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The boys are back in town!

David Edwards/Contributor

David Edwards, Jordan Anderson, Philip Rossetti, Brendan Taylor, Phillip Parisi, Morgan Bachrach, Andreas Thoni and Corey MacDonald spent the night on Mount Diefenbaker recently for a mountain style bachelor party for Morgan Bachrach. The crew were dropped off in a helicopter, spent the day swimming and skiing, finishing off the adventure with a fireworks display and good old fashioned male bonding time.

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Have you received your Report to Residents? Columbia Basin Trust has mailed out its Report to Residents, an annual newsletter about projects and initiatives in the Columbia Basin. Read how CBT helped your community take action this past year. The Report will be delivered by Canada Post to homes in the Columbia Basin late July. If you do not receive a copy of the Report by early August please call 1.800.505.8998 or email • 1.800.505.8998 •



2 • Wednesday July 28, 2010 The Valley Sentinel

Mental Health Matters I

FISH & BIRD They have arrived at gigs and festivals near you in a sailboat, on a train, and most famously in a right-hand drive Delica van powered by used vegetable oil. They handle their records like works of art, each CD case hand-stamped or silk-screened on recycled paper. Their fiddle-banjo-guitar sound has set boots to stomping in seedy bars, at house concerts and at festivals from the West Coast to the East Coast. They may be Canada’s latest, greatest and most heartfelt counter to mass-manufactured music. Who, or what, is Fish & Bird? The music of Fish & Bird is rooted in an authentic love for folk music, but it’s a tough love that doesn’t stop them from showing the genre a little abuse. They have been compared to an “old timey Radiohead” – the kind of thing that might have resulted if a lost tribe of art-school rockers discovered a crate full of banjos, fiddles and old records washed up on the shore. By turns dark, funny, spirited and smart, the songs that result always grab you – sometimes roughly, sometimes with a sweet and lyrical touch. Some of Canada’s biggest folk festivals have been paying attention, as have the Canadian Folk Music Awards. CBC Radio and college radio stations across Canada have played songs off of both albums. . The shows are a growing legend, hundreds in number. They have covered over 50,000 km by land and sea to bring their unique brand of art folk from Folk Music Festival events in Victoria and Vancouver, to clubs in Montreal and Halifax. So, are you driving the Trans Canada? Do you hear the notes of a banjo, played claw-hammer style, wafting on the wind? Is that a right-hand drive van in the next lane, smelling ever-so-faintly of french fries or tempura? If so, my friend, drive faster to the next town and catch the Fish & Bird show. It’s what keeps them coming back out on stage night after night – a passion to perform for as many people as they can get to listen. And trust me, you should be listening. Fish & Bird will be performing at Robson Valley Festival this year! Don’t miss your chance to see these stars on the rise...

THE F-HOLES Don’t let their tongue-in-cheek name fool you, rather let their raucous live performance be a testament to their unique blend of country, dixieland, and Manitoba roots music. Combining rockabilly bass, jazz banjo, bluegrass trumpet, surf guitar and swingin’ drums, The F-Holes provide a diverse yet distinct sound. The F-Holes blend of Country, Dixieland and Blues music will be sure to get you up out of you’re chair and dancing! Since forming in Winnipeg in 2004, The F-Holes have shared the stage with the likes of Juno nominated artists Elliot Brood, Twilight Hotel, Nathan and The Perpetrators, as well as The Weber Brothers and Dan Frechette. They have entertained a wide variety of audiences ranging from the Children’s Fringe Festival and the Festival du Voyageur, to the Manitoba Stampede and the Fire and Water Music Festival. Their unmistakable vintage inspired sound and zeal for live performance has garnered them acclaim from an array of critics and audiences alike. Working with Juno nominated and Western Canadian Music Award winning Len Milne at Bedside Studios, The FHoles released their debut self titled album in March 2009. The album was recorded in part live off the floor and on two inch tape with the intent to fully capture the band’s live sonic intricacies. This collection of songs has earned rave reviews and showcases the band’s attention to musicianship, clever arrangements and honest songwriting. With their unique instrumentation, The F-Holes create a style bending and intriguing musical experience that is truly their own. The F-holes will be performing at Robson Valley on Friday night!

LINDA MCRAE (From Dear John to John Deere) Linda is a Canadian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who earned 2 Platinum and 3 Gold records during her tenure as bassist/accordionist with former Canadian Celtic/Roots group Spirit of the West. Linda left the band to resume her solo career and has since released three critically acclaimed recordings. Flying Jenny produced by Colin Linden (Bruce Cockburn, Emmy Lou Harris), Cryin’ Out Loud produced by Gurf Morlix (Lucinda Williams, Mary Gauthier) and Linda’s current release Carve It To The Heart produced by Linda and Marc L’Esperance (Po’ Girl, Be Good Tanyas) have all received the highest praise from reviewers world-wide. In recent years Linda has turned her attention to the study of traditional roots music, it’s history and it’s traditions. Linda’s evocative and powerful voice is well supported by her acoustic finger-style and flat-picked rhythm guitar, accordion, clawhammer banjo, dulcimer and Porchboard bass. Linda is a compelling entertainer and her personality and storytelling add an intimacy to her shows regardless of the size of venue. Her busy tour schedule reflects her love for performing having completed 200 shows last year alone. Linda also writes a monthly column for BC Musician’s Magazine entitled “This Winding Road”. “When all the trends fade and become dated, and all the music from the cutting edge becomes dull, Linda McRae will continue to stand tall, singing and playing music with honest soul and humility, cutting through the fog with her timeless clarity. Linda is one of the true, soulful pioneers of honest roots music. Her singing and playing brings honour to her heroes and to her friends and fans.” Colin Linden (Grammy Nominee, Producer, Guitarist for Bruce Cockburn, Emmy Lou Harris, Krauss & Plant) Linda will be performing at Robson Valley Music Festival on August 21st.

BRIAN MACMILLAN Brian MacMillan: picked up a guitar when he was sixteen and hasn’t put it down since. A prolific songwriter. A warmth and presence on stage that makes you laugh, listen, and sing along. A voice rich, bold, and true. Lyrics that imprint your busy brain and have you singing them for days. An artist who generously invites you inside his music. Brian MacMillan is the breath of fresh air that music has been waiting for. The music he plays and how he plays it: You can call it pop, folk, folk-pop. You can throw a splash of reggae in there if you want. His songs are anthems and ballads. Think of James Taylor thrown in with Paul Simon....You can say he’s a singer-songwriter, or multi-instrumentalist. He writes the songs, plays the guitar, bass, drums, keys, sings lead vocals and harmonies. He leads a band like a true gentleman, and can warm up a room in seconds. Things he’s done: Produced and recorded: three original albums. Received: 2 OAC grants. Won: the Colleen Peterson Songwriting award. Shared stages with: Great Big Sea, New Odds, Barenaked Ladies, Spirit of the West. Gave his magic touch to albums by: Kevin Hearn and Thinbuckle, Wailin’ Jennys, Elizabeth Sheppard, Garth Hudson, Barenaked Ladies, Layah Jane, Jory Nash, Lori Cullen, Eden Hertzog, Nine Mile, Mr. Something Something. Brian, along with his most excellent trio, will be taking to the Robson Valley Music Festival stage on Saturday Night!

