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The VHS Collaborative is a nonprofit global consortium of schools committed to expanding opportunities for students everywhere through online education.

4 Clock Tower Place, Suite 510 Maynard, MA 01754 978.897.1900 Founded by the Concord Consortium and Hudson Public Schools of Massachusetts


The VHS Collaborative

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Learning in the 21st century presents new challenges and opportunities never experienced by other generations. To succeed in college and the workplace, today’s students need a wide range of subject knowledge. They need critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation skills. They need digital literacies. And they need the ability to communicate and collaborate within a global society.

Welcome to The VHS Collaborative At The VHS Collaborative, we believe that high quality, collaborative online


In VHS courses, students participate in global online classrooms with classmates

courses that inspire, ignite, and deepen learning should be available to every

and teachers with diverse perspectives, establishing relationships outside the

student, everywhere. With VHS, students can choose courses that interest them.

web tools to gather and share resources, debate ideas, and collaborate on projects.

They can explore possible careers. They can delve deeper into subjects that speak

their views along the way.

to their passions. And they can take on new academic challenges that inspire them to learn more.

boundaries of their local school. They learn together co-synchronously—using They delve deep into subjects—challenging, exploring, discussing, and explaining

OUTSTANDING TEACHERS & SUPPORT Highly qualified teachers from our member schools deliver VHS courses to students around the world. Each teacher is specially trained to build communities, encourage discussions, and provide insightful feedback in an online classroom. Local site coordinators at each school support students—monitoring progress, addressing issues, and helping them stay on track. COMMITMENT TO QUALITY Parents and educators trust VHS because they know we share their commitment to quality. We are fully accredited and our standards-based programs are award winning. Over 80% of students successfully complete our courses, and our AP® pass rate exceeds the national average.

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With our wide selection of co-synchronous

Students who want flexibility in their summer

Gifted and Talented middle school students often

semester and full year courses, students can

plans can take our summer courses anytime,

have to choose between staying behind with their

anyplace. From Algebra to Health to Planning

classmates or traveling away from school to take

choose from core and elective subjects ranging from Creative Writing to Entrepreneurship, AP


Calculus, Screenwriting, and Forensic Science.

for College; our 4 or 8-week co-synchronous

courses with older high school and college students.

courses are ideal for students who want to make

With VHS, gifted and talented middle school

up credits, get ahead in their school work, try

students can take challenging high school courses


an online course, or stay academically engaged

from the familiar and supportive environment of

We offer one of the largest online AP® course

during the summer months.

their own school.

surpass the national average. Co-synchronous



courses such as AP European History, AP

Our co-synchronous credit recovery courses

Our online career pathways are perfect for

Music Theory and AP World History prepare

allow students to work together to recover a

students who want to explore and prepare for

students to earn college credits while

course in just 15 weeks. This program is ideal for

college majors and careers. Students take a series

exploring their passions with like-minded

students who struggle in a traditional classroom,

of semester-long courses in career-related topics

students and teachers from other schools.

have fallen behind in their work, or have missed

like Biotechnology, that can give them an edge

All of our AP® courses have been approved

school due to illness or personal issues.

with college or employment applications.



Our middle school enrichment courses

We offer the widest selection of interesting and

introduce younger students to online learning.

engaging core and elective courses available.

catalogs available, and our AP® exam pass rates ®



by the College Board.

Co-synchronous courses like Business

Foundations, Engineering: Up-Up and Away! and The Teenage Brain help develop digital literacies and enable middle schoolers to interact with peers around the world.

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Advanced Placement® and AP® are registered trademarks of the College Board.

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Visit to explore our course offerings and discover a new world of opportunity available to students.

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“My VHS experience helped me with college applications and acceptance and showed my interest in what I wanted to



In The VHS Collaborative, member schools are

It’s easy to bring The VHS Collaborative to your

important to the success of other schools because

school. You can start with just one or two individual

the schools provide the teachers. That’s how we

enrollments, or join as a student only or teaching

grow our catalog and help schools offer a wide range

member with as few as 5 student seats per semester.

of opportunities they could never offer on their own.

Member schools enjoy discounts on both course en-

Schools that join our collaborative can immediately

rollments for students and professional development

offer the entire VHS catalog to their students.

for educators.

Member schools select a local site

If our global classroom model doesn’t meet

Get Started

Experience the VHS global classroom where students learn

coordinator trained by VHS to register students,

the needs of your school, district, or state, we can

monitor their work, address any issues, and help

work with you to create a custom solution that does.

specific to an area of study than most

them stay on track. Schools with teaching member-

Whether you need a private course for your students,

high schools. I was able to show colleges

ships also provide a highly qualified teacher to

an existing course modified to your requirements, or

teach a VHS online course. The teacher completes

a whole new online course curriculum designed just

graduate-level training provided by VHS to learn

for you, let us know. We can help tailor a solution

to teach successfully in an online classroom.

designed to meet your unique requirements.

connect students with a world



VHS courses are also ideal for homeschoolers and

In addition to our internationally acclaimed online

of opportunity.

individual students who want to take on academic

programs for secondary school students, we work

challenges not offered by their local schools.

with schools and organizations to implement online

Students simply need to ensure their school will

education standards, provide educators with online

grant credit for the VHS course before enrolling.

professional development in 21st century teaching

study. VHS offers courses that are more

that I was motivated and interested in pursuing a particular career.” Mary, High School Senior VHS Animal Behavior and Zoology, and VHS Preveterinary Medicine Student

best practices, and support blended learning initia-

To enroll in a VHS course, visit our website at

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tives that integrate technology into the classroom.

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in collaboration with peers from around the world. Partner with us today and

Contact us:


The Virtual High School - Academic Programs  

Core, Electives, Advanced Placement, STEM, Gifted & Talented, College & Career Readiness

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