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Wake Up & Bro

It’s been a while since the Vent has heard from its better half… As is with most siblings, my brother Mike and I (to put it lightly) have had a rocky relationship.

by William Henneberger That’s neither hear nor there. I told you, mind your own beeswax.

What caused the last fight you ask? Well, that’s between these two brothers. Did he call me a fat retard after I told him he was a drunken waste of human organs? Well, IF that happened, it would really be none of your business.

T h e important thing is that time heals all wounds, and… that he was looking for press credentials Did I publish his phone for Austin City Limits, and while number in the magazine and ask he probably could have gotten in people to call him and tell him on his own, knowing someone to stop being a baby. Did he try with a thriving publication in a to get the Vent removed from nearby market doesn’t hurt. the TAMUCC campus? Look! I am always pleased when I read my brothers work. His musical knowledge and experiences surpassed mine long ago, and he is always passionate and informative when telling us about the artists we don’t always have time to seek out on our own. It is pretty much the exact opposite of how I write about fake nonsense every issue.


So make sure you check out the ACL spread he provided this issue, and if you’re not me, then make sure you also get yourself to ACL. When he’s not Festival hoping, Mike is working for Comedy Central, and is in fact, Emmy nominated this year for his work there. We have our differences, and even worse we have our similarities, but it goes without saying that we are brothers and nothing will ever truly separate this retard from that drunk. V

Dear Scabby...

Dear Scabby, Last issue you were named the new editor of the Vent and now I here you are back to writing obits and advice fluff. What happened? -Your #1 Fan

Aw, you’re a sweetheart for asking… It’s a long story and it starts with some scabs and it ends with, well, some more scabs. As you mentioned last month I was finally realized as the talent that I am, and promoted to Editor of this fine publication. I figured that as owner of the magazine, that Will Vent a-hole would provide me enough of a salary to leave my old lifestyle and truly give my whole self to the arts. Since the pages of my contract were all stuck together, I couldn’t fully read it. It turns out I got the short end of the stick. By that I mean that it stipulated that, as Editor, I would have to perform sexual favors for Will Vent’s short stick. Of course I immediately went on STRIKE. I refused to do any writing or sucking or sucky writing until I was given my due. In the interest of full disclosure, I did continue to offer hand job service during the strike, but only at full price and never during union breaks. A girl’s gotta eat. But that was it. I drew my line in the sand and I stuck to it, literally… you have to understand, pretty much everything I do is sticky. Long story short, that SOB Will, brought in scabs to cover the line during the strike. He found a

scab Scabby. She was younger, cheaper and more willing, and if I’ve learned anything in my line of work, it’s that if you ain’t willing then you ain’t billing. I had no choice but to give in and out and up and down. Dear Scabby, What are you going to dress up as for the upcoming RealmsCon convention? –Horned and Horny in D-town CC That’s a great question. I am not really into that scene, but I think I will make an appearance to see my old friend Verne Troyer. He ad I had a fling back in 2000, on the set of Bubble Boy. There was some confusion when I applied for the Blow Job position, and I ended up in charge of blowing up the bubble everyday before call time. You know me though, I take all of my jobs seriously… whether it’s a blow or a hand or a Steve. Anyway, when Verne saw me blowing that bubble, he couldn’t resist. After he took a few canoe rides the rest was history.


Starplex Theater To Install Gun Holsters For Customers by William Henneberger

A press conference was held on Tuesday morning to announce new renovations at the Starplex 16 screen movie theater near Greenwood and SPID. After much anticipation, Owners of Starples Cinemas revealed the next evolution in theater seating. “We have all heard of 3D and even 4D and now Imax is a part of our everyday movie-going experience…” Esteban Trabajos, the general manager teased, “Let me introduce you to the newest innovation in theater seating! Its not only a chair for your asses, this chair is a chair for the masses! It doesn’t just hold you… it hugs you. Sure it has a cup holder like the last model, but did the last model have a gun holster? Ladies and gent… um men, say hello to the new iMex Theater lounger” The crowd, which was composed of high school skip-