n the last edition of “Mental Health Matters” we looked at Seasonal Affective Disorder, a common mental health issue in our Northern climate. In this column, we’ll explore an innovative program offered by Northern Health here in the Robson Valley. For the past six years, our Valley has benefitted from the services of a full-time Life Skills Support Worker, supporting folks with the activities of daily living, as well as a program called the “Active Living Group”. The Life Skills Support Worker’s region extends from Albreda in the south, east to the Alberta border, west to Dome Creek and points in-between. The position is based half-time out of Valemount, and half-time in McBride So what are Activities of Daily Living anyway? Well, ask yourself what activities you do in the course of a normal day, everyday. Think about time management – what allows you to get to your job and other responsibilities, and to remember appointments? What about financial management – running your household, as grand or humble as it may be? Household management, too - keeping your home organized, as clean as your lifestyle permits, the fridge stocked with food and the bills paid on time. Nutritional management is also a consideration – meal planning, shopping on a fixed income for healthful foods, keeping those purchases stored in a healthful manner and discarding them when they expire. Then there is personal care – things like bathing, addressing medical issues and any mental health concerns. You likely have hobbies and recreational activities that benefit your mental and physical health, and social activities to keep you connected with your community and offering allimportant mental stimulation. Ideally, you are using community resources to the optimum, and asking for help when it’s needed. Sound simple? Many people practice effective activities of daily living for much of their lives. Then they are faced with the stress of a family, medical, or mental health crisis. It is at these times when a person could use a helping hand in the short term, in the form of Life Skills Support. For other members of our community, the activities of daily living can be overwhelming year in and year out as they struggle simply to make ends meet, and they require Life Skills Support over the longer term. If either scenario describes you or someone you know, please reach out and contact the Mental Health counsellor in your community for a referral. McBride residents can call 569-2251, extension 238; in Valemount, the number is 566-9898. Or you can talk to your doctor about a referral to the Robson Valley Life Skills Support Program. The Life Skills Support Worker also runs an Active Living Group which aims to enhance socialization and communication skills, provide mental stimulation, improve fine and gross motor skills, and reduce isolation through crafts, baking, cooking, recreational and social activities. The Lifeskills Support Worker is available now to work with residents of the Robson Valley to help them learn (or brush up on) effective Life Skills. The services are free and completely confidential. You only need to reach out and call, for yourself or someone you care about. Carol Ann Romanow Life Skills Support Worker Northern Health, Robson Valley

The Valemount Saddle & Wagon Club would like to say Thank You to Mrs Glady's Wold for the generous donation of equipment for use at the Club grounds.


The Valley Sentinel Wednesday July 28, 2010 • 3

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School District responds to Dunster Bone Creek parents with shocking counter offer project providing local employment Joshua Estabrooks


he collective jaw of the Dunster community dropped in disbelief last week when they finally received a counter offer from School District 57, with regards to the potential transfer of the recently closed Dunster Fine Arts Elementary School property and building. The school board met on Monday, July 19, and decided they would be seeking fair market value for the land and building, and gave the Dunster Fine Arts School Society (DFASS) a number of requirements with very strict timelines. Within the counter offer document, the board requests that the property be independently appraised, and will require the higher value of either the appraisal or the assessment, which currently sits at $39,500. When asked if the counter offer also included the building, which has been assessed at $494,000, board chair, Lyn Hall, said he would have to confirm that. “I think the discussion around the board was we need to provide a course of due diligence. We’re talking about something that really is a public asset and when we look at the value of the building and the land on the assessment it’s about half a million dollars. We felt we didn’t’ place a great deal of value on the building but the land was assessed at $39,500 so we decided to throw it back as a counter.” The counter offer document also requires the DFASS to “get written and signed confirmation from each voter on the BC provincial voting list and within the catchment area of the Dunster School and deliver copies of such written and signed confirmations to the Seller together with a copy of the voter’s list,” as well as pay a deposit of $3,000, all within less than a week of receiving the offer. The offer expired three days after it was sent, which frustrated parents and community members alike, some of who strongly believe the school district is simply stalling the transfer until it is too late to set up the Wells model of education for the 2010/11

school year. “We’re shocked, obviously,” said PAC Chair Chris Taylor. “It was very adamantly agreed that no one in their right mind would sign that document. I called Bryan Mix (Secretary Treasurer of SD 57) on Friday, as it was the deadline, and his message said he wouldn’t be back in the office until Monday, so what would have happened if we had have sent the three thousand dollar deposit and were willing to sign the deal? They must not have even expected us to agree. It just seems like they want to talk back and forth and drag this out until September so we don’t have the school.” Hall maintains the board is

“There’s a lot of frustration. That was community donated land, so why should we have to buy it back from them?”~Chris Taylor

not stalling, but did confirm that they will not be in a position to provide any kind of educational component, regardless of how long or short the transfer of the school might take. “We’re not stalling. Real estate transactions do not occur overnight. We are not going to provide an education model like Wells in 2010. We are looking at 2011. I know they think we’re stalling and we’re doing this intentionally. When we open up a piece of real estate, which we’ve done throughout the entire district, we have to ensure that everyone in the community and the area is engaged and has an opportunity to purchase the property.” The request for fair market value on the property has ruffled a few feathers in Dunster, said Taylor, as the community originally donated the property to the school district. “Just when we

think we’ve gotten somewhere, they come back with something more unrealistic and we’re back to square one. We are not giving up, and we’re not going anywhere. We just feel like we have tried everything. It’s like this carrot is constantly dangling that they keep taking back saying ‘you can’t have that one, do this now.’ There’s a lot of frustration. That was community donated land, so why should we have to buy it back from them?” Watching the saga unfold, MLA Shirley Bond said that she is not happy the process has occurred this way. “Frankly I am disappointed it has come down to counter offers. I think this is about rolling up your sleeves in the same room and trying to figure out how to solve this problem. But when it gets down to the place where we have injunctions and counter offers, we forget that this is about trying to find a solution for kids.” Bond said she contacted the Minister of Education immediately after reading the counter offer, and said that she has confirmed that there is no provincial requirement to seek fair market value, which contradicts the third paragraph of the document where it states that the Board is under an obligation to seek a fair market value for the land and buildings. “That is a decision made by the school board to require that amount of money. I think we have been successful at the provincial level at removing any barriers that could stand in the way of this transfer, and now what we need to do is to encourage both parties to get in a room, roll up their sleeves and find a practical perspective on this issue. We should all have a common goal here.” As far as the board is concerned, Hall said he fully expects a counter offer to their counter offer, and will try to set up a meeting as soon as DFASS gets back to them, although it might have to occur by telephone as many of the trustees and administration are on holidays. “They can come back to us with however they want to counter the counter.”

Joshua Estabrooks


he Bone Creek hydro project just north of Blue River entered its heavy construction phase this spring, and will continue until the snow flies, said Program Manager for the Hydro Division of Trans Alta, Robert Guzzwell. “It

"The contractors look for local content because it is more economical for them than bringing people from wherever they are based." ~Robert Guzzwell has been under construction for over a year and a half. We’ve been working on it since about 2006, through permitting and the clean call for energy from BC Hydro. We went into construction last summer and started to install the penstock in the ground. We started this year when the snow cleared and we have been heavily under construction ever since.” This year, employment numbers soared to between 150-175 people working on site at any one time, said Guzzwell. The work has been subcontracted to a variety of companies, but they are all encouraged to use as much local manpower as possible. “They have a bus that will run people out from Blue River and some from Valemount as well. The contractors look for local content because it is more economical for them than bringing people from wherever they are based. Some of the work is not

1140 Main Street Box 758, Valemount, BC, V0E 2Z0 Phone: (250) 566-9774 Fax: (250) 566-9771 Email:

McBride, B.C. Redi-mix concrete Aggregates Concrete blocks Concrete form rental

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on the site, said Guzzwell, which means the plant won’t change the flow of the river at all. “It has received it’s eco-energy certification which means it meets the stringent requirements on how much water is used, and it has passed all the environmental requirements.” In terms of public safety, and specifically with regards to snowmobile season, Guzzwell said that Trans Alta will be looking into all safety aspects of the project, and if anything can be done to improve the safety of the project they will do it. “If there is anything we feel is even a remote possibility it will be addressed and covered off in terms of public safety. The water is at a bare minimum in the winter and the plant will probably not be operating. We suspect, based on the hydrology, there will be two or three months where it won’t be running.”

