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The View Morgan Hill Volume #1, Issue #1

April 2014

A Neighborhood Story of SWEET SUCCESS…

How GOOD things come in small packages

By now, either you are wishing you stocked up on your favorite Girl Scout cookies or you are still harboring boxes in the freezer to keep through the rest of the year (lucky you!) Whatever the case, know you have contributed to the greater good. This past cookie season, our family purchased our first box from an ambitious young neighborhood girl scout. I remember when she came to the door, I told her I was surprised the annual cookie sale was already upon us. She lit up and said excitedly it was the first day she was allowed to sell the cookies and she wanted to sell a lot of boxes to reach her goals! These young ladies are doing much more than selling cookies. They are learning skills to carry with them for a life time—from business skills to social skills—knowing the money they are raising will help with charitable organizations in their communities. On a recent Sunday afternoon, we visited the home of Karen Quinlan, a local troop mom and leader of Girl Scout Troop #2386. “For us, it’s teaching them how to be leaders in their community and being able to teach our girls that it’s more than just themselves at this point in their lives.” Quinlan co-leads with Morgan Hill resident Jennifer Boer, who says she is called “cookie mom” and by some “cookie monster." Jennifer’s daughter, Hope, is a third-grade student at Tony Tobin, and is one of nine girls in the troop. This year, the troop set a goal to sell 2000 boxes. Hope upped the cookie ante and set a personal goal to raise an additional 50 boxes to send to servicemen overseas. She turned to her Tony Tobin classmates for their help. Many students contributed and the extraordinary generosity of one classmate took Hope by surprise, “I didn’t know somebody would donate that much but it was really nice of him.” Her classmate Austin Pepito, 9, donated $60 that came out of money he was saving up for an iPad. For a young child, $60 dollars surely can be months of saving. Austin says,

“I wanted to do it because it felt it would be the right thing and it would be really nice to do for the army men.” Continued on Page 4

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Oh Bunny!

Do It Yourself

By Melissa McCabe Navaroli

Everyone loves a good DIY project; whether your bedroom needs a refresh or your kitchen could use a simple update, there are plenty of ideas that can inspire a homeowner to put on a hard hat and hammer at it. The Price family knows how to get DIY done! They took on a DIY project and spent less than $75 dollars transforming their daughter’s teen room and a bathroom.

Though it is a joy to watch the Temecula Valley expanding, new home construction can create a challenge for homeowners living nearby. With each new development that begins, local wildlife gets displaced. Bunnies may be very cute, but they can also spell disaster for your landscape! They love to eat turf and plants, and pose a particular challenge in the front yard.

When considering design concepts for the teen room, they came across an idea inspired from Pinterest-pattern wall stencils. They bought their stencil from . The stencil came with helpful directions and a clip-on level that made it handy to match up the pattern as they moved down the wall.

While there is more you can do to protect your rear yard (because you can install protective fencing), there are steps you can take to protect the front as well. 1. If the issue is in your rear yard, consider installing animal fencing. This is only needed on the areas where you have open fencing. The material (we use metal hardware cloth) gets buried 12 inches underground and goes up 24 inches above soil level. As an added bonus, this keeps snakes out of the yard as well. 2. Select plants that the rabbits are not drawn to. Using silver-leafed plants is a wonderful way to confuse the critters. Certain plants like Penstemon, Lavender, Society Garlic, Dianthus, Daylily, Lamb’s Ears, Yarrow, Salvia and Bearded Iris are naturally rabbit resistant, though there is no guarantee that they too will not get munched on. 3. Sprinkle a safe animal repellant like Plant Skydd on the grass and among the plants. Your exterminator likely has a product that he or she can apply during regular visits such as Rabbit Scram. 4. Investigate other motion-activated technology such as electronic eyes or motion activated spray irrigation systems. There have been mixed reviews on the long-term efficacy of these systems, however. I think that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so proper plant selection and fencing installation is the best way to ensure a thriving landscape in Morgan Hill!

Melissa McCabe Navaroli of McCabes Nursey & Landscape Construction A family owned and operating business that has been serving the Temecula Valley since 2002.