pers, single-mothers talking on cell phones, holding babies who were crying into cell phones, and 10 year olds whose babysitters canceled, looked on in amazement. Esteban continued, “These state-of-the-art loungers are not only equipped with cup holders for up to a 128oz beverage, the built in gun holsters can hold up to 42 varieties of handguns, as well as not 1, or 2, but 3 external magazines. The new seating also comes equipped with a wireless cell phone charging station, so you will never run out of juice. We know how terrible it is when you’re trying to make a call during the Steve Jobs movie and your iPhone pulls a Steve Jobs.” Patrons were encouraged to try out the new IMEX seating in order to feel the entirety of the theatrical experience at Starplex. Guests were treated to a special

screening of the unreleased Iron Man 4 where they proceeded to text and talk with out interruption for the 138-minute film. “It was AWESOME!” said one 14 year old girl, “I was able to text through the whole movie with no problem and it even has wi-fi.” One mother offered, “I was able to get some important

calls out of the way and I couldn’t even tell there was a movie playing in the background. It was wonderful” While most Starplex customers were pleased, some were already looking forward to the iMex upgrade, which is promised to offer technology that will deal with the theaters overwhelming rodent problem. V

the events surrounding his abduction and captivity. William stated, “I’m not really sure what happened. I was just a teenager skateboarding in a parking lot, and then one day I woke up and I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I was surrounded by these people, who told me they loved me, but I think it was all some sort of trick so I wouldn’t try to run. The conditions under which I was held were deplorable, I was forced to stay in Corpus Christi and only allowed to go outside for a few minutes a day. Sometimes the wi-fi wouldn’t even work. The statement goes on to

say that over the past 15 years, William was subjected to countless hours of bad television and elementary school events. Some of which were just horrendous. He then goes into great detail about the sexual nature of his captivity, during which there was apparently little to no sex. Not much has been revealed about William’s captors. Initial reports indicate that he was being held by a woman in her mid 30’s, a 7-year-old girl, and a teenage boy who is also named William Henneberger and bares a striking resemblance to his victim. V

Local Man Held Captive For 15 Years By Wife and Kids

After a decade and a half, a local man who went missing in 1998 has finally resurfaced. Patrons at a local Mexican restaurant were dumbfounded last Saturday when William Henneberger walked in, and ordered some nachos and a Diet Coke. Several eyewitnesses were present when William came and watched, as he took shelter at a table near the door. “He walked right by me,” says Lupe Garcia, “I wasn’t even sure if it was him, I used to know him, but it had been so long. I watched for a minute and once I confirmed it was him, I posted it on Facebook and then called the


The late 90’s disappearance was highly publicized when police first became aware of it, but as is the case with most abductions, after years go by, fewer resources can be devoted and eventually hope fades. William was a promising young man; he disappeared on the Saturday following his High School graduation. Soon after, there were reports that he was spotted attending a nearby college however these have never been confirmed. Police have released a statement made by William, in which he struggles to articulate


by William Henneberger


For Real(m)s Dude? RealmsCon 2013 Oct. 4-6 I feel like I can recall starting about 50 articles with the following phrase… I don’t know much about _________. Well hear I ignorantly go again. My lack of knowledge in the subject of Asian Pop Culture can probably only be surpassed by my incredible capacity for failure to research. That said, the ‘write up’ must go on.

The Vent is a huge supporter of local events, so long as they don’t involve running (which there seems to be a lot of these days). We have officially sponsored Tattoos by the Bay. We give free ads to most of the Zombie related events. We try to throw our support into anything credible that our citizens have to offer, and this year we are happy to be spon-


sors of RealmsCon.