Advantage Insurance Services Ltd.

433 Main Street, McBride

NAPA Automotive Parts & Repairs

something a general contractor can do, but we do ask them to maintain local content and that there is a presence from the Simpcw First Nation as well.” When complete, the power plant will generate 18 MW of power, which will be sold back into the BC Hydro grid. There is very little storage capacity

Rosemary L. Hruby, CAIB Tel: 250.569.2264 Fax: 250.569.8838


Office Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30 - 6pm Sat: 10am - 3pm

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4 • Wednesday July 28, 2010 The Valley Sentinel



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Joshua Estabrooks Viewpoint

Dirty tricks or politics?


s School District 57 playing fair with the Dunster families that are desperately trying to secure the building and land that until recently housed their children in a unique and unequalled educational environment? It would seem not, as my ongoing investigation of the unfolding story always seems to leave me with more questions than answers. The first question I would ask is how the board came up with the impression that they were under an obligation to seek fair market value? Whose obligation are they referring to? Obviously not the province, as they have said time and time again that they do not require this, and even the question and answer sheet attached to the counter offer states that it is not a provincial requirement. The other question I would ask is how can the district justify asking for money in the first place, in light of the fact that the community apparently donated the land in the first place? Do they not know the history of their own properties? Do they care? In the school district’s defence, I think the disconnect seems to be their inability to see past the piles of policy and what they call “due diligence” to see the fact that there is a dedicated and fully capable group of community members who want to preserve the amazing educational opportunity the Dunster Fine Arts School provided their kids for over 90 years. I know if I were raised in this Valley, my parents would have chosen this school for me, like a lot of parents, some of whom have moved here specifically because of the school’s existence. I agree with MLA Shirley Bond on this one. Both sides need to sit down in the same room, not by telephone, and figure out just what is going on. There’s far too much back and forth, with different information and requirements popping up at every turn. If the school district honestly believes there are other interested parties, or individuals, chomping at the bit to purchase this school, or that the public will deem it an irresponsible disposal of a public asset, they are sadly mistaken. I think everyone in the Valley, and throughout the district even, know the importance of this school remaining open in the community, and we would all be surprised if someone stood up publicly to criticize the return of a donated property back to the community that donated it in the first place. So let’s get on with it. Fine, it’s now out in the open that there will be no education provided this fall. Disappointing, yes, but at least it gives some sort of finality to the discussion. Now we need that same finality to the discussion on the land. It just makes sense, to anyone not bogged down, willingly or not, by self-imposed and cumbersome policies and procedures. They can be circumvented, if the will is there.



Inspirational quotes for everyone Dear Editor;


have a calendar put out by the Arthritis Society. For arthritis I take Tylenol, but I note the calendar has twelve positive messages: quotes from well known people.

January: “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do much.” - Helen Kelller February: “How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches.” – George Alliston. March: “You are braver than you believe and stronger then you seem. And smarter then you think.” - Christopher Robin to Pooh. (A.A. Milne creator of Winnie the Pooh.) April: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” - Confucius. May: “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” - Mother Teresa June: “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.” - Marie Curie July: “No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.” - Aesop. August: “Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.” – Hans Christian Andersen. September: “We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become.” – David R. Hawkins. October: “The difference you make today counts in all our tomorrows.” - C.H. Pearce. November: “Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” - Joshua J. Marine December: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” - Henry David Thoreau. Each month has a message to cheer us. Margaret McKirdy Valemount

Joshua Estabrooks

Deanna Mickelow

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The Valley Sentinel Wednesday July 28, 2010 • 5


Seniors housing construction on schedule Cops for Cancer

plan charity golf tournament Joshua Estabrooks



Joshua Estabrooks/The Valley Sentinel

Viktor Bugaychuk, owner of Robson Valley Construction Ltd., drops a bucket full of concrete as Igor Sosnidskyi prepares to place a pipe into the mix.

Joshua Estabrooks



ite preparation for the 10 senior’s housing units slated for construction in Valemount is ticking along on schedule, said Project Superintendent Ray Guenther. The work began on June 17, and should be completed some time in November, said Guenther, who will be beginning work in McBride this week as well. “What we are doing right now is the foundation, crawl space, piping, everything needed to accommodate these units. Then we set the units into place. It saves about two months of time not having to build the units on site.” The units will start arriving on August 3, and should be in place by the end of the day on August 4. “The modulars come from Northern Trailor, out of Kamloops. Once they’re in place we will

put on the roof system and finish off the exterior.” Guenther said he has been using as much local labour as possible, most of which has come out of McBride for the Valemount construction. “All scopes of work with this project was put online for BC Tenders and in the local paper as well. It was available to anyone in this town to tender an aspect of the job and put in a bid to get the work. Our mandate through BC Housing is to use as much local work as we can, but if the prices aren’t there we have to be accountable to the government on how we spend the money.” All the supplies for the approximately $1.5 million project have been purchased locally, said Guenther. “Our concrete is coming out of McBride, and all of our mechanical and electrical work is coming from McBride as well.” Both Robson Valley Construction and MV Contracting, companies based

Are you having trouble with elk, deer or cougar on your private property in McBride? Guide Outfitter pays a good trophy fee if you permit hunting. email: or call (250) 694 - 3719

he Valemount RCMP will be hosting the first annual Cops for Cancer Tour de North Golf Tournament at the Valemount Pines on Thursday, August 19. Constable Simon Bentley is organizing the event, and said he hopes to see as many locals as possible show up to support the worthy cause. “We’re hoping to do a shotgun start at 9:00 a.m. It’s a weekday, so it won’t get into the weekend or interfere with the weekend golf schedule. It will be a fun event, and will raise funds for Corporal Trevor Prosser’s contribution to the Canadian Cancer Society. He (Prosser) will be doing the ride for the North District.” The idea is to keep the event small this year, in the hopes that it will become a popular annual event. The day will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end with a lunch at around noon. There will be hole prizes, and prizes for final scores at the end of nine holes, said Bentley. “If we get enough prizes we may have a silent auction as well. Because it’s Cops for Cancer, all of the money raised will stay in BC. None of the money goes to anyone or anything else. It goes directly to cancer research. Everyone either has dealt with cancer or knows someone who has dealt with it. We have all been touched by it in one way or another.” The entry fee will be $40.00 per person, and Bentley said they are hoping for teams of four to sign up. Anyone interested in taking part in this worthwhile cause is asked to contact the Valemount RCMP Detachment at 250-566-4466.

in McBride, are supplying much of the manpower. Guenther said the site has been an easy one to work with, as the sand makes it easy to dig. It might, however, make it a bit challenging when the 80 foot crane they will need to move the units arrives, but Guenther is confident they will figure it out. “The Village has been great to work with too. I enjoy working in a small town. When you want something done it is done yesterday. They have gone out of the way to help us.” The projects in McBride and Valemount will be running in conjunction with each other, aside from the sixweek difference in start times. Guenther said the McBride work could go more quickly as it will be very similar to what was just done in Valemount, however there will be different workers on the project as it underwent a separate tender process.

Conway Carriage Septic Services Member of the British Columbia Onsite Sewage Association

We’re here to help you maintain and manage your septic system.




Call us at: 250.569.8880 or 250.569.7371

Low rates, great service! NO charges for travel time! There when you need us!


