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The VHS Collaborative

The VHS Collaborative is a nonprofit global consortium of schools committed to expanding opportunities for students everywhere through online education.

4 Clock Tower Place, Suite 510 Maynard, MA 01754 978.897.1900 Founded by the Concord Consortium and Hudson Public Schools of Massachusetts

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At The VHS Collaborative, part of our mission is to help educators create effective 21st century learning experiences for students. Whether your school is expanding online options for your students, providing teachers with professional development in 21st century teaching best practices, or planning a blended learning initiative, we can help.

New Skills for Educators The world of teaching is changing, and educators need to learn new instructional skills and master the use of technology in the classroom. Our online professional development courses bring teachers together to learn, review, discuss, and debate the best ways to help students thrive in a 21st century world.

Teaching 21st Century Students So much has changed since The VHS Collaborative first brought online learning into secondary education in 1996. But one thing remains the same: The VHS Collaborative is still the innovation pioneer in online learning, still contributing to important research, still helping set education standards, still shaping the policy and direction for a future generation of students and educators. Our design and delivery standards were the model used by the National Education Association in their recommended standards for online learning. Our work in online education won the Stockholm Challenge Award for Global Excellence in Information Technology. Our understanding of government programs directly led to the Boulder Valley and Thompson School Districts securing a grant from the Colorado Department of Education. Educators trust VHS because they know we share their commitment to quality and have led the way in establishing 21st century teaching standards and best practices that improve student outcomes.

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“The best way to learn is to practice what you learn. I really enjoy VHS Best Practice courses because the tools and strategies can be integrated into my teaching practice immediately.” Shirley Pak Hung Chan, Shanghai American School, China

Creating Blended Classrooms

Almost every aspect of The VHS Collaborative,



from courses to programs, from student education

How do you improve the integration of technology

With our online Professional Development courses,

to professional development, can be modified to

into the classroom? The answer has little to do with

classroom teachers learn how to incorporate online

fit your needs.

hardware and software. The answer has a lot to do

resources into their lessons. They explore the wide

with how you implement blended learning resources

range of new literacies needed in today’s digitally

to conceive, design, and develop unique solutions that

and best practices.

evolving world of education. Guided by qualified

provide educators with online learning opportunities

facilitators, a class of educators explores strategies

that will help them meet the needs of 21st century

for school leaders, professional development for

for integrating the strengths of in-class teaching


educators, online educational resources for students,

with online learning. Colleagues discuss how to use

or access to our Learning Management System and

Web tools to create engaging learning experiences

using your own teachers? Done. You need Honors

technical expertise, we can help you create a truly

for students. Teachers and school leaders collaborate

Environmental Chemistry as well as Introductory

effective blended teaching environment.

with peer professionals on an international scale.

and Intermediate? We can make it happen. Perhaps

your school district wants to offer an online financial

Whether you need consulting and support

We educate teachers on how to develop 21st

In the end, educators walk away with a

We work with schools, districts, and states

You need a private VHS course offering

century skills in their students while creating an online

career-enhancing new set of skills, prepared to

literacy course, extend American History to two full

classroom experience that is exciting, engaging, and,

teach in blended classrooms, confident in their

years, or align a course to state specific requirements.

in the end, produces superior student outcomes.

ability to expertly use technology in new ways.

We can do that, too.

Visit to discover the Professional Development courses available to educators.

Customized solutions are a central part of what makes VHS the ideal online learning solution. All you need to do is ask.

Let us help you bring your blended teaching practices into the 21st century.

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GRANT PARTNERSHIPS You have a vision for your school and for your district. We can help turn that vision into reality. We’ve done it for others by creating customized solutions, by offering innovative new programs, by

“We have many longtime teachers who wanted ways to connect with their students more effectively and in a deeper way, but they didn’t know how. As a result

Get Started

Create 21st century learning

fast partner in the educational goals of our members.

[of our partnership with VHS], students

environments and offer your

see and experience many positive changes

students a more competitive

collaborating on projects, and by becoming a steadHow do you make large-scale changes in your

school, district, or state? In many cases, the answer

such as flipped classrooms, paperless courses, more stimulating in-class

edge. Partner with The VHS

students for careers in the energy field. We were key

discussions and enhanced use of

to the success of the Project ABLE grant, which pre-

online resources.”

Collaborative today.

is a grant. We worked with the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning grant project to prepare

pared teachers to blend online educational resources into their classroom teaching. We know how to make your vision a reality.

Talk to us. Whether you need help planning,

Susan Rees, Executive Director ACCEPT Education Collaborative Commenting on Project ABLE partnership with VHS

designing, developing, or implementing your online or blended education project, we are ready to partner with you to make it happen.

Contact us:

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