By William Henneberger & Press Release

So, here are the basics: Realms Con is a multigenre convention that offers the general public the latest in pop culture in the SciFi, Fantasy, Horror, comic, anime, and gaming community. This 3-day event scheduled on Oct 4-5 will bring people together from all over Texas and beyond, to meet their favorite media, anime, comic, or artist celebrity and enjoy gaming and screenings. Our attendees can learn from a multitude of workshops and panels conducted by celebrities, guests, artists and movie professionals willing to share their knowledge and experience with the public. When our attendees want to take a break from learning, they can choose from various live entertainment events such as concerts, variety show, costume contests, haunted house, shadow cast performances and much more. RealmsCon founder, Daniel Velasquez has volunteered for several conventions

& observed how they functioned. He always had a few ideas of how to improve on them. In August 2005 RealmsCon launched with an attendance of over 700. The convention has steadily grown every year and has since been relocated to the American Bank Center. This year’s attendance is expected to reach 4000+. RealmsCon is also brought to you by: FlexiCompras – Providing all televisions for the video gaming room GameStop – Providing all game consoles and games for the gaming room. Also, providing prize support & will host all video game tournaments. The Asylum – Providing screeners for the movie room plus two screeners that will be shown before the DVD release (13/13/13 & Clash of the Empires). And Providing a large amount of items to give away for prize support. I couldn’t have said it better if I had ripped it directly out of the dang press release For more info see page 11. V


East Meets South On the East Coast, DJ AAROCK is at the forefront of the Asian Pop Culture movement, and now he’s working with Daniel at RealmsCon to continue to grow Corpus Christi’s only convention of its kind. He is 1/3 of the rising group SNRG, and he has also performed globally as a solo DJ. Take a minute to discover something new Vent: You have done everything from festival promotion and illustration to taking the stage yourself. What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do? DJ AAROCK: For the last year I have been telling friends that I need to start shifting gears to focus on my own projects, but I love helping to push talented people forward and exposing people to great talent. I also love all the experiences of meeting different people and traveling… it enriches you and you learn so much. Vent: What are some subtle ways that Asian culture has influenced American artists?

Int. by Will Henneberger

more flare to the tracks. I think commercially they can get away with that. Fashion wise.. Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls brand should say it all, but all the spikes and zippers on cloths, the new Goth style, and those Animal one pieces, all stem from the Anime and Asian pop scene of the last 5 – 7 years. Vent: Between the UK and Japan… Who do you think is winning the battle for American youth? DJ AAROCK: Over all import wise for the new youth? I think I’d have to say Japan.. I mean you have the BBC, Doctor Who and all but that movement is still relatively new (though I know DR. Who is decades old) and really is trending with the expansion of Cable TV. But Anime and J-pop, and the style that follows has been trending since Late 80’s early 90’s and is still going strong, even with K-pop creeping up. Japan just has a lot more to import. But music wise, I would have to say Europe... EDM is huge and even J-pop borrows from it.

DJ AAROCK: Oh wow.. I think from fashion to the music itself.. Funny cause it’s a circle.. Asian music tends to feature allot more instruments and sounds than western music has for the last decade or so.. but now you can hear American music using a little more instruments and sometimes melodies that you would think to hear in Asian pop. But at the same time some Asian pop is emulating western hip hop and pop – But again- they tend to add a bit

Vent: Who are some if the artist that influenced you? DJ AAROCK: There are a lot from DJ’s to Artists… As for DJ’s, I’d say a lot of the original Hip hop and House DJ’s like DJ Red Alert, DJ Premier, Jazzy Jeff, Dmitry Brill, Kenny Dope Gonzales, “Little” Louie Vega (Masters at Work), and more recently, DJ Lord, Fat jon and Nujabes- All of these folks really set a movement, got it in and still do. As for artists, Prince, Jamiroquai, The Bomb Squad, Public Enemy, J-dilla, MF Doom, 4hero, Yoko Kanno, M-flo, Clazziquai and other Asian artists. Vent: Out of all the other countries you have performed in, which one is the most fun for you? DJ AAROCK: I have to say Japan.. I loved Switzerland and Brazil but Japan is like home to me. Each time I go back I discover something new. Vent: SNRG has some really great videos, is there one mastermind behind them? DJ AAROCK: The brothers are very hands on with their conceptions.. I’ve only recently come in on that part, but as an artist myself I don’t get in the way of someone’s creativity unless I know I can add to it. Vent: What do you and the other artist performing have planned for Realms Con here in CC?


