the newly opened The Sweet Spot Bakeries! Say “Hi” to the friendly owner and baker extraordinaire Karen Loft.

Recipe from your Neighbor...

The Radiant Mom


ho wouldn’t want to wake up every day glowing as if they had eight hours of a good night’s sleep? I’m sure the reality or a lot of us, especially you moms, is that sleep is scarce and sometimes a shocked at my findings. These cup of coffee just won’t cut it. powders not only looked alike, but they felt and performed the same. Well, a brightening finishing powder could be the solution and Both products set my foundation, giving my skin a radiant glowing give you the illusion you are finish. The multi colors help to even looking for. For beauty on a out skin tone and the white budget, I found an amazing brightening finish powder that shimmer gives the skin an elegant luminosity.

Bunuelos Nachos You will need: 1 pkg of soft taco size flour tortillas 2 cups of sugar 1 tablespoon of cinnamon canola or vegetable oil (for frying) Fresh Strawberries chocolate syrup whip cream Sprinkles

Wash and cut desired amount of fresh strawberries. Set aside. Combine sugar and cinnamon in a large bowl.Cut each tortilla into 8 slices like a pizza until you have the desired amount. Pour oil in frying pan just enough to make a thin layer (1/4-1/2 inch). Heat on medium heat.Once oil is hot, fry 3-5 pieces of triangles at a time for about 10-15 seconds (give or

While their main purpose is a finishing powder, they can also be used alone. Just swirl a fluffy brush in the compact, apply generously, and voilá your face will have a radiant glow. The only noticeable looks identical to a high-end brand difference between the two - so much so, I had to do a double products was packaging and price. take. I purchased at Target, NYX’s So powder on my friends and Radiant Finishing Powder for $8.99 I’ll see you next month! at Target. I also picked up, Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Finishing Powder for $52.00 at Sephora. These powders may look alike, but does the price of an item really determine how well it performs?

take a few seconds) on each side. Tortillas will bubble. Don’t press them down. The oil will splatter. Ouch! Once the triangles are golden brown, remove from oil allowing excess oil to drain and place in the

I put them to the test and was

Keep calm and party on...

I know planning your child’s parties can sometimes become overwhelming. Let’s face it, trying to keep up with millions of ideas on Pinterest, finding the time to plan, and not going over your budget all seem nearly impossible. Today, I’m here to tell you in a non-infomercial kind of way, It doesn’t have to be! I keep to a few simple rules that help me get through my kids’ birthday parties without bursting my party bubble - or my wallet.



Don’t decorate the entire house! I decorate main areas for a party- the dessert table, food/drink table, guest seating table and something cool to put the gifts on! Thats it! I design each area to create “Wow” statements.

cinnamon sugar mixture. Toss until lightly coated. Arrange bunuelos on a plate or platter. Top with strawberries and drizzle with Chocolate.

Put whip cream in the center for dipping (or all over). Top whip cream with sprinkles. Enjoy! Other great topping ideas: Grape halves Bananas Mandarin oranges Chocolate chips Peanut butter chips Toffee chips Coconut Caramel sauce Strawberry sauce Sliced almonds Mini marshmallows Pineapple

Nicole King “Making life sweeter one bite at a time”

3 4

Find it and Paint it! I’m always on the hunt for the perfect prop for each party. I sometimes find what I’m looking for at a local yard sale and all it needs is a little paint!

Every year, I look forward to planning my three kids’ birthday parties, and my husband jokes that’s the only reason I had kids. There is something so special about seeing another candle added to the cake symbolizing another year passed (except when its my own cake of course!).

Plan a theme with your child and stick to it! I love involving my kids in the planning. I encourage them to come up with ideas even if they seem crazy! Once we decide on the theme, they all know we stick to it. We do this because a kid’s favorite superhero can change on a weekly basis and any changes will cost time and money.

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Cake or no Cake, That is the question? I don’t think all birthdays have to have cake! Get crazy and enjoy an apple pie or a simple bundt cake. Your guests may thank you!


Don’t forget to have fun! The best part of a party is when you’re enjoying it! Guests don’t enjoy seeing a stressed out mom, so plan ahead and enjoy your party!

Regina Rodrigues is a event stylist & founder of Jake Duke Studios

and AWAY



Soaring over the skies of Temecula’s wine country on Saturday mornings are magnificent hot air balloons. Look closer and you’ll see another spectacular display—radio control aviation model planes executing aerobatic loops and maneuvers with impressive might. For more than 25 years, The Temecula Valley Flyers Club (TVFC), an organization made up of aviation enthusiasts, have gathered just off De Portola Road on a wine country airfield to enjoy the high-powered sport of flying radio controlled model aircraft—complete with their very own 600 foot asphalt runway and a helicopter pad.

