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News: Relay for Life begins fundraising

A&E: Baillie & the Boys perform

Sports: Football beats Northwood

Monday, Oct. 18, 2021

Vol. 54 No. 7

Saginaw Valley State University’s student newspaper

POLICE BRIEFS Police briefs are written based on reports from University Police. They indicate preliminary descriptions of events and not necessarily actual incidents.

Assault On Oct. 7 at 4:36 PM officers were dispatched to Mary Jo Brandimore for a domestic assault in progress. It was determined that the assault was only a verbal argument. Both parties had no injuries and were willing to be in the same room together. The incident was turned over to Student Code of Conduct.

Property Damage

Homecoming royalty Wes Hampton (left), Katie Nixon (middle) and Courtney Vanest (right) pose for a photo. Vanguard Photographer | Ryan Pelletier

Homecoming winners announced Emily Burke Vanguard Reporter


n Oct. 8, the finalists for Homecoming Court were announced. A link was sent out on Wednesday, Oct. 13 for students to vote for one candidate for Homecoming

Royalty. Joshua Brandel, a biology junior, said he is running because SVSU has presented him with many opportunities and becoming an ambassador for the university would be a great chance for him to give back to its community. “I just want to say thank you to

everyone who voted for me to be here,” Brandel said. “It means a ton and I also want to say congratulations to all of the other finalists. I know many of them personally and am good friends with a handful of them and I can say they all definitely deserve to be finalists as well.” His escort was his freshman year

RA, Maddie Bryce. “Bryce has played such an integral part in my SVSU life and this is her last semester here, so I thought this would be a cool way for us to wrap up our college experience together,” he said.


Chalk the Walk event Lip Sync Battle

On Oct. 8 at 7:22 AM officers were dispatched to the third-floor laundry room in Living Center Southwest. Someone had been moving the washing machines which was causing them to leak water onto the floor. This incident is still under investigation.

Intoxication On Oct. 9 at 10:04 PM a female resident appeared to be vomiting on the trail near Founders Hall. The student had been drinking which was the cause of the vomiting. An ambulance was called to have the student checked for medical issues. Mobile Medical Response cleared the student, and she returned to her dorm.

Suspicious Person On Oct. 5 at 2:30 PM a female commuter student went into the university police department to speak with an officer. The student was a victim of an incident off campus, and the suspect in that incident had been trying to contact her. She was advised to contact the university police if he kept it up.

Suspicious Situation On Oct. 10 at 12:31 PM a female resident called into the university police department to reference some suspicious emails she was receiving. She had been receiving emails from a commuter student before the fall semester had started. She stated that the emails asked things like if she would like to see Lonely Planet, get dinner, or get coffee with the sender. The student has no idea who the person sending the messages is, and just wanted the emails to stop. A group of students work on their contributions to the chalk-the-walk program outside of the Mary Jo Brandimore dorms. Vanguard Photographer | Ryan Pelletier

Sadie Shepherd Vanguard Reporter

On Wednesday Oct. 13, the sidewalks outside of the MJ Brandimore House were filled with colorful chalk art creations. The display was all part of a Chalk the Walk event coordinated by the SVSU Program Board in collaboration with Active Minds, Optimistic Club and Cards Trading Cards for homecoming week. Business sophomore Andrea Grifka is a senior event planner for the Program Board. She said she was inspired to organize Chalk the Walk after attending a similar event and recognizing

“the constant need for students to focus on their own mental health.” Active Minds is an RSO dedicated to spreading mental health awareness on campus in an effort to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health disorders. Psychology senior Anna Grattan is the president of Active Minds. She detailed the role of her RSO in the event. “Active Minds (was) there with resources, club information, and buttons and magnets for sale to promote our organization,” Grattan said. “After visiting our table, (students could) enter the raffle to win our basket. Attendees

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Members of the SVSU fraternity TKE chapter perform in the annual homecoming week lip sync battle. Vanguard Photographer | Ryan Pelletier