DJ AAROCK: We plan to throw an amazing party on Saturday night we are dubbing “Realms Jam!” It will feature live shows from SNRG, Yunmao Ayakawa, Salia and myself closing the night off with an awesome dance party. There will be a surprise guest host, prizes and probably some crazy antics all in the name of fun and good music. On Friday we will have a short preview concert and through the weekend you can meet the artists, take home signedmerchandise, and sit in on Q& A panels and workshops. Vent: When you perform solo to close out Realms Jam what types of music can the crowd expect? DJ AAROCK: I play virtually any type of music from hip-hop, edm, and Asian pop. My list of favorite DJs can sometimes have people think I only do hip-hop.. but, it was actually those DJs that influenced me to play all types of music. Vent: Why should someone who may not quite get that scene, still come to Realms Con? DJ AAROCK: From just the lists of guests, I think it will be an awesome weekend! You got movie stars, wrestlers, voice actors, cosplayers and musicians and lots of fun activities. These events are great for all ages and it’s a great community that encompasses everyone from all walks of life. Might as well get with it.. Nerdcore is here.. It’s not going anywhere.


Salia: A Little Bit Of Trust Has Come A Long Way Salia began her career singing the theme songs for multiple anime favorites. She has now taken her talent on the road in order to advance herself as a solo artist. Her debut album dropped overseas last year, and as steadily been making its way into the ears of pop fans in the states ever since. If these words of wisdom aren’t enough for you, be sure to hit RealmsCon, where she will be headlining Realms Jam. Vent: Who are your musical influences? Salia: I have many different types from Byork to Rihanna. I also like many J-pop artists.

Vent: Do you have any American influences? Salia: I really liked Rihana’s last album and in the past I have listened to Janet Jackson and Cranberries, Britney Spears, and alternative rock groups. Vent: What is the craziest thing that has happened to you while you have been in another country? Salia: I don’t know why, but we always seem to l e a v e things on the plane. A member of my band Unicorn Table left an iphone once and on my last tour we left my promo banner. And this is not so crazy but different – America is so big that you must drive everywhere.. it took some time to get used to traveling in a car for long trips. Vent: Do you believe that some Americans fetishize Asian pop artists, and if so is this an achievement or a hindrance? Salia: I think Asian music is a bit different and still new. People are attracted to what’s new and some may take it as just an exciting trend and idolize many artists – but I find that many


Int. by W.H.

people who listen to Asian pop really like it and respect it and the Artists. If they enjoy the music it is an achievement. But if they only think about how the entertainer looks or that they are Asian that may not always be good. I am Japanese but my album is bilingual because I want the world to know my music. Asian, American, European, or African, I think musicians just want to be looked at as musicians and share their music. This would be good. Vent: Do you plan on going to the beach when you visit Corpus Christi? Salia: The beach would be wonderful, but I may not swim because I am only here for a short while and have to perform. Vent: Tell us about your debut solo album, Trust In Me… Salia: The album is a new style for me since I have always done anime sound tracks or worked with a rock group. But I always wanted to do a solo pop album so people can dance and DJs could play it. We wanted to cross western pop and Asian pop, so we worked hard to balance the music for my original fans and new comers to Asian pop. On this album I wanted to have fun but there are still some songs that express lots of feelings. But for the most part I think the album is fun and has a great sound. There are pop, rock and dance tracks. Vent: What is the biggest change between your solo career and your previous projects? Salia: Many of my previous projects were based in the Anime theme community. They would give you the theme and story and you would write a song based on the show. With solo music you have to start from scratch and also express your own thoughts and feelings. Both are fun experiences. V

