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Position: Reporter   Reports to: Editor-in-chief and assigned team editor. Works with: Managing editor, reporters. Also interacts with web and social media manager, and graphic designer. Hours: Reporters are paid by length of story as printed in The VanCougar (print or online), paid by the hour. Stories of 750 words or more are paid at 4 hours, 500 – 750 words are paid at 3 hours, stories of 500 words or less are paid at 2 hours. This allowance includes research, writing and revising and photography unless prior arrangements are approved by the editor-in-chief. Required staff meetings and training sessions are paid time and mandatory. Reporters are required to write a story every issue. Compensation: $9.19/hour General Responsibilities: Reporters are responsible for producing content pertinent to the readers of The VanCougar. Writers must strive to improve their writing and continue to uphold the ethics of journalism through fairness, accuracy and clarity. This is an entry-level position for people who either wish to move up to the position on the editorial team or who wish continue to contribute to the paper on a regular basis. Primary Duties: • Works closely with the editorial staff — in particular with assigned team editor — to generate content consistent with the mission of The VanCougar. (Consultation with an editor is required before researching any story.) Reporters are required to write a story every issue. • Accepts assignments from team editor with the full intention of completing work to the best of his/her ability — which includes researching, interviewing, writing, editing, rewriting and formatting. • Brings story ideas to every staff meeting, but remains flexible to take on stories as needed for the particular issue. • Completes work by deadline specified by team editor. • Interviews at least one and preferably two sources per story.

• Provides full attribution for facts, including name, title, and (if a student) year at WSU Vancouver. • Double checks facts, spelling, grammar and punctuation prior to submission. • Follows guidelines for submitting stories to dropbox and alerts team editor when story is submitted. • Seeks photo opportunities depicting action or emotion, graphics or data to accompany and illustrate every story submitted. No images may be taken from an internet source. If photos are submitted by another photographer, photo credit must be included in caption. • Provides caption for all photos to include name, year and major of students, name and title of staff, faculty and community members. • Obtains signed photo release from parents for photos of children under 18 years of age. • Maintains complete responsibility for the fairness, accuracy and clarity of all work accepted and submitted for approval. • Accepts suggestions for success from members of the editorial staff • Writes one story per issue. • Strives to “dig deeper” into stories – always reports the who, what, where, when, why and how in each story. • Complies with AP and VanCougar style guidelines. • Attends all scheduled staff and training meetings. • Participates in recruiting and kick-off events. • Notifies the editorial staff of any potential problems. Requests assistance or training as needed. Qualifications Minimum requirements: • Possess and maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA • Enrollment at WSU, carrying 6 credits during fall and spring semesters • Able to fulfill duties during both fall and spring semesters • Personal possession of laptop and Creative Suite 6 software a plus Additional qualifications: • Understands Student Media’s “Code of Ethics.” • Enthusiastic, positive and curious. • Strong organizational and teamwork abilities. • Ability to track simultaneous projects and meet deadlines. • Strong interviewing and researching skills.

• Is able to write quickly. • Has strong sense of ethical and moral integrity. • Has knowledge of the laws of libel, privacy, obscenity and copyright. • Willing to invest time in skill development. • Possesses excellent spelling and grammar skills. • Must be accessible and responsive by phone, text and email and respond within 24 hours. • Knowledgeable regarding AP style a plus. • Able to think creatively and independently. • Able to demonstrate a high level of professionalism. • Understands and complies with University guidelines on use of campus equipment. Working conditions: Work may be performed in The VanCougar office environment or at an alternate location. Prolonged periods of time may be spent sitting and working at a computer terminal. Computer keyboard and mouse use are routine parts of this job. There may be distractions in the shared space of the office environment.


Job Description - Reporter  

Description of the reporter position at the VanCougar

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