For the bathroom, they decided to make their own stencils. The Price Family has some tips for stencil projects: -clean the excess paint off the stencil throughout the project to avoid build up - with textured walls be careful to not press the paint roller too hard to keep paint from bleeding - the advantage of buying a stencil vs making one is that a stencil is much larger and there was no need to trace the pattern

For this Morgan Hill family, the end result was two wonderful rooms with amazing patterns on the walls. Share your DIY project with The View Morgan Hill

Welcome It’s with immense GRATITUDE and uncontained EXCITEMENT (Yay!) that we bring to you the first issue of The View Morgan Hill. GRATITUDE for the incredible community we love and you—the amazing people who are the core— and EXCITEMENT for a way to bring us together and share in the great things that connect us right in our own neighborhood and throughout the beautiful city of Temecula. WELCOME to The View Morgan Hill—a neighborhood publication with the goal to highlight the incredible people, places and things found just beyond our doorstep that make us proud to call this our home. Do you remember the first time you discovered Morgan Hill? Was it driving up from Temecula Parkway or did you come in from Nighthawk Pass? We imagine your reaction was similar to ours—we love this neighborhood! Sure, beautiful homes were part of the appeal but beyond that was it the kids playing happily in the cul-de-sac, the family taking a stroll who gestured hello, the nice folks who greeted you at the local shops, learning about the amazing schools or did you envision it’s greatness when it was just a plot of land ready to be built upon? We do believe there is something special here in Morgan Hill and our surrounding neighborhoods and it should be CHERISHED and CELEBRATED. It was months ago that a conversation between Stephanie and I—just two Morgan Hill moms that sparked an idea, a mutual desire to want to connect and share with others about the great place we live. We both feel pretty lucky to be a part of it. We both have lived here since 2010 and live on “The Sac” as we call our street. And here we are today and we want to give our thanks... To our neighbors and friends in the community—you inspire us in so many ways and are the reason why we have come together. To our Founder’s Friends—the very special advertisers who believed in us when we were just an idea. Why? They believe in you. Let them know you appreciate them by visiting their businesses. To our contributors-thank you for sharing your special knowledge, unique perspective and helping us put together a publication that our community will be proud of. And finally, we want to extend a very special thanks to our families and spouses for their tireless support. Admittedly, they initially scratched their heads when they heard of our venture and said "you want to start a community newspaper?" Well, as you can see, our answer to them was a big yes and we were off and running. We couldn’t have done it without them. So again, it’s with GRATITUDE and EXCITEMENT, we extend a hello and warm welcome to the neighborhood from your friends at The View Morgan Hill. Lisa Tomaselli Stephanie Mantiply Co-Founders, The View Morgan Hill

HAPPY 10th Anniversary Morgan Hill In Spring 2004, the first homes in Morgan Hill were built on Rutherford Street in the Cristal Neighborhood. Today, the community has grown to 1,008 homes and by build-out; there will be a total of 1,121 homes in the 478-acre Morgan Hill development. The Morgan Hill Clubhouse opened its doors in 2005, and has become a gathering place for homeowners to enjoy “It’s a place where it does bring everybody together and families feel like they can come to a country club without leaving home,” says Darlene Lamb, Community Association Manager. You have probably seen the many friendly faces at the clubhouse and we wanted to introduce you to some of the people behind the scenes of our community that help make sure our neighborhood continues to flourish. They work alongside our Board of Directors. Lamb says, “When I’m driving around doing my inspections, [I see] a lot of pride in ownership. It’s a fabulous board of directors made up of homeowner volunteers. They are very supportive of us and we are supportive of them as well, and it’s a beautifully maintained community.”

Darlene Lamb, CCAM, Community Association Manager

“It’s a really fabulous community to manage with wonderful homeowners here.” I reside in French Valley with my husband Rick. We have three grown children, four grandchildren and the most recent addition to our home is an 8 month old yellow lab named “Bogey”. In my spare time, I enjoy the game of golf; however, most of my spare time these days is consumed with puppy training! Heather Killian, Clubhouse Director

“We are excited to be able to offer these types of social pull everyone together in the community and have everyone get to know each other and work well together and to make the clubhouse even better than it already is” In April of 2013 I moved to French Valley with my husband Don and our five children ages 6, 11, 16, 18, and 20. If that weren’t enough to keep me busy, we also have two dogs and two cats who are treated like babies themselves. I spend all of my free time with my family and we enjoy outside activities, museums, movies, and watching Lakers games. Little known information about me is that I have an identical twin sister who is largely responsible for my sense of humor and love of practical jokes. Frank Rothstein, Assistant Community Director

“In January 2014, I joined the Morgan Hill family and truly couldn't be happier or more thankful to be part of such a beautiful and exciting community." My wife, Luisa, and I currently live in East Hemet and we look forward to moving to the Temecula area within a year from now. Since we don’t have any children (yet!), we enjoy taking weekend getaways to Los Angeles and Orange County whenever we have an opportunity to do so. We especially enjoy our USC football season tickets. Most people know that I am a USC fanatic, but if you need proof, all you have to do is swing by my office to see for yourself! We also love to go hiking with our 2 year-old German Shepherd/Queensland Heeler mix, Trojan. Yes, our dog’s name is really Trojan.