Emily Burke Vanguard Reporter

On Thursday, Oct. 14, RSOs competed in the Malcolm Field Theater in a lip sync competition as part of the week-long homecoming series of events. Only those competing were permitted to watch in person, but the entire show was livestreamed on Student Life’s Facebook page. The MCs for the night were early childhood education fifthyear, Shelby Bergholtz and third pre-dental junior Olivia Getzinger. Both are heavily involved in Student Life. The judges for this event were George Copeland, SVSU’s Pub-

Advertising inquiries: Call: 989-9264-4482 Email:

lic School Academy Transition Coordinator; Joey Koehn, Pine Grove Resident Director; and Riley Hupfer, the Director of SVSU Center for Community Engagement & Experiential Learning. Each participating group had to incorporate music from the 2000s to stay on theme for Homecoming. They also had to feature a member from Homecoming Royalty Court in their performance. First to take the stage was Pine Grove Community Council. They had choreographed dances to a variety of Lady Gaga songs. They had three dancers in pink, green, or purple wigs,

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On Oct. 12 at 7:47 PM several residents spoke to officers about a suspicious note left outside their apartment. After speaking with the complainants and the subject who left the note, it was determined that the note was left as a genuine attempt to contact one of the residents and had no ill intent.

Marijuana On Oct. 13 at 3:23 AM officers contacted a subject that has been parked in the University Village East parking lot for several hours. The subject was found to be in possession of marijuana and was under the age of 21. The student was issued a citation for minor in possession of marijuana.


Page A2 | Monday, Oct. 18, 2021 | | The Valley Vanguard HOMECOMING, continued from A1

Another third year student, Anthony Galea, was also a finalist. He is a part of the fraternity, Sigma Pi. “I decided to run for court because I thought it would be fun and because I wanted to try something different and out of my comfort zone,” Galea said. “Being a finalist is super cool to me because it shows how supportive so many people can be at SVSU and how much love I’ve gotten from the SVSU community since starting to run has been so insane.” Another representative from fraternity and sorority life was Katie Nixon, an exercise science junior. She is in the sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha. “It is such an honor to be a finalist,” Nixon said. “One of my high school teachers and track coach is an alum of both SVSU and my sorority’s chapter. She is a great example of red pride, and I am proud to follow in her footsteps.” Wes Hampton, pre-secondary social studies education junior, was running for homecoming court on behalf of Orientation Programs with his running-mate Becca Dubs, a secondary English education fifth-year. “I love SVSU and feel I have a strong sense of Red Pride,” Hampton said. “Being in the finals means I’ve spread Red Pride to others on campus, and have made connections through my multiple involvements.” At the football game on Saturday, Oct. 16, the winners were announced. Courtney Vanest, an occupational therapy senior, Wes Hampton and Katie Nixon were “sceptered” as SVSU’s 2021 Homecoming Royalty.

Coop spooks Relay for Life

Rehabilitation junior Meghan Stange (left) and communication fifth year Elle Rabior (right) raise money for Relay for Life. Vanguard Photo Editor| Brooke Elward

Rebekah Williams RSO’s compete at Quiz Bowl answering Kahoot questions in the Malcolm Field Theatre. Vanguard Photographer | Audrey Bergey

Chalk, continued from A1 (could) also get some sidewalk chalk from the Rotunda and decorate a square on the sidewalk outside. Active Minds (made) one too.” RSO members and other students used this opportunity to show their creativity while expressing themselves through chalk art. Locally, events like The Bay City Chalk Walk hosted annually by Studio 23 Art Gallery have helped to promote the art form. Graphic design senior Joanna Nauman is the president of Cards Trading Cards. She said that there are definite correlations between creative outlets and mental health. “I believe the inspiration for this event came from wanting to show the connection and positive effects that art can have on mental health,” Nauman said. “With Cards Trading Cards being one of SVSU’S art clubs, where we make art and trade it each month, we were asked to join this event to help share information about our club, and to have our members spread positive messages on campus through a simple yet effective art form [of] chalk drawing.” In further promoting mental health awareness, Active Minds has plans for an upcoming event called The Empty Chair Display. Taking place in Groening Commons on Oct. 21 from 9 AM to 4 PM, Grattan said the goal of the event is to put an image on the reality of suicide. “It is an event we try to do every year for suicide awareness,” Grattan said. “Chairs will be set up with statistics, ways to help, survivor stories, and warning signs all regarding suicidality. Each chair represents 55 students lost on college campuses in the U.S. to suicide every year, totaling in 20 chairs, or 1,100 students.”