6 • Wednesday July 28, 2010 The Valley Sentinel




Coming Events








• Valemount Seniors Music Night 7-9pm • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• Cribbage 1pm - 4pm at the Valemount Golden Years Lodge in lower lounge • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• Jam Night Gathering Tree, Valemount 7-9pm • Hamburger Night at the Legion 5PM in Valemount • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

JULY 31 AUG 1 •Dunster Farmers Market Sat July 31 10am - 12pm at The Dunster Community Hall. Sellers Welcome. Call Pete for more info at 250 968-4334 • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.






AUG 7/8

• Valemount Seniors Carpet Bowling 9am • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• TOPS 6:30pm at the Health Unit in McBride • 7-9 PM VFD mtbg @ Fire Hall • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• Valemount Seniors Music Night 7-9pm • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• Cribbage 1pm - 4pm at the Valemount Golden Years Lodge in lower lounge • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• Jam Night Gathering Tree, Valemount 7-9pm • Hamburger Night at the Legion 5PM in Valemount • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

•Dunster Farmers Market Sat Aug 7 10am - 12pm at The Dunster Community Hall. Sellers Welcome. Call Pete for more info at 250 968-4334


AUG 10

AUG 11

AUG 12

AUG 13

• Valemount Seniors Carpet Bowling 9am • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• TOPS 6:30pm at the Health Unit in McBride • 7-9 PM VFD mtbg @ Fire Hall • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• Valemount Seniors Music Night 7-9pm • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• Cribbage 1pm - 4pm at the Valemount Golden Years Lodge in lower lounge • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• Jam Night Gathering Tree, Valemount 7-9pm • Hamburger Night at the Legion 5PM in Valemount • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

AUG 14/15 •Dunster Farmers Market Sat Aug 7 10am - 12pm at The Dunster Community Hall. Sellers Welcome. Call Pete for more info at 250 968-4334 • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

AUG 16

AUG 17

AUG 18

AUG 19

AUG 20

• Valemount Seniors Carpet Bowling 9am • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• TOPS 6:30pm at the Health Unit in McBride • 7-9 PM VFD mtbg @ Fire Hall • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• Valemount Seniors Music Night 7-9pm • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• Cribbage 1pm - 4pm at the Valemount Golden Years Lodge in lower lounge • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

• Jam Night Gathering Tree, Valemount 7-9pm • Hamburger Night at the Legion 5PM in Valemount • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

AUG 21/22 •Dunster Farmers Market Sat Aug 7 10am - 12pm at The Dunster Community Hall. Sellers Welcome. Call Pete for more info at 250 968-4334 • Local photographers showcase at the Valemount Museum 1090 Main St.

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The Valley Sentinel Wednesday July 28, 2010 • 7


Fire ban in effect tomorrow for entire Robson Valley Joshua Estabrooks


ffective at noon Thursday, July 29, all open burning, including campfires and fireworks, will be prohibited in parts of the Prince George Fire Centre’s jurisdiction to help prevent human-caused wildfires and protect public safety. This prohibition is necessary due to dry forest fuels and a forecast for a prolonged period without substantial rain. The public is urged to exercise caution on forested land with any activity that could lead to a wildfire. Please discard cigarettes carefully and limit movement of ATVs and motorcycles through tall grass and undergrowth. This ban applies to open fires of any size, including campfires, fires with a burn registration number and industrial burning, fireworks, tiki torches

and burning barrels. The ban does not apply to cooking stoves that use gas, propane or briquettes, or to portable campfire apparatus with a CSA or ULC rating using briquettes, liquid or gaseous fuel, as long as the flame is kept under 15 centimetres in length. The ban affects the area covered by the Mackenzie, Prince George, Vanderhoof, Fort St. James, McBride and Valemount forest districts. Details are available at Within this area, the ban covers all BC Parks, Crown and private lands, but does not apply within the boundaries of local governments that have forest fire prevention bylaws and are serviced by a fire department. Please check with civic authorities for any restrictions before lighting a fire. Anyone found in violation of an open fire ban, in-

cluding campfires, may be issued a ticket for $345. Should a wildfire occur as a result of recklessness, a person can be fined up to $1 million or spend three years in prison and be ordered to pay all firefighting and associated costs. The ban will be in place until the public is otherwise notified. The Prince George Fire Centre’s jurisdiction stretches from the Yukon and Northwest Territories to Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, the Cottonwood River and Robson Valley in the south, and from the Alberta border west to the Skeena Mountains. To report a wildfire or unattended campfire please call *5555 on your cell or toll-free 1 800 663-5555. For the latest information on fire activity, conditions and prohibitions, visit the Wildfire Management Branch website at www.bcwildfire. ca.

Email your letters to:

New arrivals at... Valemount VVale alemount PPu Public ublic LIBRARY LIB LI BRA RARRRYY

Adult Non-fiction The barbecue collection ~ Andrew Chase Raw & natural nutrition for dogs ~ Lew Olson Deadliest sea ~ Kalee Thompson

Joshua estabrooks/The Valley Sentinel

CIBC employee Barbara Battensby (Far Right), who has been involved in Minor Hockey for the past 10 years applied for and received a cheque for $500.00 from the CIBC Employee as Ambassador Program, which allows bank employees to apply for up to $1000.00 towards an organization of their choice. Here she, along with Bank Manager, Laurie Smith (Far Left) presents the cheque to President of Minor Hockey, Pete Pearson (Second From Right) and Vice President, Carl Forman. The money will be used to help purchase replacement jerseys for a number of teams.

Adult Fiction Family ties ~ James Patterson Corduroy mansions ~ Alexander McCall Smith The Lake Shore Limited ~ Sue Millar Family ties ~ Danielle Steel Junior Fiction Crispin ~ Avi Year of the golden dragon ~ B. L. Saunder Children of the dawnland ~ Kathleen O’Neal Gear Childrens Fiction What’s the big idea, Molly ~ Valeri Gorbachev Buzz ~ Eileen Spinelli DVDs The Beverly Hillbillies Walk the line Alice in Wonderland CD Live at the Cafe Montmartre ~ Petunia and the Vipers Trio Plus many, many more new titles listed on our website - Check them out! Library hours Tues, Thurs, Fri 10am-5pm Wed 10am-9pm • Sat 11am-3pm

Summer reading program every Wednesday at 1pm • Starting July 7th

8 • Wednesday, July 28, 2010 The Valley Sentinel


Mud Racing comes to Valemount Joshua Estabrooks

What could be more fun than the sound of roaring engines and the sight of mud flying through the air? No, this isn’t a story about the favourite pass time of many in the Robson Valley, exploring old muddy logging roads, but a call to arms for all those who enjoy testing their vehicle’s limits in front of crowds of cheering fans. Yes, you are invited, challenged even, to come out and take part in the first annual Mud Racing event at the Canoe Mountain Rodeo grounds this weekend. So get your motors humming and read on. The North West Mud Racing Association (NWMRA) is coming to town this weekend, in what they hope will be the beginning of regular racing events in the Valemount area. NWMRA is a non-profit society that has been in existence since the 1970’s, and President, Dave Biddlecombe, said he hopes this weekend’s festivities will be a popular attraction for local spectators and participants. “Our sport consists of two 200 foot long (24 feet wide), 12 to 14 inch deep pits of mud. We excavate them out and rototill them and add some water in order to create a nice gooey consistency. We race side by side in separate pits and each pit is individually timed. We have seven classes of competition in our point series.” The classes are divided by tire size primarily, and whether or not a vehicle has nitrous or blown alcohol to boost its horsepower. There is also a street class, where anyone with a four-wheel drive vehicle can enter and try their hand at racing for glory, and prize money.