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Continued from Page 1 By: Brianne Saavedra

When Hope’s mom, Jennifer, learned of what Austin wanted to do, she says her first reaction was, “It’s wonderful but it’s way too much to give.” Austin’s mom Cheri Pepito said she and her husband had the same reaction but quickly realized if that’s what Austin wanted to do, they would proudly support him.

It may have been the combination of a job transfer and affordable housing which brought “Survivor” contestant, Gillian Larson and her husband to the city of Temecula, but it was the overall sense of community that has made them residents of the city for nearly thirteen years.

Austin told us he wanted to let people know, “that it is good to do the right thing and be nice to everybody around you.” Hope encourages others to do the same said “just to help

“I love Temecula and everything it stands for,”

people out and to make them feel happy and once you do it you will feel happy too.”

says Larson, which is why she is not only proud to call this city her home but also give back to her community by using it as the center of the 2014 Reality Rally. Despite being voted off by her “Survivor” cast mates on day six, Larson knew there was a greater purpose waiting for her.

Still in awe of Austin, Boer said, “It’s such a giving thing to do, it’s amazing. And for someone so young, it tells you something of how his parents are raising him to give.” She is also very proud of her daughter. “she is moving beyond just looking at herself and her world and how she can make a difference and I’m very proud of her.”

“We’re all part of a destined path,” she explains. After being deeply moved by the story of a young woman who lost her battle with breast cancer, she was determined to use her “Survivor” platform to make a difference. After countless five hour walks through the jungle of Gabon, Larson’s idea for the Reality Rally was formed.

As the cookie season was winding down, Hope was still a few boxes short of meeting her personal goal of 50 boxes. Guess who bought those final boxes to help Hope reach her goal? Austin's mom Cheri Pepito. It’s amazing to see how one act of kindness can start a chain reaction of goodness.

The 2014 Reality Rally is a three day fundraising event beginning Friday, April 11th through Sunday, April 13th. With activities such as a celebrity casino night held at the Wilson Creek Winery, an autograph meet and greet in Old Town and breakfast with the stars (just to name a few), this event is sure to provide plenty of fun for friends and families of Temecula Valley and other surrounding areas as well.

Troop #2386 sold more than 2500 boxes in the 2014 cookie season. With the money they raised they will be contributing the proceeds to Rancho Damacitas Adoption and Foster Care Program here in Temecula and to Heifer International. KUDOS to Troop # 2386: Taiya Quinlan, Emmaline Quilan, Ameya Teli, Hope Boer, Madeline Stuart, Addison Hostetter, Murphy Smith, Ariana Lemons, and Kiara Schofield.

Larson (along with the 100-plus reality stars), ensures a fun weekend for all involved, but she reminds us that the main focus of this fun-filled event is to raise money for a very important cause. One hundred percent of the proceeds will be going to Michelle’s Place, a local breast cancer resource center. Every participating reality star is required to raise a minimum of four hundred dollars (with the help of sponsors), which will cover the amount of one mammogram for anyone in need. Over $62,000 was raised during last year’s Reality Rally and there are high hopes they will beat that goal this year. Continued on page 5

TAX TIME Tax day is around the corner! Have you filed your tax returns? Tucked away in the Marketplace Place Vail Ranch is a locally owned and operated H&R Block to help with all your tax needs. They have ten tax preparers with more than 75 years of combined experience to assist you with all of your filing needs. Senior tax adviser Talaya Cartwright said people who are new to H&R Block can come in for their Second Look Review promotion. H&R Block tax advisers will review their past three filings for a flat fee of $129. “One out of five people who come to H&R Block we end up finding more money for," said Cartwright. According to Cartwright, here are a few items homeowners may be able to deduct: -Car registration and the sales tax from new car purchases -Health insurance premiums are deductible, but subject to limitations -IRA contributions are deductible if they don’t have an employee sponsored plan Whatever the need—An individual filing? An out of state return? A small business? Need to file an extension?—their office is ready to help and now offering extended hours. They are open Monday through Friday from 8am-10pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9am-9pm. For those with children, they have an area for the little ones to watch TV or play. For more information or to schedule your tax appointment, call 951-302-8655.