Vanguard Reporter

Relay for Life of SVSU hosted its first ever Spook Coop event fundraiser, selling T-shirts for Halloween. Relay for Life is an organization that funds the American Cancer Society for cancer research, patient care programs and more. SVSU’s Relay for Life set a goal to raise $25,000 this school year and the Spook Coop T-shirts is one of the events the group planned to achieve this goal. “We are so excited to share the design with everyone and get people pumped for spooky season,” said SVSU’s Relay for Life President Lizzy Simon. The shirts, were available for $10 in the lobby outside of the library On Wednesday Oct. 12 and Thursday Oct. 13. At the event, Coop came by to advertise

Lip Sync continued from A1 and finalist Isaiah Plaugher wore a black bob wig for his part in the performance. Next was the Hip-Hop Crew. Dancing to a variety of hip-hop hits from the 2000s, they featured finalist Lizzy Simon during a part of the song that said, “she’ll be my Miss America” as Simon did a princess wave. Showing off their hip-hop dance skills throughout, the performance ended with a member doing the splits. Sigma Pi was next. They performed with iconic songs such as ‘Crank That...Soulja Boy,’ ‘Get Low,’ and ‘Party in the USA.’ Anthony Galea, a member of the fraternity, was the finalist featured. The performers dressed in costume for each song, most notably when the men wore dresses during ‘Single Ladies.’ SVSU CHAARGE danced to hip-hop music and had Brooke Elward, The Valley Vanguard photo and design editor, as their finalist feature. The audience cheered and got excited when they heard the iconic “It’s Britney Bitch” in the middle of the performance.

and wear the shirt to bring awareness to Relay for Life’s goal. The organizations goal wasn’t just to raise funds but to bring attention to Breast Cancer. “By selling these shirts, not only are we raising funds, but we’re also raising awareness about our cause and its importance,” Simon said. “We [Relay for Life volunteers] will also be selling our pink Breast Cancer Awareness Masks at the sale.” Simon was on homecoming court this week representing Relay for Life along with some other RSO’s she’s a part of. At the homecoming Quiz Bowl competition on Thursday, she talked about Relay for Life’s goal for the school year and the T-shirts that were available to help reach their goal. Meghan Stange a rehabilitation medicine junior was excited for being able to host the event. “Finally getting to do a fundraiser this

year since we had to cancel our September Volleyball Fundraiser due to severe weather,” Stange said. You can still purchase shirts this Monday from noon to six in the lobby outside of the Library and Stange hopes to see everyone wearing them. “I hope to see everyone sporting their Spook Coop shirts for Halloween,” Stange said. This coming week on Oct. 20, Relay for Life will be partnering with Peer Health Educators for a Breast Cancer Awareness table sit. “We’re going to have Bra Pong, information on self-checking, information on Breast Cancer and we’ll be selling Breast Cancer apparel as well,” Simon said. All the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society and get Relay for Life of SVSU one step closer to reaching their $25,000 goal for the school year.

Forever Red, with finalist Elward, Simon, and Anna Plotkowski, performed to hits like ‘Shake It’ and “I Got a Feeling.’ One of their male members even wore a blonde wig and lip synced to Hannah Montana’s ‘You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home’ as the rest of the group got out signs that said “SVSU is our home.” Women’s Rugby’s performance started with Britney Spears’s ‘Womanizer.’ Choreographed to other middle-schooldance-esque songs, Plaugher ran onto stage and threw a rugby ball, which continued to be used throughout the performance. Next up was Valley Nights. They reenacted the ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ scene from the movie ‘Mean Girls.’ They had props, and even a large cutout of Schoenmeyer ’s head, the Associate Dean of Students, when the audio said “Jason.” Finalist Elward performed with them. TKE’s music consisted of tunes from the show ‘Spongebob Squarepants.’ The men had props to go with each song and started with finalists Elward and Plaugher around a “campfire” for ‘The Campfire