Street Class Welcome! Register by 10am Saturday

“We should have between 75 and 100 competitors, including street class. We will have two rounds of racing on Saturday and two rounds on Sunday.” The racing begins at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday July 31, and again at 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 1st, and will begin with the unlimited class, said Biddlecombe. “We start with the big guys, so you don’t want to be late. Some of these vehicles have 2,500-3,000 plus horsepower. They will be reaching speeds of 110 miles an hour or more. It’s something to see for sure.” Biddlecombe suggests bringing lawn chairs, and truck owners will be allowed to park their vehicles near the pits to get an elevated view if they wish. If there is interest, Biddlecombe said that they might add a quad class, and would consider building a bog pit if there are enough competitors interested in doing some mud bogging. “We could set up a sled class too if people want to use their snowmobiles.” Admission for the event is $20.00 for adults, and $10.00 for youth. There will be a dance on Saturday night as well, featuring up and coming country singer Jennifer Hiltz. The beer gardens will be in full effect, as well as the concession so race goers can fill up their own fuel tanks while they watch the competition.

Event Schedule: Saturday: 10:00 am 11:00 am 2-6:30 pm 9:00 pm Sunday: 10:00 am 11:00 am 12-4:30 pm

Gates/concession open Beer gardens open Mud races

Locals interested in entering the street class are asked to be on the grounds to register before 10:00 am on Saturday

SIDE BY SIDE MUD RACING 200 ft side by side mud racing North Amercias Dirtiest, Biggest, Baddest 4x4 Dragsters In excess 2500 hp Canoe Mountain Rodeo Grounds • July 31st - Aug 1st Gates Open @ 10 am on Saturday & Sunday Racing Starting @ 2 pm on Saturday Racing Starting @ Noon on Sunday

Gates/concession open Beer gardens open Mud races Dance featuring Country/Rock singer Jennifer Hiltz

Bring lawn chairs! Stick around for the Danc e on Saturday Ni ght! Depending on Interest we will have a quad class and/or snowmobile class

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday, July 28, 2010 • 9


Open challenge to locals and Albertans Joshua Estabrooks

For over 22 years, Stuart Wightman has been spraying mud from the back of his drag racer, and has loved every minute of it. He said that he knows the words “mud racing” conjure up images of redneck hillbillies up to no good, but he said the sport is actually quite sophisticated, and is on par with any of the professional drag circuits throughout North America. “Our club has been fighting that stereotype for decades. If you attend a race nowadays it is just another form of drag racing. It’s totally pro.” For Wightman, he considers the upcoming race in Valemount to be the start of something exciting. It is currently the closest race site to Alberta, so he envisions the beginning of the great BC/Alberta challenge, as there has been a friendly rivalry building up between the two province’s drivers for some time. “We’re all really excited about racing in Valemount. It’s a new track for us and it’s pretty close to Alberta so we’re hoping to get some Alberta boys out there. They come to our races on occasion, and there are a lot of big boys. Six of us went into the Alberta races last year and we came in first and second and fourth. A BC boy won in Edson recently, so as it stands right now the BC boys have Alberta’s number, so we’re hoping they come out and do some racing.”

Wightman extended the same challenge to anyone locally who wants to try out their mud racing talents, as he said the pits are a different kind of rush then chewing up logging roads on the weekend. “We’re hoping to get a lot of locals out. Some are probably a little hesitant but it is a huge rush because you are racing in front of crowds. You have a competitor. There’s an announcer. For all intensive purposes you are a professional racecar driver for the weekend. There’s something about mud racing that gives you a buzz that even six beers in the bush wouldn’t do for you.” This season, Wightman said there is a little bit of inter club rivalry going on, which is sure to make for an exciting weekend of racing as well. “Over the last 20 years, during our point series, only a couple of guys have won five championships in a row. Dave Biddlecombe, our President, has won five in a row, so he has tied the record, and if he can win the point series this year he will set a record that will never be broken. So now there are a few guys in the club who have teamed up and have changed classes to chase down Dave. They don’t want him to set the record, so essentially he has a target on his back now. It will make for some pretty intense competition.” Any locals interested in entering the races are asked to register before 10:00 a.m. at the rodeo grounds.

10 • Wednesday July 28, 2010 The Valley Sentinel


New Chamber website Marie Birkbeck Contributor uilding a website from scratch is no easy task! We knew that we needed a website that was linked to but not attached to another website. We had to first get quotes from a few web designers, then apply for funding, and wait. Meanwhile, we pursued the creation of a LOGO that would be truly our own, and we got one that we are proud of. At the same time, we collectively researched and scoured numerous websites to find various features that we felt we would need for our website. How much content do we want? How man-y pages? What colors? Decisions, decisions; hundreds of emails were fired back and forth among Board members as we made these choices. Our major goal for building our website is to really showcase all the businesses, services and events taking place in Valemount and Area. We are also taking a proactive role in providing as much information and resources to the public as we can. As a Chamber of Commerce, we feel it is very important to represent ALL Businesses and Services in Valemount and Area, whether it is a corporate chain or a home based cottage industry, and everything in between. We knew in order to do this we would have to build a comprehensive business directory, so that if someone is looking for a towing company, an abattoir, or a massage, they will be able to find what they are looking for on our website. One of the big challenges we are facing with this, is how many categories will we need? There is a powerful search engine that will be able to cross reference listings. Listings


are free but paid Chamber members will have the added bonus of a link to their website. I have recognized a need for a Community Events Calendar in Valemount since I became involved with the Chamber in 2007. It just took time to get the tools in place to do this. We are very excited about finally being able to create a Community Events Calendar that we hope will encompass all functions planned for the Village and the Area, so we are not all constantly fighting for the same audience. The calendar will have a print option on it, and it may also have a "subscribe" feature where people can receive a bi-monthly email listing of events on the calendar. One big hurdle to overcome here is finding contact information for the numerous activities that take place in the area, so we are relying on the public to step up and submit their information to us. Other things a visitor to www. will find are our member application form, member benefits, quick links to the BC Chamber Policy Manual, the numerous notes and newsletters that we receive on a weekly basis, a photo gallery of Chamber members and events. There will be a section under Resources for Going Green - for the environmentally conscious, and links to as many resources as we can get our hands on. More content will be added as time and manpower permit. Until the end of August Umesh will be inputting most of the information, but once the summer is over updates will be done by a dedicated group of volunteers. Let's all work together to showcase what Valemount really has to offer!

More impressions from Costa Rica: Happy Planet Index Donalda Beeson Contributor


ne of the things that interested me most while living in Costa Rica (CR) is how happy the local people are, even though by my standards, they live with much less and have less opportunities in life than we do in North America. In general the ultimate aim of most people there is not to be rich, but to be happy and healthy. Delving deeper into the studies claiming that CR is the happiest country in the world, I found that in fact CR ranks high by whatever system is used. The World Database of Happiness rates them 1 out of 148 countries. The Happy Planet Index (HPI), an index of human well being in relation to their environmental impact, rates CR as being the happiest country in the world in 2009, up from 3rd happiest in 2006. Canada came in 111th happiest in 2006, and went up to 89th happiest in 2009. This is based on 143 Countries. Given that happiness and human well-being is very subjective and personal, this is difficult to measure. However the HPI makes a good attempt. It is generally based

diminish the opportunity of future people and people in other countries from achieving the same thing. Human well-being is measured in relation to “happy life years”, (a measure merging from life expectancy and self reported life satisfaction), and adjusts for environmental impact or ecological footprint. Ecological footprint per capita tries to estimate the amount of natural resources


Amanda and Sean Silverstein (Center) show off their favourite local paper during a themed Bocce Tournament in Eagle Hills, Alberta. The theme of the tournament was “Famous Dead People/Characters.”

Take The Valley Sentinel with you on your next vacation! Send your sentinel sightseer to Don’t forget to send us a brief description, include who is in the photo, where they are and what they’re doing!