Check It Out...

Gillian Larson with Morgan Hill's Assistant Community Director Frank Rothstein

April 5 Morgan Hill 2nd Annual Landscape Forum *Please note this event is open to Morgan Hill residents only

April 9 Morgan Hill HOA Meeting @ 6:30pm *Please note this event is open to Morgan Hill residents only

April 11-13 Reality Rally


If there is anything Larson would like participants to take away from this event, she would want everyone to know that “this is a 'we' event…this would not be possible without my production team, the reality stars, and number of volunteers.” It took Larson endless amounts of applications, interviews and a total of eight years before finally appearing on “Survivor: Gabon.” “I always do believe if you dream it, you believe it, and you prepare for it, you will achieve it,” says Larson, which is a message she is determined to deliver to those fighting breast cancer. It is with that same heart, dedication (and selfless contributions of others), that Larson is able to make her dream of helping others a reality. So don’t forget to spread the word to friends, family, near and far about this wonderful cause beginning Friday, April 11th. And don’t forget to come and experience the fun for yourself and take part in all that the city of Temecula and 2014 Reality Rally has to offer! For ticket information or if you would like to become a sponsor for one of the reality stars as well as a complete list of reality volunteers (and other Reality Rally info.), please visit You can also learn more about Ms. Gillian Larson along with her speaking engagements at

April 11 Teen Egg Glow Hunt April 12 Morgan Hill Easter Eggstravaganza *Please note this event is open to Morgan Hill residents only

April 13 Live Entertainment @ Wilson Creek Winery: Buzz Campbell (a Morgan Hill resident!) April 26 Taste of Temecula Valley April 29 Movie in the Vines @ Lorimar Winery

What about the kids?

Show your community support!

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Parents want the best for their children and want to know their children will be cared for if something were to happen to them. Many parents purchase life insurance and have savings accounts ready to support their children. However, many parents do not make a will or create a trust for their children, leaving their children's financial future in jeopardy. There are three general ways property and money can be given to a minor child: a guardianship of the estate, California Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (CUTMA), or a trust.

Estate planning is essential to ensure a child's inheritance is properly managed, regardless of whether the inheritance is from a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. If a child receives an inheritance and there has been no prior planning, the court will appoint a guardian to manage the child's property. This is costly and inflexible, and makes it difficult for a child's funds to be accessible if needed for the child.

Additionally, the child would receive all their property at age 18. A large amount of money in the hands on an 18 year old does not usually last long. Simple estate planning can avoid these unwanted A guardianship of the estate has nothing results. to do with who physically takes care of a child, it is strictly for who takes care of Parents should plan now for their a child's property. Parents cannot give children's financial future. Creating a instructions on how to invest or use the trust allows a parent to detail the terms property, and the guardianship ends at of the trust, decide how the child's age 18 when the child receives all of property is to be invested , instruct how their property. Guardianship involves the child's property will be spent, and costly court procedures for annual determine who will manage the child's reporting and approval for certain property. Parents need to plan now to expenses and disbursements. ensure their childern's finances are protected. CUTMA is a custodianship relationship in which an adult custodian controls the Andrea Shoup is a local attorney child's property until age 18, or up to serving families with their estate age 25 if so designated, without any planning needs. She lives in Murrieta court supervision. Parents cannot leave with her husband and their twos sons. instructions on how the money is invested or used, and the custodian 951-691-0683 has great discretion in using the child's property for the child's benefit. A trust is when an adult is entrusted to invest and disburse a child's property according to specific instructions. A trust can last as long as the parent chooses and does not involve court supervision. In most situations, a trust is the best option for leaving property to a child and protecting the child's property.

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Congrats to Great Oak's Cheerleaders A Message From

Asst. Principal & Athletic Dir.

Gil Rodriguez...

Welcome to Wolfpack athletics where young men and women compete in 19 sports with approximately 1500 athletes competing at the Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman level. Wolfpack athletes began establishing a history of SPIRIT and success when the school opened in 2005 and they continue to work to establish themselves as one of Murrieta/Temecula Valley’s finest athletic programs.