SNRG : Imaginary Friends & Real Art

Interview by William Henneberger

A few short weeks ago I was just like you. Wasting my life away on Youtube, catching up on the latest viral nonsense. That was before I was introduced to SNRG. The East Coast group will be taking the stage at this year’s RealmsCon and bringing their smooth, lyrical rap to a new audience of 3rd coast fans. Get to know their frontman EYESPK here, and then get to know them there. VENT: How did SNRG come together? SNRG: We originally started the t-shirt division because Eyespk would draw pandas all the time. Around that same time the baby panda was born at the National zoo and we sold a design to them to use on their shirts. Once that happened we knew we had something. Moving on to music, Eyespk had a love for spoken word and we soon stated putting his poems to music. Aarock got introduced to us about 3 years ago and steadily became part of the team after backing us up on stage for a few shows we did with some other artists. On one show, we were one of the major acts and we really wanted to bring it so we worked with him to create one solid show. It was amazing and it was sort of like the team was complete. V: How much of a team effort is each track? SNRG: We all have a say in what goes into a track. We work with different producers, including Aarock now, and we sit through sessions until we all have that- “This is it!” feeling.

V: How did you start collaborating with Kat Alano? SNRG: We all grew up in the Philippines and have been friends with Kat for many years. She is like a sister to us and musically we fit... So when it came to getting that unique female addition to our songs who else would we turn to? V: Is there another artist you would like to work with in the future? SNRG: We currently work with a band called Atoms Apart and a female rapper named Caila Baby on a few of our tracks. But we are open to work with pretty much anyone who we feel puts in the effort. We are all about the talent and expression of music and art. V: Do you have a method for inspiration? SNRG: We just approach things looking outside of things. That’s sort of the “Some Never Really Get…” thing.

V: Tell us about the “Some Never Really Get…” movement… SNRG: It’s sort of like allowing people to get disconnected to the mainstream. Express yourself… we’re all about expression and bringing life back to imaginary friends – you know that part of you that allows you to be you. Our lyrics, Aarock’s approach to DJing, and the imaginary friend panda are all expressions of our selves.. Some will get it but others may not.. those that do, get us. V: What’s the plan for SNRG over the next few years? SNRG: A lot of things are happening real fast.. we have a number of Mix Cds out but we are working on an official album. We also are looking into expanding the T-shirt division and move into other clothing lines. But most of all we enjoy performing and are really excited that our first Convention is Realms Con!



by Mike Henneberger

Counting Down Mile Markers THE NO BRAINERS.

Now, at first glance, when you read names like The Cure, Depeche Mode and Lionel Richie, it seems like it would be pretty easy to make some choices. But when you dive in to the actual set time schedule, things could get a little more complicated. On night one, Depeche Mode is playing against Muse. A little difficult. Both play pretty similar music, but you DON’T miss Depeche Mode. Plus, Muse played ACL two or three year ago. Who cares? Jimmy Eat World should

The Cure vs. Kings of Leon might be tough for some – probably another generational thing. I met a guy a Lollapalooza who ditched a girl because she wasn’t “going to waste the last night of Lolla watching The Cure.” Sorry, but I would spend the last night of my life watching The Cure and be perfectly ready to die. And here’s why you’re going to skip Kings of Leon. The Cure is playing for two hours, and at Lollapalooza, they played “Just Like Heaven,” “Friday I’m in Love,” “Pictures of You” and “Love Song” all in the first hour. Name another hit that you love by that band, they probably played it.