Donalda making friends with a rescued monkey.

on the utilitarian principles, that most people want to live long and fulfilling lives. Hence the country that does this best, not only supports its citizens in doing so, but also does not allow them to

that are required to sustain a country's current lifestyle. A country with a large ecological footprint probably uses more than its fair share of resources, and is likely draw-

ing resources from other countries, and sometimes causing permanent damage to our planet which will in turn impact future generations. CR has a very small ecological footprint, so they are not infringing on other countries’ rights to happiness, they are highly satisfied with their lives and they live relatively long lives, with an average life expectancy of 78.5 years. Canada’s life expectancy is even higher at 80.3 years, and we are equally satisfied, but our ecological footprint is unfortunately much bigger. According to the HPI website, ecological footprints are a measure of the amount of land required to provide all the countries resource requirements and the amount of vegetated land required to absorb the CO2 emissions they produce and CO2 emissions of the products they consume. This number is expressed in units of global hectares, and represents an estimate of the total amount of productive hectares available on the planet divided by the world’s total population, equaling a global, per capita figure, on the basis that everyone is entitled to the same amount of the planet’s natural resources. So, then, a person using up to 2.1 global hectares (gha) is, by these standards, using their fair share of the world’s resources. This standard rates Costa Rica with using 2.3 gha and, Canada using 7.1 gha. The U.S. uses a whopping 9.4 gha. Life satisfaction however, based on surveys, rates CR and Canada about the same. CR gets an 8.5 out of 10 and Canada is only slightly behind with an 8. There is much to learn about happiness, hence my exploration and pursuit.



Joel Steinberg P.O. Box 124, Clearwater, B.C. V0E 1N0 250-674-0017

Licensed Property Manager * Handyman Services * Design Consulting



GOOD SHEPHERD ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH 3rd Ave & Elm St.1 877 314-4897 Sunday 8:30am Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat-9am, Wed & Fri 7pm


Jen Applebaum

250 566-0034 7th & Cedar, Sunday Worship

250.566.4005 Office 250.566.1323 Cell Valemount

10 am 1247 - 1st Ave. 250-566-4824 Sunday School 10am. Family Worship 10:30am. Prayer meeting Thurs 7pm

RHex’so Recycling ours of



sunday - Monday Closed tuesday - Wednesday 1-5pM tHursday - friday - saturday 10aM - 5pM

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday July 28, 2010 • 11

Hill Bill Products Ltd. Henry Unger

Now o refu ffering nd on a full bot ll b *Pic tles eer a k up s ca nd c n be a arra ns ng

250.566.9744 250.566.4070

Cabins & Sheds starting at only $900 each!


Call liz or KiM everard at 250.566.9111

reduCe • reuse • reCyCle

Sands Bulk Sales LTD Husky Oil Limited

845 Cedarside Rd. Valemount BC Phone: 250-566-4818 or 1-866-566-4818 Fax: 250-566-4815 Cardlock and bulk plant facility Fuel truck for all your delivery needs

Canwest Propane Ltd.

Mac’s Small Engine Service & Repair Closed Dec 8-Jan 8

• Lawn & gaRdEn • aTV’S • powER SawS • SnowMobILES

Call Mac Cochrane

250-968-4498 “Your Local Mortgage Consultant”



250 968-4349 or 250 566-4568 Sunday-11am, Sun. School 11am

VALEMOUNT COMMUNITY CHURCH Sundays 9:00 am 1275 5th Ave 250 566-4772.

VALLEY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 250 566-9990 Praise & Worship 11am



Sun. 11:00 am Home group meeting at Rod & Deb Reimer’s - Brown Road, Dunster. 250 968-4335.


ST. PATRICK’S CATHOLIC CHURCH 197 Dominion, 250 569-2606 Sun. Communion Service 11am


Church 569.2378 or 569.8845 1st Ave Sun 11am Sunday School 9:45am.


John McGuire

Sales Service 250-566-1324 Installation 1-800-424-6331 Delivering Fuel East to McBride

Vanderhoof & Districts Co-Operative Association

Driver sales representative For Commercial and Farm personal Contact Where High level of Customer service is JOB #1

Greg Belshaw

990 Railway Road Prince George BC 1-866-309-2667 (250) 963-9011

Vanderhoof Office c. (250) 565-8438 f. (250) 567-4490 p. (250) 567-4488

› GIS ServIceS › T Imber cruISInG 250.277.1867 or 250.566.1216 › GPS & maPPInG › ForeST DeveloPmenT › T oTal chance PlannInG 1012 3rd Avenue › vISual ImPacT aSSeSSmenT PO Box 967, Valemount BC › mPb aSSeSSmenT & conTrol V0E 2Z0

441 Dominion St., 250 569.3206 or


* Pre-approvals * Purchases * Refinances * Consolidations * Rental Property *Self Employed Mortgages * New to Canada * Vacation Home

250 569.3386. Worship/Kids church 09:00am

Debra Parker AMP Mortgage Consultant

Phone: 1-866-426-8211 Cell: 250-421-7600 Email:

Looking out for your best Interest.

Mac’s Small Engine Service & Repair Closed Dec 8-Jan 8

• Lawn & gaRdEn • aTV’S • powER SawS • SnowMobILES

Call Mac Cochrane


Advertise your business with

(250) 566-4425 or 1-800-226-2129


Lamming Pit Road 250 569.3370 Sabbath School: Sat. 9:30 am, Worship Service Sat. 11am, Pathfinders Tues 7pm, Prayer Meeting Wed 7pm


Church 569-3350 Office 569-6802 Sunday Worship 11:10am, Prayer Service Wed. 7 pm


Sun. Sch. 10am Sunday Services 11am, 7:30pm Wed 7:45pm

12 • Wednesday July 28, 2010 The Valley Sentinel THE VALLEY 250.566.4425 | Toll-free: 1.800.226.2129 | E-mail: | Web: Main: Up to 20 words: $6 • Up to 25 words: $7 • Up to 30 words: $8



Guaranteed to Sell $19.95+HST

GTS for 20 words and $1 plus HST for each additional word. Offer valid for the following classified categories: Automotive, Campers/Motorhomes, Miscellaneous, Recreational Vehicles, Pets/Livestock, and building materials. This offer is valid for single item sales only. Your ad will run for one month then you must call to keep it running at no additional charge. Some conditions apply call for details.

Main: 250.566.4425 | Toll-free: 1.800.226.2129 | E-mail: | Web: AUTOMOBILES


2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition. Fully loaded, automatic, bloack leather interior, 10 disc CD changer, roof rack, hitch mount, etc. $13,000. Call 250 5697588 JUN 30 GTS

1993 Chrysler Concorde. 190,000 km, excellent condition, V6 engine. Asking $1750 obo. Call Mike @780 931-6253


Custom Hand Split House for sale in Cedar Post and Rail. Valemount. 4 Bdrms, Call for details. 250 2 bathrooms, air jet 569-7286 tub, office, sunroom, JUL 7 GTS large kitchen. Beautifully finished. One pink Barbie bike for Insulated gazebo/ a little girl and one Ninja studio, landscaped Turtle bike with training yard, mature trees and wheels. Open to offers! garden. Large deck, Also a Thomas the Train wheelchair ramp. set with the trains, tracks Wood/electric heat. and box holder - $120. $147,000 Call 250 Call 250 566-1755 for 566-4373 in evenings. more info. AUG 4

AUG 18


1989 Plymouth Sundance. Good car for parts. Open to any offers. Contact 250 5693234



Dozer and Hoe Operators required for company that constructs oil field roads and leases. JUNE 9 GTS Requires operators with oil field experience. wages 1989 Jeep Cherokee. 4 Competitive and rooms and meals door, manual, very good provided by company. shape. $2000 obo. Call Call 1 780 723-5051 250 566-1212 JUNE 2 GTS (Edson, Alberta)

Mobile home for sale in Valemount. Full addition, large garage on lot. Recently renovated. Comes with fridge, stove, washer and dryer. Currently rented. $110,000 OBO. Call 780 328-7285 and leave a message.