Congratulations to Competiton Cheer #1 in the National Competition in Las Vegas

The greatness of athletic teams is in part because of the athletes participating. We know that students participating in sports at the high school level usually get better grades than non-athletic students, have better school attendance, have a higher graduation rate, and have higher self esteem. They also learn how to set goals and have respect for others, in addition to learning how to win with class and lose with dignity. Participation in athletics at GOHS means more than competition between individuals or teams representing different high schools. It teaches fair play and sportsmanship, understanding and appreciation of teamwork. It teaches that to quit means failure, while to work hard means success. The legacy of an athletic program will be measured by more than just the wins and losses that our teams experience. Great Oak High School offers students an opportunity to participate in voluntary interscholastic competition so they may experience and acquire the lessons and rewards of team-oriented sports: cooperation, sacrifice, striving to achieve group goals and commitment to the team. We also believe that a successful athletic program nurtures and fosters good citizens and tomorrow's leaders. On behalf of the athletic department, I welcome you to the challenge of Wolfpack Athletics, and I hope your experience is a positive one. Here is some Wolfpack Athletics News… • If you know anyone planning to attend Great Oak next year or if you have questions about any programs on campus this is the place to be. • Congratulations to our Mountain Bike Team – earning two first place awards at the Vail Lake Challenge.

GOHS Mountain Bike Team

• Our Roller Hockey team plays on Tuesday nights at Ronald Reagan Sports Part@ 6:00/7:00– now that the weather is nice, come over and support them. • Spring sports are underway with tournaments and non-league games. All are off to a great start. • Softball and Volleyball will be offering camps for Wolfpups over spring break. Please check their websites to sign up and more information. • Boys Lacrosse is still accepting your old shoes in the boxes in the front office • Mark your Calendars – Athletic Physical Day @ Chaparral – May 10th

A Message from Principal McTasney... Our mission at Tony Tobin Elementary School is to ensure that each student will build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills, think independently, work collaboratively, and develop mutual respect and self-worth. Our school will set the educational standard of excellence today, tomorrow, and into the future. In reflecting on our past nine years, we can point to many accomplishments that demonstrate our mission coming to life. Our academic scores exceed state requirements, we are in the process of being a California Distinguished School, and we have earned California Business for Education Excellence Honor Roll in 2011, 2012, and 2013. In addition, our teachers have earned the recognition as District Teacher’s of the Year, and Rotary’s Teacher of the Year awards. Our children have played integral roles in being involved with Rachel’s Challenge at elementary, middle, and high schools, have presented to Temecula’s City Council on ending bullying, and have successfully completed numerous community service projects that made a positive difference. Our accomplishments are made possible by the amazing team that we continue to develop. We have been blessed to have incredible educators, parents, and business leaders that have donated their time and talents to support our children. On a monthly basis, our volunteers log over three thousand hours of volunteer support, our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) raises over a hundred thousand dollars per year that supports programs for our kids, and we have over a hundred Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) volunteer every year. Our team truly is what makes our school so special. We are excited to share with you some of the incredible things that our children are accomplishing in future papers. We invite you to stop by our school to see a Friday Flag Salute, learn about programs at a Pastries for Parents morning, participate in one of our Family Dinner Nights or Free Family Night Events, see one of our amazing chorus performances or come to volunteer to help us teach Art on a Monday or Tuesday. We promise you will be impressed by our children. For more information about upcoming events, be sure to check out our school’s website at

• Remember - Catch all of the GOHS News via the WPTV link on the website • Mark your calendars for the first ever Spirit for Athletics BINGO – April 26th at the Gym – It’s going to be a great night of fun for everyone, as always, tickets are only $20 for 10 games. This will be a huge event with many special raffles, prizes, guest callers and larger pay in.

Sincerely, Gil Rodriguez Wolfpack Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Sincerely, Michael McTasney Principal

The World According to Amber

Meet Jake Duke Studios... & the woman behind it Dynamic, brilliantly creative, infectiously inspiring, and multitasking extraordinaire are just a few words to describe the powerhouse designer behind Jake Duke Studios--she (yes, she), is Regina Rodrigues, the owner of Jake Duke Studios--a rental and event production house sought-after for distinctive party rentals and design services.