All photos courtesy of

Stages & Stereo Type

the talk of every music fest they’ve been on, and that’s been a lot of music fests. They will be the band that comes out of all this on top this year. And as Saturday night comes to a close, before you head over to The Cure, check out Kendrick Lamar. He’s the hip-hop that has stood out from the crowd and landed on these big fests, and there’s a reason for that. If you do ACL right, then you probably won’t be up early enough to catch MS MR’s noon

be a no brainer, but that’s my generation’s shit. The band also isn’t one of those bands who tours over and over and over, they usually tend to do one big tour to push an album and then disappear until the next one. And while they are one of the few bands that slot on Sunday. But, if you’re a responsible consistently makes every album better than adult getting your money’s worth, then you the last, they still only do it about every three HAIM (rhymes with “rhyme”), should also should definitely do it. years. So go watch them. be on this list. The band of sisters has been 14

DISCOVER THIS! One of the best parts about music festivals is the amount of up-and-coming talent that you get to discover. Twin Forks should really be on the no brainer list, but there on this list because you probably haven’t heard of them. The Americana folky band is fronted by a much happier Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional. The Narrative’s Suzie Zeldin also sings in the band and plays mandolin. I caught the band at least four times at South by Southwest this year and I left Austin with them at the top of my list of discoveries. Widowspeak has been drawing comparisons to Mazzy Star, and that makes perfect sense. Don’t miss them. I’m still surprised by how many people still don’t know Grouplove.

The band was one of my favorite discoveries of South by Southwest in like 2010 or 2011. You might recognize some of their songs when you watch them. The Weeks is just good rock-and-roll, with lead vocals that will be in your dreams long after their set. If you don’t know The Joy Formidable, know them...NOW. Don’t even wait until ACL Fest. If you listen to them now, you

Photo by James Minchin courtesy of

will know why I am telling you that you do not want to spend another minute of your life without the female-fronted shoegazey indie rock band. Five-harmonies backed by folky Americana and indie-rock influences – those are a few reason the Dublin band Little Green Cars was discovered by Glassnote Records (Mumford & Sons, Two Door Cinema Club). You think you’re better than Glassnote? Well, you’re not. So don’t miss them either.

SOUND FAMILIAR? Again, because I can’t tell you this enough, don’t miss Twin Forks. Whether you were a fan of Dashboard Confessional or not, you’ll be happy to see Chris Carrabba doing something completely different and still really great. Then you’ve got two Dixie Chicks playing in Courtyard Hounds. I caught them at Lollapalooza this year and was not disappointed. Atoms for Peace brings you Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers.


For some people that’s a good enough reason to miss Lionel Richie, who’s playing at the same time. If you’re a Bon Iver fan, don’t miss Justin Vernon in The Shouting Matches. The bluesy-rock band features the Bon Iver frontman joined by Phil Cook of Megafaun and Brian Moen of Peter Wolf Crier. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Austin City Limits Festival has well over a hundred acts with something for everyone. If you want to dance you’ve got Grimes, Kaskade, Purity Ring. Courrier has some big, poprock anthems like The Fray or Coldplay for you. Bear Mountain has some synthyrock while Whiskey Shivers will have you tapping your toes to some great bluegrass. Latasha Lee and the Black Ties has an old bluesy sound with Latasha’s Motown-y voice. You’ve probably heard Electric Six’s “Danger, High Voltage,” and if you have, then you know not to miss their gritty rock that sounds like Louis XIV or The Hives. Head over to to see the full lineup and schedule and for ticket info. Keep up with Mike Henneberger’s music adventures on Twitter by following @mikeyleerock, and check out for videos from the bands, a “Countdown to ACL,” and other music news. V

Steve Trevino & Roger Creager: Two South Texas Boys Making History While Making us laugh and dance. -American Bank Center Sept. 21st by Kristen Bily, Marketing & Media Relations Manager for SMG American Bank Center

I went into this interview excited about getting to talk to Steve Trevino, a comedian from humble beginnings who burst onto the comedy scene with force. I was also impressed by the fact that throughout his career he has remained a hometown boy. Steve was recently in town for a few days to promote his upcoming comedy special, which will be recorded for television at the American Bank Center on September 21st. Following Steve’s set, the crowd will be treated to a concert

Kristen: Hollywood you living

How’s the life? Are the dream?