3 Bdrm trailer in Valemount. $650/mth + damage deposit. No pets. Call 780 6217171 JUL 28

2 Bdrm lower floor for rent. Grenfell Place in Valemount. All appliances $750/mth including utilities. Call 1 800 683-6595


2 Bdrms house for rent at 1115 Juniper St. in ENTAL ISTINGS Valemount. Upper level ALEMOUNT EAL STATE includes fridge, stove, washer and dryer. Also #015-2 2 Bdrm suite in renovated Triplex. includes garage and Great space! No pets, no smoking. wood stove plus existing Available September 1st. $600/mth wood supply. Central location. 5 mins walking Photos and details at from downtown. $600 + utilities. Contact Derrik at 250 962-7068 Call Jen 250-566-1323


4 door auto loaded, 2 sets of good tires. $2500. Call 250 5692471




Pair of sunglasses at McBride High School. FARM EQUIPMENT Phone to ID. Call 250 566-0177. Found June New Holland 853 round 17. JUL 07 baler, good condition $4500 obo. Older hydraulic 3 point hitch post pounder $1000 obo. John Deere 3960 harvester $3000 obo. Jiffy 700 Silage dump wagon, single axles $2500 obo. Jiffy Silage feeder, single axle, PTO driven $3000 obo. Call 250 566-4848


2003 Honda CRF 150 Dirt bike. Well maintained, low hours. $1800. For more info call 250 566-9834

JUL 28


TO PLACE AN AD CALL 250 566-4425




AUG 11

JUL 28

Room for rent in quiet neighbourhood in Valemount. Queensize bed, private bathroom and entrance. Monthly rate is $375 which includes hydro. Also available daily, weekly and Bed and Breakfast. Call 250 566-0169

PUBLIC NOTICE Enjoy The Valley Sentinel with your morning cup of coffee!




LAND ACT: NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CROWN LAND Take Notice that Marc & Tracey von der Gonna, P.O. Box 132, McBride, BC, VOJ 2E0 has made an application to the Province of British Columbia for a Crown Grant residential purchase for Extension of Holdings (binding of titles) purposes covering Remainder of Parcel B, District Lot 8944, Cariboo District, Plan 16278 situated on Provincial Crown Land Located Doran Road.



2000 Chrysler Intrepid. Very good shape. 4 summer tires, 4 studded WELL PUMPING winter tires $4000 obo. Phone 250 566-4555 Well Pumping and MAY 19 GTS cleaning. 25ft deep or less. Call Reesa at 250 1998 Mercury Mystique. 566-9707





VILLAGE OF VALEMOUNT PUBLIC NOTICE MUNICIPAL PROPERTY SALE TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to Section 26 of the Community Charter: Village Council intends to sell the following two properties: Property one is priced at $29,000.00 and is located at 966 Main Street. Legal Description: Lot 1, Plan 15882, District Lot 9778 Cariboo Land District: PID 011-933-623. The property is zoned C-6 Main Street Commercial, and has water and sewer available. The property has been listed with Yellowhead Realty Ltd. Property two is priced at $30,000 and is located at 1111 5th Avenue beside the lot on 1112-5th Avenue. Legal Description: Lot 1, Plan 13817, Part E1/2 District Lot 9778, Cariboo Land District PID 009-437-169. The property is zoned C-1 Central Commercial and has water and sewer available. The property has received an offer as indicated below. In accordance to Section 26 (3) of the Community Charter (property that is not available to the public for acquisition), property two has received an offer from Shawn and Diane Fowler for $30,000 and the conditions of the purchase is as follows: 1. That future development on the property will have started within a two year period unless both parties agree to waive or extend this part of the agreement. 2. That the purchaser recognizes that the back lane is a right of way for water and sewer and not a recognized road. 3. That the owner recognizes that Council has the right to refuse the offer by 12 Noon on July 30, 2010. This is not a tender or a request for offers. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Village Office at (250) 566-4435, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

The File No. assigned to the application is 7404672. Written comments about this application are to be directed to Susan Lizotte at the Integrated Land Management Bureau, Ste. 200, 1488 4th Avenue, Prince George, BC V2L 4Y2 or Susan.Lizotte@gov by Friday 08/27/10. Additional information about the application can be obtained at the following website:

Be advised that any response to this ad may be provided to the public upon request. A hard copy MAP showing the location and extent of the application area may be acquired by calling the land officer named above at 250 565-6559. Be advised that any response to this notice will be part of the pubic record and is subject to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday July 28, 2010 • 13 Main: 250.566.4425 | Toll-free: 1.800.226.2129 | E-mail: | Web: EMPLOYMENT







Updated July 28, 2010

 Autobody/Paint        

Technician Chambermaids (2) Cook / Chef Front Desk (4) Housekeepers (4) Line Cook Motel Managers (Couple) Servers Specialty Cook ( International Cuisine)

Front desk staff can give you detailed information about each of these postings, including info on how to submit your application for these job opportunities. For more information about these jobs, please call:


The Regional District of Fraser-Fort George is inviting applications for a temporary, casual position of Environmental Services Worker I, on call/ as required, at the Valemount Regional Transfer Station. This position will provide coverage in the absence of staff to perform a variety of tasks in the day-to-day operations of Regional District facilities, services and programs. This is a union position with a salary of $20.92 per hour (January 1, 2010 rate). Start date is to be determined; end date is Friday, December 31, 2010. More detailed information on the duties of this position is available on our website under “Employment Opportunities”. Please forward your resume (including 3 work references) by 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 to: Lise Hope, CHRP Manager of Human Resources Regional District of Fraser-Fort George at the address or fax number set out below or E-mail: 155 George Street, Prince George, BC V2L 1P8 Telephone: (250) 960-4400 Toll Free: 1-800-667-1959 Fax: (250) 563-7520 Web:


1199 Week of 07.19.2010

Valemount Learning Centre 250-566-4601 Box 789 99 Gorse St. Valemount, BC V0E 2Z0



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14 • Wednesday July 28, 2010 The Valley Sentinel

Activities to Entertain & Amuse Pioneer Photo


About this photo Description: Marion (nee Hooker),

Jimmy, Joan, Myrna and Diane Chambers.

Date: 1951 Credits: Valemount Museum & Archives ID: 2003.13.3 Image: 20 of 92 If you have any more information on this photo or any others that appear you can contact The Valley Museum & Archives in McBride, The Valemount Museum or contact us at The Valley Sentinel.


ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23


Aries, this week promises to be one of romantic adventure. The week begins on a high note as a personal relationship intensifies. You cannot do wrong creatively. TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21

You are on a lucky roll, Leo. With every chance you take and every move you make you charm others into doing exactly what you want. It won’t last forever but enjoy the ride. VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22

Sagittarius, a new look turns heads wherever you go. You have been searching for joy and you find it where you least expected it. A new interest excites you.

Taurus, a friend’s generosity touches your heart. You should get ready to party — an invitation may be on its way to you. This week will be a time for fun and friends.

Virgo, the week ahead may mark a significant turning point in your life. The dreams and goals you have been working toward in your professional and personal life are realized.

Capricorn, you’re in the spotlight this week and feel in the mood for fun. Don’t worry because good times are awaiting you around every turn the next few days.