Song Song.’ Program Board danced to a medley of songs from the Disney movie ‘High School Musical.’ They used dances from the movie, dressed as the characters, and had props such as basketballs. Finalist Elward was in their performance. FEME, in which finalist Katie Zeits is the president of, danced to a variety of songs from D-Com movies such as ‘High School Musical,’ ‘Cheetah Girls’ and ‘Jump In.’ Last to perform was KTE. Finalist Plaugher led off the performance with the Harlem Shake. It then transitioned into ‘You Belong With Me’ where dancers wore robes and took them off to reveal elegant dresses. Then, members dressed up as One Direction and lip synced to ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’ The performance ended with “Party Rock Anthem”. Participation in this competition gave RSOs 50 points toward the week long competition, and the winners received an extra 100 points.

The Valley Vanguard News Editor Alyssa McMillan | E-mail | Office 989-964-4482 | Instagram @TheValleyVanguard 110A Curtiss Hall


The Valley Vanguard | | Monday, Oct. 18, 2021 | Page A3

Country music group headlines at SVSU

American country music group Baillie and the Boys perform on the Malcolm Field Theatre stage. Vanguard Photographer | Audrey Bergey

Sadie Shepherd


Vanguard Reporter

he Malcolm Field Theater was filled with the sounds of guitars and vocal harmonies on Wednesday evening. The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #105 presented a concert starring country group Baillie and the Boys. Opening the show was Beaverton native Amanda Kari. Kari has won numerous talent contests and enjoys playing local shows. Notably, Kari enjoys singing for nursing

home residents. She detailed how COVID has affected these performances. “I’ve really missed going to the nursing homes in the area because they were one of the first ones that really did shut down with everything,” Kari said. “I have not been back in the nursing homes yet, but I hope to be soon.” Kari is thankful that more venues are opening for concerts so she can get back to more live performances. “[During COVID] I sang every day on my way to work in the car,” Kari said. “It’s just great to be back on stage. It’s a lot of fun up there.”

Headliners Baillie and the Boys were also excited to get back on stage for their second performance after the first in 11 months. The group rose to popularity in the late 1980s with their self-titled debut album featuring lead single “Oh Heart.” Before their big break they did a bit of everything, including singing a jingle for Burger King, as guitarist and lead singer Kathie Baillie quipped before leading into a song from their lengthy discography. Baillie’s husband Michael Bonagura plays guitar and sings in the group as well. As far as choosing a favorite song to play, Bonagura says it all depends on the show.

“I think the cool thing about performing is that on different nights, different performances, different songs become your favorite songs during that show,” Bonagura said. “… It’s just a question of when you climb inside the music, and it becomes part of you that it becomes your favorite.” Baillie agreed with her husband’s sentiment. “You get backstage and think to yourself, ‘boy that was really good tonight, but it was really horrible the other night,’” Baillie said. “It’s just cosmic.” Baillie and Bonagura’s daughter Alyssa Bonagura joined her parents in concert, finding time while promoting her song “New Wings.” “It’s been amazing,” Alyssa said. “I’m happy that people are liking the song and hopefully it’s a song that can help people through the (craziness of the) last two years.” Alyssa was born the year after Baillie and the Boys’ debut album was released. She explained the joys of growing up in a famous musical household. “I grew up in a great environment around great people like Reba McEntire and Vince Gill and Kenny Rogers,” she said. “To me that was like normal life because they made it normal, and they kept me grounded. I think it’s something you can’t be taught, you kind of have to grow up living that way and experience it.” Alyssa said she is thankful for every opportunity to share the stage with her parents. “It’s so special and I think that there’s nothing really that comes close to sharing family harmonies,” she said. “I’m just grateful I get to do it. Life is precious and it’s a really special thing to sing with them.”