Steve: Living MY dream yes. Doing stand-up comedy for a living has always been my dream, and I can proudly say I’ve been doing that for the last 12 years. As for living in Hollywood, I could do without it. Kristen: What does Corpus Christi have that California doesn’t? Steve: Nice People, the best Texmex food, and my family. Kristen: As a South Texas boy, what do you miss most about your hometown? Steve:

Fishing and back-

by the Roger Creager Band to close out the night. After a 45-minute scavenger hunt into Portland, past the second stop sign, next to the HEB, I found myself at Steve’s mom’s house. I was invited into the kitchen to join a crowd of people eating menudo. I told them I was not a fan of spicy food, and was assured that it had just a little “kick”. Well, it was a kick in the face and I couldn’t talk much after that… Nonetheless I was able to ask a few questions between bowls of menudo.

yard BBQ’s. I have so many found memories of fishing in the bay as a kid. And there really is nothing better than drinking a cold beer in the back yard, playing horseshoes and talking trash while smoking a brisket.

try music in the mix? Steve: As a Mexican American, I have always performed my Stand-up in English, steering away from racial stereotypes and setting out to reach audiences across all demographics. But I still wanted people to know that I am proud of my culture and being Mexican American. I was originally drawn to Roger Creagor because I felt he w a s similar in that way too. He writes and sings

Kristen: So I see you are performing here at the American Bank Center on September 21st, but you also have Roger Creager playing… Why throw coun-


country music, a genre that is quintessentially American, yet he’s proud of his culture too an does an incredible rendition of “Rancho Grande”. Neither one of us fits the stereotype of how Hollywood envisions the Mexican American. I want this next special to show what its really like growing up Mexican American like me. I hope to represent other Mexican Americans like Roger and I. Kristen: Why does your mom keep giving me bowls of Menudo? It’s the middle of summer! Steve: Because its delicious and I don’t get the opportunity to eat it much so she makes a ton when I come home. Too bad for you, its summer. Eat up! Continued on page 18

Kristen: So you are now a husband! Congrats! How’s married life? Steve: I like being married. But I’ve learned I have to work just as hard on my marriage as I do on my career. Doing stand-up comedy is very  selfish  thing  and  I  find  myself  alone  on  the road a lot. So when I get home and I do have time with my wife, I try to take advantage of that time. I think that’s why a lot of my new material is discussing married life.

Kristen: So everyone is getting excited for this show, you think you will make the Caller Times Top 5 for that weekend?? Steve: I certainly hope so! I’ve made the New York Times before. But to be honest with you, who knows. I’m from G.P. and they have never covered anything I’ve done in the Portland paper, and the Caller Times is a much bigger paper, so if that’s any indication, I might be outta luck. All joking aside, the Corpus Christi Caller Times has been incredibly generous to me. Kristen: This show will be in the American Bank Center Arena, what can people expect with this show? Steve: It’s gonna be one hell of a night. Since we are filming  for  a  television special, people who have not been a part of something like this will get to experience what it’s like to be a part of something taped for television. It won’t be a regular show where there is an opening act, I come out make you laugh and


say goodnight. There will be cameras, lighting and a sound crew, directors, producers all trying to make this thing look great. The audience is a big part of that, not just the laughter, but those close up shots of real faces laughing and having a good time. Kristen: So you will be filming  this  for  a  TV special! Way to go man, do you think Corpus Christi is ready for their close up?? Steve: I bet my career on it, so they better be! Tickets are available at the American Bank Center box office Mon-Fri 10am-6pm,, H-EB Ticketmaster outlets, or charge by phone at 1-800765-3000.  For  more  information  call  361-826-4700. SMG  managed  American  Bank Center is Corpus Christi’s premier event center providing unprecedented guest experiences. Follow  us  online  at  www.,, AmericanBankCtr, and Instagram @AmericanBankCenter. V