LIBRA - Sept 23/Oct 23

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18

Libra, the past few months have been a whirlwind. And now your love life is about to heat up in the same way. Financial gains may soon arrive.

Aquarius, a long-lost friend or love wants to be back in your life. This week, life is truly unexpected — with each day filled with mysterious and delightful happenings. PISCES - Feb 19/Mar 20

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21 Gemini, a strong connection comes your way as you are drawn to someone new. You will soon see that your hard work is noticed and rewarded. A hidden agenda benefits you.

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, your unique talents finally get the recognition they deserve this week. A fascinating friend returns to your life in an unexpected way.


Daytime Condition


P.O.P. High Low Wind 24/Hr Rain

40% 28°C 11°C S 5 km/h -

SCORPIO - Oct 24/Nov 22 Scorpio, your passion is recognized as you are given new opportunities for romance, love and travel. Your positive outlook comes in handy when a friend turns to you for help.


Daytime Condition

Isolated showers

40% P.O.P. 24°C High 9°C Low Wind SW 5 km/h 24/Hr Rain 1-3 mm


Daytime Condition

Isolated showers

40% P.O.P. 23°C High 8°C Low Wind W 5 km/h 24/Hr Rain


CAPRICORN- Dec 22/Jan 20

Happiness is yours for the taking, Pisces. A long-time goal is realized and good fortune falls into your lap.


Daytime Condition

Isolated showers

40% P.O.P. 21°C High 7°C Low Wind NW 5 km/h 24/Hr Rain


Daytime Condition

Isolated showers

40% P.O.P. 23°C High 8°C Low Wind W 10 km/h 24/Hr Rain 2-5 mm


Daytime ThunderCondition showers 70% P.O.P. 20°C High 9°C Low Wind NW 5 km/h 24/Hr Rain 5-8 mm

The Valley Sentinel Wednesday July 28, 2010 • 15

Canoe River Campground

Call Today about these and other Robson Valley Listings brought to you by Irene Berndsen






Live Band With

Come and have a great evening with Jennifer Hiltz and her band

REDUCED 167,000


• Affordable and well kept • Family size - 4 bdrm, 2 bthm • Open floor plan • Attached garage



1245 dorval Rd McBRide, BC



• Cozy newer mobile • Approx. 2 scenic acres • Dore River access • Private, good find!



$5.00 per ticket at the door

• 10 Acres • Stunning mountain views • Good investment

1474 8th Place

Where: The Canoe River Campground When: Saturday Night July 31st @ 9pm Shuttle bus available, call 250-566-4305



McB BRide, BC

vaLeMount, BC


Lamming Pit Road


886 4th a avenue venue McBRide, BC



• 2 bedroom house • Nice lot • Good location • “Fixer upper”

1020 Commercial dr vaLeMount, BC

• Run & Own a growing ‘green’ business • Bottle/Recycling depot • Everything you need to start your business!

421 Main Street McBRide, BC • Charming 2 storey guest house • Beautifully refurbished • Excellent revenue • Exceptional value!

11120 e Hwy 16 vaLeMount, BC

• 4 acres, 3 bdrm house • Beautiful year round creek • Excellent water, hiking trails • Perfect for family and/or recreation

2470 Zeidler Road McBRide, BC

• 3 acre parcel • 1500+ sq ft home with full basement • Minutes from McBride

Irene Berndsen

250-569-7397 Sales Representative in McBride

Prince George

Why The Valley Sentinel? Advertise with Confidence Our professional graphic design team will design and build your ads how you want them! Classifieds that Work Place a Classified ad until it sells, great value! Take The Valley Sentinel with you on vacation! We love displaying your photos! Great features throughout the year Supporting our businesses and community Yearly Telephone Directory To keep the Robson Valley connected Yearly Visitor Guide Promoting tourism in the Robson Valley 1012 Commercial Drive, Valemount Tel: 250-566-4425 Fax: 250-566-4528

SIDE BY SIDE MUD RACING 200 ft side by side mud racing North Amercias Dirtiest, Biggest, Baddest 4x4 Dragsters In excess 2500 hp Canoe Mountain Rodeo Grounds • July 31st - Aug 1st Gates Open @ 10 am on Saturday & Sunday Racing Starting @ 2 pm on Saturday Racing Starting @ Noon on Sunday

16 • Wednesday July 28, 2010 The Valley Sentinel

RE/MAX Centre City • 1679 15th Avenue • Prince George BC V2L 3X2 • 1-250-562-3600

The Right Agent... For Today’s Market. 934 5TH AVENUE, MCBRIDE, BC






- Immaculate home - 2 bdrm, 2 bthrm - Large attached garage - Paved yard, nice trees - Wheelchair ramp - Large 3/4 acre corner lot



- Prime riverfront property - Large 2 storey home - Excellent buildings - Fenced, good farmland - In nice community

4815 HWY 16, MCBRIDE, BC - Ri Riverfront f acreage - House, cabin & shop - Mostly treed with clearings - Excellent location - Awesome views

$499,000 - Riverfront home - Nice private yard - 5 bdrm, 2 baths - Atrium with Hot Tub - Covered deck area



521 MAIN STREET, MCBRIDE, BC - New commercial building - Excellent location - Three phase power - Good lease rates - Very bright & new

$375,000 - Nice house on two lots - Good garden & lawns - Set up for assisted living - Or 3 bdrm family home - Excellent Location


Call for Details

- Highway Mtn Resort - 54 campsites - 16 Private Chalets - 2 private residences - On 85 developed acres - Excellent Investment


361 DOMINION STREET, MCBRIDE, BC - Nice executive home - With shop on 3 lots - Immaculate estate sale - Natural wood craftsmanship - Priced to sell

- Vast valley views - Treed 79 acres - Two creeks - Backs to Crown land - Good access

- Rocky Mtn Homestead - Fantastic views - Sides Leona Creek - On 10.32 view acres - Very rare parcel

$315,000 MCBRIDE AIRPORT, MCBRIDE, BC - Airplane hangar/storage - 60 x 60 ft, 3600 sq ft - Clear span, full door - For Rent or Lease - Secure property




- Home & acreage - Semi treed 37 acres - Large 4 bdrm home - Shop & barn - Excellent location

5316 HWY 16, MCBRIDE, BC

- Vast valley view parcel - Cleared 9.15 acres - 3 bdrm Modular home - Guest cottage & gardens - On mountain water - Best view in the area

3270 HWY 16 E, MCBRIDE, BC



- Riverfront horse farm - Semi treed 30 acres - Fenced & cross fenced - 3 bdrm log home with shop - Very private and immaculate





- Modular on 1 acre - In town on services - 3 bdrm, 2 bathroom - Fixer upper, good potential - Excellent location


- Nice getaway property - Immaculate older mobile - Fenced yard & lawns - Excellent location - 4 bedrooms w/family room




- Awesome hobby farm - Immaculate 4 bdrm home - Spectacular gardens - Large truck shop - Semi treed on 79 acres


- Nice Ni country rancher - Large 2.25 acre lot - 4 bdrm, 2 baths - Paved driveway - Immaculate & private




- Immaculate home - First time on market - Excellent location - Oak kitchen - Detached garage


Each office independently owned and operated.

Data is from sources believed to be reliable but accuracy is not guaranteed.

- Cleared & treed 19.64 acres - Perfect growing soil - Hwy frontage for marketing - On water system - Good accesses


- Potential subdivision - Treed 24 acres - Within town with services - Close to Mt Lucille - Good investment


250-981-5742 or 250-569-0125 or Toll Free: 1-877-732-5767 •




Volume 25 Issue 30  

July 28 2010 Edition of The Valley Sentinel

Volume 25 Issue 30  

July 28 2010 Edition of The Valley Sentinel