SVSU theatre senior receives recognition for production Shelby Mott Vanguard Editor-in-Chief

The SVSU theatre department put on its Studio XP production of “Lonely Planet.” The play was directed by theatre senior Jaden O’Berry, and she said that the show was a success. “This show was everything I could’ve ever dreamed it being,” she said. “It was successful in the sense that our little group of ragtag theatre creators managed to put a small-scale show on a large-scale stage in only a month. The show was successful because the team working on it were all so inspired and moved by Jody and Carl’s story.” O’Berry said she hoped the audience members took away just how much their lives truly matter. “As a queer person, we tend to forget that our stories are just as important as anyone else’s,” she said. “There are traces of us, each of us, that are remembered by our loved ones when we die. Understanding and accepting that the traces you leave should be good ones is something I hope anyone, regardless of sexual orientation, can take away from it.” Theatre education senior Jared Kaufman

played the role of Carl. Kaufman said that the show was relatable to audience members. “I think friendship is a big part of the show, and I think seeing the connection that Carl and Jody share is special to anyone who can feel the same way about someone in their life,” Kaufman said. “Also, the severity of what it was like to go through the aids epidemic in comparison to the COVID pandemic right now.” Kaufman also said that it seemed as though audience members took the show to heart. “I did not see people leaving the show at the end but I was told many left in tears,” Kaufman said. “And from the sound of laughter, audible gasps, and sniffles I feel we made a connection with our audience and that is the sign of a true success.” O’Berry said that the show was recommended to be a part of the KCACTF (Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival) Celebration of Associate Productions this upcoming January. “I received a KCACTF certificate of merit for my direction of Lonely Planet,” she said. “Not only this, but both Jared Kaufman (Carl) and Ethan Bach (Jody) received Irene Ryan nominations for the festival, as well.”

Jody, a Map Shopkeeper, sits with Carl in Lonely Planet performance. Vanguard Photographer | Vincent Ford

Alumni Lounge hosts Family Feud night competition Connor Rousseau Vanguard Reporter

Alex Lux administers a Family Feud competition. Vanguard Photographer | Ryan Pelletier

The Alumni Lounge hosted a Family Feud Night on Friday evening. Wesley Hampton, a secondary education junior, helped organize and execute the event. “The event [is] like the TV show, following the same format,” he said. “The only difference is our questions will be more tailored towards SVSU.” Some of the questions in the game were “if you could get rid of any SVSU building, which would it be?” as well as “what is the hardest major?” and “what is the most important feature of picking a good college?” Hampton said that promoting the event was key in having a strong turnout, and that he helped to get the program onto Corq. “We hope this event allows for students to have a fun night and to meet new people,” Hampton said. Alex Lux, a computer information systems freshman, took on the famous role of host played by Steve Harvey on the official television game show. “I was just thinking, oh boy, I get to be sarcastic, I get to playfully judge people for their answers,” Lux said. Lux said that she used to watch Family

Feud with her grandma when she was younger and that she is excited to plan future events on campus, especially with the upcoming Halloween holiday. Lux said she was surprised by the strategy of some of the teams. “I was not expecting anyone to actually pass instead of play, and they chose to do that twice.” Each team consisted of four or five players. The winners of one of the games remained while a new team replaced the defeated team. Each team got to play two rounds. There were three Halloween and movie themed gift baskets that were raffled off as well as gift cards for the first, second and third place teams. Charlotte Adrian, a criminal justice freshman, participated in the event. As a new student at SVSU, she said she has been eager to get involved in events on campus. “I’ve been looking for things to do in my downtime … and I love Family Feud,” she said. “It was something I used to watch a lot growing up, so I thought this would be a fun thing to do.” Adrian said her favorite part of the event was the enthusiasm from the hosts and the contestants, and that she would definitely participate in an event like this again on campus.