Some people make the world a brighter place and no doubt, neighbor Amber Sayas is one of them. Everything Amber touches turns to pink (well, not exactly but it would be a magical power she would certainly make use of if she could). Amber is our resident trendspotter and beauty aficionado with an inventory of products any cosmetic counter would envy. Her countless collection of lipsticks, blushes, and eyeshadows could last most of us a life time …and yes, pink is definitely her favorite color! So who is Jake Duke? Jake Duke goes back to Regina's childhood--her company shares the same namesake as a redWhile this glam gal loves making things pretty, she’s not all headed Cabbage Patch doll she had as a child. The name stuck. princess. She has a passion for cars and she is not afraid to pick up a tool set—albeit, a PINK tool set. A bright turquoise Ford Fast forward 25 years and Regina, now a wife and a mom to Focus SVT that she has turned into a full out show car is one of three (that's where the multitasking extraordinaire title comes her passions. How does one go from make-up diva to the garage? in), left her corporate gig to follow her passion for parties and Amber says, launched Jake Duke Studios in 2013. We invite you to discover her talents and take inspiration from someone who is doing what “At a young age, I learned being yourself is the best they love. person you can be. That trends are right now, but “You” are forever. Think outside the box, and do what makes you happy.” " I've dreamt about this moment my entire life but it was courage that led me here." Beyond the lipstick tubes and flashy show car, Amber exemplifies beauty comes from within. She is an extraordinary neighbor, along with her parents “Mr. Jerry and Mrs. June”, as they are affectionately called by the neighborhood kids. The Sayas’ young brood consists of two little pups-Gizmo and Princess Whether it’s passing out popsicles on a hot day or coordinating and sponsoring an annual Woltner Court Halloween parade for the past several years, they continuously bring joy to the entire neighborhood. Next month Amber will be bringing us some beauty tips for moms looking for some bang for your buck.

Regina encourages others to do the same whatever their dream may be. With more than a thousand rentals in her vast specialty inventory, Jake Duke Studios will help turn any soiree into an unforgettable affair. Regina relishes in the design of the event, however her ultimate satisfaction comes from knowing her work contributed to the success of an event. Jake Duke Studios has been involved with many festivities in Temecula from birthday parties to weddings in the wineries from Ponte to Miramonte. When not in Temecula doing an event, Regina and the Jake Duke team can be found all over Southern California. Their work has been featured in several episodes of celebrity design guru David Tutera's Unveiled on WeTV, appeared in Ok! Magazine, The Press-Enterprise and several wedding blogs.

Photo credit: Leah Marie Photography Miramonte Winery

Coming Soon! Have you seen the “Corner Bakery Coming Soon” sign hanging from a vacant storefront in the Vail Ranch Plaza right on Temecula Parkway 79? We are sure you are anxiously awaiting news of its opening. We checked with the city and they told us the building plans were in review. We received even better news from the leasing company who shared with us that Corner Bakery plans to open mid-summer 2014!

Hip hip hooray!

Looking for a fun way to connect in the Morgan Hill community? Check out the Clubhouse for fun classes, activities and so much more. There are new classes and homeowner committees are forming to help make our Morgan Hill neighborhood even better! Classes @ the Clubhouse

Clubhouse Committees Forming

-Swimming -Singing -Zumba

-Newcomer Committee -Social Committee -Communications Committee

…and don’t forget, each weekday at the clubhouse you will find “Parent & Me Craft” hour and Friday Family Night. *Please note, open to Morgan Hill Residents Only

Follow us on Twitter @ViewMorganHill Like us on Facebook ViewMorganHill Follow us on Pinterest And Learn more about us at

H & R Block

Introducing our Founder's Friends...

Original Pancake House Temecula WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED READING OUR FIRST ISSUE OF THE VIEW MORGAN HILL! McCabe's Nursery Ruben & Bibi Gonzales Realtors

Law Office of Andrea K Shoup

We want to highlight the folks that made this publication possible—our Founder’s Friends—the advertisers who took a chance on two neighborhood moms who want to connect and bring forth the goodness found throughout our Temecula community. We encourage readers to visit their businesses and tell them you saw them in The View Morgan Hill. The success of businesses who serve our community whether they are down the block or a few miles up the road will ultimately attract others to do the same. It’s an exciting time and it’s been great to see vacant storefronts turn into bustling businesses. It’s also encouraging to know our favorite long time establishments continue to thrive.

J AM Photography

A special thanks to our contributors: Melissa McCabe Navaroli, Brianne Saavedra, Andrea Shoup, Gil Rodriguez, and Michael McTasney

Streetlight Manor

Thank you for your support!

Temecula Mail Center

Debra Ann Brown Realtor We want to hear from you! Do you have a story to TELL, a DIY PROJECT TO SHARE or know an amazing neighbor? please connect with us at

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