“Aviation has always been a fascination for me,” said Marc Guerra, a member of the TVFC. As a child, he lived in Southern CA, not far from aerospace manufacturers where many of his family and neighbors worked. He remembers having a firsthand look at the Apollo capsules and moon suits and by age 9, he flew U-control airplanes with neighborhood friends. Today, he flies “gassers”—the “Ferraris” of aviation planes—which can cost more than two thousand dollars to build due to the high-end, handmade materials involved in their precision construction. “This is my opportunity to hang with the guys… we get here early and we leave early, it’s like a round of golf… it’s very dynamic in terms of the hobby and the equipment. There’s always something new,” said Guerra. For TVFC President Tony Poletti, he traded his golf clubs for radio controls. “I don’t golf because I don’t play as well as I used to. This is just another activity as I roll into retirement to

keep me busy, keep my mind alive and active and that’s really what I like about the club. I love to build so that is another aspect of the club that I like.” TVFC members range from 8 to 94 years of age. Some of their members are part of living history—with several members that flew War Birds during WW II. Dave Greenfield, the eldest member of TVFC, was part of an air crew that flew a B24 Liberator bomber during WWII. Their plane was shot down. Dave parachuted out but was captured. He spent eight months in a Nazi war camp. TVFC encourages spectators and those interested in getting into the sport to come down and meet up with a member to introduce them to the world of model aviation. “If they join a club, and we are going to toot our horn, like TVFC, we have instructors that will take a person, run them through the ground school, run them through the trainers and that is a very perfect smooth easy transition so that they can learn to fly,” said Poletti. A special honor was bestowed on the TVFC this year by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)—the world’s largest model aviation organization. They were designated as a Gold Level Leader Club—a top recognition by AMA. If you would like to learn more about TVFC , check out their upcoming event, “Warbirds over Temecula” on May 31st—where members bring out their military type aircraft. Visitors are welcome and lunch will be provided for a small fee. For more information, visit

Check It Out...

H 2O Safety


ow that spring has arrived and summer is just around the corner, please remember Children Drown without a Sound.

According to the State of California’s Department of Developmental Services, there were 58 drowning deaths in 2011 in children ages 0-5 and in 2013; there were 92 near-drownings in children up to age 10 in the state of California alone. Victims of near drowning accidents often experience disabilities for the remainder of their lives.

Everyone should know the basics of swimming (floating, moving through the water) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). If you have a pool, install a four–sided isolation fence, with self–closing and self–latching gates. Pool fences should completely separate the house and play area from the pool. Life jackets should be used in and around pools and natural bodies of water for weaker swimmers. Remember, when kids are in or near water (including bathtubs), closely supervise them at all times! Do not become distracted by phones, tablets, reading, chores or anything else that takes your attention away from them. It only takes seconds for a child to drown! Drownings are the leading cause of injury death for young children ages 1 to 4, and three children die every day as a result of Brent Ross is a Morgan Hill resident and a Southern drowning. Childhood drownings and near California Fire Fighter drownings happen in seconds and in as little as one inch of water. They usually occur when there is a brief lapse in supervision and the child has been out of sight for less than five minutes. Thankfully, parents and caretakers can play a key role in protecting the children they love and care for from drowning.

May 3rd

10th Annual Temecula Wine and Music Festival

May 4th

Mount Palomar’s Wiener Fest“Dexter Derby’s” Dachsund Races

May 4th

Walk in the Vines for Autism Awareness @ Leoness Cellars Winery

May 11th

Mother’s Day

May 14th May 17th-18th

Morgan Hill HOA Meeting

*Please note, open to Morgan Hill residents only

Western Days in Old Town & Chili Cook off

May 30th-June 1st Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival May 31st

Warbirds Over Temecula

Business Directory LaTausha Chambers, Independent Scentsy Consultant. Tel: 951-241-6500 Email:

Post your business listing here For just $30 per month!

Proud Morgan Hill resident H&R Block Tax Services 951 302 8655 33195 Temecula Pkwy #3C

McCabe’s Nursery 951 694 5384

Original Pancake House Temecula 951 296 9016 41377 Margarita Rd

Ruben & Bibi Gonzales Realtors 951 587 2042

Streetlight Manor

Ruben & Bibi Gonzales Realtors

Temecula Mail Center 951 303 3005 USPS Mail, FedEx, Copy,Fax, Mailbox Rental, Packing Supplies & Boxes

Law Office of Andrea K Shoup 951 961 0683

Temecula Mail Center

J A M Photography Children & Family Photographer

Debra Ann Brown Realtor 909 851 3982

H & R Block Original Pancake House Temecula

Amber’s Trendy Thoughts

McCabe’s Nursery

858 212 6051

Law Office of Andrea K Shoup

J A M P hotography Streetlight Manor Debra Ann Brown Realtor

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