The Valley Vanguard A&E Editor Madeline Bruessow | E-mail | Office 989-964-4482 | Instagram @TheValleyVanguard 110A Curtiss Hall


Page A4 | Monday, Oct. 18, 2021 | | The Valley Vanguard

Football team wins Axe Bowl 31-13 Denver Milam


Vanguard Sports Editor

VSU football’s head coach Ryan Brady is excited for the direction of the program. “It is a very exciting time in our program. The culture and energy continue to grow each and every day. SVSU Football has a great group of Juniors and Seniors leading the way in 2021. In addition, we have a stockpile of young talent after we have acquired back-to-back the best recruiting classes in the state.“ Homecoming and the Axe Bowl ended in a win for the Cardinals as they improved their record to 4-3 with a 1-2 record in Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) play. Saginaw Valley received the kickoff to start the game and drove the ball 49 yards down the field, leading to a 36-yard field goal from junior kicker Connor Luksic. Following punts by both SVSU and Northwood, the Cardinals defense had the Timberwolves back up to the one yard line. Junior wide receiver James Schelke blocked the punt which was caught in the endzone for a special teams touchdown by SVSU.

Northwood was able to make a field goal early in the second quarter to cut the SVSU lead to 103. On the following possession junior tight end Jack Morris rushed for 47-yards on 4th and 11 leading to a Cardinal touchdown. After another Northwood punt, redshirt freshman quarterback Colby Newburg finished the SVSU drive with a one yard touchdown rush. Heading to halftime SVSU was leading 24-3 over the Timberwolves with Northwood set to get the ball to start the second half. Both teams traded punts to begin the second half before Northwood eventually scored a field goal with 5:36 left in the third quarter. SVSU fumbled the ensuing kickoff, leading to a Northwood possession starting at the 31-yard line. Northwood scored on a fourth down play with 13 seconds left in the third quarter, cutting the Cardinals lead to 24-13. After SVSU punted on their first possession of the fourth quarter, senior defensive back Tim Kidd-Glass intercepted a Northwood pass. Each team punted on their next possession, leading to the Cardinals starting a possession

with 6:59 left in the game. Senior running back Tommy Scott rushed for an 89-yard touchdown on the first play of the SVSU drive, extending the lead to 31-13.

Senior running back Tommy Scott scores an 89-yard touchdown. Vanguard Photo Editor | Brooke Elward

Northwood turned the ball over on downs before SVSU was able to have the ball again. Following an SVSU turnover, the Timberwolves turned the ball over on downs again before Saginaw Valley was able to run out the clock securing the win. Coach Brady wants his team to continue to embrace their core values. “Our Program Motto is to EARN IT. Earn It stands for six core values that drive our culture and program,” Brady said. Those Core Values are as follows: Effort, Attitude, Respect, NeverGive-Up, Intentional, Together.” Brady also wants the fans to know how important they are the to the team. “We are very grateful for each and every one of you,” Brady said. “Each of you makes the college football experience that much more special for the players. Our players, coaches, and team crave a crazy, loud and intense college game-day atmosphere. Just know that you make a huge difference, and we look forward to building a great relationship with you.” Saginaw Valley will look to continue their success this season with a GLIAC battle against Wayne State on Oct. 23 at home.

Swim and dive does well in first meet of season Sadie Shepherd Vanguard Reporter

The SVSU swimming and diving teams attended their first meet of the season in Kalamazoo on Saturday, Oct. 16. Following the 2020-2021 season filled with COVID restrictions and quarantines, coach Jason Lintjer acknowledged the struggles the teams faced. “Last year was brutal,” Linter said. “Some people were quarantined for close to 100 days over the course of the season.” Even with the difficulties, Lintjer said he was still impressed with how the teams performed last year and has high hopes for this season. “Having said that, we were still able to set seven school records,” he said. “I’m

excited to see what we can do with a full season. We also have a very well-balanced team. We brought in a strong recruiting class so I think we will certainly show improvement from previous seasons.” Going into the weekend’s first meets against Kalamazoo and Alma, Lintjer had faith that his teams would have strong showings once again. “We expect the team to compete very well this weekend,” he said. “We expect a lot of energy and enthusiasm from this group. We’ve been training hard and I’m excited to see them compete for the first time.” The training paid off as both teams defeated the competition on Saturday. The women’s team won over Alma 216-50 and Kalamazoo 208-83. The men were able to beat Alma 233-45 and Kalamazoo 217-78.