Me The People... by Kyle Hoelscher The (True) Privacy Of Your Cell Phone Think about your cell phone for a moment. How many times did you use it today? How many different people did you call? Who did you take a picture of? Did you use the internet on it? Now, move beyond what you know, into what your cell phone company knows. What towers did your cell phone ping today? How many minutes did you

spend talking to who? Where did you take that picture? What phone numbers do you dial the most? Who do you text the most? The latter half of those questions is called metadata. It is the aggregate data that is constantly being recorded and attached to your identity. You may not realize your metadata is constantly be-

ing documented, but it is. Every minute that your cell phone is on, it is collecting data about you. This is not much of a problem when people use that data to sell you something, but it is a problem when the government wants that data to send you to jail. This is a looming problem in our country today. Privacy is being devoured by technology and your cell phone is at the forefront of that feast. The US government, at the federal, state, and local level, also want to get in on that data. They say they have a right to all of it and unfortunately, our courts and legislatures are agreeing with them. Case in point: The Michigan State Police. In 2008, this police department purchased machines that can be plugged into a person’s cell phone and extract all data from the phone within 1.5 minutes. This includes call logs, data


logs, search history and even deleted information. Now, the theory behind this is that the police should have some way to investigate cell phone data. What if there is some real evidence on a cell phone that must be pulled off? I agree, unfortunately the police believe that this device can be used even when not investigating something serious. They believe it can be used anytime a person is pulled over in a vehicle or anytime a person is stopped for questioning. Luckily, three years after this program was started, when the ACLU put public pressure on Michigan to release data about the program, they stated that this device would only be used with a search warrant or by consent. That danger has been stymied for now, but future abuse looms as more police departments purchase these devices. (continued on page 22)

(continued from page 21)

That’s a look at the danger before possibly being arrested, now let’s look at our nation’s unfortunate Supreme Court decisions that are already being applied to cell phones. In a case from 1982, US v. Ross, the Supreme Court determined that any container (briefcase, bag, wallet, etc.) that is found inside a legally searched vehicle could

also be searched without a warrant. This was later extended to any container on an arrested person’s body. This made some sense back in 1982, prior to information technology, as we know it today, and before every device was wirelessly connected. While your briefcase might have a few pages of information, it could not give away your entire life up to the point when you were arrested. Prosecutors are trying to argue that the cellphone is merely a container, unfortunately for your rights, this ‘container’ can tell the government everything that you never wanted them to know. The government’s argument in this situation is that when you use a cell phone, you are essentially abandoning your rights under the 4th and 5th amendments. What the government is seeking with this stretch of case law is the abil-

ity to find incriminating information without working very hard for it. They know that if they run 100 searches, they will find one criminal. Meanwhile, 99 people will never view their privacy in the same way again. They forget, and it seems that the public is forgetting that we don’t live in a nation with unrestrained government power. Our founders set up the 4th and 5th amendments so that it was hard for the government to find incriminating information. These amendments were designed so that a citizen can walk free and not have to worry about government officers searching every inch of their private lives without a warrant. The 5th amendment was created so that you cannot be compelled to testify against yourself. The government has a way to search a cell phone. If they have reliable information that a cell phone contains evidence of a crime, then they can get a warrant. In Nueces County, there are magistrates available 24/7 who can write a warrant. The police could get information about a cell phone and have a warrant within


hours. They just don’t want to do that much work. They want to be able to grab a citizen’s cell phone and simply search it. Now for the scary part, the Courts are actually agreeing with them. There has not been a Supreme Court case on the subject, but many appeals courts are agreeing that a cell phone is just another container. There have been some split opinions, and hopefully the Supreme Court will ultimately make a good decision in this matter. Starting now, people need to be informed about this important subject. We don’t have to wait for the federal government to act, we can protect ourselves on the state level. If you write your legislatures or talk to a state congressman, ask him how he feels on this. Tell him that we need a privacy amendment for our cell phones. Without any constitutional protection on your metadata, privacy will be erased. You will be tracked, your history searched, and you could be prosecuted with that information, all without any judicial or unbiased oversight. Can you hear me now? V


The Vent Magazine- Comedy Corpus Christi Texas

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