Notable wins included both 200-yard medley relay teams winning their events. The women’s team including senior Erin McDowell, freshman Flora Mia Szklenar, freshman Tonya Guryeva, and junior Lisette Fenneuff won with a time of 1:50:04. The men’s team consisting of junior Christian Rottier, freshman Joao Pedro Noguera, freshman Eric Slabbert and freshman Alejandro Robles Ruiz won with a time of 1:34:77. Ruiz also stood out in the men’s 200-yard backstroke event when he broke the school record with a time of 1:53:09. For the women, Szklenar won three events. She won the 1000-yard freestyle with a time of 10:56:97, the 200-yard butterfly with 2:10:24 as her time and the 100yard butterfly in 58:90.

With last year’s GLIAC standings placing the women’s team in fifth and the men’s team in sixth, Coach Lintjer is anticipating that both teams will move up the ranks this season. “We are looking to move up one or two spots in the GLIAC standings for the men and women,” he said. “This is a team that is certainly on the rise. It’s hard to say where we will land with such a big freshmen class, but we have a lot of potential. We’re looking to send a big group to the national championships as well.” On Friday Oct 22. the team will travel to Allendale, to take on Grand Valley State University. The following day, the team will participate in its first home meet of the season against Findlay in the Gerstacker Regional Aquatic Center.

Women’s soccer ties with Ferris Denver Milam Vanguard Sports Editor

Saginaw Valley has officially made it to the midway point of the season and has been impressing head coach Michael O’Neill. “We are officially half way through our season and the team is continuing to improve each and every game,” O’Neill said. O’Neill has also been impressed with the performance of his team this season. “I have been here for seven years and this group could be the grittiest of them all,” O’Neill said. “They put in a ton of hours this summer working on improving physically, technically and just spending time with each other, secondly they are all extremely competitive individuals who love a challenge.” SVSU needed their grit when the team faced its two biggest challenges over the past week facing off against Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) opponents Ferris State and Grand Valley State. In their first game of the week on Oct. 10 the Cardinals faced off with the ninth ranked Bulldogs from Ferris State university in Big Rapids. Coming into this matchup, Ferris State had only one game where they had been kept off of the scoreboard. Saginaw Valley did not have a strong offensive showing, only taking six shots on goal for the entire game, all three off of the foot of freshman forward Reegan Kingpavong. Defensive play was the highlight of the

game for the Cardinals as they were able to force eight corner kicks while holding the Bulldogs to six shots. Senior goalkeeper Olivia Argeros earned GLIAC player of the week (POTW) for her clean sheet against Ferris State. Argeros stopped all six shots that she faced during the 110 minutes of the game helping the Cardinals to a draw following the two scoreless overtimes. Saginaw Valley followed up their draw with a home match against first ranked Grand Valley State. Freshman midfielder Stephanie Strong got the Cardinals on the board first with a goal in the 31st minute of the game coming off of an assist from freshman midfielder Ashley Myall. Strongs’ goal was the only one for either side in the first half as the Cardinals were leading 1-0 at the start of the second half. Grand Valley was able to find the back of the net in the 46th and 63rd minute, giving them a 2-1 lead. Freshman midfielder Gabby Green assisted a goal by Kingpavong in the 84th minute tying the game at two. In the 89th minute the Lakers were able to score their third goal of the game which gave them the 3-2 win over the Cardinals. O’Neill is ready for his team to finish the rest of the season on the right foot. “Lots of soccer to be played and we hope to see all out at Braddock field soon,” O’Neill said. SVSU will continue their season on Oct. 19 against Northwood with a rescheduled game from Oct. 8 followed by a home match with Davenport on Oct. 22.

Senior midfielder Amy Babon dribbles the ball away from GVSU. Vanguard Photographer | Vincent Ford

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